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Introduction Perspective on luxury Defining moments Travelling in style Gourmet spirit 1897 & forever after


“ What is a luxury hotel but a beautiful stage for people to live and dream their lives? ” 9

“ We craft beautiful performances on each of our unique stages.”


he world of Kempinski is created by beautiful stages on which we craft authentic and rich performances to ensure our guests travel and stay in style.

Hoteliers to the core, our distinctive etiquette is inspired by the spirit and vision of our founder, Berthold Kempinski. It is shaped by our European roots, and influenced by our experiences on the five continents. Our craft is infused with cultural empathy, imbuing each property with a unique

ambience and an outstanding sense of place. Kempinski is a collection of individuals, and we have been dedicated to please since 1897. Today, we have prestigious addresses around the globe, from Munich to Cuba; Beijing to Accra. The Kempinski constellation is brought alive by remarkable hosts who bring their own special character to the properties, making guests’ dreams come true every day.

“Together we will travel on an enchanting journey through the wonderful world of Kempinski.” While some guests sleep, others need our services. We are always on hand to meet their needs with warmth and genuine care. Our world is rich and full of authentic stories, old and new, and some still in the making. They create a treasured continuing tapestry, woven from our past, present, and future, the


highlights of which you will find throughout this book. I will be your guide throughout its pages and together we will travel on an enchanting journey through the wonderful world of Kempinski – Your Lady in Red.

I will be Ladyin your guide... Red

We believe luxury should be felt. Luxury. It means different things to each of us. For some it might be an exquisite, rare and valuable timepiece. For others it is time itself.

We believe luxury should be felt. Our guests should feel it each moment of their stay, not only because of the décor and  furnishings, but through the warmth and attentiveness of our people, and the uniquely original experiences we craft.


We embrace what we call cultural empathy. In the world of Kempinski, originality is intrinsic to luxury. Through our natural curiosity and spirit of adventure, we embrace what we call Cultural Empathy – an understanding of the customs and traditions in each of our locations. Blended


with our renowned European etiquette, it is what distinguishes our particular brand of hospitality. It is the magic through which we craft our outstanding destinations. And it is one of the most important aspects of my role as a Kempinski Lady in Red.

Craftsmanship is the thread that runs throughout our perception of luxury. Whether it’s sumptuous surroundings, impeccable service, an elegant dinner, or a thoughtful gesture, perfecting luxury


hospitality is a marriage of specialist knowledge, artistry, skill, and constant attention to detail.


Rarity is a luxury in itself. That’s why we are not in a hurry to grow. We’d much rather remain exclusive, dedicating ourselves to delivering beautiful performances in every area of each of our properties.

The beautiful spaces we have created, such as our lobby lounges, are where our guests can experience the ultimate luxury – the time to live in the moment. Savouring the moment; appreciating its quality, its different shades, and taking time to engage all the senses.


We believe luxury should be elegant and timeless. Kempinski constantly imagines new and exceptional ways for guests to delight in the moment. As true Europeans, we pay special attention to gastronomy and culture, valuing style with substance over fashion, because we believe luxury should also be elegant and timeless. A subtle mix of good education and impeccable taste, timeless elegance stands

apart from fads and trends. We display it in the way we dress – be that an exquisite plate of food or the uniforms we design for our doormen, and of course for me and the rest of the Ladies in Red. We express it through the authentic care with which we treat our guests, our owners, and our people. It flows through the design of every area of our hotels.

We believe luxury is a story that’s worth telling. Our own story is rich and eventful: its chapters are filled with charismatic characters, anecdotes, glamorous occasions, as well as discreet and intimate memorable moments. But it must also be a living and desirable story that our guests, our owners, and our


people can experience and want to share with others. Together we are building a story worth telling: a story with a rich history, but one that is still in the making.

We take art to heart. We believe art is the expression of a place, it reflects its people, its culture, its energy. It conveys, in a non-verbal way, its very essence. Kempinski has a long tradition of supporting art and culture and has made it a key pillar of the brand. Each of our hotels is a beautiful, unique stage on which we host our guests and offer them an original sense of place. So what


better way to embrace the local spirit and culture than to place art at the centre of our guest experience? We invite artists to join us and provide a space for them to showcase their talent, for the pleasure of our guests. It could be a one-off exhibition or, as in many of our properties, a permanent display where art is woven into the fabric of the hotel. Throughout the world, art is at the heart of our constellation of hotels.

— Ling Yang Chang

Concertini is a beautiful stage on which young artists shine. Kempinski Concertini is inspired by a time when the nobility would invite artists to perform in their grand drawing rooms for guests after dinner. The Concertini recreate the atmosphere of those discerning salons

in our lobby lounges – our equivalent of luxurious living rooms. They provide a beautiful stage upon which talented young musicians from the local community enchant and entertain our guests.


DEFIN 1897 Berthold Kempinski’s enterprising and pioneering approach to hospitality paved the way for all we are today.

1923 When the second generation took over the business, they vowed to keep Berthold’s spirit alive. So, with renewed energy, they set out from Germany to explore opportunities, and to source products, in other countries around the world.

1957 The Atlantic Hotel in Hamburg, became one of the brightest stars of the Kempinski world. From its stately position on the Alster it shone like a glistening white beacon.

NING 1970




Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten became part of the Kempinski constellation. Since then we have honoured its royal lineage, respecting the glamour of ages past.

In true pioneering spirit, Kempinski opened its first hotel in China at a time when few Westerners saw the country’s potential. Back then, our ambition was questioned: now we are seen as visionary.

Kempinski was privileged to add Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, a glittering jewel, to its wonderful world.

On April 5th, we celebrated our 120th anniversary. Across the globe, guests and employees celebrated together as we ‘Ignited The Night. And we confirmed our pioneering spirit when we opened Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski – the first luxury hotel in Havana.

1897 —B  erthold Kempinski

“Each life is a journey paved with milestones: key moments that define who we are.” Since our journey began over a century ago, we have experienced many significant moments along the way.

They have shaped who we are, what we believe in, and how we do things. And they inspire our future. We were born into a time of optimism, creativity, originality, and joie de vivre, which we fully embraced. Since then, we have been inquisitive explorers of the world, yet the influence of our European origins remains the foundation for everything we do. As a Lady in Red, my role is to convey this sense of Europeanness and timeless elegance, blended with empathy for local customs and traditions. Let me tell you the story of how we began.


1907 Our founder, Berthold Kempinski, paved the way for all we are today. With his original and enquiring mind, he created an enterprising and pioneering approach to hospitality that influences us still. In 1897, Berthold and his wife Helene opened a small wine-merchant and


high-end delicatessen, named M.Kempinski & Co in Berlin. Here they dedicated themselves to pleasing their loyal clientele. With characteristic aplomb, they captivated Berliners with the finest produce such as oysters, lobster, crayfish, and caviar along with the best quality wines.


From these small beginnings, Berthold sought out ever more inventive approaches to cuisine, expanding to other venues that introduced his guests to new gastronomic experiences in unique and original surroundings.

Haus Vaterland on Potsdamer Platz. Each of its 12 restaurants was themed to the cuisine of a different country with dĂŠcor inspired by its traditions and culture. Guests could experience places such as Hungary, Spain, Turkey, Italy and even the Wild West, all under one roof.

He also created a small culinary revolution by introducing a new concept: affordable fix-priced full and half portions, with wine by the glass.

Even in those early days, Haus Vaterland was imbued with cultural empathy, and dedicated to creating beautiful performances.

Long before we began to travel the world, seeking out new destinations and experiences for our guests, Kempinski & Co brought the world to Berlin when they took over

Berthold’s entrepreneurial approach to hospitality remains at the heart of Kempinski as we constantly seek out new ways to please and surprise our guests.


When the second generation took over the business in 1923, they vowed to keep alive Berthold’s pioneering spirit. With the energy and inquisitiveness of youth, they began to explore opportunities and to source products from around the world. Kempinski soon had wine stores and restaurants in Amsterdam, London and New York. There was even an outlet in Montevideo, Uruguay.


Kempinski wine travelled throughout the world to the Dutch colonies in the Caribbean and South East Asia, as well as to England, Denmark, Norway, Czechoslovakia and Poland. It was the beginning of a journey that has taken us from our European roots out into the world to discover and embrace different cultures, cuisines, and customs with which to enchant our guests.



