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MEET CANDIDATE GARY SCHUCK Long-time resident is running for a North Grenville councillor seat Serving Kemptville, Merrickville, Winchester, Osgoode and surrounding area

RUNNING FOR MAYOR Eric Duncan, 22, is one of the mayoral candidates for North Dundas

Volume 155 Issue No. 34


3 Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bishop’s Mills honours past

Village celebrates 170-year heritage

CELEBRATING 75 YEARS The Kenmore Women’s Institute is going strong after 75 years - and three generations of women. 9

73s RING IN THE SEASON The Kemptville 73s are back in action and played their first games of the season. 15

The small but healthy village of Bishop’s Mills enjoyed a great afternoon on Saturday, August 28, as residents of the village celebrated two special moments in time. The first was the 125th anniversary of the registration of the village’s plan and the second was the 170th anniversary of the founding of the mills which started it all. More than 200 people from the village and the surrounding area came out to enjoy the dual anniversaries, with music, children’s games, great food and displays of crafts made in Bishop’s Mills. Victor Desroches welcomed everyone to the plaque unveiling ceremony at the bridge and then introduced Tom Graham who spoke a few words about the meaning behind the celebrations. Graham described how Chauncey and Ira Bishop decided to build their mills and how, from that decision, grew the Bishop’s Mills commu-

nity. “So as we celebrate their accomplishment of 170 years ago, we are really celebrating community. Bishop’s Mills is still a vibrant, resilient community where the residents still have strong ties to each other and to their village,” he said. This was a special occasion that featured a visit from one of the ancestors of the founders of the village, Chauncey and Ira Bishop. “I am humbled and grateful to have been allowed to participate,” said David Bishop, who came all of the way from Toronto to take part in the special plaque unveiling ceremony. He mentioned that the special day could not have happened without a great deal of effort from all of the volunteers who planned for the anniversary. The celebrations were put together by the Bishop’s Mills Community Association. They had help from North Grenville and the Ontario Heritage Trust. See Bishop’s page 5

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John Curry Photo/ Metroland staff

PLOWING SKILLS NEVER DISAPPEAR Murray Bennett of the Kemptville area uses his restored antique McCormick Farmall tractor and plow at the Ottawa Carleton Plowing Match near Stittsville on Saturday, Aug. 28. This was his first time plowing in 16 years. For more photos see page 6.

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2 Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010

‘New blood’ runs for North Dundas mayor KRISTY WALLACE


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Intelligence is in the mind and not in the age. Those are the words that motivated 22 year-old Eric Duncan to run for mayor of North Dundas in this year’s municipal elections. “It comes down to the person’s leadership abilities and not age,” said Duncan, who’s already been a councillor for four years. “Those who know me know I’m capable of doing the job.” Duncan is a recent graduate from Carleton University and has been involved in all three levels of government for the last seven years. In addition, he has taken an interest in his community and has been involved in the annual South Mountain Fair and Winchester Hospital Foundation since he was in his early teens. “I love our community and I have a passion for it,” he said. Duncan said public response has been very positive since he has developed a solid five-point plan with new ideas on how to create a better North Dundas. One of the major concerns he has – and plans to fix – are on the roads, budgeting and finance process. “We have a number of gravel roads, and we spend $375,000 a year on gravel. Then a week later, it ends up in the ditch,” he said. “We put tens of thousands of dollars into calcium and that doesn’t last very long. We’re wasting money, frankly, and we need to come up with a plan.” As part of his five-point plan, Duncan said the best solution to this would be to “tar and chip” all of the gravel roads within the next 10 years without raising taxes too much. Courtesy photo He said most of the roads can be done this way by Eric Duncan is one of the mayoral candidates for North Dundas in this borrowing from their reserves and repaying them year’s municipal elections. later through the savings and later budgets. Duncan also mentions in his plan how North Dundas can adapt to neighbouring communities that are growing and changing – particularly Kemptville. “Walmart and urbanization are a threat to places like North Dundas,” he said. “We need to come up Used Car & with a plan to work better to promote ourselves, Truck Sales shop local and stay local. We have neat shops that give a small town feel as well.” Automotive & Light Truck Repairs Ultimately, Duncan said that it’s important that Quality Service After Sales he has a plan in place and currently, a plan proposed since there’s been a lot of talk - but no action. Duncan’s overall vision for North Dundas is a 2006 Buick Allure CXL 16 Joseph St., better promotion of the area because the commu3800. Loaded, leather, nity has so much to offer. Jasper, ON power sunroof, “We have a great hospital, great schools and great $ 97,834 kms. Red. 12,200 churches,” he said. “But things don’t change overnight. It’s a steady progress.” Over the next couple months, Duncan will be 2004 Chev Impala 2005 Chev Uplander busy knocking on doors around the area telling 3400 motor, fully loaded. 3500, 7 passenger, residents about himself. 118,658 kms. loaded. 57,218 km. $ $ He also has a website, for Burgundy. 6,995 Steel gray. 10,200 any one interested in learning more about him. He said residents can also email him any time at 2002 Buick LeSabre 2001 Buick Lesabre or call him at 613-219-0941. 3800, fully loaded. 3800. Mint. Full load, 88,989 kms. 105,000 kms. Silver. $ $ Silver. 7,495 Local trade-in. 6,200

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SEPT 9, 2010


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Gary Schuck signs up for councillor race

3 Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010

Courtesy photo

Gary Schuck, a long-time resident, is running for a spot in the North Grenville councillor seat.

UPCOMING MEETINGS REGULAR COUNCIL Monday, September 13 th at 6:30 pm in the Council Cham bers, North Grenville Municipal Centre. COM M ITTEE OF THE W HOLE COUNCIL Tuesday, September 7 th at 6:30 pm in the Com m ittee Room , North Grenville Municipal Centre. For agenda inform ation, please contact the Clerk’s Office or the Municipal web site. COM M ITTEE M EETINGS • Police Services Board - Thursday, Sept. 9 th at 9:30 a.m . in the Municipal Centre • Library Board - Thursday, Sept. 9 th at 7:00 p.m . in the South Gower Library


M onday, September 6 th The Municipal Office, Public Libraries and Landfill Site will be CLOSED on Monday, Septem ber 6 th .

25th Annversary

SOLID WASTE AND RECYCLING PICKUP There will be NO pick-up on Labour Day, Monday, Septem ber 6th . Pick-ups scheduled for the week will be delayed by one day.

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The Municipality of North Grenville

285 County Rd. 44, Box 130 Kemptville, ON. K0G1J0 Tel. 613-258-9569 Fax: 613-258-9620 Building Tel. 613-258-4424 Fax 613-258-1441 Fire Dept. Info 613-258-2438 Fax 613-258-1031 Police Administration Tel. 613-258-3441 Animal Control Tel. 613-862-9002


NEW 12,000 sq. ft. Showroom

The Municipality of North Grenville is seeking applications from individuals interested in the following: • Fenceviewers (on an as-required basis) to investigate and review line fence disputes. Fenceviewers are com pensated for each investigation. Please subm it applications to the Adm inistration Office, 285 County Rd. 44 or cpom inville@

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Gary Schuck has called North Grenville home for the past 25 years. He has been married to Elsie for 28 years and together they have raised three children in the North Grenville community. Schuck is running for one of the North Grenville councillor seats in the October 25, 2010 municipal election. He says that he has no ties to any special interest groups, has no private agenda, and will work full-time in the best interests of families in the community as a whole. “I believe in open government where all members of the community have an opportunity and are actively encouraged to provide input and make their views known and have them taken into account before decisions affecting them are made,� he said. Schuck acknowledged that growth and change are inevitable, but believes it must be managed in a controlled and fiscally responsible manner. “We cannot lose sight of the fact that people have chosen to live in the community to avoid the clamour of the city and suburbs, instead embracing the more leisurely pace of our rural environment,� he said. Schuck believes that the community - when confronted with so much potential change - has to be made aware of what choices they have. “I want to find a way to ensure that all groups have a say and that the municipality is open to input from the community,� he added. Schuck worked as an engineer for 27 years, ending his engineering career as a project manager who managed the delivery of multi-million dollar projects on-time and on-budget bringing together multiple groups with divergent interests and priorities. He retired two years ago from his second career as a realtor, after spending six

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years talking with hundreds of families as to their reasons for relocating to this community. He has previously volunteered in the community, as a member of the Kinsmen Club, is on the parent-teacher committee of Kemptville Elementary School and as a minor league baseball coach. His wife Elsie has also been active in the community, volunteering at the elementary and high school as well as the South Gower Public Library.



