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Feeling the pressure


niversity and college are stressful enough for students. So, is it a place where a student with a mental health issue can cope and excel? The answer today may be different than it was only 10 years ago. Capital News contributor Shelley Nicholl discovers what the local post-secondary institutions are doing for student mental wellness. See story on page A3





A2 capital news Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news A3


There is help available here


EDUCATION CENTERS offer counselling and aid to students dealing with extreme course loads and overloaded days. DOUG FARROW/CAPITAL NEWS


More students than ever feeling the strain


itting in a capacious lecture theatre at university for a first-year student can be daunting. In the stiff chairs around you are a hundred faces you don’t know. You have to be attentive to the professor because you need a good grade in this class to take the next course, but you just can’t follow what he’s saying. You keep thinking about how you’re going to pay for your books this semester. Your laundry hasn’t been done for weeks. Your work schedule has you stressed with not enough time to study and your caffeine intake has tripled. Your girlfriend is upset you don’t see her

enough. Add into the mix, you’re being treated for depression and anxiety disorders. ••• According to a 2009 study by the American Health College Association, 84 per cent of the college students polled said over the past year they had felt at some time “overwhelmed by all they had to do” and 81 per cent “felt exhausted.” As many as 49 per cent felt “overwhelming anxiety” and six per cent said they had “seriously considered suicide.” It’s understandable. Some students are away from home for the first time, without their sup-

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ports and high school friends and have to manage a heavier school and life load independently. It’s a sharp shift from the cocoon of home and high school. But, the report also noted that college councillors are noticing more students showing up at their door and coming with more severe mental health issues. Anecdotally, Okanagan College counselling services chairman Glendon Wiebe says the results of the American study are reflected at the college. “I do feel the severity of the presenting issues has increased,” he says. That’s not necessarily something to be

alarmed about; in fact, it may be that students are more likely to seek help and college staff and faculty are more aware and supportive of helping the students in their mental health. Wiebe says, “I don’t see a lot of evidence of mental health issues in the general public increasing. I don’t think the report suggests there are more mental health disorders. But, there is more awareness.” “There is less stigma to self-identify,” explains Wiebe. “There are fantastic initiatives to educate people early.” In many cases, students already have had their mental health issues

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assessed and are being treated for them and have prescriptions in place. They may go to the counsellors on campus for additional help when needed. Okanagan College has a counsellor at each of its Salmon Arm, Vernon and Penticton campuses and two counsellors at the Kelowna campus, serving a student population of more than 7,000 students. Most mental illnesses become noticeable when people are in the 16- to 24-year old age range, which is a vulnerable time. According to the See Mental A6

ental illness can affect up to 20 per cent of the population in varying levels of severity. The causes are not always completely understood, but according to information from Health Canada, are described as “a complex interplay of genetic, biological, personality and environmental factors; however, the brain is the final common pathway for the control of behaviour, cognition, mood and anxiety.” What’s important to note is that mental health issues can be treated effectively. Gaining knowledge is the first step in getting help. Here are some compiled facts and information about different mental illnesses. Mood disorders, also known as affective disorders, affect how children feel about themselves, other people and life in general. Approximately eight per cent of adults will experience major depression at some time in their lives. Approximately one per cent will experience bipolar disorder. The onset of mood disorders usually occurs during adolescence. They include: • Depression • Bipolar disorder (manic depression) • Suicidal behaviour. Anxiety disorders involve an unusual degree of fearfulness, worry and even terror. Anxiety disorders affect 12 per cent of the population, causing mild to severe impairment. Types include: • General anxiety disorder



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• Panic disorder • Phobias (overwhelming feelings of terror in response to a specific object, situation or activity) • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (repetitive actions are used to cope with recurring, unwanted thoughts • Separation anxiety disorder. Behaviour disorders reduce a child’s ability to direct and control his or her actions. Included in this category are: • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. ADHD is a common behavioural disorder that affects an estimated 8 to 10 per cent of school-age children. Boys are about three times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with it • Oppositional defiance disorder • Conduct disorder. Schizophrenia and psychotic disorders involve changes in the chemistry and structure of the brain, which may cause lethargy, hallucinations (e.g. hearing “voices”) and delusions (e.g. having supernatural powers). Schizophrenia affects one per cent of the Canadian population. Onset is usually in early adulthood and includes: • Schizophrenia • Schizoaffective disorder • Delusional disorder. Psychosis is a medical condition that affects the brain, so that there is a loss of contact with reality. When someone becomes ill in this way, it is called a psychotic episode. A psychotic episode is See Help A6

A4 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Kelowna pilot ‘hard-working dad’ Kathy Michaels STAFF REPORTER

The search for pilot Rama Tello and the three passengers aboard the small plane that went missing Tuesday, continued unsuccessfully into the end of the week, while those who know the man stepped forward to refute unflattering media reports. Various news stories implied that the plane had ties to drug trafficking, and that those who offered up a hefty cash reward to find Tello and his passengers, were also embroiled in the crime world. Although a brief search of Tello’s criminal record yielded little more than a few traffic infractions, inference has loomed large in the last few days, said the Kelowna lawyer who sold Tello the plane. “I’ve seen the media do this before—this is very common,” said Marc Whittemore, saying he was told that some of the people putting up reward money were connected to the drug trade, but he doesn’t “get that link.” He also doesn’t understand all the confusion about the fact the ownership on Tello’s plane is linked back to a numbered company, not a per-

sonal name. A numbered company, he explained, is common fare when it comes to big ticket items, like planes. Selling them as part and parcel of a corporation avoids further taxation. That said, Whittemore’s interests lie in finding out what happened to the man he described as a “hard working guy.” “Mr. Tello is client and a friend and I am saddened by the prospect of the plane going missing and the likely consequences of it going missing,” he said. “He’s a single parent with a young son. He’s a hard working guy who is enthusiastic about flying and was taking his brother and a couple of buddies to Vancouver.” While Whittemore didn’t know exactly what Tello’s profession was, he said he was told he worked in alternative energy, possibly ethanol. Character issues aside, Whittemore also offered some insights into what may have caused the flight to go off course. By his estimates, the plane would have been near maximum weight capacity with four passengers and that could have led to any number of difficulties. Especially when

the weather is factored in. “Hot weather leads to what we call higher density altitudes, which reduces the lift capability of the wing in the airplane,” he said, of the plane he said he’s taken on that same route many times in the past. “So, the result is you have a low climb rate, and high mountains just to the west of Penticton, and with some smoke in the air that inhibits visibility…all of those factors would make the mission less forgiving concerning any judgemental or mechanical error that may have occurred.” By the third day of searching, pilot and searchmaster Capt. Scott Cursley announced another military aircraft, a Hercules from 17 Wing Winnipeg, will soon join the search, raising the tally of search aircraft to 13. During his morning brief, Cursley said smoke from the various wildfires in the area may now hinder the efforts and requested that air crews to be cautious of other aircraft in the area that are fighting these fires. He also asked that the public come forward with any information they may have. Already, South Okanaganites have been dial-

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ing in their reports. “There have been calls we received of people reporting about the possibly associated aircraft the day of, but not anything past the time it went missing, said Cpl. Dan Moskaluk. “A resident of Kaleden has reported seeing a similar description plane bearing towards the Keremeos Princeton area but there has been nothing substantial.” For those who have seen anything, call 1-877907-5040.

RCMP assist in search Police said Friday that their role in the case of a missing airplane is currently one of assisting searchers amid media reports that suggested the plane was linked to the drug trade. The Province newspaper later reported friends denied the link and an RCMP spokesman on Friday called the initial report “a lot of speculation.” Cpl. Dan Moskaluk said RCMP are assisting Canadian Forces and the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre in the search

for the plane, which vanished during a Penticton to Victoria flight on Tuesday evening. “Our role right now is an assistance role,” he said. He also said they are accepting any information anyone might have about the location of the plane. Earlier this week, a poster offering a $10,000 reward was apparently circulated by a “friend of the family,” suggesting people with information call Penticton RCMP, said Moskaluk.

Although the RCMP are not “associated” with the reward, they are welcoming calls that might aid in the search, he added. Police have not released the ages or genders of the people aboard the plane, but records indicate the missing airplane is owned by a numbered company that is headed up by a man named Rama Tello. Those records list his address as a post office box in Kelowna.


BOAT BUILDING…Kids taking part in Science Opportunity for Kids at the University of B.C. Okanagan campus last week, built boats which they floated on the UBCO pond.


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news A5


Subway robber sought

Police are searching for a man who robbed a local restaurant after claiming he had a gun. Around 10 p.m. on Thursday, a man walked into the Highway 33 Subway, told the two employees that he had a gun, and demanded cash, police say.

“The clerk complied and handed over an undisclosed amount of money and the suspect fled on foot,” said Sgt. Ann Morrison. No gun nor other weapon was produced, and the clerks, although shaken, were not injured.

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Police officers and a police service dog searched the area Thursday night, but were unable to locate the suspect. They are now turning to video surveillance from the store as they try to identify the man. The suspect is described as a Cauca-

sian man with a shaved head, who was wearing a black T-shirt and long black shorts. Police are asking anyone who may have information about the robber’s identity to call them at 250-762-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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A6 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Long list of problems Help from A3 characterized by extreme impairment of a person’s ability to think clearly, respond emotionally, communicate effectively, understand reality and behave appropriately. An individual experiencing a psychotic episode may have delusions or hallucinations. Eating disorders involve distorted body images that make it difficult for people to nourish themselves in a healthy way. Approximately three per cent of women will be affected by an eating disorder during their lifetime. • Anorexia nervosa (dramatic weight loss combined with an intense fear of gaining weight) • Bulimia nervosa (bouts of uncontrollable eating followed by purging, e.g.

vomiting) • Binge or compulsive eating disorder. Disordered eating is when a person’s attitudes about food, weight and body size lead to very rigid eating and exercise habits that jeopardize one’s health, happiness, and safety. Disordered eating may begin as a way to lose a few pounds or get in shape, but these behaviors can quickly get out of control, become obsessions, and may even turn into an eating disorder. Substance use disorders refer to excess use of alcohol and/or legal and illegal drugs, leading to significant home, school and medical problems: • Alcohol addiction • Drug use (illicit drugs or prescription medication) • Co-existing mental health issues and addiction

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• Tobacco. Information is available from many sources. Here are some good starting points: Health Canada. A Report on Mental Illnesses in Canada. Ottawa, Canada 2002: http://www. ill_e.pdf Ministry of Children & Families: http://www. Canadian Mental Health Association’s Child & Youth Mental Health Guide: http:// www.kelowna.cmha. MHGuide_Okanagan_0. pdf Canadian Mental Health Commission –

BUSINESS Straight from DeHart, every Wednesday in the Capital News

Some students are finding it difficult to cope Mental from A3 Mental Health Commission of Canada, 70 per cent of adults with mental health issues first developed symptoms before they were 18 years old. Mental illnesses can manifest themselves in different ways and levels of severity. Depression and anxiety are the most common disorders noticed at post-secondary time. Anxiety hits about 12 per cent of the population and severe depression will strike about eight per cent, by Health Canada figures. They can be a trigger for suicidal thoughts. Suicide is the second highest cause of death, after accidents, for that 16 to 24 age category. High risk behaviour may also be triggered by a mental health issue. While the numbers seem to be dropping, in 2006 there were 417 suicides in the 15 to 24 age group in Canada, with males taking 80 per cent of that number, according to Stats Canada figures. Females are more likely to have an eating disorder than males and about three per cent of the female population is affected. Many younger children also face issues.

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notably, a possible place for someone suffering from mental health issues. Now, post secondary institutions are taking a more holistic panorama at keeping all students healthy mentally as well as physically. At UBC Okanagan, Dr. Claire Budgen, director of health and wellness, says there has been a dynamic shift to making sure all students feel welcome and well in all ways. Years ago, being healthy might have meant treating illness and injury; now that’s expanded to mental health, as well. “It’s a benefit to everyone when we look out for one another in terms of mental and physical health.” She agrees more awareness has caused a shift in how universities approach students’ mental health. “There’s a willingness to not be afraid to look at our emotional well being.” In the overall scope, it makes sense to help all students get the post-secondary education they are innately qualified for. See Mental A7

Debra Matson D.D.S


dent who is experiencing a mental illness. On one hand, it’s a new place with many added stressors of grade expectations, deadlines and cost pressures. On the other hand, once in, there is a stabilizing routine and a confined community, which can make it a place of support. Wiebe explains: “We see post secondary as being a good step as far as being a first step. If someone is just out of detox, or out of the hospital or out of an institution, college provides a very good first step to being responsible and independent, as they adjust to routine. It’s a very safe environment.” That may not have been an idea tossed around several years ago. Colleges and universities weren’t viewed as welcoming places or, more

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B.C.’s Ministry for Children and Family Development Ministry has statistics stating that 15 per cent of children in B.C. will show signs of mental disorders. Looking at any classroom, that could mean four or five children per class. Overall in B.C. that adds up to about 140,000 kids who are dealing the added pressures of a mental health issue. By the time they reach adulthood, the number of people facing a mental health issue rises to 20 per cent of the population. It’s a significant figure that warrants attention, especially in places where added stress is part of the package. The post-secondary environment can be intimidating, but it can also be settling for a stu-

starting from




GLENDON WIEBE offers counselling services for students at Okanagan College.


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September 17, 18, 19, 2010 For Exhibit Information


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Prevention programs now in place Mental from A6 “We need the skilled talent of everyone,” she says. That has meant a focus on prevention and promotion. To that end, UBCO is working at lessening the feeling of isolation for students. Campus communities are created to give a sense of belonging and having students look out for each other. Often it may be another student recognizing that someone needs help. It could also be a faculty member or staff member. UBCO counsellor Tracey Sutton, one of two full-time counsellors for about 6,000 students, says she tries to keep a positive and approachable public persona when out on campus. The idea is that if students see her as some-

one they can talk to, they won’t be intimidated to come in when they need to. She’s involved in campus committees and leads a walking group to that end, as well as to show how physical health helps people be more resilient to mental health issues. Students, also, are coming in with more knowledge about mental health. Some of the stigma is slipping. “I see a trend that mental illness is talked about more. More people are accessing help in the general population,” Sutton explains. “They’re realizing prevention is a fairly normal thing.” The goal is to treat someone when issues start happening rather than wait until the situation is desperate.

Sutton hasn’t seen a change in the severity of cases coming forward, but notes there could be more symptoms triggered by outside factors, as well, such as the economy and family pressures. Most commonly students come in for anxiety, depression or relationship concerns, which may be anything from roommate problems to a girlfriend or parent issue. There is a sense of knowing they need help. “It’s a more resilient population,” Sutton explains, “that knows how to get resources, manage stress with more confi-

dence.” Wiebe also sees students taking more control and recognizing when they need help. “It’s usually pretty black and white when they need help,” he says. “They are not able to get to class. They haven’t handed things in. Something’s not working.” While not all students will get help and many need to be reached, chances are they will at least know the help is there. “Post secondary is more acceptable for students who, a few decades ago, would not be able to go,” says Wiebe.




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A8 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Chute Lake fire came within feet of a house, says KFD Cheryl Wierda STAFF REPORTER

An “accidental” grass fire in the Chute Lake area

came within 15 feet of a home, fire officials say. On Thursday afternoon, firefighters were called to Hedeman Court Prenatal Wellness Program Enjoy a Healthy Pregnancy

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and Chute Lake Road for a grass fire that was estimated to be 30 by 50 feet. “However by the time the fire was extinguished it had grown to 100 feet by 300 feet,” said assistant fire chief Thomas Doherty. “The quick action by a construction crew nearby that worked to extinguish

the fire before fire crews arrived limited the damage to property as the fire encroached within 15 feet of a home,” he added. The fire did destroy a large portion of a fence on the property, he said, but no injuries were reported. Investigators have determined the cause of the fire to be accidental.

••• Meanwhile, fire crews continued to patrol Knox Mountain Park on Friday after extinguishing a Wednesday night brush fire that has been determined to be “person caused.” “We can only report that it was human caused. Whether it was intentional or accidental cannot be de-

termined,” said Doherty. The fire was reported to fire crews just after 9 p.m. on Wednesday and arriving firefighters found a 30 by 50 metre wildfire in Knox Mountain Park, off Poplar Point. A park access road served as a natural fire guard on one side of the flames, Doherty said, and

firefighters were able to build a guard around the fire and contain and eventually suppress the fire. Doherty said Thursday evening that crews were continuing to deal with hot spots and were expected to continue patrols of the area on Friday.


Air quality looks worse than it is: experts Though one could smell smoke in the air Friday afternoon, the Okanagan’s air quality was officially all right, according to the province. Friday morning the provincial

website B.C. Air Quality included advisories for Burns Lake, Prince George, Vanderhoof, Kamloops, Quesnel and Williams Lake. The Cariboo region of the province is currently where two-

thirds of B.C.’s wildfires are burning and, though the smoke was quite evident in the Okanagan, no mention of a warning for this area was made. In fact, a warning for the

Revestoke, Golden and the Radium Hot Springs region—one of the closest problem areas to the Okanagan—had been lifted.


Two recent deaths probed by the coroner The Coroner’s office is continuing to look into a number of deaths that occurred in the Central Oka-

nagan in the past week, including two that occurred on Monday. Coroner Bruce Chamberlayne said that they have made preliminary findings in connection with the death of David McLaughlan, 44. However, a cause can’t

be determined until they finish an ongoing medical investigation, which involves toxicology tests and microscopic analysis, he said. The body of McLaughlan was found inside a tent off Gellatly and Carrington Roads in

West Kelowna on Monday. Police say he had been living there for a month. Meanwhile, the coroner’s office is also still probing what led to the apparent drowning of Harry Price. The 84-yearold was found in the wa-

ters near Gyro Beach, described in his obituary as his favourite beach, on Monday afternoon. A memorial service was scheduled to be held on Aug. 21 for Price at the Springfield Funeral Home on Springfield Road, starting at 10 a.m.



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Stolen RV subject of police search Police are asking for the public’s help in locating a travel trailer that was stolen from an RV lot in the past week. Sometime between Monday and Thursday, someone stole a 27-foot trailer, worth $40,000, from Park Lane RV on Cary Road, say police. At the time it was taken, the trailer was on display with the rear slides open. The trailer is a 2011 White Wind River, model number 270RLDS. Anyone with information about the location of the travel trailer is asked to call Kelowna RCMP at 250-762-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-2228477.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news A9



HOUSING AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT MINISTER Rich Coleman announcing that is ready to go back online.

We’re l


B.C. relaunches lucrative online casino stil Tom Fletcher BLACK PRESS

VICTORIA—More than a month after it was launched and then quickly taken offline to fix a major technical glitch, the B.C. Lottery Corporation’s online casino is back in business. B.C. Information and Privacy Commissioner Elizabeth Denham announced Thursday that an independent review of repairs to has satisfied her that the private financial information of gamblers will be adequately protected. Repairs and security improvements to the site were inspected by accounting firm Deloitte and Touche Canada, which gave it the thumbs-up on Wednesday. BCLC president Michael Graydon said Thursday that the 34-day shutdown cost the corporation an estimated $150,000 a day in lost revenue. was expected to be up and running again by 7 p.m. Thursday, and Graydon said he expects the lost revenue to be made up as players regain confidence in the online casino. allows registered users to gamble up to $9,999 a week on casino games such as roulette or blackjack. Players must be B.C. residents aged 19 or older to register, and there were an estimated 135,000 registered players by July 16. The new PlayNow. com site boasts a running total to show players how long they have been playing and how much money they have risked. A malfunction allowed 134 of those accounts to be compromised, so the account information could be seen and

used by other players. Graydon said there were 12 customers whose accounts were accessed by other players. Any winnings were paid out to both players, and BCLC paid for credit monitoring for those whose bank information may have been revealed. Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman attended the launch of PlayNow. com in July, calling it a secure alternative to unregulated casino sites that

are growing in popularity. Despite the technical problems with the B.C. launch, the Ontario government has since announced that its provincial lottery corporation will follow suit by 2012. BCLC has promised that it will add peer-topeer poker playing to the options later this year. Texas hold ‘em poker has emerged as the most popular online game, taking a large market share of a B.C. gambling market traditionally

Teaching Excellence

dominated by bingo and lottery tickets. Critics have accused Coleman and BCLC of a huge expansion of government gambling that will target those most likely to be problem gamblers. Coleman, who cut gambling grants to all but youth and disabled sports and arts programs earlier this year, defended as a regulated alternative to sites where B.C. residents gamble an estimated $100 million a year.

Shaping Character

Inspiring Futures

despite the construction

Fall is the PERFECT TIME to build a pond. Master Pond Builder/Designer Dayleen Van Ryswyk aka “The Koi Lady”

Free Water Hyacinths & Water Lettuce

August Koi Sale Great Selection Aberdeen Hall is an independent, non-denominational university preparatory school for boys and girls from preschool to senior grades, high school planned for 2010. Bussing available from Vernon and throughout Kelowna.


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Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Get to know the kokanee This is a great time of the year to get to know the kokanee. Regional parks officials are providing several opportunities for you and your family to make the kokanee connection. Like the land-locked salmon returning for fall spawning, the popular exhibit Something’s Fishy— Get to Know the Kokanee is back at the Environmental Education Centre for the Okanagan (EECO) for its annual appearance. The exhibit runs through October and the EECO is open daily. The exhibit coincides with a number of special events all focused on this signal that fall is on its way and that Central Okanagan creeks will soon turn a shimmering red tinge with salmon returning to lay their eggs. “Our fall fish programs begin Saturday, Aug. 28 at Hardy Falls Regional Park just off Highway 97 at the south end of Peachland and in Mission Creek Regional Park at Springfield and Durnin Roads


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He added the highlight of spawning season though is the Kokanee Salmon Festival. It will go Sunday, Sept. 19 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Mission Creek Regional Park. Interpreters will be available to explain the kokanee spawning cycle, you can take part in various fishy activities and there will be entertainers and musicians performing throughout the day. “We and the Peachland Sportsmen Association will also have a minifestival set up at Hardy Falls Regional Park in Peachland with Salmon interpreters, crafts, activities and refreshments for the entire family.” Park visitors should be aware of wildlife that depend on fish for food. Keep pets on leash along designated trails and out of any streams or creeks. During the spawning season, bears have frequently been sighted in both Mission Creek and Hardy Falls Regional Parks. Please be Bear Aware—travel in a group and make noise to reduce the chance of encountering a bear on the trails.

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in Kelowna,” regional district Communications coordinator Bruce Smith. “Parks Services interpreters will be on hand each weekend from noon to 4 p.m. through Sunday, Oct. 10 to provide information about this example of nature at work.” Each weekday from Sept. 13 to Oct. 1, interpretive programs will be offered for schools from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Teachers can book programs by contacting the EECO directly at 250469-6140. The school programs are provided by donation, and are an extremely popular field trip with students. Smith said on Saturday, Sept. 4 the annual Kokanee Walk/Run will be held. “We’re working with the Running Room to host the annual event to raise funds for the Friends of Mission Creek. There is an eight-kilometre fun run and walk and a 16-kilometre run with the course along phase two of the Mission Creek Greenway. Contact the Running Room in Orchard Plaza or the EECO for entry details and registration.”

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capital news A11


Dreams have no deadline WELBOURNE


y husband just got home from a 10-day fishing trip. In some ways it felt like he just left, and in others it felt like he’d been gone so much longer. Besides looking forward to seeing his beautiful smile again, I was also looking forward to having some help with the kids. He’s more like a mother than a father, just to give you

an idea as to how involved he is. Being on my own with the children for this length of time gave me a small glimpse as to what it must be like to be a single parent. I have several friends raising their kids solo, with little or no help from the fathers, and I always wonder how in the heck they do it. Between the kids, the dogs and all the stuff my husband normally does, I had far less time for work than I usually do. And when I say work, I’m not talking about the endless housework or laundry I allowed to pile up. But that’s what it must be like every day for single parents who don’t have a strong support system to help. For them, it is

much trickier to find the time and resources to realize their hopes and dreams. Even with a tremendous partner like mine, I still find it difficult balancing home and work and often wish I’d followed my dreams before I had children. Back then I could afford to focus on myself. And even though it seemed I never had enough time to do

everything I wanted to, I can see now that I actually had all the time in the world. But time wasn’t really the issue. The problem was not having a clue what my dreams even were. It’s pretty hard to focus on something that blurry. Now when I meet young people who know exactly what they want to be when they grow up I feel excited for them. They have a huge head start and if they can just focus on their goals and keep their eyes on their prize, they’ll realize their dreams and continue to make more as they live their lives. My own kids are young. My daughter’s only seven years old and my son is turning 10 next week. Despite their ages, I often ask them what

Have you ever suffered from

Attentions Golfers!

they want to be when they grow up just to get them thinking along those lines. I’m sure in the next decade their answers will change a whole bunch of times and it will be interesting to hear all the things they come up with. But I’m hoping that by the time they’re in their late teens or early twenties they’ll have a clear idea as to what kind of work they would want to do that would be so much fun that it wouldn’t actually feel like work. Last week my daughter wanted to work at Dairy Queen and my son wanted to be a toy designer. This week she wants to be in the circus and he wants to be an actor. Something tells me they’ll find their passion much earlier than their late-blooming mama did. To view my comedy skits please visit Lori Welbourne is a syndicated columnist. You can contact her at

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Bryan Adams comes back to rock Kelowna

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He may be the homegrown, clean-cut hero whose made it big around the world, but even Bryan Adams doesn’t mind watching his friends take a dive on stage. Huck a little mud on guitarist Keith Scott and Thursday’s concert might have been one of the most interesting shows Prospera Place had ever booked, with the long-time Adams bandmate throwing caution to the wing—and risking throwing his back out—to deliver a guitar solo pig-in-the-mud-style on the floor. Without a dose of the brown squishy stuff, though, the solo was ultimately a wee bit awkward. This was a Bryan Adams concert, after all, and no matter how much he made the guitar strings squeal, the sold out audience—for the most part over 45—seemed to expect more of a wiggle your hips, take the odd dip rocking good time from the evening. On that note, thankfully, the ever-graceful Adams certainly knew how to deliver. “I love coming back to

B.C.,â€? he said. â€œâ€ŚI could be standing in the airport waiting for my bags and some guy will go—you Bryan Adams? “And I’ll say: yeah. And he’ll say: I have a friend who knows you. (pause) I used to like your early stuff.â€? Rocker of yesteryear persona or not, the Lower Mainland native works his reputation with deft precision, highlighting what he’s good at both on and off the stage. In addition to his hard rocking ballads like Everything I Do, I Do It For You—which won him a Grammy and an Academy Award nomination— listening to a full evening of Adam’s chart-toppers reminds one of just how many feel-good, singalong songs this guy has managed to pen. As a photographer too, Adams has assembled an outstanding portfolio, shooting everything from Guess ads to a portrait of the Queen of England, and his staging reflects the talent. Running along the back of an otherwise stripped down set up, Adams places a black and white projection of the show, offering a suggestion of his dual artistic


BRYAN ADAMS gave the crowd what it wanted during his concert Thursday night at Prospera Place. roles and a hint of his yesteryear context. It seems somewhat fitting, as songs like One Night Love Affair and Somebody open the evening, to be watching his image in black and white above the stage. Like flipping through old photographs of this

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era when Michael J. Fox could time travel and dancing dirty meant a racy cha-cha-cha with Jennifer Grey, he literally sets the stage for a walk back in time. Adams is known for his good-time consistency and, though the usual jeans and a white Tshirt turned out to be jeans

and a black T-shirt on this evening, the rocker didn’t miss a beat delivering a two-hour concert that had his audience swaying with lighters one moment and dancing in the aisles the next. Ultimately, it was exactly what the sold-out crowd expected it to be.



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A14 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Kelowna loses an ardent advocate for the mobility challenged


am sorry to say that Kelowna lost a great friend and champion last week with the passing away of Derek Andrew Watters . Derek died suddenly in Kelowna General Hospital on Aug. 14 after a brief illness. He was 56 He is survived by his beloved son Greg from Vancouver, parents Lena and Wendell Watters of Penticton, and sisters Beverley and Elizabeth. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis in his teenage years, Derek was an inspiration to many, living life to its fullest despite his physical limitations. He never complained and always had a smile on his face for everyone. Derek earned his B.Sc. from Trent University and his B. Ed. from Queen’s University. He was employed at McMaster University in Hamilton until his illness took its toll. An active and vocal advocate for the rights of the disabled and for rational thinking, he was a member of the Canadian Humanist Association, and MENSA, Derek was also known


Charlie Hodge widely as a prolific letter writer, and a formidable scrabble player. He will be sorely missed by all who knew him and will certainly be greatly missed around the discussion table of the city’s accessibility advisory committee. Likewise his humour and friendship will be greatly missed by those residing at Mountainview Village. A celebration of his life will be held at Mountainview Village, 1540 KLO Road, Kelowna on Aug. 31 11 a.m. In lieu of flowers, donations in his memory can be made to Community Recreational Initiatives Society (CRIS), Box 25141, Mission Park PO, Kelowna, BC V1W 3Y7 Cheques made payable to CRIS - or via ••• On cheerier note,

music fans who get this rag Saturdays will want to grab their hat and cowboy boots and boogie on up to Vernon tonight for an evening of music by the Cruzeros. Barry Mathers, Curtis Tulman, Gary Smythe and other Cruzero’s will be opening tonight (Saturday) for Canadian music legends Prairie Oyster at the Motoplex in Vernon. Tickets are at the door or at Meanwhile Tulman Smythe, and others in the band Cowboy Bob are also turning out some interesting tunes lately and word has it that they have just recorded their first tune for a CD. The Bobs, who play tunes from the 1920’s to early 1960’s have just recorded the old classic tune Ghost Riders. Cowboy Bob is also among the groups set to play the sixth annual Bridge Youth and Family Services Night of the Arts set for Nov. 20 this year. Also joining the Night of the Arts will be Robert Fine and his 16-piece orchestra as well as the popular Bluegrass band Day Late and Dollar Short.

The evening is already shaping up to be an awesome event. To donate any art work for the event’s silent auction fundraiser that night contact Dennis at 763-0456. ••• If you are a business person, even from out of town, then consider taking in the regular Downtown Kelowna Association’s After 5 social this Wednesday. Join businesses from Kelowna and elsewhere

for a refreshment, some snacks, and a social two hours of meet and greet on Aug 25 from 5-7. The evening is hosted by Design Mode Studios and held at the Kelowna Art where you’ll be able to sip wine from Bighorn Cellars, beer from Tree Brewing, and delicious appies from Truffles Chocolate Cafe & Restaurant. Be sure to bring your business card to be entered for a chance to win some great door prizes!

••• I mentioned recently that the Robert Pickton scenario will continue to unravel interesting information - and this past week more news was released from Vancouver showing that up to a dozen women could have been saved if the case had not been bumbled somewhat by RCMP and Vancouver police. Now the province is carefully reviewing an internal Vancouver police investigation report just

released. Stay tuned folks. There will be more to learn over the next few months. ••• And a happy 50th birthday wish to my old friend Ricky Stolz. After all these years, I still have the one all-important question to ask him. Does he have a license to drive that drum kit? Charlie Hodge is frelance writer in Kelowna.


Roberto Simpatico practices long boarding tricks at the new Stuart park downtown Kelowna.








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AUG 31, 2010



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Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news A15




A MOUNTAIN SPA RESORT in South America offers hot spring access to guests at no additional charge. Sometimes staying at a spa during the week instead of the weekend will get you a super price.

There are spa vacations you can take ‘on the cheap’ Sharon Harvey Rosenberg & Myscha Theriault CONTRIBUTORS

Spa Month has become a summer ritual in Miami. The Greater Miami Convention & Visitor’s Bureau offers Spa Month, (http://www., a seasonal event featuring a month of discounted prices at high-end spas and resorts in the Miami area. This year Spa Month took place in July, which is the off-season peak in Miami; however, some salons have cut prices on spa services until October. Participating spas and hotels include the Fontainebleu, Eden Roc, Ritz Carlton Spa in Key Biscayne and the Biltmore Hotel. The discounted spa rates typically include all-day access to other resort amenities—the pool, lounge

or steam room—at no extra charge. Clearly, it’s possible to get pampered for less by taking advantage of special discounts and off-peak deals.


Countries known for their vacation affordability often have fantastic spa prices. We’ve enjoyed three-hour, multi-treatment sessions for $15 in Bali, and a one-hour Swedish massage for just $12 US in Thailand. FIRST for Women magazine advises targeting spas in areas that rely heavily on tourist traffic, and dickering boldly for deals if you happen to know business has been recently glum. The magazine also suggests signing up for the mailing lists of those spas to stay up to date on any discounts or specials they may be offering when it comes time for your trip. Off-peak: Staying at a mountain spa in



153 Pinto Road Kelowna 1800-667-3877 250-765-9016 Open Sat 9:30-4:30

South America on Thursday instead of the weekend saved us 50 per cent on hot stone massages, with free access to hot springs for the rest of the day. During Costa Rica’s rainy season we enjoyed deals at more than one spa resort. Lara Clayton, a travel promoter, advises booking appointments early for slots during Costa Rica’s predictable afternoon rains, when all the other tourists seek treatments. Deal sleuthing: At the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, booking any treatment (even a $20 facial) grants you full-day access to the rest of the spa, including the refreshment bar with healthy snacks and lemon water, pool-sized Jacuzzi, lounge chairs with bowls of chilled cucumber slices and cold lemon-water face cloths, steam room and more. Lockers, robes and spa towels are complimentary.

GAMBLING ~ BOOK EARLY Anniversary Tour (Las Vegas) Jan. 8 .................... 11 days Millbay Oct. 24............................................. 3 days Coeur D’Alene Sept. 22 ......................................... 3 days Silver Reef Sept. 22........................................... 3 days Silver Reef Sept. 7*........................................... 4 days Tulalip Oct 17*............................................ 4 days Tulalip Sept. 19........................................... 3 days Northern Quest Oct. 17............................................. 3 days Coeur D’Alene Sept. 14......................................... 4 days Wendover Sept. 25........................................... 7 days Reno Sept. 25 & Oct 2* ......................... 8 days Laughin Oct 2 (Starting @ $559)* ............. 12 days Quinault Beach & Tulalip Oct. 24.............................................. 5 days Millbay Tuesdays • Omak Bingo Aug 29

Tim Smith of, a lifestyle website, recommends for its built-in deal finder. Massage therapy schools often offer discounted services as a training opportunity for students, allowing you to save big. ••• writers Sharon Harvey Rosenberg and Myscha Theriault are co-authors of the best-selling personal finance book 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget, and founders of Theriault is founder of, a travel website, and Rosenberg is the author of The Frugal Duchess: How to Live Well and Save Money. Follow the writers through their Twitter accounts.