1932 In 1932, Kempinski opened it first resort hotel, located at Lake Schlänitz, near Postdam, about 50 km from the centre of Berlin. Schloss Marquardt Kempinski was a former manor house which perfectly captured the Hollywood-influenced glamour of the time. With just 24 guest rooms, Schloss Marquardt promised wealthy Berliners exclusivity and luxury, and a peaceful escape from fast-paced city life. This romantic fairytale castle offered guests a choice of fine dining restaurants, relaxing tea lounges,

sophisticated wine bars, and peaceful terraces overlooking the lake, where guests could lose themselves in the moment. It soon became a popular destination for Berlin’s ‘beautiful people’, setting the tone for a long-lasting trend. Inspired by Schloss Marquardt’s peace and seclusion, we have created remarkable havens around the world where guests can find calm and quietude. Whether through an array of the latest wellness facilities, or simply by reconnecting them with nature and culture.


After its opening in 1909, the Hotel Atlantic quickly became royalty among hotels. From its stately position on the banks of the Alster, it shone like a glistening white beacon welcoming the ships that sailed in and out of Hamburg’s busy port from all over the world. The Atlantic’s distinctively European style continued inside with typically elegant and genteel décor, and a majestic ballroom as its centrepiece. With its pale blue walls and white stucco decoration, reminiscent of Wedgewood porcelain, the ballroom was a grand statement of European style and grace.

They include politicians, film stars, artists, writers, musicians, and royalty – notably the Japanese Emperor. The world-famous opera singer Maria Callas stayed here and the great Austrian Expressionist painter Oskar Kokoschka was a regular. French writer, designer, playwright, artist and filmmaker, Jean Cocteau made heads turn when he sailed down the great staircase in his flowing overcoat.

British film star, James Mason was one of the many famous actors and performers to stay here, but perhaps none was quite so daring as the former Folies Bergères sensation, Josephine Baker. Ms Baker always stayed In 1957, it became it became one of the at the Hotel Atlantic whenever she brightest stars in the Kempinski constellation. performed in Hamburg. In typically flamboyant fashion, she once declared Hamburg has a long and proud maritime she wanted all Hamburg at her feet, then history and no other hotel in the city is promptly climbed up onto the Atlantic’s as closely connected to international sea roof and stood next to the gleaming globe! travel than the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski Hamburg. It has long been a starting point Perhaps she was the inspiration, many years for wealthy travellers as they set out on later, for a scene in Tomorrow Never Dies their voyages on the world’s most famous starring Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Her luxury liners. daring feat is replicated when 007 escapes from the window of his Atlantic suite, climbs onto the roof and up to the globe.



Bavarian king, Maximilian II created Maximilianstrasse as a stunning monument for Munich. And he wanted what he described as “the most beautiful hotel in the city”to grace it. Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten opened with great ceremony in 1858 and became an instant favourite with Munich’s high society. Since this timelessly elegant and authentically European hotel became part of the Kempinski constellation in 1970, we have honoured its royal lineage, respecting the glamour of ages past while sensitively updating it to meet the changing needs of our guests. Just like Berthold Kempinski, Maximilian’s son, Ludwig II, was a well-known gourmand, bon vivant and culinary pioneer.

The hotel’s Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant, takes its inspiration from Ludwig’s favourite Bavarian dishes, bringing them up-to-date with a modern twist. With its entrance on bustling Maximilianstrasse, in Munich’s most elegant area, the restaurant has become a destination where people meet for casual business lunches or to socialise with friends. The foyer is described by many as ‘one of the most beautiful living rooms in Europe’. It is thought of as Munich’s front room – a place where people love to meet. Just as it was in 1858, Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski is a place where people in the know gather to meet and relax, drawn by its charm and exclusive club atmosphere.



1992 In 1992, we truly embraced our bold, pioneering spirit by opening our first hotel in China, at a time when few Westerners saw the country’s potential.

Positioned in the heart of the city’s diplomatic and business district, Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center, was China’s first luxury hotel. Drawing on our European roots, we developed new standards to create the


perfect blend of European elegance and Chinese culture, reflected in both the cuisine and the service. This was the start of our Chinese adventure and it opened up fresh horizons for our guests, introducing a new culture and experiences to even the most seasoned of travellers.

We enthusiastically continue to explore this fascinating and often mysterious land, opening more properties each with its own distinct character.


2005 When Africa beckoned, it was with excitement and curiosity that we travelled to this fascinating continent of sparsely populated, breathtakingly beautiful, expansive landscapes. We could hardly wait to discover this land of contrasts comprising tranquil wilderness inhabited by exotic wildlife, relaxing sandy beaches, and vibrant modern cities that promise bright new futures.

From bustling, cosmopolitan Nairobi to the overwhelming beauty of the Masai Mara game reserve, our quest to craft exquisite and unforgettable experiences has created some of the most romantic destinations imaginable. For me, one most iconic of these is Olare Mara Kempinski, an elegant and luxurious tented camp nestled at the heart of the Masai Mara, from where guests enjoy

close-up sightings of exotic wildlife. It is this most perfect of settings for our unique blend of elegant European service embraced by the charm of local traditions.

The Middle East is enthusiastic about all things European – style, architecture, and etiquette. We knew it would be the perfect destination for the Kempinski brand of hospitality, blended with Arabic customs, warmth and generosity. Magnificent, bold and extravagant, the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi was our dramatic entry into the Middle East, and a glittering jewel in the Kempinski constellation. One of the most extraordinary buildings ever constructed, it exudes opulence tempered only by discreet European etiquette.


Our pioneering adventures continue in Cuba. A new frontier of luxury and style where music, dance and warm-hearted people combine to make it one of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations. And in true Kempinski spirit we opened Cuba’s first five-star luxury hotel in the heart of Old Havana, a vibrant area rich in history and culture. Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana restored one of Havana’s most iconic buildings to its former glory. The hotel recaptures the authentic spirit

of the time with our flair for elegant European style and service, infused with the essence of Cuban culture. It is once again the the place to be for fashionable people. In our travels around the world, we have embraced the best of what each of our destinations has to offer. In return we have introduced our unique brand of European hospitality, infused with timeless elegance, beautiful performances, and a dedication to please our guests.



As we celebrate our 122nd anniversary in April 2019, our motto – ‘small is beautiful’ – is more relevant than ever, and perfectly captures the company spirit. While constantly looking for new destinations, we take great care when choosing properties to make sure we add only the most precious pearls to our collection. But we are not in a hurry to expand our constellation. During 2018 we handpicked exquisite properties that will ensure our guests keep travelling in style in style with us.

Muscat, Singapore, Palm Dubai, and Bali are our most recent additions. And because we believe there can be no wealth without health, most are resorts with luxurious, wonderfully relaxing wellness areas. As our journey continues there will be many more defining moments. In our next chapter, we’ll visit some of our properties that are helping to create them. Let’s continue our journey and travel in style together.



The unique Kempinski constellation Since 1897 we have explored the world to create a constellation of remarkable havens, from European cities to the wide-open wilderness of the Masai Mara; from former palaces to stunning modern architectural masterpieces.

beautiful performances to ensure our guests stay in style and comfort. Carefully crafted bespoke experiences allow guests to suspend time, appreciate the richness of each moment, and sense its local flavour before they continue their journey.

Inspired by our heritage, we create an exceptional sense of place, delivering

Come with me on a tour of a selection of these extraordinary spaces.

Welcome to

BERLIN Wilkommen in Berlin

A Berlin concertini at Hotel Adlon Kempinski


love Berlin – Germany’s vibrant capital city and home to Hotel Adlon Kempinski. This iconic hotel stands in the heart of the city, next to the famous Brandenburg Gate and in the centre of Berlin’s political, cultural and economical life.

The Royal, Imperial and the Brandenburger Tor Suites all have five individually exquisitely furnished rooms.

Its unique location, legendary history, opulent furnishings and décor as well as impeccable service, attract the elite from all over the world – including former US President, Barack Obama, and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom. And with no fewer than three Presidential Suites at their disposal, it’s little wonder they choose to stay at Hotel Adlon Kempinski.

