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INT. BEDROOM-­‐  AFTERNOON             1     Two  teenage  girls  enter  a  bedroom  and  throw  backpacks  on  beds.               GIRL  1   Did  you  get  them?     GIRL  2     Get  what?     GIRL  1     See,  I  told  you  you  wouldn’t  remember.  The  tickets  you  idiot.   You  said  youd  get  the  tickets.  You  told  me—     GIRL  2   Chill  I  got  ‘em..  I  was  just  messin  with  ya.     GIRL  2  reaches  into  backpack  and  pulls  out  two  tickets.     GIRL  1   (Playfully  shoves  2)  That  isn’t  funny..  you  know  how  important   this  is.  I  don’t  even  want  to  think  about  what  mom’d  do  if  she   knew  we  lost  hers.     GIRL  2     Geez..  Would  you  just  relax?  We’re  good.  She’ll  never  even   know.     GIRL  1   (under  breath)  you’re  lucky  I  don’t  just  tell  her  the  truth.     GIRL  2   What’d  you  say?     GIRL  1   nothin  I  just  said  we’re  lucky.     INT.  KITCHEN-­‐  EARLY  EVENING   Both  GIRLS  are  sitting  at  kitchen  counter.  MOM  is  making  supper.   MOM   Anything  exciting  happen  today,  girls?     GIRLS  1&2   (Simultaneously)  NO!  



MOM (Curious  glance)  Nothing  at  all?     GIRL  1     (Quick  look  to  2)    Nope  not  really.   GIRL  2     err..I’ve  got  some  stuff  to  do.  Lemme  know  when  the  food’s   done.     GIRL  1     me  too,  mom.   INT.  BEDROOM-­‐  EVENING     GIRL  1  is  pacing  the  room  while  GIRL  2  lounges  on  bed.                       GIRL  1   Damnit.  Why  do  I  always  get  wrapped  up  into  your  problems.    I   didn’t  even  do  anyhing.  You’re  the  one  that  bet  her  tickets  in   poker.  Are  you  stupid?  What  were  you  thinking?  Irresponsible.   That’s  what  you  are..      


  Just  stop.  

GIRL 2  

  GIRL  1   I  should  just  tell  her  the  truth,  I  mean  she’s  going  to  find  out!   She  always  does…  it’s  only  a  matter  of  time.  I  just  can’t  believe   you.  The  one  thing  she’s  been  most  excited  about  all  year.  Ugh!  





  GIRL  2   SHUT  UP!  God.  I  already  told  you.  I  got  replacements.  It’s  fine.   You’re  such  a  prick.             GIRL  1   That’s  it.  I’m  sick  of  you.  When  will  you  ever  grow  up  and  stop   being  so  immature?  I’m  telling  her  what  you  did.  (Steps   towards  door)         GIRL  2   Do  it  and  I’ll  tell  her  about  the  day  you  skipped  school.   (Both  girls  glare  at  each  other)         GIRL  1   You  wouldn’t  dare.  

MOM (From  kitchen)  Dinner’s  ready!        

Both girls  sprint  through  the  doorway,  racing  to  the  kitchen.            


This is dialogue for TEL T 206. This serves as a rough draft.

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