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A16 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Cruise on a tall ship Bob Downing CONTRIBUTOR

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich.—It was a don’tworry, be-happy kind of cruise aboard the tall ship Manitou. The 114-foot-long schooner exuded a laidback Caribbean vibe, which was strangely appropriate because we were sailing on Grand Traverse Bay; its aquamarine waters look almost Caribbean because of its springfed streams and sand deposits. The vibe was pretty obvious when Captain Cheyenne sat back on the two-hour cruise and steered the wheel with her feet. We were in the slow lane, enjoying the lake breezes and the scenery. We were traveling 2 knots—at best. We also sat becalmed for 10 minutes in the center of the bay waiting for what had been a mild breeze to reappear. The windjammer Manitou is one of the big attractions in Traverse City on Michigan’s northwest coast. The city sits at the southern end of Grand Traverse Bay that is part of Lake Michigan. The bay is 32 miles long, 10 miles wide and up to 620 feet deep. It is divided into West Bay and East Bay by the scenic Old Mission Peninsula.

The entire bay is an underwater preserve managed by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment. It is the state’s 12th underwater preserve, with more than 30 wrecks, most from the 1840s to the 1920s. It covers 295 square miles and was established in 2008. Traverse City is Up North, as Michiganders say. That means north of Detroit, Ann Arbor, Lansing, Flint and Bay City. Traverse City with 15,000 residents is known for its sugar-sand beaches, cherries, vineyards, nearby sand dunes, restaurants, shopping, golf courses, ski areas, galleries, casinos and trails. From Traverse City north 70 miles to Harbor Springs is Michigan’s summer tourist destination. It is a water-andbeach playground, dominated by lodges, resorts, hotels and motels. Traverse City gets 2 million visitors a year, most from June to August. It has been hailed as one of America’s top beach towns by AOL Travel and as one of America’s most charming small towns by It is also a sailing town with a long history. Sailpowered vessels played a key role in developing the Upper Great Lakes. Traverse City today has more


eat it beat it

sailing vessels than any other port in Michigan. It is also home to the Maritime Heritage Alliance, a group of local sailing-history buffs who work to restore, preserve and sail the old ships. Traverse City will host a three-day assemblage of schooners, cutters, sloops and other tall ships in the second annual Michigan Schooner Festival on Sept. 10-12. For information, call 231-9963909 or check out http:// The Manitou is a replica of an 1800s coasting cargo schooner and is one of the largest sailing ships on the Great Lakes. It is a traditional twomasted, gaff-rigged, topsail schooner with more than 3,000 square feet of sail and a beam of 21 feet. It weighs 82 tons and sails with a captain and crew of four. It features masts of western red cedar, decks of Douglas fir and a steering wheel of cherry. The steel hull was built in 1982 in Portsmouth, N.H., and the ship was finished in Vermont on Lake Champlain. It sailed there from 1983 through 1990 as the Homer W. Dixon. It came to Traverse City in 1991. The diesel-powered ship is owned and operated by Traverse Tall Ship Co. LLC. Its name comes from an American Indi-


On Wed., September 22nd, have lunch delivered to your door. (for a minimum $20 donation).

100% of your donation goes to the BC Cancer Foundation!

Order one of three ways:

CALL: 250-712-3921 EMAIL: ONLINE: (min. 5 lunches per delivery)


THE CREW OF THE TALL SHIP Manitou sets sails on a two-hour cruise near Traverse City, Michigan. The ship also serves as a bed and breakfast for multi-day cruises.


#110-3001 TUTT ST.


San Francisco, Monterey & Oregon Coast - 13 Days • Sept. 28* . from $1764 A spectacular journey of West Coast Treasures. One-of-a kind trip!


Clearwater & Tulalip Resorts - 5 Days • Aug. 29*$469, Nov. 14 .....from $329 Yellowstone & the Black Hills - 11 Days • Sept. 7* ............................... $1409 Majestic Canyons of South - 12 Days • Sept. 26* ................................. $1589 Jewels of the Desert - Palm Springs & Vegas - 12 Days • Oct. 26 ...............$1199


Silver Reef - 3 Days • Oct. 6, 13, 27 ......................................................... $214 Silver Reef - 4 Days • Sept. 16*, Oct. 21* ...............................................$315 Silver Reef - 4 Days • Aug. 24*, Sept. 19*, Oct. 17 .................................. $289 Tulalip - 3 Days • Sept. 22*, Oct. 4 ........................................................... $259 Tulalip - 4 Days • Sept. 26, Oct. 24*, Nov. 15 .......................................... $349 Clearwater Resort - 4 Days • Oct. 17 ............................................. from $325 Barkerville- 3 Days • Sept 20 ......................................................................................... $219 Lake Chelan & New Mill Bay Casino - 3 Days • Oct. 18 .................................. $179 Coeur D’Alene - 3 Days • Sept 20*.............................................................................. $179 Coeur D’Alene - 4 Days • Oct. 26, Nov. 7 ................................................ $249 Lincoln City & The Oregon Coast - 6 Days • Sept. 26*, Oct. 3*..... from $519 Kootenay Adv. - incld. Cranbrook & Kimberley - 4 days • Oct. 11 .. from $399 Northern Quest - 3 Days • Oct. 12 ................................................................................ $279 Northern Quest - 4 Days • Nov. 2 ‘Fame’ ................................................. $389 Sips, Slots & Shopping - the ultimate girls getaway - 3 Days • Sept. 10, Nov. 5 ......................................................................................................... $319


It’s not just about lunch.

Laughlin with a twist - 11 Days • Oct. 12*............................................... $705 Reno - 8 Days • Sept. 25*, Oct. 9* & 23*, Nov. 6* ........................ from $319 Las Vegas- 10 Days • Nov. 11* ................................................................ $724

HOLIDAY & CHRISTMAS TOURS NOW AVAILABLE *Indicates Guaranteed Departure Office Hours: Mon.-Fri. 9:00 am - 4:30 pm HST applicable on Canadian Tours only Prices based on dbl. All discounts applicable incl.Subject to change BC Reg#3015-5

an word for great spirit or deity. From June to September, the company offers two-hour day cruises for as many as 62 passengers on Grand Traverse Bay. You can, if you desire, help the crew by raising the main sail, pulling on ropes at the beginning of the trek. Or you can just sit back and enjoy the cruise that is offered three times a day. Tickets for a two-hour Manitou cruise range from $35 to $45 for adults and $18 to $26 for children 12 and younger. The company also offers specialty cruises with ice cream, local wines, Great Lakes music and pizza and beer. You can bring a boxed meal with you. Drinks are available on board. You can also take the evening cruise and spend

the night aboard the Manitou as it is docked at its Traverse City pier. You are fed breakfast aboard the ship the next morning before you depart. It’s not for everyone, but it does have its appeal. The cabins are tiny and spare. The overnight shipboard lodging is offered from mid-June to Labor Day. Prices are $209 to $239 per couple; $121 to $136 for individuals; and $61 to $95 for children 8 to 12. In addition, the company offers four-day bedand-breakfast cruises to Lake Michigan’s islands, bays and coastal villages for up to 24 passengers. The Manitou becomes a floating bed and breakfast. Passengers are housed in twin-bunk cabins. WinSee Cruise A17

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Changing the world one window at a time... LT D.


Kanes Harley Davidson

#94 2789 Hwy 97N

KELOWNA, BC 250-862-3204

Lake City Bowl


Kelowna Location

White Spot

Bowling Grand 10

N to Armstrong

Village Green Mall

5201 26th Street

Hwy 97N

The Brick


PASSENGERS help raise sails on the tall ship Manitou near Traverse City, Michigan.


dows provide ventilation. Family-style meals are served aboard with food prepared over the boat’s wood-burning stove. Hot showers are provided. Passengers take care of their own cabins. The mood is casual and relaxing. The ship anchors for the night at nearby attractions, including Beaver Island and car-free North and South Manitou islands in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Other stops might include a general store dating to 1839 on the Old Mission Peninsula or a historic fishing village, St. James, on Beaver Island. There’s a very good chance of seeing historic lighthouses, doing some beachcombing and paddling sea kayaks. The overnight itineraries are pretty much determined by the direction of the prevailing winds. This year’s overnight sailing schedule includes a women’s wellness cruise Sept. 10-13; a wine-tasting cruise Sept. 17-20; a music cruise with singersongwriter Lee Murdock Sept. 24-27; and an astronomy cruise Oct. 1-4. The fee is $685 a person (double occupancy). The minimum age is 12. The Manitou has no television and no Internet access. Passengers are asked not to bring cell phones aboard. For information, contact the Traverse Tall Ship Co. at 13390 SW Bayshore Drive, Traverse City, Mich. 49684, 800678-0383 or 231-941r2000. The Web site is ••• The Maritime Heritage Alliance has its own flotilla of tall ships on Grand Traverse Bay: the schooner Madeline, the cutter Champion and the Welcome, a replica of a 19th-century British armed sloop. The Madeline is its biggest vessel: a 92-foot, twin-masted replica of an 1840s cargo ship. It is open to landlubbers and offers limited public sails. For information, contact the alliance at 13268 SW Bayshore Drive, Traverse City, Mich. 49684, 231-946-2647, http:// The Inland Seas Education Association in nearby Suttons Bay has its own floating classroom: the schooner Inland Seas with its trademark bloodred sails. The 77-foot twinmasted schooner offers educational and stewardship programs on the ecology of the Great Lakes and Grand Traverse Bay for all ages. It gets 5,000 passengers a year. Prices start at $40 for half-day educational sail programs. For information, contact the nonprofit association at P.O. Box 218, 100 Dame St., Suttons Bay, Mich. 49682, 231271-3077, http://www. schoolship. For Traverse City tourist information, call 800-TRAVERSE or visit You can write to 101 W. Grandview Parkway, Traverse City, Mich. 49684.

VERNON, BC 250-275-7377

27th Street

27th Street 26th Street

26th Street


GreenWorks Vernon Location

53rd Avenue

Cruise from A16


McCurdy Rd


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Burger King

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p/p based on twn

B.C. Reg. #3015-5

All prices based on double subject to change. All discounts if applicable included.

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Tips for seniors about banking Sunset ceremony ends training at cadet camp B anks acknowledge the importance of their senior customers and are making changes to provide you with a pleasant banking experience. If you move to a new city, check out which bank offers the services you require, such as a seat at the wicket or even complimentary coffee. An important contact at the bank is the manager who oversees client care. The manager can meet with you and your family to learn your needs and how the branch can assist with them. Get an update on the type of bank accounts you have and ensure that they still meet your needs. Confirm whether you have a safety deposit box. If you live in a seniors’ retirement residence, inquire whether bank personnel go to your residence to do banking with the seniors.


Sharen Marteny For extra security you can ask the RBC Royal Bank to put a red dot on your client card. The dot indicates to the teller that you do not use a PIN and a signature is required instead. You should only carry a small amount of cash with you and only keep a small amount of cash in your home. Keep your banking client card and PIN in two different locations. Keep pieces of identification in a couple of places on your person. If one set is lost you still have identification on you, which is important. Do not carry your Social

Insurance Number with you as this is a key piece of information for identify theft. When you are using your PIN ensure that you are blocking the machine from the view of others. Use an ATM machine that is in a secure location, preferably inside your bank. At home, put your bank statements and blank cheques away. This is especially important if you have people coming into your home to assist you. Do not fill in or sign any personal cheques until the actual time that they are needed. All government cheques can be deposited directly into your bank account to eliminate the chance of them being lost or stolen. Keep your credit card allowable limit as low as possible and tell the bank that you do not want it in-

creased. This limits your exposure in case of theft. If family members are responsible for the seniors’ financial affairs then the bank statement should be mailed to their home. For some seniors, receiving the statement can increase anxiety if they do not understand what it means. Remove any blank cheques as seniors are generous and may be writing cheques to people who could abuse their generosity. If credit card accounts are not required then close them or keep the credit level to a low dollar amount. It limits the dollars available for seniors who have a gambling problem or those who shop online too much. Sharen Marteny is a services consultant for seniors in Kelowna. 250-212-1257

AC;;3@0:7<2 A/:3  #=44 6C<B3@2=C5:/A 3D3@E==20:7<2A

1V]]aST`][^OW\bSRO\RabOW\SR TW\WaVSaW\bVS^]^cZO` ÂśaZOb aWhS=TT]c``SUcZO`^`WQS

  A/D3 ;/<C4/1BC@3@A 7<AB/<B@30/B3 6C<B3@2=C5:/A A7:6=C3BB3

>ZOQSO\g\Se]`RS`O\R`SQSWdS O\W\abO\b`SPObS]T ^S` aVORST`][6c\bS`2]cUZOa=\Zg ObbVS0Og=TT]c``SUcZO`^`WQS


/::@=;/<A6/23A =TT]c``SUcZO`^`WQSSfQZcRW\U/Zcab`O

Standing tall on Dieppe Square, marching to the music of the combined bands, honouring the best among them, more than 600 army cadets from Western Canada brought the 62nd summer of training at Vernon Army Cadet Summer Training Centre to an end on Friday. Relatives, friends and visitors were invited to watch the pomp and ceremony of the final parade and Sunset Ceremony. Reviewing the final parade was to be Brigadier-General K. L. Woiden, deputy commander Land Force Western Area and Joint Task Force West. A former army cadet and member of the Bisley Rifle Team, Woiden began his military career in the Okanagan when he enrolled in the British Columbia Dragoons in 1975. Cadets on parade Friday finished either three or six-week courses, including basic leadership, fitness and sports, expedition, basic, marksman, physical education and

recreation training, musicianship, drill and ceremonial, adventure, and rifle coach. Cadets enrolled in the final intake of the twoweek general training course held their final parade on Sicily Square at Friday morning. The reviewing officer for the general training final parade was Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired) Phil Sherwin, president of the Army Cadet League of Canada, B.C. Branch. The Vernon centre is the oldest continuous army cadet summer training centre in Canada and over the summer more than 1,000 cadets from across Western Canada took one of 15 courses offered there. The army cadet program is designed for youth who are interested in learning new skills, experiencing adventurous activities, undertaking national or international expeditions, travel and making new friends from across the country. At present, more than

2,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 18 are enrolled in one of the many local corps in B.C. They are lead by 400 adult instructors, members of the Cadet Instructor Cadre, a branch of the Canadian Forces. Nationally, more than 55,000 cadets in approxi-j mately 1,115 army, sea and air cadet units make up the largest federallysponsored program in the country. After the final volley of the Feu de Joie was fired, after the last notes of Amazing Grace echoed from the backdrop, after the sun set on another summer and the guests departed, the cadets packed up their bags and returned home. This weekend, more than 30,000 young cadets will be travelling across Canada. In Vernon, senior army staff and the maintenance crews will remain for two more weeks to conclude their duties and to ready the centre for the winter.

REGIONAL D ISTRICT NEWS 1450 K.L.O. Road, Kelowna, B.C. V1W 3Z4 â&#x20AC;˘ 763-4918 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax 763-0606 â&#x20AC;˘

AUGUST BOARD MEETING CANCELLED The Regional Board meeting scheduled for Monday, August 23rd at 7:00 pm has been cancelled. The next regular meeting of the Regional Board will be Monday, September 20th at 7:00 pm in the Woodhaven Board Room at the Regional District office, 1450 KLO Road, Kelowna. Residents are welcome to attend.

HOLIDAY OFFICE CLOSURE Regional District of Central Okanagan offices will be closed Monday, September 6th for the Labour Day statutory holiday. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be pleased to serve you again at 8:00 am Tuesday, September 7th.

MOSQUITO CONTROL â&#x20AC;&#x201C; WEST NILE VIRUS PREVENTION On behalf of its municipal partners, the Regional District Mosquito Control program, monitors and treats known mosquito-breeding locations on Public land and catch basins throughout the Central Okanagan in an effort to reduce the risk of West Nile Virus. You can also help by removing potential breeding sites on your property by: Emptying saucers under flower pots, unclogging gutters and removing standing water sources; Drain water from pool covers, garbage cans, wheel barrows and old tires; Change water at least twice a week in outdoor wading pools, bird baths and pet bowls. To report nuisance mosquito breeding sites on public lands only, please call 250-469-6241.

/@@/<53G=C@1=;>:7;3<B/@G 7<6=;31=<AC:B/B7=<B=2/G

1/:: #%%$!' =@&&&%%%' /cUcab#bVb]!ab

For more information about the Mosquito Control â&#x20AC;&#x201C; West Nile Virus Risk Reduction program and how you can help reduce mosquito-breeding sites, visit regional Select Quick Links/Mosquito Control.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news A19


It’s not that difficult to create a state of joy in your life


reating a state of joy is like physical exercise. It’s something that you have to practice to get really good at. f And just like exercise, if you do not work out the circuits in your brain that are associated with joy, then these pathways become dormant and weak as well. Children intrinsically just know how to find joy and to be joyous. Just closely watch a two-yearold and you will see it immediately. They live in the moment and can easily express their feelings. They don’t harbour resentment or stay angry for f r▼ r


Annie Hopper long. They can go from crying to laughing within a couple of minutes and can find humour in the smallest things. So how can we create this internal state of joy as adults? Below are a few tips for you to help pump up your joy muscles. • Live in the moment Find something that you can appreciate in this

very moment and immerse yourself in it. What are you seeing, what are you hearing, what you are you feeling? Relax your body and your breathing into it while plastering a huge grin on your face. When you smile or laugh, even if you feel like you are faking it, your brain will automatically release the neuro chemicals associated with a state of joy. Be silly Acting like an adult is totally over-rated. I remember a time when a group of friends all went to dinner and wore red clown noses. It was really hard to have any kind of serious conversation

while wearing a clown nose. Stop worrying Another way to promote joy is to be mindful of your language and stop worrying. Worry is just borrowed fear and prevents you from being present and also blocks you from feeling joy. When you find yourself worrying, stop and write down what your underlying fear is and counter it with a more realistic and healthy thought. Have awareness of your inner critic Another way to promote your joy circuits is to become aware of your


Food bank clients get energy saving gear The Kelowna Community Food Bank, the Penticton Salvation Army Community Food Bank and Summerland Food Bank are all working with FortisBC to distribute free energy-saving kits to families and individuals who visit their local food bank. By installing the products in each kit, users can save up to $60 per year on

their electricity bills. FortisBC PowerSense community ambassadors were on site in Kelowna earlier this month to distribute the kits, as well as clotheslines and energy-efficient light bulbs to qualifying customers. They also gave useful tips on how to install and use the products most effectively.

“The Kelowna Food Bank is very pleased to be working with the FortisBC on this initiative,” says Lenetta Thordarson, associate executive director at the Kelowna Food Bank. “These tools help our recipients save precious household dollars, and gives them the opportunity to learn more about saving energy at home.”

Energy saving products like clotheslines, weather stripping and light bulbs can go a long way in preventing energy losses in a home. Each energy saving kit contains approximately $75 worth of products like compact fluorescent light bulbs, water-saving showerheads, faucet aerators and weather stripping.

inner critic and to silence it. That’s the voice within that judges or criticizes you. The “you’re not good enough” or “don’t be so stupid” voice that keeps you feeling small and inadequate somehow. Having awareness of this inner critic and changing your internal dialogue to one of support and love will help to pave the way for more joy in your life. Try giving your inner critic the voice of a cartoon character so that you don’t take it to heart. Practice gratitude I know that it sounds

almost corny to do so, but the truth is that your brain is more likely to remember the negative events in your life than the positive. That’s neither good nor bad. It’s just the hardwiring or the hard drive of your brain. So in order for us to stay focused on what’s going right in our lives and to feed the circuits of joy, we need to consciously remind ourselves of the good things and replay them over and over again. Simple things like “I went for coffee with a friend,” or “I had a good night’s sleep.” When we consciously

record our gratitude on a daily basis, we are in fact rewiring our brain to look for patterns and associations of joy. Creating an internal state of joy is not merely laughter, or finding something funny. It is a personal choice that has a profound affect on our health, our quality of life and the way in which we perceive life. It is a conscious choice to bring your best self into the present moment and squeeze every juicy drop out of life. Annie Hopper is a core belief counsellor.

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& Water Gardens

2009 2010

Entertainment Season presented by

Parks Alive! Schedule August 24-28, 2010

Community Music Tuesdays 6:30 – 8:30 pm Location: Strathcona Park (behind the hospital) August 24th “Celtic” 6:30 The Malarkeys (5 piece band;Celtic Rock) 7:30 Cod Gone Wild (5 piece; traditional)

K96.3 Wednesday Night Showcase 6:00 – 9:00pm Location: Island Stage August 25th “Music & A Movie” 6:00 Smashlee (trio; high energy original pop) 7:00 Matt Duffus (Solo vocalist; interactive pop music) 8:30 Movie - “Ice Age”

Program info here

3:00pm Becoming leaders

TD Music Thursdays presented by 103.9 The Juice 6:00 – 9:00 pm Location: Sarsons Beach (behind Senior’s Centre) August 26th “Emerging Talent” 6:00 Karen Wells (solo vocalist; acoustic guitar; original and cover pop music) 7:00 Times Burden (solo vocalist; acoustic guitar; original light rock) 7:35 Victoria (child vocalist; pop) 8:15 Scott Padley (solo vocalist; pop-rock)

At Y Out of School Care we help kids build self-esteem, values and leadership skills through play and other interactive activities. You’ll know they are growing and exploring their potential, they’ll think they are just having fun.

101.5 Silk FM Theme Weekends 6:30 – 10:30pm Location: Kerry Park “Summer Blowout” Friday, August 27th 6:30 De Bubbly Crew (drum troupe; World Music) 7:30 Blues Brothers & Blues Mobile Two (10 piece blues band; tribute) 8:30 Cod Gone Wild (5 piece; high energy Celtic Group) 9:45 Kingdom Cloud (3 piece; pop/ electro dance music) Saturday August 28th 6:30 Yamabiko Taiko (Japanese drum troupe) 7:30 Chloé Kyle & Company (4 piece band; traditional Celtic) 8:30 Reggae Vibration (7 piece band; reggae and Jamaican music) 9:45 Zamboni Brothers (4 piece band; classic rock/ pop)

What are your kids doing after school? 4 locations to serve you.

Y Out of School Care We build strong kids, strong families, strong communities

Join our Parks Alive! fan page on facebook, and follow us on twitter @parksalive

Buskers Program All year Long

A Production of

Arts Alive! May-Sept.

Kelowna Family Y 375 Hartman Road 250.491.YMCA (9622) H2O Adventure + Fitness Centre 4075 Gordon Drive 250.764.4040 Career Contact Centre for Youth 575 Lawrence Avenue 250.717.2561

A20 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


OPINION The Capital News is a division of Black Press, at 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C. V1X 7K2







A diet rich in green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, may reduce the risk of developing diabetes, shows a study done by Leicester University researchers. (

U.S. and French scientists working in Chernobyl can predict which species are likely to be most severely damaged by radioactivity by the rate at which their DNA changes. (

Being frightened of falling over is likely to increase an elderly person’s risk of having a fall, research by Australian and Belgian scientists shows. (

Older women who eat dark chocolate once or twice a week could be lowering their risk of heart failure, research by Boston scientists shows. Eating it daily has no benefit at all. (


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Calling for MLA recalls is easy, paying for it— not so simple To the editor: Your recent Sound Off question should have read or a follow-up question should read: “Will you have the same enthusiasm to personally finance a recall of any or all MLAs as you did registering your name on the HST petition?” I do not own a business and am not a member of the Liberal party or chamber of commerce. I am simply a proud tax payer and I do not want my hard earned tax dollars going to a one-issue recall. I’m sure the Vander Zalms, NDP, unionists and petition signers will demonstrate their sincerity and credibility by sponsoring a recall to the tune of forty plus million dollars. John Johnson, Kelowna


E-MAIL Newsroom

letter of the week

HST saga has plenty more twists and turns to go


ow that a judge But, in light of CITY has echoed what Chief Justice Robert CONFIDENTIAL Elections B.C. Bauman’s comments had already announced, in delivering his judgthat the petitions calling ment Friday, it’s hard to for the abolition of the see that the legal case Harmonized Sales Tax against the petition ever are valid, it’s time to get Alistair had a chance. on with dealing with the The case was Waters tax’s future. brought by a group Like a bad soap representing big busiopera the ongoing saga of the HST is ness and basically said the tax is federal getting tiresome. jurisdiction so petitions under the provOn one hand we have former B.C. incial initiative law should be ruled out premier and anti-HST zealot Bill Vanof order. der Zalm determined to deep six the But Bauman went so far as to quote tax, and on the other we have Premier the premier, saying he had already Gordon Campbell hailing it as the sildescribed the initiative campaign as a ver bullet for B.C.’s economy. He is success for democracy. Tossing it out loath to give back the $1.6 billion the would rob petitioners of their lawful feds paid the province to bring in the right to proceed. tax. So, in addition to ruling in Van-

der Zalm’s favour, he threw in for good measure a directive to the head of Election’s B.C. to present the draft legislation scrapping the HST to the legislative committee that must recommend the next move. The ruling came hot on the heels of an announcement by Stats Canada that inflation rose 1.8 per cent across the country in July, based largely on the introduction of the HST in B.C. and Ontario and an increase to the HST rate in Nova Scotia, where the tax has already been in place for years. It didn’t take long for the HST to be felt. Introduced July 1, it drove up inflation by two per cent last month in B.C., compared with 0.5 per cent in June. In Ontario, the increase was even larger. But the games surrounding the HST are not over yet. The legislative committee, dominat-

ed by Liberals, can recommend one of two measures—a vote in the Legislature or a province-wide referendum. My bet is the referendum. For one it would not have to be held until next year and as a non-binding vote, the Liberals can simply slough it off and by then B.C. could be beyond the point of no return. As for threats of MLA recall against Liberals, they may be successful in some ridings but they won’t succeed everywhere. While voters often have short memories when it comes to unpopular government moves, the real recall vote will be the next provincial election. Whether Campbell will be around to face that vote is open to question. But if he is, he may find voters are not so willing to forgive and forget.

Sunday, August 22, 2010



Bereaved mom thanks community To the editor: On Aug. 8 we had a memorial bursary car wash in memory of my daughter, Ashlee Hyatt, who was murdered June 2, 2010. I would like to thank all the people who made the car wash a success. I would like to thank Save-On Foods for the donation of the

hotdogs and buns for the event, Zellers for donating the T-shirts that I put Ashlee’s picture on for her friends, DIRT universal detailing for whom I work on the Westside for supplying all the product for the car wash, the Dollar Store on the Westside for donating wash buckets and wash mitts for the car wash, and

Kent Molgat from CTV for being there for our family from the day this tragedy to our daughter happened. Thank you so much . Charrie Hyatt, West Kelowna


One more moving day for Theatre Kelowna To the editor: Thanks to everyone who came out to help Theatre Kelowna move on Aug. 8. The lunch was wonderful, Don, and we got everything done in three hours. Brian tells us that we can cancel the moves

for Aug. 22 but the final and most important one is Sunday, Aug. 29, 10 a.m. at Sutherland Ave. We’ll be moving costumes. Hope many of you can make it out to that one. Again: Thank you to everyone who came

out to do the hard, dirty work of moving for the last two moves. One more and we’re in. We’re looking forward to a happy residence in the Rotary Centre for the Arts. Theatre Kelowna Society

We have great health care here in Canada My general practitioner in Westbank is a joy. He is competent, readily available and treats his 88-year-old patient admirably. My experiences at KGH have been outstand-

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To the editor: The letter from Evelyn Trefz regarding health care at Kelowna General fHospital (Capital News, rAug. 13) confirms my experiences with the Canadian medical system.

capital news A21

ing, as was my treatment at the Vancouver General Emergency some four years ago. Two years ago I had a hip replacement by a terrific surgeon at KGH and have had recent cardiac

monitoring from the same source. I am trying very hard to conjure up some disagreeable examples to support our neighbours, south of the border, but I cannot bring to mind any

Toll Free:

1-866-767-0102 • Okanagan Based

untoward happenings. Perhaps the U.S. critics will class it as Alzheimer’s. Douglas Bilbey, Westbank


Government needs a five-year rolling budget To the editor: Praise be for Kathy Michaels. At last a columnist talking sense about the HST and its jumble of opponents. (Clicktivism rhas Watered Down Our Political Process, Aug. 13 Capital News) The first main task of the government is to cref

ate, maintain and maximize the infrastructure. That is keeping you, me and the dog healthy, safe, mobile, informed, warm, happy and prosperous. The second main task is to pay for the infrastructure. This should not be done on the basis of an annual “balanced” budget—

that’s a bunch of malarkey—but on a five-year rolling budget, ignoring the sacred election budget boondoggle, and built on the New Zealand system of ministerial responsibility. Then we’d really know where our money is being spent. No business can afford

to be caught flatfooted and the government is no exception. Producing a fiveyear business plan lets us usefully debate (rather than squabble and throw insults in the Legislature) the issues ahead of time and avoid surprises. Float like a butterfly, Ali said, and sting like a

bee. And there’s the rub. The politicians (tax cuts are their mantra) have convinced so many that all these goodies are free that those gullible people are now angry and surprised to find that this is not so. Geoffrey Neale, Kelowna

Gordo and lapdogs must be brought to heel To the editor: So, the twisted games continue and King Gordo pleads his innocence; this time it’s about his ‘non interference’ with Elections B.C. in regard to the anti-HST campaign. I want to tell you something, Gordo, I for one do not, nor will I ever, believe anything that comes out of your or any of your lapdogs’ mouths. You’ve proven over and over that your government lies, that it’s out of control in regard to what the populace wants and needs and that it doesn’t give a crap. Your government, instead of being “for the people” is instead for the multinationals—most of which are foreign owned. You’ve been bought and

paid for (just watch and see how many corporate boards King Gordo joins after he gets booted out) and you have sold out the average citizen of B.C. Now the HST may or may not be a good thing for B.C., only time will tell. But the fact is you and your minions have lied about it and many other things. You’ve destroyed health care, child poverty is extreme, elder care is collapsing, the Olympic debt is grossly more than you said it would be, minimum wage hasn’t gone up in years (and never will under a B.C. Liberal government). But, of course, you’ve certainly padded your own nests very nicely and you’ve tried many, many

times to hide the facts from the public. All the while you and all your little lackeys strut around smirking at any photo op you can get while at the same time basically giving anyone making less than $100,000 a year the ‘finger.’ I want to applaud the hundreds of thousands of B.C.ers who signed the anti-HST petition and plead with everyone to keep up the pressure for recall; its our very own rebellion against arrogant, bloated governments that say anything to get elected then do whatever they want, the public be damned. We in B.C. have an opportunity to lead the rest of the country in showing

how we no longer will be pushed around, lied to and smirked at by any government body—provincial or federal.

Kelowna’s Premier Putting Course!

Let’s take back our rights. Steve Pierson, West Kelowna

Express yourself We welcome letters that comment in a timely manner about stories and editorials published in the Capital News.


18 hole natural grass putting course 18 hole Astro mini golf course

Letters under 200 words will be given priority in considering them for publication. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, legality and taste. Letters sent directly to reporters may be treated as letters to the editor. Letters must bear the name, address and telephone number of the writer. Names will be withheld at the editor’s discretion, only under exceptional circumstances.


E-mail letters to, fax to 763-8469 or mail to The Editor, Capital News, 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C., V1X 7K2.

2050 Campbell Rd.

Located at the west end of the bridge

A22 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


What to do when engine problems come knocking in car


ecently my car’s engine started making a knocking noise and my mechanic told me I had to replace the engine or have it rebuilt. What is better and what’s involved in rebuilding an engine? Answer: Unfortunately at some point in your car’s life, it is possible that the engine will start making abnormal noises. These noises can be the result of poor maintenance or a weak part breaking or just an old worn out engine. Usually when an engine starts making a noise, it is due to lack of maintenance and keep-


ing old oil in the engine for too long, which causes excessive friction and wears out the metal bearings and other parts much quicker. No matter what the cause, at this point it is time to replace that engine. The first option you have would be to find a good condition used motor. Most shops will

present this option to you because it is generally much more economical and quicker than rebuilding the motor. The key here is to make sure that the auto recycler that they are getting your engine from has the necessary information about that specific engine. Most reputable auto recyclers will be able to tell the shop whether the engine came from a running vehicle or not and will also have the statistics on the engine’s vital information such as compression and oil pressure. In most cases the shop will receive a complete engine and this saves you money on the labour as

Public Notice PUBLIC MEETING Advisory Planning Commission The Commission will hold a public meeting on: Tuesday, August 31, 2010 at 6pm City Hall, 1435 Water Street Council Chambers The public is invited to express their views to the Commission.

