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Snowdrops bloom late this year, to columnist’s dismay T he snowdrops are blooming, the snowdrops are blooming. Why am I so excited? Because it has been just too long coming this year. I looked up my blooming dates and noted that I have recorded seeing snowdrops in early March some years. Regardless of when they come out, the early spring blooming bulbs herald the beginning of a new gardening year. Crocus, Siberian iris, glory of the snow and species tulips are just a few of them. The pussy willows are now looking good but according to my records a few years ago they were finished by March 20. ***


Don Burnett I’ve often had gardeners tell me they have trouble growing sweet peas in the Okanagan. I tend to agree that the show we get here is nothing to what can be accomplished on the Prairies. The difference is our heat. May and June can be very hot months and sweet peas, like regular garden peas, like to grow cool. In fact, some gardeners sow their peas in the fall so they go through the

winter as two-inch seedlings, ready to start growing in the spring. For most gardeners, however, getting sweet peas and garden variety peas in by early March is ideal, so if you haven’t planted your sweat peas yet you had better get busy. Here are a few tips for success. Prepare the soil with well-rotted organic compost such as Natures Gold; peas love it. Make your rows to run north and south for best exposure to the sun and improved air circulation. Soak the seeds in water for an hour or two and dust them with an inoculant specially prepared for legumes such as peas and beans.

The members of the legume family have nitrogen producing nodules on their roots that are enhanced when the inoculant, which is a soil bacteria is applied. This improves their ability to fix their own nitrogen from the air through a symbiotic relationship hence improving the crops growth and productivity. Another good trick is to dig the seed furrow about four inches deep but only cover the seed about an inch. As the little pea seedlings grow the furrow can then be filled in. Space the seeds about two inches apart with the rows about 24 to 30 inches wide. Sow seeds every two

to three weeks for continual harvest with a sowing in late July for a fall crop. *** On a sad note, we lost a very close friend of our family. Grant Mitchell passed away this past week. My thoughts are with his dear sister Moira, who was by his side and helped him during these difficult times. Moira has been a good friend of my sister Joan since childhood. Grant was one of those great Kelowna folks who felt like a brother whenever we bumped into one another. The conversation inevitably turned to our parents and the great times they had together as young people in the first

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SPCA salutes its contingent of 4,000 animal loving volunteers They are the unsung heroes of homeless and abused animal in B.C.— the 4,000 volunteers who help the B.C. SPCA care for nearly 34,000 animals in need every year.

There are volunteers on duty 24 hours a day, fostering entire litters of abandoned kittens that are so young and so vulnerable that they require bottle-feeding every two

hours. There are volunteers who walk dogs every morning and every afternoon. And there are volunteers who clean kennels, arrange events, solicit donations and offer humane

education programming to school children. “Volunteers provide vital expertise in our 37 branches across the province,” said Brian Houlihan, the B.C. SPCA’s

general manager of volunteer resources. “We couldn’t thrive without them.” Volunteer Week across Canada is recognized from April 10 to 16.

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Kelowna Capital News April 6, 2011  

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Kelowna Capital News April 6, 2011  

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