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By Chuck Nau

Retail Consultant and Sales and Managment Trainier – Murray & Nau, Inc.

Once is not enough Did you buy an ad, a commercial, or a single (direct mail) mailing for your retail business or service today? If you did, you may be wasting some of your own time, your business’ time and profit, and your media salesperson’s time. More importantly, you may be impacting positive results for your advertising expenditure. In essence, your “one at a time”, single ad strategy may be impacting the success of your advertising in your community and the GROWTH of your business. A strategy of buying only a single ad just does not work in building your business, developing a strong (and loyal) clientele, or helping you reach and achieve your marketing goals. It does not work for your business or YOU! Let’s explore a much better advertising strategy for you and your business…namely, an advertising campaign strategy. An advertising campaign selling strategy affords you and your business a number of benefits. Two major benefits are saving time and creating, if not enhancing, results. But first, let’s step back and clarify what we mean by an advertising campaign strategy. An advertising campaign strategy consists of five components and affords your business and YOU five key benefits. The elements of an advertising campaign include a series of advertisements, within a timeframe, with an allocated or set aside budget, to meet an IDENTIFIED need, problem or opportunity with an anticipated goal or OUTCOME. If one of these elements is NOT present at the onset of your advertising schedule, in all likelihood, you will find yourself wasting valuable time, business resources and dollars on a start – stop – start again advertising program. As you may know, one of the major elements in any successful advertising campaign is CONSISTENCY, not necessarily repetition of the same message, but rather a consistent planned advertising program. It is consistent inasmuch as your business’ name and overall message are before your potential target customers on a regular basis. Developing that consistency takes both time and patience. First and foremost, step back and do some REFLECTIVE thinking. Ask yourself (and your employees) to clarify your business goals, strategies and, quite frankly, your hopes and dreams for your business endeavor. Ask questions (“Who are our best customers?”, “What is our competitive advantage?”, “Who are our competitors?”, “How do we plan to grow our business?”) and once you have developed some answers and identified some problems, needs, and opportunities, plan to meet with a representative of your local media (cable, digital, newspaper, radio) sales staff.

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Share, on a confidential basis, your business strategies with your media contacts. Solicit their input and ideas. Look for ways to match their media benefits and strengths to your goals, needs, or problems. CHALLENGE them to offer a business solution, an idea, a campaign that will be here not only today, but tomorrow, too! Be sure to share with them how you will SUPPORT the campaign (e.g. prominently displaying the merchandise, signage, sufficient inventory on hand) and what your expectations are (e.g. increased online or store traffic, selling the advertised merchandise, reaching new customers). Double check that your media contacts understand and benefit from the need to plan, plan, plan your advertising strategy to produce the desired results. Demonstrate to them that sporadic and infrequent advertising does not work, rather that consistent advertising, in good times and slow times, delivers the ongoing results and business growth your business and YOU desire! Selling an idea, a campaign, rather than a single ad or two has NUMEROUS BENEFITS for your business and you. Let’s explore some selected benefits. The potential benefits to YOU include time savings (less time conceiving, developing and handling various ad elements), dollar savings through better ad costs control, planned sales events and elimination of last minute poorly executed promotions, and improved utilization (both in planning and payment) of available co-op funds. Most importantly, better response will be achieved in terms of sales, and improved name recognition (... top of mind awareness!) for individual ads and related marketing efforts. The potential benefits to your media partners, much like your own, include time savings through less ad handling, reduced ad ERRORS (and impacts to your business), dollar savings through improved time management which translates into enhanced planning and selling time and stronger media relationships This will lead to better campaigns, more ad SUCCESS, and the resulting available ad dollars being reinvested since campaigns are conceived, refined (e.g. flexibility does exist in campaign selling), planned and executed in a more timely, efficient manner that generates results. The potential benefits to everyone include control of planning and making choices, having time to identify those opportunities and activities in your market that will be responsible for generating results and leading you to your goals. You will be spending more creative and FUN time and less production and crisis reactionary time – acting, NOT reacting. There will be the opportunity to spend more time getting to know and understand your advertising and marketing (media) resources to help you succeed, For more Longview Schools, see page 17

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October 2017 Business Connections  

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