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Which line is perpendicular to the line y=2/3(x) +3 ?


Which set of points are on the line y=2x-3?


Consider the following function :

What is the domain of the function? 4)

Consider the following function :

What is the range of the function?


Consider the following function :

What are the minimum and maximum X-value of the function?

6) A plumber charges customer $48 for each hour worked plus an additional $9 for travel. If h represents the number of hours worked, which of the following expressions could be used to calculate the plumber’s total charge in dollars? 7) At the school carnival, Carmen sold 3 times as many dogs as shawn. The two of them sold 152 hot dogs altogether. How many hot dogs did Carmen sell?

Mat 116 week 5 quiz (new)  
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