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OKANAGAN COLLEGE Coyotes are peaking at an ideal time as the club prepares for the Canadian College Baseball Conference playoff tourney. A17

LONGTIME local print shop operator Vic Ehmann has decided to retire, selling his businesses to a Western Canada graphics firm, after some 35 years in business in Kelowna.

CLOTHING DESIGNER Dorothy Grant, who used her First Nations Haida heritage to help develop her form of ‘wearable art,’ comes to Kelowna on Thursday to talk fashion and art at the Turtle Island Gallery.

THE NEW LAW to get motorists off their cell phones when behind the wheel of their vehicles doesn’t appear to be having an impact here.




WEDNESDAY May 12, 2010 The Central Okanagan’s Best-Read Newspaper Best in BC


Dirt bikers’ views may stir up controversy Jason Luciw STAFF REPORTER

Motorized off-road proponents are prepared for more fireworks after they hold a grand opening of new sustainable dirt bike and ATV trails this Saturday. Okanagan Trail Riders’ Association president Ken Umbarger said despite efforts to build trails that respect watercourses in the Bear Creek watershed over the past three years, opposition to their efforts surfaces on a continual basis. “There is a lot of pushback and fear mongering. There was a lot of bad press just last year. It’s been an uphill battle all the way,” he commented. The District of West Kelowna, Lakeview Irrigation District and Interior Health are among those that have expressed concerns about the impacts that trail development could have on drinking water sources in the watershed, like Bald Range Creek. In response to those organizations’ concerns, the provincial government placed a moratorium on development in the Bear Creek watershed over the winter, pending outcome of an environmental study,

Umbarger said. The watershed supplies drinking water to 4,800 household and business connections in the Shannon Lake, Rose Valley and Lakeview Heights neighbourhoods of West Kelowna. Umbarger mentioned, at the May 15 press conference, he planned to release findings from the study, which the B.C. Ministry of Tourism, Sports and the Arts funded. The press conference is scheduled to start at 1 p.m. at the eight-kilometre mark of Bear Main Forest Service Road. Umbarger said he believes the study will shed light on the development of a sustainable trail network in the area and its impacts on water quality and the environment in general. “I have some interesting information to put forward to basically dispel some of the stuff said before. There will be some fireworks,” he said. “Let’s just say we’re going to be shedding light on what we’ve been saying all along and shining a light on those making negative public comments about what we’re trying to See Views A2

2010 DL# C3289/5296


KSS Grade 12 student Tanveer Gill clears the last hurdle in the 400 metre race at the Central Okanagan junior and senior track and field championships on Tuesday. SEAN CONNOR/CAPITAL NEWS


Pricing still a key to real estate rebound Kathy Michaels CONTRIBUTOR

Atop one of this city’s few posh highrises, B.C.’s reluctantly named Condo King explained what it’s going to take to breathe life into the local real es-

tate market. “A miracle is not going to happen—we are not going to go back to 2002 to 2008 again,” said real estate marketer Bob Rennie, adding success in today’s market will take the right combination of lay-

outs, sizes and above all else, proper pricing. New units at InVue, for example, are being sold at 40 per cent off what the going rate was during boom times, and that cut is what’s finally luring some buyers out

of their home-purchasing comas. But not everyone is interested. Many prospective home buyers are gun shy after a hard year for either themselves, or their friends, which left them hemorrhaging

cash from failed investments. “When you look at the way the baby boomers changed and the ways they’re shopping—they’re not taking risks,” said the condo marketer, who has




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A2 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Foreign investors lacking

Rebound from A1 had several billion dollar sales years to his credit. “It’s like they were unconscious and now they’re really conscious.” Up until recently, literally anything sold—sometimes in sets of three—

and that’s what led to the over-supplied condo market that’s plaguing Okanagan developers today. Units not focused on local needs were constructed in one of the worst recessions in recent history and that’s led to hundreds of new condos

remaining finished, unsold and vacant. Now the Okanagan is laden with an Alberta-centric product in an Albertan free market—a far cry from what’s happening in the Lower Mainland. “We have foreign money. The Olympics

was a $6-billion branding campaign for British Columbia and Vancouver lives off that and benefits off that the most,” he said. Rennie added that it’s the Chinese, Iranians, Koreans and generally rich people from across the globe who have gravitat-

ed to Vancouver to invest their cash. “You guys had Albertans and Vancouverites— we have so many more eyes looking at us.” Vancouver is also benefitting from the fact that its developers pulled stakes faster when faced


with a crashing economy. “Our developers really ran to the sidelines faster…or maybe it was the magnitude of the developments we have there that caused the banks to pull out faster,” he said. “You have your master developments, but also a lot of smaller ones.” Rennie predicts that the glut of properties will dissipate once the A quality units are off the market.

Dirt bikers to state their case Views from A1



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do and showing they were dead wrong.” Umbarger said a copy of the report would be available at the press conference. He stated he hoped his group could soon get back to building its network, which could serve as an example for the whole province. “I feel like the province of British Columbia has to come out of the dark ages. This province is one of the last jurisdictions in the world to have a managed motorized recreation area.” According to Umbarger, the trail riders’ association should be able to continue its work because it’s already proven it could go great lengths to build sustainable trails that steer riders over or away from creeks. In the most contentious case, where the trail crossed Bald Range Creek, volunteers laid down crush gravel on sloped paths to prevent erosion and constructed a bridge to take dirt bike and all-terrain vehicle riders over the waterway. “It was hugely important to do that because a lot of our detractors said we couldn’t have a crossing in that watershed, which is preposterous, considering 500 metres away on a forestry road a crossing exists.” To date, the dirt bikers have built 125 kilometres of sustainable trails, Umbarger said. Those who want to see the trails will be offered tours on all-terrain vehicles this weekend after the press conference, said Umbarger. The trail riders’ president said he also plans to release new details on enforcement initiatives in the Bear Creek watershed, a 2010 work plan and funding.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


capital news A3


Pushing to keep affordable housing at the forefront Kathy Michaels CONTRIBUTOR

Concerns over affordable rental housing in Kelowna seemingly fell to the wayside when the job and real estate market crashed. Several hundred newly built condominium units sat on the market unsold and investors, loath to lose another cent, became landlords, freeing up the city’s previously stretched supply and boosting the vacancy rate from zero to three per cent. But that shift between supply and demand isn’t slated to last forever, so key members of the business community have continued their push to put affordable housing top of mind among key members of

the federal government, said Weldon LeBlanc the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce’s CEO. It’s something they’ve been hammering away at for years now, and the fact that it’s a long-term goal without immediate buy-in has caused some frustration. “For us it’s just about keeping the matter alive,” he said, fresh off a visit to Ottawa where the issue was tabled with senior government officials. “We had some productive talks…and walked away with some great options we could pursue that reinforced that we were going in the right direction.” Among their recommendations to the federal and provincial government was creat-

ing a tax incentive that would prompt developers to look at rental developments as a viable option. “We have to make it attractive to build…if we don’t they’re going to go in different areas,” he said. Currently there’s one rental building on Highway 97 being rolled out in phases, and another in Rutland. Once completed, those should add just over 260 rental units to the city’s supply of rental housing, but there needs to be more, said LeBlanc and to get that to happen, governments need to step in. “With the downturn, the condos that were for sale went as rentals,” he said. “When the economy improves those units will go back

for sale and we’ll have a slim vacancy rate again, so we need to keep putting on the pressure.”| It’s something Theresa Eichler, the City of Kelowna’s community planning manager, agrees with, although she stressed that there’s a big difference between availability and affordability for a renter in this city. “If you have lots of money there’s no problem anymore,” she said. “But if you have a limitation on your income there’s a problem.” Average rents for a new two bedroom condos in this city come in at about $1,200, while a similarly-sized unit in an older building is about $900. The former, she noted, is

not quite on par with what’s deemed affordable. Eichler explained that the hard to define term affordable simply comes down to matching rents to wages. A healthy ratio sees 30 per cent of the average pre-tax income dedicated to shelter. With the median wage for couples in this city being $35,680 that makes $892 affordable for a two bedroom home. The median wage for a single person in this section of the valley is $23,360 which means a one bedroom or studio suite is considered affordable if it’s about $584. Eichler explained that affordable is considered the lowend of market housing and it and social housing are completely different issues, al-

though they’re often lumped into the same category. And while both issues need attention, she agrees that there needs to be constant pressure on governments to make a commitment to dealing with the issues in whatever form they arise. “Federal and provincial governments need to make larger commitments to affordable housing,” she said. “It’s not going to improve in the conventional marketplace or with municipal governments.” Rental housing in the valley is just one issue that Eichler will be examining as she and the Housing Committee look to re-evaluate their strategy, which will include everything from purchased properties to social housing.


New firm scores $2 million deal Jennifer Smith STAFF REPORTER

One of the first two companies to start up in Kelowna’s new tech incubator has signed a multimillion dollar deal with the European security company, Astaro Internet Security. The contract is worth over $2 million and represents a major coup for the firm, whose CEO, Jason Richards, says Vineyard Networks is now 40 per cent ahead of growth targets for this year. Vineyard designs ways for businesses to prioritize their web traffic, ensuring business and missioncritical web use takes priority over things like employee Facebook time. “…If you think of it like cars on a highway and the highway starts to get backed up, we’re going to ensure the ambulance gets through,” Richards ex-

plained. This form of network problem solving is very competitive, but Vineyard is targeting a rather specific niche of small to medium-sized businesses they’re hoping will set them apart. Their first deals with Astaro, which will see $60 million in revenue this year, and Blue Coat Technology, which will do $700 million this year, suggest the application has a fairly wide potential clientele. And their approach has caught the attention of Network World. The magazine named the Okanagan company among its Top 10 Startups to Watch this past January, making it the only Canadian company on the list. “It’s like the Vogue magazine of networking,” said Martin Yuill, director of the ORIC, the tech incubator where Vineyard

got its start. The recognition was huge for the company and Richards said they have been turning away major investors in the wake of the article. Meantime, the company is now likely ready to leave the incubator, having reached profitability, and this next step has presented some concerns about how Kelowna’s tech sector is developing. Recruiting for several positions with plans to hit 20 people locally and open a sales-focused subsidiary office in the Silicon Valley, Richards said his biggest problem is that local talent he may want to employ doesn’t always know companies like his are out there. Right now the tech sector’s success seems to be “flying under the radar,” from his perspective, and he believes it’s time to start putting more

emphasis on letting residents of Kelowna know about some of the success stories in their own backyard. According to information compiled by the Central Okanagan Development Commission, for example, Disney Online Studios, which owns Club Penguin, now outstrips Tolko Industries for the number of people it employees. QHR Technologies was named among the Top 10 Growth Companies on the Branham 300 this year and RackForce includes IBM on its client list. Richards, who serves as president of the Okanagan Science and Technology Council, said he is concerned post-secondary graduates coming out of school this spring may not be looking in Kelowna for jobs first. He wants to get the


JASON Richards, Derek Lownsbrough and Josh Zieske, founders of Vineyard

Networks, are celebrating a big contract win this week. They say Kelowna’s tech sector is on the cusp of a major boom. word out Kelowna’s tech sector is expanding. Vineyard has partnered with researchers at UBCO in part to ensure they’re bridging the gap and he’s currently got a

student from BCIT working for him. In the meantime, Richards says his company, for one, is looking for qualified people and notes many, if not most, of the

tech companies in town will be doing the same as more of these multi-million dollar contracts come in.

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A4 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Residential schools: A ‘close-range’ genocide example Mike Simmons

dential school, but not by choice. A member of the Westbank First Nation, Caldwell told her moth-


Rose Caldwell’s mother went to the resi-

er’s story to an auditorium full of high school students at UBC Okanagan on May 6. The annual educa-







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a ponytail and cut short. She was told having long hair was vain. A large part of the day at the residential school was spent praying. Close to two hours were spent on academic subjects. The rest of the time was spent learning how to garden and how to sew. The food they ate was substandard. Much of the meat was rotten. Porridge was a common dish. If the children did not eat the food, it was served again until they ate it. Children were segregated by gender at the school. In many cases, all the children in a family would have been taken. They were not allowed to hug each other or say hello. “If you saw one of your siblings getting beaten, you weren’t allowed to do anything or you’d get the same treatment.” Caldwell’s mother attended the school until she was 16 years old. When Caldwell was growing up, talk about the residential school was not allowed at home. Her mother would not speak about her experiences there. Once Caldwell and her brothers reached adulthood, the stories

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tion forum addresses the topics of holocaust and genocide. Caldwell’s mother was eight years old when the police came to the family home. Caldwell’s grandfather did not want his daughter to go to residential school, so the family hid her. The police took her grandfather away instead. He spent six days in jail. Caldwell’s grandfather was the only man in the family. Her grandmother went to visit him in jail, and told him if he did not come home to provide, they would not be able to survive. He signed the papers to let the police take Caldwell’s mother. She left for residential school in Cranbrook, travelling by train from Penticton in a boxcar. All of the children were herded into it like cattle. When Caldwell’s mother arrived at school, she only knew the Okanagan language. She was beaten at the school with a leather strap for not knowing English. When she left her family, her hair was down to her hips. Her hair was put up in

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began to emerge. In June 2008, the federal government made a formal apology for the residential schools. Caldwell’s mother never lived to see it, having passed away the year before. In Westbank, close to 30 per cent of the people who went to residential schools were rounded up and taken. Caldwell said a cattle truck would come by in late August to gather the children, with the excrement of cattle still in it. The St. Mary’s Indian Residential School in Cranbrook opened in 1898 and closed in 1970. Caldwell said the effects of the schools are still felt today in the Westbank First Nation. One of the forum organizers, Dr. Adam Jones, noted the residential schools in Canada are a close-range example of genocide. He pointed out one of the ways people often try to deal with the subject is by saying it only happens far away, to others not connected with them. Jones pointed out the residential schools produced death rates of 30 to 40 per cent per year, comparable to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Children perished from tuberculosis, abuse and severe psychological trauma. Dr. Adam Jones said the study of genocide is an interdisciplinary subject area that brings a person into direct contact with a plethora of histories around the world. He noted students of the subject often come into the field with a strong dimension of activism.

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Jones said genocide education is part of a movement in education that has been gaining strength. He noted the forums are held for area high school students with the hope of creating a citizenry that will play a part in making sure these kinds of things do not happen in the future. “We want to prevent future genocides.” Jones added that scholars in the field want to remember and validate genocides that have occurred in the past and educate people about them. They try to identify pre-conditions for genocide in current societies. The word genocide was created by legal scholar Raphael Lemkin in 1944. Jones said Lemkin saw there were laws against murder of individuals, but no laws to prevent governments from targeting minority groups. “We didn’t have a word for it.” Jones said Lemkin lobbied for a new law against the phenomenon he had isolated. The United Nations articles against genocide were created in 1948, and are still in effect today. Jones said the criteria outline not only the physical extermination of a group of people, but also the creation of structural conditions where such an extermination is likely to occur in the future. Such moves can be actions that work to undermine the bonds of cultural solidarity of a minority group, including the forcible transfer of children away from their families.



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

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A6 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Gravel pit opposition spreads to Lake Country residents Jason Luciw

A North Westside resident is finding allies across the lake, in Carr’s Landing


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and Okanagan Centre in Lake Country, in her fight against a proposed gravel pit in her community. North Westside Ratepayers’ Association vicepresident Diane Baldwin said that she believes the Westbank First Nation’s proposed quarry, on a site 27 kilometres up Westside Road, will have negative impacts in her neighbourhood and across Okanagan Lake as well. She said she has been contacting Carr’s Landing and Okanagan Centre residents to express matters, which Baldwin believes may be of mutual concern, including potential visual and environmental scars on the landscape. “I frankly find it hard to believe there will not be some visible evidence of this gravel pit,” said Baldwin, in response to sug-

gestions from those who believe the pit will be out of sight and out of mind because it’s located in a geographical bowl. Baldwin added that people living across the lake in Lake Country should also join in expressing concerns about noise. “I think it is only one mile across the lake and a body of water amplifies sound as anyone who lives on the lake knows. A crusher produces a very constant, loud noise.” Baldwin also commented that dust could travel over from the Westbank First Nation pit, impacting residents living as far away as Lake Country. “The winds along Westside Road come from the west and from the east. They are constant and strong.”

Baldwin said she has been busily gathering signatures on petitions and writing letters in opposition to the gravel pit in order to submit them to the B.C. government before a May 31 deadline. Meanwhile, Lake Country Coun. Alice Rees, who represents the ward of Okanagan Centre, and Coun. Barbara Leamont, the Carr’s Landing ward representative, raised the concerns about visual scarring, noise and dust at a council meeting last week, after receiving calls and emails from constituents who were upset about the proposed pit. Rees said that the District of Lake Country would be powerless to stop the pit and council expressed disappointment that it had not received a referral for comments on

the quarry from the government. Rees said if the gravel pit permit were approved she would like to see tight controls placed on the quarry operations to ensure as little impact as possible on residents in her community. She said her council agreed that Mayor James Baker should bring up residents’ concerns before the Central Okanagan Regional District board, because directors there had already sought information on the quarry application so they could submit comments regarding the proposal. Unfortunately, planners at the regional district said they have not received a referral on the gravel pit from the B.C. government for the board’s consideration at this time.

Therefore, the regional board would be ill equipped to comment on the permit at its May 17 board meeting, which would be the last opportunity to discuss the application before the province’s May 31 submission deadline. The WFN and its partner, Canadian Aggregates Inc., have applied to the B.C. Ministry of Mines to haul up to 249,000 metric tonnes per year from a 50-hectare property, located 27 kilometres up Westside Road. Approximately 40 gravel truck trips per day would be required along Westside Road to haul that much material from the pit, according to a permit application made to the B.C. Ministry of Mines.

Pepper spray found in woman passenger’s purse Police are saying the case of a woman who had pepper spray confiscated by Kelowna Airport security serves as a reminder to be vigilant about following security restrictions for flights. On Sunday, airport securi-

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v sa w.

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ty discovered bear spray in the purse of a South Okanagan woman who was readying to board a flight. The 62-year-old told police she bought the spray a few years ago at a sporting goods store and

was unaware that it was in her purse. Police found no evidence that the woman intended to conceal the spray or use it while on the plane, and merely seized the spray for destruction. The woman was able to make her flight.

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“This serves as a reminder for all persons who are flying to acquaint themselves with airport security requirements and to thoroughly check any baggage for restricted or prohibited items,” said Const. Steve Holmes.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Pin pad fraud accomplice jailed Cheryl Wierda STAFF REPORTER

A Montreal man described as playing a “peripheral” role in an alleged pin pad fraud scheme was handed another 50 days in jail yesterday as he was sentenced in Kelowna on a charge of fraudulent concealment. Mahmoud Alieh, 28, was involved in the swapping of a pin pad at a business called Simply Delicious last month, the court heard in a joint submission, and was later stopped by police as he drove a car. Police then searched his hotel room and found equipment capable of compromising pin pads and enabling the collection of debit and credit card information. Defence lawyer Grant Gray said Alieh, a restau-

rant worker, was “recruited” to participate in the alleged scheme and that he played a minor role. “His involvement has been peripheral,” said Gray. Alieh was given credit for 40 days for the time he has already served in custody, and was ordered to serve another 50 days. That jail term will be followed by 18 months probation, which includes conditions to stay out of B.C., not contact his coaccused and not possess credit cards or identification except those in his name. As well, he is not allowed to possess any instrument, device or computer program/application capable of or intended to be used to covertly intercept or transmit credit card data. Charges of possessing

credit card forging instruments and possessing a device to obtain computer services were stayed. Meanwhile, one of his co-accused, 21-yearold Khaled Ibrahim, also appeared briefly in court Tuesday, where lawyer Clarke Burnett put over the case to Monday “to see if we can resolve it.” Ibrahim faces a raft of charges, including 12 counts of fraudulent concealment stemming from incidents in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Richmond, North Vancouver, Whistler, Langley, Surrey and Abbotsford. He’s also charged with two counts of possessing credit card forging instruments and possession of a device to obtain computer services, and remains in custody. Another accused, 26year-old Sami Rais, has

been released on $25,000 cash bail, plus a surety. He’s charged with two counts of fraudulent concealment, two counts of possessing credit card forging instruments and possession of a device to obtain computer services. He’s scheduled to return to court May 27. As well, court records show charges have been laid against two new individuals. Ana Rozankovic, 31, and Norair Baharian, 30, are charged along with Ibrahim for three of the counts of fraudulent concealment in Kelowna, as well as charges of fraudulent concealment in Vernon and Penticton. Court records don’t indicate any court dates for that duo.

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Guilty plea given for vet’s fatal accident Cheryl Wierda STAFF REPORTER

A Kelowna man charged in connection with the traffic death of a Korean war veteran will be sentenced next month. Dwayne Edward Munk, who was 33 at the time of his arrest earlier this year, has pleaded guilty to charges of failing to stop at the scene of an accident causing bodily harm, theft and uttering threats. His other charges of

dangerous driving causing death, possession of stolen property and another count of uttering threats are expected to be stayed at sentencing, said defence lawyer David Johnson. Munk was arrested Feb. 19, some seven months after 78-year-old Arthur Horton was struck and killed by a vehicle as he walked along Sexsmith Road. A passing motorist found Horton’s body at 5 a.m. on July 18, an estimated three hours after

the crash, and police located the stolen vehicle involved in the collision, a Pontiac 6000 taken from

West Kelowna, two days later. Sentencing for Munk is set for June 24.

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Unsafe driving condition targeted

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Police are sending a clear message that aftermarket appliqué window tinting isn’t allowed, and say they will be cracking down on drivers with illegally tinted windows. “Unlike a factory glass tint, the appliqué tint/film does not diminish the level or the degree of UV light regardless of external atmospheric or light conditions,” said Staff Sgt. Al

Dengis, the RCMP officer in charge of traffic services in Kelowna. “This creates an unsafe driving condition as eye to eye contact cannot be effectively established between motorists and other road users, and this greatly reduces the ability of the driver to see what is happening around them as they drive. “The absence and in-


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The tint on the front windshield can only extend 75 millimetres below the top of the windshield. Police will be enforcing the regulations and, if a motorist is found operating a vehicle not complying with the regulations, they may face a $109 fine and could find the vehicle ordered for a vehicle safety inspection to ensure compliance.

Rutland home invaders searching for drugs

News from your community

KELOWNA 2455 Hwy. 97 North in the Banks Center 250-860-6445

terference of this type of motorist interaction can lead to very dangerous consequences for all road users.” The regulations indicate that the driver and passenger side windows must remain free of any appliqué tint or film, and the rear window must also be free of tint or film, unless there are two external rearview mirrors.



Police believe two men who forced their way into a Rutland home and assaulted two people on Saturday were looking for drugs. Just before 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, a 39-year-old woman answered a knock on the door of her Perry Road home and encountered two men who forced their way inside and assaulted her. “The woman was struck in the face,” said Const. Steve Holmes. “She was also shoved up against the wall violently.” Another resident, a 51-year-old man, was also struck in the face, but he was able to retreat to his bedroom and call 911. After a short time, police say, the suspects left empty handed. “Police investigation revealed that the residence was known for drug activities and that the suspects were likely looking for drugs inside the residence,” said Holmes. Police do not have a lot of information about the suspects, other than the fact that one of the suspects was larger than the other. A neighbourhood inquiry found that a white mini van was seen in front of the Perry Road home prior to the incident. RCMP are asking anyone who may have information about the incident to call them at 250-7623300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477.

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Water rationing step puzzling Jennifer Smith STAFF REPORTER

It may be the law in municipalities from the blustery, wet weathered coast to Kelowna’s very own neighbour municipality across the lake, but odd/even watering schedules still had Kelowna city council stumped Monday. City staff were not able to give any exact data on whether requiring homeowners to water on odd days of the month, if they have an odd house number, and even, if they have an even house number, actually reduces water consumption. “That’s what we’re going to find out,” said Don Degen, city staff member, when asked if the practice will save the resource or not. He suggested the Rutland irrigation district has been using the system and has reduced water consumption, but went no further, though municipalities throughout the province have used the system for years suggesting measurable

data would be available. And at least one city councillor wasn’t having any of it, as Andre Blanleil suggested he believes the entire program will prove a communications boondoggle, too complicated for anyone to understand. “This is a disaster for the public,” he said. “Most people water at night. How are you going to police that, honestly?” Blanleil went on to suggest he couldn’t see where restricting the days people water really would change the amount consumed. “If you water every day for five minutes or every other day for 30 minutes or every third day for 35 minutes is there any difference in water (used)?” he asked. In response, Degen told him a contract WaterSmart team will be on hand to reset automated sprinkler systems free of charge to make the adjustment for residents. But Blanleil was not finished— he asked how many residents have automated sprinklers and was told

by city staff the number is negligible. The municipality has declared a mild drought condition, moving straight to the second stage of a new drought management plan adopted Monday. The plan offers a five-tier approach to dealing with years like the 2009-2010 winter where precipitation was limited. It begins with restrictions like the odd/even system, which will be in place even under normal circumstances when precipitation levels are stable, and moves to total elimination of outdoor watering, limits on agricultural water use and golf courses. Both Mayor Sharon Shepherd and Coun. Angela Reid suggested they were not entirely comfortable with the way golf courses were treated in relation to agriculture, noting golf courses should see water restrictions before the farms producing food, though the plan places them at similar restriction points on the schedule.

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Sex shop owner to make her pitch Alistair Waters ASSISTANT EDITOR

The Dragons are wild about Wild Kingdom— at least the popular Canadian television program’s producers seem to be. Kim Williams, who owns two Wild Kingdom adult products stores, one in Kelowna and one in West Kelowna has been invited to tape a pitch on the CBC TV program Dragon’s Den. If successful, her appearance could air in the fall. Williams, who has operated her Kelowna store for the last 12 years and opened a new store in West Kelowna one year ago, said her plan is to franchise her business to smaller Canadian communities based on the store model she used in West Kelowna. “It’s just gorgeous inside, people feel very comfortable,” said Williams about the store. “It’s tastefully done. I don’t have blow-up dolls hanging from the ceiling.” Williams, along with

KimWilliams several other would-be presenters from this area made initial pitches to representatives of the program in March when producers came to town for one day looking for participants. According to the show’s producers, Williams pitch was not the only one accepted from here but will make it to the next level. When contacted in Toronto on Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the show could not give details about who the other local participants are who will also tape pitches in Toronto. But she said taping a segment does not auto-

matically mean it will air on the next season of the program. That season will be shown in the fall. She told the Capital News that while all participants invited to Toronto will have their pitches taped as they present to the Dragons—four wealthy businesspeople looking to invest in new and unique business opportunities— some will not be shown publicly. The spokeswoman said participants are told three weeks before the air date if their presentation will air. Williams said she’s excited to have made it this far. She will fly to Toronto next weekend and tape her pitch on May 19. Until the segment airs, she will be sworn to secrecy about the outcome. “I’m very honoured to have been chosen from the thousands who auditioned (from across Canada),” she said. Williams has been in the adult product sales business for 31 years, having started in Calgary and

Banff before moving to Kelowna. In addition to wanting to franchise her business, she said she also plans to change its name to Sensual Kingdom from Wild Kingdom. The company’s website address is already Williams said now that the sale of adult toys and lingerie is “very mainstream” and with people concerned about Internet security to make purchases, the time is right for her to branch out with her business. “A lot of people don’t want to shop on the Net, They want to touch and feel a product.” She calls her stores a “sensual shopping experience” and “an adventure for adults.” Williams opened her West Kelowna store one year ago during one of the worst economic times in history but said despite that, business has been good. “People said I was crazy but I didn’t think so,” Williams said. “Even in hard economic times, people make room for small pleasures for themselves.” While the 1,050-square-foot West Kelowna store currently has a much more upscale feel than the downtown Kelowna store, Williams said she plans to renovate the latter at some point. The Kelowna store is about one-third larger than its West Kelowna counterpart. But for now, Williams is focusing on her pitch to the Dragons. She has been doing her homework, watching previous pitches to learn the types of questions the Dragons ask, how best to present her idea and what works when seeking their cash. If successful, they could offer to buy her business. “I just want to get a deal done,” said Williams.


