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1Officers of a corporation typically can have which types of agency authority to bind the corporation? Express, transparent, and applied Express, transparent, and implied Express, implied, and apparent Express, applied, and apparent 2If a corporate officer or director acts in a manner to make use of an advantage that he or she knows will only benefit himself or herself and deprives the corporation of that advantage, what breach of fiduciary duty has been committed? Duty of obedience by competing with the corporation Duty of loyalty by self-dealing Duty of care by violation of the business judgment rule Duty of loyalty by usurping a corporate opportunity

3In order to prevent and clear hazardous wastes that increase mortality or serious illness, the federal government established a specific method to finance the cleaning of polluted areas by enacting what statute? The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act The Superfree Act The Toxic Substances and Control Act

Law 531 week 5 quiz (knowledge check)  
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