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KELOWNA ROCKETS undeterred to see Portland Winterhawks as heavy favourites to beat them in WHL Western Conference semi-finals.

THE BERING MUSIC CENTRE was started by store owner Drew Graham in West Kelowna, and it has now expanded with a second location in Kelowna on Harvey Avenue.

MUSIC HAS been a career focus for Royal Wood since he started playing piano at the age of 4. The songwriter will perform a show in Kelowna at the Minstrel Cafe this weekend.

ALISTAIR WATERS takes issue with Kelowna Chamber of Commerce charging a fee to hear politicians spew rhetoric.


81 serving our community 1930 to 2011




WEDNESDAY April 6, 2011 The Central Okanagan’s Best-Read Newspaper Best in BC


Vaisakhi Parade reflects Sikh growth Kathy Michaels STAFF REPORTER

In a colourful parade augmented by exotic tastes and music, Kelowna’s maturing cultural profile will be on display this weekend. The Okanagan Sikh community is putting on its first Vaisakhi parade Saturday, mirroring activities that have traditionally rolled out in larger urban hubs. “The Sikh population has been growing,” said Parmjit Patara, saying there’s 4,000 to 5,000 Sikh families who now call the valley home. “And since we built the new temple, there’s been a demand—people were asking if we are going to have a Vaisakhi parade. So, we decided we’d do this.” Vaisakhi is one of the most significant holidays in the Sikh calendar, remarkable in a religious context, as it’s when the Sikhs gained a distinct identity, said Patara. It also marks the harvest of winter crops in the Punjab region and the start See Growth A8


CONDO KINGS…Great blue herons fly around a communal treetop nest rookery along the Mission Park Greenway. W CENTRAL OKANAGAN

Working to keep pine beetle infestation at bay Judie Steeves STAFF REPORTER

The roar of a chainsaw sounds much more final than a tiny beetle killing a mature pine tree—but the effect is the same. And both will continue to fall the Central Okanagan’s native pine trees for the foreseeable future, according to authorities around the region. Blair Stewart, the City of

Kelowna’s urban forest technician, predicts local trees will be hard hit this year, despite the long, late, cool spring which could delay the first flight of mountain pine beetles. In fact, there could be some bad years ahead as far as the infestation of beetles is concerned, he believes. And with the province not providing any financial assistance this year, municipalities

are on their own in trying to deal with it, he added. Fortunately, Stewart said Kelowna is in a better situation than some, with natural breaks provided by Okanagan Lake and grasslands on some of its boundaries that help prevent beetle outbreaks and protect the city from fire once trees die from beetle infestation and become tinder dry. While Stewart has seen

massive majestic old pines in places like Knox Mountain Park killed by the mountain pine and western pine beetles, he remains hopeful some of the old pine trees in the city’s landscape can be saved. Kelowna has been very proactive in removing infested trees from city-owned land before the current year’s flight of beetles has a chance to exit, infesting nearby live trees.

Within the next half dozen years, it’s expected that the current high cycle of pine beetles in this province will end, simply due to a lack of remaining pine trees for them to complete their life cycle in, Stewart noted. Nick Arkle, a partner in Gorman Brothers Lumber in West Kelowna, says his staff are now noticing pine beetle damSee Beetle A4







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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News

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Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A3


Museum display mixes art and history Jennifer Smith STAFF REPORTER

There is a corner of the Okanagan Heritage Museum where the staff always seem to set up the interactive part of their displays. Even if it’s by happenstance, they haven’t broken the mould with the latest exhibit, The Memory Project: Art and Stories of The Second World War, positioning an interesting place to compose handwritten notes to servicemen and women in that same back corner. Yet this time, the entire collection is really an interactive display, a uniquely engaging approach to telling a story that most of us think we know—the story of the Second World War. “These are really the human stories of what someone experienced in the day-to-day,” explained Davida Aronovitch, communications coordinator of The Historica-Dominion Institute. “It really is about those smaller stories and vignettes.” Aronovitch represents the team which has been diligently collecting veterans’ stories and posting them on an online archive for anyone to access, since September 2009. The stories run the

gauntlet of those involved in the war, from gunners on the front-lines to the women who handled supplies, and have given new life to the dates and timelines and critical facts taught in Canadian schools. “It’s not about their actual duties as military personnel. It’s about their memories, and their memories often have nothing to do with the actual fighting,” said Patti Kilback, with the Okanagan Heritage Museum. “It’s about the food, and the clothes and the touching friendships they made.” But showcasing those oral histories required a visual component, so The Memory Project posted a call to artists. The resulting display brings snippets of the online archive of veteran’s testimonials to life via pieces of artwork which young and local artists, like potter Bridget Fairbank, have created by listening to the veterans’ tales. “It is interesting how the artists are asked to just look at the website, listen to the different oral histories…and something will catch them,” said Kilback. “Sometimes it’s just a phrase or something that really grabs them and just makes them have all these images and memories of their own.”

In Fairbank’s case, for example, the Nelsonbased potter found Hubert Lalonde’s testimonial hit home, about the importance of food for him as he battled in Europe. At one point, Lalonde said he went four days without any rations and then he also lost his mess tin to a bullet. The only alternative was a tin can and the recording goes on to describe how he put that can to good use. “The cook, he poured hot water in there a couple of times to rinse it out and I said, fill it up. That’s how I ate my food that night because they couldn’t get me a mess tin,” Lalonde recalled. Fairbank’s display is of a grouping of pottery mess tins, a plate-type object with a whole through it and snippets of the story inscribed on the side. Just down the way, Capital News photographer Sean Connor has given the project a stylized photograph he took at Brettville-sur-Laize Canadian War Cemetery, a spot he wound up in while tracing his father’s footsteps during the war. Some 2,872 Canadians are buried in the cemetery, along with much of Connor’s father’s unit. He flipped through the oral histories online and


PHOTOJOURNALIST Sean Connor with his Art From Memory Project original artwork inspired by the story of an Okanagan Valley veteran. Photographed at Bretteville-Sur-Laize Canadan War Cemetery in Normandy France. The photo/art work called “My Only Son” will be on display at the Okanagan Heritage Museum as part of a larger exhibition in conjunction with the Historica-Dominion Institute. connected with a local soldier named Nigel Taylor, who became a paraplegic as a result of a hit he took in a tank. “My dad was a tanker as well and his story sort of resonated with me. He was in Italy and he was in a tank and one of his crew members was killed when he was hit,” said Connor. Taylor’s story describes a horrific battle in which he was paralyzed from the waist down and the other soldier he was with was killed. “He knocked it out

and said, ‘I got him sir.’ And those were his last words because an antitank gun got us right after that and our tank went up in flames,” Taylor says on the recording. There are more than 1,800 such oral histories online; over 2000 have been collected and the project’s funding was just renewed in March. A painting at the back of the display serves as a reminder of just how important the collection is for future generations. Local artist Rena War-

ren has painted a colourful depiction of famous local artist Mary Bull, who passed away last year. Bull was a nurse in the war and over tea had told Warren some interesting tales of flirting with the servicemen. But she also mentioned how deeply it impacted her, to hold a young soldier’s hand as he lay dying and how she carried that memory with her for the rest of her life. “To us it’s very poignant…This isn’t a story we were able to capture, but

this painting, which is a portrait of her at two different points in her life, as a storyteller of her history in the service and of herself as a young woman in the service, is another kind of tribute,” said Aronovitch. The grand opening for the exhibit runs this Saturday, April 9, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., at the Okanagan Heritage Museum. Admission is by donation. The exhibition will be in the museum until the end of November.


Arts and culture summit seeks to marry business and cultural services Jennifer Smith STAFF REPORTER

On Friday morning, the business and arts communities will meet with an expert in mobilizing communities in an attempt to spur economic and cultural growth. Dubbed the Kelowna Arts and Culture Summit, the city’s cultur-


al crew have tapped Paul Born to take the lead on a two-day workshop intended to brainstorm some concrete projects citizens from both campus can come together on. “You never want to prejudge outcomes too much when you’re bringing people together to have their own dialogue. But it might be just to help them realize that maybe business and

culture are not as different as they may think,” said Sandra Kochan, with the City of Kelowna cultural services. Last year, the municipality conducted extensive consultations to develop a cultural plan and discovered the business and arts communities did not appear to be connected enough to know how they might work together to build a more vibrant, and profitable

community. Kochan said she is hoping the sessions will yield some tangible ideas that people within the community are willing to sign on to champion. Born has worked as a motivational speaker and facilitator all over the world and was tapped to bring an approach which would resonate with the business community as much as it

does with the cultural sector. In addition to leading the Tamarack Institute in Waterloo, Born holds a masters degree in leadership, is an author and has been recognized with awards from the Conference Board of Canada, Imagine Canada and the Governor General of Canada.


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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News


Combating pine beetle infestation

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age where there has never been any in the past— even in areas where they thought the trees might be safe because of elevation or buffer zones around. “It’s lucky we have a multi-species forest. Much of what is visible on the hills around the valley is predominantly Douglas fir, so it won’t be as impacted,” he commented. Stacey Harding, parks supervisor for the District of West Kelowna, says they’ve already completed 19 projects this year in parks and district-owned land, removing beetle infested pines. Infestation on the Westside has been spotty and random, rather than moving in like a wave, as had been expected, noted Harding. Removal of beetle-infested wood is just one component of the district’s wildfire fuel reduction program, for which they still have some funds from a Union of B.C. Municipalities grant, but no private land can be included, he said. The district’s west

and northern boundaries are where the most pressure from the infestation is coming from, so work is being done in the Rose Valley area, Mount Boucherie and the boundaries of Glen Canyon, said Harding. Surrounding municipalities should be glad the district has been proactive about acquiring grant money to do this work, because the beetle doesn’t recognize political boundaries, he noted. He also commended the public for staying clear and being respectful of workers in parks and on public land. The regional district is doing work in Glen Canyon Regional Park adjacent to downtown West Kelowna, and is working on plans for Rose Valley and Upper Glen Canyon Regional Parks, with the help of a fuel management grant from the UBCM. Work has already been done in Mission Creek and Glen Canyon Regional Parks, according to Bruce Smith, spokesman for the Central Okanagan Regional District. Mountain pine beetle


A FORESTRY work crew uses a chipper to clean up cut wood as part of a fuel modification and pine beetle project in West Kelowna. attacks all species of pine trees, but western pine beetle only attacks ponderosa pine. Following a ‘flight’ in early summer, the beetles attack pines nearby, depending on wind conditions, burrowing under the bark and interrupting the flow of sap up the tree. By emitting an aggregation pheromone, they will work together to mass attack a tree and overcome its natural defence of ‘pitching out’ the invaders with a gob of pitch, visible on the outside bark of the tree. That pitch tube is an indicator of trees which have been invaded by the beetle, even if the trees haven’t yet turned red and died. A blue stain fungus carried by the bee-

tle is partly to blame for the tree’s death, which occurs within a year of infestation. One way to combat an infestation is use of a verbenone pouch containing an anti-aggregation pheromone, that tells flying beetles this tree is already full and there’s no room for more. Forestry consultant Don Fowler says the best time to nail a pouch to your tree is prior to the first flight of the year, likely in early July. He emphasizes the most important thing property owners can do is identify trees that have been attacked and remove them before summer, and properly dispose of them to prevent the spread of beetles. There is a cost to de-

posit tree trunks more than 20 centimetres in diameter, and loads of tree debris of more than 250 kilograms in weight at the Glenmore Landfill. But it’s not always possible to burn infested trees, and by disposing of them on the property or elsewhere, the beetles will fly and infest new trees. All property owners are urged to remove and properly dispose of infested trees to help prevent spread of the beetle. Once dead, those also present a safety hazard, noted Stewart. For more beetle information, go to the city’s website: www.kelowna. ca. To learn more about Firesmart guidelines, see preparedness/FireSmart.



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Bill C474’s defeat affected food consumers and farmers alike, both organic and conventional.To protect the natural food supply from genetic contamination, we say no to genetically modified organisms.

Accompanying us at the rally as our special guest, Percy Schmeiser, the legendary Canadian farmer who fought the corporate giant



Enough is enough. We all have a right to eat pork without mice genes and the right to eat food crops that aren’t producing pesticides internally (you can’t wash that off). Let’s stop GM Salmon, the Enviropig and block GM Alfalfa.We have a right to know which foods are GMO. Come sign the petition for mandatory labeling.

telephone (250) 878-9437


Beetle from A1

Percy Schmeiser will be speaking in the theatre at the Okanagan College Campus on KLO Road.

Saturday, April 9th 2011 Doors open @ 6:30 p.m. 1000 KLO Rd.Kelowna, B.C.


Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A5


Pedestrian struck by motorist Cheryl Weirda STAFF REPORTER

A 59-year-old woman died after being hit by a car while trying to cross the road Monday night, police say. Around 6:20 p.m., RCMP say a woman was crossing Bernard Avenue at Burtch Road—an intersection governed by a traf-

fic light—when she was hit by a Honda Civic, driven by a 49-year-old woman. That car had been in the process of turning left from Burtch Road onto Bernard Avenue when it made contact with the 59year-old pedestrian, police say. “The 59-year-old female was transported to

Kelowna General Hospital by ambulance, where she succumbed to her injuries a short time later,” said Staff Sgt. John Jordan. Her name is not being released at the request of her family. Police say alcohol was not a factor in the crash. “The investigation is ongoing and no charg-

es have been laid at this point,” said Jordan. The death is the first recorded traffic-related fatality in Kelowna this year. For the Week of April 6-April 11, 2011 (or while quantities last)

Local CAVELL LL L eateries TIRE T IRE C CENTRE ENTRE earn HAS CUSTOMER TIRE STORAGE! award notoriety You won’t have to store your tires… Judie Steeves STAFF REPORTER

Despite being located some distance from the big city, six local restaurants have been nominated in different categories in this year’s Vancouver magazine restaurant awards. For Best Okanagan restaurant, Bouchons Bistro, RauDZ Regional Table, Waterfront Restaurant and Wine Bar and the Wild Apple at Manteo of Kelowna join Local in Summerland as nominees. Last year, Waterfront Restaurant came in first, followed by Bouchons, then Cabana Grille, with RauDZ receiving an honourable mention. In the Best Winery/ Vineyard Dining category, Old Vines Restaurant at Quails’ Gate and Vineyard Terrace at CedarCreek were nominated. Last year, the Terrace at Mission Hill took top honours in this category, followed by Old Vines Restaurant, with honourable mention of the Vineyard Terrace at CedarCreek. The awards will be announced next Tuesday in Vancouver at the 22nd annual awards ceremony. Voting is by a panel of 19 expert judges.

