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SITUATION CRITICAL A Metroland Special Report on the crisis in long-term care Serving Kemptville, Merrickville, Winchester, Osgoode and surrounding area

STUDENTS BEAT NEW DRUMS Students at Kemptville schools now have the opportunity to learn the drums thanks to generous donations. 3

Volume 155 Issue No. 24

10 &11 Thursday, June 24 , 2010

Heritage site protected Council protects old fire hall amidst sales BY KRISTY WALLACE

Rideau Valley Conservation Centre honours Ralph Raina at a recent ceremony. 5

NEW HEAD COACH Alan Archer brings years of experience to his new job as head coach of Kemptville District Soccer Club. 20

ACTON’S CORNERS Anyone travelling from Kemptville to Merrickville can see the Acton’s Corners building sitting at 1631 County Road 43. The inside and outside of this building are designated under the Ontario Heritage Act. Sites see page 2

J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff

SHOW AND SHINE BLASTS OFF The first annual Kemptville Fathers’ Day Show and Shine event at Riverside Park was a hit with everyone. There were more than 400 cars at the event on Sunday, June 20, from Model T’s to the latest in drag racing design. The show is a fundraiser for the Kemptville Youth Centre and is put on by the Highway 43 Car Club. Visitors at the show were treated to a special event called a burnout. The object of the burnout is create as much smoke from the rears wheels of a car as possible. Wheel chocks are placed up against the front wheels of the car and the driver has to race the engine enough to get the tires spinning on a metal plate. The resulting friction on the tires causes the rubber to melt and smoke. Sunday’s winner was Bruce Evans, followed by Dan Dillabough in second place and Garry Tracey in third. See story on page 9.

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Roweena Cooper and other members of the Heritage Advisory Committee were delighted on Monday to find out the old fire hall at 25 Reuben Crescent could be architecturally and historically significant. “We’re very happy about that. You’ve made me happy,” she laughed at the meeting. The building’s roof shape, brick siding, brick work along eves, windows and upper-storey windows would be designated historically significant. The garage doors, roofing, entrance doors and interior of building would not be designated. The news comes a week after council decided to sell heritage sites in North Grenville – including the Acton’s Corners building which was a turn-of-the-century schoolhouse. The heritage sites that will be sold include:

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


Sites for sale

Kemptville welcomes the NEW

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Heritage from the front That includes the blackboards, wall and ceiling panelling, the built-in library cupboard and hard wood flooring. Council kept the heritage titles but will sell the building. Brown said the Heritage Advisory Committee could come back to council when they have specifics on how much money they need.


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OLD FIRE HALL The Heritage Advisory Committee had recommended that the outside of the building be designated as a heritage and on Monday, aspects of the building were discussed as being heritage.

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KEMPTVILLE LIBRARY The old building’s exterior is already designated heritage. The Heritage Advisory Committee recommended to keep the designation in place.

Licensed by the LLBO

SOUTH GOWER LIBRARY The South Gower Library sits near the South Gower Park. Council made the decision to put it up for sale early this summer.

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OXFORD MILLS LIBRARY The Oxford Mills Library is located at 100 Maplewood Avenue in Oxford Mills and will not be sold, but is designated as a heritage building. Members of the advisory committee are still hoping for council to give them money for a reserve fund which would go to help restore the building. Council also discussed designating the Burritt’s Rapids village a heritage conservation district. For the story check out www. under the News section.

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UPCOMING MEETINGS REGULAR COUNCIL Monday, June 28 th at 6:30 pm in the Council Cham bers, North Grenville Municipal Centre. For agenda inform ation, please contact the Clerk’s Office or the Municipal web site. COM M ITTEE OF THE W HOLE COUNCIL Monday, July 5 th at 6:30 pm in the Com m ittee Room , North Grenville Municipal Centre.


2010 FINAL REALTY TAX BILLS All 2010 Final Realty Tax Bills for residential properties have now been m ailed. If you have not received your bill, please contact the Municipal Office. The Installm ent Due Dates are June 30 th and September 30 th , 2010. Tax bills for com m ercial, industrial and m ulti-residential properties will be sent out at a later date.


Thursday, July 1 st The Municipal Office, Public Libraries and Landfill Site will be CLOSED on Thursday, July 1 s t .


There will be NO pick-up on Canada Day, Thursday, July 1 s t . Pick-ups scheduled for Thursday and Friday will be delayed by one day.

K. Wallace Photo/Advance Staff

Grade 4 students and their principal Mrs. Empey at Holy Cross Elementary School in Kemptville were excited to receive their new percussion set from Tim Anderson of Direct Music Supply, back left, and Bob Besharah, back centre, owner of ClassAxe music in Kemptville. Percussion equipment was also donated to Kemptville Public School.

SWIMMING POOL ENCLOSURES Swim m ing Pool Enclosures in North Grenville are regulated by By-Law 32-98, as am ended. This includes all aboveground and in-ground pools. Copies of this by-law are available from the Building & Planning Office or the Municipal web site.

Garage Sales in North Grenville are regulated by By-Law 1003. No licence or fee is required, but there are regulations which you m ust follow. Before having a garage sale, please obtain a copy of this by-law from the Adm inistration O ffice or the Municipal web site.

The Municipality of North Grenville

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Music is growing at Kemptville Public School and Holy Cross Elementary thanks to Kemptville resident Tim Anderson and business owner Bob Besharah. The men recently donated two percussion sets to each school to help expand music programs. “There’s so little funding for music programs, we want to do whatever we can locally,” said Anderson, who is the Ontario product specialist and sales rep for Direct Music Supply based out of Niagara Falls, New York. Tim approached Besharah, who owns ClassAxe music in Kemptville, to help with the donations. “I wanted to do the donation through Bob to show my support for local business as well,” said Anderson. “Bob has an unbelievable music store and a great attitude.” Besharah, who loved the idea, committed to donating a set of drums to Holy Cross while Anderson had already approached the Kemptville Public School’s music program in September. The drums are from the Canadian company Remo, which recently came out with “Not So Loud” or NSL drums. An Apex Djembe percussion set was also donated, which are skincovered drums that can be played using only the hands. The drums are designed to be much quieter than a regular hand drum, which is perfect for an elementary school setting, said Anderson. Holy Cross and Kemptville Public School are the first schools to be receiving these types of drums. Catherine Empey, vice-principal at Holy Cross, said the school is honoured to receive the percussion sets. “It will certainly enhance the music opportunities for children at school and be wonderful for our drama club, as well as the music lessons provided in the classrooms,” she said. The junior kindergarten class at Kemptville Public School has already used their drum sets at a recent music night. “It’s incredibly fulfilling to see young children enjoying making music,” said Anderson. “I wanted to do whatever I could to help promote music and especially rhythm in my little corner of the world,” He added that he hopes to have these drum sets in school across Ontario in the coming years. “For me, it’s about promoting music with kids and hopefully creating musicians,” he said.

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

Schools get new drum sets

Kemptville Advance - June 24, 2010




New youth centre doesn’t mean more crime

Animalfest in Kemptville

The Kemptville Youth Centre has found its new home in many residents’ backyards at 5 Oxford Street West. And needless to say, it’s causing a stir among some residents. “They’ll vandalize my property,” says one neighbour. “They’ll keep me up at night,” says another. But as the North Grenville council recently pointed out, there have been no complaints about youth coming from the present Prescott Street location. For some reason though, neighbours on Oxford Street seem to think that will all change when they move to their new youth centre – where they will have more room to interact and more space for a variety of activities. With all this space and room to grow, the move to the new location will give youth less opportunity to engage in illegal or downright annoying activities. The already-low rate of criminal activity at the youth centre would plummet even lower. What’s also hard to grasp is those who are fighting the youth centre’s new location aren’t against more green space. Green space also opens a door to illicit activities at night such as drugs, sex and more vandalism. But nobody thinks of this when they fight for more parks and green space in the area. Even those few in Kemptville who are open to big stores and malls such as the upcoming Colonnade shopping centre are forgetting the fact that there might be more shoplifting offences happening in the area. It sounds ridiculous, but so does thinking that the new youth centre location will soon be a haven of vandalism, noise and crime when it will be bigger and better than what it is now. There will always be those in life who give others a bad name. The handful of youth who commit crimes don’t reflect all young people, so there’s no reason these young people who want to use the youth centre should be punished or given a bad name.

Editorial Policy The Advance welcomes letters to the editor. Senders must include their full name, complete address and a contact phone number. Addresses and phone numbers will not be published. We reserve the right to edit letters for space and content, both in print and online at To submit a letter to the editor, please email to , fax to 613-258-0617 or mail to The Advance, 113 Prescott St., P.O. Box 1402, Kemptville, ON, K0G 1J0.

The 6th Annual AnimalFest was held in Kemptville on July 19 and 20, with more than $6,000 being raised to help shelter and rehabilitate animals and find caring, forever homes for them. Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary would like to thank all those who contributed to the success of this fundraiser. Volunteers play a crucial role in looking afer the event. A special thank you goes out to all our volunteers and generous benefactors who donate to Big Sky Ranch: whether the value is monetary or measured in endless hours working behind the scenes, let us never forget it is all done to help abused, unwanted and adoptable animals. Diane Sawchuk is a Director with Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary See Photos on Page 7


Selling off heritage hurts community The North Grenville Chamber of Commerce is very disappointed in the recent decision of council to put North Grenville Heritage Buildings up for sale. The Chamber had submitted a last minute request prior to the decision made at the recent Council Meeting, asking Council to allow the Chamber to prepare a proposal over the summer that would have addressed a positive use of the School House on #43. The proposal would have demonstrated the opportunity for the initiative to either run revenue neutral (therefore not costing the municipality any funds) and/or in fact make revenue over a short time. Any taxpayer in a community understands they have to pay taxes; they only ask that their tax dollars are used in a manner that they can ‘see’ and keeping the culture and heritage of our community intact, if at all possible, is what makes up the fabric of our community; enriching the lives of the residents who live here and the visitors who come to ‘experience’ North Grenville. It was

the understanding of the Chamber from the information presented at council that the cost to maintain the building was minimal when compared to the overall budget of the Municipality and as noted, it would have been the sole intention of the chamber to ensure those costs would be covered by the program and as the program was developed over a short time, (perhaps the next 2 to 3 years) to make revenue. The chamber would not be in a position to ‘purchase’ the building as the chamber; being a non profit organization, wouldn’t have such funds to proceed in that manner, however, being the tourism body of North Grenville, certainly could develop the property to enhance its usage and provide that ‘enrichment’ to many who would certainly want to learn more about the history of the community they live in or about our community, the one they chose to come to visit. The building is not sold as yet, and we would ask council to reconsider their decision and allow the Vice-President & Regional Publisher Chris McWebb Regional General Manager John Willems

Editor in Chief Deb Bodine

Managing Editor Suzanne Landis

Associate Editor Joe Morin

Reporter Kristy Wallace

Advertising Manager Gord Cowie

Advertising sales Drew Headrick

Advertising sales Jennifer Hindorff

Serving North Grenville and area since 1855

113 Prescott St., P.O. Box 1402 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

chamber time to prepare and present a proposal that would provide an appropriate us of the school house and its history. The existing library downtown, the Old Fire Hall and library in Oxford Mills are other examples of the ‘story of our community’ that will be lost, if sold. The chamber is not in a position, at this time, to create programs for them all, however, would very much want to work with groups who would like to find programs that would preserve their history. Consider them becoming ‘living history’ programs. This would give visitors (and our residents) lots to see and do in North Grenville! Once they are gone, they are gone forever. We don’t know what we miss, until it’s gone!