245 Mills Road DP10-0029

To allow a Development Permit for construction of 10 unit multiple family dwellings

there are very few parts to swap over once your engine is removed from the car. Although this is a cheaper option, the downside to this is that you never fully know the history of how that engine was driven before it was in your vehicle. As well, most auto recyclers only offer a 90 day warranty so you will want to factor that into your decision as well. Your second option is to have your engine completely rebuilt. In most cases your shop will remove the engine from the car, strip it down and send it away to a machine shop as very

City Hall 1435 Water Street Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J8 250 469-8500

Low Density Housing to allow development of a townhouse project; to consider a Development Permit for the form and character of a 4 unit townhouse development Applicant/Owner: Greg & Debra Stromquist

4493 Stewart Road East OCP10-0013/TUP10-0002

To temporarily amend the Official Community Plan (OCP) from Rural/Agricultural to Commercial; to consider a Temporary Use Permit to allow an exotic animal rescue/conservation facility to operate on the subject property on an interim basis

Applicant/Owner: J. Wilderman

Applicant: Doug Illman & Brenda Bruce Owner: David & Becky Habib

3787, 3791, 3795 Lakeshore Road

1304 Ellis Street


few shops are equipped with all the necessary tools to machine an engine. Once there, the machine shop will start by cleaning everything thoroughly and measuring all the components that make up your engine and comparing them to the manufacturer’s specifications, which are usually measured to the thousandths of an inch. Things like the crankshaft and camshaft(s) are checked for wear marks and uneven surfaces. Pistons and cylinder walls will be checked for wear and abnormal tapering and, if necessary, the cylinders will be bored


To amend the Official Community plan from Multiple Unit Residential - Medium Density/Multiple Unit Residential - Low Density/Major Park & Open Space to Commercial/Multiple Unit Residential - Medium Density/Multiple Unit Residential - Medium Density/Multiple Unit Residential - Low Density/Major Park & Open Space;

To consider a Heritage Alteration Permit to vary the provisions of the Sign Bylaw No. 8235 to permit a Roof-Top sign where RoofTop signs are not permitted in the Sign Bylaw and to permit a projecting sign where projecting signs are not permitted within the CD8LP/LRS – Heritage Industrial (Liquor Primary/Retail Liquor Sales) zone

To consider a Text Amendment to add the proposed CD23 Comprehensive Development Zone and to add the Stepback definition to Zoning Bylaw No. 8000;

Existing Zone: CD8LP/LRS – Heritage Industrial (Liquor Primary/ Retail Liquor Sales)

To rezone the subject properties from C1 – Local Commercial, C9 – Tourist Commercial, RM7 – Mobile Home Park and RR3 – Rural Residential 3 to CD23 –Comprehensive Development Zone in order to accommodate the proposed development; To consider a Development Permit for the development’s overarching planning and design principles and additional landscaping, open space and architectural guidelines for the proposed mixed use development Applicant: Westcorp Properties Inc. (G. Temple) Owner: 87570 Holdings Ltd.

this will be much higher than that of a used engine but the final product is a much higher quality as you really are getting an almost new engine. Also some engine rebuilders will offer much longer warranty periods ranging from one to three years, which is good if you are planning on keeping the car for a long time. At the end of the day the decision you make will be based on your budget and how long you plan on keeping the vehicle. Both options are better than driving around in a car that is smoking badly or making a knocking noise from the engine. Keep in mind too that a lot of this can be avoided by regular oil changes and staying on top of the recommended services for your vehicle. Send your questions and comments to:

Winery and resort team up The Bounty Group, a commercial winery in Kelowna has teamed up with the Sparkling Hill Resort near Vernon, above Predator Ridge, to form a “strategic alliance.” “This is a relationship for us that has been more a matter of evolution than negotiation,” said Ron Pennington of the Bounty Management Group. “I became so inspired by the vision of HansPeter Mayr and his associates as this resort de-

veloped, we found ourselves not just becoming professional friends, but the Bounty Group was able to provide counsel about all things Okanagan and British Columbia.” Sparkling Hill, a $122-million, 152-room luxury resort with a 40,000 square foot spa/wellness centre, is perched on the edge of a granite ridge overlooking the Monashee Mountains to the east and Okanagan Lake to the west. $

A Little Unorthodox Jewish Deli

Applicant/Owner: City of Kelowna

435 Gerstmar Road Z10-0069

To rezone the subject property from the RU1 – Large Lot Housing zone to the RU2s – Medium Lot Housing with a Secondary Suite to facilitate a two lot subdivision Applicant: DE Pilling & Associates Ltd. Owner: Balbir Kang


The Advisory Planning Commission is a forum for citizen input in the planning process. The Commission is made up of nine citizens who make recommendations to Council on community and neighbourhood plans, rezoning applications and development permits.

To rezone from RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing to RM4 – Transitional

INFO: 250 469 8626

735 Clement Avenue

out and have larger pistons installed to correct this. As well, all of the necessary bearings that the crankshaft, connecting rods and camshafts rest on will be replaced regardless of the condition that they are in. The machine shop will also check the deck of the block and the cylinder head for warping, which can cause head gasket issues in the future, and will make sure both items are machined to be perfect. At this point, it is usually a good idea to replace some of the other items that are bolted to your engine, such as the water pump, thermostat and timing components. Doing that will ensure that when this engine is placed back in your car, it is as good as or better than the day it left the factory. As you are probably aware though, the cost for

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Daily Soup & Sandwich Specials

• Smoked Montreal Meat Eat in • Corned Beef or Take out • Pulled Beef Brisket availab

103-3010 Pandosy St.



Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news A23

PAWPRINTS Welcome a new friend into the family...«

KELOWNA BRANCH • 3785 CASORSO ROAD • (250)861-7722 SHELTER HOURS: 12 NOON - 4:30 PM V I S I T O U R W E B S I T E T O D O N AT E : W W W. S P C A . B C . C A / K E L O W N A


above and beyond...


Romany Runnalls, AMP “Proud Sponsor of the SPCA ”

ID# 204744

Ph: 250-862-1794 Fax: 250-868-3082 or: 1-800-844-4101 or: 1-866-844-4101 Email:

#200 - 389 Queensway Ave. • Kelowna • BC • V1Y 8E6

ID# 204747

By making the BC SPCA your first adoption option you are helping to


2010 Annual

Sunday September 12, 2010 ING FUNDRAIS GOAL ... City Park,

North Field (Abbott St.) Walk Length:

Bourbon is a real big dog with little to no training. He is very good natured, but requires an owner who can spend lots of time teaching him social skills (ie obedience training). Positive reinforcement will be the only training method that will work on him. He will also need a physically strong, but sensitive owner who will take the time and patience needed to make him the best that he can be.

ID# 207748

Reva is an active young female with tons of energy. She only needs a little bit of positive reinforcement coupled with regular exercise to turn her into a well mannered pooch. She needs regular exercise and stimulation or she will become quickly bored and develop bad habits. She gets along with dogs but should go to a home with NO SMALL CHILDREN. Please come down and pay her a visit.

REVA ID# 207496


Shylo is a shy but loving and friendly girl. She would prefer her new home to be quiet and ADULT ONLY. She is perfectly house broken, uses a scratch post and would love start a new life with someone who can offer her love and security. Please ask our staff to take you to the Adoption Room to visit with her. Owner surrender

Willy is very sweet and would do well in a calm ADULT ONLY environment. Willy will approach you for attention and reward your efforts with a loud and distinctive purr. He was given to us when his owner could no longer care for him. Willy is litter box trained, neutered, vaccinated & dewormed. If you can offer a loving home to this beautiful older guy, come down and pay him a visit Owner surrender

WILLY ID# 197042 198294 ID#


Echo is a sweet girl who is a little shy and quiet but likes to be stroked behind her ears. Because she is a more reserved feline she would do best in a quiet home with older children where she can get the focused love and attention she needs to come out of her shell. Please come and pay her a visit.

Came in as a stray

Came in as a stray


ID# 199597

ID# 202043

Adopt a Pet 103 - 1889 Springfield Rd. 860-2346 Store Hours: M - S 8:30 - 5:30 Sunday 10:00 - 4:00

ID# 204742


Whoopster is a lovely black boy who is very laid back. He loves to curl up on a chair in the sun. He is not demanding, but loves attention and cuddles. If you would like to make him a part of your family, please come and spend some time with him.





starts at 10:30 AM 1 km Scurry starts at 11:00 AM

Pet er


SHYLO ID# 166998

• 3 km Walk


These 4 brothers have found their way to the shelter, from a rural environment, where they lived with many of their brothers and sisters. They now must become accustomed to living in the “city”, and being close to people and the indoors. Cars and traffic are new to them and they don’t know exactly how to behave in a home. These boys will need a lot of TLC, confident, experienced owners and lots of patience as they learn the ropes of becoming obedient members of ‘your family’. Being Terrier mixes, they have lots of energy and are curious about everything. Regular walks and some basic obedience training will help them become much better pets. We are recommending homes that have NO CHILDREN, as we have little history on them.


Adoption Information

ensure that great animals find new homes and have a happy life that they deserve. So many of the animals that come into our care have been surrendered by their previous guardians for different reasons, but deserve a second chance at a new beginning.


and take


from your local


SPCA any Pet Food or Accessory

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

HERE, “LIKE NEW” ACTUALLY M E A N S S O M E T H I N G. Even our Pre-Owned process is inspired. That’s because every Infiniti that’s been previously-enjoyed comes with:

160 Point Inspection


Coverage up to 96 months / 160,000 km

CarProof ® Vehicle History Reports


24 Hour Roadside Assistance

10 Day / 1,500 km Exchange Policy

Experience more at

KELOWNA INFINITI 2570 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, BC Sales Hotline 1-888-513-9938 CarProof® is a Registered Trademark of CarProof Vehicle History Reports. The INFINITI names, logos, product names, feature names, and slogans are trademarks owned by or licenced to Nissan Motor Co. Ltd., and/or its North American subsidiaries.



Local field player to play for Canada


Field hockey player Abigail Raye is set to play on far-flung fields with her selection for the Commonwealth Games team. The games, this October in Delhi, India, will be the first major competition at that level for Raye. It will also be her first trip to India. She said athletes don’t have to qualify for the games team, but predicted a great tournament. “There’s going to be a lot of high competition there.” Raye noted there will be many teams at the games coming straight from the World Cup in Argentina the month before. The tournament will be an indicator of where the Canadian team sits compared to other international squads. Preparation for the games involves simply more training for Raye and her teammates. Fortunately, the team did plenty of fundraising last year. Visits from the India and Chile squads helped the Canadians to test their strategies and build confidence. “It really showed us how the team’s been improving,” she said. The games pitted our field hockey players against teams with different styles of play. Raye said some adjustments were made, but mainly the Canadian squad stuck to their game plan. The team plays well once they get going as a co-


KELOWNA’S ABI RAYE will play for the Canadian women’s field hockey team at the Commonwealth Games this October in Delhi, India. hesive whole, involving all players instead of relying on individual efforts.

Raye pointed out one of the only weaknesses the squad has is possibly

lacking a little bit of confidence, which will come with experience.

Eating disorders are the deadliest of all mental illnesses. Learn more at

And an experience is just what the Commonwealth Games will be for the players. Raye said she hoped to be selected but knew it was not a sure thing. “I definitely hoped for it, I’d been starting and playing a lot in previous games.” She added thanks for the many people in Kelowna who had contributed to fundraising efforts put on for the team. Taking the field at the games is a long way from the English junior team Raye started out playing on when she was 11 years old. Raye and her teammates will face the England squad as well as New Zealand during the initial pool at Delhi. A Kelowna Secondary grad and UBC Thunderbirds player, Raye won both the Canada West and CIS rookie of the year awards last season. She rode with the Thunderbirds to a national championship gold medal in 2009. Team coach Louis Mendonca said the Commonwealth Games squad is relatively young in terms of experience. “The Commonwealth Games will be a great testing ground for measuring present progress and preparing us for future important events such as the Pan American Games and Olympic qualifier. We had some good results in a series of matches against India and Chile, but we now need to bring more consistency to our performance to be competitive against teams in the top 10.”

B2 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Rockets open with rookies on Thursday More than 140 young prospects will take to the ice this week as the Kelowna Rockets raise the curtain on the 2010 edition of training camp. The Western Hockey League club’s rookie camp—featuring mostly 1994 and 1995-born players—will begin Thursday morning and run until Sunday at the Capital News Centre. The camp will feature the club’s first-round pick in the 2010 WHL bantam draft, defenceman Jesse Lees from Calgary. Second-pick, defenceman Madison Bowey from Winnipeg, won’t be at camp due to his participation in the Canadian

midget baseball championship, but will arrive in Kelowna in time for main camp. The Rockets’ main camp begins Tuesday, Aug. 31 and will showcase approximately 70 players. The team plays its first exhibition game Friday, Sept. 3 in Ladner against the Vancouver Giants. The same clubs will face off again the following night, 7 p.m at Prospera Place. The Kelowna Rockets will open their regular season on Saturday, Sept. 25 at home to Prince George.


The BCHL’s Westside Warriors will launch their 2010 training camp on Monday morning at Royal LePage Place. With 40 players vying for 23 roster spots, the club will hold practises during the day and play games at night, including an intersquad game on Wednesday, Aug. 25 at 5 p.m. The camp roster includes 12 returning players. Westside will battle the Penticton Vees in a two-game exhibition set next weekend—Friday, Aug. 27 at Royal LePage, and Saturday, Aug. 28 in Penticton.


VOLUNTEER INSTRUCTOR Thomas Hardy takes a pair of aspiring young sailors, Sebastien Manuel and

Ryan Rubadeau, for a ride last weekend during the Central Okanagan Sailing Association’s lessons for four- to six-year-old kids.


THE COAST CAPRI HOTEL 1171 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna

August 20 - 22 Friday, Saturday & Sunday • 10 am - 5 pm

See the Hampton


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in 2010

See the Ultra Motor

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BEST WESTERN VERNON LODGE 3914 - 32nd Street, Vernon


#9-2670 Enterprise Way (across from OK Dodge)

250-763-2762 Dealer Inquired Welcome

Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news B3


Halos heading to Richmond for national-level tournament Mike Simmons STAFF REPORTER

Members of the Okanagan Halos girls baseball club will take the field representing B.C. during a national-level tournament in Richmond. Head coach Danny Jones said 10 Bantamlevel players from the Halos are playing in the tournament on two different B.C. teams. The Halos were formed in 2007 from a core group of girls already in the game on various boys teams. “That group of girls is essentially the same group of girls competing in this national tournament. That group has played since 2007 together, some earlier than that.” Jones said as the core group has moved up through the divisions, the Halos have added other teams. This year, the organization is fielding four teams in competition against the boys at the Mosquito level, one Peewee team and one Bantam team. “We’ve grown one team every year.” The Halos have drawn players not interested in fastball or softball. Jones noted baseball is a fairly different game. “I think there’s some degree of intrigue when you’re an all-girls team competing against the boys. I think it’s an interesting factor.” He pointed out the

Halos contain girls who didn’t necessarily want to play fastball, but really feel they’ve found a home with the baseball organization. Jones noted some of the players have played baseball on all-boys teams before, and have been one of the only girls present. He added the Halos are a good combination, where girls get to still play baseball, but not as the only girl on the end of a bench on a team of all boys. The Halos have grown through friends, and friends of friends. They fielded a Peewee team at the national level, but Jones pointed out the competition at that age level is low-key compared to this tournament. “This has always been well attended,” he noted. The B.C. players will face the best of Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta. Jones noted the game is essentially the same, but the Halos players are 14, 15 and in some cases 13 years old. They will be competing against girls who have played at the national level for three years and are now 16 years old. “The competition is going to be pretty strong,” he added. Jones said the girls will have to get comfortable with the intensity of this type of tournament. He pointed out some teams bring their parents and there is quite the

cheering squad. “It’s got that World Cup feel…the parents are really into it.” Jones noted that any time the Halos can attend an all-girls tournament, the better. There is a sense of camaraderie between the girls from across the country. The tournament runs from Aug. 26 to 29 in Richmond. Jones said he is proud of the girls and what they’ve accomplished, especially being basically a spring season team of friends, and friends of friends. “These girls they’re competing against are all the best in their province,” said Jones. “It’s cool our girls are all representing B.C. I’m really proud of them.” Kleanley Miki is the parent of two Halos players. She noted the club receives excellent support from the Kelowna Minor Baseball Association. Miki said the club encourages camaraderie among female athletes to develop each player’s confidence, personal excellence, physical coordination, perseverance and discipline, all within the context of competitive baseball. “Some of the girls who have played on boys’ teams in the past tend to prefer the social aspects of playing on a team with all girls, and also show more interest in staying with the game as they grow older.”


DAYNA “LU” LUECK of West Kelowna winds up for batting practice with the Okanagan Halos Girls Baseball Club at Lombardy Park Aug. 19.


Fundraising dinner planned to help Okanagan Sun scholarships A benefit dinner this October is hoped to fill up the scholarship coffers of the Okanagan Sun. Dinner chairman Les Weiss said players fill out a scholarship application at the start of the year. Coaches use the scholar-

ships to recruit players, offering them the chance to move to Kelowna to attend school. Now in its second year, the Sun’s scholarship program has proved a draw. “The first year, I think we had 13 kids. This year,

we have 30 kids.” Weiss noted last year the Sun had a scholarship breakfast at the Ramada, but moved to a dinner this year to have more time for the occasion. He hoped the annual dinner will grow. The event is mod-

eled after an alumni dinner put on by the University of Calgary, which raises up to $300,000 per year for scholarships. “It’ll be a great evening.” One of the speakers at the evening is Angelo

z l e z r i S r e m m u S

Mosca, a former CFL player who made a record nine Grey Cup games and forged a professional wrestling career as the notorious “King Kong” Mosca. “He was the bad boy of the Hamilton Tiger

Cats,” said Weiss. “He’s quite the character, and a great speaker. I’m sure he’ll have lots of stories to tell.” Also speaking will be Tony Spoletini, former Stampeders player and co-owner of Calgary’s

Spolumbo’s Fine Foods and Deli. The dinner takes place at 7 p.m. on Oct. 8 at the Coast Capri Hotel. For tickets or more information, contact Weiss at 250859-5603.

Kelowna's Best Value

Golf & Power Cart


Championship Golf





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Per Player Plenty of shade & Scotty Creek to keep things cool! starting at | 5101 Upper Booth Rd. S., Kelowna

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B4 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Summer’s here but a speed-skater’s training doesn’t let up Mike Simmons STAFF REPORTER

Summer is no time for slacking for top-level B.C. speed skaters, who attended training sessions in Kelowna. Canada Winter Games long track coach Nancy Goplen said the August long weekend training camp involved dry land training as well as sessions on the ice. She noted

the camp drew 25 high performance and Canada Winter Games skaters, training under the observation of the Winter Games coaching staff. The skaters did dry land imitation training, sweated in the weight room and technical work on the ice. The dry land preparation for speed skating involves cycling, running, jumps and other special movements.

Goplen added the exercises are usually done for a long duration, and are designed to build strength in the position that skaters’ bodies hold in while speeding down the ice. “The biggest thing is building strength.” Goplen said the amount and intensity of training is calculated depending on age and growth. The camp was put on by the Okanag-


Your passport to a worry-free adventure. vehicle home – and get around in the interim? With proper insurance you could alleviate the inconvenience and stress, as well as the dent in your wallet. Optional insurance can provide you with coverage for a substitute vehicle, coverage to get you and your damaged vehicle as well as You already INSURANCE home, r e i m b u rsement have $200,000 OUTLOOK for any additional Third Party Liability living expenses coverage from you may incur. ICBC through your AUTO INSURANCE Basic Autoplan WITH If you’re involved coverage. However, HEATHER in an accident while this simply isn’t PRIZEMAN travelling enough, especially outside of BC you if you’re travelling should notify your to the US. Remember that insurer immediately, just as insurance coverage is in you would while at home. You Canadian dollars, and although must notify the police and keep the Canadian dollar is strong a record of your police file right now, liability settlements number. Most companies have can be high and could take a toll-free 24-hour emergency a long time to settle. In an claims number. Remember unforeseen eventuality, you to remove your valuables, could find yourself paying the including your insurance additional liability settlement papers and licence plates. down the road, when the Loonie When you travel, it’s may not be faring as well. essential to be prepared for The long summer days are here and you’re ready to hit the open road and start your adventure. Whether you’re travelling outside the province or touring down south of the border, make sure you’ve packed the essentials – including adequate coverage on your auto insurance.

The good news is that limits of up to $5 million are available through ICBC and private insurers through Optional coverages such as Extended Third Party Liability. If you’re travelling for pleasure or for business, these insurance providers also offer additional coverage for travel benefits. For instance, if you’re in an accident while travelling outside of BC, how would you pay to get your damaged

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the unexpected. Before you leave, make a list of all the important numbers you may need should you have to make a claim. Also, ensure you carry copies of all pertinent documents with you. Being prepared will put you on the right road to a worry-free adventure. Heather Prizeman is the Product Manager of BCAA Auto Insurance and has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years. Contact Heather at

an regional training centre, and co-hosted by the Kelowna Speed Skating Club. Skaters came from clubs across B.C., including the Lower Mainland, Fort St. John, Dawson Creek, Prince George and Nelson. Summer training of this kind is essential, said Goplen. “If they don’t do it, they’re not going to be a speed skater.” Goplen said her group starts in May after four to six weeks off, hitting the bike, weights and skatingspecific training. The skaters will train five to six days a week, with double sessions on some days. “They’re pretty keen,”

said Goplen. She noted some of the skaters are focused on short track and some on long track, but the short track is the only one accessible in Kelowna. “The Okanagan regional training centre has probably produced half of the B.C. team, yet we don’t have a long track facility.” Goplen noted long track skaters make it in the Okanagan by virtue of dedication, and their parents’ pockets getting them to Calgary for long ice training. The camp was the first of a series of Canada Winter Games camps that will take place in Kelowna. A

high performance and development camp is coming up on Sept. 18 and 19 in Kelowna, and is open to newcomers to the sport as well. Goplen said beginners can come out, go through fitness testing and get three ice sessions in over the weekend. “We might just have some of the top short track skaters in the province coming to that.” The Kelowna Speed Skating Club is also starting their regular season soon. The first ice day on Sept. 13 is followed by an introductory clinic of four classes beginning Sept. 15. Goplen noted there are no preliminary requirements and the necessary

strength for skating develops over time. Goplen said herself and short track coach Christina Acton take growing speed skaters through the long-term athlete development model. She pointed out the model allocates different training intensities and techniques depending on stages of growth. “We hope we’re developing good athletes. If they come into our sport, families will know that they’re getting the right kind of programming.” For more information on clinics and the club, visit


Diablos and Mark V in KWSL final Brandt’s Creek Diablos will take aim at their third straight Kelowna Women’s Soccer League Premier Division title. Diablos will battle Mark V Autobody in the 2010 championship game this Wednesday at 6 p.m. at Mission Sports Field No. 71. Diablos advanced to the final by knocking off

Royal Star 5-1 last Wednesday in semifinal playoff action. Delinah Erbenich scored twice for the defending league champs, with Liz McPhail, Erin Scott, Kaliopi Kollias adding single markers. Mark V Autobody reached the final thanks to a 9-0 win over AFC. Christie Capozzi, Jen

Meyer and Lindsay Hollemeyer scored two goals each for Mark V. In Division 1 play, the BP Attackers and Avengers played to a 0-0 draw. The Division 1 playoffs began on Thursday night with the quarterfinal round. In Division 2 play, Okanagan Hardwood Fusion beat the Lakers 7-1,

Mario’s beat the Rebels 2-0, Outkasts beat Boyd Autobody Wave 3-1, and Ball Snatchers beat Built Rite Blast 7-5. In Division 3 action, Quantas Lightning beat the Turf Queens 3-1, the Cougars downed Petal to the Metal to advance to the semifinals and Hustlers beat the Slick Chicks 1-0.


Kickers pound Catina’s Pub The North Country Appraisals Kickers stuffed Cantina’s Pub 6-1 this week in Capri Insurance Men’s 45+ Soccer League action at Mission 71 Sportsfield. Wil Kruiper supplied four goals, one on a penalty kick, while singles came from Matt Cherrille and Mike Francis (penalty kick). Roberto Norori scored for Cantina’s (5-13). The Kickers improved to 14-3-1. In other action, Okanagan Spring Brewery spotted the Silver Stars a 1-0 lead before scoring three

quick goals before the half on the way to a 3-1victory Monday night in Vernon. Mike Lloyd scored twice and Man of the Match Chris Reeves added a beauty, tucking one in the corner after beating two players. Mike Zuber got the win as the 12-6 Brew crew dedicated the game to teammate Doug Massie who remains in Kelowna hospital recovering from a brain aneurism. Ian Murphy scored for the Stars, who dipped to 7-9-2. The Vernon Hi-Pro

Sportswear Camels grounded Lake Country FC 5-1 at Marshall. The Humpbacks are 16-1-1. Salmon Arm Credit Union tripped up visiting Vernon Big O Tire Ogopogos 6-1. Salmon Arm is 5-13 while Ogopogos slip to 3-11-4. Baxters allowed a goal in the 88th minute but still managed a 3-3 draw with Penticton United. Gary Venables had two for Baxters and a single to Lloyd Pendleton. Kevin Kothlow with a pair and a single to Tony Munoz for No other news service covers this province so well. Nobody else even tries.

Penticton. Rutland Spirit unfortunately continued their losing streak, with Pushor Mitchell taking the match 5-0, moving to 9-7-2 and clinging to fifth place in the process. The Spirit were playing with a number of battered players, but never gave up, even with a late game ejection to one of their strikers. Some nifty plays by Paul Hart, Trevor Bradford, and Freddy Castro to set up some of PM’s goals.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news B5


Triathlon training can be considered cross-training for life


nce again competitive and recf reational athletes both local and from further afield will be descending on the sunny Okangan for the Kelowna Apple Triathlon this weekend. The triathlon, made up of a swim, bike, a run, and a hectic transif tion between all three is a lot of fun for serious and recreational participants f alike. It also makes for a great spectator sport: and even if you enjoy none of these activities yourself, the concept of the triathlon should at least set you thinking. Triathlon has long been thought to be the ultimate sport as it encompasses the very essence of cross training, allowing


Tyler Dyck the athlete to strengthen their muscular and cardiovascular systems by mixing up their training regimens, and in doing so, hopefully keeping them injury free and out of the physio clinic. Unfortunately, this cross training does not ensure and injury free sport. A recent study in Australia published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine found that during competition

in introductory-, sprint-, and Olympic-distance triathlons, 2.3% of all race starts resulted in injuries which predominantly made themselves felt during the running and biking phases of competition. Now this may not seem like a high percentage but when you put the numbers is perspective it means that with almost 2000 participants this year we are likely to see no less than 40-50 injuries in our medical tents and likely many other strains and aching muscles and joints. And keep in mind, this doesn’t include the number of would-be participants that were sidelined due to injury that didn’t even get a chance to start the race.

More than half of the injuries that lead people to seek out physiotherapy are caused by performing a repetitive motion--either during work or play--usually on a background of faulty joint mechanics or poor biomechanical alignment. We see countless marathon runners in the clinic for torn meniscus, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendonitis after too many hours pounding the pavement. Endurance cyclists book in for ITband friction syndrome or impingement of the nerves in their neck and spine after spending long hours slumped over their handlebars. Swimmers, by contrast, typically seek physiotherapy for rotator cuff injuries.

Triathletes who train properly, simply because they divide their time between all three activities, are less susceptible to these types of problems. In fact, the “triathlon model” is actually a good one to adopt more broadly, even if you yourself are not a triathlete. The advice we give our patients is that to best perform their jobs, sports, hobbies and other activities, they, like triathletes, should try to do a range of activities, so as to build up strength across a wide range of muscle groups. For your hobbies and sports, think about what muscles you may be using repeatedly or what position you need to maintain, then con-

sciously add in motions and postures that work those muscles being left out of the mix, ideally building up your allround strength. Even in your work environment, you can apply the triathlon model to the different tasks that make up your work day, alternating between different types of movement, rather than doing one repetitive motion over and over. If you notice a position or movement becoming fatiguing, or painful, listen to the warning signs and change up what you’re doing. If you can’t figure out what muscle or joint structures are being overly stressed or underused, consider consulting a physiotherapist or other health pro-

fessional who can help you learn about potential trouble spots. If you’re competing this weekend, have fun! And stop by to visit us at the medical tents for a post-race physio checkup and sports-massage; if you’re a spectator, be inspired! You may not want to race in the next triathlon, but you can at least adopt the triathlon motto and keep mixing it up, across multiple muscle groups, for maximum health and wellbeing. Tyler Dyck is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Manual Therapists and partner of Sun City Physiotherapy. 861-8056


OGC Match Play Tour complete In the end, a high handicapper took home the top prize and was named the 2010 Molson Tour champion as the inaugural match play tour at the Okanagan Golf Club came to end for its Sam Ghadban earned a spirited victory over Jason Senger to claim the

top division while Kent Peterson defeated a game Monty Lough to earn the division two crown. “Congratulations go out to all Molson Tour players for a great year and a great finale,” said Okanagan Golf Club general manager Dan Matheson “It was a very success-

ful and fun year.” Over 30 players began the year with regular Monday afternoon shot-gun starts. When the dust settled it was Ghadban who was crowned champion. The Quail course set up in a challenging manor but Ghadban’s shot per hole differential proved

too much for Senger in the championship flight. A gallery of fans and players followed the group through their final nine holes. Peterson earned an inspired victory over Lough as he was able to grasp victory despite the 10 shots he had to give up.


#KC4002002 – 80 Papers Aitkins Crt, Applebrook Cres,Applecrest Crt. Portland Ave.1847 Only #KC04000302 – 50 Papers Camelot Crt,Highgate Crt,Pendragon Pl, Magic Dr.241 to 272 #KC04000702 – 26 Papers Cara Glen Way,Caramillo Rd.7 to 23,Clifton Rd.S.500 to 599

#KC02009700 – 47 Papers Abbott St.2700 to 2900,Pandosy St.2820 to 3036 Even Side Only,West Ave.301 to 483 #KC02009601 – 77 Papers Abbott St.2520 to 2691,Bath St.2630 to 2784,Gore St.2627 to 2684,Morrison Ave.433 to 494,Osprey Ave.425 to 480,Pandosy St.2518 to 2696 Even Side Only,Patterson Ave.368 to 496,Wardlaw Ave.380 to 484 #KC03011403 – 76 Papers Lakeshore Rd.3929 to 3995,Bluebird Rd,Radant Rd.


#KC04002600 – 44 Papers Ayre Ave,Ayre Crt,Clifton Rd.800 to 999,Glen St,Lynwood Cres,Macleay Crt.

#KC03010902 – 65 Papers Barrera Rd,Bechard Rd.


Kelowna South & Mission

#KC03012500 – 54 Papers Gordon Dr.4253 to 4346,Paret Pl,San Juan Crt,San Michelle Rd,San Michelle Crt.

#KC03010601 – 91 Papers Barberry St,Silverberry Rd,Vickers Crt,Wintergreen Dr.864 to 1082, Wintergreen Cres.980 to 1091

Rutland North & South

#KC03013502 – 44 Papers Oakridge Rd,Westridge Dr.4655 to 4727 #KC03013603 – 59 Papers Westridge Dr.4920 Only,Mid Ridge Crt,Canyon View Crt,Canyon Ridge Crt,Canyon Ridge Cres,Canyon Falls Crt. #KC03014303 – 28 Papers Sandpiper St,Sandpiper Crt,Thrasher Ave.

#KC05021302 – 50 Papers Davie Rd.200 to 499,Elwyn Rd.1020 to 1125 #KC06028300 – 49 Papers Rutland Rd.N.1685 to 2195,Commercial Dr. #KC05025002 – 55 Papers Golbeck Crt,Henderson Dr,Large Ave.1692 to 1788,Oswell Dr.1201 to 1299,St.Claire Crt. #KC05023802 – 63 Papers Belgo Rd.760 to 1135,Lucas Crt,Clarissa Rd.

#KC03013601 – 29 Papers Crawford Rd.1605 to 1625 Odd Side Only,Crawford Crt,Parkridge Dr.4610 to 4695,Parkridge Crt.

#KC06027603 – 48 Papers Fitzpatrick Rd.100 to 599,Rutland Rd.N.1101 to 1370

#KC03011500 – 184 Papers Lakeshore Rd.4010 to 4191,Armour Cres,Logie Crt,Lequime Rd.

#KC05022802 – 76 Papers Hollywood Rd.695 to 1097,Juniper Rd,White Rd,White Crt.

West Kelowna #KC08001812 – 39 Papers Collingwood Rd,Harmon Rd,McKay Rd.


Hockey & Sports Headquarters

#KC08001811 – 39 Papers Boucherie Rd.2545 to 2555,Brenmaur Rd,Rumney Rd,Winnipeg Rd,Stuart Rd.842 to 995 #KC07001115 – 101 Papers Rose Abby Dr.1283 to 1358,Rosealee Crt,Rosealee Lane1951 to 2068,Rosefield Dr,Rosemary Crt,Rosewood Dr.1430 to 1599 #KC08002710 – 33 Papers Sunnyside Rd.959 to 1197,Sunnyside Rd.3376 to 3396,Sunnybrae Rd. #KC08001911 – 20 Papers Anders Rd.890 to 930 Even Side Only,Skyline Rd,Boucherie Rd.2650 to 2689 #KC08002210 – 36 Papers Britt Rd,Franwill Rd,Kerry Lane,Thacker Dr.2815 to 2925

You’re among friends

#KC08002012 – 20 Papers Anders Rd. Odd Side Only,Boucherie Rd.2705 to 2775 Odd Side Only,Olalla Rd,Teal Rd,Stevenson Rd. #KC08001913 – 38 Papers Anders Rd.740 to 860 Even Side Only,Lindsay Crt,Ridgeview Rd,Wellington Rd,Thacker Dr.2618 to 2670 #KC10006911 – 113 Papers Ironridge Rd,Sageview Rd,Stoneridge Dr,Wild Horse Dr.

Dilworth Centre 250-861-6677

Downtown 250-861-5883

#KC10006914 – 49 Papers Briddle Hill Dr.3021 to 3037,Saddle Ridge Dr.2539 to 2660

For information, contact our circulation department ~ 2 5 0 - 76 3 - 7575 ~



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Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Coming Events

MEMORIAL SERVICE FOR LILY WATTS who passed away Nov 26, 2009 at Swan River, Man, at the age 100 years. Service to be held at the Kelowna Bible Chapel. Tues, Aug 24 at 2pm.

DART PLAYERS Notice to any dart player, 19 yrs & older, wanting to play Darts on Tues nights. A meeting & registration takes place on Thurs, Aug 26, 7pm at Rusty’s Sport Lounge, #1-1525 Dilworth Rd. Kel. New & current members in the Kelowna & area are welcome. Fee is $25/player. More info Janice 250-769-5270.


Congratulations Norman & Audrey


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on your 50th Wedding Anniversary May God continue to bless and strengthen your relationship with each other. We love you! Terry, Jodi, Ben & Sam


Births cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition.

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On August 18th, 2010 Gerald G. Damskov passed away in Kelowna, BC at the age of 70. He will be lovingly remembered by his wife Lise, son Martin (Amanda), daughter Julie-Anne (Patrick), grandchildren: Anicka & Gabriel and by his brothers: Lindsay, Michael and Russell Damskov and sister Karen Gordon, nieces and nephews. A Celebration of Life will be held on Monday, August 23rd, 2010 at 1:00 P.M. at the Westside Senior Centre, 3661 Old Okanagan Hwy, Westbank, BC. In lieu of flowers, to honor Gerry for all of the time he volunteered at the Westbank Food Bank, please bring a can of food or donation with you. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting Arrangements in care of First Memorial Funeral Services, (250) 762-2299.


