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Solve 2x+6=3


Select the expression that is equivalent to -2(x-3)

3) The temperature on a summer day is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. The formula to convert temperature to degree Celsius is C=5/9(F-32). What is the corresponding temperature in degree Celsius? 4)

Solve 1/3 (2x-5)=3


Solve the inequality

-1/5(x)-4>-3 6) Solve the inequality 0.3(0.3x+0.8) ≤ - 0.3 7) In the equation y=4x, if the value of x is increased by 2, what is the effect on the value of y 8) The number of gallons of water, y, in a tank after x hours may be modeled by the linear equation y=800-50x. Which of the following statements about the tank is true?

Mat 116 week 3 quiz (new)  
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