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KSS girls’ field hockey player Jonel Boileau has been recruited to play for Hofstra University in New York this fall.

THE GOLF COURSE setting is one of many features that has attracted buyers to the rural Acorn Homes development at Sunset Ranch in northeast kKelowna.

BEING IMPATIENT with seniors who keep repeating the same stories may cause you to overlook the fact that it may be a sign of other health issues that need to be addressed.

TOM FLETCHER the signs of a provincial election taking place this fall are starting to become more apparent.


SUNDAY April 17, 2011 The Central Okanagan’s Best-Read Newspaper Best in BC


serving our community 1930 to 2011







Cheryl Wierda

this country is something that each major political party is approaching ost people would agree we’d differently. like to walk down the street Green Party candidate Alice Hooper and not fear being targeted by says her party wants to look at the “big a criminal. But just how to achieve— picture” when dealing with issues of and maintain—safe streets in the midst crime and also shift the focus of police of a decade-long decline in crime in and justice resources. See Crime A4







Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Waves of participants arrive here for huge water conference Judie Steeves STAFF REPORTER

After nine months of planning, the 39th annu-

al conference of the B.C. Water and Waste Association opened this weekend in Kelowna, with training sessions, competitions

Drs. Ken and Carol Pendleton are pleased to welcome their dental school colleague

and discussions about the future of water treatment. Mike Gosselin, manager of Kelowna’s wastewater treatment facilities,

We welcome new patients

Dr. John Breemer to


#105, 595 K.L.O. Rd, Kelowna, BC

Tel: 250-868-0030

is chairman of the organizing committee for this year’s conference, which hasn’t been held in Kelowna for a couple of decades. While main conference sessions will be held at the Delta Grand Hotel, the tradeshow portion will be at the Kelowna Curling Club. Delegates will be bused from other hotels each of the five days. In addition to the more serious sessions, there will be competitions such as pump tear-downs and topops, both of which test

teams of operators from different areas of the province in their daily work skills. And there’ll be talk of the industry’s future, such as innovations like “purple pipes,” where treated effluent is re-used. Gosselin said there are some pilot projects underway now recycling wastewater. B.C.’s new environment minister, Terry Lake, was to open the conference Sunday, speaking to the more than 1,300 delegates. Described as the lar-


gest water industry conference in Western Canada, it will run until Wednesday, with dozens of speakers addressing topics ranging from the economic value of water to whether GHG emissions reduction has altered B.C.’s biosolids management baskets. Attending will be those who manage the province’s water systems, ensuring tapwater is safe, and the wastewater systems that treat it once it’s been used, before it’s discharged into the environment. They are employees of municipal operations, private water utilities and consultants in related fields. The BCWWA has a membership of 4,400. This year’s conference is called Converging Streams: Pooling Knowledge. While the conference is underway, Drinking Water Week, May 1 to 7, will be proclaimed as an

opportunity to celebrate and value water as a vital and finite resource, said Daisy Foster, CEO of the association. The idea is to make people more aware of where their water comes from, where it goes when they’ve used it and what to do to conserve it and help protect the environment, she explained. Some of the messages the association wants to get out include ways to conserve water and protect the resource, including taking shorter showers, using efficient appliances, avoiding watering the lawn in summer, not flushing pharmaceuticals down the toilet and not pouring other poisons down the drain. She noted the average Canadian personally uses 329 litres of water a day, twice the amount used by Europeans, but they think they use less than a third of what they actually do.

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Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A3


“I’ve looked at web sites to learn about the platforms, I’ve watched the local news and gone to So far I like what the Liberals have said, and what they’re doing with funding education.”

“I haven’t been paying a lot of attention. I just turned 18, and I’ve never had a say in anything before, so I’m going to start soon—the future is in our hands.”

—Emily Gore-Hickman

The Capital News went looking for opinions from UBC Okanagan students to find out if they’re following the federal election and whether the issues they care about are being represented.

“When I have time between exams I look into what’s happening—which is not hardly at all. So, I’ll be voting on party more than anything else.”

“I’ve seen some YouTube videos, Facebook messages and ads on TV. They’re not addressing social issues enough. They’re more interested in talking about foreign policies and what the other party did wrong.”

—Brandon Potter

—Leah McCauley

—Marina Wang

“I’ve been watching stuff online and I went to the (CBC) Vote Compass, read the parties stances on the main issues, and I’ve watched the commercials. Most commercials are just about them bashing each other. “

—Brittany Altwasser


Social media changes election methods Jennifer Smith STAFF REPORTER


t’s entirely within the realm of possibility that Green Part leader Elizabeth May is ahead of the curve, not sidelined to Twitter commentary as the mainstream media paints it. Ask UBCO sociologist Chris Schneider and he will tell you the traditional face-to-face debate from which May was blocked this week, forcing her to weigh-in via tweets, is probably on its way out the door. He equates the manner social media—a hybrid between the social interaction and media—is transforming our world with a revolution of the size and scope of the industrial revolution, saying that has huge implications for democracy. “We’re having the (political) conversation in real-time, all the time, and that’s truly remarkable,” Schneider said.

Whether it’s on Facebook, or Twitter, or the comments column beneath traditional news stories, public interaction with one another, with politicians and with traditional media has left both young and old to try sorting through copious sound bites of information, often delivered directly from political hopefuls mouth’s to their constituents’ eyes and ears. “We don’t yet know the consequences of what’s happening and, more often than not, what you are getting is just speculation,” said Schneider. Whether U.S. President Barack Obama’s big

win was truly a product of his campaign’s social media involvement, for example, is unclear, just as it isn’t necessarily true that youth are more engaged because of the social media factor or that the youth are definitely the ones using the new media, he said. In fact, one look at the UBCO and Okanagan College campuses this week would leave one questioning whether there is any youth involvement in this election at all. There are no official Young Liberals, Young Conservatives or Young NDP running around lobbying students, as in years gone by.

Scott Ross helped organize the Young Liberals when he was a first-year student in 2007. Now, just one paper away from finishing his degree, he’s on the Liberal campaign executive for Kris Stewart. But he said there is no organized Young Liberal group this time—and he’s noticed unprecedented apathy. “I think it’s basically at the activist level. It’s just that there’s nobody there to tap into that sen-

timent that we can better our country,” he said. For Ross, the prevailing attitude seems to be that the Okanagan ridings are not winnable, that only a Conservative candidate will get in. He believes strongly in the traditional door knocking style of campaign, but says the commitment to actually get out and stand in the hallways and talk to othSee Methods A5 JENNIFER SMITH/CAPITAL NEWS

UBCO sociologist Chris Schneider says the social media is slowly making face-to-face leader campaign debates less relevant.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Addressing root causes of crime Crime from A1 While criminals should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and the Greens advocate greater resources for such things as securities crime investigations and prosecuting white collar criminals, the judicial system is getting plugged up by young offenders

caught smoking pot, she said. As a result, those charged with more serious offences are benefiting from court delays, Hooper says. The party believes drug addiction should be treated as a health problem, not a criminal issue, and also believes in the legalization of marijuana.

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Legalization would allow policing resources to be focused on other issues and would put an estimated $2 billion annually into the federal coffers, Hooper said. As well, it would effectively cut off funding for biker gangs and organized crime groups, she said, as they get their funding through being involved in the illicit drug world. For the NDP, they believe focusing on early childhood education and helping marginalized people provide for their basic needs will pay dividends down the road. “It’s about looking at it comprehensively,” said Kelowna-Lake Country NDP candidate Tisha Kalmanovitch. “When you have strong, healthy communities…crime rates are not as high.” Prisons and policing, she said, deal with “symptoms, not causes” and money spent on high levels of incarceration would be better invested in early childhood education.

Increased levels of policing—the NDP are promising to work with provincial governments to find funding for 2,500 police officers—should be focused more in the area of community policing, Kalmanovitch said. Liberal candidate Kris Stewart also pointed back to dealing with the root causes of crime, and said more funding is needed to support those with mental health issues and addictions, and also for job support. “I think we can do a better job of reducing crime,” said Stewart, by making sure people can meet their basic needs “as a means and ways of supporting themselves.” “The Liberals have come up with a number of plans to get people ready for the job market and off the streets.” Their platform includes $1 billion in support for families for higher education, and strategies to help create more jobs in small business. Adding police officers, she said, doesn’t ad-


THE KELOWNA-LAKE COUNTRY candidates have differing views on how their parties would address crime problems. dress the root causes of crime. “It’s not in their scope.” Nor does she agree with mandatory minimum sentences. “It basically removes judges from the equation,” Stewart said. “We need policies that are tough on crime, but we’ve got to be smart on crime.” She claims that the Conservative platform only includes a “very expensive half” of the equation in dealing with crime through “U.S.-style mega prisons” and mandatory

minimum sentences. But Conservative candidate Ron Cannan says that claims they want to build mega prisons are a “myth.” “We’re building prison rehabilitation,” he said, renovating and adding on to prisons to create better working conditions and accommodate prison populations. He also says its wrong to say their party is all about prisons and locking people up for committing crime, says the Conservatives have a five-pronged approach, including pre-

vention. Cannan highlighted the creation of the youth gang prevention fund, the national anti-drug strategy, a crime prevention strategy, a youth justice fund and their government being the first to put in place a mental health commission, noting that a majority of inmates have a drug dependency or mental health issue. Other prongs of the Conservative’s approach include truth in sentencSee Crime A5

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Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A5


Student: ‘I want Liberals to win this riding, so I’m out there’ Methods from A3 er students just isn’t there among his peers. “I’m not just going to sit back because we can’t win or we’re not going to win,” he said. “I want Liberals to win this riding, so I’m out there.” Crystal Wariach—a highly politically involved young woman who has run for the provincial Green party, city council and been a member of the federal Liberals since she was 17—is right there with him. She is acting as events organizer for the campaign, but acknowledging her calls to the UBCO student union to try and engage discussion on how she can set up an event on campus have gone unanswered. “I think there’s a real lack of leadership from the student union as far as engaging students,” she said. “And I think they’ve really let the student body

Differing views of candidates Crime from A4 ing, support for police and prosecutors so they can do their work effectively, cracking down on organized crime (including the earlier creation of a Kelowna-based gang task force) and dealing with dangerous violent offenders. Still, Cannan says more work needs to be done to ensure the punishment fits the crime and address community frustration with a system that’s been dubbed “catch and release.” “The reality is that our community is demanding our criminal justice system to be stronger,” he said. “There has to be consequences to people’s actions. Minimum mandatory sentences has been one of the most effective ways of that.” If their party makes government, they’ve promised to pass a number of bills in their first 100 days in office to address a number of crime issues. “It’s a good and balanced approach,” said Cannan of his party’s policies.”



down.” The Liberal platform plays directly to young people’s needs, she pointed out, with the efforts to help reduce the tuition burden with the education passport and Employment Insurance incentives, which should make it easier for young people to get a job out of school—an issue she knows is ripe in this valley. Efforts by the Capital News to contact a young NDPer went unanswered; the same for the Conservative camp.

It is exam time, Ross noted, saying he figures this too has had an impact. Then again, it might very well be that the way young people engage in the electoral process has changed dramatically, even within the time frame of Ross’s degreeearning years, as this media revolution unfolds. Spurred by the dismal showing from eligible voters aged 18 to 24 in the last federal election, CBC television comedian/political pundit Rick Mercer has issued a challenge, getting students engaged via a Vote Mob. Universities across the country have responded and Kelowna’s is no different. On Thursday, April 21, a Vote Mob will be held in City Park, from 1 to 2:30 p.m. This new hybrid demonstration which evokes a social media concept (flash mobs), but basically amounts to a demonstra-

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tion, has been promoted via the social media sta-

ple—the networking site Facebook. Could online

voting be just a stone’s throw away? For now, the



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Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News



Simulator reinforces to students the dangers of driving and texting

Waterfront Restaurant wins prestigious honour

School officials will be providing a unique opportunity for some local young drivers to demonstrate how texting while driving affects their abilities behind the wheel. According to a news release issued by School District 23, one in four new drivers admit to texting while behind the wheel. So that’s why they are bringing in a simulator to show Grade 11 students their

Judie Steeves

skills while texting. “Drivers, including our students, don’t realize how poorly they drive when they are texting…until they experience the simulator while texting,” said the school district in the news release. “They are amazed when they see the things they have missed— pedestrians crossing the road, traffic signal changes, cars that are about to

change lanes, and more.” Dave Gibson, traffic safety officer, says he wants to reach students with the message as they are learning to drive “to show the profound effect it can have on their lives and on the lives of others.” The simulator will be set up at George Elliot Secondary on April 26 and 27, and then at Mount Boucherie Secondary School the following two days.

The Capital News—now with video.

Family Estate Winery won for best winery/vineyard dining last year. Judging is by a panel of 19 expert judges, who commented, “self-effacing chef Mark Filatow blends the bounty of the Okanagan with a smart and sleek room that’s both funky and affordable.” Silver went to the Wild Apple Grill under the helm of chef Bernard Cassavant, with bronze going to chef Rod Butters and his team at RauDZ Regional Table.


Kelowna’s Waterfront Restaurant and Wine Bar was judged the best Okanagan restaurant in the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards announced this week, while Old Vines Restaurant at Quails’ Gate Estate Winery in West Kelowna was chosen the best winery/vineyard dining. The tiny Sunset Drive eatery won the same award for top valley eatery last year, while the Terrace at Mission Hill


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Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A7


Park partiers hope to sway council’s development plans Kathy Michaels STAFF REPORTER

The week came to an end without any insights about the identity of the man or woman allegedly willing to ante up $2.3 million to turn seven city-owned properties on Cedar Avenue into a park. It reduced the possibility that the white knight gesture can be taken seriously by city politicians who vote Monday on the site’s fate, but that didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the citizen group that launched Party for the Park and told the public there was a donor waiting in the wings. In an attempt to go sway political will in its favour, it launched an online campaign. “It’s now up to you. All we need is 30 minutes of your time (Saturday April 16) at 2 p.m. on the beach at the foot of Cedar Avenue,” said Michael Neill, owner of Mosaic Books and an area resident, along with other forces behind People For the Park “If you don’t care what happens to the park for one reason or another, that’s fine. But, if you are concerned, you simply must find a means to be there at 2 p.m. sharp.” Numerous other Kelowna residents also continued with their own attempts to explain why the park was simply the only option for the waterfront neighbourhood. Among their ranks was Witmar developer Albert Weisstock, who owns numerous lots near the proposed development, and who said he intends to show up at the party. “Witmar Holdings is an aggressive developer, but in no stretch of our imagination would we propose a massing of this size,” he said. “Any developer views themselves as a community citizen, and would always think of community benefit.” In the case of Cedar

Avenue, Witmar said the benefit is minimal. Worse, he said, the city’s decision to sell half the land to a developer marks a change in operations that could undercut the business community. He said Witmar has been amassing properties in the area for the last decade, and until recently it was doing so with the city’s blessing. “The City of Kelowna owns 11 waterfront lots, seven north of Cedar Avenue and four lots south of Cedar. The addresses of the four lots south of Cedar Avenue are 3090, 3096, 3098, and 252 Meikle Avenue. No problem here, these lots have been owned by the city for

decades,” he said. “More recently the city purchases 377 Meikle Avenue, on the corner adjacent to 387 Meikle, which is owned by Witmar, and is just one of many houses on that side of the street owned by either Witmar or the Weisstock family.” The company assumed the city bought the lot to facilitate the realignment of the waterfront corridor, which is slated for some time in the future. But then the city then bought 3076 Meikle Avenue. “This purchase is directly in the middle of three residences that Witmar owns: 399 Cedar Avenue, 3082 and 370 Meikle Avenue,” he said.

The Weisstocks then called another meeting with city staff, offering up a land trade that could help move the road realignment project along. That’s when they learned the city wasn’t aiming for a road realignment, their aim was land assembly in the Cedar Walnut Meikle Avenues area for the purpose of reselling it to developers for a hotel. This revelation, he said, came as a shock. “I’m used to competing, it’s a natural thing in business, but not when they take the money out of my pocket to compete,” he said. “Competition is healthy, not this kind though.” Weisstock made the

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case to city councillors at a marathon public hearing two weeks ago, and he intended to tell anyone who made their way to the Party for the Park as well. At that public hearing, 43 people weighed

in on the issue at a meeting that went until just before 1 a.m. Four were in favour of selling off half the land to a developer to fund a boardwalk, small park and riparian area, while



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Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Drinking water source protection open for discussion Judie Steeves STAFF REPORTER

A workshop on source water protection will be organized by the Okanagan Water Stewardship Council to involve all watershed users, in a bid to have them all work together to protect drinking water in the Okanagan. The decision followed an afternoon of discussion by council members

from around the valley on issues affecting the protection of water quality at its source. That source is in the hills around the Okanagan, where springs and melting snow flow into streams, wetlands, ponds, lakes, reservoirs and rivers before continuing its downhill journey into the mainstem lakes in the bottom of the Okanagan Valley. It is throughout that

journey that grazing and wallowing cattle; timber cutting and hauling operations; people on motorized recreation vehicles; developers and builders; boaters and swimmers and wildfire all affect the ultimate quality of the water that comes out of your tap. The Okanagan’s watersheds are multi-use watersheds, not closed to other uses, and all these activities, plus many

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more, affect the source of drinking water for thousands of people in the bottom of the valley. Valerie Cameron chairs the Southern Interior Drinking Water Team and is regional manager for water stewardship for the Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations ministry. She told council members that B.C. is unique in that sweeping changes to drinking water legislation in 2003 left the health ministry running the show as far as water quality is concerned. Despite that, the health ministry does not have an army of staff on the land base, she pointed out. “This is a big region with a lot of complex issues,” she noted. “There’s little legisla-

tion governing water quality in the other ministries.” However, there are lots of other agencies that impact water quality, including the ministries of tourism, agriculture, transportation, forests, highways and environment. As well, she is concerned there is a weak link between local government and the provincial government on water issues. In a presentation to the council, aquatic biologist Heather Larratt said the true cost of forested landscape in a watershed as filtration is enormous. “It’s worth billions,” she said. In other parts of the world, watersheds are being bought back by water purveyors at a cost of billions of dollars because that’s the most cost-ef-

fective way to protect their water sources. There are significant economic losses to disease outbreaks carried by water systems, so it makes economic sense to protect the watersheds, she explained. As well, she said land values increase with buffer zones around water sources, and tourism benefits as well, she said. She recommended 85metre vegetated zones be protected around water reservoir lakes and transmission streams, with no build, no disturb, no machine restrictions. As well, she recommended intake protection zones be designated within the distance a contaminant could travel in two hours under 80 per cent of the wind events in a year,

The Kelowna Kairos and the Central Okanagan Ministerial group will cosponsor the Good Friday Way of the Cross Walk

through downtown Kelowna on April 22. Representatives from these groups and interested members of the public

will gather in the Kelowna First United Church, 721 Bernard Ave., at 12:30 p.m. From there, following

Temperament is the general attitude a dog displays. How much (or little) interaction is involved when introduced to other people and other animals - it is the combination of physical and mental traits which truly influence a dog’s behavior! Is it predictable, confident, friendly and playful? Or… is it shy, protective, aggressive, territorial and defensive?

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a brief service, members of the procession will carry a large wooden cross as they walk to a series of stops outside of locations, some of which represent local organizations dealing with social issues. The event is a recognition and tribute to local organizations lifting up the struggles of many people in our city who carry the cross in our present society. Organizers say it will be a time of prayer, witness and song as the procession stops and holds brief services. This year tributes will be paid to groups such as the John Howard Society, the Rainbow Coalition and the Kelowna Women’s Resource Centre. At each stop, time will be taken for reflection on ethical investing, living on the margins, neighbours struggling to live and the situation facing many women. Walk participants will return to the First United Church Hall at about 2:15 p.m. Everyone is welcome to participate.

Now you can use the Internet to add your own non-profit event to the Capital News Stuff to Do. Simply go to, look for the calendar and click on Add Event.

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from such activities as new storm water outfalls, multi-slip marinas, houseboat book-docking and floating commercial operations. Solvej Patschke, source water protection hydrologist with public safety and protection in the new FLNRO ministry, emphasized that the source is the first barrier in a multi-barrier approach to protecting drinking water, so it’s very important. The discussion on source water protection and a workshop on the issue will continue at the next monthly meeting of the Okanagan Water Stewardship Council, which is a technical liaison committee of the Okanagan Basin Water Board.

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Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A9


Members ponder yacht club design STAFF REPORTER

in operation by spring of 2013.

Kelowna Yacht Club members have until the end of the weekend to vote for their future digs, giving the public a glimpse into the city’s changing waterfront amenities. “We have three submissions from Kelowna architects, and one of them will find out if they get the contract Tuesday,” said Jim Kay the club’s general manager. For the last few weeks, the membership has been able to go over the submitted designs at the club house or on the club’s fwebsite. Then yacht club members were encouraged to send an email to the committee in charge of the decision, ranking their first, second and third choice. From that input, the winner will be chosen. “The response has been very enthusiastic,” said Kay, noting there are still a number of the club’s 1,000-plus members who have yet to weigh in, but fthe approach has been popular nonetheless for its tinclusiveness. “It’s created a lot of energy in the club, and people are excited looking forward to the beginning of a brand new facility,” he said. Once the winner has been chosen, Kay said he thinks the information will travel around the community pretty fast. But, the club will also hold a joint press conference with city officials to unveil the winning design. Once that’s squared away the club should be ready to break ground for spring 2012. Construction should take another year, and the building could be


Kathy Michaels

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Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


OPINION The Capital News is a division of Black Press, at 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C. V1X 7K2







China booms as inflation tops 5 per cent, the fastest rate since 2008, while India’s inflation rate hits 8.9 per cent. news/business/

Brain scans may indicate potential Alzheimer’s patients years before symptoms appear, shows research published in Neurology. health

A comparative study of dinosaur fossil eye parts and modern-day lizards and birds suggests some dinosaurs hunted at night. www.

A long-standing idea that languages share universal features dictated by human brain structure has been cast into doubt.

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Senior in care loses right to visit own home alone To the editor: Recently, an eldery friend of mine was moved to an assisted living facility in Rutland. The individual (a long time friend of hers for 25 years) who felt it necessary to have her placed, did so out of love and concern as it had begun to appear that this individual was not managing on her own in such a big house. What ensued, though, we certainly did not anticipate. To make a long story short, the public trustee ended up becoming involved (although I had always been ready, willing and prepared to step in, and they knew that, as did the manager of the facility my friend is in). Although I fully understand their position, this has managed to cause nothing but undue stress to my friend. One needs to understand that since the public trustee’s involvement, my friend has basically been locked out of her own home and can visit her property only when es-

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See Seniors A11

Fall election for B.C. now looks more likely


he B.C. legislature is getting set for a spring session from the last week of April through May. Premier Christy Clark has kept her options open and held her cards close since winning the B.C. Liberal leadership in February. She announced Monday that she is seeking the nomination to fill the seat vacated by Gordon Campbell, with a byelection expected in May. But a byelection would have had to be called by now to put Clark back on the front bench in time for the start of the spring session. And there are two legislative tasks that won’t wait: passing a $40-billion budget for the fiscal year that has already started, and

changing the format and date of the harmonized sales tax referendum that has been announced for June. A spring session must begin with the new Tom premier coaching from Fletcher the sidelines, but assuming Clark wins in Vancouver-Point Grey, it sets up her triumphant return to square off with the new NDP leader in question period before the session ends in early June. A mail-in ballot for the HST referendum will allow several weeks for responses to be sent in. The government now says it will be August before the result is known. Clark has indicated she wants the HST question decided before a gener-


al election is called. Thus a September vote becomes the most likely scenario. The launch of TV ads by both B.C. parties is another sign of election preparations. Any new leader wants to take advantage of a honeymoon period that might be brief, and Clark’s upbeat ads with the tagline “this is just the start” set the tone. NDP leadership candidate John Horgan talks about looking forward to a campaign where he hands out brochures with his picture, not Campbell’s. But the policy-challenged opposition has offered up another attack ad featuring, you guessed it, a picture of Campbell on a cereal box. For the B.C. Liberals, the policy hits keep coming. First it was increasing the minimum wage, and now Clark’s “families first” machine is moving on BC Hydro.

Rich Coleman has a well-earned reputation for getting things done and he has wasted no time since Clark assigned him to the energy file. BC Hydro will continue with its application to raise rates nearly 10 per cent this year, but Coleman has begun a review aimed at paring back that and future increases expected to total 50 per cent by 2016. Coleman quickly determined that delaying the imminent launch of BC Hydro’s smart grid project would be a false economy. Instead, he focused on an expensive seismic upgrade, to the Ruskin Dam in the Fraser Valley. A major upgrade to the John Hart Dam on the Campbell River will likely go ahead, since the reservoir is also the city of Campbell River’s water supply, but Coleman wants BC Hydro to “restate See Fletcher A11

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A11


A Gift in Memory Registered midwives can improve outcomes, reduce hospital stays, alleviate pressure on hospital resources Makes a Difference To the editor: For far too many expectant mothers and their families, especially in the interior and rural British Columbia, access to maternity care in the community in which they live is no longer a sure thing. Many of us know or have heard of pregnant women and their families sometimes having to travel hundreds of kilometres to receive essential maternity care. With fewer family physicians providing obstetrical services and growing financial pressures on our health care system, access to maternity care in rural B.C. communities is an issue that requires immediate attention. One solution that can address the growing shortage of maternity care in our communities is better use of highly skilled, university-educated midwives. Publicly funded and regulated by the provincial government, registered midwives are experts in normal birth and are well suited to address some of the issues facing B.C.’s maternity care system. By working in partnership with other maternity care providers, such as physicians, nurses and regional health authorities, midwives can help to reduce costs and strengthen

the health care system by alleviating pressure on limited resources. In B.C., however, our 200 registered midwives deliver only 10 per cent of the 40,000 babies born each year. And there are only 10 spaces available annually for prospective midwives at UBC’s Midwifery Program in the Faculty of Medicine. Yet in B.C., the number of families seeking midwifery care continues to increase. Midwives provide complete, primary, holistic maternity and newborn care, including prenatal and post natal care to parents and their new baby. This helps free up hospital beds and other resources for the benefit of other patients who need care. By improving outcomes, reducing lengths of hospital stays and alleviating pressure on hospital resources, registered midwives save the provincial health care budget millions of dollars per year. A future with better care for moms and babies requires our government to increase support for midwifery in British Columbia. This requires action on behalf of the provincial government. First, the province should fast track mid-

wives into rural communities across the province with the proper supports to deliver their services in those communities. Second, the government should commit to an increase in the number of seats available at UBC’s School of Midwifery to prepare more midwives for practice, especially in rural areas. Together these two actions would not only enhance and improve maternal care for women; they would save additional dollars by improving health outcomes and reducing demand on other health care resources. Simply put, when it comes to maternity care, midwives believe in putting families first. Increasing access to midwifery care is in the best interests of moms, babies and families across B.C.. Ganga Jolicoeur, Midwives Association of British Columbia (MABC). The mandate of the MABC is to educate the public about midwifery care while supporting the growing number of midwives across British Columbia. Ganga Jolicoeur, executive director, Midwives Association of BC, Vancouver

Animals should be an issue in this election To the editor: Animal welfare is important to Canadians and this election, we need to address it. I am one of the 95 per cent of Canadians that, according to a recent HarrisDecima poll, believe animal pain and suffering


should be reduced as much as possible. I find it strange and surprising that Canada still uses animal cruelty legislation first enacted in 1892 when our views on animal cruelty, as with other issues like the environment and women’s rights,

have changed so dramatically since this time. While other countries update their animal protection laws, Canada clings to a Victorian-era law. I want to hear candidates’ views on how they plan to improve the wel-

fare of animals. Will they commit to updating our anti-cruelty laws? What are they doing to ensure the humane treatment and transport of farm animals? How are they going to protect Canada’s wildlife? That’s why I used the website www.voteforani- to send a letter to all candidates in my riding asking their views. I hope others will join me. I’m a Canadian voter and animals matter to me. Jean Jones, Kelowna

Sick of ‘seniors taken advantage of at every turn’ Seniors from A10 corted by someone whom she does not know. My friend is not permitted to be accompanfied on her ‘home visits’ by either of the two people who have been continuously caring for her since her move to the assisted living facility, namely myself and the person who saw to the placement. However, here is the most disgusting part of all of this which demonstrates what can happen

when an elderly person is in a vulnerable position. My friend has had her couch and chair removed from her home, along with some other items. The individual(s) who held the keys to my friend’s house and who therefore had access to her house whenever they wanted, are suspect, in my opinion. I want to send a message to the person(s) who believe that it would never be noticed that missing items would never be noticed. First of all, I know

where those items were before they went missing and I also know who came in to my friend’s house after I was there. I also want you to know this: Either return the items or I will be following up not only with your superiors but also with the police. I am sick and tired of seniors being taken advantage of at every turn, especially by individuals who have been put in a place of trust to, apparently, look after their best in-


BC Hydro decisions speedy Fletcher from A10 its business case” for that and other big construction projects. The Ruskin project is budgeted at about $800 million and is the type of project that can encounter costly surprises when digging into the dirt. Coleman has directed BC Hydro to look at decommissioning the old dam

instead. Did he really “direct” BC Hydro? Here’s what Coleman told me. “It’s still Hydro’s decision at the end of the day I suppose, but certainly they’re going to have to report in to me on it, because I told them they have to.” Coleman has also appointed three senior bureaucrats to find options for savings in BC

Hydro’s plan, and to report back to him by the end of June. That will give the government enough time to craft a rate relief program for BC Hydro customers, just in time for September. Tom Fletcher is legislative reporter and columnist for Black Press and

terests. None of this would have had happened if the woman I had spoken to at the very start of this mess had not lied to me and blown me off by telling me that there was absolutely no way that I would be permitted to become my friend’s trustee. Her job, at the very least, was to inform me of the process I would have to follow. Being uninformed about the process of applying as trustee at that

time, I naively believed this person. I have since then contacted her superior and, although he said he would look into this and get back to me, he has not (it’s been several months). I want them to know that I have not forgotten nor am I going away. I want the ‘thief/ theives’ to take a good look at themselves because you are nothing but low lifes. Linda MacGillivray Kelowna

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Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Students want to save turtles





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This Wednesday will mark a very important day in the lives of two creatures inhabiting KLO Middle School grounds— the students and the turtles. Next week, a group of students from the school will make a pitch to school trustees to see a plan they’ve drafted to replace the wetland along Fascieux Creek—currently culverted with a sidewalk between their playing fields and the back of the school—be restored to save the painted turtles which inhabit it. Painted turtles are blue listed as a species of concern in this province. So on Friday morning, the students were out building two fenced off areas around areas where the turtles’ nests have been found as a stop gap measure. “Yesterday, we found another nest and three of the turtles were dead,� said Sam Conway, a Grade 8 student who will act as one of the spokespeople at Wednesday’s school board meeting. This recent find revealed one “mutilated� turtle, which is missing a limb, egg shells, several live turtles and a small handful dead ones. Ironically, it appears the school’s Terry Fox run might have been the damaging factor. The entire school’s worth of kids trampled the area where the most recent nest was found, directly beside the school, without realizing it was there. Painted turtles, so

Golf is a game of honesty, and it starts with being honest with yourself. If you are in pain, and it is not just getting better on its own, consider turning on your healing with either Prolozone or Prolotherapy. Heal your pain and get back to playing golf. After all, it is a lot easier and more fun than moving.

