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K EM PS E Y S H I R E C O U N CI L Shire Council

Community Annual Report 2010 - 2011

About this report Welcome to the Kempsey Shire Council 2010-11 Annual Report. Council is striving to ensure we are accountable and open in reporting to you, our community. As such, Council has prepared a suite of documents that deliver the Annual Report in a manner that all residents can relate to. The Annual Report illustrates Council’s operations and achievements for 2010-11 in relation to the Management Plan. The 2010-11 Annual Report consists of three parts:

Part A - Community Annual Report This includes condensed financial reports and highlights of the 2010-11 financial year in an easy to read format which outlines targets and results for the five goals within Council’s Community Strategic Plan; Sustainable Environment, Community Engagement, Infrastructure Services, Relationships with Others and Corporate Management. Part B – Statutory Annual Report This includes a more in depth look at Council’s income and balance sheets as well as mandatory reporting on aspects such as the Government Information Public Access Act 2009 (GIPA) requirements, Environmental Reporting and Councillor Reporting.

Part C – General Purpose Financial Statements This includes the Independent Audit Report, Special Purpose Financial Statements and Special Schedules.

For more information about the 2010-11 Annual Report or to view a printed copy of the report please visit Council’s Customer Service Centre, 22 Tozer Street, West Kempsey; or visit us online at www. Copies of the Annual Report are also available through the Council’s libraries. We welcome your feedback and comments on this report and encourage you to contact us on 6566 3200 or email if you have any enquiries.

Council Vision Our Vision The value of our natural environment and lifestyle is preserved and enhanced by the community and Council.

Achieving our Vision Council provides high quality services and facilities through strong leadership that considers the needs of our community, the environment and future generations.

Contents Organisational Structure 3 Your Elected Representatives 4 Mayor’s Message 5 General Manager’s Message 6 Year in Review 7 Financial Overview 9 Goal 1 Sustainable Environment 11 Goal 2 Community Engagement 15 Goal 3 Infrastructure Services 19 Goal 4 Relationship with Others 23 Goal 5 Corporate Management 25 2011 - 2012 Integrated Planning and Reporting


Becoming a Councillor 27 Conclusion 28 Contact Council 29 2

Organisational Structure







Robert Pitt

Kathy Oliver

Goal 1 :

To facilitate ecological and economical sustainable development in the Shire. Planning & Natural Resources

Economic Sustainability

• •

Acid sulphate soils Climate change adapta on Coastal environment Development control Development of long term plans to manage environmental impacts of development Environmental health of estuaries Flood mi ga on planning Processing of development applica ons State of Environment Repor ng Vegeta on Management (including weed control)

• • •

• • • • •

• •

• •

Assis ng business in expansion or reloca on Assis ng in increasing tourism visita ons and length of stay Beach patrols Review and implement economic development strategies Review and implement tourism strategies Review ways to maximise return or minimise cost of service through business models

Goal 2 :

To foster and enhanc ective social, cultural and community relations building respect and civic pride.

Health & Building

Service Delivery

Community Rela ons

• •

Customer Service

• • • •

• •

Building control Regulatory enforcement Onsite sewerage management systems (sep c program) Public health ma ers Food premises inspec ons Environmental pollu on Complying development applica ons and construc on cert’s Companion animals Ranger services

Provide informa on to answer ques ons/needs where possible • Provide one point for first contact • Receive payments and informa on from Council’s customers/stakeholders

Social Needs • •

Assist the aged Access/Services for the disabled • Cemetery bookings and arrangements • Macleay Community Care Op ons services • Senior Ci zens Week

Cultural Development • •

Art gallery Library services

• • • • • • • • • • •

Development of Strategic/ Delivery/Opera onal Plans Ensure consistency and co-ordina on of plans of Council Heritage Undertake community engagement Undertake staff engagement Aboriginal community engagement Assist events Dona ons and contribu ons to community groups Management of community buildings Newsle er and media informa on Youth community engagement Emergency Services contract/ administra ve support




Robert Scott

Daryl Hagger Goal 5:

Goal 3 :

To plan and fund the Shire’s infrastructure and service needs.

accountable management

Assets & Design

Opera ons

Water Process


Transport Infrastructure

Civic infrastructure asset management • Development of major works schedules • Development of required maintenance standards • Strategic asset management planning • Works design and cos ng • Management of corporate buildings

• • • • • • •

Bridges Car parking Pedestrian infrastructure Quarries Roads Private Works Street ligh ng

Open Space and Recrea on Facili es • Beach foreshores • Boat ramps • Parks & open space • Spor ng grounds • Swimming pools

Community Use Infrastructure • • • •

• • • •


• Resource sharing • Lobbying • Informa on sharing • Developing partnerships

relationships with regional neighbours and other levels of Government.

Airport Caravan parks Cemetery Flood Mi ga on (infrastructure & opera ons) Public toilets Saleyards Stormwater Waste management

• •

Water treatment and quality Sewer treatment and disposal Water and sewer compliance issues

Water Strategy • • • • •

Major project management Meter readings Sewer blockages Strategic planning for water and sewer infrastructure needs Water supply interrup ons

Development of budgets • Fleet resources • Financial planning • Raise and collect revenue

Human Resources • •

Employment Training & development • Payroll • Occupa onal health & safety

Informa on Management and Governance •

• • • •

Informa on technology and communica ons support Prepara on of minutes from mee ngs Prepara on of business papers Provide administra ve support Records management and control

Your Elected Representatives


Mayor’s Message

Mayor’s Message It is my privilege to deliver the Mayoral message for the year ending June 2011. The past 12 months have again been interesting and challenging, yet an inspiring time to be on Council. The elected Councillors, as your representatives, have worked well together to consider major issues such as; asset management, financial resources and future strategic direction. I am pleased to say that we are on the front foot on these matters and I feel confident that our community is better informed than ever on some of the challenges we will face in the future. Roads and their maintenance will always be a focus of Council’s spending. Last year $8.4 million was spent on our road networks, including replacement of bridges and general maintenance. Council also received a RLCIP Grant from the Federal Government of $237,000. These funds provided a new roof for the Kempsey Library, works to buildings at the Kempsey Pool and the Youth Access Centre. The health and well-being of our community


is also high on Council’s agenda. Throughout the year we have continued to lobby for an upgrade of our hospital, worked closely with our Aboriginal community on ‘closing the gap’ initiatives and we secured a Federal Government Healthy Communities grant for the next two years to support get healthy and active campaigns. This year we also witnessed the beginning of the largest project ever in our Shire, the Kempsey Bypass. Construction has commenced and is proceeding at pace and soon we will be home to Australia’s longest bridge. The Bypass offers great opportunities for our community and Council is well into the planning process with further community discussions planned over the next 12 months, seeking your ideas on what Kempsey can become by developing a comprehensive urban design for Kempsey and the network of our towns and villages. It will truly be a celebration for our community when the trucks no longer thunder through our central business district! It is all these things that make the Macleay Valley such a special place

to live, work and have fun. I have mentioned only a small sample of the types of activities Council undertakes and I am sure that as you read through the Community Annual Report you will be impressed with the depth and breadth of services that have been delivered to the community in 2010 - 2011. These achievements are a combined effort of Councillors and staff and I am confident in our dedicated commitment to the community of Kempsey Shire. I have been honoured to be Mayor of the Kempsey Shire over the last year and extend my gratitude to members of the community for their support during this time. John Bowell