A comfortable and tranquil funeral home, with a home town feel

Aron Meier


passed away on August 15, 2010 at Kelowna, BC at the age of 40 years. He is survived by his three children Brittany, Brandon and Jaylene, his partner T. J. Buckle, his parents Eugene and Darlene Zimmer, his brother Glen Zimmer and many other aunts, uncles and cousins. Memorial Service will be held at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church, 750 Rutland Road, N., Kelowna at 10:00 A.M. on Wednesday, August 25th., 2010, with Father Otto Rollheiser OMT officiating. Interment to follow at St. Theresa’s Cemetery. Donations in Brandt’s memory would be appreciated to the Salvation Army or Cancer Fund. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting Funeral arrangements entrusted to FIRST MEMORIAL FUNERAL SERVICES 250-762-2299


Valleyview Dignity Memorial

Assistant Manager

Our purpose is to create a meaningful and uplifting tribute to the ones you love... with Dignity. It's in our name

Valleyview Funeral Home 165 Valleyview Rd., 765-3147 Proudly serving Westbank, Kelowna, Rutland, and Lake Country. We are located off Hwy 33, above Willow Park Church

In Memoriam

In Memoriam


1910 ~ 2010 Peacefully Jim passed away on the morning of August 18, 2010. He was predeceased by his infant daughter in 1952 and his son, Stan in 1996. He leaves behind Hilda, his loving wife of 59 years, sisters May (Ralph), Mary, sister-in-law Evelyn, Elsie, Herta, and many nieces and nephews. Jim served his God and his Country during WWII, then returned to Winnipeg to marry his “one and only” Hilda. After 35 years with Westeel Ltd., Jim retired, and they spent the next 5 years travelling across Canada and much of the USA. In 1985 they relocated to Kelowna where they spent a lot of time exploring BC. Jim loved all sports and proudly displayed many trophies from golf, bowling, and curling. Jim believed that all life because it belongs to Him, comes from God. Therefore all life in its appointed time goes back to God. No service by request. Interment will take place at a later date in Winnipeg, MB. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Central Okanagan Hospice House 2035 Ethel Street Kelowna, BC V1Y 2Z6 would be most appreciated. Arrangements entrusted to Valleyview Funeral Home, Honoured Provider of Dignity Memorial. Condolence may be made by visiting

Christina Elizabeth Dennett

June 1, 1985 - Aug. 22, 2004 You were always a winner Especially with a little coaching from sister, Kimberley You will always be our number 1 bright and shining star. Loving and missing you dearly. Mom and Kimberley

Happy Thoughts


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Happy Thoughts


Congratulations Patti & Dwayne Arcand on your special day which took place on August 14th. Best of luck to the two of you. Love from all your family and friends.



Save by buying factory direct


1-800-665-4143 • SUMMERLAND, B.C.

Went to be with the Lord, with family at her side on Thursday, August 19, 2010 at the age of 77 years. She is survived by her loving husband Alfred of 58 years; daughters Brenda Burdge (Johnnie) and Sharon Weber (Dennis) all of Kelowna; sons Jim (Sheila) of Medicine Hat, Wayne (Val) of Williams Lake; son-in-law Don Burdge; eleven grand children: Stacy, Stephanie, Michael, Heather (Walt), Tyler (Ashley), Matt, Rachel, Joel, Emma, Meghan and Sarah; three great grandchildren: Tremaine, Wally and Levon; brother Ted Clarke of Wainwright, AB; numerous nieces and nephews. Predeceased by her parents Erica and James, sister Pat and son-in-law David. Sally was born in Kelowna and raised in Winfield. She married her high school sweetheart Alfred in 1952. Sally loved to read the Bible as well as mystery novels. She loved gardening and was also a caregiver for other family members. Sally was a regular blood donor for many years and was a MCC Thrift Store Volunteer. Her family was very important to her and she will be deeply missed. There will be a time of visitation on Sunday, August 22nd from 7:00 to 8:00 pm at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC. A Graveside Service will be held on Monday, August 23rd at 9:15 am at the Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery, 1991 Bernard Avenue, followed by a Memorial Service at 10:00 am at Springfield Funeral Home with Pastor Allen Hern officiating. Should family and friends so desire, memorial donations may be made to the Gideon Memorial Bible Plan, c/o 593 Spruceview Place South, Kelowna, BC, V1V 1S8 or Central Okanagan Hospice Association, #202-1456 St. Paul Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2E6. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, 250-860-7077.

Hey Parents! Is your child going to kindergarten this year? The first day of school for your little one will be a time to remember forever! The Capital News would like to help you remember this time. Bring or email us a picture along with 10-15 words about this exciting day and we will publish them on Fri, September 10th.



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Lost & Found CAT, orange tabby, lost DT Martin Ave. Friendly, vocal w/strange eyes. Call 250-7639101 with any info FOUND Card with gift certificate inside, at Orchard Park Mall.Call to describe (250)7644142 FOUND Ipod at Bertram Park Call To Identify 250-712-2331 or 250-860-8633 (Evenings) FOUND: July 30th at Gyro beach, Fuji Film camera, dark blue. Call to identify pictures 250-765-8234 LOST Car Keys With a Chip Key at Superstore Friday13th PLEASE call ;250-878-9369

Vacation Spots WINTER IN MEXICO First-class econo villas. Beach town North of P.Vallarta. 250-558-7888.

Childcare Available AT TIGGER & ME Too Daycare: Spots available for 21/2 5year olds & Kindercare. Registration for preschool for Sept. After school care. 250-7654900 (Rutland). HUNNY’S HOUSE Licensed daycare, full time spaces avail., 3-5yr olds. 250-8072277,


S Preschool S 3-5 program S Out-of-school care S Multi-aged care S Space avail in Rutland area. 250-765-7298

Daycare Centers LITTLE Angels Daycare in Glenrosa has FT opening for children ages 0-5yrs. Please call Angelica 250-768-8083

Adult Care PERSONAL Care Aid for Woman with MS, Part-time Valid class 5 DL, Exp preferred, N/S, must have a Positive attitude. Ph: (250)962-5458

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26,400 sq.ft. Greenhouse, North Okanagan, for tomatos and cucumbers, to be relocated. $110,000 250-546-3998 after 7pm. ARE YOU TIRED of being a slave to your job? Are you looking for freedom? Would you like to earn extra income working from home? For a free evaluation go to

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Career Opportunities SEEKING salespeople & music instructors (gtr/piano). Apply in person @ Lee’s Music.

Your desinty is waiting... Holistic healing & hypnosis courses

Canadian Institute of Natural Health & Healing. Accredited College. 1772 Baron Rd. Kelowna, BC. 250-868-3114.

Education/Trade Schools Become a Psychiatric Nurse - train locally via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements, and some regional classroom delivery. Wages start at $29/hour. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Gov’t funding may be available. Toll-free: 1-87-STENBERG

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIP OPERATOR SCHOOL Train on full-size Excavators, Dozers, Graders,Loaders. Includes safety tickets. Provincially certified instructors. Government accredited. Job placement assistance. 1-866-399-3853

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

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Are you looking for a reputable online Business working from home? Free training, real support, flexible hours, great income. www.greeninyourworld Bartender needed for remote Ski Lodge near Revelstoke, Dec.- April. Send resume to:

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Experienced log loader and processor operators wanted for full-time permanent positions in the North Okanagan. Fax resumes to (250) 5586145.

BARISTA & Sales for PT work in Mission bakery cafe. Call 250-861-8659

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

From here. To career. The Shortest Path To Your Business Career Train today for: • Accounting & Payroll Administrator • Computer Graphic Design • Business Administration / E-Commerce Mgt and more....

Esthetician Experienced Esthetican/Nail tech needed at busy salon. #102-2000 Enterprise Way, Kelowna. 250-762-6833. Kali

Farm Workers GRAPE PICKERS wanted for Fresh Market Table Grape and Wine Grape harvest. Retired and semi-retired people are welcome. Harvest starts Sept 6. Call 250-765-2821

Haircare Professionals EXPERIENCED Hair Stylist req’d for Cut ‘N Go. FT. Call 250-768-1820 SUKHO Thai Rest. req’s experienced Thai Cook. FT. $15$18/hr. Call 250-768-7500, 250-862-1744

Help Wanted



• $2500+/month • Must be able to start immediately • Company Training • Permanent Positions • Promotions within 90 days

For an interview call:

250-860-9480 Must be 18+ years.


Minimum 2 years experience required immediately for Vernon glass shop. Wages based on experience + Medical and Dental benefits. E-Mail resume to or drop off at 4709 29th Street, Vernon. 18-26 Men & Women needed in our Kelowna office, various FT positions available. No exp necess, we provide training. Must be 18+yrs of age. Call 250-860-3590 or Email:

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EXPERIENCED residential cleaners, female, reliable vehicle, PT/FT. 250-491-8177 FOREST FIRE MEDICS, OF A 3 Medics .E-mail resumes to, or fax 250787-8839 FULL TIME Cashier, starting Sept 1st. Pays well. Fax resume 778-478-3469. KELOWNA Parking is accepting applications for relief patrol/attendant positions. Resumes to 100-586 Leon Ave, fax: 250-862-8587 att: Cheryl. Kitchen Helper/Dishwasher. $11.25/hr Drop off Resume #2-1155 KLO Rd. Kaibigan Restaurant

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Traffic Programmer Full-time Traffic Operations

Most programs are One Year or less

Get the Green Light! The City of Kelowna is looking for an independent, motivated and experienced Traffic Programmer to ensure standards/bylaws for work on roads and public right-ofways are followed, to work with consultants/contractors, and to prepare and review traffic control & management plans. The successful candidate will provide road usage permit and traffic inspections, as well as write and present reports.

Get practical training from experienced business professionals

Requirements are: • Civil Engineering Technology Diploma or Traffic Engineering Diploma • Experience • Computer Literacy • Conflict Resolution/Teamwork • BC Drivers License - Class 5

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This is a CUPE bargaining unit position and offers $27.12 to $31.28 per hour. We offer career/professional development, progressive employment practices and a great work environment. This wage rate includes a temporary market adjustment that will remain in place for an undetermined period of time or until a new Collective Agreement has been reached. Apply online at by August 27, 2010. Applicants not contacted within three weeks of the competition closing date are thanked for their interest.

r - PrivaFour 9 pt

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Education/Trade Schools

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Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

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Help Wanted

EMIL ANDERSON CONSTRUCTION INC is currently seeking a qualified person to assume the role of: Assistant Equipment Manager. The successful candidate will be based in Kelowna, BC though the position will require frequest travel to projects throughout the Province. Extensive knowledge in regard to heavy equipment repair and service, in both shop and field environments is a prerequisite along with practical knowledge regarding the proper utilization of heavy equipment. Good oral and written communication skills, computer knowledge and an assertive character are all essential. If you are interested in this challenging career please forward your resume via email or fax to: or 604-794-3863. Reference: Assistant Equipment Manager LEMARE GROUP Production Accountant. Successful applicant will have strong accounting background that might include 4th level CGA courses or better. Computer literacy is essential with Accpac, Word and Excel experience an asset. The successful applicant will have experience in the forest industry. Strong organizational skills are required to be effective in this busy environment. Competitive salary is commensurate with experience. Applicants must be willing to relocate to Port McNeill, Vancouver Island. Please forward resumes to: Box 609 Port McNeill, B.C. V0N 2R0 or email: Massage person needed for remote Ski Lodge near Revelstoke, Dec.-April. Send resume to: MOTHERS & OTHERS work from home! 1-877-737-3438 NORTHERN Lite Mfg requires an exp production worker person, full time, fax 250-7653708 PHARMASAVE at Mission Park looking for a cashier/ customer service person. 3240hrs/wk. Must be avail for a full variety of shifts including weekends. Drop resumes attn: Deb, at the store. Required immed. East Indian Cooks, 3yrs exp. $18.50/hr looking for dishwasher & kitchen helper also. Fax resumes 250-545-6561 New Delhi Indian Restaurant. SALES & Marketing Manager wanted. FT, 40hrs/wk, rotating shifts, $16.50/hr starting. Requires: University Degree plus fluency in spoken and written conversational Korean. Reply with resume & cover letter written in Korean SAND BLASTER wanted in Winfield. Experienced. Please fax resume to 250-766-1350 or phone 250-862-1345 TIRE TECHNICIAN- experienced to car passenger light trucks. Drop resume in person to KP Tirecraft #6-1952 Spall Rd. TJ’S The Kiddies Store, BC’S largest baby & childrens furniture store in Kelowna is accepting resumes for a PT position. Retail & computer exp an asset, apply in person at unit #4-360 Spedding Crt., www. Travel Consultant required full or part-time. Great wage commissions, + benefits. Min 1yr Exp. or Travel counselor course. Please send resume to:

Hotel, Restaurant, Food Services BARISTAS For New Coffee House in South Mission.Drop resumes outlining your Passion for Coffee and Relevant Experience at Green & Bear it! #9-4600 Lakeshore Rd. HOOKED ON SEAFOOD. Energetic Deli & Short-order cooks req’d. experience an asset, good wages & benefits. Please drop off resume at 1951 Harvey Ave.

Hotel, Restaurant, Food Services

Professional/ Management

MAMA PANDA Buffet Kelowna is hiring a FT. chinese cook. Must have cooking cert. w/min.1yr exp. cooking in chinese restaurant. English is an asset,but not req’d. $18/hr. Apply by Fax: 778-737-2804 or call 1-604-266-2804 ask for Peter. Must have References.

Belfor Property Restoration & National Fire and Water Restoration contractor seeks a qualified Estimator/Project Manager for its Kelowna Operation. Applicants should have practical experience in the industry and should have knowledge of computerized estimating software. Excellent renumeration and benefits for the right candidate Email resumes to: kelowna-reception or fax 250860-9159

WGP-225 Holdings Ltd. operating as Tim Hortons @ 1901 Harvey Ave. Kelowna BC. V1X 4H9 is excepting applications for FT Food Counter Attendants, graveyard shifts. Must also be avail. for all shifts 24/7 $11.05 + benefits send resume to above address.





Kelowna is continuing to grow and so is Trail Appliances. We are adding two Retail Sales Representatives to our existing retail sales team. The candidates we are searching for should have the following qualities:

We’re at the heart of things™

Legal EXPERIENCED LEGAL ASSISTANT with “Legal Experience” required for solicitors practise at busy Kelowna law firm. Competitive wages & benefit plan available. Please submit resume to Roger Mace at and Kim Schultz at Only those asked to come in for an interview will be contacted.

Labourers LABOURER Mon-Fri 7am1pm. $9-$12/hr, .42¢/kms, sm. truck pref’d. bus. insur req’d. 250-859-1991 fax 768-7099.

Medical/Dental OPTICIAN wanted for a busy optometry office, this is a FT permanent position Mon-Fri, wage neg., DEO, enjoy working in a fun professional environment with ample time off and unmatched job security. Please apply in person to Lifetime Eyecare Optometry Centre the week of Aug 23 or send resume. All enquiries are confidential.

D A passion for meeting new people & discovering their retail needs D Enjoy being part of a great team of professionals D The desire to be responsible for your own income level D Great communication and customer service skills D The ability to work all retail shifts, including weekends and some evenings. We offer the following: D A six week training program D A great, high end, professional work setting D The opportunity to work with the best in the business If you have experience in retail sales, preferably big ticket items and would like to explore this career opportunity, please send us your resume to:

Trades, Technical

PLUMBING FOREMAN & SUPERVISORS Daryl-Evans Mechanical Ltd. has expanded our operation to the Interior of British Columbia. This development is very exciting to us and we trust that it will be beneficial for you as well. We are also looking for all levels of plumbing trades people that wish to advance their career. Please forward your resume to: 604-525-4744 (fax)

Art/Music/Dancing REGISTER NOW! TAP, JAZZ, BALLET, HIP HOP, B-BOY BREAK DANCE Ages 3-adult. Fun & enjoyable classes. 32 years in Kelowna. 250-864-6605

Classifieds, Give us a call! 250.763.3212

Mind Body Spirit AFFORDABLE Prof. F/B Massage. Superior work. Clean, warm, studio. Linda 862-3929

Holistic Health

Carpet Cleaning

Concrete & Placing

Your desinty is waiting... Holistic healing & hypnosis courses

CARPET Care. Res & Comm. Will service BIG WHITE. Truck mounted unit. 250-212-0340

OKANAGANS Concrete Specialist FOR all your concrete needs. Prep, place & finish, any style, also concrete repairs of any kind. 451-6944

Canadian Institute of Natural Health & Healing. Accredited College. 1772 Baron Rd. Kelowna, BC. 250-868-3114.

Financial Services

Reduce Debt by up to


• Avoid bankruptcy • 0% Interest


DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. REDUCE DEBT by up to 70% Avoid bankruptcy. Free consultation. BBB accredited. 250-860-1653

Legal Services

THAI Massage. Totally relax & energize your body & mind. 1hr, $50. Call 250-801-7188

ICBC, MVA’S, SLIP & FALL or Any Injury? MARCO D. CEDRONE Making The Difference in Personal Injury Claims! 24hr. Call:1-866-913-3110 Cascade Law Corporation IMPAIRED DRIVING DALE A. STREBCHUK Don’t Impair Your Future! 24hrs. Call: 1-866-913-3110 Cascade Law Corporation

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

ASIAN MASSAGE! Very private setting. $50/hr. Call 250317-3575 BLISS Massage 4 your every need. 10 yrs exp. men only . Call 4 appt. 250-215-7755

Computer Services 12/7 A MOBILE COMPUTER TECH. Certified computer technician, virus removal, repairs, upgrades. Let me come to you. 250-717-6520. 12/7 In-Home Repairs. New Systems/Upgrades. 20+yrs Prof. Service. Peter 215-4137

SOL-WEST CONTRACTING Decorative Concrete Specialists. Custom Reno’s. Great Rates. Senior Discounts. Call Cody 250-859-4465 Tired of Sealing Every Year? Rhino Linings has your Membrane Solution. Beauty Mixed with Durability.250-869-7891

Contractors ALL WEST DEMOLITION Ltd. All types of demolition. Free estimates. Call 250-808-0895 DCR Contracting. New construction & reno’s. Free estimates. 250-862-1746 KSK Framing & Foundations. Quality workmanship at reas rates. Free est 250-979-8948 RYDER ROOFING LTD. Free est, senior discounts, member of BBB, fully ins’d, WCB coverage. All types of shingle roofing & torch on roofing systems. ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’ Call 250765-3191 WENINGER CONST. Family company commited to Kelowna & Big White. 250-765-6898

Concrete & Placing


RETAINING Wall Specialist. Stamped, Exposed, Driveways Repairs. Joe 250-859-7026

REFACE Countertops. 1/2 the Cost of Replacing. Granite & Corian Designs. 470-2235.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Thank you for your interest in Trail Appliances Ltd.

Trades, Technical

Permanent Partime position in Rutland Optometry office, phoning patients who are due for eye examinations, booking appts., and some filing. 3 evenings per week 5:00-8:30 pm. $16/hr to start. Some telephone sales exp. helpful. 250765-3937 on Aug 31 ask for Allison or Send Resume to Lifetime Eyecare

EXPERIENCED CNC bridgesaw operator required. Competitive wage. Knowledge of templating, fabricating and installation of stone countertops required. German-speaking a must. Send resume by fax. 778.478.9933

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Classified Paginator BC Classified Pagination Centre, Kelowna, BC

…has immediate openings for talented, careerminded hairstylists / colourists with experience.

We offer: •TEAM environment • Continuing education • Benefit package including dental, disability, life insurance Be part of our winning team … Please contact Paul orTracy at 250-549-1994 or email details to

Due to recent growth within Black Press we have a part-time production position available reporting directly to the pagination manager. This position requires an individual who has a proven track record with InDesign and Adobe, while also quick to learn industry specific software. If you pride yourself on your commitment to quality work, creativity and excellent time-management skills, coupled with your ability to problem solve effectively and work under a deadline driven environment, we would love to hear from you. Black Press offers a competitive remuneration and benefits package for the ideal candidate. Black Press is Canada’s largest independent newspaper group with over 100 community, daily and urban papers located in BC, Alberta, Washington State, Hawaii and Ohio. Please submit your resume to Dawn Bortolotto, Pagination Manager c/o Kelowna Capital News 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C. V1X 7K2 Email: Please no phone calls.

Cleaning Services 360 DEGREES OF CLEAN! Experienced & Reliable. Non-Smoker, CRC. No Obligation consult. Excl ref’s, pet/child friendly. Seniors discount. 250-878-4794 ABSOLUTE Best Clean. Premium Quality Work. 250-2151073 ANGEL HOUSE CLEANING. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Free Estimates. Call Sylvie 250707-5254 or cell 250-212-4547 CLEANING Serv. Avail. Residential by the wk. or mo. Senr’s welcome 250-448-1786 METICULOUS Maid Services. Accepting new clients. Several years exp., honest w/excel ref’s. Call 250-215-2673 QUALITY Cleaning Services avail. 9 yrs exp., one time, weekly, monthly,call Karen for a great clean. 250-718-7562

DESIGN TECHNICIAN Seeking designer to join our SRI Homes team.

Some duties are: • Modifying/creating plans using AutoCAD to customers requirements • Creating detailed drawings for shop floor • Checking shop floor drawings • Producing cut lists Qualifications are: • A team player • Communicates well with others • Self-starter • Working knowledge of the residential building codes • Experience in wood frame construction, plumbing, and electrical • AutoCAD SRI Homes ULC offer a competitive salary and benefit package with opportunities for development within the organization. If you would like to join us, fax your resume complete with references to (250) 766-0599, or e-mail to


will be held at 371 Bernard Ave August 28th 1-4PM

Public Skating Part-time Recreation & Cultural Services Department Ticket Sellers In this role you will: operate a cash register, issue change, prepare cash reports, and provide courteous customer service. You will operate the sound system, answer routine questions from the public, and perform other related work as required. You will need to speak and understand English effectively, have previous experience in sales and must be bondable. The hourly rate is $19.34 per hour. Requirements are: • Bondable/Cash Handling • Experience • Responsibility/Accountability This is a CUPE bargaining unit position earning the hourly wage plus 14% in lieu of vacation, benefits & statutory holidays.

Skate Patrol In this role, you will monitor public skating activities, ensure safety, control crowds at City arenas and you must be a good skater. You have a courteous, friendly manner with the ability to use good public relations and communications skills. A recognized first aid certificate is also essential. The hourly rate is $10.91 per hour. Requirements are: • First Aid Certificate • Responsibility/Accountability • Skating ability Please note: Both positions will require a satisfactory Criminal Records Search Apply online at by August 31, 2010. Applicants not contacted within three weeks of the competition closing date are thanked for their interest.

r - PrivaFour 9 pt

Sunday, August 22, 2010


capital news B9



COPPER SKY is a multi-family residential development in West Kelowna overlooking Okanagan Lake. CONTRIBUTED


Upsale condominium resort living comes to West Kelowna Robert Marchand, director of sales for Magnum Projects talks about Copper Sky, the new residential condominium development overlooking Okanagan Lake in West Kelowna. Shauna Nyrose CONTRIBUTOR

With recreation season in full swing here in the Okanagan, condominiums are popular.

Copper Sky is a multifamily residential development in Westbank overlooking Lake Okanagan. Offering one and two- bedroom condominium homes now available for occupancy, homes start at $224,900 including HST. Featuring jawdropping views of Lake Okanagan, an 780-square metre amenity centre and a full-service resort host, it’s like being on vacation all year round. What inspired the project? Actually, there was a gap in the market place,

a need for flexible and affordable full-service ownership. The Okanagan isn’t a typical marketplace and the needs of this area are unique – worryfree living that caters to both out-of-town owners and local residents. Before Copper Sky, developments in the area were strictly regulated vacation properties that were expensive to buy and operate. Rempel Development identified this and created a hybrid mix of flexible vacation-owner usage with the ability for full time residents to enjoy the

resort style amenities. Tell us more about your location and what makes Copper Sky such a great fit for the area? Views, views, views. Located on the hillside in Westbank overlooking Lake Okanagan, the development team at Rempel and Focus Architecture had the vision to create views from every suite—previously an impossible task. With an incredible team and some ingenuity, this was eventually achieved by turning the buildings 90 degrees and

staggering the individual buildings. We’re proud to say that all homes at Copper Sky feature breathtaking lake views from the comfort of their living room and private decks. Copper Sky offers simple, elegant architecture and lets the views take centre stage. What are some of the reasons that people have chosen to purchase in a resort community in the Kelowna andWest Kelowna area verses other Okanagan locations? No other development

in the Okanagan offers the views, amenities, services or quality that Copper Sky offers—all at incredible prices. Located minutes from the new amenities of the Westside including great local golf courses, extensive sandy beaches and ski resorts, Copper Sky offers you the very best the Okanagan has to offer all year-round. What’s different or unique about Copper Sky over other resort properties? Why is this important to buyers? Copper Sky offers

Home and Lot Packages from $459,900 + HST Lifetime Golf Membership Included No N Strata Fees

flexible ownership. If you’re looking for a vacation home, our optin opt-out rental management service and onsite concierge will ensure everything’s looked after in your absence. This flexibility allows owners to enjoy all the benefits of a vacation property without any of the hassle or stress that typically follow. Home owners have also fallen in love with the Infinity Club – our amenity building that ofSee Copper Sky B11

We Build Communities... One Home at a Time

Discovery Centre 1705 Tower Ranch Blvd. O Open noon-5pm daily (except Fridays) 2250.491.2918 w

B10 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


No sacrifices required at GlenValley for affordability


evisiting the project of GlenValley on Clifton Rd. has uncovered one more surprise. What the developers at GlenValley are calling their “Compact” unit may get you to thinking these are small units with many sacrifices in size and finishing. Think again!! These “compact” units are actually well over 1200 sq. ft. of finished living space with a full double car garage and their location is directly against Knox Mountain Park.

No sacrifices necessary. The “Compact” unit at GlenValley is starting at an amazing price of $259,900 (right now that is including the net HST). These units come with the quality finishings of all the units at GlenValley. Engineered hardwood, tile and carpet are just the start. Stainless steel fridge, stove, dishwasher and microwave are all standard features. Built in vacuum and energy star clothes washer and drier which are in-

cluded in the price only add to the value. The attention to detail doesn’t stop there. All of the “Compact” units are Geothermally heated and cooled. Each unit will have it’s own dedicated geothermal loop system owned and operated by Terasen Gas.

This will insure that the owners will have a reliable and consistent heating and cooling system that will respect the environment. The layout to these socalled “compact” units is evidence of the extensive level of care and attention the archi-

tect and designers have put into all the units at GlenValley. There is a master bedroom with its own en-suite and walk-in closet on the top floor. There are two ample bedrooms and a second full bathroom on this level as well as a laundry room and plenty of closet space. On

the main living floor, the open concept gives a real feeling of space. The large kitchen allows for full size appliances and a pantry. There is also a third bathroom (half bath) on this floor. The unique design also allows for the amazing extra of a two-car garage. To step outside these units is to step into the Okanagan life style. With Knox Mountain Park truly steps away from your home, your outdoor space is vir-


tually unlimited, but, don’t forget the two large grassy green spaces on this property. These spaces are safely within your own neighbourhood. One of the grassy areas will have a family friendly play area. These special units at GlenValley are anything but compact. Feel free to stop by the show centre or give the professionals at GlenValley a call if you would like more information on these special units.


New Home


You Deserve

you’ve waited for

Offering one of the best square foot values on the market Great Location Nestled by Knox Mountain

Affordable 3 Bedroom Living

Also Available

All ‘Typical’ Upgrades Included

1 Bedroom Cityhomes STARTING AT



Jason Gies

Pat Klassen

Ryan Mayne







Clifton Rd

- Full appliance package - Engineered hardwood - Fire-resistant fibre cement siding - Window coverings - Central Vacuum - 79 units with Geothermal Heating & Air Conditioning







n Pl

to B o yn


Knox Mountain Park


31 units all MLS®

S A L E S C E N T R E O P E N W E D N E S D AY - F R I D AY 2 - 6 ; S AT U R D AY & S U N D AY 1 1 - 4



204 1505 Harvey Ave., Kelowna, BC V1Y 6G1

250.860.0303 • 1.800.430.5030 • •

Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news B11



DESIGNER furniture packages are offerd at Copper Sky for out-of-town buyers looking to have a fully-furnished vacation home.






LUXURY is standard at Copper Sky. Hardwood laminate floors, polished granite counters, stainless steel appliances and spa-style bathrooms are standard throughout Copper Sky.


Resort living at a fraction of cost Copper Sky from B9 fers everything from tennis courts, hot tubs and a fitness centre to a BBQ area and a luxurious infinity pool. Who are your key buyer groups and why are they choosing to buy a vacation home at Copper Sky? People who love the resort lifestyle at a fraction of the cost. We have local Okanagan residents looking to downsize who don’t want to sacrifice space and lifestyle, who find the amenities and high quality finishes exactly what they were looking for. We also have a number of buyers looking for a resort-style property to either invest in until they make the move to retire, or vacation and enjoy with their family. What options or upgrades do you offer and what has been popular with your buyers? Luxury is standard at Copper Sky. Hardwood laminate floors, polished granite counters, stainless steel appliances and spa-style bathrooms are standard throughout Copper Sky. We also offer a designer furniture package which is popular with outof-town buyers looking to have a fully-furnished vacation home. How have you noticed the real estate market and resort property mar-

ket change in the last few years. How does Copper Sky address this new reality? Everything has changed in the market place. Five years ago, you could build a square box and call it a condominium and it would sell. Now more than ever, purchasers are looking for value and a home that fits their lifestyle. We’ve found that Copper Sky’s offering of flexible ownership and high quality at affordable prices is the thing that keeps us selling. Once people visit the

site and walk through the homes and crunch the numbers they can see themselves here. Tell us about the developer. How long has it been building resort and new home communities? With more than 40 years of experience and more than 2,500 homes in its portfolio, Rempel Development has earned a reputation for quality building, personalized service and integrity in everything they do. A family business with traditional values that include a commitment to excellence of design and construction.

Personal involvement in each and every project is one of the things that sets them apart. When asked about what makes Rempel different, clients consistently mention reliability, quality and aftersales service. We believe that little things matter, buildings should be made to last, and a promise is a promise. Copper Sky is located at 2160 Old Okanagan Hwy just past the Grizzly Rd. intersection. The Copper Sky Presentation Center is open from 12-5 daily except Tuesdays. 250-768-1705


ing l l e S w AY o N e HOME TOD s a h W SHO FinalISP R U IT O V

Distinctive Craftsman-style townhomes with panoramic lakeviews. Prices starting from only $365,900. SHOW HOME OPEN Tuesday to Saturday 1:00pm to 4:00pm




TAMI RAE 250-801-1832

Kelowna 97


LUXURY TOWNHOME LIVING Show Home Hours: Sat. to Wed. Noon to 5 pm


IN THE HEART OF KETTLE VALLEY 328 Providence Ave., Kelowna

Toll Free: 1.866.767.3245

4350 Ponderosa Dr. Peachland, BC

B12 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


With mortgage rates moving, here’s a racap of recent fluctuations


hat the heck is going on with the global economy? One day we are starting to head out of the “recession”, economic growth is happening, jobs are being created and we’re on our way to getting back on our feet. Our government is keeping its eyes on that nasty inflation and, due to the fact they don’t want it to get out of hand, it was looking like mortgage

rates were on the rise. At the time of the writing of this column, the major banks decided to lower some of the closed mortgage rates. Were we expecting that? No. All we do know from provided statistics is, home sales have softened substantially and listings are up. Pair that with the new changes by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation implemented

April 29 for mortgage qualifying and you have a slowing down of home purchasing. Here is a brief recap of what has happened with mortgage rates over the past 12 months: Closed, fixed mortgage rates have been sitting around four per cent. Within the last few months, the five-year closed mortgage has been in the 3.69 per cent to 4.49 per cent range. Recently that rate is

3.99 per cent and lower; Closed, variable rate mortgages that are tied to the financial institution’s prime lending rate have done a reversal from a year ago and back to what was being charged prior to the recession. Keep mind that rate does fluctuate up and down with the prime lending rate. For example, prior to the recession, we were able to obtain floating rates as low as prime

minusone per cent. That would equate to 1.75 per cent based on the banks’ prime rate of 2.75 per cent as of today. When the recession hit, financial institutions tightened their interest rate policies and the standard rate was prime plus one per cent, equaling 3.75%, again as of today. We are now seeing variable rate mortgagesbeing set as low as prime minus 0.75 per cent for a mortgage rate of two per

The 80’s Called... they want their kitchen back.

cent today. You may feel it is a good time to switch from a variable at prime plus to one that is prime minus. Credit lines secured by mortgages were at prime prior to the recession. The past 12 months have seen the credit line interest rate set at prime plusone per cent for the most part. We’ve seen the Bank of Canada raise its benchmark interest rate by 0.5 per cent over the last few months. Financial institutions initially raised their prime rates from 2.25 per cent to 2.75 per cent today to coincide with the Bank of Canada’s rate increases. In saying that, there was an increase in the closed mortgage rates to around the 4.5 per cent rate but those rates have retracted to once again be historically low.

We have to realize that when we hear the Bank of Canada is raising or lowering its rate, it doesn’t mean the financial institutions are doing the same. Generally they will follow but not necessarily at the same time. We can’t stress enough how volatile mortgage rates can be and how important it is to know your options and to feel comfortable with what you choose to do. Your questions are welcomed. Send your questions to: inquiries@ kelownahomemortgages. ca . Of Prime Interest is a collaboration of mortgage professionals: Darwyn Sloat (250-718-4117) or email at: dsloat@kelownahomemortgages. ca , Trish Balaberde (250470-8324) or email at: .


Solar power within reach Stacy Downs CONTRIBUTOR

Tired of living with Harvest Gold? WE HAVE AN ATTRACTIVE SOLUTION. Elkridge in West Kelowna, a brand new residential community featuring spacious, modern single family homes and townhomes designed SMART for today’s young families. Open floor plans, practical finishings, loads of optional upgrades. And all at a price that won’t leave you strapped.

SPACIOUS TOWNHOMES from $269,900. SINGLE FAMILY HOMES from $309,900.

