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Sophomore student athlete Nadine Yunginger talks about her “boring� life of playing 3 different sports at Etown College.

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it’s attending an entirely different school.

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Health and Fitness Easy Dorm-Friendly Workouts By: Kelsey Hayes

College life is a new and exciting experience and living on your own is a huge part of that. It opens up so many opportunities for young adults and forces students to have a lot more responsibility than if they were living at home. With everything students are expected to be responsible for, where does their health fit in? Along with eating properly, a daily routine of activity is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Every college recreation center will most likely have all the equipment you need to stay healthy and fit, but on those super busy days or late nights, the gym might not be the easiest option. Here are a few things you can do with no cost, right from the convenience of your own dorm! You can design your own mini workout for yourself that combines three main components: cardio, strength training, and stretching. According to fitness instructor Nicole Nichols, from her Healthy Lifestyle blog, “cardio exercise burns calories, trains your body to use more fat as fuel, strengthens your heart and lungs and helps relieve stress.” Try an arrangement of any of the following low-impact cardio moves, and aim to get both your arms and legs moving. 1. Jogging in place or high knees running in place 2. Jumping jacks 3. Invisible jump rope 4. Running up the stairs in your building 5. Turn up your music and dance!

Strength training is a very important part of your daily exercise routine because its builds strength and endurance. You don’t always need weights for strength training; you can use your body weight for resistance to work several major muscle groups. -Abs: Sit on the edge of a chair, knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Grasp the sides of the chair, and lean back slightly. Pull your knees toward your chest as you crunch your upper body forward using the abs, not the arms. Lower your feet almost to the floor but don’t let them touch until the end of the set. This movement should be slow and controlled. Girls: 3 reps of 20. Guys: 3 reps of 40. -Shoulders: Twist a large towel so that it is in a long straight line. Step onto one end of the towel with your right foot, holding the other end of the towel with your right hand, palm facing down. Keep your feet slightly apart, and knees slightly bent. Raise your right arm up, allowing enough tension to feel resistance. Hold at a 45 degree angle for 30 seconds, then switch sides and repeat. Girls: 3 reps of 10. Guys: 3 reps of 30.

-Thighs: Squats are the easiest and most effective exercise for your quads and thighs. Begin by standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart and your toes pointed forward. Slowly, lower your body and bend slightly at your hips. Then straighten your legs and come up to the starting position to complete one rep. To enhance the exercise, grab a jug of water or soda in each hand to act as weights! Girls: 2 reps of 10. Guys: 3 reps of 20. Always end your exercises with stretching. Use what you have. Most stretches can be done while sitting or standing, so you don’t need any equipment. Think about using your dorm room furniture to help increase your stretching capacity. For example, prop a foot up on your chair, desk, or bed to stretch your hamstrings. The single dorm room that can multitask as a bedroom, study, and kitchen can also become your personal gym! With just a few minutes a day, you’ll see a healthier and more relaxed body and mind, and that’s how college life should be.


Ease Your Growling Stomach By: Jen Fimmano Your stomach’s growling, but it’s hours until dinner.You are longing for a snack but you don’t want to mess up your diet.You decide to grit your teeth and wait. You may feel guilty for snacking, but the most successful diets allow for snacks to help manage hunger and reduce binge eating. The trick is to select snacks that are nutritious and to eat them in moderation. Healthy snacks include foods that have fiber, vitamins, nutrients, protein and whole grains. Be sure that the snacks you choose are low in fat and calories. Here are some examples to get you started on your road to healthy snacking. Stock up on these healthy snacks and you’ll never want another potato chip again.

Cottage Cheese is a surprisingly nutritious and delicious snack that is loaded with protein and calcium. A typical halfcup serving of low-fat cottage cheese has only 80 calories, one gram of fat and 12 grams of protein. Add in fresh fruit, nuts, granola, or honey for a more flavorful helping of cottage cheese.