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Dodge says road to prosperity faces serious obstacles Bobbi-Sue Menard CONTRIBUTOR

While Canada’s economy may be on the rebound from the recession, the former governor of the Bank of Canada says government faces enormous challenges in the next de-

cade juggling government service needs with a budget demand to reduce spending. David Dodge said potential economic growth in Canada will be conflicted by increasing health care costs and limited increases for tax revenues.

“We face an enormous fiscal challenge and by in large I don’t think people recognize how big it is going to be,” said Dodge. Dodge compared the next decade to the 1990s, saying while two decades ago the public made the rational choice and sup-

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ported change, going forward it will be even tougher because there are no government services left to “squeeze.” “We will need to make structural changes. We talk about finding ways to increase public sector productivity but in 20 years we have not done that,” said Dodge. “If we restrain expenditure the public expectations of service must go down.” Dodge made his remarks during a speech he gave in Kelowna last week as part of the UBC Okanagan Distinguished Speaker series About 800 people turned out to hear Dodge’s perspectives on the global financial crisis, Canada’s debt and possible fixes to the currently troubled world economy. Dealing with the “hangover” from the recession is now the priority

David Dodge for Canada’s government, said Dodge. “I think not as much progress as should have been made has been. It is an enormous task to work with the guts of an effective system going forward.” The “shadow banking” sector earned a double barreled prescription from Dodge. He said the Over The Counter dealers of obscure debt instruments need to be brought into a marketplace that provides

reasonable symmetry of information for buyers and sellers in a structure that has a level of stability. “The idea would be to trade on organized exchanges,” he explained. He wryly admitted objections to the approach. “The problem was not only that the marketplace was opaque, but also wildly profitable. The guys who made the big dollars would lose that ability to make big profits.” Still, the problem of capital for banks looms as an even larger structural problem for banks and the global economy. The ability of banks to put money aside when times are good, in expectation of when times turn bad, must also be solved, said Dodge. “We spent 10 years at the Basel Accord meetings and didn’t get it right. Now we have to go

through it again.” In Canada, Dodge believes the banking sector will see through the rough global situation. Of great concern to the former deputy minister of finance is the ratio of national and provincial debt to GDP and the coming demographic shift. Speaking after the event, Dodge said that in conversations with provincial finance ministers across the country they recognize the need to deal with upcoming problems. “It is better to do it early and avoid an even larger problem.” When asked about the upcoming skilled labour shortage, especially in the trades, Dodge described the situation as “a classic structural problem. It is quite serious and the lack of appropriate training will restrict our growth in the future.”



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SPCA animal shelter in Kelowna to host open house on May 16 The Kelowna branch of the SPCA will host an animal-themed day of fun on Sunday, May 16. The event, sponsored through the Science Diet Open House series, takes place from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Kelowna SPCA, 3785 Casorso Rd. Hill’s Science Diet is partnering with SPCA branches across the province to promote adoption of homeless animals during Be Kind to Animals month in May. “The open house series is an opportunity for people to meet the animals available for adoption and to have fun learning more about how to help animals in the community,” said Lorie Chortyk,

general manager of community relations for the B.C. SPCA. “We are extremely grateful to Hill’s for sponsoring this series to showcase the wonderful animals we have for adoption.” In addition to featuring pets looking for loving homes, activities at the Kelowna Open House will include games and prizes, activities for children, shelter tours, face painting, educational displays, nail trimming by donation and much more. A garage sale in support of the SPCA will also be held at the shelter from 8 a.m. to noon on May 16. For more information about the Open House series, visit

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New Horizon Talent presents: W POLICE

Kelly Brock John Higgins Cynthia Leigh-Ann

Upset burger patron detained

in Concert

May 13, 2010 7 pm

Mary Irwin Theatre

MC: Troy Scott Q103.1 FM Tickets: $15 Rotary Centre for the Arts, or •Silent Auction for “Cops for Cancer”


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Patio furniture went flying and a man was assaulted before a fast food restaurant customer barricaded himself in his car for at least an hour during an incident yesterday. RCMP were called to the A&W on Lakeshore Road around 11 a.m. on Tuesday after a 50-yearold man walked into the restaurant and became irate with an employee. He then went outside and began tossing the restaurant’s patio furniture around, said Const. Steve Holmes. “The manager went outside to speak to the man, who then turned his wrath on the manager, pushing him up against the building,” Holmes added. When police arrived, the man had locked himself inside his parked vehicle, which was running. Officers boxed the vehicle in as officers tried to


talk to the suspect, who was in the passenger seat. They also found the man’s mother, who came to the parking lot and told officers he suffered from a diagnosed mental health condition and was not taking his medication. The man allowed his mom to turn off the vehicle’s engine, and officers spent the next hour talking to the man, who eventually left his vehicle voluntarily. The man was arrested under the Mental Health Act and taken to hospital for an evaluation. Holmes said the manager was unhurt and said that, due to the circumstances, the man police arrested will not be facing an assault charge.

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A Kelowna RCMP officer detains one of four men in a field near a makeshift campsite on the edge of Mission Creek Regional Park near Benvoulin and Springfield on Friday afternoon. The situation started with a complaint filed by a woman, believed to be in her 40s, who claimed she had been sexually assaulted and that a weapon had been used. Nearly a dozen police cars descended on the scene and chased down four men, who have since all been released. The investigation into the complaint is continuing.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

capital news A17



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Coyotes vie for college title Warren Henderson STAFF REPORTER

“Peaking at the right time” might be an overused cliché in sports, but Geoff White feels it has plenty of merit when referring to his Okanagan Coyotes. OC won five of its last six regular season games as the club heads into the Canadian College Baseball Conference cham-

pionship tournament this weekend in Kamloops. “We’re going into the last weekend playing our best baseball of the season,” said White, the Coyotes’ head coach. “The guys are confident and feeling pretty good about themselves right now. I think (the championship) is up for grabs and we match up well with any team.” The Coyotes open

play Friday night against Thompson Rivers University. The Prairie Baseball Academy from Lethbridge and Vancouver Island University will also compete in the four-team round robin format, with the top two clubs to battle for CCBC title on Sunday. OC is coming off its second straight Larry Walker Division title. The Coyotes ripped first place


OKANAGAN COLLEGE second baseman Bryce Wilkie climbs the ladder to bring down a throw in CCBC action against Vancouver Island University Saturday at Elks Stadium.

away from VIU on the last weekend of the regular season, beating the Mariners in three of four games at Elks Stadium. On Saturday, the Coyotes (12-9) opened the series with a 7-1 win as Rob Alskne scattered six hits over seven innings. Bryce Wilkie paced the offense with two hits and two RBIs. In Game 2, Kiefer Rodway went seven solid innings on three hits as the Coyotes dumped VIU 5-1. Pete Tollenaar earned the save with two hitless innings of relief. On Sunday, OC wrapped up the title with a 5-4 win over as Wilkie delivered a walk-off hit and RBI. Blake Young went the distance on the hill. In a meaningless series finale, VIU (15-13) beat OC 12-2. “The last game got away from us, but overall it was a great way for the guys to finish off,” added White. “They played solid baseball, they can be proud of that, and hopefully it carries over into Kamloops.” Spencer Kilpatrick led the Coyotes in hitting during the regular season with aV 384 average, while Adam Parliament was first in RBIs with 17. Blake Young had the best ERA at 1.69, while Rob Alskne was the wins leader with three. Following the CCBC season finale, Geoff White and at least eight of the current Coyotes will turn their attention to the Kelowna Jays. The Jays will enter the Pacific International League for 2010, opening the campaign at home to the Coquitlam Angels on Saturday, May 23 at Elks.


THE VERNON VIPERS celebrate their second straight RBC Cup national junior A hockey title.


Vipers repeat national champs Graeme Corbett CONTRIBUTOR

Good, better, best. That was the natural progression of the Vernon Vipers’ play at the Royal Bank Cup this week in Manitoba, culminating in an 8-1 drubbing of the host Dauphin Kings in the championship game Sunday afternoon at Credit Union Place. The Vipers are the first team to repeat as national junior A hockey champions since the Vernon Lakers accomplished the feat in 1990 and ‘91. “They should be proud of themselves, and the fans of Vernon should be very proud of these kids because it wasn’t easy. They’ve had a target on their back all year and they just kept getting better and better as the year went on,” said Vipers’ head coach Mark Fern-

er, piloting his club to its second title in just three years behind the bench. With the Kings having to grind out a win over the physical La Ronge Ice Wolves in the late semifinal Saturday night (Vernon stopped the Brockville Braves 2-0 in the afternoon semi), Ferner suspected there might be an opportunity to take advantage of a tired opponent. “That’s why we wanted to push the pace real early and just make sure we get a good jump in this hockey game. And our guys responded,” he said. The Vipers took advantage of a lethargiclooking Kings squad from the outset, controlling the play and keeping the Dauphin defenders on their heels with a blinding forecheck. Cory Kane, using a defenceman as a screen, pegged Vernon to a 1-0

lead with a quick blast from the the high slot at 14:28 of the first period. Rookie Dylan Walchuck’s winner at 6:28 of the second period marked the start of a three-goal spree over a 48-second span that the Kings never recovered from. A pair of carbon-copy goals just nine seconds apart by Vernon Game MVP Kellen Jones and Cole Ikkala had the Kings reeling, and the home crowd stunned. Bryce Lamb pocketed the Kings’ lone goal midway through the second period, but the Vipers fired four unanswered goals to seal the win before 2,260 fans. Patrick McGillis, Sahir Gill, Jones and Garrett Noonan, with a rocket from the face-off circle, completed the Vernon assault. See Vipers A18

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A18 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Kelowna’s Elmore wins women’s 10km Vancouver Sun Run The first time was a charm for Malindi Elmore. In her inaugural try at the Vancouver Sun Run, the Kelowna athlete was

the first woman to finish the 10 km race in 33 minutes six seconds. Edmonton triathlete Paula Findlay was second to Elmore, 54 seconds be-

hind. The 30-year-old Elmore is the 2009 Canadian 10 K and 1,500-metre champ. She competed in the

2004 Olympic Games in Athens, but a foot injury prevented her from qualifying for the 2008 Games in Beijing. Kip Kangogo from

Lethbridge was first overall among the more than 39,000 Sun Run finishers with a time of 29:02. In addition to Elmore, one other Kelowna runner


was an age group winner. Cindy Rhodes captured the women’s 50 to 54 division in 39:52. Other top-35 age group results for Kelow-

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Malindi Elmore na runners included: Matthew Yip, sixth in men’s 16 to 18 in 38:52; Graham Hood, 10th in men’s 35 to 39 in 36:24; Roger Kirk , 33rd in men’s 50 to 54 in 41:51; Teddy Boyko, 28th in men’s 60 to 64 in 49:38; Emile Brokx, 11th in men’s 70 to 74 in 54:48; George Taylor, 13th in men’s 75 to 79 in 1:11:39; Kelty Slaney, 18th in girls under 16 in 50:37; Ashley Yip, seventh in women’s 16 to 18 in 45:39; Anita Yuill, 30th in women’s 19 to 24 in 45:26; Louise Lozie, 25th in women’s 25 to 29 in 42:44; Cindy Yip, 27th in women’s 45 to 49 in 48:00; and Melanie Guza, eighth in women’s 75 to 79 in 1:02:55.


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Netminder Graeme Gordon recorded 23 saves for the win, his best when he slid cross-crease to deny sniper Shane Luke on an odd-man rush early in the second period. “I can’t wait to celebrate with the boys, it’s been an unreal two seasons,” said Gordon. “I gotta thank Ferns for bringing me here and I gotta thank Duncan (Wray, Vipers’ owner) and the staff. “Repeat champions, that’s the best way to close it out, I don’t know what more to say.”

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


capital news A19


Raiders get another crack at ‘Rocks The Kelowna Raiders will look to make amends for a season-opening loss to the Armstrong Shamrocks when clubs face off Friday night in Armstrong in Okanagan Xtreme Lacrosse League action. The defending champion Raiders dropped an 11-6 contest to the ‘Rocks on April 16, but have since reeled off three straight wins. Kelowna (3-1) drubbed the Vernon Tigers for the second week in a row, 10-2 on Thursday in Vernon. Jarret Neigum paced


the Raiders attack with two goals and two assists. Kyle MacLennan, Jared MacLennan and Colby Field each scored twice, while Hao Lieu and Joe Brown added singles. Steve Plasko chipped in with four assists. The Raiders played a solid defensive game, backstopped by the steady goaltending of Cam Needham. After a sluggish start, the Raiders—who went 16-0 last season—appear to be hitting their stride. Interim coach Steve Begelky credits the quick

turnaround to a mixture of talent and depth. “After we lost that first one, we kind of came together as a team,” said Begley. “We have way more depth than we had last year so, if we don’t have everybody available to play, we’re still in good shape. “We’ve got 25 guys carded, so we don’t have to burn guys out. We can rest somebody every week if we want,” Begley said. The Raiders next home action in May 28 vs Armstrong.



KELOWNA RAIDERS’ Ryan Spring (left) stares down Vernon Tigers’ Shane Sargent during senior mens lacrosse action Thursday night at the Vernon Wesbild Center.


Jr. Raiders 1st win of season The Rutland Raiders are no longer strangers to the win column. The Raiders picked up their first victory of the Thompson Okanagan Junior Lacrosse League, edging past the Armstrong Shamrocks 10-9 on Saturday night at Memorial Arena. Rutland (1-4) rebounded from a 7-5 loss to the Shamrocks a night earlier in Armstrong. “We were much better (Saturday) than in our other game against them,” said Raiders head coach Travis Wray. “We dictated play and came to the rink ready to play lacrosse.” Sheldon McDonald paced the Raiders attack with three goals and two assists, while Jordan Urban and Dillon MacLennan each had a goal and two helpers. A wellrounded attack also featured single markers from Andrew McMillan, Kris Needham, Ryan Phillips, Fraser Camptbell, and Nathan Illichmann, with his first of the season. “Everyone was pretty pumped about getting that first win,” said Wray.

“We’ve been in very game, the guys have the confidence in knowing that they can play with anyone.” The Raiders have a home-and-home series coming up against the South Okanagan Tigers as the teams meet Saturday night at Memorial and Monday in Summerland.


The Kelowna Warriors will pursue their third straight TOJLL win Thursday when they host

the Armstrong Shamrocks. Face off at Memorial Arena is 7:30 p.m. The Warriors pushed their record to 2-1 Monday night with a 14-5 drubbing of the South Okanagan Flames in Summerland. Brad Deshane added to his team leading point total (19) with three goals and three assists for the Warriors. Scott Renner scored four times and added two helpers, Tyler French had three goals and three assists, and

Luke Bailey scored a pair in a dominant effort by Kelowna. “That was, by far, our best game of the season,” said Warriors coach Kelly Cahill. “We have pretty much our whole team back and things are rounding into shape pretty well.” The Warriors’ home game with Kamloops last Thursday was postponed due to the Rattlers’ bus breaking down. The game will be rescheduled for later this season.

Challenge hosts ’Loops in home opener The Okanagan Challenge knew defending the Pacific Coast Soccer League title wouldn’t be an easy proposition. A tough opening weekend to the 2010 campaign simply served as confirmation. The Challenge, who had to contend with injuries and the absence of some key players, are off to an 0-2 start after a pair of losses in Victoria. On Saturday night, Victoria United slid past the Challenge 2-1. David Hill slotted Okanagan’s lone marker in the loss on a step up from Alex Keller. On Sunday afternoon, with little time to rest and recuperate, Okanagan fell 3-1 to the Victoria Highlanders. Hill had the lone

goal for the defending PCSL champs. The Challenge will play their home opener this Saturday on the CNC turf against the Kamloops Excel in a 2:30 p.m. kick off. The game has been designated the Sieben Cup with the winner taking both the Cup and the right to host the 2011 edition of the game. Prior to the PCSL contest at 12:15 p.m., the

Challenge alumni will play the first Tasker Cup game, in honour of the team’s co-founder and late president Eric Tasker. On Saturday night, the team’s annual fundraising dinner at silent auction will be held at the Odd Fellows Hall. Tickets are $20 and are available by calling 250861-9067 or 250-7651669 or from any Challenge player.





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Blaze Blaze Blaze Blaze Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays Blue Jays Athletics Athletics Mariners Mariners Mariners Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Twins Twins Twins Twins Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Eagles Eagles Eagles

Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Cardinals Cardinals Athletics Athletics Athletics Chiefs Chiefs Reds Reds Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Pirates Royals Chiefs Chiefs Athletics Athletics Athletics


Sat, May 15 Sat, May 15 Sun, May 16 Sun, May 16 Sat, May 29 Sat, May 29 Sun, May 30 Sun, May 30 Sat, Jun 5 Sat, Jun 5 Sat, Jun 12 Sat, Jun 12 Sun, Jun 13 Sat, Jun 19 Sat, Jun 19 Sun, Jun 20 Sun, Jun 20 Sat, Jun 26 Sat, Jun 26 Sun, Jun 27 Sun, Jun 27 Sat, Jul 10 Sat, Jul 10 Sun, Jul 11 Sun, Jul 11 Sat, Jul 17 Sat, Jul 17 Sun, Jul 18


1:00 PM 3:30 PM 11:00 AM 1:30 PM 1:00 PM 3:30 PM 11:00 AM 1:30 PM 1:00 PM 3:30 PM 11:00 AM 1:30 PM 10:30 AM 1:00 PM 3:30 PM 11:00 AM 1:30 PM 1:00 PM 3:30 PM 11:00 AM 1:30 PM 11:00 AM 1:30 PM 12:00 PM 2:30 PM 11:00 AM 1:30 PM 10:30 AM


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Kelowna 6 Armstrong Kamloops 9 Kelowna Kelowna 14 Vernon Kelowna 10 Vernon

11 10 (OT) 7 2






Fri. May 7 Fri. May 14 Fri. May 14 Fri May 28 Fri.May 28 Fri. June 4 Fri. June 4 Thu. June 10 Fri. June 11 Fri. June 18 Fri. June 25 Fri. June 25 Fri. July 9 Fri.July 9 Thu. July 15 Fri. July 16

8:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 8:00 pm 8:00pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 8:00pm 7:30pm 8:00pm

Kamloops Armstrong Vernon Kelowna Kamloops Armstrong Kamloops Vernon Armstrong Kelowna Kamloops Kelowna Armstrong Kamloops Vernon Kelowna

Armstrong Kelowna Kamloops Armstrong Vernon Vernon Kelowna Kelowna Kamloops Kamloops Armstrong Vernon Kelowna Vernon Armstrong Kamloops

Memorial Nor-Val Westbild Memorial Memorial Nor-Val Memorial Westbild Nor-Val Memorial Memorial Memorial Nor-Val Memorial Westbild Memorial

Bears edge Owls in city HS golf final

Friday May 14 Round-Robin Game 1 – Windsor vs. Brandon Saturday May 15 Round-Robin Game 2 – Calgary vs. QMJHL Sunday May 16 Round-Robin Game 3 – Brandon vs. QMJHL Monday May 17 Round-Robin Game 4 – Calgary vs. Windsor Tuesday May 18 Round-Robin Game 5 – QMJHL vs. Windsor Wednesday May 19 Round-Robin Game 6 – Brandon vs. Calgary Thursday May 20 Tie-Breaker (if necessary)

7 p.m.

Friday May 21 Semi-Final

7 p.m.

Sunday May 23 Championship Final

Okanagan Challenge schedule

Saturday, May 8 Challenge 1 Sunday, May 9 Challenge 1 Saturday, May 14 Kamloops @ Saturday, May 29 Challenge @ Sunday, May 30 Challenge @ Saturday, June 5 Khalsa FC @ Sunday, June 6 Van/ T’Birds @ Saturday, June 12 Challenge @ Saturday, June 19 Challenge @ Saturday, June 20 Challenge @ Wednesday, June 23 Challenge @ Saturday, July 3 Vic. United @ Sunday, July 4 Vic. Highlanders @ Saturday Jul y10 Athletic Club @ Sunday, July 18 Van Thunderbirds @

7 p.m. 2 p.m. 2p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. 7p.m.

All times Central


Vernon Vipers

Dauphin, Man.


Dauphin Kings


2 6

Brockville Braves La Ronge Ice Wolves

0 2

Send us your stats We welcome submissions to our scorecard weekly feature from all local sports leagues in Kelowna and the Westside. Statistics must be submitted by 5 p.m. Monday to either, or dropped off at the Capital News office 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C., V1X 7K2. For further information contact sports reporter Warren Henderson at 763-3212.

The Mt. Boucherie Bears needed a two-hole playoff to take out the Kelowna Owls for the team championship at the Central Okanagan high school golf championship.

P Spartan/Granville 4 Timberline FC 4 Baxters United 4 KonKast Stallions 4 LCFC Woody’s Pub4 Kelowna Celtic 4 Rangers 4 Express 4 KU18 FC 3 Spetsnaz 3

The two schools finished tied after regulation play Monday at the Shannon Lake Golf Course with scores of 300 before the Bears claimed the title in extra play.

Lee Campbell paced the winners with a round of 72. The rest of the Bears are Brett Moore (75), Uday Suri (74), Daniel Richardson (79) and Devin Swallow.


2 3 2:30 pm 7 pm 2:30 pm 7:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 6 p.m. 4 p.m. 2 p.m. 7:30 pm 7:30 p.m. 2 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 2:30 p.m.

W 4 3 3 3 2 2 1 1 0 0

D 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

L 0 1 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3

F 23 21 10 9 4 9 11 7 4 1

A 8 9 4 4 4 13 8 17 14 18

GD 15 12 6 5 0 -4 3 -10 -10 -17

Pts 12 9 9 9 6 6 3 3 0 0

P 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4

W 3 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 1 0 0 0

D 1 2 2 1 1 0 0 0 1 3 1 0

L 0 0 0 1 1 2 2 2 2 1 3 4

F 7 11 6 11 12 9 10 9 7 5 5 2

A 3 9 4 5 9 7 12 12 9 6 8 10

GD 4 2 2 6 3 2 -2 -3 -2 -1 -3 -8

Pts 10 8 8 7 7 6 6 6 4 3 1 0

P Pamukkale Cotton 3 North Country 4 Creekside Pub 4 Lake Country 3A 4 Warthogs FC 4 Brewsers 4 Pushor Mitchell 4 Apna FC 4 Rhinos 4 Lumberjacks 3

W 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 0 0

D 0 1 1 1 0 3 1 1 2 0

L 0 1 1 1 2 0 2 2 2 3

F 7 16 7 7 6 8 7 8 7 2

A 3 8 5 7 4 4 7 16 10 11

GD 4 8 2 0 2 4 0 -8 -3 -9

Pts 9 7 7 7 6 6 4 4 2 0

Div. 2

Semifinals Vernon Vipers Dauphin Kings

Victoria United Victoria Highlanders Challenge Victoria Highlanders Athletic Club Challenge Challenge Athletic Club Vancouver Khalsa Kamloops Challenge Challenge Challenge Challenge


2 p.m.

Championship final Sunday, May 9



Brandon, Man

OKANAGAN XTREME LACROSSE LEAGUE Fri. Apr. 16 Fri. Apr. 23 Fri. Apr.30 Thu. May 6

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lifeworks Chiro Voyager/Armada Invisi-Bulls Boca Juniors Illegal Aliens Euro FC FBFC Wave FC Rangers II Lake Country Ath West-Wind James TNT Division 3A

Jordan Oelrich (72) led the second-place Owls with support from Brandon Ortiz (75), Charlie Lewthwaite (76), Blake Culbert (77) and Dylan Bond.

Immaculata was third in the team event at 314, with Rutland fourth at 322. All four teams will head to the Valley championship next Monday in

May 5 -May 9

Premier Diablos Kelowna Celt. United

9 2

Mark V Autbody AFC

4 1

Royal Star Stiyotes

7 8

Div. 1 BP Attackers Outlaws

3 2

Team Euro Spotted Spa Wildcats

4 3

Avengers Surge

0 2

Foxes Ledcor Racers`

3 0

Div. 3 Quantas Panthers

2 1

Shane’s Shooters Kelowna Thunder

1 4

Slick Chicks CU Next Tuesday

5 2

Kelowna Cougars The Hustlers

0 2

Turf Queens Blood, Sweat and Beers

6 0

Masters Gray Monk Lakers Mustangs

5 1

Sunset Ranch Shooters Goal Getters

5 1


7 1

Okanagan College VIU

5 1

Okanagan College VIU

5 4

Princeton. In individual play, Oelrich and Campbell shared boys top overall score at 72, while Rutland’s Madison Kapchinsky also carded a 72 to lead the girls.

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For the first time this season, the Okanagan A’s came up empty in a fourgame weekend of B.C. Premier Baseball league action. The A’s, now 7-9,




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came agonizingly close in both games on Saturday in Abbotsford but lost both by a single run. In the opener, Abby scored one in the 12th for a 3-2 win. Dillon Kakosch-



ke led the A’s offense with two hits and an RBI. In Game 2, the Cards scored twice in the bottom of the seventh to steal a 4-3 win. Kakoschke and Danny

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Stearns each had a pair of hits in the loss. On Sunday, the Vancouver Cannons beat the A’s 3-1 and 6-0. George Currie drove in the lone run in the opener.