Presidential Suite guests enjoy the around-the-clock services of a butler. And whatever the time, they will always find him immaculately dressed! Mixing cocktails, serving drinks and making tea are all part of his standard repertoire, but his services are tailored to the individual needs of each guest.

The Imperial Suite has two private elevators, which lead direct to the garage, and it also has its own fitness area.


“I love Berlin – Germany’s vibrant capital and home to Hotel Adlon Kempinski.”


— 1970: a Kempinski chef presents oversized ‘Berliners’, a typical German deep-fried pastry, to Nina Ricci models, attending a fashion event.


“I am very privileged to meet so many wonderful people from all over the world. I love sharing my knowledge about Berlin to help them have the most enjoyable stay possible with Kempinksi in this great city.�


One of my favourite spaces, in this magnificent grand hotel, is the lobby, with its famous elephant fountain, a gift from the Maharaja of Patiala around 1930. Here, international guests and Berliners meet over coffee or to enjoy afternoon tea. They relax with a glass of wine and perhaps linger to experience a Kempinski Concertini – classical recitals performed by Berlin’s talented young musicians. The hotel celebrates the visual arts too, with pieces such as the hand-crafted glasswork in the lobby bar. Created by London-based artist, Emma Peascod, this verre églomisé is over four metres long and depicts motifs from

the elephant fountain including golden elephants, frogs and lotus flowers. A marble staircase leads to the Bel Etage, where, on the landing wall, hangs a triptych by Brazilian artist, Luzia Simons. The photograph of a colourful array of tulips on a black background is taken from her famous 2010 Stockage series. Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin is ideal for leisure travellers, but it is also the perfect venue for social and corporate events. With 307 luxurious rooms, 80 exquisite suites – some of which have stunning views of the Brandenburg Gate – three restaurants, a magnificent spa and wellness area, I always say it is the perfect place from which to explore Berlin’s treasures.


Welcome to

ISTANBUL İstanbul’a hoş geldiniz

A chorus of delights at Çirağan Palace Kempinski


f like me, history and echoes of the past fascinate you, then you will be captivated by Çırağan Palace Kempinski. Located on the site of  the former residence of the Ottoman sultans, on the shores of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, it is rich with stories of its grand heritage. A royal residence has stood on this site since the 1700s. Sadly, the last palace, built in

1871 from rare marble and mother of pearl, using North African techniques, was destroyed by fire in 1910. But in 1987, work began to lovingly restore the Cırağan Palace and transform it into a five-star hotel. Kempinski was awarded the contract for hotel management and operations in the early 1990s and a new era began.

— Palace of Tcheragan, where the late Sultan committed suicide, from The Graphic, 1876.



A host of fairy tale weddings for many years, Çirağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul makes dreams come true!

The noble columns of this landmark building incorporate a lily design, which in Egyptian mythology represents power and sovereignty. It was the inspiration for the hotel’s logo. Çırağan is the Persian word for ‘light’ and the hotel’s name is inspired by the torch-lit celebrations that Fatma Sultan held in the gardens. The ‘Çırağan Festivals’ as they were known, soon became synonymous with the Palace.

The interiors reflect its royal past with sumptuous fabrics and 19th century furniture, custom-made wool carpets and magnificent columns. Imported from Venice, impressive Murano glass chandeliers bathe these opulent surroundings in spellbinding light and are just one of the hotel’s many artistic treasures.


And with its romantic terrace, overlooking the Bosphorus, Ciragan Palace is perfect for fairytale weddings. It’s a place where dreams come true. Today, Cırağan Palace Kempinski perfectly blends palatial grandeur and renowned Turkish hospitality with the modern comfort of a luxury hotel, and of course, personalised European-style Kempinski service.


One of the hotel’s most evocative dining experiences is ‘The Sultan’s Dinner’, created to enchant guests with unique tastes from the Ottoman era. A rich selection of royal Ottoman delicacies is complemented by antique candelabras, carafes, and a silver coffee set featuring the monogram of one of the Sultans. Cırağan Palace Kempinski remains true to its roots and to this day is still the place to be for royalty, as well as politicians, artists and other high-profile guests.

Welcome to the


Harmony at Kempinski Hotel Ishtar


ith its therapeutic waters, rich in various types of minerals, there is no other natural body of water on earth similar to the Dead Sea in Jordan. And on the shores of this famous salt lake, at the lowest point on earth, stands Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea. I never cease to be enchanted by this romantic setting, with uninterrupted views across the sea to its west bank, and I hope you will be too.


Inspired by the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and constructed with local stone, the building’s stylish Arabesque design weaves clean and simple lines into an Arabian theme. The resort has three luxurious areas in which guests indulge in blissful serenity in the most tranquil of places. The main building houses 345 rooms and suites, while the Ishtar Royal Villas, with their tasteful contemporary décor, are ideal for anyone looking for the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity.


Floating weightlessly on the water is an experience not to be missed. Set among gardens dotted with lagoons, waterfalls and private pools, where ancient olive trees mingle with palms, the hotel is a true haven of wellness. The Ishtar Spa by Resense is one of the largest in the Middle East, but of course guests also have access to the world’s oldest natural spa: the Dead Sea itself.

The sea has one of the highest salt contents of any body of water in the world and is renowned for its healing properties. Floating weightlessly on the water is an experience not to be missed. A stunning infinity pool in the grounds overlooks this glorious stretch of water, and feels part of it.


— Sumer Al Hindawi

Sculpture Mix media on fiberglass 2008

Inanna Terrace is a stunning new addition to the property. Following the hotel’s Babylonian architectural concept, with sweeping panoramic views over the Dead Sea, it is idyllic during the day and stunning at night-time when bathed in moonlight. Guarding the entrance to this atmospheric view stands a huge statue of a dancing couple, carved by hand from marble brought from the north of Jordan. This serene and relaxing open air piazza, is a beautiful stage for a range of events, from romantic weddings, cocktail receptions


and glittering social gatherings, to large-scale corporate events, such as car launches. Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea is the perfect place from which to discover this endlessly fascinating, mysterious region, so steeped in history and custom. Some of the most stunning scenery in the world is an easy excursion from the hotel, including awe-inspiring rock formations along with important religious and historical sites such as the 2,000-year-old UNESCO World Heritage City of Petra.


Welcome to


A symphony of legends at Kempinski Hotel Muscat


repare to be surprised and enchanted as our journey continues to the Sultanate of Oman, ideally situated on the Arabian Peninsula. I think of it as Arabia’s best-kept secret, a destination rich with culture and historic legacies dating back over 100,000 years. It is surrounded by dramatic scenery and unspoilt nature, including 3,000 km of beaches, endless sand dunes and lush oases. Forts and fjords, striking wadis


and caves are waiting to be discovered in this most awe-inspiring location. And of course, you’ll be treated to authentic Arabian hospitality. The capital, Muscat is a growing cosmopolitan city with museums and striking venues such as the Royal Opera House, the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, (an architectural jewel) and Muttrah Souq, the traditional bazaar dating back around 200 years.

Where your Arabian adventure begins Little wonder then that Oman is fast emerging as a popular destination for travellers seeking a truly Arabian experience. The small, exclusive coastal town of Al Mouj, is where we find Kempinski Hotel Muscat – a sophisticated and luxurious stage at the heart of Oman’s renaissance. The hotel’s architecture and interior design ensure you’ll experience a true taste of Arabia from the moment you arrive. Taking inspiration from the surroundings, both the exterior and interior are influenced by a rich tapestry of Omani legends, traditions, and culture. For example, creating a dramatic first impression, the majestic pillarless ballroom is modelled on an Arabic lantern. The guestrooms’ design is based on a typical Omani village and is built around a courtyard. And the lobby decor is inspired by the water lilies at the ceremonial palace of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.


A choice of chic, stylish and diverse restaurants, of uncompromising quality, make Kempinski Hotel Muscat a lively dining destination for locals as well as guests. Choose European, Levantine, and pop-up live cooking at The Kitchen. Enjoy delicious pastries at Café One. Savour Northern Indian delicacies at Bukhara or get a taste of Thai street food at the vibrant Soi Soi. Zale, the hotel’s beach club and lounge, specialises in globally inspired cuisine, and at night becomes a vibrant lounge. The hotel’s restaurants and bars, private bowling and entertainment centre, a fully-equipped fitness centre, and spa, make it a dynamic centre for Al Mouji, and the perfect holiday destination. Close to the hotel, there is a 400-berth marina and a PGA-standard 18-hole links golf course for you to enjoy.




