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As you can see from the view of the mountain we are now in Norway. That picture was taken from our window. We have been here now almost three weeks.

The couple you see is Rolle and Anne Aalto and the truck belongs to them. They are the answer to our prayer that God would provide a truck or something big enough that we would not have to make four trips with the size trailer we could legally pull with our van. Everything we had fit into that truck. The Aaltos were also our primary help carrying everything up a long flight of stairs into our apartment. Another Norwegian man showed up for the heaviest stuff. Whatever we lacked the Lord provided through our new landlord. We left some things we had in Finland to the Red Cross or with the Tabernacle -Altar of Worship at Lahti. Our landlord provided better versions of those things, like two reclining leather chairs – captain style. The Lord has blessed us.

We will not do any meetings in Norway until December 5th and then we start up in January 2011. Till then most of meetings will be in Finland and one weekend in Stockholm, Sweden.

Another church leader told us he wants to arrange meetings with us to teach those things for the first six months in 2011. Other pastors and leaders have already expressed a desire for us to come and help. That’s why we are here. So things are lining up and settling into place. Please pray that our residence permit application is approved in as short a time as possible. Without it we cannot properly set up the ministry here. Some of you who are praying and thinking of supporting us financially can help now. We have to demonstrate to the Norwegian foreign registry that we have more funds to live on than our military retirement. We need to demonstrate a good pattern of support over the next 3 or 4 months. Be led by the Spirit how much, but now is the time.

We thank God for all of you and expect to see some of you visit to help us but also to see the beauty of Norway. It is amazing! Praise God for each of you!

However, since we have been here we have been called on the pray for several church members and young Christians. The reasons for prayer varied from illness and injuries to legal matters. Some things we have to wait for the results. But, hallelujah, in three cases healings occurred almost instantly. The one I like best was a 3-year old boy in the hospital with a fever of 103 degrees Fahrenheit and rashes on his body. I instructed the father to lay his hands on his son and pray as I led him. Within minutes the boy started to go to sleep, his parents discovered his temperature was normal and the doctor came in to verify that and find that the rashes were gone. The father told me he wants to learn this and asked how long we would be here.

Kevin & Deborah Martin


moving to Norway

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