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Teaghan Atkins and Sam Conway (above) will plead with the school board to save the painted turtles at their school. KLO Middle School Grade 9 students, Marcus Kardel and Alex Eggleston (right) dig a post hole for a fence to keep the turtles safe. SEAN CONNOR/CAPITAL NEWS

named for their red underbelly, lay their eggs in the fall anywhere up to 150 metres from the waterway where they live. The nest over-winters to hatch in the spring, said Tanya Seebacher, a biologist from Golder and Associates, who is volunteering on the project. Seebacher has drafted a complicated landscaping scheme for the riparian restoration and is working with the B.C. Ministry of Environment and City of Kelowna to get it approved. At this point, the Central Okanagan School District appears to be the big-

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Backed by her friends Teaghan Atkins and Jennie Evans, in Grade 8 and 9 respectively, Conway says she’s ready to take the little turtle bodies in to show trustees exactly what is being lost if they decide to hold up the project. The group have already secured funds from the United Way and are applying for every grant going to see the project completed. A target of summer 2012 has been set to get it all done.

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gest hurdle. “They’re concerned about future expansion of the school,â€? she said, standing beside the latest nest site. â€œâ€ŚBut really, once the turtles were discovered, they couldn’t expand here anyway.â€? While the cramped middle school has several portables, Seebacher says the habitat trumps any building plans under provincial regulation, leaving the students in a good position to bargain.



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Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A13


Daniel Bellemarre granted day parole


Stabbing leads to arrest Cheryl Wierda STAFF REPORTER

The police have arrested two men after a stabbing outside a nightclub in the 200-block of Lawrence Avenue early Friday morning. Around 2 a.m., anRCMP officer was driving on Lawrence Avenue when he spotted a group of people fighting in an alley beside the club, said Sgt. Ann Morrison. Witnesses told police a man had been stabbed and the investigation led officers to believe another man was responsible for

the stabbing. “The 19-year-old victim was taken to Kelowna General Hospital where he continues to receive treatment for a single stab wound to the abdomen,� said Morrison Friday. The victim is from Kelowna, while a 36-yearold man police arrested at the scene is from Edmonton. A second Edmonton man, 29, was also arrested for obstruction when he intervened in the arrest of the suspect. The man arrested for obstruction was released on a promise to appear in court at a later date.

Cheryl Wierda

The suspect was still in police custody late Friday morning and charges were pending. Confirmation of the charges, as well as the suspect’s name, were not available at press deadline. Morrison said police are continuing to investigate and gather statements from witnesses. The relationship between the accused and victim, if any, will be determined through that probe. Anyone with information is asked to call the Kelowna RCMP at 250-7623300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.


A man sentenced to two years in prison last fall for shooting a friend in the foot has been granted day parole for six months, new documents from the Parole Board of Canada indicate. Conditions of Daniel Bellemarre’s day parole include participating in substance abuse counselling, abstaining from drugs, not associating with those involved in criminal activity or substance abuse, and providing full financial disclosure when his parole supervisor asks. In their written de-

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rights and safety of others, use of crack cocaine, and poor judgment calls when faced with negative circumstances. The incident that led to Bellemarre’s incarceration happened nearly a year ago at a property he and his friend shared on June Springs Road. On May 19, 2010, Bellemarre confronted Duncan Eyre about his suspicion that Eyre had told some individuals that Bellemarre was respon-

White Spot Lake City Bowl


Kelowna Location

Bowling Grand 10

sible for stealing cash and cocaine in the Lower Mainland. During that confrontation, while Bellemarre was high on crack cocaine, Eyre was shot in the foot. Bellemarre later pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and use of a firearm. After his prison term is completed, Bellemarre also faces two years of probation.


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cision, board members noted Bellemarre had a “well thought out� release plan and his risk of violent reoffending was assessed as low. While his risk of general reoffending is deemed high, board members believe the risk will be further reduced as he continues to work on his risk factors, which include associating with individuals involved in criminal activity and drug abuse, an indifferent attitude about the

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Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Coming of spring brings music scene alive in Kelowna L ast week, I accidently left out a couple of great musical events in my list of events to take in. The Kelowna City Band will host A Night in Havana on Wednesday, April 27, at the Mary Irwin Theatre. The great night of music will feature Latin music and dance. Tickets are available at Rotary Centre for the Arts or Select Your Tickets. As well, donations and used instruments will be collected for a youth band in Cuba. For more info go to www.kelownacity-


Charlie Hodge Meanwhile, one of my favourite bands around, A Day Late and Dollar Short, will help celebrate the upcoming opening of the new child care centre at Trinity Baptist Church with a concert at the church Friday, April

29. Doors open at 6:15 p.m., music starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at Prospera Credit Union Kelowna Branches at 100 -2106 Harvey Ave. or 15 3151 Lakeshore Rd., or Trinity Baptist. Here’s another musical tip. The Streaming Cafe first live album release show will take place April 21. Pat LePoidevin, originally from Princeton but now living in Sackville, N.B., is hitting Kelowna on April 21 to mark the release of his new live album. LePoidevin live at Streaming Café—check

it out. And last but not least, make sure and jot down April 27 also as the night to take in the 36th annual Kelowna Civic Awards. I’ve had the pleasure of being chairperson of this committee the past two years so I can guarantee that this year’s event will be a great night. Aside from saluting the final three nominees for each of the 24 different awards (and some yummy food), the night will also feature a few tunes performed by local singing star Robert Fine.

The Civic Awards organizers are pretty pumped up about the new format, which will see the awards ceremonies take place in the Kelowna Community Theatre. Tickets are also available at the door. Doors open at 6 p.m. with the awards starting at 7 p.m. *** With the NHL playoffs now upon us, it’s time for my annual attempt at being a playoff Rasputin. So here’s my predictions for the NHL playoff matchups. You can cut this out, pin it on the

THE GIFT OF NEW LIFE!! seemed to them like nonsense. Often the resurrection can seem to us like nonsense. It seems to defy logic and reason, and yet by faith, we can see that new life takes place, hope is brought out of the midst of despair and spring always follows the dead of winter. I have experienced resurrection through Jesus Christ and the life of my unborn child. I know that the one who creates life has gone before me through death so that I do not have to be afraid and so that I might have life and have it abundantly!!! Jesus Christ is the savior of the world; he knows your pain and has made a way for you into life so that you can be assured, by faith, of a resurrection, as he holds you firmly… In His Grip, Pastor Karen Seifert If you would like to hear more of the amazing story of how Jesus overcame death and delivered you into life come and join us at Grace Lutheran Church during Holy Week and for Easter. We will meet for worship on the following days: Sunday April 17th to hear the beautiful cantata “Come Touch the Robe” by Pepper Choplin at 10:30 AM and 2:30 PM, Thursday April 21st at 7 pm, Friday April 22nd at 10:30 AM and Easter Sunday April 24th at 10:30 AM. Also on Easter Sunday we will have a “Sonrise” service at 8:00 AM out at Bear Creek Park. This service will include breakfast and an Easter candy hunt for your children, bring the whole family and may God bless you this Easter season!


1162 Hudson Rd, West Kelowna V1Z 1J3


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experience that part of my life, and then ultimately I had to die to myself. I had to be able to give up everything-- give over everything to God. I do not believe that God wanted me to experience the death of three babies or to have to deal with that pain, but the reality of a sinful self and a sinful world demand that we experience death. Jesus knew this better than anyone. He was sent to the earth to live among us, to share in our pain and suffering and then to ultimately share in the experience of death. He did so in a most brutal way. An innocent man condemned to death at the hand of religious leaders and the governing power of Rome. He was nailed to a cross (the death of a thief or a murderer), and placed in a tomb that belonged to someone else. No one knows or understands the pain of death, the suffering of a sinful world better than the one who came to take it all upon himself for the sake of our resurrection. Luke Chapter 24 says this about the resurrection, “On the first day of the week, very early in the morning, the women took the spices they had prepared and went to the tomb. They found the stone rolled away from the tomb, but when they entered, they did not find the body of the Lord Jesus. While they were wondering about this, suddenly two men in clothes that gleamed like lightning stood beside them. In their fright the women bowed down with their faces to the ground, but the men said to them, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here; he has risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be raised again.’ ” Then they remembered his words. When they came back from the tomb, they told all these things to the Eleven and to all the others. It was Mary Magdalene, Joanna, Mary the mother of James, and the others with them who told this to the apostles. But they did not believe the women, because their words

three. (If Fleury stays healthy then the Penguins might advance to the next round). Once again goaltending will save the day as Buffalo rides the brilliance of Ryan Miller to victory over the powerful (but weak in goal) Philadelphia Flyers. If Philadelphia suddenly gets hot goaltending, they could reach the finals, but based on the regular season, their shaky goalies will probably spell the demise of the Flyers. Washington will edge the Rangers in a surprising seven game series. I’m predicting the final four teams to be Vancouver and San Jose in the West and Boston and Washington (Philadelphia) in the East. Watch for a Vancouver-Boston final with the Canucks finally winning their first Stanley Cup.


Easter is a time of resurrection and of hope. Our Savior Jesus is raised from the dead and has freed us from the power that death has over us. We no longer have to fear death because by believing in Him we are assured everlasting life after our time on earth has ended. Resurrection is a powerful thing, just the idea of it creates hope in places where there seems to be none. My husband and I have recently experienced this Easter hope in our own lives. Anyone who has read my articles in the past knows that we have struggled over the last couple of years with wanting a family. After three miscarriages and long months of waiting I wrote a piece last month about finding my identity in Christ and not in failing to become a mother. In the days leading up to that article and the moments that led me to really let go and allow God to be Lord of my life, I found a peace that I did not know could exist for me. I was given faith to grieve the loss of that life and of that dream and to really open myself up to God’s mercy and grace in my life. My resurrection experience came shortly after writing that article, shortly after giving things finally over to God and allowing Jesus to be my identity. I found in my faith and reliance on God that He wanted for me to be a mother as badly as I did, and my husband and I are expecting a baby in October. It is not easy! Every day I find something new to worry about. I thought that I would relax when I finished the first trimester, but each day I struggle to retain that faith and more than once I have found myself on my knees begging God for renewed faith and putting not only my life, but the dear life of my little one into His hands. And each time that I do this I experience the resurrection as I never have before. What stands out the most for me though as I look back over the years, and as I experience this new life, is that first I had to wade through death. First I had to understand what death was,

fridge and then laugh at me later. In the Western Conference, the Vancouver Canucks will finally thump their nemesis the Chicago Black Hawks in six games. Detroit will slide by Phoenix in five games, San Jose will down Los Angeles Kings in six games thanks to goalie Antti Niemi’s brilliance, and Nashville will upset Anaheim in six thanks to the brilliance of their net minding and the subsequent suspect goaltending of Anaheim. Despite the huge scoring line of Ryan Getzlaf, Cory Perry and Bobby Ryan, the Ducks will disappear early. The Eastern Conference will see Boston rally to edge Montreal in seven games as things heat up in that rivalry, Tampa Bay will rally as well in edging Pittsburgh in seven games after Fleury, I predict, gets hurt in game

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Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A15



Boileau’s talents to benefit Long Island’s Hofstra University Kevin Parnell STAFF REPORTER


JADE CRITCHLOW (left) and her sister Tess get off to a quick start in a snowboard cross event from earlier this season.


Sisters share podium Kevin Parnell STAFF REPORTER

It was the perfect end to a great season for Kelowna snowboarding sisters Jade and Tess Critchlow. The Critchlow girls dominated the Under-20 category at this month’s Canadian Snowboard Nationals, which ended last weekend with both girls standing on the winner’s podium in the snowboard cross event. In the junior women’s race, Jade, in Grade 12, placed first in Canada while Tess, in Grade 10, was third as the sisters shared the podium. In the senior category, against Canada’s best female riders of any age, Jade placed third while Tess was eighth in her first national event. “It was really cool,” said Jade of the national event. “Especially competing against (World Cup


number one rider) Dominique Maltais, that was amazing.” “Getting to the nationals and placing eighth overall was really exciting,” added Tess. “I was pretty happy.” The nationals ended the competitive snowboarding season as the sport now heads into its training phase before ramping up for another season in August. For the Critchlow’s it was their most successful season since they started snowboarding competitively at Big White and as members of the B.C. Snowboard Association. Both are now competing at the FIS level, the highest level. “They both started snowboarding at such a young age and we’ve watched them grow up,” said Cathy Astofooroff of the B.C. Snowboard Association, located in Kelowna. “It’s been fun to


watch. This has been an ideal situation. They started young, got hooked on competing and they moved up.” Jade Critchlow is a member of the national development team while Tess will likely follow in her footsteps once she moves up through Team B.C. Why wouldn’t she? The girls have been using their family ties to drive each other to higher levels. “It’s cool to see Tess moving up,” said big sister Jade. “She’s doing better than I was at that age so it’s great to see her progressing. It pushes me to do better. We’re always pushing each other and making sure we’re trying as hard as we can. She’s always trying to catch up and I’m always trying to get ahead.” Little sister Tess, in See Critchlows A17


her field hockey skills to the NCAA next year at Hofstra university. NCAA, suffering some serious injuries and losing three or four of its top players to graduation this year. The chance to play in New



York was too much to pass up for Boileau, who was looking to attend U Vic until early this year when she started to research other oppor-

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SINCE 1965


VERNON 3202 29 Street 545-0627 250

KELOWNA WEST KELOWNA 1892 Spall Rd. 868-1010 1892 Byland Rd. 769-7355 250


KSS field hockey player Jonel Boileau will be taking



Soccer, ice hockey, ringette, track and field, volleyball, basketball and, oh yeah, field hockey. There’re not many sports that Grade 12 Kelowna Secondary School athlete Jonel Boileau hasn’t played. Since Grade 10, though, Boileau’s best sport has been field hockey. Next year it will be her only sport as the graduating senior has signed a full-ride American college scholarship to play field hockey. Boileau, 18, will take her goal scoring talents to NCAA Div. I school Hofstra, located in Long Island, New York. “It’s kind of going to be weird, I think I’m going to miss all these sports,” said Boileau, speaking on the team bus as the KSS girls soccer team headed for a tournament. “But it will be nice to focus on field hockey and not have a break in the season. I’m definitely going to miss playing soccer and doing some track though.” But in signing a scholarship to a top American school, Boileau will be able to focus on the sport she loves the most in field hockey. During high school, on a powerhouse KSS team that last year claimed the gold medal at the provincials, Boileau was the top sniper, scoring over 30 goals in each of her three seasons. There’s no doubt it was that scoring touch that helped her sign with Hofstra, a team that is coming off a tough year in the

tunities. She first contacted Hofstra and sent a highlight video that attracted the attention of the Hofstra coach. A visit to the school in March sealed the deal for Boileau as well as the school and the deal was done. “I was planning to stay in Canada but then I started to think about my plans in the future and I wanted to travel and play field hockey. Being able to do both and go to school as well is the best thing that could have happened,” she said. “It was all about location. I really can’t imagine a cooler place to live than New York.” After years of being one of the top players on one of the top high school teams in B.C., Boileau will have to start fresh at Hofstra next year, attempting to step into the highly competitive world of the NCAA. There are some roster openings and she plans to do her best to grab one of them as a freshman. “They have a gap in their forward lines so I hope to step in and fill the gap and replace some of the girls that are leaving,” said Boileau. “I will just have to work hard and see what happens.” In school Boileau says she is interested in international business and says she will be plenty busy next year, adjusting to university athletics as well as academics. And that will likely keep her from missing too many of those old sports she is so used to playing.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Junior Athletics team Special O team goes to Athens develops players to make move up ladder W REPRESENTING CANADA


It was touch and go for the Okanagan Athletics junior baseball program this summer, but 13 players will kick off the season in the B.C. Junior PBL, a feeder league for Premier Baseball League teams. Locally the Athletics parent club is the A’s in the B.C. Premier Baseball League. “The junior program is the feeder team for the senior team,” said assistant coach Todd Russell. “We strive for player development, building young men and winning. It’s fun to win but we have to develop baseball players.” This winter it was looking like there wouldn’t be enough players to fill the junior Athletics squad but that is no longer the case as the team hit the field

running this weekend. It’s a nice addition to the Kelowna baseball system with the competitive team featuring the majority of its players in Grade 10 and 11, looking to advance on to the PBL, one of the top midget leagues in Canada. Russell says he likes the make-up of the team. “I think it’s going to go really well,” he said “Our team will be a gritty, determined group, similar to the senior team. We’re going to have to scratch out wins and work together as a unit to get things accomplished.” The junior PBL team basically replaces the Kelowna midget AAA program, which was a regional team made up of players from the Kelowna, Rutland and Westside baseball associations. The junior A’s are much the same as they

will be run by a board made up from the three associations. The A’s can take players from anywhere East of Hope as they are the only junior program running outside of the lower mainland. “This is really good for baseball,” said Russell, a longtime member of the Rutland Minor Baseball Association. “We’re finally having players from the Coast come here to play and we’re finally having players from our program go to college. This is a stepping stone to high school elite programs and then to college and then returning to play for the Jays or the Falcons. Personally I see the next step as those kids eventually coming back here to coach.” The junior A’s open their season this weekend with four games in Abbotsford.

After winning gold at the Canadian National games last summer, a Kelowna Special Olympics softball team will represent Canada at the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Athens, Greece. Nine of the 14 athletes on the Team B.C. softball Grizzlies are from Kelowna and the team is coached by Kelowna’s Lorena Mead, Ian Olive and Dennis Richardson. The international competition will run from June 25 to July 4 in Athens, and is expected to bring together an estimated 7,000 athletes from as many as 185 countries who will compete in 22 sports. Canadians will compete in seven of the 22 sports, including 10-pin bowling, athletics, powerlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, softball and swimming. Softball team members expected to make the trip are: James Blacke, Marcus Carberry, Ryan Courtemanche, Richard Gillis, Kyle Grummett, Chris Harrington, Jona-


KEVIN POLEHOYKIE, pitcher for Team Canada Grizzlies catches fly ball at recent exhibition game. The fundraising game and BBQ was organized by Ashley Willford, a member of Pussy Cat Power, a local ladies softball team. than MacDonald, Robert Penning, Kevin Pole-

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Smith helps win the West A couple of Liquid Lightning swim club members were part of a national competition including the best under-18 swimmers in Canada. Swimmer Kierra Smith was part of Team West while coach Emil Dimitrov was the team West coach in an East vs. West swim meet in Victoria. It was a short course meet in a 25-metre pool that put the best 18-year-


2 0 1 1

hoykie, Walter Reddecliff, Chris Roberge, David

old and under swimmers in Canada together to compete. The West won convincingly by over 70 points and was coached by Dimitrov The event was held after the World Championship trials in Victoria and the Saanich Commonwealth Pool. Smith swam the 200m breastroke and finished a close second after being out touched at the wall by Oakville’s Tara

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Van Bielen. Smith’s time was 2:26.6. She also finished second in the 100m breaststroke with a best time of 1:09.29 and 2nd again in the 400 individual medley to Surrey’s Katie Caldwell with a best time of 4:45.38. Despite finishing with three silvers and finishing within a second in all three races Smith was upbeat as the short course season ended. “With just a slight adjustment I know I could have won all three races instead of having to do the congratulating,” she said. “They don’t allow doovers here so I’ll have to wait until late May to race these same girls again at a Canada Cup meet.” Coach Dimitrov added: “It was a great experience to be part of this team, it was the third time in a row that the swimmers from the west have won this duel in the pool.” National team members Julia Wilkinson and Blake Worseley were team captains leading the swimmers in cheers and pep talks throughout the meet.

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A17


Southern pulls out all the stops It was a rematch of last year’s league final as the Kelowna masters men’s basketball league came to a close earlier this week. On Tuesday evening the finals of the Kelowna masters mens basketball league were held at Immaculata. The final pitted the same two teams that played in last year’s finals as Southern Insurance took on Armada. The Armada team was a heavy favourite as they had dominated the league and ended in first place, while Southern Insurance had placed second in the league but were also missing three of their regulars and only dressed five players. Armada jumped out to a quick eight point lead be-

fore Southern Insurance point guard Curtis French called a timeout, and called out his teammates, asking them to give an all out defensive effort. It apparently worked as Southern cut the lead to four by half and led by nine going into the 4th quarter. Armada gave one final run but came up just short with the final 79-76. Top scorer for Southern Ins. was French with 26 points, playing perhaps his best game in five years. Steve Ivanitz scored 16 points and had 15 rebounds for the winners. Top scorer for Armada was Jay Johnstone with 24 points. With the win Southern Ins. repeats as league champions as thet defeated Armada in last years final, that time by two points.


Best season yet for Critchlows Critchlows A15 her first year as a FIS rider, says the only problem is when they hit the starting gates in the same heat, where two of four riders are eliminated. “It’s really fun getting to travel with her and racing with her,” Tess said. “It kind of sucks when we are in the heats together because one of us might get eliminated.” Team B.C. head snowboarding coach Chis Nakonechny has been coach-

ing the Critchlow girls for years and says this past season was one of the best. “This has been a great season for Jade and Tess,” he said. “They have been working very hard all season and have been rewarded with great results. I look forward to seeing them on top of more podiums in the near future and to helping them to progress to their Olympic goals.” So it appears the sky

is the limit for the snowboarding girls who got their start on the slopes of Big White. Both want to take the sport as far as they can with the Olympics an obvious goal. Beyond long-term goals the two are having fun with a high level sport. “I don’t think there is any one thing that stands out for me this year,” said Jade. “Getting to go to new places with snowboarding was really cool.”

“Snowboarding is really chill,” said Tess. “Everyone is really friendly and it’s a lot of fun.The best thing is the adrenaline of being in the gates and watching it drop and just giving it your all.”


SOUTHERN INSURANCE repeated as Kelowna masters men’s basketball

champions this week. The team is (back row) Steve Ivanitz, Cal McCarthy, Curtis French, Lon Williams, (front row) Kim Warawa, Adrian Neale and Darren Semeniuk.

REAL ESTATE REVIEW Okanagan Mainline Real Estate Board

The New Edition of

MLS® REAL ESTATE REVIEW is now available


Volume 11 • Number 5 • Current until April 14, 2011

You may pick up the most current edition of this publication at real estate offices and the usual drop off points across the Central Okanagan as of today.

Okanagan anagaan M Mainline aiinl nlin i eR Real eal EEstate stat t te Bo Board


Please note that the expiry date on this publication is wrong. The expiry date should read: “Current until May 5, 2011” The Capital News apologizes for any confusion this mistake may have caused.

REAL ESTATE REVIEW Printed and distributed by the Kelowna Capital News


Index..........................................................Inside Front Cover Residential ............................................................................. 1 Lots, Acreages, Farms .................................................... 108 Business, Commercial, Investment ............................... 121 Lakeshore ......................................................................... 138

– Compliments of –


Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News

NEWS Upcoming events at the Royal Canadian Legion branch 26 during the month of April: Tuesday, April 19, Ladies Auxiliary general meeting, 7 p.m.; Saturday, April 23, Easter Dinner and Dance, 6:30 p.m., tickets $15 in advance, Schnitzel and Baked Potatoes, music by Vince’s Orchestra; Monday, April 25, Easter Turkey Dinner, tickets $12, two dinner sittings at 4 and 6 p.m.; Tuesday, April 26, general meeting, 7 p.m.; Friday, April 29, Roast Beef Dinner and Dance, 6:30 p.m., music by Ray Turner. For more information call 250-7624117 or check out www. Friends of the Westbank Library are currently collecting book donations for the group’s annual book sale on June 4.

Community Calendar IN THE LOOP Books may be donated to the Westbank library or call Carol Zanon at 250768-1654. Kelowna Secondary School grad class of ‘81 reunion on July 23, 2011. For more info call Darcy. 403-932-7273 or email Central Okanagan Hospice Association annual China and Linen Sale on Friday, April 16,

9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and Saturday, April 17, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., taking place at St. Paul’s United Church, 3131 Lakeshore Rd. Admission is free. Kelowna Garden Club meeting Monday, April 18, 7 p.m., at Unitarian Fellowship of Kelowna Hall, 1310 Bertram. Tickets $5/person. Guest speaker will be renowned nurseryman and author Raymond Evison.

Contact 250-769-2836 or rosemarybotner@gmail. com.

Club #17, 1353 Richter St. Call 250-764-7478 or 250-864-2179.

The Saskatchewan Superannuated Teachers Association monthly meeting Tuesday, April 19, 11:30 a.m. at the Mission Seniors Activity Centre, 4398 Hobson Rd. Call 250-707-0480.

Okanagan Institute Express forum Thursday, April 21, 5 p.m., at Bohemian Cafe, 524 Bernard. Guest speakers are

Anna Warwick Sears with the Okanagan Basin Water Board, and representatives from the Okanagan Similkameen Conservation Alliance and Meadowlark Festival.

Association meeting Thursday, April 21, 7 p.m., at the Rutland Centennial Hall, 180 Rutland Road North. Guest speaker Val Petillion and Ron

Rutland Residents

See Calendar A19

Okanagan Orchid Society meeting Wednesday, April 20, 7:30 p.m., at Benvoulin Heritage Church hall. Presentation to be made about Dendrobiums. Call 250-7644495; www.members. Sons of Norway Hardanger Lodge #109 will host Taste of Scandinavia night on Wednesday, April 20, 6 to 8 p.m. Norwegian food will be served. Held at Kelowna


BIRD OF PREY…A young great horned owl roosts on a tree stump

along Mill Creek in Kelowna. It is fast losing its baby fluff from its chest as it matures to adulthood.

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Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A19

NEWS Calendar from A18 Westlake from City of Kelowna, and David Sargent, with Davara Holdings. Call 250-765-4113;

or email covelson@sd23. Kelowna Seniors

Society branch 17 potluck dinner and bingo Friday, April 29, 5 p.m., at the seniors’ centre, 1353

Richter St. Call 250-7622630. Ponderosa Spinners

Weavers & Fibre Artists Guild meeting Friday, April 29, 10 a.m., in room 204 at the Rotary Centre

for the Arts. A presentation of the one-person play Damien

featuring Father Edward See Calendar A20

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Annual Easter Pancake Breakfast on Good Friday, April 22, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at Parkinson Recreation Centre. Free breakfast along with new and used free clothing, Easter egg hunt for 10,000 candy-filled eggs. Call 250-862-3044. Easter Egg Hunt at Johnson Bentley sports field in West Kelowna on Sunday, April 24, noon to 2 p.m. Free event for kids under age 10.

At Beachcomber Home Leisure

Healing Arts Association monthly holistic market Sunday, April 27, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Royal Anne Hotel. Free admission, donations accepted for food bank. See Dr. Knox Middle School’s 50th anniversary celebration Thursday, April 28, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at the school, 121 Drysdale Blvd. For more info call 250-870-5130 Now you can use the Internet to add your own non-profit event to the Capital News Stuff to Do.


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410 Banks Rd., Kelowna



Monday - Saturday 9 am - 5:30 pm

ON NOW AT YOUR BC BUICK GMC DEALERS. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. GMC is a brand of General Motors of Canada. */x/¥/‡/∞/~/# Offers apply to the purchase of a 2011 Sierra SL EXT CAB 2WD (R7E), 2011 Terrain SLE FWD (R7A), 2011 Acadia SLE1 FWD (R7A) equipped as described. Freight included ($1,450). License, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees and taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offers valid to May 2, 2011. Limited time offers which may not be combined with other offers, and are subject to change without notice. Offers apply to qualified retail customers in the BC GMC Dealer Marketing Association area only. Dealer order (2011MY only) or trade may be required. x$7,500/$3,200 manufacturer to dealer delivery credit available on 2011 Sierra SL Crew CAB 4WD /2011 Acadia SLE1 FWD (tax exclusive) for retail customers only. Other cash credits available on most models. See your GM dealer for details. ¥Offer applies to new or demonstrator 2011 MY Sierra Light Duty Extended and Crew Cab C/K Models, 1SF, 1SB, 1SD (excludes hybrids) delivered between February 1 and May 2, 2011 at participating dealers in Canada. Dealer order or trade may be required. Offer available to retail customers only and consists of a pre-installed Chrome Accessories package (grille, 6” tubular assist steps, door handles and mirror caps) (“PDJ Truck”) valued up to $1500 (tax exclusive). This offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives available on GM vehicles. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate this offer, in whole or in part, at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. See your GM dealer for details.‡ Based on a 48 month lease. Rates of 6.99%/4.99%/7.50% advertised on new or demonstrator 2011 2011 Sierra EXT CAB 2WD, 2011 Terrain FWD, 2011 Acadia FWD equipped as described. Annual kilometer limit of 20,000km, $0.20 per excess kilometer OAC by FinanciaLinx Corporation. Monthly payments may vary depending on down payment/trade. Down payment or trade of $3,200/$3,050/$3,400 and security deposit may be required. Total obligation is $19,399/$21,497/$26,886. Option to purchase at lease end is $11,060/$10,710/$14,885 plus applicable taxes. Other lease options available. Applies only to qualified retail customers in Canada. Freight & PDI ($1,450), registration, $350 acquisition fee, air and tire levies and OMVIC fees included. License, insurance, PPSA, dealer fees, excess wear and km charges, and applicable taxes not included. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Dealer order or trade may be required. Offer may not be combined with certain other consumer incentives. GMCL may modify, extend or terminate offers in whole or in part at any time without notice. Conditions and limitations apply. 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Calendar from A19

Evanko presented by the Ukrainian Catholic Parish on Friday, April 29, 7 p.m. The church is located at 1091 Coronation Ave. in Kelowna. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. Call 250-8607295. Play tells the story of a Catholic missionary who devoted his life to ministering the lepers on the Hawaiian island of Molokai.

Kelowna #62 Order of the Eastern Star will present a Style Boutique Fashion Show on Saturday, April 30, 2 p.m., at St. George Hall, 1564 Pandosy St. Tickets, $10/ person, available at Style Boutique, 519 Bernard. Call 250-861-7118.

Miniature Show and Sale put on by Miniature Enthusiasts of the Central Okanagan on Saturday, April 30, doors openat 10 a.m., at Westbank Lions Community Centre. Admission $8, children under age 8 get in free. Call 250-767-2842.






33,998 478





A20 Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Kelowna Bocce Club is inviting people to play bocce indoors for one month at no cost. The club plays Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6 to 9 p.m., and Sundays, 1 to 4 p.m. For more information, call Gianni at 250-7647029.

Join the Respite & Recreation Club program which is designed to meet the needs of people with Alzheimer Disease and Dementia. Meet every Wednesday morning at Fernbrae Manor from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.



Free Keenfit Pole Walking Clinics, every Saturday 9 a.m. at Mission Creek Park parking lot, (west end by Durnin Road). See www.keenfit. com for more info. Alateen weekly meetings on Saturdays, noon, at the Kalano Club, 2108 Vasile Rd. Support group for young people dealing with family member or friend with a drinking problem.

Dancing (ballroom/ Latin) every Sunday evening at Water Street Seniors Centre, 7:30



HWY:6.1L/100KM  46MPG CITY:9.2L/100KM  31MPGW



SLT S LT Model Shown


p.m., dress code is dressy casual, cost $5.