Welcome to


Orchestral opulence at Emirates Palace


elcome to Abu Dhabi, a city where thousands of years of Arabian culture and traditions combine with modern vibrant city life.

There is much to see and do in Abu Dhabi, from roaming the city’s traditional souks and exploring the Heritage Village, to visiting one of the largest Mosques in the world, taking a thrilling desert safari, or swimming with tranquil marine life. And I am incredibly proud to say that staying with us at Emirates Palace is the best way to experience all Abu Dhabi has to offer.


Built as an iconic landmark, Emirates Palace showcases Arabian culture at its finest. Stretching over 1 km in length, with a multitude of facilities, this fairytale hotel, rises dream-like from the desert and was an important starting point for our Arabian adventure. From here, the Kempinski brand has spread across the peninsula to Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, bringing our unique blend of European luxury hospitality and local flavour. But amid its splendor and luxury, Emirates Palace is a place for quiet reflection where guests can take time to enjoy the beauty of each moment, whether they are indoors or strolling through breathtaking landscaped gardens and parks.

Legendary Arabian hospitality, peaceful surroundings, and a touch of Eastern mystery blend to create a magical haven where you can relax and unwind. With spectacular views of our manicured lawns or the glistening blue waves of the Arabian Sea, every room promises a palatial experience. Together with 14 restaurants, cafés, and lounges presenting the finest global cuisine, it all adds up to a luxury hotel stay beyond comparison. While you’re here, be sure to order our signature 24k gold-flaked Palace


Cappuccino at Emirates Palace at Le Café. Made with a superior blend of aromatic coffee, and sprinkled with real 24-carat gold flakes, it is accompanied by dark chocolate or dates, and served on a silver platter. Perhaps the most enchanting experience is a moonlit dinner on the beach, that recreates Arabia’s past. Your evening begins with a welcoming, traditional Arabic coffee or refreshing rose water on the terrace of our beach restaurant, BBQ Al Qasr. From there you’ll be escorted to your private tent, which is steeped in Arabian ambience, where you’ll enjoy a specially prepared three-course menu for two.

Welcome to


Bienvenue à Genève

Serenading the spirit of Geneva at Grand Hotel Kempinski


henever I think about Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva, a vision of timeless elegance comes to mind. To me, it is the embodiment of our passion for Europe’s rich culture and love for gastronomy. Here is where luxury can truly be felt. The hotel has a quiet personality that embraces the spirit of this cosmopolitan


city. Modern and elegant, the hotel is well integrated into the remarkable Geneva landscape. Its central location, and spectacular view over the lake and across the Alps, makes it unique and very desirable. From its terraces, majestic Lake Geneva, the rooftops of the Old Town, and the Jet d’Eau stretch out before you, inviting you to explore.

Green, clean and serene, Geneva’s small size belies its rich cultural diversity.

stylish European service delivered with genuine attention and craftsmanship.

Attracting the world’s wealthy and famous, by effortlessly combining business and leisure, the city is home to museums and cultural sites, peaceful gardens, fabulous restaurants, and of course luxury designer boutiques.

An oasis in the heart of the city, the hotel is a destination in itself. It has lively entertainment, three exclusive gourmet restaurants, notably Italian restaurant, Il Vero, known for its fresh pasta, as well as a cosy lounge area and a bar.

Reflecting the city’s lifestyle, Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva has become a hub for like-minded people looking for authentic,

An elite spa and fitness centre and the largest private indoor swimming pool in Geneva, combine to make the hotel ideal for both business and leisure travellers.




Welcome to


Laipni lūdzam Rīgā

An opera at Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga


hen I’m in the romantic city of Riga, I love nothing more than wandering through the narrow streets of the Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997. But Riga isn’t a museum. It successfully blends heritage with the present day in its buildings, its cultural life, and its cafes and restaurants. If you have a head for heights, be sure to climb the 72-metre high tower of St Peter’s church for the most magnificent view over the city.


It is in the Old Town that we find Grand Hotel Kempinski Riga standing next to the famous Latvian National Opera House. The hotel has quite a history of its own. It opened in the 1880s as Hotel Rome, which at the time offered the most modern accommodation in the city. Almost entirely destroyed during WWII, it took just a few years to rebuild and it opened as Hotel Riga. It was famous for housing the first ever bar in Latvia and for serving the first cocktail in the Soviet Union!



Our restoration has revived the building once more and you will be enchanted with the breathtaking views of the capital. There is a choice of 141 luxurious rooms and suites, two restaurants, two bars, and for business there are six spacious meeting rooms, including a grand ballroom. But when you want to relax, head for the fabulous Kempinski The Spa. The stunning Amber Restaurant, with its open kitchen, offers a sumptuous blend of contemporary Latvian and international cuisine, together with famous local dishes.

Take the lift to the panoramic top floor where you’ll find Stage 22, a stylish rooftop restaurant and bar. It’s the perfect spot to savour locally sourced drinks and snacks while delighting in the stunning views of the city. There are so many places to relax in this beautiful hotel, from the lobby lounge where you can indulge in traditional afternoon tea, to the magnificent Cigar Lounge.


Welcome to


Bainvgnieu a San Murezzan

An Alpine aria at Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski


t. Moritz is a wonderful blend of activity, nature, culture, sport, and relaxation in a spectacular mountain setting. This beautiful resort is synonymous throughout the world with style, elegance and sophistication. In the 19th century, Europeans flocked to St. Moritz for its famous healing springs, as they still do today, but of course the resort is now renowned as Switzerland’s leading winter resort. Let me tell you the charming story of how it all began.


In a bid to make the resort as popular in winter as it was in summer, hotelier Johannes Badrutt invited a group of British guests to return to the resort at Christmas to sample the Engadin Valley’s pleasant winter climate. He promised to cover their travel expenses if they didn’t enjoy themselves. Of course they accepted and no refund was necessary as they had the most wonderful time. At the heart of this idyllic Alpine village stands Grand Hotel des Bains Kempinski, which exudes timeless European luxury at any time of year. Built in 1864, directly

next to the famous therapeutic springs, it is a much-loved landmark, intertwined with the resort’s history. This majestic ski-in/ski-out hotel has direct access to the Corviglia ski area via the St. Moritz Bad gondola station. The hotel also has its own ski school and an in-house sports shop. In the summer months, there is still much to see and do in this magical resort, from trekking, cycling and sightseeing in the Engadin Valley, to shopping in the

designer boutiques, and relaxing in St. Moritz’s chic cafes. And, after a long day exploring the village and its surroundings, or after a workout in the hotel’s gym, the celebrated 2,800 m2 Kempinski The Spa, is the perfect place to unwind. The spa has four different saunas, a steam bath, a laconium, an indoor pool, and Kneipp baths. After a luxuriating treatment, the sun terrace is the ideal spot to take in the glorious scenery and fresh Alpine air.




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Thai melody at Siam Kempinski Hotel


ur next stop is a prime location in Bangkok with direct access to the Siam Paragon Shopping Mall, where we step inside Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok. We are greeted by masterpieces of floristry whose delicate perfume fills the cool, spacious lobby. The hotel has created an exclusive resort-like atmosphere in the heart of the city’s premier shopping and entertainment district. Each of its 401 luxurious rooms and suites, features a contemporary interior design sparkling with unique Thai elements.


Many rooms have private balconies overlooking the hotel’s lush garden and swimming pools. It is perfect for busines and leisure travellers alike. Nowhere is our commitment to the arts more evident than at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok. Since it opened in 2010, the hotel has gained a reputation as a serious art collector and committed supporter of established as well as newer Thai artists. There is no better place to start a journey of discovery through the vibrant yet calming, colourful yet peaceful world of Thai art.