Yogurt is another snack that has excellent health benefits. It is naturally high in protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamins B6 and B12. Despite these nutritional benefits, however, some yogurt manufacturers add unnecessary sugar. Be sure to look at the nutritional facts to determine whether the sugar content is too high. We recommend Fage (pronounced fa-yay) Total Greek Yogurt with Peach. A 5.3 oz. container has 130 calories, three grams of fat, 10 grams of protein and only 17g of sugar. Hummus is one of those foods that is both nutritious and surprisingly delicious.

It is a dip or spread that is made from mashed chickpeas that are blended with tahini (sesame seed paste), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. Hummus is high in iron, vitamin C, protein, dietary fiber and numerous other essential nutrients. A two-tablespoon serving of Sabra classic hummus has just 70 calories, zero grams sugars and two grams protein. Cut up some fresh vegetables such as peppers, cucumbers, and carrots to complement the delicious dip!

Any fruits or vegetables are excellent options to choose for snacks. By choosing fruits and vegetables of different colors, you can ensure that you are getting a variety of nutrients. For example, red fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that help maintain heart health and green fruits and vegetables help maintain vision health. It’s not as hard as people believe to snack healthy. There is a common misconception that health food only has one look; this is not true. Anything can be good for you as long as it you eat it in moderation. Almost everything has something “healthy” to offer your body. You just have to read between the lines to find out what that is. You are on your way to happy snacking!

4 notes that cucumbers, frozen grapes, popcorn and egg whites are low in calories By: Melanie R. Giardina

while grilled vegetables, bananas, watermelons, tea and coffee fill you up fast. A little non-fat yogurt

Are you ready? It’s that time of year again. In a few short

can also aid jump-starting your metabolism. Senior

weeks you will be ready to trade in your winter coat for a

Kara Berger noted that she eats yogurt daily as a

swimsuit. Again, are you ready? Whether you have diligently

healthy alternative to high-calorie snacks. Of course

been working out or need to shed that last bit of holiday

for some of us eating right is not the problem. It is

pounds – these are some diet and exercise tricks that will

getting up early or making our way to the gym. Pre-

have you beach ready before that last jacket is packed away. gives tips for those who want to tone

If you are doing 500 crunches a night to tone your abs, you may want to rethink your exercise plan. According to, the key to burning belly fat isn’t by doing abdominal exercises, but by performing cardiovascular workouts. The website notes that a person does not have to spend hours on a treadmill. In fact it is all about the length of time you are jogging, stair climbing or walking. You may feel refreshed after those 20 minutes on the elliptical but you may get a better workout walking around for an hour. says that in order reap the benefits of your work a person should spend 30-60 minutes performing continuous cardio.

up but simply can’t seem to stop hitting the snooze. The website states that if you’re pressed for time, combine your extracurricular activities with your workout. According to the site, gardening, golfing, swimming and dancing regularly can trim the inches away. “Due to my busy schedule, I use dance as a form of exercise instead of going to the gym,” Berger said. If you can’t seem to find the time to effectively workout, bring together your household chores and exercise. According to Prevention. com switching from self-propelled vacuums to

Of course, exercising is only half the battle.

manual and grabbing an old-fashioned broom to

notes that without a good diet you will not see the results you

sweep may give your abs the workout they need.

desire. According to the site, the way to get the best results possible is by combining exercise with a low-calorie diet.

Of course, nothing beats traditional diet and exercise.

However, not all of us can spend our days calorie counting

For the best results combining low-cal diet and exercise

–, gives a list of 10 foods that aid

should have you beach ready in no time. We still have a

in losing inches: 1) cucumbers, 2) grilled vegetables, 3)

few more weeks before swimsuit season is in full force

Frozen grapes, 4) Watermelons, 5) Bananas, 6) ‘Nude’

so get ready. By incorporating some of these tips into

Air-popped popcorn, 7) Nonfat yogurt, 8) Egg whites and

your daily routine, by the time Memorial Day Weekend

9) Unsweetened iced tea, and 10) Unsweetened coffee.

rolls around you can you will be bathing suit ready.