News from your community Capital News

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News


Sign campaign talks to speeders ASSISTANT EDITOR

WorkSafe B.C. wants drivers passing through the Westside Road over-

pass project on Highway 97 to slow down. And if the digital speed-reader boards it recently installed and the increased police presence


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manger at the site. Bedard, who appears on one sign with his twoyear-old daughter Ella, said his greatest joy is heading home to his family after work. “And nobody should have the right taken away from them to return safely to their loved ones,” he added. On Monday, he and Ella helped unveil the sign that their picture is on. Another site worker, Kyle Foote appears on a sign with three of his young children, including his four-year-old Kylee, who was also on hand at the ceremony with her dad. Foote said he had personally experienced a close call with a speeding vehicle when he worked on a Highway 97 project near where the Walmart store in Westbank was built a few years ago. He said despite the fact he was working inside an area divided off from the highway by large

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at the site will not do the trick, they hope large new billboards showing pictures of actual construction workers and their young children will help keep leaded-footed motorists from pressing the pedal to the metal. “These signs will make a difference,” said Donna Wilson, head of investigations for WorkSafe B.C. Wilson, along with Westbank First Nation Chief Robert Louie, representatives of the B.C. Ministry of Transportation, and Ledcor, the company building the overpass, as well as local workers whose pictures appear on the 2.5-metre by 2.5-metre signs, called the mixture of speeding vehicles and construction workers a “dangerous cocktail.” But all agreed it does not have to be that way if drivers just slow down. “We’re not here to make the commute longer,” said Ron Bedard, Ledcor’s traffic and safety

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orange and white delineators, a car swerved into the cordoned off area and narrowly missed him. Recently, a flagger at the Westside Road overpass site had the traffic control paddle she was holding knocked out of her hand by a speeding vehicle. In 2006, a flagger, a mother of four, was killed directing traffic at a construction site on High-

way 97 near Mills Road in Kelowna. Two flagger have been killed and 16 injured on B.C. roads since 2008. The speed limit through the Westside Road overpass construction zone is 60 kilometres. But the RCMP say drivers regularly speed through at more than of 80 kilometres per hour. Fines for speeding in




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and urges drivers passing through the Westside Road overpass construction area to slow down.

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RON BEDARD and his daughter Ella, 2, pose with a sign that shows a picture of them

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a construction zone are $196 for up to 20 kilometres per hour over the posted limit, $253 for speeds between 21 and 40 kilometres per hour over the posted limit and $368 for speeds of 41 to 60 kilometres per hour over the posted limit. The RCMP have stepped up enforcement in the area after being asked to do so by the WFN, which is overseeing the construction project. Currently there are about 40 workers at the overpass site. The signs, using pictures of actual workers and their children and saying, “Slow Down…My daddy works here,” have been used across the province for the last three years. They were used during construction of the William R. Bennett Bridge over Okanagan Lake and are believed to have helped slow traffic there. The program won WorkSafe B.C. a top international award from the International Association of Business Communicators.

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Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A7



Manslaughter conviction draws ‘unique’ jail sentence Cheryl Wierda STAFF REPORTER

A Kelowna judge has decided to veer outside the typical sentencing range for manslaughter, saying the “unique” facts of the case warrant a shorter jail sentence for Blake Nahachewski. Nahachewski, who pleaded guilty to the July 2008 manslaughter of Brian Schaefer back in December, was handed 30 months in jail at his sentencing hearing Tuesday afternoon. After credit for time served, he has an additional eight months in custody to serve. Before imposing sentence, Judge Gale Sinclair noted that he knew whatever he decided would be too little for Schaefer’s family and too much for Nahachewski and that anything he did would not bring Schaefer back. He said he had to impose a sentence based in law and later said he was “satisfied the unique facts

take this case outside the so-called usual (sentencing) range of four to six years.” There is no minimum sentence for manslaughter and the maximum is life in prison. The events leading up to Schaefer’s death began around 2 a.m. on July 4, 2008, when an argument between Schaefer and Nahachewski broke out over a picture of a girl they both knew. That argument culminated in Nahachewski assaulting the 55-year-old inside his Gellatly Road home. The court heard that Schaefer, who was very drunk, began calling Nahachewski names and became physically aggressive with him. “The accused exercised restraint at first,” said Sinclair. However, he later struck at Schaefer, hitting him in the head and at least one time in the ribs, later telling another person at the property that

night that Schaefer was going to have “sore ribs” in the morning. It turns out four of Schaefer’s ribs were broken and that led to the rupturing of his spleen. Schaefer, however, didn’t go to see medical professionals until some 36 hours later, and then refused treatment by emergency room staff. He returned home against medical advice. Had he received treatment then, a pathologist suggested, Schaefer would likely have recovered from his injuries. However, he didn’t get treatment until July 8, when he returned to hospital in hemorrhagic shock. His spleen was removed, but after the surgery Schaefer contracted pneumonia and eventually died of complications from the surgery on July 27. And while Schaefer didn’t get medical treatment until days later, that doesn’t remove the legal culpability of Nahachews-

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ki for the assault that led to Schaefer’s death, said Crown counsel Colin Forsyth. The young man, who was 23 at the time of Schaefer’s assault, had a troubled childhood, suffering abuse at the hands of a step-father around the age of 5 and was eventually kicked out of the family home at 12 after he was accused of stealing an item he hadn’t actually taken. And while he has amassed a criminal record in his adult life, he had no convictions for violence prior to this manslaughter case. That, along with Nahachewski’s remorse, prompted defence lawyer Dave Johnson to ask for time already served— which he calculated at either 25 or 27 months— plus one day. “He’s spent enough

time in jail on the matter,” said Johnson. Sinclair, however, didn’t agree, sentencing Nahachewski to 30 months, as the Crown requested. He did give Nahachewski double credit for the 11 months he served between his arrest in November 2008 and release on bail in October, 2009. He declined to give Nahachewski credit for time served since his arrest on another matter in January nor for the 84 days he spent in custody after missing a court date, as defence requested. “To do so would reward him for being a noshow at his scheduled preliminary hearing,” said Sinclair. Nahachewski has eight months remaining on his sentence after the judge credited him for part of his time in custody.

He must also submit a sample of his DNA and is subject to a lifetime fire-

arms ban, the judge ruled.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News


Prelim hearing dragged out to 2012 date Perogies, Cabbage Rolls, Borscht, Paska, Babka, Ham Sausage Saturday, April 16 10:00 am - 1:00pm Pre-orders for sausage only by Mar. 28 Ann Maximchuk 250-769-7587 Ukrainian Cultural Centre 1091 Coronation Avenue at Gordon

Telling your story most accurately —the Capital News

The man accused of killing and robbing Brittney Lee Irving last year will have to wait until 2012 for his preliminary hearing. At a court date on Monday, the court confirmed an eight-day hearing had been scheduled to hear the case against Joelon Verma to determine if there is enough evidence to proceed to trial. Verma was arrested last June, about a month after Irving’s body was located at an undisclosed location. Irving, 24, was last seen alive by her family a year ago today (April 6) and was last known to be heading out to meet someone to sell him a “large

quantity” of marijuana. She was reported missing April 7, 2010, the same day her SUV was found abandoned on Philpott Road. Verma’s preliminary hearing is scheduled to get underway on Jan. 3, 2012.


Police are asking witnesses to come forward after two cases of a man exposing himself were reported over the weekend. The first incident happened around 6:50 p.m. on Saturday as a woman in her early 20s was running at the Apple Bowl track.

A man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark pants exposed himself to the woman, said Sgt. Craig Andrichuk. Patrols by police failed to turn up the suspect. Then, at 10 p.m., Orchard Park Mall security staff reported seeing, on security cameras, a man wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and dark sweat pants exposing himself in front of three girls at the bus loop shelter, located near The Bay. Anyone with information is asked to call Kelowna RCMP at 250-762-3300.


Police say a cyclist is lucky to be alive after being dragged by a vehicle following a collision in downtown Kelowna. At 4:50 p.m. on Monday, members of the Downtown Enforcement Unit were on patrol in the 200-block of Leon Avenue when they were approached by a cyclist who said he had been struck by a vehicle at the intersection of Leon Avenue and Ellis Street. “According to witnesses, a silver vehicle was traveling northbound on Ellis Street approaching a red light while the cyclist was traveling westbound

Sikh community stages celebration Growth from A1 of a new year. It’s a time of celebration as farmers enjoy the fruits of hard work and thank God for the bountiful harvest and pray for prosperity in the future. And many celebra-

tions specific to the holiday will be on display during the Saturday event. “There will be a lot of food along the parade, people will have stalls set up in their driveway, where they’ll be giving away lots of things— mostly food,” he said.

Another major attraction of Vaisakhi celebrations in villages is the performance of energetic Bhangra and Gidda dance by men and women respectively. This very popular traditional folk dance is performed in groups on the


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with the traffic signal,” said Const. Mike Dunn. “The cyclist was unable to stop, colliding with the rear passenger side of the suspect vehicle, resulting in the bike being pulled underneath the car dragging it short distance.” Police say the driver of the vehicle got out and yelled at the cyclist before driving off. The cyclist suffered minor injuries. If anyone has any information about this incident, they’re asked to contact the Kelowna RCMP at 250-762-3300 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-2228477.

145-1855 Kirschner Road


fast beat of dhol (drum). Dancers perform everyday farming scenes of sowing, harvesting and gathering of crops through movements of the body to the accompaniment of a ballad. “This is really exciting for the younger people in our community,” he said. “Usually they have to travel to other places to take part in the festival.” Patara went on to say that it’s not just the Sikh community that’s being welcomed into the fold, as already more than 20 floats from other parts of the community have been entered into the parade. “Everybody is welcome—everybody in Kelowna,” he said. The celebration will begin at the Rutland Road Sikh temple at 11 a.m, and the parade will roll out from there. The city will also get in on the action, and is enforcing rolling road closures beginning at 11:45 a.m. along Sumac Road E., Lacombe Road, Craig Road, Maygard Road and Friesen Road to accommodate the parade. Between 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., McCurdy Road will be closed between Rutland and Craig Roads including a westbound lane closure on Hartman Road between Rutland and Craig Roads. Alternate access to Rutland Recreation Park is available via Bach Road at Dodd Road. Traffic control personnel will be visible along the route and motorists may experience minor disruptions. For more information go to vaisakhi.

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A9


First-time buyers shake up real estate market doldrums Kathy Michaels STAFF REPORTER

It may be difficult to get a fix on the local real estate market given the high number of prognosticating, so-called experts. But from the point of view of one local realtor, there have been improvements, and he has the numbers to show a growing contingent of firsttime buyers are the reason why. On the heels of a new Re/Max report focused on new buyers, realtor Cliff Shillington contended a lower price point and a looming hike in interest rates created a stir among

those who were previously frozen out of the market, sparking some much needed market momentum. “Compared to last year, our inventory is down and condos are moving,” he said, highlighting the fact it’s lower priced homes that are increasingly popular. Thirty per cent of 418 year-to-date sales, up until February, took place at the under $260,000 pricepoint, and nearly 80 of those were condominiums. Cheaper condos and townhouses, said Shillington, are key to the positive momentum in the market,

cautioning there are slim pickings in that price point for those who want the white-picket fence pipe dream. There are just 39 single-family homes currently listed in that price range, and he said most of those can be described as “handyman specials.” “That’s not a bad thing,” he said, in reference to the fact that single-family homes are out of reach for some. “Let’s face it, we’re only going to move forward and it’s good to get into the market.” Those content with condominiums can find 151 one-bedroom units

currently listed for sale, typically averaging 800 sq. ft, with an average asking price of $255,000. Apartment style units can start as low as $200,000 in older areas of the city that are being revitalized. Other popular areas to get a starter home are Glenrosa, Rutland, and North Glenmore and Central Kelowna. While affordability is an issue for some, a growing number of first-time purchasers are spending amounts closer to average price, which is typically between $350,000 and $400,000. Residential average

price currently hovers at $390,000. Getting into a home that price, with a five per cent down payment of $19,523, would make the monthly carrying costs $1,740. An income of $65,239 would be required to take part in the market. As an aside, changes

to recent financing criteria have not created the anticipated run up in activity in most markets. From a financial standpoint, most rookie home buyers remain quite prudent. Those making the leap are not doing it lightly, buying within their


Table with 2 leaves and 6 chairs

Fire department kept busy last year When 2010 was finally laid to rest, the Kelowna Fire Department were able to boast responding to nearly 10,000 emergency calls. Fire chief Jeff Carlisle presented city council with their department’s year in review, offering up stats that highlight where their time is spent. Specifically, the department responded to 1,762 fires, 6,457 medical calls, 774 motor vehicle accidents and 410 other calls.

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August was the busiest month, as they had to answer to around 900 calls. Stewart Centre and the Barber Terrace fires were two of the notable large-scale emergencies, while wildfires in Seclusion Bay and Sailview Bay also taxed resources. While it was a busy year, the department was three per cent less busy in 2010 than they were in 2009.

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means. A growing demand for reasonably-priced product is creating a shift in the country’s housing mix. That trend is expected to gain traction in coming years, as builders look to create greater options for those seeking to realize homeownership.