I am pleased with our progress during the 2010-2011 financial year. During this time we consolidated our resources, developed a plan for the future and worked with the community in identifying aspirations and priorities for the Shire. It has not been about glamorous projects, but about getting the basics in place within the Council. Without these in place we cannot achieve everything else we need to achieve. It has been a year of reviewing our assets and the funding required to maintain them. We have shared with the community what we know about the funds currently available, those that are required to properly support our existing infrastructure and the impacts our current situation creates. Roads are by far our most critical assets as they move us to and from where we want to go and they have not had the attention they need, a view shared by many during my consultations. The time I spent this year out in the community, gaining first hand reports on Council’s performance and areas for improvement, has given me a good feeling that the Council is able to deliver what the community expects. I was also able to share with the community Council’s financial constraints in delivering services desired by our residents, giving those people a better feeling of what we see as being required to bridge the gap between where we are now and where we want to be. I enjoyed meeting with community members and groups and look forward to more conversations with the community over the coming year. We have listened to the community, who have told us they want us to do what we said we would do, do it properly and to scrutinise our financial resources. We are delivering on projects and services, but many of the projects listed needed to be properly planned and designed, which has taken time, but is essential if we are to get things right the first time and not waste money. In the later parts of the year we have been able to attract staff to fill some key

General Manager’s Message

General Manager’s Message vacancies and these people have allowed us to then increase the focus on getting our projects planned. We will continue to strive for quality services and we are getting increasing reports about things being done differently and better. We are not at the end of the process and there are still areas we cannot simply provide the service at the level we think it should be at, but we have been picking off areas as we can and this is leading to us doing things better. We have seen a marked improvement in our communication to and from the community as a result of our focus on community engagement. We have been talking with many people in all different types of forums, including at the Kempsey Show and Celebrate the Macleay as well as meeting with many community groups. We have also started surveying a sample of those who contact us seeking services. We are following up issues people raise from these surveys and our level of satisfied people is steadily increasing. We will also continue to forge close relationships with other tiers of government that provide directly to the community or support Council in delivering services, this is important as many of the services required by the community are provided by state and federal agencies. Staff have developed good contacts with relevant staff in State and Commonwealth government departments and these networks are used to tie together the issues of our community with the actions being undertaken by government. The time spent consolidating what our priorities are and identifying what we should be focussing on has placed Council in a much stronger position to move forward in delivering services and infrastructure that the community needs and values. We have now positioned ourselves for the future, one of delivering the projects that have been prioritised and having a strategic focus on what we deliver. Our next big target is to look closely at all the things we do and see where we can provide services smarter to allow us to provide good services. Thank you for your support and conversations during the past year. David Rawlings


Year in Review

Year in review

Macleay “Older Blokes” meetings begin at MCCO

October “Meet the Boss” Community Consultations Waste into Art Exhibition Barrunbatayi Section of East Kempsey Cemetery unveiled Mobility Scooter NSW Surf Lifesaving Championships, South West Rocks

Clinic in Kempsey Community Development


500 x 500 exhibition


at the Macleay Valley

OSMS fee introduced Community grants distributed to community groups

Seed Propagation Workshop at KFCC


Mayoral elections

Wet Pasture Field Day held

Duncan Ball visits

Graffiti Blasters begin

SWR Library


(CDSE) funding distributed

Community Art Gallery

August Shire Art Collection

and Support Committee

on the Lower Macleay

Unveiling of “Brian Sowter Stand” at Kempsey Saleyards

Kempsey Family Community Centre (KFCC) wins Heart Health Award

Mattys Flat Plan of Management adopted Broadband for Seniors


opens at Macleay Community Care

Elbow Street Redevelopment complete


Options (MCCO) NAIDOC week at Kempsey Shire Council

Year in Review

Council employs 12


new trainees Coastal Hazards

Mitchell Street Footbridge

Study begins

opening, South West Rocks Baby Bounce at Summer Reading

Kempsey Library

Club at Library “Green Streets” mature trees Weeds Field Day

planted in West Kempsey

at Showground

March Bypass Strategy Adopted International Women’s Day Crescent Head Golf Course

KFCC Christmas party

January Australia Day Award Ceremony School holiday

Clean Up Australia Day

Point Caravan Park septic

“Putting the Pieces Together” community

Living Smart

Floodplain Field Day

Workshops begin

Seniors Art Prize Exhibition

Koala Plan of

Liquor Agreements signed to

Management released

combat antisocial behaviour

June April Saltwater Creek

Indigenous Soldiers Anzac Day E-books and downloadable books available at libraries Aprilla Monster Youth

SWR Treatment Plant roof

Crescent Head Foreshore

Hastings – Maria

consultations Thermoshield installed on

May Upgrade begins




Seniors Week

activities at KFCC Refurbishment of Stuarts

Smithtown Wharf

Festival at Kempsey

Bellbrook Water Treatment Plant opens $700,000 secured for Sustaining Healthy Living in the Macleay (SHLIM) Smith Street Pedestrian Survey completed Council establishes Flood Relief Centre “Love Food Hate Waste” grant funding secured 8

Financial Overview

Financial Overview

Financial Result and Financial Position by Fund Income Statement by Fund ($ ‘000) Water Sewer General Total Income from Continuing Operations




Total Expenses from Continuing Operations




Net Operating Result for the Year




Balance Sheet by Fund ($ ‘000) Water Sewer General Total Current Assets




Total Current Liabilities




Total Liabilities

Net Assets







Operating Revenues Goal 1 Sustainable Development


Goal 2 Community Engagement


Goal 3 Infrastructure Services 26,548,998 Goal 4 Relationships with Others


Goal 5 Corporate Management 17,755,200 Total Operating Revenues 47,563,927 Operating Expenses Goal 1 Sustainable Development


Goal 2 Community Engagement


Goal 3 Infrastructure Services


Goal 4 Relationships with Others Goal 5 Corporate Management

56,738 2,679,577

Total Operating Expenses 53,484,413 Net Cost of Service Goal 1 Sustainable Development


Goal 2 Community Engagement


Goal 3 Infrastructure Services 10,225,642 Goal 4 Relationships with Others


Goal 5 Corporate Management 14,648,934 Total funds available to, (or required from) 9

rates and other general revenue


Explanations of the Key Financial Reports and Outcomes for 2010-11 Outcomes Service Level Reviews

General Fund Budget Result Council’s General Fund has returned a favourable underlying cash surplus of $100,214 compared to the original budget surplus estimate of $35,941. This increases Council’s accumulated operational surplus (working funds) balance to $1,246,687 at the 30 June 2011.

