Promote Health, Prevent Harm: Health and Safety Strategy

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Promote Health Prevent Harm Redefining our approach to health and safety

Keltbray is a specialist engineering and construction solutions company Our purpose is to redefine the way sustainable development is delivered. We self-deliver innovative customer solutions across targeted built environment and infrastructure sectors to support economic growth, social advancement and environmental protection.


Keltbray Holdings Limited | Health and safety strategy | 2022

Our health and safety strategy

Our culture 1 PEOPLE Ensuring our people and supply chain partners have the necessary resources, skills and experience to undertake their role and deliver against our strategy. To have healthy people with the right behaviour and competence to do their task safely. Everyone is valued - make Keltbray a place where people thrive and are able to achieve their best.

2 ENGAGEMENT A passion throughout Keltbray to promote health and prevent harm. Good engagement comes from twoway communication where we hold each other to account. Every voice matters - make sure people are heard.


H&S strategy components: Philosophy Culture Process Vision

Keltbray values:

Leadership creates the environment that both promotes health and prevents harm. Leadership happens at all levels of the organisation from the CEO to the frontline. Every leader leads by example - make your impression count.


Health, safety & wellbeing People Relationships Innovation Can-do attitude

The actions we take demonstrate our values. Good behaviour is a combination of ‘can do’ and ‘stop and think’ while never compromising on safety or quality. Every behaviour has a consequence– make it positive. Keltbray Holdings Limited | Health and safety strategy | 2022


Planning for success WE WILL . . .


ensure we have the right people, in the right place, at the right time who feel supported and can thrive in their role

actively encourage two way communication with our clients and stakeholders, and between our planning and delivery teams

continuously improve using the lessons learnt from our customers, industry and our people

embrace technology and innovation to effectively improve how we design, plan and deliver

drive safe, efficient and sustainable delivery of our works

reward and recognise good behaviour, positively challenge bad behaviour

Keltbray Holdings Limited | Health and safety strategy | 2022

Creating the right environment WE WILL . . . ensure we have the right people in the right place with the appropriate equipment and plant to deliver our customer promises

promote a culture where health and safety is at the forefront of everything we do, providing our people with the confidence to speak up

develop and grow our people through training, development, mentoring and coaching

empower and encourage our people to be accountable, responsible and inclusive

Keltbray Holdings Limited | Health and safety strategy | 2022


Operational excellence WE WILL . . .


deliver industry leading services through our processes, technical expertise and quality results

effectively implement our robust plans through risk management and control using a high quality of resource and support

ensure any changes on projects are recognised, riskassessed, documented and communicated

uphold a strong and secure relationship with reliable supply chain partners

consistently demonstrate positive behaviours and values when implementing plans

aim to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners

Keltbray Holdings Limited | Health and safety strategy | 2022

Performance evaluation WE WILL . . .

constantly learn from and improve our key performance indicators including business and individual objectives

ensure we have the right information to allow us to make decisions in a timely, effective and controlled manner

provide our customers and stakeholders with high quality and timely performance information

always perform a structured review of our business and individual performance with our people and our customers

Keltbray Holdings Limited | Health and safety strategy | 2022


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