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1. A Storage Sales Specialist has just received information that a customer is experiencing bottlenecks in their IT environment. What should the next step for a storage sales specialist be? A.arrange a meeting with the IT Director. B.present IBM's On Demand storage strategy to the customer. for the IBM CE to perform a HealthCheck for the current disk system. D.Send the customer an IBM performance "Redbook" on his current storage systems. Answer: A 2. A business partner sales person is proposing an IBM DS5000 storage solution to an installed EMC customer. What is the IBM resource with the most knowledge that can assist the business partner against EMC? A.FTSS B.Client Rep C.IBM Briefing Center D.Techline or CompeteLine Answer: D 3. Which of the following is the entire list of RAID levels supported by the IBM System Storage DS5000? A.1, 3, 5 and 6 B.1, 3, 5 and DP C.1+0, 10, 5 and 6 D.0, 1, 3, 5, 6 and 10 Answer: D 4. A customer has a large installed base of Cisco ethernet switches and routers with a lot of experienced Cisco network administrators. The customer is looking to upgrade their existing Brocade switches. What would be a key reason for recommending Cisco SAN directors over Brocade SAN directors? A.Cisco SAN directors have a higher port count B.Cisco SAN directors allow for over subscription C.Cisco SAN directors are more compact using less power and rack space D.Cisco SAN directors and networking devices use the same management interface Answer: D 5. When an organization is assessing their disaster recovery plans, what is the most critical factor the company should consider? A.The availability of a recovery site during the disaster. B.The availability of a standby server during the disaster. C.The availability and integrity of data after the disaster occurs.    

D.The availability of network communications after the disaster occurs. Answer: C 6. FlashCopy can typically reduce the time needed to replicate data through which of the following ways? A.Making an instanteous, point-in-time copy B.Initiating multiple job streams to increase bandwidth C.Improving performance of the host processing by reducing I/Os D.Initiating synchronous copies to remote disk subsystem for processing Answer: A 7. A customer's major concern is the high cost of implementing SAN attached storage. They do need to consolidate storage and share data while utilizing existing network infrastructure. Which IBM product should be proposed? A.N series B.DS6000 Storage Systems C.DS8000 Storage Systems D.SAN Volume Controller Answer: A 8. Which of the following topics should be discussed with the customer FIRST, prior to designing a backup and recovery solution? A.Off-site tape recovery B.Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) C.Recovery Point Objective (RPO) D.Availability of a secondary site Answer: C 9. A rapidly growing customer is concerned with the possibility of a natural disaster occurring in the area. They currently have two AIX servers, both being backed up locally to an IBM TS3500 Tape Library. Tapes are taken offsite nightly. What is the next level of disaster recovery keeping cost as a concern? A.Implement HACMP between the production and remote location. B.Make multiple copies of the data each night for local and remote use. C.Move the tape library to a remote location and perform backups nightly. D.Duplicate their existing environment (servers and library) at a remote location. Answer: C 10. A customer has a heterogenous storage environment and their growth rate is 75% per year. What product would allow this customer to add new applications, new Servers and more Storage while not forcing them to schedule outages to add these upgrades?    

A.SAN Volume Controller B.Tivoli Content Manager C.Tivoli Storage Manager D.TotalStorage Productivity Center Answer: A 11. A customer has a heterogeneous environment. They want the ability to scale their storage infrastructure to meet rapidly changing business conditions. Which of the following would be most appropriate to discuss with the customer? A.Business Continuity B.On Demand Environment C.Tiered Storage Hierarchy D.Information Lifecycle Management Answer: B 12. A healthcare customer is not satisfied with the utilization of their heterogeneous storage devices. Which of the following solutions should the IBM storage specialist to help them to better provision their storage on demand? A.Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) B.IBM SAN Volume Controller (SVC) C.IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center (TPC) D.IBM System Storage Multilevel Grid Access Manager Software Answer: B 13. An IBM storage specialist is talking to a client regarding their current tape library and backup strategy. Which of the following questions would be most appropriate to identify the customer's business challenges? A.Are you using tape encryption? B.What software is being used for backup? C.Has there been any recent loss of data? D.How many tape drives are in the library? Answer: C 14. A customer has a mixture of DS8000, DS5000 and a tape library. They have expressed a concern that the storage is not being utilized effectively. You have been asked to present a short presentation on Information Lifecycle Management. Which of the following is a key point to highlight during the presentation? A.Running Global Mirror for remote replication B.Archiving infrequently accessed data to less expensive storage C.Consolidating multiple storage controllers to one disk solution    

