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YELLOW BIRD IN KEMPTVILLE CREEK The Rotary duck race is back


Serving Kemptville, Merrickville, Winchester, Osgoode and surrounding area Volume 156 Issue No. 23

Thursday, June 9, 2011

COOL COMPOST North Grenville looks to organic waste diversion to reduce trash in the landfill.


MATH WHIZ Luc Ritchie knows how to add it all up. His skill at manipulating numbers has won him a mathematical experience.


Photo Courtesy of Barry Fawcett, River Oak Photography

HERITAGE FAIR IN SPENCERVILLE The Spencerville Mill Foundation hosted their Heritage Fair on June 4-5. The theme was the early Victorian Era.

Fallen Five find a home in South Mountain JOSEPH MORIN

RETURNING HEROES South Mountain residents have found a new home for missing pictures of WWII veterans.


A chance conversation between South Mountain residents has blossomed into a historical moment for the village on June 9, 2011. While chatting with each other, Vince Morrow, a veteran of the Second World War, told friend Ed DiZazzo about the long lost memorial pictures of five South Mountain soldiers who had died during the Second World War. The photographs, all framed in wood and accompanied by a

special plaque, were last seen around 1999 in the former Odd Fellows Hall, now the home of Clear Cut Installations along the village’s main street. DiZazzo decided he would try to track the pictures down and find a home for them. “I thought it was wrong that the efforts of those young men and the sacrifice they made had been forgotten,” he said. The story of the missing fallen five begins on May 17, 1946. The residents of South Mountain and surrounding communities were gathered at their Odd Fellows Hall to honour the 36 local

men and one woman who had served in the Canadian Forces during the Second World War. Amid the celebrations was sadness for the five local men who did not return from the war. “They had given the ultimate sacrifice,” said DiZazzo. Their names are: Charles Gates, John Armstrong Johnston, Allen Clark, Bruce Ogilvie and Robert Armstrong. According to the records kept by the South Mountain Women’s Institute later found by DiZazzo, a memorial was created in the South Mountain Odd Fellow’s Hall. “The memorial stood for

over half a century in the hall as a testimonial to their valour,” explained DiZazzo. Later when the building was sold in 1999 a new home for the pictures could not be found and they vanished. Dave Scharf is the secretary of the South Mountain Odd Fellows number 428. He became involved in the search for the pictures. “I remember when Angela Beking held an event in Winchester honouring the people involved in the world wars,” said Scharf. “She has asked all the people from the area to bring in their memorabilia.” VETERANS see page 22

2 Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011


Waste not, grow lots 469768-23-11

Organic waste collection is in North Grenville’s future



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material. · A public-private partnership between the municipality and the private sector, which would share costs and divide the organic material. · Outsource the entire operation to a private contractor that would truck the waste to a separate site for organic composting. The committee is looking for feedback from council to help focus its work in nailing down the final plan. Specifically, they hope to gauge council’s “appetite for capital costs,” said Ward. In Perth, where the municipality has run an organic diversion program for almost a decade at very little cost, composting takes place on one acre of municipal land, and staff devote just 260 backhoe hours each year to keep the system going, with no additional employees needed. Coun. Terry Butler sees great potential for organic waste diversion in

urban areas. Each week, an organic farmer hauls over 100 pounds of foodstuffs from Butler’s restaurant in downtown Kemptville, meaning the business saves on bag tags, and the municipality has less waste to ship to the landfill. “Eventually, (organic diversion) will be a savings to the tax rate,” Butler said, adding that the University of Guelph Kemptville Campus could be brought in as a partner. Mayor David Gordon wondered if the system would accommodate rural and urban needs. “I’m a composter – I don’t want to give up my organic (waste), because I love my black soil. And I know quite a few people like that,” Gordon said. Coun. Tim Sutton worried about the high cost of driving municipal trucks through the countryside to collect pails of organic waste. Ward agreed that it might not be cost effective to collect organic waste in rural areas, especially if farmers already compost their food scraps. He suggested a tiered collection system that would charge rural North Grenville District High School and urban users based on the frequency and nature of the collection. But, he said, “We know we’re Wednesday, June 29th, 2011 4:00 p.m. never going to achieve a 60 per cent diversion rate as a municipality if we don’t have an organic Location: N.G.D.H.S. Gymnasium waste diversion program that in304 Prescott Street cludes everybody.” Ward acknowledged that garKemptville, Ontario bage had the potential to become 613-258-3481 a “hot potato” issue that councillors might not want to address unVisit our website at til after the next municipal election. But he thinks the ideal time Principal Steve Sharp Vice-Principal Dale Dixon to make the move to organic collection would be November 2014, when the current waste collection contract is due to expire. 471618-23-11



J.P. Antonacci Photo/Advance Staff

Samantha Rivet (left) of the Waste Reduction Committee was at the North Grenville Sustainability Fair in April to tell residents how organic waste diversion would reduce the amount of garbage shipped to distant landfills.

Commencement 2011



It seems all but inevitable that organic waste collection will come to North Grenville in the not too distant future. What is less certain is who will pay for it. Sean Ward and Samantha Rivet of the volunteer Waste Reduction Committee presented council with a report on the state of waste removal in North Grenville at the final Committee of the Whole meeting in May. The good news first: we’re using our blue bins. Residents who faithfully recycle cans, bottles and paper products are currently diverting 20.5 per cent of total waste. But recycling alone won’t divert many trucks from the landfill. Twenty five per cent “is the most you could squeeze from the blue box for diversion,” said Ward, a target he thinks is attainable with a little more education as to what items can be recycled. To that end, the committee will improve the municipality’s website, host seminars and appear at special events to help residents get the most out of their blue bin. “The next hurdle has to be the organic (waste),” Ward said. “That’ll bring us up to 60 per cent diversion as a municipality, which is the standard in the province.” According to the committee’s most recent waste audit, organic waste makes up 29 per cent of the total volume collected in North Grenville. The committee has been studying options for organic waste diversion and researching how municipalities of similar size have tackled the problem. Rivet and Ward laid out three options for council to consider: · The municipality runs its own organic waster removal program, with municipal employees and resources used to collect and dispose of the waste

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10 - JUNE 16, 2011





REGULAR COUNCIL Monday, June 13 th at 6:30 pm in the Council Cham bers, North Grenville Municipal Centre. For agenda inform ation, please contact the Clerk’s Office or the Municipal web site. COM M ITTEE OF THE W HOLE COUNCIL Monday, June 20 th at 6:30 pm in the Com m ittee Room , North Grenville Municipal Centre. COM M ITTEE & BOARD M EETINGS • Special Projects Com m ittee - Tuesday, June 14 th at 8:30 a.m . in the Municipal Centre. • Waste Reduction Com m ittee - Thursday, June 16 th at 3:00 p.m . in the Municipal Centre.

GARAGE SALES Garage Sales in North Grenville are regulated by By-Law 1003. No licence or fee is required, but there are regulations which you m ust follow. Before having a garage sale, please obtain a copy of this by-law from the Adm inistration Office or the Municipal web site.

SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURES Swim m ing Pool Enclosures in North Grenville are regulated by By-Law 32-98, as am ended. This includes all aboveground and in-ground pools. Copies of this by-law are available from the Building & Planning Office or the Municipal web site.

The Municipality of North Grenville

Courtesy Photo

In this photo, Kemptville Lions are washing glasses for their upcoming eye care project. Several thousand pairs of glasses were washed during this session last week. aged to fundraise more than $80,000 for the Kemptville District Hospital and another $20,000 for the building of the Kemptville Swimming pool at Riverside park. The Lions also raised $50,000 for the North Grenville Municipal Centre. The club continues to support projects such as Camp Quality, a summer

camp for children with cancer. Members go to the camp each year to do a corn roast and barbecue and play with the children. They remain involved in the Canada Day celebrations, the Christmas parade, and the Dandelion Festival. Profits from the sale of the Lions Easter bunnies are turned over to the

Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. To date they have given $25,000. Forbes points out that the reason for starting the club 53 years ago have not changed. “The Lions Club has worked hard to maintain the vision that those men had, and are working hard to live up to the Lion’s Motto, ‘We Serve,’” he said.

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There has never been a time in North Grenville when helping out your neighbour was as important as it is now. The many great service clubs in the area do what they can to help out. One group, the Kemptville Lions Club, has made giving a tradition in their community. The club’s involvement with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) dates back to 1959. From the early 60s to the mid 90s, the club raised more than $1 million for the CNIB. These days, the club is busy with a number of projects including continuing their eye care program in Guyana. The Lions Club has made 18 trips to different places around the world including Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada and Belize. “A community would be a lesser place without service clubs,” said Lions president Alan Forbes. While membership in many service clubs in communities across Ontario has weakened, the Kemptville Lions Club with a membership of 27 is going strong. “Service clubs are in decline but we have four new members this year,” said Forbes, adding “I have been very fortunate to be with them for 42 years.” The Kemptville Lions Club does a great deal that goes unnoticed mainly because they like to help as quietly as possible in many cases. “There are a lot of things we do that we do not advertise,” said Forbes. He was referring to the club’s requests for monetary help for individuals who are in need. “The benefits you get with a service club far outweighs the time spent with it,” ex-


Two ice rinks, a theatre, several meetings rooms and more.

Come and visit your Municipal Centre.

Gospel Music Performed by

The Salvation Army Legacy Brass Band Saturday June 11th at 7:00 pm

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Kemptville Free Will Offering

From the proceeds, a donation will be made to the local Salvation Army 470274-23-11


plained Forbes. The Kemptville Lions Club always has something on the go. One of their bigger projects this year will be the Shades of Gospel Blue Grass and Country show on September 17. This is the second annual community fundraising concert. It will be held at the North Grenville Municipal Centre and features great performances by the North Grenville Concert Choir, Marleen Fawcett, South Mountain Gospel, the Grenville Grass and The Celtic Knights. Tickets are $22 in advance and $25 at the door. Tickets are for sale at the municipal centre at 258-9569 or at Jessica’s Floral Design at 258-3483 and online at The Kemptville Lions Club began to form back in 1957. Their first charter night was on March 25, 1958. The first project the club took on was installing house numbers in the town. The club also started up a little league baseball association in Kemptville. “I can remember taking to the field wearing my Lions Club jersey in that league along with fellow Lion Gerald Christie. It was reported that 56 boys had been registered in the league,” said Forbes. Over the next 40 years, baseball became one of the major fundraising events for the Lions. Their eye care program has seen 27,000 patients and given out 24,000 pairs of glasses. They have sent a surgical team out to perform 263 cataract surgeries with patients receiving IOL or lens implants. They also supply glasses to the Canadian Armed Forces for distribution in Afghanistan. Over the past few years, the Kemptville Lions Club has man-



Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Kemptville Lions Club never stops helping


Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011


Close to home Defining the difference between urban and rural living gets easier with every community issue that pops up in North Grenville. For example, the residents of Glengables, a relatively new subdivision west of Kemptville, showed up at a recent North Grenville Committee of the Whole meeting. The 50 or so residents had issues with how the municipality was dealing with the residents’ expectations regarding parkland in their subdivision. The residents brought with them the anger and frustration they felt after finding out that they were not going to have the green space they expected when they moved into the their new homes. The group stated to councillors that they had paid a premium for homes near promised green space they now discovered could be lost without much consultation with the municipality. After explaining to councillors how they felt, and pointing out what they believed was faulty logic by the planning committee, the group was calmed by a promise by the municipality to make a better effort to find out how many residents wanted a park where they

lived. Traditionally North Grenville has sold land and used the proceeds for recreation and parks programs. That often means developing parkland in a different area than where a subdivision is. The Glengables residents at the meeting want the five per cent land donation from the developer to remain as parkland in their subdivision. The ending to the story has not been written yet, but wasn’t that easy? Can you imagine how different the meeting would have been had these same residents been trying to promote their cause in Ottawa in front of 21 city councillors? Who knows how many lawyers and city accountants would have been involved. The outcome would make an epic movie. Don’t forget the many OMB appeals that they would to muddle through after any agreement was made between residents and the city. One of the nicer aspects of rural living is rural government. A resident can actually go to a council meeting and expect to have his or her side of any story listened to and more often as not, acted on.


