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1Argued that the major activities of management and leadership are played out differently; but both are essential to an organization: 2The team leadership model puts who or what in the driver's seat of team effectiveness? 3Leadership focuses on the ________. 4Although there are clear differences between management and leadership, 5According to research, one way women can advance in leadership is 6Which of the following leadership theories expects the leader to continually be concerned about subordinate motivation? 7If your superior tells you that she will offer you a raise provided you perform additional work beyond the requirements of your job, he/she is exercising ________ power. 8How does servant leadership differ from path-goal theory? 9Which best describes the reason situational leadership is so practical for managers to use? 10During a speech given by your department director, he repeatedly emphasizes the importance of reaching goals set by the organization. He then goes on to lay out the framework to accomplish the goals. According to contingency theory, which best describes your director? 11The following traits are associated with charismatic leadership: 12Of the bases of power, research indicates that ________ power is most effective. 13What type of power did Bill Gates have when he and Paul Allen started Microsoft?

14The Ohio State studies considered the behaviors of consideration and initiating structure as: 15Liz is a team leader at a local grocery store. Recently, her boss said that she needs to address the negative attitudes of employees. To try and fix this problem, she has begun awarding gift-cards to employees who have great attitudes. What internal leadership intervention is Liz addressing? 16Contingency theory is concerned with ______ and _______. 17Questionnaires on situational leadership often ask for respondents to look at specific applications of leadership styles within situations, which may result in: 18Critical factors for developing a cultural based leadership development program may include: 19Critical life events affect authentic leadership because 20Your parents and older siblings are all successful elected officials. After graduation, it is suggested by many that you should seek office and, in turn, offer you their support. Which best describes the leadership approach being demonstrated? 21To create change, transformational leaders______________. 22Your boss listens to employees personal problems and tries to create a positive work environment by being agreeable, eager to help, comforting, and uncontroversial. This is an example of: 23Mary has managed the mailroom for 2 years. Management views Mary as a person with special leadership talent, such as intelligence, sociability, and determination. What approach is management using in assessing Mary? 24Which type of leadership is most similar to transformational leadership? 25In the skills model, which of these is a general cognitive ability? 26In which way are leadership and power often approached? 27The leader is at the core of group change and activity, representing the backbone of the group or organization. Leadership is viewed as: 28Subordinates who have strong needs for affiliation prefer which type of leadership behavior? 29Of the Big Five personality factors, which is the most strongly associated with leadership?

30Considering a cultural approach to leadership, leadership should be conceptualized as:

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