We believe taking time out is the ultimate luxury, and savouring the moment wandering around this collection is one of my greatest pleasures. Over 4,000 works, comprising original paintings, sculptures, and photographs – both contemporary and traditional – are on display in the lobby, lounge, corridors, rooms and suites. And more than 200 of these pieces have been created exclusively for the hotel by celebrated as well as by emerging artists. Now, people around the world can enjoy these stunning commissioned artworks


without leaving home, by visiting the hotel’s online gallery. The gallery introduces Thailand’s impressive breadth of creative talent to an international audience, while encouraging the Thai art community to flourish. It is a wonderful digital stage for some truly beautiful performances. Artistry is displayed too in the hotel’s restaurants, which includes Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin. One of only a few Thai restaurants in the world with a Michelin star rating, it is renowned for its impressive modern interpretations of Thai dishes.




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A Chinese prelude on the shores of Yanqi Lake


hen you think of Beijing it’s likely you’ll picture a vibrant, busy, dynamic city that never stops. But I’m going to take you just 70 kilometres north of the capital’s centre to a haven of peace and tranquillity. Yanqi Lake is a beautiful scenic site located at the foot of Yanshan mountains. Surrounded by a variety of trees including pine, poplar and willow, it is a natural habitat for various species, including rare


migrant birds and geese, especially during spring and autumn. The name Yanqi Lake translates as ‘Swans Dwell on the Lake’. This most serene of destinations is home to 14 hotels located on the lake's shore and on Yanqi Island, which include Sunrise Kempinski Hotel, and 12 boutique hotels managed by Kempinski. Each housing between 10 and 19 guest rooms and suites, the boutique hotels artfully blend contemporary and traditional design.



— Sunrise Kempinski



Here, amongst nature, you can enjoy the best of both worlds and discover Beijing at a more leisurely pace.

The décor is inspired by the Chinese Imperial Gardens of Beijing and each property incorporates the concept of ‘Siheyuan’ – a traditional courtyard. But their most stunning feature is the glorious views from the windows of the mountains, the Mutianyu Great Wall, the lake and the beautiful landscaped gardens in which stands the graceful nine-storey Yanqi Pagoda.

With 14,000 m2 devoted to meeting space, a conference centre, eleven restaurants and bars, two spas, a private marina, and two kids’ clubs, it’s the perfect place to mix business and leisure.


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Lyrical nights at Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai


ell rested and relaxed, we arrive in Shanghai – a fascinating, bustling city that blends the traditions and culture of the East with Western influences. And nowhere are these influences more apparent than in the colonial architecture of the Bund, or the tree-lined streets of the former French Concession with its quaint cafés. Although this is a city for shopping, dining, and nightlife, an increasing number of cultural venues are opening, as Shanghai encourages support for the arts. Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai is situated in the heart of Lujiazui, Shanghai’s financial district, close to many famous landmarks and luxurious shopping centres. It is the perfect place to stay whether you’re here for business or to explore the city. Let’s take a look around.


One of the most impressive features of this stunning contemporary hotel is the sweeping views of the Huangpu River and the Shanghai skyline. I never tire of this view at night when the city lights glitter and sparkle like jewels. After a day of meetings or wandering around the city, head up to the 30th floor to relax in the tranquil environment of the spa. Here, you’ll also find a fitness centre, and a large pool with panoramic views over Shanghai. Grand Kempinski Hotel Shanghai is a peaceful oasis in the middle of a vibrant city. Before we leave Shanghai, I’d like to show you another very chic Kempinski property – The One. With its spacious suites and private residences that are among the largest in the city, The One is a home from home for anyone staying long-term in Shanghai.


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Om Swastiastu. Selamat Datang di Bali.

A magical melody at The Apurva Kempinski Bali


t’s time to catch our breath with a stopover in Bali at one of the most serene, relaxing retreats in our constellation: The Apurva Kempinski Bali

Standing on the cliff of Nusa Dua, with sensational views of the Indian Ocean and our sumptuous tropical garden, The Apurva Kempinski Bali seems to cascade down the hillside. It emerges as a majestic open-air theatre: an embodiment of Indonesian elegance.


Come with me into the open, welcoming lobby, styled on a pendopo – a space used for religious ceremonies or as a resting place for the King and his court during the Majapahit era. As with the rest of the resort’s aweinspiring interior spaces, it has a modern touch while celebrating the past. The theme continues into the guestrooms, villas and suites which are adorned with exotic woods, local fabrics, and traditional motifs.

“ Working in this beautiful place each day is a joy. But the most rewarding aspect of my job is watching how our guests transform during their stay as they relax in the serenity of these surroundings, and then leave rejuvenated and refreshed.”


Seven eclectic dining venues, including Bali’s first aquarium restaurant, promise an exceptional sensory experience, while the Apurva Spa will take you on a holistic Javanese journey that balances both inner and outer beauty.

A stay at this tranquil retreat will always be spectacular, sensational, curated, and serene. Architects and interior designers worked together to create a masterpiece that is a tribute to the nation’s rich cultural heritage and meticulous craftsmanship.

The Apurva Kempinski Bali tells the story of Indonesia: its setting, its people, its culture and beliefs. It is infused with the unique Kempinski perspective on luxury and authentic, once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Apurva translates from Sanskrit as ‘like no other’ which perfectly embraces our dedication to bringing unique experiences to life.


Edible craftmanship – treat for the eyes and the palate.



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A virtuoso performance at Emerald Palace Kempinski


n Palm Jumeirah stands Emerald Palace Kempinski, a grand retreat fit for royalty. I have travelled the world in my role as a Kempinski ambassador, but even I have to admit, that the Emerald Palace is dazzling. Evoking the great palaces of Europe, it is a tribute to European craftsmanship with its 18th century inspired interiors.

The grand atrium, flanked by towering marble columns, shimmering with gold leaf

and a montage of mirrors, is just one of its opulent architectural features. Crystal chandeliers have been cut and polished to perfection. Generous guest rooms are accentuated with intricate handcrafted details such as bespoke Italian furnishings and exquisite silks. The magnificent ballroom, with its imposing foyer and walls edged in handpainted gold leaf, has an outdoor terrace and dual views across the Arabian Gulf and Palm lagoon.


To complement the splendour of the surroundings, eight world-class restaurants and bars, presided over by internationally renowned chefs, provide the pinnacle of gastronomy. When you want to relax and rejuvenate, head to the 3,000 m2 Cinq Mondes Spa. It features 24 treatment rooms, two private spa suites, and the largest indoor wellness swimming pool on the Palm. If you prefer something more energetic, there is a stateof-the-art fitness centre and yoga studio. The 80-seat private cinema – the largest on


the Palm – is a great way to unwind with family and friends, and it can also be used for a wide range of events. There are many other options for corporate functions too including distinctive spaces for meetings and conferences, and the ballroom is ideal for large celebrations such as weddings and anniversaries. With its palatial dimensions, elegant service, and magnificent views, Emerald Palace Kempinski Dubai presents a new perspective on luxury and guarantees unforgettable memories.



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Benvenuti a Venezia

A romantic Venetian rhapsody at San Clemente Palace Kempinski


enice is one of the world’s most romantic cities, and our next visit is to one of the most romantic stars in the Kempinski constellation. Our arrival by boat from Piazza San Marco makes it all the more magical. Located on its own private island, San Clemente Palace Kempinski Venice is an enchanting retreat that exudes peace, tranquillity and exclusivity.


Our classically-decorated rooms and suites overlook either the lagoon or the beautiful centuries-old park. The hotel’s three inspirational restaurants, Acquerello, La Dolce and Insieme, will tantalise your taste buds with exceptional interpretations of iconic Italian and Venetian specialities, including authentic pizza from our secret recipe. For a truly unforgettable experience, book a private dinner on the island’s Sunset Hill.



Here you can forget everything around you and just enjoy the moment, savouring locally-inspired gourmet delicacies, while watching the sun set over Venice. An outdoor pool, tennis court and a fitness room, as well as herb-therapy massage treatments, make this captivating island hideaway the perfect place for total relaxation.

Venice, with its mysterious narrow streets, picturesque canals, and world-famous landmarks is just a minute away, and Kempinski Discovery members can see it from a different perspective with a private gondola ride. Gliding past ancient palaces and houses on a piece of Venetian history will create memories to last a lifetime. With its closeness to Venice, San Clemente Palace Kempinski is a heavenly place to holiday.


