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Rain Gardens Recycled Art Gallery Reflecting Pool & Detention Pond Landscape Landfill Garbage Collection Zones Forest Trails Agricultural Lands Multi-functional Plaza Activities Areas Orchard Eco-education Center Green Buffer Agricultural Tourism Platform Farmers Market Parking Lots Existing Buildings(Chandigarh Club)





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Rajendra Park Rajendra Park has been studied as the case. Located in the north of Chandigarh, the 1-km2 park was designed in Le Corbusier’s original plan as part of the capitol. On the southwest, Rajendra Park connects the city by stretching the green to Leisure Valley. On the southeast, it continues the design language from capitol complex in a monumental way. Outside of the northeast of the park, farmland extends its field till Shivalik Hill. While along the northwestern boundary, the village Nayagaon has been growing rampantly for years.

Concept: Garbage Flow Existing Circulation & Garbage Disturbance



Contaminated Food and Water

Proposed Garbage Flow in The Circulation Stormwater Runoff

Sewer Water

Agricultural Lands Irrigated by Groundwater

Drain Filled with Garbage



Recyclable materials 25% Garbage

Hazardous Waste 5%


Green Yard Garbage Collection Zone

Others 20%

Biogas Pipe

Healthy Food and Water Produced by farming land

Organics Waste 50%

New Drainage System Separates the Contaminated Water

Landscape landfill Slurry Wall Wetland Plants

Clean Water


Green Cover

–Increase plant diversity –Preserve existing trees –Purify water by Wetlands –Produce organic crops –Increase habitat diversity for animals

Productive Landscape

–Expand the agricultural land –Promote food security alliance – Improve water quality by Wetlands and detention ponds –Agricultural tourism and Farmers Market

Garbage Collection Zones

–Garbage classification system demonstration –Recycled art (Cooperate with Rock Garden) –Landscape Landfill –Isolate contaminated area from hydrology system

Hydrology System

–Stromwater management –Refill groundwater with purified water –Provide water accessibility by proposing rain gardens and reflecting pool –Connect green corridors in Chandigarh

Park Access

–Circulate pedestrian and bike routes –Clean energy public transportation –Forest trails –Agricultural Tourism trails

Electronic Rickshaw Charging Points –Circulate transportation routes –Clean energy demonstration zone

Activities Spaces

–Diverse activity possibilities –Sports fields –Diverse landscape observation trails –Ecological research field –Recycled art EXPO

Landscapes Diversity In Le Corbusier’s original plan, Chandigarh was designed as a “Garden City“. Today, it’s known by its successful landscape creation. In this project, Rajendra Park will become a connector between Chandigarh and the agricultural lands. We applied the landscape textures from Chandigarh and the agricultural lands to Rajenndra Park. Users in Rajendra park can feel this unique landscape feature, the park integrated into the city and the city integrated into the park.


The Garden City

Rajendra Park The City Garden

Garbage Flow in Chandigarh by Shih Shia Chiu and Hao Liang  
Garbage Flow in Chandigarh by Shih Shia Chiu and Hao Liang