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situation + analysis


development of elements


proposed inter vention


situation + analysis

A public, beach-side building is the framework for an exploration of intersection and boundary. It inhabits the shoreline between a historic amusement park and popular summer destination, Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania.



A map-object explores the hierarchy of the site. Main public buildings are identified and linked to the surrounding land from which they draw. The resulting overlap, intersection, and density inform an understanding of the system of the place.

a set of spatial conditions is revealed in elevation of the map-object. the center, marked definitively by the vertical peg, is certain and constant. webs of string imply varying levels of enclosure and transition between point and plane.


development of elements: core , floor, roof

A diagram of three stacked planes is extracted from the immediate site plan, identifying three important approaches to the building: the lawn, the beach, the water. Occuring at different elevations, the planes define a common, vertical core through their projected intersection.

3, development an exploded model of the three planes enables an investigation of their existing and potential interaction. threaded string attempts to track various transformations from one plane to the next. the result expresses a spiral movement, traveling downward around the vertical core. building upon the observations of the map-object, layered densities constructed by string inform a new understanding of inside vs. out.

A series of models explores how a path can wrap the core to maneuver the site’s elevation change. In each iteration, the path becomes an extension of the adjacent, historic boardwalk.

a final iteration addresses the scale and proportions of the site. the core volume is divided into two masses, and a roof element is introduced. independent in both plan and section, the floor and roof come into dialogue along the perimeter of the enclosed spaces. a question of boundary arises.

Through sketches and drawings, three main elements and their relationships are explored: core volumes are closed, vertical, and conditioned. they shrink away from the building’s perimeter, giving presence to the external floor which becomes a platform for exploring boundary. A drawing realizes the concept of path and core within the site context. The roof is formalized as a counterpart to the path, sliding subtly in and out of perception. As the two variably


proposed inter vention

abstract: The architecture defines an intersection between three planes of the site: lawn, beach, water. Two vertical cores occupy this junction, containing the specific and conditioned spaces of the program. An extension of the historic boardwalk wraps the core volumes to maneuver the elevation change of the site and knit together the three planes. A roof gives presence to the boundary between inside and outside, containing an intermediate condition.

upper level programs: A wide deck and cantilevered roof open to the lawn, offering a shelterd space to gather and escape summer’s heat. The sheltered space narrows for a moment, but continues to a second g From this space, punctures in a a heavy, solid wall lead to a casual restaurant. An otherwise simple interior is penetrated by an array of columns, diverging from a single point. The columns continue to an open-air deck that offers additional space for the restaurant’s seating or events.

As a popular summer destination, Conneaut Lake experiences dramatic seasonal fluctuations of population. The building accomodates both the large summer crowds and the smaller, yearround resident population. The core volumes offer an intimate setting that a smaller crowd can fill.

A collaged elevation tests material ideas and the legibility of the building’s form. The rhythm of a rough wood cladding is familiar in a town of historic wood structures.

Occuring autonomously, the roof and floor are able to explore new types of enclosure. Their discrepancies in plan create pockets of direct exposure contrasted by full shade. Across a large, open plan, intimate spaces are achieved without vertical obstruction.

Model Photos and Longitudinal Section

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