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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News



news C







The Capital News is a division of Black Press, at 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C. V1X 7K2



KAREN HILL Publisher/Advertising Manager BARRY GERDING Managing Editor ALAN MONK Real Estate Weekly Manager TESSA RINGNESS Production Manager GLENN BEAUDRY Flyer Delivery Manager AMBER GERDING Classified Manager RACHEL DEKKER Office Manager MAIN SWITCHBOARD


Let May be part of the debate


he broadcast consortium has decided to bar Green party leader Elizabeth May from the 2011 federal leaders’ debates. She learned of this from a Canadian Press reporter, not the consortium, which represents Canada’s largest television networks. Only after public outrage was she included in the 2008 debates, during which she displayed her assertive persona. Initially, the Conservatives

and the NDP refused to participate if she was invited. Now the consortium argues that the Green party has never earned an elected seat in the House of Commons and, therefore, isn’t worthy of airtime, in English or French. We couldn’t disagree more. The Bloc party only runs candidates in Quebec, yet it is allowed to take part in the debates? The Green party is running candidates in all 308 Canadian ridings. Peter Tam is the

party’s nominee in Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission, where, in 2008 election, the Greens earned more votes than the Liberals. In all, the Green party garnered close to a million votes, representing one in 10 Canadians, or 6.8 per cent of all votes cast, for which it receives taxpayer money. What party leader would be willing to tell all those voters that their opinions, and dollars, don’t matter? Those opinions largely con-

cern the state of the environment, an issue that will no doubt be part of the leaders’ debates. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP leader Jack Layton are both willing, this time, to accept if May is included in the debates, which for the most part, are all bickering. Regardless, the broadcast consortium needs to rethink its arbitrary decision and apologize to May, and voters, and let her speak. There should be no debating that.


CLASSIFIEDS 250-763-7114 DELIVERY 250-763-7575

Sound off


Newsroom 250-763-8469 Advertising, Classified, Real Estate Weekly 250-862-5275



Do you think Green Party leader Elizabeth May, despite her party not holding an elected seat in Parliament, should be allowed to participate in a televised national party leaders’ debate


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Would you pay $48 to listen to the federal election candidates speak at an allcandidates forum? See City Confidential column below

To register your opinion on the Sound Off question, go to or call 250-979-7303. Results will be tabulated until 2 p.m. Thursday.


Member of the British Columbia Press Council

Insult to injury; now we have to pay to hear politicians I

t’s been said there’s (NDP) CITY Kalmanovitch a price to be paid and Alice Hooper CONFIDENTIAL (Green) in the same for democracy. In Kelowna, votroom. ers now know how It appears the days much—$48. ($10.50 of a free all-candidates less if you are a memmeeting for the genber of the local chamAlistair eral public are gone. ber of commerce). Waters Now, as its notice anUnless another ornouncing the lunchganization steps fortime meeting on April ward to host a free all-candidates fo21 at the Delta Grand Hotel says, rum here, that’s how much it will cost B.C.’s biggest chamber outside the you to hear Kelowna-Lake CounLower Mainland wants to familiarize try candidates Ron Cannan (Conserits members with the candidates and vative), Kris Stewart (Liberal), Tisha help voters make up their minds.

On one level you can’t blame the chamber. It is an organization supported by, and there to serve, its duespaying members. And that’s what it is doing. If you want to play, you have to pay. But it’s sad to see the demise of what, in the past, had been a tradition of public service aimed at the entire community. There was a time when the chamber hosted such forums and the Kelowna Community Theatre was provided for the event. This time round, it will be in a local hotel, over lunch and with a cov-

er charge. Maybe, the fact that this is the fourth federal election in seven years has something to do with it. Throw in a few provincial elections during that time and a few municipal elections and its understandable why any organization would not want to keep dipping into its own pocket to provide a platform for politicians to repeatedly ask for votes. So, while Canada is fast becoming the Italy of North America, (with its penchant for the polling booth but without its randy prime minister) voters are switching off. Voter turnout is

dropping with every return trip to the ballot box and our skepticism about our political leaders is higher than ever. For $48 you can take someone to the movies and get a half decent meal. Or you can have the meal and wash it down with what promises to be vintage political rhetoric. In these cash-strapped, post-recession days, you have to decide which one will be more entertaining—and palatable. Alistair Waters is the Capital News’ assistant editor.

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A11


Governments independent of party politics could be answer for partisanship To the editor: We have a real opportunity in Canada to become a true democracy. We can have a government where our MPs and MLAs represent the wishes of the majority of their constituents. Currently we live in an elective autocracy. We can elect a dictatorship of the right, centre or left. If we elect the Conservative coalition nationally we choose those who were either members of the Progressive Conservatives or the Alliance. The policies of this right wing coalition are determined by the international business community that provides the funds for their multiple election campaigns. If we elect the Liberals, the policies are determined by the Canadian, particularly the Ontario business community, that provides the funding for their election campaigns. If we elect the New Democratic Party the policies are set by organized labour that provides the funding for their election campaign. If the citizens of Quebec elect the Parti Quebequois the policies are determined by those who want Quebec to separate from Canada and who provide funding for this party’s election campaign. I don’t know about you, but none of these groups represent me nor do they deal with the

issues I am concerned about when they are elected. I believe most Canadians want their government to represent their values. In my experience most Canadians want their fellow Canadians to have jobs that pay them a living wage, affordable education for our children and grand children, and accessible and affordable health care and medication for all citizens. Most Canadians want the needs of those who are unable to support themselves to be met. We do not want the mentally ill, physically challenged and mentally challenged to be living on the streets. Frankly, I don’t see our elected representatives dealing effectively with these issues. Rather, they are busy serving business or organized labour. Our representatives don’t seem to represent us. We can solve this problem by eliminating the party system. All we have to do is select an individual to run as an independent in every riding in Canada. This individual should be the most trustworthy and self giving person that we can find in our riding. This person should be someone who is interested in giving service, not attaining power and control. We then have to convince our fellow con-

stituents to vote for this individual. Considering the dissatisfaction that most of us have with our elected representatives who seem more interested in gaining power, control and a good pension than serving us, this should not be difficult. Once we have a parliament or a legislature full of independent candidates, they can elect from amongst themselves a Prime Minister and a Cabinet. In the future, legislation would have to be passed to provide equal funds to all candidates who wish to run for office. This legislation would also eliminate donations for election campaigns to political parties or individuals and they would not be allowed to use funds other than the government provided funds. Our representatives could use social media to gain our opinions in order to help determine how they would vote on each issue that comes before the parliament or the legislature. Each individual MP or MLA would have a free vote on each issue. If we really want a democracy we must select the best independent candidates that we can find, nominate them and elect them. Robert C. Anderson, Kelowna

Harper’s democracy is to prorogue Parliament To the editor: On March 28, Cpl. Yannick Scherrer, one of our Canadian soldiers, was killed in Afghanistan. It was a sad day for all Canadians, but most of all for his family and friends. People in Afghanistan and many other countries want democracy; so why does the “Harper” government find it so impossible to accept that Canadians must have democracy in our Parliament? That brings us to the reason why we are having an election. The “Harper” government was found

guilty of a historical first in all of the Commonwealth countries—contempt of Parliament. This is a very serious accusation; Harper willfully disobeyed and openly disrespected parliament. “Are we living in a contaminated moral society where people do not care about democracy, respect and the rule of law in Parliament; is it not where it should start? King Stephen prorogued Parliament twice which prevented democracy to prevail. Democracy is the backbone of our society. We have the largest

deficit in history, and this government has spent more than any other government. When Harper states that he is the best person for our economy, it doesn’t take an economist to know that the effects of our economy is exterior to our country— the USA, China and Japan are the largest influence to all country’s economies. We saw what happened when the U.S. went into a crisis—all the world went into a recession, including us, although “Harper’s” government denied it to the very end.

Coalition; how many times have we heard Harper say this word. Although (former PM Paul) Martin’s Liberals had been elected democratically, Harper wanted to become the PM; so he called the Bloc and the NDP and they all signed a paper together; the Bloc leader is now showing this paper in his campaign. Remember when the “Harper” government ran on “We will clean up government,” and “Our government will have transparency, clarity and trust.” We have been lied to over

and over, we’ve had scandal after scandal, flip, flops, and the RCMP’s investigations are still going on. But still, after all this, Harper wants a majority. This is scary coming from a man who was found guilty of contempt of Parliament; what would he do if he had a majority; think about it before you vote. Instead of complaining about voting, think of it as a privilege that others in this world would love to have. Ruth McKeage, Kelowna

Care at Kelowna General exceptional in every way To the editor: My positive experiences and outcomes from a recent traumatic stay in Kelowna General Hospital need to be shared with your readers. What an incredible journey I discovered at KGH. The care and compassion from most all staff was awesome and brilliant, plus any other superlatives you may wish to add. And I’m talking about care to all patients— especially older people. What staff endure, day-in-day-out would drive a saint to drink (figuratively speaking), but I saw hardly a sign. In particular, two of the RNs, Elana and Jen, were simply outstanding. (Registered nurses must

achieve their bachelors of nursing before receiving their RN). They hardly stopped running during the critical 48 hours I was under their care, only to share some words to brighten your day and/or give you a laugh. I wish to emphasize that most staff people I came into contact with were remarkable, but Elana and Jan stood out. In a four-bed room, mostly with curtains drawn, sharing with three women or two women and one man, I saw and heard a whole lot of what nightmares are made of. Elana and Jan reserved their most special care for their older patients with endearing names like ‘love’. The level of caring, patience and compas-

sion delivered within my senses will keep me warm for the rest of my days, the Good Lord willing. Certain caregiving procedures—like changing the dressings on my catheter that carried food and antibiotics, intravenously, close to the heart, is by necessity complex, requiring meticulous procedures to prevent infection to the heart—were carried out without hesitation. The incredible level of knowledge, responsibility and expertise that these people carry, on a routine basis, just boggles my mind. How on earth do they sustain it 12-hour shift after shift and still retain that wonderful patience and charm?

I credit Elana and Jan with the speed of my recovery. Thank you from

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Letters sent directly to reporters may be treated as letters to the editor. Letters must bear the name, address and telephone number of the writer. Names will be withheld at the editor’s discretion, only under exceptional circumstances. E-mail letters to, fax to 763-8469 or mail to The Editor, Capital News, 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C., V1X 7K2.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News


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Westside Road, will include a multi-screen movie theatre and several retail outlets, including a pharmacy. Currently there are no plans for a grocery story on the site. The shopping centre is a partnership between the WFN, Churchill International Property Corporation and Property Development Group.



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WFN commercial project initiated

Pork Side Ribs $ 69 $ 93 2 /lb. or 5 /kg.

Ground will be broken today for the latest commercial development on Westbank First Nation land. The Okanagan Lake Shopping Centre, a small outdoor mall to be located just south of the Westbank First Nation office building at Highway 97 and

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It is also the sight of a large Zeller’s store but that building is not part of the lease that is for sale. No sale price has been released for the property but the realtor dealing with the sale has said there has been interest expressed in the lease since it went on the market last month.

High Noon Park in line for ball diamond facility upgrade Kathy Michaels

Frames & Sunglasses

Next to Save-On-Foods

clothing outlet are currently under construction just north of downtown Westbank on WFN land. Currently, the lease for the original commercial centre built on WFN land, the Westbank Shopping Centre, is up for sale. That centre includes the new Extra Foods grocery story, a White Spot restaurant, a Wendy’s and Tim Hortons outlets.

W $45,000 GRANT


New Styles

Orchard Plaza

It is the latest is a string of commercial and retail developments on WFN land in recent years, developments that have included “big box” stores such as Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Depot and London Drugs, as well as many smaller stores, restaurants, banks and other services. A Future Shop electronic store and Winner

Dr. Specs Optical


The organization that developed Kelowna’s High Noon Park so locals would have an ideal place to play ball for the last 25 years, may finally get their coffers infused with some cash from the city. The Kelowna Minor Fastball society went to council with a request for $45,000 that would allow them to repair and maintain facilities at the Old Vernon Road site, after reaching a financial breaking point following the halving of their share of provincial gaming grants. “This facility is an important facility in minor sport delivery system,” explained city staffer Jim Gabriel, bringing the financial request forward. He added that it would cost the city $85,000 if the contract to maintain the property was brought in-house. While many requests for funds have fallen on deaf ears due to the city’s financial constraints, but this proposal was a hit with the vast majority of city council members who pointed out they’ve had a

lengthy free ride when it came to the site. “The city got a great deal with this thing—we haven’t put a dime into this whole project,” said Coun. Andre Blanleil. “The city needs to come to the table with the lottery money being changed… and it’s time the city played a bigger role in this.” Pointing out that thousands of volunteer hours and dollars have been poured into the site, due to the efforts of the society, Blanleil said that it could only get better with city involvement. Coun. Robert Hobson, admittedly filling a dollar-wary role that usually falls to Blanleil, asked where the $45,000 would come from and how it would impact the final budget, which comes out in May. That, he was told, would be determined at that time. Also expressing some misgivings, was Coun. Luke Stack who pointed out that council already decided to top up the Lawn Bowling Club, which was in need of $15,000. “This could be a trend, and we as council need to pay attention,” he said.

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Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A13

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News

13 th Annual Penticton

Gun & Antique Show & Sale

April 16 & 17

Saturday 9-5 Sunday 9-3 Penticton Curling Club

505 Railway (Hwy. 97, Penticton) Admission $5. Seniors $3 (Gold Card) Accompanied Children Under 12 Years Free

For Show or Table Information Call Kevin or Brenda: (250)494-4356 Email:

NEWS Upcoming events at the Royal Canadian Legion branch 26 during the month of April: Friday, April 15, Chicken Breast Dinner and Dance, 6:30 p.m., music by Rutland City Limits; Sunday, April 17, Ladies Auxiliary branch Daffodil Luncheon, 1 to 3 p.m., admission $6, door prizes and entertainment, 50/50 and raffle tickets on sale (call 250-762-7590); Tuesday, April 19, Ladies Aux-

iliary general meeting, 7 p.m. For more information call 250-762-4117 or check out Kelowna & District Stamp Club meeting Wednesday, April 6, 7 p.m., at Odd Fellows Hall, 2597 Richter St. Call Peter at 250-7653502, Ernie at 250-8607570 or email plepold@

The Central Okanagan Hospice Association presents guest speaker Dr. Phyliss Silverman, a medical researcher, author and teacher, who will talk about the grieving process on April 7, 7 p.m., at Ramada Hotel and Conference Centre. Tickets $30/person. Call 250763-5511. Storytellers Cathryn Wellner, Jean Montieth and Karen Close

Community Calendar IN THE LOOP will discuss the power of the story to connect us to our essential natures, and

to share our journeys of understanding and healing at the weekly Okanagan Institute Express forum on Thursday, April 7, 5 p.m., at the Bohemian Cafe, 525 Bernard. Fee of $2 charged at the door. To reserve a seat see www. Take A Break spring program, sponsored by Westside Health Network Society, will host presentation by Sheri Fenton, with Community Integrated Health Services, on Thursday, April 7, 10:45 a.m., at Westside Seniors Centre, 3661 Old Okanagan Highway. Call 250768-3305. Church of the Nazarene, 1305 Highway 33, will host a Third World Baby Shower on Saturday, April 9,1 to 3 p.m. SPCA auxiliary bazaar and luncheon Saturday, April 9, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the First United Church, 721 Bernard Ave. Donations appreciated. Call 250-862-9042. Central Okanagan Naturalists’ Club meeting Tuesday, April 12, 7 p.m., at Evangel Church, 3261 Gordon Dr. See www.okanagannature. org.