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ACCRA Akwaaba

Dance to the rhythm of Africa at Gold Coast City Accra



kwaaba - or welcome to one of the friendliest countries in Africa! Ghana lies in the centre of the West African coast and is well known for its rich natural treasures, which include 16 national parks, resource reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Majestic waterfalls stretch across the country, and wherever you are, you’re never far from a golden beach. Ghana’s castles and forts are a treasure of a different, man-made kind. Recognising their unique place in world history, UNESCO has designated them World Heritage Sites.

Here you will find European luxury in joyful fusion with Ghanaian warmth and hospitality.

And so we arrive at Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra. Its convenient location is close to the State House, the Accra International Conference Centre, and the National Theatre.

When you really want to relax, the spa will help melt away the stresses and strains of modern life. For fitness fanatics, the health club has a fully equipped gym and yoga studio, and a 25-metre outdoor swimming pool.

Morning, afternoon or evening, there is a wonderful selection of restaurants and bars. For a delicious Mediterranean buffet, head to Papillon Restaurant. If you want to try authentic Levantine dishes or Arabian street food, visit Cedar Garden. Or unwind with a cocktail created by our expert mixologists. The Gallery Lounge serves delicious desserts and if you have a sweet tooth, I highly recommend the mouthwatering chocolate tasting experience!


Gallery 1957, an independent, professional art gallery, representing contemporary Ghanaian artists is located within the hotel.

Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City Accra is the only five-star luxury hotel in the city with conference and meeting facilities, equipped with the very latest technology. A big supporter of local culture, the hotel’s programme of Kempinski Concertini has featured a range of talented young musicians from singers and instrumental soloists, to ensembles and bands.

Gallery 1957, an independent, professional art gallery, representing contemporary Ghanaian artists, is located within the hotel. It was founded by Marwan Zakhem to encourage local audiences and international visitors to gain a deeper understanding of artists from West Africa. The gallery’s ambition is to expand beyond its walls into public places.

— Serge Attukwei Clottey, My Mother’s Wardrobe, performance at Gallery 1957.

Serge Attukwei Clottey is the founder of Ghana’s GoLokal performance collective and creator of Afrogallonism. ‘My Mother’s Wardrobe’, his powerful testimony to his mother following her death, was Gallery 1957’s inaugural exhibition.




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KENYA Karibu Kenya

Ode to nature at Olare Mara Kempinski


estled at the heart of a private conservancy, Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara is surrounded by rolling savannah, across which wanders a glorious pageant of wildlife. This exclusive tented camp blends the warmth, simplicity and vibrancy of Masai culture with the opulence of a five-star experience far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Waking up and looking out onto breathtaking open landscape, the stillness


and peace broken only by the occasional cry of exotic wildlife in the distance, never ceases to fill me with joy and tranquillity. Let’s take a look around this enchanting camp in the middle of nowhere. Featuring twelve tents, a central lounge and dining area, a tented bar set deep within a magical forested glade, and a shaded swimming pool, Olare Mara Kempinski Masai Mara is a harmonious marriage of untamed wilderness and sophisticated elegance.


“ The best part of my job in this magical camp in the middle of nowhere, comes at night when we sit around the campfire with our guests, and they tell us about the amazing experiences they've enjoyed during the day on safari. And it's the perfect opportunity to find out if they have everything they need.”


Of course the animals are the main attraction, and you can get up close to them on daily game drives and guided walks. But one of my favourite ways to see this incredible, vast, unspoiled landscape, and to get a different perspective, is on a wonderfully serene balloon safari. The conservancy has a higher density of lions than any other area within the greater Mara ecosystem. It has a number of prides, one of which has established itself just down the river from the camp! They are all seen regularly by our guests.

Evening is a magical time at Olare Mara Kempinski, when you can relax with sundowners on the plains, followed by cocktails around the campfire, and share stories of your action-packed day with the other guests. The camp is striving to become ever more eco-friendly, and in fact it already has the best green energy system in the region. It runs 100% on solar power, and has a huge walk-in eco-fridge with walls made from coal, which helps to preserve fruits and vegetables. The Olare Mara Kempinski team has planted the largest number of trees in the area, which create a windbreak for the guest tents, whilst enriching the environment.


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All that jazz at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore


he next stop on our journey is Singapore. One of the world’s most exciting destinations, it is a crossroads of the past and future, making it an ideal stage for our continued expansion in Asia. Our destination is The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore. Rich with history; alive with memories, Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore is a precious jewel, housed in the Capitol Building and Stamford House – a muchloved landmark for many locals.


After years of meticulous restoration by acclaimed architects, and refreshing modern updates by renowned interior designers, the buildings have been transformed into a luxury heritage lifestyle destination. Imbued with the original spirit of this pioneering city-state, it is buzzing with the energy, creativity and entrepreneurship of the present day. The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore is at the heart of this complex which comprises an exclusive 39-unit residential tower, a premium retail mall, and the legendary Capitol Theatre.

The hotel’s design stays true to the aesthetics of the original buildings, while stylishly embracing contemporary beauty and elegance. Precise lines and geometric shapes are a recurring design theme – a nod to the art deco style of the early 20th century when the Capitol Building was constructed. Travertine limestone columns, high-gloss piano rosewood lacquered finishes and Italian marble floors, showcase the richness and opulence of the original design. These features are beautifully juxtaposed against muted warm tones, lightly embossed champagne-coloured wallpaper, and the

integration of Chengal wood flooring from the original building. City Hall MRT station is close-by, making The Capitol a perfect starting point from which to explore the famous landmarks, art galleries and entertainment venues in this compact, cosmopolitan city. One of the world’s most important trading hubs, Singapore is a melting pot of Indian, Chinese, Malay and British influences. The small city-state has four official languages, and is home to 10 religions.


“ I take my inspiration from each country and its culture, because each nation has different ways of appreciating food. Paying tribute to different heritage cuisines, I look for the elements of comfort in each dish. I bring out these tastes in new ways so that both the heritage and modernity can be appreciated.”


The ‘Demon Chef’ Alvin Leung creates a special flavour for The Capitol Kempinski

Made famous by the three Michelinstarred Bo Innovation in Hong Kong, Chef Alvin Leung is known as a maverick and something of a rebel. However, in the cuisine he has created especially for 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung at The Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore, he reveals other aspects of his culinary genius. 15 Stamford is a showcase for a fascinating array of Chef Leung's favourite Asian recipes that pay tribute to the cuisine of Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The soulful all-Asian menu sits skilfully alongside steak house classics. Chef Leung’s versions of Laksa, Pork Chop Bak Kut Teh, Short Ribs Rendang among others, have become favourites for their unique take on familiar flavours and ingredients. He skilfully preserves the essence of each traditional dish with ample twists of his contemporary vision and large slices of his vast experience. His philosophy for 15 Stamford by Alvin Leung has been developed over many years travelling throughout Asia to understand each country’s culinary nuances.

It’s a menu that speaks to everyone, from those discovering Asian cuisine for the first time, to exacting locals.


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CUBA Bienvenido a Cuba

A vibrant Latin beat at Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana


ext we arrive in Cuba, with its joie de vivre, music, dance, warm-hearted people, and of course its legendary vintage cars. It’s one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Tranquil and lively in equal measure, Cuba also has a rich history and culture: in fact Old Havana is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. And here is where we find Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana. Follow me inside and experience a new level of luxurious, European-style hospitality.

Constructed at the beginning of the 20th century, the iconic Manzana de Gomez building was Cuba’s first modern shopping arcade, and a popular hub for fashionable locals and tourists. It is the perfect stage for our first hotel in Cuba and it has restored the building to its former role as a stylish destination in Cuba’s capital. The hotel is close to many of Old Havana’s main tourist attractions, including El Capitolio and the Great Theatre of Havana. It fronts onto the famous cocktail bar, El Floridita, a favourite with the writer Ernest Hemingway, and is flanked by the beautiful art deco Bacardi building, and the Museo de Bellas Artes.


“ It is the perfect place to enjoy an authentic Cuban cigar while sipping the finest of local rums”


Of course, Cuba is the home of the cigar, so the hotel would not be complete without its Evocación Cigar Lounge, where you’ll find a selection of the finest Cuban rums, cigars and aged spirits. Its décor is inspired by Habanos culture and from its eight balconies you’ll get fabulous views over Central Park, Alicia Alonso Theatre, and the Capitolio.