It’s not your grandfather’s NHL, Winnipeg Most people are pretty happy that Winnipeg has worked itself back into the National Hockey League. If there is a city where hockey belongs, Winnipeg is it. But amid the joyful voices are dire warnings. Winnipeg better sell out its arena every night, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman warns, or else. Winnipeg is too small, others say. No matter how much people love hockey in Winnipeg, there are not enough of them. Of course, we heard that lots in Ottawa when the Senators first began playing here almost 20 years ago. After the heady first couple of years, reality settled in. We had a losing team and people stopped going to see it. There were warnings then, some of them from the owner. People started going again, maybe because of the threats, but probably because the team began winning. When the team wins, the fans come. It’s a formula that works just about everywhere. When the team wins, other good things follow. Merchandise sold better. Corporate sponsors were easier to attract. The Senators began appearing on television more often, a helpful thing for the revenue stream. All of that can happen in Winnipeg, which is about the


same size as Ottawa, although there is a smaller population base to draw upon in the surrounding area. It will be great if it works in Winnipeg, if only to discredit the assumption that pro sports, and particularly hockey, have been working on for many years. That assumption is that population is more important than fan interest in determining a team’s future. Following that reasoning, the NHL expanded into a number of cities in which there was no interest in hockey but were really large. One of those cities is Atlanta, which has now lost its second franchise in 30 years (don’t forget the Flames, which moved to Calgary in the ‘80s.) The success of the new Winnipeg team will disprove the theory that hockey has become too big to survive in medium-

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sized cities. Sure, it is big. The salaries are huge, and so are other costs. To pay them the teams set ticket prices discouragingly high. Can people in Winnipeg pay them? Apparently people in Ottawa can, although another losing season would be an interesting test. Those ticket prices are high. One report says that Winnipeg will have to charge an average of $80. Did you ever notice that if you tell someone you went to a Senators game, the question is inevitably: “Did you pay for your ticket?” It is always assumed that no one would go to the game unless they got a freebie somehow. Is everything getting too big? Look at all the people who are staying home, watching stuff on giant living room screens, rather than supporting the arts or their team. Stores are too big and too remote. The small one in your neighbourhood is gone. You have to get into your car to get to the large one. There are reports of a big cinema complex that will go into Lansdowne Park, causing smaller ones to be closed. So it goes. Even the Ottawa International Jazz Festival, which has always operated on a reasonable scale, has become too big. In order to attract enough paying custom-

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ers to keep the festival going on its present scale, the festival has to abandon jazz on its main stage in prime time. If it works, is that good or bad? Returning to smaller times, is not an option, experts say. If the jazz festival goes small, it loses corporate and government sponsorship. If a neighbourhood bookstore stays small, people who want to buy knickknacks and scented candles won’t go there. Apparently a bookstore that doesn’t sell scented candles goes out of business. The odds are that pro hockey is never going back to the days of affordable salaries and affordable tickets. Welcome back to the NHL, Winnipeg. Think about

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5 Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Cultivating character in the garden

Diana Fisher “I am inspired to journey out of doors and to travel inward simultaneously, because spring is everywhere. How can a person not garden in spring? Because every garden is a place of dreams and every gardener a dreamer, we should find nothing strange and much that is symbolic in our own and other gardens. Are the paths straight, or do they curve and wander? What colours appear consistently? Does the gardener worry about ripping out every last weed? When we want to learn something important about ourselves, it’s a good idea to go into our garden. We’ll find that we’ve planted a lot of answers there.” ~ Freeman Patterson, the garden. If our gardens are meant to be representative of ourselves, then it’s ok that mine is colourful, messy and overgrown. When I dream of the perfect garden, it is a waist-high riot of fragrant blooms. Like me, it isn’t too concerned about tidy appearances. In order to keep the perennials from being choked out, however, I do have to pull the occasional weed. As spring fades into summer once again, I am making a conscientious effort to get outside and work on the garden and flowerbeds while the getting is good. Early morning, before the heat beckons the mosquitoes, I head to the tomato patch, hoe in hand. I lay a satisfying “whack” at the base of a dandelion plant and another at the foot of a thistle. Where the grass has begun to creep over the edging, I hoist my fearsome “claw” tool, twisting havoc where it lands. Maybe that is why I have a slightly pulled rotator cuff: over-enthusiastic garden-clawing. At the front of the house, I survey the raised flowerbed of perennials. The daffodils didn’t like it here. Not a single one

Photo by Andrew Snook

CREATIVE MOMENTS ARE FUN TO SHARE St. Michael Catholic High School student Kurtis Parent works on his painting on Wednesday, June 1, at the office of the Catholic District School Board of Eastern Ontario in Smiths Falls. The art workshop, titled Without Exception: Exceptional Art from Beautiful Minds, is a program that highlights the artistic talents of special needs students within the CDSBEO.

Public Vehicle/Equipment Auction Saturday, June 18, 2011, 9:00 a.m. Civic #2250, County Road 31, Winchester, ON 613-774-7000 or 1-800-567-1797 More than 300 vehicles and equipment from Federal Government and others Primary list at:

Cars: 08 G6, 104 kms; 08 Civic, 92 kms; (2)07 Caliber, 98-124 kms; 06 Taurus, 103 kms; 06 Impala, 169 kms; 06 Magnum, 164 kms; 06 Malibu, 126 kms; 06 Altima, 135 kms; 06 HHR, 121 kms; 06 G6, 145 kms; 06 Sebring, 67 kms; 06 Gr Prix, 138 kms; 06 Mark LT, 167 kms; 05 PT Cruiser, 116 kms; 05 Impala, 267 kms; 05 Pursuit, 88 kms; 05 Lesabre, 113 kms; 05 Altima, 92 kms; 05 Relay, 100 kms; 05 Civic, 88 kms; 04 Sonata, 167 kms; 04 Maxima, 144 kms; 04 Malibu, 199 kms; 04 PT Cruiser, 58 kms; 04 Accent, 112 kms; 04 SRX, 187 kms; 04 Civic, 91 kms; 04 Epica, 83 kms; 04 Lancer, 120 kms; (2)04 Impala, 123-227 kms; 04 Epica, 103 kms; 03 Neon, 193 kms; 03 Cr Vic, 165 kms; 03 Neon, 139 kms; 03 Rio, 91 kms; 03 G35, 210 kms; 03 Monte Carlo, 206 kms; 03 Century, 157 kms; 03 Gr AM, 146 kms; (4)03 Protégé, 79-227 kms; 03 Vue, 144 kms; 02 Gr Am, 147 kms; (2)02 Protégé, 124-188 kms; 02 Sunfire, 187 kms; 02 Passat, 153 kms; 02 Linc LS, 130 kms; 02 Civic, 75 kms; (2)02 Century, 127-212 kms; 02 Regal, 212 kms; 02 Altima, 177 kms; 01 Gr Prix, 138 kms; 01 Sonata, 146 kms; 01 Malibu, 246 kms; 01 Cavalier, 197 kms; 01 Sunfire, 191 kms; 01 Gr Am, 166 kms; 01 Protégé, 129 kms; 00 Park Ave, 118 kms; 00 Taurus, 230 kms; 00 Legacy, 251 kms; 00 Elantra, 272 kms; 00 Corolla, 185 kms; 99 Escort, 71 kms; 99 Maxima, 260 kms; 99 Altima, 176 kms; 99 Lumina, 250 kms; 91 Stealth, 132 kms SUVs: 08 Tribute, 66 kms; 07 Compass, 111 kms; 06 CRV, 88 kms; (2)06 Cherokee, 155-183 kms; 06 Equinox, 103 kms; 06 Tucson, 222 kms; 06 Rainer, 185 kms; 05 Blazer, 82 kms; 05 Explorer, 178 kms; 05 Envoy, 165 kms; 05 Cherokee, 186 kms; 05 Landrover, 163 kms; 05 Xterra, 148 kms; 05 Equinox, 163 kms; 05 Escalade, 170 kms; 05 Santa Fe, 122 kms; 05 Murano, 166 kms; (3)04 Santa Fe, 118-312 kms; 04 Liberty, 99 kms; 04 Excursion, 107 kms; 03 Liberty, 112 kms; 03 Navigator, 139 kms; (2)03 Explorer, 133-222 kms; 03 Durango, 109 kms; 03 Cherokee, 142 kms; (4)03 Tracker, 57-65 kms; 03 Suburban, 127 kms; 02 Rendezvous, 161 kms; 02 Tribute, 67 kms; 02 Santa Fe, 188 kms; 02 Escape, 162 kms; 02 Liberty, 227 kms; 02 Explorer, 130 kms; 01 Forester, 230 kms; 01 Cherokee, 73 kms; 00 Blazer, 180 kms; 00 Pathfinder, 133 kms; 99 Cherokee, 167 kms; (2)99 Explorer, 84-286 kms; (5)Bombardier Iltis Jeep, 46-74 kms Vans: 09 Spectra, 79 kms; (2)07 Caravan, 50-118 kms; 07 Uplander, 73 kms; 07 Pilot, 171 kms; 07 Quest, 77 kms; 07 Freestyle, 138 kms; 07 Montana, 106 kms; (2)06 Caravan, 99-153 kms; 06 Freestar, 86 kms; 06 Montana, 139 kms; 05 Montana, 208 kms; (2)05 Freestar, 85-141 kms; (2)05 Uplander, 121-152 kms; 04 MPV, 121 kms; (2)04 Venture, 125-160 kms; 04 Touraeg, 117 kms; 04 Montana, 187 kms; 04 Caravan, 216 kms; 04 Sedona, 187 kms; 03 Windstar, 118 kms; (2)03 Caravan, 146-178 kms; 03 MPV, 121 kms; 03 Venture, 186 kms; 02 Montana, 116 kms; 02 Express, 288 kms; (2)02 Venture, 226-248 kms; 01 Venture, 205 kms; 01 Montana, 236 kms; (2)00 Windstar, 133 kms Light Trucks: 08 F250, 134 kms; 07 Tundra, 126 kms; 06 Sierra, 114 kms; 06 F250, 167 kms; 05 Colorado, 98 kms; 05 F150, 163 kms; (2)05 Sierra, 135-177 kms; 04 Titan, 211 kms; 04 Ram, 101 kms; 04 Avalanche, 234 kms; 04 Dakota, 123 kms; (2)04 F150, 160-190 kms; (2)03 F150, 169-271 kms; 03 Avalanche, 264 kms; 02 Ram, 252 kms; 02 Sierra, 314 kms; (2)02 F150, 243-276 kms; 00 F450 Cattle, 127 kms; 98 C1500, 234 kms Heavy Vehicles: 01 GMC C6500 cooler, 199 kms; 98 IH 2674 salter, 191 kms; 98 Kenworth Highway, T80, 258 kms Recreational: 09 Suzuki GSX, 6 kms; 09 Triumph Sprint, 9 kms; 09 BMW R1200, 10 kms; 07 Aprilia 1000, 3 kms; (9) new PGO Scooters; 98 Trion KMV Boat; Sundowner Boat; 87 Cruisers Holiday boat; Sunray Fishing boat; Misc: Easy Kleen Pressure washers; (4) 06 Clubcar Electric Golfcarts; Cat Toromont Backhoe, 9 hrs; Zetor 6211 tractor, 5 hrs; (3) new 6’ scraper blades; (2) new posthole augers

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NO CHILDREN ALLOWED Some of the above mentioned vehicles are public consignments. List is subject to change. Website will be updated as new consignments are registered

Buyers Premium Applies - Terms: Cash; Visa; MasterCard; Interac for $500.00 deposit & Cash, Certified Cheque, Interac for balance due on vehicle Viewing: June 15, 16 & 17, 2011, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Pictures and description of items available at Click on Ottawa


The Accidental Farmwife

bloomed out of the several dozen that I planted. I make a mental note to plant them down on the ground in the fall. In fact, I might do what I’ve seen on other farm properties, and just plant them scattered throughout the ditch at the road. I think that’s called “naturalizing”. Theoretically, I should be able to do this all over the lawn but knowing the Farmer, he would have them mowed down before they had a chance to bloom in spring. The bane of my gardening existence is the wild yellow chrysanthemum thing that someone once told me was called “the outhouse flower”. Good name. The Farmer loves it so it remains, but it needs to be kept under control. It grows five feet tall and spreads across the entire cultivated area if you let it, swallowing anything in its path. This year I pulled out a patch of the stuff and made room for my new plant, the Rose of Sharon. I ordered this from the Henry Fields seed catalogue and I’m very excited about watching it grow. Along the rock fence facing the house is my shade garden. Here I have six fat, leafy hostas of different varieties, along with columbine, bleeding heart, and perfumed bee balm. I love the names of these plants. Bee balm sounds so much better than Monarda, which is its horticultural name. I once bought a plant because of its name, which was “love lies bleeding”. I ripped it out after the first season, however, because it was so ugly. My guilty addition to this garden this year is the purple lupin, which is something you might see growing across a field in the Atlantic provinces. I hope it gets enough refracted sunlight to survive in the shade of the tree. Uncle Bill’s heritage peonies have spread to form a hedge at the end of my vegetable garden. I also plant a handful of cosmos seeds here every year, because their soft pastels and feathery stalks remind me of when I first planted them to decorate for our wedding day. I have always wanted zinnias, so I sprinkled a row of seeds in front of the now-deserted children’s playhouse. For my mother, I planted a row of glad bulbs. In memory of my father, I planted his favourite – a deep red hollyhock. It will grow to be five feet tall and the focal point of the farmhouse flowerbed. We are going to have some beautiful flower arrangements on the Sunday dinner table this summer.