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Senior advice to First-years By: Michael O’Connell & Juli Hadinger

For the majority of the senior class here at Elizabethtown College, the concept of ‘graduation’ is a far-off, almost horrifying reality. While for the past four years we’ve worked hard, been to hell and back, and probably fell on our faces several times along the duration of the trip, Etown has very much become a second home for us all. Waking up to the smell of sweet, delicious M&M Mars chocolate every morning (or cow manure, depending on the direction of the wind), making the walk from the quads or apartments to the BSC for some early-afternoon lunch, going to an acapella show or a Mad Cow sketch on the weekend … it comes as no surprise why the majority of us aren’t ready to say goodbye. Not to mention, these past four years have been undoubtedly the most shaping and testing stage of any young adult’s life. We not only learn about where we want to take their careers and professions, but find out who we are as people and what we can contribute to society as a whole. Regardless, that’s not to go without saying that the typical ‘college’ experience doesn’t have its cons as well as its pros. There are certainly things many college students would change about their time spent here at Etown – or rather, ‘advice’ for the incoming class with the things they should look out for, what they should be weary of, what they should take advantage of, etc. Needless to say, we here at Jay Crew hit the Elizabethtown College campus with nothing but a flip cam and an inquiring mind to find out what our 2011 Senior Class would advise to any incoming First-years in hopes of making their college experience all the more enjoyable. Here’s what we found. Most of the senior students wanted to mention at least something regarding procrastination or time management in their ten-second video segment. And that’s perfectly understandable, of course – efficient

simply the environment they’re working in. Dorms – while livable, for the most part – can prove to be very distracting when you’re trying to do class work. Maybe your roommate is blasting music from their side of the room, or there’s a hall meeting going on two doors down (which you know you should be at, but you can’t because you’re in a bind with your math homework), etc. Many students fail to realize that those issues and problems they run into while trying to do work in their dorm rooms are easily fixed if they’d just give the library a chance. There are computers everywhere, text sources literally at your very fingertips, and the only distraction within a 12-foot Seniors Kaity Snyder & Carrie Chase radius is the sound of the printer time management is crucial at any being reloaded. Other hot spots college or university. Not only is your on campus are The Dell, and the course work significantly larger in any BSC patio. On a nice, spring aftercollege course than the ordinary high noon either one of these areas are ideal for lounging out with friends school class, but your involvement in any club or extracurricular activity is for some much needed down time. bound to soak up a lot of your time. Do not, under any circumstances, While there weren’t as many advice tips regarding the ‘social scene’ and leave the ‘big stuff’ for last minute; parties here at Etown as we were this could consist of anything from a forty-page thesis paper to a twenty- hoping, there were still factors of each category that the senior class minute seminar presentation. Know how far to stretch yourself, and give were willing to comment on. To yourself adequate time to do those sum up the general consensus of the students, many of them simbig projects so as you get the grade ply said ‘…Don’t get caught.’ Reyou deserve. Saving it all for the gardless of if you’re at a party off night before is only going to give you campus or you’re in the dorms, geta bad grade, and that’s only going to ting mixed up with Campus Security drop your GPA, and that is only going to lessen your chances of getting that dream job you so desperately want after graduation. It’s a ripple effect, people – so work hard while you still have the chance and you’ll have no problem coasting over the waves when the tide comes in. Another common piece of advice the senior class gave to incoming Firstyears students centered on taking advantage of certain things that sometimes go unnoticed or underappreciated. One of these things was the library – and for good reason. A big reason as to why many underclassman students may struggle with getting assignments and projects handed in on time is