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In the final game, the A’s managed only four hits off Cannons Jordan Ramirez who is now 4-0. This weekend at Elks Stadium, the A’s will entertain the 11-5 Langley

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The junior A’s earned a split on their home turf in BCJPBL action. Graham Johnson’s

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First Payment will be paid up to a maximum amount of ($500) / ($750) / ($1,000) per eligible 2010 [Focus, Fusion, Escape, Ranger] / [Mustang (excluding GT500), Taurus, Edge, Flex, Explorer, Explorer Sport Trac, Transit Connect, E-Series (excluding Cutaways and Stripped Chassis)]/[Expedition, F-150 (excluding Chassis Cabs and Raptor)]. Offer only available to customers who finance or lease through Ford Credit. Offer not available to cash purchase customers. Offer is only available on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. A, X, Z plan customers are eligible for $0 First Payment, see dealer for details. Not combinable with Commercial Fleet Incentive program, CPA, GPC or Daily Rental Allowances. Rainchecks only available on the purchase of eligible vehicles. ††Receive $0 Security Deposit on the lease of most new 2010 Ford vehicles (excluding E-Series Cutaways and Stripped Chassis, Shelby GT500, F-150 Raptor, F-series Chassis Cabs, F-650, F-750 and LCF) effective May 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010 on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. Security Deposit may be required by Ford Credit based on customer credit terms and conditions. �$0 Down Payment on the purchase or lease of most new 2010 Ford vehicles (excluding E-Series Cutaways and Stripped Chassis, Shelby GT500, F-150 Raptor, F-series Chassis Cabs, F-650, F-750 and LCF) effective May 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010 on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. A down payment may be required by Ford Credit based on customer credit terms and conditions. **$0 due at delivery is available to qualified purchase finance or lease retail customers, on approved credit (OAC) from Ford Credit. *Cash purchase a new 2010 Ford Edge SE FWD for $28,499 after total price adjustment of $3,000 deducted. Offer includes $3,000 delivery allowance and air tax & freight of $1,500, and excludes license, insurance, registration, PPSA, Fuel Fill charge, administration fees and all other applicable taxes. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price. �Program in effect from May 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010 (the “Program Period”) To qualify for the Ford Recycle Your Ride Program rebate (the “Rebate(s)”), customer must first qualify for either the “Retire Your Ride Program”, a program funded by the Government of Canada, or Summerhill Impact’s “Car Heaven Program”. To qualify for the “Retire Your Ride Program”, customer must turn in a 1995 model year or older vehicle that is in running condition (able to start and move) and has been properly registered and insured for the last 6 months (12 months in B.C.). If you qualify, Retire Your Ride will provide you with $300 cash or a rebate on the purchase of a 2004 and newer vehicle. To qualify for the “Car Heaven Program”, customer must turn in a 2003 model year or older vehicle that is in running condition and has been properly registered and insured for the last 6 months. If customer qualifies for either the “Retire Your Ride Program” or Summerhill Impact’s “Car Heaven Program”, Ford of Canada (“Ford”) will provide an additional rebate, if customer purchases or leases an eligible new 2010 Ford or Lincoln vehicle, in the amount of $1,000 (Focus, Fusion Mustang, Transit Connect, Ranger), $2,000 (Taurus, Escape, Edge, Flex , Explorer, Sport Trac), or $3,000 (F150, F250-550, E-Series, Expedition, MKZ, MKS, MKX, MKT, Navigator) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). To be eligible for the Rebate(s), Ford must receive the following from customer, within 30 days of delivery of new Ford/Lincoln: (1) signed Ford Recycle Your Ride Claim Form; and (2) signed original ownership transferring customer vehicle to either “Retire Your Ride” or “Car Heaven” or “Authorized Recycler Drop-Off Receipt”. The Rebate will be paid directly to customer in the form of a cheque. The Rebates are available to residents of Canada only and payable in Canadian dollars. Eligible Vehicle must be purchased, leased, or factory ordered during the Program Period to qualify for a Rebate. The Rebates can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. The Rebates are raincheckable. The Rebates are not combinable with the previous Ford Recycle Your Ride incentives in effect from September 3, 2009 to March 1, 2010. The Rebates are not available on any vehicle receiving CPA, GPC, or Daily Rental Rebates and the Commercial Fleet Rebate Program (CFIP). The “Retire Your Ride Program” and Summerhill Impact’s “Car Heaven” Program are not available to residents of Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, or Nunavut; and, therefore, Ford Recycle Your Ride Rebates are also not available to residents of Northwest Territories, Yukon Territory, or Nunavut. Other provincially specific rewards may be available in association with the “Retire Your Ride” Program or SummerHill Impact’s “Car Heaven” Program. For more information visit or Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. © 2010 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved. ��Offer valid from May 1, 2010 to June 30, 2010 (the “Offer Period”) to resident Canadian Costco members in good standing, active as of April 30, 2010. Use this $1,000 Costco member offer towards the purchase or lease of a new 2010 Ford Fusion (including Hybrid), Taurus, Mustang (excluding Shelby GT500), Edge, Escape (including Hybrid), Explorer, Explorer Sport Trac, Expedition, Flex, F-150 (excluding Raptor), Super Duty (including Chassis Cab), E-Series, Transit Connect, Lincoln MKZ, Lincoln MKS, Lincoln MKX, Lincoln MKT or Lincoln Navigator (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). This offer is raincheckable. The new vehicle must be delivered and/or factory-ordered from your participating Ford Motor Company of Canada dealer within the Offer Period. Offer is only valid at participating dealers, and is subject to vehicle availability and may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Only one (1) offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per Costco Membership Number. This offer is transferable to immediate family members living within the same household as an eligible Costco member. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order (if ordered within the Costco Offer Period) or delivery, but not both. On applicable vehicles, this offer can also be combined with the Commercial Connection Program incentives, RCL Program, and for small fleets with an eligible FIN, this offer can also be used in conjunction with the Small Business Incentive Program (SBIP). This offer is not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Customer may use the $1,000 as a down payment or choose to receive a rebate cheque from Ford Motor Company of Canada, but not both. Applicable taxes calculated before $1,000 offer is deducted. The offer is payable in Canadian dollars and is available to residents of Canada only. Dealer may sell or lease for less. †††Most 2010 Ford vehicles, excluding 2010 Model LCF, F-650 and F-750, come with a 5 year/100,000 km (whichever occurs first) Powertrain Warranty and full Roadside Assistance benefits together with a 5 year/100,000 km (whichever occurs first) Safety Restraint Warranty. In addition, on all 2010 Model F-Super Duty vehicles equipped with the diesel engine, the Powertrain Warranty is extended to 5 year/160,000 km (whichever occurs first), which equals the diesel engine warranty. Some conditions and limitations apply. ‡‡‡See your Ford of Canada Dealer or contact SIRIUS at 1-888-539-7474 for more information. “SIRIUS” and the SIRIUS dog logo are registered trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. Includes 6 month prepaid subscription. Wednesday, May 12, 2010

capital news A21

Okanagan A’s drop four games on Coast squad rallied for three runs in the seventh inning on Saturday to edge the Vancouver Cannons 8-7 at Lombardy Park. See Baseball A22

A22 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


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Megan Elkin of the Kelowna AquaJets prepares to swim at the KAJ Long Course Invitational on Saturday at the H2O Aquatic Centre.

Bantam A’s win over Kamloops Baseball from A21

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Alex Ballingall and Kody Smith each drove in two runs, while Luke Cooke earned the win in relief. Despite Brandon Johnson’s first-inning grand slam, the Cannons returned the favour in Game 2 with a 9-7 win. On Sunday, Eric McGinn tossed a two-hitter for his third win of the season as the A’s dumped

Vancouver 5-2. In the series finale, the Cannons scored two in the sixth for a 5-4 win. Johnson had two more RBIs, giving him 12 for the season. The A’s (6-10) return to action this weekend with two games in North Delta and a pair in White Rock.


The A’s won their only B.C. Bantam AAA Base-

ball League game beating hometown Kamloops 13-9 on Sunday afternoon. Trevor Mlait reached base for Okanagan in all five plate appearances and scored four times, while Rees Weninger also scored four runs. The A’s (10-5) will play four games this weekend in Abbotsford— two against the Victoria Senior team and two vs the Victoria Juniors.

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capital news A23


Last chance for skills brush up Uncovering that foul smell Tresa Erickson




Don Burnett

he spring gardening seminars are now almost over as gardeners begin to settle into a new season putting into practice what they’ve learned from the experts. Over the next 10 days, however, there are some sessions you might want to take in to top up your knowledge. Arthritis and gardening is about learning how to protect your joints while gardening, setting realistic goals for creating your garden and how to make your garden more accessible and relaxing. This is a two hour session, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., on Thursday May 13, at Reid Hall beside the Benvoulin Heritage Church, 2279 Benvoulin Rd. To register call the Kelowna Arthritis Centre at 250-868-843. This session is free. George Scotter, author of Wildflowers of the Rocky Mountains, will give a free illustrated talk on local wild flowers at the Society for Learning in Retirement at the Martin Centre, 1434 Graham St., in Kelowna. In addition to the talk the group will have an opportunity to identify some of the local wildflowers from fresh material. This session is on Thursday May 20, from 10 a.m. to noon. And I will present a free gardening talk at Burnett’s Florist and Gifts, at 453 Bernard Ave., this Saturday, May 15, 11 a.m. Basic pruning, plant selection and landscape


THE APARTMENT complex Copperstone Gate at Ethel and Highway 97 could qualify as a “Kelowna beauty spot” in the eyes of the city’s Communities In Bloom committee. design will be covered as well as a question period. ••• Most of you have heard of Communities in Bloom and are aware that Kelowna has been the recipient of their awards over the years. Communities in Bloom is a Canadian nonprofit organization committed to fostering civic pride, environmental responsibility and beautification through community involvement and the challenge of a national program, with focus on the promotion and value of green spaces in urban settings. “People, plants and pride…growing together” is the program’s slogan, and it captures the essence of the program. With this in mind, the Kelowna Communities in Bloom committee has ventured into a new area for 2010. They will recognize various areas around the city that they believe to be



“a Kelowna beauty spot.” Each month, starting in May, they will acknowledge a business, property owner or community venture by placing a sign on the location for all to see. You are encouraged to drive by these locations each month to look at what your Kelowna is

doing to make their surroundings beautiful. Look for the bright green circular sign that says: A Kelowna Beauty Spot. The first of these gardens is the apartment complex at the corner of Ethel Street and Highway 97, called Copperstone Gate. This is truly a joint effort of the Copperstone community, management and ‘Howe-2’ gardener Neil Howe. Tune in to The Don Burnett Garden Show on the new AM 1150 News Talk Sports Saturdays from 8 to 10 a.m.

You tend to throw most of your food scraps into the compost pile, but every now and then, you run into something that can’t be composted and toss it into the garbage disposal. You use your disposal so little that you might not give it much attention when cleaning. A simple swipe around the splashguard, however, won’t eliminate the odors that will inevitably arise due to trapped food particles. For the most part, garbage disposals do their job well. They grind up food waste into small particles and wash them down the drainpipe. In the process, however, some of those particles may get lodged in nooks and crannies of both the disposal and the drainpipe. As those particles sit, mold and bacteria will develop and spread, leading to foul odors. To prevent this, a thorough cleaning of your disposal is required monthly, if not weekly. You may clean your garbage disposal in one of two ways. You may purchase a commercial cleaner, or you may make your own cleaning solution. For the latter, you have two options.

The first involves using baking soda, vinegar and hot water. Pour a cup of baking soda into the disposal, follow that with a cup of white vinegar and let the mixture sit for five minutes. Then flush the disposal with boiling water. The second involves using bleach and water. Fill a gallon jug with water, add a tablespoon of bleach and pour the mixture into the disposal. Let

it sit for five minutes and then flush the disposal with cold water. Make sure you clean the splashguard on your garbage disposal as well. Food particles almost always get caught in it, especially under the rim. Remove the guard if possible, wash it in hot, soapy water, dry it and replace it. Don’t neglect your garbage disposal, no matter how little you use it.




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news C







The Capital News is a division of Black Press, at 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C. V1X 7K2




BARRY GERDING Managing Editor


Advertising Manager ALAN MONK Real Estate Weekly Manager TESSA RINGNESS Production Manager GLENN BEAUDRY Flyer Delivery Manager AMBER GERDING Classified Manager



A welcome proposal


proposal by a backbench Conservative MP in Ottawa is one that MPs of all parties and the general public should embrace. Ontario MP Michael Chong has proposed a motion that goes into some detail about how to make Question Period in the House of Commons more relevant and, most importantly, far more civil and respectful of cabinet ministers’ time. It’s a proposal that will resonate with every Canadian who

has ever watched the absurdity that Question Period has become. Question Period is the point in the parliamentary day where MPs do their best to pose embarrassing questions to ministers. This in itself is not bad — ministers must be accountable for their departments. But the whole exercise is theatre — complete with shouting, catcalls and a total lack of decorum from MPs on all sides.

Chong has suggested specific ministers be prepared to field questions on specific days, so most members of cabinet don’t have to spend up to three and a half hours per day prepping for questions that may be asked. If ministers spend that much time each day getting ready for questions, how much time can they actually devote to their real duties? Among many other proposals, Chong suggests backbench MPs be recognized by

the Speaker to pose questions, rather than simply be placed on a list by party house leaders. This would make Question Period far more democratic, and allow MPs to pose questions more relevant to their constituents. The main point of government should be to get things done. Any reform of Question Period that would make it more than just a theatrical performance would be a big step forward.



Sound off

250-763-7114 DELIVERY 250-763-7575


Newsroom 250-763-8469 Advertising, Classified, Real Estate Weekly, Okanagan Web & Graphics 250-862-5275



Are you opposed to plans to spray local areas with a pesticides to help kill off the tussock moth infestations in the Central Okanagan Regional District?

E-MAIL Newsroom Production Classified







General Advertising Regulations This newspaper reserves the right to reject any advertising which it considers to contain false or misleading information or involves unfair or unethical practices. The advertiser agrees that the publisher shall not be liable for any damages arising out of error in classified, classified display or retail display advertisements in which the error is due to the negligence of its servants or otherwise for non-insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement.




Do you think the new law banning drivers from talking on their cell phones while behind the wheel of their vehicle has been effective in the Central Okanagan? See City Confidential column below.

To register your opinion on the Sound Off question, go to or call 250-979-7303. Results will be tabulated until 2 p.m. Thursday.


Member of the British Columbia Press Council

Time for a new safe driving slogan: Stupidity Kills D

espite its much intent on his conCITY so ballyhooed inversation, he actually CONFIDENTIAL started to stray across troduction 4 1/2 months ago, B.C.’s the centre line at one new distracted drivpoint before realizing ing law to get motorists what was happening. off their mobile phones And he was doing it in while behind the wheel Alistair a school zone. does not seem to have When he noticed Waters had much impact here. my car behind him— As a driver who it took a while— commutes between the Westside and he pulled over to let me pass. As I Kelowna every day, I see plenty of glanced in the rearview mirror, I saw people holding mobile phones to their him pull right back out and continears while weaving through traffic. ue driving without putting the phone The other day, leaving home, I down. And, since the law went into followed one guy in a pickup truck effect on Jan. 1 that kind of behaviour through my neighbourhood who was has not been an uncommon sight on

local roads. Regularly, as I drive home on Harvey Avenue, I either pull up alongside someone chatting on a hand-held phone or am passed by a driver deep in conversation holding a phone to his or her ear. They are either oblivious to the fact they could be facing a $174 ticket if caught or willing to take the chance a cop is nowhere in sight. The fact many of them are also driving in the high-occupancy vehicle lane when they are alone in their vehicle just adds to their ignorance of the rules of the road. So it begs the question: Why have rules if they are not enforced? While I’m sure the police here do

hand out tickets for HOV and handheld phone infractions, I have yet to drive by anyone being handed a ticket. And, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that neither are a high priority for the local cops right now. In light of the recent revelation that drinking driving appears to be on an upswing here and the new provincial plan to crack down hard on boozers behind the wheel, I’m sensing HOV-lane infractions may not be where the police are looking to bust high-crime perps. But it’s not just hand-held phones and HOV lanes. There are plenty of other distractions drivers seem oblivious to out there.

A few weeks ago, I saw a woman drive by using her small dog as a headrest. The dog was wedged between her neck and actual headrest, looking out the window. Then there’s the speeders, the folks who seem allergic to indicating and the drivers who just don’t pay attention. Don’t get me started about the idiots who flick cigarette butts out the windows, especially during hot, dry Okanagan summers. There used to be a road safety campaign that used the slogan Speed Kills. I would change that to stupidity kills.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010




Pests are nature’s way of re-establishing balance in the forests To the editor: When pines run short of water because of low precipitation, overcrowding or other causes, the mountain pine beetle thins out the older trees in order to conserve soil moisture so that the younger trees will have enough to survive. When spruce run short of water because of unusually dry conditions or other causes, the spruce budworm removes much of the new growth in order to reduce the amount of mois-

ture needed by each tree to survive. When Douglas fir run short of water because of unusually dry conditions or other causes, the tussock moth caterpillar carries out essentially the same function as the spruce budworm in order to reduce moisture requirements and allow at least some of the trees to survive. In short, these so-called pests attack trees to save them, not to destroy them. If some of

the trees die, it’s simply because they haven’t been getting enough water, not because of the bugs. They’re dying of thirst. Given that precipitation levels have been steadily dropping for the past 30 years, so that water tables in the B.C. Interior are now lower than ever before, is it so hard to understand why we’re being overrun by beetles and budworms and moths? Tom Anderson, Summerland

Quality, Value & Savings. Make the drive worthwhile.




Ground Beef $ 19


Ham Sausage $ 09


/lb. $4.83/kg.


Beer Sausage $ 09


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Striploin Steaks $ 57


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*All our Sausage Products are Gluten and MSG Free! Summer Hours: Mon to Fri 9-5 ~ Sat 9-5


Fallout from eyeglass deregulation in B.C. To the editor: On May 1, the B.C. government becomes the first jurisdiction in North America to deregulate the eyeglasses industry. This means anyone can purchase prescription eyeglasses over the Internet without having a visit to an optometrist.

I’m wondering what ICBC and WCB have to say about this. Suppose there is an accident on the highway or in a workplace and the cause is attributed to improper eyeglasses bought online. Who would be legally responsible in such a case? Would employers start demanding proof

of purchase from employees to verify the employee has the proper eyewear in the workplace? B.C. optometrists are fighting this and I support them entirely. Art Chaplin, Westbank

Westbank renaming a done deal from day 1 To the editor: Did the mayor (District of West Kelowna Mayor Doug Findlater) really mean sincerely that he had erred in the (community) naming process? (Mayor Wishes He’d Done a Few Things Differently, April 11 Capital News Westside) I think not. This whole process was carefully scripted from day one when he chaired the governance study and became a Join

capital news A25

Kelowna supporter. This study agreed to find a new name at the same time as the incorporation vote in 2009. It didn’t matter either way, joining Kelowna or incorporating, the name of West Kelowna could have still been used. It was shortly after this when Mr. Findlater met personally with then MLA Rick Thorpe along with Len Novakowski. At this meeting they decided to call it the District of

West Kelowna. This was months before our first election in 2007. His second job was to put himself, along with two of the council, thenmayor Neis and then councilor Heather Pilling, onto the naming committee. Thirdly, nominate a ‘branding’ expert and strong Kelowna supporter to chair the committee. Mr. Less used his chair position to mount a huge Internet campaign.

The next step was to call the naming ballot an opinion poll and then change it to an officially binding referendum. This without notifying each resident officially. Each step of this process was thought out and planned. After nearly two years and hundreds of letters not responded to by council, as well as 1,600 residents asking for a town hall meeting ina a petition, there has not been a

squeak from the council, just a deafening silence. This supposedly open council appears to be a closed shop. It is tome the council finds ways to address serious issues in the district, especially when they involve so many people such as the Citizens for a Historic Westbank. Burying them is not a solution and will result in a serious backlash to our district and our council. F. Paynter, Westbank

530 Beaver Lake Rd., Winfield, BC (10 minutes North of the Airport)


Invest in yourself. Find the Healthy New You!

personal training/bootcamp



Shining light on the everyday.

Every Sunday with

Lori Welbourne

Gov’t does bad job spending our money To the editor: I feel government should only be taking peoples’ money for the basic necessities of life and leaving the rest up to the population to donate as they feel fit for their cause since government doesn’t know how to look

after its people, and we have to have food banks and people sleeping in parks as in the new ruling Victoria (City) v. Adams. I am suppose to come up with $17,500 for a water system plus an extra $127 for garbage disposal this year. I wonder

if there will be any grant money left over for my water system to be built since everything is being cut back on now from the recent spending to bring the economy back from recession, or do I have to come up with the entire amount myself?


Difference of opinion over graffiti generates insults To the editor: With regard to Jennifer Smith’s column on April 9 regarding graffiti and the cutline in the picture. (Visual Artist Sees Positive Residual Benefits of Street Art.) If the scrawl is on my

wall and the city is going to charge me if I do not remove it, it’s vandalism and it’s a crime. If I arrange to have a mural painted and the city OKs it, then fine. I don’t know why you don’t get that.

I bet the Capital News would not be happy if their building was targeted with graffiti. Maybe you should put your brain in gear before writing rubbish. Stuart Cook, Kelowna

I think it is more important government grant people money for a water system first, before granting some dude cash to buy a new car with as in the case of the Scrap It vehicle program that still exists to this day. My vehicle is 18 years old and I can’t af-

ford the Scrap It grant! I truly feel government needs to get my financial priorities straight or let me handle the money and I will show government how to do a better job. Sharon Schnurr, Kelowna

Express yourself We welcome letters that comment in a timely manner about stories and editorials published in the Capital News. Letters under 200 words will be given priority in considering them for publication. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, legality and taste. Letters sent directly to reporters may be treated as letters to the editor. Letters must bear the name, address and telephone number of the writer. Names will be withheld at the editor’s discretion, only under exceptional circumstances. E-mail letters to, fax to 763-8469 or mail to The Editor, Capital News, 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C., V1X 7K2.

Call or visit us ONLINE today Kelowna 250-763-2993 Vernon 250-260-5784

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Kelowna girl competes for crown StrongStart centre program Kathy Michaels CONTRIBUTOR

For the chance to boost the donations to Cops for Cancer, one local woman is willing to wear a tiara and sash. Christina O’Connor, 18, has been accepted as a contestant in the Miss B.C. pageant—a competition that focuses heavily on fundraising—which will be held in Fort Langley early July. “My friend was saying that she did it and it was a great experience, and I thought ‘that’s cool, why don’t I try out,’” O’Connor said. The idea of raising money for a cause like Cops for Cancer sweet-

ened the pot for her. “It can help out a lot of people.” The pageant is months down the road and the OC student has been working to get a corporate sponsor, squaring away the outfits she needs to compete and coming up with an act that will dazzle the judges. “You have to have four outfits—a business outfit, a ball gown, a sports outfit and an outfit from your main sponsor—and then there’s a talent night,” she said, noting she has everything but the business outfit so far. “And I’m going to dance to a musical theatre/jazz number.” There’s no cash incentive for competing as the winner is just

an ambassador at B.C. events, but O’Connor said it’s an experience that will enhance her life. Miss B.C. teaches everything from self defense to table etiquette and if the pageant whet’s the appetite for competition, winners are also given a pass to vie for the title of Miss Earth. The most important thing stressed O’Connor, a pharmacy tech student, is raising funds for a good cause. For more information on how to donate to the contestants’ causes go to O’Connor’s image will be uploaded soon and all donations made to her cause are tax deductible.

initiated at two local schools StrongStart programs, B.C.’s newest play-based programs for Kelowna’s youngest learners, were opened this week by Kelowna-Mission MLA Steve Thomson at South Rutland and Raymer Elementary schools. “The South Rutland and Raymer StrongStart B.C. centres will offer local children and their families nurturing, supportive environments where they can discover the joy of learning,” said Thomson. “Today’s grand opening of these two centres is an important step for early education here in Kelowna.” StrongStart B.C. is a free drop-in early learning

program for preschoolaged children accompanied by a parent or caregiver. A qualified early childhood educator leads activities, including stories, music and arts to help children grow linguistically, emotionally and socially, and become comfortable in a school-like setting. All of B.C.’s 60 school districts have been offered the opportunity to participate in the StrongStart BC program. The province has invested $43 million to expand StrongStart BC, with more than 310 programs now operating across the province.

StrongStart centres help fulfil government’s commitment to use under-utilized school district space to deliver early learning services. The Central Okanagan School District has received $100,000 to help start up the program at local schools. This includes $20,000 for South Kelowna and Raymer elementary schools to prepare inschool space, including renovations and the purchase of new equipment and learning materials and $30,000 each to fund this year’s operating costs, including staff, professional development, supplies and healthy snacks.

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Executive Director Position Regular/Full-Time

The Cariboo Family Enrichment Center Society (CFEC) is an integrated social service agency providing a continuum of services in the South Cariboo to children, youth, families and individuals of all ages. The society is a leader in the South Cariboo Social Service Community and recipient of several provincial awards. CFEC is an accredited non-profit (registered charity) agency with a mandate to promote growth and strengthen the quality of family and community life in 100 Mile House and South Cariboo. The Center is inviting applications for the position of Executive Director. Applicants should have exceptional leadership skills, have extensive experience in the social service sector and have several years of managerial responsibilities. Qualifications: • Master’s degree or undergraduate degree in a social science discipline with extensive experience in the social service sector, preferably in a managerial role. • Experience in community and program development. • Thorough knowledge of financial and contract management. • Extensive knowledge of human resource management and supervisory skills • Demonstrated leadership skills • Excellent communication skills including the ability to make comprehensive public presentations. • Exceptional organizational and management skills. • Thorough knowledge of current trends in the social service sector. • Ability to work collaboratively with the Board of Directors, funding partners, and community agencies. CFEC offers a competitive wage and benefit package consistent with sector standards. Direct resume and cover letter outlining your qualifications to: Selection Committee, Cariboo Family Enrichment Centre Society P.O. Box 2427 #1 - 486 Birch Avenue 100 Mile House, BC V0K 2E0 or Fax: 250-395-1811 or email to Closing date is May 25, 2010 We thank all applicants, however, only those short-listed will be contacted.

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capital news A27


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A28 capital news

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100% BC Owned and Operated Visit Our new website is an ever-expanding resource for sustainable, sensible nutrition: stay tuned in the coming months for improved nutrition information; expanded product listings and nutrition articles.