Project Zero boosts fire safety Rotary Duck Race returns to Kemptville Residents in nearly 200 North Grenville dwellings will soon sleep easier knowing that a new combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector is working to keep them safe. Thanks to a donation from Enbridge Gas Distribution, the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council will distribute 176 combination alarms valued at $6,500 to high risk homes in areas that in recent years have seen a higher than average number of residential fires and fire-related deaths. “This year, 11 municipalities in Ontario will benefit from this life-saving initiative,” Fire Safety Council executive director Art Pullan told North Grenville council at a recent meeting. The alarms will be installed in single and multi-family dwellings, said North Grenville’s Fire Prevention Officer Elizabeth Greenberg. The department will focus on homes with the elderly and people with intellectual disabilities. Some recipients have been identified, but Greenberg encourages other candi-


Some good ideas never go away. The Kemptville Rotary Club is planning to bring back a duck race for the area on Canada Day. It has been almost 20 years since hundreds of bright yellow numbered rubber ducks have taken the plunge off of the Kemptille Bridge and raced down Kemptville Creek to Curry Park. The official name of the race is the Kemptville Rotary Club Charity Duck Race. It is sponsored by Hudson’s Auto Body. There is $800 in cash prizes to be had. Tickets are $5 and can be found at Jonssons Independent Grocery Store, the Oxford Mills General Store and at Moose Mart in Kemptille. “We will be here at Jonssons Independent for the next week,” said Rotarian Claire Larabie. “Then we will move on to B&H Your Community Grocer.”

J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff

Rotarian Claire Larabie sells tickets for the duck race. Bringing back the duck race was no accident. “I thought it would be nice for children to have something to root for,” explained Larabie. “We wanted something that would involve youth.” The duck race used to be a favourite charity in the area. Many residents can still recall the sight of a back hoe lifting up a bucket filled with hundreds of little yellow

ducks and pouring them over the edge of the bridge in downtown Kemptville. The winner of this years duck race will be announced at the Canada Day opening ceremonies. The proceeds of the race will go to supporting the many Rotary Club charity projects. “This will be the first and I hope there will be many more,” said Larabie.




dates to contact the fire department for consideration. The first of the alarms are already being installed, a process that Greenberg said would continue through Fire Prevention Week in October. Carbon monoxide is a toxic, colourless gas that is produced as a result of incomplete combustion. To reduce the chance of carbon monoxide poisoning, the fire department advises homeowners to check and properly maintain all fuelburning equipment to avoid buildup of the deadly gas. Now in its third year, Project Zero is a public education program working to eliminate residential fire and carbon monoxide deaths. While smoke alarms are mandatory by law in Ontario, carbon monoxide detectors are not, though they are highly recommended by the Fire Marshall as an integral part of every home safety plan. The combination alarms will provide an early warning to help residents escape from a fire or carbon monoxide exposure. Of the 84 people who died in fire-related incidents in Ontario last year, 75 were as a result of residential fires.

“Serving You Since 1972”

“The Difference Is Worth The Drive” You have come to trust and love Albert’s Meat Shop’s Sausage & meats, now try them cooked just for you.

Opening Wednesday June 8th, 11:00am – 7:00pm, Ty~Guys offers you our famous Sausage & Burgers char broiled to perfection. Come check out our custom Tyler Simpson is proud to continue the made trailer and enjoy your meal family tradition that began in 1972 when under the maple trees or take Albert’s Meat Shop opened. Tyler will be home and enjoy with your family. offering the best Sausages, Burgers, Hot Ty-Guys Open 7 Days a week for the summer.

Dogs and Fries at the New Ty~Guys Sausage, Burger & Fries located at Albert’s Meat Shop.

2065 Clothier W. County Rd. 18 Kemptville

613-258-2187 458251-13-11



Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011



Hoop dreams at Kemptville Ribfest basketball tournament STAFF The NBA playoffs are into the stretch run, and Big Brothers Big Sisters Kemptville (BBBS) invites all LeBron wannabes to take part in a 3 on 3 basketball tournament on June 18, during the Kempville Ribfest.

Players 12 and over will show off their dribbling skills and compete for cash prizes and rib tickets in the gymnasium of St. Michael Catholic High School from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The entry fee of $50 per team guarantees three games. All proceeds fund BBBS mentoring pro-

grams for local youth. The 3 on 3 tournament promises to be a fun way to challenge your friends while supporting a great cause. To learn more or register your team, contact Lindsay Butcher at 613-258-4440 or

July 4 to 20 J.P. ANTONACCI

Living in a peaceful small town, far from the big city, can create the illusion that crime doesn’t exist. That false sense of security can lead people to leave their engine running or car doors unlocked while they run a quick errand. That’s a no-no, said OPP Cst. Cathy Lindsey. Lindsey was in the Colonnade shopping centre parking lot last month, making sure drivers locked their doors and hid all valuables before leaving their vehicles. Most criminals are lazy, Lindsey said, and iPods, jackets or even loose change in the cup holder of an unlocked car are just asking to be stolen. “Theft is a crime of opportunity,” she explained. A thief would rather grab something from inside an unlocked car and slip quietly away than break a window and attract attention. Less obvious items like GPS devices and garage door openers should also be tucked out of sight when the car is unattended, Lindsey advised, as thieves can use them to get into the victim’s garage or home. Documents with the driver’s name and address can be used to commit identity theft, and should not be kept in the glove box overnight. Now that the summer weather is here, open windows are a particular problem. There’s no protective bubble around your driveway at home, either. “We find the majority of incidents are in the town of Kemp-

tville, where culprits can walk from home to home,” Lindsey said. Thieves will often work in pairs or small groups, with one acting as a “spotter” while the others remove valuables. The police notice an uptick in this kind of crime as the weather warms. “The bad guys are just like everybody else. They’re fair-weather thieves,” Lindsey said. She encourages readers to report any theft, no matter how minor, since the police might be able to identify a pattern of theft in the area. Residents should call the OPP if they hear something suspicious in their driveway. In the Colonnade lot, drivers returning to their cars found a notice from the OPP either congratulating them for having the doors locked and windows shut with keys and valuables out of sight, or reminding them to take more precautions. Lindsey was pleasantly surprised to find that most drivers were being vigilant. Sarah Clement’s minivan passed the test. Clement, who moved to Kemptville in December, locks her car doors religiously, a habit she picked up living in Thunder Bay and Ottawa. “I do feel a little bit safer here, but it’s good to take precautions. You have to in this day and age,” she said. Other drivers evidently did not share her view. One van had a large package in clear view in the back seat, and Lindsey found a pick-up truck with the doors unlocked and coins and documents in plain sight. She left a note on the driver’s seat.

General Vanier Intermediate School Site Principal Tim Mills Telephone: 613- 933-5256 ext 2504 After July 4 ~ 613-933-5500

Eastern Ontario Education On-Line Program & Training Centre Principal Site Principal David MacDonald Lyle Ferguson Telephone: 613-342-1127 Telephone: 613-346-2122 After July 4 ~ 613-764-7332 After July 4 ~ 613-345-5641

Smiths Falls District Collegiate Institute Site Principal Sharon Halladay Telephone: 613-359-5391 After July 4 ~ 613-283-0288 Frank Hummell, Principal of Continuing Education Telephone: 613-937-0120 ext 105

Summer Semester courses include… Remedial Co-operative Education Credits Reinforcement for Grades 7/8 & 9/10 On-Line/New Credit Credit Recovery Transfer Visit for registration information or call our Summer Semester Hotline at 1-866-615-1233 Students can talk to their guidance teacher or current principal to learn more about UCDSB Summer Semester programs. Transportation is provided from established collection points.

Registrations are being accepted now!

Greg Pietersma, Chair


J.P. Antonacci Photo/Advance Staff

OPP Cst. Cathy Lindsey checks to make sure cars parked at the Colonnade shopping centre are locked, with valuables hidden from view. Country living is typically more peaceful than the gritty urban existence, but that’s no reason to be lackadaisical about crime prevention.

Brockville Collegiate Institute Site Principal Valerie Allen Telephone: 613-677-1654 After July 4 ~ 613-345-5641

David K. Thomas, Director

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Lock it or lose it, OPP warns


Chamber News...The Voice of Business & Information in North Grenville check the Chamber’s Website for the latest in Chamber News, New Members, Grand Openings, Chamber Events, etc.

Intellectual Property topic at Business Connection in May May’s Business Connection Topic was Intellectual Property and how it can affect you and/or your business. Areas of discussion included “What does it mean when you hear someone talk about IP: Intellectual Property?” Presenter Curtis Behmann, lead the members through discussion, and Q & A’s on raising awareness of Intellectual Property by introducing basic concepts such as: the importance and strategic use of IP; an introduction to trade secrets, patents, trade-marks, copyrights and industrial designs; useful resources and tips; links to IP publications and on-line tools; contact information. The Chamber’s June Business Connection’s Topic will be on “Cloud Computing” delivered by Bradley C. Pinch of Cirrus Computing and Trojan Acres Studio will be June’s BC Sponsor. The Event will be held on Wed. June 29, 2011. Time: 7am - 9am. Location tba at this time. Attendance numbers will dictate the location. This will be the last in the BC series for the summer; starting back up again in September. Business Connections are great networking and Educational events geared to increase members’ knowledge; ensuring they are kept up to date on any topic relevant to running a business or organization in today’s world. Pictured L-R: Chamber Board Chair, Mark Thornton, Bell, May’s Business Connection Sponsor Judy Poole, owner of Curves in Kemptville, Guest Speaker Curtis B. Behmann, P.Eng, Partner, Patent Agent at Borden Ladner Gervais LLP, Council/Chamber Liaison Councillor Barb Tobin and Curtis Gould, Chef at The Kemptville Pub.


Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011


Chamber Member Trojan Acres Studio attends next BC free Curtis Behmann, left, May’s BC presenter, made the draw and Gillian Trojan, owner of Trojan Acres Studio (centre) wins the next Business Connection free! Board Chair Mark Thornton, Bell holds the winning business card. Chamber members support each other by tossing a twoonie in the Chamber Pot for a chance to win attendance to the next BC at no cost. Gillian has also graciously confirmed she would be the Sponsor of June’s BC event to support the Chamber in its efforts to provide excellence in Networking & Educational events.

2012 Sponsors of Salute to Excellence to date Thank you to our 2012 Sponsors of next year’s Salute to Excellence Awards Gala who have signed on to give this prestigious annual event an early kick-start. The Chamber’s focus is to begin the nomination process early, too… so having the Sponsors in place is key to reaching that goal! Thank yous go out to: Bell as the Title Sponsor again in 2012; Solution One Financial has agreed to sponsor the St. Michael Catholic High School Coop Student; 2011 Mel Johnston Established Business of the Year Laurier Optical, has agreed to be a Shared Sponsor of this same award, in 2012; 2011 Hal Anthony Citizen of the Year, Rob Noseworthy of Westerra Homes & Developments continues their tradition of being a Shared Sponsor of the Mel Johnston Established Business of the Year and new for 2012 a Shared Sponsor of the Hal Anthony Citizen of the Year in 2012 and 2011 Employer of the Year, Tallman Truck Centre has agreed to be a Full Sponsor of the Employer of the Year in 2012. Steve Roberts of has agreed to be the official photographer sponsor in 2012 and Quality Entertainment has agreed to be the Lighting & podium sponsors again in 2012, too. Consider sponsoring in the other categories so we can have the nomination process completed early in 2012. Contact the Chamber, today!

Thank You to The Advance - a Major Chamber Member Partner of the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce



STAFF Trudy Reid announced her retirement as CEO of Winchester Memorial Hospital several weeks ago. Her retirement party will be a bit unusual. She will be taking part in the Carkinator Car and Moto Rally on June 25 with the Trudy Farewell Team. The fundraising event will take the CEO through the many communities WDMH serves.

“We wanted to do something special for Trudy,” said the hospital’s Board Chair, John Polak. He added that the team felt the car rally was a fitting way to honour Trudy and the wonderful work she has done for the hospital. Matt Carkner, the veteran Ottawa Senators player, has given his name to the car rally. He expects to have a great deal of fun along with all those who sign up for the car rally.

A pit stop challenge, post-race barbecue with entertainment, and games for children ensure there will be lots to do on race day. Added to all of that is the great scenery to be seen throughout the rally route. Teams can register online at www. The Trudy Farewell Tour team also includes the Board’s Vice Chair, Lisa Little, and Dr. Chuck Adamson, WDMH Chief of Staff.

In a press release, Reid said, “I am very honoured to be part of this impressive team and looking forward to a great day.” The CEO admitted that she is not famous for her map reading skills, “so I plan to sit back and enjoy the view.” To donate online, visit www.wmdh. and follow the links to “Pledge a Team.” You can also donate at the Foundation office.

Seize the opportunity to change the world for the better—support cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital. Every hero has a date with destiny: yours is September 10, 2011. See you at the starting line.



Venue & Complimentary Food Sponsor

Your Membership in the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce

Is an Investment in your Community!