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Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010




We’re not invincible As Canadians, we like to pat ourselves on the back for being the best country in the world. We have great health care, good beer and we’re polite. We’re even told that all we have to do is sew our country’s flag on our backpack while travelling and people love us. But on the day of Sept. 11, 2001, this smugness seemed to retreat a little bit in Canada. The terrorist attacks of 9-11 were a wake up call to all of North America that while we live in a free and democratic society, we were still in danger from terrorists who believe otherwise. Over time, America went a little too far in attempting to protect their country (like issuing “Red Alerts” on any major holiday – not to mention the introduction of the Patriot Act), while Canada reverted back to its original self-love and holier-than-thou mentality. Then, about five years later in 2006, the “Toronto 18” was discovered. These terrorists were found planning attacks on Canadian soil in the heart of Toronto. Eleven people were eventually convicted for plotting to bomb major government and public sites in areas around Toronto But, again, Canada seemed to forget and went on its merry way – still believing it’s invincible without even a suspicion that there might be another terrorist plot brewing in a Canadian city a few hours east of Toronto. Just recently, the RCMP has arrested more people suspected of terrorist plots in the nation’s capital. This terrorist bust in our own backyard shows us that Canada isn’t invincible after all - but we’re actually really quite vulnerable. This isn’t to say we should go as far as our friends to the south in national security measures. Actually just having our trusted RCMP doing their job - and doing it well - was enough in protecting Canadians from those terrorist plots coming to life. Our RCMP prevented another 9-11 from potentially happening in Ottawa. This isn’t to say people should stop wearing a Canadian flag on their backpack, or singing the anthem proudly at a hockey game. It’s important to have pride in Canada and this recent terrorist plot was, thankfully, stopped. It must serve as a wake-up call that our great white north will always be vulnerable.

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Pathway needs protection I have read Kevin Bridge’s letter in The Advance’s edition of August 27, about the Osgoode to Leitrim Pathway. I believe he is right that the trail can be a good addition to the area. I think that it is wrong to try to pin the objection on a single person. One hundred and eighteen people, about 85 per cent of the residents that neighbour the rail bed, have signed a petition requesting that motorized traffic - including snowmobiles - be prohibited from the trail. They did that after two years of actual experience of the snowmobile club’s patrolling to minimize adverse effects. Patrols have helped some but have not worked sufficiently well to avoid noise nuisances and speeding during the day and at all hours of the night. The increased popularity among snowmobilers is not disputed. Actually, that compounds the problem. Expert court witnesses have shown that the sound of a snowmobile (up to 85 decibels at 15 metres when brand new) is compounded when they travel in groups. Neighbouring residential properties are within 15 metres of the trail. Their houses are not much fur-

Advertising Manager Terry Tyo

Advertising sales Drew Headrick

113 Prescott St., P.O. Box 1402 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

ther. From his house he can hear and I assume is annoyed by the noise of the ATV traffic on the trail. The noise and nuisance level is similar but aggravated in winter when leaves are off the deciduous trees and shrubs and by the intensity of traffic. I share the concern about safety. In winter, it is dark early. Children congregate around the Osgoode Youth Club immediately next to a major unloading and crossing area. The detour around Osgoode is still on the club’s 2009 map and, as the historical traditional route, is well known to club members. They have an alternative. The residents do not. Snowmobiling is a valid recreational activity. Unfortunately it has very negative repercussions when it is practiced within a built up residential area. The new trail will be a positive addition only when those who use it do not do so at the expense of the quality of life of their neighbours who live next to the pathway. Pierre Lalonde Osgoode

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There are a good number of candidates for the 2010 Municipal election. Understanding what the top issues are is crucial for voters. The North Grenville Chamber of Commerce is hosting an All Candidates Night on Wednesday, Oct. 13 at the North Grenville Municipal Centre. To ensure that the evening will feature discussions on the most important issues, the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce is calling upon the voters of North Grenville to provide it with their top five issues that can be presented at the All Candidates Night. The doors will be open at 6 p.m. with the all candidates portion running from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. No individuals will be named or identified. The Chamber will hold the voters name in the strictest of confidence. The sole purpose of this request is to provide a list of what the top issues are and ones that voters would like addressed by the candidates. So please contact the Chamber, by phone at 613-258-4838, by email, and through the website at or by fax at 613-258-3801. Verbal questions from the floor, as well as written ones, will still be an available choice for voters. During the last municipal election in 2006, only 41 per cent of the eligible voters made the effort to vote. The better informed the voters and candidates are about the issues in North Grenville, the more effective votes will be.

Wendy Chapman CEO North Grenville Chamber of Commerce

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Bishop’s From the Front


celebration had a chance to take part in log sawing and shake splitting activities. The music was provided by local talent as well as the Bytown Bluegrass. The day ended with a beef barbecue supper followed by a dance with music from Doug Hendry and the Maplewood Ceilidh Band. One hundred and sixty tickets had been sold for the supper and 180 eventually sat down to eat. Organizers also thanked Brian Foster, Bruce Snowdon, the Ferguson Forest Centre and Abbey Farms.


Bishop talked about his ancestors who first came to the area attracted by the flowing water that they knew could drive a mill. “You have a vibrant community here,’ said Bishop who along with long-time residents Mildred Adams unveiled the commemoraJ. Morin Photos/Advance Staff tive plaque on the bridge. Bishop’s Mills resident Janet Lousley demonstrates yarn spinning at the David Bishop and Mildred Adams unveil the heri- The plaque describes how in 1840 Chauncy Bishop Heritage Day festivities. tage plaque. and his brother Ira - who were descendants of Loyalists from Connecticut - acquired land on the middle creek which is part of the South Branch of the Rideau River. The brothers built a sawmill as well as a grist mill that gave the village its name. By 1853 the village would boast of a post office, a cheese factory, two general stores, a blacksmith’s shop, churches, schools and a doctor’s office. The plans for the vilBishop’s Mills resident Tom Graham receives a lage’s streets were laid out congratulatory message from the province of in 1885. Ontario on behalf of the village’s residents. The two mills were Leeds and Grenville MPP Steve Clark presentabandoned by 1913 and ed the message at the Bishop’s Mills Heritage The Oxford Mills Girl Guides arranged burned down. The unveilDay on Saturday, Aug. 28. the children’s games for the day. ing featured congratulato-

ry words from North Grenville Mayor Bill Gooch, Leeds and Grenville MP Gord Brown and Leeds and Grenville MPP Steve Clark. The North Grenville Council was present as well, along with several residents who have decided to take a run at councillor seats. The rest of the afternoon featured music, games and food as well as heritage displays set up by residents. The Oxford Mills Girl Guides led the way with three-legged races and sack races. Visitors to the

Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010

Bishop’s Mills celebrates 170 years


Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010


The Accidental Farmwife: And so we fall...into autumn BY DIANA FISHER “No spring nor summer beauty hath such grace as I have seen in one autumnal face” - John Donne They say a falling leaf is nothing more than the summer’s wave goodbye. Autumn is my favourite time of year. “Indian Summer” can bring 30-degree temperatures but the refracted light of the fall in Eastern Ontario is soft and gentle: not harsh and glaring as it was in summer. The evenings are cool and fresh, “good for sleeping”, as we Canadians are apt to say. We caught Rambi doing the dance with one of the ewes a few weeks ago, so he and his friend Rambo are now trapped in a lambing pen, until December.

He may have already taken care of a couple of ewes, so we will likely have a few Christmas lambs again this year. But the bulk of them will be born in the spring, as they were this year. It’s much easier. They’re in the barn for a shorter amount of time before the new grass is up. That means less hauling hay and water to the lambing pens for me. The Farmer mentioned a few times that he might sell off most of the sheep this year, and slowly move our operations over to beef cattle. I will miss my lambs if that happens but I won’t miss the worry. I get really attached to them and when something goes wrong (like a coyote kill), it keeps me up at night. The Farmer says beef

The Accidental Farmwife Diana Fisher

will be easier, but when I say that to other farmers, they laugh. And that worries me a bit too. Must do some more thinking on that one. All of the stores have fall mums on sale now. I

am trying not to buy one in every colour. It’s very tempting. I love love love flowers. The nasturtiums and marigolds I planted in rows in and around the tomato and potato plants seem to have done their job. The Farmer pronounced it my “best garden ever”. I beam with pride. Even if I can’t get time in the kitchen, at least I can grow something for Sunday dinner. (I’m just kidding – I don’t really like cooking and am quite obviously well-fed by the Farmer). It’s time to hem the school uniforms, buy the school supplies, and stock up on lunch foods. The Ex is over, the annual Fisher Farm party is over, and it’s all down hill from here – or up hill, de-

pending on how you look at it. I love the changing seasons. It’s how we mark the passage of time. Our horse is supposed to be pregnant, but we don’t know for sure. She hasn’t been hiding behind the bushes with morning sickness, I haven’t seen her knitting booties the size of dinner plates, and she isn’t requesting pickles and ice cream. She isn’t doing anything different, actually. Misty spends her days in the back meadow with her bff Donkey. She comes up for water, attention and shelter at night. We will watch her closely to see if she starts to look like her ankles are swelling. A new foal would be a lovely way to welcome

spring. This summer lived up to its almanac prediction of being a 30-degree scorcher. Let’s see how winter turns out. The Farmer’s Almanac (not my Farmer) says Winter 2010 in Ontario will be “bitterly cold and dry”. Thanks for the warning. I prefer a snowy winter, because the snow is beautiful, it insulates everything (including the water pipes to the barn) and it gives you something to ski, snowmobile and play in. For now, I will enjoy the fall. It must be right around the corner, because the tree that is always the first in town to turn (the maple outside Vincent’s salon on County Road 18) is already losing its flaming leaves.


City of Ottawa Osgoode ward councillor Doug Thompson plows with a horse plow as Gabriel Lacavalier, right, of South Mountain controls the reins to the pair of horses pulling the plow. Councillor Thompson was taking part in the VIP plowing class at the Ottawa Carleton Plowing Match near Stittsville on Friday, Aug. 27. Visitors to the plowing match were able to try their hand at this traditional farming task. Participants were able to use tractors and horses.