Thousands of volunteers. Hundreds of neighbourhoods.

Lake Country Jumping Agility Mutts annual general meeting Wednesday, April 13, 6:30 p.m., at 2575 Brew Rd. in Winfield. Call 250766-2052.

Even a small change can help change our world. Together, we can make a huge impact. Throughout April, thousands of Starbucks customers and partners will participate in community service projects all over the world as part of the Global Month of Service. You can too. Join the movement. Join us in supporting Roots and Shoots by cleaning up waterways in your community on Sunday, April 10th from Whiterock to Cranbrook. Visit or your local Starbucks to find out how easy it is to get involved.

© 2011 Starbucks Coffee Company. All rights reserved.

Central Okanagan Hospice Association annual China and Linen Sale Thursday, April 15, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; Friday, April 16, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; and Saturday, April 17, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., taking place at St. Paul’s United Church, 3131 Lakeshore Rd. Admission is free. B.C. Oldtime Fiddlers Sunday dance Friday, April 15, 8 p.m., both at Rutland Seniors’ Centre, 765 Dodd Rd. Call 250-764-7064. To have your item included in the Capital News city calendar, email it to or fax 250-7638469.

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A15

we’ve checked we’re priced right

Boneless Pork Loin

Coke or Pepsi

Whole, Cry-O-Vac Bag, 4.39/kg

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Prices in effect until Saturday, April 9, 2011 Photos are for illustrative purposes only. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Plus deposit, recycling fee where applicable.

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99 ea


Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News

ON NOW Jacobsen Days Oil Change

us celebrate our 40th anniversary


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Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A17


Snowdrops bloom late this year, to columnist’s dismay T he snowdrops are blooming, the snowdrops are blooming. Why am I so excited? Because it has been just too long coming this year. I looked up my blooming dates and noted that I have recorded seeing snowdrops in early March some years. Regardless of when they come out, the early spring blooming bulbs herald the beginning of a new gardening year. Crocus, Siberian iris, glory of the snow and species tulips are just a few of them. The pussy willows are now looking good but according to my records a few years ago they were finished by March 20. ***


Don Burnett I’ve often had gardeners tell me they have trouble growing sweet peas in the Okanagan. I tend to agree that the show we get here is nothing to what can be accomplished on the Prairies. The difference is our heat. May and June can be very hot months and sweet peas, like regular garden peas, like to grow cool. In fact, some gardeners sow their peas in the fall so they go through the

winter as two-inch seedlings, ready to start growing in the spring. For most gardeners, however, getting sweet peas and garden variety peas in by early March is ideal, so if you haven’t planted your sweat peas yet you had better get busy. Here are a few tips for success. Prepare the soil with well-rotted organic compost such as Natures Gold; peas love it. Make your rows to run north and south for best exposure to the sun and improved air circulation. Soak the seeds in water for an hour or two and dust them with an inoculant specially prepared for legumes such as peas and beans.

The members of the legume family have nitrogen producing nodules on their roots that are enhanced when the inoculant, which is a soil bacteria is applied. This improves their ability to fix their own nitrogen from the air through a symbiotic relationship hence improving the crops growth and productivity. Another good trick is to dig the seed furrow about four inches deep but only cover the seed about an inch. As the little pea seedlings grow the furrow can then be filled in. Space the seeds about two inches apart with the rows about 24 to 30 inches wide. Sow seeds every two

to three weeks for continual harvest with a sowing in late July for a fall crop. *** On a sad note, we lost a very close friend of our family. Grant Mitchell passed away this past week. My thoughts are with his dear sister Moira, who was by his side and helped him during these difficult times. Moira has been a good friend of my sister Joan since childhood. Grant was one of those great Kelowna folks who felt like a brother whenever we bumped into one another. The conversation inevitably turned to our parents and the great times they had together as young people in the first

United Church. Tune in to The Don Burnett Garden Show

Since 1927

SPCA salutes its contingent of 4,000 animal loving volunteers They are the unsung heroes of homeless and abused animal in B.C.— the 4,000 volunteers who help the B.C. SPCA care for nearly 34,000 animals in need every year.

There are volunteers on duty 24 hours a day, fostering entire litters of abandoned kittens that are so young and so vulnerable that they require bottle-feeding every two

hours. There are volunteers who walk dogs every morning and every afternoon. And there are volunteers who clean kennels, arrange events, solicit donations and offer humane

education programming to school children. “Volunteers provide vital expertise in our 37 branches across the province,” said Brian Houlihan, the B.C. SPCA’s

general manager of volunteer resources. “We couldn’t thrive without them.” Volunteer Week across Canada is recognized from April 10 to 16.

on AM 1150 News Talk Sports Saturdays from 8 to 10 a.m.

Only with this coupon Expires April 15, 2011

Open Sunday 12-4

Westbank Shoes WESTBANK SHOPPING CENTRE (across from Tim Hortons/Wendy’s)


Visit our


in West Kelowna WE’RE BIGGER & BETTER (still in the Westridge Mall, we’ve just moved to where Cooper’s Food was located)

2484 Main Street, West Kelowna • 250-707-0106

Monday-Friday 7:30am-8pm • Saturday 8am-6pm • Sunday & holidays 9am-5pm


Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News


Kelowna duo face drug charges after Rutland house bust Two Kelowna residents will be expected at a future court date after police allege they found dried marijuana and other drug paraphernalia inside a Rutland home over the weekend. RCMP executed a search warrant at a home in the 300-block of Froelich Road around 3:30 p.m. on Saturday as part of an ongoing marijuana trafficking investigation, said Staff Sgt. John Jordan. Investigators say they found less than 500 grams of dried marijuana, packaging material and weigh scales during the course of the search, and also took five people into custody. Three men, two of whom are associated with the home, were released unconditionally, say police, while a man and a woman associated with the home will have to appear in court at a later date. They’re facing recommended charges of possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking, police say.

Use the Capital News new online job search:



A transit bus caught on fire Sunday, around noon, while traveling on Rutland Road. Police say that a motorist following the bus alerted the driver of the fire and that the 15 passengers on board were able to exit the bus safely.

Community garden public forum

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Local residents are invited to an information session today from 4 to 7 p.m. at 2029 Lindahl St. to view the plans for a community garden. This is a joint project involving the City of Kelowna and the Central Okanagan Community Garden Society as Pacific Park will be expanded using neighbouring cityowned land fronting on Lindahl Street. Plans for this park include community garden plots, irrigation, an entry plaza and site furnishings. The $120,000 project is expected to begin in May and be done by June.

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Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A19

Roadshow is in Kelowna: Held Over 3 More Days! TERRY INKLER Canadian Collectors Roadshow Staff Writer

After very successful shows in Penticton and Kelowna, The Roadshow is held over due to popular demand. So you had better search through your attics and garages, go through your lock boxes and jewellery, because you may be sitting on a small fortune and not even know it! Roadshow experts are here to examine all your antiques, collectibles, gold and silver.

Local Roadshow Expert Examines Some Gold Jewellery


noticed a substantial increase in the amount of precious metals such as gold and silver coming to the Roadshow, which makes sense considering how high it’s currently trading at. He added, “The Roadshow is great because it puts money in people’s pockets, especially during such hard times. Lots of items that are just sitting around collecting dust in basements and jewellery boxes can be exchanged for money, on the spot!”

At another Roadshow event, a woman, named Mira Kovalchek, walked in with a tin full of hundreds of old coins that During a show near Toronto, a woman were given to her as a young child by her came in with a jewellery box that she grandfather. She Ànally decided to come had just inherited from her late aunt. “I in to the Roadshow and see what he don’t wear jewellery,” explained Barbara had given her. She was ecstatic to learn Engles, “so it was an easy decision to she had coins dating back to the late come down to the Roadshow to sell it”. She was very excited when she was able 1800’s, some of which were extremely rare. Roadshow consultant Perry Bruce to walk away with a cheque for over $2,100 for jewellery she was never going explains “We had uncovered an 1871 Queen Victoria 50 Cent piece, valued at to wear anyway. over $2,000!! She had a nice assortment of coins that were not rare dates, but Expert Elijah Gold explains, “We have




she was able to sell them for their silver content”. She explains, “I never would have thought that my old tin of coins was worth so much! I can Ànally afford to renovate my kitchen”. Perry Bruce continued, “Canadian coins prior to 1967, and American coins prior to 1964 are all made with silver, and we have noticed a large increase of customers coming to the Roadshow with coins and cashing them in for their silver value”. Experts at the Roadshow will evaluate and examine your items, FREE OF CHARGE, as well as educate you on them. The Roadshow sees hundreds of people during a one week event, and they have been travelling across Canada to different cities and towns, searching for your forgotten treasures. Trains, dolls, toys, old advertising signs, pocket watches, porcelain and bisque dolls, pretty much everything can be sold at the Roadshow. Any early edition Barbie’s are sought after by the Road-


show collectors, as well as a variety of Dinky Toys and Matchbox cars. Lionel Trains and a variety of tin toys can also fetch a price, especially if they are in their original box or in mint condition. If a collector is looking for one of your collectibles, they can always make an offer to buy it.

A man brought in a 1950’s Marx Tin Toy Robot, in fairly good condition, still in its original box. They were able to locate a collector for that speciÀc toy within minutes, and that gentleman went home with over $700 for his Toy Robot and a few other small toys. So whether you have an old toy car, a broken gold chain, or a Barbie sitting in the closet, bring it down to the Roadshow, they will take a look at it for FREE and it could put money in your pocket!

See you at the roadshow!

D E M A N D !

3 More Days!

In Kelowna: April 6, 7, 8

Best Western Plus Kelowna Hotel & Suites, The Boardroom, 2402 Highway 97 North, Kelowna 250-860-1212 - 9am - 6pm (except Thursday, April 7th, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.) Bring in your old unwanted or broken jewelry, coins, antiques & collectibles for the cash you need to help pay off those holiday season bills.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS • Gather all your collectibles and bring them in

TOP 5 ITEMS TO BRING... Gold Jewellery, Gold Coins, Silver Coins, Sterling Silver, Collectibles

THE ITEMS WE MAKE AN OFFER ON MAY INCLUDE: • SILVER: Any silver items such as flatware, tea


sets, charm bracelets, jewellery & anything

Maple Leaf, Double Eagle, Gold Bars,

marked Sterling or 925

Kruggerands, Pandas, etc

• COINS: Any coins before 1967 (Silver Dollars,

• SCRAP GOLD: All broken gold, used

• FREE admission

Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes, Half Dimes,

jewellery, any missing pieces (Earrings,

• NO appointment necessary

Nickels, Large Cents and all others) collectible

Charms, gold Links etc), Dental Gold,

foreign coins, rare coins & entire collections

Class Rings, Charm Bracelets, etc

• We will make offers on the spot if there is interest in the item • Accept the offer & get paid immediately • FREE coffee • Fully heated indoor facility

• GOLD COINS: All denominations from all parts of the world including Gold Olympic coins

• PLATINUM: Jewellery, Dental, Wiring and anything else made of Platinum

• WAR ITEMS: WWI, WWII, War Medals, Swords, Daggers, Bayonets, Civil War Memorabilia, etc. • JEWELLERY: Diamond Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, loose Diamonds, All Gem Stones etc • PAPER MONEY: All denominations made before 1930, Confederation bills, Large Bills • OTHER COLLECTIBLES: Toys, Train Sets, Dolls, Advertising, Cast Iron Banks, Pottery, etc.

GOLD ITEMS OF INTEREST: SCRAP GOLD • GOLD COINS • GOLD OUNCES • GOLD PROOF SETS • DENTAL GOLD NOT SURE IF IT’S GOLD? Bring it in and one of our experts will be glad to examine it for you!

We represent thousands of collectors who are all looking for a variety of collectibles! We have purchased a wide selection of items for our group of collectors. The CCG (Canadian Collectors Group) are a private group of collectors who are looking for unique items in a wide variety of categories.




Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News



’Hawks favoured but Rockets undeterred Warren Henderson STAFF REPORTER

For at least two reasons—50 regular season wins and a better headto-head record—the Portland Winterhawks are favoured, by most, to ground the Kelowna Rockets in the second round of the Western Hockey League playoffs. However, delete the first five weeks of the 2010-11 campaign and you’d be hard pressed to find much disparity between the teams. Since Nov.1, playoffs included, the Winterhawks have posted a 4217-0-2 record. Despite finishing with 16 fewer points overall, the Rockets ran up an uncannily similar mark of 43-18-0-1 during the same stretch. Portland took three of

four regular season meetings between the clubs but all three wins came before Oct. 31. The rejuvenated Rockets won the last encounter, 5-3 on Jan. 16 at Prospera Place. Toss out Kelowna’s shaky 4-10 start to the season and what does it all add up to ? A series that perhaps isn’t quite as cut and dried as the overall numbers would suggest. So while getting past the high-powered Winterhawks will prove a formidable task, Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton expects his team to put up a fight, for better or worse. “If we go into this thinking we can’t beat them, we’re in trouble before we start,” said Hamilton. “I think (Portland) played in a tougher division than us, so I don’t

Western Conference semi-final


ZAK STEBNER (left) and the Kelowna Rockets will take on Ty Rattie’s Portland Winterhawks Thursday in Game 1 of their Western Conference

Kelowna vs Portland

semifinal series.

Thursday, April 7 Kelowna Rockets Winterhawks

@ 7 p.m.


Sunday, April 8 Kelowna Rockets Winterhawks

@ 5 p.m.