Be “SEEN” as part of the Business Community…


www.northgrenvillechamber. com

The Kemptville Pub 6-8pm RSVP by Fri. June 1

Thurs. June 29 BC Topic: Cloud Computing Presenter: Cirrus Computing Location - tba Chamber Member Cost: $25.00 Future Member $40.00

Regulatory requirements has prevented this event from moving forward in 2011 but we are pleased to announce it will be good to go on Sat. June 23 in 2012! Participants for this year are pleased to support this event in 2012. If you were thinking of participating in 2011… contact the Chamber to come on board for 2012 Thank you to our 2011 Participants Support in 2012!

5 Clothier Street East T (613) 258-4838 F (613) 258-3801 Kemptville 72-Hour Cancellation Notice Required for all Events Register for

Friday, Sept. 9, 2011 eQuinelle Golf Course Catered Affairs *Dinner Sponsor (portion

WGP Chartered Accountants will be the 2011 Putting Contest Sponsors. To become a Sponsor -Contact the Chamber, now!


Always Visit our Website at for the latest! NOTICE: Wed. June 8 BAH “NG Chamber NG Chamber of Commerce Main Sponsor: Louise & Company 20th Annual Golf Tournament” Wine & Food Show

FALL HOME SHOW NG Chamber Fall *HOME SHOW & **Forest Fair of Eastern Ontario Saturday, Oct. 1 *Municipal Centre **Ferguson Forest Centre Email:

Chamber Events on-line:

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Winchester Hospital CEO to retire in style at car rally


Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011


Hard work adds up for Kemptville ‘mathemagician’ J.P. ANTONACCI

“It’s easier to start at the end,” said Grade 11 student Luc Ritchie, while reconstructing a quadratic equation he created on the chalkboard during his lunch break at North Grenville District High School (NGDHS) last Tuesday. “Once you know the solution, you can figure out how to get there,” he explained as he filled in the variables and integers. That kind of freewheeling calculation would induce panic in the average person, for whom making change at the grocery store is hard enough. But Ritchie, 16, loves the challenge of getting inside an equation and seeing how it works. “I enjoy solving problems that I think would be complicated. It’s a nice feeling of satisfaction to know, okay, this was complicated, but I figured it out,” he said, drawing an arrow and sketching in another branch of the equation to illustrate how flexible math can be. Ritchie’s confident approach to a subject that strikes fear in many of his classmates helped him score the highest regional mark and finish in the top two per cent of the 22,000 Grade 11 students who wrote the Fermat Math Contest in February. He thought he had done pretty well when he handed in his Scantron sheet after the hour-long multiple choice test,

J.P. Antonacci Photo/Advance Staff

The top regional score in a national math test earned North Grenville DHS Grade 11 student Luc Ritchie an all-expense paid trip to a weeklong math workshop at the University of Waterloo. but wasn’t sure how he would measure up against his peers. He later learned that his score of 128 out of 150 was the top mark in the Upper Canada District School Board. “I didn’t realize how good 128 was, but I guess it’s quite good,” Ritchie said with

a laugh. His excellent result earned him an invite to an exclusive week-long workshop at the University of Waterloo from June 5-11, where 60 like-minded students will explore the intricacies of advanced mathematics and get a taste of univer-

sity life. Ritchie knows a week of formulas and equations isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time, but he couldn’t wait to go. “I’ve gotten mixed reactions when people heard about this – some people saying it’s cool, some people saying they would hate to do that. Personally, I think it’s going to be quite an interesting experience. I am quite excited to see how it goes,” he said. The university funded most of the tuition and lodging, with NGDHS chipping in the rest as a reward for Ritchie’s exemplary achievement. Distilling problems to their essence makes algebra Ritchie’s favourite branch of mathematics so far, though he’s looking forward to taking calculus next year. While he sometimes helps his friends and younger sister with their homework, he’s more comfortable doing the work than explaining it to others. But he encourages those who struggle to keep practicing tricky concepts until they become routine. Ritchie has thought about becoming a professor and hopes to study computer science or computer engineering at university. He looks forward to using his talents to solve practical problems. “I admire people who devote their life to figuring out problems, solving things, getting a better understanding of the world” through physics and mathematics, he said.




Visit us Online at

Courtesy Photo

Winchester celebrated the opening of Sweet Corner Park in the downtown core on May 28. Posing in front of the replica park cake is the Winchester Downtown Revitalization Committee: front row left to right: Vince Zandbelt and Mayor Eric Duncan. Back row left to right: Owen Shortt, Bev Shortt, Sandi Puddephatt, Deputy Mayor Gerry Boyce, Councillor Tony Fraser, cake creator Tina Williams, Linda Thompson, Diane Annable, and Gloria Stewart. Gary Annable was absent. picnic tables on the grass. Over the past year, the committee has raised $100,000 for new park benches, flower planters, waste receptacles and pole flags to beautify the downtown core.

Upcoming events planned by the Winchester Downtown Revitalization Committee include the stone carving festival and auction known as “Milk & Mallets” at Dairyfest this summer, and Dessertfest in November.


The revitalization of downtown Winchester took an important step forward with the official opening of Sweet Corner Park at the corner of Main and St. Lawrence on May 28. Residents enjoyed a moment of natural calm in the heart of town, strolling among the trees and flowerbeds and taking a breather on the park benches. The many private donors who helped build the park and raised stage are commemorated by engraved bricks and stones or plaques signifying their sponsorship. Merrickville country musician Don Tuttle entertained the large crowd, which gobbled up nearly 300 meals courtesy of the “Tic Tac BBQ” at Winchester’s first annual Ribfest. Winchester Downtown Revitalization Committee member Vince Zandbelt said the demand for tickets was fantastic, as the group sold almost 100 more presale tickets than expected, and had to send 100 people looking for sameday tickets to the Lions Club barbeque as no more rib tickets were available. The committee will expand next year’s event in light of the overwhelming demand, Zandbelt said. All proceeds from the Ribfest will go to a general fund to complete the park. A four-sided clock will stand at the main corner, and a water fountain will be installed in the flower bed, along with

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Sweet deal as Winchester opens downtown park


Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011


1.877.298.8288 FAX: 613.224.2265

IN PRINT & ONLINE 470282-22-11


Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 6:00 pm in the Kemptville District Hospital Boardroom 2675 Concession Road, Kemptville

C&N Electric Ltd. 1961 - 2011


Please join us to celebrate our

50 th Year in Business

Friday, June 10, 2011 3:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 23, 2011 at 6:30 pm in the Kemptville District Hospital Boardroom 2675 Concession Road, Kemptville ation Registr ratAiornena isrtett g r e a R B en0a p.m A7r:0 Fred arr0ett ed- B5:3 toto 7:00 p.m r F 3 1 . e Jun 3 - 5:30 June. 1

Community PH:

5640 Manotick Main Street Manotick, Ontario BBQ (4:30 - 6:30), Refreshments and Live Entertainment (7:00 - 11:00)

Registrati on FreRdegBisarr trati Fre1d3 Barr ettoAnrena June. Aren June. 13 - 5:3et0t to - 5:30 to 7:0a0 p.m 7:00 p.m

R.S.V.P. to & receive a tool pen 471492-23-11


Giving Garden gets helping hand JOSEPH MORIN

The Giving Garden, located on land adjacent to County Road 43 at the Ferguson Forest Centre and a short distance from St. Michael Catholic High School in Kemptville, is a popular place for the community to work together. A wind storm recently swept through Kemptville and lifted up a garden tool shed at the community garden, leaving it dented and upside down in nearby trees. “To all appearances, the shed was damaged beyond repair. Replacing the shed looked like an insurmountable task,” said Don Munz, the chairmen of the Giving Garden committee. The garden is volunteer driven, and maintaining the necessary equipment and storing away valuable tools is crucial to the volunteers who keep the garden going. Marcus Dickie from Community Living and Angus MacDonald from St. Michael High School had planned a joint trip to the garden. There were high school students along with adult members of Community Living planning to spend a day getting some work done with the garden’s flower beds. “When they got to the garden they saw the pile of metal that had once been the tool shed,” explained Munz. Not to be put off by the state of the shed, the group altered their agenda. Their new task was to collect all the tools that had been scattered around as the shed had become airborne during the wind storm. They repaired the dented and bent tool shed as best they could, rebuilt the shed’s gravel foundation, and returned the tools to where they belonged. “This combined group of young teens and adults came together in an unexpected situation and worked together in a way that exemplifies the very best in community spirit,” said Munz. “Though Mr. Dickie and Mr. MacDonald would have preferred to remain anonymous, the Giving Garden committee wants to publicly express their sincere gratitude to all who participated that day. This act of kindness will keep the garden alive and functioning for another season of giving fresh, free vegetables and flowers to anyone who might need or enjoy them.”



Summer Summer Registration Registration Parent& Tot (1-2 years) (50 minute Program)

Fred Barrett Thursdays: 5:30-6:20 ...........................................................................$166*

KinderSkate (Starting at 3 years) (50 minute Program) Fred Barrett Thursdays: 5:30-6:20 ...........................................................................$166*

CanSkate (Starting at 4-5 years) (50 min Program)

2011 - 2012 Season

Handel’s Messiah December 2 - 4, 2011 Guys and Dolls May 4 - 6, 2012

Fred Barrett Thursdays: 5:30-6:20 p.m.....................................................................$166*

Introductory & StarSkate Fred Barrett Mondays: 4:30-5:20pm & Thursdays: 4:30-5:30pm...........Packages Available * Any skaters not already registered with a Skate Canada club for the 2010-2011 season will also need to register at an additional cost of $32 for their Skate Canada membership. This includes any Parents wishing to participate in the Parent & Tot program.

For more information, or to register, we can be reached at

New Members Welcome Auditions For:

New Members and

Soloists Tuesday, September 6 Call Helen for Audition Time: 258-3177




13 Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Photo Courtesy of H. Pratt


This year’s Ride for Dad was bigger than ever. The riders left Ottawa Saturday morning and along the way stopped at the North Grenville Municipal Centre for lunch. In the photo below by Brier Dodge, Krista George and Pierre Cote of Kemptville pose with their bikes, a 1999 Yamaha YZF-R6 and a 1999 Harley Davidson Road King, at a pit stop in Carleton Place on the Ride for Dad motorcycle fundraiser for prostate cancer. The ride had over 2,000 participants and raised almost $2 million nationwide last year.

Photo Courtesy of H. Pratt

MASONIC FISH FRY A SUCCESS The 31st Annual Masonic Fish Fry was held at the North Grenville Municipal Centre on June 4. The fish fry was filled up with hungry people moments after it opened its doors at 5:30. In this photo the line-ups for great food have just begun.


NEW BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Healthy Pets Boutique Come celebrate our Grand Opening with us this Saturday June 11th at Healthy Pets Boutique. Located at 111 Prescott Street downtown, this is our second store with our other store located in downtown Brockville for the past 5 years. We have many door prizes, and also free gifts with the presentation of this newspaper article or our grand opening flyer, and many specials and discounts for our customers. We are excited to be downtown in a heritage type building, so that we can be part of the local community and offer an enjoyable shopping experience that’s both pleasant and relaxing. We believe shopping for your best friend – your pet, should be fun when you bring them along with you to a pet friendly environment. We are family owned, and independently operated and our manager Kelly Fields-Bain, is from South Mountain. Our friendly staff have pets of their own, so they care about your pets’ well being. Customers have repeatedly told us our staff are knowledgeable and personable, and that they take the time necessary to make informed choices. Many new pet owners are not aware of the special needs of their pet to ensure a long healthy life. Our staff are trained on nutrition, can help with allergies, weight management, and selection of natural products. Our goal is to help customers know what they are feeding their pets. We provide healthy all natural choices that are often not available locally. All our products of a high quality, many Canadian made, but offer good value for our customers as well. Our phone number is 613-258-5744. We are proud supporters of the SPCA. Owners: Ralph Schuh & Debra Blimkie

Roman Catholic. Holy Cross Church (505 Clothier St. W). Mass Times: Sat: 5pm, Sun: 9 & 11 am. Children’s Liturgy during 11am Mass. Father Andrew Shim.

