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Most representative icons and their probable interpretation

I.E.S. “Chongoyape”

Anthropomorphic Figures They may represent the priest and shamans who played an important role in the worship ceremonies something that still prevails in this place. In other cases, the men are holding objects in their hands; they may refer to farmers working in the lands of the Valley of Chancay. They are raising their hands probably to ask the Apus to bring rain for their crops.


Field trip done by students of 2 grade.

Introduction Dear friends, the I.E.S. “Chongoyape” puts in your hands some information collected from very reliable sources to promote the tourist potential of our district. Our main tourist resource are the Petroglyphs in Cerro Mulato, as a way of expression of the old people who reached “Cerro Mulato” and just as if they were playing or resting, they began to engrave some basic features of their life on the stones that were scattered along this area of the valley of Chancay. Those men combined their respect for nature and for the thousands of years of experience, used the natural resources according to the extent of their spiritual and material needs. They also reflect with conviction their spiritual world, their ideas, beliefs, and individual and collective experiences; all this according to the natural environment. We invite you to visit Chongoyape and enjoy the beauty of this place.

We wait you!!

Animal Representations They engraved scenes that represent snakes and fish (as a way to attract water to this arid and hot place), foxes, pumas, birds, deers, etc. that live in this area.

Astrology The symbols drawn include half-moons, spirals, suns, triangles and crosses, often associated with lines of cupules. These scenes may represent the practice of astrology by these men according to the position of them.

Tourist Attractions

The Enigmatic Cerro Mulato…


Andean condor

It is an artificial lake built to collet water from Chancay, Chotano and Conchano rivers. Here you can practice swimming, fishing and rowing.

Sechuran fox


White-winged guan

This reserve is one of the best protected dry forest areas and is home to a range of wildlife, including many endemic and threatened species such as the: Spectacled bear, Andean condor, Sechuran fox, etc.

The Waterfall Spectacled bear By Teacher: - Dolores María Silva Aguilar. By Teachers: - María Silva Aguilar.

Chongoyape - Perú



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