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MAT 209 Week 1 Quiz(New) (2 Sets) To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

MAT 209 Week 1 Quiz 1. Select the difference of (8x2-3x3) ….. 2. Simplify the following expression ……. 3. Select the product of ………….. 4.Simplify the following expression (x+6)3 5.Select the product of (5x+1)(5x-9) 6.Select the product of (4x+5) (x2-2x+2) 7.Select the product of (-6x3y)(x9y x6) 8.Select the product of (7x-2).(7x-2) 9.Select the product of (3x+7).(7x-3) 10.Select the difference of (2 x2-13x+7)- (1-12x) 11.Which of the following best illustrates a geometric representation of (x+2)(x+4)

Mat 209 week 1 quiz(new) (2 sets)