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Lately I have been working out at our gym and even have my own personal trainer. Sometime after going to the gym I need to eat some protein so all my working out didn’t get put to waste. So this blog goes out to all of you college students who have been either working out or in some kind of sport on and off campus and need some protein after. Our recipe today is Faux Protein Frosty. It tastes just like a Wendy’s Frosty and is healthy for you too. Ingredients -3/4 cup (6ounces) almond milk or any milk of your choice -15 ice cubes or more -1 scoop of vanilla protein powder (use your favorite brand, its important that you would actually enjoy your protein drink. -1-2 TB unsweetened cocoa powder (depending on how much you want) -1/4 TSP xanthan gum (very important ingredient) -1/4 TSP guar gum (or use more xanthan if you don’t have guar) -Sweetener of choice ( you can use ¼ frozen banana or stevia packet, or a few dates, or xylitol, or agave) Instructions 1.

Blend till everything is mixed to pure perfection and also the way that you would like it.


Take out of blender and enjoy your after workout protein frosty.

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