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PEUGEOT iOn 100% ELECTRIC CAR ZERO CO2 EMMISONS 150 kilometer range 81 km/hour top speed 4 door 3.48 meter length Lithium Oxide Batter Developed by Lithium energy in Japan as a co-op with Mitsubishi

Charging 6 hour complete charge with 220 volt supply Quick Station location with 380 volt supply 50% in 15 minutes 80% in 30 minutes



Compact size


Rides smoothly


Sleek design


100% electric

Environmentally aware

Zero CO2 emissions

Compact Calm


Mitsubishi Green Seal US Environmental Protection Agency Go Green Initiative Lithium Energy Company


All green technology vehicles Hybrid, alternative fuel

Other Electric Cars Nisan Leaf Citroë C-Zero

CREATIVE WORK PLAN PROBLEM Although the Peugeot brand is well-known, their soon-to be released iOn has been promoted little. The car must not only stand out among other green vehicles—electric cars in particular—it must stand out among other Peugeot models. BIG IDEA

ELECTRIFYING ENVIRONMETAL RESPONSIBILITY CALL TO ACTION Come in and test drive the 100% electric Peugeot iOn. See how great saving the environment feels.

BRAND STRATEGY STATEMENT The French car brand Peugeot is part of the second largest European carmaker PSA Peugeot Citroen. Since its establishment in 1882 the company has been know for its innovation and experience. CURRENT As a one of Europe’s top car brands, Peugeot is viewed as a pioneer in electric development as seen through the success of Peugeot 106. FUTURE With the iOn comes the ability both increase brand awareness among young professionals and strengthen the link between Peugeot and exhibiting an environmental conscious.

CONSUMER PROFILE DEMOGRAPHICS Leasing at £415 a month, with a four year contract, the car will be targeted at young professionals looking to make an environmentally conscious decision. The iOn’s small size is ideal for the primary target. PRIMARY TARGET


25-35 years old French Newly established career Gender neutral Minimum of undergraduate degree Median income Urban or suburban living Zero children or starter family

Institutions with large vehicle fleets Government transportation Car sharing companies Public Sector

CONSUMER PROFILE PSYCHOGRAPHICS THINKERS They consider new ideas and look for functional, durable products. Targeting the socially responsible, new iOn to this group will resonate with their mature decision making and need for responsibility and knowledge. Environmentally concerned Moral consciousness Open to new ideas Educated Accountable Trendsetters



The Peugeot iOn webpage will be expanded to include a tab labeled ELECTRIFY. This page will outline the positive environmental impact the iON has on the environment and educated on the importance of alternative energy vehicles (Carbon footprint diagrams, map of charging stations, social network links, links to “green” organizations). Measurement: number of hits on ELECTRIFY page, monitor traffic

SOCIAL NETWORKING Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr will be utilized to spread knowledge of the iOn, environmental tips of the week, and links back to landing page. Measurement: number of followers and fans (goal of 100,000 Facebook followers in one year span)

CONTEST Peugeot will sponsor a contest titled ELECTRIFY, which will award 25,000 dollars to the French company that presents the best green initiative business plan. Entries will be submitted to the landing page, promoted through social networking, and voted on by the public. Measurement: amount of entries (goal of 200)

INTEGRATED MEDIA STRATEGY PARTNERSHIP Peugeot will partner with Green Mountain Energy, who is an electric provider with business practices focusing on environmental sustainability. This partnership is important because electric car and alternative energy companies are dependent upon one another. Links on each other's web site, promoted through social media Measurement: Sales figures for both the iOn and Green Mountain Energy, focus groups for partnership recognition

ONLINE COMMERCIAL Commercials linking the iOn’s to environmental responsibility will play as pre-roll to online televisions on sites such as Hulu and ABC. The end of the commercial will end with a link back to the landing page. Measurement: click-on rate at end of commercial

EDUCATION ELECTRIFY is not only about selling cars; it is about creating better environmental knowledge. Peugeot will sponsor educational programs at French companies to inform consumers of the iOn and better environmental choices in general. Flyers will be distributed with links to the landing page and social media sites. Measurement: survey satisfaction at the conclusion of each seminar

OVERALL SUCCESS GOAL 1: Sell 10,000 Peugeot iOn cars in the first year of release Measurement: Sales figures of car and business analysis

GOAL 2: Increase brand awareness of Peugeot among the demographic Measurement: Focus groups and surveys sent to Facebook and Twitter fans

GOAL 2: Targeted public’s knowledge of campaign slogan and success of ELECTRIFY Measurement: Focus groups and surveys sent to Facebook and Twitter fans

Analysis of Peugeout ION Campaign  

Overview and Analysis or Peugeout ION Campaign including strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Recommendations for brand also included.

Analysis of Peugeout ION Campaign  

Overview and Analysis or Peugeout ION Campaign including strengths, weaknesses, and goals. Recommendations for brand also included.