Wendy Chapman Executive Director and CEO of the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce

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Ralph Raina honoured C. BILLINGTON Special to the Advance

Ralph Raina, a wellknown businessman and former mayor of the town of Kemptville, was recently honoured by the Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation with the planting of the “Raina Maple� on the grounds of the new Rideau Valley Conservation Centre in

Manotick. Despite his busy schedule, Ralph Raina joined the Conservation Authority as the municipal representative for Kemptville in the early 1990s and then became a director of the Conservation Foundation. There, he spent 17 very productive years helping raise over $2 million for conservation work on the Kemptville Creek and in

K. Wallace/Advance staff

the Rideau watershed. In a ceremony on May 27, Ralph Raina was recognized with the planting of a young, vigorous sugar maple. The ceremony was presided over by current RVCA Chair Alan Arbuckle, former RVCF Chair Mary Bryden and the entire board of directors. C. Billington RVCA’s director of communications.

Scotiabank donated $2,000 to the Rideau-Grenville chapter of Ducks Unlimited. Staff members Laura Patterson and Nancy Miller-McKenzie also helped at their recent dinner. From left to right are Laura Patterson, Brenda Hill, branch manager, Nancy Miller-McKenzie, Robert McRae and Kerry Coleman, both of Ducks Unlimited.

Grants Shaded area is eligible! Get a grant to help protect drinking water

Kemptville Courtesy photo

Ralph Raina and his wife Catherine at the planting ceremony, honouring his two decades of service to the Town of Kemptville on the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and Conservation Foundation.

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5 Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010



Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


Courtesy photo

Several residents of the Interim Long-term Care (ILTC) Unit at the Kemptville District Hospital helped out recently with the planting of the vegetable and herb garden. Beth’s Garden, maintained by the KDH Auxiliary, is located in the small courtyard behind the Hospital. This year’s garden includes tomatoes, two varieties of cucumbers, dill, cilantro and parsley. In this photo, ILTC resident Dorothy Warner starts digging a hole for another plant.

BLOCKHOUSE OPENS J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff

The Merrickville Blockhouse opened up for their 44th season on Saturday, June 19. In this photo, the official ribbon cutting has just taken place. Cutting the ribbon were Merrickville-Wolford councillor Gretta Sels and Merrickville Historical Society Nina Donald. Byford.

& 396271-25-10

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South Gower Baptist Church. 447 South Gower Drive - 258-9570. Service: Sunday evening 7:30pm.

St. Andrew’s United Church, 256 South Gower Drive - Heckston. 11:00 am Service. Reverend Blair Paterson & Reverend Victoria Fillier.

St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. Oxford Mills. 10am Sunday service and Church School. Diaconal Minister Donna McIlveen.

St. John’s United Church. 400 Prescott St. 10:00 a.m. service. Reverend Lynda Harrison.

Bishop's Oxford Pastoral Charge. 10:00am Service, 1st and 3rd Sundays at St. Andrew's United Church in Bishops Mills. 2nd and 4th Sundays at Oxford Mills United Church.

Roman Catholic. Holy Cross Church (505 Clothier St. W). Mass Times: Sat: 5pm, Sun: 9 & 11 am. Children’s Liturgy during 11am Mass. Father Andrew Shim.

Kemptville Christian Reformed Church. (2455 County Rd. 18/ Clothier St. W) 10:00 a.m and 6:30 p.m Sunday Services. Children’s Worship during morning service, Sunday School following a.m service. Reverend Benjamin Ponsen.

Presbyterian. Kemptville & Mountain Pastoral Charge. Rev. Samer Kandalaft. St. Paul’s Kemptville 10:45am. Sunday Service - Church School - Nursery. Knox Mountain Service - 9:15am.

Bethesda Chapel at the Baptist Church, 477 South Gower Drive, Kemptville. Sunday service 9am. Worship Leader: Debbie Gallagher. Teaching Elder: Bob Jones. 7745170.

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The Anglican Parish of Oxford. “A BIG Country Welcome” • St. Andrew’s - Garretton • St. Peter’s - North Augusta • St. Anne’s - Oxford Station. The Reverand Matthew Kydd, 613-345-2022.

at Maberly Township Hall


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7 Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

AnimalFest with Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary There was fun for all at this year’s AnimalFest. The event was held this year at the North Grenville Municipal Centre. There were rides and games for children, police dog demonstrations and a dedicated group of volunteers who made the day special for visitors. In the photo on the left is Andy Parent, founder of the Big Sky Ranch Animal Sanctuary and one of his many furry friends. -BOE6TF1MBOOJOHBOE1SPKFDU.BOBHFNFOU

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Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


What’s on - Canada Day 2010 celebrations Vernon

Join us any time after 4 p.m. at the Vernon Recreation Centre for our annual festivities. Included is a barbecue from 4 to 6 p.m. hosted by the Vernon Community Association to help raise funds for more new rink boards. A canteen is open after the barbecue closes. Baktrak performs after 5 p.m. Euchre is scheduled from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Kids’ activities run all evening and of course, fireworks is the highlight at dark. A great family fun, casual evening. Admission is free but donations are most welcome. For more information, call Kim at 613-821-3033.

South Mountain

The North Dundas Canada Day committee is hosting its annual Canada Day festivities on the grounds of the South Mountain Fair Grounds on Thursday, July 1 with the biggest bang of all at 10 p.m. that night. The day gets rolling with the mayor and councillors with special guest Guy Lauzon serving breakfast at 8 a.m. in the Agricultural Hall. At the at same time the annual ball tournament takes

place with eight teams. They will play all day. Home run hitting contest will be at noon. Cost is $5 for three balls. Friends of the Library will be holding their annual book sale in the Agricultural Hall from early morning to around 2 p.m. The Silent Auction (a big hit last year) is back and in the hall all day. Bidding starts at 8 a.m. and closes at 7 p.m. The South Nation Conservation team is bringing their EcoAdventure Educational Program to the grounds. New this year is the ice cream eating contest which begins at 1 p.m. Circus Delights is back for another year and will have their Air bounces and a few games that will be available from noon to 6 p.m. They will end their day at 7:30 p.m. with their magic show. An Italian supper will be served in the hall between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. At 6 p.m. the singing of O Canada will take place along with the cake cutting ceremony which will be held in the hall. Kelly Fawcett-Mathers, winner of the 2008 Karaoke Contest of the South Mountain fair, will be singing O Canada at both times. At 9:50 p.m. singing of the national anthem and then at

10 p.m. the fireworks will start. For more information call Paul at 613-989-1813.

North Gower

Wearing your festive Canada Day attire, join the parade at 1:30 p.m. The parade will leave from North Gower School and judging will take place at Alfred Taylor RA afterwards. The opening ceremony will take place from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. with a cake, 18-foot slide, bouncer, pony hops, games and activities for all ages. There will be a chicken dinner from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m., and the beer garden will be open from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. Grateful We’re Not Dead will be performing from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and North Gower’s Minute to Win It Contest will be for all ages starting at 7:30 p.m. The annual East vs. West Tug of War will start at 8:30 p.m. and at dusk, fireworks will begin. Rain date is July 2. There will also be a street hockey tournament during the day. Call Sara to register a team at 613-489-4208.

Osgoode Most of the action centres around the

community centre and ball diamonds. Bring a lawn chair and bug spray. All events are outdoors unless it rains, then everything moves inside the arena. Set up for the parade is at the corner of Nixon and Osgoode Main Street at 4 p.m. There will also be a bike decorating contest, dog show, and Ray’s Reptiles among the day’s events. Also new this year is the 3-on-3 Round Robin Basketball Tournament, ages 7-16, a free event which runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. After the parade, the Woodland Legion Band will perform a Scottish real and The Cow Guys will put on a comedic music, fire and juggling act the whole family can enjoy. But the fun isn’t just for children. Adults can test their skills at several hilarious games in the afternoon, including the new Wife Carrying Contest. The tables turn when the ladies take control of their husbands for the Lost Husband Race. Also new is the Go-Green Scavenger Hunt, which will replace the car rally. Naturally, party goers will also recognize some of the village’s usual hit events such as the fireworks. For more information or to get involved in the parade contact Greg Thurlow at 613-826-4695 OVCA also needs volunteers for everything from supervising the games to clean up the next day.

Kemptville See pages 14 and 15 for schedule of events

Doe tags cut back KRISTY WALLACE

Deer hunters in the area must have their doe tag applications in by June 30 for the 2010 deer hunting season since the Ministry of Natural Resources has cut back on the number of doe tags this year. “I’ve received plenty of feedback from hunters concerned about low deer numbers,” said Scott Smithers, a biologist for the Ministry of Natural Resources. In early May, Smithers met with the recently formed Eastern Ontario Deer Advisory Committee to present data, share initial recommendations and receive feedback. The committee is made up of hunters, farmers, former politicians, retailers, wildlife control agents, hunter safety instructors, conservation authority staff, stewardship councilors and members with ties to the naturalist community who encourage the responsible management of deer in Eastern Ontario. Smith added that deer is a valuable natural resource and estimates that more than $40 million in revenue is generated by deer each year in eastern Ontario. For more information, contact Kerry Coleman at 613-258-7515 or Larry Smith at 613-989-2943.


Father’s Day in Kemptville was different this year as the first annual Kemptville Father’s Day Show and Shine took place at Riverside Park. The event raised $7,500 for the Kemptville Youth Centre building fund. Created by the Highway 43 Car Club, the day-long show featured cars and their owners from all across this part of Ontario. There were cars from as far away as Hawkesbury and Odessa. Rod Rafter is the president and founder of the popular club. “Everything went as planned,” he said. More than 400 cars were in the park along with vendors sell-

ing automobile equipment and parts. One very special feature of the car show was the burn out competition. “We are the first ones to do that here,” said Rafter. “The response was fantastic,” he added. The afternoon went by without a hitch for the hundreds of visitors who came out to enjoy it. “We have been working on the show for months,” stated Rafter. The Highway 43 Car Club has only been operating for the past three years, yet it has grown from 30 members to 150 in a short time. Getting the Father’s Day Show and Shine event up and running was not easy as scores of volunteers worked to make the afternoon happen.

