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Query Letter To Seventeen Magazine

Dear Tomoko Takeda Cane of Seventeen Magazine,

Every day young women tryare trying to figure out how to make the best possible version of themselves appear without investing theusing up all that time required to make itthat happen. Some women don’t mind taking those hours to get ready while others just don’t seem to have the time or patience to do so every day. Little do many women know, there are so many easy tricks that make looking good quick and easy. I use every day for the time that I don’t have. This article will include easy tips and tricks that many young women can use to look their best every day. This article will also include cheap and affordable products that these young women can use without going over their budget. It is not all about using MAC products to get the best effects for your look. This article will be a fun yet informative article on how to get summer ready for less, with tips that can be useful and brought into every season of the year. The length of the article will be about a page, showing directions and products for use for each step to getting ready. I have conducted a small survey asking young women what they wish they could do to save the most time in the morning and the majority of the vote came to hair. I would also love to do another survey on other things that young women might have a problem with when it comes to getting ready. I have the same issue in the morning, so it would be nice to share my little tricks with other women, as well as get input from those struggling with and taming the issue. I am a 20 year-old woman who loves the same thing any other young woman does. Even though I may not be a teenager anymore doesn’t mean I don’t feel like I’m seventeen anymore. I will be a senior in the fall at California Baptist University finishing my Bachelor’s degree in International Business with a minor in Public Relations. Though writing is not entirely part of my major, I love writing and informing others of simple remedies as well as advice on the different things I have experienced. I have had a lot of experience with writing for all of the different classes I get to experience, showing me that I really enjoy writing and have a talent for it. I have done a few blogs and am just starting out in the freelancing business. Thank you again, for your consideration I look forward to working with you in the future.

-Kelsey Sanchez