J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff


Gillian Starling demonstrates how quilting is done at the Bishop’s Mills Heritage Day, Saturday, Aug. 28.


Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010

Pathway will cost more than expected

Orleans Village Squares Sept.8&15 7:30pm

crease. Thompson said last month one of the reasons the trail would not be paved was because paving it would put the project way over budget. However he believes limestone is the ideal surface no matter what the cost. “If you have pavement, sometimes it bubbles up and cracks so [workers] have to go back and patch it,” he said. “With the limestone, it’s much easier to surface. If there’s a rut in it, they can just go level it off and pack it down again. The long-term maintenance is much better.”

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Ottawa Meri Squares Sept.7&14 7:30-10:00pm Ottawa Spinettes Sept.14 7:30-9:30pm Richmond Richmond Squares Sept.29 1:00-3:00pm

Almonte Veterinary Services, 10 Industrial Dr., ALMONTE Carleton Place Veterinary Hospital, 120 Coleman St., CARLETON PLACE Valley Veterinary Clinic, 339 Townline Rd. E., CARLETON PLACE North Lanark Veterinary Services, 1095 Sheridan Rapids Rd., LANARK Mississippi Veterinary Services, 2809 Highway 29 S., PAKENHAM Perth Veterinary Clinic, Sunset Blvd., PERTH Dr. R.D. Fish, 10 Harris St., PERTH Lanark Veterinary Clinic, 88D Cornelia St. W., SMITHS FALLS Smiths Falls Veterinary Services, 455 Highway 29, SMITHS FALLS Campbell Road Veterinary Services, 329 William Campbell Rd., SMITHS FALLS North Grenville Public Works Garage, Concession Rd., KEMPTVILLE Merrickville Fire Hall, MERRICKVILLE

Stittsville Town&Kountry Kickers Sept.15,7:30-9:30pm Sept.22, 6-10pm (chili) Round Dancing Ottawa Take-A-Step Rounds Sept.9&16 7:30-9:30pm


Dogs & Cats must be on a leash or in a carrier.

Line Dancing Richmond For Club Addresses visit: Got Lines Sept.14 2:00pm or call 866-206-6696 412359

For more locations, visit or call the Health Action Line 1-800-660-5853


CHURCH LISTING St. James Anglican. Clothier St. W. Sunday service, 8am and 10am. Sunday School at 10am service. Reverend Canon Peggy Hudson. Kemptville Pentecostal Church. 1964 County Road 43 - Kemptville. Sunday services: 10:00am and 6:30pm. Sunday School during service. Reverend Steven Kohls. Free Methodist. North Grenville Community Church (2659 Concession). 10:30 a.m Sunday Service 613-258-4815. Senior Pastor Reverend Daniel C. Massey. Wesleyan Southgate Community Church. 1303 French Settlement Road Kemptville. 10:30 a.m Sunday Service. Reverend Ben Last.

The Anglican Parish of Oxford. “A BIG Country Welcome” • St. Andrew’s - Garretton • St. Peter’s - North Augusta • St. Anne’s - Oxford Station. The Reverand Matthew Kydd, 613-345-2022. South Gower Baptist Church. 447 South Gower Drive - 258-9570. Service: Sunday evening 7:30pm.

St. Andrew’s United Church, 256 South Gower Drive - Heckston. 11:00 am Service. Reverend Blair Paterson & Reverend Victoria Fillier. St. John’s United Church. 400 Prescott St. 10:00 a.m. service. Reverend Lynda Harrison.

Roman Catholic. Holy Cross Church (505 Clothier St. W). Mass Times: Sat: 5pm, Sun: 9 & 11 am. Children’s Liturgy during 11am Mass. Father Andrew Shim.

Kemptville Christian Reformed Church. (2455 County Rd. 18/ Clothier St. W) 10:00 a.m and 6:30 p.m Sunday Services. Children’s Worship during morning service, Sunday School following a.m service. Reverend Benjamin Ponsen.

Presbyterian. Kemptville & Mountain Pastoral Charge. Rev. Samer Kandalaft. St. Paul’s Kemptville 10:45am. Sunday Service - Church School - Nursery. Knox Mountain Service - 9:15am.

Bethesda Chapel at the Baptist Church, 477 South Gower Drive, Kemptville. Sunday service 9am. Worship Leader: Debbie Gallagher. Teaching Elder: Bob Jones. 7745170.

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Did you know that in one evening, Square Dancers can walk approx 4 miles and burn over 500 calories

SEPTEMBER 8 & 15, 2010 - 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Bishop's Oxford Pastoral Charge. Service at 10:00 a.m. 1st & 3rd Sundays at St. Andrew’s United Church, Bishop’s Mills. 2nd & 4th Sundays at Oxford Mills United Church. Minister: Reverend Paul F. Vavasour


Kanata Kanata Squares Sept.9,16&23 7:30-9:30pm

crepancy between the amounts of money the city has spent on urban versus rural pathways – $34 million to $8 million – he doesn’t feel too badly for spending a little more than anticipated on this trail. “The rurals have not had a lot of financing for these types of project,” he said. “If I want to play the rural card, it’s money well spent.” Because of the stimulus funding involved, the project needs to be completed by next March. As a result, the city was not able to wait to see if the cost of materials would de-




The 21-kilometre multi-use pathway from Osgoode to Riverside South has gone over budget by almost $800,000. But luckily, it will have no immediate barring on the city’s taxpayers. While the original price tag of the trail was $1.4 million – split between all three levels of government – the cost has now jumped to nearly $2.2 million. Most of the excess cost will be covered

by federal stimulus projects that went under budget, with the remaining monies – just over $150,000 – being taken from charges levied to housing developers. Pathway steering committee chair and Osgoode Coun. Doug Thompson said the price of the project has gone up because the cost of limestone has increased to nearly $26 per ton from $12 when planning began in June 2009. Additionally, erecting the 21 gates will be more expensive than anticipated. Since Thompson felt there is a huge dis-

Joe Morin


6 Passenger Lincoln Continental Limousine Available for any occassion at rates you can afford! Call for details. 2651 County Road 43, Across from the Kemptville Mall


Kemptville Vacuum and Water treatment 373184-11-10

Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010


For All Your Vacuum al r t n e C and Water Treatment tems s y S Needs! Vac able l i a Kemptville's Best Kept Secret Av 615 Barnes St. Kemptville


Flyerland gives local readers access to best deals STAFF The web will be bringing readers the best deals locally now that Flyerland has moved ads from the region’s Metroland papers online. Debbie Frye, general manager at, said that since Flyerland rolled out their system to put ads from weeklies in Ottawa last month, residents have gone to more than 550,000 pages. “We are keeping an eye out for August

but we are expecting those numbers to grow exponentially,” she said. “What it means for the reader is that they will have electronic access to all the ads they are seeing in their local Metroland newspaper. And can now compare prices at more than one retailer locally.” Readers can search for ads by geographic location and get the same deals with coupons that they print out at their home desktop — rather than clipping out the coupons from the paper. Frye said 15 minutes of surfing can save readers $50, by allowing them to do a little comparison shopping. “You can end up spending more money even going to the discount stores if you don’t come prepared and end up overwhelmed,” Frye said. “Everyone should go shopping with a list.”

“We are extremely proud to be providing this value added service to all of our advertisers and readers. Flyerland has seen rapid growth since its launch primarily because users truly enjoy the convenience and terrific savings. Publishing all of the ads from our newspapers will only enrich the local shopping experience for our audience,” said Chris McWebb, publisher of Metroland Media – Ottawa Region. “Flyerland is not only a tremendous shopping tool – but also a friend to the environment, which is a very positive combination,” he said. Flyerland was rolled out about two-anda-half years ago and is one of the most popular Canadian websites, with more than a million unique users monthly. If a reader logs on in Nepean, Ont. they have access to 61 flyers and countless cou-

pons to take to their local merchants. There are about 400,000 products available on the site from 100 Canadian retailers. “We have about 80 per cent of national advertisers on the site,” Frye said. “So you can print out a coupon from Payless today and put it with your list and go to the store.” Frye said research from the National Retail Federation shows the average Canadian spends $620 on back-to-school supplies, that’s why they timed Ottawa newspaper ads for the fall. “It was really about simplifying the process of getting the local ads online,” she said. “And now that people have access to those ads and can comparison shop, we are hoping to help them save of those expenses.”

Kenmore Womens’ Institute celebrates 75 years JOSEPH MORIN

The Kenmore Womens’ Institute celebrated their 75th anniversary on August 16. The institute, founded in 1935, has played a crucial role in the lives of three generations of women from the Kenmore area. Marjorie Robinson is a long-time member of the Kenmore group. She has been with the Kenmore Women’s Institute for 25 years and at the age of 86 had the job of registering visitors to the anniversary celebration. She can remember when back in 1991 the Women’s Institute Hall, in Kenmore, as it was called then, hosted a fundraising dinner for the Osgoode Care Centre. “We had no running water in the hall,” she said adding that the fundraiser was a success despite the lack of water.

If you have a story to share, contact Kristy Wallace (613) 258-3451 ext. 204 405135

J. Morin Photo/ Advance Photo

The Kenmore Womens’ Institute has enjoyed enthusiastic and committed membership for the past three quarters of a century. In this photo Lyla Clarmo who is 93 years old and has been a Kenmore Womens’ Institute member since 1939 poses with her granddaughter Angela Thomas at the celebration.