J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff

The Highway 43 Car Club held their first annual Father’s Day Show and Shine event on Sunday, June 20, in Riverside Park in Kemptville. One of the many highlights of the show was the burnout event. The burnout team put together a great competition. Front row, left to right: Roger St. Martin, Club Vice President; Garry Tracey, 3rd place winner of burnout contest; Dan Dillabaugh, 2nd place winner of burnout contest; Morgan Crawford, standing directly behind tool box prize - burnout team; Bruce Evans, 1st place winner of burnout contest; Rod Rafter, President/Founder Highway 43 Car Club. Back row, left to right: Rick Piche, burnout team; Lawrence DeLong, burnout team; Roger McGetchie, burnout team; Phil Cholette, burnout team; Winners prize donated by Benson’s Auto Parts. For more information about the car club please go to

If you have a story to share, contact Kristy Wallace


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Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

Highway 43 Car Club Show and Shine Father’s Day event


Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


The long wait for care Ontario’s long-term care system is paralyzed, and failing its most vulnerable residents. More than 600 government funded homes are supposed to provide high quality, round-the-clock care to the frail elderly. But Metroland’s special report shows seniors stuck on record wait lists, entangled in bureaucracy and subject to pressure tactics that jeopardize their rights. FIRST IN A FOUR PART SERIES

What the terms mean ALTERNATE LEVEL OF CARE (ALC): The designation for patients occupying hospital beds who no longer need acute care. About 60 per cent of Ontario ALC patients are waiting for a nursing-home bed.

LONG-TERM CARE HOMES: Also called nursing homes, they offer more care and support than retirement homes or supportive housing. Licensed and funded by the province. Residents are responsible for monthly copayments.

By Mike Adler, Jillian Follert and Rob O’Flanagan


very day Mimi Michel scans the newspaper classified section looking for death notices of people with Alzheimer’s at Ottawa’s long term care homes. “I’ve become an obit vulture,” said the Ottawa woman. “I check and see if someone has died from a preferred place and if the donation was to the Alzheimer’s Society.” Every death means her husband, Alain, moves up another rung on a list of people waiting for a bed at an Ottawa-area nursing home. And it’s a long list, said Mimi. Her 68-year-old husband has been waiting for a bed for over a year now, ever since he was assessed by a case manager from the Champlain Community Care Access Centre, which is responsible for placing people needing long-term care in eastern Ontario. “They always say at least two years (wait),” said Mimi. Alain is number 38. But he hasn’t moved up the list since April, said Mimi. He is one of 25,000 in Ontario waiting to break through near zero vacancy rates at nursing homes, with some facing a wait of more than 200 days. Until a long-term care bed becomes available, Alain will stay at a local retirement home, at a cost of $4,900 per month. Meanwhile, Mimi must provide the required personal care: taking him for walks, helping him with physiotherapy, helping him to brush his teeth and shower. It’s 24-hour care and it’s exhausting, said Mimi, who retired early to care for her husband. Every day she arrives at her husband’s retirement home at around 7:30 a.m. and stays until 5 p.m. or later. “I’m here all day everyday,” said Mimi. Help is expensive. A personal care worker, someone to just sit with Alain, charges more than $25.95 per hour; a registered nurse charges at least $52 an hour, said Mimi. The community care access centre provides eight hours a week of personal care for her husband. “If you don’t have any money you’re screwed,” she said. “Right now I’m digging through my savings and investments and I’m looking at possibly selling my house.” The year-long wait has been exhausting financially, physically and emotionally, said Mimi, adding that she is frustrated with the endless red tape involved in finding a placement. “It’s not only the bureaucracy on the placement side but the bureaucracy on the health side as well,” she said. A growing number of vulnerable Ontar-


LONG STAY NURSING HOME BEDS: Occupied by residents for an indefinite period.

SHORT STAY NURSING HOME BEDS: Occupied for no longer than 90 days a year.

INTERIM BEDS: Temporary beds for patients awaiting long-term care, one of the solutions being tried by the government to get ALC patients out of hospitals. Stays of up to 120 days are allowed, with extensions of up to 60 days.


This feature is an excerpt of the full text. To read the entire report, go to ians are trying with little success to find what they need in a long-term care system that is overwhelmed, unwieldy and tangled in red tape. Health Minister Deb Matthews agrees there are problems, but says it will take time to turn the system around. The province’s $3-billion-a-year network of government-licensed, publicly supported nursing homes is meant to provide highquality care to Ontario’s most fragile and medically needy residents. Situation Critical — a Metroland Special Report — shows a system in paralysis, with only one nursing-home bed in 100 available across Ontario, and with an average wait as high as 200 days in some areas. A $1.1-billion government program, created three years ago to make home support more widely and easily available, was supposed to ease the problem. Instead, wait lists have expanded, leaving more seniors in need of long-term care at home, and thousands more taking up hospital beds with nowhere to go. From 2007 to 2009, the average wait time for a nursing-home bed in Ontario more than doubled, from 49 to 109 days.

The provincewide tally of people waiting is now more than 25,000 and rising, doubled from 12,000 in 2005. The supply of new beds is static, with annual growth of less than 1 per cent. Only 900 more beds are expected to be available in nursing homes over the next 24 months. The average wait for a long term care bed in the Champlain region is 161 days. Only 35 per cent get their first choice of home. For hard-to-place seniors with a need for a higher level of care, waits can be two or more times the average. In rural areas and Northern Ontario, families may be separated by hundreds of kilometres, if there are beds at all. On average, less than 40 per cent of applicants get their first-choice home. Matthews, the health minister, says she is aware “we do have work to do in the access to long-term care homes.” “We know that people are waiting a long time to get into a long-term care home. But, we also know that with the right investments, we can actually keep people at home longer.” Matthews says the ultimate solution is to rely more on care at home, and to make more use of shorter-term “restorative” beds. By February, Ontario had 813 of the interim beds Matthews referred to, in nursing homes, hospitals or hospital-managed sites, and more are planned, the ministry says. In such placements, the elderly are “building their strength up, they’re getting healthier, and are actually, many of them, going home, those who would have otherwise thought they were going into longterm care,” Matthews said. See ‘Bureaucracy’ page 11

Private-pay rental accommodation for those who need minimal to moderate support. Ontario passed legislation this month to regulate this sector for the first time.

LOCAL HEALTH INTEGRATION NETWORKS: The 14 LHINs are regional, nonprofit bodies funded by government to plan, disperse funding and co-ordinate services delivered by hospitals, long-term care homes and other agencies.

COMMUNITY CARE ACCESS CENTRES: The 14 government-funded CCACs are the agencies Ontarians must use to obtain home care, long-term care and other publicly delivered services.

CHRONIC CARE: Also called complex continuing care, it is medically complex and specialized care over extended periods not available at home or in nursing homes.

LONG TERM CARE HOMES ACT: A new law to replace Ontario’s three previous sets of legislation: Nursing Home Act, Homes for the Aged and Rest Homes Act, and Charitable Institutions Act. Among many measures, the new law strengthens enforcement and clarifies how a resident’s care is to be delivered, monitored and reported. The government is giving $30 million in one-time funding to the long-term care sector to help it adjust to changes under the new act.

SOME BEDS TO BE MODERNIZED: Ontario said this spring it will renovate 4,183 existing beds in 37 long-term care homes, part of a plan to redevelop 35,000 older beds over a 10-year period.

Continued from previous page The Metroland investigation also found bureaucracy is such an obstacle that consultants to industry and the U.S. military are being retained to help improve the process of moving people into nursing homes. Some efficiency methods being tried in Ontario are adapted from the assembly lines of the Toyota car company. One study counted 160 distinct steps, including access to nine separate databases, just to move a senior from hospital into a long-term care bed. Done by Orillia consultant Jeff Doleweerd from observations at Quinte Health Care’s Trenton Memorial, that 2008 study - sponsored by the Toronto-based Change Foundation — identified wasteful steps that occur in hospital before patients leave for a nursing home.

the free flow of the elderly into nursing homes. Susan Bisaillon, executive director of clinical operations of Trillium Health Centre in Mississauga, says the Lean exercise with Bercaw helped identify waste. In 2009, Trillium had as many as 131 seniors earmarked for nursing-home care in its wards, and a “consistently gridlocked” emergency room, recalls Bisaillon. Bercaw had staff place coloured sticky notes on a wall to recreate every step in a patient’s journey to either a long-term care bed or home. There were 82, and only 16 added real value for the patient. It was an “ah-ha moment” proving Trillium’s processes needed a major overhaul. “We realized that it was just totally flawed,” Bisaillon says.

One study counted 160 distinct steps, including access to nine separate databases, just to move a senior from hospital into a longterm care bed.

generation will hit 75. By 2036, the number of Ontarians 75 and over will rise to 2.2 million, from 850,000 today. New regulations come into force next month in a modernized piece of longterm-care legislation in the works since 2003. Ministry officials hope the regulations will spur significant change.

Once in a home — despite the system’s ailments — most residents rate the care as satisfactory, according to a 2009 survey by the Ontario Health Quality Council. Getting through the door remains the major challenge. With files from Blair Edwards

THE ‘LEAN’ TECHNIQUE STRETCHED TO THE LIMIT Efficiency consultant Ron Bercaw has adapted a Toyota assembly line technique to help streamline the process of getting Ontario’s elderly out of hospitals and into nursing-home beds. Bercaw first adapted the “Lean” technique to save a failing auto-parts plant he managed in Ohio, and then taught it to 30 Ontario hospitals and CCACs in the last 21/2 years. His tools include streamlining procedures he executed for the defence industry and at the Pentagon. Bercaw’s “kaizen” (“change for the better”) events help health administrators see unnecessary steps that prevent

Metroland also found that those fortunate enough to secure a placement are cared for predominantly by overwhelmed personal support workers for whom a lack of provincial regulation means inconsistent training, lack of accountability and a backbreaking work pace that often removes the opportunity for meaningful personal contact. Nursing home staff in general are stretched to the limit, the result of years of understaffing and a steady influx of older and sicker residents. That trend will continue. In a decade, the first of the baby boom

Senior endures months at Mission before finding his space Wait times for city’s subsidized housing tops seven years or longer JENNIFER MCINTOSH

When he was young Terry Williams never expected to face living his twilight years on the streets of Ottawa. However that’s just what the 66-yearold Newfoundlander was facing last October after a divorce and some financial difficulties left him with few options. An easy-going guy, Williams said he occasionally likes a beer and a smoke and looks forward to having his own space after eight months at the Ottawa Mission — a non-profit, faith-based client service centre, for the city’s poor and destitute men. “They were really good to me here,” he said. “They really help you if you want to help yourself.” With his hair combed and a clean black t-shirt framing a wooden cross he constantly works his hands over, Williams doesn’t look like your average homeless

man. But Williams — like so many in his situation — lost touch with the community, and with it, a lot of his support systems. “I never had no kids,” he said. Algonquin grad, Wendy McCarl says that while seniors only represent about five per cent of the Mission’s total clientele, it can be hard to connect them with the right services. “A lot of them don’t even have the basic things like identification,” she said. “And it can be hard to convince them that there is another way to live.” One of McCarl’s biggest challenges is finding housing, both for seniors and young men alike. There are thousands of people on the city’s subsidized housing list, with a wait time of seven years or more. Added to that the complexity of placing seniors who may need special at home care of closer proximity to health care services, the odds often seem insur-

mountable. Seniors make up eight per cent of the people using emergency shelter in the city during an average annual year according to an Ottawa Council on Aging report in 2008. As rental costs climb and housing becomes costlier, those numbers are apt to climb. The same report, using 2001 census data, suggests that 41 per cent of seniors who were renting were in inadequate housing to meet their needs, or were spending more than 30 per cent of their annual income on rent. Senior renters were spending an average of 45 per cent of their annual income on rent. “It can be tough to keep up as you get older because you can’t work as much to make more money,” Williams said. Williams added after moving into his own place and getting settled he plans to continue visiting the Mission for meals and to stay in touch with friends. And he may

Photo by Jennifer McIntosh

TERRY WILLIAMS work helping people fix old computers. “It’s good to feel like you’re doing something,” he said.