Senior Keith Fogel


higher chance you’ll eat healthier at the Marketplace as opposed to the Jays Nest, and what better way to beat the devastating ‘First-years 15’ then with some nutritious fruits and vegetables? A word of caution, however – while the Marketplace is undeniably great, it’s a little tight on seating and space. The rush times are typically 11:00 a.m.-12:45 p.m., and 5:45 p.m.-7 p.m. so unless you want to stand while you eat your best bet is to get there perhaps a little before or after those periods. Seniors Chelsea Miles & Allie Gold

or your hall’s resident advisor none of those are a path you want to go down, especially if you’re an underclassman with another two to three years left of school. Party responsibly, stay in groups, and steer clear of any quad or house that might look like it’s getting out of hand. And do not under any circumstances leave your dorm or quad with an open container. If it’s a weekend and you’re hopping from one party to the next, pour whatever drink you have with you in a nalgene bottle. Or better yet, head on over to the BSC and take part in whatever fun event SWEET or OSA has going on that night. Be smart, and be responsible. Compared to other colleges and universities, Elizabethtown College prides itself in having tasty, wellmade food options at the beck and call of its students at all times, whether it be a delicious Egg Jay sandwich early in the morning at the Jays Nest or a freshly cooked pasta plate during the dinner rush at the Marketplace. This is one area where the majority of senior students were actually fairly impressed. Many advise, however, to use your swipes at the marketplace as much as you can and not to blow through your Jay Bucks within the first month of the semester. While the power of the single-swipe for a chicken-ranch cheese steak and a bottle of Cherry Coke can be entrancing, walking upstairs to the Marketplace will not only give you more bang for your buck, but a wider variety of meal choices. Not to mention, there’s a

Dorm life. Oh, dorm life. Is there anything better, really? Rolling out of bed at 7:30 for your 8AM, only to find that all the other curtained-off showers are being used? So you stumble back to your room and accidentally turn your light on, forgetting that your roommate is a communications student and doesn’t need to be up for another three hours? He gets mad, maybe throws something at you. You apologize, get dressed, and walk out the front doorsteps of Ober in an exhausted, haze-like fog for your morning trek to Hoover. You forgot to brush your teeth, but you don’t care. … Sound familiar? Alright, alright. So not every morning is like this when living in a dorm. In fact, we admit that to be fairly dramatized and reassure any incoming First-years that this won’t be an everyday occurrence for them. But what the dormlife veterans do suggest, however, is going ahead and finding a potential roommate on Facebook before your first semester starts as opposed to simply letting Residents Life pick one for you. While being randomly selected with a roommate isn’t the worst thing that could happen, the new Admitted Students at Etown Facebook page allows for other incoming First-years students to find out who will be in their class before even coming to school. Look to room with someone who has similar interests as you, or might be going out for the same sports team as you plan on going out for. And who knows? You might not only find a roommate for the next four years, but a friend for the rest of your life.

Depending on where you get placed, there are good things and bad things about many of the different dorms here at Etown. Founders, while the rooms are much smaller than the other dorms, make up for it with its close proximity to the ‘J’ Lot and the BSC. Ober, while its bathrooms aren’t the cleanest, also has great location and some of the biggest rooms. And Schlosser – while it has fairly big rooms and is almost always clean – is an all girl dorm, which a surprising amount of female students don’t like. Both the quads and the apartments are great options as well, but the walk from the quads to the rest of campus is fairly long and the apartment fire alarms go off frequently. Upon the completion of our interviews, Jay Crew realized there was one question we had drafted in our original survey that was never asked: What’s the one thing you’ll take away from these four years at Etown? While such a weighted and heavy question couldn’t possibly be answered in a mere ten seconds, you can’t help but feel a tad misty-eyed when thinking of a proper response. Is it the friends you’ve made? The relationships you’ve built? The classes you took? The professors you met? Or is it the experience in a whole that will prove to be something you’ll never forget, and you’ll take with you forever and for always while you venture out past the Elizabethtown College border, to make a life for yourself in the ‘real world’? We’ll let you decide.

