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It  has  been  a  number  of  weeks  since  I  have  sat  down  to  write  you.  As  I  am   nearing  my  one  year  in  full  time  ministry,  I  am  putting  together  a  larger  update   for  next  month,  but  today  I  felt  a  quick  “hello!”  was  in  order.       My  five  weeks  in  the  States  went  by  faster  than  I  imagined,  but  it  was  a  rich  time   of  family  and  community.  In  these  weeks,  I  had  more  lunch-­‐dates  than  I  would   care  to  admit,  a  weekend  vacation  with  family,  and  incredible  community  within   my  two  home  churches,  South  Boston  Bible  and  The  Well.  It  was  a  really  blessed   time,  a  closing  of  one  season  and  beginning  of  another!  It  seemed  that  in  a  matter   of  just  days  I  was  saying  goodbye  at  the  airport  again,  departing  for  the  next   chapter  Jesus  has  written  for  us.       As  I  have  shared  previously,  I  am  stepping  in  to  brand  new  responsibilities,   starting  already  this  month,  as  I  joined  the  MOTA  DTS  leadership  team  and  begin   preparations  for  this  fall.  God  has  been  putting  together  a  staff  team,  and  calling   the  students.  Right  now  we  have  over  150  applications  for  this  discipleship   training  school,  and  we  are  expecting  more  in  the  next  months!  This  will  be  the   largest  DTS  in  all  of  Europe!  God  is  certainly  up  to  something.       It  has  been  a  season  of  learning  and  growing.  God  is  really  preparing  my  heart,   mind  and  spirit,  for  this  season.  I  can  feel  Him  stretching  me  ever  so  gently,   asking  me  to  trust  and  follow  Him  in  every  way.  Just  when  I  think  I  am  fully   trusting,  I  realize,  I  have  so  more  to  learn.    Oh  I  am  so  thankful  for  His  grace!   Even  though  it  feels  uncomfortable  99%  of  the  time,  it  is  a  beautiful  thing  to  fall  

back, deeper  into  His  calling  and  plans.  I  wouldn’t  want  to  be  anywhere  else  this   season!       Currently,  I  am  head  deep  in  DTS  Administration,  and  MOTA  preparations,  and  in   my  free  time  I  am  probably  outside  in  the  woods  or  enjoying  fellowship  with   people  in  this  community  that  I  have  the  privilege  of  doing  life  with.       As  a  YWAM  base  and  community,  God  is  really  stretching  us  all  and  we  are  in  a   huge  season  of  trust  and  preparation!  We  feel  that  we  are  being  sharpened  as  a   whole,  as  He  positions  us  to  where  we  need  to  be.  When  our  base  was  founded  9   years  ago,  we  felt  God  calling  us  to  focus  on  missions  in  the  10/40  window.  We   have  sent  so  many  teams  out  from  here  to  preach  the  Gospel  in  these  nations,  but   really  feel  challenged  to  continue  to  reach  nations  we  have  not  yet  been.   Currently  there  are  35  nations  on  this  list,  and  an  excitement  is  really  stirring  to   go  out!  Many  of  us  are  committing  to  these  nations,  wanting  to  reach  them  before   our  10  year  anniversary  next  summer.  It  is  an  exciting  time  here  in  Herrnhut,   and  I  look  forward  to  sharing  more  next  month!       Next  month  I  really  want  to  share  where  I  am  financially,  as  well  as  taking  a  look   back  and  looking  forward!  Every  time  I  think  about  what  has  been,  and  what  I’m   about  to  walk  in  to,  my  mind  just  gets  blown  by  how  awesome  and  BIG  and   beautiful  God  is!       Your  support  and  commitment  is  such  a  blessing,  and  I  am  so  thankful,  so  so   thankful,  for  all  that  you  have  poured  out!  Thank  you  from  the  bottom  of  my   heart.  I’d  love  to  hear  from  you,  please  feel  free  to  write  at  any  time!       Many  blessings  and  much  love,   Kelsey        

June Update.  

A little update about what God is up to. Oh, it is such a privilege to share with you this journey of serving in ministry with YWAM Herrnhut...