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Hurricane Sandy Gives Philadelphia a Break

Although Hurricane Sandy fell hard on New Jersey, New York and some parts of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia found itself lucky in the midst of the storm. Forecasts predicted that Sandy would touch down in Philadelphia, leaving it one of the hardest hit spots. Thankfully, the ‘city of brotherly love’ slid by with only moderately bad wind and rain. The city of Philadelphia prepared for the storm as best as possible, not knowing what Sandy was capable of. The schools and colleges, most businesses and public transportation were shut down for most of Monday and Tuesday. Philadelphia also provided numerous shelters from the storm. As citizens of Philadelphia awoke on Tuesday October 30, 2012, many of them were pleasantly surprised to find that

the city was left with minimal damage compared to the rest of the East Coast. Unlike New York City and parts of South Jersey, power outages and flooding were rare across Philadelphia. Most of the minor damage that was found was fallen tree branches and scattered trash from the heavy winds. Unfortunately, other towns across the East Coast were not as lucky as Philadelphia, and the hurricane has had a heavy affect on them. Atlantic City, and other coastal towns of New Jersey are facing heavy damages including power outages and severe flooding. Among the hardest devastated is Long Island, New York, where many homes were destroyed from water damage.

Left: The Philadelphia Skyline appears dull and unlit, a rare occurance, during Hurricane Sandy on October 29,2012. Top: Temple Towers, an on-campus housing facility on Temple University’s campus, prepares for the hurricane by placing sandbags at each door to prevent flooding . Bottom: Cecil B. Moore Avenue is barely affected by “Frankenstorm” on October 29,2012. The city only recieved heavy rain falls and moderate wind gusts.

© Kelsey Dubinsky

Hurricane Sandy  
Hurricane Sandy  

Philadelphia comes out of Hurricane Sandy with minimal damage.