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Abigal Burt

To u c h A r t F a i r

Aw a r d s : British Art Medal Society: Concept & Bas Relief. British Art Medal Society: Bas Relief. Exhibitions:

Abigail Bur t

Abig ail

Bu r t

I am a painter, printmaker and modal maker, whose work explores the relationship of the human form within varying landscapes, both urban and rural. I approach colour with a playful exploration, and employ an expressive style of mark making to convey the diversity of form I see within the architecture and countryside around me with most of my inspiration coming from the beauty and culture of the places I visit and live in.

To u c h A r t F a i r

A xelle Ru s so

Axe lle

R u sso

A xelle Russo

Born in France in 1976, I have been living in London since 2000 and interested in questioning the way Context define the Individual. Most of my works question women selfidentity in a society filled with taboos, exploitation, and the commercialization of sex and happiness. I take inspiration from the visual codes of consumerist society, traditions and religious beliefs starting working on mixed media sculptures in 1997.

Exhibitions: 2013: Pavlov’s dogs of war 2011: Passion for Freedom London Festival Flout Bad Art Salon 2010: Oh My Gode! Melt Art Fair Blank Space

Cha pma n B rothers

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Chapman Brothers C hap m an Br o t he r s

Chapm an

Exhibitions: 2013: Chicken - Kiev 2012: The Hermitage - St. Petersburg 2010: Museo Pino Pascali - Italy 2009: Hastings Museum - UK 2008: Kestnergesellschaft - Hannover

Bro t he r s

Jake & Dinos Chapman Working together since their graduation from the Royal College of Art in 1990 make iconoclastic sculpture, prints and installations that examine, with searing wit and energy, contemporary politics, religion and morality. First receiving critical acclaim in 1991 for a diorama sculpture entitled ‘Disasters of War’ created out of remodeled plastic figurines enacting scenes from Goya’s ‘Disasters of War’ etchings.

Gillian Adair

To u c h A r t F a i r

Gillian Adair

G illi an

Exhibitions: 2013: RSA The Mound - Edinburgh RWA Drawn - Bristol Works On Paper - Bristol 2012: Cork Street Open - London Blood Will Boil - Bath 2011: R.Buchelli Gallery - Bristol

Ad air

I am from North East Scotland, have trained and worked Previously as an art therapist prior to moving to Bath in 2010 and Resuming my own art practice. The piece I will be exhibiting will be a Long strip of paper with puncture marks along the length of it. It is a Piece I have wanted to try for quite a while now and I am intrigued to see What qualities touching will develop in it being a response to the wall Markings revealed when our family home was cleared.

Nend ie Pi nto - Du sch i n s k y

N en d i e

Exhibitions 2012: ‘Makeup As Devotion’ - London 2008: ‘Nought to Sixty’- London 2007: ‘I Cant live without’ - London Awards 2013: Jerwood Drawing Prize Shortlist Derwent Art Prize Shortlist

Pi n t o - D u s c h i n s ky

N endi e Pinto - D uschinsk y

I am creating a tactile portrait of guide dog ‘Unity’ contacting Guide-dogs for the Blind and finding Unity’s owner 19 year old Emily Davison. Who runs an inspirational blog on fashion ( With over 800 subscribers, Emily was even talent spotted to write for the Hugffington Post and will be writing about why art is so important to blind people in a specially commissioned’ Comment is Free’ piece for the Guardian.

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N i c o l e Wa s s a l l

To u c h A r t F a i r

Nicole Wassall

N i c o le

Exhibitions: 2013: Outside in – London 2012: London Art Pop Up – London Red Door Studios - London Outhere - London 2011: Sluice Art Fair - London 2008: A Very Private View - Sydney

W ass all

Nicole works across mediums, specializing in video, sculpture, photography and installation. Her work has been exhibited in England, Australia and Poland. She completed an MA in Fine Art (at Central Saint Martins-London), has been shortlisted for awards (including The Clifford Chance Sculpture Award and others listed below) and included in various competition style exhibitions, including Survival 10-a Polish art competition for international talent.

Nend ie Pi nto - Du sch i n s k y

To u c h A r t F a i r

Phoe be

St an n ard

Pho eb e Stannard

Phoebe Stannard studied Fine Art at Norwich School of Art graduating in 2008, followed by The Princes Drawing School postgraduate, the Drawing Year 2009-10. She was nominated as New Medalist of the Year 2009-10 by the British Art Medal Society, and studied medallic artist in Rome and Bulgaria. Phoebe works in a variety of media including drawing, prints and art medals, often taking inspiration from myths. In 2012, her work was exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in a display about the “New Medallists�

Exhibitions 2013: Surprise Sculpture - London 2012: Modern Medals - Glasgow Bow Arts Open - London 2011: The 100 Project - London Draw More - London Awards 2012: George Cuhaj Sculpture Prize

Rhiannon Palmer

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Rhiannon Palm er

R h i an n on

P alme r

Rhiannon is a sculptor, jeweller and concrete lover who likes to play with colour, texture and other mediums to turn concrete from a boring industrial material into vibrant, tactile and engaging work. Her work takes many different forms and is inspired by a variety of sources but always tries to encapsulate this playful idea of ‘reification’, materializing the abstract. She is currently working on a series of hand cast concrete jewelery.

Nend ie Pi nto - Du sch i n s k y

Chan ge



Chang H e e Le e

Chang Hee Lee is an object designer currently based in London whose work mostly revolves around industrial design. He is a maker who is looking for an ‘Ultra Object’ that can exquisitely impact the designer’s making perspective. His approach to design is experimentally courageous and, as an object designer, this propels him to focus more on mechanical, materials and alchemistic exploration.

Exhibitions 2013: Product Design Days - India Design Festival - London About Design Expo - Poland Mood Museum of Design - Italy 2009: Academy of Fine Arts - China

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Sungshin Olivia Yim

To u c h A r t F a i r

Sungshin O livia Yim

Su n g sh in

O livi a

Y im

In the past, when people spent their spare time reading a book, they read paper books. Nowadays though, people use computers, smart phones and iPads to read during their spare time but electronic books cannot provide the analogue aesthetic which can be felt in a paper book. People cannot feel the texture, turn the pages or smell the different scents of paper not satisfying the reader mentally and emotionally.

V i c t o r i a Ka r l s s o n

To u c h A r t F a i r

Vi c t o r i a

Kar lsson

Victoria Karlsson

An interactive installation, taking as it’s starting point the idea of the book as a physical object, and its unavoidable destruction over time. The opening of a book is suggestive of the opening of a door, an opening to a number of possibilities, often the opening of a door to our own private worlds. Exploring the relationship of the physical and the spiritual and our belief that the physical object is more ‘real’.

Exhibitions 2010: Details on Request - London Together My Space - London 2009: The Atrium Gallery - London

Yo u n g h e e L e e

To u c h A r t F a i r

Younghe e Le e

Y ou n g hee

Exhibitions: 2013: Think Rhino - London Marylebone Gardens - London 2012: SIlence = Death Invisibility Awards: 2012: Shortlisted in Penguin Design Award


Younghee Lee uses design as a medium to effectively communicate and stimulate conversation among targeted audiences centering her design around the principals of: aesthetic, longevity & message. She headed her own design team at OgilvyOne World Wide in Seoul and has worked as an art directer and freelance graphic designer for many global brands designing for a range of household names.

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