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

Bureaucracy complicates quest for long-term beds



Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff

The House of Lazarus held their 7K-14K fundraising walk on Saturday June 12. The weather was perfect for the walk and the following barbecue and entertainment. The entertainment was Endspace and Billie and Her Boys. Over $13,000 was raised and 400 food items were donated. There were 52 walkers and runners.


If you have a story to share, contact Joe Morin (613) 258-3451 ext. 213

Thank you to all the readers who voted for us this year! pinkginger offers organic and natural beauty products for women, men and children. We opened our doors one year ago and we are thrilled with our success. The reception we have received from locals, merchants and visitors has been overwhelming. We appreciate your support very much. We are pleased to announce that we will be adding the following new brands to our store this summer: Living Nature skincare uses ingredients from rare plants only found in New Zealand and nowhere else in the world. These products work to naturally protect, nurture and enhance the skin without any adverse chemical side effects.

North Grenville District High School

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13 Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

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CANADA DAY 2010 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS Windows, Kitchen & Bath 216A Van Buren St., 613-258-3671 Free Estimates


HWY #5 (Old Hwy 16) Across from Rideau Provincial Park

IDEAU service centre


Quality Used Vehicles 344442


Major & Minor Repairs to all makes & Models ALWAYS FREE ESTIMATES Customer pick up and drop off Always Quality Work

12pm – midnight



Located on the Main Lawn 12:30pm-1:00pm Juice Jam Childrens Show 1:00pm -1:30pm Dr. Kaboom Magic Show 1:30pm -2:30pm RK-ick Band 2:30pm-3:30pm Elly Squared Fiddlers 3:30pm-5:00pm CLOSED - Parade 5:00pm-5:30pm Opening Ceremonies Campus Director /Mayor/Councillors 5:30pm-6:00pm soBad African Drummers 6:00pm-6:30pm Dr. Kaboom Magic Show 6:30pm-7:30pm Roxilla Band 7:30pm-8:30pm Celtic Sea Pirate Show 8:30 pm–8:45pm Volleyball Awards Guitar Hero & Family Feud Winner Awards 8:45pm-9:45pm Yesterday’s Tomorrow Band 9:45pm -10:00pm 50/50 Draw 10:00pm FIREWORKS!



Located on the Gibson Hall Lawn 12:00pm – until fireworks Operated by - Holy Cross Prayer Group Volunteers Sign up for Guitar Hero and Family Feud Contests First Aid Station Volunteer Check In Campus Maps & Schedules




BELLEVILLE 613-966-4800 CORNWALL 613-933-4425 KINGSTON 613-546-3336

w w w. k t c t r u c k . c a

Located in Parish Hall & Main Lawn Lower Main Lawn – Helen MacGregor’s Volleyball Tournament 5:30-8pm Lower Main Lawn – Old Time Games by Kemptville Girl Guides 5:30-6:30pm Parish Hall Rm 114- Guitar Hero Contest (up to 12 yrs) 6:30-7:30pm Parish Hall Rm 114- Guitar Hero Contest (13-99 yrs) 6:00-7:30pm Parish Hall Rm 116 - Family Feud Game show 12:00-3:30pm & 5:30-8pm Parish Hall Rm 101 & 108 - South Gate Church Children’s Craft Rooms 12:00-4:00pm Main Lawn - Kemptville Youth Centre Face Painting 2:00pm Parish Hall Lawn – B & H Teddy Bear’s Picnic 1:00 pm

Located on the Main Lawn Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers Market 12:00pm – 8:00pm

BBQ By Impressions Catering Located on the Main Lawn Get your tickets at the ticket sales booth! 12:00pm – 8:30pm ½ Chicken Dinner ¼ Chicken Dinner Hamburgers Hotdogs French Fries Vegetarian Meal

ARTISANS Located on the Main Lawn Crafters & Artisans show 12:00pm – 8:00pm

HORSE DEMOS Located at the AM Barr Arena 5pm-8pm - Catch a wagon over to the farm side to watch the North Augusta Club Polo and Horse Demonstrations!



5pm – 8pm - Narrated Wagon tours of Campus, Greenhouse, Dairy Barn and AM Barr Arena. Running every 15 - 20 min. Pick up and drop off at Fraser Hall, Greenhouse, Dairy Barn and AM Barr Arena


BRICK BREWERY - BEER TENT Located on the Main Lawn 12:00pm – until midnight

BROCKVILLE 613-345-3668 KEMPTVILLE 613-258-3467 OTTAWA 613-741-1231



Located on the Main Lawn Get your tickets at the ticket sales booth! 12:00pm – 11:00pm cotton candy – popcorn- ice cream- freezies!


50/50 Ticket sales - get them from our dedicated Volunteer Nick Marcil - $2 each or 3 for $5 4:00 pm Let the Rotary Parade begin! 4:30 pm Parade begins to pass Campus on Concession Road 5- 8pm Fraser Hall Lawn - Classic Car Show 8 pm-10pm Main Lawn- Sale of Glow Necklaces $2 from our roving vendors 12:00 – 11:00pm after fireworks Ryan’s Well Water Sales Caricatures by Mary Moore – on the Main Lawn $5 (single) $8 (2 ppl)

SET UP YOUR CHAIRS ON THE MAIN LAWN 10:00pm - Municipality of North Grenville & Parkview Homes Fireworks begin !! - Brick Brewery Beer Tent continues - Main Lawn - Bonfire


Have a Safe and Enjoyable Canada Day! 396954-25-10

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I - Info Booth located Gibson Hall - Lost Child Recovery, First Aid, General Info, Volunteer sign in, Campus Maps. Sign up for Family Feud & Guitar Hero here until 5pm W - Washrooms located in Purvis Hall, Parish Hall, and the AM Barr Arena. Valley Sanitation Portable toilets located in various locations throughout Campus- Look for the “W” on the map T - Wagon tours of Campus, rides across to Farm side. Look for the “T” on the map for Wagon stops P - Please note there is LIMITED PARKING ON CAMPUS for the general public. Valid holders of a disabled permit may park on Heritage Drive $ - Concession and BBQ ticket Sales


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Family Living

…in a beautiful place!

The next phase of Richmond Oaks has just been released! Minimum frontages are 65’. The design choices are excellent with standard fifinishings nishings others call upgrades. 2 Bungalow and 5 two storey designs are available. Occupancies slated for early 2011.


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BY LINDA BELL Special to the Advance

The seventh annual Kemptville District Hospital Nurses Golf Classic took place on Saturday, June 5, at the Nationview Golf Course. Organized by a volunteer committee of nurses and other hospital staff, the annual fundraising tournament raised just over $8,000 this year, bringing the total raised since inception to just over the $100,000 mark. The committee wants to thank the entire community and their many sponsors for their support, year after year. Organizers said that they could not do it without the nurses, doctors, hospital staff sponsors and the many, many community members who support them year after year. The Golf Classic originally started as a commitment from the ER nurses to raise $50,000 towards the current

Vac Shack

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Hobin & Main Street

redevelopment. The original pledge was met within four years. Funds raised since have gone to support patient equipment needs. This year’s funds are earmarked for the Mammography campaign. Linda Bell is director of the Kemptville District Courtesy photo Hospital Foundation and manager of hospital com- Some of KDH’s nurses, doctors and other health care providers pause munications. for a photo during the 2010 Nurses Golf Classic at Nationview.

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

Nurses raise over $100,000

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010



J. Morin Photo/Advance Staff



TruLine Electrical Services of Oxford Mills hosted a car wash in the Food Basics parking lot for the Salvation Army foodbank in Kemptville. A food donation was the price of a car wash. It was perfect weather for the event and these enthusiastic car washers were busy all afternoon.



Diana Fisher tensive cleanup session that I found a strange item, stamped into the manure on the floor of the barn. The Farmer’s black


in Misty’s absence, as he finds life quite boring without her. He can’t wait till she returns from summer camp. He entertains himself by tackling the sheep and dragging them around, with a foot in his mouth. Milena said she had to yank the axe out of the

wood stump and chase Donkey down the field with it until he let the sheep go free. I asked her if she was wearing her high-heels at the time. She didn’t find that particularly funny. “Oh yeah, and that broken-leg lamb wriggled out of her splint so I tackled

her and made her a new one,” she reported, proudly. “She put up quite a fight but I held her down and strapped her up good.” What did you use? I asked her, just as the answer formed in my mind. “One of your tea towels and an old belt.”




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Positive Retraining and Innovative Methods to Employment

NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS The United Counties of Leeds and Grenville, Public Works Department will receive Sealed Tenders, until 1:30 p.m. local time, on Thursday July 8th, 2010 for the following work: 1.

CONTRACT NO. 23-10 for Janitorial Services – Ontario Early Years Centre, Kemptville


QUOTATION NO. 21-10 for a Septic System Leaching Bed at North Grenville Patrol Garage

Tender forms and specifications may be obtained by contacting the office of the undersigned. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Les Shepherd, Director of Works, Planning Services and Asset Management United Counties of Leeds and Grenville 25 Central Ave. W., Suite 100 Brockville, ON K6V 4N6 Phone: 613-342-3840 Fax: 613-342-3069

We are excited to announce a new program assisting older workers transitioning into new jobs. Support is provided through a combination of job-search coaching, skills upgrading, and work experience. Basic computer training is an important part of the program. YOU MAY BE ELIGIBLE IF9You are between the ages of 55 and 64? 9You are unemployed, out of work or working less than an average of 20 hours per week? 9You are finding your job search and computer skills are outdated? 9You have worked or currently reside in Grenville County? ARE YOU INTERESTED? 9Training will take place in Prescott ON 9Travel and Basic Living Allowances may be available


Actually, the Farmwife was away too. So you would think the mice had ample opportunity to play. But they didn’t. As far as I know, anyway. I’m not on Facebook anymore – my account has been hacked into one too many times – but I think if there had been a party at the Fisher farm in my absence, someone would have surely told me. Maybe it was because Milena, the eldest, was in charge. Or maybe it was because we were only gone for a few days, in the middle of the week. Not too many people would be up for a party with school the next morning. Or maybe we have done a pretty good job raising a fine bunch of young adults. In any case, we were happy to come home to find that the house was in good shape, the liquor cabinet was still full, and the animals were all where they were supposed to be. The only sign that people had been here in our absence, in fact, was that the barn cats were suddenly tame, crowding around my feet when I entered the barn, and the new ceiling fan in the sunroom works. Pat, the future son-in-law, fixed it. He gets points for that. So all is well. I don’t know why we didn’t do this sooner – leaving the farm in the hands of the very capable offspring while we take off for a few days. I guess I had nothing to worry about. Must have been thinking about someone else’s kids. Like the ones I grew up with. I remember going to one house party where a goat ended up in the kitchen and a dog was in the pool. The dog didn’t concern me much – he just swam to the end and climbed out -but I remember being worried that certain inebriated houseguests might try to feed the goat alcohol. There was no evidence of partying with farm animals in our absence. There were, however, signs that the animals were having their own party in the barn. Donkey had once again knocked the gate to the storage room off its hinges. He and several dozen of his woolly friends had their way with the cat food, sweet feed and bags of disinfecting powder in the storage. Oh yeah – and they spilled the Farmer’s tools all over the floor and pooped on them. Nice. It was during this in-

For further details please attend our PRIME! Information Session on Monday June 28th, 2010 at 9:30 am Call today to Register (613) 925-0222 or TF (866) 925-0221

This Employment Ontario project, program or service is funded in part by the Government of Canada. Ce projet ou programme ou service Emploi Ontario est financé en partie par le government du Canada.


Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

The Accidental Farmwife: While the Farmer was away

Sports Kemptville District Soccer Club hires new head coach CHRIS HANSEN Special to the Advance

The Kemptville District Soccer Club (KDSC) is pleased to announce that Alan Archer has been hired as the new club head coach. Archer brings genuine enthusiasm for the game coupled with a lifetime of experience and involvement in soccer that spans playing youth soccer in Ontario, player development for professional soccer in Canada and more recently, as a KDSC coach sharing his knowledge

and passion with players of all ages. Archer has many exciting plans for KDSC to be implemented in the coming years. This season’s focus will be on knowledge transfer through active participation. Archer has identified the need to support the coaches in all of our leagues from under three to adult by offering technical sessions, and a selection of suggested drills and techniques to teach. Incorporated in this plan will be mentoring and feedback for coaches to help them improve

their game. However, the program designed by Archer will not just focus on coaches. KDSC has more than 1,300 registered players and Archer wants to give them as much technical skill as possible, in an environment that allows them to work hard, listen and have fun. Recently Archer shared his philosophy with club executive. “We need to ensure that the player gets exactly what they need out of their participation and foster that passion for the game,” he

said. “Whether it’s the superstar that needs support to make it to the next level or the player that is thrilled to learn a new trick with the ball.” KDSC President Dave Avery is very excited about this new partnership. “Alan will be responsible for developing KDSC coaches as well as initiating, implementing systems of progressive skill development for our players,” he said. Courtesy photo Chris Hansen is the head referee for the Alan Archer has been named the new head coach of the Kemptville District Soccer Club. KDSC

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Josh Mackie

Owner / Master Electrician

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Excavation • Land Clearing Septic Systems Installed • Permits Arranged Truck Rentals•Sand, Gravel, Topsoil, Fill Equipment Rental• Drainage

(613) 258-7420 (613) 851-8627

386611-18-10 ESA #7007329 375052-10-10

Our people make the difference. 2722 County Rd. 43, Kemptville (613) 258-2415 Carleton Place • Perth • Smiths Falls • Ottawa

RR#2 Mountain

(613) 989-5509 Member of the Landscape Ontario Horticultural Trades Association




Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


1080 Sanderson Rd. Oxford Mills, ON P.O. Box 1382 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0

s e l y t s e f i L


Carrying the Full Line of Cuisinart Kitchen Appliances and Accessories Kemptville Mall on Highway 43 • 613-258-6263 OPEN LATE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE - MON-THUR 9AM-9PM • FRI & SAT 9AM-10PM • SUN 10AM-8PM



On a gravel road off of Highway 416 surrounded by trees and greenery, Rideau Hill Camp has been in existence for 62 years. And soon, the camp will be opening its doors for another season. “We’re not a fancy camp. We’re pretty basic,” said Stacey Acres, director of Rideau Hill Camp. “It’s like a real family. It’s a community camp where everyone knows everyone.” The camp will resume its week-long summer sessions starting in July and is open to children of all ages – from babies to 16 years-old. This year the camp will be offering special arts and sports sessions. Campers will be able to decide between visual arts, drama and dance and sports will focus more on non-competitive sports like swimming and relay races. With a maximum of 85 campers for each week-long session,

Acres said campers get more one-on-one workshops with camp counselors. Rideau Hill Camp’s more personalized approach to children and youth is something that makes it unique, said Acres. “This camp can make kids take pride in being themselves,” said Acres. “When we hire our staff we tell them to be themselves. By being yourself, kids will know it is okay for them to be themselves.” Rideau Hill is also affiliated with the United Church, but Acres said that’s not the focus of the camp. “Children don’t have to be of any religion,” she said. “Returning campers will take new campers under their wing. It’s a non judgmental environment and we just really get to know the kids.” Acres said her hope for when campers leave at the end of their week-long stay is that they leave happy with who they are. “A lot of kids will come by themselves and it’s a really good opportunity to get to know them-

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

Rideau Hill Camp opens doors selves,” she said. Acres said the family aspect of the camp is what makes it so special. After six years of working there, she adds that it’s been amazing to see the returning campers grow up. For those interested in attending a week-long session or more at the camp, visit the Rideau Hill Camp website at http://www. At this web site, there is more information on the camp as well as a form to fill out and print out for participants who are interested. The camp costs $410 for a weeklong stay - including six nights. Those who are interested in staying for another week-long session can do that as well, said Acres. She adds that the camp is a great opportunity for any student who wants a positive experience this summer. “People at our camp are there for each other,” said Acres. “There’s room for everyone.”

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Vermiculite & zonolite removal spray foam insolation cellulose insolation 819-647-5022 800-263-1481


MIKE’S SIDING & EAVESTROUGHING 5” & 6” Seamless Eavestrough Over 30 Available Colours Windows-Doors-Roofing-Siding MIKE MEUNIER

Tel: 613-258-6407 Cell: 613-223-1455 Fax: 613-258-0881 KEMPTVILLE, ON

Over 18 years experience - Fully Insured - WSIB

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Al’s Clean Up and Property Maintenance • Complete Household and Property Clean up • Decks, Gazebos & Additions • Garbage Removal and Clean up

Locally Owned and Operated for 40 years FREE ESTIMATES

Allan Scott Tel: 613-258-3847 Cell: 613-295-0300


HST “Save Now!”

8310 Mitch Owens Road, Edwards, ON, K0A 1V0 384416-15-10

Mon. - Thurs 8 am - 7 pm Fri. 8 am - 8 pm Sat. 8 am - 6 pm Sun. 9 am - 5 p.m.

Decorating to Renovating Contact Susan Robillard Our Home Projects Co-ordinator 20/20 Kitchen Design, Windows & Doors, Custom Blinds, Flooring including Laminate, Hardwood, Ceramic, Roofing, Vinyl Siding and much more


Harman Pellet Stoves New & Used Beat Service and Repair – All Makes The



12235 Cty. Rd. 38, Hwy 31 at Hwy 43, Winchester





Cubex 100% Hardwood Pellets Sales and Delivery Traeger Pellet Grills and Pellets








Kemptville, 136 Prescott Street P.O. Box 1340, Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 Ph.: 613-258-1717 Fax: 613-258-4475 Toll FREE 1-800-355-9892 e-mail:




Bus: (613) 258-1990 Toll Free: 1-866-447-1990 Fax: (613) 258-6446





2705 County Rd. #43 Box 1584 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0












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HAPPY 90TH BIRTHDAY Dad Come and help us celebrate Joe Cusson’s 90th birthday at #6072 County Road 22, RR#4 Spencerville, on Saturday, June 26/2010 from 2pm to 6pm. Everyone welcome. -Love, Iola, Bruce, Pat, Robert, Cathrina Sally and grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren

*HOT TUB (SPA) covers - best price, best quality. All shapes and colours. Call 1-866585-0056. www.the EASTERN WHITE CEDAR lumber. Great prices, great quality, decking and fencing, dressed, ready for your project. We deliver. www.warrencedarpro 613-6285232.

HOT TUB (spa) covers. Best price, best INSURANCE quality. All shapes & colours available. Call GOOD DRIVING 1-866-652-6837. www. RECORD? GREY POW- ER could save you up to $400 on car insurance. Call 1-866-473- SCOOTER SPECIAL 9817 for no-obligation 25% Off Select Models quote. Additional dis- Buy/sell Stair lifts, Porch lifts, Scooters, counts available. Bath lifts, Hospital beds, Call SILVER SAVE UP TO $400 etc. 613-231ON YOUR CAR INSU- CROSS, RANCE. Good driving 3549. record? Call Grey Power today at 1-866-424- WHITE CEDAR LUM0675 for a no-obliga- BER, decking, fencing, tion quote. Additional all dimensions, rough discounts available. or dressed. Timbers Open weekends. and V-joints also available. Call Tom at McCann’s Forest ProdANNOUNCEMENTS ucts, 613-628-6199 or 613-633-3911. CHECK OUT “Health with Smarts” TV show featuring IMMUNITYWANTED FX. Watch ShopTVCanada, Monday 10 am, Wednesday 2 pm, SENIOR NEEDS old Thursday 7 pm or Sun- batteries for making Will day 4 pm, Channel 17, cannonballs. 18, 21 on Rogers pick up and pay. 613Cable, Channel 203 258-6254, Victor. on Rogers Digital or watch shoptvcanada. CARS com. Be smart! Buy FOR SALE smart! FOR SALE

#1A STEEL BUILDINGS SALE! Save up to 60% on your new garage shop, warehouse or storage building. Six different colours available! 40-year warranty! Free shipping for the first 20 callers! 1-800-457-2206. www.crownsteelbuild



CLASSIC 1976 MG MIDGET. Vancouver car, never driven on ice or snow. 200 miles since $7,000 engine rebuild by English Motors. New mounts, pistons, rings, journals, bearings, valves and valve seats. Custom roll bar, tonneau covers, large inventory of spare parts. Body in excellent condition. $12,000 firm. 613-258-0046.

2003 DODGE SX2.0 looking for a good home. This vehicle is an automatic with power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, remote start, 60/40 fold-down rear seats and trunk light. It comes with good tires, 2 of them new. It also comes with excellent winter tires mounted on original sport rims. This car runs beautifully, gets between 34 and 38 mpg and has no rust. Engine has only 58,000 km on it. Front end and rear suspension as well as brakes recently replaced. Asking only $3K. For a chance at this reliable little machine, safetied and etested, call Bob @ 613-257-7862.



Wanted: Looking for an Old English Sheepdog puppy for spring 2011. We live in Kemptville, have a good-sized yard and are used to large dogs. The lady of the house grew up with Old English Sheepdogs and it is now time to bring a new member into our family. If you are a breeder, or know of one, please call: 613558-9810, evenings.

LOST & FOUND ENGAGEMENT RING found June 7 at Carleton Place Nursery. Call 613-2578175.

INVESTMENT PROPERTY FOR SALE BY OWNER 5 units, downtown Kemptville - 3 residential, 2 commercial. Fully leased and newly renovated property. Great central location. $445,000 - generating $30,000 net/annum. 3% selling fees to broker. 613-7919610. Waterfront property for sale on Allumette Island (Ottawa River), 12 minutes from Pembroke, Ont. Call 819-6895050 or see: nadawater frontes (Allumette Island Estates).

FOUND: KODAK Easy Share C713. Found 8th line of Ramsay outside of Carleton Place. Call 613-257-1303.



on Hwy. 43, various unit sizes. Security fenced (24-hour key pad access).


“Half-price Apps & Drink Special? Happy Hour, Here I Come!”