Management of Debt Service Ratio A comparison of the debt service ratio at the 30 June 2011 against the budgeted projections is set out below: Budget Estimate Actual

Financial Overview

Council reviewed its asset data and the level of funding required in order that the assets of Council continue to deliver a sustainable level of service to the community into the future. Following extensive consultation with the community Council resolved to apply for a Special Rate Variation from 2012-13.

General Fund 11.72% 13.45% Water Fund 29.12% 28.82% Sewer Fund 26.46% 26.13% The underlying General Fund ratio stands at 9.65% with the remaining 3.80% attributed to borrowing for self funding activities including the Domestic Waste Service, Caravan Parks and works funded from the Environmental Levy. No new borrowings were undertaken within the General Fund in 2010-11, the strategy adopted by Council to reduce loan borrowings in the General Fund will result in a reduction in the General Fund Ratio in future years. The water and sewer funds are proposing to undertake major capital loan funded projects over the next ten years and this will see an increase in their respective ratios. Upper Macleay

Financial Strategies Adopted by Council in the 2010-11 Management Plan 1.

Reduction in operating budgets of $1.5 million from the amount allowed in previous budget forecasts with a budgeted surplus of $35,941 in the General Fund.


Focus on the maintenance and retention of existing infrastructure and services with capital works largely curtailed.


Reduce loan borrowing to a minimum within the General Fund in order to address Council’s reliance on debt as a means to build and restore assets whilst directing savings in borrowings cost towards asset maintenance and renewal in future years.


To review Council’s assets holdings and consult with the community on future service levels.


To continue to fund major asset renewal and capital projects within the water and sewer funds in order to address aging infrastructure and demand growth pressures. 10

Goal 1 - Sustainable Environment 11

Sustainable Environment

Robert Pitt Director Sustainable Environment

The Sustainable Environment Department deals with issues relating to the environment, planning and development. This include economic development; sustainability, tourism; environmental compliance; estuary and coastal management; acid sulphate soils; vegetation management (including weed control); onsite sewerage management systems; public health matters; food premises inspections; companion animals and ranger services.

“8,283 ha of property inspected for noxious weeds”

During the 2010 - 2011 financial year Sustainable Environment staff have achieved some outstanding results and been involved in some exciting projects, in particular the adoption of the Kempsey Bypass Strategy. This shows a commitment on Council’s behalf to take a proactive position in meeting the challenges of the Kempsey to Eungai Pacific Highway Bypass.




Percentage of all Development Applications approved within 30 days



Percentage of Construction Certificates approved within 30 days



Total average number of days taken to process Development Applications



Percentage of requests relating to environmental quality that may cause preventable harm to the environment responded to within 7 days



Average number of onsite sewerage management systems conducted each month



Percentage of compliant food inspections



Percentage of food premises inspected per annum



Average number of environmental health inspections per month



Percentage of requests for Ranger Services responded to within 5 days



Average number of days to issue Section 149 Planning Certificates



Number of building inspections undertaken within two days of request



Collection of contained stray dogs within 6 hours



Complaints relating to stray dogs responded to within 2 working days



Hectares of Vegetation restored per annum



Area of property inspected for noxious weed infestations



Number of people in the workforce



Goal 1 - Sustainable Environment

The following statistics for 2010 - 11 continue to show that staff are surpassing expected targets with the bar being continually raised as a result of increased efficiencies driven by innovation: 89.2% of all development applications were approved within 30 days (Target 85%) • 96% of constructions certificates have been approved within 30 days (Target 90%) • 92.4% of requests relating to environmental quality have been responded to within 7 days (Target 85%) • 96% of Food Premises inspected per annum (Target 85%) • 600 Environmental Health Inspections were undertaken (Target 420) • 99.9% of Building Inspections undertaken within two days of request (Target 90%) • 93% of Contained Stray Dogs collected within 6 hours (Target 85%) • 1 day average to issue Section 149 Planning Certificates (Target 1.1)

Gladstone Pottery Lodge - Heritage Listed Building

State of Environment Reporting The 2010 - 11 Supplementary SoE Report is currently being prepared as an ancillary to the 2008 - 09 Comprehensive SoE Report for the Kempsey Shire LGA in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act (1993). The reporting period is from 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2011. The aim of the SoE Report is to provide an update on Kempsey Shire’s progress towards sustainability and the trends in environmental indicators of the core environmental sectors: the land, water, atmosphere (encompassing noise), biodiversity, human settlements (encompassing waste) and Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal heritage. The report will provide a “snapshot” of the present day environment in Kempsey Shire, provide a comparison with that of previous years and identify any new environmental pressures since the previous report.

KEMPSEY Shire Council

State of the Environment Report Supplementary Report 2009/10


Goal 1 - Sustainable Environment 13




Preparation of a DCP for the Saltwater precinct at South West Rocks

Jul 2010

Completed July 2011 Council resolved to review the DCP in respect to flooding following completion of modelling of the berm expected to be in mid 2012

Kempsey Local Growth Management Strategy - Residential Component

Sep 2010

Completed June 2011

Completion of the Climate Risk Adaptation Project and development of climate change adaptation policies.

Sep 2010

Completed January 2011

Investigate Feasibility of Solar Power: Review the costs and benefits of installation of solar power collectors on Council buildings to offset carbon emissions

Oct 2010

Completed – January 2011 Based on current rebates and tariff rates, it would take approximately 17.9 years before the system would pay for itself

Research and identify future skill shortages and training opportunities

Nov 2010

Not commenced This action was not commenced due to the Manager Sustainable Economy position being vacant for 2010 - 11

Completion of the Shire-wide Standard Local Environment Plan (LEP): Council is required to move to the standardised LEP by the NSW Government

Dec 2010

Not Completed Council’s draft LEP was forwarded to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure (DOPI) in July 2010 to issue an approval to exhibit the plan which has not as yet been provided

Preparation of LEPs for cemeteries at Frederickton

Dec 2010


Heavy Vehicle Hub: Undertake investigations into the feasibility of a heavy vehicle hub

Dec 2010

Not Commenced This action was not commenced due to the Manager Sustainable Economy position being vacant for 2010 - 11

Develop Strong Relationship with 10 largest employers in the Macleay

Dec 2010

Not Completed Meetings with the largest employers have been held, however, a communication network has not been established due to the Manager Sustainable Economy position being vacant for 2010-11

Preparation of a Comprehensive Development Control Plan (DCP) incorporating development controls across the Shire: NSW Government

Mar 2011

The draft LEP is awaiting approval from DOPI prior to being placed on public exhibition

Review option of leasing car parking spaces

Mar 2011

Not Commenced This action was not commenced due to the Manager Sustainable Economy position being vacant for 2010-11