The Kenmore Womens’ Institute like all other Womens’ Institutes across Ontario has been helping their community for the past 75 years. “You look after your family first,” said Marjorie,” and then your neighbours. That was what the Women’s Institute did.” The Womens’ Institute was first founded in 1897 at Stoney Creek Ontario. Ten years later the Institute had grown to include groups in North Gower, followed by Stittsville and Manotick. Their motto is “For Home and Country”. The Kenmore Womens’ Institute has contributed much to its community over the past three quarters of a century. When Eda vanderLinden, the author of the book They Ventured Forth – Stories of Dutch immigration in the Osgoode ward, needed a bit more funding to get her book finished the Kenmore Womens’ Institute was there to help out.

Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010

Finding the best bang for your buck with local retailers


Kemptville hockey player has a shot at NHL KRISTY WALLACE

Alex O’Neil’s 18 year-old friends have been spending the summer like typical teenagers – partying, getting ready for school and working construction in Kemptville. O’Neil, however, has been busy spending his days at the gym and hitting the ice wherever he can at night. That’s because he is spending his time training for the main tryouts for NHL team, the New York Islanders. “I was shocked and surprised. I was not expecting to get that phone call at all,” said O’Neil, referring to when he learned he’d be heading to New York to compete. “It’s been the dream, I guess.” O’Neil will be going to New York in September to take part in rookie games against the Boston Bruins. He’s made the shortlist of 12 forwards who have been invited to try out. He got his start in hockey play-

Courtesy photo

Kemptville resident Alex O’Neil will be off to New York in early September for a chance to play for NHL team, the New York Islanders.

ing some minor hockey with the Kemptville District Minor Hockey and Rideau St. Lawrence Kings. At only 14 years-old, O’Neil moved to Toronto to play with the Toronto Red Wings. He was drafted to the Ontario Hockey League at 15 to the Brampton Battalion. He went back to his Kemptville roots in 2008/09 when he played with the Kemptville 73s Junior A club. Between 2009/10, he played with the OHL’s Brampton Battalion. He said playing for teams like the 73s gave him skills he hopes to take to the NHL if he gets chosen. “Kemptville minor hockey was a stepping stone and I had to move up to higher levels,” he said. “But on the 73s, it opened my eyes and made me realize what I had to do to become better with every game.” Growing up, he said he’s always wanted to be in the NHL and looked up to a friend’s father, Charlie Moore, who was also in the NHL. “He told me all these stories of playing hockey in OHL and NHL and hanging out with all the guys on the team,” O’Neil said. “It made

me really want to do that too.” He added that advice he’s received over the years has helped him get to the point where he is now. Those more experienced in the league have told him to try his hardest and if it doesn’t work out, to keep on trying. O’Neil said he experienced rejection first hand when he was cut from the Brampton team, but he stayed positive and was called back a week later. On the Brampton team, O’Neil was known for his physical style of hockey and led the team in penalty minutes – while also contributing points for his team. He added that he has advice for many NHL hopefuls who are working hard to make it. “Don’t give up. If you get cut from a team, just keep trying,” O’Neil said. “Eventually you’ll make it. If they’re interested in you, that means you’re good at hockey.” His three younger siblings are also involved in competitive hockey, but O’Neil is modest about considering himself a role model. “They’re definitely proud for me, and they can’t believe it either,” he said. “But we’re just a humble hockey family that loves and enjoys the game.”

e l a S y t i n a teV

a m i Ult

In-stock vanities and accessories on sale now. Financing available.

Let us renovate your bath or change your windows and doors for as little as

216A Van Buren St., Kemptville


*OAC, based on ten year variable rate (6.49%), amount financed $5,285.00. Rate subject to change without notice.


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Free Estimates

Special to the Advance

The BR+E Volunteer Task Force got together on Thursday, Aug. 26 to review the data that came from the 80 business visits completed in July. The Task Force discussed actions that could address the issues, opportunities, barriers and recommendations that were made by the business community and that were identified through data analysis of that feedback.

The next step is to develop a preliminary action plan from the valuable input received by the Volunteer Task Force and this report will be presented at a public meeting in the fall for final input by the community before taking to council for consideration. The Municipality of North Grenville, along with the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce thanks the business

community, all of the volunteers and the community as a whole for the continued commitment and dedication to the Business Retention + Expansion Program. Stay tuned for further updates. Let’s continue to work together to support local business! For questions or comments, please contact BR+E Coordinator, Teri Devine at 613-258-9569 x 115 or email: tdevine@ Also feel free to visit the BR+E link on the Municipality of North Grenville’s website for information and progress reports at: Teri Devine is the BR + E co-ordinator.

Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010


BR+E business visit results are in


410773 412625

Be Smart: Stay School-Bus Safe

North Grenville District High School 304 Prescott St., Kemptville, ON 613-258-3481 •

School bus safety is not only the responsibility of the school, bus company or driver. It is also largely the responsibility of the riders and the parents of these students. Reiterating proper bus riding protocol is essential to keeping riders safe. so there is no need to rush and be distracted. • Wait for the school bus to come to a complete stop and for other traffic to halt before approaching the bus. • Promptly take a seat, and remain seated throughout the entire ride. If there are safety belts present, use them. • Do not distract the bus driver with loud yelling, music, etc. • Don’t throw anything around the bus. • Keep the aisle clear to avoid tripping hazards. • Follow the driver’s instruc-

tions in the event of an emergency. • Remain seated until the bus has stopped at a particular dropoff location. • When exiting the bus, take three steps away from the bus so that visibility of the driver is improved. • Watch for traffic when crossing the street. Always cross in front of the bus. • If something is forgotten on the bus, don’t try to run back and retrieve it. The driver may not expect a student to be returning to the bus.

Please Drive Safely

BROCKVILLE 613-345-3668 KEMPTVILLE 613-258-3467 OTTAWA 613-741-1231

Welcome Back Students Tel: 613-258-3141 Fax: 613-258-4762

Serving North Grenville, North Gower, Spencerville, South Mountain, Merrickville, Winchester, Osgoode and surrounding areas

212 Van Buren St. Kemptville, ON


113 Prescott St

Kemptville Public School


215 Reuben Cres. Kemptville, Ontario, K0G 1J0 Tel: 258-2206 Fax: 258-7650

Nancy Hanna - Principal Mike Vincent - Vice Principal 412754

w w w. k t c t r u c k . c a

Principal Ms. Janet Kellar

John Gow Principal



Steve Sharp Principal


School buses are essential modes of transportation, taking thousands of students to and from school every day. While school bus accidents are rare, riders should still practice safety aboard and around the bus. In the early days of education, students were educated in local schools within walking distance. If they needed to travel, it was by horse-drawn wagon. As the nation’s roadways began to evolve, so did the methods of getting children to school. Eventually school buses became the norm. In addition to safety procedures regarding ridership, school buses are built with certain standards in mind. Mirrors, lights, braking systems and the like are regulated to provide the utmost safety to passengers. While catastrophic accidents involving school buses are very rare, buses are built to handle much more than the occasional run-ins with passenger cars and light trucks. Maintaining school bus safety is a team effort. Students need to do their part while riding the bus. Here are the safety precautions that should be followed. • Walk to the bus stop, don’t run. • Always use caution when crossing roadways. • Walk on the sidewalk whenever possible. If no sidewalk is present, walk in the opposite direction of traffic to be aware of on-coming traffic. • Don’t fool around at the bus stop. Accidents can happen when individuals are unaware of their surroundings or distracted. • Stand at the bus stop in a safe location. Do not enter the street. • Arrive at the bus stop early


Welcome Back • Welcome Back • Welcome Back

Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010


13 Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010



2WX[SµbBdRRTbb Register Now For


With The Upper Canada District School Board The Upper Canada District School Board is Offering Alternate Day Kindergarten, Full-Time Kindergarten, and its Ready 2 Learn Alternate Day Program to Give Our Students a Head Start in Life.


Full-Time Learning Options at Select Sites Full-Time Kindergarten Program (Early Learning Kindergarten Program): 4HE5#$3"ISOFFERINGFULL TIMEKINDERGARTENUNDERTHESUPERVISIONOFATEACHER ANDANEARLYCHILDHOODEDUCATOR

Register Your Child Today!



Both programs are offered at no cost to parents and transportation will be provided.

Call Your School, Dial 1-800-267-7131 or Visit for More Information

French language instruction is offered in all kindergarten classes and an early French immersion (EFI) program is offered in several locations.


Director of Education David K. Thomas

Kemptville Public School %&) 2EUBEN#RES +EMPTVILLE    0RINCIPAL.ANCY(ANNA South Branch Elementary School h!CADEMIC%XCELLENCE4HROUGH THE!RTSv'R*+  #ONCESSION2D +EMPTVILLE    0RINCIPAL*OHN'OW Ready 2 Learn Site

Oxford-on-Rideau Public School 7ATER3T /XFORD-ILLS    0RINCIPAL*ANET+ELLAR Nationview Public School 'R*+  #OUNTY2D 3OUTH -OUNTAIN    0RINCIPAL,AURIE-C%LHERAN Full-Time Kindergarten Site



Winchester Public School 'R*+ %&) ,OUISE3T3 7INCHESTER    0RINCIPAL$AWN"OUCHARD 400357

Centennial ‘67 Public School 'R*+  (ENDERSON3T 3PENCERVILLE    0RINCIPAL*O !NNE3MITH

Dsfbujoh!Gvuvsft-! !!!!!!!!!Mfbejoh!boe! !!!!!Mfbsojoh!gps!Bmm

Chair Greg Pietersma

Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010


“Building Success One Student at a Time!” Upper Canada District School Board programs lead to success in life for all. • We welcome your diversity, uniqueness and individuality. • We offer you exciting opportunities in academics, arts and technology, sports and clubs. • Be part of our caring school community and learn in a safe, respectful environment. • Reach your destination. Explore work, apprenticeships, college and university.