Your OTTAWA REGION MEDIA GROUP brings more business to your door. With 11 newspapers and a circulation of over 172,000, we make it easy to get your message to your customers. Whether it’s an ad, coupon, feature, flyer, or whatever your needs are, advertising with YOUR OTTAWA REGION MEDIA GROUP has got you covered.” Call today for more information and advertising rates. • 1.877.298.8288


3RD FLOOR 1 BEDROOM APARTMENT in quiet building. 540 St. Lawrence Street, Winchester. $540/ month plus hydro. 613-978-3710 or 613-821-1071.

WHITE CEDARS TOURIST PARK Seasonal sites, waterfront cottage rentals, tenting, boat rentals, big lots, sandy beach, boat launch. Store on site. Best rates in the valley for services proLARGE 3 BEDROOM, vided. 613-649-2255. fridge, stove, washer, dryer, heat, hydro, A/C included. Ample parkVACATION ing, walk to amenities PROPERTIES in Kemptville. July 1. $1,000. 613-258Sunny spring specials. 7803. At Florida’s best beach - New Smyrna Beach. Stay a week or longer. Plan a beach wedding or family reunion. or 1-800-541-9621. GARAGE & STORAGE SPACE


HOUSES FOUND: MEMORY FOR RENT stick USB, at 89 BeckHUNTING with Street, Carleton WellPlace. Call 613-257- KEMPTVILLE: maintained two bedHUNTER SAFETY CA- 1303. room bungalow, finNADIAN FIREARMS ished basement, 2nd COURSE at Carp, July bath. Four appliances, 23, 24, 25. Wenda garage, quiet neighCochran, 613-256bourhood. $1,100/ 2409. month plus utilities. August 1. NonHUNTER SAFETY Casmoking, no pets. nadian Firearms References. 613-258Course. Courses and 5510. exams held throughout the year. Free course if KANATA you organize a group, Available exams available. WenLOTS & LAND da Cochran, 613-256Immediately 2409. 3 bedroom PRIVATE SALE townhouse, 1.5 PELTON’S baths, 2 appliances, CORNERS 84.57 ACRES unfinished basement, PETS Potential 27 one one parking spot. acre lots, rural subdi$1000 per month vision, with some DOG SITTING. Ex- preliminary engineerplus utilities. perienced retired ing and hydro geologibreeder providing cal studies completed. 613-831-3445 lots of TLC. My Balance of proper- 613-257-8629 home. Smaller dogs ty zoned agricultural. Don’t forget to ask only. References 613-258-3660 or about our signing bonus available. $17-$20 613-261-4504. daily. Marg, 613721-1530.

GOLDEN DOODLE pups born April 5. Vet checked, ready to go. 613-223-5015, Shawville.



FOR RENT ADULT LIFESTYLE BUNGALOW Available July, 2010. Impeccable, open concept, hardwood, 4-season sun room, fully developed lower level. Walk to all amenities. No pets, non-smoker. Anita Maloney, Royal LePage Gale Real Estate, 613-258-1990. $1,300 per month + utilities.

COTTAGE FOR RENT, Renfrew area, on the Ottawa River. Great swimming and fishing. 3 bedroom. NO PETS. Call 613-433-5742.

CONCESSION ROAD STORAGE: Large and small units, residential or commercial, heated or unheated. 613-2581289.

MORTGAGES & LOANS $$MONEY$$. Consolidate debts, mortgages to 95%. No income, bad credit OK! Better Option Mortgage #10969. 1-800-2821169. FREE YOURSELF FROM DEBT, MONEY FOR ANY PURPOSE! DEBT CONSOLIDATION. 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgages, credit lines and loans up to 90% LTV. Self-employed, mortgage or tax arrears. DON’T PAY FOR 1 YEAR PROGRAM! #10171 ONTARIO-WIDE FINANCIAL CORP. CALL 1888-307-7799. www. ontario-widefinan


They ’re fast .... They ’re conven ient .. They ’re our on .. -line classified listin gs. For details on placing or answering a cl assified ad, go to

yourclassifieds .ca or call 1.877.2 9

ottawa regi





PLANNING A TRIP TO FLORIDA? Search from 100s of Florida’s top vacation rentals. All Regions of Florida from 2- to 8-bdrm homes. Condos, Villas, Pool Homes - we have them all!

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Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


CARING, DEPENDABLE, experienced with seniors homecare worker to assist with daily living activities as laundry, light housekeeping, meal prep, transport to appointments/shopping. References and recent police clearance. 613 - 6 2 2 - 0 8 3 8 , leave message.

GUARANTEED CARPENTRY SERVICES New construction and renovations porches, decks, fences and gates. Structural repairs. Licensed carpenter with guaranteed price and guaranteed work. Call today, 613-4220779.

INTERIOR RENOVATIONS: Crown moldings, decks, tiles, laminate flooring, installing HEALTH CERTIFIED MASON faucets, sinks, suspend& FITNESS 10 years’ experi- ed ceilings. Call Mark, ence, chimney re- 613-323-4523. IMMUNITY-FX, a natu- pair and restoration, ral daily supplement to cultured stone, parging, strengthen your immune repointing. Brick, block SAVE UP TO $400 on system. Feel stronger, and stone. Small/big job your car insurance. stay healthier every specialist. Free esti- Good driving record? day. www.immunity-fx. mates. Work guaran- Call Grey Power today com, 1-866-640-3800. teed. 613-250-0290. at 1-877-603-5050 for a no-obligation quote. Additional discounts available. HEALTH & FITNESS

LMR Countryfitness SWIM Lessons (during July & August)

2 Certified Lifesaving Society Swim Instructors. Lesson times available 6 days a week. Call Hillary or Morgan to discuss the swim level and how many lessons a week works for you and your child. Private lessons also available. LMR COUNTRYFITNESS INC. 10677 Loughlin Ridge Rd. Hallville On Call now to register 613-989-3626

SEND A LOAD to the dump, cheap. Clean up clutter, garage-sale leftovers or leaf and yard waste. 613-2564613.


A TOUCH OF HEAVEN Cleaning: Who really loves to clean? I DO! We provide a superior service and competitive rates, schedules based on your needs. References. Call Dave, 613-851-6762.

Goshen Flea Market is open for the season every Sunday, 8a.m. 4p.m., 12km east of Renfrew, 18km west of Arnprior. Highway 17 exit McCallum Dr. 613-432-6228.

WORK HARD ALL DAY? You deserve to come home to a sparkling clean house done by a professional. Call your local hard worker: AVAILABLE NOW. Beth, 613258-4950.

WSIB free case assessment. No up-front fee for file representation. Over $100 million in settlements. Call toll free, 1-888-747-6474, Quote #123.


LMR COUNTRYFITNESS INC. 10677 Loughlin Ridge Rd. Hallville On Call now to register for the summer session 613-989-3626

“Interest-Free Financing on New Appliances? Goodbye Dishpan Hands!” With11 newspapers and a circulation of over 172,000, we make it easy to get your message to your customers. Call today for more information and advertising rates.



OSGOODE LEGION Solar Energy Bingo, Main Hall, Information 3284 Sunstrum St., OsSession goode. Every Thursday July 7, 7:00pm evening, 6:30 pm 10:00pm. Kemptville sharp. Campus, U of G. Information about solar enSTITTSVILLE LEGION ergy systems, tips on HALL, Main Street, eve- how you can get the ry Wednesday, 6:45 most from your system p.m. and getting connected. For more info and to register, call 519-674COMING 1500 ext. 1295 or 1EVENTS 877-480-9992 or CARDINAL LEGION, Thursday, July 1. This solar. $10 in adOld Heart and The vance/$15 at door. Country Comrades. 5-9pm. GARAGE SALES GANANOQUE Rotary YARD SALES Club Craft Fair and Rib Fest. Free entertainment, Saturday and GARAGE SALE - NESunday, July 3 and VADA FAMILY ESTATE. 4, at the Town Park. Many one-of-a-kind items. June 26 and 27 SOUTH GOWER (rain or shine), Cemetery Memorial 9:00am-4pm. 1931 DAY. Sunday, July River Road South, 4,2010 at 2:30 pm. North Grenvill.e

Want to Downsize Your Gas Guzzler? AUTOMOTI V

06 CIVIC. Runs grea t. 34 30k mile. Ca ll Jim 555.3 MPG 210

Go to or call 1.877.298.8288

Know someone who has? Primary Responsibilities Develop and acquire key targets Create compelling presentations and proposals Develop and maintain industry contacts with professional associations Report on weekly activity and progress with sales targets Design and develop sales support material including media kits and rate cards to be used in the selling process Assist in developing short term and long term strategic plans and promotions

This service is provided by the civic- minded businesses of this community

258-1262 or fax Resume to 258-4748


Job Summary: The Real Estate Advertising Sales Representative is responsible for servicing and growing our existing client base and will increase sales revenue through new business development in the Ottawa Region.

Managed Delivery Solutions, a newly created division of Metroland Media Group Ltd, is looking to for an experienced sales professional to expand and develop new business for its growing parcel delivery business. This is a new business role that will be focused on identifying, negotiating with and acquiring new customers. The ideal candidate for this role will have demonstrated experience in new business generation with a background in parcel, packet and publication delivery.


FULL-TIME worker for tie stall dairy farm. Experience an asset and house available. Phone 613-774-6510.

Job Title: Real Estate Advertising Sales Representative, Permanent Full-time Department: Advertising, Ottawa Region Media Group Location: Ottawa, ON

Business Development Representative

Laurel Lamothe

$$$ SECURITY GUARDS $$$ No experience needed. Full training offered. 613-228-2813. www.ironhorsegroup. com

Requires Full Time Installer. Must be reliable and motivated with a valid driver’s license. Gas Fitter Licence required . We offer competitive Wages, Benefit Package and Excellent Working Environment

Media Group Ltd.


We have free information & gifts reserved for you


Busy Heating Contractor


Over 20 Years’ Experience We are Fast, Reliable and Affordable Call 1-8-NOW-PARDON or 1-866-972-7366

Just Moved? New Baby? Newly Engaged?

GIANT YARD SALE, 5791 Matawatchan Rd., Griffith, July 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. 74x24 feet of goodies, also 20 x 20-foot tent of goodies. Appliances, furniture, decor, housewares, tools, etc. Dawn till dusk. See you!



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Skills & Experience A proven history of achieving and surpassing sales targets, an unprecedented drive for results Experience in the parcel delivery industry a definite asset Proven experience driving and launching new business Effective presentations skills Ability to identify and convert new business opportunities CL13988

Welcoming all COUNTRY BOOT CAMP RECRUITS......ATTENTION! Be part of the TEAM... together we achieve MORE! Working out in a group makes exercise more enjoyable. Meet new friends who will cheer you towards your goals and keep you accountable to achieve them! Body Resistance Exercise-Field Drills Sprints-Fitness Kick-Boxing-Interval Training......and more

A LCO H O L I C S ANONYMOUS: Do you want to stop drinking? There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership. The only requirement is a desire to stop drinking. Phone 613-258-3881 or 613826-1980.