D.Migrating data to new tape technology to increase library capacity Answer: B 15. The customer's CIO mentions in a discussion with the IBM salesperson the complexity of their current SAN environment and how difficult it is to manage. What should be the salesperson's next step? A.Give the CIO a technical presentation. B.Suggest the CIO hire more people for managing the SAN. C.Offer an IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC). D.Invite the CIO to a Total Storage Productivity Center (TPC) demonstration. Answer: D 16. A customer has SCSI attached storage for their Windows servers. The customer is allocating money in next year's budget for additional SCSI attached storage. What question should be asked to determine the proper Storage solution to propose? A.What backup solution are you using? B.How many people manage your servers? C.Have you looked at IBM SCSI solutions? D.Would you consider a single storage pool? Answer: D 17. A customer has a combination of Microsoft Windows file servers with direct attached storage and IBM System p database servers attached to a DS4500 that is reaching capacity. The customer needs to migrate to a more scalable storage server. Which of the following would be most appropriate to ask in the initial conversation? A.Will all servers be SAN attached? B.What is the budget allocated for storage? C.What is the version and release level of the database? D.How much space is available in the current storage systems? Answer: B 18. The customer has an existing SAN for their AIX servers and they want to add their Windows servers. What would be the lowest cost solution to utilize the existing SAN storage pool while adding the Windows servers? A.IBM Cisco MDS 9513 B.IBM System Storage N3700 C.IBM System Storage DS5300 D.IBM System Storage N5300 Gateway Answer: D    

19. A customer has a requirement to add twelve additional servers (dual attached) to their existing two Brocade 16 port SAN Switches that have no more ports available. Which of the following should be recommended to accommodate the current capacity requirement, allow for future growth, and provide 4 Gb support? A.Two IBM TotalStorage SAN64B B.Two IBM TotalStorage SAN18B-R C.Two IBM TotalStorage SAN16B-2 D.One Cisco Storage Director MDS 9506 Answer: A 20. Which of the following products helps a customer to identify a performance bottleneck? A.IBM Disk Magic B.IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller C.IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Disk D.IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center for Data Answer: C 21. Which of the following customer environments is addressed by the IBM System Storage NSeries? A.A customer wanting to implement a global file system B.A customer with Windows CIFS and AIX NFS requirements C.A customer who requires good scalability and performance D.A customer who needs to consolidate multiple storage controllers under one management interface Answer: B 22. Data encryption on tape best addresses which of the following business requirements A.Recovery Point Objective B.Backup, Recovery, and Archive (BURA) C.Compliance with security regulations D.Information Lifecycle Management and Business Continuity Answer: C 23. A long time IBM customer owns both IBM servers and storage. The IBM storage specialist has been asked to present an update on the IBM storage portfolio. Which of the following questions from the customer would most likely indicate a competitive storage presence? A.How can the IBM SAN Volume Controller work in our environment? B.What is the raw disk capacity of the IBM System Storage DS5300? C.What is the total internal bandwidth of the IBM System Storage DS8100? D.What are the support options available on the IBM System Storage DS6800?    