For more information and to register | Elk Road, West Kelowna

A Smart Community

KANSAS CITY, Mo. —2010 just might go down as the year solar energy gained mainstream acceptance. Stores in the UnitedStates that sell solar products are seeing major boosts in sales compared with last year, some as much as 40 per cent. The sun-powered momentum is fueled by less expensive products that are made more affordable through federal tax credits and rebates at a time when utility prices are rising. Another contributing factor to the rising interest in renewable energy is the recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. “It’s made the masses realize the difficulty of getting fossil fuels,” says Rita Norton, a retired schoolteacher who invested in a solar panel electrical system several years ago for her Kansas City, Mo., Cape Codstyle home. “More people are talking to me about solar, which is simply free energy from the sun.” The biggest hurdle with solar power is the initial cost of equipment and installation. The 12 panels

for Norton’s 1,400-squarefoot home, which she bought before today’s major incentives, were a hefty sum. Still, she finds her investment paying off. The panels on Norton’s roof convert sunlight into direct current electricity, which travels through a wire-filled conduit to batteries in the basement. Her system is connected to the city’s electric grid but also can run independently with the exception of the clothes dryer (she prefers line drying anyway) and air conditioning. “I’m a wuss when it comes to heat, so I use air conditioning,” Norton said. “Last summer, my top bill was $85. I suspect I will always have low bills (between $30 and $40) for taxes and service charges.” Although solar panel prices are likely to continue to decrease, not everyone can afford them. But other solar options are available. The Argentine Neighborhood Development Association in Kansas City, Kan., recently built several affordable energyefficient homes. Although these aren’t fully solarSee Solar on B14

Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news B13

422 40






. 97 S


Be nvo ulin



Hwy 97




Hwy 33 3


To Big White & Joe Rich


Rd. Swam p

Black Mountain& Joe Rich

DWELL CITYHOMES #7-1811 Ambrosi Rd

OPEN SAT-WED 12-5PM from

incl. Net HST

McCulloch M







3359 Cougar Rd (Treasure Chest for Toys)



Call 250-801-1832




$ Starting at Call 250-707-3799 or 250-808-7600

INVUE - Out of the Ordinary SHOW SUITE NOW OPEN! OPEN DAILY 12:00-5:00PM

West Kelowna Estates Sage Creek


Facility tours available by appointment only.


966 9 6 Hewetson Avenue




Boynton at Clifton




Call 250-764-3104 or 250-469-2127 www .thewa ewatersed edgek gekelo elowna

downtown kelowna dow 27

Open Noon - 4 Daily

Sales Office Open Daily 9-4

Downsize without compromise. $ from

Martin Lofts

shannon lake/smith creek shan 250-768-3703

Tel: Tel:(250)764-8700 (250)764-8700


Hansum Homes



$ 768 Kuipers Crescent 930,000 NO GST Call 250-808-6171 for individual viewing. Ca


Molenbeek Ventures Development Corporation

$ 746 Kuipers Crescent 1,990,000 Call 250-859-0146 for individual viewing. Ca



Drive by 2440 Old Okanagan Hwy

Kentland Homes

(above Bayview)

$ 5498 Mountainside Dr 1,049,900 OPEN SAT-THURS 12-5PM Call 250-764-1306




Accent Homes 250-769-6614

Trumpeter Ridge Estates

$ 5336 Signet Crescent 1,249,000 OPEN WEEKENDS 1 – 3 PM Call 250-215-2361




Village at Gallagher’s Canyon

4370 Gallagher’s Drive E from $444,000 OPEN TUES-SAT 11-4PM Call 250-860-9000

H&H Homes in Smith Creek ek ek


Eagle Terrace

Jason Gies 250-801-6808 Rya Ryan y n Mayn Mayne aynee 25 250-860-0303 2500 86 8600 03 0303 03

lake country/winfield 43

Cadence at the Lakes

13075 Lake Hill Drive Home + Lot from $379,900-$549,900 OPEN DAILY 12-4PM Call 1-877-766-9077


Sunscape Resort Homes

3350 Woodsdale Road from $229,000 OPEN SAT 11-4PM & SUN 1-5PM Kevin Olson 250 250-575-7717 575 Garth Don Garth Donhau Donhauser hauser serr 250-212-2838 250-2 25 0-2

p peachland 45

Stonewater on the Lake

$ 2470 Tuscany Drive 299,000 5235 Buchanan Rd $1,399,000 - $1,579,000 OPEN NOON-4PM SAT-THURS Call 250-864-3773 46 Trepanier Manor Luxury Estates Call 250-768-5622 $ 30 Sundance Ridge 5126 MacKinnon Rd 900,000 - $2M+ 18 Tuscany Villas $ Call 250-767-6221 #3101-1990 Upper Sundance Dr from 249,900 2070 Boucherie Road from $289,900 OPEN DAILY 12-5PM 47 Eagles View BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Call 250-707-3829 4350 Ponderosa Drive from $365,000 Call 1-866-930-3572 OPEN TUES-SAT 1-4PM 31 Tallus Ridge www.Tu www .Tusca scanyV nyVill nyV illas ca 1 866 767 3245 Call 1-866-767-3245 Tallus Ridge Dr - Mountains Hollow www.di .disco discover vereag eaggles lesvie view.c om $ Authentic Homes 550,000 + GS GST ST $ Jazel Homes 679,000 + GS GST ST OPEN SAT-WED 11-5PM 19 Mode C Call 250-768-7646 or 250-212-2317 48 Black Mountain Golf #117-1550 Dickson Ave from $159,900 32 Eagle Crest OPEN 12-3PM (Closed MON & FRI) Residences Community 2283 Shannon Heights Crt from $389,000 1155 Black Mtn Drive from $179,000 Call Darcy Nyrose 250-575-1946 C OPEN SUN-FRI 1-4PM Call 250-765-4551 Ca for individual viewing. 20 Ambrosi Court Call 250-862-1369 250 49 Cypress Point www.ea www .eagle g ccree gle 1933 Ambrosi Crt from $196,000 00 00 875 Stockley Street from $443,900 OPEN WEEKENDS 1:30-5PM OPEN THURS-SUN 12-5PM WEEKDAYS 3-6PM Call Darcy Nyrose 250-575-1946 or Jen 250-870-8118 33 21

south kelowna


600 Sherwood Road from $389,900 Call Darcy Darcyy Nyrose Darc Nyrose Nyro se 250-575-1946 250-575-19 Call



$ 3092 Sageview Road 509,900 + HST ST Jaime Briggs 250-215-0015


black mountain bla

rutland ut


east kelowna

YOU OWN THE LAND! MON-THUR 11-4PM WEEKENDS 12-4PM The Okanagan’s Premier 55+ Community HOME + LOT $450,000-$795,000 incl. HST 250-707-0619



3485 Creekview Crescent from $345,020 SHOWHOME OPEN MON-FRI 8-4PM WEEKENDS 12-4PM Cal 250-212-0278 or 250-826-0680 Call

4035 Gellatly Road S

Net HST included on 19 units STARTING AT $159,900

3865 Truswell Road

Sunrise Crown Estate

3823 Sonoma Pines Drive

Pearwood Corner


511 Yates Road from $299,900 OPEN FRI 3-6PM SAT-SUN 1-4PM Ryan Mayne 250-860-0303


700 Martin Avenue from $389,900 , C ll 250 Call Cal 2250-859-2774 50-859 8599-27 2774 ww 2774 www w.M .Mart Mart ar inL in oftts.c s.caa

Showing until August 1 Only


1479 Glenmore Road N from $209,900 Call Darcy Nyrose 250-575-1946 or Sarah 250-470-1217




from $249,900


#4112-3842 Old Ok Hwy from $259,900 OPEN DAILY 12-5PM Call 250-768-0302


Centre Point


3351 Mimosa Dr from $199,900 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 12-4PM 328 Providence Ave, Kelowna

Roth Homes


739 Boynton Ave from $999,000 OPEN SUN 2-4PM Call 250-470-8251


1055 Aurora Heights 549,900 OPEN SAT-SUN 1-3:30PM Call 250-575-6467




Union-Begbie Rd. from $449,900 OPEN SAT-THURS 1-5PM C Call 250-717-7966 or 250-863-4166

Call Sales Office 250-762-7770 (24 hours)



Clifton Rd N - Rio Drive from $429,900 286 Clear Pond Pl. OPEN SAT-THURS 1-5PM C Call 250-717-7966 or 250-863-4166

1350 Ridgeway Drive

S.E. Kelowna

Kelowna’s most complete guide to local showhomes.

west kelowna wes



Map by Fred Armstrong © The Kelowna Capital News

upper mission upp






East Kelowna Kelow 8

gle glenmore

Pa s

Rutland Rd. N.


Gu lley

Ok Okanagan Mission


Toov Toovey T



E. Kelowna Rd.


48 49


Monashee Rise


from $408,633 1967 Underhill Street from $434,900 971 Monashee Place OPEN 12-5 Daily Except Fridays OPEN FRI 3-6PM SAT & SUN 1-4PM Call 250 250-717-3569 717 C Call Ryan Mayne 250-860-0303 www .dil .di dilworth lworthho ho


Dilworth Dil th

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Rd .

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Ethel Gordon Dr.

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Peachland d



Okanagan Lake

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Water Ellis Richter




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Glen more e Rd . Valle l y


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Westside Rd. 97 S.

Thacker Rd.

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Webber Rd.

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Hwy 97

Old Vernon Road




Byrns Byrn ns Rd. Rd



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9 N. N 23 244 Hwyy 97

Hwy 97 N. N

199 2211 Kelowna naSpringfield 0Rd.25 Springf S g 20 South

Lakeview Heights


Hwy 33



Shannon on Lake & Westbankk 12


Bernard Ave. ernard r Ave. ve


Stevens Rd. S







Old Vernon Road

Dilworth worth o tth untai ntain i Mountai

Old Vernon Rd.

Mission Creek Towers



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29 31 30




Duck Lake


OUC North Kelowna Campus



Clement m ment

West Kelowna Estates 7S

We sttla ke Rd .


Kelowna na North 38

Hw y9


Beaver Lake Rd.

OK Centre McKinley Rd.


Boucherie Rd.

Hwy 97 N.

Okanagan Ctr. Rd.

Ca mp

Wood Lake

Winfield & OK Centre on map at left






377 41

mit xs Se

To Vernon and Armstrong via 97 N.

m Ca

Nor North Glenm Glen Gl nm Glenmore


Scenic route to Vernon



Carr's Landing Rd.

showhome directory

20-3271 Broadview Rd



$ from For individual viewing call 250-801-9044 Townhomes $60,000 below original sale price.

Tower Ranch

from $459,900 50 The Gate #112-2142 Vasile Rd from $236,000 + GST 1705 Tower Ranch Blvd 1651 Lynrick Road from $299,900 OPEN SAT-THURS SAT-THUR 12-5PM OPEN SAT-WED 12-4PM Call Darcy Nyrose 250-575-1946 Calll 250-491-2918 2502505 49 491 Call Call 250-212-5010 or 250-575-5851 or Jen 250-870-8118 51 1338 Tanemura Cres from $469,400 22 SOPA Square For individual viewing call 34 Selkirk 3013 Pandosy Street from $351,000 000 0 Barbara Boyd 250-469-1505 569 Harrogate Lane from $599,900 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 12-4PM Prudential Kelowna Properties OPEN SAT-THURS 12-5PM Call 250-762-5818 Call 250-861-8989

dil dilworth

B14 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010

hot properties 965 Westpoint Drive

• Lower Mission • Single Family Home • Built in 2008 • 6245 sq. ft. • 5 beds • 7 baths • This 5 bed, 7 bath old-world English country style manor is a custom designed home for the discriminate buyer. Private, peaceful & perfect. This lovley custom built home overlooks the lake with complete privacy from your neighbors. MLS®10014199 $2,999,000. Darcy Nyrose, Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty Kelowna 250-575-1946

3309 McMahon Road

• Glenrosa • Single Family Home • Built in 1974 • 2149 sq. ft. • 4 beds • 3 baths • Awesome family home in Glenrosa. This home has many updates including hardwood floors, a new custom kitchen valued at $20,000. Large flat backyard with a new deck to enjoy the beautiful Okanagan summers! MLS®10014118 $379,900.

showcase W ENERGY

Solar power proving more popular Solar from B12 powered homes, they have several solar features. And they are popular. “The houses were sold before they were finished,” said Ann BrandauMurguia, executive director of ANDA and a commissioner of Wyandotte County, Kan.’s Unified Government. “We liked how these features make utilities affordable for residents in the neighborhood. It’s important because it’s populated by people with middle to lower incomes.” Isabel Reyes, Rocky

Orozco and their three daughters moved into one of the houses, a blue two-story with a wraparound porch. You have to go to the backyard to tell the house has solar features. In their case, it’s a framed black panel, a solar air heater, attached to the back of the house. The panel can be mounted on the roof. “It’s attractive, almost elegant even,” said Reyes, who works in nutritional services for the Kansas City, Kan., school district. “It’s like a black mirror.” The heater worked well, too, Reyes said. In

winter, hot air comes out two circular vents, similar to dryer vents. A thermostat can be set to blow the warm air into the house. In the summer, the vents are closed, and Reyes and Orozco conceal them with a tall houseplant. Upstairs, they have solar daylighting tubes, which provide natural light sources from ceilings like small round skylights. “It’s nice because you don’t have to turn any switches on,” Reyes said. “It’s always as bright as it needs to be.” The house also has a solar attic vent-fan, which

cools the attic and lowers the temperature in the upstairs living quarters. Residents learned about the features in their houses at an informational meeting with the systems’ installers. A common question was about the efficiency of solar on cloudy days. They learned the power still charges. “If you consider a home a car, this is a 2010 Cadillac,” said Orozco, a postal service mail handler. “It’s got different styling and updated functions, so occasionally you have to get out the owners manual.”

Dion-Ivans Group, Royal LePage Kelowna, 250-575-5225

5332 Hedeman Court

• Upper Mission • Single Family Home • Built in 2005 • 4258 sq. ft. • 5 beds • 4 baths • Perfect home in desirable Chute Lake neighborhood. Open spacious floor plan, stainless steel appliances, Room for potential In-law Suite. Large Fenced yard, Covered deck, double garage. MLS®10010400 $749,900. Darcy Nyrose, Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty Kelowna 250-575-1946

16512 Schaad Road

• Carr’s Landing District • Single Family Home w/Acreage • Built in 2008 • 4373 sq. ft. • 4 beds • 4 baths • This Beautiful home features lots of privacy & spectacular viewsshort walk to lake. Enjoy this very unique piece of property - hard to find something as special as this, comes with a comfortable custom rancher, guest suite + 3 car garage - ample room for pool /hot tub, stables etc. MLS®10006781 $1,393,000. Carmen Stanek, Sundance Realty Group, 250-215-8645

Mountain Estates starting at



Possibly the most conveniently located townhome neighbourhood in Kelowna. These semi detached townhomes are minutes from the shopping core. Visit our Cascade Pointe Showhome for more information #1-995 Dilworth Drive, or call 250.717.3569.

starting at



#123-3535 Casorso Rd

• Lower Mission • Manufactured Home • Built in 1988 • 980 sq. ft. • 2 beds • 1 baths • Well Kept Mobile Home in the best park in town! A beautiful deck & garden for entertaining. Updated w/ laminate flring, new wins. Lrg bath has his & her sinks, jacuzzi tub, lvg rm has vaulted ceilings, C/A. Quiet section in park. MLS®10012329 $104,900.

including HST

including HST Situated on the east side of Dilworth Mountain, you wake to the gorgeous Okanagan sunrise in these semi detached Townhomes. Visit our Monashee Rise Showhome at #8-971 Monashee Place, or call 250.717.3569.

starting at



Marlene Hutton, Macdonald Realty, 250-470-2090

including HST Final Phase Released! Full sized townhomes and the prestige of the Selkirk neighbourhood. Bungalows with walkouts with 1500 + sf main level living areas. Visit our Selkirk showhome for more information at 569 Harrogate Lane or phone 250.861.8989.

5225 Burnell Court

• Upper Mission • Single Family Home • Built in 2007 • 2755 sq. ft. • 3 beds • 3 baths • Immaculate home with private master suite. Open floor plan with quaint and cozy details. Enjoy the 9-10 ft ceilings, SS appliances, large bedrooms & hardwood floors. LAKE VIEW! MLS®10008323. $609,900.

lots starting at



Exquisite Views! Exceptional Homes! 2008 Community of the year! Live at the top of Dilworth Mountain Estates in the Selkirk neighbourhood. Visit our Selkirk showhome for more information at 569 Harrogate Lane or phone 250.861.8989.


Darcy Nyrose, Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty Kelowna 250-575-1946

If you are a local realtor with a Hot Property you would like featured here, please email

plus HST

We Build Communities... One Home at a Time

TEXT DME1 to 501501 to receive news updates from Dilworth Homes.


Sunday, August 22, 2010



SPECIAL PURCHASE 1 1/4’ thick granite. Edging included. $69/sq’. Limited time offer. Great quality, Great price, Great service. Professonal removals & installation. WCB Insur’d, All Major Credit Cards. Showroom: 1115 Gordon Dr. 250-763-8303, 250-870-1577 MIKE’S ELITE COUNTERTOPS SUPPLY and INSTALLATION of Granite and solid surface counters, fireplace surrounds and tub surrounds. Over 125 colours to choose from. Competitive Pricing. Locally Manufactured. All products come with a warranty. No job too small. Free Estimate. Call MIKE at (250) 575-8543 or email

Drywall DRYWALL SERVICES & Repairs New work & reno work. 30yrs exp. Framing, Bording, Taping, Texture. Ken212-9588 PESL DRYWALL Service Inc. Renovations, new construction and repairs. Boarding, taping, textured ceilings. Call Tomas at 250-212-4483 or 860-3495. SMALL TAPING jobs, texture ceilings, 30yrs exp. Bob 250718-3218

Electrical ALL your electrical needs. Res/Comm. New construction, renos & service calls. Call Bill at Oakdowne Electric. Lic’d, bonded, ins’d. 250-870-2780 A&S ELECTRIC. Resid/Comm Wiring. New constr, renov. & service changes. lic’d & bonded. Steve 864-2099 (cont #90929) JRS ELECTRIC: Licns’d, bnded & insr’d. From new builds & renos to service calls. John, 250-801-7178 (cont:98365)

MJB ELECTRIC Residential & commercial repairs and service work. Data cabling & phone 250-212-5610

Excavating & Drainage KRENNY’S Excavating/Bobcat Sewers, u/g utils, all other excavating. Call Kory 869-9125 LOADER/Min-Exc. Grndwrks, final grading. Soil placement. Al’s Bobcat Serv. 250-470-2598

Fencing ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, staining 250-491-4622 MASTER built custom wood fences, chain link and decks. Repairs & design. Free quote, 250-215-5875

Floor Refinishing/ Installations LEW Cat Ent. Carpet, Lino, Tiles, Hrdwd, Lam. Free est. Great rates. Lewis @ 3176889 Work Guaranteed. NEED Installer? We install carpet, lino, hardwood, laminate. Andreas 250-863-3402.

Garage Door Services GARAGE Doors- install, service, repair all makes of doors & openers. 250-878-2911

Lawn & Garden 111111111111111111111111 Affordable Pricing on all Exteriors Professional Hedge Downsizing & Tree Pruning. Insured. Free Est. Call Dave 250-212-1716 TAM’S Gardening. Clean-ups/ Maint. Planting, weeding, pruning & more. 250-575-3750

Lawn & Garden

Did you know... If you place an ad for 12 insertions, you get a 20% discount.

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

$39.95 “Lawn Cutting Special” Great rates on all yard work. Also wooden fence repair, painting, new fence building 250-863-7539 ANNOUNCING...A Lawn care company that guarantees your delight. If your tired of cutting your lawn or the company that cuts it for you then call Ryan now @250-469-1288 Vantage Point Lawn & Garden Care. DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339 I WANT TO CUT Your Lawn! Plain & simple, your lawn needs cutting, and I cut lawns. I’m asking for your business, and in exchange, you will receive both excellent value and exceptional service, GUARANTEED! Weekly maintenance, power raking, pruning, aerating, spring clean-ups, etc. Senior’s discounts, all inquiries welcome! 250-878-7283 ...Common Sense Yard Care... TOP SOIL $20/yd. Compost Mix $30/yd., Ogogrow, Gravel, Rocks, Mulches 250-868-3380 WEEDS: Got weeds? I can get rid of them & make your garden beautiful. Give me a call, June 250-860-5089.

Gutters & Downspouts KELOWNA GUTTER Cleaning and repairs, re-slope gutters,etc Richard 250-718-6718

Heat, Air, Refrig. SOUTHERN BC Heating & Air Conditioning. Over 30yrs exp. Call 250-681-3869

Home Improvements 1ANDERSON Reno’s. Lic’d. over 30 yrs exp. Int.& Ext.,All work guaranteed. 870-7778 ADD YOUR business on directory for province wide exposure! Call 1-877-645-7704 BATHROOM REMODELLING Tub replacement, lining- acrylic insert, re-glazing. 718-2704. HILLTOP REMODELING. For all your remodeling needs. Call 250-491-5992 INTERIOR Finishing & Reno’s. No Job too small, Install & Repairs. Drywall, Plumbing, Doors/Win, Baseboards, Cab., Kitchens, Bthrms. 859-2787 KATAMA Basement Suites Garages, Additions, Complete Home Reno’s licensed/insured call Mike 250-864-0033 SHADETREE. Retractable deck & patio canopies. Call InterCity; 250-215-4099 THE PROBLEM SOLVER. For all the problems you have inside your house or outside. We do it all. Bathrooms, basements, etc. One call does it all. Free est. 30yrs exp., Call 250491-5992 Wayne’s Home Improvements Certified Carpenter 30yrs Exp. additions, alterations, bathrooms, kitchens, foundations, framing, drywall, painting, finish etc.(250)763-8419 Wood Flooring, Log Siding, Log Cabins, Decking, Cedar & Pine T&G V Joint, custom sawing. Rouck Bros. Lumby, BC 1-800-960-3388

Home Repairs


COMPLETE Paint & Drywall. Texured Ceilings & Repairs 40yrs exp. Merv’s Handyman Service. Available 24hrs. (250)-317-0013 LARRY’S Handyman & Reno Serv., Lg. & Sm. jobs, Graffitti Removal etc., 250-718-8879

BARK Mulch, good quality top soil & landscape supplies, Sun-oka Valley Transport Ltd. 2696 Kyle Rd. Open Mon. Sat. 8-5pm, 250-769-9094 We Deliver.

JOHN’S Quality Irrigation Auto U/G, Design, Supply, Install. Low Overhead, Low Prices. Call John @ 250-215-0693 WEST-WIND Now booking for irrigation start-ups, repairs & installs. Call 250-860-0025

GET BENT Metal Fab, fences, gates, railings, security bars,

Misc Services ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, stainning,

Moving & Storage

EDGING Emerald Cedars Okanagan Grown SPECIAL! 5ft - 10 for $189 Volume Discounts Free Delivery BUDGET NURSERIES Toll free 1-866-498-2189

Kitchen Cabinets BATHROOM RENO’S. Plumbing Repairs. Bathrooms By Gemini 862-6991, 764-0189 MARYANNE’S Kitchen Design. 25% off. See ad in Service Directory. 250-317-7523

Machining & Metal Work

DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339

Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems

AAA Best Rates Moving $59+. “Why Pay More” Short/Long Distance. Free Est. Res/Comm, 861-3400 DAN-MEL MOVING. 16’’ One ton 7x12 Trailer. Local/Long Haul. Bonded/Insured. Dan 215-0147/250-766-1282. FAMILY Movers. Moving? Anything, anywhere. Local and long distance throughout 2010 Packing service available, weekly trips to Vancouver, Alberta, full and partial loads. Cheapest rates in the valley. Free Estimates, 250-493-2687 JOE’S MOVING.reasble rates fully equip’d trucks, local-long dist, no job too small470-8194 NORTH END Moving Service Local/Long Distance. Truck returning empty Vancouver. Discount 250-470-9498



Did you know... If you place an ad in one classification, you get the second classification 1/2 price.

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

#1 STOP FOR ROCKS. Please call 250-862-0862 ACE Of Spades. Hedge & shrub pruning, rototilling, mowing, lot clearing, small tree removal. Insured & experienced. Michael, 250-878-1315 ASPEN LANDSCAPING. Retaining walls & Landscape Projects 250-317-7773.

capital news B15

Cedar Siding-Metal Roof Any Size. Assembled. Free Delivery Kelowna Area

CEDAR SIDING 1”X 8” bevel,.50¢ L.F Installation available

Painting & Decorating

Call Vern 250-826-3393

NEED CHEAP landscaping/ labour? Professional and reliable. 2 Workers for $35 per hour. Call Calvin 250-899-1389 or go to

100% AFFORDABLE Painting Exp, quality. Int Paint/ceilings. Winter Specials. Terry 8639830 or 768-1098 100% Guaranteed. Greg’s Painting, Comm/ Res., Int/Ext. Free est. Seniors Dis., European Experience, 212-9961 1ST. In customer service, Cando Painting, prof. reliable crew, 15yrs. in business, Int/Ext. Eddie 250-863-3449

Retaining Walls, interlock pavers, irrigation, landscaping. Stonevalley Landscaping. 250-317-5644. 10yrs Kelowna. TREMBLAY’S EXCAVATING retaining walls, full landscaping. Exc/Bobcat.250-979-8033

SALES & SERVICE DIRECTORY Scrapmetal/wood/appliances/etc. *W.C.B. Coverage Large 3/2/1 & 1/2 Ton Trucks Excellent Reputation & Excellent Service. Cell 250-718-0992 / 250-861-7066 / Member of Kelowna Chamber of Commerce





Irrigation, Gas Fitting and Drain Cleaning. Commercial, residential and renovations. Service and hot water tanks.



North End Moving Services



RUBBISH REMOVAL Pager 250-861-0303

Bob 250-765-2789

Call Clint, 250-575-3839

In business since 1989 Licensed & insured

Rubbish Removal, Free Scrap Car Hauling, Ogogrow Deliveries.




Deck & Rail Kelowna

Serving the Okanagan

Serving the Okanagan 13+ years. Vinyl Decking, Modular Flooring, Aluminum, Glass, Topless & Picket Railings. Starting at $30/ft. installed Call George at 250-878-2483. Showroom #9-3810 Appaloosa Rd. off Sexsmith Rd.


• Free Consultation

• All Countertops Call 250-801-YARD (9273)


Design Studio • 2810 Benvoulin Rd

BATHROOM 1 Day Tub Makeover Complete Bathroom Modelling Reglazing & Repairs

Contact Jim 250-718-2704



Free estimates, senior discounts, member of B.B.B. Fully insured, WCB coverage. All types of shingle roofing & torch on roofing systems. ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’


Commercial Buildings & u/g Parkades, Residential Houses, Driveways Patios, Graffiti Removal. Fully insured & WCB approved. 14 yrs experience.

Call Dave 250-491-1336

& Renovation Services

• Interior & Exterior Renovations • Carpentry • Painting • Small Repairs • Pressure Washing

• Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades • Yard Maintenance • Fences, Decks • Tile • Graffiti Removal



We are now taking bookings for irrigation startups & repairs. We also offer free estimates on irrigation installations or major alterations. Call West-Wind Irrigation Ltd.

at 250-860-0025

CARPET CLEANING MARINE SERVICES Residential & Commercial. Will Service BIG WHITE

Competitive Pricing. Prof. truck mounted unit. 250-212-0340

RED LINE MARINES MOBILE SERVICES • Tune-Ups • Summer/Winterizing • Seaworthies • Oil & Fluid Changes All Repairs Completed by Certified Technicians Insured and Licensed•Over 12 yrs. Experience



Senior’s Specials Experience & Quality New Homes & Repaints Ceilings Bondable. Insurance Work Call Terry 250-863-9830 or 250-768-1098






Artistic Ceramics.

Custom tile setting. Travertine, marble, granite & ceramic. Decks, kitchen, baths. Guaranteed work.

Call 250-870-1009

No load too small • BARK MULCH • SAND • GRAVEL • YARD CLEAN-UP • JUNK REMOVAL LIGHT FLAT-DECK Nick Nixon - Trish Nebot Cell 250-862-0821 Office 250-765-2778

• Excavating • Bobcat • Dump Truck • Foundations • Retaining Walls • Soil • Etc. Delivery - Clean Up.



Kelowna Gutter Cleaning & Repair

REPAIRS • REPLACE • REMODEL • Bathroom & kit. remodels • Additions & renovations • H/W & laminate floors • Drywall/painting/texture • Cedar fencing & gates • Custom homes Quality You Can Trust

• Fix leaks • 20 years. experience • Fascia soffit repairs • Downpipes • Re-Slope

Dan @ 250-864-0771





anical Con ech



•24 Emergency Service •Renovations •New construction •Certified 17 years If you ever need a plumber call home 250-300-0044


Bus: 250-763-4044 Cell 250-470-2598

MaryAnne’s Kitchen Design


Larry·s Handyman


•Full Landscaping •Rock Retaining Walls •Portable Soil Screener •Excavators & Bobcat Loaders CELL: (250) 979-8033 BUS: (250) 861-1500

250-317-7773 or visit us at:




cto tra

Al’s Bobcat Services

• Design • Supply • Install

Ph: 250-869-0697 Cell 250-470-9498


Book now for landscape projects, retaining walls, , landscape products, pavers, irrigation system, pruning, etc.


• Driveways • Post Holes • Ground Works • Final Grade. Reliable Owner Operator

25% OFF

Local or Long Distance Polite & Professional



House/Yard/Building Sites/Rental Properties/ Renovations/Etc. “We Service just about any kind of clean-up”


Hom e

Kelowna Junk Removal Ltd. (1998)




MOVING Joe’s Moving Service • • • •

“The Professionals” Local/long distance Storage Available No job too small Free Estimates Call Joe Anytime 250-470-8194

BOB CAT Bills Bobcat Service $

65/ hr

• Grading • Leveling • Land Cleaning • Forklifting • Back Filling • Post Pounding


To book your space, call

250-763-7114 and speak with a classified rep today!

B16 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Painting & Decorating

Roofing & Skylights

100% Guaranteed Prestige Painting, European Craftsmanship, Fine Detail work, Ext/Int. Guaranteed Results. 250-864-1041. Arrow Painting Ext / Int. Local references, 20 yrs exp. Summer specials. Senior discounts. Call Zibi 250-317-3799 or email: DALE’S PAINTING Service. Painting Kelowna a better place since 1982, 862-9333 PSALMS 34-A Better life Company. Quality Painting. Sensible rates. 250-869-5874


✔ ✔ ✔ ✔

XCEL PLUMBING, Irrigation, Gas Fitting and drain cleaning. Comm/res and reno’’s. Service & hot water tanks. 575-3839 DREGER MECH. Plumbing, Gasfitting, comm/res & reno, ins’d, 24hr. Call 250-575-5878. KOSKI Plumbing-Heating Gas Fitting Reno’s Res. Bonded/Insured Troy @ 718-0209 There’s a New Plumber in Town! 24hr Emergency Service. Certified 17yrs. Call Dave 250-300-0044

Pressure Washing OKANAGAN Pressure Washing. Comm/Res. Fully ins’d. Dave, 250-491-1336

Roofing & Skylights BERTRIM Contracting Co. New roofs, reroofs, roof conversion & repair & general home maint. Bonded & insured. 28yrs exp. Free est. Call 250-768-9675 EAGLE ROOFING. CEDAR CONVERSIONS, NEW CONSTRUCTION, REROOF. FREE EST. CALL 826-3311

GERMAN MASTER ROOFER. Over 30yrs exp. on all kinds of roofs. New Reroof & Repair. Tradesman + Best price Warranty. Free estimate. Call Steffen, 250-863-8224 Master & Visa.Card

J.P Contracting New Roofs & Repairs. Save on roofs, conversion. Free Est. 859-7026 OKANAGAN Roofing All roofing repairs, maint., & reroofs. Warranty on all work Free Est. 769-1100, 878-1172

Rubbish Removal #1 AFFORDABLE! we load, or U load Bin Rentals, Complete/part Demolition, Insured 250.860.4041/ ‘#1 - BBB Kelowna Junk Removal Ltd. (1998) Scrap metal, wood, appls, etc. House, yard, building site, rental properties, renovations, etc. WCB Coverage. Lrg 3/2/1 & 1/2ton trucks 718-0992 or 861-7066 #1 CHEAP HAUL Most jobs 50% less then competitors. Why Pay More?? 250-718-0993


We haul little loads of anything, landscaping materials, & Junk to the dump Call 250-718-1114 A 49.99 1/2ton truck. Load junk & yard waste. Haul away special. Will haul just about anything. Cal Cal 250863-7539 BOB’S ONE TON TRUCKING. All your rubbish needs. FREE scrap car hauling. Ogo Grow Deliveries. 25yrs satisfied Customers. Bob 250-7652789, 861-0303 pgr

Rubbish Removal

Tree Services



DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339 SKYHIGH DISPOSAL 250808-0733 Junk Removal & Disposal Bins Need that space cleaned out? We can help. We can remove anything that you no longer need. Furniture, appliances, demolition waste & more

Sameday Tree service professional tree care & removal.Hedge.trimming.Firewood sales (250)979-8019 Tree Stump Removal Also Hedges and small Trees call Tim(250)860-1494

ADULT Longcoat Chihuahua male looking for mature home. N/C to right home. inquire for details. 250-870-1686

Weimaraner Pups CKC reg’d, or call 604-794-3256 WESTIE PUPS! (like “Maggie” on TV). www.west other pups 2 Cavalier K.C. Spaniels, 1 German Pinscherears cropped In Okanagan from Aug 21 to 26. 250-764-0917 or (780)986-6877.


Feed & Hay

NEIGHBORHOOD Trucking & Delivery. Sand, Gravel, Soil, Ogo Grow Call 250-870-1138

Alfalfa grass mix, 2nd cut, barn stored, no rain, irrigated, $7/bale. 250-547-6816. *HAY SALES GUARANTEED Quality Grass, Alfalfa, Mixed square bales, round bales & Silage bales. Delivery avail. (250)804-6081,(250)833-6763.

Stucco/Siding DESIGN Stucco & Stone. New homes, reno’s & repairs. No job too small. Clean, quality work. Zoltan 250-864-9798.

