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VERSAstyle Designz Trinidad and Tobago's world class hair designs, UWI main campus St. Augustine, in the Student Activity Center SAC, SAC is abuzz with activity just next to pulse of the campus, the designated are for business, events and extracurricular activities.

Versastyle designz is a brand that provides hair art services primarily to, models, artistes, athletes, music videos, photo-shoots, ads and other commercial and casual clients. Ken-Ross Renaldo Lela Entrepreneur, Hair Artist, Designer, Writer. I've always been naturally artistic and very creative, i've won art and craft competitions effortlessly since primary school level. However i never really embraced my creative abilities because of my obsession with sports. today is still hold my passion for sports, developed a great passion for the arts and music and i've developed business model that surround these things that captivates my interest, Hair Art is just one of many.

Versastyle designz  
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