Kelowna Carving Club meets Thursdays, 7:30 p.m., at the Westside Seniors Centre, 3661 Old Okanagan Highway. Visitors and new carvers welcome. Call 250-707-0624 and 250-764-2325.

Survivors of Suicide support group, connect with others who have lost a loved one to suicide. For ages 18 and over, meetings every fourth Wednesday of the month, at Canadian Mental Health Association, 504 Sutherland



24,998 328

1,500 1,000 UP TO




OR $




The Alzheimer Society of B.C. holds support groups for caregivers and people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia on Tuesday at the Kelowna Resource Centre, 865






7 $











Bernard. Call Jennifer at 250-860-0305.

To have your item included in the Capital News city calendar, email it to or fax 250-7638469.

Breaking news and video:


6 .99% LEASE APR



HWY:10.5L/100KM  27MPG CITY:15.3L/100KM  18MPGW








4 .99% LEASE APR





HWY:8.4L/100KM  34MPG CITY:12.7L/100KM  22MPGW


Call Jacobsen Buick GMC Cadillac at 250-860-7700, or visit us at 2727 Highway 97 North, Kelowna. [License #9748]

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A21




SUNSET RANCH is located adjacent to the golf course of the same name in northeast rural area of Kelowna, near Old Vernon Road. CONTRIBUTOR


Golf course setting matched by easy access to amenities Greg Bird, president of Acorn Homes, talks about the Sunset Ranch development. Shauna Nyrose CONTRIBUTOR

Question: Give us an overview of Sunset Ranch. What inspired the project? Bird: Golf course living is one of the fastest growing and most desirable sectors in the new home market. Sunset Ranch was partially inspired by this, but on top of all the green space the golf course provides adjacent to the project, there is also a sweep-

ing view of the valley, mountains, the city, plus Okanagan Lake and Duck Lake. The project is just over 10 minutes north of Orchard Park, which is at the centre and heart of the city. It is quiet and peaceful, giving the feeling that you are away from the hustle and bustle and more remote than you actually are. Both single family detached homes and sideby-side golf villas are

custom built to suit your needs, starting from under $365,000. Q: Tell us more about the neighbourhood and what makes Sunset Ranch such a great fit for the area? Bird: Driving to Sunset Ranch, you pass orchards, farms and ranches. It’s not unusual to see horses and deer in the same pasture. The local ranchlands also have more exotic species such as emu, alpacas and burros, to name a few. Sunset Ranch is also home to Peregrine Falcons and Redtail Hawks,

Great Horned owls and countless songbirds. It is easy to take advantage of the full scope that the Okanagan lifestyle has to offer. Outside your door nature beckons. The entire range of Okanagan outdoor activities is at your fingertips. World class dry powder skiing is equidistant at either Big White or Silver Star Mountains, within a 45 to 50 minute drive. Gray Monk is the closest winery, less than 10 minutes away. All amenities are minutes from your doorstep. Q: What are some of the reasons that people

have chosen to purchase in Sunset Ranch vs. other neighborhoods in Kelowna? Bird: In addition to the serenity, but close proximity to everything, there are five golf courses within five minutes of the development. Clients also really like that Acorn Homes is truly a custom home builder. You choose everything for your home

from structure to finishes. Pretty much, if it meets code we can build it into your home. And, clients tell us over and over that they find exceptional value for their dollar at Sunset Ranch. Q: What’s different or unique about the homes at Sunset Ranch from other new single family home offerings? Why is this important to buyers?

Bird: Sunset Ranch is a master planned, gated community providing consistency and cohesiveness for homes in the development. The topography provides a view from every lot. The entire development has been designed for maximum comfort, privacy and separation. See Amenities A22

Home-sites starting at $143,900. Lake view sites starting at $219,500. Call or visit our Sales Centre today Open Mon to Fri 9-4 and Sat & Sun 12-5

This is life.

Located in Upper Mission at Frost Rd. & Gordon Dr.

250-764-8700 |


hot properties 4694 Stewart Road W

• Upper Mission • House • Built 2003 • 3690 sq.ft. • 5 beds • 4 baths Come home to this updated 5 bedroom, 4 bathroom home , including space for an In-law or teenager suite. Boasting two laundry rooms. Let the main level area spill out into your extra large backyard. Looking for space for the RV we have it. MLS®10023237 $659,900 Darcy Nyrose, Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty, 250-575-1946

1027 Aurora Heights

• West Kelowna Estates • House • Built 1997 • 3840 sq. ft. • 4 beds • 3 baths Enjoy the spectacular Views from every room of this custom 4 bed, 3800 sq ft, gated entry home. Truly unique floor plan with vaulted ceilings, maple kitchen, hrdwd floors, curved walls & oversized rooms. RV Parking & so much more! MLS®10023346 $649,900

Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Customizing options to your home A�������� ���� A21

nagan has been the playground for the rest of B.C. and Alberta for decades, we probably see around half of our purchasers coming from those areas. However, we have a large contingency of locals relocating, folks from the rest of Canada, the U.S., and even as far away as the U.K., Singapore and Abu Dabi. Q: Give us an overview of the buying and building process. How does it all work? Bird: The simplest way for you to start at Sunset Ranch is a reservation. That’s just a refund-

Every detail has been taken into consideration right down to light pollution. For example, when looking from your living space to your view, you will never see your neighbor’s living space. Q: Who are your key buyer groups and why are they choosing to buy a home at Sunset Ranch? Bird: Sunset Ranch has some of every demographic residing on property. We don’t have restrictions on who can live here. Because the Oka-

able $1,000 deposit that holds a lot so someone else will not be able to scoop it from under you. Because no one wants to purchase something until they know what it costs, we then design your home with you to establish the cost of construction. If everything meets your budget and requirements, we can commence building your home. You can meet with any, or all, of our suppliers, which ensures that you can truly customize your home for how you live. Q: What options or

upgrades do you offer and what has been popular with your buyers? Bird: As a custom builder, virtually every option and upgrade in the market is available to you. We provide a very nice standard level of finish. You can then upgrade to the trendiest and most expensive the market has to offer, go tried and true classic, or be as frugal as you like by downgrading and receiving credits. All choices are yours. S�� A�������� A23

Ryan Marcinkoski, RE/MAX Kelowna, 250-212-4494

422 Quilchena Drive

• Upper Mission • House • Built 1999 • 2870 sq. ft. This beautiful family home is walking distance to the new Chute Lake Elementary school, and has a beautiful view of Okanagan Lake!! Large pool sized yard. Over $40,000 in reno’s over the last year. One bed non legal suite for In-laws. MLS®10025927 $549,900

We Build Communities... One Home at a Time

Darcy Nyrose, Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty, 250-575-1946

2598 Richter Street

• Kelowna South • Half Duplex • Built in 1947 • 800 sq. ft. • 2 beds • 1 baths No Strata Fees! Freshly painted & very nicely maintained 2 bedroom half duplex in a great central location. Newer appliances, updated electrical panel downstairs, 2 skylights, huge yard, 2 sheds & a greenhouse for the avid gardener. $247,500

Real People Real Life

Sandra Sikic, Realty Executives of Kelowna, 250-870-6105

#1037-2440 Old Ok Hwy

• Westbank Centre • Manufactured Home • Built 2007 • 1540 sq. ft. • 3 beds • 2 baths 4 year old near new home in Westbank’s Sierras Westside community. This three bdrm & den home has all the upgrades offered plus more. Gourmet stainless steel appls & modern lighting makes this home a must see. MLS®10023489 $234,900

Mountain Estates

Make your home Monashee Rise in the prestigious Dilworth Mountain Estates. Wake to the gorgeous Okanagan sunrise in your own bungalow or 1.5 story semi detached townhome.

Prices Starting from $399,900 plus HST

Jennifer Williamson, Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty, 250-870-8118

If you are a local realtor with a Hot Property you would like featured here, please email

Glen m


S Summit


Rob Dion, Royal LePage Kelowna, 250-575-5255


or lw


Hwy 97


Harvey Pandosy

• North Glenmore • House • 3 beds • 3 baths • Built 2006 • 3274 sq.ft. FORMER WILDEN SHOWHOME- This amazing home has a “WOW” factor as soon as you walk through the front doors!! The home is loaded with all the extras and the attention to detail is incredible. MLS®10023986 $799,900


1950 Hidden Lake Place


250.717.3569 Express Home Available Now!

Visit our Monashee Rise Showhome at #8-971 Monashee Place

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A23


Is the best mortgage interest rate always the best deal? Mortgage clients constantly tell us: “I need the best mortgage rate. What rate do you offer?” While the client is always right, and we always provide the best rate and terms available, we also convey to clients the need to look at the “extras” when selecting the best mortgage. Those extras can include such items as prepayment privileges, the amount you are allowed to prepay on your mortgage without penalty. It can vary from 10 to 20 per cent depending on the lender. If you have a mortgage of $300,000, the difference in a prepayment allowance can be huge. The lender with the 10 per cent option will only allow a prepayment (penalty free) of $30,000 while the 20 per cent prepayment option allows you to pay up to 60,000 without penalty.

The savings there are huge. Another option to consider is the ability for missed payment flexibility. We all don’t want to face that situation, but it’s comforting to know that option is available. Cash back mortgages are available with certain lenders, but the clawbacks associated with cash back mortgages can vary. A clawback is money you will owe to the lender in the event you opt for a cash back mortgage and are able to pay the mortgage out prior to maturity. The ability to port a mortgage is equally important. If you chose a mortgage that is portable, then if you were to sell your home and purchase another prior to your term being fulfilled, you can port or transfer your mortgage to the new home without paying a penalty. The lender will treat

the new home as a new application and it must meet their requirements, but your existing term will remain and no penalty will be levied. If the mortgage on the new property is less than what your current mortgage balance is, you would pay a penalty on the portion of the mortgage you are reducing it by. As an example if your mortgage was $300,000 and you only require a mortgage of $250,000 on the new property, you would be assessed a penalty on the difference of $50,000. If your mortgage is to increase, all remains the same on the existing and the new money only is charged at current interest rates. The ability to port a mortgage is significant benefit. So while we all tend to be attracted to the lowest mortgage rates, be


Offering innovative design ideas A�������� ���� A22 Q: How have you noticed the real estate market change in the last few years? How does Sunset Ranch address this ‘new reality?’ Bird: The 2008 downturn in the market was global. The basic market principle of supply and demand meant cost of construction reduced as suppliers and trades people began lowering prices. Sunset Ranch has always passed along cost reductions received, however, we have been seeing some costs slowly starting to rise again. Our mandate is to provide innovative solutions and uncompromising quality at the best value possible. Q: What have been some new innovations and/or trends in new home building in the past couple of years? Bird: Probably the most notable trend in new home construction is continually increasing energy efficiency. Our general manager keeps his finger on the pulse of everything “green.” Homes at Sunset Ranch have seen increased energy efficiency standards in so many ways with improved building envelopes, higher insulation values, Low

sure to do the math so you understand the fiscal impact of the extras that go

along with that low-interest mortgage Of Prime Interest is

a collaboration of mortgage professionals Trish Balaberde (250-470-

8324) and Darwyn Sloat (250-718-4117)

A Hidden Treasure

1476 Rosewood Dr., West Kelowna

Hidden in the hills of West Kelowna only 7 mins from all conveniences, lies this hidden treasure. A beautiful west coast entry home being built by Pentar Homes Ltd. in Rose Valley Properties. This home is the perfect size for a first time home purchase, a young family or if you are looking to downsize. Your new home will greet you with a finished foyer, den & laundry room with plenty of further future development available in the bsmnt. Upstairs your maple kitchen with large island & open great room are warm & inviting. 3 bdrms & 2 baths finish off the main floor. Pentar has just started construction on this home so there is still time to customize the interior to suit your decorating style! With the recent sale of the new showhome, this home will not be on the market for long! if you are more in the market for a custom home, Pentar has mountain & lake view lots available as well!

Come and see for yourself today. $448,000

SHOWHOME OPEN S SAT-WED 12-4PM Randy 250-212-5010

Steve 250-575-5851


THE KITCHEN layout looking out over the backyard sundeck. E windows with argon gas, higher efficiency furnaces, etc. Options include features like geothermal heating and cooling and solar hot water heating. Q: Tell us about how long have Acorn Homes been building homes and communities? What are some other projects the company has built? Bird: Personally, I have been building homes and communities for over 30 years, beginning in the industry with the family business Bird Construction. Then came my own projects in Edmonton and Canmore, before taking over Acorn Homes here in Kelowna in 2000. Our Okanagan projects include a sold-out development in Glenrosa-Morningside, West Avenue Lofts in Pandosy

Village and Blackstone adjacent to Black Mountain and Sunset Ranch. You’ll also want to watch for three upcoming developments, a 110acre project at McKinley Landing, the 60-acre McCoubrey Plateau project in Lake Country and Osprey at Pandosy Village, a 24-unit condo project. Q: Where exactly is Sunset Ranch and how can interested buyers view site? Bird: Sunset Ranch is across Highway 97 from the UBC Okanagan. Heading north from downtown on Highway 97, turn right on Old Vernon Road, right again on Anderson Road, pass Sunset Ranch Golf & Country Club and follow our signs. We have two show homes open every day from noon to 4 p.m.

Shauna Nyrose Marketing Manager

Jen Williamson Licensed Realtor® Buyer Specialist

Darcy Nyrose Licensed Realtor® Listing Specialist

Dave Sutherland Licensed Realtor® Buyer Specialist

Be a part of 2011 Success! CALL US TODAY AT 250-575-1946

*Team Results Fourth Quarter 2010:

TOTAL UNITS: #1 Nyrose & Associates #2 Jane Hoffman Group #8 Watson Brothers #10 Dusik Bjornson Lang

SELLING: #1 Nyrose & Associates #2 Jane Hoffman Group #6 Watson Brothers #8 Dusik Bjornson Lang Team

Each office is independently owned and operated.


Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News



r ho es ak





Bellamy Homes Heweston (Upper) Crt

ROSEDALE MODEL HOME IN THE PONDS Call 250-470-2429 for individual viewing. 4

Trumpeter Ridge Estates





Hwy 97

vey Toov Toovey T


Rd .


shannon lake/smith creek ekk 26


H&H Homes in Smith Creek ek

Glenvalley on Clifton

600 Boynton 3 BD Units starting at $289,900 OPEN M-TH 12-5PM S S-S -S S 12-4PM 12 4PM 12Jason Jas ason on 250 25 250-801-6808 -8001-68088 Rya Ryann 250 250-86 250-860-0303 860-0 0 0303 303 Pat 250 250-85 250-859-6335 -859-6 9-6335 335

lake country/winfield 42

Cadence at the Lakes

13075 Lake Hill Drive Home + Lot from $379,900-$549,900 OPEN DAILY 12-4PM Call 1-877-766-9077 www.Ca www .Caden de ceK ceKelo elow


$ 3091 Sageview Road 529,900 + HST ST $ 3095 Sageview Road 579,900 + HST ST 43 Stonewater on the Lake Jaime Briggs 250-215-0015 5235 Buchanan Rd $1,399,000 - $1,579,000 Coldwell Banker Horizon Realty Call 250-864-3773 44


Eagle Terrace


Tallus Ridge Bring your own builder.


Eagle Crest

Trepanier Manor Luxury Estates

$ 5126 MacKinnon Rd 900,000 - $2M+ $ 2470 Tuscany Drive 299,000 Call 250-767-6221 OPEN NOON-4PM SAT-THURS Call 250-768-5622 45


Eagles View

4350 Ponderosa Drive from $365,000 Lots from $149,900 Homes from $450,000 OPEN TUES-SAT 1-4PM SHOWHOMES OPEN 1 866 767 3245 Call 1-866-767-3245 Mayne/Neufeld 250-469-4004 or 250-470-1044 044 44 www.di www .disco scover vereag eagles lesvie view.c o 2283 Shannon Heights Crt from $389,000 00 00 Open by appointment Call 250-862-1369 www ww.eagle eaglecre cres

south kelowna

rutland 30

Tower Ranch

black mountain 46

Black Mountain Golf Residences Community

1155 Black Mtn Drive from $179,000 Ca Call 250-765-4551 for individual viewing. 47

The Gate

1651 Lynrick Road from $289,900 + HST 1705 Tower Ranch Blvd from $439,900 Call Nyrose & Associates OPEN SAT-THURS 12-5PM Jennifer 250-870-8118 Darcy 250-575-1946 Call 2250-491-2918 w


DWELL CITYHOMES #9-1811 Ambrosi Rdd


3823 Sonoma Pines Drive


Timeless Homes

east kelowna


48 1338 Tanemura Cres Legacy from $439,900 $ 772 Rutland Road 190,000 For individual viewing call Barbara Boyd 250-469-1505 OPEN SAT-THURS 11-4PM Prudential Kelowna Properties Call 250-765-4185 Call 2500 765-4185 2504185 www. ww.l OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY 1-3PM 31


$ 5018 Treadgold Ct. 1,398,000 By appointment call Jane Hoffman 250-860-7500 Coldwell Coldwe Col dwell ll Ban Banker Banker, ker,, MLS®9226909 MLS®92269 www .ja janeh nehoff offman off man .com



600 Sherwood Road from $349,800 Mark Jontz and Associates Call Clarence 250-717-6770 7

3865 Truswell Road

1072 sq. ft. to 3540 sq. ft.

$ 5336 Signet Crescent 1,099,000 For In Individual Showings Call 250-859-2361



S.E. Kelowna

Pearwood Corner

619 Boynton Pl. from $319,900 OPEN NOON-5 PM, SAT-WED 41

McCulloch M




511 Yates Road from $299,900 OPEN FRI 3-6PM SAT-SUN 1-4PM Ryan Mayne 250-860-0303

Pa s

n Rd. N. utland Rutland


Dilworth Dil th

Hw y9 7N .

d Rd o e Rd. n ore enm Gle Glenmore




3359 Cougar Rd (Treasure Chest for Toys)

Hansum Homes

$ 768 Kuipers Crescent 890,000 NO HST Call 250-808-6171 for individual viewing. Ca


East Kelowna Kelown


1479 Glenmore Rd N from $115,000 incl HST Call Nyrose & Associates Darcy 250-575-1946 w



Black Mountain & Joe Rich


$ Starting at Call 250-707-3799 or 250-808-7600




328 Providence Ave from $419,500 OPEN WEEKENDS 12-3PM Lin Schierling RE/MAX Kelowna 250-717-7033

Facility tours available by appointment only.

Call 250-764-3104 or 250-469-2127

Okanagan Ok

Tuscany Villas


Hwy 33 3

Map by Fred Armstrong © The Kelowna Capital News



To Big White & Joe Rich

Mission 7 Mi 3 4 5

2070 Boucherie Road from $289,900 1 Kentland Homes BY APPOINTMENT ONLY 86 $ 5498 Mountainside Dr 957,200+ HST Call 11-866-930-3572 OPEN SAT-THURS 12-5PM 12 Call 250-764-1306


Be nvo ulin



49 446 52 48

Kelowna’s most complete guide to local showhomes.

upper mission






97 Hwy

rso Gu

Gordon Dr.


Okanagan Lake





r eD


E. Kelowna Rd.



Peachland d

don do Gordo Gordon

Water Ellis Richter

l Rd. Campb el


Chute La akke e Rd.

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Byrns Byrn ns Rd. Rd



14 Coquih

Glen more e Rd . Valle l y

La an ag an


Westside Rd. v Elliot Ave E



97 S.

Boucherie Rd.

ak eR d.

Sha anno


Old Vernon Road

Webber Rd.

Hi gh wa y9 7S ou th

N. Hwy 97

Gle n

9 N. N 199 Hwyy 97 20 Kelowna Springfield 1Rd.24 ngf g 21

155 17 113 d.



Hwy 33

Hwy 97 N.

Lakeview Heights




Bernard Ave. ernard r Ave. ve

R rie he uc Bo



Dilworth worth o th h untai nta n Mountain

INVUE - There Is No Equal 30


. S. Rd



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en Gl





26 Shann Shannon n Lake & Westbankk


Old Vernon Rd.



Stevens Rd.



od wo

OUC North Kelowna Campus

Old Vernon Road

27 28

Kelowna wn na h 36 North

Clement m ment

West Kelowna Estates



Duck Lake



lly Ho

mo re R oad

OK Centre



We sttla ke Rd .


Beaver Lake Rd.

nmo nmore Glenmore

Hw y9 7S


Ca mp

Thacker Rd.

Hwy 97 N.

Okanagan Ctr. Rd.

m Ca

Wood Lake

355 39


from $249,900

Call Sales Office 250-762-7770 (24 hours)

Winfield & OK Centre on map at left



McKinley Rd.

Clift on R d


ide Wes ts

To Vernon and Armstrong via 97 N.


Nor North Glenmo Glen Gl m Glenmore

Centre Point

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4370 Gallagher’s Drive E from $444,000 OPEN TUES-SAT 11-4PM Calll 250Cal 2250-860-9000 50 860-9000


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MON-THUR 11-4PM WEEKENDS 12-4PM The Okanagan’s Premier 55+ Community HOME + LOT $450,000-$795,000 incl. HST 250-707-0619 9




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$ 1058 Henderson Drive 509,900 + HST Call Nyrose & Associates 32 Selkirk Jennifer 250 870 8118 Darcy 250 575 1 250-870-8118 250-575-1946 569 Harrogate Lane lots from $199,900 900 www .Kelow KelownaReal ealEst E ateP Pros.ccom OPEN SAT-THURS 12-5PM Call 250-861-8989

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50 Predator Ridge #112-2142 Vasile Rd from 236,000 + HST 33 Monashee Rise OPEN SAT-WED 12-4PM 100 Mashle Cres, Vernon from $349,000 $ 971 Monashee Place from 399,900 Call 250-212-5010 or 250-575-5851 Call 1-866-578-2233 OPEN 12-5 Dailyy Except Fridays Call C all 250-717-3569 2250 50-717 717-3569 3569 www ww.di di


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1933 Ambrosi Crt from $196,000 00 00 OPEN WEEKENDS 1:30-5PM WEEKDAYS 3-6PM


Wilden (Clifton Rd N - Rio Drive) 286 Clear Pond Pl. from $429,900 OPEN SAT-THURS 1-5PM 3013 Pandosy Street from $351,000 C Call 250-717-7966 or 250-863-4166 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 12-4PM Call Call 250-762-5818 250-762 250762-5818 5818 ww www w.sopa sopasqu squar com 35 Wilden Union-Begbie Rd. from $449,900 OPEN SAT-THURS 1-5PM C Call 250-717-7966 or 250-863-4166 22


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Roth Homes 3351 Mimosa Dr from $241,000 700 Martin Avenue from $389,900 739 Boynton Pl Was $999,000 Major price reduction! OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 12-4PM Call 250-859-2774 OPEN SUNDAY 2-4PM 16 Miravista Call 250-470-8251 $ #4112-3842 Old Ok Hwy from 242,000 OPEN SAT-THURS 12-5PM Call 250-768-0302 3485 Creekview Crescent from $345,020 10 West Kelowna Estates SHOWHOME OPEN MON-FRI 8-4PM $ 1057 Aurora Heights 649,000 WEEKENDS 12-4PM By Appointment Call 250-575-6467 Call 250-212-0278 or 250-826-0680



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This is life.

Complete home and lot packages starting at $397,700 Home-sites starting at $143,900 Unobstructed lake view sites starting at $219,500 Select one of our Preferred Builders or choose your own. Call or visit our Sales Centre today. Open Mon to Fri 9-4 and Sat & Sun 12-5

Located in Upper Mission at Frost Rd. & Gordon Dr.

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The need for understanding F amilies need to realize that the behaviour of their aging parents may change. Sometimes younger family members lose their patience, thinking that the seniors are doing or not doing something just to annoy them. Most likely, the seniors are not even aware of their behaviour. Some behaviours are due to aging while others may be an indication of a more serious health issue. Doctors should be notified of any unusual behaviour, especially those that might put the senior or someone else in danger. Seniors who are outside and walk with speed and steadiness, who appear to give you the impression they know where they’re going, might in fact be totally lost and not know how to get back home. Others might be reliving memories of a location they enjoyed and think they’re headed back to that same place.


Sharen Marteny Stories are interesting but not when the same one is told numerous times. If that happens, ask your senior parent or relative to tell you about a different aspect of their youth. Some topics may be off limits. For example, speaking about their experiences in a war might be too painful to relive. Some behaviours that we don’t understand may actually reflect experiences from the war. In other cases, stories may be about things that an elderly person said they did, but in fact the event or experience was something they wanted to have so much, it has become true to them. This can cause problems if a caregiver is not aware of what was the

truth. For a senior, safety is always an issue, especially at night. They may block their bedroom door or the entrance door to prevent intruders. They may be so paranoid that they put tape around the door. Families need to help their parents understand that in case of an emergency they could not get out nor could anyone get in to help them. Things that go missing are another occurrence. The item may have been moved to a different location when a room was cleaned or the senior may have put it in an unusual place. It might also have been hidden. Seniors always deserve respect. If they say that something has disappeared, then it should be checked out. Family members may get angry if their parents tell them that no one else has been to visit. Again, the senior may believe this to be true when in fact others have

visited. Using a visitor’s book to sign will let everyone know who has been visiting and how often. It might remind the seniors that they do have visitors and have not been abandoned. Constant telephone calls from seniors to family members can also be frustrating to deal with, especially if all of the calls are to one person. This is another situation in which the seniors might not realize what they are doing. Using call display and an answering machine will allow the family members to decide which calls to answer. Families need to be patient and understanding of the changed behaviour of their parents. Never make fun of or ridicule them for it. Our behaviour too may become exasperating to others as we age. Sharen Marteny is a services consultant for seniors in Kelowna.

stop smoking

for good in just one hour! also… weight loss management and drug and alcohol addiction problems

304-3001 Tutt Street, Kelowna Tutt Professional Building

250-862-1222 Q U I C K | N AT U R A L | S A F E

ER FF suite O L r CIA d floo onth. E SP oun 5/m gr 199 $ at

April 12, 2011 In recognition of National Volunteer Week, Brandt’s Creek Mews in North Glenmore would like to extend a thank you to all the volunteers who have helped to enrich the lives of our residents and make the transition to our home this past 18 months. We appreciate the support in our programs, activities and services as well as the dedication, compassion and commitment to our residents and their needs. Thank you for helping make Brandt’s Creek Mews a Vibrant Community and home for our residents!


EGG HUNT…Some 10,000 colourful Easter eggs will cover the lawn behind the Parkinson Recreation Centre as part of the annual Easter Pancake Breakfast put on by the Victory Life Fellowship on Good Friday, April 22, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The event will also include a pancake breakfast with refreshments, free clothing, games, children’s activities and many other door prizes. “It’s a fun and free family event designed to meet needs and bring our community together,” said Pastor Diana Tripke.

SENIORS’ ACTIVITIES Upcoming events at the Royal Canadian Legion branch 26 during the month of April: Tuesday, April 19, Ladies Auxiliary general meeting, 7 p.m.; Saturday, April 23, Easter Dinner and Dance, 6:30 p.m., tickets $15 in advance, Schnitzel and Baked Potatoes, music by Vince’s Orchestra; Monday, April 25, Easter Turkey Dinner, tickets $12, two dinner sittings at 4 and 6 p.m.; Tuesday, April 26, general meeting, 7 p.m.; Friday, April 29,

Roast Beef Dinner and Dance, 6:30 p.m., music by Ray Turner. For more information call 250-7624117 or check out www. Join the Respite & Recreation Club program which is designed to meet the needs of people with Alzheimer Disease and Dementia. Meet every Wednesday morning at Fernbrae Manor from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Dancing (ballroom/ Latin) every Sunday evening at Water Street

Seniors Centre, 7:30 p.m., dress code is dressy casual, cost $5. The Barbership Harmony group meets every Monday, 7 p.m., at Water Street Seniors Centre. Call 250-868-3796. The Alzheimer Society of B.C. holds support groups for caregivers and people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia on Tuesdays at the Kelowna Resource Centre, 865 Bernard. Call Jennifer at 250-860-0305.

Don’t miss your opportunity to come home to Lakeshore Place. Call today for your personal tour.

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readership GETS results. “For close to three years, URBA and Capital News have worked together to inform Kelowna about Uptown Rutland events and community news. The expertise of the Capital News team has guided URBA and their members in everything from marketing techniques to story lines that educate and drive excitement about the growth of the Rutland community. URBA values the strong partnership that we have forged with Capital News and their commitment to the success of Uptown Rutland Business Improvement Area.”

In a recent Ipsos Reid survey,



of adults

said they have read the Capital News in the past month. Ipsos is one of the world’s leading survey-based market research firms and in Canada, Ipsos Reid is Canada’s market intelligence leader. Media CT research represents one of Ipsos’ five pillars of expertise (others being Advertising, Marketing, Public Affairs and Loyalty), providing clients with the latest tools and global experience within each specialization.




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PLOTTING MORE VEGETABLES… Sandy James, a coordinator with the city’s

community garden program, measures out a plot for the new community garden site, located behind the Capital News Centre, with the help of Sabastian Jacklin, a member of the volunteer Ford Lincoln Captain Do-Right team.


EMPLOYEES OF KILO-WOMP ELECTRIC install new hand dryers at the Kelowna and District Society for Community Living.

Homegrown food is safer, cheaper and pretty easy to grow Kathy Mullekom CONTRIBUTOR

Days of Caring are community-wide expressions of the power of volunteering! They are hands-on, volunteer initiatives in which United Way connects volunteers from businesses, corporations, union groups, service clubs and/or donors with non-pro½t organizations in their communities to complete various projects that may not otherwise be done without the support of the community. Days of Caring can happen any time during the year, and all it takes is a group of community-minded people who want to make a personal connection with a local non-pro½t that could use a hand!

If your non-proßt organization has a project, or your organization is interested in volunteering for a Day of Caring, please contact Avril Tory Paice

at 250.860.2356 or email a vril@unite

Homegrown in the city can be as good as homegrown on the farm, especially when it comes from your own backyard garden. There are several smart reasons to grow the produce that your household eats, even if you do it on a small scale. When you grow what you eat, you know it’s as fresh as fresh can be. No traveling hundreds of miles in trucks on a hot summer day. You know it’s safe to eat. No wondering what’s been sprayed or not sprayed on the plants. You save on your food bill, especially if you use share seeds and transplants with friends and family. No more fretting about the $2.99 for one English cucumber or $2 for one

red pepper. You also engage in an outdoor activity that enhances a healthier diet and lifestyle. No more just admiring gardens on HGTV while you sit on the sofa and munch a bunch of chips. Creating a small backyard vegetable garden for planting warm-season crops in May and coolseason crops in fall and late winter is easier than ever before, thanks to ready-made raised garden kits that simplify design, digging and weed control. The kits, typically made from cedar or composite lumber, come in all sizes, shapes and price ranges, so it’s hard to find any good excuse for not raising at least a few tomatoes for tasty BLTs. Assembly is easy. Usually all you need is a screwdriver and hammer. Fill the frame with a vegetable-growing

medium like soil mixed with compost and you’re ready to plant. No drainage problems to worry about. No voles to fight. Even bunnies are less likely to hop over the boards to nibble. You can even set the gardens on concrete if your plants have shallow roots.


