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Which of the following types of real property rights can be sold separately from the land?

Buildings and improvements on the land

Minerals in the subsurface

Building fixtures on the land

Improvements under the land

2 Jenson and Johnson enter into a contract that involves Johnson paying Jenson $1,000 for shoveling the snow from his driveway throughout the winter. Jenson, who

was paid before work commenced, breached the contract on the very first day. He should refund $1,000 to Johnson as

liquidated damages


compensatory damages

consequential damages


Which of the following examples is a bilateral contract?

Mary pays Bob for Bob’s promise to paint her house on Saturday.

Bob paints Mary’s house and Mary promises to pay Bob on Saturday.

Mary promises to pay Bob if Bob promises to paint her house.

Mary pays Bob for painting her house.

Law 531 week 3 quiz (knowledge check)