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Date Written: February 26th, 2013 Written By: Kelsey Elliott Length: ‘30 Run Dates:

Client Name: Fit Pit Contact Name: Phone Number: E-mail:

[outside noises, cars driving, rain] SFX: huffing and puffing, foot steps Male Voice [exhausted]: Gotta get to N-E-one, Gotta get to Canada Way. I….will….make it… SFX: more huffing and puffing Female Voice [exhausted]: Gotta get back to the parking lot….Gotta get back to Deer Lake Park… Male and Female Voices [exhausted]: finally…..made it…. Announcer: You can make it from Deer Lake Park to N-E-one at Canada Way without being winded or grabbing your sides in pain. All you have to do is visit the Fit Pit and it will feel like a stroll, not like you’ve just hiked The Chief. The Fit Pit at the BCIT Burnaby Campus – take a stroll.

Evolution 1079 Creative

Fit Pit Ad  

A 30 second advertisement for the Fit Pit at the BCIT Burnaby campus to be aired on Evolution 107.9.