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Saint George Orthodox Church A parish of the Self-Ruled Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church of North America Most Rev. Metropolitan Philip, Primate Very Rev. Father Joseph Kimmett, Pastor

It is our pleasure to welcome visitors and friends to our church. If you would like to know more about our parish, or the Orthodox Church, please feel free to ask. Orthodox Christians who have confessed their sins and have prepared themselves by fasting are invited to receive Communion. Everyone is welcome to venerate the cross and share Holy Bread. Following Liturgy, please join us in the parish hall for coffee and refreshments.

21 June 2009

 Second Sunday after Pentecost: All Saints of America

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Today -

Presentation of Boulis Scholarship Award to Michael Byron and Jenna Weiskerger. Awarding of BSA Saint George Medal to Owen Plouffe. Prayers for safe travel for Caitlin Cassidy.

Thursday Next Sunday -

Parish Life Conference begins at the Wyndham in Andover NO SERVICES HERE Hierarchical Liturgy at Conference, 10:00 am

Sunday 12 July -

Ladies Meeting after Coffee Hour

Fasting -

The Apostles Fast began last Monday and continues until the Feast of Saints Peter & Paul on the 29th.

News at Saint George • The Diocese of Worcester & New England • The Archdiocese CONGRATS TO OUR 2009 GRADS


Blessings and best wishes to Michael Byron, Cassandra DiSciullo, Lauren Gallo and Jenna Weiskerger on their graduation from high school. Our prayers for them in their continuing education and future endeavors.

The Diocese of Worcester & New England 2009 Parish Life Conference is this Thursday through next Sunday. It is hosted this year by Saint George Church of Lawrence at the Wyndam Hotel in Andover. His Grace Bishop ANTOUN is the presiding hierarch. Conference registration forms are available in the parish hall. Schedules and other information are on-line at


Owen Plouffe is receiving the Saint George Medal today. The Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting supports our youth through an extensive Religious Award program. It is designed around a scout’s spiritual life. Caitlin Cassidy is traveling to Tunis, Tunisia for seven weeks to study Arabic and Tunisian & North African culture. She will also be teaching English as a Second Language to Tunisian university students as part of a program with the Tunisian Ministry of Education. The program is organized by AMID East, an organization that seeks to promote better relationships and greater understanding between the people of the Middle East and North Africa and the people of the US. WALKWAY / PATIO & LANDSCAPING

Work on the new walkway and patio is complete and now the landscaping portion of the project almost done. If you did not purchase an engraved brick, forms are in the parish hall -- the plan is to reorder bricks early each spring, or whenever there are a large number to take to the engraver. PHASE TWO includes a sign for the church and we want you to Design-A-Sign. That’s right, your ideas and vision are needed. Give us a drawing, sketch or computer print out of your plan, then we’ll have your fellow parishioners help pick a winner. Submit your work to a Parish Council member by July 5th. (Sheets with details are in the parish hall.) SOYO CELEBRATES 40 YEARS

A new SOYO 40th anniversary video has been posted online at:






His Eminence Metropolitan PHILIP will visit here the weekend of September 19-20. At Sunday Liturgy, a memorial will be offered for Father Nifon Abraham. Saturday evening will be devoted to the 90th anniversary celebration of the Ladies of Saint George: A banquet will take place at the Apollo. The coordinating committee for the evening is Katie Birtwell, Linda Thomas, Dolores Elias and Lovee Thomas. Below are the current subcommittees, all of which could use a helping hand: Tickets and Seating: Beverly, Hellas and Chris Byron Decorations: Barbara Campbell and Florence Esper Publicity/Ticket Sales: Olga Abdallah Publicity designs: Kh. Erin Kimmett Menus: Dolores Elias and Lovee Thomas Program Book/History: Linda Thomas PowerPoint: Katie Birtwell ATTENTION ON-LINE SHOPPERS

Over 1,500 stores have agreed to support Saint George Church and other non-profit organizations by rebating a percentage of each sale that comes from our website. All those stores have been put into one convenient marketplace that is linked to our site. Parishioners, friends, family and others get there by clicking the gold shopping bag on our home page: When anybody buys something at any of these stores, we receive money – as much as 37% of the sale.

Prayers of Oblation and Donations

HOLY BREAD - The gifts are offered today by Jalal Najm in memory

of Marie Dreik Najm and Bachir Najm. Holy Bread is also given by Tom & Joan Cassidy, the Byron Family and Sharon Weiskerger. COFFEE HOURS -

Please stay for refreshments after Liturgy today, hosted by Joan Cassidy, Christine Byron and Sharon Weiskerger. GIFTS TO SAINT GEORGE

Kay Mike . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .in memory of Noel Hill Rosanne Guson Saleh . . in memory of Freda Franciosi and Edward Kelley REMEMBER IN PRAYER

Pray for the good health of the servants of God: Priest Robert, Khouriyee Elizabeth, Khouriyee Joanne, Deacon Elias, Hugh, Claudia, Chris, Elizaebth, Loretta, Eliana, James, Richard, Michael, Frances, Samera, Stephanie, Mary, John, Jeanne, Gregory, Albert, Dimitri, James, Frederick, Anne, Grace, Renee, Robert, Nicole, Mary, Pauline, Ioana, Nicolae, Kathleen, Lillie, Jennifer, Carrie, Sam, Michael, Nancy, Kenneth, Joy, Thomas, Sarah, Nicholas, Charles, Catherine, Joyce, Janice, Barbara, Beverly, John, Katherine, Mary, Beverly, Najlae, Irene, Edmond, Helen, Frances, Felecia, Catherine, Gail, Margaret, Brian, Nicole, Marion, Donna, Linda, Edmond, Emaline, Carrie, Nicholas, Lovee, Sarah, Charles, Jenine, Josephine, George, Sandy, Edward, Michael, Madeline, Rosemary, John, Margaret, Sarah, Nima, Dean, David, Sterling, Mary. WORD MAGAZINE -