Tuesday, April 12 Portland Winterhawks Rockets

@ 7 p.m.


Wednesday, April 13 Portland Winterhawks Rockets

@ 7 p.m.


Friday, April 15 Kelowna Rockets Winterhawks

@ 7 p.m.*


Sunday, April 17 Portland Winterhawks Rockets

@ 5 p.m.*


Tuesday, April 19 Kelowna Rockets Winterhawks

@ 7 p.m.*


know how much you can read into those records. Having said that, our team has gotten a lot better since Christmas, we did win our division and that says something. In November, I don’t think anyone gave us a chance of being where we are. “We know this will be tough, but we have a chance to extend this thing.” At first glance, the series matches up as Portland’s potent offensive attack and skill against the Rockets work ethic, adherence to the system and goaltending. Led by the likes of Ryan Johansen, Nino Niederreiter, Sven Bartschi and Craig Cunningham, Portland scored the third most goals (303)

in the WHL this season. With Adam Brown holding the fort, the Rockets posted the second lowest goal total(201) in the Western Conference during the regular season. Hamilton expects goaltending to play a significant role in the series but said the 19-year-old Brown will need to be better than in Kelowna’s firstround sweep of Prince George when he yielded 13 goals. In the big picture, Hamilton said the Rockets’ success will hinge on team play prevailing over Portland’s talent. “A lot of their guys are high-end players so we can’t go battleship-tobattleship with them and expect to win,” said Hamilton. “They’re bigger and

they’re bit older, too. “For us, that’ll mean playing a better team game, making sure we make it difficult on them. We have to play a style of game that disrupts them, and frustrates them. This will be very tough for us, there’s no question.” “It will be a good challenge for our coaches and our players.” A potential challenge for both teams will be the protracted time it will take to play the first two games of the series. The Rockets left Tuesday for Portland with Games 1 and 2 slated for Thursday and Sunday. That means five days in the Oregon city before returning home in the wee hours of next Monday. The Rose Garden—

Star Cracks


the Winterhawks home arena for the playoffs— is booked on both Friday and Saturday nights by basketball games. And while not the ideal situation, Hamilton doesn’t expect the extended layover to have an adverse effect on his team. “If anything, it’ll give us a chance to make some adjustments after the first game if we need to,” he said. “But really, both teams are in the same boat. It don’t think it’s going to be a problem, Portland’s a nice city and we’ll be able to create some things for the guys to do between games. After that, it really picks up, we could have four games in six days with a lot of travel added in. Maybe the downtime


now won’t be such a bad thing.” Games 3 and 4 are set for next Tuesday and Wednesday nights at Prospera Place.


Rockets centre Shane McColgan has earned WHL player of the week honours. The Manhattan Beach, Calif. native picked up five points on three goals and two assists to lead the Rockets to a four-game sweep of the Prince George in the opening round of the playoffs. With 10 points overall, McColgan shares the playoff scoring lead with Portland’s Nino Niederreiter and Saskatoon’s Brayden Schenn.

Long Cracks


Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A21


Volleyballers Tucker, Nyhus land top Heat athletic awards Warren Henderson STAFF REPORTER

With the exception of winning a national championship with their

Heat teammates, there wasn’t much more Preston Tucker or Caitlin Nyhus could have possibly accomplished during the 2010-11 B.C. Colleges

Athletics Association season. On Monday night, the UBC Okanagan athletics department honoured the exploits of the two volley-

ball standouts at the Heat’s third annual awards ceremony. Tucker, the fourth-year setter from Vernon, was named winner of the UBC

Okanagan’s Male Student Athlete of the Year Award. Nyhus, a graduating setter from the Heat women’s squad, was presented with the Female

Student Athlete of the Year Award. Tucker, who helped pace the UBCO men to a provincial title in 2011, was one of most decor-

ated athletes in Canadian collegiate athletics, capping the season by being named winner of the See UBCO A23

Bloodoff back for round 2 Serwa 2nd at nationals, Pankratz 5th Warren Henderson STAFF REPORTER

A long three weeks is almost over for Evan Bloodoff. With a four-game suspension now in the books, the 20-year-old forward will rejoin his Kelowna Rockets teammates Thursday night in time for the start of their WHL second-round playoff series in Portland. Head coach Ryan Huska said Bloodoff’s return will be enthusiastically welcomed by the entire team. “Even in our practises, the tempo goes up when Evan’s out there because of his skating and his energy,” said Huska. “We missed his work ethic and it’ll be nice to have that back.” Bloodoff was disciplined for checking Van-

Evan Bloodoff couver defenceman Joel Rogers into the end boards March 19 at Prospera Place. He received a charging major and game misconduct, while Rogers suffered a concussion and missed the remainder of the Giants’ season. After missing out on Kelowna’s four-game sweep of the Prince George Cougars in the opening round of the playoffs, Bloodoff is ready to make a contribu-

tion against the favoured Winterhawks. “It was hard sitting out, watching the guys but I’m excited to get back out there, work hard and try and bring some energy,” said Bloodoff who had 22 goals and 44 points this season. “These should be fun games in Portland. They’re a very skilled team that can score, so I think discipline will be a key for us. We need to use our speed, our skating and get goaltending we’ve been getting all year from Adam (Brown).” The Castlegar product is well accustomed to watching his teammates from a distance. A knee injury kept Bloodoff on the shelf for all but nine games during the 2009-10 regular season.

Kesley Serwa closed out a stellar 2010-11 competitive season with a second-place showing at the Ski Cross Canadian Championships at Lake Louise. The 21-year-old from Kelowna was edged out at the finish line on Saturday by Marielle Thompson, 18, from Whistler.

Big White’s Mikayla Pankratz made her presence known on the national stage with a fifth-place finish out of seven competitors. Serwa enjoyed her best season to date on the international ski cross circuit, winning the gold medal at both the X Games in Aspen, Colorado and the world championships

at Deer Valley, Utah. On the FIS World Cup circuit, Serwa placed third overall in the season standings. She won a gold medal in Alpe d Huez, France in January, and added three silver medals including one at the final World Cup event of the season in Norway.



I’m ready to provide clean power. For today. And tomorrow. We’re upgrading several of our West Kootenay generating stations. It will allow us to make more energy by getting more life from our existing equipment. It’s energy efficiency on a very big scale. k Terasen Gas and FortisBC now share one name — FortisBC. Watch for your natural gas bill from FortisBC. Visit us at

Steve Hope, Project Manager


FortisBC Energy Inc., FortisBC Energy (Vancouver Island) Inc., FortisBC Energy (Whistler) Inc., and FortisBC Inc. do business as FortisBC. The companies are indirect, wholly owned subsidiaries of Fortis Inc. FortisBC uses the FortisBC name and logo under license from Fortis Inc. FortisBC uses the Terasen Gas name under license from FortisBC Holdings Inc.

The future. We’re ready.


250.762.5050 or


Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News


WESTERN CONFERENCE SEMI-FINAL Kelowna vs. Portland Thursday, April 7 Kelowna Rockets


Portland Winterhawks

7 p.m.

Sunday, April 8 Kelowna Rockets


Portland Winterhawks

5 p.m.

Tuesday, April 12 Portland Winterhawks


Kelowna Rockets

7 p.m.

Wednesday, April 13 Portland Winterhawks


Kelowna Rockets

7 p.m.

Friday, April 15 Kelowna Rockets


Portland Winterhawks

7 p.m.*

Sunday, April 17 Portland Winterhawks


Kelowna Rockets

5 p.m.*

Tuesday, April 19 Kelowna Rockets


Portland Winterhawks

7 p.m.*

* If necessary

KELOWNA ROCKETS 2010-11 PLAYOFF STATISTICS Scoring Shane McColgan Mitchell Callahan Zak Stebner Tyson Barrie Geordie Wudrick Cody Chikie Damon Severson Brett Bulmer Zach Franko Colton Sissons Jessey Astles Colton Heffley Spencer Main Kevin Smith Gal Koren Andreas Stene Mitchell Chapman Adam Brown Colton Jobke MacKenzie Johnston Goaltending 1 Adam Brown

GP 4

GP 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 4 1 4 4 4 MIN GA 240 13

G 3 4 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0

A 7 3 3 4 1 2 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0

PTS 10 7 5 5 3 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0 0

SO 0

Avg. W L 3.25 4 0

+/+3 +3 +2 +4 +2 +3 +3 +2 +2 +2 0 +1 -1 +3 +1 +1 0 0 +1 +2

PIM 6 2 6 2 2 4 6 0 0 6 0 2 2 0 4 4 00 0 0 2

SV % 0.901

We welcome submissions to our scorecard weekly feature from all local sports leagues in Kelowna and the Westside. Statistics must be submitted by 5 p.m. Monday to either, or dropped off at the Capital News office 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C., V1X 7K2. For further information contact sports reporter Warren Henderson at 763-3212.

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Mid Isle Highlanders FC Okanagan Challenge Surrey United Okanagan Challenge Victoria United Khalsa SC Surrey United Vancouver Thunderbirds Surrey United Vancouver Thunderbirds Khalsa SC Kamloops Excel SC Mid Isle Highlanders FC Kamloops Excel SC Vancouver Thunderbirds Surrey United Kamloops Excel SC Vancouver Thunderbirds Okanagan Challenge Okanagan Challenge Victoria United Kamloops Excel SC Okanagan Challenge Victoria United Kamloops Excel SC Okanagan Challenge Mid Isle Highlanders FC Vancouver Thunderbirds Khalsa SC Victoria United Surrey United Victoria United Khalsa SC Vancouver Thunderbirds Khalsa SC Surrey United Mid Isle Highlanders FC Mid Isle Highlanders FC Victoria United Khalsa SC Kamloops Excel SC Mid Isle Highlanders FC

Vancouver Thunderbirds Kamloops Excel SC Vancouver Thunderbirds Khalsa SC Mid Isle Highlanders FC Victoria United Kamloops Excel SC Okanagan Challenge Okanagan Challenge Kamloops Excel SC Mid Isle Highlanders FC Victoria United Surrey United Mid Isle Highlanders FC Victoria United Khalsa SC Khalsa SC Mid Isle Highlanders FC Victoria United Mid Isle Highlanders FC Surrey United Surrey United Vancouver Thunderbirds Khalsa SC Vancouver Thunderbirds Surrey United Khalsa SC Surrey United Kamloops Excel SC Okanagan Challenge Mid Isle Highlanders FC Kamloops Excel SC Okanagan Challenge Khalsa SC Vancouver Thunderbirds Victoria United Kamloops Excel SC Okanagan Challenge Vancouver Thunderbirds Surrey United Okanagan Challenge Victoria United

3:00 pm 3:00pm 8:00pm 4:00pm 3:00pm 2:30pm 7:00pm 7:00pm 2:00pm 2:00pm 2:00pm 7:00pm 2:00pm 1:00pm 2:30pm 8:00pm 5:00pm 2:00pm 7:00pm 1:00pm 2:30pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 3:00pm 2:00pm 2:00pm 2:00pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 7:30pm 2:00pm 12 noon 2:00pm 8:00pm 8:00pm 2:30pm 7:30pm 12 noon 2:30pm 7:30pm 6:00pm 2:30pm

Thunderbird Park UBC Hillside Stadium Thunderbird Park UBC

\ Sat, May 7, 2011 Sat, May 14, 2011 Sun, May 15, 2011 Sat, May 28, 2011 Sun, May 29, 2011 Sat, Jun 4, 2011 Sat, Jun 11, 2011 Sun, Jun 12, 2011 Sat, Jun 25, 2011 Sat, Jul 9, 2011 Sat, Jul 16, 2011 Sun, Jul 17, 2011

Abbotsford SA Okanagan FC Okanagan FC Okanagan FC Okanagan FC TSS Academy Fraser Valley Action Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC NSGSC Eagles Whitecaps Prospects Okanagan FC Okanagan FC

Cloverdale Athletic Park Hillside Stadium Apple Bowl Ladysmith Turf Hillside Stadium Apple Bowl Thunderbird Park UBC Royal Athletic Park Hillside Stadium Apple Bowl Thunderbird Park UBC Cloverdale Athletic Park Apple Bowl Royal Athletic Park

7:05 PM 7:05 PM 6:05 PM 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:05 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:05 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:05 PM 7:05 PM 7:05 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM 6:35 PM

@ Bellingham Bells @ Bellingham Bells @ Bellingham Bells @ Wenatchee Applesox @ Wenatchee Applesox @ Wenatchee Applesox Langley Blaze Langley Blaze @ Kitsap Bluejackets @ Kitsap Bluejackets @ Kitsap Bluejackets Cowlitz Black Bears Cowlitz Black Bears Cowlitz Black Bears Bend Elks Bend Elks Bend Elks @ Cowlitz Black Bears @ Cowlitz Black Bears @ Cowlitz Black Bears Walla Walla Sweets Walla Walla Sweets Walla Walla Sweets @ Bend Elks @ Bend Elks @ Bend Elks @ Klamath Falls Gems @ Klamath Falls Gems @ Klamath Falls Gems Corvallis Knights Corvallis Knights Corvallis Knights Klamath Falls Gems Klamath Falls Gems Klamath Falls Gems

Joe Martin Field Joe Martin Field Joe Martin Field Paul Thomas Field Paul Thomas Field Paul Thomas Field Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Kitsap Fairgrounds Kitsap Fairgrounds Kitsap Fairgrounds Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium The Ball Park The Ball Park The Ball Park Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Vince Genna Stadium Vince Genna Stadium Vince Genna Stadium Vince Genna Stadium Kiger Stadium Kiger Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium Elks Stadium



Okanagan FC Fraser Valley Action Vancouver Thunderbirds Coquitlam Metro-Ford SC Surrey United Okanagan FC Okanagan FC Okanagan FC Okanagan FC Okanagan FC West Van FC Abbotsford SA

TBA 4:00pm 12 noon 4:00pm 12 noon 4:00pm 4:00pm 3:00pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 4:00pm 2:00pm


Darryl Reuter 250-869-2889 • Alex Draper at 250-575-2400 Email:


Thunderbird Park UBC Cloverdale Athletic Park


Early Bird Prize.... for all who sign up before April 1st you will be entered to WIN a round of golf for 4, compliments of Sunset Ranch.