Survey your soil. If you garden in the ground, the best soil is loam, which is soft, dark and crumbly. Loamy soil retains moisture but drains so it’s not soggy; it’s also easy to dig. If you encounter clay or sandy soil, amend the soil with aged compost or shredded hardwood mulch. Size up your space. When plotting the size of your garden, make sure it’s large enough to yield the harvest you want. Your plants should


Don’t Replace - Resurface and save $$$


Of tthe he C Central enttral a and nd South Okanagan Similkameen


Various Finishes Available to fit your budget 1/4” in stamped overlay Spray - texture Spray - top Broom finish Ultra surface Color Flake

“Had my concrete patio resurfaced last year by Custom Concrete Creations I just love it. Now it’s part of my living area. So easy to clean.” Loraine, Chartwell, Kelowna

“Camil resurfaced my deck a few years ago with 1/4” stamped concrete. Best decking out there. Recommend to anyone” Ted, Magic Estates, Kelowna

For a free estimate call

Camil @ 250-215-1089

have room to mature and allow for good air circulation, which reduces pest and disease problems. If you have limited yard space, or none at all, grow vegetables and herbs in containers on a deck, terrace, balcony or even on the windowsill. Let the sunshine in. Vegetable plants need plenty of sun—at least six hours a day. Pick your plants for your plot. Grow vegetables that are expensive to buy in the grocery store or at the farmer’s market, such as specialty tomatoes and peppers.


Asparagus: 5-10 plants Bush beans: 12-15 plants Beets: 5-10 feet of plants, thin to 3 plants per foot Cucumber: 1 vine, 2 bushes Carrots: 4 feet, thin to 12 plants per foot Corn: 10-15 plants, Melon: 1-2 plants Onion: 12-20 sets, 4 sets per foot Peas: 15-20 plants, 6 plants per foot Pepper: 3-5 plants Potato: 10 plants Spinach: 5-10 feet, 6 plants per foot Squash: 1-2 plants Tomato: 2-4 plants Zucchini: 1-2 plants Source: Bonnie Plants

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THE LONDON EYE observation wheel (background), which opened in 2000 and operates daily, gives riders (inset) a chance to see Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the Thames River from above by day and by night.

What’s new in London since the last big Royal wedding? Christopher Reynolds CONTRIBUTOR

LONDON—So you hate Royal weddings. Or you love them. Or maybe you’ve caught yourself attending to arcane details of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s plans for April 29, but you can’t say exactly why. Here’s one reason: They defy time. Start with just the idea of monarchy. It may be a deadly serious issue in the Middle East, but as practiced in Britain of late, it all seems so quaint and bygone. Who else in the 21st century gets to walk a red carpet without an agent taking 10 percent?

Yet a few Fridays from now in London, you can count on a Gothic church, a carriage procession from that church to Buckingham Palace, great queues of commoners and vast inventories of souvenir spoons. To watch a Royal wedding is to imagine a world that doesn’t change. But it does, fortunately. I’ve just spent several days at London landmarks reminding myself of what’s been built or transformed—and discovering how dramatically the churches have raised their tourist prices—since London’s last epic (“epic” being the operative word) Royal wedding on July 29, 1981. It seemed logical to start with St. Paul’s Cathedral, which is where Prince Charles wed Lady

A FULL SERVICE TRAVEL AGENCY 153 Pinto Road, Kelowna 1800-667-3877 250-765-9016 HOURS: Monday - Friday 9 - 5 Satudays 9 - 4

GAMBLING ~ BOOK EARLY Coeur D’Alene May 15 ................................3 days Silver Reef Apr. 25* ................................3 days Silver Reef May 8* .................................4 days Tulalip June 12* ..............................4 days Coeur D’Alene May 29 ............................... 4 days Wendover June 19 ................................7 days Reno June 11 ................................8 days Lincoln City May 22* ...............................6 days Mother’s Day in Tulalip May 6* .....................4 days Tulalip May 18 .................................3 days Discover Nevada Oct. 8 ................................10 days Millbay Tuesdays • Omak Bingo Apr. 24

Diana Spencer (although it’s not where Prince William will wed Kate). Three decades ago, it cost a tourist nothing to stroll the cathedral’s checkerboard floor—and what a floor it is. From it, you gaze up, up, up into the overwhelming 365-foot dome designed in the late 17th century by Christopher Wren, London’s original star architect. You did have to pay, however, to climb the 257- or 259-step spiral stairwell (it depends on who’s counting) to the Whispering Gallery that circles the interior of the dome, offering a view from 99 feet above the worshipers below. It’s hard to imagine a bigger target, yet somehow, though German bombing leveled many a

London building during World War II, British forces kept St. Paul’s safe. At war’s end in 1945, 30,000 Britons gathered here to celebrate. When wartime leader Winston Churchill died in 1965, authorities brought his body here to lie in state. And when Charles and Diana married here in 1981, every detail got a good going-over: the couple’s decision to leave “obey” out of Diana’s vows; the red carpet they walked on; the 25foot train of Diana’s dress; the 20-year-old bride stumbling on the full name of her husband-to-be, the 32-year-old groom mixing up his pronouns See London A30 SIGHTSEEING & ADVENTURE TOURS

Alaska & Yukon

JUNE 24TH - 20 DAYS Enjoy 7 Day Cruise aboard Royal Caribbean’s Radiance of the Sea, then discover Alaska and the Yukon by land as we travel back home for 13 days in our deluxe motorcoach.

Pacific Northwest Cruise ... May 17* 6 days Alaska Cruise & Tour ........June 24 20 days Historical Passage Kootenays .... Sept. 19 5 days Billy Barker Days .................. July 15 4 days Beyond 50 Tulalip ................. May 1* 3 days Palm Springs ................Feb 11/2012 20 days BC Travel Registrar #1851-3

*Guaranteed Departure


Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Seeing St. Paul’s is free if you’re worshiping, but tourists pay London from A29

count for families. (Some days, there is a fast-track line for people who have prepaid their admission fee online, as I did. But other days, like the day I turned up, there is no fasttrack line.) There’s no doubt that it costs a fortune to keep the place whole as so many visitors troop through. But in my few moments by the entrance, I heard two British visitors hesitate at the cost. “I’ll give it a miss and come back later,” one man said. The other planned on returning just before closing, hoping to slip in for free. Once you’re in, if your legs are willing and your nerves can take the close quarters of the stairwell, climb the steps to the Whispering Gallery, enjoy the view and test the

on “worldly goods.” The BBC estimated 600,000 people in the streets and 750 million watching televisions worldwide that day. The couple’s first son, William, was born less than a year later, and a second son, Harry, followed in 1984. The couple separated in 1992 and divorced in 1996, just a year before Diana’s death with two others in a Paris car crash. When Prince Charles quietly married Camilla Parker Bowles in a civil ceremony in 2005, it was at Windsor Guildhall, far from here. These days it’s free to see St. Paul’s if you’re worshiping. But tourists will pay about $24 for adults and $9 for most children, with a slight disEthel St. Therapeutic Massage wishes to

welcome Amie Leonard, RMT, to their team. • REHABILITATION • SPORTS • PREVENTION • EDUCATION

Saturdays & extended hours available





#110-3001 TUTT ST.


Silver Reef & Skagit Tulips • 4 Days, Apr. 26* ............................... $309 Clearwater & Tulalip Resorts • 5 Days, May 2*, Sept. 12 ......from $449 Oregon Coast Gamble • 6 Days, June 5, Sept. 25, Oct. 2 incl. 3 Rivers .. $569 Sedona, New Orleans, Branson & More • Sept. 1* 24 Days ....... $4499 Reno • 8 Days, Apr. 16*, May 14*, Sept. 17,* Oct. 8* & 22* ...from $319 LUXURY SHORT SPRING GETAWAYS Tulalip - 3 Days • May 24*, Aug. 23............................................................ $259 Tulalip - 4 Days • May 9* & 30, June 6* & 27, July 4 & 18 ......................... $349 Tulalip - 4 Days • May 12* (weekend) ........................................................ $379 Silver Reef - 3 Days •June 8, July 6............................................................. $214 Silver Reef - 4 Days • May 1*, 24* & 31....................................................... $289 Silver Reef - 4 Days Weekend • Sept. 22*, Oct. 27 ...................................... $334 Northern Quest • 3 Days • May 29, July 24, Oct. 23 .................................... $259 Clearwater Resort - 4 Days • June 6, Oct. 11, Nov 14 .........................from $325 Christmas in August at Clearwater Resort- 4 Days • Aug. 14............from $419 Lake Chelan & New Mill Bay Casino - 3 Days • Sept. 5 ............................. $189 Coeur D’Alene - 4 Days •Sept. 18, Oct. 25, Nov. 8 ...................................... $249 Barkerville - 3 Days • June 20, July 24, Sept. 13......................................... $219 Blue Jays in Seattle • Aug. 15 .............................................................from $689 Sips, Slots & Shopping -Ladies Only!! 3 Days • Sept. 9, Nov. 11 ................. $339

acoustics (said to make whispers audible at 100 feet). Just 119 more steps will take you to the Stone Gallery and its sweeping balcony views of the city skyline, including all sorts of strangely shaped skyscrapers that have risen in the last decade. Here, as you spy the tiny people walking the streets far below, is a fine place to remind yourself that in 1673, when Wren got approval from King Charles II for his design of this church, nobody understood it especially well. Isaac Newton was still more than a decade away from publishing his law of universal gravitation. For the fittest of all travelers, 152 more steps will take them to the Golden Gallery, about 280 feet above the floor. I can’t tell you about that view, because it was a cold and cloudy day, and I was tired. Down, down, down I clambered to the crypt, where I could sprawl on the carpet and be surrounded by Oculus, a 30-minute series of 270-degree films, unveiled in July and shown continuously. With images flickering on three walls and the score resounding deeply, Oculus traces the cathedral through the centuries, from the Great Fire of London in 1666 that destroyed its predecessor to the blitz of 1940-1941 to the rousing sounds of a contemporary choir rehearsal. See it. Then step out of the cathedral and follow the pedestrian masses heading south. You’re about to do

something nobody could do here 30 years ago: stroll across the Thames on a footbridge. The Millennium Bridge, a few blocks south of St. Paul’s, is a steel suspension span, about 1,000 feet long, that puts you into a parade of international visitors who tend to grin and linger even in raking winter winds. The bridge opened in June 2000—and was shut down within days because its lateral movements gave many people the willies. It reopened in 2002 after a steadying retrofit and can surely be credited for tempting tourists toward the implausible hulk at its southern end. In 1981, this vast building was the oil-fired

Bankside Power Station, designed by the same architect who sprinkled Britain with those beloved red telephone boxes (Giles Gilbert Scott). But oil prices had grown prohibitively high. That year, authorities closed it. When the site reopened in 2000, it was as a world-class museum— the Tate Modern, a haven for art since 1900 and temptingly visible from the viewing decks of St. Paul’s. Many of its 4 million annual visitors pay to see special exhibitions, but it costs nothing to roam the permanent collection or Turbine Hall, the gaping ground-floor space in which the museum displays new commissioned work each year.

The current work, a big bed of porcelain sunflower seeds by Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, didn’t do much for me, nor did the museum’s explanatory note. (“What you see is not what you see, and what you see is not what it means.”) But lots of other things did. The Monet water lilies, painted on a canvas that’s almost the size of a backyard pool, will likely stop you in your tracks. The six Gerhard Richter abstracts may bewitch you. I merrily worked my way up to the seventh floor, then nipped into the restaurant just as it was opening for Saturday night dinner. (Garganelli pasta with mushrooms and a view of the Thames—both excel-

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top London tourist attraction for years and carries an entrance fee of about $30 (16 pounds) for those not worshipping

“See the world with us”


Yellowstone & Black Hills- 11 Days • Sept. 6 .......................................... $1409 San Francisco, Monterey & Santa Barbara - 14 Days • Oct. 4 ................ $2299 Majestic Canyons of the South - 13 Days • Oct. 1................................... $1639 Laughlin - 11 Days Incl. Vegas & Wendover • Oct. 11 ............................... $789 Las Vegas - 10 Days • Nov. 3...................................................................... $724


WESTMINSTER ABBEY, venue for the wedding of Price William and Kate Middleton on April 29, has been a

Call for a free brochure 604-647-0100 or 1-800-268-3492 • 160 - 1333 West Broadway • Vancouver V6B 4C1

lent.) What else couldn’t you do in London in 1981? Here’s a partial list: • Glide on a Boris Bike Notice the many Barclays Cycle Hire stands? They started popping up around town last summer, and there are dozens now. Londoners call them Boris Bikes, after Mayor Boris Johnson. (Thirty years ago, British political power was more centralized and London didn’t even have a mayor.) For a few pounds, you can grab one of the light blue two-wheelers from a stand, ride, then leave it at a stand near your hotel and walk home. It takes some nerve to share the lanes with London traffic, especially on the busiest thoroughfares, especially as an American accustomed to the other side of the street. But I did it in Soho and lived.


Where To Stay: The Hoxton, 81 Great Eastern St., London EC2A 3HU; 7550-1000, Room rates generally $79$320 a night. Boundary Rooms, 2-4 Boundary St., Shoreditch, London E2 7DD; 77291051, www.theboundary. Rates begin at about $325 for most rooms (more for suites), typically dropping to around $260 on Sunday nights. To learn more: VisitBritain, 800-4622748, www.visitbritain. com Christopher Reynolds is a Capital News contributor.

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A31


LIVEOct. 19 from 4:30 to 7 p.m. J Tuesday,


Three little numbers are a big help


id you know mation and servicyou can eases in more than 130 ily access a languages—French, wealth of non-emerPunjabi, and Chinese gency health informaamong many others. tion and services simI am proud to see ply by dialing three this initiative is meetlittle numbers? ing the health care Do you want to needs of B.C.’s dispeak to a registered verse communities. nurse about your In addition to the symptoms? 811 line, there is also Do you need to an online service at Norm Letnick ask a pharmacist www.healthlinkabout your tion? Between the 811 line and the Or would you like to speak to HealthLink BC website, it is very a dietician to get advice on healthy easy for British Columbians to get eating? important information on a variety If you answered yes to any of of health topics, help in identifying the above questions, 811 is the symptoms and advice on when to number to call. seek medical treatment. Launched in late 2008, the 811 Callers to 811 (711 for deaf and line built on the success of previous hearing-impaired assistance) are services such as BC NurseLine and served by trained health service repDial-A-Dietitian. resentatives. It enables British Columbians to When appropriate, calls are get confidential health information, transferred to a registered nurse, medical advice and help navigatpharmacist or dietitian. ing the health care system—without When an 811 call is transferred having to leave home. to a nurse, the caller benefits from One of the great things about the medically approved protocols and 811 line is how it increases accessithe nurse’s judgment. bility to our health care system. The 811 line and HealthLink As the gateway to an expandBC site offer one more outstanded tele-health service called Health- ing benefit on top of the conveLink BC, 811 provides health infor- nience, accessibility and reliability


Seats are free, but online registration is required on the Distinguished Speaker Series website

discussed above. It reduces strain on our medical system. By providing British Columbians with resources to get top-quality health information and advice, unnecessary ambulance transports, doctor visits and emergency room visits can be reduced. The more 811 is used, the more we can increase efficiencies and ensure those who require urgent care get prompt attention. Tele-nurses alone have answered some 1.5 million calls from British Columbians looking for health information and advice. Approximately, 60 per cent of these calls—nearly 900,000—were resolved through self-care or home management of symptoms. Think of how many unnecessary visits to the doctor or to emergency rooms have been avoided so far. Now think of how much more strain we can take off our health care system if even more people become aware of the 811 line and use it for their non-emergency health needs. These three little numbers can truly make a big difference—for your health and for the health of our medical system. Norm Letnick is the Liberal MLA for Kelowna-Lake Country.

Discover why UBC is a place of mind.

Here are just a few of the engaging public events presented by UBC’s Okanagan campus in upcoming weeks.

2011 BFA Graduation Exhibition — Prevalent Materials Daily until April 21, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fine Arts and Health Bldg., on campus Prevalent Materials, the 2011 Visual Arts Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Graduation Exhibition, features works by 21 emerging visual artists.

Mobility and aging issues in BC rural communities

Tuesday, April 19, 12 noon to 1 p.m., University Centre, UNC334 This brown-bag lunch seminar will look at the concept of mobility with well seniors — as well those with compromised health issues — and the community providers who support them in rural BC. (No charge).

Holocaust and Genocide Education Forum

Thursday, April 28, 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. University Centre Ballroom, UNC200 NOTE: No charge, open to the public but online pre-registration is required by April 21 (visit for info).

Borders and Border Crossings: Grad Student Conference

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 3 and 4, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Arts Building ART103 and ART114 Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies students present research on themes of health and culture, gender and sexuality, pop culture, post-colonial and international relations. (No charge, all welcome).

Mike Harcourt on Sustainable Cities and Communities

Thursday May 5, 7:30 to 9 p.m. Fipke Centre lecture theatre, FIP204, on campus Former BC premier Mike Harcourt is keynote speaker at the BC Studies Conference hosted by UBC’s Okanagan campus. (No charge, open to the public but seating is limited). More info at

For details about these and many more events see the UBC Events website – Stay informed. Send your email address to to receive news about upcoming university events.


Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News

Gaining awareness of the neural pathways in your brain

City in Action



f you are suffering from a limbic system impairment in the brain, identifying how this impairment expresses as various symptoms will assist you in understanding it. This awareness will equally assist you in changing the neural pathways that keep your brain and body stuck in negative patterns. A limbic system impairment can express as physical, psychological and emotional symptoms which can be unique to each individual. Our focus of energy is consumed with our body, the environment and time. We always seem to be in a state of high alert as we focus on physical symptoms while trying to avoid the external triggers that we believe are causing the symptoms. The brain and body become conditioned to this stimulus-reaction pattern. Through repetition, this pattern becomes unconscious and the body then becomes the mind. When stuck in this impaired neural pattern, you may find that you have a distorted sensory percep-


Annie Hopper tion to touch, pain, smell, sound, taste or light. You may also notice that you have repeating negative thoughts that are filled with worry, anxiety or fear. You may find that you are emotionally over reactive or you may experience unwarranted and extreme mood swings. Feelings of dread, worry, panic, fear, anger, resentment, anxiety, hopelessness or sadness are also common. And when you are in this state, it is easy to understand that isolating behaviours go hand in hand with a limbic system impairment. However, what we need to realize is that the resulting repetitive thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all symptoms of the impairment itself. To effectively change these patterns it requires that we step into the ob-

server aspect of self and monitor our mind and body. In order to do this we need to turn our focus away from symptoms of illness and bring our focus of attention inward, stepping into the curious and loving observer of self. It is in this unique human reflective ability that we have the power to harness brain function. Various forms of trauma are usually the cause of limbic system impairment. The repetitious negative cycle of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that accompany this trauma are symptoms of the impairment itself that reenforce this trauma cycle and faulty brain pattern. Within our unique ability to become the observer of self, we can indeed act back on the brain and change brain structure and function. However, rewiring your limbic system in some ways is akin to defying gravity as we learn to discern the signals from our brain and begin to question the whole notion of pain itself. With consistent focus and repetition, we learn

how to inhibit the neural pathways that keep the limbic system in a state of hyper reactivity. As we learn to repeatedly think, feel and behave in ways that are greater than the trigger and reactions—we weaken the response to the stimulus and build new and healthy neural pathways in the brain. In this process, we are slowing down or preventing the body’s internal chemical reaction to the trigger, which suppresses or blocks the body’s reaction. In your ability to discern and examine your unique triggers—rather than automatically react to them—you are creating new pathways in the brain that lead to greater physical, psychological and emotional health. For more information or to register your interest in upcoming programs, please go to Annie Hopper is a core belief counsellor and brain retraining specialist. 250-862-1766

City Hall 1435 Water Street Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J4 250 469-8500

Is Your Son or Daughter Graduating This Year?

PUBLIC MEETING Advisory Planning Commission

The Commission will hold a public meeting on: Tuesday, April 26, 2011 at 6pm City Hall, 1435 Water Street Council Chambers

Place a keepsake Graduation ad in the paper for only $50 (color incl. + HST)

The public is invited to express their views to the Commission.

1064 Borden Avenue

Z11-0019 To rezone the subject property from RU6 – Two Dwelling Housing to C4 – Urban Centre Commercial for a future commercial development. Applicant: Worman Commercial (S. Worman) Owner: Estate of Alice Schram

2061 Garner Road/2045 Loseth Road

The Capital News will be publishing this feature page on June 12, 2011. We would like to do a before & after Graduation theme this year to add a little fun. Please send us a baby picture plus a graduation picture & a short write up before May 27, 2011.

DVP11-0047 To obtain a Development Variance Permit to vary the retaining wall height from 1.2m maximum to 1.8m proposed as part of a proposed townhome project. Applicant: Mission Group (J. Adamson) Owner: D & A Kirschner

Call 250-763-7114

The Advisory Planning Commission is a forum for citizen input in the planning process. The Commission is made up of nine citizens who make recommendations to Council oncommunity and neighbourhood plans, rezoning applications and development permits. INFO: 250 469 8626

PUBLIC NOTICE Spring Street Sweeping

Spring street sweeping is underway. To assist street sweeping crews, residents can sweep sand and debris from sidewalks and boulevards into the curb and gutter. Watch for street sweeping signs in your area requesting no parking on streets. Weather permitting, all roads in the City of Kelowna maintenance area with be swept and flushed by approximately April 30. Thank you for your cooperation. INFO: 250 469-8600 (option 1)

Steven Johnson Kelowna High School “You’ve come a long way baby!”

to inquire. Send photo’s & write up to or drop by our office at 2495 Enterprise Way

Love Mom & Dad xoxo

Your major source of truly local community news

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A33






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1500 EXT CAB NEVADA #55996



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Copyright Š 2011 by Penny Press





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YOUR BEST PRICE ON NEW 2011 GMC 4x4â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s IN STOCK


1. Crack 5. John Wayneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s footwear 9. Fish delicacy 14. Firefighterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s need 15. Uproar 17. Out of kilter 18. Pitcher 19. Connected, computer-wise 20. Horned mammal, for short 21. Spanish dance 23. Old saying 25. Dreamy 27. Unwanted creatures 31. Harmonize 35. Silly creature 38. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Casinoâ&#x20AC;? card 39. Like a villain 40. Twisted 42. Barnyard bleat 43. Diner customer 45. Leafy decoration 47. Colonial insect 48. Thighbone 50. Turn inside out 52. Soap unit 55. Renowned 57. Currency 61. Tomahawk 62. He bee 63. Ancient knowledge 64. Dogâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nibble 65. Gabriel, e.g. 67. Soaked

69. 72. 74. 77. 82. 85. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93.

Worldwide Pasture Theater Faith Gang Blunder Adriatic wind Cliff hanger? Cleric Work Thirst quencher Medieval slave Immediately following

DOWN 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

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Skilled cook Houndâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sound Lost Salon offering Con game Rectangular â&#x20AC;&#x153;Shogunâ&#x20AC;? wear Yellowfin, e.g. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Beetle Baileyâ&#x20AC;? superior Wedding-party member Emulate Tomba Fowl ____ Jima Integrity Small gardening plot Aussie avian Retaliate for Holler Babyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first word â&#x20AC;&#x153;____ Do Thatâ&#x20AC;?

30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 36. 37. 41. 44. 45. 46. 49. 51. 52. 53. 54. 56. 58. 59.

Well-kept Third letter Reproductive cells Insect egg Musical staff sign Bay window Gracious Microbe Tear to pieces Japanese mattress Short ape? Emotional condition Gave the show away Gunshot noise Leafâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s angle Default result Steer meat Agree wordlessly Earlier than,

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in poems Hankering Rock fungus Got some shuteye â&#x20AC;&#x153;The ____ Coupleâ&#x20AC;? Hunting knife Venomous viper Use a pencil part Guy who stays at home? Thick mud Black Cooper negative Vital point Atlantic-coast region Crow noise Actor Stephen ____ Meal scrap Brotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sib






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PLUS: $1000 Loyalty Credit Available. Includes Customization Event Credit Finance Rates as low as 3% OAC on most models Smart Purchase & Lease Payments Available

2727 HWY. 97 N., KELOWNA 860-7700





Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News

Your community. Your classifieds.

250.763.7114 fax 250.862.5275 email Announcements



It is agreed by any display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisement and box rental.


Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.







Coming Events

Lost & Found


Childcare Available

THE CANADIAN Payroll Association is hosting Employment Standards on Thursday, May 19, at Kamloops Convention Centre. Early-bird pricing until May . For information visit or contact Kristina at 1-888729-7652 x 128. WATERWISE GARDENING Classes with Gwen Steele begin April 20 & May 4 at H2O Aquatic center. More info at or 250-762-6018

FOUND on Burtch Rd April 14, men’s wedding band. Please call to identify at 250-763-9219 FOUND pair of glasses Westside Canadian Tire parking lot about a week ago. 250-7680873. Lost a gold pinkie ring with several small diamonds embedded in it. Engraving inside ring. Lost in Westbank in the Old Okanagan Hwy. area. Reward. Betty @ 250-869-9905 LOST: Keys, somewhere between Kelglen & Nesters Market. Please return to Nesters Market. Lost last August. LOST: Mothers ashes in small silver celtic vial w/cross on front on long black necklace rope. Possibly lost in mall. Please call 250-763-7706

ESCAPE TO BAJA and leave the cold behind. The Las Gaviotas Resort, a little B & B in La Paz will feel like home. The resort owners will be your hosts.

AT TIGGER & ME Too Daycare: Spots available for 21/2 5year olds & After school care. Rutland. 250-765-4900


NOTICE OF ACCLAMATION Notice is hereby given that Stuart Markle has been elected by acclamation to the Rutland Waterworks District Board of Trustees for a three (3) year term. Jim Csek, CMA Administrator

Tickets CANUCKS Playoff Pkg. Lower bowl. pr/tickets plus 2bd, 2bth exec condo DT, case of beer. $1099. Avail all playoff games incl tonights game 250-4702522




Looking for Female FT. Companion. I am 72 yrs old & recently widowed.smoker S/d like motorcycle riding, RVing, some dancing Homebaked meals not into dating game. would like someone to live with me in Westbank No pets. Call (250)215-0340 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

CANCEL YOUR timeshare. No risk program. Stop mortgage and maintenance payments today. 100% money back guarantee. Free consultation. Call us now. We can help! 1-888-356-5248 SELL/RENT YOUR Timeshare for cash!!! Our guaranteed services will sell/rent your unused Timeshare for cash! Over $95 million dollars offered in 2010! 800-640-6886



Della MacBean


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


90thBirthday April 10th, 1921

Married to Angus for 45 years. Three daughters Joyce Wilson, Gwen (Tony) Hnetka, Faye (Rob) Willms. Three stepsons Mike (Debbie), Robert (Leila), and Rick (Judy). 27 Grandchildren, 38 Great Grandchildren and 31 Great Great Grandchildren.

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

Darren MacKinnon March 5, 1977 - April 18, 1995

Deep in our hearts a memory is kept To love, to cherish and never forget. Today, tomorrow, our whole life through We will always love and remember you. Lovingly remembered, Dad, Mom, Myles, Melinda and family


bc Obituaries


Save by buying factory direct


1-800-665-4143 • SUMMERLAND, B.C.

SUNNY SPRING specials at Florida’s best beach New Smyrna Beach. Stay a week or longer. Plan a beach wedding or family reunion. or 1-800541-9621

Vacation Spots

TEDDY Bear Family Daycare Licensed. Near Rutland Elementary FT spaces available, for children Ages 1-4 years (250)-765-7239 HUNNY’S HOUSE Licensed Daycare, 12 full time spaces available, $650/mo 3-5yr olds. 250-807-2277

2BD, 2bth Condo fully furnished, boat lift extra, $1500 wk. Call John. 250-718-9118





Passed away on Thursday, April 14, 2011 at the age of 79. Family gathering at a later date. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Cancer Center for the Southern Interior, 399 Royal Ave., Kelowna, BC V1Y 5L3. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, 250-860-7077.



April 26, 1920 – April 12, 2011 Born April 26, 1920 in Breslau Germany, Alfred passed peacefully to heaven just before sunset April 12, 2011, in his 90th year. Alfred immigrated to Canada in 1951, living in Ottawa until moving to Kelowna in 1993. He is lovingly remembered and missed by his brother, George, sister-in-law Susan, and his niece Sonja (Guy), nieces and nephews in Germany, and friends in the Ottawa and Kelowna area. Special thanks to Dr. Canning, special thanks to Lakeshore Place and each and every amazing angel at Brandt’s Creek Mews. He was blessed by all who touched his life, and his gift back was sharing his gentle, kind spirit with everyone he knew. We envision endless cups of coffee on heaven’s patio, in bright sunshine with Bullitt by his side. In lieu of flowers, and with Alfred’s love of dogs, donations may be made to the BCSPCA in his memory and his beloved Bullitt. No service by request. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting 250-860-6440

September 7, 1915 – April 7, 2011

To all those who were touched by Wilda’s life, know that she was thankful for each one of her friends and family members. She finally caught the train for which she was waiting: the train to her ancestors and loved ones, especially her life’s love, Chester. Thank you for all of your love and support for her through her life. A service will be held at a later date. In the spirit of Wilda and Chester, we are sure you will find a way to express your respect throughyour own charitable acts. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting 250-860-7077.


With great sadness, after a long and courageous battle with cancer, we announce the peaceful passing of Lisa Coe on April 12, 2011 at the age of 31. Lisa is survived by her loving husband Ian; her son Austin; her mom and dad, Julie and Darcy Detlor; her sister Katie (Virginia) and her brother Simon; her much loved close family, and many, many friends. She will be lovingly remembered by all the many lives she touched. From the time when she was first diagnosed at the age of 20, Lisa was always worried about everyone else more than herself. The way she battled was an incredible inspiration to hundreds of people who met her. The family would like to send a special thanks to Doctors Fisher, Mace, Fyles, Jefferies, Naito, and Bakala. A special thank you goes out to the incredible staff at the Cancer Clinic and the Central Okanagan Hospice House. There are too many good people at both places to list. Also, to her home care nursing team, especially Janice, and all of the palliative nurses. All of these people made her journey so much easier. A Celebration of Life will be held on Saturday, April 23 at 1:00 pm at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC. If you come to the Celebration, please feel free to bring your favourite picture of Lisa. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Lisa Coe’s name to the Central Okanagan Hospice House, 2035 Ethel Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2Z6. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting 250-860-7077.


