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Making disciples of Jesus Christ www.kelseymemorial.org

For the transformation of the world MAY 2019


UMM BBQ FUNDRAISER It’s the men’s annual BBQ fundraiser.


COMMUNION SUNDAY Don’t miss this meaningful time we have together.


NOW TEAM MEETING Come and learn about a great way for churches to connect with people (6:30pm)


MOTHER’S DAY Don’t you dare forget!


YOUTH BOWLING The youth group will have its weekly meeting at Valero (5pm).


NATIONAL WAITERS & WAITRESSES DAY Make sure to leave a good tip. Go a bit further and let your server know you’ll be praying for them.


WEDNESDAY IN MAY Online Bible study is weekly at 8pm. Join our Kelsey Methodist Congregation Facebook page to join in.


CHURCH LEADERS & STAFF Tony Aldaco, Custodian Jenessa Carrizales, Office Manager John Fletcher, Pastor Linda Harrison, Outreach Chairperson

Henry Santana, Council Chairperson John Marez, Lay Leader Grace Marez, Nurture Chairperson

Mon, Wed, Fri | 9am-1pm Tue, Thurs | 9am-11:30am Phone: 361.882.9522 Email: office@kelseymemorial.org Quick info at wearekelsey.info



10am Sunday School 11am Worship 6pm Bible Study 6pm Small Group & Devotional 8pm Online Bible Study

3rd Saturday (May 18) 4th Saturday (May 25) Last Sunday (May 26)

8am Food Pantry 8am Men’s Bible Study 9am Birthday Breakfast

Bring your change (coins) to church on May 19th. Kelsey Kids receives the Noisy Offering to help support children’s ministry.

OUR BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES 8 Delia Acuña 10 Daniel Jackson Olivarez 13 Elijah Moreno, Miguel & Lauren Munguia 14 Beatrice Hinojosa 15 Ava Castañeda, Miyah B. Cortez 19 Christopher Tamez, Joe Sanchez, Richard Peña 22 Mary Stripling 23 Robert Torres

27 Ezra S. Gonzales 28 Imelda Vela 31 Cameryn C. Cibrian

Did we miss a birthday or anniversary? Help us keep our list updated by sharing info with our office. MONTHLY REPORT BAPTISMS-0


The Great Commission is the call to make disciples & bring people, young & old, to faith.

Worship attendance is one sign of church growth. Our weekly worship average for the last 4 weeks.



Our 1-st time guest cards are our way to make contact with people that visit our church.

Last month our Communion Offering was sent to Food Pantry.

HAVE TO MISS A SUNDAY? Join our Facebook Group (Kelsey Methodist Congregation) to watch a live feed. Use our online giving feature to make sure your gifts are received each week.

CONNECT WITH US ONLINE www.kelseymemorial.org /KelseyMemorialUMC

THE MEN’S ANNUAL BBQ FUNDRAISER The United Methodist Men’s BBQ is scheduled for Saturday, May 4th. This year the men’s group is selling beef brisket w/trimmings for $8/plate. The youth group is selling drinks and dessert. Also, we are hosting a rummage sale to raise money for Vacation Bible School. A MOTHER’S DAY FUNDRAISER Join us on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12th for worship at 11am, followed by a luncheon afterwards. The UMM will be selling fried fish plate and dessert for $8. MOTHER-DAUGHTER BRUNCH This year’s theme is Women of Faith: Standing Stones. God has brought us together, and it takes all of us to raise all of us. Within every heart of every Christian woman is a witness to the love and power of God. We want to celebrate that witness! We’re inviting women to a morning of worship, sharing, fellowship and giving thanks for the women who have impacted our lives. Join us Saturday, May 18 at 10:30am. Make plans to stay for a potluck luncheon. Contact Hope Garza or Gloria Fletcher for more information about this great day. MAKE SURE TO PRAY WITH US CONTINUALLY The church that prays together, changes the world together. We’re establishing two ongoing opportunities to join in intentional prayer. Monday evenings at 6pm and Tuesday mornings at 10:30. We’ll gather to pray for our church, our city and nation, the Church universal and for whatever else the Lord puts on our hearts. Prayer keeps us grounded in the Spirit and connects us to God’s will. The gates of Hades are scared of a church that prays like that! KELSEY YOUNG ADULT SELECTED FOR PROJECT TRANSFORMATION One of our young adults has been selected to participate in Project Transformation. Beginning in May, for 2 months, Brittani Fletcher will be in the Rio Grande Valley to help serve children from low-income neighborhoods to improve their literacy, social, emotional and spiritual development. You can support Brittani financially and by praying for her and the other college-aged adults she’ll be working with. YOUTH CAMP IN THE MOUNTAINS OF SACRAMENTO We’ve received information about this year’s youth Summer camp in Sacramento, NM. The camp is scheduled for July 15-19 and costs $305/camper to attend. There is also a $75/camper bus fee. This years’ theme is Under Pressure. The Bible passage is James 1:2-4. This is always a great time of worship and fellowship for our youth. We’re hoping to send, at least, 10 youth this year. If you would like to help sponsor a youth to attend, contact John Fletcher. A digital copy of our newsletter can be found at www.kelseymemorial.org/newsletter.

Kelsey Memorial United Methodist Church 1610 Comanche St | Corpus Christi, 78401 | www.kelseymemorial.org Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for the Transformation of the World.

ANOTHER WORD FROM ANOTHER JOHN This may sound strange to hear your pastor say, but, “I don’t want our church to do more.” God’s church doesn’t need more activities. It needs more activity. That is, it doesn’t need to find more things to do, for the sake of doing more. Rather, the body of Christ needs to ensure it’s active doing, first and foremost, what God called it do. It’s the question of quality vs. quantity. Think of it this way: How many programs did the early church have? Their time was spent in devotion to learning about Jesus and sharing his message. The miraculous activities we read about were consequences of that. I am convinced that model still works today. If we try to do more, it’s going to cost us more money, more time and more commitment. As it is, we do enough to stretch those resources. And, quite frankly, a lot of the activities we do are run by most of the same people. I don’t want to add more to do for those people. What I’d like to see happen is we take the mission of Jesus beyond 1610 Comanche St. Do you want to be a blessing to Corpus Christi? The world? I’m sure you do. Then, in the name of Jesus Christ and in the name of Kelsey Memorial UMC, go be a blessing. There are numerous organizations that are doing the Lord’s work by caring for people in different ways. Most of the time, what they need is people who care enough to be involved. That’s you and me! Those places have systems in place to make the most of anyone’s time

and talents. They also are in the front lines of engaging with people. What I have prayed continuously for is making this idea our reality. Now, obviously, there are things we should still do here. Let’s invite people to church. Let’s host gatherings that help us get to know new people. Of course, let’s worship and study scripture together. Let’s decide on what are our God ideas, not just good ideas—more on that later! And let’s decide that whatever we do here, we do it with every bit of faith, enthusiasm and excellence we have. Most churches are known for something. Often, it’s something about their building or some event they host (the church on the hill or the church that has the big rummage sale). Wouldn’t it be awesome if our city noticed that wherever good is being done our church is there? It wouldn’t be wishful thinking to assume that someone would want to know why that is. In other words, as we prioritize making disciples at church, those disciples go out and transform the world. For the sake of Jesus Christ, I’d like us to consider thinking differently about how we reach out to the world. Would you be with me? Blessed Beyond Belief,

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May Newsletter  


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