Seniors Shawn Corcoran & Travis Lucas


My Life Is Boring By: Kelsey Hayes

You can catch her rollerblading her way to class, skate boarding outside the BSC or in the gym working on her layups. Some might not take her seriously because of her 4’11’’ stature, but this little ball of energy can give any Elizabethtown College athlete a run for their money. Sophomore Social Work Major Nadine Yunginger is one of the few athletes at Elizabethtown involved with three collegiate sports, and still manages to be an RA and an honors student. When looking at Yunginger, however, some might find it hard to believe that basketball is one of those three sports. When asked about her height, Yunginger replies, “I’m short. Get over it.” Field hockey in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball in the spring is surely enough for any sport crazed college athlete, but for Yunginger, add in RA duties,

Womens Basketball Yunginger, bottom right

two different honors societies, a Social Work major and Spanish minor and now we’re talking. “If I don’t have that structure of having things to do, I would never get anything done. Having practice every day at a certain time and then knowing that I only have a limited time at night; I know I have to focus.” Says Yunginger in regards to her secret for juggling three sports, and keeping up with school work. For a normal college student, having this much to do every day seems like an extremely hard task. Yunginger says the only time it all becomes too much to handle is when her seasons are crossing over. “That kills me.” States Yunginger. Other than that one exception, Yunginger is used to being busy. When asked if she was this busy in high school, she was quick to answer “Yes. It was probably worse.”


“I was in chorus, concert band, and marching band, which meant every Friday night I was at a football game. I played street hockey for a little bit, I went to youth group every Wednesday and Sunday night and I was on the youth group board. I was in clubs, and had to go to school early one day every week.” States Yunginger. Add basketball, soccer, field hockey and cross country to the mix, and that was the life of Yunginger two years ago. Elizabethtown College seemed to be the best fit for Yunginger when she graduated in 2009.

everything else… no. When I was looking for schools that I wanted to play basketball at, they would look at me and say ‘eh, no thanks’.” Yunginger is actually so little, that she meets the height requirement for a handicap sign in her car. “Someone told me once that I am ‘height challenged’ and I could have a handicap sticker for my car, because technically I have to take a lot more steps than you guys do to walk places. My mom said that’s ridiculous though, and lazy.” Yunginger keeps her busy life going even during the summer. Volunteering at a homeless shelter, working at subway, a daycare center, and an ice cream shop; walking dogs, babysitting, and landscaping are all normal summer activities for this college student. One would think she wouldn’t have a social life with her busy schedule, but not only is Yunginger constantly surrounded by friends at Elizabethtown, she manages to have a serious relationship with her boyfriend back home for over two years now. “He does everything with our family,” states Yunginger. “I think my mom thinks he’s her son.”

“The only reason I really came here is because it’s so homey. So much like my own home. When I came for an overnight, I loved it.” Said Yunginger. She was not, however planning on coming to college to play three sports. “I only planned on playing field hockey. Megan Strohman got me playing summer league basketball, and I was the ball girl last year for softball and loved it.” Being 4 foot 11 inches in height, it’s a mystery how someone that small can be so good at so many different sports. When asked if she enjoyed being little, her response was “Sometimes. For basketball I wish I was taller, but

Yunginger claims her boyfriend and her family are what keep her going. “My three siblings are my best friends and I love them.” Yunginger says. “We went through some stuff when we were younger, and it made us closer. We’re all just tight. They’re who challenged me when I was younger, and they encourage me even now.” Family is a huge deal in Yunginger’s life. “My parents are always there to support me. My mom would be at every single sporting event of mine if she could. They are also the ones that help me and keep me focused on school.” States Yunginger. With a family full of athletes, no wonder Yunginger is so skilled in that area. “My mom is a runner, my brother wrestled, my other brother played soccer, and my sister did cross country, basketball, and soccer,” says Yunginger.

“My sister was always my competition. My dad coached me and my mom coached my sister, and we would play each other. That’s how it always was.” When Yunginger does have free time, she enjoys rollerblading, skateboarding, and bike rides. “My family has always been hikers,” states Yunginger. “Whenever we go camping, we hike. All day every day.” Nadine describes how close her family really is. “We do a lot of traveling because my extended family lives far away. It brings us closer together.” Along with being a star athlete, Yunginger is also a star student. With never receiving a GPA lower than a 3.5, and being a part of two different honors societies, Yunginger has big plans for the future. “In ten years I want to be married with four kids, and working in a hospital as a social worker or owning my own orphanage.” Says Yun-

inger. Being a social work major, Yunginger states she is “basically helping others with what they can’t do.” Yunginger states, “I want to find people jobs and ways to live with how they are.” Nadine feels very successful throughout college so far. “I love college. It gets stressful sometimes, but it makes you appreciate home.” Says Yunginger. When asked about keeping up with sports after college, Nadine replies, “I definitely want to play, but it will never be the same. Maybe I’ll just go to college for four more years and pretend I just graduated high school.”