It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of our dear father, son, grandfather, brother and friend Jim Buhler on Sunday April 10, 2011 in Kelowna BC. Jim was born in Provost, Alberta on September 15, 1947. His father’s vocation as an evangelistic preacher moved the family to the towns of Herbert, Saskatchewan; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Nipiwan, Saskatchewan; and Banff, Alberta. Jim started his career in construction in Manitoba, settling and marrying in Thompson where son Tim was born. The family eventually moved to Revelstoke, BC where daughter Tammy was born. Jim worked throughout the province on various construction jobs, including working as a partner in a family business, for Braniff Construction and for the last 27 years with Vic Van Isle Construction. Jim was a dedicated employee who always went above and beyond what was required, earning both the respect and life long friendship of many of his fellow co workers, and his employers. Jim loved life and lived it to the fullest. He was a talented athlete who especially enjoyed golfing, fishing, horseshoes and bowling. He was the BC Bowling Champion in 1986, representing the province in the Canadian Championship. But Jim’s greatest attributes were those he demonstrated throughout his life to his family and friends. He was kind, loyal, funny, generous, and someone you could count on to be there for you no matter what the circumstances. Jim touched numerous lives, and his absence will be felt for many years to come Jim is predeceased by his father Dan and his sister Grace. He will be forever missed by his mother Ann of Langley, BC; daughter Tammy Galloway (Scott) of Estevan, Saskatchewan; Son Tim (Nicolle) of Newton, Kansas; former wife Carolyn Buhler of Hutchinson, Kansas; brother Ron (Sue) of Dauphin, Manitoba; brother Art (Bev) of Thompson, Manitoba; sister Lois Kostianos of Hong Kong; brother Milton (Sarah) of Langley, BC; brother Philip (Sharon) of North Vancouver, BC; grandchildren Christian James of Estevan, Saskatchewan and Jordyn Rachel, Holly Danielle, and Caleb Richard of Newton, Kansas; numerous nieces and nephews; special friend Brenda Dean of Salmon Arm; and many many friends. A Memorial Service will be held Monday, April 18 at 4pm at the Springfield Funeral Home. A reception will follow the service. In lieu of flowers the family asks that donations be made in Jim’s memory to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A35








Daycare Centers

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Education/Trade Schools

Farm Workers

Farm Workers

FARM Labourers req’s, 56days/wk, 40-50hrs/wk, $9.28/ hr. Apple thinning, picking cherrys, apple picking, starts June 15th approx. Submit application by fax, 250-861-3374 or by mail, 3630 Fitzgerald Rd, Kelowna BC V1W 4G5

FARM Workers needed $9.28/hr, 50-60hrs week, June 15-Oct 20, thinning, picking, pruning Lakhbir Sangha 1456 McKenzie Rd. 250-765-4105, 250-317-5974

Call toll free 1-877-860-7627

ORCHARD Workers needed fr. June 1 to Dec. 15, $9.28/hr. thinning, picking, pruning, all piece work. Call 250-317-6384

Attn: If you have 5-50+lbs to lose - we have a career for you! Ph)1-877-737-DIET email:

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

BRAND NEW Licensed Group DAYCARE opening in the Rutland area May 2nd. Only 5 positions available in our spacious, exclusive center. Our agenda includes a pre-school/ early learning program encouraging individual strengths and preparing children for kindergarten. Call (250)300-7687 for details and price.

Employment Business Opportunities

Did you know... Classified ads go online for FREE.

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

COKE AND Candy Vending Route. Local high traffic locations. Earn $40K+ per year. Fast & safe investment return. Secure your future- Be the boss! Factory direct pricing 1-888-579-0892 Must Sell

Extreme Pita franchise

opportunity in Orchard Park Mall, Kelowna. Rare food court opportunity. $70,000 liquid capital required. Currently over 250 locations open. One of Canada’s fastest growing franchises. Call Dave 604-787-8944

FOR Sale. 38 seat restaurant in Westbank. Call 250-7687983 after 8 pm.

Career Opportunities

EARN EXTRA INCOME. Learn to operate a Mini Office Outlet from your home. Free online training, flexible hours, great income. No selling required. GOURMET Coffee Business, home based, huge potential. Call Duncan 1-800-668-3112


Pilot car, 2002 GMC Diesel, $25,000 spent in last year, $8000 in extras, $2000 down, take over payments, (250)488-7400

Education/Trade Schools AIRLINES ARE hiring. Train for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program.Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 877-818-0783.

Dunkley Lumber Ltd. operates a modern and sophisticated SPF dimension Sawmill / Planer facility at Strathnaver, B.C., 40 km north of Quesnel, B.C. Our quality lumber products are sold in North America and overseas markets.

Mountain & City Training Heavy Equipment Operator Training Financial Aid Available (for qualified students)

Taylor Pro Training Ltd.

Invitation to Tenderers Hesperia Development Corporation

Contract: Phase 1A - Offsite Works - Okanagan Ave.

From here. To career. The Shortest Path To Your Health Care Career

Contract Documents are available during normal business hours beginning Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 after 1:00PM at Quantum Consulting Group Ltd with a payment of a non-refundable amount of $50 including HST payable to Quantum Consulting Group Ltd.

We currently have an opening for a certified electrician. The ideal applicant will hold an Interprovincial ticket and have a strong background in Electronics and PLC based computer systems. Apprentices in the latter stage of their training are also encouraged to apply. In addition, the successful candidate will have good troubleshooting and problem solving abilities, good communication and interpersonal skills, as well as general computer knowledge. Experience in a sawmill environment would be an asset. We are looking for an individual who is motivated, takes pride in their work and is very safety conscious. If you have these characteristics and desire to work as part of our Maintenance team, please submit your resume to: Personnel Coordinator Dunkley Lumber Ltd. P.O. Box 173 Prince George, BC V2L 4S1 Phone: (250) 998-4230 Fax: (250) 998-4513 Email: All applications will be treated in strict confidence. We thank all applicants for their interest in this job position, however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



healthcare assistant NEXT CLASS STARTS IN KELOWNA MAY 16

The Contract Documents are available for viewing at: Quantum Consulting Group Ltd, 3710B 28th Street, Vernon BC SICA, #105 – 3301 – 24th Street Vernon BC SICA, #104 – 151 Commercial Drive, Kelowna BC SICA, 908 Comosun Crescent, Kamloops BC

Train today for: • Practical Nursing • Pharmacy Assistant • Health Care Assistant • Addictions and Community Support • ECE CertiÍcation

A pre-tender meeting for all prospective tenders will be held Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 at 2:00 PM on site (corner of Longacre Drive and Okanagan Avenue).

and more.... Most programs are One Year or less.

Tender is scheduled to close at 2:00 PM local time on Friday, May 6th, 2011 at Quantum Consulting Group Ltd.

Multiple start dates mean you can start working toward your career as soon as you’re ready.

For more information, please call: Jeffery Glasser, P. Eng at 250-503-1023

PROCARE INSTITUTE has been in operation since 1987 and is an accredited institution, with Private Career Training Institute Agency (PCTIA), the official career body responsible for registering and accrediting all the private colleges in the province. Our curriculum exceeds the standard set by the Provincial Government. The benefits of ProCare training are: • Over 98% employment rate • Proven method of training • Instruction on site by experienced nurses • Small class sizes • Earn $18-$22 an hour after graduation • Convenient locations Requirements for the program are: • Grade 11, or have adult student status We require photo ID as proof of age for our adult students. • Medical clearance, TB test, Criminal Record Check THE COURSE INCLUDES • • • • • • •

Intro to Health Care, & Philosophy & History of Continuing Care Communication Skills for the Health Care provider Techniques and Skills for Dementia Care - a Certificate Course Home Support • Assisted Living CPR Level C • InterRAI FoodSafe • Basic Medications Clinical Experience - Intermediate Care, Extended Care, Community Care • Personal and Professional Development of the Caregiver • Job Search, Resume, Interview Skills

This full-time, 28 week program consists of two integrated modules: Instructional/Classroom and Clinical. The clinical program is conducted in approved long-term care facilities and hospitals.


Call us for the next available start date

Help Wanted


The Owner invites tenders for: Removal and reconstruction of approximately 340 l/m of road, curb, gutter and sidewalk, 300m of 250mm of sanitary, 900mm concrete storm, 300mm PVC watermain and shallow utilities.




Step into the career you’ve been dreaming of. Call today!






Until there's a cure, there's us.


Central Okanagan Immigrant Employment Assistance Services 420 Leon Avenue, Kelowna Tel. (250) 762-4134 • email:

We can help you find work!

Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News






Farm Workers

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

SUN City Cherries 4759 Lakeshore Rd req’s Farm Labourers. Pruning, picking & packing and general farm work. 4 people req’d for May 1, 30 req’d for June 30. 40hrs/wk minimum. $9.28/hr. Email applications to 250-764-1872

CLEANERS & Housekeepers req’d, exp pref., phone Dann, 250-549-0554



Help Wanted

Help Wanted

(All services are free)

Assistance for Newcomers, Permanent Residents or Naturalized Citizens • Assistance writing resumés, cover letters and career planning • One-on-one help with an Employment Counselor • Canadian Job Search Workshops • Open Computer Lab and Resource Centre • Accreditation Assistance – You may be eligible for ¿nancial assistance for credential evaluation • Referrals for training funding for eligible persons

Exp. Siding Installer/Labourer or 2yrs construction experience, req’d. 250-864-7494.

Automotive Wholesaler We are looking for an individual to manage our automotive pre-owned wholesale division. This person will be responsible for wholesale purchasing of pre-owned vehicles for the Bannister Automotive Group. Automotive experience in pre-owned vehicles is required. Email in confidence to

Career Opportunities

We’re on the net at

Career Opportunities

WANTED Capri Mall Salon Opening April 2011

• Qualified Stylists • Benefit Plan, Medical, Dental, RRSP • Full and Part Time Positions • No Clientele Required

Kelowna company is looking for hard working individuals. We provide full training, no experience required. $2,500+/mo! Must be 18+ and able to start immediately.

CALL 250-860-9480

Fax or email resume: 250-868-9047 Email:

Help Wanted


While we try to ensure all advertisements appearing in the Kelowna Capital News are placed by reputable businesses with legitimate offers, we do caution our readers to undertake due diligence when answering any advertisement, particularly when the advertiser is asking for monies up front.

Help Wanted

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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

FULL-TIME CERTIFIED Heavy Duty Mechanic required by Bailey Western Star & Freightliner. Experience in service & repair of trucks, trailers & equipment. Fax resume to 250-286-0753 or email:

JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! No experience necessary, we will train. Must be 18+yrs. of age. Call 250-860-3590 or Email: RECEPTIONIST required for Notary Public Office in Kelowna. F/T. Drop off resume at 423 Cedar Ave.



(Full-time – Permanent) Due to a recent vacancy, the City of Vernon has an opening for a Watch Clerk. Reporting to the Manager, RCMP Records, this position provides operational and administrative support to the General Duty watches of the Vernon/North Okanagan Detachment, subject to the Members’ shift schedules. Rate of pay: $24.60 per hour.. Please see our website at for a complete job description and method of application. Closing date is April 27, 2011. Please quote competition # 33-COV-11. --------------------------------

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities







Discover a store that’s as healthy and vibrant as the community it serves. Join the team at either Rexall Healthy Living Store, dedicated to ensuring people make the healthiest choices and helping them feel better everyday. The Assistant Store Manager is instrumental in executing the ongoing success of store operations by providing outstanding customer experience. YOU ARE THE IDEAL CANDIDATE IF YOU POSSESS: • College diploma or focus in a business related discipline is preferred. • Previous supervisory experience within a retail environment required. • 2-3 years experience within a retail environment • Exceptional multi-tasking skills with the ability to adapt to change • Proven customer service skills and effective communication skills








Are you looking to expand your career in an exciting and growing retail environment! It’s important to our organization to build the leaders of tomorrow and to ensure that the health and well being of customers is at the core of our business. The Cosmetician is responsible for maximizing sales of beauty products and services by providing information, advice and counsel while achieving excellence in sales and customer experience. YOU ARE THE IDEAL CANDIDATE IF YOU POSSESS… • Post Secondary education with a focus on cosmetics and/or esthetics. • Cosmetic Sales experience an asset. • Demonstrated experience as a makeup artist, fragrance expert and/or Esthetics. IF YOU ARE A POSITIVE & ENERGETIC INDIVDUAL LOOKING FOR A HIGHLY REWARDING CAREER & GROWTH OPPORTUNITY, THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR YOU!

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A37








Help Wanted


Financial Services


LABOURER Mon-Fri 7am1pm. $9-$12/hr, .42¢/kms, sm. truck pref’d. bus. insur req’d. 250-768-6773 fax 768-7099.

$10 MILLION AVAILABLE for Land Purchase/Development and Joint Ventures. Management Consulting and Business Plan services. Call 1-866-402-6464.

WENINGER CONST. Family company commited to Kelowna & Big White. 250-765-6898

Garage Door Services

Home Improvements

HD SERVICE TECHNICIAN Noble Tractor & Equipment is seeking a Journeyman or 4th yr apprentice Service Technician for our Armstrong location. We are a certified Case IH Agricultural & Light Industrial dealership. Noble Tractor of fers a competitive salary with group benefits package. Fax resume to: 250-546-3165, email:, mail: Noble Tractor & Equip. Ltd, 4193 Noble Rd, Armstrong, BC V0E 1B4

Mind Body Spirit

ARE YOU EXPERIENCING FINANCIAL DISTRESS? Relief is only a call away! Call Anne Hamilton Estate Administrator at 250-979-7190 today, to set up your FREE consultation in Kelowna. Donna Mihalcheon CA,CIRP KPMG Inc. Trustee in Bankruptcy, #300 -1674 Bertram Street, Kelowna, BC. V1Y 9G4

CALL GRANITE PRO for a free in-home estimate. Lots of ref’s. Andy, Jason & Scott, 250-212-8204. Best Prices. CUSTOM ROCK COUNTERS Granite Sale Full Slab Granite Showers, maintenance free. Starting At $2295 GREAT QUALITY & SERVICE Granite Kitchens, 3cm starting at $2495 Open 9-4 Mon-Fri, 10-2 Sat. Showroom: 1115 Gordon Dr. Free Est. 250-870-1577 MIKE’S ELITE CountertopsAll Countertops - Granite, Caesar Stone, Sile Stone, Han Stone, Quartz and Laminate Surfaces. Hundreds of colours to choose from. We also supply and/or install any Tile application. We offer a special every month, call Mike to find out this month’s deal! Please call (250)575-8543, 2392 Dominion Rd., W. Kelowna. (Mon-Fri 8-4), (Sat 10-2). REFACE Countertops. 1/2 the Cost of Replacing. Granite & Corian Designs. 470-2235.

JOURNEYMAN FABRICATOR - Join us at a busy metal manufacturing shop in Salmon Arm. REQUIRED: Ability to read and understand shop drawings; excellent layout skills essential; good welding skills – successful candidate will be able to meet CWB/AWS standards; excellent math and measurement skills; excellent work ethic and safety awareness; team player; pride in work, ability to meet deadlines. Wages assessed on experience and qualifications; inquiries: grant meikle, adam integrated industries, via phone: 250-8323480; fax: 250-832-4530; email hyperlink “” Local Gravel Crushing Contractor requires Crusher Plant Operator, Laborers, and Equipment Operators experienced in the use of Loaders, Dozers, and Excavators. Must be available to work throughout B.C. , Alberta, and Sask. Top Wages and Living Out Allowance are provided. Reply to LOCAL Manufacturing Firm is looking for a Fabrication Welder. Min Level C ticket req’d. Mon-Fri, 40hrs/wk. Starting wage rate is neg. Reply to box # 311 c/o Capital News. LOOKING for full-time cashier and Produce clerk. Opening for Seasonal Fruit Stand. Must have prev. exper. or will train Good wages. Please apply ASAP Email: or fax to: 250-478-3469 Working 4th Class Engineer with maintenance experience needed for processing plant. Applicant needs to be able to work unsupervised. Bring resume to Colonial Farms 3830 Okanagan Street, Armstong, between 8am & noon. (250)546-3008. EARN CASH DAILY! Busy upscale escort studio looking for ladies. Must be 19 & over, drug free, outgoing & friendly. Call now to start earning today (250)448-4305 The Dollhouse

Help Wanted

Medical/Dental DENTAL RECEPTIONIST, req for mat leave at Kelowna office. Must be career oriented, have outstanding customer service, people skills, and a passion to grow with the team. Pref will be given to those with CDA and Cleardental experience. Send resumes to info@

Retail SALES ASSOCIATES req.P/T for Fashion Addition 14+ location at Spall Plaza. Apply in person or Fax resume: 604-514-5918 or email

Trades, Technical STUCCO / PLASTERERS Req’d. Must have own tools & vehicle. Full time, wage DOE, 250-215-2317 UNI CONSTRUCTION is an established general contractor serving Northern BC. We have an immediate opening for a Millwork Shop Foreman. The successful candidate will be responsible for all aspects of managing the well equipped mill work shop, including materials and maintenance of equipment. This is a permanent full time position with custom and commercial contracts. Terrace BC provides an unparalleled outdoor lifestyle combined with all the amenities you and your family will require. Interested candidates should forward their resume to: UNI Construction Ltd. Fax 250-635-2393 Phone 250-6353963 3980 Old Lakelse Lake Drive, Terrace B.C. V8G-3V1


Art/Music/Dancing ESTHER’S MUSIC STUDIO Children, Teens and Adults R.C.M. Piano Repertoire and other styles.

1763 Abbott St 778-478-1031

ESSENTIAL Relaxation Body Sage.Warm Clean Studio conviently located (778)-478-1582 THAI Massage. Totally relax & energize your body & mind. Open 7 days a week Call 250801-7188

Counselling Night worker, disability & physical healing. Unemployment anxiety depression, & insomnia. Come and expect zeal for living through healing. Mondays $20/hr 250-864-8156

Health Products DIABETES CHOLESTEROL Weight loss natural product for cholesterol, blood sugar and weight. Physician recommended, backed by human clinical studies with amazing results. Call to find out how to get a free bottle of Bergamonte! 888-470-5390 MS ? LIBERATION CCSVI & PARKINSON’S - Kelowna BC CCSVI - Parkinson’s Treatment/Shakes/Jitters/involunarily head ?hand movement ? I can help you. NO DBS NO DRUGS 1-250765-2842

Holistic Health CASE Studies needed. Our students are ready for Manicure, $20, Pedicure, $20, Reflexology, $29. Massage, $29. 250868-3114

Esthetics Services ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL! Perma nent Cosmetics. Eyes, Lips, Brows. Healthboard Approved. Consult: 778-478-0128 * $100 OFF WITH AD*

Financial Services

Reduce Debt Help Wanted

Advertising Sales Representative

The Kelowna Capital News is a community newspaper with a distribution of over 50,000 copies serving the communities of the Central Okanagan every Sunday, Wednesday and Friday. We are currently looking for an advertising sales representative to look after new business development for our community, daily, online and feature publications. The ideal candidate must be motivated and take the initiative to build relationships to help grow their clients’ business. You must be able to work well under the pressure of deadlines and be a team player able to drive and increase revenues. The Kelowna Capital News is part of the Black Press Group, the leading independent newspaper publisher in Canada. If you are interested in a rewarding challenge and would like to be part of a successful team please submit your resume with cover letter to: Karen Hill Publisher, Kelowna Capital News 2495 Enterprise Way Kelowna, BC V1X 7K2 fax: 250-862-5275 email: Closing date for submissions: April 29, 2011

#1 for a reason. Paradise Massage. Where men come to relax. 778-477-5050 Kelowna AFFORDABLE Swedish Massage. Voted #1 by clients. Linda 250-862-3929. ASIAN MASSAGE! Peaceful setting, $50hr. Call 250-3173575 BLISS Massage 4 your every need. 10 yrs exp. men only . Call 4 appt. 250-215-7755 ESCAPE From Stress Massage. Lori 250-868-0067

by up to


• Avoid bankruptcy • 0% Interest


Legal Services ICBC, MVA’S, SLIP & FALL or Any Injury? MARCO D. CEDRONE Making The Difference in Personal Injury Claims! 24hrs.1-866-913-3110 Cascade Law Corporation

Cleaning Services 1# “CLEAN BY CLEAN” Making U House Proud! Professional. Reliable. Competitive Rates 215-1073 CASTLES to Shacks. Housecleaning Specialist. Ready to clean for you. Weekly, bimonthly, monthly. Bonded & insured. Environmentally safe products avail. Veterans welcome. 250-769-5866 CLEANING Lady, 25yrs exp., quality work, one time, wkly, biwkly. Exc ref’s.250-470-9629 Refresh ~ Revive ~ Renew. Spring is here...clean out the dust bunnies before Easter!

or call 250-826-2349.

Computer Services 12/7 A MOBILE COMPUTER TECH. Certified computer technician, virus removal, repairs, upgrades. Let me come to you. 250-717-6520. 12/7 In-Home Repairs. New Systems/Upgrades. 20+yrs Prof. Service. Peter 215-4137

Concrete & Placing A&T Concrete for all concrete you need done. Big or small, I do it all. For Free estimates call Tony 778-478-9444. Plus pressure washing too. BEST Price for removal of driveways & retaining wall specialist. Joe, 250-859-7026 For all your concrete services Check us out on our website

DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member


GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. REDUCE DEBT by up to 70% Avoid bankruptcy. Free consultation. BBB accredited. 250-860-1653

Free Estimates. Government Certified. 250-451-6944 K.W. CONCRETE - Specializing in Driveways, Sidewalks, Floors,& MORE 250-575-4973


Drafting & Design HOUSEPLANS. I guarantee 2 things; Lowest price & your satisfaction. 250-862-9399

Drywall PESL DRYWALL Service Inc. Renovations, new construction and repairs. Boarding, taping, textured ceilings. Call Tomas at 250-212-4483 or 860-3495.

Electrical ALAN Dignam Electric. Resid/ Comm. Service calls, Reno’s, Upgrades. lic’d, bonded & Insured. Alan 250-808-6595 A&S ELECTRIC. Resid/Comm Wiring. New constr, renov. & service changes. lic’d & bonded. Steve 864-2099 (cont #90929) MJB ELECTRIC Residential & commercial repairs and service work. Data cabling & phone 250-212-5610

Excavating & Drainage PAUSCH Equipment Kubota Kx161-3. Excavator day/week /month. Rentals.250-470-8688

Fencing ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, staining 250-491-4622 CEDAR Panels, Gates, Custom fencing & Decks. Quality Workmanship Repair & Reno’s Josef 250-864-7755.

Floor Refinishing/ Installations

KSK Framing & Foundations. Quality workmanship at reas rates. Free est 250-979-8948

QUALITY Floors layed by Hooksnapped Flooring installation. 250-869-2125 RE-NEW Your Floors, Patios, & Driveways. See ad in Service Directory. (250)-878-0288




GARAGE Doors- install, service, repair all makes of doors & openers. 250-878-2911

Garden & Lawn

Did you know... If you place an ad for 12 insertions, you get a 20% discount.

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

1-1-1- All Exterior Hedge & Tree Specialist. Downsizing, pruning, artistic shaping & removing of hedges & trees. Ins. Call Dave, 250-212-1716 1AN’S Lawn Maintenance. Spring clean-ups, pwr raking, fertilizing, weekly lawn care, res & comm. 250-864-4251. $29.95 “Lawn Cutting Great rates on all yard work.Fence repair & Painting250-863-7539 AERATING, power raking, hedge/shrub pruning, rotatilling, lawn care, mulch & rock etc. Insured. Exp.’d Ace Of Spades. 878-1315, 765-7825 ASPEN LANDSCAPING, irrigation, aerating, pwr raking. Spring clean-up. No HST. 250317-7773. CHEAP Multch, OgoGrown, Glenmore Grow & Top soil. Make your yard look new again. Great delivery rates, any amount, any time. Phone 250-801-6364 CUSTOM Rototilling. Veggie & flower gardens. 250-862-0821 Edging Cedars - buy direct from grower, 6ft.-10 for $200, We deliver, Budget Nurseries, toll free 1-866-498-2189, GORDON’S Quality Lawn Care. Spring Special.12% off aerating/dethatching. 250-863-8935 I WANT TO CUT Your Lawn! Plain & simple, your lawn needs cutting, and I cut lawns. I’m asking for your business, and in exchange, you will receive both excellent value and exceptional service, GUARANTEED! Weekly maintenance, power raking, pruning, aerating, spring clean-ups, etc. Senior’s discounts, all inquiries welcome! 250-878-7283 ...Common Sense Yard Care... JIM’S MOWING. Same day service. Fully insr’d. Aerating/ Power Raking. 250-310-5467 KELOWNA LAWN & Irrigation. Spring start-up and repairs. Gerry at 250-769-8717

M&S LAWN & GARDEN Power Raking, Mowing, Pruning, Yard Clean-up, General Maintenance, Irrigation, Complete Landscaping, Retainer Walls, Water Features. Free Estimates Jim 250-861-3693

SPRING Rototilling. Free est. 28yrs exp., $28+up. Gord, 250-859-0521, 250-762-8930 TOP SOIL $20/yd. Compost Mix $35/yd., Ogogrow, Gravel, Rocks, Mulches 250-868-3380

Gutters & Downspouts KELOWNA GUTTER Cleaning and repairs, re-slope gutters,etc Richard 250-718-6718


LOOKING ANGE FOR A CHlook ing for City Furniture is

NTS USE HOTA ARUL NS Y/W CO LIVSER DELE SA L MIN ONNE AD PERS FICE & OF APPLY IN PERSON. Previous experience an asset. Resumes ATTN: eenn a Sar Rya

DOWNTOWN VERNON WEST KELOWNA Ave.250-769-7117 250-549-3121 1793 3415 Ross- 31st Road

COMPLETE Handyman service. Free est. Seniors disc., Call 250-317-8348 NEED a hand inside or out from painting to yard work. 250-215-1712, 250-768-5032

ADDITIONS, finished bsmts, kitchen & bth reno’’s, tile, hrwd & laminate flooring. Drywall, painting. Ext/int finishing. Call 250-870-3187 Engel Construction Since 1973! Custom homes, Reno’s Additions, Decks, Kitchens, & Baths. Doug (250)-215-1616 Paradise Valley Contracting. com. Call Rob 250859-2787 WELL BUILT CONSTRUCTION

Renovation experts. Int/Ext. Ins’d. Call 250-826-2284

Home Repairs LARRY’S Handyman & Reno Serv., Lg. & Sm. jobs, Graffitti Removal etc., 250-718-8879

Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems WEST-WIND Now booking for irrigation start up, repairs & installs. Call 250-860-0025


Did you know... If you place an ad in one classification, you get the second classification 1/2 price.

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

#1 STOP FOR ROCKS. Please call 250-862-0862 DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339 Edging Cedars - buy direct from grower, 6ft.-10 for $200, We deliver, Budget Nurseries, toll free 1-866-498-2189, GLM Landscaping & Irrigation 12% Discount!!! Custom landscaping 250-864-5450

Machining & Metal Work GET BENT Metal Fab, fences, gates, railings, security bars,

Misc Services ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, stainning,

Moving & Storage

AAA Best Rates Moving $59+. “Why Pay More” Short/Long Distance. Free Est. Res/Comm, 861-3400 FAMILY Movers. Moving? Anything, anywhere. Local and long distance trips. Packing service available, weekly trips to Vancouver, Alberta, full and partial loads. Cheapest rates in the valley. Free Estimates, 250-493-2687 JOE’S MOVING.reasble rates fully equip’d trucks, local-long dist, no job too small470-8194 NORTH END Moving Service Local/Long Distance. Free Estimates 250-470-9498

Painting & Decorating

SOMMERFELD Heating A/C, Install & Repair Heat Pumps, F/P, Gas Fitting Lic. 215-6767

100% AFFORDABLE Painting Exp, quality. Int Paint/ceilings. Winter Specials. Terry 8639830 or 768-1098 Christopher’s Painting. Exterior Specialists. See our ad in Service Directory. 862-6717

Floor Refinishing/ Installations

Floor Refinishing/ Installations

Heat, Air, Refrig.

Professional Sanding & Finishing. Dustless Sanding System. Supply & Install of all ly atural 250-470-7406 N The Best types of Hardwood.


Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News

Sales & Service Directory CONCRETE





Licensed & Insured

765-6898 In business since 1989

ENGEL CONSTRUCTION Serving Kelowna Since 1973 Custom homes, reno’s additions, decks, kitchens & baths Call Doug 250.215.1616

EXCAVATION •Full Landscaping •Rock Retaining Walls •Portable Soil Screener •Excavators & Bobcat Loaders CELL: (250) 979-8033 BUS: (250) 861-1500


Trucking, Excavating, Bobcat, Residential Joe (250) 550-6208

HANDYMAN Larry’s Handyman & Renovation Services • Interior & Exterior Renovations • Carpentry • Painting • Small Repairs • Pressure Washing

• Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades • Yard Maintenance • Fences, Decks • Tile • Graffiti Removal

COMPLETE HANDYMAN SERVICES Repairs, Renovations, Maintenance, Carpentry, Drywall,

Painting, Carpet, Tile, Plumbing, Yard Cleanup,

Rubbish Removal, Gutters & Windows Cleaning


Senior Discount •Satisfaction Guaranteed





Shop & Mobile Heavy Equipment Repairs, Sales & Rentals

Kubota Kx 161-3 Rentals, Day/Week/Month 288B Campion St, Kelowna, BC • C 250-470-8688 • F 250-491-9368


ADDITIONS, finished bsmts. kitchen & bath reno’s, tile, hrdwd. & laminate flooring. Drywall painting ext/int finishing.

• New & Existing Heating Systems • Heat pumps, A/C • Gas fitting • Licensed & Insured. • Replacement Furnace.

Call Wayne (250) 215-6767



CALL 250-864-5450


We install quality laminate, carpet, lino & much more. Need product? Call Jeff 250-869-2125



Dethatching, Aerating, Hedge & Tree Trimming. Full maintenance services. RESIDENTIAL / COMMERCIAL Free Estimates

Hooksnapped Flooring Installations


GLM ENTERPRISES • Landscaping • Irrigation • Rock Wall • Allan Block • Aeration • Spring Cleanup • Power Rake

“Renovation Experts” Interior/exterior Prompt, clean and reliable Insured 250-826-2284

Lawn Maintenance, Yard Clean-Ups, Pruning/Hedges, Gardening, Gutters, Rubbish Removal, Odd Jobs BOOK YOUR HOLIDAY CUT NOW!

Call 310-JIMS(5467)

Call 250-870-3187

MAINTENANCE SERVICE HANDS FREE MAINTENANCE Top Soil, Natures Gold Gravel Sand, Bobcat Service, Rubbish Removal *Window Cleaning Jason 250-718-2963



Senior’s Specials Experience & Quality New Homes & Repaints Ceilings Bondable. Insurance Work Call Terry 250-863-9830 or 250-768-1098

Interior - Exterior (FREE ESTIMATES) Fully insured and WCB



• Bath Remodels • Decks • Drywall

• Kitchen Remodels • Painting • Plumbing

• Electrical • Tile Work • To-Do Lists • Much More

Kelowna • 250-717-5500



Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Independently Owned and Locally Operated



Artistic Ceramics.

Custom tile setting. Travertine, marble, granite & ceramic. Decks, kitchen, baths. Guaranteed work.

Call 250-870-1009

West Kelowna Journeyman Carpenter Available for Framing, Finishing, Additions, Decks, Foundations, Flooring.

Richard 250-717-7043









RYDER ROOFING LTD. Free estimates, senior discounts, member of B.B.B. Fully insured, WCB coverage. All types of shingle roofing & torch on roofing systems. ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’


TRUCK/ BULL DOZING Neighborhood Trucking & Delivery

Top Soil • Ogo Gro • Gravel • Sand • Bark Mulch We remove: yard refuse, small trees, junk CHUCK 250-870-1138

We accept “When the Big Guys are Too Big We Deliver”



RUBBISH REMOVAL Pager 250-861-0303

Bob 250-765-2789 Ogogrow Delivery, Rubbish Removal, Free Scrap Car Hauling.