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Ehmann Printing sold to larger graphics firm Maxine DeHart This week’s column is dedicated to Doris Vaughn, the wife of Cecil Vaughn ,who passed away April 27. I always enjoyed our chats when they came to the hotel for lunch or dinner.


fter 35 years, wellknown Kelowna businessman Vic Ehmann has retired and sold his business, Ehmann Printworx and Canadian Signworx, to The Menzies Group of Companies. Menzies Printers is a fourth generation Western Canada graphic communication company started in 1946 with office locations today in Kamloops, Calgary, Edmonton and Grande Prairie. The company was originally founded by Art Menzies and his wife along with their son Mal Menzies. Mal’s son Grant Menzies and his wife Jamie became permanently involved in the company back in 1979, and in November 1988 the couple took over management of the company when Grant’s father retired. Call 250-762-3213 or grant@ The Capri Rotary Club of Kelowna is a new recipient of the Spirit of Kelowna Award for the service club’s excellent work done to assist with the renovation for Shiloh House. Chop Steakhouse and Bar has opened at 2125 Enterprise Way. The restaurant offers a sophisticated yet contemporary casual dining atmosphere which is offered in either the large bar/lounge area or dining room, both with the same enticing menu. Choose to sit at one the many booths or high tables, all with plush leathSTK#10648

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er seats, rich wood tables and an upbeat style of service. The patio offers 50 seats and there is also a 10-seat private dining room for a party or corporate dinner. The extensive menu offers a wide variety of items from appetizers, burgers and salads, to full course meals. A few of the table favourites were Ahi Tuna Pillars and Lobster & Prawn Fritters and Lobster (appies); Halibut Chop, Wasabi Crusted Ahi Tuna, Ginger Peach Double Cut Pork Chop and Pancetta & Quebec Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast. Desserts of Caribbean Rum Cake and White Chocolate Raspberry Crème Brule were incredible. Michael Mallouk is the general manager and Michael Nezny the executive chef. Call 250-7120035 (reservations accepted). They’re open for dinner Monday through Sunday. Mark Danielson has joined the firm of Pushor Mitchell LLP as an associate lawyer. He will be practicing primarily in the areas of business law and general civil litigation. Call 250-869-1284; Several local CGAs were the recipients of awards for extraordinary service to their profession and years of service by the Certified Management Accountants Society of B.C. Congrats to Meryle Corbett and Jennifer Thompson (25 years); Paul Neustaedter and John Rosberg (30 years); K.B. Bauer, Carl Bertholm, Gerhardt Hanert, Darl Hill and W. Gordon Sanderson (35 years); Jack Greenan, Laurie Moritz and Frank Sbrocchi (40 years) and Robert King with 45 years. CMAs provide an integrating perspective to business decision-making, applying a unique blend of expertise in accounting, management and strategy to identify market opportunities, ensure corporate


EHMANN PRINTING staff are working for new owners after the company’s long-time proprietor Vic Ehmann decided to retire and has sold the business to The Menzies Group of Companies accountability and help organizations maintain a long-term competitive advantage. Pat Sibilleau, a CMA with the City of Kelowna, is the chair of the society’s Okanagan chapter. CHBC-TV has won several awards at the recent TVB Retail competition for various commercials. The awards were bronze, Top 3 Station Produced; 3rd Place, Top 10 Retailers; and 1st Place, Financial Services (all for Valley First Credit Union); 1st Place, Real Estate (Pasadena Developments/Mission Villas) and Honourable Mentions for Far West, City of Kelowna, Okanagan Col-

lege and Black Press. Happy 40th anniversary Dave and Margaret Hobson (May 16). Long-time “paint” guy Jim Hughes, formerly with Colour Your World and ICI Paints for over 30 years, has started a new professional paint consulting service called J Hughes Consulting Group. Hughes can take the guesswork out of identifying quality products and professional contractors for any project. Working directly with the contractors, his services include obtaining bids from pre-qualified paint contractors; written specifications for quality products customized for

your applications; colour schedules and paint draw downs; and coordinating with contractors. Call 250-764-6292; or Amber Coyle has returned to the Capital News as an advertising consultant. After 36 years of selling radio advertising, the last 20 in Kelowna with Astral Media after starting out with CKIQ, Ron Wittenberg is retiring at the end of May. He plans to see North America on his Harley and play some great golf when he’s not riding on his favourite motorcycle. O-SPA and Interior Laser Centre, 108-1912

Enterprise Way, has just introduced a new world renowned product exclusive to O-Spa. “Carita” is a new line of new-generation anti-aging products for the face. Based on the mysterious powers of mother-of-pearl, it helps restore the skin’s vitality and youth. Rich in minerals and essential trace elements, Pearl Powder extracted from precious white mother-ofpearl, helps fight the aging process and restores the skin’s original beauty. A combination of hightech tightening and firming ingredients helps stimulate the synthesis of support fibres to limit skin slackening and rede-

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In Maxine’s column today: A new restaurant has opened in Kelowna, the Chop Steakhouse and Bar; Briar Patch Gifts celebrates a first anniversary in business; O-SPA and Interior Laser Centre launch a new anti-aging product for your face; the inaugural Diversity Health Fair takes place on Saturday at Okanagan College; students and staff at Glenmore Elementary School shave their heads Friday in support of B.C. Children’s Hospital oncology department.

Orchard Ford ordered 15 2010 F-150 SuperCab 4x4 XLt’s for a major fleet account. Due to unforeseen circumstances, they were not able to take delivery. Orchard Ford must now liquidate these trucks! Ford Motor Company has authorized Orchard Ford to pass along all retail incentives on these vehicles • Award winning Triton Series V-8 • 28 hwy. MPG (10.2 L/100 km) • 6 spd. electronic auto. transmission • 17” alloy wheels • Power windows, locks & mirrors • Tilt steering wheel • Cruise control • Remote keyless entry • Electronic shift-on-the-fly 4x4 • 4 wheel ABS braking system • Electronic stability control (Advance Trac) • 6 standard air bags • 4 doors • Locking tailgate • CFC free air conditioning • AM/FM CD/MP3 player with Sirius Satellite Radio free for 6 months.

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fines facial contours with an immediate “lifting” effect. A moisturizing complex which combines micro-patch technology with powerful hydrating agents diffuses prolonged hydration helping strengthen the skin’s moisture cushion and smooth out wrinkles caused by dehydration. If you desire “nonevasive” intensive results for a special occasion or for dramatic differences in the skin, the four sessions or more over a three to five week period is designed to see a dramatic difference. Believe it or not, I am trying the “dramatic difference” for anySee DeHart B2


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B2 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010



The New Teriyaki Experience is put on hold in Kelowna DeHart from B1 time! I’ll let you know how I make out. Call 250712-1112 for more info. Briar Patch Gifts, a made in Canada store at Hollywood Station (corner of Hollywood Road and Highway 33), celebrates its fifth anniversary. Owner Pat Moberg searches the country for Canadian made treasures and the business now carries about 90 per cent Canadian made products. She has found fused glass, soy candles (with scents like blueberry hotcakes) little pottery canoes, boat dip pots, shopper bags with art by a B.C. rock artist and coasters made with antique Canadian maps. They also carry several local items including SIMS jewelry, quirky little handmade quails for your garden and yummy bath goodies. Call 250-

861-3457. Philippe Daigle, formerly of Invis, has joined the team of White House Mortgages (Dominion Lending Centres) franchised by Deb White. Call 250-801-1279; A Kelowna poet and member of The League of Canadian Poets, Fern G.Z. Carr has had her poem “I Am” selected by the Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate to be featured on his Poem of the Month website. She composes and translates poetry in five languages and has been published by the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada. Fern has also been invited to read her poetry in New York and Montreal and has been published world-wide. Winston Wammer aced a hole-in-one at Black Mountain Golf

Club on #4-138 yards. It was witnessed by noneever than Jim Card, Jack Hamer-Jackson and Don Gordon. Greg Moroso also recorded a holein-one on #7-176 yards. Congratulations to Dustin Serviss, of The Peacock Sheridan Group, and Jody Massier, of Farris Vaughn Wills & Murphy, on their engagement April 23. Last year I wrote about a new restaurant franchise Teriyaki Experience, the Canadian-based Asian-inspired quick serve concept, and the Pirani Group having acquired the rights to develop 20 locations in B.C, with one in Kelowna. I received a note from the company this week stating “we have decided to put all expansion plans on hold for now.” The launch of the Fresh Air Experience new

Turtle Island Gallery

115-1295 Cannery Lane, 250-717-8235

Dorothy Grant and Turtle Island Gallery invite you to an exclusive

concept store Fresh Air Concept, at 555 Groves Ave., celebrates its first anniversary this weekend, ay 14 to 16. To mark the occasion, Fresh Air Concept will offer specials and giveaways of some pretty neat products, including a Trek Cruise Bike, Silverstar summer bike pass, Oakley custom eyewear and Peak Performance Clothing. Join them for a group road ride on Saturday, 9 a.m. Call 250-763-3425. Parents looking for both education and a safe, on-site childcare have a new option to consider in a program at First Lutheran Christian School. The seamless education and childcare initiative, which launches in September, will offer education and on-site child care to students aged three to 12 from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The new program also includes a daily homework club, on-site tutoring and optional extracurricular enrichment activities such as arts and crafts, sports, dance and leadership. For more info on the school or to register call Karine Liegmann at 250-764-3111; www. On Friday, May 12, at 12:30 p.m., Glenmore

“Meet & Greet”


CADET MASTER Warrant Officer Brittany Turlock

(front left) proudly displays the Army Cadet Banner with her fellow army cadets on Dragon Fly Peak in New Zealand. Turlock, with the 903 BC Dragoons Cadet Corps in Kelowna, was named British Columbia’s most outstanding Army Cadet and the recipient of the 2010 President’s Trophy. In 2009, Turlock played an important role during Kelowna’s Cancer Awareness Week, raising over $55,000 towards this cause and chaired and organized her local high school blood drive. She also participated in the 2009 Miss Kelowna Lady of the Lake Pageant and was voted Miss Congeniality. She is currently in her first year of the arts degree program at UBC Okanagan.

Mark Your Calendar

Trunk Show & Sale with Haida Fashion Designer

for the 1st Annual


Dorothy Grant.

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

THURSDAY MAY 13TH 5:00-9:00 PM

Kelowna Community resources and Okanagan College are pleased to be hosting the 1st Annual Diversity Health Fair. Fair organizers Doreen Rosvold and Elizabeth McLeod are pleased to offer this event for the first time in our community. In partnership with the AMSSA (the Affiliation of Multi-Cultural Societies and Services Agencies), the event is designed to create an awareness of healthy lifestyle services available in our community for immigrants and general public.

It’s certain to be a memorable evening!

How can I

get more for my family?

The event will feature over 25 exhibitors demonstrating lifestyle choices, services and information to create overall health & wellness inclusive of body, mind and spirit development. Participants will have the opportunity to: visit 25 booths, participate in fitness demonstrations and classes, enjoy healthy living information sessions, experience the new interactive multicultural kiosk as well as enjoy samplings from the healthy cooking demonstrations.


Date: Cost: Time: Place: Parking:

Dorothy will be bringing all of her new ladies and men’s clothing designs for spring and summer.

Sunday, May 15 FREE! Everyone Welcome 10 am - 4 pm Okanagan College - Learning Centre FREE! Okanagan College Parking Lots

Save Time, Save Money.

Visit our other Black Press sites

We hope that you will join us on May 15th for the Diversity Health Fair! The Okanagan Valley is home to many immigrants from around the world and we want to ensure the services they find at the Diversity Fair provide them with the information they need to promote a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Mark your calendar and plan to come out to meet Dorothy Grant.

For more information visit Kelowna Community Resources website: or contact Doreen or Elizabeth at (250)763-8008.


Elementary School will host a Balding for Dollars event, where dozens of students and staff will be shaving their heads in support of the oncology department at B.C. Children’s Hospital. Cancer has hit the Glenmore community close to home as a teacher; student and a couple of parents are all fighting their individual battles against cancer. The inaugural Diversity Health Fair on Saturday, May 15, is a free event hosted by Kelowna Community Resources and Okanagan College at the KLO Road campus Learning Centre to create awareness of healthy lifestyle services available in our community for im- j migrants and the general public. For more info visit; 250-7638008. Birthdays of the week: Susan Johal, Kimmitt & Co. (May 8); Bjorn Oldendorf, Delta Grand (May 10); Allan McPhee (May 10); Mort Vetter (May 10); Laurie Anne Livingstone, Save-OnFoods (May 11); Arnie Schneider (May 13); John Schlosser (May 14); Stan Martindale, Ramada Hotel (May 16); Graham Bell (May 17); Art Born (May 18); in memory of my father Edward Abram (May 16). Maxine DeHart is a Kelowna hotelier. Phone her at 250-979-4546, fax 250-860-3173, e-mail

More Kelowna residents turn to the Capital News for community news than any other local information source. Follow us online at:

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capital news B3

Retirement income: Will it last Journalists’ secret sources for the rest of your lifetime? no longer quite so secret W COURT RULING


ot all categories of employment are governed solely by cookie-cutter laws such as employment standards statutes. Journalists are an example of a group which, to some degree, operates under a specialized set of laws. Journalists are occasionally in the position of receiving information from sources who do not want their identity revealed. The journalist will provide a promise of confidentiality but the issue is the degree to which the journalist can actually uphold that promise. The Supreme Court of Canada recently had an opportunity to review the extent to which journalists can protect the identity of a confidential source. The result is one which media organizations will surely condemn. Her Majesty the Queen vs. National Post involved an attempt by an unknown person to dupe the National Post into publishing a document which implicated a former prime minister of Canada in a serious conflict of interest. The implication was that the former prime minister was improperly involved with a loan from a federally funded bank to a hotel in the prime minister’s riding (which hotel allegedly owed a debt to the prime minister’s family investment company). The document had been provided to a National Post journalist who, in return, provided an unconditional promise of confidentiality. When the document was revealed, the former prime minister (and others) stated that the document was a forgery. The RCMP obtained an order compelling the National Post to assist them in locating the allegedly forged document. Their intention was to subject the document to forensic testing to determine if it would offer up any fingerprints or other identifying markings such as DNA which might identify its creator.


Robert Smithson The National Post applied, successfully, to quash the order. The Ontario Court of Appeal reversed that decision, reinstating the original order. That decision was appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court reviewed both the general law protecting the identity of journalists’ sources and the question of whether the National Post should have to hand over the allegedly forged document. The media’s argument, of course, is that unless journalists can offer anonymity to confidential sources, freedom of information in debate on matters of public interest will be compromised. As the court stated: “Important stories will be left untold, and the transparency and accountability of our public institutions will be lessened to the public detriment.” The court stated that, in appropriate circumstances, “The courts will respect a promise of confidentiality given to a secret source” by a journalist. However, the “public’s interest in being informed about matters that might only be revealed by secret sources…is not absolute” and “must be balanced against other important interests, including investigation of a crime.” The court emphasized

Bridges of Trust™ is a motivational employee/employer training program available to eligible companies with 100% funding assistance.



Doreen Smith penses. Utility costs, annual insurance costs and repairs to our home and vehicle, food, clothes and entertainment cost will continue in retirement. During our working years and in retirement, there are unpredictable expenses and emergencies that come up on a regular basis. Spur of the moment emergencies do not end because we retire. A good trial model to follow is to change your spending habits before retirement. If a couple will have 25 to 50 per cent less income in retirement, try living on this reduced income stream before retirement. If you have a shortfall during your working years during this trial, you will establish there is an insufficient income to live the lifestyle of your choice in retirement. Technology continues to improve and consumer costs continue to rise. Who could have predicted 10 years ago that many seniors would car-

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that the “many important news gathering techniques, including reliance on secret sources, should not…be regarded as entrenched in the Constitution.” The common law does not, therefore, recognize a blanket privilege protecting journalists from compelled disclosure of secret sources. Journalists’ claims for protection of secret sources must be assessed on a case-by-case basis taking into account the established common law rules of privilege. Until all aspects of the common law rules of privilege have been satisfied (the burden is on the journalist to do so), no privilege arises and the “evidence is presumptively compellable and admissible.” That being the case, “no journalist can give a secret source an absolute assurance of confidentiality.” In the circumstances of this particular case, the Court sided with the police. The allegedly forged document was deemed “essential to the police investigation and likely essential as well to any future prosecution.” The next time a journalist promises you confidentiality or anonymity, you might ask whether he or she has read up on the law lately. Robert Smithson is a lawyer in Kelowna practicing exclusively in the area of labour and employment law. This subject matter is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice.

o you wonder how much money you will need in retirement to live a lifestyle of your choice? How you will fill your time in retirement and how much will it cost? When planning for retirement, do some number crunching based on realistic numbers and factual information. During our lifetime, we receive a regular paycheck and we spend most of it. What is left over, we save for retirement or spend on other things like a family vacation, a new vehicle, splurge on a new washer and dryer, or replace the house roof. Prepare a balance sheet or start with a blank piece of 8x10 paper. Start with income on one side, and expenses on the other side of the projection. List all the income you will receive in retirement, OAS entitlement, CPP entitlement, employer pension benefits, any bridging benefits with a CPP reduction, any other income, such as, savings, non registered assets, a possible inheritance, sale of a business, or the proceeds from downsizing of a house. Expenses on the other side involve all the same expenses we paid for during our working years, plus or minus a few ex-

100% Funding is available to invest in your most valuable asset…. Businesses that invest in people improve their bottom line and realize greater productivity and synergy on your team…end results, greater the profit. Scheduled Sessions @ Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna: Day One: June 2 or June 3 Day Two: June 16 or June 17

Registration & Contact: Ken MacLeod, T: 250.306.5915 E:

MacLeod Consulting

Experience the culinary passion of beautiful Vancouver. Your gourmet getaway begins at the gorgeous, boutique-style hotel St. Regis where you will also enjoy a massage for two and sublime dining at one of the city’s top restaurants – Coast! See details at under “WIN A TRIP”. Cheryl MacKinnon’s favourite destinations at…

Telling your story most accurately —the Capital News

ry a cell phone, plus continue to pay for their land phone line, have a computer in their home with monthly Internet fees, or head to Costco for a new flat screen TV? How about predicting accurately how much it will cost to fuel our vehicles and heat our homes during a retirement that can last 30 years? Extra costs are a reality, but difficult to predict in a budget scenario. Most people want to quit their day job some day, and you should plan on what you are going to fill your days and weeks with after you quit work. Day to day costs, plus expensive hobbies or travel plans should be included in the budget. Paying tax on our income is an important factor today and in retirement. Most pension income is 100 per cent taxable. Gross income minus income tax equals net income.



After tax income is what you have left to spend. How much will you spend every month for the rest of your life? It is a complex question. Your Certified Financial Planner can assist you in preparing your own personalized income model. Doreen Smith is a Certified Financial Planner with Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. The opinions may not necessarily reflect those of Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. 250-860-7144, ext. 114.

B4 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


sunshinemarket “ Yo u r N e i g h b o r h o o d F r e s h F o o d S t o r e ”


Enjoy a hearty meal that will please everyone in the family. Made fresh with the finest

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ingredients...served with rice


You can get your fill of the best ribs in town! We slow cook these overnight, the ribs are soaked in our house BBQ sauce, and the meat is falling off the bones when you get them...delicious!

$9.99 per lb.


We continue to sell the best Fish and Chips you will have using the highest quality fish and the best chips available. Fresh made when you order! Phone 250-764-7344 to place your order for pickup. Drop in for our great selection of ready to go meals... meals you will be proud to serve your family.

Honey Glazed Salmon Fillets on Asian style slaw with miso.................ea.



Classic Italian Spaghetti Dinner with our own pasta & our own fresh made meatballs and a veggie ...............................



ALWAYS GOOD, ALWAYS DIFFERENT, ALWAYS FRESH! PRODUCE Romaine Lettuce Fresh. ............................... 99¢/ea Bunch Carrots Fresh ................................. bunch 79¢ Satsuma Oranges New Crop • Peru .............. 99¢/lb Super Sweet Yellow Corn Fresh • Calif. ...4 for $1.99 Baking Potatoes 10 lb bag • Wash. . . . . . . $2.29/ea ORGANIC PRODUCE


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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The disabled can thrive when given a taste of entrepreneurship





hile I was pondering a theme for my column for this week, my mind wandered back to Saskatchewan from whence we came and my association with the Saskatchewan Association for Rehabilitation Centres. For a brief time, I had entered into a venture relationship whereupon people with disabilities who worked in various Saskatchewan rehab centres were able to work directly within their respective communities across the province and market greeting cards which were reproductions of original Saskatchewan prairie scenes. What was so personally gratifying for me was the opportunity for the disabled folk to experience a taste of being entrepreneurial. The study of disabled entrepreneurship evolves out of the investigation of the category of social entrepreneurship, which, in itself is relatively new in its research and maturity. This has prompted me to highlight for you this week an element that has caught my attention in my own research. The New Heroes is a phrase and PBS television . This series offers us a picture of how social entrepreneurs can and do change the world through the power of new ideas I would like to share some of these images for you this week to offer you a road you might wish to travel when you are ready to make your contribution to changing our world. Let’s look at social entrepreneurship first. A social entrepreneur identifies and solves social problems on larger scales than what we, as individuals, might normally expect from singular or


Joel Young small group voices. Just as economic entrepreneurs create and can transform whole industries, social entrepreneurs act as the “change agents” for society, seizing opportunities others miss in order to improve the social order and its systems or lack thereof, invent and disseminate new approaches and advance sustainable solutions that give rise to creating a genuine social value in our lives. Here is where I feel the hinge to disabled entrepreneurship comes into play for me when we recognize that the job of a social entrepreneur is identify a part of society that gets stuck and to charge forward with new ways for it to get unstuck. He or she finds what is not working and solves the problem by changing the system, spreading the solution and persuading our societies to take new leaps. The past two decades have seen an explosion of entrepreneurship and a healthy competition in the social sector where innovative ideas coupled with strategies for action have embraced the entrepreneur’s indomitable will for change. Let’s bring in the disabled world to this discussion of social entrepreneurship. Research in Canada and the U.S. has suggested that about fifteen-percent of persons with disabilities who are working are self-employed ( I

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Your host, host, Cheryl yl yl MacKinnon Kinnon Kin i non in n no

think it’s higher) versus the less than 10 per cent of non-disabled persons with their own ventures. More of us than ever are starting to follow suit—and launch our own ventures. However, starting our own businesses presents a certain number of unique challenges but it also gives us more flexibility and control of our personal and working environment. Despite the many challenges involved, people with disabilities are succeeding at launch their own entrepreneurial ventures at an incredible rate. Around 40 per cent of all home-based businesses are owned and operated by people with disabilities. This should be a great, new era of socio-economic entrepreneurial opportunity for Canadians with disabilities. Technology has made it far easier for them to work at home and participate in one of the most powerful economic trends of recent years— the entrepreneurial boom Yet, funny as it may seem to those of us with a social entrepreneurial bent to our personality, there are still large numbers of unemployed but capable disabled people in our wonderful country. Given the drain on the economy that represents, why isn’t more being done to harness their abilities and channel them into avenues of prosperity. Both our federal and provincial governments, and even a bit of municipal, have exercised some disabled small business programs but, have let those efforts fade away like a wisp of smoke. But, please recognize with me—there’s no lack of interest. Entrepreneurship has long appealed to people with varying disabilities. Practical considerations are strong motivators—independence, a flexible schedule, and the ability to work from a

place that’s equipped for their needs. But, let me go back a moment once again—key breakthrough has been that technological advancements has certainly improved things. The web has made tools and information for setting up and operating an entrepreneurial venture more accessible. As a strong response to the power of aiding and inspiring disabled entrepreneurship in our province, there are several things we can do and do better to make a significant difference to our “new heroes” and allow us to embrace the virtues of “ social entrepreneurship” in this great western province: • Reach more of the disabled community by working with specialized disability media and the mainstream media as well • Hire more staff to deliver existing and contribute to building new programs for entrepreneuriallyminded disabled persons • Play a stronger role in helping disabled budding entrepreneurs get financing • Become clearinghouses for information on assistive technology—the tools that allow disabled persons to fully participate in our provincial society and tap the high-tech entrepreneurial boom. • Raise money from private, philanthropic sources so it can meet the demand for entrepreneurial start-up information and become a long-term resource channel If we can collaborate to meet these important goals, we can become a “Command Central” for people with disabilities who want to enlist in the entrepreneurial revolution. Joel Young is an entrepreneurial leadership coach, educator, consultant and the founder of the Okanogan Valley Entrepreneurs Society.

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capital news B5



Mike Bullard’s May Long Comedy Kickoff coming to Kelowna

Turtle Island Gallery to showcase popular Haida artist

Pyper Geddes

Joining Mike Bullard as the opening act will be XM Radio’s With Bluelines Comedy Club “Next Top Comic,” Brian Stollery. (Yuk Yuk’s) out of business, people “Nice Enough,” Stollery’s new in Kelowna are probably look- CD, was just named one of the Top ing for a few good laughs; and no, Selling Standup Comedy Albums I don’t just mean the laughs that on CD Baby—the largest online come from staring across the lake distributor of independent music. A regular at the Vancouver and at “The Fluff” (a.k.a. The Bluff). Comedian Mike Bullard, one Toronto Comedy Festivals, Stolof Canada’s most recognizable ce- lery has also made appearances on lebrities, is set to perform at the CBC Radio’s “The Debaters” and May Long Comedy Kickoff in Ke- “Laugh out Loud.” Bullard’s remarkable abillowna on May 21. ity to interact with his Host of Gemini award audiences and his genuwinning talk show, “Open For more Mike,” Bullard has culti- information about ine love of spontaneity, proved to be the very vated a reputation as one the event please skills that allowed him of the quickest and most contact Tiara to immediately estabclever wits in the counEntertainment at lish himself as a matry, and is considered 250-863-9444. jor force in the late-night comparable to comedcomedy show arena. ic heavyweights Letterman His clean and impromptu and Leno. One of the longest running talk comedy routines and extraordinary shows in North America, Open ability to read an audience ensure Mike launched in the fall of 1997 that Mike Bullard will have the enand ran for six unprecedented sea- tire audience in stitches. Tickets for the May Long sons. Originally premiered on the Comedy Kickoff are $51 including Comedy Network, the nightly show GST with the show commencing at went on to mainstream success on the Kelowna Community Theatre CTV in 1998. Through its six-year at 7:30 p.m. on May 21. Tickets are run, Bullard hosted many celebrity now available at selectyourtickets. guests on Open Mike from both com. Ric’s Grill will also be havsides of the border including sever- ing a special $32 menu with dinner al notable actors, politicians, musi- and dessert before the show, running from 5 to 7:30 p.m. Call 250cians and sports players. In addition to his success on 869-1586 to make your dinner resthe small screen, Bullard has also ervations. Pyper Geddes is the assistant published a book, “Open Book: manager at Habitat in Little Thoughts from a Big Head downtown Kelowna. (Doubleday), and recorded a CD, “Stick 2 Comedy” (BMG). CONTRIBUTOR

THE DESIGNS of internationally acclaimed artist Dorothy Grant will be on display at the Turtle Island Gallery on Thursday.

che ec ck iit to ou ut…

One of Canada’s foremost First Nations fashion designers will be in Kelowna to talk about her life in the haute couture world on Thursday at Turtle Island Gallery. Dorothy Grant is an internationally acclaimed fashiond designer as well as traditional Haida artist and accomplished weaver. She developed the idea in the early 1980s of melding her artistic talent with fashion to create her own line of clothing. She first came to prominence at Expo 86 when her fashion interpretation of a traditional Haida ceremonial regalia, the Raven Creation Tunic, was presented at a dignitary feast hosted by the Canada Pavilion. Today, that garment is part of the Canadian Museum of Civilization’s permanent collection along with her Hummingbird Copper Panel Dress. Her clothing designs, often described as “wearable art,” in the years since have drawn wide praise from fashion circles around the world. Celebrities such as Robin Williams, Jennifer Tilly, Marie Osmond and Inuk singer Susan Aglukark have worn her clothing designs, while her work has been exhibited in art galleries around the world. Georgette Johnson, owner of the Turtle Island Gallery, said she and Grant have talked for years about the fashion designer making an appearanc in Kelowna. “A couple of weeks ago she and I were chatting at her studio in Vancouver, and we just decided to do this. I’ve wanted to bring her to Kelowna for some time and it’s something she’s always wanted to do,” Johnson said. She said Grant continues to operate her own thriving clothing boutique in Vancouver, while continuing to serve as a role model for First Nations people, particularly those wanting to get into the fashion industy. Grant will be at the gallery, located at 115-1295 Cannery Lane in Kelowna’s Cultural District,on Thursday from 5 to 9 p.m. For more information, call 250-717-8235.

