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LAW 575 Week 3 Team Assignment Tort Debate To Purchase This Material Click below Link FOR MORE CLASSES VISIT

Read the – Tort Debate Scenario. Split your Learning Team into two groups; one group will assume the plaintiff role and the second group will assume the defense role. · The plaintiff group must determine the torts available to plaintiffs Julie, Mary, and J&M Jewelry, and the elements to prove their case. · The defense group must determine the affirmative defenses and will determine if a cross-complaint by Tom, Fred, or Deluxe Jewelry for affirmative relief is viable against Julie, Mary, and J&M Jewelry. · One person from each group must proceed to mediation with counsel. At mediation, the team members will discuss ADR and will determine whether to settle out of court or whether to try the case. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word report in which your team explains the rationale for deciding to try the case or settle out of court. Address the following issues in your report: · Identify the types of torts in the scenario and the differences among them. · Identify the potential tort risks in the scenario. · Perform the risk management process for the scenario and identify ways to mitigate the business risk. · Determine whether you should involve legal counsel for the tort issues. Explain your answer.

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Law 575 week 3 team assignment tort debate  
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