RE-NEW YOU’RE FLOORS PATIO & DRIVEWAY Professionally Cleaned & Sealed Slate, Ceramic, Vinyl, Linoleum, Cork, Concrete, Aggregate, etc. Epoxy Your Garage Floor (12 colors to choose) CALL: 250-878-0288


We are now taking bookings for irrigation startups & repairs. We also offer free estimates on irrigation installations or major alterations. Call West-Wind Irrigation Ltd.

at 250-860-0025

A & S Electric

Residential & Commercial Wiring, New Construction, Renovations & Service Changes. Complete telephone & data cabling services, Prompt quality service. Licensed & Bonded Call Steve 250-864-2099

• Tune-Ups • Summer/Winterizing • Seaworthies • Oil & Fluid Changes All Repairs Completed by Certified Technicians Insured and Licensed•Over 14 yrs. Experience

250-212-5610 LIC#50231




Kelowna Gutter Cleaning & Repair

We install, service, & repair all makes of doors & openers. FREE ESTIMATES • INSURANCE CLAIMS • SENIOR DISCOUNTS Call Mon.-Fri. 8-4:30 pm

• Fix leaks • 20 years. experience • Fascia soffit repairs • Downpipes • Re-Slope







Kitchen cabinets & vanity refacing. Replace doors, update crown, modern hardware, counters, tile splash. Bring your old cabinets up to date at a fraction of the cost.




Book now for landscape projects, retaining walls, pruning, spring cleanup, irrigation repair & installation.


250-317-7773 or visit us at:

MOVING North End Moving Services

Local or Long Distance Polite & Professional

Joe’s Moving Service “Many Yrs. Experience”

• Local/long distance • Storage Available • No job too small • Free Estimates Call Joe Anytime 250-470-8194


Ph: 250-869-0697 Cell 250-470-9498






Deck & Rail

•Renovations •New construction •Plumbing Service & Repairs •H/W tank replacement • Furnace Service & Installs • Gas f/p Service and Installs Bonded & Insured

Call Troy, 250-718-0209


Electronics Authorized Service Centre Plasma, LCD, 3D TV & Audio.


WELDING METAL FABRICATION LTD. Fences • Gates • Railings • Security Bars • Cargo Racks • Rollcages • Boat Railings & more. Tube Bending Specialists


Call 250-763-7114 To Book Today!!

“Your Exterior Property Specialist” “GIVE YOUR HOUSE A BATH” •Residential •Commercial PRESSURE WASHING SPRING SPECIAL! Have your home exterior, windows and gutters ALL PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED. Call today for a Special Quote + SAVE THE H.S.T. Mike McGuire 250-300-0717


Serving the Okanagan 14 yrs. Vinyl Decking up to 80 mil., Modular Flooring, Aluminum, Glass, Topless, Picket Railings, Fences & Gates. Free Estimates






Artistic Ceramics.

Custom tile setting. Travertine, marble, granite & ceramic. Decks, kitchen, baths. Guaranteed work.

Call 250-870-1009

No load too small • BARK MULCH • SAND • GRAVEL • YARD CLEAN-UP • JUNK REMOVAL LIGHT FLAT-DECK Nick Nixon - Trish Nebot Cell 250-862-0821 Office 250-765-2778


Deck & Rail Kelowna

Serving the Okanagan 14 yrs. Vinyl Decking up to 80 mil., Modular Flooring, Aluminum, Glass, Topless, Picket Railings, Fences & Gates. Free Estimates


Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A39



Pets & Livestock

Merchandise for Sale

Painting & Decorating

Rubbish Removal

Feed & Hay

Building Supplies

HAY FOR SALE; Grass or Grass Alfalfa mix, Round bales $70 each, approx. 800lbs, delivery avail. on larger orders, also Silege bales or Feeder hay. 250-838-6630 *HAY-SALES-GUARANTEED Quality Grass, Alfalfa, Mixed square bales, round bales & Silage bales. Delivery avail. (250)804-6081,(250)833-6763.

Quality Patio Covers @ reasonable prices. Steel Buildings 20x24, 100x100 - Others. Get a bargain, Buy Now! Not available Later. Prices on the Move w w w. s u n w a r d s t e e l . c o m Source# 07P 800-964-8335

110% P&D Painting serving Western Canada for 32 years. Clean quality work at reasonable rates. Free estimatesDerek 250-769-9068 DALE’S PAINTING Service. Painting Kelowna a better place since 1982. 862-9333 ELITE Trade Painting. Int, ext, comm. (FREE EST). A name you will come to trust. (250)808-3626

Plumbing DREGER MECH. Plumbing, Gasfitting, comm/res & reno, ins’d, 24hr. Call 250-575-5878. KOSKI Plumbing-Heating Gas Fitting Reno’s Res. Bonded/Insured Troy @ 718-0209

ERIK the STUDENT Rubbish, Tree & Appliance Removal. Hauls from $39.99 & up


Sand/Gravel/Topsoil NEIGHBORHOOD Trucking & Delivery. Topsoil, Gravel, Sand, OgoGrow. Visa, Debit, Mastercard. 250-870-1138

Snowclearing TREMBLAY’S EXCAVATING Comm. snow removal & comm snow blower. 250-979-8033

Pressure Washing

Sound / DVD / TV

CASCADE Mobile Pressure Washing. Windows & Gutters Cleaning. (250)300-0717 OKANAGAN Pressure Washing. Commercial/ Residential. Fully insured. 14 years exp. Call Dave at 250-491-1336

KELOWNA DIGITRONICS. Electronics Authorized Service Centre. Plasma, LCD, 3D TV & Audio. 250-763-8366

Roofing & Skylights

KELOWNA DECK & RAIL. Vinyl, Mod. Flooring, Alum., GlassTopless/Picket878-2483.

GERMAN MASTER ROOFER. Over 30yrs exp. on all kinds of roofs. New Reroof & Repair. Tradesman + Best price Warranty. Free estimate. Call Steffen, 250-863-8224 Master & Visa.Card JOE’s Roofing. Repairs, Reroof. Why pay big price for small jobs? Joe, 250-859-7026 RYDER ROOFING LTD. Free est, ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’ 250-7653191. TERRY’S Roofing. Tar & Gravel repairs, re-roofs & new, specialize in torch on. Call 250-718-5429


Tiling CUSTOM ROCK COUNTERS Granite Shower Sale. Full Slab Shower Stalls. Cover old tile. Maintenance Free. SHOWROOM 1115 Gordon Dr Free Est. 250-870-1577 TILE Setter. Artistic Ceramics. Custom tile setting. Call 250870-1009

Tree Services

Rubbish Removal

1-1-1- All Exterior Hedge & Tree Specialist. Downsizing, pruning, artistic shaping & removing of hedges & trees. Ins. Call Dave, 250-212-1716

$39.99 1/2 ton truck, Load Junk, Yard waste.Haul away. 250-863-7539.

ROB’S Tree Care Ltd 1975. For all your tree care needs. Ins. & Cert. WCB. 212-8656


LARRY’S LITTLE DUMPER We haul little loads of anything, landscaping materials, & Junk to the dump. 250-7181114 BOB’S ONE TON TRUCKING. All your rubbish needs. FREE scrap car hauling. 25yrs of satisfied Customers. Bob 250-765-2789, 861-0303 pgr DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339




Trucking/ Bull Dozing TNT TRUCKING. No load too small. Junk removal, sand, gravel, etc. (250)862-0821 (250)765-2778.

Window Cleaning Hands Free Maintenance. Window, gutters, yard maint, pressure wash. 250-718-2963

Pets & Livestock

Feed & Hay Good quality hay, alfalfa grass mix, heavy square bales, barn stored. 542-9419 or 309-5956






Acting on the Instructions of North Central Bailiffs Dodds Will Auction the Equip. & Tools & Inventory of Mr. Transmission, Vernon, B.C. Partial List Includes: 4 & 2 Post Hoists - 25,000 lbs - 11,000 lbs - 9,000 lbs & 6,000 lbs, Trans Tool Trans Cleaner, Transmission Kits, Parts Washer, Metal Top Work Tables, 5 HP compressor, Fluid Pumps, Snap On Engine Analyzers, Lincoln Welder, Oxy/Act Torch Set, Grinders, Hydraulic Press, Brake Lathe, Battery Chargers & Testers, Tool Boxes, Mechanics Hand Tools, Belt Bins, Trans Jacks, Pullers, Lite & HD Shelf Units, Misc Office Equip, 40’ Storage Container, 1994 Pontiac Grand Am SE, Plus Much More.

Date: Time: Place: Viewing:

Saturday, April 30 11:00 AM 4702B - 31st Street, Vernon, BC Fri., Apr. 29, 9am-5pm Sat., Apr. 30, 8am

View Photos @ (special sale) Sale conducted by Dodds Auction Vernon 250-545-3259

View photos online at


Lessons/Training ACTIVE CANINE TRAINING and dogaims. CALL NOW for spring specials with Pawsitive Choices 250-768-2011

Pets Australian Shepherd puppies, ready to go April 20, 1st shots, vet check, $450, (250)4995397, Basset Hound Puppies, ready May 21, vet checked, 1st shots, $600 (250)833-4081 BEAUTIFUL blue eyed Siamese/Himalayan kittens. 3 left. Constant handling. $75 Firm. Call 250-306-6086 Beautiful & intelligent Papillon Pups. 1st & 2nd shots, dewormed, $500. 250-767-6104 Bullmastif X puppies, $400. Without shots, family raised. Pics available. (250)308-4329 GREAT Pyreness x Husky pups, ready to go. Good w/kids, family dogs. $300$400 obo 250-497-5676 PUPPY Tails Daycare & Boarding. 250-878-0931 PUREBRED Standard size Poodle Puppies For Sale. Very Smart & Affectionate. 250768-7869, 250-470-2422 WOLF HYBRID Cubs ready now. Sun Valley Wolf Kennels 250-765-4996 Kelowna, BC

Merchandise for Sale

Antiques / Vintage SOUTH OKANAGAN Silver Buyer Top payouts for Silver coins, bars and bullion. Also buying scrap sterling and gold. Visit our site for current payouts. 778-931-0558

$100 & Under 27” RCA color TV, 6 years old. $75. Great Picture. 250-8633361 30” White Westinghouse range, clean, everything works. $75. 250-763-3642. 3 BURNER BBQ with side burner, $50. 250-862-7197 5ft Oval Dinner table.Wood base. $30 (250)215-3138 Coffee Table with Glass top & shelf. 60 x 20. $60 (250)763-8018 FRAMES & new canvas, $9. 1-250-868-0670 PANASONIC 36” TV, works good. Replaced w/ flatscreen. $90 obo. 250-764-1229 TECHNICS 5 disc player. $50 obo. 250-764-1229 Tires 4 summer, 205 / 75 R15 Good condition. Bargain $75 for all 4 . (250)768-1100

$200 & Under 1300 watt generator, excellent condition, $185. 250-862-7197 DININGROOM table, 6chairs leaf, brown w/beige upholstery, $125. 250-763-8018 Easy Level Equalizing Hitch & Accessories. Never used. $150 Firm. (250)717-1331 GAS LAWNMOWER Good Condition $115 (250)763-8018 LEATHER EZ Chair, mushroom color, $175 obo. Like brand new. 250-768-4249 PORTABLE Singer Sewing Machine, $110 obo. 250-7638018 QUEEN mattress & boxspring with frame, $200 obo. 250451-9692. RADIAL Arm Saw with all Attachments $125 (250)7638018

$400 & Under


Did you know... you can place an ad for $3 per issue

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114


Did you know... you can place an ad for $4 per issue

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

3500 watt Power Pro generator. Excellent condition. $350. 250-862-7197 3 seater Teal Chesterfield & Loveseat Matching set, 7cushions.$350 obo (778)478-7233 Kenmore Washer Dryer in Excellent cond. HD Stainless Steel Tub $400 (250)765-3035

$500 & Under

Did you know... you can place an ad for $5 per issue

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

Food Products

Naturally grown BEEF, approx 250lbs sides, no additives, $2.65/lbs cwf. 250546-6494


Do you want your ad to stand out from the rest? Pick from our great selection of April Toppers for your ad Only $1/issue! Call a Classified Representative TODAY at 250-763-7114 or email

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

Real Estate

Free Items

Misc. for Sale

Apt/Condos for Sale

Did you know... you can place an ad for $2 per issue

FREE REMOVAL of all unwanted vehicles & metals. No vehicle or metal too big. 250-351-9666

APARTMENTS For Rent. CONDO QUALITY. Landlord on site. New units, all appliances. includes washer & dryer. Fireplace in some units.Downtown, Lake Country. Very Large suites. Rents start $1050 Some have lofts, 2 balconies, UG parking incl’d. Walking distance to shopping. Fitness rm. Closer to UBC than Kelowna. Call Leigh Ann 250-878-7700

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

4 cute kittens. 2 male, 2 female to good home. Call 250860-1978 FREE horse manure. Dilworth area. You load or we load. Call 250-762-4600 FREE Pick-up of used bicycles that you no longer want. Ok if need repair 604-800-2104 FREE P/U- Appliances, Rads, Batteries, Old machinery, vehicles. Harley 778-821-1317 FREE Small Landscaping Rocks. You pick up. First to show up takes them all. 1400 Elm St. WE will pick up & recycle your wire pipes, & aluminum windows, from reno’s, batteries etc.too.(250)717-0581

Fruit & Vegetables BLACK CURRANT PLANTS, mildew assistant. $10/each. 250-542-1032

Furniture ANTIQUE To MODERN Home Furnishings for all Budgets & Tastes. Come to OK Estates Furniture and More. 3292 HWY 97N (beside Sheepskin Boutique) Tue-Sat, 11-5. 250807-7775 Beautiful Flexsteel- Marietta leather loveseat, 2 chairs, 2 ottomans, 3 end tables, tall entertainment centre w/2 pillar bookshelves Rosewood finish. Like new, hardly used. Everything for $4000. Call Debi 250-542-0195 CHERRY dining room table, 6chairs, hutch, $500. Queen bed set, 2 end tables, 2 dressers. $600. 250-801-8156 CONDO downsizing. Couch, loveseat, chair, lamps, end tables, $550 obo. 250-448-9869 Moving must sell 6 chair dining room suite, pearl oak. Matching hutch and china cabinet. Table is 41” wide x 66” long. Comes with two leaves, each 15” wide. Set is beautiful and in excellent condition. $1300 OBO. Email pictures available. Call 250-765-7811. QUEEN mattress & boxspring with frame, $200 obo. 250451-9692.

Garden Equipment Screened Top Soil/ Manure mix available for pick up or can arrange delivery $10.00 per yd. Please Call 250-2587480 Will consider discount on multiple bulk loads

Medical Supplies SHOPRIDER Scooters & Power Chairs, Lift Chairs, Walkers & ramps, new & used. Shoprider Dealer, Kelowna: 250-764-7757, Vernon: 250542-3745, Toll free: 1-888-5423745,

Misc. for Sale 100% GUARANTEED Omaha Steaks - save 64% on the Family Value Collection. Now only $49.99 Plus 3 free gifts & right-to-the-door delivery in a reusable cooler, order today. 1-888-702-4489 mention code 45069SVD or BRAND new 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system. Retail price: $795. Now: $250. Call 250-863-1544 CAN’T GET up your stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift! 1-866-981-5991 FAR-INFRARED SAUNAS Spring Blow out Demos starting at $549. Free del., setup try. Kelowna. 1-888-239-9999 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837

NUMEROUS Household items for sale. Call 250-769-3116 or 250-470-2267 PERSONALIZED All-In-One Easter Basket over 50% off! Regular price $32.99 you pay $15.99. Includes personalization; plush bunny, chocolate; candy and Peeps® Visit or Call 1-888-903-0973 RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT FOR SALE Good quality tables 4 top, quantity 38, good quality wood chairs w/cloth seats, 20, good quality metal chairs w/vinyl seats, quantity 56. Freezer cooler combo, Beer Cooler, Pizza make table, Induction Wok,some new booths, patio furniture. All available April 24th must be picked up the same day. Charlie at 250-308-8044.

Misc. Wanted Coin Collector Buying Old coins, silver, collections Please call 250-863-3082 IM a private buyer/collector of 1950’s, 60’s and older 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ & $1. I want to buy lots! All conditions! US & Canadian. Todd 250-864-3521 IM a private buyer/collector of 1950’s, 60’s and older 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ & $1. I want to buy lots! All conditions! US & Canadian. Todd 250-864-3521

Musical Instruments HARTKE AC75 solo amp. 2 channels, perfect for lounge and coffee house gigs. $375. Ph (250)833-1976 MOIR Pianos. New & Used Grand & Upright Pianos. Call Richard Moir 250-764-8800

BRIGHT corner, very clean, 2bd, 2bth condo, lakeview, secure/RV prkng. $239,900. Helmut Hubert, Century 21 250878-8010 MLS DELUXE 4th floor 740sq.ft. 1 bdrm Fr, DW, W/D ,A/C, UG parking, storage. Assessed Value $194,100, will sell for $184,100. (250)763-4264 HOLLYWOOD Station, 1182 sq’, 2bd, 2bth, 2 ug prking, SS, tile, many upgrades. $244, 500. $10,000 down. Balance mortgage for 5yrs at 4%. $1038.31/mo. 250-762-3966 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Duplex/4 Plex $559,000. Rutland. Just listed. SxS Duplex w/suites. MLS Ken Dempsey, Remax, 250717-5000 DUPLEX FOR SALE! 4 bdrm, 3bth, downtown, big lot size, recently renovated, good mortgage helper, close to hospital & all other ammenities. $379,000 Msg 250-979-0250.

For Sale By Owner DUPLEX FOR SALE! 4 bdrm, 3bth, downtown, big lot size, recently renovated, good mortgage helper, close to hospital & all other ammenities. $379,000. Msg 250-979-0250.


Fri, Sat & Sun - 2-4.

Sporting Goods KINGSTON 4x8 slate pool table, very fancy w/leather & carving. $1200. 250-801-8156 NEED OLD BASEBALL GLOVES, BATS, BALL EQUIPMENT TO BE GIVEN TO KIDS IN PHILIPPINES Ball Coach moving to Philippines. These people are very humble as I was there for 110 days teaching English. Drop off at Creative Trophies & Gifts 108-1755 Springfield Attn: Julian or Jessica OR Sports Excellence 2-310 Banks Rd attn: Bill Martinson OR Call Steve at 250-860-4238 for pick up.

Real Estate Acreage for Sale 3 Acres, Whitevale Area, Lumby. Flat, trees, drilled well, gas/hydro to driveway. Price $230,000.00 + HST OBO. 250-547-6932. 5 1/2 ac. $89,900. 11.80 ac, c/w cabin, two 10.94 ac build lots for Pics email Arrow Lakes area. 250269-7328.

#9-1850 CRYSTAL SPRINGS Lovely DW 1344sq’, 2 bdrm, 2 baths, family rm, breakfast nook, 55+, new flooring & appliances - upgrades. Garden area, lovely yard, tool shed. Sm pets are welcome. Very nice, Must see! 778-755-0070,250-212-0898


S Old Glenmore S 2400sq’ S 1 level rancher S 3bd, 3bths S Large media room S New roof & furnace S Close to all amens S Large private yard with pond

$575,000 250-860-2027

Apt/Condos for Sale 2BD, 2bth, 1500sq’, bright top flr corner unit, great loc. MLS $199,900. Betsy Price, RE/ MAX Kelowna. 250-212-5520 AGE 55+ Condo. Ambrosi Tower, corner, 1182sq’. Fred Maier. Remax. Open House. Sunday, 1-4. 301-1895 Ambrosi. $289,900. 250-717-7316 AGE 55+ Condo. The Adderly. $139,900. Fred Maier. Remax. 250-717-7316 AGE 55+ Condo. The Colonial. 2bd/2bth, totally updated. Fred Maier. Remax. $159,900. 250-717-7316 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call

Mark Jontz Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime


OPEN HOUSE 726 Renshaw Rd.

(4th house S. of Pearson Elem.)

Sat,April 16

12 noon to 4 pm. 3165sq’, 4 bedroom, 3 bath. Bi-level, gr. level walk-out. Vault sunroom. 21’x23’ shop, hoist hgt. Lrg level .21 acre lot Fenced & hedged. Downstairs kitchen. Ideal for Daycare. Spacious R.V. parking Must be seen inside View: 1143)

THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.


Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News

Real Estate

Real Estate






Houses For Sale

Mobile Homes & Parks

Apt/Condo for Rent

Apt/Condo for Rent

Homes for Rent

RV Pads

Suites, Lower

1 BED $725, 2B $850, May 1, ex utilities, convenient quiet well cared for secure building near Rutland Mall. NS NP. 250 868 1918 2Bd 2ba Furn’d luxury top flr Scenic Lakeview Lower Mission Kelowna. BC. Hrdwd flrs FP., SS.appls .Granite C.tops UG. sec. prkng. Storage gym Short walk to Gyro Beach & Mateo. Long term Avail. Immed. $1595 + utils. Neville 250-762-3445, 250-826-1054 2BD Top flr. Steps to Superstore. Close to all amens, NS NP. $850/mo. 250-769-2099 AVAILABLE now, 1or2 bd+den, 6 appl, rent or lease $950+, immac, central location on bus route. 250-491-3090. BARON RD- 2bd, 3rd floor. Close to all amens/bus. $850. May 1. 250-763-1860 lv msg. BELGO AREA, Rutland Rd. South. 2bd, $900 hydro, f/s, NO PETS, bus route, Avail. now. 250-491-3345, 869-9788

WILLOW PARK MANOR. 270 Aurora Cres 239 Hollywood Rd. S 1 & 2bd units S Next door to the full service Willow Park Shopping Center S Free parking S Resident manager 250-763-3654

2BD, 2bth, Furn. or not. Garden & pets ok. 1.5 hrs East of Kel. $750+ Utils. Avail May 1. 250-446-2076 2Bdrm house upper level in Capri area shar’d laundry mature working couple, $900 +utils (250)448-8507 3/4 BD., Winfield area, $1575 +utils. NO PETS. Avail Now. Overlooks Wood Lake on East side. Close to schools. Call 250-869-9788, 250-491-3345 3BD House, garage, garden, new decor, 6appl, $1500. 2bd, $1250. NS. 250-861-5757 3BDRM, Central Locationclose to everything, NS, NP, $1200/mo. 250-470-7291 3 BED, 1 BATH, renovated upper level of house. sep. w/d. lge. yard. n/s, n/p. 1350/mth + util. Avail. May 1. Call Jenn 250 764 6240. FULL House w/bsmt. 5bdrm, 3bth, Glenmore area. $2200+ utils 250-717-3010, 469-2322 HOSPITAL area, 3bd, upper level. Close to amen, creek, buses. $1200 + approx $100 utils. 250-868-9059 RUTLAND- 3bdrm, 2baths, nr school/bus Very nice quiet neighborhood Avail. Immed. NP,NS $1400/mo + utils. Call 250-317-1672, 250-863-5616 RUTLAND, ON MISSION CREEK, 2 bdrm 1.5 Bath. S/S duplex Quiet street in Rutland. Carport. Central air. Fireplace. Will suit mature couple. $975 Ph. 250 575-3861. SMALL Rutland House on Hwy 97. 1bd+den, pet ok, $800+utils. Ref’s req’d. Call 250-765-5578 SMITH CREEK, 4 bdrm, 3 full baths, approx 3000sq’, all appl, $2200. Prefer lease. NP. NS. Ref’s. Noel 250-452-6635. WESTSIDE New 4bd full bsmt. Dbl garage 3 full washrooms. Close to all amenities. Avail May 1/15. $1650/m all new appls. 250-801-7424, 1778-578-7459 Winfield 3bd 2 ba No bsmt. on Orchard, 6appls a/c deck, drapes. Avail now. NS. NP. Working persons. ref’s req’d $1250 + DD & utils. 250-7663395 Cell (250)-861-0656 WOOD Lk. View 3bdrm 2bath 3levels, strg, crprt $1200+utils. Pets negot. (250)766-4322 3BD 2Ba 5Appl Gar Patio $1200 OR 4Bd 3Ba 5Appl Den Deck DblGar $1750- 250-8601961


By the beach - Mission. 3 bdrm. Main flr-Bluebird Rd. Private deck. Must see! 250470-8262 EXEC. 2 BDRM suite, 5 appl, laundry, utilities basic cable and internet incl. N/S N/P No parties, quiet responsible couple preferred. $1000/M. Available immed. 250-8782954 after 5pm FURNISHED. Mission Nice 2bd, lndry, prking, strge. NS, NP. $800+ utils. 250-862-6991 GARDEN suite wkly/mo, Hospital area, jet tub, lndry, Priv sep ent. Veg/ garden, Gar/pkg. Furn/ unfurn, all neg NP, NS. $975 Cbl/ utils incl 870-7007 LAKE VIEW Heights 1bd suite, lrg master bdrm, walk in closet NS, NP. $700 all utils incl. 250-769-9285 LARGE bdrm, w/o, N. Glenmore, spacious, priv ent, lndry, quiet wrking pref. $900 incl utils. May 1. 250-868-8458 MAY 1. 2bd, priv ent, no stairs, NS, NP. $750 incl utils. (offers) Call 250-765-2857 MAY 1. Furn’d 1bd suite. $700. 250-807-7816 or 250681-6108 MISSION- Beach Location! Large 2 Bed + LR. New paint & more. $890. 250-470-8262 N. Rutland 1 Lrg Bdrm. Basic cable, NS, NP. Ref’s req’d. Avail Now. Call (250)4919739, or 250-863-0116 ONE BED lg modern suite. Sep entrance w/laundry lots of storage. $800. 250-300-7377 RUTLAND- 1bd. May 1st. $700 incl utils, laundry. For info 250-765-4354, 212-5018 RUTLAND. 2bd suite, grnd lvl, sep ent, NS, NP. $800 utils incl. Close to schools. Avail. May 1st 250-869-9530 RUTLAND N. brand new 2 bdrm, sep ent, porch, lndry, big kitchen, NP, NS, wrking cpl. Avail now. $900+ utils. 250-864-6722. WSTSIDE, 1bd, priv. ent, cln & qt, 6 appl, ac & sat, in qt adlt hm, ns, np, 1 qt wrk prs. $675 1/4 util. 250-769-7703.

******* Where smart sellers meet smart buyers! View Thompson Okanagan properties for sale.// Selling? No Commission. (250) 545-2383 or 1-877-291-7576 $339,900. North Kelowna. In ground Pool! 3bd, full bsmt. Hurry, Quick Sale! Dave Williams, Royal Lepage 250-8789795 3.69 Acres updated Home and Shop in Vernon home, Detached 1000 sqft Shop with hoist. Great holding property! $690,000 Call Wade 250-5506364. 6177 Okanagan Ave #26513l

6 1/2 Acres with Cape Cod Style 4bdrm 3bath Lakeview Home Priv setting Only 15 min to DT Kelowna 5 min To UBC $639,000 (250)-215-1324 COURT ORDERED SALE. 3Bdrm+den Family Home. 2 baths, lrg fenced yard, garage, Nice area.$315,000 Lloyd 250215-5607 MacDonald Realty DISTRESS Sale. 3bd House on 2.5 acres with 1200sq’ shop. $349,900. Lloyd, McDonald Realty. 250-215-5607 MORTGAGES LOW RATES. 5YR. 3.94% VARIABLE 2.25% Trish at 250-470-8324 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Mobile Homes & Parks DBL wide 2bd, 2bth, family park, cov’d deck, carport, well maint., great kit. $149,900. Helmut Hubert, Century 21. 250-878-8010 MLS

Show Homes at 1680 Ross Rd. Accent Homes (250)-769-6614

BEST TIME TO BUY!!! Eye catching West Coast design. Spacious Cul-de-Sac location. Large BBQ/entertaining sundeck. Dine in the nook or eat casually at the high bar. Get refreshed in the oversized jet tub. Brand new, 3 bed/2bath. 20 minutes from Orchard Park. Flexible down payment & bank pmts from $1150/mo. O.A.C. MSRP $189,900. Asking $184,900! Showings days/eves/weekends 250-769-6614 SPACIOUS 3bd, 2bth home, family park, lrg ensuite/sep baby rm in Master. $159,900. Helmut Hubert, Century 21. 250-878-8010 MLS WHOLESALE FACTORY DIRECT. Manufactured, Modular & Park models. Tremendous savings. Luxurious 1512 sq. ft home including delivery and installation only $ 109,950. Many other plans available. The Home Boys 877-976-3737 509-4819830 or



2bd, starting @ $850 incl. parking & utilities. 1Bdrm, starting @ $700 (250)-860-5220

Mortgage Help! Beat bank rates for purchases and refinances, immediate debt consolidation, foreclosure relief, and equity loans. Free, fast, friendly, private consultations. Call 1888-711-8818

COSTCO AREA. 3BD, 2bth, $1450/mo + hydro, ug prking avail, $30/stall. NP. Avail May 1 250-869-9788

Real Estate


20 ACRES $0 Down, $99/mo. only $12,900 near growing El Paso, Texas 2nd safest U.S. City Owner financing, no credit checks! Money back guarantee, free color brochure 800-755-8953 BIG BEAUTIFUL Arizona land $99/mo. $0 down, $0 interest, Golf Course, Nat’l Parks. one hour from Tucson Int’l Airport Guaranteed financing, no credit checks. Pre-recorded msg. 1-800-631-8164 Code 4001

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Close to shopping & bus route, 2BD APARTMENT Heat & hot water incl. New adjustable rates. Call (250)-860-4836 MILL CREEK ESTATES

1590/1588 Spall Rd. Premiere Rental Complex in Kelowna. Different Floor Plans Available Close to Shopping / Restaurants. Call for Availability. Affordable rental amounts. (250)-860-4836 or email:

RUTLAND. 55+ 2bd, 1.5bth condo, 4th flr, elevators, ug prking. Avail May 1. $995 + DD. Jim at 1-780-226-8652 RUTLAND: THUNDERBIRD EVERGREEN APTS. 435/395 Franklyn Road 1 & 2 bdrm suites, 3/appls, AC, drapes, walk-in storage, u/g secure parking, hot water included. Laundry facilities on site. Close to excellent shopping, major bus routes (excellent bus service to all campuses, Orchard Park Mall & downtown), theaters, medical facilities & restaurants. 250-762-5932 for appointment to view THE Lagoons. 2bd, 2bth, lakeview, avail immed, non-smoking, small pet ok. $1500+utils. Call 250-862-3220 West Kelowna 2bdrm 2 bath top Flr lakeview Upgraded Granite. SS all appls etc. secure prking all amenties.$1390 Incl utils. 250-859-1300 Ed Virtual tour APARTMENTS FOR RENT in Granada Gardens for Mar.1 & beyond, ranging from $800-$850/mo 250-766-4528, 250-718-0881


Commercial/ Industrial 1/2 - 4 acre serviced, fenced industrial lots for lease. Light, heavy or industrial use including auto wrecker & storage. 7000sq’ serviced coverall shelter for storage or workspace or build to suit. Westbank Industrial Park. 250-769-7424 3100 sqft unit #3-690McCurdy Rd. Warehouse shop office for lease. Rick 250-770-0903 HWY Front avail at 1694 Ross Rd Ship/rec doors, prking C1 2000sqft. $2500 TN. 769-6614 NEW 1521sq’ bare, $1300/mo. New 1752sq’, $1500/mo. 2543 Jiliann Rd West Kelowna. Call 250-317-1900

Cottages / Cabins PEACHLAND Lake shore summer rental, unfurnished, 2bdrm, 2bath cabin with large deep water warf, deck over water, lrg private yard, road access, 5mo lease. Total amount for season $6000. Ref’s please. 250-767-6610 or cell 250-215-3478

Duplex / 4 Plex 2BD Rutland 4plex on Hwy 97. $700+utils. Pet ok. Ref’s req’d. 250-765-5578 2BD SxS duplex in DT area. New appl, CA, WD, sorry NP. $1200 utils incl. Call 250-8266659 475 Hein Rd., 2bdrm, very clean, w/d/f/s, carport $950+util., 501 Hein Rd 2 bd also $900/mo 250-317-8844 4BD & 2bd, 3 full bth, 6appl, garage, all windows blinds. March 1. NP. (250)860-8583 4 Bdrm, 2 bth Rutland - bright, clean, f/s, laundry hookups, N/P, N/S, Ref’s Req’d. $1300 + utils 250-765-6544 AFFORDABLE 2Bd End Units. Split level x3, balcony 4/5-appls. Rutland, Near. school/shop/parks. Extra Sunny Lrg fenced yard prking water incl’d $930, $950. NS. 1250-542-1862. 250-260-8518 BLK MTN. 4 bed + den 2 bath $1250 + Util. 5 appl. 2 decks. Lrg yard.NS/NP.250-869-8504 KEL N., near DT, CLEAN, 1200sq’ newer 2bd+den/study/ strg rm, shared laundry, 1bth, appls, AC, prking, $1275 + util. NS, NP, DD. 250-868-7677 RUTLAND- 4bd, 2.5 baths, across from Shopping, close to schools, $1350/mo. Avail May 1. 250-317-0475 WESTBANK- 2bd, 1.5bth sxs 4plex, Smid Rd. $850 + hydro. April 15. 250-212-1282

Modular Homes Winfield 3bd 2 ba No bsmt. on Orchard, 6appls a/c deck, drapes. Avail now. NS. NP. Working persons. ref’s req’d $1250 + DD & utils. 250-7663395 Cell (250)-861-0656


OKANAGAN LAKE FRONT CABIN After many fun filled summers of sun and entertainment we are no longer able to make the best use of our summer cabin on the beautiful Okanagan Lake. It is located 11 kms down Westside Road in Vernon, BC. 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living area, as well as a bonus semi-finished bunk cabin ready to be plumbed in.