Kemptville Christian Reformed Church. (2455 County Rd. 18/ Clothier St. W) 10:00 a.m and 6:30 p.m Sunday Services. Children’s Worship during morning service, Kemptville Pentecostal Church. Sunday School following a.m ser1964 County Road 43 - Kemptville. The Anglican Parish of Oxford. vice. Reverend Benjamin Ponsen. Sunday services: 10:00am and “A BIG Country Welcome” • St. 6:30pm. Sunday School during Andrew’s - Garretton • St. Peter’s - St. Andrew’s United Church, 256 service. Reverend Steven Kohls. North Augusta • St. Anne’s - Oxford South Gower Drive - Heckston. Station. The Reverand Matthew 11:00 am Service. Reverend Blair Free Methodist. North Grenville Kydd, 613-345-2022. Paterson. Community Church (2659 Concession). 10:30 a.m Sunday Bishop's Oxford Pastoral Charge. HARMONY COMMUNITY CHURCH, Service 613-258-4815. Senior Service at 10:00 am, 1st. & 3rd 12010 Ormond Road, Winchester. Pastor Reverend Daniel C. Massey. Sundays at St. Andrew’s United Sunday Service 9:15am Adult Bible Church Bishop’s Mills, 2nd & 4th Class10:30am Morning Worship Sundays at Oxford Mills United 613-774-5170 Rev. D.B. North, Southgate Community Church Church. Minister: Reverend Paul F. Pastor. 1303 French Settlement Rd. , Vavasour Kemptville. 9:00am & 10:40am. St. John’s United Church, 400 Ben Last – Lead Pastor Prescott Street 10:00 AM Sunday Service with a nursery and Church Presbyterian. Kemptville & school. Rev. Lynda Harrison officiMountain Pastoral Charge. ating. Offices open Tues 8:30 am Rev. Samer Kandalaft. St. Paul’s - 4 pm, and Wed - Fri 8:30 am - 12 Kemptville - 10:45am. Sunday pm. Phone 613-258-3259 or e-mail Service - Church School - Nursery. Calendar of Knox Mountain Service - 9:15am. events available at Building is fully accessible.

What We Need In Life For someone to be content, joyful and at peace in this life, I believe that they need the following: faith and trust in God, to give love and be needed, meaningful work, and something to look forward to. One could argue that this is only the tip of the iceberg, and that there are many other things that should be included if we are to be content with our lives, such as good health, money, etc. There are relatively few people in life with perfect health or a lot of money, but true happiness is indeed a blessing from God. Our awareness and gratitude for all the good things that have been given to us should bring joy and happiness to our hearts, and we should always give thanks to our Heavenly Father for how much He loves us. We can be confident that God wants His people to be full of joy and to have peace in their lives. The Bible tells us that He will protect those who love Him, and they will be truly happy.

May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the holy Spirit you may abound in hope. R.S.V.

Romans 15:13


St. James Anglican. Clothier St. W. Sunday service, 8am and 10am. Sunday School at 10am service. Reverend Canon Peggy Hudson.



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discover this unique enclave of 27 beautiful two & three bedroom freehold townhomes in ottawa’s established beacon hill neighbourhood. Just minutes from downtown and the Rockcliffe Parkway and surrounded by every possible convenience, you’ll have everything you need to make living at Euphoria a joy.

Exceptionally priced from $334,900 BEACON HILL River Ridge is ideally located in the charismatic town of Arnprior. This new community offers small town charm as well as the convenience of major urban centres within close proximity (only 20 mins. to Kanata and 40 mins. to downtown Ottawa). Talos will be building an enclave of single family homes featuring 2 storey and bungalow designs with several new models to choose from. Come check out what the gateway to the Ottawa Valley has to offer!



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The Ontario Provincial Police want your first time out on the water to be safe. It is recommended that boaters wear a life jacket or personal floatation device at all times. Once you fall into the water, it’s too late. The Criminal Code drinking and driving offences apply to boats. Don’t mix al-


cohol and boating. Your automobile drivers licence will be suspended. If you have any questions about what safety equipment you need in your boat, call the Boating Safety line at 1-800-2676687 or go on line at www.boatingsafety. or contact the O.P.P. S.A.V.E. Team at 613-386-8601. 470366-22-11 0


The Merrickville Blockhouse will have a grand opening ceremony on June 18. give way to summer students who act as interpreters in the Blockhouse. The students have been trained to be knowledgeable about the museum and the hun-

June 17th - 19th

dreds of artifacts on display there. The students are able to explain to visitors the history of the Village of Merrickville and the surrounding area.

North Grenville Municipal Centre, Hwy 43 Kemptville



The Rideau Canal is a world heritage site filled with wonderful recreational opportunities as well as a sense of history that helps to define Canada and Ontario. A perfect example of history along the Rideau Canal coming to life is the Merrickville Blockhouse. Every summer, the restored Blockhouse is the centre of attention in the village. The Blockhouse is a heritage icon in the area and a key tourist attraction. It is managed on a volunteer basis by the Merrickvile & District Historical Society on behalf of the Village of Merrickville. The Blockhouse has been open since the end of May and volunteers are looking forward to its official opening on June 18. The opening features more than just an official ribbon cutting ceremony. Mayor Doug Struthers will be on hand to open the Blockhouse surrounded by a bagpiper, rope maker, rug hooking and quilting and the Maplewood Ceilidh Band. Prize winners for the annual School Historical Essay Contest will be announced. The Blockhouse opening is the time for the volunteers to step back until the fall. During the summer months, the volunteers

OPP preaches boating safety

Call today for Volunteer Opportunities (613)258-4440

Upper Canada Rodeo coming to Chesterville





June 9 – July 3 Professional Live Theatre in Morrisburg, Ontario

1386 COUNTY RD. 7, MOREWOOD. A Gem! Full in-law suite under 1 roof with well appointed 1 or 2 bedroom Bungalow, main floor Laundry (x2), Patio door to L/deck overlooking quiet country fields. Circular drive, workshop, steel roof and garden shed. MLS# 786604 $329,900. Please contact Audrey Miron @ 613-692-2555 for more information.


SSensuous enator


“Hysterical comedy!”


By Michael Parker


Johnson’s Antiques — CORNWALL —

TICKETS: 613-543-3713 & toll free: 1-877-550-3650 or

5510 Manotick Main St, Box 803 Manotick, ON, K4M 1A7 Business Phone: (613) 692-2555 Fax: (613) 692-0952 Toll Free: 800-490-8130

Audrey Miron

Get ready for the Upper Canada Rodeo being held in Chesterville between June 16 and 19. Come see competitors from around the world competing in 3 of the most dangerous sports in the world; saddle bronc riding, bareback bronc riding and of course bull riding along with so much more! The event is organized by Upper Canada Festivals and Fundraising, a group dedicated to building events and partnerships that promote community, fundraising and local economic development. Last year, the rodeo event structure helped out a number of non-profit organizations such as the Chesterville Lions, Knights of Columbus, House of Lazarus, Happy Face Nursery School, and Pathfinders by offering free space on the grounds for fundraising and promotion. Furthermore, we were able to highlight some of our amazing service organizations like the Ontario Early Years, South Nation Conservation and Eastern Ontario Health Unit. This year a fundraiser for Children’s Wish Foundation will be held along with the Steer Away Hunger Food Drive for the House of Lazarus and inclusion of fitness activities like Geocaching thanks in part to the Eastern Ontario Health Unit. Papa Gus’s Family Restaurant and Bar at 160 Queen Street will host all the equine and rodeo events/shows and visitors can also enjoy Bounce Amusement, SNC Watershed Adventure Programming, Sunny Acres Barnyard Zoo Animal Adventures, Pop Shop All Stars & Company Kids Live Concert and Dance, Live Music, Cowboy Church, Chessfest and more. Throughout the village you will find an Art Show at the Waterfront, boat rentals, quilter displays, weaving demonstrations, antique tractors and fire truck, mini boats and submarines, and more. Plus both the community pool and museum will be open. The museum will be hosting a Titanic Historical Display. Access to the grounds is free on Thursday and Friday but a Day Pass is required for the Saturday and Sunday where a Professional Rodeo produced by Rawhide Rodeo is held each day. Day Pass for Saturday or Sunday are on sale now online or at select ticket depots. Bounce, live night time music and some pay per use items are not included in Day Pass. Don’t forget your ipads, ipods, e-machines and other mobile internet devices because this year the Upper Canada Rodeo is getting ‘hooked up’ with Wireless Internet thanks to RipNET limited. Stop by the Southway Hotel and Conference Centre’s tent and have your say in the ‘Cowboy Chat Room’. For more information on school/play group trips, events, entertainment, camping and accommodation options, to volunteer, become a vendor or partner, shuttle service, and more, visit This is an event that you don’t want to miss!

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Merrickville Blockhouse opening


Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

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Box Office Group

Hwy 43, Kemptville

Kemptville Mall


Arnprior Shopping Centre 375 Daniel St. S, Arnprior • 613-623-4202

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Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011




20th Annual Ron VandenTillaart Brenda Finnerty-O’Neil Memorial Family Classic

• Custom Homes • Paul VandenTillaart & Suzanne Ritchie VandenTillaart


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~ June 11th, 2011 ~

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Service to and from Ontario, Quebec and the United States

This Family Memorial Classic Tournament is entering its 20th year in 2011 thanks to local family and friends. Our goal is to help those people who have debilitating disease in various ways through support both financially and emotionally. We are proud of this Tournament and happy to say this is our 20th Anniversary. Thank you to all who participate both on and off the field. Come join us to celebrate this achievement.


Fax: 613-258-3928 471044

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Since 1992, this family tournament has raised over $75,200 thanks to our sponsors, businesses, volunteers and participants. All proceeds go to local families in need due to illness.


Rhonda’s Hairstyling Nails, Tanning Waxing, Manicures, Pedicures, Earpiercing


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413 Rideau St., Kemptville • 613-258-3465

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For more information contact Rhonda at

Locally Owner and Operated for over 20 Years.

GRANT & ALLISTER BROWN Rolston Chapel - Kemptville

Purcell Chapel - Spencerville




Ken Finnerty Auction Services

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Proudly Serving Kemptville and Area for over 25 years - 2nd Generation Auctioneer Bus: 613-258-4284 Cell: 613-614-0700

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Bath Renovations 613-774-6854 613-258-5222 12054 Main St., W. • Soffit, Fascia and Siding 216 Van Buren St. • Windshield Repairs Winchester, ON Kemptville, ON & Replacements, Fax: 613-774-6855 Fax: 613-258-9984 Thermopane Replacements. Formerly


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Rotating strikes confuse Canada Post clients STAFF The strike by Canada Post workers has yet to have an effect on post office users, other than to create confusion. Claims by both sides of the stamp that all 48,000 postal workers are contributing to the union’s cause by taking part in

THE OTTAWA HOSPITAL FOUNDATION He may be the mayor of Merrickville, but it’s not uncommon to see Doug Struthers cruising around the village on his old bike. “I have a terrific, old CCM bicycle,” Struthers chuckled. “It’s got two-and-a-half working gears. I love it. When it’s possible, I’ll pedal around town, or from my home to the municipal office.” Last year, the recreational cyclist decided to combine his love of biking with a cause close to his heart – he registered in The Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s Ride the Rideau event in support of cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital. A 100 km road bike fundraiser from Ottawa to Merrickville, Ride the Rideau raised an incredible $940,000 in its inaugural year. This year, The Ottawa Hospital has set a fundraising goal of $1.8 million. “Many residents in our community have needed, and in the future, may need cancer treatment,” he said. “It’s world-class research that’s happening at The Ottawa Hospital, and it deserves world-class support. The research that’s going on can make major strides in eradicating cancer.” Although he considers himself to be active – Struthers skis and snowshoes in the winter and walks and golfs in the summer – “cycling uses different parts of the body,” he said. “It was a challenge for me, personally.” And there was still the issue of his bike.

rotating strikes across the country, are causing some confusion. Postal workers in the Kemptville post office had a normal Friday last week. Winnipeg’s postal workers were the first to walk out Friday in a series of 24hour rotating strikes. As of Friday afternoon, Hamilton was announced to be the

next spot postal workers would strike. The president of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, Denis Lemelin, explained why the strike was taking place. He claims that his members are working in unsafe conditions as a result of modernization within the post office. Lemelin said that there had been a 15 per cent increase in injuries and a weakening of customer service. While the union and the post office hope to find some shared position, customers are wondering what they can do. Kemptville resident Valerie Veinotte said the rotating strikes make it difficult to know what to do. “It is troubling because you do not know what to put in the mail,” she said as she took her mail away from the Kemptville Post Office on Friday. “I put a birthday card in the mail today. It will arrive.” Veinotte felt that not much harm would be done if the birthday card was a few days late. Michelle Crozier of Kemptville was not too worried about herself, but wondered if others would have difficult time if the strike went on too long. “I do not like strikes,” she said. “I think (the post office) is an essential service.” “It will not affect me personally but it will affect others,” she said referring to the older rural population who do not do much of their business over the internet or do not have any access to the internet at all.

Council won’t be kept in the dark J.P. ANTONACCI

When heavy winds knocked out power to much of North Grenville and Burritt’s Rapids on April 28, residents were upset with the lack of clear information from Ontario Hydro about when the lights would come back on. In fact, those who could access Hydro’s website found that the “up-to-date” map showing which areas were still without power was incorrect. North Grenville council was also frustrated by Hydro’s cone of silence. Radio updates were erroneous, as stations were using Hydro’s flawed map as a source. To avoid being kept in the dark – figuratively and otherwise – during another emergency situation, the municipality has come up with a way to establish direct communication with Ontario Hydro. Hydro has agreed that Mayor David Gordon will be the contact person who will receive and relay updates directly from Hydro staff as to the extent and timeline of any power outages. Should the mayor be unavailable, Deputy Mayor Ken Finnerty would take the call. The municipality would then update its website with the correct information, and find other ways to communicate with residents.