Smith Street, North Kempsey



Preparation of the Rural Residential component of the Kempsey Local Growth Management Strategy

May 2011

Commenced The Rural Residential Land Capacity Report has now been completed and Expressions of Interest to complete the strategy component are currently being sought

Kempsey Flood Study

June 2011


Koala Education Campaign

Jun 2011

Commenced This is an ongoing key action of the Koala Plan of Management

Investigate the sale of Council land at Boyters Lane

Jun 2011

Not Commenced This action was not commenced due to the Manager Sustainable Economy position being vacant for 2010 - 11

Review of the Flood Risk Management Policy

Nov 2011

Commenced A draft has been prepared which will be finalised in conjunction with the Flood Study expected in November 2011

Preparation of LEPs to rezone land for industrial purposes at South Kempsey

Dec 2011

Partially Completed Council adopted an LEP for an industrial Rezoning in West Street, South Kempsey in August 2010 that was published on the DOPI website in October 2010

Encourage apprentices

Jan 2012

Not Due

Planning for Ageing Population

Jun 2012

Not Due

Macleay Valley Coast Vision 2030

Jun 2012

Not Due

Preparation of LEPs to rezone land at Frederickton to adapt to the Bypass

Jun 2012

Not Due

Crescent Head Masterplan

Dec 2012

Not Due

Detailed survey of Koala Management Area 1 (South West Rocks)

Dec 2012

Not Due

Detailed survey of Koala Management Area 1 (Grassy Head):

Jun 2013

Not Due

Kempsey Bypass Strategy Implementation

Jun 2014

Not Due

Rural Land Strategy

Jun 2014

Not Due

Dec 2014

Not Due

Habitat Assessment Mapping

Dec 2014

Not Due

Review of DCP Strategy (Urban Crescent Head)

Dec 2014

Not Due



Stuarts Point/Fishermans Masterplan



22-Local Housing Areas other than

Goal 1 - Sustainable Environment


National Schools Tree Day


Goal 2 - Community Engagement

Community Engagement


“55,395 people visited our Tourist Information Centre”

It’s been an exciting and successful year for the Community Engagement Team. The services we provide are extensive, including social and cultural activities, access to information and conversations with our community. Most importantly, we bring those conversations back into our organisation in an effort to improve services and make more informed decisions. Our activities include media relations and providing information on Council decisions; we have a focus on our youth, community safety and ongoing relationships with our exceptional and diverse community groups. We also work hard with other government agencies in making sure desired services are delivered.

Kathy Oliver Director Community Engagement  

Council’s libraries are amazing places to visit with new activities and services for all community members. We have ‘Baby Bounce’ and ‘Story Time’ for mothers and young children, school holiday activities and Seniors Week activities. Our libraries offer PC lessons and hiring of Energy Saver Kits. The Macleay Community Care Options team extends care and social support such as day outings and field trips to those Macleay Valley residents in need.

Council’s Customer Service Centre answered over 37,000 calls and served over 12,000 customers, resolving over 80% of your enquiries at the first point of contact. We have worked hard to improve our services and during the course of the year introduced a Customer Call Back system to identify ways we can improve. Feedback is always welcome as it gives us a chance to make changes where possible. PERFORMANCE INDICATOR



Customer service enquires (telephone) per annum



Customer service enquiries at Customer Service Centre per annum



Customer abandoned calls per month

Less than 5%


Customer enquiries resolved at first contact



Percentage of customer calls returned within 2 business days



Exhibitions held at the Macleay Community Gallery per annum



Hours of internet usage by the community at Council libraries



Number of items borrowed from Council’s libraries annually



Number of visitors to the libraries annually



Number of functions including holiday activities at libraries annually



Community consultations held per annum



Number of participants in community consultations per annum



Number of visitors to our Visitor Information Centres annually



Number of hourly Department of Disability, Ageing and Home Care (DADHC) funded services provided annually



Number of clients assisted through the Department of Health and Ageing funding packages per annum



Number of clients assisted through the NSW Health compacks program





Develop Community Safety Plan

Oct 2010

Completed - adopted by Council on 9 November 2010

Housing Estates Work on meeting current needs and addressing number of houses available for rental.

Dec 2010

Expressions of Interest for South Kempsey have closed and are being reviewed in consultation with Housing NSW and the Indigenous Coordination Centre

Develop a Cultural Plan

Dec 2010

Completed - the Cultural Plan was adopted by Council on 15 March 2011

Prepare a Community Consultation Program

Dec 2010

Completed - 54 consultations have been undertaken over the last year, with over 1,680 community members participating.

Youth Access Council: Ensure the ongoing representation of young people to Council

Jun 2011

Completed - the Youth Access Council (YAC) has a membership of 15 young people

Prepare and develop Local Community Action Plans

Jun 2011

Completed - Local Community Action Plans were developed and used as part of the 2010 ‘Meet the Boss’ consultations

Prepare and develop Reconciliation Action Plan

Jun 2011

Ongoing - Delayed due to Delivery Plan development

Develop crime level indicator

Jun 2011

Completed - reported to the July 2011 Council meeting

Jun 2011


Dec 2011

Completed - the strategy has been reviewed and updated

Develop Community Assessment


Develop Economic Growth Strategy


The Macleay Valley Community Art Gallery hosted some stunning events with 24 exhibitions and over 7,000 visitors in the last year. The wonderful Waste into Art competition continues to be a stand out Waste into Art with the talent of our young people on show for all to see. The biannual Kempsey Shire Art Prize attracted 167 entries with visitors coming from many areas. In working with community groups and other areas of government we were successful in attracting over $1.4 million in additional grant funds this year to extend and deliver new services and programs. More details on these grants are provided in the following pages. Our efforts in working with our community have been recognised at a state level, with Council successfulin gaining awards in the areas of Culture, Communications and Healthy Living. These can only be achieved with the support and participation of our community. Thank you! This year we took a different approach when listening to our community - we got out from behind our desks and took the executive management team to the Shire’s towns and villages. We wanted to hear what the community wanted and in doing so we discussed funding, community priorities and aspirations.

Goal 2 - Community Engagement


We took the information provided at these forums and included it in our first Delivery Plan 2011-2014, as part of the Integrated Plan Reporting process. This document outlines Council’s and the community’s priorities for the next four years and is available on our website www. We are proud of our achievements of the past year and look forward to the future by continuing to improve our communication, services and working to meet our community’s expectations and again getting out and about in our towns and villages, working with our community groups and members. We look forward to your participation in upcoming community events and consultations around our Shire.