Under $200 Special

• Propane Stove & Fridge • Propane Lights • Gas Generator


• 50 ft Beachfront Property • Boat Launch Area • Deck • Wharf

There is currently a land lease which costs $1,500 / year. No electricity or plumbing. $59,900.

Please call for an appointment to view 250-549-6005

Classifieds Get Results! Office/Retail 830sq’ street lvl Office/Retail space w/washroom. Excl DT loc., 500 blk Lawrence Ave. 250-769-7281 eves Sustainability consulting business looking to share our downtown office space with a like-minded company. Shared board room, reception, phone/ fax, printer and small kitchen area included. Can be configured to fit one to four people within the space, depending on your needs. Price negotiable based on space required from $600 to $1000. Please call 250-862-8941 to inquire and see the space. WESTBANK. Lakeview. 2nd flr. 760sq.ft. $790 incl T.N. 250-768-9083, 250-718-9083

Rooms for Rent 1Bdrm New, $410 Incl’s wireless net, & cable. NS ND. NP. 250-491-1077, 575-5070 A-1 clean furn’d cbl. & w/d, wl int, quiet, monthly avail. immed. 250-862-9223 All Comforts of Home, furn. rooms/suites DT. wireless int. cbl. $450. 250-861-5757 ELLISON area. Priv. & very clean bachelor ste. Avail now $500 incl all. 250-491-9340. RUTLAND. 1bd $400 all utils incl, w/d, cbl. For working person. NS, NP, near bus stop. 250-862-9749, 250-575-9109. RUTLAND furnished room for working man, 30+, livingroom, TV, kitchen, laundry, utils incl, $500+DD. Call 250-215-1561 MODERN Furn’d. bdrm. all cbl/utils. incl’d., $450mo. $475. Call 250-317-2546

Best view. Best rates. Full service incl wi/fi & cable. Daily, Weekly & Monthy Rates.

Kelowna Call 250-862-7448

Seasonal Acommodation LACASA Lake Cottage Resort on the lake for rent, sleeps 8, Elegant & Modern 2bdrm, den, April-May $750/wk, June $1000/wk, July $1500/wk, August $1750/wk. 250-491-0823

Senior Assisted Living ROOM/Board for seniors w/ some care. Priv rm w/cble & own phone. 3 cooked meals, snacks, lndry, housekeeping. $1250/mo. CPR & 1st Aid Cert. Annie, 250-317-3341

Shared Accommodation FURN’D Bedroom, Rutland, NP/NS, $480+DD incl utils, cble, int. 250-765-1633 LAKE COUNTRY- Modular home, 5min from OUC North. Close to bus. $500/mo + dep. Shawn 250-864-8749. ROOMMATE needed. $500 incl all in 2bd bsmt suite. Call 250-763-5151 CLEAN Roommate. ND, ND, NP. From $400-$490/mth 250860-8106, 250-718-5837

Suites, Lower 155 Robson Rd E. Avail immed. 2bd, $600 +40%utils. NS, NP. Janice 250-762-8901 1BD 5Appl Patio $750 Incl Util/Cable/Net. 2Bd 3Appl Patio $900 250-860-1961.Reg Online 1BD bsmt suite (wo), w/garage, 1200sq’, near lake, 5appl, NS, NP, ref’s. $900 incl utils. Avail May 1/11. Ph 250-7695624, 250-317-0373 1BD. Lg. bsmt, ns, np, utils incl., shr’d. w/d, dw, new suite, $800/mo. Amy 250-317-0109 1bdrm deluxe WO new home very priv. totally sound proof, 6 appls. HD satellite, HD movie chan., Lrg Priv patio, No dogs. NS $825 + utils (250)765-8909 1 BDR., secure & comfortable ste. w/private entrance, built-in breakfast nook/w chairs, large walk-in closet/storage area. Minutes to downtown or Orchard Pk. Mall. Incl. utilities, cable, wifi. N/s, n/p. (250) 7627173. 1BD. Rutland. Bright & new, shared w/d, n/s, n/p, near bus, $775mo. incls. utils. 801-9621. 1BD suite avail May 1, close to DT, priv ent, $725 utils incl. NS, NP, shard WD. 250-7639693 2BD 1300sq’. 4appl, fnc’d yard, deck, pets neg. Near schools & bus, avail immed. $1040 incl utils. 250-718-3871 2bd 1ba fr/st shr’d w/d between Costco & Plaza 33 unfurn/furn.$825 (250)-491-3215 2BD, bright w/o suite, nice setting on Blk Mnt. Shr’d lndry, pet neg., $850 +some utils + DD. May 1st. 250-765-8410 2BD. DT/Bankhead, $750. incl. utils. f/s, shared w/d, & bckyrd., NP. Avail. May 1st. Call 250-491-1088. 2bdrm Bright WO 5appls insuite laundry sep entry Larg back yard patio off street parking utils internet cable incl’d $850 +DD( 250)764-8178 2BD, utils incl, NParties, NS, NP, near shopping & bus, quiet area, Area of Rutland. Lndry HU’s. Extreme WL int. $850, dd req’d. 250-765-2931 2BD W/O Lake Country Backyard/deck, cable, sep.entry laundry, storage, NS. NP. $900 utils. incl’d. (250)7664020, or 778 821-0115 2 large 2bdrm ground level entry. Like new. NS. NK. NP. prefer mature single woman or working couple $750 includes utilities (250) 768-8712 3Bdrms a/c, priv laundry,driveway bus school cble wireless utils incl’d NS NP $1100 Avail now. 826-2233 BELGO- 2bd, 1ba, lg. liv rm, lg kit, $750/mo. Laundry incl., 250-765-3884 & 250-878-9303

Suites, Upper 1BD self contained suite/cabin in Winfield, suitable for single retired or semi-retired person. $650 utils & cable incl. Info at 250-766-0956 3BD, 1bth, bright upper floor, Hospital area, WD, DW, prking, yard, close to amens, NS, NP. $1025+utils. Call 250470-2066 AVAIL immed, quiet 2 bdrm 4 plex suite NP NS $830 + Utils. + DD. req.’d 250-451-9923 Avail May 1 3Bd. Rutland/McCurdy area, bright upper flr. 2ba. gas fp, cvrd. deck, fncd. bckyrd, f/s, cent. air, b/i vac, u/g irrg., 2car grge., nr. amens., share w/d, $1250+util.NS,NP. 491-4506. LRG 2BD, near Costco/ Plaza 33, fs, wd, yard. $975 +utils. NS, NP, ND. 250-491-3215 Rutland 2bdrm 5appls NP. Smoke ok. No Party! $1000+ 1/2 utils April15(778)753-1111

Townhouses LOWER unit Townhouse, Hwy 97 nr Duck Lake. 2bd +den, 2bth, 5appl, mainflr, 1256sq’. $1100+utils. 250-712-0095 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.


Antiques / Classics 1955 Red Metropolitan hard top restored, put the key in and drive Vintage plates stay with car ($127/yr) Parts easy to get Great cond. inside/outside and mechanicly $7900 obo (250)768-3128 1960 LAND ROVER. Complete vehicle ready for restoration. Good frame, complete extra engine (running). Many extra parts with winch(included) with cable. Warn front hubs. 45,000 miles. Pre registered. Email pictures available. $3900 obo. Call 250-7657811. SPECIAL Anniversary Edition 1987 Cougar LS, black, great shape, absolutely no rust, only 106km. $3600. (1-250)5178087

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A41





Auto Accessories/Parts

Cars - Sports & Imports

Sport Utility Vehicle

Trucks & Vans

Did you know... you can place an ad for $1 per issue

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

2006 Honda Pilot EX-L One owner, black with grey interior, 130,000kms, eight passenger, trailer package installed, winter and all-season tires included. Meticulously maintained. Located in Nelson B.C. Call 250-825-3458 for more information

Like new tires. 4 summer tires & 4 winter tires. P265/50R20. $200/set of 4. 250-979-4546 LYLEâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S TOWING Free removal of unwanted vehicles. Pay up to $1000 for good vehicles. Lots of used parts for sale. 765-8537


Cars - Domestic 1992 Mazda Protege Auto

12-727 Stremel Rd, Kelowna Mon.-Sat. 8:30-5:30


1996 Chevy Tahoe Red with 85,000k new tires Denali wheels 17â&#x20AC;? 100000k on HD brakes & roters $1900 on battery new radiator new compresser new hoses last 9 yrs put 25,000km. Can be seen at 2160 Chilcotin Cres. Kelowna BC. $12,500 obo (250)7129949 1999 Ford Explorer

Only 100075 KMS Auto 4x4 Air V6 4.0L CD Player 4Door Runs Great Great Condition In & Out Great Deal $4990 Call 250-862-2555 2000 Nissan Xterra 4x4

2001 Ford F 250 XLT 4x4

143000KM New Timing Belt 4 Cyl Great On Fuel Well Maintained BCAA Security System Runs Very Well $1950 Call 250-862-2555 1998 Audi A4 quattro, V6, 5spd, $3300 obo. 250-3071215. 1998 Nissan Altima GXE

Only 163000KMS Auto Air P/W P/L Cruise Tilt CD Player Keyless Entry Excellent Cond In & Out $4990 Call 250-862-2555 2000 Honda Accord Sport Coupe, Loaded. GPS.2 new sets tires & mags. Fab Condition. $5250 (250)860-2587 2002 Mazda Protege, 18,982 km, 4cyl, grey, 4dr, 5spd standard. To arrange for viewing please call Associated Bailiffs at 778-755-5788 2003 Mazda Protoge, grey, only 59,000km, asking $9000. 12â&#x20AC;&#x2122; ďŹ shing boat, boat only, $250. Utility trailer, $500. Call 250-765-3802 2005 Hyundai Tuscon. 2 ltr, front wheel drive, AM/FM stereo w/MP3 CD, alloy wheels, anti-lock brakes, power brakes/steering/mirrors/windows/locks. Roof rack, ďŹ ve doors, tilt steering, 4 wheel disc brakes, electronic stability control, block heater, heated front windshield & heated mirrors. New winter tires, timing belt, windshield & front brakes. Good on gas +/- hwy 30, town 28 m/g. 100,000 kms. EXCELLENT CONDITION. New Price: $8900 obo. Call: Cell 250-617-9944

Cars - Sports & Imports


258,000kms Excellent Cond. Dark Blue. Beige Leather Interior Rosewood Paneling. Radio/Tape 4 extra Summer Tires. Garage Kept, One Owner. Well Maintained. asking $3,500 obo Call (250)-762-4496 2002 Volvo S60 T5, fully loaded, 160kms, 300hp intake exhaust, custom brakes, Chrome summer rims and tires & Winter rims and tires, $10,000 obo. Must See! 250938-2868 2004 Nissan Centra, 158Kâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, auto, 4dr, A/C, new winter tires on/summers. $3950 870-1510

1994 Honda Magna V4, 124,500m, extras, tank bag, bike covers, 2 helmets, manual. $2650 obo. 250-448-9869 2006 Harley Davidson, softtail deluxe, all options, $14,400. one owner, 250-938-3358 2008 H.D. Heritage Softail Classic, low kms, like new, Call (250)545-6854 evenings. 2008 HD Street Glide, 10,000kms, lady driven, fully loaded, $10,000 in extras incl lwr fairing & removable pizza box, $19,500 obo. 862-6053. 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 500 Exc. cond. Like new 3130kms. Great mid-size cruiser $4975. 250-545-1181


Did you know... we can place your ad in Vernon & Penticton

Auto V6 3.3L Air P/W P/L Cruise Tilt CD Player Alloy WheelsTow pkg Accident Free $4990 Great Deal Call 250-862-2555 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara

4x4 Auto 121000KM V6 2.5L Air P/W P/L Cruise Tilt CD Player Alloy Wheels Great SUV $6990 Call 250-862-2555 GRAND JEEP Cherokee 1998 Limited Ed. Power Everything, Leather Int, Low Kms, Excellent Cond. BARGAIN $4900 Tel: 250-575-5034

Trucks & Vans 1999 Ford F 350 Diesel V8

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

1981 Chev Centurion Motor home, $3,000 obo. 250-5479504 1994 27 1/2ft. Rustler 5th wheel, new tires, foam under coated, new mattress, ns, np, full awning, full bath, hitch incl. $8000. (250)542-6915 1994 29â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Corsair 5th wheel, 1-slide, F/S microwave, A/C, shower, 2 propane tanks, $10,000 obo. 250-306-1434 2003 29/34â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Titanium 5th Wheel, like new, lots of extras. For more info, call 768-7954 2005 25â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Jayco JayFlight Trailer in great condition, new battery, foam mattress, low mileage on tires, also includes tow package, sun screens, accessories, kitchen ware. N/S N/P Ready for the road, $12,900. Vernon 250-2751449 2006 Palomino 4101 Tent Trailer. Like new, sleeps 6, furnace, fridge, hot water, sink. REDUCED $7000. 250-8787563 BOATS, RV DETAILING Truck & Cars. INSTALL HITCHES All vehicles Truck & Trailer Accessories & Parts. Call (250)-769-1945

Scrap Car Removal $100 cash Paid for unwanted vehicles. Call Paul Haul (250)808-9593 1AA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Min $60 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 250-899-0460 SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $4.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

Sport Utility Vehicle 1994 Grand Cherokee. Nice cond., 143K, new snw tres, tn td glass $3200. 250-870-9193

7.3L 5Speed 4x4 Air P/W P/L Cruise Tilt Accident Free Tow Pkg Runs Great No Oil Leakes Of Any Kind CD Player $7990 Call 250-862-2555 2000 Toyota Sienna XLE 183kms loaded 7 pass. Excell. cond $6500 obo 250-763-4479 2003 Dodge Dakota RT. Black. 145,000kms. $5700. Call 250-826-2526 anytime 2003 Sonoma,V6, auto, extra cab, a/c, cruise,140,000kms, $6800. 778-475-5651 Vernon. 2004 Chev 3/4 ton reg. cab, 8â&#x20AC;&#x2122; box HD TR. hitch $4750. 1101 Kal Lake Rd. 250-549-1945







BOATS, RV DETAILING Truck & Cars. INSTALL HITCHES All vehicles Truck & Trailer Accessories & Parts. Call (250)-769-1945

*36DD Busty Sexy Beautiful* Massage, Erotic Fun & More. Lingerie & Toys 250-450-6550 A 29 yr old, Busty, Blonde 36D-28-36. Daytime Specials. Call MJ, 250-864-3598. AN Open Minded Mature Sexy Busty Blonde, Ready To PLEASE YOU! GFE. Independant. 250-808-9673 BEACH BUNNIES New First Class Spa Now Open! #32-2789 Hwy 97 Blue Heights 250-448-8854 We only hire the very best Blue Eyed Bikini Babe Jenna 20yrs Hot Chocolate Treat Tiara 19yrs Super Busty Casey Greek Avail. 250-859-9584 *BRANDY* Beautiful, Busty, Blonde.38.Open Minded. GFE. 250-826-8615. 24hrs in/out CHAT live with Charleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s girls and guys. 1-900-528-1051, 1-900-548-1051, 1-900-7831051. CLASSY, BRUNETTE Sensual, Massage, Lingerie, GFE, Playful & Professional. In/Out. Candie 250-870-0580

MALE 4 Male Erotic Massage, $95. WinďŹ eld, 9-9 Daily 250766-2048

Moorage Auto V8 5.4L 186000KM Air P/W P/L Cruise Tilt Tow Pkg 4DR Accident Free Runs Well Great Cond In & Out $8990 Call 250-862-2555 2005 Montana extended, 110KM, very clean cond. $5000 obo. (250)260-5232 2006 GMC 2500, hd, 4x4, crw cab, lb, 126k, very good cond, $13,500. 250-308-2225. 2007 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat XTR, full load incl leather & sunroof. 68,000kms. Lady driven, white, $24,000 obo. 250-862-6053.


250-765-9457 Parts and Service for all makes of snowmobiles, motorcycles, & ATVâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. 1000â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s of parts in stock.


1977 CANADVENTURE 175 HP 17â&#x20AC;&#x2122; FORD V8 Inboard Engine. OMC Stern Drive. Incl: Roof and Boat Cover ,Ski Tow, Two Paddles, & Many More Accessories. 6HP Johnson Outboard, Mounted. Complete w/Bracket, Steering connecting Rod 5 Gal. Fuel Tank. Dic Will Trailer 2 spare Tires & wheels Spare Prop Reg. Winch. Asking $4500 obo. To View, Please call Richard.,( 250)-762-4496.

Moorage available to sublet $2000 for 2011. (250)7653035

Adult Adult Entertainment IF You have the desire, I have the ďŹ re. Sensuality at its best. Curious seniors of all ages (50-100) welcome. 10-10. Call Mamma Mia 250-317-8043 MATURE Lady, Relaxing Massage. 9am-9pm Daily. Kelowna. 778-214-0552 RU HOT nâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ready? Then come play with me & have a taste of this sweetest treat. 250-3174315 West Kelowna SENSITIVE & intimate. Serious pleasure with a personal touch. 250-762-2010. TWO GORGEOUS INDEPENDENTS STARR & IVANNA gfe/massage/dom/duos upscale incall or outcall 250-864-8264


2009 17.5 Bayliner bowrider, V6 inboard, less than 100hrs on trailer, jackets & pull toys. $14,900. 250-764-8198 20ft White Sailboat Cruiser. Jib, Genoa & Main sails. White canvas Dodger & Tonneau cover. 2 cyl, 9.9 HP Mercury outboard motor, Anchor, Porta-Potti, etc. Crews 4 or sleeps 2. $5500 obo. 250-707-0494 REDLINE Marine Mobile Services. 250-869-7091

1 and only Garden of Eden. Voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction. Only agency in Kelowna open 24/7 and acepting MC/ Visa/ Amex. GFE avail. 250-868-9439 Now Hiring. #1 PAMELA. Blonde bombshell, 36D, all natural, GFE. Call 250-215-4513 1st Choice Charleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Escorts In or Out Calls. Vernon Location 250-540-7069 or 250-540-7769 Always Hiring. 1ST Class Mystique Escorts. Gorgeous Ladies & Men of all ages to suit every need. 24/7 out calls. Quick arrival time reasonable rates. 860-6778 NOW HIRING. BEAUTIFUL black girl, 23, In/Out. 250-826-0375

Cars - Domestic

Cars - Domestic

2005 HYUNDAI TUSCON FOR SALE 2 ltr, front wheel drive, AM/FM stereo w/MP3 CD, alloy wheels, anti-lock brakes, power brakes/steering/mirrors/windows/locks. Roof rack, ďŹ ve doors, tilt steering, 4 wheel disc brakes, electronic stability control, block heater, heated front windshield & heated mirrors. New winter tires, timing belt, windshield & front brakes. Good on gas +/- hwy 30, town 28 m/g. 100,000 kms. EXCELLENT CONDITION. NEW PRICE $8,900 OBO CALL CELL 250-617-9944

SEXY Exotic Lady. Legs, T/A. Full pkg. Call Christy In/Out 250-215-3286 The Ultimate GFE Service for the Discerning Gentleman call Lydia 250-448-2894 *TRINITY* Sexy Sweet 20 yr PETITE Clean & Drug Free LIMITED TIME ONLY 250-470-8981

PlaceYour ClassiďŹ ed Ad

ONLINE Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Easy!

*LACEY* It would be my pleasure. 250-215-8682



REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS T11-044 CBSA PIL Expansion at Kelowna International Airport Sealed proposals clearly marked on the outside of the envelope with the words â&#x20AC;&#x153;T11-044 CBSA PIL Expansion at Kelowna International Airportâ&#x20AC;? will be received at the OďŹ&#x192;ce of the City Clerk, 1435 Water Street, Kelowna, BC up until 3pm, Local Time, April 28, 2011. The Request for QualiďŹ cations (RFQ) will not be opened publicly. The pre-qualiďŹ cation process is intended to establish a list of Contractors with the necessary expertise, capacity and resources to perform this work. Only Contractors that pre-qualify will be eligible to tender. This process is not intended as a pre-qualiďŹ cation of subcontractors that may be retained by the Contractor. The City reserves the right to reject any or all responses, to waive defects in any submission and to accept submissions which it may consider to be in the best interest of the City. RFQ documents may be obtained at no charge from the City of Kelowna Website or from the Purchasing Branch, 1435 Water Street, Kelowna BC V1Y 1J4.

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District

INFORMATION for District Water Users 445 Glenmore Rd, Kelowna BC V1V 1Z6




3rd annual Spring Swap Meet! Saturday, April 30th â&#x20AC;˘ 10 am-2 pm â&#x20AC;˘ FREE barbecue! â&#x20AC;˘ Door prizes every hour! â&#x20AC;˘ Vintage bike display! â&#x20AC;˘ FREE Swap meet tables! â&#x20AC;˘ All in-store gear â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;&#x153;Make an Offerâ&#x20AC;? table! â&#x20AC;˘ 50% off snowmobile clearance table! & accessories! from 15%-50% off! â&#x20AC;˘ Quad rentals now available here! â&#x20AC;˘ Bring your old gear to sell!

Kelownaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Suzuki Motorsport dealership!

SEXY, 40 DD, 28/32 brown eyed brunette. Sexy & Sweet, Discreet. Enjoys couples & dom, GFE. Kelly 765-1098.


Check out the reasonable alternative

727 Stremel Rd.

(behind Kelowna Grand Prix off Hwy 97)


Phone (250)763-6506 Fax (250)763-5688

NOTICE to all residents within the Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District water system: The District has revised its spring water main flushing dates to March 16th to April 27th, 2011 as follows: rMar 16-18 UBCO Zone â&#x20AC;&#x201C; includes UBCO Campus, Kelowna Intâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l Airport, Airport Indâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;l Park, Glenmore Rd N & areas of Curtis Rd rMar 21-25 Ellison rMar 28-Apr 1 Scenic Zone/Upper Glenmore Bench â&#x20AC;&#x201C; East of Valley Rd to Hwy 97 rApr 4-8 Glenmore Zone, West side â&#x20AC;&#x201C; area on & West of Snowsell & Glenmore Rds rApr 11-15 Glenmore Zone, East side â&#x20AC;&#x201C; area on & East of Snowsell & Glenmore Rds rApr 18-19 Wilden r"QS2VBJM3JEHF%SZ7BMMFZBSFBT r"QS.D,JOMFZ-BOEJOH 'MVTIJOHPDDVSTCFUXFFOUIFIPVSTPGBNBOEQN Avoid doing laundry during these times. During this period you may experience variations in the water pressure and some discoloration in the water. If you experience discoloration, run the cold water tap until the water runs clear. To avoid any JODPOWFOJFODF DIFDLZPVSXBUFSGPSDMBSJUZQSJPSUPVTJOH You can visit the GEID website: to view any changes to the scheduled dates and when GEID crews will be in your particular area. Residents wishing direct notification about spring flushing in their specific area can email Please include your street address in your email request.



Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News

PAWPRINTS Welcome a new friend into the family...«


PETS AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTIONS “ “Housing i people l & their pets since 1997” •Best Residential Rates •Expert Advice •Exceptional Service •No Fees for Bank Approved Mortgages

Romany Runnalls, AMP


250-862-1794 1-800-884-4101

Every Dog & Cat Needs a Good Home

...and so do you!

Call for a complimentary evaluation of your home or to discuss your real estate needs

MISSY ID# 231335


LUCY ID# 231246

Missy is still very much a puppy, excessively excitable & strong and will need a home that can provide her with proper obedience training, lots of exercise & socialization. Her new home will need a fenced yard with plenty of off-leash time. Missy is a great girl who loves to play and will melt your heart. Please come down for visit if you think you have the ideal environment for her. Came in as a stray


Bella Blue is a real sweetie looking for her ‘forever home’. She would be best suited to a home with ADULTS ONLY or OLDER CHILDREN, and NO OTHER PETS. This way she can be the centre of attention getting all the love, exercise and affection she needs. Please research the breed before making a commitment to come and see her.





Kym Banting



Levi & Sadie are two small dogs looking for their permanent home TOGETHER. They need mature owners who are gentle & quiet but also confident. Levi is a handsome little dude who enjoys snuggling & giving kisses. Sadie is a little scruff muffin with lots of love to give. The combined adoption for both dogs is $259.00.

Grover is an older boy looking for his ‘forever’ home. He will require a fenced yard and enjoys walks. Grover loves to play fetch with tennis balls and needs a home with NO YOUNG CHILDREN. If your interested in Grover, please feel free to come down with your dog for a visit.



*A percentage of all commissions donated to the BCSPCA

SACKS ID# 224747

Lost YouforrmatPionehetre?

Sacks is a very calm cat who loves to observe his surroundings. We don’t have much history on him, but he has shown to be a very loving sophisticated gentleman. He would do best in an active home where he can gets lots of love and attention. If you would like to meet Sacks, please come down and ask to meet him.

Maui’s paw is now healed and gives her no problems at all. She is sweet, gentle, loves to head-butt and a good head scratch is always appreciated. She did wonderful in her foster home, loves to play in her hidey-hole, and would do best in an ADULT ONLY home. A low key environment would give her a relaxed life, so if you have the ideal home for Maui, please come down and spend some time with her.



Came in as a stray


in Post your pet’s ys gs of found stra tin lis and search This site is updated daily!

“If you’ve lost your pet, you can use this search to find stray animals that have been found and have been taken to the BC SPCA shelter, or found and listed by a member of the public using this site.

Lucy is in need of an active home with owners that can lavish lots of love on her and give positive reinforcement. She will benefit from a family that can provide her with lots of exercise and stimulation in order to channel her energy properly and avoid her becoming frustrated, bored or destructive. Lucy will need a home with a fenced yard, off leash opportunity and of course indoor time with the family. If you are interested in meeting her come down to the shelter. Unclaimed stray



Harmony is a super sweet dog who only needs some time to house-train as she was an outdoor dog. We can help you with this very easy procedure. She is good with other dogs, cats and people, and will make the most fantastic pet for anyone who loves animals. Come in have a look for yourself, she would love to see you.


#200-389 Queensway Ave Mortgage Broker/Owner



MYSTERY ID# 219153

Mystery has been with us for a long time, and is an absolute sweetie who loves to head butt your hand for attention.She would do best in a moderately active home with older children who can take advantage of her good natured personality. If you feel that Mystery would be a welcome addition to your family, please come down and meet her. Came in as a stray


He is a very sweet cat who came in very scared, but now loves attention and affection. He is OK with cats, but will let out a hiss now and then, which could be due to the stress in his life. Coffee would do best in a home with an active family who would love an affectionate lap cat. If you would like to meet this personable guy come down for an introduction.

COFFEE ID# 228310

Owner surrender

Adopt a Pet 103 - 1889 Springfield Rd. 860-2346 Store Hours: M - S 8:30 - 5:30 Sunday 10:00 - 4:00

and take


from your local


SPCA any Pet Food or Accessory

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 A43


CUISINE from Jude’s kitchen spring lamb & herbs In this province lamb is not generally ready until early summer, but somehow lamb means spring to me, perhaps because it’s so wonderful barbecued, and many people dig out the barbecue in spring. In many cultures, lamb is also a traditional Easter dinner, and the quintessential spring vegetable, asparagus, is delicious with lamb. Lamb is also delicious with fresh herbs, garlic and lemon and it’s during spring that we begin to enjoy the first young fresh herbs of the season, beginning with early chives and parsley, lemon balm, oregano and thyme. Most good cooks have a herb garden, and they’ll be hungrily snipping the first green shoots now to add to their favourite dishes. For annual herbs such as basil, now is a good time to plant a few seeds in a pot on the windowsill, ready to plant out as soon as the weather warms a little. Coriander or cilantro is another herb that could be started indoors now, and it does not dry well, so if you don’t purchase it fresh from the produce market during the winter, you may be craving it. On the other hand, if you need to refresh your parsley selection, it’s not easy to start it in a pot indoors because it doesn’t transplant well, with its long tap root. You’re better off to seed it directly where you want it to grow. You don’t have to keep your herbs in a corner, you can also interplant them with flowers, as long as you’re not in the habit of spraying anything inedible on the flowers. Most herbs are very attractive, and the Mediterranean ones love our climate in the Okanagan. Herbs are not only delicious with lamb, they elevate lots of common ingredients to another level of flavour, including salads and the lowly carrot. The addition of herbs is a good way to reduce the amount of salt in your diet too. If you enjoy Jude’s Kitchen each issue, perhaps you’ll enjoy my book by the same name. To reserve your copy go to and then pick it up at my book launch at the Wine Museum on Ellis Street, April 28, between 4 and 6 p.m.