Sommelier world champion that makes the lounge so special. The team will be on hand to help you choose the perfect cigar and spirit combination.

It's the personalised, knowledgeable service, headed by a two-times Habano

Manzana de Gómez is once again the place to be in the heart of Old Havana.

But for complete relaxation, there is no better place to be than the elegant roof terrace with its stunning infinity pool and spectacular 360° views over Havana.


Welcome to

JAKARTA Selamat Datang di Jakarta

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski – an anthem for a nation


ow I’m going to take you to a very special property. Located at the heart of the dynamic city of Jakarta, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski is more than a hotel. It is an iconic, heritage landmark – a living symbol of Indonesia’s pride in its history, culture, and arts. Indonesia’s first president, Ir. Soekarno, wanted to create ‘The Face of Indonesia’: a remarkable hotel that would host people from around the world. He wanted the property to reflect and show Indonesia’s rich culture.

The grand opening took place in 1962 – in the same year Indonesia hosted the 4th Asian Games. It was a wonderful opportunity for the hotel to celebrate Indonesia’s achievement in its first decade


of independence and to showcase the country’s warm hospitality. The Welcome Statue, which stands proudly in front of the hotel, was created to welcome visitors who came to Jakarta for the games. In 2018, Indonesia hosted the 18th Asian Games and as in 1962, the hotel seized the opportunity to show off Indonesian culture and talent to the world. Standing between the hotel and the Grand Indonesian Shopping Mall is the stunning Pelataran Ramayan. One of Jakarta’s most historically important landmarks, this serene dome is where President Sokarno opened the hotel in 1962, and it was his venue of choice for entertaining dignitaries at state dinners and diplomatic meetings.

“ Pelataran Ramayan is a landmark in its own right.”



A living icon where history is made.

It is still the perfect space for chic events, fashion shows, weddings, and other celebrations. Recently reopened after refurbishment, this peaceful courtyard is the quietest spot in the heart of the city’s buzzing central business district. It features stunning artworks from some of President Sokarno’s favourite artists. The original mural you can see on the outside of the Dome is titled Women of Unity in Diversity. Made by the artist Seorono, and commissioned by President Sokarno, it depicts 14 women from across Indonesia against a background of mountains and rainforest.

As we go inside, you’ll immediately see another mosaic. This one is titled Traditional Dance and it’s by another Sukarno favourite – Gregorius Sidhara, the mosaic embraces Sukarno’s much loved national motto – ‘Unity in Diversity’ – as the women represent different ethnicities. When you stay at Hotel Indonesia, you’ll enjoy a luxury lifestyle, surrounded by art and beauty. Much of the hotel’s impressive art collection was commissioned by former president Sukarno from his favourite painters and sculptors. To walk through the public spaces is to take a journey through Indonesia’s art history.



— Flora and Fauna of Indonesia. Painted over six months in 1961 by the famed Lee Man Fong, this immense triptych can be found just outside the Bali Room.

Hotel Indonesia is a vibrant place where people meet for high tea or an elegant dinner at its Japanese restaurant, OKU. Led by Chef Kazumasa Yazawa, OKU offers a modern take on Japanese dishes combined with traditional flair. Fresh seafood is imported from Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market, twice a week ensuring the freshest, highest quality sashimi, sushi and other seafood dishes.

Today, the hotel perpetuates Soekarno’s vision with panache. Through various events, it is helping to create awareness of the country’s arts, culture, music, and fashion. Recognised as a heritage building, the hotel can’t be demolished or altered – even the colour of the paint can’t be changed. But far from being a museum, Hotel Indonesia Kempinski is a living Indonesian icon: a place where history is constantly made.


Welcome to

MUNICH Wilkommen in München

Munich’s overture at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski


he final stop on our journey takes us back to Germany with a visit to Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich. The Bavarian king, Maximilian II, created Maximilianstrasse as a stunning monument for Munich. And he wanted “the most beautiful hotel in the city” to grace it. Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten opened with great ceremony in 1858 and became an instant favourite with Munich’s high society. Maximilianstrasse remains Munich’s most elegant and sophisticated street, and Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski stands regally amid designer boutiques, art galleries and theatres, and close to the imposing Bavarian State Opera House. The hotel exudes understated elegance and luxury, with light, warm colours dominating to create a cosy atmosphere. Elaborate canvases adorn the walls and ceilings. Reproductions of work from the private collection of the royal


Wittelsbach family, displayed in Munich’s Pinakothek Museum, they have been exclusively enlarged for the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski. Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant serves exceptional dishes that are modern twists on traditional Bavarian cuisine. Such is the excellence of the culinary art created by Executive Chef Maike Menzel and her team, that the restaurant has been awarded a Michelin star. Maike is the youngest chef in Germany to receive this accolade. For the most wonderful views over the rooftops of Munich, and for a truly rejuvenating experience, take the elevator to the sixth floor. Leave your stresses behind and indulge in a blissful journey of wellbeing at Kempinski The Spa. As well as wonderfully relaxing treatments you’ll find a spacious pool area, fitness suite, sauna and steam bath. Do make sure to have the spa’s signature soothing massage based on nature and her ever-changing seasons. Pure bliss.

“ Great service is about attention to detail. We need to really listen to what the guest wants, gently and discreetly drawing information from them to understand their likes and dislikes.”


The moment you cross the threshold of the splendid lobby – affectionately known as “the most beautiful living room in Munich” – you’ll receive a warm welcome from the charming staff. This is the place where Munich’s citizens and people from all over the world meet and enjoy the specialties from the hotel’s very own patisserie. Chef Patissier Ian Baker and his team create true masterpieces. Classic treats such as éclairs, petit gateaux and tartes are reinterpreted with a modern twist skilfully prepared by hand and presented in the lobby’s lounge display cabinets like works of art. The first day of Advent is eagerly anticipated at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich, because that’s when the hotel’s celebrated Stollen makes its annual appearance.


From then until New Year’s Eve, the team creates at least 400 Stollen loaves, using a 100-year old recipe, experimenting slightly with different fruits and flavours each year. But it is the use of precious cinnamon blossom rather than cinnamon powder, that transforms this Stollen from simply delicious to extraordinary. So extraordinary in fact that some guests make the pilgrimage to Germany year after year just to buy the hotel’s Stollen.


Launched in 2017, the luxurious Kempinski Cigar Lounge by Zechbauer is a fitting addition to one of world’s most historic grand hotels. The interior architect, Colin Finnegan, has created the exclusive ambience of a British private gentleman’s club but with a contemporary feel. The rich, warm colours of the wood-panelled walls emanate a golden glow giving the Cigar Lounge a sumptuous mellow feel. Here you can relax in leather armchairs, surrounded by examples of the finest craftsmanship, and enjoy the aroma of expensive, often rare, cigars. The tops of the exquisite handmade tables are inlaid with tobacco leaf: the legs carved by hand and coated with gold. Tobacco leaf inlay is a feature of the wall panelling too. Expert craftspeople took 12 days to cover the crown moulding floral ornaments and ceilings in gold by hand.

Max Zeuchbauer, Germany’s most established supplier of fine cigars, and an appointed supplier to the Bavarian court, has opened a shop at the hotel with direct access to the Cigar Lounge. You can sample the finest cigars from around the world, including sought-after rare finds, in the lounge’s peaceful surroundings, before deciding which to buy. As at the Evocación Cigar Lounge at Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski La Habana, a team of experts is on hand to share their knowledge. The Cigar Lounge is a place to meet for business or to socialise. Or it can be a place to reflect and enjoy some quiet ‘me-time’ while savouring a fine cigar. Just as it was in 1858, Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski is a place where like-minded people gather to meet and relax, drawn by its enduring charm and elegant European service.



If food is a necessity, gastronomy is a pleasure for all the senses.


s you know, long before the name Kempinski was associated with the finest luxury hotels in Europe, our founder, Berthold Kempinski, was a wine merchant and restaurateur. He was a purveyor of fine produce, to whom all of Berlin would turn when they needed to restock their cellar or celebrate a special occasion. More than 120 years later, fine wine and gastronomy remain one of the cornerstones of Kempinski. For Kempinski, gastronomy is about more than food: it is our roots. Nowhere does our belief that ‘luxury must be felt’ apply more. Food is a necessity but gastronomy is a pleasure for all the senses.