Sundecks VINYL Decking Installer 20yrs experience.Install all types of vinyl. Call (250)300-6367

Tiling TILE Setter. Artistic Ceramics. Custom tile setting. Call 250870-1009

Tree Services 111111111111111111111111 Affordable Pricing on all Exteriors Professional Hedge Downsizing & Tree pruning. Insured. Free Est. Call Dave 250-212-1716 AAA Tree Srv. Tree removal, Pruning Shaping Thinning Free est. Fully insr’d. Kevin, 317-7657 or 862-1881 ROB’S Tree Care Ltd. For all your tree care needs...Insured & Cert. WCB. 250-212-8656

Window Cleaning JB’S Window Cleaning. Pressure washing, eavestrough cleaning & ext painting. Jodey Shea 250-317-4525 RAIN-X Window Cleaning. Stores, homes, offices. Rocky Williams, 250-899-4400

Lessons/Training Guitar Lessons. Shara Madsen, owner of Madsen Music School in Vernon, has opened a studio in Rutland. 12yrs teaching exper. Most ages + call: 250-864-2838

Livestock 4yr Gelding, 1/3 Pircheron, 1/3 Quarter, 1/3 Arab, beautiful Palomino, 1mos training, 15.2hh, $1000 (250)542-8176 VALLEYWIDE MEATS BC insp.30 slaughter plant Processes all livestock Call to book your animals (250)838-7980 Enderby, BC

Pet Services DOGWORKS Summer Puppy Kindergarten starts Aug 25 Certified profess. trainer,Kathy Williams 250-317-1288

BLACK Female German Shepherd Puppy 12wks old$750.00 Family~farm raised. ph 250-442-8070 BOXER puppies, purebred, shots, dewormed, microchipped, 10wks old, $1200. (250)832-4093 Doberman Pincher pups, lrg, born July 12, shots. F-$900, M-$850. 250-546-3798. FREE- Senior needs two good homes for his poodles, one is a Toy with papers, the other a miniature without papers both seven years old, and love companionship, they come with kennel, travel bag harness and leash, they need a better life than I can give them, call 250-762-3125, 23 August and that week Golden Doodle pups, 14wks, ready to go, absolutely gorgeous, 1 male and 3 females, cuddly, playful, highly intelligent, quick to train, non-shedding and hypoallergetic. vetchecked, shots, dewormed, $600. 250-838-9739 Enderby MALE Chocolate Lab puppies, non-registered, $500 (250)545-6785, 250-540-5344 Puggle pups, vet checked, vacc’d,friendly, outgoing pups. $500. 250-503-0629. Purebred Golden Lab puppies, (small) Ready to go, last week in Aug, $800ea (250)546-8999 TRINITY SHEPHERDS 5th generation, long & medium coated Shepherd pups. Blk, Blk & tan, red or brown sables, straight backs, old world style. All shots. Health cards. Wormed. View parents & grandparents. $500. Lots of references. 250-547-9763. very lovely English Bulldog, 13wks, brindle/white female, $1600, (250)499-5397

Free Items


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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114


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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

31 rebuilt bikes, cruiser, MTB, road, child. Parts, repairs. Warr. Kelowna 604-800-2104

Building Supplies PLYWOOD. 3/4” 4x8 sheet of Maple veneer, good both sides. $50. You pick up. 250769-0415. Leave message

Did you know... you can place an ad for $2 per issue

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

Bluenose/Pitbull cross,Fem. 7 mths old,Needs a good home. Good with kids not cats. Loves room to run. High energy.(250)762-4919 .call after 5 CHESTERFIELD. 6’ long. Call 250-868-2690 Free computer desk you pick it up,Its yours!!(250)868-2138 FREE Pick-up of used bicycles that you no longer want. Ok if need repair.Kelowna 604-8002104 FREE vehicle removal for recycling only, cars, trucks, vans. No registration, no problem. Call Larry 250-540-0303. ROOSTERS. Bantam, 2. Call after 4pm, 250-862-5932

Furniture BDRM set. 6pc Cherry sleigh, Queen bed, dresser, mirror, chest, 2 night stands. New!! Still boxed. Worth $5000, Sell $1295 Can deliver. Call 250550-6647 BRAND NEW!!! Only 2-Left!!! $460 Queen Mattress Set $690 King Mattress Set 1-877-512-1122 10yr Warranty. We Deliver Come on down! The price is always right at OK Estates Furniture and more. We carry a wide selection of modern and vintage home furnishings. 3292 Hwy 97N beside Sheepskin Boutique 250-807-7775



Get Ready for Summer! All outside projects: decks/fences/patios/ pergolas & gazebos/vinyl wood and all inside remodels. Kelowna • 250-717-5500

PLUMBING KOSKI PLUMBING, HEATING & GAS FITTING •Renovations •New construction •Plumbing Service & Repairs •H/W tank replacement • Furnace Service & Installs • Gas f/p Service and Installs Bonded & Insured


Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Independently Owned and Locally Operated

• Heat Pumps Over 30 Years • Fireplaces Experience • Furnaces Serving the • Repair Okanagan Valley • Install • Sales 250-681-3869

DON 250-870-7778

Licenced, over 30 years experience, interior & exterior, Industrial & Commercial, all work guaranteed.




In/outside windows Kelowna, give the gift of clean windows this summer!

RainGuard with 250-899-4400




DECORATIVE CONCRETE SPECIALISTS • Restoring • Resurfacing • Stamping • Sealing • Custom Reno’s • Great Rates • Senior Discounts

Call Cody 250-859-4465 Solid Work Built To Last


We Guarantee to keep Scheduled Appointments.

Book Now 10% off

July & Aug.



Call Troy, 250-718-0209

* Stores *Homes* Offices

DRYWALL SERVICES & REPAIRS New work & renovation work. Over 30 yrs. experience. Framing, boarding, taping, texture t-bar ceilings & insulation. Call Ken 250-212-9588

Qualified, Reliable. • Bonded •Installations • Repairs • Renovations • H. Water Tank • Washer, Dryer • Dishwasher Over 30 yrs. Experience

Southern BC Heating & Air Conditioning


Call Walter 250-766-5580 Cell 250-317-2279

Excavator & Bobcat Service, Sewer Hookups, Underground Utilities, Footing, Backfilling, Basements, Driveways, Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Rubber Track Excavator w/ blade. Estimates, Fully Insured. Kory 250-451-9095 Cell: 250-869-9125 Serving Kelowna, Westside, Lk Country





A Division of Bayside Developments Ltd.









All types of demolition. Locally owned & operated. FREE ESTIMATES

call 250-808-0895

CONCRETE Protect your concrete, stamped exposed, decorative •UV stable •Chemical Resistant •Clear coat matte finish Nothing like it in the workplace, Not a sealer, it’s a membrane 250-869-7891 “Beauty mixed with Durabiity”


A & S Electric

Residential & Commercial Wiring, New Construction, Renovations & Service Changes. Complete telephone & data cabling services, Prompt quality service. Licensed & Bonded Call Steve 250-864-2099 (cont#90929)



WELDING & FABRICATION METAL FABRICATION LTD. Fences • Gates • Railings • Security Bars • Cargo Racks • Rollcages • Boat Railings & more. Tube Bending Specialists




Don’t call anyone about upgrading your landscaping until you speak with us. Call Ryan now at 250-469-1288 VANTAGE POINT LAWN & GARDEN

Top Soil • Ogo Gro • Gravel • Sand • Bark Mulch We Remove: yard refuse, small trees, junk



We accept “When The Big Guys Are Too Big We Deliver”


INTERCITY RENO’S Authorized dealer for the Okanagan Call Pat 250-215-4099



Lew Cat Ent. Carpet, Lino, Tiles, Hardwood, Laminate. Free estimates. Great rates. Lewis @ 317-6889 Work Guaranteed.

CHUCK 250-870-1138


250-212-5610 LIC#50231


ama Contracting Inc. Ka• tDecks • Basements • Bathrooms • Drywall • Ceilings • Painting& Finishing

Licensed & Insured

All Work Guaranteed

Mike @ 250-864-0033


We install, service, & repair all makes of doors & openers. FREE ESTIMATES • INSURANCE CLAIMS • SENIOR DISCOUNTS Call Mon.-Fri. 8-4:30 pm

Folds like an accordian, Deck Blinds as well.

CONSTRUCTION STUMP REMOVAL DCR CONTRACTING O CORPORATION New Construction & Renos UMPC T S • Garages • Flooring • Driveways Tree Stump Removal • Concrete • Decks • Finishing • Patios

• Retaining Walls

Free Estimates


Hedges & Small Trees Too Call Tim 250.860.1494


at these great businesses for all your service needs!

Advertise your services here! Call



Misc. for Sale

NEW 3-pc Sectional Sofa w/ottoman, In orig. pkg. Worth $1499, Must Sell $899 250550-6647 can deliver

Heavy Duty Machinery John Deere 490 excavator (120 size) 2 buckets & q.c. $15,500. Kabota 4140 tractor, 4 wheel dr. 38hp, loader & cab,$12,500. 250-547-8993.


Original cost $3600, $1200 obo. 250-768-5044.


A-STEEL Shipping Containers/Bridges Super Sale On NowNew/Used/Damaged. BEST PRICES. 20,’24,’40,’45,’48,53’.Insulated Reefer Containers 20’40’48’. Steel Bridges 20’,40’,48’,53’ CHEAP 40’ Farmers Specials all under $2,550! Semi Trailers for hiway & storage. We are Overstocked, Delivery BC & AB 1-866-528-7108 Call 24 hours. BOOKBINDING Novels, Cookbooks, Family History and much more. layout, design, printing & binding 250-260-1970


BRAND new 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system. Retail price: $795. Now: $250. Call 250-863-1544 Briar Patch Gift Store Closing-wood shelving, glass cabinets, sales, counter,, jewelry display+ more 250-861-3457 MOVING: Furn’t, TV’s, beds, rugs, WD, DW, hshld items & more. 250-718-8866.

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Misc. for Sale

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Misc. for Sale Computer credenza, cherry color, Dining room set, solid wood, 6 chairs, stacking Whirlpool WD. 3-way natural gas fireplace. Many more items due to Reno’s. 250-762-3966

Ride em John Deere Mower used 1 yr. Hyrdo Stat.$1500. Shidiawa C270 Weed Eater $450 (250)862-3665 TABLES. Wooden, on casters, approx 8’x4’. Great for mechanics, table banquet hall, crafts. Very solid tables. Asking $50 ea. 250-763-7575

Misc. Wanted

Sporting Goods

$100 & Under

$100 & Under

I PURCHASE clean and gently used home furnishings, antiques, and collectibles. Please call me first. 250-807-7775

HUNTING RIFLES @ the best little gunshop around. Also: CZ 858 $749. SKS’s from $299. Ruger Mini 14, $599. Glock’s from $699. SIG P 226 $889. Blaser, Sako AV’s, Weber & Markin, 4-1691 Powick, Kel. 250-762-7575, Tues-Sat 10-6. Multi Gym for Sale Studio Circuit 2321, all in one Gym Barely used. Paid over $3000 comes with leg press option. $900 obo. 250-868-5159

CONVAIR WESTWIND swamp cooler, $75. 250-8683089. FREE BEE. 26” Sony color TV, working, unhook to take home. 250-763-7337 GIRLS & boys baby clothesNewborn-24mos, $5. 250765-7927. Golf Clubs & Bag, 15 clubs Wilson irons. Driver & putter $85 (250)768-5234 LAWNMOWER, 6hp, $25. 250-763-8404 Panasonic 27” TV works very good $50 (250)765-4365 PLYWOOD. 3/4” 4x8 sheet of Maple veneer, good both sides. $50. You pick up. 250769-0415. Leave message ROTOTILLER, 5hp, $65. 250765-2789 SIMPLICITY window Air conditioning unit, $75. 250-8683089. STARLING Trap, $100. Call 250-764-2656 STOVE, white, electric, $65. 250-765-2789 TABLES. Wooden, on casters, approx 8’x4’. Great for mechanics, table banquet hall, crafts. Very solid tables. Asking $50 ea. 250-763-7575 UTILITY trailer, 4x6’, $65. 250765-2789

Westinghouse White Dishwasher $75 (250)707-0007 Westinghouse- White Stove $75 (250)707-0007 WINDOWS, Skylite, 2x6, 4 for $100. 250-765-2789

Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Musical Instruments PIANOS Warehouse Sale @ Moir Pianos. STEINWAY, HEINTZMAN, YAMAHA and more !! Priced to Sell !! Call Richard @ 764-8800

Sporting Goods

$100 & Under

Used janitorial equipment for sale. Hot tub peroxide & much more.Eagle New and Used, Salmon Arm, B.C. 250-8339373.

Hunting Rifle for sale:RUGER 7mm Rem-Mag M77 with 3x9x40 Nikon scope, it is in excellent shape $500, please ph 250 317-3435

2yr old Sears lawnmower, 6.5hp, $80, 250-763-8404 BABY crib, $40 obo. 250-7657927. BABY Swing, $20 obo. 250765-7927. BARBEQUE, Fiesta 300. $50. 250-765-4365 B&D Mulching Lawn mower, $30. 250-868-3089. LAWNMOWER, 4hp, $50. 250-765-2789

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Toro Mower 1032 Rider Rear Engine 32” Deck Recycler, Mulcher, Twin Bagger $400 (250)768-2695

capital news B17

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Rain e for Insuranc Sale Garage s is Package xtra e $2 or $4 for k as details!

$200 & Under BED, Twin mate, incl headboard w/shelf, 4drawers, good mattress. $200. 250-768-0553 COMPUTER System, Windows, Internet ready,exc cond, $200. 250-869-2363 Kelowna

$300 & Under Antique Oak Table, 4 chairs $250 (250)868-2138 COMPUTER LAPTOP, Windows, wireless, excellent cond, $300.869-2363 Kelowna New White GE Microwave $225 (250)707-0007

$400 & Under TEAK desk, L-shaped, made in Denmark, cost $4500, sell for $350. 250-768-5044.

$500 & Under QUEEN size adjustable electric bed, $500. 250-763-2146.

Fresh From the Fields “Local Produce at Your Doorstep” To place an the Kelowna Capital News


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Alice’s Flowers & Produce Open Mon-Sat. 10:30-5:30. Blackberries, Pickling Cuc’s Corn, PP Squash, Beans Garlic, etc. 250-869-0920 BEAUTIFUL tree ripened GloHaven peaches. You-pick, 50¢/lb. 4678 Lakeshore Rd. Open Mon-Sat, 9am-4pm. BLUEBERRIES. Organically grown. U-pick. $2.50/lb. Visit for dates and times 250-469-9349 Burke’s; Dilling cuc’s $1.25/lb. Slicing cuc’s $1/lb. Peaches & Cherries. 250-545-2093 CHERRIES, Bring Containers. Bulk Orders Welcome. 3030 Elliott Rd. 250-768-5768. Cherries(Staccato) 75¢/lb; Blueberries,$2/lb;U-pick prices RUMOs. 1045 El Paso Rd. Rutland. 250-491-0019 FREESTONE Peaches & yellow Plums for sale. Bring boxes. 250-766-3395

FRESH local blackberries. Call 250-768-3410 FRESH New Organic Honey is now available. Bill’s Honey Farm. (250)-762-8156 Graziano Orchards 3455 Rose Rd. Blueberries, Blackberries, Peaches, Yellow Plums. 250-860-2644.

ORGANIC cherries, u-pick, we pick, peaches, apples. Westbank Harvest- Scharf Rd. Preorders. 250-707-0986 PEACHES, Nectarines,Plums, Blackberries, to order: Anderson & Booth Rd. 250-7655208 Saskatoons, cherries,peaches, apricots veggies, now at Gambell Farms. 12133 Okanagan Centre Rd East, Winfield. Call 250-766-4036, 250-212-8770

Bartlett Pears & Sunrise Apples now available Also Peaches

Hazeldell Orchards

1980 Byrns Rd 250-862-4997 Mon-Sat, 9am-5:30pm, Sun 10am-5pm

The Friendly Farmer Fruit Stand

Open 7days/wk, 10-6, Sunday: 10-5. Cherries, Raspberries & all sorts of veggies. Come meet the Friendly Farmer & the Grumpy Wife! 3254 McCulloch Rd. 250-869-0871

WELCOME TO OLD MEADOWS ORGANIC FARM MARKET T2 Organic Blackberries, Cherry’s, Peaches, nectarines, Brocolli, Cauliflower & more available. Taking orders for T2 Organic Peaches, Blackberries & Certified Organic Blueberries. Also local blueberries, raspberries, cherries, peaches, cots and many vegetables. Fresh bread & farm eggs. 250-764-0931 4213 Gordon Drive. Mon-Sat 10-6 Sun 10-5

K&J PACIFIC PEACHES FREE STONE PEACHES, .70¢/lb Big Juicy Tree Ripened. Fresh Picked CHERRIES, late season varieties, $1.99lb. BLUEBERRIES, BLACKBERRIES, RASPBERRIES. COMING SOON- VEGETABLES, Corn, Tomatoes, Potatoes, assorted veggies. Apples. Must take McCurdy Rd to 1145 Morrison Rd. Look for signs


B18 capital news

$500 & Under

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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114 Garage Sales

MAJOR MOVING SALE! 325 Hartman Rd Kelowna Friday Aug. 27th only 7am to 1pm China cabinet, loveseat, desk, dresser & tons of household & baby items. All items priced to sell!

Acreage for Sale 335’ of Lakeshore on 3.89 Acres. 1km north of Fauquier on Hwy 6, hydro, water license to property line Zoned Country Rural Residential. $449,900. Contact 7.24 ACRES Open & Bright 4Bdrm 3Bath home. Beautiful Views. Privacy and room for all the toys. MLS] Charlene Bertrand 250-870-1870 Coldwell Banker Horizon Reality. NORTH Okanagan. Approx. 18 Acres Beautifuly treed, very private. 1000ft. river frontage, great view pure drinking water. $150,000. 1 (250)309-0280 WHITEVALE area, Lumby. Ready to build on this 3 acres. Flat, few trees, drilled well. Gas/hydro to driveway. Price $240,000 + HST obo. 250-547-6932.

Apt/Condos for Sale D!




Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recently updated 1103 sq. ft. 2 brm condo has, fridge, stove, dishwasher and insuite laundry w/washer and dryer. Enclosed patio, cov’d parking, storage unit, a guest suite & in wall a/c unit. Close to bus rte. and Hwy #33. Steps from Tim’s. Well maintained building allows small pets, enjoys the 45+ lifestyle and has extremely low strata fees of $133.85 per month. Ground level access with no stairs to unit #108 at 200 Hollywood Rd. $186,868. Call 250-8621390 for more info and to view. 2BD 2BTH Condo $279,000. Clubhouse, Pool, Hot Tub, Fitness, 1 Block from beach. 250-859-1300 vrt: okbccon 2BR, 2BTH Condo Located on Sunset Drive in Downtown Kelowna $439,000. 250-859-1300 vrt: 2BR+DEN, 2BTH BRAND NEW Condo located in Skye Tower ower-1408.html $599,000. 250-859-1300 2BR + Den, Golf Course Condo located on Country Club Drive $289,000. vrt: 250-859-1300 Beautiful 2bdrm 2 bath top floor corner. 55+ $195,000 MLS] Charlene Bertrand 250870-1870 Coldwell Banker Horizon Reality Creekside Villas Mission 2bdrm 2 bath avail Sept 1 $950 NS. NP. 250-717-1961 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Business for Sale STONE & Epoxy Business. Motivated handyperson. Client base. 4yrs running. Will train. $15,000. Nick, 250-765-4121

Commercial/ Industrial Property 2500 Sq.ft. Commercial Building Centrally located South Kelowna, Corner lot. Asking $975,000 (250)878-2873

For Sale By Owner 11077 Jardines Rd, Winfield. Over 1/3 acre. Fantastic view, 2700sq’, patio on both levels, 3bd, 2.5bth, master has walkin closet & 5 pce ensuite, lrg lndry w/sink & cabinets, AC, bi vac, attc’d dbl garage, fnc’d yard, lots of prking. Call 250766-9075

For Sale By Owner 1.74 ACRES, 3 Bedroom House, Barn, Corrals, Fenced. Anticipated to be zone Industrial soon. 250-258-7484 Awesome 3Bdrm with Fabulous Lakeview, Best buy in the Upper Mission area of homes. from $600,000 to $2,000000. Unique property, beautifully landscaped with lots of privacy. Custom designed. Priced at $899,000 including HST. Call 250-764-0900 DILWORTH MTN. ESTATES $679,900.00 HOLLYWOOD Station. 2nd flr, 1182sq’, 2bd, 2bth, 2 prking stalls, kit., SS appl, new stacking WD. Many upgrades. $259,000. Avail immed. Call 250-762-3966 HWY 3. Million dollar view from 1290sqft 2 bdrm, sauna, cabin. All wood work by master carpenter. $185,000. 250446-2432. Lakefront, Lakeside. Semi Lakeshore. Large Lot. Tear Down house. Appraised Value $830,000. 483 Poplar Pnt. Dr OWNER Financing on 5-bdrm, 3-bath Home w/suite on 5.5acres in Enderby. Horse shelters, corrals etc. Owner will take property, RV, or mobile etc. in trade as down payment. $489,000 250-309-1506 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Houses For Sale ******* Where smart sellers meet smart buyers! View Thompson Okanagan properties for sale.// Selling? No Commission. (250) 545-2383 or 1-877-291-7576 186 North Fork Rd. Cherryville, acreage, 900sqft 2bdrm, 1bath house, South facing, Cherry Creek runs through back property. Beautiful Place! $250,000. 250-547-9821. 3BD. 2ba. Fixer Upper w/big yard, ONLY $239,900. For a Free List of Foreclosures & Fixer Uppers call Lloyd @ MacDonald Realty 215-5607


I can help! Dave Iverson Mortgage Coach 250-878-1541. 552 Snowsell Rd. Kelowna. 2 br 1 ba rancher, close to amenities. Offering mtn view & rural scenery, yard backs onto ALR. Great home for first time homebuyers or investors at this incredible price of $259,900 it is definitely a budget blesser! Call Kelly at the Leading Edge Real Estate Team at 250.307.6002 to book your showing today, this gem wont last long! AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses! AWESOME Pool & Hot tub, Family home for sale in Central Kelowna, couple mins to Orchard Park Mall, 5bd, 5bth, prking for RV and 4 autos, suite downstairs. Reduced to $630,000. Only been on market 2.5wks. 1720 Simpson Crt. Betty Anne Tarini, REMAX Kelwna. 778-821-0129 MORTGAGES LOW RATES. 5YR. 3.89% VARIABLE 2.05% Trish at 250-470-8324 NEW PRICE!! $339,000 Charmer! Updated, fresh 3 beds 2 baths home. New wide plank laminate flooring throughout. Covered patio off kitchen is great for entertaining friends and family. If you would like a private tour please call Jamie Holitzki of Royal Lepage 250-864-8525 MLS 10010792 Rutland Just listed well kept 12 yrs old 4bdrm + 1bdrm suite. Dbl garage MLS Ken Dempsey Remax 717-5000 Rutland South $357,000 3+1 Bdrm. Garage RV prkg, Close to school. MLS. Ken Dempsey Remax.250-717-5000 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Lots EXCEPTIONAL LAKEVIEW Lots from $160,000. Also; 1 panoramic 3 acre parcel. Owner financing. 250-307-2558

Lots KIRSCHNER MOUNTAIN Large Building Lots from


~ Spectacular Views. Bring Your Own Builder. Close to All Amenities. 250-862-0895 Lakefront, Lakeside. Semi Lakeshore. Lrg Lot. Tear Down house. Appraised Value $830,000. 483 Poplar Pnt. Dr

Mobile Homes & Parks 68x14 mobile home to be moved, 1993 quality built, 2bdrm, skylights, AC, propane furnace, 12x40 covered deck, $45,000. Cherryville. 250-5472025. If you love peace’n’quiet and being nestled amongst horse/ ranch country, discover Priest Creek. Only minutes from Orchard Park. Remodeled/ renovated single with addition featuring new bathroom, wood fireplace, 5 new appliances, $5000 down, $550 Biweekly payments or $110,000. Call Accent Homes 769-6614

Mortgages BANK ON US! Mortgages for purchases, renos, debt consolidation, foreclosure. Bank rates. Many alternative lending programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, your Mortgage Warrior, simplify the process!1-888-711-8818

Open Houses

OPEN HOUSE SUN. 12:30-23225 Shannon Lake Rd.

Must see inside, completely renovated, desirable Shannon Lake park, good long-term lease (financing avail.), 3 Bdrms, master bdrm w/Ensuite w/jetted tub, 2 baths, many recent updates, incl. roof (2009 & addition approx 05'), newer deck (2010), large treed lot, RV Parking, deck w/awning, 3 storage sheds, More pics: Call Valerie Rock 250-801-2335

Valerie 250.801.2335

Recreational 1992 Rexhall Class A Motorhome 28’ft long Newly reno’d Great running cond. $10,900 obo. (250)878-1991 VERNON WATERFRONT Developement. New homes from $225,000. Rent-to-own Low down payment. Vendor Financing. 250-878-2096

Townhouses 1100sq’ Rutland TH, 2bd, 2bth, new reno, priv grass yrd, new large deck, pets ok, rentable, no strata fees. Must see. Reduced: $216,900 obo. 250-258-2789, 250-765-2295 Rutland $204,999 Upgraded 3Bdrm 2bath. Covered parking Sm.Yard. MLS. Ken Dempsey 250-717-5000

Rent To Own

HOMES AVAILABLE NOW! Min. $5000 deposit


Acreage 30 acres of prime farmland for lease in Upper Mission. Call Rick 250-215-2449, John 250212-2386

Apt/Condo for Rent

Duplex / 4 Plex


Suites, Lower

1BDRM at the Verve, 3rd flr view. Wshr, dryer, a/c. $1000. NS, NP. 250-215-8826. 1BD suite, appliances, nice view, 55+, NS, NP, located in Gordan Manor near Capri Centre. $750. 250-860-6075 2bd, furn/unfrn, like new by Capri. NS NP ND Adults Aug 1 $800. (250)-718-8866 2BD, newly reno’d, on Harvey near Richter. $1000/mo util incl. Call 250-863-8320 2BDRM 2 BA Spectactular lakeview. Upgrades on 9th flr NS NP ref”s req.250-808-6424 2BDRM, 2 bath, corner of Gordon & Bernard, 5 appl, f/p, ug parking, lrg storage room, $975/mo (55+) Joanne 250717-1182, 250-575-1123. 2BDRM, $975 hydro, f/s, NO PETS, on Rutland Rd. South, Belgo Area, bus route, Avail. now. 250-491-3345, 869-9788 2 Bdrm. apt. Spacious, close to all amenities, NS, NP, 1yr lease, avail immed. incl heat. 250-763-6600 2BDRM Lower Mission, near beach, priv. garage, quiet area, NS NP Avail. Sept 1 $1050. 250-317-8344 3BD, 2bth, Cosco area, $1550/mnth + hydro, ug prking avail, $30/stall. NP. Avail Aug 20. 250-869-9788 625 Rowcliffe Ave. 2bd, 1bth condo on the 2nd flr, close to all amens, $975mo. Avail immed. 250-575-1123 or 250717-1182 BROCKTON Manor. 2bd, $900 incl prking & utils. 1bd, $800. 250-860-5220 ask for Elaine or Terry DELUXE DOLPHINS water front condo, 2bd, 2 full bths, exquisite showroom furnishings. Newly reno’d granite Tuscany kitchen. Incl f/p, a/c, deck overhangs Lagoon water, main floor priv ent & main flr indoor parking. Go to for photos. Also offers tennis, outdoor pool, hot tub & exer rm. $1695 incl utils. Carol 780-920-5552. DT Safeway loc. 2bd, gorgeous view, 6th flr, pool, AC, balcony, top security, seniors discount. $925. 250-863-9002 FAIRLANE Crt. Close to shopping, on bus route, 2bd aprt, heat & hot water incl, $900. 250-860-4836 MILL CREEK ESTATES 1590/1558 Spall Rd. Premiere Rental Complex in Kelowna. Different Floor Plans Available Close to Shopping / Restaurants. Call for Availability. 250860-4836 or email: millcreekestates@ STUDIO APT at the Mode. Lrg patio, washer, dryer, a/c. $800. NS, NP. 250-215-8826. THUNDERBIRD/EVERGREEN APTS. 435/395 Franklyn Road, Kelowna. 1 and 2 bedroom suites, 3-appliances, AC, drapes, walk-in storage, underground secure parking, hot water included, Laundry facilities on site. Close to excellent shopping, major bus routes (excellent bus service to all campuses, Orchard Park Mall & downtown), theaters, medical facilities & restaurants. Rental incentives offered to qualified applicants. Call 250-7625932 for appointment to view. WILLOW Park Manor. 2bd, $900+utils, 250-763-3654 or 250-860-4836

2bdrm duplex in Rutland avail. Sept 1. $1000/mth includes wd/ fr/st. NP NS. Utils. extra if interested call 250-765-2444 2BD W Kel, Avail Oct 1. total reno, new appl, WD, cls. to all, prkg, NS, NP. $800 +utils. 250-767-6330 3BD, 2 full bths, carport, familyrm, newly reno’d, near school, shopping, Sept 1., $1250+all utils. NS pref, NP, NP, ND, fnc’d yard, call Henry, 250-712-0564 SPACIOUS 2bd in 4plex, FS, WD h/up, sm. deck, NS, Ndogs, adult oriented. Avail immed or Sept 1. $850. 7639825, 1-250-766-2212

SLEEPING CABIN FOR RENT Arrow Lake beachfront, 3kms from Fauquier on Hwy 6 Golf Course and boat launch nearby. $45/night/double occupancy.

1BDRM, AC, 3appl, NS, NP, Downtown. Call 250-8680066, 250-980-5462 1Bdrm Basement in West Kelowna Partly furn. NP prefer older single person $700 incl. utils.Avail now. (250)769-4022 1BDRM Lake Country suite for rent Sept.1 -$750. Furnished complete with laundry, wifi and cable. Close to lake, bus stop and Tim Hortons. NS.NP. Call Allyn : 250-470-2413 1Bdrm like new sep entr. 5min. UBC. priv. quiet cable/int/utils. wrkng fem/stud. NS NP $700 (250)765-8406 1BD suite, $625. Rutland. Utils incl. Pets ok. 250-808-1250. 2BD aprt, avail immed, geothermal, 6appl, sec ug prking, walk to DT. $1250+utls. Call 250-863-2180 2BD. Beautiful Lg. Legal suite, CA, utils, cbl & int incl. Shr’d lndry, close to bus route, Japanese garden setting, cov’d patio, adults only. NS, NParties, NP. $1025+DD. Avail Sept 1. 250-769-0222 2BD bright, 1100sq’ bsmt suite, sep ent, shr’d lndry, FS, couple pref., NP, NS, Nparties. $850+1/2 utils. Sept 1. Call 250-765-8021 2BD, lrg, bright, clean bsmt suite on quiet rd in Rutland. Close to rec centre & all amens, strg, own lndry & prking, $1100 utils incl. Call 250-762-4600 2Bdrm appliances, close to all amenities Yard. Graham Rd. 250-861-1148/ 250-317-1864 2 Bdrm Basement. Mission $690 + 1/2 utils. Gordon/KLO near college. Attractive. Adult orientated, Employed single, couple, quiet student(s) preferred. No dogs. Smoking outdoors (250)764-2542 2BDRM Utils incl. Cls. to bus. 2mins. to UBCO. Nice & clean. $775/mo. Call 250-766-1314, 250-718-1975 Avail Sept 1 4bdrm 1 bath behind Costco internet + utils incl. NP NP $1500/mth 250801-8648 AVAIL Sept 1. Lower level 1 bdrm suite on acreage in Belgo area. Bright & clean. Incl fridge, stove, washer & dryer. Utils incl. NP, NS. May work into property care taker position. $700. 250-491-0303. BLACK Mtn. 2 bdrm. $750 + utils. No lndry, NS, NP. Avail. Immediately (250)317-9953 CAT OK, 1-Bedroom, 2-Appliances, Carport, Patio, $700 OR 2-Bedroom, 4-Appliances, Air Conditioning, Patio, $850. 250-860-1961 - Register Online

Commercial/ Industrial 1200SQFT. Shop on 1/4 acre, fully serviced & fenced, $1200per mo+ triple net. Light or heavy industrial use & storage. Westbank Industrial Park 250-769-7424 1/2 - 4 acre serviced, fenced industrial lots for lease. Light, heavy or industrial use including auto wrecker & storage. 7000sq’ serviced coverall shelter for storage or workspace or build to suit. Westbank Industrial Park. 250-769-7424

Cottages / Cabins Beautiful Private sandy beach near Eldorado,1bdrm clean, completely furnished, adult, $900 incl utils, cbl, int. NP Sept 15th. 250-764-7110

Homes for Rent 2BDRM 1bath 1200 Sqft .Lower Level. Lakeview $850 + utils. West Kelowna.Avail now 250-859-4150 2-BEDROOM, 4-Appliances, Carport, Patio, Pet OK, $1250 OR 3-Bedroom, 2-Baths, 7-Appliances, Deck, Garage, Pet OK, $1500. 250-860-1961 Register Online

3+1Bdrm.1.5 ba. Sept 1 Near College, & amenities. Lrg yard appls. NS. NP. Ref’s.$1300 + 60% utils. 250-317-4656 5BD complete new reno, incl’s new appl’s, lrg yard, near school, quiet area, Rutland, avail immed. $1750. NS. Call 250-491-5992 A Kal Lake furnished home, Sept 4 – June 30 ‘11. Ideal for retired or proff. cple. 3 bdrms, 2 bath, 2 decks, private dock, ample parking. No cats or smoking. $1400 + utilities 5450642, Black Mtn. New 3 bdrm 2 bath masterbath suite. 2 car garage, lots of extra parking. Laundry. 250-498-1669 FLEXIBLE Lease period. $2200/mo+utils. Lower Mission, near CNC and Mission Creek park, backs onto Belmount Park, 2800sq’ 3bdrm & lrg bonus room, double garage. Dogs ok. 250-764-6135 FREE DOWN PAYMENT! Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Project Build II Attainable Housing Project is an innovative program that provides a non-repayable grant to individuals who can service a mortgage but haven’t been able to save for a down payment. For more information contact Gino Dal Ponte at 250.317.2707 or NEW inside. 2+bd, 2bth. Only $1195. Rutland. Gar., & shop. Linda Derfel 250-317-4248 OVERLOOKING Wood Lake. Sm 2bdrm, appls, WD, storage shed. New paint. Adults. NP, $850+utils . 250-766-4322. Oyama Avail.Sept.1st 3Bdrm, 1bath. older house.lrg lot lakeview.$950+utils. 250-548-3584 RENT a place with a suite for inlaws, spacious 2bd, 2bth duplex w/sep 2bd suite, $1695. 250-860-6995 Rent-to-Own with 5K down: 3br Vernon home from 1550/mo 4br Vernon home from 1820/mo 4br with lake view in Peachland, 10Kdown from 2000/mo 250-309-2565 RUTLAND- 3bdrm, 2baths, ns, np, avail immed, $1400/mo + utils. 250-765-3002. RUTLAND 3 BDRM Main house. Close to shopping, schools, bus, etc. $1300/ mo utilities incl. Available September 1st. References Please 250-979-0578 Mike RUTLAND. Main flr, 2bd, air, DW, carport, shrd WD, ref’s, $975 + 2/3 utils. 250-765-5064 Sept 1. 2 bdrm, 1 bth 1400 sq ft house located at 472 Glenwood Ave. $1400/mnth Plus utilities. call 250-215-4683 or Email: Sm 2Bdrm close to school store & river.avail Sept 1 $500 Beaverdell (250)484-5688 WESTSIDE- New 4 bdrm full basement. Dbl garage 3 full washrooms. Close to all amenities. Avail imed. or Sept $2000/mth. all new appls. 778578-7459 or 778-960-6430


Apt/Condo for Rent

Duplex / 4 Plex

HWY 97 North, 1800sf’ of retail, 2100sq’ of Office/Retail for lease. Rutland area 250-7653295, 250-860-5239

1BD+DEN EXEC at Southwind, walk to beach, pet, highend furnishings. $1450 incl heat/ac. Jack, 250-868-9144 1BD exec, NS, NP, 5appl, WD, pool, $850. 1-800-8655769 ext 14, 604-576-9390

2BDRM 1 bath 4 appl.window blinds + carport NP $975 + utils avail. Aug 1 (250)8608583 or 250-470-9295 OLD Glenmore. 3bdr, 2ba, FP, ensuite lndry, near amens, 15-Sep 1.$1250 250-763-7869

EXPLORE in style! 2010 towables & motorhomes for rent from just $582/wk! Call Kelowna Truck & RV today @ 250-769-1000.


