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1) Which of the following terms best describes that occurs when two or more parties decided how to allocate scarce resource? 2) Shirley Shands is a hard worker but Debra, her manger, is irritated with her. While Debra concedes that Shirley’s work gives her no cause for complaint, Debra is toured of the interruptions in her work because of Shirley asking for repeated clarifications over what exactly she has to say in e-mails or phone calls. She often requests Debra to proofread her e-mails before sending them, and Debra feels she sends too many e-mails instead of just speaking to the person concerned. From the scenario, we can conclude that_____ 3) The two general approaches to negotiation are_______ bargaining and _____ bargaining 4) Which of the following forms of communication is characterized by the use of only body movements, intonations, facial expressions, and physical distance to communicate? 5) Synergy Inc. has recently assigned some of its best employees to form a crossfunctional team and complete a project from a new client. Many of the employees on his team are apprehensive about the structure and dynamics of how they will function as a group and accomplish this goal. To energize the employee, their immediate manager is holding a meeting with them next week where he will provide them some additional training in strategies and methods that may work well for the team. The manager’s initiative to holds this meeting fulfills the _______ function of communication

6) _______ teams are defined as groups of employees who perform highly related or interdependent jobs and take on many of responsibilities of their former supervisors. 7) Bonnie Patterson has been a manager for seven years at Wayne and Watson, a legal consultancy firm. A good part of her workday involves holding meetings and she likes to do work on a time bound schedule. For this reason, members of her team receive the agenda at the beginning of the meeting, followed by some time to contemplate over the issue at hand individually, subsequently, the team members present their ideas one after the other, the group discusses them together, and lastly, a ranking is done to choose the most favored idea this represents the ________ approach of group decision making 8) As a consequence of the information circulated by the grapevine in an organization, employees experience 9) To retain its edge in the organic health food market, Natura has established a high-priority team comprised of senior executives from the company’s production, marketing, and research divisions. These employees work together closely to study consumer attitudes about organic health foods and come up with closely monitored development and marketing strategy for new products, this ensure that each division is informed of the specific needs, timelines, and expected outcomes of the strategy. It also makes Natura a company that adapts to changes in market trends swiftly. The team Natura uses here is of the _______ type 10) Jordan is a sales officer who has been underperforming over the last three month. At the last monthly operations cycle meeting, he was given a warning. As the time for the next meeting draws close. Jordan fears his boss reprimanding him. Two days before the meeting, Jordan informs his manger that he has confirmed six deals in the last few days, one of which involves multiple orders for their machines, he, however, skips the detail that these are the only six orders he has been able to obtain in the whole month, which one of the barriers to effective communication is depicted here?

Ldr 531 week 3 quiz (new)  
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