“I’d never done anything like that before in my life,” he said. “It was an exciting experience.” The scenery didn’t hurt, either. The route will take riders from Ottawa through the heart of Merrickville and along the Rideau Canal, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Merrickville community also comes out to show their support, Struthers said.


“Quite a few people come out to cheer on the day of,” he said. “People come down to the Blockhouse Park and start cheering spontaneously,” he said. “It’s a great adrenaline rush.” The 59-year-old has already signed up for the second annual ride as a member of Team Merrickville, which raised $17,000 last year. The mayor isn’t the only one in town behind this event. Other supporters include the Merrickville Lions Club, which donated $10,000 to the cause, and members of the business community, including Janet Campbell of Mrs. McGarrigle’s Fine Foods and Shelley Innes of the Downtowne Ice Cream & Candy Shoppe. Struthers, who is setting his personal fundraising goal at $3,000, is challenging others in his community to take part as well. “My name is Doug and I live here too,” he said. If a guy who is the mayor of Merrickville can do it, you can do it. It’s a challenge for people to consider.”


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To support Mayor Doug Struthers’ ride, participate or volunteer, visit

No problem – he borrowed one for the ride and completed the 100 km in just under five and a half hours.


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getting behind the bench. Head coach applications are due by June 15 for competitive/rep teams and August 1 for house teams. Forms are available on the website and can be mailed to the Coach Coordinator, PO Box 1633, Kemptville, or emailed to Chris Droeske at droeskechris@ All competitive/rep coach applicants will be contacted by June 30. House coach applicants will be contacted by the division convenors. To learn which local businesses donated close to $10,000 to support minor hockey last season, visit

SHOP LOCALLY CORRECTION Kemptville and District Home Support’s Post OfďŹ ce Box is 1192. The North Grenville Visitor and Information Guide incorrectly Printed the incorrect PO Box in their ad by mistake.


Before players and parents settle into summer mode, the Kemptville District Minor Hockey Association (KDMHA) would like to announce that returning players (Storm and Panthers) can already register online for next season at or by downloading a registration form and mailing it to the Registrar, PO Box 1633, Kemptville, ON, K0G 1J0. Registrations completed by June 15 will receive an early bird discount of $25 per player. All registration fees must be paid in full by August 1, after

which a $150 late fee will be charged for each returning player. New players cannot use the online system and must mail a completed registration form. The league encourages early registration because having a clearer idea of numbers makes it easier to plan and negotiate ice allocation. Registrar Angela Meulenbroek can be reached at ameulenbroek@magma. ca or 258-7834. Coaches are the heart of the minor hockey program, and KDMHA welcomes applications for next season. Those lacking the necessary certifications can complete the courses prior to



Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Minor hockey registration now open



Veterans remember fallen The history event included storytelling from those who attended about what they had acquired as well as how they came to have their particular piece of history. For example, former North Dundas Mayor Alvin Runnells brought in a genuine First World War helmet. Scharf had asked a fellow Odd Fellow member for the pictures of the soldiers. “When we cleaned out the hall in 1999 the pictures went home with one member and the plaque went with another,” remembers Scharf. After the Winchester historical event, Scharf took the pictures back home with him. Despite his determination to find the photos, DiZazzo was

running into one dead end after another. Ironically, during another conversation with another friend he stumbled across the pictures. He was at a monthly meeting of the Friends of the South Mountain Library. A comment about his search was made to Dave Scharf. “I know where they are,” said Scharf. “They are somewhere in my basement.” The rest, as they say, is history. The memorial plaque was refurbished as well as the individual nameplates thanks to Classic Graphics in Kemptville. The new home for the pictures of the Fallen Five will be J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff the South Mountain Library ReLeft to right are: Ed DiZazzo and the photos of the Fallen Five: Charles Gates, John Armstrong Johnston, source Centre. Allen Clark, Bruce Ogilvie, Robert Armstrong, along with Odd Fellows Secretary Dave Scharf. A ceremony and unveiling will take place Thursday, June 9.



Todd Durie 258-9408 cell 223-6928

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Continued from the front

The Welding Shop

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Think INSIDE the Box at Box Office


Our people make the difference. 2722 County Rd. 43, Kemptville (613) 258-2415 Carleton Place • Perth • Smiths Falls • Ottawa

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Private Robert Norman Armstrong Born Dec. 11, 1921 died March 1, 1945 age 24; C75153. Son of Lorne and Nina Armstrong; husband of Louise Armstrong of Inkerman, Ontario; buried at Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands Trooper Ernest Allan Clark March 2, 1921-Sept. 28, 1944; C58397; son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Clark, of South Mountain, Ontario; buried at BergenOp-Zoom Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands. He trained at camps at Petawawa, Borden, Hamilton, Debert, Dartmouth and Sussex He was killed in Belgium, at the Holland Border, along with four other boys on September 28, 1944 at age of

22 years. Private Charles Earl Gates July 20, 1919-Aug 20, 1943 age 24; C21628; Son of Levi and Alice Gates, husband of Muriel Gates of Burgh Heath, Surrey, England; Buried at Agira Canadian War Cemetery, Sicily, Italy. He enlisted in Ottawa, February 1941 with the Cameron Highlanders. He was married March 6, 1943 and died August 20, 1943 at the age of twenty-four years. Flying Officer John Armstrong Johnston Oct. 12, 1917-22 Oct. 1944; age 27; C29783; son of William Richard and E. Maude Armstrong Johnston; Husband of Janet I. Johnston; buried in Chester Cemetery, Cheshire, Pilot Officer Bruce Adam Ogilvie Dec. 18, 1914-March 15, 1944 age 29 J89408 (WI says R82044); buried at Singapore Memorial Cemetery. Bruce joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in October, 1940.

He received his commission at Fingal July 7, 1943 and left for Scotland October 22, 1943, arriving October 29, 1943. While at Fingal he married a girl (Miss Janet Laing) of Minitomas, Manitoba, who was serving in the Woman’s Division of the RCAF. On March 15, 1944 he was killed, 85 miles

northeast of Lashio, on the banks of the Saliveen River, near the Chinese-Burma borderline. On March 17, he and his four comrades were buried at the site of the crash.


5FKB *LSBOP In 3 Easy Steps...



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South Mountain soldiers remembered for their lives and sacrifice


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Thank You CAMPBELL The family of the late Mary Dorothy Campbell would like to express their heartfelt thanks to their relatives, neighbours and friends for their many acts of kindness including words of support, gifts of food, mass and sympathy cards and donations. A special thank you to Dr. Leonard and the Staff of the Kemptville District Hospital Long Term Care Unit for their outstanding compassionate care. Thank you also to Rev. Andrew B. Shim of Holy Cross Church for the wonderful celebration of her life. CL24814-23-11

Please give.

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DOG SITTING. Experienced retired breeder providing lots of TLC. My home. Smaller dogs only. References available. $17-$20 daily. Marg, 613721-1530.


A booklet of commemorative verses is available for viewing at our office to help you get through this difficult time.

Dog found in the Mountain area. Small white female with short hair. Please call 613-6521572 to identify.


You may also download a copy at

1-877-298-8288 ottawa region

3 bedroom semidetached bungalow in Kemptville. $750 plus utilities. Available June 1. 613258-2252.

KANATA Available Immediately 3 bedroom townhouse, 1.5 baths, 2 appliances, unfinished basement, one parking spot. $1007 per month plus utilities.

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HUNTER SAFETY Canadian Firearms Course. Courses and exams held throughout the year. Free course if you organize a group; HOT TUB (spa) cov- exams available. Weners. Best price, best da Cochran, 613-256quality. All shapes and 2409. colours available. Call 1-866-652-6837. www.

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3 BEDROOM, large dining room, updated kitchen, Jacuzzi, laundry, back deck, carport, all appliances and hydro included. $1,350 per month. Available July 1. 613258-3709. SPACIOUS, QUIET two bedroom apartment, excellent for retired people. Stove and fridge. No smoking, no pets. 512 Clothier Street, Kemptville, Ont. Call 613-258-3010. Available June 30. SHARED ACCOMMODATIONS

WANTED: BOARDER. Hobby farm 5 minutes east of Kemptville. All privileges. Non-smoker with pleasant personality. $425 per month. Phone 613-989-1449.


Private, modern, fully equipped cottage for rent on Leggatt Lake, 40 minutes west of Perth. $625 weekly. Call 613335-2658 for details.


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OSGOODE LEGION Bingo, Main Hall, 3284 Sunstrum St., Osgoode. Every Thursday evening, 6:30 p.m. sharp. COMING EVENTS

A NIGHT TO HELP HANNAH The Mountain and District Lions Club is hosting a dance and auction to support a local 13-year-old child with special needs. Saturday, June 18 at the Mountain Township Agricultural Hall in South Mountain, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Music by Steve Barkley. Tickets: $15 each from any Lions Club member or by calling 613448-1825. COIN AND STAMP SALE New location the RA CENTRE - 2451 Riverside Drive Sunday, June 12, 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Information: 613-7491847. mmacdc342@ (Buy/ Sell). North Grenville Accessible Transportation Notice of the Annual General Meeting on Friday, June 17, 2 p.m., in the boardroom, New Scotiabank Colonnade Shopping Centre.


Garage sale, Saturday, June 11, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., 413 James Street Storage Facility, Kemptville. Multi-family and abandoned units. Tools, furniture, toys, clothing, etc. 613-258-9374.


GARAGE SALES, Victoria Park, 14 Emily Lauren Crescent, Saturday, June 11, 8:30 a.m.2 p.m.


Voyageur Colonial Reunion Saturday July 16, 2011 in Crosby (Portland) Ontario. Potluck For Information call Glen - 613-272-2525 after 7pm or email


Is once again offering swimming lessons during the months of July and August. Lifesaving Society program consists of 8 classes per swimming level, dates and times are flexible.

To register your child or if you have any questions please call Hillary or Morgan at 613-989-1169 or visit the web site at


EARN UP TO $28.00/HOUR Undercover Shoppers needed to judge retail and dining establishments. Experience not required. If you can shop, you are qualified!

NEEDED NOW: AZ DRIVERS & OWNER OPS. Great career opportunities. We’re seeking professional, safetyminded drivers and owner operators. Cross-border and intra-Canada positions available. Call Celadon Canada, Kitchener, 1-800-332-0518. Full-service flower shop www.celadoncanada. in small town requires com full time Floral Designer. Minimum 5 years’ FULL-TIME worker for experience in all tie stall dairy farm. Exphases of floral de- perience an asset. sign, including wed- Phone 613-774-6510. ding work, funeral sprays - tributes and Territory everyday arrangements, Sales mostly fresh flowers Representative and some silk designs. Direct Target Fully computerized Promotions flower shop with wire ( services. 35 to 40 Established in 1989 hours weekly. Apply to: is the largest CanaDurant’s Flowers, Box dian publisher of di640, Chesterville, Ont., rect mail publicaK0C 1H0, or via email to tions with over 35 million copies printed annually in the greater Toronto, Star Fleet Trucking Hamilton, Montreal HIRING! DRIVERS, and Ottawa areas. FARMERS, RANCHERS We require an ambi& RETIREES needed tious, self-motivated with 1-ton pickup trucks team player with outto deliver new travel standing communicatrailers fifth wheels from tion and interpersonal US manufacturers to skills to participate in dealers throughout our growth and exCanada. Free IRP plate pansion into the Otfor your truck and low tawa region’s marinsurance rates! Prefer ket. The ideal commercial licence or candidate would 3 years’ towing ex- have more than 3 perience. Top pay! years’ experience in Call Craig, 1-877-890- advertising sales or 4523. www.starfleet similar. Strong skills at developing new accounts and maintaining existing acOTTAWA’S largest counts with proven sales lawn and property professional maintenance company techniques are espays $120-$360 DAI- sential. The sucLY for outdoor spring/ cessful candidate summer work. Hiring will enjoy a rewardhonest, competitive and ing career and excelenergetic individuals lent compensation to fill our various package of salary, 2011 positions. expenses and incenApply online @ tives. Car is a must. www.SpringMasters Email résumé to

LMR Countryfitness


All Types of Roofing Repairs Welcome Specializing in Flat Roofing


To register or if you have any questions please call Leanne at 613-989-1169 or visit the web site at DRYLAND TRAINING & BOOT CAMPS

LMR is excited to be adding DRYLAND TRAINING to their programming this summer for sports enthusiasts ages 10 to 16. Sports require multiple fitness skills, and whatever your sport may be; hockey, softball, swim or soccer, often fundamental athletic skills are missing from the overall training program such as balance, core strength, quickness, agility and power. Country Boot-Camps....Clean-Dirty-Fun for all ages! We like to call these workouts “clean dirty fun” because each and every workout appeals to our sense of play and adventure. Rain or shine, you will love how your fitness level increases and you’ll also love the deep sense of accomplishment.


