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Junior�and�Senior�Explorers�Camps Campers must turn the age of their grouping by June 1 and the age of six by January 1. These programs include weekly field trips, and expert art, science and cooking instructors.

Art and Culture Bites | Science Exploration and Cooking | Young Eagles: Emerging Youth Leaders

Option�1: Art & Culture Bites with Gourmet Chefs

8:30am -3:00pm Calling all budding artists and chefs! Build Spanish Medieval castles and make tapas fit for a king! Learn words in Italian, draw like Da Vinci, and make Italian dishes that would make any tenor sing. Each morning is dedicated to the creation of a piece of art in a historical style followed by an afternoon of hands-on cooking. Weekly Themes June 17-21 - Tables of Tapas Medieval artifacts, castles, cathedrals and a banquet fit for a King is how we explore Spain and Italy artistically and the wonderful tradition of Tapas! Students will make a variety of one bite wonders like Caprese salad on a stick, classic tomato bruschetta, sizzling garlic shrimp, stuffed peppers and much, much more! June 24-28 - Moto Italiano A dash of stained glass making, some Leonardo Da Vinci, and lessons in Italian all make great prep work for a week of exploring the specialties of Italy. Students will go beyond pasta and explore delicacies like chicken piccata, eggplant parmesan, Caprese salad, and tiramisu! July 1-5 (No camp on July 4) - Special Session, Urban Adventures II, see page 4 July 8-12 - French Bistro Students will explore the great masters of Impressionism through painting and collage, take a visit to the National Gallery of Art for some inspiration, and make some wonderful French food! Dishes include French onion soup, cassoulet, quiche, apple tarts, and cream puffs! Tres Bon! July 15-19 - Mexican Fiesta! We begin our study of Mexico by making and painting pottery followed by Huichol string art,and painting in the traditional Mexican style. In the afternoon it’s fiesta time! Students will learn to make their favorite Mexican items like salsa, guacamole, tortilla chips, enchiladas, rice pudding, churros and chocolate! July 22-26 - All American Summer Favorites This exciting week starts with a morning trip to the American History Museum. Along with an exploration of America’s great artists, campers will mimicking these artists techniques to create their own masterpieces. In the afternoon campers will dive into some great American classic dishes like crab cakes, watermelon salad, brownie sundaes, shrimp cocktail, and more. July 29-August 2 - Market Basket Challenge Campers begin the week with a visit to the Smith Center to learn how art and healthy eating work together for a healthy self. We will then use art as a tool for exploring what is unique about each of us. Every afternoon, campers will find a distinctive set of ingredients in their “baskets” with which to create a daily menu. Emphasis will be on fresh, seasonal, and healthy ingredients. August 5-9 - Amazing Asia! The Asian Art Museum, Japanese brush painting, Chinese bookbinding, and hand henna from India are just a few of the ways we will complement our exploration of Asian cuisines. Students will take an exciting tour through China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and India and learn a variety of cooking techniques like steaming, sautéing, chopping, and rolling. Students will prepare dishes like Pad Thai, summer rolls, potato curry, samosas, and stir fry. Students will also be introduced to a number of different flavors like cilantro, tamarind, turmeric, and more.


August 12-16 - One Ingredient, 3 Ways In art and cooking, this week students will be presented with three different ingredients to make their creations. In art, students will create a masterpiece by combining three different media. In cooking, students will create three dishes that are variations on one main ingredient! This will surely stretch everyone’s imagination! This unique session is sure to expand everyone’s creative potential! Songs from around the world, play team building games and make friendship crafts.