Ladysmith Turf Royal Athletic Park Ladysmith Turf Cloverdale Athletic Park Cloverdale Athletic Park Thunderbird Park UBC


This will be a casual, easy going tournament for golfers of all abilities. The main goal is to raise as much money for our furry friends at the Kelowna SPCA while enjoying a day of laughter, fun and friends. SPACE IS LIMITED SO SIGN UP TODAY!


Ladysmith Turf Royal Athletic Park Hillside Stadium Apple Bowl Apple Bowl Hillside Stadium Ladysmith Turf Royal Athletic Park Cloverdale Athletic Park Ladysmith Turf Royal Athletic Park


COST FOR THIS FUN FILLED EVENT IS: $150 per person / $600 per team of 4. Enter as an individual or a team of 4. Entry includes: 18 holes of golf at the spectacular Sunset Ranch Golf and Country Club • Shared Power Cart • Contests on the Course • Prizes Galore • Delicious Dinner


Fri, 6/3/11 Sat, 6/4/11 Sun, 6/5/11 Tue, 6/7/11 Wed, 6/8/11 Thu, 6/9/11 Fri, 6/10/11 Sat, 6/11/11 Tue, 6/14/11 Wed, 6/15/11 Thu, 6/16/11 Fri, 6/17/11 Sat, 6/18/11 Sun, 6/19/11 Mon, 6/20/11 Tue, 6/21/11 Wed, 6/22/11 Thu, 6/23/11 Fri, 6/24/11 Sat, 6/25/11 Sun, 6/26/11 Mon, 6/27/11 Tue, 6/28/11 Thu, 6/30/11 Fri, 7/1/11 Sat, 7/2/11 Sun, 7/3/11 Mon, 7/4/11 Tue, 7/5/11 Thu, 7/7/11 Fri, 7/8/11 Sat, 7/9/11 Mon, 7/11/11 Tue, 7/12/11 Wed, 7/13/11


Darryl Reuter and Alex Draper are proud to present AND host The 1st Annual “Homes for Hounds� Charity Golf Tournament. The tournament will be held Friday May 13, 2011 at the beautiful Sunset Ranch Golf and Country Club... with proceeds proudly going to the KELOWNA SPCA.











Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Parksville Parksville Parksville Parksville Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Coquitlam Coquitlam

North Delta North Delta North Delta North Delta White Rock White Rock White Rock White Rock Athletics Athletics Athletics Athletics Victoria Victoria Victoria Victoria Athletics Athletics

Sat, Apr 9 Sat, Apr 9 Sun, Apr 10 Sun, Apr 10 Sat, Apr 16 Sat, Apr 16 Sun, Apr 17 Sun, Apr 17 Sat, Apr 23 Sat, Apr 23 Sun, Apr 24 Sun, Apr 24 Sat, May 7 Sat, May 7 Sun, May 8 Sun, May 8 Sat, May 14 Sat, May 14

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Mackie Mackie Mackie Mackie S.Surrey S.Surrey S.Surrey S.Surrey Elks Elks Elks Elks Henderson Henderson Henderson Henderson Elks Elks




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Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A23


Tucker ‘couldn’t imagine better place’; Nyhus ‘amazing time’ UBCO ���� A21 CCAA national player of the year across all sports. He also won the CCAA and BCCAA player of the year awards, and earned all-star honours at both the Canadian and provincial championship tournaments. Safe to say, it’s a season Tucker will never forget. “It’s been unbelievable from start to finish, the team, the coaches, the support from everybody has been unreal,â€? said Tucker. “I’ve been here for four years now and I couldn’t imagine a better place to be than UBC Okanagan.â€? As for Nyhus, the product of Penticton and five-year veteran was named a CCAA all-Canadian, a CCAA academic all-Canadian, the provincial player of the year across all sports, the BCCAA women’s volleyball Player of the Year and the BCCAA provincial championship tournament

Preston Tucker

Caitlin Nyhus

MVP. She was also instrumental in leading the Heat to their third consecutive provincial crown. “Cait deserves all the recognition that she is now receiving,� said Heat coach Steve Manuel. “She has worked extremely hard to develop her game and to become the player that she currently is. I am extremely proud of her, to say that she has come a long way would be a huge understatement. With five provincial and three national medals, Cait is one of the most successful players in the history of the BCCAA

and the CCAA.� For Nyhus, the award caps an unforgettable fiveyear career with the Heat. “It’s personally been an amazing time for me,� said Nyhus. “I’ve met a lot of amazing people along with way.� The women’s finalists along with Nyhus were Jenna Kantz (women’s basketball), Jen Woods (women’s golf) and Sabrina Gasparic (women’s soccer). The other finalists for the men’s award were Alex Roth (basketball), Keith Martin (golf) and Nicholas Johanson (men’s soccer).

Each team handed out its individual awards and the winners were: • Men’s soccer Coaches’ award—Sanjesh Mudaliar and Sean Petersen MVP—Spencer Brown • Women’s soccer Rookie of the year—Madeleine Greig MVP/Leadership— Sabrina Gasparac Golden Boot/MVP Award—Alexa Kennedy • Men’s basketball Most improved player— Mack Roth Best defensive player— Steve Morrison Coaches’ award—Iain Con • Women’s basketball Leadership award—Melissa Irish Coaches’ award—Roz Huber MVP—Jenna Kantz • Men’s volleyball MVP—Nate Speijer Coaches’ award—Aleks Bergen and Spencer Brown Rob Sivacoe Award— Greg Niemantsverdriet • Women’s volleyball

Most improved—Myrte SchÜn Coaches’ award—Kendra Wayling Dedication award—Kirsten Lawson • Golf Women’s MVP—Jen Woods

Men’s MVP—Keith Martin Leadership—Alana Kent The awards banquet also signified the end of an era as four Heat teams officially bid farewell to competition in the BCCAA.

The men’s and women’s basketball and volleyball squads will take to the floor in the fall of 2011-12 in the CIS (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) as members of the Canada West University Athletics Association.

Harvest Golf Club

Everyone Welcome!

PRIME RIB DINNER Enjoy a fantastic view, outstanding service and Kelowna’s best prime rib dinner at The Harvest Grille Fridays and Saturdays after 5:00 pm $21.95 - 8 oz. $26.95 - 10 oz. Reservations recommended

Call 250.862.3177

Book Your Tee Time

2725 K.L.O. Rd., Kelowna BC

Ph 250-862-3103








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1/:: #%%$!' =@&&&%%%' B=/@@/<53G=C@7<6=;3 1=<AC:B/B7=<B=2/G ;/@16'/>@7:!  =TT]c``SUcZO`^`WQS


Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News


McCurdy lanes hosts Canadian mixed championship Warren Henderson STAFF REPORTER



This is the last ski tip for the season; we hope that you’ve enjoyed them and that you found them to be helpful. There are still a few days of great skiing to be had but it won’t be long until the golf courses are full and the beaches are brimming with activity. Just so you’re ready to go for next season it’s a good idea to prepare your skis for their summer hibernation. All of the ski shops in town and the shop up here on the mountain can help you with this but if you’re a do-it-yourselfer here’s a couple of things to keep in mind. Start with a bit of an overall clean up; some warm lightly soapy water will do the trick. You want to back off the tension in your bindings so the springs have a chance to relax, if you’ve used the soapy water on them you’re going to want to use a bit of binding lubricant on them as well, this is available at ski shops. Make sure you dry everything really well. From there you need to take care of the bases of your skis, a good thick coating of a general purpose ski wax will keep your skis fast for next year. Put the wax on but don’t scrape it off. After the skis have cooled they’re ready to be put away, store them in a cool dry place and you’re done.

As a supportive father and fan, Lorne Craig has been to a number of Canadian bowling championships in the past with his daughter, Marina. Now, for the first time as a competitor, the elder Craig will get a chance to knock down some pins at a national event this week at the McCurdy Bowling Centre. Craig is one of as many as 200 bowlers— from Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and B.C.—who are expected for the Canadian Tenpin Federation’s 9th annual Canadian Mixed Championships beginning Thursday in Kelowna. “It’s going to be pretty neat to see the different bowling styles from across the country and to see people who love the sport come together in one place,” said Lorne Craig who has a 212 average this season. “I think it’s huge to have a national event in our own backyard, it’s great for the game here.


KELOWNA bowlers Nancy Cobb (left) and Lorne

Craig will be among the competitors at the Canadian Tenpin Federation’s 9th annual Canadian Mixed Championships this week at McCurdy Bowling Centre. I’m going to go out and try have fun, I’m bowling with a good partner, and I should feel pretty comfortable with the surroundings.” Craig, one of about 60 locals competing, will bowl in the singles event, and in the doubles event with Nancy Cobb. He’ll also join forces with Cobb, Clem Fraser and Wendy Fraser in the team event. The Canadian Mixed Championship—hosted by the Kelowna Tenpin Bowling Association— is a handicapped event,

meaning a bowler of virtually any ability can walk away with a national title. For example, if a bowler with a 125 average performs well enough, he or she could easily knock off a player with a 200 average or better. “What this kind of event does is shows people with lower averages that they can compete, it really levels the playing field,” said Merlin Bunnage, the general manager of McCurdy Bowling Centre and two-time Canadian World Cup champion.

“That’s the great thing about it. It gives every player, regardless of average, a chance to come out and kick my butt,” Bunnage added with a laugh. The Canadian mixed tournament is the third national event McCurdy has hosted in the last eight years. A national youth tournament came to Kelowna in 2003, while the national classified championship stopped at McCurdy in 2004. “It’s always exciting for us to host national events like vthese,” said Bunnage. “These are a lot of fun and I know everyone involved here is excited about it. It’s a chance to show off our facility and our city.” Bowlers will compete in the singles, doubles, and team categories with awards also being handed out for all-events combined scores. The opening ceremony goes at 6 p.m. on Thursday, with the first round of action beginning at 7 p.m. Competition will run right through until Sunday with the final session beginning at 3 p.m.

As luck would have it, the hosting of the Canadian Mixed Championship just happens to coincide with the official launching of the Kelowna Tenpin Bowling Association’s new web site. Designed by four Okanagan College students, known as the Pin Pals, the site came online on Monday and is an exciting new addition for the local association. “It’s fantastic for us, it’s very user-friendly and the Pin Pals deserve all the credit,” said Craig Taylor, communications coordinator for the KTBA. “About 70 per cent of it is geared to the bowlers in our association, about 20 per cent promotes the City of Kelowna, and another 10 per cent promotes McCurdy. It’s a one-stop shop for local bowlers and for bowlers from out of town. Everything is right there on the site and we’re excited about it.” For more information, visit the new KTBA web site at


SKILL SHARPENING… Canadian junior team pitcher Jocelyn Cater swings the bat while Kelowna’s Peyton Fisher (left) and instructor Dave Petkau look on during a spring clinic hosted by Kelowna Minor Fastball on Saturday at the Capital News Centre.

Only about 220 days until the next opening day! Have a great summer and thanks very much for a great season from the Big White International Ski & Board School.



Passholders bring a friend

FreeRide Program, you ROCK!

50% OFF! Limited to one lift ticket per person, per passholder, per day. Valid until Closing Cl C osing g Day

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A25



BIG WHITE RACERS (left to right) Ana Large, 8, won the com-

bi course and dual GS, Isaac Athans, 8, was the best overall athlete and Rachel McInnes, 7, took gold in moguls at the Sun Peaks Nancy Greene Festival March 25 and 26. The event featured 450 athletes ages five to 11 and included a dual GS, moguls competition, speed trap, combi and distance jumping.


Hockey Showcase champs The Kelowna Bruins celebrated the impendring arrival of spring last month by winning the bantam division of Kerlowna Minor Hockey’s Showcase of Champions house tournament. The Bruins, who went 5-0 during the course of the event, defeated the Kelowna Flyers 4-3 in the final. The bantam Bruins are: Anthony White, Hewitt Kingston, Mitchell Stevens, Tristen Lafleur, Elijah Goulding, Nolan Heim, Mathew Tooms, Izaac McGarvey, Keanan Evtushevski, Mitchell Marrs, Zachary Huculak, Beau Dalton, Tyler Hesketh, Ben Schleith, Tejroop Bal, Cody Reveen and Bryden Delmedico The coaches are Greg (Chevy) Evtushevski, Cam McGarvey and Kevin Kingston. The Kelowna Bruins won the midget title and featured: Blaine Morrill, Alex Birnie, Ryan Rancier, Liam Samaddar, Mike Piatelli, Caleb Hickson, Cole Young, Tyler Legare, Chris Lawson, Chance McCoy, Kurt Youell, Eli McAlpine, Brock Owens, Brandon Hincks, Colton Wickenheiser and Scott Kohen, and coaches Jim Rancier, Bryan Hincks and Andy Lawson. The peewee division champion Avalanche are: than Hunt, Liam Duckworth, Geordie Deleurme, Andrew Gorges, Giovanni Mazzei, Roman Tischler, Dalton Baird, Spencer Braam, Gage Christian, Kellen Duckworth, Cole Koski, Kevin Machado, Cole Pallos, Joshua Ruda, Herman Sood, Nolan Strak and Nathan Ziebart, and the coaches are Trent Mazzei, Trevor Duckworth, James Gorges and Kevin Hunt. The atom division Predators are: Manvir Gill, Parker Zakus,

Evan Worthing, William Ramchuk, Jacob Russo, Noah Russo, Matt Fulford, Suraj Kiran, Jase Goerzen, Aiden Paulson, Reid Partrick, Matt Merkley, Rahul Ahuja, Seamus




McRae, Chet Lachapelle, Adrian Delgado, Taylor Burns, and Isaac Buechert, and coaches are Kevin Zakus, Jeff Fulford, Chris Ramchuk, Tim Russo and Brian McRae.