PAID IN ADVANCE! Make $1,000 weekly mailing brochures from home. 100% legit! Income is guaranteed! No experience required. Enrol today! www.national-work . com Part-time janitorial position available in Kemptville. Tuesday/ Thursday, 8:30 - 11 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday, 5:30 - 8 p.m. Rate of pay dependent upon experience. Please contact Sanico at 613-263-5899. TYPING/DATA WORK AT HOME. Immediate placement, no prior experience required. Multiple companies are now hiring. Work when you like, earn extra cash.


Laurysen Kitchens Ltd. requires fulltime

CABINET SPRAYERS Experienced in applying stains and clear coats. 7:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday Benefits package.

Please forward resume to Jim Grenier

or fax 613-836-7511

Only candidates chosen for an interview will be contacted.

Goldshield Elite Products, ground-floor opportunity, cutting-edge natural health products. Call collect for opportunity sales plan brochure and product catalogue at 519-627-1337, or gselite. com/50321.


Job Posting Job Title: Permanent Full-Time District Service Representative Department: Circulation Department Location: Ottawa Job Summary: This is a challenging role that requires an enthusiastic and energetic individual who is a self starter with strong communication, organizational, computer and problem solving skills. Experience is not necessary as on-the-job training will be provided for the right candidate. Position Accountabilities: • A flair for dealing with customers in a patient and understanding manner • Excellent verbal & written communication skills • Detail oriented and highly organized • Ability to handle multiple demands and prioritize tasks • Address timely concerns in a timely and professional manner. • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint • Valid driver’s license and ability to provide his /her transportation • Previous customer experience an asset • Bilingualism in English and French an asset

Is running a 9 week Aquatic program in a private, solar heated, salt water pool beginning at the end of June. From the Comfy Couch to the 5KM Country Run! LMR’s Beginner Running Program will help you get off the couch and onto the roads.

To register or if you have any questions please call Leanne at 613-989-1169 or visit the web site at CL24071



Quality Workmanship Guaranteed Free Estimates Fully Insured 20 years’ experience

LMR Countryfitness



Work Wanted Very personable administrative assistant looking for work. Over 15 years of experience in restaurant, retail, manufacturing and educational environments. Extremely comfortable in many software programs. Very organized, able to multi-task and work in busy environments. Experienced handling delicate information and answering many phone calls. Sound typing skills. Absolutely love data entry. Graduated Administrative Executive program at Algonquin College. If you have any questions or would like to contact me, I can be reached at taydar2002@hot



**PLEASE BE ADVISED** There are NO refunds on classified advertising; however, we are happy to offer a credit for future classified ads, valid for one year, under certain circumstances.

NEIGHBOURHOOD YARD SALE. Saturday, June 18, 8 a.m. 1 p.m., Hallville United Church on Highway 43. Tables - $10. Call Marla McDougall, 613-989-5637.


A LCO H O L I C S ANONYMOUS: Do you want to stop drinking? There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership; the only requirement is a desire to stop drinking. Phone SEND A LOAD to the 613-258-3881 or 613dump, cheap. Clean up 826-1980. clutter, garage-sale leftovers or leaf and yard waste. 613-256- G U A R A N T E E D CRIMINAL PAR4613. DONS. CONFIDENTIAL, FAST, AFHOUSE FORDABLE. 100% CLEANING FREE INFORMATION BOOKLET. 1-8NOW-PARDON (1“WE CARE” 866-972-7366). About helping you DON’T LET YOUR keep your house PAST LIMIT YOUR FUclean. We know TURE. RemoveYourReyou work hard eve-, PARDON ry day. I am here to SERVICES CANADA. assist you in keeping up on the home front. References on BINGO demand. Call Beth Roberts, 613-258-4950. STITTSVILLE LEGION HALL, Main Street, every Wednesday, 6:45 p.m.

#1 IN PARDONS. Remove your criminal record! Get started TODAY for ONLY $49.95/month. Limited-time offer. FASTEST, GUARANTEED pardon in Canada. FREE consultation. Toll-free: 1-866-416-6772. www.

June 11, 8 a.m. Rain date June 25. 8 Empress Drive, Kemptville. Home downsizing. Furniture, appliances, etc. including VanLeewyn wood table, 4 chairs and extensions. Bauhaus sofa.



CERTIFIED MASON 10 years’ experience, chimney repair and restoration, cultured stone, parging, repointing. Brick, block and stone. Small/big job specialist. Free estimates. Work guaranteed. 613-250-0290.

PUBLIC NOTICE is more than just a job board. We’re the premier source for local job opportunities in Ontario’s heartland. We don’t just provide job listings, we put you in control of your job search with an array of job search features and tools. On you’ll find exact match search results and be able to search by job type, city and distance from your home. You can also create multiple profiles and upload resumes, set job alert notifications & saved searches and apply to jobs directly from the site. puts the power to manage your job search into your hands – After all, the most important ‘Free Agent’ on the market is you!

Take back your life.

YOUR ‘DREAM JOB’ is closer than you think! is operated by Metroland Media Group Ltd. and is suppor ted by over 100 newspapers and websites across Ontario. You could call us recruitment experts!

Competencies, Competencies: Action oriented, Drive for Results, Composure, Customer Focus, Creativity, Learning on the Fly, Time Management • Excellent attention to detail • Ability to build and develop effective relationships within the team and with carriers • Strong communication skills • Exceptional customer service skills • Solid organizational skills and time management skills with the ability to multi-task • Ability to work in a fast-paced, dead-line oriented environment What we can offer: • We offer competitive compensation package including mileage allowance • Comprehensive benefits package • We offer rewarding opportunities for development and advancement Interested and qualified candidates should forward their resume and cover letter no later than June 12, 2011 to the attention of Janet Lucas at / Fax: 613-224-2265. No phone calls please and only those selected for an interview will be contacted. CL24279

Media Group Ltd.

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011




Apprentice or Experienced Sales Associate We’re the fastest growing dealership in the marine & power sports retail industry in Eastern Ontario. We just added a new boat line and a new Customer Care department which is now generating more leads and customers than ever before.

Position Available: Multimedia Sales Specialist Summary The Multimedia Sales Specialist works as a key member of the Advertising team by participating and driving specific online sales and initiatives, as well as supporting customers, relative to an online product they have purchased. Their goals are to manage, maximize and grow customer satisfaction levels, while focusing on fulfilling the needs of advertisers, through alignment with Metroland Media services.

We’re looking for a self-starter Sales Apprentice or an experienced Sales Associate who can build and manage their own business and complement our sales team of all-stars. If you have the initiative and desire to work in an environment where you provide the “smiles for the toys our customers play on during their leisure time”…then you need to apply now. We provide industry training and growth within our company. Being fluent in both French and English is an asset. Our compensation package is above industry standards. We guarantee year-round employment.

Send your resume to:

George’s Marine & Sports 2825 Carp Rd., Ottawa, ON K0A 1L0 Attention: Jeff Wilcox Email:

Ready to Graduate From Particle Board? Find your answer in the Classifieds in print & online! Go to or call


Find what you’re really looking for:

Responsibilities Responsibilities for this role are heavily focused on sales activities for Metroland Digital properties, with the embedded understanding of customer relationship management and service.


Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011


Company Culture

1. Outbound sales acquisition activity to local businesses promoting digital products. 2. Plan and prioritize personal sales activities and customer/prospect contact towards achieving agreed business aims, including costs and sales - especially managing personal time and productivity. 3. Plan and manage personal business portfolio according to an agreed market development strategy. 4. Manage product/service mix, pricing and margins according to agreed aims. 5. Maintain and develop existing and new customers through appropriate propositions and ethical sales methods. 6. Use customer and prospect contact activities tools and systems, and update accordingly. 7. Plan/carry out/support local marketing activities to agreed budgets and timescales, and integrate personal sales efforts with other organized marketing activities, e.g., product launches, promotions, advertising, exhibitions and telemarketing. 8. Respond to and follow up sales enquiries using appropriate methods. 9. Monitor and report on market and competitor activities and provide relevant reports and information. 10. Communicate, liaise, and negotiate internally and externally using appropriate methods to facilitate the development of profitable business and sustainable relationships. 11. Attend and present at external customer meetings and internal meetings with other company functions necessary to perform duties and aid business development. 12. Attend training and develop relevant knowledge, techniques and skills. 13. Adhere to health and safety policy, and other requirements relating to care of equipment.

Requirements Qualified candidates should possess: • Proven track record of achieving and exceeding measurable goals • Outbound B2B calling experience • Experience in managing a portfolio of clients • The ability to function in a deadline driven environment • Demonstrated superior customer relationship skills • Good communication skills, both verbal and written • The ability to work efficiently independently or as a part of a team • Excellent organizational skills, along with a high level of attention to detail and the ability to multi-task • Working and functional knowledge of the MS Windows and Office suites, as well as functional and navigational knowledge of the Internet

Interested candidates are requested to forward their resume and cover letter by June 16, 2011 to: Please reference “Multimedia Sales Specialist” in the Subject Line. We would like to thank all applicants for their interest, however, only those being considered for an interview will be contacted. CL24622

Benefits Work/Life Balance and more…!

YOUR One Stop Shop.

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FURNITURE SOLID WO OD Beautiful co BEDROOM SET. nd Call Vince 55 ition. Must go! 5-3210.

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PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVERS RTL-WESTCAN GROUP OF COMPANIES - RTL-Westcan has openings for SEASONAL AND ROTATIONAL professional truck drivers to join our teams in Edmonton/Lloyminister, Alberta and Saskatoon/Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. PROFESSIONAL TRUCK DRIVERS: Minimum 2 years' AZ experience; B-train experience/Extended trailer length experience; Liquid/dry bulk product experience is an asset; Clean driving/criminal record; Pre-employment medical/substance testing. Travel to/from employment location, Good Operations Bonus and more! Candidates for all positions APPLY ONLINE AT: under the Join our Team section. Alternatively, e-mail careers@west or phone Toll-Free 1-888WBT-HIRE for further details. Committed to the Principles of Employment Equity.

CRIMINAL RECORD? Seal it with a PARDON! Need to enter the U.S.? Get a 5 year WAIVER! Call for a free brochure. Toll-free 1-888-9-PARDON or 905-459-9669.

HAVELOCK COUNTRY JAMBOREE, CANADA'S LARGEST LIVE COUNTRY MUSIC & CAMPING FESTIVAL Aug. 18-21/11. ANNOUNCING Johnny Reid, Martina McBride, Billy Currington, Joe Nichols and more, over 25 entertainers... TICKETS 1800-539-3353 www.havelock BUY BEFORE JUNE 15 AND SAVE!

GRADUATING? The trades are a great career choice! Consider becoming an automotive service technician at Hanna Chrysler Ltd. in Hanna, Alberta. APPRENTICE OR LICENSED candidates considered. Competitive wages, bonus potential, benefits. Clean, modern shop. Fax resume to 403-854-3141 or email:

AS SEEN ON TV - 1st, 2nd, Home Equity Loans, Bad Credit, SelfEmployed, Bankrupt, Foreclosure, Power of Sale or need to Re-Finance? Let us fight for you because we understand - Life Happens!! CALL Toll-Free 1-877-733-4424 (24 Hours) or The Refinancing Specialists ( LIC#10408).

WWW.ONTARIOBERRIES.COM Fresh Ontario Strawberries Are Coming! Buy Local, Buy Fresh, Buy Ontario. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries & more. For Berry Farms in your community, recipes and more, visit:

GET PAID DAILY! NOW ACCEPTING: Simple P/T & F/T Online Computer Related Work & Paid Surveys is available. No fees or charges to participate. Start Today,

$$$ 1st, 2nd, 3rd MORTGAGES - Tax Arrears, Renovations, Debt Consolidation, no CMHC fees. $50K you pay $208.33/month (OAC). No income, bad credit, power of sale stopped!! BETTER OPTION MORTGAGES, CALL 1-800-282-1169, (LIC# 10969).

AUTOMOTIVE MOTOR VEHICLE dealers in Ontario MUST be registered with OMVIC. To verify dealer registration or seek help with a complaint, visit or 1-800-943-6002. If you're buying a vehicle privately, don't become a curbsider's victim. Curbsiders are impostors who pose as private individuals, but are actually in the business of selling stolen or damaged vehicles.

