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How To Apply For A New Business Kredittkort (credit cards)? It is a Herculean task to acquire a new credit card for your personal usage. It is all the more difficult when you are applying for a new business credit card. Many large commercial enterprise proprietors are of view that their application basically gets rejected because their firm lacks some solid financial history.

However, they should be aware of the fact that a persistent and substantial business history is required to make an assurance that their commercial enterprise is going to pay according to its credit rankings. When the credit card company is assured of you, it will be a bit easier to acquire a new credit card for your upcoming business enterprise.

The most important point to be focused on is that you have to make the credit card company sure of the fact that you and your organisation are at a stable financial position and are capable of paying back the credited amount right on time. This can be demonstrated by proving that you yourself have a positive financial background. This is quite helpful as the credit card company or the institute in-charge of issuing the credit card for your business will view the financial background of the owner, that is you, and will be convinced to issue the card.

It is pretty difficult to create a financial history but in the long run you must make one. You can lend money from a lending organisation or you might have a mortgage, but your responsibility should be to pay off the loan on time which will prove your capability and your determination. This will make a mark on your image in the eyes of the dignitaries of the kredittkort (credit card) company. For building up a strong personal financial history, you can get cards from little retail outlets or departmental outlets or gasoline stations. It is quite easy to get these cards specially for the first-time appliers. What you can do is pay the instalments timely for a few months and then pay back the rest of the balance in full. This will help you create a strong personal financial history. They will stand as a good proof for your possibility to repay and this will gear up your financial history. It is often seen that debit cards are utilised for keeping evidence of a financial history but this is possible only if the bank with which you have your debit card is the same where you are applying for your kredittkort (click here). A debit card is not very different from a credit card but hardly allowed to do shopping with the amount in your account and the amount is immediately taken out from your account. If the funds available are insufficient for the shopping, the transaction will automatically invalidated. Though it is not very easy to obtain a kredittkort (credit card) for an upcoming business enterprise, it is not impossible either. You can establish and show a stable financial background to the group of authorities supervising the issue of the card.

How To Apply For A New Business Kredittkort (credit cards)?  

Sammenlign og finn beste kredittkort. Vi har testet de fleste kortene i Norge. Se oversikt over hvor du får mest bonus og rabatter på bensin...

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