Go Go Girls sporting event


Community Engagement Achievements 2010 - 2011

Goal 2 - Community Engagement

Library • STORYTIME’ – 30 minutes of stories and activities for children aged 2 to 6 years held each month at the Kempsey and Stuarts Point Libraries • ‘BABY BOUNCE’ - 30 minutes of stories, songs, rhymes and fun, for babies aged 0 to 2 years held monthly at Kempsey Library • ‘KIDS PICKS’ - An opportunity for keen young readers aged 8-16 years to choose NEW books for the Library • ‘TOO DARK FOR THE LIGHT HORSE’- An exhibition at Kempsey Library about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the defence forces including a “hands-on” exhibition suitable for young children • ‘NATIONAL SIMULTANEOUS STORYTIME’ Featuring the story “Flowers for Phoebe” and craft activities at Kempsey Library • ‘MR BADGER’ - A performance for children aged 5 to 10 years, at School Ho Kempsey Library lidays at th e Library • ‘MR JIM’ - Dr James Thomas, educator in the field of very early childhood literacy, presented “Ready to Read”, a workshop at Kempsey and South West Rocks Libaries for childcare professionals, teachers and students

Kempsey Family Community Centre • Kempsey Family Support Service Supported Playgroup in partnership with Kempsey Family Community Centre provides an Early Childhood Development program for pre-schoolers • Community Delivery Program - Access and Equity Report • KSC provided support for not-for-profit groups where possible, including in kind support (through advocacy, advice and information) and direct financial assistance through the Community Grants Program • Legal Aid Solicitor in attendance at the Kempsey Family Community Centre on a weekly basis

Community Development


• Graffiti Blasters Program - over 5600 tags have been removed • Your Choice - Educate youth about underage drinking laws • RRISK – Reduce Risk Increase Student Knowledge • Freedom Riders 2011 ery rt Gall alley A • International Women’s Day V y a Macle • Community Drug Action Team – CDAT

• • • • • • • •

• •

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Steele Park Improvements Youth Advisory Council Youth Week Aprilla Festival Midnight Basketball Youth Access Centre - Commercial Kitchen Refurbishment - Upgrade of amenties with Novaskill trainees Harmony Day NAIDOC Week “It’s Not OK To Stay Away” Truancy Program Paul Davis-Welsh Foundation assistance Cultural and Heritage C t KFC Awareness Package Day a y n o Harm training sessions held for Council staff Macleay Valley Messagestick Newsletter Report Crime – “Report It Don’t Ignore It” campaign Drinking in public places – Alcohol Free Zones and Alcohol Prohibited Areas Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design - CPTED principles “Lock Up Your Car” holiday program “Don’t Let Theft Ruin Your Holiday” program Emergency contact numbers – fridge magnets Easy steps to protect your home – regular articles and hints White Ribbon Day Speakers erected in the mall to deter antisocial behaviour Successfully reduced hours for take away bottle shops Regular exhibitions held at the Macleay Valley Community Art Gallery Ongoing displays of art work in Council foyer open to all artists in the Shire Community groups access to the gallery space for community workshops e.g. “Living Smart” In conjunction with Smithtown Hall Committee, secured $28,000 in grant funding for pier work on Smithtown Hall Supported the 100 year celebration of Sherwood Hall Waste into Art Exhibition highlighted the creative work of local children Active Youth Workshops Kempsey Shire Council has secured $703,607 in funding from the Commonwealth Government to deliver a range of initiatives to reduce the prevalence of overweight and obesity within the community through proven and innovative physical activity and healthy eating programs Medical Scholarships - $12,000 in scholarships have been provided to promote regional students to return to regional areas

Macleay Community Care Options (MCCO)

weekly group social outing - $30,000

Goal 2 - Community Engagement

• Dementia Program – providing clients • KSC currently employ18 staff through MCCO, an with an additional auspice service funded by the Commonwealth 1.5 hours of and State governments to support the needs of service - $30,000 residents within the Macleay Valley who are frail • Boronia Gardens – aged, disabled or carers in their own home providing additional • MCCO staff, volunteers and contractors have actively orth Street. day care hours and Steele Park, N participated in ongoing aged care training and lean Up” C ity “Commun transport - $30,000 up skilling program to improve the awareness, • Macleay Valley Neighbourhood Aid knowledge and skills of those individuals providing – providing additional domestic assistance hours - $20,000 services to the community on behalf of MCCO • Positive Ageing Grant – funding increase • During the 2010 - 11 financial year Kempsey Shire Council to social support - $5,000 through MCCO has secured an additional $115,000 • Library Radio Frequency Identification System - $200,000 in funding to meet the needs of the community and • Communities for Children Program – providing increase service delivery to those in the community who literacy and story time programs in preschools are frail aged, disabled or carers in their own home and schools over a 2 year period - $63,000 Successful grant applications • Healthy Communities Initiative – improve the • RTA – Macleay Valley Liquor Accord for health and lifestyle of residents - $703,607 promotion of the Liquor Bus Service • South Kempsey Urban Design and Social Plan - $125,000 • International Women’s Day • Community Builders – create a video to provide information • Council and the Domestic Violence Monitoring Committee to people on how to were successful for clean and care for a receiving the International property - $100,000 Women’s Day funding • Sport & Recreation • Youth Week NSW OWN IT Communities NSW – Go• Youth Week NSW Go Girls – non traditional Shuttle Bus Grant school holiday sports • Aprilla was a great success for girls - $5,000 with over 500 young • Sport & Recreation people in attendance. Communities NSW – International Women’s Day - 100 year Celebration Kempsey PCYC had Assisted Shredding – skateboard secured $10,000 from Miimi Aboriginal competition including etiquette and safe riding - $5,000 Corporation to host a Youth Festival for young people Provided in-kind assistance in our community. Aprilla Monster Youth Festival • Domestic Violence Monitoring Committee was developed in conjunction with Kempsey Shire • PCYC – Assistance with Midnight Basketball Council, Mission Australia, and Kempsey PCYC • Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre for • Miimi Aboriginal Corporation provided another grant of Connect 4 Life Homelessness event $10,000 for another event in the Kempsey • Domestic Violence Monitoring Committee – White Shire. This will be held in Ribbon Day, event application and media release conjunction with Kempsey PCYC Provided and assisted with • • The MEND (Men Exploring International Women’s Day application to New Directions) & WEND Domestic Violence Monitoring Committee (Women Exploring New • Stuarts Point Hall – attendance at Directions) funding meeting to advise new committee application was successful You th A • Gladstone Chamber of Commerce – cces and Kempsey Family s Ce ntre in R Gladstone Makers Markets advice Support will now receive iver Stre et • Macleay Valley Arts Council $138,700 to commence these programs • South West Rocks Lions Club – Australia Day merchandise • Neighbour Aid Program – providing Aboriginal • Crescent Head Lions Club – Australia Day merchandise and Torres Strait Islander people with a


Infrastructure Services

“8071 tonnes of waste was diverted from landfill”

The 2010-11 financial year resulted in a large effort repairing the damage from the 2009 flood events. This damage was tested in June 2011 with yet another flood event in the Macleay Valley. Generally, Council’s infrastructure suffered a lower level of damage than the 2009 event because of the repairs that were completed this year. This impact reduced Council’s ability to meet some of the nominated Key Performance Indicators and Specific Actions. However, quite a large proportion of the roads program was completed under budget, with savings being invested in additional works where possible.