A real news & entertainment column

Not sure what to do this weekend? TThursday, May 13th - Basswave Thursdays @ The Grateful Fed Thursday, May 13th - Madison Violet and The John Henrys @ The Minstrel Café Thursday, May 13th - Madison Rivers w/ Teleporter and Moments @ Habitat Friday, May 14th - Justin Hale @ Cabana Bar and Grille Friday, May 14th - Son De Cuba @ Cush Supper Club Saturday, May 15th - Pat LePoidevin @ The Streaming Café Sat., S May 15th - Scott Thielmann @ 13 Monks (West Kelowna)

More details about these events can be found at


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Wednesday, May 12, 2010



Hutz brings merry rabble to Gogol Bordello Top Sales and Rentals Blu-ray Rentals

1 Avatar 2 The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus 3 It’s Complicated 4 Leap Year 5 Sherlock Holmes 6 Tooth Fairy 7 Nine 8 The Lovely Bones 9 Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans 10 Crazy Heart

Top Sales

1 Avatar (DVD) 2 Avatar (Blu-Ray) 3 It’s Complicated (DVD) 4 Tooth Fairy (DVD) 5 Leap Year (DVD) 6 Nine (DVD) 7 Tooth Fairy (Blu-Ray) 8 The Lovely Bones (DVD) 9 Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Blu-Ray) 10 Crazy Heart (DVD)

Kids Rentals

1 Strawberry Shortcake: The Berryfest Princess Movie 2 Bob’s Big Break 3 Go Diego Go.: Great Panda Adventure 4 The Penguins of Madagascar 5 Dora the Explorer: Explore the Earth. 6 Dora the Explorer: Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom 7 Backyardigans: Escape from the Tower 8 My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure 9 Go Diego Go.: Lion Cub Rescue 10 SpongeBob SquarePants: Viking-Sized Adventures

Game Rentals

1 Splinter Cell: Conviction (Xbox 360) 2 New Super Mario Bros Wii (Nintendo Wii) 3 God Of War III (PlayStation 3) 4 Battlefield Bad Company 2 (360) 5 Just Cause II (Xbox 360) 6 Halo 3: Odst (Xbox 360) 7 Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PlayStation 3) 8 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360) 9 2010 Fifa World Cup (PlayStation 3) 10 Metro 2033 (Xbox 360)

Just In

Edge of Darkness Daybreakers Legion The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus Leap Year Nine Tooth Fairy Avatar It’s Complicated The Descent 2 The Lovely Bones Crazy Heart The Young Victoria Pirate Radio Tenderness Red Cliff The Slammin’ Salmon Tenure Defendor


I was eager to get this new Gogol Bordello album after seeing their hilarious and extremely energetic live spot on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last week. This is the band’s fifth album, but first one for a major label so that Gogol Bordello remained mostly unknown outside of their New York locale. The group is led by Ukrainian Eugene Hutz, a refugee of the Chernobyl disaster, who finally got accepted as a U.S. immigrant in 1993 after kicking around a few eastern European countries for a number of years. It was there that Hutz picked up his love of gypsy music that he has blended into his riotous form of rock and roll. The band was hailed in a lot of New York crit-

Bruce Mitchell ics circles for their fine indie albums Super Taranta and Gypsy Punks so ace producer and star maker Rick Rubin was hired to oversee these new studio sessions. The music is a wondrous mix of punk, folk, polka, and a slew of Eastern European Romany idioms. Check out the Ukranian wedding music cum punk on Pala Tute and In The Meantime In Pernambuco. Hutz and his merry rabble also dabble in a little reggae Uke-rock on the topical anti-war song When Universes Collide and on the immigration intolerance centered Immigrandiada (We Comin’

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3003 Pandosy Street Kelowna, BC (250) 717-3247

Rougher) as Hutz experienced a lot of prejudice in his past. This is a solid CD and a full-on party blast but it only barely captures the magic of that live concert footage I saw on Fallon’s late night talk show. Still, Gogol Bordello is a band to watch and no, it is not a rumoured Borat send-up. B-

TAYLOR HAWKINS & THE COATTAIL RIDERS: RED LIGHT FEVER (RCA) It is somewhat ironic that Taylor Hawkins

is the drummer for Foo Fighters. That is because Foo Fighters was formed by ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl so he could express his own musical creations. Taylor Hawkins’ brand of rock isn’t that much different from Grohl’s Foo Fers but his guest list helps inform and expand Hawkins’ style. There is some Queenlike theatrical, baroque rock on Not Bad Luck and Way Down as Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen help out on both of these tunes.

But Mostly Hawkins has a pop-rock classicists ear on Red Light Fever. Check out the semisoft rock grooves on the cool Fleetwood Maclike Never Enough and the ’70s Badfinger rock hooks on the dramatic It’s Over. I particularly liked the power pop on Sunshine (a title that sorta sums up a lot of Red Light Fever), The Beatlesque Hole In My Shoe (not the Traffic classic) and Crickets-like Not Fade Away rhythmics of the song James Gang. This is a likeable album but no one song really blows you away so hard core fans of Foo Fighters will probably want to check this disc out. I’m just wondering if the drummer from the backing band The Coattail Riders is thinking of a solo project? By the way, Dave Grohl is all over this album playing, of all things, rhythm guitar. B-


I cannot really say I am a big fan of rap albums but I discovered, like most casual fans, that rap in small doses (read hit singles) can be a lot of fun. Def Jam is one of the most important labels in rap, R&B and hip hop and the label has just recently released a five-CD box set, Def Jam 25, in celebration of their 25th anniversary. This new twoCD sampler of that box set is a solid anthology of 25 songs (who woulda’ guessed) that more or less follows huge hits backwards in time from the most recent Rihanna to early LL Cool J the label’s first big star. In between is a mind boggling array of varied music from diverse acts such as Kanye West, Ludacris, Ashanti, JayZ, DMX, Method Man, Onyx, Public Enemy and Montell Jordan with his uber smash This Is How We Do It. Anyway, I just got the new Cypress Hill CD in the mail and I really enjoyed it after just one listen. But by next week I’ll see if it stands up to repeated exposures for just a casual rap fan. Till then, this collection gets a solid B+

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


capital news B7


Wine from the orchard fruits T


AN EARLY FAMILY PHOTO, possibly of James Manery, at the door of the Manery cabin in the Similkameen.

here is something utterly magical about being able to trace family roots. As they say: The roots of a family tree begin with the love of two hearts.” This definitely rings true for the Harker (nee Manery) family who settled in the Similkameen Valley in 1888. The love was for family as well as for tending the land and both traditions have been continued with pride. Five generations of this family business have thrived and with the current raising the sixth generation and making wine, they are taking the legacy to a new level. Winemaker Sara Harker’s venture into wine making was initiated through her passion for supporting the local economy and maintaining her belief in sustainability. Instead of going the grape wine route, she thought: “Why not make wine with what we already have?” With the Harker’s thriving orchards at her fingertips, Sara went to


Jennifer Schell work on capturing the essence of the tree fruits in a bottle. And that she did. A true taste of summer in every drop, these creative flavour bombs will send your taste buds to a whole new level. The new series of Rustic Roots wines that the Harker’s have created will pay tribute to each one of the pioneers of their beloved Similkameen Valley. The first tribute is made to the Manery Family. James Manery, along with his wife, traveled west on horseback from Ontario in 1868. They settled in the Similkameen Valley where William managed the Old Barcelo Ranch. Their first of 10 chil-

dren, Samuel James Manery was born on March 14, 1888. He was the fourth non-native baby born in the Similkameen. The snow apple or Femeuse tree that Samuel planted on his family farm, still stands today as a stoic symbol of their pioneer heritage. New Release Plum Rosé (tank sample). A glimpse into this new creation revealed what will be a rich concentrated fresh plum explosion (Sara used five varieties of plums). Offdry, this pretty, fruit punch will be a perfect summer picnic wine. New Release Apricot Mandarin oranges, white flowers and of course, the seductive scent of apricots will lure you to a rich mouth feel and satisfyingly fresh experience. 2008 Santa Rose Plum This is their biggest award winner and is also Sara’s “favourite thing to make.” Born from the rescue of 3,000 pounds of beauti-

2170 harvey avenue, kelowna • The Gold Recyclers • 1.877.572.2728

ful plums that were going to be wasted, Sarah intervened and brought them all home. Her reward for saving the plums? A gorgeous sweet and sour flavour sensation that has been described as a “party in your mouth.” With a pleasing zing of acidity the fruit is followed by a unique hit of cocoa powder at the back end. Very special.


Alysha Harker’s specialty—this will surely make you the hit of the party. 3 bottles Peach Nectarine Wine 2 ounces each of Triple Sec and Gran Marnier 2 cans of Ginger Ale Chopped peaches, oranges and apples. Mix together in a large punch bowl and serve to happy summer guests. Jennifer Schell is editor of B.C. Wine Trails Magazine.

B8 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Your community. Your classifieds.



It is agreed by any display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisement and box rental.


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.



Coming Events BUSY WOMEN’S Express Shop Sat May 15th 10am-4pm Rutland Centennial Hall 180A Rutland Rd 30+ Vendors, bake sale, entertainment & more bring a food donation for the food bank

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EXPERIENCED Sand Blaster wanted. Please fax resume to 250-766-1350

In Memoriam 4357584

In Memoriam

LARRY BECKER July 4, 1959 - Aprl 19, 2004 There is a link death can never sever, Love and remembrance last forever. Lovingly remembered by family and friends.




Childcare Available

Help Wanted


Career Opportunities

MATURE non-smoking woman available to house/pet sit Aug 23-Nov 1. 250-767-0022

Grand Mayan Resort in Acapulco, Nuevo Vallarta, Riviera Maya or Los Cabos. Grand Master suite with kitchen, living room, 2 bedrooms with king beds and ensuites & 2 single beds. Check it out at w w w. t h e g r a n d m ay a n . c o m . Book through local owner only: 250-801-4495.

Help Wanted BOUCHERIE Bottle Depot. Cashier & hardworker. FT/PT. 2711 Kyle Rd, West Kelowna. Call Ken 250-769-7122




A memorial service celebrating Ken’s life will be held on Saturday May 15, 2010 at 3pm from Mainstreet Community Church, 1580 Bernard Ave, Kelowna BC. Donations to the Heart & Stroke Foundation in Ken’s memory would be much appreciated. #4-1551 Sutherland Ave. Kelowna BC V1V 9G8

HAYWARD, MONICA ELIZABETH Passed away on Friday, May 7, 2010 at the age of 88. She is survived by her loving family, seven daughters: Linda (Jim), Monica (Dan), Yvette (Joe), Shirley (Dave), Angela (Rob), Jackie (Deran), Roseann (Keith); six sons: Charles (Sylvia), David (Mary), Donald (Heather), Lance (Christy), Rob (Colleen), Wade (Janice); 37 grandchildren; 20 great grandchildren; two brothers: Jack Bittner and Louis Bittner. Predeceased by her husband Ronald on May 11, 1977 and daughter Judy on September 8, 2008. Mom, we loved you yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, May 15th at 1:00 pm at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Okanagan Hospice House, 2035 Ethel Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2Z6. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, 250-860-7077.

Loving wife, mother and grandmother passed away peacefully on May 10, 2010, leaving the bonds of her earthly body, to be with her Lord and Saviour whom she loved and faithfully served. Elsie was born in Melville, Saskatchewan on April 15, 1923, the fourth of eight children to Louise and Theodore Bitterman. She later met and married Stanley Smith and they moved to B.C. to attend British Columbia Bible Institute in preparation for ministry. They had two children, Linda and Rob and lived in various areas of B.C. including: Chemainus, Victoria’s Royal Oak, Trail, Oliver, Cranbrook and Hope. After their children had grown, they eventually settled in Burnaby and Chilliwack where she had a successful home-based business for many years called “Match Your Chinaware”. Recently she resided at Springvalley Care Center, (formerly Windsor Manor) in Kelowna. Elsie will be dearly missed and lovingly remembered by her family. She is survived by her husband of 63 years, Stan, daughter Linda Manky (Stan), son Rob Smith (Irene), her grandchildren, Michelle Li (Chris), Kimberly Manky-Lloyd (Rhys), Heidi and great-grandchildren, Madeline and Elliot. A Memorial Service will be held at Evangel Church, 3261 Gordon Drive, on May 15, 2010 at 1:30 pm. Because of her love of sponsoring children overseas, in lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Village of Hope c/o of Evangel Church Kelowna, V1W 3N4. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, 250-860-7077.

Oct. 11, 1936 – May 4, 2010 Our much loved husband, dad, and “Popey” unexpectedly left us May 4th, 2010 at Kelowna General Hospital. Born in Neilburg, Sask, Toby was raised in Regina, where at 18 years, he met Sharie, his future wife of 52 years. The consummate entrepreneur, Toby and family moved to Kelowna in 1973, where he established a land development consulting firm and earned much respect among his associates and peers. Always a family man, animal devotee, and a dynamic, unique individual. He will be sadly missed by his wife Sharie, children: Jonn, Karey (Bruce), Lorea, Rande (Linda) and grandchildren: Lindsay, Thea, Danielle & Kendra and his “animal” grandchildren: Rio, Katie, Tanner, Lucy, Rosita and Wrigley. A special thank you to the wonderful staff at the KGH Cath. Lab for their exceptional care & efforts. No service at this time. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the B.C. SPCA. *Gone, but in our hearts forever* Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting Arrangements entrusted with First Memorial Funeral Services, Kelowna (250) 762-2299.


March 12,1915- May 3, 2010

It is with sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Vince Bezeau, on April 28th, 2010, at Kelowna General Hospital. He leaves behind his wife, Frances, two sons, David Paul Bezeau and Randall Nathan Bezeau, four grand children, Jenny Bezeau, Jonny Bezeau, Shaylah Bezeau, and Alex Bezeau. He also leaves behind his sister, Mary Edith, his brother, Bruce, and five step brothers and sisters, Lawrence, Suzanne, Arnold, Ken, and Yvonne.Vince was born in Kitchener, Ontario in 1939 and in 1958 was accepted into Royal Roads Military College. He met his wife, Frances, at that time. He graduated from the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1962 and joined the Royal Canadian Artillery. Vince received his Masters degree, in Military History, in Kingston, in 1977. He then worked in the Department of Military History in Ottawa. He retired from the Canadian Armed Forces in 1984 to accept the position as Director Military Traditions and Heritage at National Defense Headquarters in Ottawa. He retired from this position in 1998. Vince was the Vice President of the Okanagan Military Museum Society, a Director of the Kelowna Museums Society and very active in the preservation and interpretation of Okanagan Valley history and heritage. A memorial service will be held at First Memorial Funeral Services at, 1211 Sutherland Ave. on Saturday 15th May, at 11:00 a.m. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting Arrangements entrusted with First Memorial Funeral Services, Kelowna. 250-762-2299

Save by buying factory direct


1-800-665-4143 • SUMMERLAND, B.C.


REEVA IRENE CALDWELL NEE LE BEAU “BABE” Mother, Friend, Artist, Musician and inspiration to all who knew her passed away on May 3rd with friend and family at her side. Born in Vulcan Alberta and raised in the Freemont area of Sask. she married Jack Caldwell in 1938. They farmed, she became Postmaster and were active in the community. She raised three children and lived there till 1963 when Jack’s ambitions took him to California to seek a better life for his family. They moved back to Saskatoon in 1968 where Reeva worked till retirement. Jack passed away in 1973. With retirement she embraced a new stage of her life. She took up art again and enjoyed travel and being an active senior in Oliver Lodge where she resided. In 1993 she was convinced to move to Westbank to be closer to her family and resided in the Lion’s Seniors Blding. She was actively involved with the Westside Seniors Art Group, sang in the choir, worked in the Thrift Shop, and enjoyed the craft group and fellowship at Westbank United Church. She possessed the spirit of self reliance and dealt with adversity without complaint. She lived on her own until the age of 94. Reeva lived with tenacity and purpose until her last days with us, continuing to inspire all who knew her. To say she will be missed is and understatement. She leaves her son Ron (Delores) of Prince George, her daughter Betty (Eric Joel) of West Kelowna, Her son Donald predeceased in 1999. Her three grandchildren Robyn (Shaun) Murphy of Prince George, Colin of Calgary, Kirsten of W.Kelowna, and two great grandchildren Payton and Marissa, Numerous nieces and nephews who loved “Auntie Babe”. A celebration of her life will be held at Westbank United Church on Brown Rd on Sat May 15, at 2:30. The family requests that in lieu of flowers a donation be made to Central Okanagan Hospice Society at 2035 Ethel St. Kelowna, V1Y 2Z6. A huge thank you to all the staff and caregivers at Village of Smith Creek, and the Kelowna Hospice House for the gentle care she received. They gave us an extra year and her much comfort. Special thanks to Dr. Shawn Martin who kept our “Eveready Bunny” going for the last 15 years.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities



Controller Looking for a work-life balance in a world class ski destination? VVI Construction Ltd. is an integrated construction, manufacturing and building supply company with operations in various locations in British Columbia. An immediate opening is available for a Controller in Revelstoke BC. The Controller will provide accurate Âżnancial information to CFO, including analysis, budgeting, forecasting and preparation of monthly, quarterly, and annual consolidated and non-consolidated Âżnancial statements. The Controller will also be responsible for managing the company’s accounting functions, including establishing and maintaining accounting principles, practices, and procedures. The Controller will maintain the company’s accounting systems and implements changes as required. The successful candidate will have at least 5 years experience as an accountant with a designation preferred. Excellent communication skills, strong organizational, analytical, computer and spreadsheet skills are essential. A ‘hands on’ style with a strong eye for detail is required. Please forward resumes by May 21st, 2010 Attention: CFO to with salary expectations. Only those selected for interview will be contacted. VVI Construction Ltd. Phone (250) 837-2919 Fax (250) 837-6145


Practical Nursing


Addictions and Community Support Worker


Medical OfďŹ ce Administrator


Early Childhood Education


Computer Graphic Design

Resident Care Attendant

(Towne Centre Mall) Downtown Kelowna has openings for‌

Qualified Licensed Hair Stylists • with minimum 3 years experience • full or part-time • Chair rentals also available starting at $750/mo.

Drop your resume at Shapers or email:

Help Wanted

Help Wanted


CHEAP TELEPHONE RECONNECT! Paying too much? Switch, save money and keep your number! First month only $24.95+ connection fee. Phone Factory Reconnect 1-877-336-2274 Finishing Woodworker Benchwork & Joinery CertiďŹ cate an asset. Starting wages up to $25/hr with beneďŹ ts depending on experience. References required. Resumes to be hand delivered. Phone Susan at 250-546-2934 for appt. HIRING NOW! Traveling Carnival looking for games operators for summer. Leaving June 4th, we are looking for neat, friendly, outgoing employees w/good people skills! Drivers licence preferred but not required, $500/wk, accommodations & transportation provided. Call Mon-Fri 9am-4pm 250-307-5313 (leave msg if not answered) JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! No experience necessary, we will train. Must be 18+yrs. of age. Call 250-860-3590 or Email: LEMARE LAKE Logging Ltd. is seeking contract Highway Truck Drivers, project starting June 1, 2010. Please call Jennifer Ouellette @ 250-9563123 or fax information to 250956-4888.



Assembly sales, customer service & management trainee positions available within our Kelowna office. Must be 18+ years of age. No experience required as we provide full training. Call 250-860-3590 or send resume to

////////// #1 IN PARDONS. Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED, BBB Accredited. FREE consultation. Toll free 1-866-416-6772 ADVENTURE! Teach English Overseas. No degree req. TESOL Cert. in-class (June 9-13 Kelowna) or online. Job Guar. Call NOW 1-888-270-2941

The Central Okanagan’s leading Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership requires a



Experience is preferred, but excellent remuneration and benefits await the right candidate. Interested parties should contact Steve Munro, General Sales Manager, in person with resume.

cautions readers regarding sending money to obtain information on employment opportunities. Legitimate companies do not charge potential employees. Be mindful when giving out personal and ďŹ nancial information. BUSY Toyota Dealer requires Service Advisor, min. 2yr. experience, Renolds & Renolds an asset but will train right candidate. Send resume to: 250-491-1960, Email: service

DL #30539

Accounting and Payroll Administrator


2690 HWY 97 N. Kelowna


Journeyman Technician




Hands-on Skill Training Student-focused Learning Environment Highly Qualified, IndustryExperienced Instructors Practicum Placements for All Programs Financial Aid Available to Qualified Applicants Job-Ready Grads Get Hired Right Away!


To Pursue a New Career Within Months Afternoon & Evening Classes Available

1-866-306-3768 KEL.VCCOLLEGE.CA Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools


Education/Trade Schools

Excellent opportunity for a Journeyman Technician in a very busy import shop. B.C. Provincial Inspectors License and AC Ticket an asset. Excellent opportunity for advancement, wages and benefits based on experience. Apply in person to: Valley Mitsubishi 2350 Enterprise Way, Kelowna or Fax: 860-6308 or email: Paul Silcock at

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools



Call our KELOWNA Campus:



The choice is yours... ENROLL TODAY AND GRADUATE IN LESS THAN 1 YEAR Funding May Be Available

While we try to ensure all advertisements appearing in the Kelowna Capital News are placed by reputable businesses with legitimate offers, we do caution our readers to undertake due diligence when answering any advertisement, particularly when the advertiser is asking for monies up front.

Local Road Building/ Asphalt Paving Company Requires an experienced asphalt ďŹ nish rollerman and asphalt rakerman. Union wages and beneďŹ ts are being offered. Please send your resume to: Emil Anderson Construction (EAC) Inc., 907 Ethel Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2W1 Fax: 250-762-6171 Attn: Mike Waluga or email:

EXPANDING LOCAL company requires a sheet metal Journeyman or 4th year apprentice for commercial & residential installations. Competitive wages & beneďŹ ts. resume to

Marketing/Admin Assistant for small manufacturing company. Must be post secondary business graduate with strong marketing skills. Base salary plus commissions with beneďŹ ts. References required. Phone Susan at 250-546-2934

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

Education Assistant Certificate

If you love kids and are looking for a career that challenges and inspires you everyday, take a look at the Education Assistant CertiďŹ cate that runs from September to June. What does an education assistant do? Under the supervision of teachers, they perform a variety of para-professional duties in schools. Often they work closely with pupils struggling to overcome physical, learning, or emotional difďŹ culties. Typical duties include coaching students in problem subjects, preparing specialized teaching materials, and maintaining progress records. This student loan eligible program is offered Tuesday and Thursday evenings and every second Saturday, and concludes with a 120-hour classroom practicum that takes place within School District 23. For more information or to apply go online to:

OCRTP 17392

VVI Construction Ltd.

capital news B9


B10 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Help Wanted

Professional/ Management

Mind Body Spirit

Accounting/Tax/ Bookkeeping

Courier/Delivery Services

LAND DEVELOPER seeking Contract Marketing Professional. Position responsible for: Addition to current Marketing Concept Designs, Co-ordination of Advertising & Design, Media Planning & Buying, Website and Signage review, Public Relations and Creative Writing. Please email resume and remuneration proposal to Posting closes May 25th, 2010

ASIAN MASSAGE! Very private setting. Professional Asian lady, $50/hr. Everyday. 250-317-3575

BOOKKEEPER Accepting clients. 20yrs. experience. Simply Accounting & Quick Books. Give me your shoebox! 250762-0229 & 250-487-9377

GEORGE’S DELIVER. Pickup truck for HIRE. 250-7638911, 250-212-5034

Help Wanted

SHIPPERS SUPPLY INC has an opening for a shipper receiver/ customer service representative. Shippers Supply Inc is Western Canada’s leading supplier of packaging and warehouse equipment and supplies. We offer a dynamic and progressive environment. Competitive compensation package and excellent opportunities for growth and advancement. This position will appeal to a professional selfmotivated individual with prior experience in shipping & receiving & customer service. This successful candidate will have excellent interpersonal skills & be detail oriented. This position offers a variety of duties with major focus on providing excellent service to our customers. If you think you would be a great fit for this position please forward your resume to attention Tom Prokop, Branch Administrator or email at

WANTED: Serious Dieters for Weight Loss Challenge! Call 1-877-737-DIET/ Email:

WORK FROM HOME! Own your own home inspection franchise. The real estate market is booming and home inspectors are in great demand. Join this growing industry. Only 2 Okanagan franchises left. Franchise presentations are now being scheduled in Kelowna for May 12th 13th & 14th. ALL TRAINING INCLUDED. CALL DAVE, 778 996-0369.

ZELLERS WESTBANK Currently looking for

P/T Cook

Please bring resume and apply at

Zellers Westbank

Home Care/Support Prof. support worker for young man living in Winfield, requirements incl. DL & First Aide, must be outgoing & enthusiastic w/a good sense of humour. Permanent PT, shift work from Mon-Sun. Judy 250-766-0539

Hotel, Restaurant, Food Services PT & FT waiters needed for Indian Restaurant in Westbank. Drop by 2430 Main St. Unit 1. Sushi Chef- Knowledge of Asian kitchen. Full time. Min 2yr exp. Salary neg. Maki Sushi 250-868-9200

Janitorial JANITOR Required, must be bondable, reliable & long term. Fax resume: 250-764-9553

Medical/Dental CERTIFIED DENTAL ASSISTANT Position - As a centre of dental excellence our office is looking for a dynamic, energetic and confident CDA to join our team. For details about this position and to submit your resume, visit our website at


Youth Ages 11&up. Earn up to $100p/w. Start learning job skills now. 1-866-856-5655.


Trades, Technical

READ this... Classified Ads get RESULTS! 250.763.3212 Trades, Technical

Architecturally Distinct Solutions

is a small, dynamic growing firm seeking a highly motivated individual with excellent communication skills to fill a new Lead Designer position. • Intern architect with minimum 3 years experience • Comfortable with variety of projects • Proficient in Revit and Architectural Desktop • Familiar with BC Building Code • Experience with non combustible and combustible construction • Residential Design Experience; Contract Admin Experience • Experience coordinating consultants Please send resumes via email marked “confidential” to Only those applicants to be interviewed will be contacted. No phone calls please.

Help Wanted

Retail SALES ASSOCIATE ~ Perm P/T & P/T at Fashion Addition 14+, in our Orchard Park location. Fax resume to: 604-5145918 or Email:

Sales AN EXCITING AND CHALLENGING OPPORTUNITY Are you looking for a new and exciting challenge? Would you like the opportunity to determine your own income level? Are you seeking to be employed as a Sales Professional? At FBC we value people who embrace new challenges and change. We are FBC – The industry leader in small business and agricultural tax preparation, planning, assistance, and consultation. FBC is a rapidly growing company that will offer you a challenging yet rewarding opportunity in a fast paced environment with high growth potential in a protected sales territory. The potential exists for the development of the right candidate for supervisory and management positions. FBC offers Paid Company Training, Full Company Benefits Package, Superior Commission and Bonus Structure, and Attractive Incentive Programs. First Year Earning Potential - $75,000.00 + Qualifications: To be successful as a Sales Territory Manager, you must: Be an effective communicator, Possess strong personal, work, and business ethics,

Trades, Technical CANOPY West Automotive requires person with mechanical aptitude with sales abilities. Please apply in person or at: JMAN Electrician req’d. for established firm, to do residential, commercial service work. Long term $28/hr.+. Email: SOUTH ROCK LTD. is seeking an Asphalt Superintendent, Paver Operators, HD Mechani cs and all experienced paving personnel for work throughout Alberta for more details or to apply. Fax 1-403-568-1327.