“Maybe I’ll just go to college for four more years and pretend I just graduated high school.”

Nadine Yunginger is definitely a star student at Elizabethtown College, and has the resume to prove it. Playing basketball, softball, and field hockey; being an RA, keeping up with school work, being a part of clubs, keeping friends, a boyfriend, and staying close to her family are all attributes many people envy.

Yunginger has been at Elizabethtown College for only two years now, and has accomplished so much more than most people have after four years. Not only has she had a successful first half of her college career, but she has plans for the future that most people don’t even think about until they have graduated. Yunginger is modest about it all though. When discussing everything she is involved with on campus and off campus, the response Yunginger has to it all in her sarcastic tone is:

“Yeah, my life is boring.” 13

Being an Athlete: How to Maintain By: Kelsey Hayes One of the most frequently asked questions to upperclassman by incoming freshman who are interested in playing a sport in college is, “is it hard to balance school work with being a student athlete?” Well consider this: about 20-30 hours a week spent on school work or class, and about 15-20 hours a week spent on the field or the court. As being a student athlete for the past three years, the answer simply is… yes. With over 300 students out of 1,900 being student athletes here at Elizabethtown College, it is obviously doable. So how is this all attainable for those athletes? Time management. The key to being a successful student as well as a successful athlete is to find a routine that works for you. These applications of time management have been proven to be effective as good study habits: Map out your schedule An easy way of managing your time is to map out each day and plan ahead the times you will put aside for school work. This may appear time consuming, but it is a lot easier than it seems and will be worth it in the end. Blocks of study time and breaks are important. Figure out how long you can study or work without needing a break, and block out that time period, then give yourself a break. Figure out when your block of time will be and put those blocks when you will be the most productive. Are you a morning person or a night person? Prioritize your assignments When you are studying or doing homework, make it a habit to attack your hardest assignments first. You will have more energy and be more focused in the beginning of your study time. For a really difficult course, make sure to start those projects early! Always have some leeway time in case it takes longer than you anticipated.

Balance Push back unnecessary activities until your work is done This can be the most difficult part of time management. Think about one distraction that causes you to procrastinate with your work, and instead of saying“no”, say“later”. For example if you know you have practice from 4-6 and your block of studying time is from 7-9, plan for you to “reward” yourself with TV time, or computer time at 9:00. Open communication with your coach is also a very important key to success when being a student athlete. Women’s volleyball head coach Randall Kreider says, “I always like when my players come to me when they need help in a class. It makes me feel like they trust me, and I am more than willing to help them.” Even with all the challenges student athletes face, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Being a part of something like a college sports team helps prepare students for the future. Kreider states, “I think there is no better way to learn some of life’s hard lessons than through athletics.” Sophomore volleyball player Holly Bubb believes that being a student athlete will help her in the future because it will “show future employers how much hard work I put into college. They will see that not only did I get good grades, but I managed to be a successful four year athlete too.” College is supposed to be the time of your life, and a time of learning and experiencing. There is no better way than to experience college to the fullest, and being a student athlete definitely accomplishes that. There is nothing more exhilarating than knowing that you are respected for everything you do on and off the court. Being a student athlete means something at Elizabethtown College, and it is an awesome thing to be a part of. All you need to be successful is a little bit of balance.


