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I had no idea that the night Would take so damn long Took it out, on the street While the rain still falls Push me back to you. Shattered by O.A.R. Â

Photo by Koos Fernhout


I toyed  with  several  different  types  of  songs  to  choose  from.  Some  seemed   too  happy  or  optimistic  for  the  mood  I  was  in.  As  I  started  looking  through  songs,   nothing  seemed  to  jump  out  at  me,  but  I  realized  that  they  had  an  overall  theme  of   sadness  and  loneliness.  A  lot  of  the  lyrics  dealt  with  brokenness  or  an  absence  of   something.  In  the  end,  I  chose  “Shattered”  by  O.A.R.       To  me,  this  lyric  is  about  trying  to  get  over  something.  It  makes  me  feel  sad,   and  like  the  bad  times  in  life  seem  to  drag  on  forever.  The  overall  tone  of  the  lyric   reminds  me  of  a  dark,  cold  night  when  you’re  all  alone.  It  makes  me  feel  vulnerable   and  alone  and  broken.  Nothing  about  this  lyric  is  happy  or  inviting.  I  wanted  to   evoke  that  in  my  pictures.  I  knew  that  I  wanted  all  of  my  pictures  to  be  desolate  and   dark,  to  evoke  sadness  and  a  feeling  of  emptiness.  Therefore,  I  chose  not  to  place   people  in  my  pictures.  I  also  tried  for  empty  space  in  my  shots.  I  wanted  the  photos   to  evoke  something  dreary.  I  set  the  photos  to  black  and  white  because  they  are   meant  to  be  sad,  hopeless,  and  colorless.       The  first  photo  is  of  buildings  lining  a  street.  A  stoplight  is  on  the  rule  of   thirds  and  it  represents  being  at  a  standstill  in  life,  almost  like  a  stopping  point.  No   matter  how  hard  you  want  to  move  on,  there’s  something  holding  you  back.  This   shot  is  sort  of  busy,  but  as  the  images  progress  they  get  more  desolate.  

The second  image  is  of  a  corner  with  park  benches.  Notice  that  the  long  shot   features  park  benches  that  are  empty,  which  creates  a  sense  of  aloneness.  Also,  they   are  concrete  and  not  metal.  The  concrete  gives  the  benches  a  cold,  hard  texture   without  being  shiny  and  sleek  like  the  metal  benches  would  have  been.  It’s  more   rough  than  metal  is.       The  third  photo  is  an  extreme  close-­‐up  some  water  droplets  on  a  window.     The  droplets  represent  dots  that  draw  the  eye  to  the  third  lines.  I  felt  it  was   necessary  to  add  this  image  to  project  because  it  represents  tears,  sadness,  and  a   rainy  day.       The  fourth  image  is  almost  a  continuation  of  the  third.  You  can  tell  by  the   glare  off  the  streets  that  it  is  cold  and  wet.  Again,  this  represents  tears  and  sadness.   There  are  cars  in  the  shot.  Their  headlights  create  dots  of  light.  I  feel  like  the  cars   represent  a  need  to  go  somewhere  and  get  out  of  the  slump  that  you’re  in.       The  final  image  has  very  sharp  lines.  The  angle  almost  seems  broken  and   dangerous.  I  took  this  photo  as  a  low  angle  shot  because  I  wanted  it  to  look   threatening  and  intimidating.  To  me,  it  represents  the  future.  You’re  unsure  of   what’s  going  to  happen,  and  it  makes  you  feel  scared  and  intimidated.  The  building   follows  the  rule  of  thirds  to  make  the  shot  more  interesting.                                                 Kelsey  Pepmeier  

T206 Midterm Assignment  

Shattered by O.A.R.