#1 IN PARDONS. Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED. BBB accredited. FREE consultation, toll-free: 1-866- ANY LUCK FINDING 416-6772. www.Ex A LIFE PARTNER? Mabe you’re looking in the wrong places. **RECEIPTS FOR Mabe you’re choosing CLASSIFIED WORD the wrong people. ADS MUST BE RE- Mabe you could use QUESTED AT THE some advice and help. TIME OF AD BOOK- Misty River Introductions: personalized, conING** fidential service, current photos, great success **WORD AD rate. 613-257-3531. COPY TAKEN BY www.mistyriverintros. PHONE IS NOT com GUARANTEED FOR ACCURACY. For guaranteed wording, LOVE! MONEY! LIFE! please fax your #1 psychics! 1-877word ad or e-mail it 478-4410. Credit to us. cards/deposit. $3.19/ minute, 18+. 1-900783-3800. www.mys






WORLD-CLASS DRUMMER (of Five Man Electrical Band) is now accepting students. Private lessons, limited enrolment, free consultation. Call Steve, 613831-5029. www.steve


DRYWALL INSTALLER, TAPING & REPAIRS. Framing, electrical, full custom basement renovations. Installation and stippled ceiling repairs. 25 years’ experience. Workmanship guaranteed. Chris, 613-8395571 or 613-7247376.


Interested candidates are requested to forward their resume and cover letter by June 28th to:

Position Accountabilities: • Developing sales programs that meet our clients’ business needs. • Prospect new business by contacting advertisers in competitor publications and reviewing new businesses in the area • Develop creative proposals for prospective advertisers • Assist clients in ad design and coordinate with Production to ensure accuracy of ad content • Promote special features and advertising programs to clients • Negotiate rates with clients, within acceptable guidelines set by the Advertising Manager • Where appropriate, co-ordinate special coverage with Editorial • Address client concerns in a timely and professional manner • Attain and/or surpass individual revenue budgets • Understanding of the Ottawa market and competitor publications Competencies/Skills and Experience: • Minimum of 2 years previous sales experience • Knowledge of Real Estate Industry in the Ottawa Region an asset • Strong written and verbal communication skills • Solid time-management and organizational skills • Proficient in Microsoft applications • Ability to build rapport for constructive and effective relationships • Ability to make quality decisions within a deadline driven environment • Customer Focus • Ability to work both individually and in a team environment • Ability to sell and promote multiple advertising programs at one time • A reliable vehicle and valid insurance required If you are interested in this position, please forward your resume to later than June 28th, 2010. Please indicate Real Estate Ottawa in the subject line. We appreciate the interest of all applicants however only those selected for an interview will be contacted. No telephone calls please. Thank you.



JOIN THE home-based business world and control your life. Introducing the “World’s first high antioxidant” weight-loss system, harnessing the power of chocolate! Delicious, outstanding! Looking for serious people to work with million-dollarincome earners. Call 1888-645-7556.



MORTGAGES FIRST second, private loans. Personal/business L.O.C. Credit problems, I have solutions. Private money available. Please contact Jack Ronson, Quinte Mortgage Solutions, Belleville, 1-866-874-0554.


Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


HOUSE CLEANING COMPANY seeking a full- or part-time residential house cleaner for west-end location. Must be self-motivated, reliable individual, with cleaning experience preferred. Car required. Call 613-8324941.

Hudson Auto Body requires a full-time licensed auto body person. References are requested. Apply by fax at 613-258-3067 or in person at the KemptEARN $1,000 a week ville location. processing our mail! Free supplies! Helping home-workers since NOW HIRING: Part2001. Genuine op- time administrative asportunity! No experi- sistant for local Royal ence required. Start im- LePage Real Estate ofmediately! www.nation fice. Evening shifts available. 15-20 hours a week. Please e-mail réESTABLISHED COM- sumés to: jill@royal PANY has immediate openings for experienced landscape installers with extensive S E L F - M OT I VAT E D landscape construction PERSON for renovaexperience to join our tion company. Must team. Permanent full-time be able to work positions. Salary based alone and comon qualifications and fortable with all asexperience. Full benefit pects of residential package. Our compa- construction. Pay deterny offers opportunities mined by experience. for personal growth 613-223-5944. and success in a team environment. E-mail résumé to jobs@thunder WE ARE looking for key people to expand our financial services FARM WORKER business in this area. NEEDED for farm work, Experience not neces5 miles outside of sary. We will train. For Kemptville. Call 613- an interview, call Mat232-7609. thew McBain at 613723-1139. HELP WANTED Kemptville Roofing Company requires a responsible worker WORK OPPORTUNIimmediately. Experi- TIES. Enjoy children? ence an asset but In Florida, New York, not required. Must California, Boston, all have own transpor- USA. Salary, airfare, tation. Call Ron, 613- medical provided, plus more. Available: Spain, 258-0289. Holland, summer LOOKING for persons camps in Italy and England. Teaching Korea willing to do small group or one-on-one different benefits apply. presentations. Car and Interviews in your area. Internet necessary. Call Call 1-902-422-1455 Diana, 1-866-306- or e-mail: scotiap@ 5858.

Connecting People


...with people

Media Group Ltd.

Job Title: City Group Sales Representative – Full Time Department: Advertising Location: Nepean, Ontario Job Summary: To professionally service and expand the existing client base and to increase sales revenue through new business development. Major Accountabilities • Service and expand existing accounts through maintaining good customer relations and developing sales programs that meet advertisers’ business needs. • Develop marketing plans for potential and current advertisers. • Prospect for new accounts including researching advertisers in competing publications and reviewing new businesses in the area. • Establish and renew advertising contracts. • Enter client information in to database. • Collect, process, and proof Clients’ ads for completeness and accuracy. • Provide Composing with clear and organized instructions / designs for ads. • Co-ordinate Editorial coverage of advertisers where appropriate. • Negotiate rates with Clients, subject to Department restrictions, and to assist Accounting with the collection of accounts. • Accurately complete run sheets to ensure accounting maintains current files on all Clients. • Respond to incoming telephone inquiries concerning advertising services. • Address customer concerns in a timely and appropriate manner. Competencies / Skills and Experience Action Oriented • Composure • Creativity • Customer Focus • Drive for Results • Learning on the Fly • Time Management • Sound knowledge of sales and marketing practices • Excellent communication skills; verbal and written • Ability to work individually and as a team with minimum supervision • Strong computer knowledge in Microsoft Office; experience with design applications and databases an asset • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure • Strong presentation skills with a keen eye for detail Qualifications • College Diploma in business, marketing or related field preferred • 3 years sales experience • Experience in newspaper industry an asset • Valid driver’s license and good driving record Interested and qualified candidates should forward their resume and cover letter to the attention of Terrilynne Crozier no later than July 12th.


• • • •

613-723-5021 What do YOU need to get done today?

BOOK YOUR AD NOW! or 1.877.298.8288

*Performed by ECRA/ESA Electrical Contractors insured & bonded

Independently Owned and Locally Operated



Quality Workmanship Guaranteed Free Estimates Fully Insured 20 years’ experience Phone

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COOKS REQUIRED A.SA.P. For busy golf club. Full time until mid-November and part time until mid-October. Experience preferred. Send résumés to: Greensmere Golf & Country Club, 1717 Bear Hill Rd., Carp, ON, K0A 1L0, or fax 613-839-7773 or e-mail: deb@greens Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.





Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


local job opportunities in Ontario’s heartland. We don’t just provide job listings, we put you in control of your job search with an array of job search features and tools. On you’ll find exact match search results and be able to search by job type, city and distance from your home. You can also create multiple profiles and upload resumes, set job alert notifications & saved

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Media Group Ltd.

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LYity OCoN mmun h this

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it ap er w Newsp d feature ad d e



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WWW.ONTARIOBERRIES.COM Fresh Ontario Strawberries Are Here! Buy Local, Buy Fresh, Buy Ontario. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries & more. For Berry Farms in your community, recipes and more, visit:,

$$$ HOME OWNER LOANS FOR ANY PURPOSE - Decrease payments up to 75%! 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages & Credit lines. Bad credit, tax or mortgage arrears OK. Ontario-Wide Financial Corp. (LIC# 10171), TollFree 1-888-307-7799,

DAALER LEISURE CABINS. We build, pre-fab cabins, bunkies, from $3,995.00. Pine Log Home Style Kits. Jack Fortier (613) 852-0363, leisurecabins@, Arie Daaler (613) 9301963,

0$ ARE YOU SINKING IN DEBT? 1st, 2nd & 3rd Mortgages, rates as low as 1.75% VRM. Also, Bruised Credit Bank Turndowns - Debt Consolidation - Refinancing - Power of Sale - Past Bankrupt - Home Renovations. WE CAN LEND A HAND! (Brokerage License # 11384). www.Canada, Email: paul.pabla@, Toll-free 1-877-9999133 CALL NOW!

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FUTURE STEEL BUILDING CLEARANCE - Pre-engineered and customsized to your requirements. Factorydirect pricing. Some models discounted to half-price to clear. CALL FOR FREE BROCHURE AND QUOTE 1800-668-5111 ext. 170.

MOTOR VEHICLE dealers in Ontario MUST be registered with OMVIC. To verify dealer registration or seek help with a complaint, visit or 1-800-943-6002. If you're buying a vehicle privately, don't become a curbsider's victim. Curbsiders are impostors who pose as private individuals, but are actually in the business of selling stolen or damaged vehicles. AUTO PARTS FOR ALL CARS AND TRUCKS - Best price guaranteed! Save up to 70%! FREE delivery in Ontario. Order online at or by phone Toll-Free 1-877-999-0080. BUILDING MATERIALS #1A STEEL BUILDING SALE! Save up to 60% on your new garage, shop, warehouse. 6 colors available! 40 year warranty! Free shipping, the first 20 callers! 1-800-457-2206. BUSINESS OPPS. ATTENTION! Do you have 10 hours/weekly to turn into up to $3,255.00/month? Learn to operate a Mini-office outlet from home. Flexible hours. FREE ONLINE TRAINING. ACCESSIBLE! NEW! Guaranteed automatic vending machine route, $10,000 down payment, protected clientele in your region, financing available. $60,000 forecasted annual profits. 1-866-941-8916. $$$ MAKE FAST CASH - Start Your Own Business - Driveway Sealing Systems, Possible payback in 2 weeks. Part-time, Full-time. CALL Today Toll-Free 1-800-465-0024. Visit: NEED ADDITIONAL INCOME? Looking for Serious, Motivated Individuals Work from home. High Speed Internet And Telephone required. Free Training, flexible hours. Great income. www.wecare4 Energy Drinks = LIQUID PROFITS! Distribute our hot selling, allCanadian, pro endorsed energy drinks. Exclusive retail/vending opportunity, limited areas. Investment required. Free samples/information package. 1-800-267-2321. Peak INSURANCE GOOD DRIVING RECORD? Grey Power could save you up to $400 on your car insurance. Call 1-877-5050487 for no-obligation quote. Additional discounts available. Open Weekends. (Ontario only).