CRISIS LINE The crisis line offers a valuable service to individuals in our community experiencing life’s disappointments, isolation, loneliness and with some complete destitution and suicide. Our Volunteers gain valuable skills, work experience and we offer an enriching way to give back to our community. Volunteers will answer calls and provide a listening ear, explore options and refer our callers to valuable resources for those struggling with various life crises. We offer comprehensive training and flexible shifts. Are you looking for: • A powerful way to affect the lives of families in need • Belong to a strong team and using your great interpersonal skills • A way of enriching your academic experience • For 3-4 hours per week you can drastically alter the life course of individuals in need. The Crisis Line is taking applications for our next training starting May 3rd, 2011. If you want to volunteer your time please call Lynne at 250-763-8058 ext. 233 as soon as possible - we have limited seating and interviews starting April 2nd. Or email Lynne at

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• Favorite Sport/Activity: Hockey/Dancing Our carrier of the week wins an Extra Value Meal, compliments of McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada. If you feel your carrier is doing a great job, then call and let us know. 250-763-7575




Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News


Tax write-offs for the self-employed sole proprietor L

ast issue, I addressed the available tax write-offs for people who were employed but worked away from the office. This week, the topic shifts a little—what are the write-offs for people who are operating as contractors or self-employed persons? The main concern here is whether the person could actually be classified as an employee. The Canada Revenue Agency has a booklet called #RC4110 Employed or Self-Employed that outlines the criteria used to make that determination. To give a basic summary, the self-employed person must pick their own hours, must use their own tools and must experience the risks of being in business for themselves. This last criteria seems


Gabriele Banka to be key. For example, if you make a mistake, do you lose the client, or does your employer? Having determined that you fall under the self-employed category, reference the CRA booklet T4002 Business and Professional Income Guide. Both these booklets are downloadable from the CRA website. Bookkeeping for a self-employed person is very similar to bookkeeping for a corporation, other than the share structure and preparing the tax return.

The profit made by a self-employed person is included in their own personal income tax return and is taxed at the personal tax rates. On the other hand, the corporation is taxed as a separate entity and taxed at corporate tax rates. The business owner needs to be able to tell the difference between current and capital expenses. Current expenses are those expenditures that will be used up in the business in the current year. Capital expenses are those expenditures for items that will be used by the company for more than the current year. Some examples of these are computer hardware, manufacturing equipment, office equipment, buildings and automobiles. Capital expenses are collected in various class-

es and are amortized or depreciated over the expected life of the asset or the corresponding lease or the life of the business depending on the type of asset. The amortization or deprecation for tax purposes is called the Capital Cost Allowance or CCA. Some of the current expenses are items such as advertising and promotion—for all those gifts that you give out to your clients or prospective clients, bad debt expense for writing off those accounts that will never be collectible. Meals and expenses can only be deducted at 50 per cent and if you are remitting your HST, you can only deduct 50 per cent of the HST that you paid on your meals on your HST return. You can hold up to six employee dinners per year and deduct the entire cost of these events and the corresponding HST. If you sponsor or hold an event for charity, that is also totally deductible. If you provide meals to employees at a job site where the employee does not return home every night, those are also 100 per cent deductible. Of course, there are many different scenarios

when it comes to the deductibility of meals and each will need to be reviewed separately as they occur. If you carry stock, like a corporation, you have the ability to start with an opening inventory count, add the purchases for the year and then deduct the closing inventory count to determine your actual costs of sales. Included in the cost of sales category could also be your production wages and benefits and any monies paid to subcontractors (yet another selfemployed person). There is also a comprehensive schedule to record your motor vehicle expenses such as gas, repairs, insurance and leasing costs.

If you have a space in the home that you have designated an office and where you can meet prospective business clients, you may also be able to deduct a portion of your home expenses. The items that you can deduct are your heat, electricity, home insurance, property taxes, mortgage insurance or rent payments, maintenance costs on your home, telephone and Internet costs, strata fees, other utility fees such as garbage pick up and even landscaping. To determine how much to deduct, measure the area of your office and work out a percentage with the total area of your home. What you need to give your accountant are the

total home expenses for the year, the square footage of your office and the square footage of your home. The tax software will then calculate the correct amount of office in home expenses for you to deduct. Finally, if you made a profit and owe tax to CRA, that tax must be paid by April 30 of every year, which is why you are encouraged to make installment payments. The actual tax return does not need to be filed until June 15. Gabriele Banka is a Certified General Accountant and the owner of Banka & Company Inc. 250-763-4528

Little shop with a big heart The MCC Thrift Shop on Roxby Road is a beehive of activity. Upstairs volunteers staff the till, put out items to be sold, straighten shelves and tidy the clothing racks. June Foreman, who manages the shop, chats with Robert, a volunteer who has brought in a beautiful framed print to

consider for the shop’s silent auction area. “I have the best job here,” Robert says. “I get to be creative.” Robert and Fred, another volunteer, work with prints, paintings and photographs often replacing the frames and mats that are also donated to the shop. Their efforts give these art pieces a fresh,

professional look. Foreman says it’s the love and dedication of these volunteers that makes the shop a special place. MCC Thrift Shops support the worldwide relief, peace and development ministry of MCC —the Mennonite Central Committee. To learn more, visit or call 250-765-7838.

Give and Receive

250 861-5880 15-150 Hollywood Rd. S. Kelowna, B.C. V1X 3S9 250 861-2901 2009H Enterprise Way (across from Telus Building) 250 768-2254 109-2565 Main St. Hwy. 97S West Kelowna, B.C.

Food or cash donation required to local food bank determined by club. Offer based on first visit enrollment, minimum 12 mo c.d./e.f.t. program. New members only. Not valid with any other offer. Valid only at participating locations through 4/17/11. © 2011 Curves International, Inc.

Cheryl Wierda


A recent Kelowna transplant charged with extortion after an incident at a downtown bank last month has been de-



nied bail. Christopher Frank Butler, 37, was arrested the afternoon of March 21, after police say they received a report of a customer at TD Canada Trust at Ellis Street and Bernard Ave-




14,999 *


nue holding an object believed to be a nail file and making reference to his bank account and having money in it by the end of the day. Police were called in after the man left the bank and






$ ,

MAKE YOUR TRUCK, YOUR TRUCK. ONLY AT YOUR BC FORD STORE. they arrested Butler at Kelowna Gospel Mission, where he had been staying after moving to Kelowna about a month earlier. On Monday morning, Butler appeared via video link in a


2011 F-150



31,499 *

2011 F-250





Kelowna courtroom to seek his release on bail. Evidence presented at the hearing, submissions made, and the judge’s rationale for her decision to keep Butler in custody are subject to a publica-

THE NEW 2011 F-150







38,999 *




1 000 OFF



WISE BUYERS READ THE LEGAL COPY: Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. Factory order or dealer transfer may be required. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ** Offer valid from February 1, 2011 to May 2, 2011 (the “Program Period”). Receive $1,000CDN towards select Ford Custom truck accessories, excluding factory-installed accessories/options (“Accessories”), with the purchase or lease of a new 2011 Ford F-150 (excluding Raptor), Ranger or Super Duty delivered or factory ordered during the Program Period (the “Offer”). Offer is subject to vehicle and Accessory availability. Offer can only be applied towards eligible Accessories. Any unused portions of the Offer are forfeited. Total Accessories may exceed $1,000CDN. Only one (1) Offer may be applied toward the purchase or lease of an eligible vehicle. Customers choosing to opt out of the $1,000 worth of no extra charge Ford custom accessories offer will qualify for $500 in customer cash. Taxes are calculated before any offer amount is deducted. This Offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. This Offer is not combinable with CPA, GPC, Daily Rental Allowances, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Limited time offer. Offer may be cancelled at any time without notice. Some conditions apply. Offer available to residents of Canada only. See Dealer for details. ‡ Receive $1,000/$1,500/$5,000/$6,000/$6,500 in Manufacturer Rebates with the purchase or lease of a new 2011 F-350 – F-550 Chassis Cabs, Transit Connect/Ranger Super Cab XL, Ranger Regular Cab/F-150 Regular Cab (excluding XL 4x2)/Ranger Super Cab (excluding XL), F-150 (excluding Regular Cab)/F-250 – F-450 (excluding Chassis Cabs). All F-150 Raptor and Medium Truck models are excluded. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Manufacturer Rebates are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. #Offer valid from Feb. 1, 2011 to May 2, 2011 (the “Offer Period”). Customers who purchase finance or lease most new 2010 or 2011 Ford F-150 (excluding Raptor and 2011 Regular Cab XL 4x2) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”) and finance through Ford Credit, Canada will receive $1000 (the “Offer”). The new vehicle must be delivered and/or factory ordered from your participating Ford dealer during the Offer Period. Only one (1) Offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per customer. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at the time of either factory order or delivery, but not both. This offer is not combinable with CPA, GPC, CFIP, FALS or Daily Rental Allowance incentives. Customer may use the Offer amount as a down payment or choose to receive a rebate cheque from Ford of Canada, but not both. Taxes payable before Offer amount is deducted. *Cash purchase a new 2011 Ranger Sport Super Cab XLT 4X2 / 2011 F-150 Super Cab XLT 4X4 / 2011 F-250 Super Cab XLT 4X4 Western Edition for $14,999 / $31,499 / $38,999. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate of $6,000 / $6,000 / $6,500 deducted. Offers include freight and air tax of $1,450 / $1,550 / $1,550 but exclude variable charges of license, fuel fill charge, insurance, registration, PPSA, administration fees, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. †Max. horsepower of 411 and max. torque of 434 lb-ft on F-150 6.2L V8 engine. Class is Full–Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2011/2010 comparable competitor engines. ††When properly equipped. Max. towing of 11,300 lbs with 3.5L EcoBoost and 6.2L 2 valve V8 engines. Max. payload of 3,060 lbs with 3.5L EcoBoost and 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engines. Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR vs. 2010/2011 competitors. †††Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs. GVWR, non-hybrid. Estimated fuel consumption ratings for the 2011 F-150 4X2 3.7L V6 Automatic and SST: 12.8L/100km city and 8.9L/100km hwy based on Transport Canada approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption may vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading and driving habits. �Offer only valid from April 1, 2011 to June 30, 2011 (the “Offer Period”) to resident Canadians with a Canadian Costco membership on or before March 31, 2011. Use this $1,000CDN Costco member offer towards the purchase or lease of a new 2011/2012 Ford/Lincoln vehicle (excluding Fiesta, Focus, Ranger, Raptor, GT500, Mustang Boss 302 & Medium Truck) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). The new vehicle must be delivered and/or factory-ordered from your participating Ford/Lincoln dealer within the Offer Period. Offer is only valid at participating dealers, is subject to vehicle availability, and may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Only one (1) offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per Costco Membership Number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford Motor Company of Canada at either the time of factory order (if ordered within the Offer Period) or delivery, but not both. Offer is not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Applicable taxes calculated before $1,000CDN offer is deducted. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ©2011 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved.

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A27


Judge denies bail application for man facing an extortion charge tion ban and cannot be reported. Butler’s next scheduled court appearance is April 19.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News

NEWS W B.C. LUNG ASSOCIATION Local foundation supports Hope Air medical care flights Trade golf savings for research dollars Hope Air, the unique national charity that provides free flights to people who cannot afford the cost of an airline ticket to get to specialized medical care outside their local communities, has received funding from the Central Okanagan Foundation to expand its free flight services to residents of the region in 2011. Central Okanagan Foundation is providing funding to Hope Air in 2011 to provide flights to residents of the region, assisting children, single-parent families and people in financial need who must travel long distances to receive either diagnosis or specialized treatment. “Last year, Hope Air provided over 560 flights related to the Central Okanagan region of British Columbia,” said Dennis Kiffiak, Hope Air’s director of

development based in Vancouver. “In fact, the Kelowna-to-Vancouver route was our busiest route in all of Canada with 473 flights. Fifty per cent of all flights were provided for children. “The funding provided by the Central Okanagan Foundation is an important element to our commitment to expand free flights to the central B.C. Interior “We know that there are many residents of the Okanagan Valley who need to get to certain types of health care that does not exist in the local community. “Support from local organizations like the Central Okanagan Foundation helps Hope Air to overcome the twin barriers of cost and distance that prohibit people from accessing the medical care they need.”

“He snores and I’m exhausted”


Do you snore? Do you have high blood pressure? Do you feel tired today?

Treating Sleep Apnea can improve these problems, as well as a person’s overall quality of life. The message is simple—if you have Sleep Apnea, you need to get treated!

Got Sleep Apnea — Take our online Sleep Apnea Test

For screening and treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea contact

call 250-860-0605 | toll free 1-888-310-1444 104- 1924 Ambrosi Rd, Kelowna |

Your best source of community news— the Capital News—now with video.

For more than 20 years the British Columbia Lung Association has offered a great deal to golf enthusiasts and amateurs alike: The annual Golf Privilege Club® membership book. For only $35 this ultimate golf savings book offers deep discounts and reduced fees at over 450 golf courses in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Washington State. By giving just a little, Kelowna golfers can receive great savings and discounts on their favourite sport while also supporting the one in five British Columbians living with lung disease. “Our membership book saves golfers hundreds of dollars for less than the price of one round of golf,” said Walda Reszitnyk, B.C. Lung Association volunteer director for Kelowna. “It’s also a great way for golfers to pay less and play more while supporting the lung association’s work to improve lung

health in British Columbia.” Chronic lung disease is the fastest growing cause of hospitalization, disability and death in Canada. Incidence of child asthma has reached epidemic levels, lung cancer takes more lives each year than any other cancer and tobacco use remains the number one preventable cause of death. Help us make lung disease history. To purchase a copy of the BC Lung Association ultimate golf savings book visit or call 1-800-6655864. As a non-profit and volunteer-based health charity, the B.C. Lung Association depends on donations from the public. Through fundraising programs such as the Golf Privilege Club, the BCLA is able to support lung health research, education, prevention and advocacy for British Columbians suffering from respiratory illnesses. In addition,


WALDA RESZITNYK, the Kelowna volunteer

director for the B.C. Lung Association (left), shares some insight to the Golf Privilege Book with a BCLA volunteer Kelsey Lenters. The Association’s Better Breathers Clubs offer support for people with conditions such as Chron-

ic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). For more information visit

Adopt your own stream If you’re looking for a feel-good activity, consider participating in the City of Kelowna’s Adopta-Stream program. The Adopt-a-Stream program runs in the spring and fall, giving organizations, families, individuals, clubs and community groups the opportunity to assist the city in keeping Kelowna’s streams healthy. “Groups help our streams by picking up litter and debris, removing noxious weeds and painting yellow fish on storm drains to raise awareness about the sensitivity of our watershed,” said program coordinator Summer Bracey. “The program requires that an organization adopt a portion of a stream to care for— for at least two years.” For more information about the program, visit To adopt a stream, contact Summer Bracey at or 250-469-8883.