The Upper Canada District School Board World-Class Education creating WORLD-CLASS GRADUATES

Student Registration begins TODAY! Contact your school principal or call 1-800-267-7131 For further information please visit our Web site at: North Grenville District High School 304 Prescott St., Kemptville 613-258-3481 Principal: Steve Sharp

T.R. Leger School of Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education Kemptville Campus Ontario Agricultural College Gibson Hall, 2nd Floor, Kemptville 613-258-8519 Principal: Frank Hummell

We offer more high-speed connections - surf faster with public education! T.R. Leger School of Adult, Alternative and Continuing Education - Principal, Frank Hummell


For information on adult and alternative Secondary School programs, Adult Basic Literacy and Adult English Second Language Programs, please call one of the following numbers in your area: 1-877-875-3437 toll free 613-937-0120 Cornwall and area 613-342-1127 Brockville and area 613-283-5418 Smiths Falls and area

Greg Pietersma Chair

David K. Thomas Director of Education

Kemptville 73s back in action

B. Wilson Photo

The Kemptville 73’s are back for another great season of CHL hockey. wants to know who has their back.” Following the coach was Bob Thompson, Director of Player Personnel. Thompson emphasized the importance of having an education plan in place so that the players will end up where they want to be. The camp consists of 37 players and 5 goaltenders. Several of the players will be out of town during the process as they have been invited to attend OHL camps. On Monday, August 23, the 73’s had their first action of the year. The team traveled to Pembroke to face the Lumber Kings in the annual rookie game. As the name indicates the teams were comprised almost entirely of rook-

Here’s My Card


September 1 at 7:30, The Pembroke Lumber Kings will be visiting. On Friday, September 3, also at 7:30 the Gloucester Rangers will be the opposition and on Sunday, September 5, at 2:00 the Smiths Falls Bears come to town. Remember the CHL season opening showcase will be held at the Kanata Recreation Centre the weekend of September 10, 11, and 12. All twelve teams in the league will play two games. Kemptville’s games are Friday night at 7:30 against the Kanata Stallions and Saturday night at 5:00 against the Pembroke Lumber Kings. Come out and see some exciting hockey!


The 2010/11 hockey season has officially started. The Kemptville 73’s training camp got under way Friday, August 20th. The invitees were at the North Grenville Municipal Centre for skating drills and fitness testing. The practices continued on Saturday and Sunday and the players were put through intense workouts. Sunday afternoon, the 73’s hosted a dinner for all the players, coaches and volunteers as well as the player’s families. After the dinner, team owner and General Manager, Paul Brenton addressed the gathering. He welcomed everyone to the family, and stated that the opportunity that these players will have has not been seen in the CJHL before. The league has changed it’s name and is now known as the CHL, the Central Hockey League and it has a new logo and now has a higher designation, Tier1. Brenton said “Being a Tier 1 league comes with lots of perks.” Some of these perks include practice to game ratio, contracts with high quality equipment suppliers and structured academic support just to name a few. Speaking next was Head Coach, Pat Malloy. He went on to re-enforce his position of team play both on and off the ice. Malloy said, “Every player on the team

ies. In a close fought game, Pembroke came out the winner with a 5-4 decision. Brandon Lesway led the way for Kemptville with a goal and two assists. After a full week of practice, the players participated in the annual 73’s Golf Tournament on Friday August 27. Then it was back to the ice. The 73’s traveled to Orleans to tackle the Gloucester Rangers on Saturday August 28. They quickly jumped out to a 20 lead before the game was two minutes old, but the Rangers fought back to tie it at three at the end of the first period. Kemptville got themselves into some penalty trouble in the rest of the game and came out on the losing end of an 85 score. Scoring for the 73’s were Alex Brenton with two and singles from Dan Lacroix, Nick Duhn and Josh Pitt. In an unusual game the 73’s took on the Smiths Falls Bears on Sunday, August 29 at 10:30 . Due to the unfinished construction of the new arena in Smiths Falls, the game was held at the Beckwith Recreation Complex. The team played very well and defeated the Bears 5-3. Setting the pace was Kurt Gowdy who scored once and added two assists. This week’s schedule has the 73’s hosting three home games. On Wednesday,

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Ove 30 r ExperiYears ence

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(613) 258-7420 (613) 851-8627


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Carleton Place • Perth • Smiths Falls • Ottawa

RR#2 Mountain

(613) 989-5509 Member of the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association

Kemptville Mall on Highway 43 • 613-258-6263


Our people make the difference. 2722 County Rd. 43, Kemptville (613) 258-2415



1080 Sanderson Rd. Oxford Mills, ON P.O. Box 1382 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

Casual and Work Wear


Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010



16 teams participate in annual community ball tournament JOSEPH MORIN

The Ron VandenTillaart Brenda Finnerty-O’Neil Memorial Family Classic celebrated its 19th year in 2010. There were 16 teams of ball players playing daylong games at the two ball diamonds at the South Gower Recreational Park on June 19. Rhonda Kozey, one of the organizing committee members said that this year’s tournament was another success. “All of the proceeds raised are donated back to the community,” she said. The total raised this year from the tournament and their popular silent auction was $8,700. Kozey stated that all of the tournaments sponsors and volunteers as

well as team members made the event a success. Ten families from the north Grenville area will receive some help from the proceeds of the tournament. “I have to thank our community for all of its great support,” said Kozey. She added that at least fifty local businesses donated to the tournament. Kozey said that the community can thanks business by shopping locally.


Contact Tracy for assistance with your severances and land use planning projects. J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff



16 teams played all Saturday afternoon June 19, even through a light J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff rain shower. There was fun and great baseball action all day. This was There was more than enough to eat at the tourna- the 19th. year for the tournament and in some cases players who were ment. Between a roasted pig and a barbecue players once children watching their parents play were taking their own position on the field. had their fill.

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(613) 258-2626


Bus: (613) 258-1990 Toll Free: 1-866-447-1990 Fax: (613) 258-6446

FURNACE OIL AND FUEL • Sales & Service • Automatic Fuel Delivery • Fuel Storage Tanks • Dependable Fuel Oil Delivery • Furnace Oil, Diesel Fuel and Gasoline




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Mon. - Thurs 8 am - 7 pm Fri. 8 am - 8 pm Sat. 8 am - 6 pm Sun. 9 am - 5 p.m.

Decorating to Renovating Contact Susan Robillard Our Home Projects Co-ordinator 20/20 Kitchen Design, Windows & Doors, Custom Blinds, Flooring including Laminate, Hardwood, Ceramic, Roofing, Vinyl Siding and much more 12235 Cty. Rd. 38, Hwy 31 at Hwy 43, Winchester




Al’s Clean Up and Property Maintenance • Complete Household and Property Clean up • Decks, Gazebos & Additions • Garbage Removal and Clean up


2705 County Rd. #43 Box 1584 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0


Locally Owned and Operated for 40 years FREE ESTIMATES

Allan Scott Tel: 613-258-3847 Cell: 613-295-0300

To find out how advertising can help you grow your business, call your local advertising professionals today! ) 222-4484 Direct (613

Toll Free 990 1.866.447.1 m@royallep ourhometea


rd the All aboa Express” “Liberal ff’s

5” & 6” Seamless Eavestrough Over 30 Available Colours Windows-Doors-Roofing-Siding MIKE MEUNIER

Tel: 613-258-6407 Cell: 613-223-1455 Fax: 613-258-0881 KEMPTVILLE, ON Over 18 years experience - Fully Insured - WSIB






Harman Pellet Stoves New & Used Beat Service and Repair – All Makes The Cubex 100% Hardwood Pellets Sales and Delivery Traeger Pellet Grills and Pellets

HST “Save Now!”

