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BESTBUY PACKAGING DESIGN PARKnSHOP is the leading supermarket chain in Hong Kong, famous for offering its consumers excellent value for money, extremely diverse assortment, the best fresh products quality and first-class customers service. Its core range private label BESTbuy, is offering a wide choice of products but was lacking of impact and visibility and of a lack of range consistency failing to convey the quality of the products. BESTbuy being ‘the smarter choice’.The brand is successfully improving its overall quality perception while still promising the best entry price. The purpose of this project is redesign the logo and the packaging to recreate a homemade feel to all the customer. The signal color with a woodblock printing illustration design that is so economy, which is can decrease the production cost, and the deep navy blue color created a homemade atmosphere to best buy. The tablecloth elements of this packaging design is repersenting family idea.

The new packaging design

Brand vision

Create a strong, recognizable and consistent branding and graphic identity system aiming at: 1) strengthening brand’s presence on shelves 2) improving the overall range quality perception 3) expressing the brand promise: ‘The best that you buy’ 4) balancing between transversality (to be seen) and flexibility (to become attractive).

The new BestBuy logo & the original logo.

The light painting photgraphy of carmen opera dance.


CARMEN OPERA POSTER This is the Opera Poster for the Carmen, which is an opera in four acts by the French composer Georges Bizet, which is a sad love story and full of passion and power. The theme here is based of Love, Passion, Movement and Faith. During the early stage, I was focusing on the dance of the opera, like the Costume, movement and Color. At the end of this project, I used lightpainting to represent the movement of their dacne and carmen’s passion and Faith.

The drafts of the poster, where I try to use the movemnt of the dance as the main graphic. Research on the movement of the dance as well as lightpainting.

Condensed font is used to represent dancing steps, under the flowing movements of carmen.



This project explored various typographic techniques including Fusion, Fragmentation, Separation, and Inversion. The challenge was to create a dynamic poster, utilizing each of these different typographic treatments.


TYPOGRAPHIC MARK DESIGN A comfortable but clean script designed for my clasmate to fit her style and her portfolio. I worked backwards from a moodboard by jenni aboutjenni, then refined my own concentrated vision for her mark and got busy. Hand drawn then vectorized, the final result fits jenni’s casual yet poised outlook.

Jenni Bennett

jenni’s moodboard


UPSCALE BEVERAGES DESIGN Green Power sport drink, is a popular taiwanese soft drink and sports drink, manufactured by Shenzhen WUFuyuan Trading Co.Ltd. It was launched in 1985. Green Power is a mild-tasting, relatively light, non-carbonated sweet beverage and is advertised as “healthy�. It has a mild grapefruit flavor with little aftertaste. Ingredients listed are water, sugar, citric acid, trisodium citrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, magnesium carbonate, and Chlorella. In the design solutions, i re-positioning the primary color of the can, and using a historical, iconic woodblock printing to repersent healthy, power and trustable.


MUSIC ALBUM PACKAGING DESIGN It is a cd album design for Woodkit’s EP, which is “IRON”, “RUN BOY RUN” and “ I LOVE YOU”. The main influence of the packaging is based on his music video story,and i used a stained glass window as a main graphic.


CASLON TYPE SPECIMEN It is a specimen book of Caslon, which is a serif typefaces designed by William Caslon I (1692–1766).I selected this navy blue as a main color theme, and used a giyphs as a pattern which is elegant and classic. This specimen book including the history of caslon, the characteristic of calson, and caslon’s family.

Calson is an old serif baroqus typeface, therefore, I used a lot of pattern and frame to create a feeling of barroqus style.Calson is an old serif baroqus typeface, therefore, I used a lot of pattern and frame to create a feeling of barroqus style.


The curiou incident of the dog in the night- time The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime is a kids story book, and the main ccharacter loves mathematics and science. Therefore, I selected a blueprint background and added some mathematical formulas. I have incorporated all key objects mentioned in the story on the back cover, so readers will immediately be able to grasp the basic story just by looking at the back. This a book design of the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. I redesign the first chapter, based on the target reader that is teenager around 12-15 years old, so I use minion pro regular with10pt size and 15pt leading, and reorganized the layout.