Mind Body Spirit AFFORDABLE Prof. F/B Massage. Superior work. Clean, warm, studio. Linda 862-3929 DRAGONFLY RELAXATION MASSAGE. 250-469-1099

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

BLISS. French Massage. Days. Discreetly yours. 250215-7755 ESSENTIAL relaxation massage, warm, clean, convenient location./ txt: 250-861-5433 MAGIC HANDS! full body relaxation. Lessons & prostate massage avail. 20 yrs. exp. 250-801-8079 THAI Massage. Totally relax & energize your body & mind. 1hr, $50. Call for appt. 250801-7188 TRAINED In Europe Swedish Massage, Whole body, Calming, Relaxing, Revitalizing, IN/OUT CALLS, NON Sexual. Martika 250-707-6805

Health Products IONIC Cleansing detoxifying homespas, new, factory direct, $475. Sale price. 878-8500

Financial Services

Reduce Debt by up to

• Avoid bankruptcy • 0% Interest

90 YEARS 1919-2009

Cleaning Services 17yrs experience. $25/hr. 70% organic. Call 250-864-7750 A Premium Quality Clean. NU MAID. We’ll Make U House Proud. 250-215-1073 or 250491-8177 BEST Quality Cleaning Ltd. Prof, reliable, bonded, ins’d. Comm/Stratta. 250-764-9552 CALL HOME-MAID - Not a company! Affordable house cleaner. Ref’s avail. 250-7626377 CLEANING Serv. Avail. Residential by the wk. or mo. Senr’s welcome 250-448-1786 METICULOUS Maid Services. Accepting new clients. Several years exp., honest w/excel ref’s. Call 250-215-2673 P&J Cleaning looking for long term clients 250-717-5910 SPRING Has Sprung. Weekly/Monthy cleaning special on Now, refs avail. 8yrs. local cleaning, 250-469-4180

Computer Services

$500 LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll free: 1877-776-1660

12/7 A MOBILE COMPUTER TECH. Certified computer technician, virus removal, repairs, upgrades. Let me come to you. 250-717-6520. 12/7 In-Home Repairs. New Systems/Upgrades. 20+yrs Prof. Service. Peter 215-4137

DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM. Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE consultation, Government Approved, BBB Member DEBT STRESS? DEBTS GOT you worried? End those phone calls. Avoid bankruptcy. Contact us for a no-cost consultation. Online: or toll-free 1877-556-3500 GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money. It’s that simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1-800-5872161

Concrete & Placing ALL YOUR Concrete needs from forming to finishing. Stamped, exposed, stairs, driveways, patios & slabs. Bank financing available. Serving Kelowna since 1992. Call S&K Forming 491-7535 When you think concrete, think S&K DANFORMS Concrete offers Certified Tradesman for driveways, sidewalks, floors, foundations, retaining walls, stairs, wheelchair ramps. Stamped, Exposed & Broom. Free Estimates. Call Dan 250863-5419 RETAINING Wall Specialist. Stamped, Exposed, Driveways Repairs. Joe 250-859-7026


SENIOR’S HOME CARE. I’m a Practical Nurse helping with appoints, bathing, cleaning, meals, shopping etc. etc. Very caring & reliable. 808-0830

BIG Hammer Construction. Decks, pergolas & reno’s. Rick Knorr. 250-878-4708 G. Burr Contracting. Custom Fences, Deck Construction, Renovations, Gary 808-1655 KSK Woodworking, Framing, finishing, foundations & more. Quality workmanship at reasonable prices. 250-979-8948 WENINGER CONST. Family company commited to Kelowna & Big White. 250-765-6898

Medical Health


WALK-In-Bathtubs, Buy before July & show ad, get 10% dis. Locally owned,212-0259

CUSTOMROCKCOUNTERS. COM. Premium granite. Whole sale pricing. Cut & finished to your front door. Best price guaranteed. Showroom: 1115 GORDON DR. 250-763-8303 REFACE Countertops. 1/2 the Cost of Replacing. Granite & Corian Designs. 470-2235.

REDUCE DEBT by up to 70% Avoid bankruptcy. Free consultation. BBB accredited. 250-860-1653

Home Care


Seeking qualified individuals to join our busy litigation department. Experience preferred. Positive attitude a must. Versatility an asset.

We offer an environment built on teamwork and respect.

1A Quality Finish Carpenter for reno’s/new construction. Free estimates. No job too small. David 250-864-7910


Seeking a Paralegal and a Legal Assistant

Please forward resume in confidence to:


Carpentry/ Woodwork




40sqft Free edging of your choice. High quality under mount sink included.


M-F 9-4

SAT 10-2

250-870-1577 250-763-8303 #2-1115 GORDON

Drywall DRYWALL SERVICES & Repairs New work & reno work. 30yrs exp. Framing, Bording, Taping, Texture. Ken212-9588 IMPERIAL DRYWALL, Complete Drywall Services Res. & Comm Free Est 250-801-5335 PESL DRYWALL Service Inc. Renovations, new construction and repairs. Boarding, taping, textured ceilings. Call Tomas at 250-212-4483 or 860-3495. SMALL TAPING jobs, texture ceilings, 30yrs exp. Bob 250718-3218

Electrical A&S ELECTRIC. Resid/Comm Wiring. New constr, renov. & service changes. lic’d & bonded. Steve 864-2099 (cont #90929) JRS ELECTRIC: Licns’d, bnded & insr’d. From new builds & renos to service calls. John, 250-801-7178 (cont:98365) LICENSED ELECTRICIAN, Dana Thompson. 20yrs Exp. Free Estimates 826-1287 Kel

Excavating & Drainage G. Burr Excavating, JD50 L39 Backhoe, Clearing, Driveways, Roads, Gary 808-1655 IRON MULE Excavating & Landscaping. Excavating, bobcat & trucking. 250-863-1418 KRENNY’S Excavating/Bobcat Sewers, u/g utils, all other excavating. Call Kory 869-9125 LOADER/Min-Exc. Grndwrks, final grading. Soil placement. Al’s Bobcat Serv. 250-470-2598 OKANAGAN CONTRACTING Bobcat/ Excavation/ Hauling General Earthworks. Fully insured. Free estimates. Call 250-878-6092

Fencing ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, staining 250-491-4622

Floor Refinishing/ Installations 1ST CLASS Floors. Professional install of hardwood, laminate, tile. Great rates. Dave 250.826.6732 NEED Installer? We install carpet, lino, hardwood, laminate. Andreas 250-863-3402. SPECIAL 15% OFF Carpet, Lino, Tile Installation, Restretching, Squeaky floors. We repair. Quality Work! Free Est. Jack 250-769-5716

Lawn & Garden 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 All About Hedge & Tree Service. Great rates on downsizing, trimming, pruning, bracing or Sculpturing of hedges, shrubs and trees. Also professional removals. Fully Insured. For guaranteed quality service call Dave 250-212-1716. 25% Discount for Seniors. An Experienced Gardener, trimming hedges & shrubs, pruning trees, weeding, planting, spring garden clean-up. Excel. references. 250-864-0768 $39.95 “Lawn Cutting Special” Great rates on all yard work. Also wooden fence repair, painting, new fence building 250-863-7539 ALLIUM LAWN CARE Lawn Maintenance, Clean-ups. Experienced & Insured. Call Wesley @ 250-307-4933 ANNOUNCING...A Lawn care company that guarantees your delight. If your tired of cutting your lawn or the company that cuts it for you then call Ryan now @250-469-1288 Vantage Point Lawn & Garden Care. CUSTOM Rototilling. Veggie & flower gardens. 250-862-0821 DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. 1ton pickup, 14ft Dump trailer & 20ft Flat bed trailer. Yes we work weekends!! For quality work at reasonable rates, phone Ian 250-864-2339 GARDEN Consultant- 17yrs, Gardens, container gardens, reno’s. Judy 250-870-3369.

Lawn & Garden I WANT TO CUT Your Lawn! Plain & simple, your lawn needs cutting, and I cut lawns. I’m asking for your business, and in exchange, you will receive both excellent value and exceptional service, GUARANTEED! Weekly maintenance, power raking, pruning, aerating, spring clean-ups, etc. Senior’s discounts, all inquiries welcome! 250-878-7283 ...Common Sense Yard Care... LITZ LAWN CARE, weekly mowing, fertilizing, pwr. raking, hedge trimming & gen. yrd. clean-ups. Free Est. 764-6404 SPRING is here! Time to get your garden tilled. Call Glen at 250-765-1446, 250-470-2527 “THE WRIGHT WAY” Total yard & lawn maintenance. $10-$15 per hr. 250-859-7402. TOP SOIL $20/yd. Compost Mix $30/yd., Ogogrow, Gravel, Rocks, Mulches 250-868-3380 XERISCAPE WORKSHOP FOR LANDSCAPE PROFESSIONALS Mon May 3 & 10 at the H2O Aquatic Centre. 7-9pm in Kelowna for those involved in designing, installing or maintaining landscapes in the Okanagan. Learn about water conserving methods. Information and register at or call 250-762-6018.

Gutters & Downspouts KELOWNA GUTTER Cleaning and repairs, re-slope gutters,etc Richard 250-718-6718

Handypersons H.M.M. Works Demolition/clean up, yard work, dump runs, concrete removal, chain saw work, small tree removal, digging. Free estimates 250-317-4003 MR. DO ALL Handling our customer needs for all projects in side & out of your home. Home reno’s, Retaining walls, landscaping ect Call Ryan 250-979-8789

Heat, Air, Refrig. SOMMERFELD Heating A/C, Install & Repair Heat Pumps, F/P, Gas Fitting Lic. 215-6767

Home Improvements #1 WELLERMADE. Additions, Reno’s, Sun-decks, Bsmt. stes., etc.768-2202 878-6967 ANDERSON Const. & Reno’s. Over 30yrs. exp. Inter/Exter. Paint etc Don @250-870-7778 BATHROOM REMODELLING Tub replacement, lining- acrylic insert, re-glazing. 718-2704. CONSTRUCTION & Reno’s 28yrs Exp. Res. & Comm. No job too small or big 212-1641 DECKING Consult. Buy the right products for your deck reno’s. AridDek, 250-212-1477 G & S Pro Renovations, 35yr. Exp. Professional workshop for custom work. 470-7360 HOME Reno’s. All reno’s & Add-On’s, fences, garages, decks, sheds, sidewalks, driveways. All your Home Reno’s in one call. 250-462-3472 INTERIOR Finishing & Reno’’s. No Job too small, Install & Repairs. Drywall, Plumbing, Doors/Win, Baseboards, Cab., Kitchens, Bthrms. 859-2787 KATAMA Contracting Inc. Decks, Bsmt’s, Int/Ext. Reno’s, Drywall, Lic/Ins’d. 864-0033 KMS Home Energy Upgrades, Windows/Doors & more 1-877567-2799 RESTYLING your living space? Freedom contracting makes your vision into reality. Remodelling - Interiors/Exteriors. Laminate flooring, painting, patios, pergolas etc. Call Doug, 250-575-7006 for estimates. ROSTKA ENT. Ltd. Complete int/ext. reno’s. Carpentry, drywall, painting, bsmt, decks & more. Lic’d & Insured. BBB Accred. Call: Rob 878-8049. office 764-5449. Wood Flooring, Log Siding, Log Cabins, Decking, Fencing & T&G U Joint. Rouck Bros. Lumby, BC 1-800-960-3388

Home Repairs HEXAGON Home Repairs & Services. Lic’d., Ins’d., WCB dependable call Bud 863-1477 HIGH Caliber Const. Repair, Replace, Remodel, All Reno’s. Dan @ 864-0771 30yrs. exp.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Home Repairs



Moving & Storage

LARRY’S Handyman & Reno Serv., Lg. & Sm. jobs, Graffitti Removal etc., 250-718-8879

DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. 1ton pickup, 14ft Dump trailer & 20ft Flat bed trailer. Yes we work weekends!! For quality work at reasonable rates, phone Ian 250-864-2339

Retaining Walls, interlock pavers, irrigation, landscaping. Stonevalley Landscaping. 317-5644 10yrs Kelowna. TREMBLAY’S EXCAVATING retaining walls, full landscaping. Exc/Bobcat.250-979-8033

FAMILY Movers. Moving? Anything, anywhere. Local and long distance throughout 2009. Packing service available, weekly trips to Vancouver, Alberta, full and partial loads. Cheapest rates in the valley. Free Estimates, 250493-2687

EDGING Emerald Cedars

GET BENT Metal Fab, fences, gates, railings, security bars, TURNING, milling, drilling, tapping. Custom made parts. Bikes,rods,boats.250763-7223

Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems JOHN’S Quality Irrigation Auto U/G, Design, Supply, Install. Low Overhead, Low Prices. Call John @ 250-215-0693 WEST-WIND Now booking for irrigation start-ups, repairs & installs. Call 250-860-0025

Kitchen Cabinets BATHROOM RENO’S. Plumbing Repairs. Bathrooms By Gemini 862-6991, 764-0189

Landscaping #1 STOP FOR ROCKS. Please call 250-862-0862 ALL Landscape Material Supplied & Delivered. Top Soil, Bark Mulch, Rock, Ogo Grow. *Spreading & Install* OKANAGAN CONTRACTING Call 250-878-6092 BARK Mulch, good quality top soil & landscape supplies, Sunoaka Valley Transport Ltd. 2696 Kyle Rd. Open Mon. Sat. 8-5pm, 250-769-9094 We Deliver. C & C LANDSCAPING. Rock walls, irrig, bobcat, design etc. Call 250-212-2692 ENSIGN BROS. Call us for a quote on all your excavating & landscaping needs. Mon-Sat. 250-769-7298

Okanagan Grown SPECIAL!

6 ft-10 for $280 5 ft-10 for $189 4ft-10 for $150 2 Gal.-10 for $135 1 Gal.-20 for $95 3 ft-Blue Spruce-10 for $250 Volume Discounts Free Delivery

Budget Nurseries Toll free 1-866-498-2189 GLM Landscaping & Irrigation ASK about our Special!!! Custom landscaping250-864-5450 HEDGEKEEPERS - Trimming, shaping, pruning - professional competitive service for all your trees and shrubs. Yard cleanup, refreshing or new installations call Hedgekeepers 250769-6041 Landscapes Unlimited; retaining walls, decks, deck coverings, lawns, all your landscapes needs in one call, 24-7, 250-328-0638, 250-4623472 PREMIUM Top Soil & screened aged manure mixture. Trucking & contractor pricing avail. 250-469-1209.

Machining & Metal Work

Misc Services ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, stainning,

Moving & Storage

AAA Best Rates Moving $59+. “Why Pay More” Short/Long Distance. Free Est. Res/Comm, 861-3400 DAN-MEL MOVING. 16’’ One ton 7x12 Trailer. Local/Long Haul. Bonded/Insured. Dan 215-0147/250-766-1282. JOE’S MOVING.reasble rates fully equip’d trucks, local-long dist, no job too small470-8194 NORTH END Moving Services Local/Long Distance. Truck returning empty,Vancouver, May 14. Free Est. 250-470-9498

Online Services 100 New Business Leads Online this Year, Guaranteed!

Painting & Decorating 100% AFFORDABLE Painting Exp, quality. Int Paint/ceilings. Winter Specials. Terry 8639830 or 768-1098 100% Guaranteed. Greg’s Painting, Comm/ Res., Int/Ext. Free est. Seniors Dis., European Experience, 212-9961 1ST. In customer service, Cando Painting, prof. reliable crew, 15yrs. in business, Int/Ext. Eddie 250-863-3449

100% Guaranteed Prestige Painting, European Craftsmanship, Fine Detail work, Ext/Int. Guaranteed Results. 250-864-1041. BLAIS Painting Int./ext. painting, Res./Comm, Repaint Specialist. Insured! 250-801-1439 BRIT-CAN Painting Services. 20yrs exp. Quality work, afford price. Free est. 250-863-1389

Painting & Decorating CHRISTOPHER’S Painting, Exterior Specialist. It’s all about the prep!!! Let me show you how we can make your old windows & siding look like new. We also spray Stucco. ����� Star Service. Call Christopher @ 250-862-6717 DALE’S PAINTING Service. Painting Kelowna a better place since 1982, 862-9333 PSALMS 34-A Better life Company. Quality Painting. Sensible rates. 250-869-5874 SEEGER & Son Painting. Quality painting, reasonable & reliable call Jason 801-6931 Spring Special on all ext and int painting & staining. Seniors 10% off. Don (250)689-1078


� � � � XCEL PLUMBING, Irrigation,

Gas Fitting and drain cleaning. Comm/res and reno’’s. Service & hot water tanks. 575-3839

ARMAUR Plumbing Ltd. New construction, service & renovations. Call 250-258-8617 COLOS Plumbing Ltd. 250864-6280. Service, repair, replacement & reno’s.

Classifieds Work! DREGER MECH. Plumbing, Gasfitting, comm/res & reno, ins’d, 24hr. Call 250-575-5878.

Pressure Washing

capital news B11

Rubbish Removal ‘#1 - BBB Kelowna Junk Removal Ltd. (1998) Scrap metal, wood, appls, etc. House, yard, building site, rental properties, renovations, etc. WCB Coverage. Lrg 3/2/1 & 1/2ton trucks 718-0992 or 861-7066




Roofing & Skylights

LARRY’S LITTLE DUMPER We haul little loads of anything, landscaping materials, & Junk to the dump Call 250-718-1114

A TEAM MASTER ROOFER Experienced in all kinds of roofing. New, Reroof & Repair. European Quality. 2 yrs warranty. Call Steffen C#: 250863-8224 W#:778-754-1015 Master & Visa cards welcome BERTRIM Contracting Co. New roofs, reroofs, roof conversion & repair & general home maint. Bonded & insured. 28yrs exp. Free est. Call 250-768-9675 DO IT RIGHT ROOFING AND SIDING. Seniors Dis., Free Est. Guarantee 250-826-3807. EAGLE ROOFING. CEDAR CONVERSIONS, NEW CONSTRUCTION, REROOF. FREE EST. CALL 826-3311 TERRY’S Roofing. Tar & gravel repairs & reroofs. Torch on roofs & decks. WCB & insr’d. 250-718-5429

��� THAT GUY & His Work Truck LTD. Junk Removal & Bin Rentals 10,15 & 20 yard Bins. We haul EVERYTHING

Home or Jobsite, Renovations Cheapest rates in the Valley

250-575-5383 A 49.99 1/2ton truck. Load junk & yard waste. Haul away special. Will haul just about anything. Cal Cal 250863-7539 DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. 1ton pickup, 14ft Dump trailer & 20ft Flat bed trailer. Yes we work weekends!! For quality work at reasonable rates, phone Ian 250-864-2339 SMALL Hauls. Truck for hire. Rubbish, Small Moves, Boat Hauling 250-864-0696 Reza

Rubbish Removal 250-808-0733 SKYHIGH DISPOSAL Full Service Junk Removal & 12-24 yard Bin Rentals.


Kelowna Junk Removal Ltd. (1998)

House/Yard/Building Sites/Rental Properties/ Renovations/Etc. “We Service just about any kind of clean-up”

Scrapmetal/wood/appliances/etc. *W.C.B. Coverage Large 3/2/1 & 1/2 Ton Trucks Excellent Reputation & Excellent Service. Cell 250-718-0992 / 250-861-7066 / Member of Kelowna Chamber of Commerce





Irrigation, Gas Fitting and Drain Cleaning. Commercial, residential and renovations. Service and hot water tanks.


North End Moving Services


GEMINI BATHS 250-862-6991



Ph: 250-869-0697 Cell 250-470-9498



250-765-2789 anytime


Pgr: 250-861-0303 25 Years of Satisfied Customers

RENOVATIONS Deck & Rail Serving the Okanagan


Serving the Okanagan 13+ years. Vinyl Decking, Modular Flooring, Aluminum, Glass, Topless & Picket Railings. Starting at $30/ft. installed Call George at 250-878-2483. Showroom #9-3810 Appaloosa Rd. off Sexsmith Rd.

WALK-IN BATHTUBS Locally owned & operated company supplying & installing walk-in tubs at very affordable prices. Call for free estimate. Ask how to get 10% discount.

Call Ian at 250-212-0259


Refashioning Homes. Reno’s, 25 yrs. exp. Frank Cseke, 250-766-7123

HOME IMPROVEMENTS Katama Contracting Inc. • Decks • Basements • Bathrooms • Drywall • Ceilings • Painting& Finishing

REPAIRS • REPLACE • REMODEL • Bathroom & kit. remodels • Additions & renovations • H/W & laminate floors • Drywall/painting/texture • Cedar fencing & gates • Custom homes Quality You Can Trust

Residential and Commercial New Construction & Renovations Small Jobs GARTH GRANDO Lic. No. 97059 cell: 215-1646 phone/fax 769-9049


• Design • Supply • Install

MaryAnne’s Kitchen Design

• Free Consultation

• All Countertops Call 250-801-YARD (9273)


Design Studio • 2810 Benvoulin Rd


All Work Guaranteed


Mike @ 250-864-0033





• Rock Walls • Irrigation • Bobcat •Water Features • Sod • Designs SPRING SPECIALS


• Driveways • Post Holes • Ground Works • Final Grade. Reliable Owner Operator

Al’s Bobcat Services

Bus: 250-763-4044 Cell 250-470-2598

• Many new options available!

Call AridDek 250-212-1477

• Tune-Ups • Summer/Winterizing • Seaworthies • Oil & Fluid Changes All Repairs Completed by Certified Technicians Insured and Licensed•Over 12 yrs. Experience

Licensed & Insured


Dan @ 250-864-0771




• Free Estimates • Commercial & Residential • Great Work

Call Steve @ 250-300-9567


Book now for landscape projects, retaining walls, aerating, power raking, pruning, etc. Spring cleanup,

250-317-7773 or visit us at:






Senior’s Specials Experience & Quality New Homes & Repaints Ceilings Bondable. Insurance Work Call Terry 250-863-9830 or 250-768-1098

•Full Landscaping •Rock Retaining Walls •Portable Soil Screener •Excavators & Bobcat Loaders CELL: (250) 979-8033 BUS: (250) 861-1500



& Renovation Services



Larry’s Handyman



• Excavating • Bobcat • Dump Truck • Foundations • Retaining Walls • Soil • Etc. Delivery - Clean Up.

Local or Long Distance Polite & Professional



In business since 1989 Licensed & insured

No load too small • BARK MULCH • SAND • GRAVEL • YARD CLEAN-UP • JUNK REMOVAL LIGHT FLAT-DECK Nick Nixon - Trish Nebot Cell 250-862-0821 Office 250-765-2778



Call Clint, 250-575-3839



• Interior & Exterior Renovations • Carpentry • Painting • Small Repairs • Pressure Washing

• Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades • Yard Maintenance • Fences, Decks • Tile • Graffiti Removal

Artistic Ceramics.


FREE ESTIMATES Brush & Tree Removal Reasonable Rates Stan Korzinski 250-808-2447




Commercial Buildings & u/g Parkades, Residential Houses, Driveways Patios, Graffiti Removal. Fully insured & WCB approved. 14 yrs experience.

Call Dave 250-491-1336

Custom tile setting. Travertine, marble, granite & ceramic. Decks, kitchen, baths. Guaranteed work.

Call 250-870-1009




We are now taking bookings for irrigation startups & repairs. We also offer free estimates on irrigation installations or major alterations. Call West-Wind Irrigation Ltd.

22 years experience Call JASON SEEGER & SON STUCCO


at 250-860-0025




Experienced local licensed realtor doing FREE Market Evaluations. Want to know what your property is worth today? Call Kim Waldherr Century 21 Assurance Realty

100 New Business Leads Online This Year, Guaranteed!

Kelowna Gutter Cleaning & Repair • Fix leaks • 20 years. experience • Fascia soffit repairs • Downpipes • Re-Slope





250.718.6718 MOVING

G & S Pro Renovations



Joe’s Moving Service

35 years experience, many referrals. Kitchen remodels, home additions, custom furniture doors & windows, drywall, painting, decks, siding, bathroom, tiles, hardwood floors.

250-878-7101 250-470-7360


Ask About Our Special!! • Custom Landscaping • Irrigation (installs & service) • Retaining Walls & Patios • Weekly Lawn Maintenance

Gary Burr INSURED 250.808.1655


New construction, service & renovations. Providing the best builders in the province. Plumbing services for over 35 years. Call Derek 250-258-8617

BATHROOM RE-MODELLING • Tub replacement • Tub liningacrylic insert • Tub re-glazing • Tub repairs • Wall surrounds to match • Hardware replacement.

Contact Jim 250-718-2704

CALL 250-864-5450

• • • •

“The Professionals” Local/long distance Storage Available No job too small Free Estimates Call Joe Anytime 250-470-8194

To book your space, call


and speak with a classified rep today!

B12 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rubbish Removal

Tree Services

Feed & Hay

Antiques / Vintage

Free Items

Misc. for Sale

Misc. for Sale

YOU Call, We Haul. From home to dump. Senior discnt. Tues & Thurs. 250-864-9581

1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 All About Hedge & Tree Service. Great rates on downsizing, trimming, pruning, bracing or Sculpturing of hedges, shrubs and trees. Also professional removals. Fully Insured. For guaranteed quality service call Dave 250-212-1716. FULL Tree Service Expert, Certified Faller. Excellent Rates, 18yrs Exp. Insured (250)765-3577, (250)801-0193 ROB’S Tree Care Ltd. For all your tree care needs...Insured & Cert. WCB. 250-212-8656 STANS CHIPPING. Tree Removal & Chipping. Free Est. 808-2447. Licensed & Insured.

*HAY SALES GUARANTEED Quality Grass, Alfalfa, Mixed square bales, round bales & Silage bales. Delivery avail. (250)804-6081,(250)833-6763.

Jardin’s Estate Jewelry and Antiques is OPEN! Mon-Sat, 10-5, 5221 Hwy 97, Okanagan Falls, 250-497-6733

WE Will recycle for free BBQ’s, Rad’s, Alum. windows, Copper wire, Batteries. Save Ad. 250-717-0581

Ron Marchand


Fruit & Vegetables

GE. Fridge & Stove ex. cond., $800.obo. Kenmore Washer & Dryer $500.obo. Steam Sauna portable $1600. 778-478-1670

FARM fresh local asparagus. Info at 250-766-2628

**HOME PHONE RECONNECT** Call 1-866-287-1348. Prepaid long distance specials! Feature pkg special! Referral program! Don’t be without a home phone! Call to connect! 1-866-287-1348 MOVING: Couch, DW, beds, c/tables, tons of garage sale items. 250-718-8866 MUST sell Jet 3 Power Chair, almost like new, $1500. New, was $3500. 250-768-9624 NEED A VEHICLE? Easy finance!! Low Payments! $99 delivers. 24 hour approval. We deliver! 3,000 vehicles to choose. Call now! Mr. Green 1-800-916-1737. Big discounts! NEW Norwood SAWMILLS LumberMate - Pro handles logs 34” diameter, mills boards 28” wide. Automated quick-cycle-sawing increases efficiency up to 40%. - FREE Info:1-800-566-6899ext:400OT

NEIGHBORHOOD Trucking & Delivery. Sand, Gravel, Soil, Ogo Grow Call 250-870-1138

Stucco/Siding DESIGN Stucco & Stone. New homes, reno’s & repairs. No job too small. Clean, quality work. Zoltan 250-864-9798. OK Stucco & Stone Free estimates, great work. Call Steve at 250-300-9567 SEEGER & Son Stucco. Additions, Reno’s +other sm. jobs. 22yrs exp call Jason 801-6931

Trucking/ Bull Dozing

Sundecks KATAMA Custom wood decks, gazebos, fences, trellises, Lic’s/Ins’d. Mike 864-0033 KELOWNA DECK & RAIL. Vinyl, Mod. Flooring, Alum., GlassTopless/Picket878-2483.

TNT TRUCKING. No load too small. Junk removal, sand, gravel, etc. (250)862-0821 (250)765-2778.

