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#ShowOverview Host/carpenter Brian Kelsey receives daily tweets and Facebook posts from followers and listeners of his recent national radio show on Martha Stewart Living Radio who need advice on home renovation and dé cor. Brian finds inspiration for these projects by convincing a celebrity to give him a tour of their home, and having them show off some interesting renovations or features. Brian then shows you how you can achieve the same things in YOUR house, by doing it yourself. Forget everything you know about home renovation/design television. Take away the sobbing reveals, uplifting music and teary-eyed homeowners. Forget the hugs, competitions, pressed shirts and set-up scenarios. Picture if you will, Anthony Bourdain meets ‘Jackass’ meets ‘This Old House’. Playing off the double entendre “on the house”, “Kelsey On The House” is a weekly half-hour home & lifestyle show. It’s an existing brand that is quirky, edgy, very loose, and funny - without trying to be. It’s part instruction, part entertainment. It breaks down all stereotypes of the modern day ‘home’ show by delivering information in a fresh a relevant way (while barging in on celebrities). Creator and host Brian Kelsey is a licensed home improvement contractor, television and radio host, and home renovation television addict. Brian on ‘The Martha Stewart Show’: ORGANIZE

Brian on ‘The Martha Stewart Show’: TILE


#ShowOverview NATIONAL TV: #HereIsWhatYouGet: WIth all the power of NBC, ‘Kelsey On The House ’ will be shown on the COZI TV channel in PRIME TIME (saturday nights) available in 31 MILLION HOMES.on NBC OWNED AND OPERATED STATIONS IN 11MAJOR MARKETS: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas/Ft.Worth, Washington DC, Miami, San Diego, Las Vegas and Connecticut. More markets coming soon. Billboards - ΤΩΟ :10 βιλλβοαρδσ περ επισοδε (ι.ε. ‘Κελσεψ Ον Τηε Ηουσε ισ βρουγητ το ψου ιν παρτ βψ....(ταγλινε)” ωιτη λογο) Content Integration – Your products and services seamlessly built into episodes via product shot, packing/shipment logos, and/or verbal mention. At least one integration per episode. Viewer Demographics – Our target audience is men and women 25-54, homeowners, college educated, with children.


WHAT MAKES THIS SHOW DIFFERENT There is a void in home renovation television. There is currently no show that combines an actual carpenter, celebrities showing off their homes in a fun and entertaining way, and instruction on how to achieve the same look in your home. There is no home show that utilizes social media to it’s full potential, and that’s shot and produced in an edgy, movie like and humorous way. The traditional ‘home’ and ‘reality’ show formula has run its course and has saturated the market. ‘Kelsey On The House ’ changes the formula and the rules, here is how: CELEBRITIES. Viewers get to see our celebrities in a different light; relaxed, showing off their homes, almost as if they are ‘real’ people. Think the OPPOSITE of “MTV Cribs”. They are free to plug anything they are working on during the segment. Incorporating celebrities gives instant show credibility, relevancy, and interest. Using celebrities also increases show visibility because it will bleed over to media outlets such as Extra! and Access Hollywood, further promoting the product. PRODUCTION. The show is shot using ultra high-end DSLR cameras, for an incredible cinematic look. By contrast, there will be Super 8 film b-roll footage (digitally converted to HD) sprinkled in as well. Included in every episode are quick little b-roll transitions of behind the scene footage of the editing process, the voice-overs, and other glimpses of show production.. PRESENTATION. This show has a swagger. It has a feel. It’s presented in a way that shows Brian’s passion for renovation, and expertise. Brian talks to the camera as if it’s his best friend, and is enjoyably not your typical host. SOCIAL MEDIA INTEGRATION. The “Kelsey On The House” brand already exists, and has a large following and social media presence. Every episode will have a constant push to follow on Twitter & Facebook, and each episode will integrate social media in ways no other show can or does. There will be regular Twitter and Facebook Q & A’s, Tweet-Ups and other events. This translates into major added value for advertisers. CROSS PLATFORM INTEGRATION. Utilizing Brian’s existing relationships, we will integrate with a magazine such as Life & Style or Ok! with regular celebrity home trend updates, reaching an even larger audience.



@ KelsOnTheHouse

The social media and online component for ‘Kelsey On The House ’ is like none other. Marrying television with digital content is paramount. Plans such as live events in high profile areas across the country with special access to available only to followers, morning show television segments integrating ‘Kelsey On The House ’ followers, and more. This translates into unprecedented visibility for your business. Because the show is so Twitter/Facebook driven and the projects are based on questions Brian gets via Twitter/Facebook, his number of followers is expected to exceed 100,000 within the first 48 weeks of airing. These followers will be driven to your website on a regular basis. This is how we will do it: -Every tv segment Brian does, he will push his Twitter handle (@KelsOnTheHouse). Even just one mention on “The Today Show” to 2.5 million viewers translates into a giant jump of followers. -@KelseyOnTheHouse will be mentioned and shown graphically on the program heavily. -The weekly web only ‘after-show’ (see ‘WEBSITE’ below) will be called @KelsOnTheHouse and SPONSORED BY YOU as part of your sponsorship package. Here is what you are guaranteed: Tweets - The fuel that runs the show is Twitter. Links to your website will be Tweeted 3x per week. Tweet-Up - Once a month Brian will have a ‘tweet up’ bringing together the dedicated community of viewers via Twitter. This links your products directly with your target customers. Facebook - Once a week you company/link will be mentioned in a Facebook post. Daily posts will drive traffic to the ‘Kelsey On The House” site which equals more traffic to your site (see ‘WEBSITE COMPONENT’ below). Instagram - viewers and follower will solicited to post project pictures for use on the show and possible contests.


#ShowOverview WEBSITE COMPONENT The website component for ‘Kelsey On The House ’ is as important, if not more so, than the tv component and your exposure will be heavily integrated within the the site. Here ’s how: IT WILL HAVE... -A complete product and tool list from each episode, with links to to each item. -Complete step-by-step instruction for each episode’s project. -Your banner ad with a link to your site. -A weekly 4 minute ‘show within a show’ video seen only online that is a reality of sorts, that will show the behind the scenes making of each episode. It will be called ‘@KelsOnTheHouse’ to again, drive the Twitter numbers up. As mentioned above, your sponsorship package includes an in show :05 ‘sponsored by ‘graphic with your logo.


NATIONAL TELEVISION SEGMENTS Brian is a promotion machine. Regular appearances on major network tv shows keeps him fresh, relevant, top of mind. What does this do for you? It translates into a buzz, and more followers, which means more people are watching and following your product. Below are a few NEWS CBS examples of Brian’s recentFOX segments:




brian, son, and dad...

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Brian Kelsey is a licensed contractor whose creative concepts and fine unique carpentry are presented in a fun, fresh, entertaining way that only Brian knows how to deliver. His dad taught him everything he knows about carpentry, and now Brian is teaching his young sons the very same. Brian combines his loves of carpentry and design, with his tv production background. Brian just finished a 2 year stint co-hosting the national radio show "Morning Living" on Martha Stewart Living Radio and Sirius XM, and has also appeared on The Martha Stewart Show, Fox & Friends, The Today Show and more. His projects have been showcased on The Nate Berkus Show, HGTV and DIY Network, to name a few. Because Brian was on the radio every day speaking to a half million people interviewing top chefs, designers, and entertainers, his working knowledge of interviews and the media in general is a built-in plus. His legions of listeners continue to follow his career and ask for advice via social media. Brian is media savvy, and takes pride in perfecting segments and Satellite Media Tours to help promote “Kelsey On The House�.

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