Etown Reigns Over Commonwelth Conference! Elizabethtown College turned a dead heat atop the leaderboard into a nine-stroke victory with an impressive team performance at the 2011 Commonwealth Conference Golf Championships Sunday. The Blue Jays conquered the par 71, 6,363-yard Hershey Country Club East Course behind senior leader Dan Senkler, who shot a two-over 73 for the best round of the day. The conference title is E-town's third in program history and assures them a spot in the field at the NCAA Division III Championships. Senkler's round was the best of the day by any golfer, as the Freedom Conference of the Middle Atlantic Conferences also held its championship rounds at the same course over the past two days. It matched a season-best round for the Orlando, Fla., native and gave a boost to the Blue Jays in their quest for a third conference championship in four years. E-town's lineup one through five all contributed greatly to the victory, but it was the back half of the Blue Jays lineup that stepped up when needed. After carding a 93 in Saturday's opening round, Drew Hanaoka responded with an 84 as the first Blue Jay in the clubhouse. Immediately following his round the junior from Pittsgrove, N.J., noted that he would have liked better. "I left a lot of strokes out there, but I played a lot better round today than yesterday," he said. "I just hope we can carry the momentum through to our other guys." Done.

Soon after Hanaoka arrived, teammate Alex Catalano brought his scorecard to the official scorer’s table. Catalano put down an 86, a three-shot improvement over his first round total. More important than the precise scores E-town’s No. 4 and No. 5 golfers shot was their performance against those on teams they were directly competing against for the conference title. With scoring limited to the top four rounds on each day, Catalano’s was not used to determine the team standing’s in the final round. That did not diminish the pressure he put on his competition to perform to the same level. All Elizabethtown golfers were in a foursome comprised of players from the top four teams heading into Sunday’s final round (E-town, Messiah, Albright and Alvernia). Hanaoka matched Albright’s David Morano for the best score by any No. 5 player in that group. And while Messiah was the team tied with E-town at the start of play Sunday, it was Albright that put the most fear into coach Bob Pyrz. Messiah and Albright were the two teams ahead of E-town at last year’s conference championships and together the three schools have held down the top three spots at this event in each of the last four years. Catalano was better than two of his three closest competitors and No. 3 Senkler took full advantage. He beat Messiah’s Mick Farling by five strokes and Albright’s Matthew Osorio by seven shots. For the weekend, Senkler shot 80-73-153 for a second


place finish overall. He’s now tied with Nick Iacono for the team’s lowest scoring average at 77.9. Next in were the No. 2’s with Geoff Quinque putting up another round in the 70’s for E-town. Quinque is also carding an average round in the 70’s this season at 78.2, third best on the team. He was two strokes off of Dan Wort’s (Messiah) 77 in his foursome, but got the best of his Albright and Alvernia counterparts. The final Blue Jay to turn in his scorecard was Etown’s No. 1, Iacono. He was six shots better Sunday than on Saturday with a final round 75. Not only did Iacono beat each No. 1 player in the Commonwealth Conference in the final round, he ensured victory for the Blue Jays to return them to the top of the league. Elizabethtown finished the two-day event with a combined team score of 640 (+72). Messiah wound up second at 649, Albright third at 660, Alvernia fourth at 672 and Lebanon Valley rounded out the top five with a 683.

Matt Burkhart of Messiah took individual medalist honors with a 71-77-148. Burkhart was even on Saturday and six-over on the front nine Sunday before recovering to post an even finish on the back nine. He was also the medalist on this same course at the Blue Jay Spring Classic in April. The Blue and Gray took the next three spots, with each player earning All-Commonwealth Conference First Team honors. Senkler was second with a 153 (80-73, +11), Iacono third with a 156 (81-75, +14) and Quinque fourth at 158 (79-79, +16). Alvernia’s Casey Osborne shot a 161 (82-79, +19) to complete the top five. In the Freedom Conference, Manhattanville easily claimed its second straight conference title with a 29 stroke victory over FDU-Florham. The Valiants had four of their five players shoot in the 70’s en route to the win. (Freedom Conference Championship Results) Both Elizabethtown and Manhattanville clinched automatic berths into the NCAA Division III Golf Championships to be held at Grandover Resort in Greensboro, N.C., May 10-13.





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