Carrots with Herbs The flavour of this varies with how fresh the herbs are, and whether they're added to fresh little carrots out of the garden, or the larger bulk carrots. The fresh herb flavours actually revive old carrots. 4-6 carrots 1 tbsp. (15ml) butter 3 green onions 2 tsp. (10 ml) fresh oregano 1/2 tsp. (2 ml) thyme 1/2 tsp. (2 ml) sugar 1 tbsp. (15 ml) white wine 2 tbsp. (30 ml) water salt and pepper to taste

1 tbsp. (15 ml) fresh parsley Scrub carrots and cut into 2-inch pieces. If they're thick ones, cut in half lengthwise. Melt butter in a hot frypan with a tight lid. Add carrots. Turn in the butter until they begin to brown. Add the green onions, herbs, sugar and wine. Mix together, cover tightly and reduce heat to low for 15-20 minutes until there's very little liquid left and the carrots are tender. Sprinkle with fresh chopped parsley before serving. Serves 4-6.


Lamb Chops with Herbs & Wine Herbs and barbecuing just seem to go together. Lamb and herbs just seem to go together. Greek cuisine and herbs just seem to go together. 6-8 lamb chops 4 cloves garlic 1/3 c. (75 ml) red wine 1 lemon 1 tbsp. (15 ml) fresh oregano 1 tsp. (5 ml) fresh thyme 1 tsp. (5 ml) rosemary salt and fresh ground pepper Trim fat from the lamb. Zest the lemon and chop the herbs. Crush the garlic cloves and add the wine, juice from the lemon, chopped herbs, pepper and the zest from the lemon to a glass bowl which will hold the meat snugly. Whisk together.

Many recipes call for the addition of oils to ensure the marinade sticks to the meat. Add a tablespoonful of olive oil if your bowl is too wide, but in a tight bowl it's not necessary. You could also use a sturdy plastic bag with a tight-fitting closure, but I’d still put it in a bowl, just in case. Turn the meat about until it's thoroughly coated with the marinade. Cover and refrigerate overnight. Remove from marinade and place on an oiled, pre-heated barbecue grill, using pinchers to turn rather than a fork, which will pierce the meat and prematurely release juices. Cover and cook, depending on the thickness, for about five minutes before turning to brown the other side. Don’t overcook. Serves six to eight.

Contact Jude’s Kitchen at The Kelowna Capital News, 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C. , V1X 7K2;

Cedar Plank Teriyaki Salmon

2435 HIGHWAY 97 N 250.763.4141



Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Sarah endured 5 years of emotional & physical abuse at home. But now she has her smile back. AFTER INFLICTING YEARS of verbal, emotional and physical abuse, one day Sarahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s partner beat her in front of her son. That was her turning point.

Without grabbing a coat, she walked in the rain to the nearest phone and called the police. The police referred her to us and to a womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shelter. With support, Sarah became aware of her rights. Once she understood her rights she refused to give up. Sarah has relocated and is safe now. Her kids are also safe and have a wonderful strong role model who stands up for what is right.

We believe that women and girls can be strong alone, but they can be fearless together. Our services and programs take abuse victims beyond crisis to a future without fear.

Show your support and read more at Person depicted is a model. We thank all our models & campaign sponsors: Department of Justice Canada, rt Strategy, Loyal Hair Therapy, Darren Hull Studios, Kelowna Capital News, Astral Media.




WEST KELOWNA council wants the province to take steps to reduce the theft of copper wire.

TRAFFIC flow concerns are a big issue with expansion plans proposed for the Mission Hill Family Estate Winery.

WESTSIDE WARRIORS defenceman Michael King is attracting the attention of NHL scouts..





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AN APPARENT change in the transit schedule for West Kelowna has been stalled. SEAN CONNOR/CAPITAL NEWS


Proposed bus route changes hit procedural roadblock a community consultation about the bigger picture of transit on the Westside but rather about the recommended changes, he said that given the changes had not been endorsed by council, he did not want to “do an end run around the public.” He proposed instead that an evening public meeting on transit be held in 2 1/2 weeks. That attempt failed to win the required support to pass after chief ad-



KEVIN PHILIPPOT 250-215-4320 Kelowna-Westside

See Roadblock B4






This updated 4 bedrooms + den home in the Bayview community has a view of Okanagan Lake and a large yard for entertaining and outdoor living. Close to major shopping, transportation, schools and medical facilities. MLS®10020697

would see just the most popular Glenrosa route kept along with the new Bus Rapid Transit addition. The recommended change would see the Glenrosa, Shannon Lake and Boucherie routes kept and made more frequent during peak hours and have service hours added and the addition of the new Bus Rapid Transit route.


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ministrative officer Jason Johnson tried, and failed, to find out from council what it wanted to ask the public about transit, if not the recommended changes. Last month, representatives of B.C. Transit presented several options for the transit system in West Kelowna, including leaving it like it is, cutting the three routes—which account for just five per cent of total Westside ridership—and a more severe cut that

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West Kelowna’s apparent desire to cut three under-utilized bus routes in order to add Bus Rapid Transit to the system seems to have hit a roadblock. Despite ordering municipal staff at a meeting last month to prepare a communications plan based on the recommended “route rationalization” that would see buses serving the

Smith Creek, Bear Creek and Horizon neighborhoods axed, council now appears to be having second thoughts. “What are were telling the public?” asked Coun. Bryden Winsby when the communications plan was presented to council earlier this week. It included an open house to be held from 4 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, May 11, advertising in the local media, and an online survey. When Winsby was told it was not




Alistair Waters


Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News

Outstanding Results

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Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 B3


District wants province-wide controls Alistair Waters ASSISTANT EDITOR

West Kelowna wants scrap metal merchants to be required to follow the lead set by pawnshops and keep records of who buys and sells the materials they trade in. In a bid to halt the growing problem of copper wire theft, the municipality will ask the Southern Interior Local Government Association to pass a motion requiring a registry at each dealership to be set up. That motion will be introduced at SILGA’s

upcoming annual general meeting May 4 to 6 in Merritt. If adopted, the motion would be carried forward to the Union of B.C. Municipalities, and eventually to the provincial government for a provincewide requirement. The call for scrap metal merchants to maintain a registry of sellers and goods purchased, as well as a waiting period before metal received can be resold or altered, was made in light of copper becoming a hot item for thieves across B.C. While the theft of

copper wire from public works yards has been increasing in recent years, recently West Kelowna has had copper wire stolen directly from inside street light lampposts. The cost to repair the lights not only amounts to thousands of dollars, there is also a danger to public safety from the loss of electricity and communications. The thieves are also in danger as there have been reports from other areas of the province of would-be thieves being electrocuted whle trying to steal copper wire.

Local governments can enact their own bylaws governing the sale of scrap metal, but the West Kelowna resolution wants to see province-wide rules introduced to stop thieves from stealing copper wire in one jurisdiction and selling it in another area. West Kelowna is currently offering a reward for information leading to the discovery of those responsible for stealing copper wire from street lights in the Shannon Lake, Glenrosa and Westlake Road areas in February. At several locations in those areas, thieves took


Traffic issues a concern with Mission Hill’s expansion plan Alistair Waters ASSISTANT EDITOR

A proposal by the owners of Mission Hill Family Estate Winery to expand the operations with guest cottages, a small boutique hotel, an artistin-residence studio, wellness centre, restaurant, art gallery, wine museum and micro brewery over the next 10 years is headed to a public hearing. But several West Kelowna councillors are warning that if traffic issues are not addressed to the satisfaction of residents living in the area, the proposal is in for a rough ride. The winery’s expansion, slated for 15 hectares below the existing winery site and overlooking Okanagan Lake, has already been the subject of nearly a year’s consultation, re-



ports and studies. While the date of the public hearing has not been set, council approved sending it to the next step in the process after being told both truck traffic and regular traffic will not increase by large amounts despite the addition of so many amenities at the site. The work is expected to take place over the next 10 years. “I agree it’s a wonder-

ful facility but I am still concerned about traffic,” said Coun. Bryden Winsby. “We’re going to run into sustained opposition to this until we figure out a solution. One way to deal with additional traffic would be if the municipality can do a deal with the Westbank First Nation, which owns land adjacent to the Winery site. West Kelowna wants to build a road across WFN land but the band is opposed. Coun. Duane Ophus said he was not surprised by the opposition. He noted the WFN wants to build a reservoir on the land and a road would interfere with that plan. “It’s just not a viable alternative,” he said. The proposed devel-

opment would be accessed by Mission Hill Road or Ridge Boulevard via Vineyard Drive or Gregory Road. Council says improvements would have to be made to the roads and staff has suggest traffic “calming measures” to slow traffic in the residential area. But several councillors said that is only likely to annoy people who live in the area. “On one side there’s a dream and a vision but until the traffic situation is resolved, no one will be happy,” said Coun. Carol Zanon. “These proposals won’t solve the problems.” Mayor Doug Findlater said he has received complaints about truck traffic in the area.

Visit the Capital News website:

3509 Carrington Rd, Westbank PRO SHOP/TEE TIMES 250.768.0080 NINETEEN STEAKHOUSE & LOUNGE 250.768.3133 •

wire directly from inside lamp posts. Anyone with information is asked to call the West Kelowna RCMP at 250-768-2880 or the Crime Stopper anonymous tip line. To report streetlights needing repair, call the district’s works department at 778-797-8849. The public is also being reminded that municipal crews don’t work at night, so if anyone sees streetlights being worked on at night they should call the police.


WEST KELOWNA council is using the Southern Interior Local Government Association to support a call for a registry for scrap metal dealers in a bid to stop copper wire thieves.

Two fugitives get arrested After a week of surveillance, the Mounties go their man. The RCMP captured two men wanted in Saskatchewan on Canadawide warrants from a residence on Newport Road in West Kelowna Thursday. The local police were asked to assist Regina Police Department in locating the men about a week ago and the General Investigation Section officers learned the pair were together and hiding out here, said police in a news release. According to the RCMP, Shawn Allan Massie, 39, was wanted for a parole violation in Saskatchewan and for weapons and drug charges. Jordan Allen Bundus, 21, was wanted on several warrants for 10 charges including possession of a firearm while prohibited, possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, failure to appear for court, breach of a recognizance, possession of a prohibited weapon, sawed-off shotgun, proceeds of crime,

use of a firearm in the commission of a robbery and careless storage of a firearm. His criminal record dates back to 2003 said police. Massie has 43 convictions dating back to 1993 in Alberta, Saskatchewan and B.C. Police officers say they watched Bundus as he left the house and drove to a West Kelowna store. He was arrested without incident inside the

store. Massie was likely tipped off and fled from the house on foot and after a short foot pursuit, was also captured and taken into custody. Although Kelowna police were the primary investigators, they were assisted by West Kelowna general duty offcers and the dog service. Bundus was scheduled to be sent back to Regina to appear in provincial court.

Pedestrian walkway will cost $10,000 West Kelowna council has authorized its staff to execute a land title plan to dedicate a public road through Crown land to create a pedestrian connection between Old Okanagan Highway and Cindy Road, near Okanagan Lake. The connection will be built by the Gellatly Bay Trails and Parks Society at a cost of $10,000. After construction is complete, the walkway will be transferred to the municipality for maintenance. The trail will allow pedestrian access from Old Okanagan Highway to Cindy Road which can then be taken on a route to the waterfront says the district.


Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


District finance officials uncover cost oversight Alistair Waters ASSISTANT EDITOR

West Kelowna residents are catching a break in the proposed municipal tax increase thanks to the negotiating skills of local finance department officials. Instead of the previously announced three per cent proposed increase for this year, a 2.24 per cent hike will be levied as a result of a reduction in the transit tax requisition West Kelowna pays as its share of regional transit costs. After a review of the formula used to determine the municipality’s share , it was found the municipality was paying nearly $188,000 too much. According to Finance director Jim Zaffino, municipal staff were successful in arguing that the requisition amount was too high and $163,000 collected last year was now available to council. Council voted to use that money to help offset the proposed tax increase for this year, arguing that such a move was fitting because it was money that amounted to over taxation in light of the change. The district’s 2011-2015 financial plan, which includes its budget for the coming year, will be adopted April 26.

News from your community


SLOW DOWN… Speed reader boards and signs urging motorists to slow down through the Westside Road interchange construction project area appear to be working during the morning rush hour but in the afternoon, cars can often be seen speeding through at speeds in excess of 80 kilometres per hour. The speed limit through the construction zone is 60 km/hour.

Reminder about Easter Egg extravaganza The Westbank and District Chamber of Commerce wants to remind

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NOTICE Westbank First Nation Advisory Council Annual General Meeting and Open House

local residents about the Easter Egg Hunt at the Johnson Bentley Aquatic Centre sports fields on Sunday, April 24, noon to 2 p.m. The event is being sponsored by the local Re/

Max office, who have assembled more than 10,000 Easter eggs for the kids to go looking for. Participating families are asked to bring a donation to the Westside Food Bank for this free com-

Tuesday, April 26, 2011 4:00—7:00 p.m. Sensisyusten School Gymnasium (1920 Quail Lane)

find one of the ‘golden eggs,’ there will be special Easter basket prizes as well. There will also be hot dogs and refreshments sold at the event concession.


Some councillors oppose bus route changes Roadblock from B1 Bus Rapid Transit would connect Westbank to UBC Okanagan along Highway 97 through Kelowna with limited stops and frequent service. B.C. Transit’s rec-

ommendation would cut the total cost of transit in West Kelowna by about $900,000 per year. Of the total $3.6 million cost of transit here, the municipality currently pays about $1.4 million. That figure is likely to WEST KELOWNA, B.C. 200-3645 GOSSETT RD. MOVIE HOTLINE:



All residents living on Westbank First Nation Land are invited to attend:

munity event. It’s open to children ages 10 and under, with a separate area set aside for the little toddlers. The egg hunt starts at 1 p.m. For participants who

HOP G 7:15 & 9:30; Sat & Sun Matinees 1:15 & 3:30 YOUR HIGHNESS 14A 7:05 & 9:20; Sat & Sun Matinees 1:05 & 3:20 *No Pass Accepted. Gift Certificates Always Welcome* HANNA PG 6:45 & 9:20; Sat & Sun Matinees 12:45 & 3:20 SCREAM 4 14A 6:55 & 9:40; Sat & Sun Matinees 12:55 & 3:40 -Under 14 must be accompanied by an adultRIO 3D G 7:25 & 9:40; Sat & Sun Matinees 1:25 & 3:40 -No Pass Accepted. Gift Certificates Always Welcome- *3D Pricing Is In Effect* ONE TICKET TUESDAYS – Admission, medium pop, & medium popcorn all for $11.25 (incl. H.S.T) (Add $3.50 for 3D movies) Buy 4 get 1 FREE Gift Certificate sale on now!

drop to about $1.2 million after recent negotiations between the municipality and B.C. Transit. But while there was little opposition expressed to the recommendation by council last month, the presentation of a communications plan to gather public response to the plan prompted councillors to put the brakes on the change. “I don’t know where it leaves us,” said a perplexed Mayor Doug Findlater following the meeting. He said he would meet with his councillors this week to figure out the next move. Some councillors, like Rosalind Neis, fear once routes are taken away from an area it will be years before they are reinstated. Others, like Carol Zanon fear a lack of public transit could hurt future development and the

Rosalind Neis desirability to live in areas like Smith Creek and Rose Valley. But Coun. Duane Ophus said the addition of Bus Rapid Transit is a expansion of the service that will give more people a reason to ride the bus. In the end council opted to have municipal staff identify the next steps to implement changes to the transit system after talking more to B.C. Transit about the options it has already presented.

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 B5


Candidates to face test from voters at forums Kristi Patton CONTRIBUTOR

Voters will get their chance to learn more about Okanagan-Coquihalla candidates over the next week at both traditional forums and youthorientated events. On Tuesday, the candidates will participate in an all-candidates forum in Peachland, sponsored by the Westbank and Peachland chambers of commerce. The forum is scheduled to start at 7 p.m. at the Peachland Community Centre. Earlier in the day, in Penticton, an all-candidates meeting is scheduled from 1:30 to 3 p.m. at the South Main Seniors Drop-In Centre. “The Penticton seniors all-candidates forum provides a great opportunity to hear each candidate’s platform and to ask questions about the major issues facing seniors now and into the future, such as cuts to health care, lack of affordable seniors’ housing and the need for core funding for communt ity and in-home supports which serve to keep seniors healthier and in their homes longer,” said Kelly Smith, executive director of the South Okanagan Wellness Society. “The more seniors who attend the forum, the more who will be sending the message that their vote counts.” Both forums will include candidates Dan Albas of the Conservatives, Dan Bouchard of the



Green Party, David Finnis for the NDP, John Kidder for the Liberals, and independents Sean Upshaw and Dietrich Wittel. The candidates will also all be at the Penticton Trade and Convention Centre Monday for a forum sponsored by the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce. Doors to the event open at 6:30 p.m. with no latecomers admitted after the forum starts at 7 p.m. This weekend, local musicians and artists were to donate their time to help raise awareness of voting and politics to youth in a free event called Rock YOUR Vote in Penticton. With the age group between 18-35 accounting for the weakest numbers at Canadian polls when it comes to election day, Rock YOUR Vote sets out to help change that in this area by reaching out in a new way to appeal to this demographic. “Revolution and evolution come from people making noise and taking

action. Without new voters, politics will be left to the nearly dead talking heads who run the show now,” said Kidder. Upshaw, who is running in part because he is angry he could not vie for the Conservative nomination, also said he was pleased to take part, saying “youth is the voice of our future.” The Okanagan Coquihalla candidates were to join promoter Ty Surowski for an evening of live music and art at the Shatford Centre on Saturday to help bring awareness to the important role youth play in the future of the country. “I know first hand from my work as an instructor, it is vitally important to connect and encourage our youth to be the best they can be—as citizens and future leaders,” said Albas. Rock YOUR Vote was billed as a free event open to all ages. “Democracy matters. Participation means being able to affect change, solve problems and improve things,” said Finnis. Bouchard, the youngest candidate in the race— a veteran of the last federal election campaign when he also ran for the Greens—said he is “stoked” about the event. “(It’s a) great opportunity for youth to get off the sidelines and get into the game.” In addition to the Peachland Penticton allcandidates forums, Summerland residents will


Expires June 30, 2006


 f r t







3640 Gellatly Road, Westbank

Expires April 30/11


A NOT-SO-subtle hint that a federal election is on the horizon is readily evident by the presence of elections signs all over West Kelowna.

West Kelowna’s Full Service Small Animal Hospital

also get their chance to meet the candidates at an election forum to be held at Centre Stage Theatre April 26, 7 to 9 p.m. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m. and will close at 7 p.m. The forum is being organized by the Summerland Chamber of Economic Development and Tourism. Lisa Jaager, manager of the chamber, said organizers are accepting candidate questions for the event.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News




Warrior defenceman attracting the attention of NHL scouts At 6-foot-4 and with good mobility, it’s no surprise that Westside Warriors defenceman Michael King’s play during his rookie B.C. Hockey League season attracted the attention of scouts. At just 18 years of age, King already has signed a scholarship deal to an NCAA Division 1 school, Colorado College. Now it’s NHL Central Scouting that has

taken notice of the Prince George Minor Hockey product. King, a towering, 200 pound defenceman, has been listed by Central Scouting as one of the top 10 junior A players in Canada. NHL Central Scouting released its Top 10 prospects for each of the North American junior hockey leagues and King was one-of-six BCHL players

listed among the Junior A ranks. Overall Central Scouting has King ranked at 126 in tis final pre draft rankings. King had 5 goals and 23 points through 48 games in his first BCHL season. His scholarship to Colorado College won’t begin until the 2012-13 season so Warriors fans will have another season

to enjoy the talents of the blueliner. King joins five other BCHL players listed as the top 10 Junior A players: • Joel Lowry—Victoria Grizzlies • Sam Mellor—Trail Smoke Eaters • Joey Baker—Penticton Vees • Destry Straight— Coquitlam Express • Ryan Renz—Vernon

Vipers The players were listed in alphabetical order so there is no rank according to where the players are likely to be drafted. No players included in the Junior A list were identified as possible firstround selections. This year’s NHL Entry Draft is slated for June 24 and 25 at Xcel Energy Centre in St. Paul, Minnesota.

WESTSIDE Warriors defenceman Michael King has been listed by NHL Central Scouting as one of the top 10 junior A players. CONTRIBUTED


Ex-Warrior content to play another season for the Badgers The accolades just keep rolling in for West Kelowna’s Justin Schultz, who has completed his second season at NCAA school the University of Wisconsin. And now Schultz has made his plans for the next year clear. A former outstanding member of the Westside Warriors, Schultz was named a NCAA firstteam All-American by the American Hockey Coaches Association last Friday. Then the slick sophomore, who led Wisconsin in scoring and was the top point-producer among defencemen in the nation in

Justin Schultz 2010-11, is in line to join another select group. Schultz has announced plans to return to school for his junior season— instead of turning pro —which will make him the 10th Badgers player

to do so as a first-team AllAmerican. Many players opt to head for the pro ranks after such a season as Schultz has enjoyed. But the Westside Minor Hockey and Pursuit of Excellence product will head back to the NCAA ranks next year. Wisconsin, which came up short in the NCAA playoffs this season, will see Schultz complete his schooling before returning home. His outstanding season also has him in the running for the Hobey Baker award as the top American collegiate player.

3813 Glen Canyon Drive This duplex rancher with walk out basement is immaculately clean and organized. 4 large bedrooms (2 up and 2 down) and 3 full baths. Walkout rancher backing onto Glen Canyon. Natural and peaceful location yet minutes to all conveniences. The family room on the lower level is huge and is roughed in for a wet bar. This home is prefect for a growing family. $389,000. MLS®10023766

Your best source of community news—the Capital News

Lisa Thomas Phone 250-878-8118

Capital News Sunday, April 17, 2011 B7



Sunday, April 17, 2011 Capital News


Sarah endured 5 years of emotional & physical abuse at home. But now she has her smile back. AFTER INFLICTING YEARS of verbal, emotional and physical abuse, one day Sarahâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s partner beat her in front of her son. That was her turning point.

Without grabbing a coat, she walked in the rain to the nearest phone and called the police. The police referred her to us and to a womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shelter. With support, Sarah became aware of her rights. Once she understood her rights she refused to give up. Sarah has relocated and is safe now. Her kids are also safe and have a wonderful strong role model who stands up for what is right.

We believe that women and girls can be strong alone, but they can be fearless together. Our services and programs take abuse victims beyond crisis to a future without fear.

Show your support and read more at Person depicted is a model. We thank all our models & campaign sponsors: Department of Justice Canada, rt Strategy, Loyal Hair Therapy, Darren Hull Studios, Kelowna Capital News, Astral Media.

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Court system tries to ferret out the liars E verybody hates a liar and a cheat. The chronic ones are very good at it. You wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what hit you until itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s too late. You try to learn from the experience. You think about how you could have been alerted to the fact that the person you had trusted was conning or cheating you. I had the benefit of hearing Kelowna RCMP Supt. Bill McKinnon speak at a business meeting last week. One of the topics he talked about was civilian oversight of the RCMP. McKinnon said the challenges with that issue is it takes years of experience, years of investigative interrogations, to develop the skills necessary to determine when a suspect is telling the truth. You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t find that level of expertise in the civilian community. Our court system does its best to root out liars. Witnesses are sworn to tell the truth, but of course thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not even a speed bump for chronic liars. There is also a form of interrogation called crossexamination. The judge watches and listens closely for clues to assist in finding the truth. Body language is definitely a part of it. More important, particularly for chronic liars who can mask their body language, is the consistency of the witnessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s story. It is easy to tell a lie. It is much more difficult to be consistent about it. A lie is exposed when it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t quite fit. It might fit in one way, or another, but the rough edges hopefully give it away. Imperfect memories and differing perceptions


Paul Hergott and perspectives often result in innocent inconsistencies between what two witnesses might say. Those are innocent inconsistencies. The witnesses are doing their very best to give accurate evidence. Judges struggle to find the common ground and figure out what scenario is the most likely, and justice prevails. A bold faced liar is less common. A bold faced liar, if clever enough, can turn justice on its ear. Judges have a lot of experience assessing credibility, but most do not have the expertise of a seasoned RCMP investigator. Making things more problematic is the fact that there are many elements of our justice system that donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have the benefit of a lawyer driven interrogation in a courtroom. One example is the Residential Tenancy Branch. Rather than tie up our court system with hundreds and thousands of rental disputes, typically involving dollar amounts under $5,000, rental disputes are handled by the RTB. The â&#x20AC;&#x153;trialsâ&#x20AC;? are extremely scaled back hearings that do not require strict adherence to courtroom evidence rules. The â&#x20AC;&#x153;judgeâ&#x20AC;? is a Dispute Resolution Officer, who may or may not have much legal training. The hearings are held by telephone where body

language cannot be assessed. There is no crossexamination. How the heck is a DRO supposed to handle a situation where a landlord and a tenant say such completely different things that one of the must be a bold faced liar? I have just had tickets to the show that reflected exactly that situation. Friends of mine,



Mitch and Darla Brown, were first-time landlords. They had moved out of their home, careful to leave it immaculate, with every nail hole filled and fresh paint on the walls. They rented the place to a young couple, Travis and Ashley Laycock, who they had described to me as the nicest folks you could ever meet. But nice turned to nasty, with the resulting dispute ended up in front of a Dispute Resolution Officer. One of the issues had to do with the expense of repainting one of the bedrooms. My friends had brought a series of photographs to show the â&#x20AC;&#x153;hatchet jobâ&#x20AC;? the tenants had done when painting the room a hideous shade of green. After the hearing, my friends told me about how aghast they were as they heard the lies coming out of the tenantsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; mouths.


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They werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t innocent inconsistencies. One of the lies the tenants told was that the landlords, not the tenants, had done the hatchet job, that it had already been painted that way before the tenants moved in. My friendsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; faith in the prospect of a just result was shaken. How was the Dispute Resolution Officer to figure out that the tenants were lying to her? Their faith was restored when they received the written decision. Not having access to all the tools available in a supreme court trial, and not possessing the expertise of a seasoned RCMP investigator, the DRO carefully reviewed the tenantsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; evidence and found the â&#x20AC;&#x153;rough edgeâ&#x20AC;? inconsistencies that led her to find the true facts. I have difficulty expressing adequately how relieved I was, as a cog in the wheel of our justice system, that my friendsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; faith in the system was restored. What are the consequences of lying under oath? Well, the tenants â&#x20AC;&#x153;lost,â&#x20AC;? and justice was done. There ought to be

more consequences, though, shouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t there? Lying under oath should come with the criminal consequences provided for in the Criminal Code. Unfortunately, there are much bigger fish to fry for our over-extended RCMP. If anyone would like to see a copy of the decision in Brown v. Laycock, fire me an e-mail and Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll send it to you. This column is intended to provide general information about injury claims. It is not a substitute for retaining a lawyer to provide legal advice specifically pertaining to your case. Paul Hergott is a lawyer at Hergott Law in West Kelowna.

Fundraiser hike helps local hospice clients The 9th annual Hike for Hospice will take place on May 1 at Mission Creek Regional Park, located at Springfield and Durnin in Kelowna, to support of the Central Okanagan Hospice Association. Live entertainment with the Malarkeys starts at 10 a.m. with a warm-up at 10:45 a.m., courtesy of instructors from The Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Place. The hike itself will offer walkers and runners two, four and six kilometre options, starting at 11 a.m. The cost is $20 per person and $200 for a team of up to 10 participantsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;children under 12 and pets are free. Registration forms are available at the following locations: COHA officeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;202-1456 St. Paul Street The Running Roomâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;124-1876 Cooper Street The Womanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Placeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;123-1889 Springfield Valley Firstâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;101-2395 Gordon Drive One Cup at a Timeâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;1440 St. Paul Street UPSâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;Dilworth location only All funds raised from the Hike for Hospice in Kelowna stay in the Central Okanagan area.

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The grizzly bears deserve better neighbours G

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rizzly bears are a lot like people. They eat both plants and animals, just like us. They need a place to live and room to move. They mate and have families, just as humans do. They once lived in the places we now occupy, including the prairies where they fed on bison, and south into Mexico. Grizzlies are so similar to us that, as naturalist and author Doug Peacock notes, they are the one animal on this continent that really challenges our top slot on the food pyramid, our dominion, and our control. Like many large-bodied and wide-ranging animals, grizzlies are facing declining populations and shrinking habitat across much of their range because of our insatiable need for space and resources. In addition to the effects of climate change on high-value grizzly foods


David Suzuki like pine nuts, humans destroy and fragment grizzly habitat with industrial, recreational, and urban development. Sometimes we kill grizzlies directly by trophy hunting, poaching, hitting them with cars, or destroying “problem bears” that eat our garbage. According to the provincial government, 317 grizzlies were killed in British Columbia last year, mostly in the legal trophy hunt. We can make up for being the worst neighbour ever. Because we know which human activities are incompatible with the needs of grizzlies, we need to designate areas

where those activities are controlled or are not permitted. Creating Grizzly Bear Management Areas is one way to accomplish conservation that lasts. Grizzly Bear Management Areas are essentially “bear parks,” areas big enough to provide for the long-term needs of healthy grizzly populations. With the support of First Nations and other communities, a system of GBMAs would cover parts of B.C. that are of high value to grizzlies. These areas would be free of industrial development, with limited road access. They would be connected through undeveloped corridors to allow movement between populations, sort of like grizzly bear freeways. Such movement is essential to genetic health. Sport hunting of grizzlies would not be allowed. Although opinions vary about the ideal size

and location of GBMAs, research indicates that up to 68 per cent of grizzly bear habitat should be managed for the needs of bears. Management areas are not a new idea. The B.C. government committed to the concept in its 1995 report A Future for the Grizzly: British Columbia Grizzly Bear Conservation Strategy. The report states that the primary goal is to “maintain in perpetuity the diversity and abundance of grizzly bears and the ecosystems on which they depend throughout British Columbia.” However, despite a great deal of public input and scientific analysis, this strategy has yet to be adequately implemented. The good news is that a precedent has been set for protecting grizzlies and their habitat throughout B.C. In the Great Bear Rainforest on B.C.’s coast, GBMAs with hunting bans have been established in the Ahnuhati-

Ahta Kwalate, KimsquitUpper Dean-Tweedsmuir, and Nass-Skeena. These complement the Khutzeymateen/ K’tzim-a-Deen grizzly sanctuary, established in 1994. Further good news is that the Alberta government has reconfirmed its commitment to suspend the grizzly bear hunt until the threatened population there has recovered, as required in the provincial recovery plan adopted in 2008. In B.C., many scientists believe we need more GBMAs. And we still don’t have the comprehensive network that the government promised more than 15 years ago, which was supposed to create GBMAs in all of the province’s 57 grizzly bear population units. Because most grizzly bears are killed away from the coast, GBMAs must be designated inland as well. How do we know that GBMAs work?

In northwest Montana, large amounts of habitat are protected from motorized access and other human intrusions, and grizzly hunting is prohibited under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Grizzly populations in these areas have increased dramatically for more than two decades. This shows that the combination of habitat protection and hunting restrictions might keep grizzlies from declining further in other parts of their range. We have the motivation and tools to protect grizzly bears, but it will take a renewed commitment to conservation by the B.C. government to ensure the long-term survival and health of our wild and cherished neighbours. Let’s work together to make sure this happens soon. Written with contributions from David Suzuki Foundation science technician Michelle Connolly.

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