In our hotels, we do more than feed our guests. We invite them on a sensorial journey, from breakfast to dinner. Simple or sophisticated, complex or minimalist, our culinary approach is crafted to reflect a sense of place as well as to offer the best of European classics. While we are proud to host Michelin-starred restaurants, we also celebrate the talented individuals who create excellence every day, presenting our guests and visitors with the best local specialities and classical European cuisine. Our people are chosen because they are devoted to their craft and love what they do. They are authentic and work with imagination and great precision to create delectable dishes.


Since we began back in 1897, the stars of our dishes have always been the carefully selected ingredients we use. Wherever possible, our chefs advocate a farm-totable approach, and go to great lengths to source produce, choosing local ingredients, selected for their freshness and flavour. In fact, some of our hotels grow their own herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

In each of our hotels around the world, we strive to offer our guests and visitors the perfect food experience. Join with me on the most mouth-watering stage of our travels so far.




Most hotel brands would be delighted to have just one Michelin-starred restaurant to their name. We have no fewer than five in our constellation. Let’s take a look at them.


Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer at Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin HENDRIK OTTO

Head Chef Hendrik Otto is at the helm at the two-Michelin star Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer restaurant. Overlooking one of the continent’s most famous landmarks – the Brandenburg Gate, the restaurant’s cuisine comprises a range of European influences. Its signature dish – côte de boeuf – is not to be missed.




Edvard Restaurant at Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna THOMAS PEDEVILLA

For four consecutive years, the Edvard restaurant at Palais Hansen Kempinski Vienna has received a prestigious Michelin star. Headed by Chef de Cuisine, Thomas Pedevilla, the restaurant’s food is inspired by Mediterranean flavours and places great emphasis on quality and seasonality. Its range of tasting menus is perfect for special occasions.



Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok HENRIK YDE-ANDERSEN + CHAYAWEE SUTCHARITCHAN

A mouthwatering celebration of Thai cuisine, Michelin-starred Sra Bua by Kiin Kiin at Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok, is the creation of Danish chef, Henrik Yde Andersen. While using global cooking techniques, the restaurant presents dishes infused with the familiar flavours of traditional Thai cuisine. Chef Henrik’s original Kiin Kiin restaurant in Copenhagen was one of the first Thai restaurants to be awarded a Michelin star.


Le Ciel at Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden ULRICH HEIMANN

Michelin star Restaurant Le Ciel at Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden in the Bavarian Alps, is the creation of Chef Ulrich Heimann. Chef Heimann takes classic French food, adds a touch of genius, and gives it a contemporary, more local makeover. To experience its cuisine to the full, try one of the restaurant’s various tasting menus against the backdrop of the spectacular mountains surrounding the hotel.




Schwarzreiter at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich MAIKE MENZEL

Chef Maike Menzel, who presides over the Schwarzreiter restaurant at Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten Kempinski Munich, is the youngest chef in Germany to receive a Michelin star. The Schwarzreiter has become famous for its impressive contemporary Bavarian cuisine, with its focus on flavoursome, honest regional dishes. Our Michelin-starred restaurants are five more good reasons to travel the world in style with Kempinski.


Shining a light on our Kempinski chefs


Our diverse team of chefs, working in every region, strive to bring joy to our guests through the food they serve. They are passionate about gastronomy and express this passion in each dish they create. Theirs is a constant quest to invent the perfect recipe that will take you beyond the simple pleasure of eating. Our reimaging of dining as a culinary journey that should delight all the senses is well known around the world. Merely ‘good’ or ‘interesting’ is not enough for our talented chefs. Each day they create dishes that are extraordinary and fascinating. Above all they want each mouthful to delight; each meal to be a memorable feast. After all, food should be joyful and good for the soul!


A German Christmas tradition at Hotel Vier Jarhreszeiten Kempinski

Few delicacies evoke the spirit of the European winter season and Christmas quite like the smell of freshly baked German Stollen. It conjures up delightful memories of roaring log fires, beautifully decorated trees, glistening white snow, and of course the warming aroma of spices and fruits. From the first day of Advent until New Year’s Eve, Ian Baker, Master Pastry Chef at Hotel Vier Jarhreszeiten Kempinski, will oversee the creation of more than 400 Stollen loaves. “Our recipe is about 100 years old”, Ian explains, “but we vary it slightly, experimenting with different fruits and flavours. For example we might use tea instead of rum; cranberries rather than raisins.” “But what transforms our Stollen from simply delicious to extraordinary is our use of precious cinnamon blossom rather than cinnamon powder.”


“There are many variations on the recipe throughout Germany such as poppy seed, chocolate, and even Champagne Stollen. So, as well as our very traditional bread, we also have a ginger, rosemary and cranberry Stollen”. Traditional Stollen will be made two to three months before it’s due to be served, when it will be covered with a layer of icing sugar, cut into finger-thick slices and perhaps enjoyed with a glass of warm mulled wine. Some guests come year after year just to buy Ian’s Stollen. He finds it rather amusing that they make the pilgrimage to Germany to buy the tastiest possible Stollen made by an Englishman working in a classically French role!

Makes 12 Stolen of 950g each. FERMENT 925g Flour T550 740g Milk 370g Yeast Mix flour, milk and yeast together. Knead intensively for 5 mins and then let it rest for 24 hours in the fridge. DOUGH 2035g Ferment 2775g Flour T550 1850g Butter 444g Sugar 4 Eggs 4 Egg Yolks 44g Salt 37g Stolen Spice Mix all ingredients together for 5 mins, then 5 mins intensive kneading, until the dough temperature is 25°C. 30 mins proving. FRUIT 2960g Rum Raisins or Sultanas 740g Almonds 370g Candied Lemon Peal 370g Candied Orange Peal After proving mix the fruit and nuts into the dough. Bake at 50 minutes at 180°C and until the core temperature reaches 85-90°C.


erthold Delikatessen is a tribute to our founder, Berthold Kempinski, who together with his wife, Helene, began our story with their small Berlin food and wine store. Always dedicated to please, the Kempinski family offered Berliners a selection of lobsters, oysters, caviar and other delicacies. And they sold them in half portions to make these luxury goods more affordable. It was an immediate success.

Berthold Delikatessen is directly inspired by Mr Kempinski’s original store in Berlin. It has kept its German accent and is spelled with a ‘K’. Its symbol is an iconic red moustache - a nod to our founder. Berthold Delikatessen offers homemade German breads and pastries, and serves authentic fresh food, together with bite size luxury treats.



rieda Restaurant celebrates our gastronomical origins by paying homage to a very important figure in our history: Frieda Kempinski – the only daughter of Berthold and Helene.

with a modern twist. We know how much today’s diners value authenticity of ingredients, recipes, and the cooking process. So wherever possible, all products are sourced and produced regionally to bring a true and timeless culinary experience.  

Frieda grew up in the entrepreneurial, warm and welcoming environment of her parents’ delicatessen and wine store, embracing its spirit of generosity and hospitality.

In our globalised world, Frieda Restaurant takes us back to our roots. It is a place in which we can take time out and feel looked after – just as the warm-hearted, generous Frieda wanted. I think she would approve.

Not only does Frieda Restaurant showcase our commitment to gastronomy and craftsmanship, it’s the perfect opportunity for our hotels to engage with guests in a warm and friendly manner. In a casual-dining atmosphere, Frieda Restaurant serves relaxed German cuisine


A new Kempinski generation is born with Berthold Delikatessen and Frieda Restaurant. This new lineage keeps alive the spirit of our founder and his family.

And so our journey together through the world of Kempinski draws to a close. As you have learned it is a small world but we are not in a hurry to grow. You see, we believe small is beautiful, and while we are keen to widen our footprint, we will do so without losing our individuality and that special magic that makes us Kempinski, a collection of individuals.



“ We look forward to welcoming you into our wonderful world and very much hope you will love being part of it.” 253

The new stars about to join our constellation

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The World of Kempinski  

This Brand book is an invitation to travel in style to the World of Kempinski. Since 1897, Kempinski has explored the world and has created...

The World of Kempinski  

This Brand book is an invitation to travel in style to the World of Kempinski. Since 1897, Kempinski has explored the world and has created...