EMPLOYMENT OPPS. $$$ ATTENTION CHOCOLATE $$$ Thank goodness school is out for summer!!! Sell different products to make some Money easily $$$! Call us spaces available. 1800-383-3589. CHEAP TELEPHONE RECONNECT! Paying too much? Switch & save! Only $39.95/month! Fast connections, flexible due dates, low rates - Call now! 1-877-336-2274, Phone Factory Reconnect; EXPERIENCED PARTS PERSON required for progressive auto/industrial supplier. Hired applicant will receive top wages, full benefits, RRSP bonuses, plus moving allowances. Our 26,000ft2 store is located 2.5 hours NE of Edmonton, Alberta. See our community at LacLaBiche Send resume to: Sapphire Auto, Box 306, Lac La Biche, AB, T0A 2C0. Email: hr@ SUNWORLD FARMS is looking for experienced swine technicians in both the London, ON and Peterborough area. Competitive salary and benefit package. Email resume to: or fax 403-546-3101.

DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM. Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member. DEBT STRESS? Debts got you worried? End those phone calls. Avoid bankruptcy. Contact us for a no-cost consultation. Online: www.mydebt or toll-free 1-877-5563500. $500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1-877-776-1660. LEGAL SERVICES

The World-Spectator, a community newspaper in Moosomin, SK is looking for a talented designer to join our team. Moosomin is a growing community of 2,500 on the Trans-Canada Highway in eastern Saskatchewan. We offer a competitive salary, and provide a furnished suite for the first three months at no charge. Applicants need experience with InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop. Some experience in web design would be useful. Please submit a resume and writing samples to

DISABILITY CLAIM DENIED? Toronto's Leading Disability Lawyers will fight for your rights! We offer a Free Consultation for Group & Private Disability Claims. No Fees until we Settle. 1-888-777-1109.

Automatic Transmission Technicians are required by Zender Ford, due to our fast growing business. Position offers: Attractive pay plan; Great benefits and work conditions; Pension plan after 1 year and Sign-up bonus. Ford experience an asset, but not essential. Apply in confidence to: Terry Donahue, Box 99, Golden Spike Road, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 2Y3, Ph: 800-222-6444. Or Fax 780-9626943, Attn: Terry. E-mail:

#1 HIGH SPEED INTERNET $24.95 / Month. Absolutely no ports are blocked. Unlimited Downloading. Up to 5Mps Download and 800Kbps Upload. ORDER TODAY AT or CALL TOLL-FREE: 1-866-281-3538.

EXCLUSIVE FINNING/Caterpillar Heavy Equipment Service Training at GPRC Fairview Campus. 2 year diploma program gives 4 years apprentice theory. $1000. bonus on first day of school. Write all 4 years apprenticeship exam. 1-888-999-7882;

FOR SALE A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don't Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464.

NEW Norwood SAWMILLS LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34" diameter, mills boards 28" wide. Automated quick-cycle-sawing increases efficiency up to 40%. FREE Information: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT. **HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid Long Distance Specials! Feature Package Specials! Referral Program! Don't be without a home phone. Call to Connect! 1-866-287-1348.


A-Z Technical Bldg. Systems Inc.: PreEngineered Steel Buildings. Since 1978! Stamp drawings & leasing available. Ask for Wally: Toll-Free at 1-877743-5888, Fax (416) 626-5512. BUILDING SALE! "ROCK BOTTOM PRICES!" FINAL WEEK. 25x30 $4,577. 30x40 $7,140. 32x60 $11,950. 35x60 $13,990. 40x70 $14,650. 40x100 $24,900. 46x140 $37,600. OTHERS. Ends optional. Pioneer MANUFACTURERS DIRECT 1-800-668-5422. VACATION/TRAVEL AFFORDABLE SUMMER ACCOMMODATIONS across Ontario Residence & Conference Centre: Furnished (2) bdrm., kitchenette. Complimentary continental breakfast, internet, TV, telephone - www.stay - 1-877-225-8664 (mention ad for discounted rate of $69.95/night*). BUSINESS SERVICES LOOKING FOR NEW BUSINESS and added revenue? Promote your company in Community Newspapers across Ontario right here in these Network Classified Ads or in business card-sized ads in hundreds of wellread newspapers. Let us show you how. Ask about our referral program. Ontario Community Newspapers Association. Contact Carol at 905639-5718 or Toll-Free 1-800-387-7982 ext. 229. HELP WANTED $$$ SECURITY GUARDS $$$ Security guards wanted ASAP, No experience needed, Training provided. SOCIAL ASSISTANCE ACCEPTED. Immediate openings. 1-613-2282813 #1 IN PARDONS. Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it's GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation TollFree 1-866-416-6772. www.Express

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Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

Th e

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


Off to the Races presented by

ENTER TODAY! Contest closes Monday, July 5th, 2010

you could


• You and three friends dine at Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre • Rest your head at the Days Inn Ottawa Airport • And be driven in style by Byers Limousine to and from the hotel

Dinner on Sunday, July 18th, 2010

Enter NOW Online at

Submit your name, phone number, and choose the ORMG Newspaper that you read – We will only contact you if you win.

No Internet… no problem!!! entries can also be made by calling your local office






A division of Metroland Media Group Ltd.


Kemptville Mall Highway 43 West, Kemptville

For the best selection in the area call...

Sunday, 27th June 1-3 pm 209 Bridge St., Kemptville

55 Acres!

613-258-5966 Open Mon to Sat 8am to 9pm Sunday 8am to 8pm

Phone: 613-258-1990 Toll Free: 1 (866) 447-1990 2705 County Road 43, Kemptville


Open concept, three bedrooms, 4-season sun room, lower level family room with gas fireplace. Numerous upgrades to incl hw, kitchen & more! Host: Kim Monkhouse - Sales Representative, MLS# 759758 $279,900

Anita Maloney Gary Durie Sales Rep.

Sales Rep.




Hwy 43, Kemptville

Community Calendar Please donate to our new Library




June 25, 26, July 1-3

Merrickville United Church, at the corner

Giant book sale by Merrickville/Easton’s Corners United Churches is Fridays from noon to 8 p.m., Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Canada Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. For information call 613-269-4414.

June 26

Riverside Park

Kemptville District Hospital 50th anniversary, starting at 9 a.m. with a volleyball tournament and ending at 1 a.m. with a 1960s dance featuring Eddy and the Stingrays.

June 26

Spencerville Library

Used book sale last Saturday of the month from 10 a.m. to noon.

June 27

Rideau Glen Golf Course

Fourth annual fundraiser golf tournament and silent auction to sponsor eight Kemptville Karate Team Canada members on their quest for world championships. For more information call 613-258-0727 or Douvris Martial Arts at 613-258-9550.

June 27

Riverside Park, Reuben Crescent

The Kemptville Kinsmen Farmers’ Market in Old Town Kemptville Sundays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. New vendors welcome. For more information call Colleen Bailey at 613-658-2474 or visit

June 27

Patterson’s Corners

Memorial service in St. Matthew’s cemetery, East Oxford at 2 p.m. Please bring own lawn chairs. Service will be held at Patterson’s Corners.

June 28

Spencerville Union Cemetery

Spencerville Union Cemetery Service is at 2:30 p.m. Guest speaker is Janet Clapp, and special music by the TeGrotenhuis family. If raining, the service will be in Spencerville United Church.

June 28

North Grenville Community Church

Beth Donovan Hospice will hold its annual meeting at 7 p.m. Volunteers are required for our home visiting program as well as the board of directors. For more information call Dawn Rodger at 613-258-9611.

June 28, 30 and July 1

North Grenville Municipal Centre

Kemptville and area walking group meets at 9 a.m. Contact Eva Francoeur at 613-258-4487 for more information.

June 29

216 Montreal Road, Cornwall

Bereaved Families of Ontario - Cornwall and area will have adult afternoon support groups. This month’s group will meet from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. No cost to attend. For more information call 613-936-1455.

June 30

St. Andrew’s in Hallville

Annual Strawberry Social starting at 5 p.m. Call Helen Hyndman at 613-989-2800 before June 25.


Kemptville Public School

Babysitting course from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Ages 12 to 15 years old. Call 613-314-4299 for more information.

Want to submit an event to appear on this calendar? Let us know within 3 weeks of the event by emailing or


With the largest selection of Birkenstocks in the area, you’re sure to find the right one for you. New Classic Colours are in stock.


Located in Kemptville beside the Shopper’s Drug Mart in The Community Square

Call us for a free in-home consultation


613-258-6100 ADVANCE

989-2367 or 1-800-561-4206

and many more!

10616 Main St. South Mountain

J Imag Just Imagine g




206 PRESCOTT ST., KEMPTVILLE TEL. 258-4615 FAX 258-7734


Windows, Doors, Siding & Eavestroughs

Windows, Kitchen & Bath

216A Van Buren St., Kemptville


Free Estimates


• Windows & Doors • Kitchens & Bathrooms • Flooring • Sunrooms • Basement Renos • Roofing & Siding


We Beautify Your Entire Home!

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010

Open House

Kemptville Advance - JUNE 24, 2010


2008 Chev Trailblazer Grey, #P3347 $

2007 Ford Ranger 4X4 White, * #10200A $


2008 Dodge Caliber SXT Black, #10305A $

2006 Cadi CTS Plum, #P3521 $





2007 Chev Express Cargo White, * #P3532A $

2009 Chev Impala LS 4 $ * # P3516 available

2004 Kia Sorento AWD Silver, * #10158A $

2005 Toyota Camry LE Silver, * stk#10106A $


2004 Nissan Maxima Black, * loaded $




2006 Hummer H3 Red, * 4x4 loaded $


2000 Chev Corvette Coupe 2007 Chev Impala SS Blue, Black $ * * #10042A $






2010 Cadillac CTS Sedan Features include: With these features: 270 HP 3.0L V6 VVT Engine with Direct Injection • 6-speed Automatic with Driver Shift Control • Driver and Front-passenger Frontal and Seat-mounted Side-impact Air Bags • Head Curtain Side-impact Air Bags • CD Player with MP3 Playback and 8 Bose® Speakers • 17-in. Aluminum Wheels • StabiliTrak® Electronic Stability Control System • Remote Keyless Entry System • Bluetooth® Mobile Phone Connectivity • XM Satellite Radio • OnStar® with 1-year of the Directions and Connections Plan • Automatic Dual-zone Climate Control • Heated Front Bucket Seats with Leather Seating Surfaces • 4-year/80,000 km No-charge Scheduled Maintenance and Comprehensive GM Warranty • 5-year/160,000 km GM Powertrain Component Limited Warranty with $0 Deductible


Tax Free Service Saturdays




Pricing includes all other dealer fees however, PST/GST and licence is Extra. Lifetime engine protection available on vehicles with less then 120,000km; ask for details. *E-testing, and promotions are excluded from tax free Saturdays. Financing approved on GMAC credit only. 1.9% purchase financing for 48 months available on 2010 Cadillac CTS Sedan RWD R7A. Example: $10,000 at 1.9%, the monthly payment is $216.52 for 48 months. Cost of borrowing is $392.96. Total obligation is $10,392.96. Down payment and/or trade may be required. Monthly payment and cost of borrowing will vary depending on amount borrowed and down payment/ trade. Offer applies to qualified retail customers in the Ontario Cadillac Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order or trade may be required. Limited time offer til June 30, 2010. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in the Ontario Cadillac Dealer Marketing Association area only (including Outaouais). Dealer order or trade may be required. Dealers are free to set individual prices. $4,000 cash savings is applied prior to applicable taxes, and fees. See your dealer for conditions and details. Limited time offer until June 30, 2010.

Kemptville Advance  

June 24 , 2010

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