Rooms for Rent 1 FURN’D. Rm. DT area, cbl. & w/d, quiet, monthly avail. immed. 250-862-9223 CLEAN furn’d rms, DT near bus/amens. WD. Quiet male or student. $475+. 250-861-5757 FURN’D ROOM for clean, mature, N/S student, working person. Near KLO Campus. Refs & DD req. 250-762-5122. KLO College area- walking distance. 1 bdrm, on bus route. Avail Sept 1st. $600/mo. 250-860-1566. LRG furn’d bsmt room avail in seniors home. NS, NP, ND. Clean & quiet, Rutland. $500mo+DD. 250-491-1075 MODERN Furn’d. bdrm. all cbl/utils. incl’d., $450mo. Also small trailer, $450/mo. Call 250-861-8907,250-317-2546 ROOMS for rent: Sept 1. $550ea. own bth, incl cable, int. Call 250-681-5777 SENIORS Home Sharing. Furnished rooms. All utils. included, shared bath + kit $450. 877-803-7168 UBCO area. New quiet home, female students. furnished rooms, share kit/laundry/bath need car 250-491-8177 or 250-215-1073

RV Pads $400/mo. RV Spot, Holiday Park, Winfield BC, for 5th wheel/motorhome. Max 40’ Near pool, hottubs. Electricity & cbl extra. Sept 1/’10 - March 31/’11. 250-819-1335 or email:


Seasonal Acommodation 2800 Sq. ft. House with 3 bdrms, 1 bonus room (sleeps 8) Backs onto park,1 block to beaches, golf, Mission Creek Greenway $1950 per week, $485 per night 250-764-6135

Shared Accommodation CLEAN Roommate wanted NS, ND, ND, NP. $490/mth (250)860-8106, 250-718-1621 FURN’D bdrm for rent. own bth & lvingrm, cble, int, utils incl, share kitchen & lndry. $500. Suit student, near bus stop. Non smoking & non partying, quiet home. Rosella 250-491-4296 MALE with Dog to Share Bsmt. Suite in Coldstream, pool use, deck, pets ok, prkg, huge yard.$600/mth. cable/int. utils. incl. W/D :250-938-8886 SEPT 1. Downtown, lrg bdrm, share house, someone quiet & respon.$500. 250-470-1179

Storage BOAT & RV STORAGE Large indoor facility, secure & dry, best rates anywhere, drive a little- save alot. Valet service avail. (250)558-3797

Suites, Lower 1000’ RENOVATED basement suite, cultural district, no pets. Quiet tenant/couple. $850 plus utilities 250-763-8873 Wendy 1BD Bachelor suite for rent, $900 suite is new, c/w 5appl, utils incl, located on Boucherie Rd, West Kelowna, close to bus, sep ent., must be nonsmoking, NP, NP, responsible & clean. Male wrking/stdt pref. Call 250-469-2230 1BD Blk Mnt on acreage, sep ent., carport, 4appl, AC, utils incl, NP, NS. Pref older person. $850+DD. Sept 1. 250765-9083 1BD bsmt suite in L. Mission, near new cond., suitable for responsible sngl. $800. Sept 1st. NP, NS. 250-764-9600 1BDRM, 1BATH in Magic Estates. F/S, W/D, A/C, $850/m incl util, cable & internet. NS, cat ok 250-215-0162, 250862-2317

FOR RENT: Suite at Lake Country Manor (an independent living seniors community) Monthly rent incl. three meals/day, wkly house keeping & linen laundering, banking, 24 hr emerg. response system, util., cable, rec/fitness and social activities. Enjoy a lifestyle that provides independence and freedom with the comfort and security of a homelike environment. Please call 250-766-3007

Lake Country Manor -

“A Nice Place to Call Home”

Glenmore 1bdrm bright gr.level sep. ent. / lndry. Utils, internet incl. NS NP 1yr lease Avail Sept 1 $675 250-470-2066 KIND, Healthy, Responsible, over 30. To share a 2bdrm. suite. NS. ND. $450/mth. incl. utils. 250-863-7863 RUTLAND. 2bd suite, NS, NP, avail Sept 1. $850+utils. 250765-3002, 250-863-5616 WINFIELD- bsmt suite, mature single working male, NS, NP. $525 util, cable incl. AVAIL NOW. Ref’s. 250-766-0886.

Suites, Upper 2Bdrm 1bath fr/st/dw/Wd/gas fp/close to bus & shopping. Ideal for students - UBCO $1150 includes utils Avail.NS NP. Sept 1 (250)769-4661 CAPRI area, main floor, 2 bdrms, np, $1200 incl. util., ref req. 1300 Belaire Ave. Call 250-718-9393 LRG 1bd view suite on acreage, pets ok, incl utils, Sat TV, $900. 250-764-8383

Townhouses 2BD, 1.5bth, 5appl, strg, grndlvl, patio, prk, Close Plaza 33, Sept 1. $1000. Also 2bd bsmt, Rutland. $950. 250-863-1636 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Want to Rent Reliable Working Gent.60 for cottage or cabin Ref’s ND NScat John 250-826-2837 WORKING gentleman looking for cottage/ cabin in Lake Country area. NS, Ndrinking, NP. 250-833-4963

Antiques / Classics 1955 Chevy p/u Collector plates, 350 auto, $15,500 obo. (250)558-8822

Auto Accessories/Parts

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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

Arrow Canopy for a F350 2004 Short Box, Tinted windows & Rear window. Excellent cond. $750. 250-868-5159 LYLE’’S TOWING Free removal of unwanted vehicles. Pay up to $1000 for good vehicles. Lots of used parts for sale. 765-8537

Auto Financing

Cars - Domestic


Quality Autos 491-9334 Leathead Road

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cars - Sports & Imports 2003 Corolla Sport 129k, $7900. 2004 Sienna 147k, $12,900. (250)309-1867 2007 Toyota Yaris 2dr HB 5spd $7475. 06 Toyota Matrix, 5spd, air, $9975, 07 Toyota Yaris 4dr Sedan, auto, air, p/w, p/l, $10,475. Government inspected rebuilt vehicles Lego Auto Sales, Vernon, 250-2604415

Motorcycles OUR CARS LAST! 1991 CHEV Corsica, auto, exc student car, good condition, $800. 250-765-5597. 1992 Park Avenue Buick V6PW, tilt, cruise, AC $1000 obo ph. 778-478-7816


3.4L, V6, auto, 4dr, FWD, a/c, pw, pl, antilock brakes, tinted windows, hwy kms, service records avail, VERY CLEAN! Exc cond. $2990 obo. 250-542-6655 Vernon 2002 Chevy Malibu LS excellent cond. newer tires/brakes AT AC pwr windows keyless entry $3900 obo 762-6068 2002 Olds Intrigue GX, pw, pd, pm, trunk & drivers seat, CD. $4700 obo. 250-764-5166. 2003 Kia Rio for sale, standard, 4cyl, excellent driving cond., good tires & body, $3300 obo. 250-470-8194 2003 Pontiac Sportsman, late model, many extras as roller $11,000 as turn key $15,000 or trade for equal value (250)549-7003 2006 Chrylser 300, fully loaded, anti lock brakes, auto with interchangeable auxiliary stand trans. RWD, $9000. (250)503-0672, 250-308-6598 WANTED- 2000-2004 Mazda 3 hatchback. Must be automatic and have power options. Looking only for car in excellent condition. 250-764-7654.

Cars - Sports & Imports 1981 MGB needs new home, replaced by a Porsche, 125k, new int. new top & trunk kit, no acc. $4000. 250-838-9771 2001 Nissan Altima $4300; 01 Nissan Frontier 4x4 P/U, towpkg, 6-cd, good tires, 220K, $9400 250-878-9413



Sales & Service

Helmets Accessories Parts

144A Old Vernon Rd 491-8570 2001 Yamaha XT 350. 9500kms. Extra super trap exhaust, $2800. Call 250-7658021 2007 YAMAHA V-Star 1300, exc cond, leather bags, windshield, belt drive, fuel ejections, c/w leather riding gear & storage cover. 250-862-3555. 2008 Honda CRF80 barely used, $2000 80km on bike. (250)549-7003 2009 Kawasaki Ninja 250, female driven, town commuted, riding gear (extra) $5000 obo. 2005 Suzuki Boulevard 800, female driven, access. incl. $5000 obo. 250-545-1562. $AVE E-SCOOTER $ALE *Brand New* E-Scooters $779 Kids Dirtbike/ATV Start@$299 Adult@$1499 Buggy,UTV,etc 1-866-203-0906/250-863-1123 BMW k1200GT Perfect Condition $11,999. 12k, 3 yrs Warranty Left. 250-859-1300

Off Road Vehicles 2001 Honda ATV, 4x4, winch, extras, $2800 obo or trade for SUV, Also Camper for sale $900(250)938-0098

2005 Bombardier 200 Rally ATV, auto, racks, 2WD, $1590. 250-549-3557

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Off Road Vehicles

Scrap Car Removal

Trucks & Vans

Adult Entertainment


SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $3.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

2006 Toyota Tacoma, 4x4, 6cyl, 6spd, air, loaded, 59k, red, $21,775. Government inspected vehicle, Lego Auto Sales. (250)260-4415, Vernon.

Sport Utility Vehicle

Utility Trailers

SENSITIVE & intimate. Serious pleasure with a personal touch. 250-762-2010. YOU have the desire, I have the fire. Sensuality at its best. 50+ & senior welcome. 9-9. Call Mia, 250-317-8043

1994 TOYOTA 4 RUNNER 4 cyl, 22R engine, 4 dr, 5spd, 188,000kms, gd tread left on tires. Work done in the last 18 months; new clutch, brake lines, timing chain, fuel pump, fuel filter (value over $3500). Rusty. $2600. Lorenzo 250860-5776 or 250-215-4049. 1997 Toyota RAV4 good cond in/out, new winter tires, $4950. 250-549-8075 1999 GMC Suburban 156,000km 5.7L V8 Auto 4 Wheel Drive Seats 8 Leather AC Tow Package. New Rear Diff & Transfer Case Great condition $10,500.00 Dave 250-765-9159 2002 Chevy Suburban Z71 w/tow package, a/c, leather & movie player $9,900. obo. 250-542-5032. AT A CLICK of a mouse, is your local source to over 300,000 businesses!

Commercial trailer flat deck w/sides & winch $4600 without winch $3800 250-549-2427.


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1975 Dodge Class C MH, everything works, good cond. low k’s, $5000. 250-549-8075 1987 24’ Travelaire Trailer, winter pkg, exc/cond, 1/2-ton towable, $5995.(250)545-5959 1991 H.R 26’. 5th Wheel penthouse. 5300 lbs. Mint cond. $5900.obo 250-460-0043 2000 EEE Empress 38 ft 330 Cat 72000K slide out raised rail $93,900 (250)769-4554 2002 Jayco 5th Wheel 28.5ft AC/Micr./ Queen bed. Lrg slide out & Bunk bed. Excellent cond.$10,000. 250-868-5159 2006 BEAVER Marquis 40 Pearl QSL Aladan Securty, Nav. Sys.,Convection Micro., W/D combo, 4 dr Fridge w/ ice maker, Full shower, Home Theater system w/ drop down 42’ LCD, VCR/DVD Combo in Bedroom w/ 20’ LCD. Like new Condition WAS $265,000 REDUCED $245,000. P 250-2587484 or 2009 MONTANA 3400RL 5TH WHEEL. 38FT.long. 4 sliders completely loaded pkg. with all the extras. highjacker auto slide hitch $58,000 call 250768-5186 or cell 250-718-5186 2009 Pioneer Spirit, 18CK, exc/cond, sleeps 6, 1/2-ton towable, lots of extra options, $13,900. (250)546-0533 Camp in Luxury! 2007 Jayco Eagle, 288RL trailer, bought new 2008, 14’ superslide, electric hitch, 2 t.v.’s, surround sound, dual water heater, like new cond. Must Sell $22,800. 250-540-7695

Scrap Car Removal AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Min $40 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 250-899-0460 FREE removal of unwanted & scrap cars. Call Paul Haul, 250-808-9593

Trucks & Vans 1981 Ford F350 1 ton flatdeck, runs good, $1200 obo. 1978 GMC Sierra classic, runs great, $550. 250-300-5689 1987 Silverado short box 4x4; engine is throttle body injected 350 with a mild cam and Edelbrock headers. It has a 700 R4 overdrive automatic tranny. Sits on 36 x 12.5 tires. Truck comes with extra parts such as larger throttle body, spare rims, rollbar, etc. Was $3,900; now $2,500 or best offer. Phone 250-768-3072 to view. Glenrosa 1989 TOYOTA 4X4 PICKUP V6, 5spd, short box, reg cab, 342,000kms. Comes with canopy. Rusty. New clutch at 320,000. New power steering pump. New radiator. Fun, reliable little truck. $1700. Call Lorenzo 250-860-5776 or 250-215-4049 1992 GMC Tracker, 5-spd, fuel injected, removable hardtop, 128K, 4x4, runs well, $2850. (250)547-8993 2000 Dodge Dakota 4dr, V6, 4WD, $4,995, (250)351-0355 2003 Dodge Dakota, 4x4, s-box, red, ext-cab, full bench seat, 133,400kms, Asking $11,995obo (250)549-2185 2004 F350 Lariat Deisel Crewcab. Serviced reg. @ Ford Dealership. Comes with 5th wheel Hitch & tool box $20,000. 250-868-5159 2005 F250 SD, XLT, ext. cab, 4x4, diesel, auto, L/B, 200k $13,900 obo 250-503-4504

Boat Rentals LAKESIDE BOAT RENTALS Why buy when you can rent? Rent 19’ Bowriders, serving the Okanagan Valley. Book Your Boat Now! 250-307-7368

Boats Paluski touring single rowing scull: length 19’6”, width 20”, weight 65 lbs, green top, white bottom, complete with oars, sliding seat & rigging. Great recreational boat, wider & more stable than racing scull. In great shape. $1,800. Call 250-550-7353 for more info. 2006 25 foot Malibu Wakesetter 24 7 LSV $54,900. 250859-1300 27” Formula 272SL-1 2 twin Merc cruiser 454 excellent cond. including trailer & moorage $ 33,900 (250)764-0900 End of Season Boat Sale $11,500.00, 1996 Regal 17.6 Bow Rider 4.3/200hp Volvo Penta IO. Custom Trailering Top along with Sun Top. Complete with Yacht Club Trailer. Stored Indoors during winter months. Contact Dave at Valley Marine 250-549-2628 Railroad, Control, Gear Box, Winch, Rail Car 80’ Cable. $1000 250-768-2695 REDLINE Marine Mobile Services. 250-869-7091 Tiger Tournament Boat, model FSL2002, low hrs, exc/cond $13,500 (250)549-1703

Adult Entertainment

GORGEOUS, TONED, SLIM, 24YR OLD BLONDE MODEL Natural 34C, 24/34. Erotic massage, stags, fetish, dom & more. Extremely attentive. Sexy & friendly. Indy In/out full service call. Ladystarr 250-864-8264 RU HOT n’ready? Then come play with me & have a taste of this sweetest treat. 250-3174315 West Kelowna

Escorts 1 and only Garden of Eden. Voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction. Open 24/7 for in/out calls. Kelowna’s largest & best selections since 1998. MC/ Visa/Amex accpt’d. GFE avail. 250-868-9439 Now Hiring. 1ST Class Mystique Escorts. Gorgeous Ladies & Men of all ages to suit every need. 24/7 out calls. Quick arrival time reasonable rates. 860-6778 (Kelowna), (250) 558-5500 (Vernon). NOW HIRING. #1 VOTED DAISY DUKE’S ESCORTS Now open 24 hrs! Kelowna’s Elite Agency New location coming soon. 250-448-8854 ALL Pro Escorts. Female & Male Escorts & Strippers. 24hr fast & friendly service. Cash/Visa/MC. Always hiring. Penticton:250-487-2334 Kelowna:250-860-7738 Vernon:250-542-8448 Salmon Arm:250-832-6922 or ALYSSA 35Yrs Former Feature Exotic Entertainer /men’s model/adult film star available to pamper you 24/7. 34C/25/32 250-317-2544 BEAUTIFUL black girl, 23, in/out. 250-826-5534 Brunette Beauty 23yr old petite curvy, long wavy hair. 5’5”. 120lbs Eager to please. Discreet in/out calls. 250681-8369 EXXXOTIC Island Beauty, 24yrs, 5’4, 34C24-36. Long hair, flawless skin. Super friendly & fun. Fetishes, fantasy, roll play, private dancer, etc. Precious 250-859-9584. MALE 4 Male Erotic Massage, $95. Winfield, 9-9 Daily 250766-2048 MMM JEWEL! Calendar girl easygoing, sensual, pretty, & sweet. Call me 250-491-0965 SERENA, Sexy, Exotic Eastern Beauty. I Will please you in ways you could only imagine. Independent. 863-5783 SEXY, 40 DD, 28/32 brown eyed brunette. Sexy & Sweet, Discreet. Enjoys couples & dom, GFE. Kelly 765-1098. SOMER...Sinsation for a dependable, independant, encounter call 250-859-9426 . The Ultimate GFE Service for the Discerning Gentleman call Lydia 250-448-2894

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


CUISINE from Jude’s kitchen play with your food I think summer is one of those times we should be able to play with our food, despite what Mom says. There’s lots of opportunities for finger food, with fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance, and they are often excellent for taking on picnics and hikes, even if it’s just in the backyard. Food always tastes better outside, and kids just love a picnic of fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s a good way to add some nutritional snacks to their daily diet. Perhaps they could even help you prepare the food and arrange it on a platter. And then there’s melon carving. It’s the ultimate in edible centrepieces, and also fun to play with. I had to share this terrific idea with you now that fresh, local watermelons are available at markets. In a Jude’s Kitchen column many years ago, I described how to make a watermelon “basket” to fill with fresh fruit salad for a centrepiece to be eaten at the end of the meal. This is a companion idea to that one, and it looks like it would be great fun to involve the kids in. With so much fresh fruit around at this time of year, dessert can be really good for you, and it can be very easy to whip up a flavourful sauce for ice cream, angel food cake, yogurt or waffles. Simply combine about three cups of fresh fruit, chopped if it’s larger, a couple of teaspoonfuls of cornstarch and a spoonful or so of sugar, in a pot over low heat on the stove. Stir and bring it all to bubbling, stirring constantly for a few minutes while it thickens and becomes translucent. It’s an excellent way to serve all sorts of fresh berries or cherries, apricots, peaches or plums. If you have enjoyed this column over the past dozen years or so, perhaps you’d like to reserve a copy of my book, which is being published this fall by the Okanagan Institute. To ensure there’ll be a copy for you, go to my website and have one set aside for you: CONTRIBUTED

Watermelon Hedgehog Edible Centrepiece Inspired by a Georgia pair and shared with us by the National Watermelon Promotion Board, this is more instructions than an actual recipe, but the end result is the same: food for the eyes as well as the tummy. Note that watermelon is a great hydrator, is lowfat and cholesterol-free. It also contains several vitamins, an important amino acid and an antioxidant. Besides all that, they're delicious. 1 seedless watermelon 3 blueberries cutting board large kitchen knife paring knife green dry-erase marker toothpicks Read through all the directions before beginning. Wash the watermelon and pat dry. Place the watermelon on its side and cut

a quarter-inch off the light yellow spot on the bottom where it sat on the ground, so it sits flat. Be careful not to cut too deep into the white part of the rind or the liquid might leak from the bottom of your carving and make a mess. Set the watermelon so that its stem will be the nose. Find a point about a quarter along the length of the melon and use the dry-erase marker to begin at that point and draw vertical lines half way down both sides of the watermelon. Then, from both those vertical lines, draw a horizontal line straight to the back of the watermelon. If you are happy with your proportion, cut along the lines with a large knife. Remove this whole portion and set aside. Next, begin to remove the watermelon flesh, but make sure you leave each piece you remove in large pieces, so it will be easier for making cubes with which to fill the cavity.

Use a large metal spoon and a paring knife to remove the flesh from both pieces of the watermelon. Cut the flesh into bite-sized cubes and let drain in a colander. Wipe off the guidelines from the marker. To simulate the hedgehog’s coarse fur, use a small, sharp knife to make many small cuts to the edges of the head and body, as in the photo. Make the cuts small, irregular, angled and curved, almost like the flames of a fire. From the removed rind, cut a strip 1 3/4 inches wide from the flat end, which will give you a slightly rounded strip. Cut a triangle from the centre of the strip to make the nose. To attach the nose, place toothpicks just above the stem, on both sides, then slide the base of the nose over the other end of the toothpicks, outer side up. You may need another toothpick to secure it. Put a toothpick in the tip of the nose and

stick a blueberry on the end. Cut four equal-sized rectangles for the feet from the removed rind. Trim the backs of the rectangles thinner than the front and then make two cuts on the front of each piece to create a point, making the shape of a paw. Attach them with toothpicks to the bottom edges of the hedgehog as in the photo. To make the ears, draw two curves triangles that come to a point into the edges of the face area where desired. Use your finger to gently push out the cut shape from the inside until it’s only slightly protruding. Be careful not to crack or break the rind. For eyes, use toothpicks to attach blueberries on either side of the nose. Inside the hedgehog place the drained watermelon cubes. Stick toothpicks into the cubes at the top to simulate his spiky fur. Set in the centre of your buffet table for eating at the end of the meal.

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PEACHLAND FIREFIGHTERS work on extinguishing a truck trailer fire on the Okanagan Connector, Thursday afternoon. The semi was reported on fire around 3:15 p.m. near the tourist centre above Peachland. The east-bound traffic lanes were blocked for a period of time. The RCMP said the brakes on the trailer locked up as it came down the Brenda Mine hill, starting a fire underneath the trailer. The trailer was entirely engulfed by fire at 3:19 p.m. The truckt was reported to have been carrying a load of steel. The driver of the truck was able to disconnect the tractor unit from the trailer, saving it from being destroyed. Peachland fire department was first to be called to deal with the fire, but had to wait until Forestry offcials approved their attending the scene as the location was outside the department’s jurisdiction. That approval came within five minutes of the call and the Peachland department responded. DAVE PRESTON/CONTRIBUTOR


West Kelowna to build 3 sidewalks, possibly 3 more Dave Preston CONTRIBUTOR

Sidewalks, more specifically the lack of them, is one of West Kelowna council’s favourite subjects, according to Mayor Doug Findlater. And council got a glimpse Tuesday at the district’s 2010 Sidewalk Plan. “Everybody wants a sidewalk,” said Coun. Bryden Winsby. The plan for sidewalks to be added this year is small but was directly influenced by public

input, according to Rob Mueller, engineering manager. A road rehabilitation plan has been recently tendered by the district and included with it is the 2010 Sidewalk Plan. Just $250,000 was budgeted for new sidewalks this year. Mueller noted $81,000 was left over from 2009 road construction, allowing for more sidewalk work to be done this year. One of the most important projects this year will be the installation of a sidewalk and handrail



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Immaculate W/O rancher in Smith Creek with unobstructed lakeviews! This bright 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 3200 sq.ft., 5 year old home with lake and valley views shines with new granite, hardwood floors, new tile, large walk-in closet, two gas fireplaces, C/A, S/S appliances (6), furnished media room, hot tub, r/i vacuum. This home must be seen! MLS®10009455




along the Powers Creek crossing next to Lower Glenrosa Road. In total, 165 metres of concrete sidewalk will be added at an estimated cost of $87,000. Next on the list is 185 metres of sidewalk installation on Ingram Road, from Elliot to Brown. Mueller said the Ingram Road project will assist the high population of elderly residents in the area and give school kids a safer way to get to George Pringle Elementary School. The last of three projects to go to tender is 850 metres of asphalt widening along Parkinson

Road, from Westlake to Pettman. “We received several requests from residents to do asphalt widening,” said Mueller. “It will allow kids to go to school more safely.” Mueller said staff has prepared a list of optional sidewalk upgrades that could be done this year, if tenders come in at a lower price. They include two more sidewalk projects on Ingram Road and 220 metres of asphalt widening on Ogden Road, from Boucherie to Ourtoland.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Contentious houseboats now moored near Kalamoir Park Dave Preston CONTRIBUTOR


WHILE THREE GELLATLY BAY houseboats have moved to a bay off Kalamoir Regional Park, two other houseboats (including the houseboat pictured here) are moored one kilometre north of the park, just off Campbell Road.

The Gellatly Bay houseboats that raised the ire of some West Kelowna residents because they were an eyesore and represented squatting, are gone from the bay, but not from West Kelowna. Three of the last remaining houseboats chugged out of the bay last weekend, as per orders from the District of West Kelowna, but they only managed to move a few kilometres away. Now they’re parked in the bay near Kalamoir Regional Park. Same problem, different location. Kirsten Jones, district communications coordinator, said officials were hoping the remaining Gellatly houseboats would find appropriate moorage, which doesn’t include in front of the Casa Loma area. The district contends that the houseboats are in non-compliance with the municipality’s water zone and that their owners

know they are in noncompliance. Casa Loma residents and the Casa Loma Neighbourhood Association have let the district know they aren’t happy that the Gellatly Bay problem simply shifted to their neck of West Kelowna. Two other houseboats departed Gellatly Bay Tuesday. Left was one flatbed boat whose owner was arranging to have it hauled away on a truck trailer. The district has extended its deadline for removal of houseboats from the waters bordering West Kelowna several times and finally had enough this past week. Barry Williamson, lawyer for the district, was in B.C. Supreme Court Wednesday asking for an injunction hearing. Williamson was seeking a court order to remove or relocate the three houseboats that moved from Gellatly Bay to the bay off Kalamoir Regional Park. Williamson was unsuccessful in getting a short date for a hearing.


West Kelowna policy could mean higher facility user fees Dave Preston CONTRIBUTOR

Royal LePage Place users and those who use other facilities could face higher fees in the future now that West Kelowna council has adopted a new cost recovery philosophy. Council previously asked staff to take a look at how fees and charges for municipal facilities are calculated. Jim Zaffino, director of finance, reported to council Tuesday and recommended changes to the way groups and organizations are charged. Previously, according to Zaffino, the district’s philosophy of program fees involved: • Subsidizing some programs to provide recreational opportunities for low income individuals and families; • Charging a premium for specific programs to

help subsidize other programs; • Recovering costs, but only direct costs. The result of the current system is that municipal programs and arena rentals make up just 41 per cent of the costs, while 59 per cent is paid through taxes. If Johnson-Bentley Pool is included in the calculations, the numbers change to 34 per cent covered by user fees and 66 per cent by taxes. Zaffino proposed a new cost recovery model to council that would increase user fees, while maintaining a realistic price schedule and reducing tax subsidization. “All municipalities subsidize recreation and culture programs to a degree,” said Zaffino. The proposed model would entail a major change, according to Zaffino. Unlike the current situation, in the future the district would charge program fees that will include staff time, admin-

istration costs and facility costs. Singled out as an example, Zaffino explained that users of Royal LePage Place “Are getting a deal right now.” Zaffino submitted a report to council that includes four cost recovery goals where fees charged to groups should be set in order to recover a known percentage of actual costs: 1. Arena fees charged to youth should recover 37 per cent of costs. 2. Arena fees charged to adults should recover 63 per cent of costs. 3. Program fees charged to youth should recover 90 per cent of costs. 4. Program fees charged to adults should recover 100 per cent of costs. Using the new fees and charges philosophy, the district’s finance and recreation and culture departments will forward new pricing to council

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for approval. “In setting prices, staff will balance the goals of program availability and affordability within the constraints of budget allocations, market economics and cost recovery goals,” Zaffino wrote in his report. Coun. Rosalind Neis said council has a responsibility to be financially responsible for district assets. Some groups receive subsidized rates to use Royal LePage Place and Neis asked if another group came along that wanted to pay full price, would the subsidized group understand and give up their time slot. “It’s hard to move a Warrior’s game during playoffs,” said Marnie Manders, director of administration. Manders said it is possible, on a one-off citSee User fees C4


Reservations 250-768-3133

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Sunday, August 22, 2010


Getting a professional’s assistance just makes sense W ‘‘

hy do you need to hire a lawyer to get a fair settlement from ICBC? I’ve been advising people for years that it’s good corporate policy. Most people, when faced with the reality that hiring a lawyer means giving up one-third of their claim, will settle directly with ICBC. So, how could it possibly make financial sense to involve a lawyer? What magic; what spell could a lawyer cast on the insurance company to cause the offer to increase enough to justify paying one third of the claim to the lawyer? What brilliant mastery of negotiation could bring about such results? It has nothing to do with negotiation. It has nothing to do with brilliance. The insurance com-


Paul Hergott pany has standard, low ball, offers. A claims adjuster will make the standard, low ball offer with a straight face, after working to gain the trust of the claimant. They have a leg up in gaining that trust because they are an arm of the provincial government. Threatening to hire a lawyer will get you nowhere. A large number of claimants will make that threat. The insurance company knows that only a small number will actually carry through. Claim after claim gets

settled without the insurance company paying anything in legal defence costs, for a fraction of what the claim is worth. Cha-ching; cha-ching; cha-ching. I keep statistics so that I can prove my point. Before I let ICBC know that I’m involved on a file, I ask my clients to go to the claims adjuster to get their last, best offer. I record that number so that I can compare it with the end result. In absolutely every case, the injured victim has ended up with more in his or her pocket, after paying one-third of the claim to me in fees, than ICBC’s last, best offer. In most cases the result in my client’s pocket is some multiple of that last, best offer. I want to be very clear that my results are not special. Any competent personal injury law-


yer would have the same results. The clearest illustration of my point came to pass over this past week. The stage was set a few months ago when a local health care professional consulted me about her claim, being clear that she didn’t want a long, drawn out affair. I met with her at the Pheasant & Quail Pub one evening before a choir practice, and got up to speed

on her case. The claims adjuster had offered her $15,000. She wanted a number to take back to the claims adjuster. I gave her one, lower than what I thought her claim was worth to account for the fact that she would be avoiding my one-third contingency fee. It was $40,000. As I expected, the adjuster didn’t budge and I was hired. As always happens

when I am hired, the file was allocated to a litigation adjuster. She called me up last week to discuss the file. She stopped me when I started talking high claim values and told me about the note in the file that my client had been told by a lawyer to ask for $40,000. I told her about my meeting at the Pheasant & Quail, that the $40,000 number was a quick and dirty settlement suggestion with no legal fees. I don’t know what came over me, but I told her that I wouldn’t take any fees for my services if she was able to bring an offer at that $40,000 figure. She made the offer within 25 minutes, and the file settled. Perhaps I should have made ICBC pay for their low-ball settlement position of $15,000. Perhaps I should have worked up

the file to end up at the $60,000 or so figure it would have gotten to. I rationalized my decision on the basis that I had really done very little on the file, and I’d be saving my client a couple years of putting up with me before ending up with approximately the same result. The thing is, I also saved ICBC tens of thousands of dollars in the settlement and legal expense. It was bittersweet, but it was a victory for justice that proved, yet again, the way ICBC works. This column is intended to provide general information about injury claims. It is not a substitute for retaining a lawyer to provide legal advice. Paul Hergott is a lawyer at Hergott Law in West Kelowna.