Goal 3 - Infrastructure

Robert Scott Director Infrastructure Services

This year saw the achievement of a number of key milestones including the successful underboring of the Macleay River at Belgrave Falls, the upgrade of West Kempsey CBD (Elbow Street), commissioning of the water recycling plant at South West Rocks




Number of water main failures per year



Number of sewer surcharges per year



Percentage of water and sewer supply failures will be responded to within two (2) hours of being reported


98.8% Water 90.6% Sewer

Dangerous road hazards will be responded to within 5 working hours of being reported to Council



Percentage of Council maintained gravel roads graded at least once a year.



Percentage of blockages to Council’s drainage system likely to cause property damage cleared within 24 hours of reporting



Percentage of water quality analyses complying with Australian Drinking Water Guidlines (ADWG)



Percentage of effluent analyses complying with EPA licences



Waste - quantity of material diverted from landfill (tonnes)



Waste - Quantity of recyclable material as a percentage of total material going to landfill



Number of hectares of public open space mowed Number of kilometres of roadside slashing


Crescent Head Foreshore Footpath

1,447ha 3,500 km


Infrastructure Highlights 2010 - 2011 Thungutti Water Supply and Sewerage Systems As part of the Aboriginal Communities Water and Sewerage Program, a joint NSW Government and NSW Aboriginal Land Council initiative, Kempsey Shire Council has been integral in improving the water and sewage services for the Bellbrook Aboriginal community. Toorooka Bridge Repairs

2011 - 2012 promises to be a productive year for Council with projects such as the replacement of Jacks Crossing bridge, the repair of Jobs Cutting at Comara, upgrading of the Mall in Clyde Street and the construction of a new wharf at Mattys Flat scheduled for completion. In addition, Council will be completing repairs following the June 2011 flood event and undertaking the largest road maintenance program that Council has had for several years.

Bellbrook Water Treatment Plant This project was funded by a $700,000 grant from the Australian Government’s Water for the Future initiative through the National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns program. Council significantly supported the project both financially and through construction.

Timber Bridge Replacement Council successfully replaced bridges at Hayes Flat, Five Day Creek, and Warbro Brook Road, Moparrabah, following significant damage to the previous structures. Both were replaced with suitably sized precast concrete culverts.

Stuarts Point Water Supply – Intensive Pesticide Monitoring Council was supported by the NSW Department of Health in undertaking this monitoring. The preliminary results received so far have indicated that there is no contamination of the water supply from pesticides used within the drinking water catchment in that area.

Macleay River Underboring Arogen Pty Ltd completed an underbore of the Macleay River at Belgrave Falls, successfully installing a 300mm nominal diameter polyethylene water main. The bore was 770 metres long, with 700 metres through hard rock, taking almost six months to

Goal 3 - Infrastructure

and the adoption of a Plan of Management for Mattys Flat at New Entrance which will provide the blueprint for future infrastructure improvements in that area. Essential services such as water, sewer and waste performed strongly throughout 2010 - 2011 with priority now being placed upon further developing initiatives to reduce the total amount of waste going to our landfill and see upgrades to sewer treatment at West Kempsey Treatment Plant.


Local skills development and employment initiatives This year Council employed 12 trainees to work in different sections of Council as an employment initiative. This gives valuable employment and skills to residents of the valley. Our trainees are employed in water supply, sewerage, waste management, parks, sporting fields and construction.

Flood Events The impacts of the June 2011 event are being assessed and will be the subject of a claim for repair funding in the near future. Works are already proceeding on repairs to a road slip on Armidale Road at Midnight Creek and the repair of Toorooka Bridge. Council Trainee completing water sampling

Crescent Head Foreshore The Crescent Head Malibu Board Riders Club was successful in obtaining a grant in partnership with Council for the construction of a path along the Crescent Head foreshore and stabilisation of the existing groundcover vegetation.

Dungay Creek Causeway Upgrade Council was successful in obtaining $68,000 in grant funding to upgrade the Dungay Creek causeway and improve access for fish passage and as a result provide a higher level of service to the users of the causeway. Works are proposed to be completed during the next low flow period. Completion of Midnight Creek Works


Goal 3 - Infrastructure 21




Pacific Highway - Kempsey Bypass: Identify issues and opportunities for Council’s involvement in this project with regard to the impact on community infrastructure

Aug 2010

Ongoing: Council developed and approved designs for the relocation of water supply and sewerage infrastructure. The issue of relocating Frederickton Boat Ramp was reported to Council and support was given to retain this boat ramp in its present location. The Alliance is in the process of completing detailed design on the final boat ramp.

Increase level of water reuse: Complete and commission the South West Rocks Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant

Dec 2010

Ongoing: Council has completed and commissioned the South West Rocks Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant. After extensive contractual issues, the principal contractor Odis Filtering Pty Ltd was granted practical completion in late June 2011.

Transport Infrastructure Asset Management: Information regarding existing transport infrastructure assets and their condition

Jan 2011

Ongoing: Council completed the first draft of an Asset Management Plan for roads and bridges that constitutes a significant proportion of the overall asset liability for Council.

Kempsey Airport: Halt existing runway pavement deterioration by undertaking bitumen crack sealing

Feb 2011

Completed: Council successfully completed the crack sealing of the bitumen runway at the airport. The works were completed significantly under budget and the surplus budget was returned to be utilised for other urgent works at the airport.

Waste Transfer Station Operation: Complete review of waste transfer station operation to confirm strategy for ongoing operations of the sites. Proceed with Expression of Interest for the operation of Bellbrook Waste Transfer site.

Mar 2011

Deferred: This action was deferred pending replacement of the Waste Strategy Officer position. The successful applicant has now commenced with Council and this project will be completed during 2011 - 12.

Timber Bridge Replacement: Replacement of Jacks Crossing Bridge (Revote from 2009 - 10 - not identified in capital works)

Apr 2011

Ongoing: Council completed a geotechnical investigation into the conditions at Jacks Crossing for the design of a new bridge. Tenders were called for the design, precasting and supply of concrete components for the new bridge. Richmond Valley Council was the successful tenderer and the works are expected to proceed on-site during September 2011.

Review Developer Service Plans: Revise development servicing strategies for water supply and sewerage to ensure the charges applicable under Section 64 of the Local Government Act satisfy the need for progressive augmentation of the systems

Apr 2011

Not completed: Progress was not achieved on this action, however Council did further refine the Servicing Plan for South Kempsey in order to allow preparation of an application for grant funding under the Regional Development Australia Fund.

Pedestrian Facilities: Complete concept designs for traffic movement through South West Rocks; seek comments and separate funding from RTA.

