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December 14, 2012

Volume 1, Issue 6

Great Upcoming Event Opportunities:  JANUARY 15, 2013 Art Exhibit: Devon Nowlin - "New Nature" Location Clyde H. Wells Fine Arts Center Gallery  JANUARY 19, 2013 Texann/Texan Basketball Location Wisdom Gym  JANUARY 24, 2013 Intramural Basketball Location Recreational Sports Center  JANUARY 28, 2013 Leslie Spotz Faculty Recital Location Fine Arts Center Theater  JANUARY 29, 2013 S'mores & Cocoa Social Location Heritage Park  FEBRUARY 02, 2013 Texann/Texan Basketball Location Wisdom Gym  FEBRUARY 06, 2013 Kappa Delta Rho-Rent A Gent Location Ballrooms in TSC  FEBRUARY 07, 2013 Indoor Climbing Clinic Location Recreational Sports Center

Student Engagement Wows F.P. Hannah Kindred and her Faculty Partner, Dr. Barry Lambert, ate dinner and then later created a Learning Community poster with twenty seven of Hannah’s residents on October 24th! Hannah and her residents talked with Dr. Lambert about their goals, interests and priorities. Dr. Lambert said, “I have a new found faith in the Faculty Partner program.” Hannah and Dr.

Lambert’s casual interactions with residents represent the goals of the Faculty Partner program. Their work engaging the residents and the high attendance during the program resulted in a positive outcome for everyone involved.

“I have a new found faith in the Faculty Partner program.” - Dr. Barry Lambert

A Different Perspective On December 2, Faryn Ragsdale and her Faculty Partner, Jean Montgomery, joined 12 of their residents at Mrs. Montgomery’s house in Dublin. When asked to describe her event, Faryn stated, “Our F.P., Mrs. Montgomery, invited us to her house in Dublin, where she cooked

dinner. We roasted marshmallows and made S’mores.” She also invited people from her church. We went around and discussed where we were from and our majors, so we were able to interact outside of the classroom and relax before a stressful and busy upcoming

week of finals!” A home cooked meal in a faculty member’s home is a treat for residents and the work it took to plan this event is appreciated.

The Oscar FP

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Other Exciting Events Laura Scott and her Faculty Partner, Dr. Laurie Hawke, had dinner in the dining hall with fifteen of Laura’s residents on October 4th. They talked about college life and each resident’s thoughts about Tarleton. Hannah Kindred’s residents grabbing a bite to eat at the dining hall.

Residents Engage with Faculty Dr. Barry Lambert 27 Residents Dr. Laurie Hawke 15 Residents Ms. Kelli Styron 15 Residents Dr. Holly Lamb 15 Residents Dr. Annette Albrecht 12 Residents

Dallas Burch and her Faculty Partner, Kelli Styron, had an “eat-and-greet” with fifteen residents on October 8th in Centennial Lobby. Dallas and her residents had a wonderful time eating baked goods and hanging out with Ms. Styron. Jordan Robinson, along with eleven of his residents and his Faculty Partner, Misti Reisman, created a poster for their Learning Community. Jordan’s residents really enjoyed being able to joke around and laugh with Mrs. Reisman.

On November 14th, twelve residents joined Dr. Annette Albrecht and Melissa Smithey for hot cocoa, cookies, and a reading of "I Want My Hat Back." Afterwards, they went to the game room in Legacy and played Catchphrase and Telestrations. Melissa and her residents say that they really enjoy spending time with Dr. Albrecht! On November 1st, Anja Botzer and twelve of her residents had spaghetti with their Faculty Partner, Pedro Rodriguez, at his house. Afterwards, Anja and her residents had a blast playing charades with Mr. Rodriguez. Everyone seemed to enjoy the fun activities and relaxing atmosphere.

Brittany Bullard and her Faculty Partner, Dr. Holly Lamb, along with 15 residents, had dinner in the dining hall. They also worked on a community service project together by making Christmas cards for residents of a local nursing home. Pilar Gonzalez and Mr. Bob Doty had a wonderful time while eating lunch in the dining hall with a few residents in late November. Residents and Mr. Doty talked about classes, major choices, job opportunities, and even shopping!

Ms. Jean Montgomery 12 Residents Mr. Pedro Rodriguez 12 Residents Ms. Misti Reisman 11 Residents

“My residents enjoy meeting with our F.P. … they let me know that it makes it easier for them to approach teachers when they know they can relate to them...” — Pilar Gonzalez

The Oscar FP 12/14/2012  

Facutly Partner Monthly Newsletter

The Oscar FP 12/14/2012  

Facutly Partner Monthly Newsletter