Water Services ON Demand Potable Water Hauling, 2200gal., swimming pool, wellsCall 250-300-4426

Swimming Pools/ Hot Tubs

Window Cleaning

ABOVE Ground Pools & Equip, wholesale. 15X30 up & running to view, also best prices in town on in-ground equip. 17yrs in business, Ken, 250763-4181

BROTHERS Window Cleaning Res., Comm., Gutters, Painting. WCB Ins. 250-317-1029



Bedding for animals Call Wilf 250-766-1927 or 250-868-1927 HERD SALE, TB, Arab, Holstein, Friesian Sport horses. Priced to sell, Weanling to 5yr. Career Holstein Brood Mare $2500,, some green broke. 250-547-8786.

TILE Setter. Artistic Ceramics. Custom tile setting. Call 250870-1009

Tree Services ASAP Tree Srv. Tree removal, pruning/shaping. Free est. Fully insr’d. Kevin, 250-317-7657 BVE INC. Professional tree removal & pruning, chipping, certified danger tree assessor & faller. Free quotes, fully insured. Call 878-3072

Feed & Hay QUALITY Alfalfa mix Hay for sale $7/bale CASH ONLY, ph: 250-769-5032

Pets AMERICAN Blue Nose Pit Bulls, both parents UKC registered, puppies c/w UKC registration forms, 3left. $1000 or trade? 250-863-5665 W-Bank AUSSIE Shepherd/Border Collie pups, $350/$400. Can email pics. 250-469-3678 Bichon pups, great dispositions, non shedding, first shots, dewormed, microchipped and ready to go. 250832-4923 for more info. CHESAPEAKE Bay Retriever Pups for sale. (2 litters) Chocolate brown, great disposition. Purebred, non registered, Dew claws removed, 1st shots, dewormed, vet checked. 9 males, 10 females. Ready to go June 13th. $400. (250)835-2090 (Tappen B.C.) Chihuahua, male ready to go end of May & 8mth old male $450/ea (250)492-7775 LOOKING to buy Boxer X English Bulldog puppy. Pls. call 250-765-0264 TRINITY SHEPHERDS Belgium & German Shepherd dogs & puppies 10wks to 6mo. $250-$750.(250)547-9763 WHOODLES: (soft coated Wheaton Terrier cross small standard poodle), non-shedding, non-allergenic, family raised, intelligent/easy to train, vet checked, 1st shots, 1yr health guarante 250-838-5500

Antiques / Vintage COUNTRY HOME ANTIQUES ARMSTRONG. New shipment from Sweden just arrived. Quality antiques. Open Sat & Sun, 10am-5pm or by appt. 4262 MacDonald Rd (off Otter Lake Rd.) 250-546-2529.

Farm Equipment IHC model 420 square baler, old but exc cond, $500. Square bale accumulator $1000. 10’ John Deere Disc $2500. 250-546-9196. MF 275 tractor, many new parts, runs & drives excellent, $6795 obo. (250)309-3366

Food Products Locally grown, governt insp, grain fed Beef. 1/4 & 1/2, $2.65/lbs, CWF 250-546-6494


Furniture 6PC Cherry sleigh bdrm set. Queen bed, dresser, mirror, chest, 2 night stands. New!! Still boxed. Worth $5000, Sell $1295 Can deliver. Call 250550-6647


Join us for complimentary coffee and donuts on

SATURDAY, MAY 15 From 11:00am - 5:00pm


Free Items 22CU’ Chest freezer, excellent condition. 250-764-4393. ANTIQUE (50’s) Double Bed frame w/springs. Ex. cond. 250-861-1214 Appliance pick-up, Rads Batteries. Call Harley 778-8211317 FREE! Cloth loveseat, decent quality, 1 small hidden tear. 250-764-6135. FREE fill, approx 15-20 yards. You dig & haul away. Call 250764-4256 LARGE 9 drawer wood dresser w/mirror. Also lrg wood white bottom cupboard w/rborite top. 250-718-8866 MOVING BOXES WANTED. All shapes and sizes, wardrobe, picture, etc. Will pick up. 250-868-2601. USED DECK & fence lumber 2 exercise bikes. Call 250768-5221

the Video Man

and more

We specialize in gently used solid wood estate furnishings 3292 Hwy 97N (beside the Sheepskin Boutique)

LAZBOY, bdrm chairs, brass queen bed, dresser, book case, sofa & loveseat. 250869-0460. NEW 3-pc Sectional Sofa w/ottoman, In orig. pkg. Worth $1499, Must Sell $899 250550-6647 can deliver ROXTON maple ent centre, coffee tbl, hexagon end tbl. 36” round kitch tbl & 3 chrs. 250-862-3149.

Medical Supplies New & Used Mobility Scooters, Powerchairs, Lift Chairs, Walkers. Shoprider Dealer. 250-764-7757



MEMORIES ON DVD! Films, slides, photos & video transferred to DVD. A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE get your first month free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464. BUILDING NEW HOME/COTTAGE? Factory Direct Prefabricated Building systems Inventory Liquidate - Save 50%++ while they last. GREEN-R-PANEL 100’s of Dreams Delivered to Happy Families. 1-800-871-7089. SACRIFICE FROM $9,975. BUILDING SALE! Less than WOOD, CANVAS or STEELTRUSSES. 30x40 $9370. 25x40 $7550. 40x100 $26500. Many others. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers DIRECT 1-800-668-5422 CRIMINAL RECORD? Only PARDON SERVICES CANADA has 20 years experience GUARANTEEING RECORD REMOVAL. Call 1-8-NOWPARDON (1-866-972-7366) GARMIN GPS System, 149OT model, bluetooth wireless technology. Brand new, sell for $250 obo. 250-862-3530 LARGE Wooden Eagle carving & Woodworking tools, all sorts, Moving!!! 250-769-4409

Misc. Wanted 4 rims for 2005 Highlander, size 225-70-16. Call 250-7690238 I PURCHASE DOWNSIZE/ ESTATE ITEMS. Cash paid for home furnishings, antiques, collectibles. Please call me BEFORE you throw anything out! CALS 250860-1958 MOVING BOXES WANTED. All shapes and sizes, wardrobe, picture, etc. Will pick up. 250-868-2601. X-ACTO knife blades, 100 blade pack, $10. 28 packs available. Purchase all for $250. Drop by the Captial News at 2495 Enterprise Way. 8-5 Mon-Fri.

Check Classifieds




Enterprises Ltd.

The Okanagan’s Renovation Specialists Residential and Commercial, Additions, Garages, Basements, Windows, Doors, Decks, Fencing, Carpentry, Drywalling, Painting Top Quality Worksmanship & Service

Rob 250-878-8049 Off. 250-764-5449 Lic. & Insured - Ref’s available (WCB Coverage)



A & S Electric


Residential & Commercial Wiring, New Construction, Renovations & Service Changes. Complete telephone & data cabling services, Prompt quality service. Licensed & Bonded Call Steve 250-864-2099 (cont#90929)

LAWN & CUTTING We Guarantee to keep Scheduled Appointments.

Don’t call anyone about cutting your lawn until you speak with us. Book before May 15 & receive your 4th cut FREE. Call Ryan now!


PRUNING CERTIFIED HORTICULTURIST Trees • Shrubs • Hedges • Clean-Ups Call Stephen

Call Troy, 250-718-0209

Call Wayne (250) 215-6767



llermade We

To built reputation takes years, but to lose enough a day




A Division of Bayside Developments Ltd.


Qualified, Reliable. • Bonded •Installations • Repairs • Renovations • H. Water Tank • Washer, Dryer • Dishwasher Over 30 yrs. Experience

Call Walter 250-766-5580 Cell 250-317-2279

Excavator & Bobcat Service, Sewer Hookups, Underground Utilities, Footing, Backfilling, Basements, Driveways, Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Rubber Track Excavator w/ blade. Estimates, Fully Insured. Kory 250-451-9095 Cell: 250-869-9125 Serving Kelowna, Westside, Lk Country





Southern BC Heating & Air Conditioning


Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Independently Owned and Locally Operated

WELDING & FABRICATION METAL FABRICATION LTD. Fences • Gates • Railings • Security Bars • Cargo Racks • Rollcages • Boat Railings & more. Tube Bending Specialists





• Heat Pumps Over 30 Years • Fireplaces Experience • Furnaces Serving the • Repair Okanagan Valley • Install • Sales 250-681-3869



Providing Energy Efficient Solutions and Upgrades for Your Home

Renovations & Repairs

Textured Ceilings



Electrical & Renovations Allan Hoce, General Contractor

Alan 250-808-6595


We accept “When The Big Guys Are Too Big We Deliver”

Vernon: 250-558-0076 Toll Free: 877-567-2799

(lic. #102788)








Pierre Blais

Residential, Commercial, Interior, Exterior Painting & Custom Ceilings. Insured.


Tel: 250-864-6280



Additions, Renovations Sun-decks, Bsmt. suites, etc. Call Dave @ 250-768-2202 or 250-878-6967

PLUMBING New construction, service, repair, replacement, reno’s and professional tiling.


• New & Existing Heating Systems • Heat pumps, A/C • Gas fitting • Licensed & Insured. • Replacement Furnace.

(250) 801-1439



•Renovations •New construction •Plumbing Service & Repairs •H/W tank replacement • Furnace Service & Installs • Gas f/p Service and Installs Bonded & Insured


Plumbing Ltd.

Get Ready for Summer! All outside projects: decks/fences/patios/ pergolas & gazebos/vinyl wood and all inside remodels. Kelowna • 250-717-5500



DRYWALL SERVICES & REPAIRS New work & renovation work. Over 30 yrs. experience. Framing, boarding, taping, texture t-bar ceilings & insulation. Call Ken 250-212-9588


• Commercial & Residential • Additions & Garages • Basement & Decks • Fences • Painting Int/Ext. Bondable & Insured Call Ninko Const. @ 250-212-1641


DON 250-870-7778

Renovations & Construction Over 30 yrs. experience. Complete renovations. Interior & exterior paint & finishing.




FAX: (250)764-9553 CELL: (250)868-7224

Drywall, Taping, Painting, Texture Ceiling. We Do Houses, Basement & Commercial


Reasonable and reliable Call: JASON SEEGER & SON PAINTING


Top Soil • Ogo Gro • Gravel • Sand • Bark Mulch We Remove: yard refuse, small trees, junk

CHUCK 250-870-1138

60/SQ. FT.


Pugrock Inc. now offering granite to customers in Kelowna. 2-3 week delivery. 21 colours.

BRETT 250-469-1928

SPRING SPECIAL: Call for details


Gary Burr INSURED 250.808.1655

Advertise your services here! Call


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

capital news B13

Musical Instruments

$100 & Under

$100 & Under

$100 & Under

$200 & Under

$200 & Under

Acreage for Sale

PIANOS Warehouse Sale @ Moir Pianos. STEINWAY, HEINTZMAN, YAMAHA and more !! Priced to Sell !! Call Richard @ 764-8800

4 tires on Toyota pick up rims, 195-75/R14. $50. Call 250765-7522 4”x21” Craftsman Sander $20. (250)769-0826 9x12’ beige rug with flower pattern, too large for my sunrm. $50. 250-869-1863 ANTIQUE telephone, color white & brass, $75. 250-7072889

BIKER Jacket, med, studded, like new, $200. 250-215-3138.

2 Hard Wood End Tables & Coffee table $200.all. 250860-8127 COMPUTER System, Windows, Internet ready,exc cond, $200. 250-869-2363 Kelowna DBL Sears O Pedic mattress & boxspring, like new, $135 obo. 250-215-7768 DININGROOM table w/ 6 chairs $1801 (250)861-3712 DOUBLE Bed $120. (250)8608127 DOUBLE bed frame w/dresser & mirror, solid wood $150 (250)861-3712 HARD wood oak tbl & 4 chairs, w/2ext. $165. 860-8127 HOLE Hawg Milwaulkee $125. (250)769-0826 KING bed $185. (250)8608127 MAKITA Mitre Saw 13amp. $175. (250)769-0826 New Alluminium fruit picking Lrg. ladder.$185 call 250-7072889

PATIO Furniture, 3-seater & chair, ottoman $150. (250)769-0826 PROJECTION TV, over 52”. $150. 250-215-3138 QUEEN bed $165. (250)8608127 QUEEN sz Majestic pillowtop mattress & boxspring, $165 obo. 250-215-7768 ROUND Solid Oak Coffee table & 2 End tables $175. (250)769-0826 WILSON clubs w/bag, some hybrids, $140. 250-768-5234

12’X11’ Carpet, assorted, $90. Call 860-8127. 2 Night tables $75/both. (250)860-8127 3” BELT Sander (Wen) $20. (250)769-0826

POOL Table Light Fixture (Lead Glass ) $50. (250)7690826 RCA 20” TV $45. (250)7690826 ROCKER Chair $15. (250)769-0826 SANSUI 20” TV $45. (250)769-0826 SINGLE Bed $100. (250)8608127 SOFA table with thick glass, $65. 250-860-8127. SPORT OP, heavy duty exercise bike, like new, $100. 250215-3138. SS running boards. Mounted on Chevy pick up, $30. Call 250-765-7522 TABLE & 4 chairs, 60” Lx36”W oval, excllent cond., $100 obo. 250-707-2889

READY to build on this 3 acres in Whitevale area, Lumby. Flat, few trees, drilled well. Gas/hydro to driveway. Price $240,000 GST. obo. 250-547-6932. SHUSWAP RIVER FRONT 11.3 acres w/shop $400,000. 1985 house on 22.5 acres $799,000. 15.9 acres $400,000. Water and services. 250-838-7660.

Bird Cage 41 in. wide 20 in.. high with excellent cond.$25 call 250-707-2889 CATAPILLAR Battery, like new, $100. to purchase new $275. 1-250-307-0655 Computer Desk and Chair $35 250-801-3676 DBL bed by Baranette white w/gold trim, $50. 250-7072889 DOUBLE Mattress, clean, no stains, like new, $70. 250-7650203

FIBERGLASS rooftop, snowboard/ski box, $50. Call 250765-7522 FOUNTAIN Pens, Sheaffers & Parkers, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. $50. Call 250-763-9398 HARDWOOD Coffee table $55. 1 (250)860-8127 JVC 27” TV & Stand $80. (250)769-0826 Large Oak Chest of Draw with Matching Night Table $60 250-801-3676 Little Chief Smoker $35 250491-0384 MAKITA cordless drill & blower attachment. $40. Grant, 250-862-6436 MISC. Wood carving tools $75.all (250)769-0826 NATURAL Gas BBQ & tools, $55. Grant 250-862-6436 NEW Sears elec scroll saw, never used. $38. Grant 250862-6436 QUEEN bed w/matt. & Frame $25. (250)861-3712

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

Sporting Goods 7’ pool table, $375 at nadian Tire, new in box, $250. 4’ scaffold, $50. 250-765-5204 HIKING/BEAR Season Shotgun Specials, choice SKS’s from $299. GLOCK stocking dealer, quality firearms bought & sold at Weber & Markin Gunsmiths, #4 - 1691 Powick Rd. Kelowna 762-7575

$100 & Under

BEAUTIFUL Mirrors with frames, assorted, $40. 250-860-8127.

$200 & Under

Rain e for Insuranc Sale Garage s is Package xtra e $2 or $4 for k as details!

$300 & Under 24” FRIDGE & stove, $250. 250-860-8127. COMPUTER LAPTOP, Windows, wireless, excellent cond, $300.869-2363 Kelowna FRIDGE and stove, $299/both. (250)860-8127. INDUSTRIAL generator, 8hp, 400 watts, 220/110, $250. Call 250-765-7522 WASHER & Dryer $225/both. (250)860-8127.

$400 & Under 20’ Camper trailer for rent in private area. Mature adult only. $400. 250-765-7418 eves. FISHING Boat & 2 Swivel seats, 8’ Pelican $395. 250769-0826

Apt/Condos for Sale 1 & 2bd Condos. Must Sell. $129,000 - $185,000. By Spall Plaza. Call 250-718-8866 1BD aprt for sale without agent, $149,000. Call 778478-9495 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Duplex/4 Plex FULL SXS Duplex. Newly Finished up/down, drs, windows. $595K obo. 250-718-8866

For Sale By Owner 1108 WINDERMERE CRT

$500 & Under 23CUFT Fridgidaire upright freezer, like new, 1/2 price at $499. Larry 250-868-8862 Never been used pallet burning pallet stove. Value $1500 will go for $500 250-801-4954 SOLID Wood Walnut 7 pc. liv. ste. w/end tbls. & 2 coffee tbls.$480. (250)861-3712

Acreage for Sale

Get Results

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Bright, up-dated Lower Mission rancher with bonus room. Ideal for empty nester or retirees, within walking distance to shopping centre. New roof, furnace and hardwood flooring throughout main floor. Hot tub incl.

Asking price: $469,900 To view call 250-868-8847

13.9 tree’d acres, Edgewood, min’s from Arrow Lake. Offers over $99,000, financing considered. 250-269-7492 RIVERFRONT property, Beaverdell. 3.2 acres. hydro & water. $199,000. 250-484-5120

# 347-550 Yates Rd. 2 Bdrm, 2 Bath Townhouse $485,000. Sarah @ 250-868-0667

Garage Sales

Garage Sales

1/2 PRICE SALE- 3-363 Gerstmar. Fri. 10-2. Everything must go! 1873 PARKVIEW Cres. Sat, 8am-3pm. Neighborhood garage 5sale. Lots of good things. 2424 Rhondda Cres. May 15/16, 8-4. Got kids? Come see! Loads of toys, play house, step 2 wagon, race car, books, videos, dbl stroller, crib table, micro, chainsaw, many items. 391 McLenman Cres Fri May 14 & Sat May 15 8-4pm Kids bikes, Toys, Bench, etc. 4353 Lakeshore Rd. Friday April 23 & Saturday April 24, 8am-12 noon. Lots of furniture, kitchen ammenities, tools & an armoir. ABERDEEN ESTATES, 1120 Guisachan Road, off Gordon Dr. once a year multi family garage sale, Sat. May 15, 9 am - 1 pm. CARRS LANDING- 16512 Schaad Rd. Sat, 9-1. Spring cleaning, old/ new, garden/ xmas, paintings & prints, a little of everything. Rain or shine. DOWNTOWN. 825 Richter St. Multi-family yard sale. Antiques, collectibles, furniture, electronics, records & 1000’s of household & shop items. Fri to Sunday 8am LAKEVIEW Heights. Estate sale. Car, furn’t., tools, toys & much more. Sat/Sun May 15, 16th, 8-3pm. 2425 Crestview Rd. MOVING Sale. Hand tools, clamps, gold clubs, wood, boards, furniture, noel stuff, much is free. Sat May 15, 9-2. 2543 Pineridge Place. Behind George Pringle School, Westbank

MULTI-FAMILY Garage Sale. McDougall Creek Estates Mobile Home Park, 1929 Hwy 97 S. Kelowna. Sat, May 15 & Sun May 16, 10-4 Quail Ridge May15th (Sat) Community Garage Sale 8:30-2pm Golf equip, food bank drop off, items for all ages, antiques and lots more. Look for signs at airport turnoff. RUTLAND- 975 Franklyn Rd. Fri & Sat. Tomato plants, jewellery, magnetics, tools, misc, lapidary & equip Toovey Heights. 1195 Velrose Dr. Garage Sale. Friday, 2-7, Sat, 8-2 & Sun, 8-1. Professional automotive tools, small office furniture, small kit appliances, vertical/ horizontal bandsaw, automotive manuals, automotive scope w/4 gas analyzer, work bench, etc. Westbank: Garage Sale. Westlake Gardens Multi-Family Garage Sales. Saturday May 15th, 8am-12 noon. Corner of Butt Rd and Louie Dr in Westbank WestBank Multi-Family Last RD .off Old Hwy.Sat.15th-9-3

Sale OK

WEST KELOWNA- Rose Valley. 1972 Rosealee Lane. Sat, May 15. 8-3. 2 families, lots of baby stuff (strollers, toys), good quality. Household items. WILDEN. Moving sale. 1078 Long Ridge Drive. Hshld items, power tools, golf clubs, furn’t, toys, books, xmas tree. Fri & Sat, May 14/15th. 9-2

B14 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

For Sale By Owner 1/2 DUPLEX

Lots EXCEPTIONAL LAKEVIEW Lots from $160,000. Also; 1 panoramic 3 acre parcel. Owner ďŹ nancing. 250-307-2558 KIRSCHNER MOUNTAIN Large Building Lots from


3bdrm w/suite, garage, priv yard, appl incl, close to schools, pool. Totally reno’d. Asking $344,900. 577 Hemlock Rd. Call 250-864-1428 or 250-862-1428

~ Spectacular Views. Bring Your Own Builder. Close to All Amenities. 250-862-0895

Mobile Homes & Parks

7 BDRM, 5 baths, including 2 bdrm legal suite, built in 2005 in Rutland, near school. Asking $615,000 obo. 250-4911829.

2BD, 2bth, 55+ in Crystal Springs. $129,900. Jessica Levy, Prudential.250-470-0264

AWESOME LAKEVIEW. Dbl wide modular, 2bd, carport, 2decks, 10x30 workshop, 5appl, gas FP, 55+, pets ok. $95,000. 250-768-7124

BANK ON US! Mortgages for purchases, renos, debt consolidation, foreclosure. Bank rates. Many alternative lending programs.Let Dave Fitzpatrick, your Mortgage Warrior, simplify the process!1-888-711-8818

Fantastic view of City of Penticton & lakes, 4900sqft rancher, custom built in 2005 on 1.03 acre, large shop, $1,600,000, (250)493-0358, on line,, #1272 House on acreage, owner ďŹ nancing, 4bdrm, 3bath on 4acres near Enderby w/fruit & berries, pasture & horse shelter, owner will take property or RV etc. in trade as part down. $449,000. (250)838-0509, 250-309-1506 I BUY HOUSES CASH! ANY PRICE ANY CONDITION. WE ALSO LEASE HOMES. CALL 250-826-3311 INVESTORS! FULL DUPLEX! $285,000, spacious, well-built sxs duplex, features 3bdrms, 2bath, garage each side, income is $2100/mo. located on nice corner lot in busy Prince George, TURNKEY, time limited offering, view online at:, call 250-490-8888, Penticton THINKING OF SELLING? For a conďŹ dential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Houses For Sale ******* Where smart sellers meet smart buyers! View Thompson Okanagan properties for sale.// Selling? No Commission. (250) 545-2383 or 1-877-291-7576 310 Madsen Rd. 4bd, 3bth, suitable. Open House Sunday’s. $399,500. Mel Lemky, Royal Lepage, 250-215-5185

$358,900. Just listed. 4bd, 2bth, elem school area. BBQ deck. MLS Ken Dempsey Remax, 250-717-5000 $378,000. Rutland, suite up & suite down, 5bd, 3bths, 2 lndrys. MLS Ken Dempsey Remax, 250-717-5000 $435,000. Blk Mnt. Just listed. .49 acre lot. 5bd, shop, pool, RV prking. MLS Ken Dempsey Remax, 250-717-5000 BANK FORECLOSURES Free List & Pics. Realty Match

EXP local lic’d Realtor doing FREE Market Evaluation. Kim, Century 21 250-878-2883 MORTGAGES LOW RATES. 5YR. 4.35% VARIABLE 1.75% Trish at 250-470-8324 THINKING OF SELLING? For a conďŹ dential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Homes Wanted WANTED: Condo to buy, max. $132,000. Central Kel. area. No Agents pls., 250-808-0830


Apt/Condo for Rent 1BD & 2BD., $780 - $1195,, (250)762-3455 1BD, Central Rutland, outdr pool, ug prking, quiet building, $785. 250-769-5259 1BD FURNISHED, Spacious, clean, Secure, sunrm, 2ba., 6appl., u/g prkng, ns, np, $1100. all utils incl., June 1stOct 1st. Call 250-491-4464 2 & 3 bdrm. apt. Spacious, close to Capri Mall, NS, NP, 1yr lease, avail immed. incl heat. 250-763-6600 2BD. 2ba. Legacy, corner grd., all appl., np, ns, $ Avail. May 1, 250-491-2442 2BD+den, lakeview penthouse condo, DT Westbank, $1350 incl stratta fee. UG prking, swim pool, hottub, avail June 1. Call 250-768-5324 2BD. KLO Area, 5min. to amens, ns, np, new w/d, new rng., $900. Paul @ 300-4275 2 BDRM, $975 hydro, f/s, NO PETS, on Rutland Rd. South, Belgo Area, on bus route, Avail. now. 491-3345 or 869-9788 (Cell) 2BD. Senior’s apt. quiet cls. to DT, 3appl, heat, hotwater, drapes, ac, sec. prkng w/video survillience, onsite mgr., safe & secure, ns, np, $785. 8606548 3BD, 2bth, Cosco area, $1550/mnth + hydro, ug prking avail, $30/stall. NP. Avail May 1. 250-869-9788 AVAIL. FOR June 1st. 2bdrm. 1.5 ba. $975/985 plus util. Cats Ok. Hwy #33 & Gerstmar rd. Close to UBC-O, bus routes and shopping. Call 250-712-9812. BARONA Beach, 2Bd, 2 full Bth., fully furn’d, u/g parking, o/d hot tub & pool, also boat stall for extra. $1400. incl. utils/cbl. 250-718-9118 BEAUTIFUL 2 bdrm condo on golf course, granite, f/p, swimming pool, gym. $1200/mo. incl everything. Avail immed. 250-862-6976, 801-9070 WATERSCAPES. Avail imme 2bd, 2bth, NS, NP, $1250. 1yr lease. 250-860-1138

Commercial/ Industrial 1/2 - 4 acre serviced, fenced industrial lots for lease. Light, heavy or industrial use including auto wrecker & storage. 7000sq’ serviced coverall shelter for storage or workspace or build to suit. Westbank Industrial Park. 250-769-7424 2800 sq ft warehouse @ Reids Corner, Kelowna I1 zoning. 3600 sq ft. secured compound with or w/o steel equip. $4000/m 250-878-8500

Commercial/ Industrial 900SF Warehouse/ OfďŹ ce w/600sf. mezzanine & 12’x20’ overhead door, incl. 10’x20’ fnc’d. area, avail June/10, $1050/mo.+tax. 250-258-6566 FOR lease, Commercial Dr. 1600sq’ Wharehouse & OfďŹ ces, lrg overhead door, avail June 1. Call 250-868-4808 HWY 97N for lease 1acre of Industrial compounded yard, 250-765-3295 - 250-860-5239 WESTSIDE Industrial Pk. 1/2 acre crner. Stevens & Dominion Rd. 750sf. freshly reno’d. ofďŹ ce, chainlink fence, $2200. mo.+gst, gr. loc. call 862-6053

Duplex / 4 Plex 2BD, 4appl, garage, suitable for wrking couple, ref’s, dd, NP. $1250 utils incl. June 1st. 250-861-9013, 250-878-2049 2BD Duplex, NS, NP. Middle aged cpl pref. June 1. Rutland. Call 250-860-0957 2BD upper 1/2 duplex, lndry, newly reno’d, utils incl, $950. June 1. 250-212-4972 EXCELLENT 1bd grnd-lvl suite, 1350sq’, wrking cpl. $650.250-763-1860, 763-1558 HOSPITAL & College area, 4bdrm, 2bath, 4 appl, window blinds, carport, rec rm. $1500mo. NP. Avail now. 250860-8583, 250-470-9295 OLD Glenmore. 3bdr, 2ba, FP, ensuite lndry, close to amens, June 1st $1080 250-763-7869

Homes for Rent 1BDRM house in Orchard, avail now. $800/mo. For more info call Serge 250-863-6801 or 250-765-0722. 2 BD, 1 ba, 5 appl, no smoking no pets, close to beach, priv backyard, $1200/month + util 250-764-2615 2BD. Older, no bsmt. on McKay Ave., S. Pandosy area. Avail. Immed., appl. incl., $ utils extra, 712-2443 2-BEDROOM, 5-Appliances, Fireplace, Air Conditioning, Deck, $1300 OR 3-Bedroom, 3-Baths, 3-Appliances, Family Room, Deck, Garage, $1600. 250-860-1961 Register Online www.cdnhomeďŹ 3BD. 1ba Main r, dw, ac, pets neg. view, quiet area, all utils incl. $1500. 250-807-2269 3BD, full main r of house, Westbank, new reno’s, carpet & paint, lrg priv & fenced yard, $1095. May 1. 250-768-4383 3BD. NS, NP, Cls. to UBC & Airport & bus rte. Avail. now. $1195. 250-575-3510 3 bedroom main oor house in WinďŹ eld. OfďŹ ce space could be fourth bedroom. New paint and carpets. Beautiful views. Available immediately. $1250 per month, ns. 250-558-8231 4BD suite avail. Big, bright, clean, 7 mins to UBCO, 10 mins to Kelowna. June 1 or sooner. NS, Nparty. $2000. Call 250-808-4589 55+ Park, close to beach & shopping, Mission area, 2bd manufactured home, WD, FS, DW, $725-$1100+dd. Small pets. 250-763-2878 CARRIAGE House. Excellent DT location near the lake, 2bd, ďŹ replace, DW, FS, garage, WD hook ups, $1100+utils, NS, ref’s.June 1.250-763-4240 CENTRAL - 3 Bdr. Top Floor Close to all amen. w/d all appl. $1300/mo utilities included 250-878-1721 CLEMENT AVE 2 bed 1 bath house. 4 appliances $950 + util + DD avail June 1 (250)766-3046 JUNE 1st. Full house, 2bd up, 1 down, 2bths, 2 appls, central loc., fnc’d yard, sngl gar., $1200. Charles, 250-808-4700 Oyama, new 1-bdrm carriage home plus garage, n/s, appl incl $950 (250)548-0059 SHORT term house rental. Fully furn’d, Lower Mission, 4bd, 2800sq’, 1blk from beach, H2O Centre & CNC. $2600 incl phone, cable, int & utils. Avail mid May. 250-764-6135

Homes for Rent

Suites, Lower

Suites, Upper

THE City of Kelowna currently has the following property available: North end: 3 bdrm. 1.5 baths, semi-waterfront house for rent. Minimum acceptable rent is $1200 per month. Utilities are not included and 1/2 month damage deposit is required. Subleting is not permitted nor is a home based business. Applications can be obtained online at: under the quick link to Rental Properties or at Real Estate & Building Services, 4th Floor, 1435 Water St. Kelowna, BC and will be accepted until Wednesday, May 26, 2010. ABSOLUTELY NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. WESTBANK- 4bd, fmlyrm, new int paint, fnc’d yard, WD, near Zellers. Very clean. Avail now. 250-768-0605, 808-8007.