May 2011

Ongoing: Council staff have completed a Parking Study for South West Rocks and a draft of the Traffic Study will be presented to the October 2011 Council meeting. This information will form the basis of a CBD Masterplan and support future applications for funding of local traffic management works through the RTA.

Thungutti Water Supply & Sewerage Systems: Complete rectification work to permit operation of the systems with negotiations to commence on a service agreement to continue the operation of the system

May 2011

Ongoing: The chlorination system was overhauled by Council staff, who successfully recommissioned it in December 2010. The incidence of gastrointestinal illness amongst community members has decreased since chlorination commenced.

Kempsey Town Centre Masterplan Works: Development and implementation of initial works to upgrade Kempsey during the construction of the highway bypass

Jun 2011

Ongoing: Various options for the upgrade of Clyde Street Mall investigated. The preferred option has been adopted, final designs to be completed.

Frederickton Parks: Implement works identified in the Plans of Management

Jun 2011

Not completed: It was considered necessary to further develop the vision, planning controls and Masterplan for Frederickton prior to undertaking any works of significance. Council also resolved to consider the construction of a skate park in Frederickton.

Develop Mattys Flat Facilities: Establish through the development of a plan of management what is required for the optimal development of the site as a marine facility

Jun 2011

Ongoing: Council finalised and adopted a Plan of Management for the Crown Reserve at Mattys Flat. This Plan of Management has been the basis for further detailed design into improvements in the car parking, boat ramp and wharf/jetty facilities.




Community Building Asset Management

Sep 2011

Not completed: Council was able to complete Asset Management Plans on roads and bridges. Further details will be included on buildings, parks, flood mitigation and other ancillary assets as they are developed.

Establish Database of Recreational Facilities

Not completed: Council has a register of parks and other facilities, however, this data was not verified and the action was not fully completed. Jun 2011

Completed: Council completed the identified Roads to Recovery Program projects including pavement strengthening in North Street, kerb and gutter reconstruction in Polwood and Tabrett Streets, West Kempsey, and reconstruction of Neville Everson Street, West Kempsey.

Investigate Water Resources: Identify levels of available resources to ensure that sustainable water use can be managed over time

Jun 2011

Ongoing: Council has continued to participate in a three-year federally funded aquifer project that is due for submission to the National Water Commission later this year. The project aims to improve water management in coastal sand aquifers through the demonstration of an integrated approach to managing groundwater availability and quality.

Sewer Treatment: Complete upgrade and/or augmentation of West Kempsey Sewer Treatment Plant to meet demand and EPA licensing conditions

Dec 2013

Ongoing: Progress has fallen behind the planned outcomes for this project and following the successful implementation of restructuring within the Water Group, progress is now being achieved.

Other Asset Management: The identification and collection of information regarding other Council assets

Mar 2012

Not completed: Council was able to complete Asset Management Plans on roads and bridges. Further details will be included on buildings, parks, flood mitigation and other ancillary assets as they are developed.

Water Treatment: Crescent Head - Stage 1 design and construction of 1 megalitre Balance Tank;

Jun 2011

Steuart McIntyre Dam - preliminary investigation of a Water Treatment Plant

Dec 2012

Not completed: Council’s resources were redirected to the issue of dealing with Council’s sewage treatment works as a priority in order to comply with licence conditions. Little progress was made on further development of concepts for water treatment improvements at Crescent Head or Steuart McIntyre Dam.

Implement Effluent Management Strategy

Not completed: The major initiative in this Strategy, the South West Rocks Water Recycling Scheme, has been delayed due to the contractual issues associated with the project.

West Kempsey Elbow Street Upgrade (Stage 2)

Completed: This stage 2 was completed in August 2010 ready for the opening of the new police station.

Asset Management Strategy (Bridges)

Not completed: The Asset Management Plans on bridges has been completed. Development of the hierarchy structure still required.

Drainage Asset Management Plan (Stormwater)

Completed: An asset inventory has been completed to allow revaluations to be completed during 2010/2011.

Sewer Main Infiltration Works

Jun 2011

Goal 3 - Infrastructure

Roads to Recovery program: Undertake identified road reconstruction program in conjunction with NSW State Government R2R Program

Ongoing: Smoke testing of the sewerage reticulation network in West Kempsey completed. Purchase of new close circuit TV equipment for the inspection of sewer main.

22 Council employee John Gray at East Kempsey cemetery

Macleay River

Relationships with Others

“6 key areas of resource sharing identified�

Local government on the Mid North Coast has been focussed on developing a regional approach to the large strategic issues facing all our communities. To this end six areas have been identified as priorities for local government across the region. They are, financial sustainability of local government, replacement of timber bridges, coastal erosion, flood mitigation, waste management and how emergency services are funded and operated. Work has progressed on developing the information to allow the region to lobby for a greater level of support to address these issues. Kempsey Shire Council is the lead agency on developing the position on flood mitigation. David Rawlings General Manager Kempsey Shire Council

Council has also been heavily involved in working with the state and federal governments on a range of issues, such as pushing for redevelopment of the Kempsey Hospital and community safety issues. Council also supported the community on issues that arose during the year, such as the proposed closure of the Gladstone Police Station.

Goal 4 - Relationships with Others

What is MIDGOC?


The Mid North Coast Group of Councils is a body consisting of a number of strategic alliance groups that allow the local councils of the Mid North Coast region to share information and improve their governance practices. Detailed Information: The membership of the Mid North Coast Group of Councils comprises Great Lakes Council, Gloucester Shire Council, Greater Taree City Council, Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Kempsey Shire Council, Nambucca Shire Council, Bellingen Shire Council and Coffs Harbour City Council. These local councils have formed a number of alliance groups in order to improve their internal and project-related efficiency and to ensure the best possible use of available resources. Together, these alliance groups constitute the Mid North Coast Group of Councils.




Number of policies changed following lobbying/discussions






Road Network Intervention Standards

Aug 2010

Not complete. The need to develop a full asset management system to determine the need for funding overtook this project and as such this project was never carried out

Video Conferencing Facilities

Jun 2011

Ongoing. Council as part of the eight MIDGOC councils was to introduce video conferencing facilities to reduce the time and cost of meeting. This was seen as a way to increase the frequency in which the staff do interact, but also decrease the cost by limiting travel to when really necessary

Identification of Resource Sharing Opportunities

Dec 2011

Ongoing Areas Investigated: • Plant Sharing • Works Depot • Water/Sewer Operations • Saleyards • Airport Redevelopment • Joint Development of Advocacy Papers

Goal 4 - Relationships with Others

Kempsey Shire Council is a proud member of:



Corporate Management

Daryl Hagger Director Corporate Management

“303,201 people visit Council’s website each month”

Corporate Management addresses the civic leadership of Council and Council administration. It covers Council meetings; financing and budgeting; Council itself (internal processes) including information technology, human resources, records management, fleet and procurement. The key external focus of this Department is Council’s finances and revenue, the development and management of the long term financial plan together with annual financial reporting. The key internal focus is provision of information technology requirements, staff development and wellbeing and provision of governance and information management. TARGET


Percentage of staff expressing satisfaction with management leadership



Percentage of staff indicating satisfaction with their employment



Average number of hours before Ordinary Council meetings that the Agenda is available to the public

90 hours

112.92 hours

Average number of hours after ordinary Council meetings that the minutes are available to the public.