The June issue of The Word Magazine contains a beautifully written article by Mona Disciullo, titled A Priest’s Priest about Father Nifon (pp. 28-38.) There is also a story about Kh. Erin Kimmett and the Iconography Camp at Antiochian Village (pp.49-50) Income June 14


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Council & Parish Leaders Andrew Howard (Chairman) Linda Thomas (Vice Chair) Sharon Weiskerger (Secretary) Leeann Plouffe (Treasurer) Barbara Campbell Marlene Lupaczyk John Shalbey

Assistant Treasurers: Beverly DiFlaminies Marwan Samman Chanters - Paul Eysie & Erik Potter Choir Director - David Franciosi Christmas Card - Doris Copoulos Church Custodian - Gerry Mullen Constitution Review - Judith Howard & Linda Thomas Epistle Readers - Lovee Thomas Food Pantry Rep. - Kay Moseley Holy Bread - Catherine Keches IOCC Rep. - Emily Howard Ladies President - Katie Birtwell Sacristan - Gheorghe Doros Seminarians - Michael Razook & Rabee Toumi Scholarship Committee - Helen Abril School Superintendent - Rich Plouffe Teen Advisor - Michele Markatos Teen President - Jenna Weiskerger Ushers - Andrew Howard & Marwan Samman Web-Master - Ekaterina Oleinik

21 June 2009

Tone 1 • Eothinon 2 The Second Sunday after Pentecost: All Saints of America

Martyr Julian of Tarsus and New-martyr Nikita of Nisyros near Rhodes


Come, let us worship and bow down before Christ, O Son of God, who art risen from the dead, save us who sing unto thee, Alleluia. Alleluia. Alleluia. TROPARION OF THE RESURRECTION (TONE 1)

The stone being sealed by the Jews, and thy pure body being guarded by the soldiers, thou didst rise on the third day, O Saviour, granting life to the world. Wherefore, the heavenly powers acclaimed thee, O Giver of life, crying, Glory to the Thy Resurrection, O Christ! Glory to Thy kingdom! Glory to Thy gracious providence, O thou only Lover of mankind. TROPARION FOR THE MARTYRED SAINT JULIAN (TONE 4)

Thy Martyr, O Lord, by his struggle hath received from thee, our God, imperishable crown; because acquiring thy strength, he demolished usurpers and crushed the powerless might of Satan. Therefore, through his intercessions, O Christ God, save our souls. TROPARION OF SAINT GEORGE, PATRON OF OUR COMMUNITY (TONE 4)

As deliverer of captives, and defender of the poor, healer of the infirm, champion of kings, victorious GreatMartyr George, intercede with Christ our God, for our souls' salvation. KONTAKION (TONE 4)

O Undisputed intercessor of Christians, the mediatrix unrejected by the Creator, turn not away from the voice of our petitions, though we be sinners. Come to us in time, who cry to thee in faith, with assistance; for thou art good. Hasten to us with intercessions, O Theotokos, who dost ever intercede for those who honour thee. EPISTLE AND GOSPEL

Prokeminon and Verse: Let Thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us. Rejoice in the Lord, O ye just.

The Reading is from the Epistle of Apostle Paul to the Romans (2:10-16; 2nd Sunday)

Brethren, glory and honor and peace for every one who does good, the Jew first and also the Greek. For God shows no partiality. All who have sinned without the law will also perish without the law, and all who have sinned under the law will be judged by the law. For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God, but the doers of the law who will be justified. When Gentiles who have not the law do by nature what the law requires, they are a law to themselves, even though they do not have the law. They show that what the law requires is written on their hearts, while their conscience also bears witness and their conflicting thoughts accuse or perhaps excuse them on that day when, according to my gospel, God judges the secrets of men by Christ Jesus.You are not your own; you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body. The Reading is from the Holy Gospel according to Saint Matthew (4:18-23; 2nd Sunday)

As Jesus walked by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon who is called Peter and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea; for they were fishermen. And he said to them, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." Immediately they left their nets and followed him. And going on from there he saw two other brothers, James the son of Zeb'edee and John his brother, in the boat with Zeb'edee their father, mending their nets, and he called them. Immediately they left the boat and their father, and followed him. And he went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and every infirmity among the people.

In Orthodox tradition, the Second Sunday after Pentecost often is kept as a feast of the local saints. This celebration follows, by one week, the Church’s commemoration of all the saints world-wide. Among the Saint of America are Herman of Alaska, Innocent of Alaska, Tikhon, Alexis Toth, Jacob of Alaska, John of Kochurov, Alexander Hotovitzky, the Priest-martyr Juvenaly, Peter the Aleut and the newly canonized Raphael (Hawaweeny) of Brooklyn. Below is the troparion and kontakion: TROPARION OF ALL SAINTS OF AMERICA (1)

The first fruits of sanctity sown in this new land we offer to thee, our Father in Heaven; the blessed ascetic Herman of Alaska and Holy Hierarch Innocent, Apostle to America, together with the martyrs the Priest Juvenaly and the Aleut Peter, and the unknown holy men and women who did witness to Thy name in America. Fill Thy Church with Heavenly joy. Grant peace to our land and sanctify all those who worship Thee through the prayers of the Theotokos and of all Thy saints O most Merciful One. KONTAKION OF ALL SAINTS OF AMERICA (3)

Today the choir of saints that were pleasing to God in our land, stand unseen in the Church and pray to God for us. Angels give glory with them, all Saints in the Church of Christ keep festival in Him. May they all together pray for us to the eternal God.


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