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Katie Jackson, Kaili Liu, Yinuo Wei

Background Information th 19

· Settled in the late to early th 20 century · Vacant House rate: 3% to 7% · Full of beautiful historic homes · Community center boarding west & neighborhood park in southeast corner · Neighborhood below Southern Dayton View about 44% vacant · Neighborhood above Dayton View Triangle 23% vacant

Vacant lot · Location: Northwest corner, connecting streets: Academy Place & Vancouver Dr · Accessible & ensures resident’s privacy · Open, grassy, flat & receives lots of direct sunlight · Owner open to community garden plans

Solution: Community Garden · Provides vegetable garden for community · Contains mixed plants with herbs, trees and vegetables, flowers, small walkway and benches · Creates community center characteristic of neighborhood · Maximize use of space · Unite community, take pride in neighborhood & prevent further vacancies · Keeps neighborhood in beautiful condition · Not duplicate of recreation center & park

CASE C:University Row  

We chose the vacant lot in unviersity row. There are several aspects we discribe including background information, vacant lot, and solution....

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