8310 Mitch Owens Road, Edwards, ON, K0A 1V0




ville, Merric

kville, Winche

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ding area e and surroun waregi www.yourotta

22, 2010

ster, Osgood

No. 28

Scholar n give Heights the OK



c receive . rugh Award

Ryan Hrelija Edinbo Duke of

155 Issue

land that the and is in writing Langlo Doug gift, E was a WALLAC ald’s nephew the transac McDon have . didn’t writing the board tion in s of ipal lling legal “In short, After month o Munic conno compe reason to g found the Ontari atic is allowin on the pragm parkland-type Board start w, i- or in on to mainta on this meado structi Heights subdiv r zoning has been private Schola said two come sion. g which ty for 20 years,”memThe results a hearin proper z, the the Denhe after at the d over weeks place the M.C.who preside took ing ber t that g in a report. ouse regard cre piece hearin is, who brougho courth y three-a Clothier Langlo to the Ontari roughl , the at 539 the issue Board, saidvery this debate of land ipal West. In a Langlois Munic decision was I Street staff t Cynthi Advance . “Whatthat chair’s residen the municipality’s photo/ ointing land ng is K. Wallace fought to re-zone the resi- disapp shocki relatt to find truly planning from attemp space ant d woods the former- import were omitte from open Charlie after said. “It ts to the 2. ed facts eau munici dential n,” she -on-Rid land to the decisio that this landa ds of residen see page Oxford ant is the as t hundre sold this full story Langlo is irrelev identified and y brough pality For the sector. land been music. years on Saturda private that former Mc- has over 30 as a sellh concert food and some Anna to park for Ambus used argued good the late it was for the Cran- An lot for owner, gifted the landcon- that parking feature ision.” the on ing Donald 11 erg a Hill subdiv nently see page Karl Norenb the berry OMB it be perma the dition er when ng looks into Howev park. for anythi ts of wild- 17 Don Mercer asked benefi judge onal nutriti flowers

KRISTY .com etroland allace@m , kristy.w debate



t from s benefi ville victim Cancer of the Kempt a’s Quilts 12 the efforts of Victori Branch



Kemptville, 136 Prescott Street P.O. Box 1340, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 Ph.: 613-258-1717 Fax: 613-258-4475 Toll FREE 1-800-355-9892 e-mail:


TH CENTRE Requirem


Petroleum Tanks t Water es • Ho nd see nts Furnac today....a pane • • Lubrica Call us Oil • Pro e • Diesel Delivery • Budget Plans 8-1826 Heating Gasolin ce • Automatic 613-25 can how we

help you



Ignatie Michael passes tour bus Leedsthrough Grenville

with your

ency Servi 247 Emeg

14 267-97 1-800-






Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010


613-258-3452 RMG


17 Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 2, 2010


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WEDDINGS, BAPTISMS & Funerals, location of your choice. Also available Small weddings, my home, weekdays. The Rev. Alan Gallichan. 613726-0400. CARDS OF THANKS

I wish to take this time to thank everyone for coming out to my 80th surprise birthday party. Many thanks for the gifts, cards and well wishes. A very special thanks to Cheryl and Paul and Karen and Ray. It was much appreciated. Doug Robertson

John is pleased to announce that

Don O’Neill is back at


John’s Barber Shop. He will welcome new and previous customers back to the same location under new management. Hours of operation are Tues to Fri 8:30-5:00 and Sat 8:30-4:00


To avoid losin g that precious mem ory,

please drop by our office & pick up your submitted photo, if you ha ven’t already done so . SUBMITTED A D PHOTOS

COMPUTER DESK AND CHAIR, 5 piece bedroom set (walnut), 8 piece patio set. 613258-7312 HOT TUB (Spa) Covers. Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colours Available. Call 1 - 8 6 6 - 6 5 2 - 6 8 37 SCOOTER SPECIAL 25% Off Select Models Buy/sell Stair lifts, Porch lifts, Scooters, Bath lifts, Hospital beds etc. Call SILVER CROSS 613-231-3549 WHITE CEDAR LUMBER, Decking, fencing, all dimensions, rough or dressed. Timbers and V-joints also available. Call Tom at McCann’s Forest Products 613-628-6199 or 613-633-3911

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2 BEDROOM APARTMENT - recently renovated, 2nd floor. 4 Water Street (Kemptivlle) $750.00 includes heat and water, hydro extra. Available Sept. 1st. Call 613-2828177

APARTMENT FOR RENT. All utilities, 2 b e d r o o m , $800/month. Available Oct. 1st. 12 miles South of Kemptville. 616-686-5816

$300 MOVE-IN BON U S - K A N ATA - F O R RENT: Stunning New Townhouse, Never occupied 4+1 bdrm, 2000sqft., finished basement, 3.5 baths, garage. Contact Allan 613-831-6003; 23 CENTER ST Older 2 storey 3 bedroom home in Spencerville. Spacious, 11/2 baths. Rent for $825.00. Also option to buy at $ 168,000. 613-695-7777 House for Rent Amberwood Stittsville Adult condo bungalow, 2 Bedrm 2 Bath, harwood floors, 4 season sunroom, 4 appliances included. Avail. Sept. 1st, 2010. $1,500.00 per mos plus utilities. Call Mel or Sandy 613-831-5510

KANATA Available Immediately 3 bedroom townhouse, 1.5 baths, 2 appliances, unfinished basement, one parking spot. $1000 per month plus utilities.


CONCESSION ROAD STORAGE: large and small units, residential or commercial, heated or unheated. 613-2581289. MORTGAGES & LOANS

$$MONEY$$ Consolidate Debts Mortgages to 95% No income, Bad credit OK! Better Option Mortgage #10969 1-800-2821169



on Hwy 43, various unit sizes. Security fenced (24hr key pad access).



STOREY AND A HALF HOME in Denbigh. 4 bedrooms, 1 bath, FIREWOOD close to beach and public boat launch. CLEAN DRY SEA- New electrical service. SONED hard wood, $64,900. To view 613mostly Maple, cut and 379-5380 split, 2 years old. Free delivery. Kindling HOUSES available. Call today FOR RENT 613-489-3705.


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DO YOU LIKE TO SING? The OTTAWA CARLETON MALE CHOIR is looking for tenors and basses. Join us for our annual Christmas concert in December and on a concert tour to the Maritimes in May 2011. Practices start September 8, 2010, Wednesday nights, at 7:30 p.m., at Calvin Christian Reformed Church, 1475 Merivale Road, Ottawa. For more information, email Henk at fran.huizen or call 613-293-9046. Http://www.ocmchoir. SERVICES

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WILLIAMSBURG ODDFELLOWS, Saturday, Sept. 11. This Old Heart and the Country Comrades. Light lunch served.

CAREER OPPORTU$$$ SECURITY NITY: Part-time PharGUARDS $$$ macy Technician posi- No experience needtion available. Experi- ed. Full training ofence preferred but will- fered. 613-228-2813. ing to train. Loblaw Pharmacy, 1-2600 WILLIAMSBURG ODD- Hwy. #43, Kemptville, FELLOWS, Sunday, Ont. Drop off résumé or DEB’S VALLEY Sept. 26, Merry phone 613-258-9283. FOODS Perry and Country Classic 2-6 p.m., supper HOUSE CLEANING Hiring full-time employCOMPANY seeking a ee, to be part of proto follow. full- or part-time residen- duction team in food Great tial house cleaner for processing. west-end location. hours, Monday-ThursMust be self-motivated, day, 6:30 a.m.-3 p.m.; reliable individual, with Friday 6:30 a.m.-12 cleaning experience noon. Must be able to CAREER preferred. Car re- lift 25-30 pounds. Call TRAINING quired. Call 613-832- Ralph, 613-220-3944 or 613-831-8564. 4941. What’s stopping you? Humber College offers over 150 business CAREERS courses, diplomas and certificates available part time through ConPHARMACY TECHNICIAN tinuing Education on evenings, weekends Aikenhead’s Drugstore, Renfrew and online. Visit busi MUST be registered with OCP. ways for the chance Compounding and long-term care to win one course free experience an asset. FT/PT. tuition. General info Submit resumes by mail or to at ce, 416-675-6622, ext. 4174.

FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT REQUIREMENTS: • 2+ years experience • OBT II, G II, A/C (Asset) • Drivers License ( Clean) EXPECTATIONS: • Service, Maintenance, • New Contruction, Installations • 3 Week ON-CALL rotation must work well in teams & individually OFFERING: • Competitive Wages • Company Vehicle • Great Working Environment

Send Résumé to : or call 613.258.7173

Saturdays: 8:00 am - noon Ample Free Parking Fresh Local Produce & Handmade Crafts + Special Event Days Enjoy a day in the country, Minutes South of Ottawa. Metcalfe Fairgrounds, Metcalfe, Ontario


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Licensed Automotive Technician

You’re invited to a...

Career Event Friday, September 10th, 2010 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Saturday, September 11th, 2010 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 850 Sophia Street, Prescott, ON

1-866-283-7583 This service is provided by the civic- minded businesses of this community

Experienced and newly licensed drivers welcome.

For more information please call:

Position Available Immediately Bill Osborne Chevrolet Buick GMC is looking for a licensed automotive technician to join our team. Competitive compensation plan and benefit package. An ideal candidate will possess; • General Motors training and experience • Effective communications skills, written and verbal • Self motivated and a good team player • A willingness and ability to learn in a fastpaced retail environment • Valid driver’s license Interested candidates to apply to



104 Elvira Street East,P.O. Box 670 Kemptville, On K0G 1J0


800-461-8000 x5222 Learn more about career opportunities at Kriska. Speak to our company trainers!


 Cruickshank Construction Ltd. is a leading Road Builder and Aggregate supplier located in Eastern Ontario and has immediate openings for the following positions based in the Morrisburg Division.


• General Labourers • Pipe Layers • Foremen ALL APPLICANTS MUST HAVE THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION TO AND FROM VARYING WORKSITES Competitive wages available. To apply, please send your resume and cover letter in confidence by September 17, 2010 to Cruickshank thanks all applicants; however, only selected candidates will be contacted.


MELVIN’S INTERIOR PAINTING Professional work. Reasonable rates. Honest. Clean. Free estimates. References. 613-831-2569 home; 613355-7938 cell. “Green” products available. NO JOB TOO SMALL.





Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 2, 2010



PAID IN ADVANCE! Make $1,000 weekly. Brochures from home. 100% legit! Income is guaranteed! No experience required. Enrol today! URGENTLY NEEDED 25 AZ DRIVERS & 25 OWNER OPS - More brand new trucks arriving. To meet growing customer demand, we seek professional, safety-minded drivers to join a leading international carrier with financial stability, competitive pay and benefits, great lanes, quality freight and dry vans only. Lease program available. Ask us about our new O/O rates! Call Celadon, Kitchener, 1-800-3320518. www.celadon WE ARE looking for key people to expand our financial services business in this area. Experience not necessary. We will train. For an interview, call Matthew McBain at 613723-1139. WORK OPPORTUNITIES. Enjoy children? In Florida, New York, California, Boston, all USA. Salary airfare, medical provided, plus more. Available: Spain, Holland, summer camps in Italy and England. Teaching Korea different benefits apply. Interviews in your area. Call 1-902-422-1455 or email: scotiap@


SALES position available at busy dealership in Kemptville. Must obtain Sales Certification Course or already possess OMVIC licence. Competitive salary, flexible hours and benefits package. Email résumé to:


JOB POSTING Job Title: District Service Representative Department: Ottawa Region, Distribution Location: Ottawa Reports to: Operations Supervisor Job Summary: This is a challenging role that requires an enthusiastic and energetic individual who is a self starter with strong communication, organizational, computer and problem solving skills. Experience is not necessary as on-the-job training will be provided for the right candidate.

THE BRANCH RESTAURANT is hiring fitchen and FOH staff. Bring résumé by 15 Clothier St. E., Kemptville.

Department: Advertising Department, Ottawa Metroland Media – Ottawa Region office has an excellent opportunity for an individual experienced in print advertising sales or similar/related commission sales capacity The candidate we seek will demonstrate exceptional abilities in... • Customer service and satisfaction • Interacting with existing and potential customers via telephone and email • Selling advertising packages • Build, enhance and protect client relationships through recommending solutions for their advertising needs Competencies, Skills and Experience Competencies: Action oriented, Drive for Results, Composure, Customer Focus, Creativity, Learning on the Fly, Time Management • Minimum one year sales experience. • Minimum one year experience delivering superior customer service to clientele. • Ability to plan and achieve sales goals by focusing on developing new business • Professional and proficient telephone sales and service skills • Proficiency in Word, Outlook and the Internet environment • Excellent English language skills, (both verbal and written)

Competencies/Skills and Experience: Action oriented, Drive for Results, Composure, Customer Focus, Creativity, Learning on the Fly, Time Management • Excellent attention to detail • Ability to build and develop effective relationships within the team and with carriers • Strong communication skills • Exceptional customer service skills • Solid organizational skills and time management skills with the ability to multi-task • Ability to work in a fast-paced, dead-line oriented environment What we can offer: • We offer competitive compensation package including mileage allowance • Comprehensive benefits package • We offer rewarding opportunities for development and advancement


Job Title: Full-Time Classified Sales Representative

Position Accountabilities: • A flair for dealing with customers in a patient and understanding manner • Excellent verbal & written communication skills • Detail oriented and highly organized • Ability to handle multiple demands and prioritize tasks • Address timely concerns in a timely and professional manner. • Proficient in Microsoft Office applications including Windows, Word, Excel and PowerPoint • Valid driver’s license and ability to provide his /her transportation • Previous customer experience an asset • Bilingualism in English and French an asset

What we can offer: • We offer rewarding opportunities for development and advancement • Base salary plus commissions, unlimited earning potential, sales incentives & contests • Benefit Program, including pension plan and three weeks’ vacation per year • Free parking

Department: Advertising Department, Ottawa Metroland Media – Ottawa Region office has an excellent opportunity for an individual experienced in print advertising sales or similar/related commission sales capacity The candidate we seek will demonstrate exceptional abilities in... • Prospecting and closing customers with advertising sales opportunities. • Cold-calling new or non-serviced businesses in Ottawa and surrounding area. • Creative thinking style and an ability to problem-solve • Self-starter with loads of initiative who needs minimal direction • High energy and a positive attitude • Excellent verbal and written skills • Literate in computer skills including Microsoft Word, Excel • Driven for success • Excellent organizational skills This is a career position. You like to produce results and devote whatever time and effort is required to consistently produce improved results. Remuneration includes: Base Salary Car Allowance Commissions Bonus incentive plan Benefits package and group RSP plan Post Secondary Education an asset but not a pre-requisite. Interested candidates are asked to forward their resumes by September 9, 2010 to: Terry Tyo Metroland Media – Ottawa Region

Interested candidates are asked to forward their resumes by September 9th, 2010 to: Josh Max Metroland Media – Ottawa Region We appreciate the interest of all applicants; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted

Job Title: Full-Time Advertising Sales Representative

We appreciate the interest of all applicants; however only those selected for an interview will be contacted CL21168


Interested and qualified candidates should forward their resume and cover letter to the attention of Paula Clarke at Fax: 613-224-2265

YOUR One Stop Shop.

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Media Group Ltd.


PART-TIME GENERAL HANDYMEN required immediately to provide home maintenance and repair services in Barrhaven, Ottawa South, Ottawa East and Centre. Ideal for re t i re d / s e m i - re t i re d who are organized, conscientious and people friendly. Basic tools and reliable vehicle required. Good compensation and flexible hours. Apply to handymanplus@our or fax 613-836-0499. Call 613-566-7077 for information.


Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 2, 2010


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This role is an exceptional opportunity for a self-motivated, organized individual who possesses strong communication, interpersonal, and conflict-resolution skills and the ability to manage time effectively. The successful candidate will be responsible for planning, coordinating, and evaluating the clinical aspects of the residents’ nutritional care, in keeping with the Program Standards for long term care homes in Ontario. The ideal candidate is a Registered Dietician with current membership, in good standing, with the College of Dieticians of Ontario. Experience in a long term care home is an asset. RESPONSIBILITIES • Assessing residents identified as high nutritional risk, developing plans of action, and providing accurate documentation in the residents’ clinical records and the care plans upon admission and on an on-going basis thereafter. Understanding of RAI MDS would be an asset. • Educate resident, family members, and team members regarding diet recommendations. • Individualized resident’s diet to meet his or her needs by involving the resident family members, advocates, care givers, physician and other team members in care plan development. • Liase with dietary food service supervisor, registered nursing staff, and government officials. • Document and prescribe nutrition interventions and compliance, as per the nutrition care plan and generate monthly site visit reports. • Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of prescribed nutrition interventions and resident’s acceptance. • Participate in quality services audits, clinical nutrition section. • Reviewing and approving seasonal menus according to Canada’s Food Guide. • Monitoring changes in residents’ monthly weights, developing appropriate action plans, in conjunction with the Food Services Manager/Supervisor and other members of the multi-disciplinary care team. CLOSING DATE: Please forward your resumes no later than September 3rd, 2010 to the attention of: Mrs. Valerie Armstrong, Food Services Supervisor 533 Clarence Street P.O Box 970 Winchester, ON K0C 2K0 Fax: 613-774-4015

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. No phone calls please.


7,211 Employees

220 Locations Worldwide

$1.4 Billion Annual Sales

Job Title: Political News Reporter Department: Editorial Department, Ottawa Do you have a passion for politics? Do you have a flair for writing accurate, tight copy? Are you detail-oriented, with superior written and verbal communication skills? Do you enjoy contributing to a team? Are you web-savvy? Job Summary: We are currently seeking a Political News Reporter to cover Ottawa city council for our group of city papers, tailoring material to each local community. He/she will also stay abreast of issues that arise in our provincial and federal governments that may affect the residents of Ottawa. Primary duties will include interviewing, writing stories and analysis pieces, shooting photos and videos and uploading content to the web. Copy editing, layout of pages and proofreading will also be required. The successful candidate will be a confident, motivated, flexible self starter with extensive news experience and strong news judgment. A background in political science as well as proficiency in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop will be considered assets. Qualifications • College or University degree/diploma in journalism or relevant experience • At least three years experience in a busy newsroom, with experience covering city council • Detail-oriented with exceptional organizational skills • Superior writing, editing, page layout and English-language skills • Ability to work independently and as part of a team • A commitment to quality and the ability to manage a multitude of tasks • Willingness to embrace change and advance the corporate vision • Proven results driver • Initiative to lead stories, not just follow them • Valid insurance and reliable vehicle • Flexibility to work some evenings and weekends. Reporting to the Managing Editor – City Group, the successful applicant for this union position will have extensive news reporting experience as well as the creativity and drive necessary to produce a superior product in constantly changing times. Interested and qualified candidates should submit their resumes by September 9th, 2010.

Sink or Swim? Promote your expertise Call


Dundas Manor is a 98 bed long-term care facility in Winchester, ON. We are now accepting resumes for the position of Registered Dietician.


Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 2, 2010



• • • •



Suzanne Landis Managing Editor – City Group Email: CL21177

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Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 2, 2010

Th e

Kemptville Lions hold gospel concert

22 Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010

If you have a story to share, contact Joe Morin at:


Vac Shack

Your Vacuum Cleaner Headquarters

Complete Vacuum Cleaner Sales & Service We service all Central Vacuum Systems


Hobin & Main Street, Stittsville

CAA Plus membership included

Residents will get a taste of gospel, country and blue grass this weekend at the North Grenville Municipal Centre theatre. The night will feature musical groups Crimson River and Grenville Grass. Crimson is from Verona, Ontario and was formed in 2004. They have recorded four CDs and a new DVD featuring their rich harmonies, high energy southern gospel/country tunes and a

couple ballads. Crimson River will be performing with Kemptville’s own Grenville Grass. Grenville Grass is made up of traditional blue grass musicians John Casgrain, who plays guitar and vocals, Lloyd Grant on the banjo – who, along with fiddler Ray Grant, have been nominated for the Country Hall of Fame. Grant also plays in the group “Bytown Grass.” The night will also feature local musicians Anita Hoekstra and Garry Hoekstra.

Anita, who studied voice under Marguerite Couldridge in Oakville, has been commissioned to perform at many special events. Garry has been playing the piano and organ all his life, and was mentored by his father. He went on to teach piano, play the organ and direct choirs for many years. He was mentored by Wilfred Powell from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. The concert will be on Saturday, Sept. 11 starting at 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Tickets can

be purchased in advance for $22 from the Municipality of North Grenville, Business Strategies in the Kemptville Mall, Jessica’s Floral Design in Kemptville and Butler’s Victorian Pantry in Kemptville. Those interested in attending can also call 613258-2252, 613-258-2752 or 613258-5739 for tickets. Or, go online at: to order tickets. Admission is $25 at the door and all proceeds go to Community Projects.



On-Site Financing

END OF SUMMER SALE! “We’ll find it if you don’t see it!”

2004 Kia Sorenta

2004 Pontiac Grand Prix * Stk# $

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10,988 613-283-3882

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406852 406851-33-10

Total Fundraising Required

$750 000.00 Total to Date $250 000.00 Please donate to our new Library


• Windows & Doors • Kitchens & Bathrooms • Flooring • Sunrooms • Basement Renos • Roofing & Siding

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Gary Durie Durie Anita Maloney Maloney Gary Anita Sales Rep. Rep. Sales

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613-816-1995 613-816-1995

613-720-5004 613-720-5004




September 2

Vernon Recreational Centre

Vernon Community Association meeting at 7 p.m.

September 2

Kemptville Youth Centre

All Night Video Game Marathon starting at 8 p.m., pickup for 8 a.m. Friday morning. Includes pizza at 11 p.m. Permission forms are required for this event.

September 5

Riverside Park, Reuben Crescent

The Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers’ Market in Old Town Kemptville, Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. New vendors welcome. For more information please call Colleen Bailey at 613-658-2474 or visit us at

September 6, 8, 10

North Grenville Municipal Centre

Kemptville and area walking group meets at 9 a.m. For more information contact Eva Francoeur at 613-258-4487.

September 7

Vernon Museum

Osgoode Township Historical Society and Museum monthly meeting featuring Joyce Gagnon from the Department of Agriculture at 7:30 p.m.

September 7

Jonsonn’s Independent

TOPS (Take off Pounds Sensibly) meets in the party room from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. For more information contact Beverly at 613-258-3658.

September 7 and 21

1035 Concession Street, Russell

Village Voices Women’s Choir welcomes new members for singing and friendship. Registration and introduction to the choir from 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Cost is $95. For more information contact Karen at 613-822-3012. For more information visit:

September 8

216 Montreal Road, Cornwall

Support and Share night from Bereaved Families of Ontario - Cornwall and area. It is open to anyone who has lost a loved ones. This month’s evening support group goes from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. No cost to attend. For more information call 936-1455 or visit the drop-in centre Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

September 8

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church, Prescott Street, Kemptville

Kemptville Horticultural Society Meeting at 7:30 p.m. Fall and Flower Show - guest speaker is Rebecca Last, “Seed and Storage.” Guests and new members welcome. For more information call 613-258-4645 or 613-258-6485.

September 8

Greely legion

Darts night commences every Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. This is a fun group and not part of a league. Open to all.

September 9

Kemptville Youth Centre

Cook Night Program starts up again from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Youth cook, eat and clean, enjoying a meal with their friends. This program will be running weekly at KYC starting in September.

September 11

Metcalfe Farmers’ Market

Metcalfe indoor soccer league registration will be held from 8 a.m. to noon for the October 2010 to April 2011 season. Our non-competitve league is for children age four to 17. For more information check out:

989-2367 or 1-800-561-4206

Want to submit an event to appear on this calendar? 10616 Main St. South Mountain

55 Acres!

Community Calendar


We Beautify Your Entire Home!

3 Kingfisher Cr - Kemptville - SubdivNewly renovated 3 bedroom ision, 3 min to -Kemptville. house on to25Hwy acs,416, 1/35 min bush balance 3open, bed split level, fi nished familyroom with two fenced paddocks - 200x600 wood stove, main fl oor laundry, baths, & 600x400. 5 stall barn with2 run-in hardwood and carpet, 25x30and attached garshelter, 20x30 for hay machine age. 1.4 acre landscaped lot,deck and front storage. New roof April 2010, porch, Neat, clean and tidy. A pleasure to hardwood ooring, windows, & more. show. 25-30 flmin to Bayshore. MLS# 755504, 756714$344,900 $325,000. MLS®:

Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010

Phone: Phone:613-258-1990 613-258-1990 Toll TollFree: Free:11 (866) (866) 447-1990 447-1990 2705 2705County County Road Road 43, 43, Kemptville Kemptville

10 Smith Rd - North Grenville, Inviting porch leadsHORSE to this great family 97 front ac working farm, 38 home. open 6concept, oak +kit/fam acs, 20Bright, acs bush, paddocks sand rm with handy island, formal living/dinring, arena 60 x 120,barn 40x80,shop ing room, main flr laundry,shed vaulted50x30 foyer, 32x20, equipment garage access, master retreat complete (09) frontage - 3 fields. Restored with whirlpool ens. Lwr level rec rm, work/ upgraded preserving originalarea, inshop/utility+garage access, desirable tegrity, board & Great batten exterior, with easy 416 access. family home! porch MLS#753622, $650,000 MLS®: 769332, $339,900

Let us know within 3 weeks of the event by emailing or Available at:


Come in and check it out!

Ultimate PAUL Sale Vanity N ow O n!

Windows, W Doors, Siding & Eavestroughs MCGAHEY


Located in Kemptville beside the Shopper’s Drug Mart in The Community Square


Just ust Imagine g J McGahey

14 Reuben Cres. Windows, Kitchen & Bath Kemptville

The Best Brands From Around The World

Open Mon to Sat 8am to 9pm Sunday 8am to 8pm

Insurance Kitchens



613-258-9955 Hwy 43, Kemptville

Kemptville Mall Highway 43 West, Kemptville


For the best selection in the area call...

Fall Styles Arriving Daily!

Ph. 613-258-3544 Free Estimates 613-258-3671 Fax: 613-258-1700 216A Van Buren St., Kemptville


Kemptville Advance - SEPTEMBER 02, 2010


Box Office Office Entertainment Welcomes

Box Office Entertainment has been a fixture in Kemptville since opening twelve years ago and this month celebrates another milestone as they welcome Sears to their location. Owners Peter and Linda Sadler want to thank the customers at their flagship store in Kemptville because it has been their loyalty that has enabled them to open three stores in Ontario, expand twice in Kemptville and bring North Shore to two of their locations. They would also like to welcome Vicki Telford whose family has run a Sears outlet for 45 years in Kemptville.

Expanding To Meet Your Needs New Kitchen Showroom Everyone knows that they carry the latest DVD’s and Blu-Rays for rent or sale (remember after 10 rentals your next one is free),and this year has seen the addition of a new kitchen showroom ideal for the most critical chef. With the complete line of KitchenAid appliances available, and the latest in kitchen utensils (possibly the best measuring cups you can buy), this new area is sure to please.


Box Office Group

LED Has Arrived – Laptops Always In Stock When you need a new computer, look no further than Box Office Entertainment. The Source brings you the latest technology in computing at the best possible price whether you need a laptop, desktop, or netbooks. Cables, printers, accessories of all kinds are also available through this local Souce dealership.


Sony and LG make some of the best televisions and home theatre systems on the market today and are leaders in innovative technology. The new line of LED TV’s are on display at Box Office Entertainment with their slim design and low power usage, you can start your Christmas shopping early this year. Worry free installation is always available for your purchases with experienced, professional staff.

Live Custom A/V


North Shore Work and Casual Wear For two years now North Shore has been providing the latest in Columbia, Billabong, quiksilver and Roxy clothing along with the best selection or work wear around with such names as Dickies, Carhartt, and Kodiak. Weekly in store specials mean there’s always something priced right for you and your family.

Sears Retail Showroom Opening in September, the Sears Showroom will have all the latest in appliances for your home. Vickie Telford will be there to continue the tradition of friendly personalized service you have come to expect over the years.

We Invite you to come see the improved look of Box Office Entertainment at the Kemptville Mall.

Casual and Work Wear Kemptville Mall on 43 • 613-258-6263 Kemptville Mall on Highway Highway 43 • 613-258-6263 OPEN LATE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - MON-THUR 9AM-9PM • FRI & SAT 9AM-10PM • SUN 10AM-8PM

Kemptville Advance  

September 2, 2010

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