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Governments independent of party politics could be answer for partisanship To the editor: We have a real opportunity in Canada to become a true democracy. We can have a government where our MPs and MLAs represent the wishes of the majority of their constituents. Currently we live in an elective autocracy. We can elect a dictatorship of the right, centre or left. If we elect the Conservative coalition nationally we choose those who were either members of the Progressive Conservatives or the Alliance. The policies of this right wing coalition are determined by the international business community that provides the funds for their multiple election campaigns. If we elect the Liberals, the policies are determined by the Canadian, particularly the Ontario business community, that provides the funding for their election campaigns. If we elect the New Democratic Party the policies are set by organized labour that provides the funding for their election campaign. If the citizens of Quebec elect the Parti Quebequois the policies are determined by those who want Quebec to separate from Canada and who provide funding for this party’s election campaign. I don’t know about you, but none of these groups represent me nor do they deal with the

issues I am concerned about when they are elected. I believe most Canadians want their government to represent their values. In my experience most Canadians want their fellow Canadians to have jobs that pay them a living wage, affordable education for our children and grand children, and accessible and affordable health care and medication for all citizens. Most Canadians want the needs of those who are unable to support themselves to be met. We do not want the mentally ill, physically challenged and mentally challenged to be living on the streets. Frankly, I don’t see our elected representatives dealing effectively with these issues. Rather, they are busy serving business or organized labour. Our representatives don’t seem to represent us. We can solve this problem by eliminating the party system. All we have to do is select an individual to run as an independent in every riding in Canada. This individual should be the most trustworthy and self giving person that we can find in our riding. This person should be someone who is interested in giving service, not attaining power and control. We then have to convince our fellow con-

stituents to vote for this individual. Considering the dissatisfaction that most of us have with our elected representatives who seem more interested in gaining power, control and a good pension than serving us, this should not be difficult. Once we have a parliament or a legislature full of independent candidates, they can elect from amongst themselves a Prime Minister and a Cabinet. In the future, legislation would have to be passed to provide equal funds to all candidates who wish to run for office. This legislation would also eliminate donations for election campaigns to political parties or individuals and they would not be allowed to use funds other than the government provided funds. Our representatives could use social media to gain our opinions in order to help determine how they would vote on each issue that comes before the parliament or the legislature. Each individual MP or MLA would have a free vote on each issue. If we really want a democracy we must select the best independent candidates that we can find, nominate them and elect them. Robert C. Anderson, Kelowna

Harper’s democracy is to prorogue Parliament To the editor: On March 28, Cpl. Yannick Scherrer, one of our Canadian soldiers, was killed in Afghanistan. It was a sad day for all Canadians, but most of all for his family and friends. People in Afghanistan and many other countries want democracy; so why does the “Harper” government find it so impossible to accept that Canadians must have democracy in our Parliament? That brings us to the reason why we are having an election. The “Harper” government was found

guilty of a historical first in all of the Commonwealth countries—contempt of Parliament. This is a very serious accusation; Harper willfully disobeyed and openly disrespected parliament. “Are we living in a contaminated moral society where people do not care about democracy, respect and the rule of law in Parliament; is it not where it should start? King Stephen prorogued Parliament twice which prevented democracy to prevail. Democracy is the backbone of our society. We have the largest

deficit in history, and this government has spent more than any other government. When Harper states that he is the best person for our economy, it doesn’t take an economist to know that the effects of our economy is exterior to our country— the USA, China and Japan are the largest influence to all country’s economies. We saw what happened when the U.S. went into a crisis—all the world went into a recession, including us, although “Harper’s” government denied it to the very end.

Coalition; how many times have we heard Harper say this word. Although (former PM Paul) Martin’s Liberals had been elected democratically, Harper wanted to become the PM; so he called the Bloc and the NDP and they all signed a paper together; the Bloc leader is now showing this paper in his campaign. Remember when the “Harper” government ran on “We will clean up government,” and “Our government will have transparency, clarity and trust.” We have been lied to over

and over, we’ve had scandal after scandal, flip, flops, and the RCMP’s investigations are still going on. But still, after all this, Harper wants a majority. This is scary coming from a man who was found guilty of contempt of Parliament; what would he do if he had a majority; think about it before you vote. Instead of complaining about voting, think of it as a privilege that others in this world would love to have. Ruth McKeage, Kelowna

Care at Kelowna General exceptional in every way To the editor: My positive experiences and outcomes from a recent traumatic stay in Kelowna General Hospital need to be shared with your readers. What an incredible journey I discovered at KGH. The care and compassion from most all staff was awesome and brilliant, plus any other superlatives you may wish to add. And I’m talking about care to all patients— especially older people. What staff endure, day-in-day-out would drive a saint to drink (figuratively speaking), but I saw hardly a sign. In particular, two of the RNs, Elana and Jen, were simply outstanding. (Registered nurses must

achieve their bachelors of nursing before receiving their RN). They hardly stopped running during the critical 48 hours I was under their care, only to share some words to brighten your day and/or give you a laugh. I wish to emphasize that most staff people I came into contact with were remarkable, but Elana and Jan stood out. In a four-bed room, mostly with curtains drawn, sharing with three women or two women and one man, I saw and heard a whole lot of what nightmares are made of. Elana and Jan reserved their most special care for their older patients with endearing names like ‘love’. The level of caring, patience and compas-

sion delivered within my senses will keep me warm for the rest of my days, the Good Lord willing. Certain caregiving procedures—like changing the dressings on my catheter that carried food and antibiotics, intravenously, close to the heart, is by necessity complex, requiring meticulous procedures to prevent infection to the heart—were carried out without hesitation. The incredible level of knowledge, responsibility and expertise that these people carry, on a routine basis, just boggles my mind. How on earth do they sustain it 12-hour shift after shift and still retain that wonderful patience and charm?

I credit Elana and Jan with the speed of my recovery. Thank you from

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Kelowna Capital News April 6, 2011  
Kelowna Capital News April 6, 2011  

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