Answer: C 24. During a presentation on the DS5100, a member of the customer's IT staff asks if the storage system cache is mirrored. Which competitor is most likely to have highlighted mirrored cache as a feature of their storage system? A.EMC B.HDS C.Sun D.3Par Answer: A 25. Which of the following competitors uses an appliance-based architecture similar to IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC)? A.EMC B.SUN C.Netapp D.Datacore Answer: D 26. A long time IBM customer owns both IBM servers and storage. The IBM storage specialist has been asked to present an update on the IBM storage portfolio. Which of the following questions from the customer would most likely indicate a competitive storage presence? A.Do you support SATA drives? B.Would the IBM SAN Volume Controller work in our environment? C.What is the raw disk capacity of the IBM System Storage DS5100? D.Is your Metadata stored on first five FC drives in the first drive expansion unit? Answer: D 27. The storage specialist submits a proposal to the customer who asks if the solution supports multi-level Vraid architecture (Vraid0, Vraid1, Vraid5). What major competitor has Vraid architecture? A.HP B.EMC C.SUN D.Network Appliance Answer: A 28. A customer has a mainframe with 32 IBM TotalStorage Tape Drives (3490) and six IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Tape Drives (3590). The customer is looking for a tape consolidation solution to reduce floor    

space, increase cartridge utilization, and improve tape mount performance. Which of the following is the best solution for their needs? A.IBM System Storage TS7700 Virtual Tape Server B.IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) C.IBM System Storage TS3500 UltraScalable Tape Library D.IBM TotalStorage 3590 Enterprise Tape Drive with ACF Answer: A 29. A customer has Microsoft Windows, Sun, and System i servers with internal disk. They are porting several applications from other platforms to these servers and need 5 TB of shared disk. Which of the following is the most cost effective, highly available, shared storage solution for this customer? A.IBM System Storage N5200 B.IBM System Storage DS8300 Storage Server C.IBM System Storage DS3400 Storage Server D.IBM System Storage DS6800 Storage Server Answer: D 30. The Information Technology Director at a prospect is interested in purchasing the IBM System Storage N3700, and has asked the storage specialist to help present the solution to the Finance Director. Which of the following should the storage specialist include in the proposal? A.How CIFS and NFS support is included in the base price. B.A priced configuration showing the list price of the solution. C.How the N3700 combines iSCSI, NAS and FiberChannel into a single storage solution. D.How this product lowers Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improves Return On Investment (ROI) Answer: D 31. A customer has a requirement to archive selected data for the purpose of satisfying government regulatory requirements. They have 80 TB of data currently stored in a DB2 database on a DS8100. What should the IBM storage specialist recommend? A.3996 Optical Library B.DR550 with Content Manager C.DS5100 with SATA disk drives D.TS3500 Tape Library with LTO tape drives Answer: B 32. The initial meeting with a large customer's IT team made it clear that they are experiencing storage performance problems. For the next meeting, which tool should be used to help evaluate their storage performance? A.IBM Disk Magic for Windows    

B.IBM Tivoli Storage Manager C.IBM Capacity Magic for Windows D.IBM TotalStorage Productivity Center Answer: D 33. An Storage Sales Specialist is doing a presentation of IBM System Storage product portfolio when the meeting gets off track because the IT manager brings up a number of issues with System p and System i servers. To get your sales effort back on track, who is the best resource to contact? A.IBM Customer Engineer B.IBM Client Representative C.IBM Customer Satisfaction Office Manager D.IBM pSeries Field Technical Support Specialist Answer: B 34. You are preparing the IBM System Storage DS6800 proposal for replacing a customer's EMC Symmetrix who's warranty has expired. What should be the key elements that describe the Total Cost of Ownership advantage of a new IBM System Storage DS6800 compared to keeping the Symmetrix? A.Less weight and smaller footprint B.Flexible warranty and lower power consumption C.Three year warranty and no software maintenance D.FlashCopy included versus extra cost for TimeFinder Answer: B 35. What tool can be used to help justify the cost of an IBM System Storage solution to a customer? A.Disk Magic B.Total Cost of Ownership Now (TCO) C.Randy's Amazing Financial Spreadsheet (RAFS) D.TotalStorage Productivity Center (TPC) for disk Answer: B 36. The storage sales person discusses IBM's strategy with a customer. The customer insists that all aspects are presented within one visit. What is the place the sale person would invite his customer to get all information appropriate to their requirements? A.IBM Almaden Research Center B.IBM Headquarter Office Armonk, NY C.IBM System Storage Executive Briefing Center    

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