Hudson Road to be closed most of Monday Subsidized Hudson Road, from Highway 97 to Boucherie Road, will be closed Monday, Aug. 23 for paving. The work is part of the Hudson Road Sanitary Sewer Project. Hudson Road will be closed to all but local traffic from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The road will reopen to all traffic when paving is complete. Detour signs will be placed directing motorists to alternate accesses into the neighbourhood. For the safety of the public and construction crews, drivers are asked to obey all traffic

control signs and personnel. The public’s cooperation and patience through the construction period is appreciated. For more information on the Hudson Road Sanitary Sewer Project visit West Kelowna’s website at

Tweddle Creek fire gathers momentum Steve Arstad CONTRIBUTOR

The B.C. Forest Service continues its action on the Tweddle Creek fire, using helicopters and ground crews in an attempt to steer the fire towards more favourable ground. Airtankers attacked the fire Thursday and laid fire retardant in order to slow its rate of

spread towards the Ashnola area. The fire is not threatening any structures or communities but is still growing was moving southwest away from Keremeos on Thursday. It is highly visible from Highway 3. Stakeholders with concerns in the fire area are being kept apprised of the situation. Additional information is available

from the Kamloops Fire Centre at 250-554-5500. On Thursday the perimeter of the fire was mapped and its size estimated at 252 hectares, though not all of it active. This area includes rock that is not burning. Given the terrain the fire centre has found it extremely difficult to map the exact size of the burn area. On Thursday evening,

fire activity increased with the winds and the direction shifted in a more easterly direction, increasing the possibility of it affecting buildings. A stakeholders meeting was scheduled for Friday afternoon. Several residents were being assisted in fire protection efforts by forestry crew members. This fire was caused

by lightning. Resources used to date are nine firefighters and two helicopters. Due to inoperable ground because of steep and unstable slopes, the BCFS has implemented a fire analysis strategy and a fire behaviour analyst was in the area to assist with further fire behaviour predictions. —Keremeos Review

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groups could get bumped User Fees from C3 ation, that a group would give up a time slot for another group. Neis said subsidized groups should be told that, if another group comes along that is willing to pay full price, that the expectation is that the non-subsidized group would take precedent, “in order to create financial viability for our community.” CAO Jason Johnson said that would require a change in council policy. “That’s a political decision of council.” “We have pre-empted groups a number of times over the last few years,” Mayor Doug Findlater reminded council. Coun. Duane Ophus said he is looking forward to a future report from staff that will show just how much different groups are subsidized. “We have no idea at this time if we are sub-

sidizing minor hockey, as an example, beyond what we’re comfortable with,” said Ophus. “How far down to you take it for fees?” asked Coun. Carol Zanon. “Do we really want to be charging fees for a neighbourhood function when people feel they have already paid for that park already?” Zaffino responded that, “Parks aren’t there to make money,” but there is an administrative cost for staff time in booking a park for an event that should be recovered. Johnson said a business plan for Royal LePage Place is due in September and it will discuss subsidies at that facility. Council accepted Zaffino’s recommendation unanimously. Staff will prepare a report in the future as to how the new fees and charges philosophy will impact user groups.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Council worries about traffic for Mission Hill development Parking space estimates range from 200 to 400. Dave Preston CONTRIBUTOR

A sizeable development addition to Mission Hill Family Estate Winery was finally before West Kelowna council Tuesday and parking and traffic issues were top of mind for elected officials. Mission Hill is proposing a substantial development next to its winery operation and staff brought forward a proposal for council to give first reading to zoning bylaw and Official Community Plan amendments. The development is proposed for seven parcels of land on the corner of Mission Hill Road and Ridge Boulevard. The proponent is looking for an OCP amendment to allow for tourist commercial and rezoning to a new comprehensive development (CD) zone.

Proposed is a long list of new amenities for the winery operation, including an auberge (boutique hotel) of up to 120 units, up to 37 guest cottages, conference centre and restaurant. Also included in the proposal is an art gallery, wine museum, artists-inresidence studios, a wellness centre and a gatehouse with residential living units. In presenting the proposal to council, district staff noted that existing zoning would allow for 35 per cent of the properties to be covered with structures, while the proposed CD zone allows for 15 per cent coverage. Existing zoning would also allow for 79,000-square-metres of gross floor area; the CD zone would allow for 36,500 square metres. The CD zone will include stipulations for cantilevered buildings, maximum floor areas, maximum number of units, maximum build heights, setbacks, site coverage requirements, fencing, land-

scaping and form and character details, according to staff. Mission Hill has proposed a cash-in-lieu contribution of $450,000 for offsite traffic calming measures on Mission Hill Road, Ridge Boulevard and at the intersection of Mission Hill Road and Boucherie Road, according to staff. The proponent has looked at two possible routes for a new road up to the site of the proposed development, but staff said both routes included very steep grades and would involve excessive amounts of cut and fill to create them as well as large retaining walls. The public has raised concern in the past that additional traffic in the residential area of Mission Hill, according to Nancy Henderson, director of planning. “The roads are certainly built to handle the increased volumes,” said Henderson. “It’s a commercial development smack dab in

the middle of a residential area,” said Coun. Bryden Winsby. Regardless that Mission Hill Drive is designated as a collector route, local residents “don’t want a collector route,” said Winsby. A number of council members raised concerns that the current proposal does not contain enough additional parking spaces. Coun. Carol Zanon noted there are 208 parking stalls on-site now and 376 are proposed upon completion of construction. That means an additional 168 parking stalls would be added. Staff noted that, under regional district regulations, a minimum of 200 parking stalls should be added for the size of the development, while the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure would like to see 400. “We have an art gallery. We have a conference centre. We have a large restaurant,” said Zanon. “I’d like to see something more scientific about what

is the range for acceptable parking. Mission Hill has proposed that they will undertake transportation demand management to help coordinate trips to the development and limit the number of vehicles that will need to be parked. Henderson noted that at previous public information meetings about the development, local residents were not concerned if on-street parking happened a couple of times a year during major events, but they wouldn’t want to see it happen all the time. Council decided to give first reading to OCP and zoning bylaw amendments. Staff will now work on finalizing details of community amenity contributions and hammer out phasing and servicing agreements with the developer. A phased development agreement will be brought to council with an associated bylaw in the future. Once it is on its way, the OCP and zoning bylaw amendments will be

Cool Ca$h up to

*extended until August 31, 2010



back to council for second reading. If that passes, the development will go to a

public hearing before going back to council for final consideration.

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AXLE a four month old Rottweiler pup, plays with his favourite ball on a hot summer day at lake side.

Groups divided over spawning salmon numbers Steve Kidd CONTRIBUTOR

How many sockeye is enough? Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one question there seems to be a lot

of answers to. Les Jantz, area chief of resources for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, said that based on the estimated 250,000

Okanagan sockeye coming over the Wells Dam, there are plenty of fish to allow a recreation fishery on Osoyoos Lake. According to the

DFO, the target is to get 40,000 of the salmon back to the spawning beds. As the numbers climb higher than that, it triggers a series of fisheries; at 60,000


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it opens the run up to the first priority, a full 10 per cent harvest by the Okanagan Nation for food, social and ceremonial purposes. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Once we get to a point where the Wells Dam count exceeds 80,000 sockeye, that triggers discussions and potential planned fisheries for both economic and recreation purposes,â&#x20AC;? said Jantz, adding that despite statements to the contrary from the Okanagan Nation Alliance, they were consulted at a meeting in

July. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Again, we were told pretty adamantly that they were not supportive of the recreational fishery. We took away their concerns, had a look at the information we had availableâ&#x20AC;Ś internally we had discussions and decided that we would proceed with a fairly modest fishery,â&#x20AC;? said Jantz. Sports fishers like Bob Otway, who represents the Okanagan on the Sports Fishing Advisory Council with the DFO, had the idea the number

of spawners needed was much lower. â&#x20AC;&#x153;There really isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t anywhere for them to spawn, so you might need maybe 10,000, maybe 5,000 fishâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;so you have a surplus of 100,000 fish,â&#x20AC;? he said, referring to the run estimates that placed the 2010 Okanagan sockeye run at about 140,000. Otwayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s comments came before Richard Bussanich, an aquaculture specialist with the Okanagan Nation AlliSee Salmon C9



Our Bank Will Come to You!

,AURA"ROWN -obile Mortgage Specialist 4EL   )&AX    EMAILLAURABROWN TDCOM

Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news C7


South Okanagan is Wells Dam count is ready for kindergarten usual predictor of spawn count CONTRIBUTOR

The Okanagan Skaha School District, covering Penticton and area, isn’t expecting any problems with the start of fullday kindergarten at six of the district’s elementary schools September will mark the start of the phased rollout of full-day kindergarten, implemented at six schools this year before being brought in at the remaining area elementary schools with the start of the 2011 school year. “We identified the six schools early in the process,” said school superintendent Wendy Hyer, who explains that kindergarten teachers went through an orientation process in May and June to acquaint them with the changes. “A full day is a lot different from a half day. In May we actually had a one-day kindergarten session on what does fullday kindergarten look like, what’s the focus,” she said. “Full-day kindergarten is purposeful play, it’s not meant to be miniGrade 1.” That one day session was followed by a repeat in June to make sure the teachers were comfortable with the idea and knew what was expected of them. Hyer explained the full day is meant to provide more time to meet the learning outcomes of the kindergarten program, giving teachers extra time with the kids to accomplish the goals set out. “They haven’t expanded the learning outcomes, it’s really called a gift of time,” said Hyer. During the first year, Hyer continued, they plan to get the teachers from the six schools together on a regular basis. “We’ll get them together once every couple of months and talk about successes and challenges, and networking around who is doing what, what is working well and how we can continue to support the implantation of the program,” she said. “The whole focus of early learning is learning through creative play. It’s really around exposing children to social and emotional development, how to interact with other children, physical development, are they out-

side playing, developing motor skills, learning how to use scissors or colouring books, all those little physical skills that help them get ready for school.” Another big part of the program is oral language skills, which Hyer said doesn’t mean reading, but speaking and developing a vocabulary as a precursor to being able to learn to read. “So the focus of early learning is being able to expose kids to those types of activities so they develop the skills they need when they enter into Grade 1,” she said. Hyer said she is getting mixed reactions from parents—some want their children in the full-day program, though their school isn’t offering it yet, while others whose children are going into full-

day kindergarten are not as keen about it. “It has been a bit of a mix, but not a lot of feedback from parents to me,” she said, adding that the big concern seems to be how the children will adapt to a full day. But the experience at Giant’s Head Elementary, which already offers a full-day program three days a week, shows that the kids adapt well and like being there. “They’re quite resilient actually,” Hyer said. “It just becomes a question of structuring the day to make sure there is a good balance of things, to make sure there is free play, focused play, and having snack time and play time outside and those sorts of things,” she said. —Penticton Western

Salmon from C8 ance, sent out an e-mail to stakeholder groups, trying to set the record straight on the numbers of fish needed and the challenges of managing the run. “Our habitat-based escapement goals tell us that we can put 80,000 fish on the spawning grounds, so that this population sustains itself,” said Bussanich, explaining the difficulties of trying to manage the uncertainty of how many fish actually make it to the spawning grounds. “We don’t have definitive answers, so by pulling big triggers like introducing a management regime on this experiment could make it even more challenging to address some of the things we’re trying to do,” he said. Of those 250,000 fish that pass Wells Dam, Bussanich continued, a

percentage will be spawning in the Wenatchee River and then, of the percentage that continue to the Okanagan, another portion will be lost to a variety of causes. Historically, the Wells Dam count has been used to predict how many fish would make it to the spawning grounds. Bussanich said this has been accurate in the past, but last year the predictions weren’t as accurate as usual. “We’re not sure why, we had a discrepancy— it was lower,” he said, explaining that only a fraction of that run made it to the spawning grounds. They’re not sure why, but Bussanich said there might have been several causes, including harvesting in the U.S. “Or did they end up in Osoyoos Lake and get cooked because the water

temperatures were too high?” asked Bussanich. “There is this uncertainty built in.” Bussanich said they need to answer questions regarding harvesting rates and how many sockeye are being lost to other factors, like too-warm water in Osoyoos Lake. Sports fishers have also been saying that if there are enough salmon for a commercial fishery, there are enough for a recreational one. However, Bussanich explains that there is a misunderstanding about that as well. “The use of the term commercial is a misnomer—the message that is getting out there is the wrong one. This is a demonstration fishery, a pilot project that was developed this year,” he said. That was to test gear types for selective harvesting, storage and transportation

units as well as testing the market for fresh caught salmon. “The proposal reads that we have to prove to fisheries in Canada and other agencies that we can track product and maintain temperature controls for a safe fish product. If there were any sales, to provide sales receipts and documents,” he said, adding that to date, including the 80 fish distributed from last year’s demo fishery, they have not received any sales receipts. “This year too there was no exchange of funds. The fish from last year and this year—and we did the same, 80 pieces— went to local restaurants,” said Bussanich. “To date there has been no sales, it’s been all marketing and samples.” —Pentiction Western

City locks up Ironman Canada for five years Kristi Patton CONTRIBUTOR

The agreement to secure the Ironman Canada Triathlon in Penticton for the next five years has been approved by city council. “(Ironman) is a huge stimulant for the community economically and we should never forget that, we should never al-

low it to leave our community,” said Coun. John Vassilaki. A year-to-year escalating “promotion fee” is to be paid out, with the first year at $30,000 rising to a $75,000 contribution for the fourth and fifth years. Penticton CAO Dennis Back said the money is being raised by the community, which the city has a “non-binding” agree-

ment with, to do so for all five years. In exchange for the promotion fee, the city will receive several benefits in return, including national television advertising spots on TSN, website advertising and promotion spots from Ironman Canada. Access to Ironman Canada’s 25,000name database is also included. Advertising can also be placed in the ath-

letes bags. The Penticton and Wine Country Tourism Advisory Council will be contributing $17,500 the first year. Back said the funds for the first year


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On Wed., September 22nd, have lunch delivered to your door. (for a minimum $20 donation).

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Order one of three ways:

CALL: 250-712-3921 EMAIL: ONLINE: (min. 5 lunches per delivery)

have been covered with the extra money to be rolled over to help fundraising for the second year promotion fee contribution set at $45,000. The city will be providing

$106,000 in-kind services, the same as they had provided in previous years. “Having Ironman here keeps businesses and restaurants busy longer,” said DPA’s Barb Haynes.






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Made to Order! Not all Thai food is spicy. We make

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C8 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Jiu-jitsu instructor says the martial arts can build confidence Mike Simmons STAFF REPORTER

Forty years after Randy Martin took up martial arts, he is helping Westside residents learn self-defense and life skills through jiu jitsu. Martin and Ronin Jiu-jitsu have been teaching classes for 12 years in the area. “I have guys that have started and gone all the way from beginner to black belt there.” What usually draws people to his jiu-jitsu classes is the desire to learn a martial art in a well-rounded form that offers practical applications. People take part in training also through an interest in Japanese history and culture, for personal or health reasons, or to boost their confidence level. “It’s not difficult to learn, but there are different ways that people do learn.” Martin said students come away with both physical and mental gains. Mentally, training gives people the ability to deal with situations with more confidence and read people in certain aspects. Students become more in tune with avoiding confrontation as well, he added.

The classes offer general fundamentals as on physical interaction. well as a little bit of advanced self-defence and Martin said learning jiu-jitsu involves avoidMartin said this can entail the smallest of things, ing physical confrontation, how to deal with unsuch as an understanding of situational aspects provoked violent attacks, and what to do afterlike ground conditions. wards. Martin pointed out some “There’s guidelines and steps forms of martial arts involve strictthat people follow.” ly stand-up punching and kickHe noted that once a physicing on a flat surface. But during al confrontation has been dealt IT’S NOT DIFFICULT winter, Okanagan residents can with, students should also examTO LEARN, BUT deal with rocky, snowy, slushy or ine what happens afterwards, THERE ARE muddy surfaces. He pointed out what are the laws and legalities DIFFERENT WAYS grappling arts have an advantage involved. in this situation since other arts reMartin said students can deTHAT PEOPLE DO quire a lot of distance from an opvelop an overall awareness of LEARN. ponent, which can be difficult in many different aspects of dealRandy Martin situations where footing is not ing with confrontation. The skills available. learned can help people coping Martin added that people do not with anger management in themwear traditional gis or karate outfits. In a prac- selves and prevent freezing in stressful situatical situation, people will encounter opponents tions. who are less clad in summer, or wearing thick Martin noted the skills acquired in jiu-jitsu layers of clothing in winter. He pointed out the practice help also in dealing with people in the area is home to a transient society which in- community aspect, defusing situations before volves a lot of people with different perspectives they become physical.


There are no prerequisites to embark on a course of jiu jitsu training, and Martin said the best people to teach are those who have never had any previous training. While learning, they are not trying to erase previous physical or mental habits. He noted that not everyone comes from a good situation stylistically, and just because a person gets to the black belt level or technical height in one martial art means they are eligible or should be teaching others. He added that sometimes students aren’t properly evaluated, or instructors themselves can be substandard. “There’s so many viable reasons as to why there can be bad habits.” Martin pointed out that classical Japanese jiujitsu encompasses many techniques involving life preservation and the protection of others. He added that karate, judo and aikido all developed out of the art. Classes start Sept. 21. For more information, visit or contact Martin at 250470-3726.


Back issues are a major pain you can do without T

he other day I asked the participants in my step class how many of them had ever experienced low back pain. More than half of them raised their hands. Think about it—if 50 per cent of a room of young (the majority not over 55) and fit participants have had this problem, it isn’t that surprising that statistics show about 80 per cent of the population have experienced low back pain. It accounts for more sick time and disability leave than any other condition. The good news is that for most folks, while back pain can be from mildly aching to downright excruciating, it can definitely be treated. While recovery time


Nina Heyes can be lengthy there are many instances where issues can be resolved in minimal time. The first order of business is to see your physician for proper diagnosis and referral if necessary. Not every back injury or ailment is alike. Sometimes what may at first appear to be a strain could be more serious. You can’t tell by touching it or stretching. Leave diagnosis to a professional. Depending on the problem, your doctor

may advise further treatment by a chiropractor, physiotherapist or registered massage therapist. Many of these practitioners can provide non-invasive treatments that can provide relief and a quick return to your regular lifestyle. If the diagnosis of your back pain is more than an uncomplicated strain or sprain, a referral to a specialist may be in order. Gone are the days of advising back strain sufferers to take bed rest. Quite the contrary. Today the caregiver will often prescribe light activity such as walking or swimming. Don’t mistake this to mean heavy weight lifting, twisting or even high impact sports. While in-

itially movement can be uncomfortable most people will definitely notice improvement with light mobility. Ask your doctor or

jury is in an acute stage. Your physiotherapist can determine when and what stretches are appropriate for your injury. Certain exercises will help to



practitioner about stretching. While we often equate a deep stretch with benefits and healing, sometimes the opposite can occur when the in-

strengthen weak areas and help to correct imbalances that may be contributing to ongoing pain. Many low back injuries occur for no apparent

reason. A sneeze, bending over to tie your shoes or even just getting out of bed and wham you’re on your knees reeling in pain. It can happen to the best of us and even the most fit. Low back pain is not just an ailment of the aging or frail. So, can common low back pain be prevented? In many cases the answer is yes. Learning proper lifting techniques, not twisting while bent over under load and even keeping your weight under control. A strong, balanced core is your key to lessening the likelihood of a back problem. This means an exercise program that includes strengthening not just the abdominals but also the lower back muscles.

See a trainer after proper diagnosis to learn effective and safe exercises for the core. You will learn how to stretch properly because you will finally know what is tight. Also, a trainer can address postural issues that could be aggravating the back. Good posture can help prevent low back pain in the first place. As is so often the way when it comes to health issues, sometimes you don’t appreciate what you’ve got until it’s gone—a life without low back pain is a wonderful thing. Do everything you can to keep it that way. Nina Heyes is a fitness director and certified personal trainer at BodyFit Fitness in West Kelowna.



Regular $1799







24 Locations across Western Canada


“Your Fitness Equipment Headquarters” #303 - 3550 Carrington Rd., WEST KELOWNA


HOURS: Mon.-Sat. 9:30-6; Sun. 11-5

Sunday, August 22, 2010

capital news C9


Much like the sun, global power is being eclipsed H

istorians and futurists are r agreed and their agreement will have increasing implications for students and retirees right here in the Okanagan, Nicola and Highland Valleys. Call it a wake up bell, call it a reality check, but don’t call it ‘nothing to get worked up about. As a matter of fact getting worked up about it is exactly what we do need to be doing. I’m referring to nothing less than the shift of global momentum (and power) that is taking place right under our sun soaked view here at home. Each us can probably recall the rare opportunity of standing back in awe and witnessing the phenomenal sight of a solar eclipse. Well, we are having the rare opportunity of watching what is at least a partial eclipse of global power and influence and

Or that China is the only nation whose citizens are experiencing elevated levels of prosperity (amidst ongoing deprivation, of course). Other regions of pre-

Stockwell Day a shifting of the planet in that regard. Of course I’m not saying anything that is news to most of you. It’s just that most of us weren’t alive 200 years ago when the last such shift was in its early days. Then it was the onset of the economic and social rise to dominance of the United States of America. Now it’s a similar chapter of global proportions being recorded about China and all that is happening there. I’m not saying the U.S. is no longer the centre of planetary influence.

changes coming at us. What I want to say is that we need to be doing much more than watching, as we did when we took in those solar eclipses in the past that happened right



vious impoverishment are also beginning to taste morsels from improving standards of living. It’s just that what is going on in China (and India and other Asian countries) will continue to impact our own lives in the most tangible ways. There is not enough space in this weekly report to catalogue all the

before our eyes. Some of us may still be of the mindset that since Canada has so much to offer we will simply be the automatic beneficiaries of this global growth. Not necessarily so. Last year, for the first time in history, China produced more cars than any other nation. And 97 per

cent of their billion or so population still don’t own one. Talk about a growth market. So some may say, ‘Well they need our ongoing technology and resources to just help them in that one area alone.’ Really? A long list of aspiring ‘partners’ are clamouring at China’s door to be suppliers in their countless new areas of development. But at the same time, Chinese students of metallurgy at their own institute of metallurgy have just discovered how to make stainless steel (think auto making) without a substantial need for nickel. Big deal you say? When you think that Sudbury’s main export for decades has been nickel you begin to get an idea of the implications of an increasingly capable China. I’m not saying we’re missing out. I’m just giving one of the countless examples of how we need

to be leading edge in all we do if we want to maintain our own significant standard of living.



That means that math and science and chemistry and physics etc., must be pursued right here in Canada with as much vigour as ever if we are going to ride this current wave of global growth. This week I will be fully reminded of that as I officially greet and meet as special delegation from China in Vancouver. This is the first group to arrive as a result of the break-

through achieved by the Prime Minister of Canada being granted Approved Destination Status from the government of China. This will lead to a significant boost in our tourism industry. It is a major breakthrough which previous governments were unable to achieve. It shows we can achieve strong partner status at a number of levels. But these types of important levels of economic connection will only come as a result of unremitting energy and hard work. We have what it takes. But we won’t get it by standing on the sidelines watching the eclipse take place. It will take the relentless pursuit of excellence in all fields of endeavour to be a part of the potential that is before us. Stockwell Day is the Conservative MP for Okanagan-Coquihalla and president of the federal Treasury Board.


Vees add alumni to coaching staff, with others staying on Emanuel Sequeira CONTRIBUTOR

Michael Hengen manned the Penticton Vees blueline during the 2007/08 BCHL championship season. Now he’s back to help the blueline again, this time as an assistant coach. The Vees recently restructured the executive coaching staff, which includes adding Hengen, who re-

turned to North America following two pro seasons in Germany. “This will be a good opportunity,” said Hengen, prior to a session during the Vees’ prep camp at McLaren Arena on Wednesday. “I’m honoured to be part of the organization again.” Hengen was in the middle of a contract negotiation that wasn’t going well when Vees coach-

general manager Fred Harbinson contacted him to find out what he was doing. Hengen said part of the reason he’s looking forward to his new role is simply because it brings him back to the rink. “I couldn’t ask for more,” said Hengen, who isn’t nervous about his new role. “I have played five years junior and two years

pro. I can help kids grow. It’s awesome,” added Hengen, who has coached his entire life. Returning for his fourth year with the Vees is assistant coach David Small, who will now be assuming the role of director of hockey operations within his current responsibilities. Small will focus his attention on video breakdown, team camps and club logistics.

Steve Cawley, a graduate of McGill University, is another addition who will focus his attention as the academic and mentorship liaison, while also assisting with statistical breakdown for the club. Matt Sells joins the organization as a video technician and will assist the coaching staff in preparation for opponents and breaking down previous game action.


New coach for skating club Emanuel Sequeira CONTRIBUTOR

Glengarry Figure Skating Club hopes to carve a brighter future with new coaches. Alex Sergeev and Janelle Morcombe replace the departed Patricia YorkGillett and Darren Gillett. Sergeev and Morcombe are excited about the opportunity given to them by the club to expand and improve the programs for the club and its skaters. Sergeev, a coach with 14 years experience, said the programs within the

club need to be built and developed. Among the priorities is bridging the gap between CanSkate to the club with a junior academy. That is something the St. Petersburg, Russia native said is lacking and is an area that places focus on first-year competitive skaters. He also plans to work with the existing club members. Another aspect he would like to touch on is a CanPower program for young hockey players teaching them how to skate properly. “I love everything

about coaching,” said Sergeev, taking a break from packing up his family from Prince George. “Really like to try to make results. I try to achieve when I work with kids the highest level of sport.” Having been to Penticton to conduct a spring and summer school, Sergeev has been exposed to the clubs talented skaters. “The club has some strong seniors but the majority are in junior and intermediate level,” said Sergeev, who signed a one-year contract with the opportunity to extend it. WEST KELOWNA, B.C. 200-3645 GOSSETT RD. MOVIE HOTLINE:

250-869-3939 FRIDAY & WEEKEND SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD PG 12:45, 3:20, 6:45, & 9:20 *No Passes accepted, Gift Certificates always welcome* THE EXPENDABLES 18A daily 1:05, 3:30, 7:05 & 9:30 PHOTO ID REQUIRED VAMPIRES SUCK PG daily 1:25, 3:20, 7:25, 9:20 *No Passes accepted, Gift Certificates always welcome* NANNY MCPHEE RETURNS G daily 12:55, 3:10, 6:55, & 9:10 *No Passes accepted, Gift Certificates always welcome* PIRANHA 3D 18A daily 1:15, 3:30, 7:15, & 9:30 - 3D Pricing in Effect**One Ticket Tuesdays – Admission, medium pop, & medium popcorn all for $9.99 (plus HST) (Add $3.50 for 3D movies)**

Mike Needham and Ed Lebler return in the capacity of team consultants. “I’m excited about the number of quality individuals that we have on the staff,” said Harbinson.

“Our depth allows us the opportunity for coaches to specialize in their areas of expertise. We’re stronger as an organization both on and off the ice moving forward.” —Penticton Western


If you have an hour or two a week you can make a valuable contribution as a volunteer. The Westside Health Network is looking for drivers and grocery shoppers. Drivers will be compensated and will be given the 55 Alive Defensive Driving Refresher Course in Sept. Please call and help


C10 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010



Its curtains for summer Anti-environmentalists


t’s as if a curtain gets drawn at the end of every summer, as it cools down so fast,” says my friend Robin. Then we wonder what’s next. This time of year as well as about March, are my favourite times of year. The reason— change. And that it is. We can look forward to a warmer palette this year. You know how gray and black made its debut last year and even continued into spring, which was really odd. Reason being, is the economic downfall that had occurred. Things are looking more optimistic this fall, as the strongest colour showcased is camel. This is very promising, as when colours in personal fashion arise they often then move into the home fashion sector. You will begin to see this colour emerge. The fresh side of the matter is that camel will be paired up with new hues, like plum purple, or pine green. Or even on a brighter note, as my good friend Lori would say,


Sallie Ritchey there is electric mustard and chartreuse. It’s as if bolds and jewel tones are being mixed, paired with the ever-grounding grays

Fashion and interior fashion often are a reflection of things to come. It’s always an interesting study for me. Again, fall and spring are the key times. Metals are chunky and bold—not for the timid. Curtain fixtures, table legs, tables with glass and electrical fixtures are all reflecting this new trend, right down to the smallest details, such as picture



and silvers and of course black which is still stronger than brown this year. Woods were with-it and rattans wove themselves into our homes, but this year, no doubt is the element, metal, with silver and pewter on a great upward swing.

frames, candle holders, lamps and mirror frames. These are but a few of the things that are going to be showcased in all the shops for fall. Part of the reason for the need for all the metals is how woods took over, for the most part. If you

look around your average home nowadays, you will see wood on the floor, exposed wood cabinetry, taller baseboards and stained window frames. According to the principles of Feng Shui, too much wood will make you feel depressed. The element metal, will counter that. It’s as if you are cutting it with an axe. Metals typically arrive in the fall months, but in a variety of hues. Black iron was the going trend when we had a gothic influence and verde gris is the opposite with an earth feel about it. This year, metal is in more of its natural state, with some black chalking, if you will. This is indicative of the times as well. This fall we are more modest, yet still want to surround ourselves with sensible function and decorative accruements. Sallie Ritchey is an interior and exterior design consultant and owner of A Decorative Touch in West Kelowna. 1-250-803-1013

are stuck in the past E

nvironmentalists SCIENCE money into campaigns to progress by raising won’t be happy MATTERS stall doubt and fear. until we’re living These tactics have had in caves and scrounging an effect. Many people for roots and berries. do fear change and it’s At least, that’s what I often easier to hold onto hear over and over again. The people who say David what you have—even if this would have you beSuzuki you know it isn’t working—than to embrace lieve that those of us who new ideas. care about the Earth and ing decayed organic maBut beyond the scienits future are neo-primiterials in the form of fostific predictions, it’s gettives who don’t believe in sil fuels. Isn’t it time we ting more difficult every modern ways. moved on? day to deny the very real Of course, many We are far too numerand immediate impacts of people before us deous—and the impacts of veloped complex sociour actions far too great— climate change. Environmental damage from clieties over hundreds or to keep on acting like mate change is already thousands of years of cul- cavemen. It seems to me killing 300,000 people a tural evolution and many that those who criticize year, with developed an economa far more ic impact sophisof $125 bilticatWE BELIEVE THAT INNOVATIONS IN AREAS lion a year. ed underSUCH AS SOLAR, WIND AND TIDAL POWER— A better standing world for of how ALONG WITH ADVANCED WAYS OF THINKING us, our chiltheir food, ABOUT OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH NATURE— dren and energy WILL LEAD US TO A MORE JUST AND SANE our grandand other PATH THAN THE ONE WE’RE ON. children is needs afpossible. fected the Just as ecosystem we’re seethey relied ing evidence on than is typof the damage caused by ically displayed in our us, the anti-environmentclimate change today, own technological socialists, are the ones who we’re also seeing innovaety. want to turn their back on tive ideas being applied to And so, we may have their future so that they the problems. some lessons to learn can just go on burning Many scientists, from our ancestors about stuff. economists, environmentour place on this Earth. Our human history is alists, business people and Many people seem one of change, of comto have forgotten, for exing up with new ideas and citizens are proposing and implementing solutions. ample, that we are a part new technologies to meet Their work is not only ofof nature and not bethe challenges of allocatfering hope in the face of ings that stand outside or ing resources to growing the catastrophic effects of above it. Valuing these as- populations. As environclimate change, it’s also pects of traditional socimentalists, we embrace offering hope for faltering eties isn’t about an atavchange for the better. istic wish to return to But our critics want us economies by ushering in new technologies to re“primitive” life; it’s about to remain stuck in a time place the jobs and techrecognizing facets of a that has no future. They nologies that are becommore rational way of livreject progress, arguing ing obsolete as supplies of ing. that we should keep on polluting fossil fuels beMost environmentour destructive way, with come scarce. alists I know are lookoutmoded technologies But the longer we put ing to the future—a fuand energy sources. off fully embracing these ture in which modern and They reject the resolutions the more difficlean technology will search of close to 98 per cult we will make life for help get us out of the encent of the world’s cliourselves. vironmental and econom- mate scientists, as well as We can continue to ic jams we’re in. We benumerous scientific inburn things until there is lieve that innovations in stitutions, that shows hunothing left to burn and areas such as solar, wind mans are contributing to we can continue to aland tidal power—along rapidly increasing global with advanced ways of average temperatures that low fossil fuel interests thinking about our relathreaten our future on this to continue to spew pollution into the air without tionship with nature— finite planet. will lead us to a more just Many of those who re- cost, but where will that leave us? and sane path than the one ject this overwhelming Maybe scrounging for we’re on. scientific evidence do so roots and berries and hudOur earliest advanout of self-interest. The ces were based on burnlucrative fossil fuel indus- dling in caves for shelter? ing wood or dung for fuel. tries and their associat—with Faisal Moola Now we’re still using our ed lobby groups have inpaleolithic trick, vested a lot of time and


Your best source of community news—the Capital News

Sunday, August 22, 2010

elebratin C g

capital news C11


6 2 t s u e g s u Au ' For The Ca n i s i u r C

5:00 pm-8:00 pm

$1 from every Teen Burger sold,

will be donated to the MS Society of Canada. FOOD SPECIALSÕFANTASTIC PRIZESÕVINTAGE AUTOMOBILES Your favorite from A&W s burger family is always available!

Classic Car Show

re ’ y e h T ck! Ba every Thursday

3640 Gellatly Road Õ WESTBANK

C12 capital news

Sunday, August 22, 2010


featuring... 768-4369

768-5532 Sunshine Pet Supplies





September 9 - December 16 Join us for fun with songs, action rhymes and stories


Tuesdays 10:15-10:45am

(0-18 months with caregiver) October 12 - December 14 Includes music, rhymes & interaction with other parents *All programs are free, no registration required.

Westbank Branch

Main Street & Elliott Rd. 250-768-4369 OPEN HOURS:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

10 10 10 10 10 10

am am am am am am


5 6 8 6 6 5

pm pm pm pm pm pm







We deliver OKANAGAN’S PREMIUM bottled water for as low as $5.85 or you can pick up for as low as $3.45 a bottle. * Purified Water * Alkaline Water * Mineralized Water* Bottled water is also available in glass & B.P.A free bottles

Make Your Own Carbonated Sparkling Water Or Soda Reg. flavour has 2/3 less sugar and calorie than store bought soda

Be power smart *Go Green* with our Energy Star Ice chilled Coolers, that use less then 1/2 the energy of other coolers.


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Highway 97 at Elliott Road, Westbank

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Suite 218-1626 Richter St. Kelowna, BC 250-717-3000 • Fax 250-717-3400

Kelowna Cap News 22 August 2010  

The Kelowna Capital News from April 30, 2010. Find more news online at

Kelowna Cap News 22 August 2010  

The Kelowna Capital News from April 30, 2010. Find more news online at