1BDRM suite, avail now. Rutland, clse to shops/school. $650 incl utils. 250-863-1302. 1BD suite, N. Rutland, sep ent., ground level, wood oors, cable, A/C, close to bus/UBC. NS, NP. $700 utils included. Avail Now Call 250-491-3935 1BD, view, 1person, quiet, NP, NS, shr’d lndry, June 1. $850 utils incl. 250-717-6564 1BD w/o bsmt, Westside area. Lakeview, walk to beaches, sep ent, 2prking stalls. $750 incl cbl & utils. days) 250-8638077 eves) 250-769-0969 1-BEDROOM, 4-Appliances, Patio, $750 Including Cable & Utilities OR 2-Bedroom, 5-Appliances, Air Conditioning, Patio, $850 250-860-1961 Register Online www.cdnhomeďŹ 2BD. 1300sf. Avail. May 15, w/d, ns, np, Old Glenmore, quiet st., rent neg. 826-2788 2BD, 1bth downtwn, bright, lev ent., just reno’d suite. FS, shed, shr’d lndry, NS, NP, Nparty’s. Mature quiet wrking person or couple. $895 utils incl. 250-762-8810 aft 4pm. 2BD. 2ba, Walk-out, own w/d. Avail. now, 2-prkng, Cent. loc. $1200. incl. all, 250-869-0112 2BD A1 w/o Springvalley area, WD, FS, corner lot, shr’d utils, prking. $825. (250)868-9059 2BD. Bsmt. ste. Cls. to banks, grocery & mall. Great loc. w/d, lots of prkng. $1000. utils incl. 250-878-1721 2bdbsmt.ste.June1,shr’d lndry,$900+utils.Call 250-8608636 2bd bsmt suite, Lawrence Ave. all utils incl, NP, NS, avail immed, $775. 250-878-0136 2BD.+Den, N. Rutland, ns, np, w/d, sep. ent., grge, patio, prk. setting, $1000. utils incl. newly reno’d., bright, clean,765-3537 2BD. LAKESHORE: W-Kel., dbl. grge. hottub, gym, pool, int/sat.$1250. 863-1544 2BD lower lvl suite, utils incl, NParties, NS, NP, near shopping & bus, quiet area, extreme wl int avail. Area of Rutland . Lndry HU’s. $950, dd req’d. May 1. 250-765-2931 2BD lrg suite, N. Kelowna, NS, NP, $825+utils. 250-768-9744 2 BDRM bsmt suite, NS, NP, No Partying, close to UBCO & bus stops. $900/mth incl utils, DD req’d. 778-753-1356 or 250-863-3712 2BDRM suite, Gerstmar, no laundry, NP, NS, $600 plus utils. 250-575-6502. 2BD, WD, FS, bright, lrg, $950 incl all utils. AC, gas FP. Avail now. 250-861-6735 2BD. WinďŹ eld, lkview, bright, ns, np, fp, 6appl, sing/prof. cpl, $950. Available 250-317-2279 693 Mayfair Crt. 1bd suite, ground level, NP, NS, Nparties, avail now. $850 all incl. Every month inspection. Call 250-765-4594, 250-317-4015 AVAIL now. 2bd bsmt suite. Incl cbl, FS, WD, prking for 1, utils neg., NS, ND, NP, NP. $950 + dd. 250-448-9904 AVAIL. Now. Bachelor suite, KLO area, util/cable incl. share bathrm., np, ns, $570/mo. +DD. 250-317-2325. LG. 1Bd. bsmt. ste. in Ellison, f/s, w/d, utils/water incl’d., sing. working person w/car, np, ns, $750mo. 491-9398, 215-4665 NEW 1 bd ste, nr Hosp/College. Suit 1 resp n/s person. $750 Includes cble/prk/util. Avail June 1. 250-860-0048 OLD Glenmore. 2bd lower suite, laminate/tile throughout. 1200sq’, full bthtub, own lndry. Close to bike path & schools. $800 incl utils. NS. 1-403-4777908 WEST KELOWNA Large 1 bdrm ground level suite. Own entrance and laundry. On bus route. $800/mo incl. heat and electricity. Cable, internet and phone extra. Avail June 1st. N/S, N/P. Call 250-979-8631.

1BD. Newer in Rutland, utils/cbl. incl., np, ns, cls. to bus, $700.+dd, 250-807-7864 2BD. 1.5ba. np, ns, $1100. incl. utils., Ref’s. req’d., Avail. now, Ph Tes to view 868-8887 2BDRM+ den, 1.5 baths, 5 appl, cls to College $1300 utils incl. June 1. 250-763-2399 2 Bedroom suite for rent $800 available now. Call 250-8691506 3BD. 1.5ba, main r., Glenrosa area, np, all appl., gas fp, wrap-around deck, awesome lk.view, $1300. +utils. to view 778-754-0449 3BD. 2 full ba., gas fp, lg. sundeck, $1300. NP, NS. 1353 Friesen Rd. 778-753-3556 3bd main r. Jn1, shr’d lndry, ns np. suit family. $1300+utils. Call 250-860-8636 3BD upper suite, nice fenced yard, huge deck. Nice quiet area just South of Coast Capri. Great access to everything. AC & all appls incl sep lndry. NP, NS. $1250+uitls. Call 250258-8617 AVAILABLE JUNE 1st. 2 bd, 1.5 ba on second oor in the area of Costco. On bus route. no pets. Phone: 250-717-5863 after 5:00 pm. OLD Glenmore. 3bd upper suite, laminate/tile throughout. 1200sq’, own lndry. Close to bike path & school. NS. $1100 incl utils. SS appls.1-403-4777908

OfďŹ ce/Retail FOR lease, 3rd r, prime propfessional ofďŹ ce space in South Pandosy Business District. 3121sq’, client/staff prking incl. C4 zoning located close to all amens. Bright ofďŹ ces, patio, view. Ready for occupancy. Contact, 250-712-2443 for details. HWY 97 North, 1800-2800sf’ of retail, 2100sq’ of OfďŹ ce/Retail for lease. Rutland area 250-765- 3295, 250-860-5239

Recreation EXPLORE in style! 2010 towables & motorhomes for rent from just $582/wk! Call Kelowna Truck & RV today @ 250-769-1000.

Rooms for Rent 1FURN’D rm avail for student in family home in Rutland. Close to amens, bus stop & UBCO. Everything incl, Sat, WL int. $500. 250-491-2003 ALL Comforts of Home, mo. & wkly, Furn’d. DT core & others, Kit, dishes, w/d, 250-861-5757 CLEAN roommate, NS, ND. and. Bachelor suite sep.entr. Nice,From $445+up. 250-8608106, 250-718-1621 FURN’D room, sep ent, kit, lndry, 1blk to bus, shops, beach, 2blks to college. $550 +dd. utils incl. wrking male/ stdnt. May 15. 250-801-4668 eves, or lv msg MISSION Creek, furn’d bdrm, 200 chan dig cbl, full bth, kit., WD, close to amens, $650. Call 250-864-4001

Shared Accommodation 4BDRM house to share. Close to shopping, bus, $400 incl utils & internet. 250-863-6483. MATURE female to share with female (asian) 2bd apart, priv bth, semi furn’d, NS, NP, near Cosco, $450. 250-317-2213

Suites, Lower 1300sq’ 2bd, 5appl, jetted tub, pool, utils, Sat incl. Lakeview Heights. NS, NP. Ref’s req’d. $1100. 250-769-7107 1BD. $750. NP, NS, nr. Mac’s store Rutland, 1091 Schell Crt. cls. to school & bus. Avail. Apr. 1, 250-826-4080 1BD. Black Mtn. view of lake, city & Mtn., in new walk-out, lg. deck, prkng, 6appl., utils. incl., $ ns/np, mature 55+, 250-491-3268, 878-1983 1BD, Bright Modern Suite, Glenmore. furnished (opt), 5 Appliances, digital cable w/internet - utilities incl. absolutely NS, NP. Quiet Person. $800/mnth. Tel: 762-9258 1BD. Now available in Crawford. $750.inclusive, 5appl., NS, NP, ideal for sing employed person. 250-764-4266 1BD., Off McCurdy, f/s, w/d, priv. ent., nr. bus, ns, np, pref 1 person, $800. util/cbl. incl. Avail. Now! (250)491-9006 1BDRM bsmt, WinďŹ eld, shrd lndry & deck, sep ent, NS, NP, $800 incl utils, cbl, net. Avail immed. 250-448-6494.

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Auto Financing

Townhouses 2BD Townhouse. Conveniently located in Cent. Westbank. 1 unit, completely reno’d, $975+utils. Min. 6mo. lease. NP. Call 250-763-2300 THINKING OF SELLING? For a conďŹ dential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Want to Rent Mother of 3 children, 2 with disabilities would love to be in a rental or rent-to-own home $1000/mo 250-801-4954 Location leave up to fate

Cars - Domestic


Quality Autos 491-9334 Leathead Road

Antiques / Classics 1974 MGB, collector plates, must see! $7900. (250)3089277 1989 Corvette Targa top, 383 stroker, very fast, check out: Try your trade & cash, 250-558-3893

OUR CARS LAST! 1989 HONDA Accord, low mileage, gd cond, new clutch, 5spd, $1600. 250-863-1302.

Auto Accessories/Parts

2001 Chrysler Sebring, red, 4dr, AT, A/C, 78K, mint cond. $6800 obo. (250)542-4511

ASST Tires. 205-60-15 $250, 19575-14 $195, 185-70-13 $190, 18570-14. 250-860-8127

2001 Olds Alero, new brakes & tires, well maintained, $3000 OBO 250-307-4379

LYLE’’S TOWING Free removal of unwanted vehicles. Pay up to $1000 for good vehicles. Lots of used parts for sale. 765-8537 TONNEAU Cover for 6’X8’ box. Blue in color, (could be painted) $550. 250-768-8757

Auto Financing


2003 HONDA ACCORD EX-L Great coupe for anyone who wants performance and style. One owner with low kms and no accidents.

$12,983 250-861-3003 DL#30696

2003 Olds Alero, mint cond, lady driven, $5500 obo. (250)546-4856

Suites, Upper

2004 Hyundai Santa Fe, 4cyl, 5spd, running boards, 118, 000k, $9,800. Call 250-7655559

1BD carriage house, insuite lndry, AC, wl int., close to DT & UBC. $800. 250-717-0051

2005 Corvette Coupe, 405hp, 6spd manual trans, 28,000kms $40,000. 250-546-9196


Cars - Domestic

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cars - Domestic

2005 Dodge SX2.0 Auto, CD, A/C in excellent condition with only 60,000 kms.


Call 778-477-2247 or 250-808-0202


2008 ACURA TSX NAVI A rare 6 speed TSX with all the options. One owner, sold new here at Acura with no accidents and only 19,000kms.

$26,923 250-861-3003 DL#30696


2006 ACURA CSX TOURING Fantastic driving smaller car, fully serviced and ready to go.

$14,853 250-861-3003 DL#30696 Stk:10053A

2008 HONDA ACCORD EX-L One owner, local, no accidents with low kms.

$23,988 250-861-3003 DL#30696

Cars - Domestic


NEED A VEHICLE? Need cash? Up to $10,000 cashback! Guaranteed approvals! Over 400 vehicles to choose from. Call Will or Ashley today! 1-888-289-8935.

2008 Eagle Cap Camper, 8.5’ w/slide out. Lrg fridge, elec jacks, awnings, lrg bth w/ shower, new cond. $22,500. 250-765-5156

Cars - Sports & Imports 1991 Convertible Sunfire, 5spd, fully loaded, looks & drives great. Summer car. $3200 obo. 250-801-8277 1997 Crysler Sebring JXI convertible. 154k. $5000. Call 250-765-8736 2004 VW Passat Wagon, 5spd, great cond/drive/gas mileage, roof rack, grey ext & black cloth int, 125,000kms, $11,499. 250-558-5045 2005 Acura EL, silver, 4dr, sunroof, heated leather seats, climate control, 53,000kms, manual, all serviced at Acura. $12,950. 250-309-4920. 2006 MIATA MX5, GT. Copper red / tan leather. 6spd, Arizona import, 71K mi., $16,900. (250)542-5192. Exceptional condition. 2009 Toyota Yaris RS, 4dr, hatchback,auto, loaded. $11,975. 2003 Toyota Matrix, awd, auto, air, $9,975. 2007 Toyota Matrix XR, auto, loaded. $11,975. Government inspected rebuilt vehicles. Lego Auto Sales, Vernon. 250-2604415.

Sport Utility Vehicle

NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED. 2008 33’ Legends, 5th wh. 3 slides, like new, paid over $50,000, asking $32,900. Call 861-8856, 764-4415 OLDER 8.5’ camper, 3-way fridge, stove, furn. Very usable. $500obo. 250-7695898.

2006 ACURA TL NAVI One owner, local vehicle bought here at Acura. This car has been very well serviced. Great Acura Certified financing rates!

$23,871 250-861-3003 DL#30696


2008 INFINITI G37S Only 15,000kms, no accidents and bought new in Kelowna. You will not find a nicer one for a better price.


2008 FORD ESCAPE LIMITED Beautiful SUV at a great price. Bought new in Kelowna

$24,790 250-861-3003 DL#30696

Scrap Car Removal

$35,676 250-861-3003 DL#30696

2006 Pontiac G5 Pursuit LS, 4dr, 4cyl, 5spd, AC, CD, PW, PL, 62,000k, $7995. 863-3100

2007 Toyota Camry, only 11,550kms, 2.4L fuel inj., 158hp, 4dr, 5spd auto, loaded, warrenty & lots of extras. $20,000. Call 250-769-7849

Clean out your garage!

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2002 JEEP TJ Sport 4.0 L, 5 spd., steel blue, 3 tops. 189,000 kms. Serviced locally. $8700 obo. 250-808-2324

Recreational/Sale 1986 Chev, 23’, 350 motor, 4 new rear tires, good condition, 92,400 miles. $7000 obo. 250469-1469 1988 Vangaurd 28’ MH. 350 Ford chassis. Only 46,000 kms. New fridge, starter & tires, canopy, dual air, power plant. Very clean, sleeps 6. 14mpg on hwy. 250-860-4102. $14,000 obo 1995 Columbus Bythor Class A, 30’, Chev chassey, diesel, 90,000kms, new tires, batteries. Excl cond., 1-owner, NP, NS. Asking $25,000. Call 250768-9831 1995 Columbus Bythor Class A, 30’, Chev chassey, diesel, 90,000kms, new tires, batteries. Excl cond., 1-owner, NP, NS. Asking $25,000. Call 250768-9831 1995 Flair Class A 25’ GM 454 under 100,000k’s, rebuilt tranny, new Michelin tires, 4000 gen., trojan batteries, 2000 Prace inverter, 2 Simmons solar panels, Blue Ox towing hitch. Too many options to mention. $24,900 obo. Call 250-769-2158 1997 40ft MONACO DYNASTY - 325 Cummins engine, 7500 quiet Cummins diesel generator, One slide (kitchen and living room), Stereo wired throughout. One owner - good maintenance. Asking price $79,000obo. NO GST Please phone 250-550-4408 and ask for Peter. 2004 Chateau Class C Motorhome, 31’, 26,000miles, V10, 450 Chassis, slide, leveling jacks, entertainment centre, solar system, 4,000 wat Generator $38,900 (250)308-4569 2007 Damon Tuscany 40’ diesel, 30,000 miles, very clean, priced 10% below low NADA at $139,900. (250)549-3624, 250-307-6611



2008 Chev 2500 4x4, diesel, c-cab, SB, loaded, 11,000kms, $35,000 (250)545-8502

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS Re: The Estate of FRANCES EDNA CHMILAR, also known as FRANCES CHMILAR, deceased, formerly of #208-255 Aurora Crescent, Kelowna, British Columbia. Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of FRANCES EDNA CHMILAR, also known as FRANCES CHMILAR, are hereby notified under section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to the Executrix, Lesley May Chmilar, in care of her solicitors, Benson Salloum Watts LLP, 270 Highway 33 W., Kelowna, British Columbia, V1X 1X7, Attention: Rose Shawlee, on or before June 2, 2010, after which date the Execetrix will distribute the estate among the parties entitled to it, having regard to the claims of which the Executrix then has notice.

2000 10’ Royal Cargo trailer, single axle, elec brakes, new tires, rear barn door. $3000 obo. 250-765-5156 3000LB axle steel frame trailer, wood box, 5’Wx8’L inside. $1400. Grant 250-862-6436

Boat Rentals

FREE removal of unwanted & scrap cars. Call Paul Haul, 250-808-9593, 24hrs.

LAKESIDE BOAT RENTALS Why buy when you can rent? Rent 19’ Bowriders, serving the Okanagan Valley. Book Your Boat Now! 250-307-7368

SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $2 and up/each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

14’ fiberglass boat 35hp motor & trailer $1000. (250)547-9555




2003 Polaris Vertical Escape 159 track. Piped. Good condition. 1550 miles $4999. 250 814-0055

2008 HONDA CRV EX One owner bought new in Kelowna. Low kms and no accidents.

Sport Utility Vehicle 250-861-3003 DL#30696



$29,986 250-861-3003 DL#30696

2000 Silver Honda CRV AWD, std. 5spd, 113K, one owner, $8200. (250)260-1807 eve.


$27,994 250-861-3003 DL#30696


2006 GMC ENVOY Fully loaded, leather, sunroof. This SUV has been very well cared for.


2005 Sea Doo Speedster Sport boat, 215 hp, approx 30 hours, like new, serviced by Banner. $12,500. 250-5424980 250-861-3003 DL#30696

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS Re: Estate of Alfred Bryce Gibson, also known as Alfred B. Gibson, also known as Alfred Gibson, deceased formerly of 332 - 1540 KLO Road, Kelowna, British Columbia, V1W 3P6. Creditors and others having claims against the estate of Alfred Bryce Gibson, also known as Alfred B. Gibson also known as Alfred Gibson, are hereby notified under section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to the Executor at 301 - 1665 Ellis Street, Kelowna, British Columbia V1Y 2B3, on or before June 11, 2010, after which date the Executor will distribute the Estate among the parties entitled to it having regard to the claims of which the Executor then has notice. Alan James Gibson, Executor by PUSHOR MITCHELL LLP Lawyers Attention: Joni Metherell telephone: (250)762-2108


1994 Chevy S10 truck, 4cyl, STD trans, very good cond. Asking $2500 obo. Also 1977 Dodge ext camper van 360 mtr, fridge, stove, furnace, bathroom, asking $1500 obo. Call 250-762-3787 2001 Dodge 1500, 4wd, auto, 235,000K, rebuilt front-end, leveling kit, good tires, $5800 OBO (250)550-4749 2001 Ford Ranger, 6 cyl, 5 spd, 2wd, reg cab, immaculate 109kms, cd, $5,950. 250-9381419 2001 Ford Windstar. $1995 obo. For more info call 250768-2269 2002 Chev Venture Ext, rare 8 passenger, fully loaded, rear heater & ac, lots done recently. $5500 obo. 250-491-7721 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan, w/Racon wheelchair lift. $13,900. 778-475-0018. 2004 Safari Cargo Van, Excellent condition, Dexion Shelving in back, Removable Headache rack, pwr. locks, AC, remote start, am/fm/cd player, original owner, 99,000kms., $9000.obo, Local 250-878-9985

2006 Grand Vitara V6, 25,000 miles, new tires, RV tow pkg, Climate cntrl, $17,500obo. No GST.Exc cond. 250-862-3830.

2005 Ford F150 super crew XLT, 4x4, new tires, headlights, brakes, fluids, $12,750. 250-307-4379 2006 Ford 250 4x4, crew cab, short box, very good cond $13,900. 250-306-3787 2007 Chevy Silverado, 4x4, 2500HD, 4dr, full load, 6’6”L box. Still under warranty. Equipped with On Star. $19,995 778-475-0521Vernon


Recreational/Rent 250-861-3003 DL#30696

1993 230 Sea Ray Sundancer, express cruiser, tandem trailer, 480hrs on 5L merc cruiser, sleeps 4, extremely well-maintained and clean, all records, $22,500obo, (250)276-6213

REDLINE Marine Mobile Services. 250-869-7091

Trucks & Vans


15’ Crestliner, Aluminum boat, $ 250-769-5032

2008 JEEP WRANGLER Perfect for someone who loves the outdoors and wants to go anywhere. Both tops!

2003 Nissan XTerra S.E 4wd, loaded, V6, auto, only 85,000k, exc cond. Must sell, $12,900 250-492-8087

2006 ACURA MDX TECH. Full navigation system with Bluetooth and back up camera. Great SUV for the whole family. Acura Certified!

15’ BOWRIDER Voyager, 85 hp Evinrude, Ezyload trailer, Fishfinder, New Cover, Skis, Surfboard,life jackets, everything you need. $3250. Ph 250-491-9010

1999 17’ Four Winns, 115hp Johnson outboard, new full cover, Alpine stereo w/amp, 6 speakers, 2 subs, exc. cond. $9900 obo. 250-545-6194

2006 ACURA MDX TOURING 1 owner, fresh off an Acura factory lease. In great shape with all the servicing up to date. Acura Certified!

Off Road Vehicles


Legal Notices

16’ Enclosed Trailer, side drs., electric brakes, lights, 14” tires, 3500lb. axles, 768-0856

Motorcycles 1980 FXS Custom low rider 2” stretch, 8” over forks. 5000 miles on new shovel motor, lots of chrome, Harley Davidson Chopper. New black paint w/blue ghost flames. $15,000. 250-379-2609. 1992 BMW K75 RT, 750cc, abs brakes, good cond., $3600 obo. 250-491-1972 2004 Harley VRod, like new, 5900kms, $15,000. 250-5469196.

Trucks & Vans

Utility Trailers

2008 Everest 5th wheel 305T, 3 slides, $46,900. excellent cond. to view Ph250-317-7543 or

• De-winterizing • Roof re-seal • Leak Test on Propane Systems • Brakes & Bearings re-pack • Water Pumps • Furnaces • Water Heaters • Fridges • Air Conditioners • Interior & Exterior Repairs PLEASE CALL MIREL AT 250-215-7008

capital news B15

Legal Notices

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B16 capital news

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Local students shine in Mind Grind

Nine teams were rewarded for their environmental smarts last week-

end at the 10th annual Terasen Gas Environmental Mind Grind B.C.

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Championships. A total of 12 high school, six middle school and 10 elementary school teams from Kamloops, Nanaimo, the Shuswap and the North, Central and South Okanagan faced off at the Creekside Community Theater in Lake Country to test their knowledge about all things green. Frank J. Ney Elementary, of Nanaimo, won the hotly contested Elementary School Division and $1,000 for their school. Wiltse Elementary School, from Penticton, placed second. École KLO Middle School, of Kelowna, won the coveted first place in the Middle School category. Dr. Knox Middle School, also from Kelowna, placed second after playing several tightly contested games. Competition was fierce in the high school category, as teams competed for $1,000 bursaries per team member, courtesy of Terasen Gas. After a long battle, Okanagan Mission Secondary School, in Kelowna, took home first prize. Kelowna Secondary School placed second, with each team member winning a $300 bursary. Chase Secondary won for the Most Sportsmanlike team. “We like participating in the Environmental Mind Grind because it brings awareness of environmental issues in a fun way,” said OKM student team member Erin Saunders. The Environmental Mind Grind contest helps students learn about local environmental issues and motivates them and their families to live more sustainably. Partners in Environmental Education organizing this year’s Terasen Gas Environmental Mind Grind Challenge include the City of Kelowna, Regional Waste Reduction Office, Regional Parks and Recreation Services, the Council of Forest Industries and Water Smart. Other sponsors of this year’s challenge include Terasen Gas, OK Environmental Waste, FortisBC, and the Okanagan Basin Water Board. Now you can use the Internet to add your own non-profit event to the Capital News Stuff to Do. Simply go to,






2153 Springfield Road (250) 860-2600

745 Notre Dame Drive (250) 851-8700

1001-2601 Skaha Lake Road (250) 493-3800

200-3107 - 48th Avenue (250) 542-3000

Chapters Entrance (250) 860-8100 Springfield rd Entrance (250) 717-1511

look for the calendar and click on Add Event.

Kelowna Capital news 12 May 2010  

The Kelowna Capital News from May 12, 2010. Find more news online at

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