ANY LUCK FINDING A LIFE PARTNER? Maybe you're choosing the wrong people. Need some advice & help? MISTY RIVER INTRODUCTIONS is personalized & confidential. See current photos - great success rate. or CALL (613) 257-3531. DATING SERVICE. Long-term/shortterm relationships, Free to try! 1-877297-9883. Intimate conversation, Call #4011 or 1-888-534-6984. Live 1on1 Call 1-866-311-9640 or #4010. Meet local single ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+) TRUE ADVICE! True clarity! True Psychics! 1-877-478-4410 (18+) $3.19/minute 1-900-528-6258; VACATION/TRAVEL ST. LAWRENCE RIVER CRUISES World class cruising close to home. The hassle free way to travel. 2, 3, 5 or 6 nights in private Staterooms. Included: Shore excursions, great meals & nightly entertainment. TICO#2168740. 253 Ontario St., Kingston, 1-800-267-7868, WANTED

BUSINESS OPPS. ATTENTION! Operate a Mini-Office outlet from home. Free online training, flexible hours, more family time, this could drastically change your life. Free evaluation: www.cr8ingyour $$$ MAKE FAST CASH - Start Your Own Business - Driveway Sealing Systems, Possible payback in 2 weeks. Part-time, Full-time. CALL Today Toll-Free 1-800-465-0024. Visit: GET FREE VENDING MACHINES, Can earn $100,000,00 + per year, Retire in only 3 years Need 2 Prime References per Province. Fore Details CALL 1-866-668-6629 Or Visit CAREER TRAINING Work from Home! CanScribe College offers the best online Medical Transcription training in Canada. Great work at-home opportunities. Don't delay. Enroll today! 1-800-4661535

FIREARMS WANTED FOR JUNE 18th AUCTION: Rifles, Shotguns, Handguns. As Estate Specialists WE manage sale of registered / unregistered firearms. Contact Paul, Switzer's Auction: Toll-Free 1-800-694-2609, or WANTED: OLD TUBE AUDIO EQUIPMENT. 40 years or older. Amplifiers, Stereo, Recording and Theatre Sound Equipment. Hammond organs. Any condition, no floor model consoles. Call Toll-Free 1-800-947-0393 / 519853-2157. FINANCIAL SERVICES $$$ MONEY $$$ FOR ANY PURPOSE!!! WE CAN HELP - Decrease payments by 75%! 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages & Credit lines. Bad credit, tax or mortgage arrears OK. OntarioWide Financial Corp. (LIC# 10171), Toll-Free 1-888-307-7799, $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

FOR SALE FREE UNLIMITED LONG DISTANCE - Home Phone & Highspeed. You're Approved! No Deposits, No Credit Checks. CALL Talk Canada Home Phone Today! Visit or Toll-Free 1-866-867-8293. SAWMILLS - Band/Chainsaw SPRING SALE - Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. MAKE MONEY and SAVE MONEY in stock ready to ship. Starting at $1,195.00. 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT. #1 HIGH SPEED INTERNET $24.95 / Month. Absolutely no ports are blocked. Unlimited Downloading. Up to 5Mps Download and 800Kbps Upload. ORDER TODAY AT or CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-866-281-3538. A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don't Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464. Fast Relief the First Night!! Restless Leg Syndrome and Leg Cramps Gone. Sleep Soundly, Safe with Medication, Proven Results. www.all 1-800-765-8660. CAN'T GET UP YOUR STAIRS? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1-866981-6590. LEGAL SERVICES CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Record Removal. 100% Free Information Booklet. 1-8-Now-Pardon (1-866-972-7366). Speak with a Specialist No Obligation. A+BBB Rating. 20+ Yrs Experience. Confidential. Fast. Affordable.

RELOCATE TO BEAUTIFUL BC: TJ Heavy-duty/Commercial Transport Mechanics wanted in Vernon, Kamloops, Lillooet and Williams Lake. Great wages and benefits. Flexible work schedules. Email resumes to or fax to (250) 374-4114. For more info visit interior or EXPERIENCED UNDERGROUND DIAMOND DRILLERS.$$$ Earn big AUD $$$ Enjoy the Land Down Under AUSTRALIA Leave the Visa to US!! Swick Mining Services is one of Australia's largest mineral drilling contractors providing underground and surface drilling services both nationally and internationally. Swick is a market leader in the development of innovative rig designs and drilling practices that deliver improved productivity, value, safety and versatility. To be considered for this position you will: Have proven experience in Boart Longyear rigs LM45/55/75/90, Atlas Copco's Diamec, or similar; Hold a current Driver's License; Pass a comprehensive medical including a drug and alcohol screen; Be physically fit and prepared for work in hot and remote locations; Provide a criminal background check. To Apply send your CV and a Cover Letter to You Will Be Offered: Top Dollars for your Experience with bonus incentives. Great Shifts ...2x1, 2x2. some 1x1 depends on site. Accommodation in a quality apartment near one of our many beautiful sandy beaches! Spend your R&R surfing, putting a shrimp on the barbie, seeing the country, or just having a cold beer! Return flights home to visit family and friends every six months paid for by Swick! The best site accommodation available. Proven State of the Art Equipment.

$$$ 1st & 2nd & Construction Mortgages, Lines of Credit... 95-100% Financing. BELOW BANK RATES! Poor credit & bankruptcies OK. No income verification plans. Servicing Eastern & Northern Ontario. Call Jim Potter, Homeguard Funding Ltd. TollFree 1-866-403-6639, email:,, LIC #10409. 1st & 2nd MORTGAGES from 2.25% VRM, 3.89% 5 YR. FIXED. All Credit Types Considered. Let us help you SAVE thousands on the right Mortgage! Also, Re-Financing, Debt Consolidation, Home Renovations... Toll-Free 1-800-225-1777, www.home (LIC #10409). SERVICES CRIMINAL RECORD? Get a Pardon! We Work Harder For YOU! Free consultations. Guaranteed applications. Start today for your peace of mind. 1866-242-2411; www.national STEEL BUILDINGS A-Z Technical Bldg. Systems Inc.: PreEngineered Steel Buildings. Since 1978! Stamp drawings & leasing available. Ask for Wally: Toll-Free at 1-877743-5888, Fax (416) 626-5512. BUILDING SALE... "Rock Bottom Prices!". 25x40 $7995. 30x40 $9840. 35x50 $12,995. 40x80 $22,600. 47x100 $35,690. Ends included. Many others. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers since 1980. Call 1-800-668-5422.

• It’s Affordable • It’s Fast • It’s Easy • It’s Effective • One Bill Does It All • All Ontario $475 • National Packages Available!

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By Phone:

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to your local newspaper

Be sure to include name, address, phone number, run dates and payment with all fax and email orders. Pre-payment is required.

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Th e

28 Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Extended by Manufacturer!! ÀüNjŪ ŕʜüǦɪüƜŪ DZƍ M´44 ǎüʥüʟüʥɖ ʃǦɪƷǎ /ŪļȨ ɰȈŏ ɽʶȈȈ

/ʃŪ ɪDZ ‰ʜŪɍʟƯŪǎǚƷǦƜ


e @ ª / š @ ™ š [ n ì zz Ó 1

'üǎǎ ƍDZɍ üǦ üȜȜDZƷǦɪǚŪǦɪ ɪDZŕüʥƇ







üŕ NjǎDZ ɍʃļ

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ļ ɪɍ ʃ



UʃƜŪ MüļɪDZɍʥ ÜDZǎʃǚŪ /ƷɖļDZʃǦɪɖ DZǦ üǎǎ ļDZǎDZʃɍɖ Ĕ ɖɪʥǎŪɖ





NO PAYMENTS For 1 Year !!! In-House Financing at 5.99% !! Thousands of cabinet types to choose from to fit any layout and customized to your order ĺqƷɪļƯŪǦɖ ĺÜüǦƷɪƷŪɖ ĺuüʃǦŕɍʥɤ ÈɪƷǎƷɪʥ ĺ'ʃɖɪDZǚ àüǎǎ ÈǦƷɪɖ

'ƯDZDZɖŪ ƍɍDZǚō ĺ}üȜǎŪ ĺ‰üNj ĺ'ƯŪɍɍʥ ĺǎŕŪɍ ĺÀƯŪɍǚDZƍDZƷǎ


¬ɍƷļƷǦƜ ŪʢüǚȜǎŪ Ȉʶɇʢ ȈʶɃ uüʥDZʃɪ

#ʃƷǎŕŪɍɖ 'ƯDZƷļŪ ¸ŪɍƷŪɖ ĺ ¸DZǎƷŕ }üȜǎŪ MɍüǚŪ ¸ƯüNjŪɍ ɖɪʥǎŪ ŕDZDZɍɖ ĺ üɪʃɍüǎ ʟDZDZŕƜɍüƷǦ ƷǦɪŪɍƷDZɍɖ ĺ ǎǎ ǚŪɪüǎ ŕɍüʟŪɍ ɖǎƷŕŪɖɤƯƷǦƜŪɖ ĺ uƷƍŪɪƷǚŪ ļüĦƷǦŪɪɍʥ ʟüɍɍüǦɪʥƇƇƇƇƇ




ÀɍʃļNjǎDZüŕ üɍɍƷʜŪɖ ʃƜʃɖɪ ȈƒɪƯ ƍDZɍ DZɍŕŪɍɖ ɍŪļŪƷʜŪŕ Ħʥ mʃǦŪ ɰʶɪƯ

Do It Yourself of Have Our Craftsman Install For You!

¬ɍƷļƷǦƜ ŪʢüǚȜǎŪ Ȉɽɇʢ ȈɽɃ uüʥDZʃɪ

|Ċ­žË|ąĂĊ -ą|Å­ģÅ 0|ą­|Ċ

ĺ ¸DZǎƷŕ }üȜǎŪ MɍüǚŪ ʟƷŕŪ ɍüƷǎ ŕDZDZɍɖ ĺ ¸DZǎƷŕ ȜǎʥʟDZDZŕ ƷǦɪŪɍƷDZɍɖ ĺ ¸DZǎƷŕ ǚüȜǎŪ ļɍDZʟǦ ǚDZʃǎŕƷǦƜ ĺ ¸DZǎƷŕ ʟDZDZŕ ŕDZʜŪɪüƷǎ ŕɍüʟŪɍɖ ĺ #ǎʃǚDZɪƷDZǦ àƯƷɖȜŪɍ ʃɪDZƵļǎDZɖŪ ɖƷŕŪɖ

ĺ uƷƍŪɪƷǚŪ ļüĦƷǦŪɪ ʟüɍɍüǦɪʥƇƇ



Hwy. 29 North, Brockville 613.342.5800

29 Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011

Attention Canada Post Flyer Customers: If your message is at risk

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Kemptville Advance - JUNE 09, 2011



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June 10,13,15,17


Kemptville and Area Walking Group meets at 9 a.m. at the Municipal Centre.

June 10-11


Kemptville Horticultural Society plant sale at the KDH Hey Day. Find the best plants for gardens in this area and talk with gardening experts. Funds raised support the hospital.

June 10


Carsonby United Church Annual Chicken BBQ. 4 p.m. Takeouts available. 489-3276.

June 11


Spencerville Garden Tour. 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tea at 3 p.m. Visit four beautiful country gardens, organic farm and historic stone house. Plants and pottery for sale at Spencerville Mill. Tour & tea $20. Tour only $12. Tickets at Spencerville Mill or call 657-1931.

June 11

South Mountain

7k/14k Walk/Run for Food. 14k Run registration at House of Lazarus from 7:30 a.m. 7k Walk registration at South Mountain Fairgrounds from 8:30 a.m. Entertainment by Domenic D’Arcy, “the Singing Policeman.” Pledge forms at Gospel Music performed by the Salvation Army Legacy Brass Band. St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church. 7 p.m. Free will offering.


June 12


Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers’ Market in Riverside Park. 2 to 4 p.m. Over 40 vendors. Produce, meats, breads & baked goods, arts & crafts. 658-2474;

June 13


Open House for Kemptville Lawn Bowling Club. Come out and try the game! 1 to 3 p.m. at 101 Reuben Cres. Rain date is June 15. For info, call 258-1340.

June 15


North Grenville Probus Club. 10 a.m. Presbyterian Church Hall. Guest speaker is Anne Raina, author of Clara’s Rib.

June 15


Kemptville Horticultural Society welcomes Paul Fritz of Oakleaf Gardens to share his passion for roses, with a focus on “old” roses. 7:30 p.m. St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church.

June 15


Baby Talk at Ontario Early Years Centre. 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Breastfeeding support available.

June 17


Chicken BBQ at Trinity United Church, Main St. 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Adult half chicken dinner $13. Adult quarter chicken dinner $10. Child dinner $8. Family rate available.

June 18


Art in the Garden: Carol Ann Studio, 60 Harmony Way. 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Featured artists: Carol Hollingdrake, Heidi Cornel, Dwight Saunders, Helder Ambrosio, Connie V. Porteous.

June 18


Official Opening of the Blockhouse Museum, Merrickville and District Historical Society. 2 p.m. in Blockhouse Park. Ribbon cutting by Mayor Doug Struthers, winners of the school historical essay contest, bagpiper, Maplewood Ceilidh Band, rope-making, quilting and rug-hooking demonstrations.

June 26

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Memorial Service at St. Matthew’s Cemetery in East Oxford. 2 p.m. Please bring your own lawn chairs. In case of rain, the service will move to Patterson Corners, Kemptville Snowmobile Club, approx. 2 km north.

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June 11


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June 9, 2011

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