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1. Identify the true statement about intentional torts. 2. When does misappropriation of the right to publicity occur? 3. Natalia has sued a media agency for publishing false statements about her in one of its widely circulated newspapers. Natalia has sought damages from the media agency for violating her 4. What is true about a negligence lawsuit in the context of unintentional torts? 5. What does proximate cause mean? 6. To which of the following scenarios would res ipsa loquitur be most applicable? 7. Identify the true statement about the doctrine of strict liability. 8.

When does a negligence tort occur in the context of product liability? 9. Miranda has filed a lawsuit against a cellphone company that sold her a phone with defective features. Miranda has filed the case because she believes that the company intentionally withheld information about the poor features of the product. It was these defective features that caused Miranda's hand injury. Identify the product liability tort that would best apply to this scenario. 10. What is the most valid defense for a product liability lawsuit? 11. In a product liability lawsuit, a seller was excused from paying damages to a customer for injuries caused by a defective product. This was because a number of years had passed since the seller had sold the product to the customer. What statute can best be applied to this scenario to protect the rights of the seller? 12. In which case can the doctrine of comparative negligence be used?

Law 531 week 2 knowledge check (new)  
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