30 hours


Percentage of correspondence received, needing a reply, that is replied to within 10 working days



Number of registered correspondence received by Council annually



Value of Creditor payments made by Council annually



Number of visitors to Council’s website per month



Number of days lost per million man hours worked

Less than 460


The total number of staff lost time injuries will be reduced to less than 19 per million hours worked

Less than 19


Level of indigenous employment within Council



Goal 5 - Corporate Management


Our commitment to Equal Employment Opportunity


maternity leave.

62 vacant positions filled. 73 positions advertised. 934 job applications received. 73 advertised positions. 24 positions filled by women. 85 women currently in full time equivalent positions. 31.4% of our workforce are women. 2 new staff members employed with a disability 4.1% of our employees identified as of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. 1.5% of our employees are from a non English speaking background. 4 employees accessed paid maternity leave, 4 employees accessed supporting parents leave and 4 employees returned to their positions from Kempsey Shire Council employees

photos here of cnl meeting and teams



Promote the Macleay Valley: Utilise positive social networking sites by providing linkages through Council’s website.

Dec 2010

Currently utilising social media and the web to market and promote the Macleay Valley. Part of this included the development of the Social Media Policy.

Development of Internal Communication Systems: Review the ways in which internal communications occur and identify gaps in clear two way communication. Development of systems to allow for improved communication to fill the gaps identified

Mar 2011

Monthly yard meetings commenced in Infrastructure to improve the flow of information Communications are subject to ongoing monitoring and review, it is anticipated that the 2011 staff survey to be undertaken in October will provide a platform to access progress.

Salary System Development: Development of a new salary system to ensure that the process of evaluating the value of positions and the methods of assessing performance are clear, transparent and equitable

Jun 2011

Completed. A new salary system has been developed. The system includes job evaluations for all positions, it is proposed to introduce the salary system in November 2011.

Development of Budget Reporting Tools.

Jun 2011

Completed. Power Budget software has been implemented. The Power Budget system has been used in the development of Council’s Ten Year Financial Plan which incorporates both its Operational (annual) and Delivery Plans (four year financial plan).

Development Application Compliance Issues.

Jun 2011

Ongoing. The priority listing has been reviewed and rectification planning is currently underway. Staff resources are to be re-allocated in order to progress the project in 2011-2012.

Policy Review: Many of Council’s policies need to be reviewed and assessed to ensure that they are still relevant and capture the current views and wishes of the council and the community

Jun 2011

Ongoing. Work is progressing in reviewing Council’s policies. Staffing resources has delayed finalisation of the review which will be completed in 2011-2012.

Financial Sustainability: Undertake a full review of the financial position of Council and have in place a sustainable financial plan for the long term future of the local government area

Jun 2011

Completed. A draft ten-year Financial Plan has been developed for all funds. Extensive community consultation was held during 2010-2011 in respect of the financial challenges faced by Council culminating in a report to Council at its March 2011 meeting and a subsequent resolution to apply for a special rate variation for the 20122013, 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 years.

Develop Information Technology Strategic Plan

Dec 2011

Work has commenced in capturing data for inclusion within the Strategic Plan.

Works Depot Fire Response Equipment

Dec 2011

Plan has been prepared to allow for the upgrade to occur.

Development of Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Jun 2012

The conversion of current Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s) to SWMS has commenced.

Interactive MapInfo: This provides for interactive location based information to the public on the web. Council information is displayed in interactive maps and will allow members of the public to view and enquire on properties, see aerial photographs, planning and community information.

Dec 2012

Work has been commenced in the development of interactive mapping capability. The GIS Officers position is currently vacant; work will be advanced once the position is filled.

Goal 3 - Corporate Management



Integrated Planning and Reporting

2011 - 2012 Integrated Planning and Reporting A new planning and reporting framework for NSW local government has been introduced. These reforms replace the former Management Plan and Social Plan with an integrated framework. It also includes a new requirement to prepare a long-term Community Strategic Plan and Resourcing Strategy. The components of the new framework, and how they fit together are explained in this Manual.

character of individual towns and cities.

The new framework recognises that communities do not exist in isolation – they are part of a larger natural, social, economic and political environment that influences and, to a large extent, shapes their future direction.

Becoming a Councillor

The new planning and reporting format recognises that all Council plans are interconnected. Land use and infrastructure planning produces social, environmental and economic outcomes, and vice-versa. This framework encourages councils to draw their various plans together, to understand how they interact and to get the maximum leverage from their efforts by planning holistically for the future.


It recognises that most communities share similar aspirations: a safe, healthy and pleasant place to live, a sustainable environment, opportunities for social interaction, opportunities for employment, reliable infrastructure, etc. The difference lies in how each community responds to these needs. That is what shapes the

The new framework opens the way for councils and their communities to have important discussions about funding priorities, service levels and preserving local identity and to plan in partnership for a more sustainable future. The framework has been developed after extensive consultation with the local government sector and other key stakeholders.

Councillors are elected by their local community to represent community views on council, provide leadership and make sure local needs are met. They do this by directing a council’s affairs, allocating resources for the benefit of the local area, developing policies and reviewing the council’s performance in relation to delivering services and other matters. A councillor’s role is important. The decisions a councillor makes and the services provided by councils can impact on our lives, our local community and our local environment. Being a councillor is rewarding because it provides an opportunity to: • Make decisions that help people within the local community. • Influence the long-term strategic direction of a local community. • Learn new skills such as public speaking and advocacy. • Work with a diverse range of people on a wide range of issues. Being a councillor can also be challenging as councils need to: • Balance community needs and priorities, some of which are at odds with each other. • Work within a limited budget and a complex set of laws. Phone us today on 6566 3200 to obtain an information booklet on becoming a Kempsey Shire Councillor. You can also visit the Department of Local Government’s website at to download an information booklet.

Conclusion This year has really been about setting up Council for the future. There are many pressing issues that need to be considered in getting the planned projects underway and completed in the near future, including: • Assessing and ensuring that we are managing our assets effectively and sustainably. • Addressing issues such as law and order and health that impact on our community’s wellbeing. • Ensuring that the bypass development results in positive outcomes for our community. • Commencement of geographical community consultation. • Planning for the long term vision of the Macleay Valley Coast. This report shows what we have been doing. Now, Council is focussed on what it needs to do into the future and making sure that these outcomes are achieved on behalf of our community.

Upper Macleay


Killick Creek, Crescent Head

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6566 3200


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Kempsey Shire Council 2010 - 11 Community Annual Report