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 A29


Sunshine brightens new shopping opportunities Jan Johnson CONTRIBUTOR

It’s spring, glorious spring, that lovely time of year when a person’s fancy turns to…shopping! And how fortunate for us all that two new shops have recently opened in downtown Kelowna to help us in that pursuit. At 565 Bernard Ave. (the front of the Towne Centre Mall), you’ll find a striking new store called Little Shop of Treasures. Owner Athena Markusson has recently moved to Kelowna after having several successful stores in Banff. She’s created a spot with a bright, fresh feel and an amazing array of home decor, jewelry and body products. The whitewashed wooden display cases and light wood floor create the perfect backdrop for the amazing variety of treasures displayed within.

I particularly loved the geckos and flamingos made in Thailand entirely from tiny beads, the bright and happy pottery and display boxes from India, and the incredible cut metalwork from Haiti. The best thing is that you can feel good about your purchases here, because Athena’s philosophy is to buy from World Fair Trade suppliers. The next best thing (okay, maybe this is really the best thing) is that the prices are so reasonable that you’ll gasp in surprise—in a good way. Down the street and around the corner at 1551 Ellis St. is S Clothing Ltd., a new high-end women’s consignment clothing shop. Owner Stephanie Holmz grew up in Calgary and dreamed of her own shop, which she’s now made a reality. Her focus is on high-end, designer styles that are trendy and even fashion-forward.

“Lots of women have items in their closet that they’ve never worn—sometimes with the tags still on them,” said Holmz. “This is a way to recycle those things and pass them on to someone who will love them.” Her shop features lots of denim (labels like William Rast, 7 for All Mankind, Rock & Republic), beautiful tops, gently-worn and new shoes (labels like BCBG, 9 West, Prada) and purses (Coach bags). It’s all very organized on the long, narrow walls in colour-coordinated groupings which really help you to focus in. Definitely worth a visit! After a morning of checking out the new downtown shops, what could be better than lunch at a wonderful new cafe? Head up to the North end and visit Okanagan Street Food at 812 Crowley St. This creative addition to the downtown food scene is the brainchild of Neil Schroeter, the





Kelowna Holiday Inn Express 2429 Highway 97 N April 8, 9, 10 Fri, Sat & Sun 10am - 5pm


chef and owner. Schroeter used to run a catering truck at the local farmers’ market, and it was so popular that he decided to open his own cafe. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., the cafe serves up breakfast (try huevos rancheros with roast chorizo sausage) and lunch (how about candied salmon risotto fritters or a seared fish taco…yum!). Schroeter also sells frozen versions of some of his favourite dishes for take out. He can hold private functions for up to 20 people in the cafe, and he does catering for outside functions of up to 250 people. Thanks to Sheilagh for the tip on this delicious find. I have to leave you with a little taste of some downtown culture. On Saturday, April 30, several art galleries are sponsoring a Spring Winefest Downtown Gallery Hop. Why not grab a friend and make a day of it?

w w w . T e a m G e e n . c o m

You can start at one gallery, take in the amazing selection of art, sample wine tastings and stroll to the next gallery. Participating galleries are Picture Perfect on Bernard, A Woodside Design Gallery on Pandosy and Evans Fischer Gallery on Lawrence. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a spring day. Until next time, enjoy the spring sunshine and the rich tapestry of life that downtown Kelowna has to offer.

Jan Johnson has co-owned Tigerlily Fashions downtown for 25 years, and she never ceases to be amazed at the variety of unique businesses and events that are attracted to the downtown area. If you have any information to share with her, please email her at

OPEN HOUSE: SAT, 1 - 3:30

Ski 2 Sea race road closures The 31st annual Ski 2 Sea Race from Big White to City Park will take place on Sunday, April 10, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Peck Road in Rutland will be closed from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to accommodate the bike-to-run transition. Up to 100 teams and soloists will race each other and the stop watch in a six-stage race spanning 95 kilometres. Traffic control will be visible along the route and motorists may experience minor disruptions along Highway 33 to Garner Road, and where runners exit the Mission Creek Greenway at Lakeshore at Truswell Roads. For race information visit





LOWER MISSION, just a short stroll to Sarson's Beach! 5 bedrooms, new flooring, some hardwood, 2 fireplaces, large detached shop, central a/c. Private fenced back yard. Easy to suite for in-laws (put separate W/D in shop). MLS® 10022220

Excellent alternative to townhome living!! FABULOUS LAKE VIEWS & private back yard + double garage. Bright floorplan, 1800 SF, 3 bdrms + den. Set on one of Mission's most sought after streets in a quiet neighbourhood. MLS® 10024592






BEST LOCATION at The Village At Gallaghers Canyon, and right on the 5th green. Magnificent, open plan home with granite, hardwood flooring, spiral staircase, marble fireplace, much more! Huge lot on cul-de-sac. MLS® 10018472

LARGE 2 STORY HOME! Set back from street offering excellent privacy on .37 acre lot. Beautiful evening view of Kelowna’s city lights! Spiral staircase, formal dining, 4 bdrms up with huge private master suite. A MUST SEE! MLS® 10023446





ASTOUNDING LAKEVIEWS from this 7.62 acre private estate property located 3 mins from downtown Peachland. Ideal for vineyard, pasture, or build your new home with a view that you must see to appreciate. ALR land. Quiet location. MLS® 10025003

APPLE ORCHARD!! GREAT VIEWS from Black Mountain to Dilworth Mountain. Excellent building site. Approx 12 acres planted to apple varieties. Grade A irrigation on 12 acres. Cute 2 bedroom log cottage too! MLS® 10024827

Kelowna 250250-717717-5000


Your local expert in residential, farm, and estate properties





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readership GETS results. “Being a small business I don’t have a huge budget for advertising. Over the years I have tried fancy magazines, Yellow Pages® and other phone book ads, but it has been proven to me over and over that I get the biggest impact with the ads I place in the Kelowna Capital News. It is amazing value and the results speak for themselves.”

In a recent Ipsos Reid survey,



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(BC & Yukon Community Newspaper Association)

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~ Cathy Hansen, Owne


De ta ils De ta ils In te rio r De sig n

25 0 -76 5 -4 0 4 5

Get the

POWER and STRENGTH of the working for your business.

Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, ††, § The Canada’s Newest Showroom Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating dealers on or after April 1, 2011. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. See participating dealers for complete details and conditions. •$18,995 Purchase Price applies to 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (24F) only and includes $8,000 Consumer Cash Discount. $17,980 Purchase Price applies to 2010 Dodge Journey SE (22F+CLE) only and includes $2,250 Consumer Cash Discount. Pricing includes freight ($1,400) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealers may sell for less. See participating dealers for complete details. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on most new 2010 and select 2011 vehicles and are manufacturer-to-dealer incentives, which are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. See your dealer for complete details. ††Customer Choice Financing for 36-, 48- and 60-month terms on approved credit through TD Financing Services and Ally Credit Canada is available at participating dealerships to qualified retail customers on most new 2010 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram models (except Grand Caravan Cargo Van and Ram Chassis Cab) and select 2011 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram models. The following terms apply to TD Financing Services contracts. (Different contract terms apply to Ally Credit Canada offers. See your dealer for complete details.) Vehicles are financed over a 36-, 48- or 60-month term with payments amortized over a term of up to 96 months and the pre-determined residual balance payable at the end of the contract. At contract’s end, customers have the choice of returning their vehicle through a Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram dealership with no further obligations (except payment of a $199 return fee and excess wear and tear, mileage and similar charges), financing the remaining balance for the rest of the amortization period at then-current standard rates or paying the residual balance in full. Some conditions apply. Customer Choice Financing offered by TD in Quebec is subject to different terms and conditions. All advertised Customer Choice Financing offers are TD offers. Examples: 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Canada Value Package (24F)/2010 Dodge Journey SE Canada Value Package (22F+CLE) with a Purchase Price of $18,995/$17,980 financed at 5.99%/5.99% APR over 60/60 months with payments amortized over 76/80 months equals 130 bi-weekly payments of $139/$126 and one final payment of $4,560/$5,178 for a cost of borrowing of $3,671/$3,595 and a total obligation of $22,666/$21,575. Taxes, licence, insurance, registration, excess mileage and wear and tear charges, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and charges not included. Dealers may sell for less. See participating dealers for complete details. §2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $26,095. 2010 Dodge Journey R/T AWD shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $29,045. Pricing includes freight ($1,400) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealers may sell for less. ‡Based on U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) scoring system for 2010 model year Dodge Grand Caravan and Dodge Journey. ^Based on January 2010 through January 2011 R. L. Polk sales total registrations. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumers Digest Communications LLC, used under licence. ®SIRIUS and the dog logo are registered trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. Customer Choice Financing is a trademark of Chrysler Group LLC.

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011







$ •



• 3.3L Flex Fuel V6 engine with automatic transmission on • 3rd row Stow ’n Go® seating and storage • 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS • Media Centre 130 CD/MP3 radio • Advanced multistage front- and side-curtain air bags • Power, heated exterior mirrors INCLUDES $8,000 CONSUMER CASH* AND FREIGHT.

INCLUDES $2,250 CONSUMER CASH* • 173-hp 2.4L DOHC Dual VVT I-4 world engine AND FREIGHT. • Automatic transmission • Advanced multistage front- and side-curtain air bags INSURANCE INSTITUTE • Air conditioning • Chill Zone® beverage storage bin FOR HIGHWAY SAFETY • 2nd row in-floor storage bins • Power windows and locks • 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS • Power, heated, foldaway mirrors • Electronic Stability Program (ESPTM) with All-Speed Traction Control



2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT shown.§





139 5.99




17,980 •



126 5.99



2010 Dodge Journey R/T AWD shown.§


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WEEKLY SPECIALS 100% BC Owned and Operated Prices Effective Thursday, April 7 to Wednesday, April 13, 2011. We reserve the right to limit quantities. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.

Grocery Department

Meat Department

Prairie Harvest Organic Pasta Sauce

Nature Clean Dish Liquids

assorted varieties



three varieties 575ml • product of Canada

Produce Department

Old Country Edibles

Bunched Red Beets

ready to cook

Certified Organic, California Grown




769ml • product of Canada

Astro Yogurt Tubs assorted varieties

Rizopia Brown Rice Pastas assorted varieties





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340-454g product of Canada

VIP 2X Liquid Laundry Detergents

Dairyland Fresh Milk assorted varieties

assorted varieties



2 L • product of Canada

Large Fuji Apples from Harvest Moon

New York Strip Loin Grade A Steaks value pack

B.C. Grown, Certified Organic

6.99lb/ 15.41kg


Deli Department

Romaine Hearts Certified Organic, California Grown

Happy Days Okanagan Goat Cheese Garlic and Parsley


150g • reg 5.99


Health Care Department Bach Rescue Remedy

1.5L • product of B.C.

11.99 8.99 11.99

Salad Bar Crofter’s Organic Superfruit Spreads

Ethical Bean Organic Fair Trade Coffee

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Bakery Department

Silver Hills Big 16 Bread

Bremner’s Blueberry and Blueberry Blend Juices


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San Pellegrino Italian Soda Pop

Earth’s Choice Organic Peanut Butter


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Amazing Grass Green SuperFood assorted varieties

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Rice Bakery Rice Ganache Slices



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Bulk Department Organic Green or Red Lentils prepacked or bins

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Kelowna Seminar and Events: Inspired Event, Monday, April 11, 7-8:30pm. You are what you Breathe: Clearing the air about the chemicals in your home with Martin Wolf, M.Sc.

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Sequel Vega Whole Food Health Optimizer


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Apple Cinnamon Muffins

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SPRING IS IN THE AIR! Stop by today to check out our great selection of fresh cut flowers and watch for our annual plant and top soil sale starting soon. Choices Markets Kelowna 1937 Harvey Ave. at Spall | 250-862-4864



Picking a new tune at second store location STRAIGHT FROM DEHART


Maxine DeHart

ering Music Centre, owned by Drew Graham, has opened a new location at 1546 Harvey Ave. that will meet all of your musical needs. Distributors of Taye and Maplex drums along with acoustic guitars crafted in Quebec by Godin Guitars, Bering music is also the exclusive dealers for Blackstar guitar amps, a hot new line from the original designers of Marshall Amplification based in England. The store also offers amazing value equipped HT Delay, HT Reverb and HT Modulation effects pedals. Bering Music’s repair expert, Jeff Ziebart, can also make your old guitar sound and play better than new. Bering offers lessons in guitar, drums and voice with Tom Stinson, Steve Bifford and Terilyn Spooner as teaching associates. The Drum Room will also open at the rear of the store, with owner Scott Grant relocating to that spot with his enthusiastic music students. Bering’s second location is in West Kelowna, 2525 Dobbin Rd. Call 250-862-5171; After 37 years with Speedy Glass, Scott Newall has retired. Newall now joins his son Chris Newall in a new business, Enterprise Glass, located at 1017 Richter St. (near Recreation Avenue) as manager. Enterprise Glass provides full auto glass repair and replacement and residential glass service. Call 778-478-0598; snewall@ Ryan Lahay celebrates 10 years with Csek Creative and Dot Com Media in 2011. During this time, Lahay has completed high school and

is nearing completion of his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at UBCO and has become a significant shareholder in the company. Lahay’s secret to his success is not really a secret at all, it is the result of hard work along with recognizing opportunity. Email him at Katrine Dzakic has joined the financial firm of R.J. Quigley Insurance and Financial Service, 310-1632 Dickson Ave., in the position of office administrator and customer service. Call 250-8611210. Returning from Calgary, Barb Douglas is the new director of sales and marketing for Lake Okanagan Resort. Douglas was formerly with the Best Western Inn and Greyhound Canada before relocating to Calgary. Edan Fay is the resort manager. Call 250769-3511. After many decades located next to the Paramount Theatre on Bernard Avenue, Windward Travel, owned by Arlene Henderson has gone “home-based.” A mainstay in Kelowna, the original travel agency was opened in 1957 at 255 Bernard Ave., with the first employee being Mari Mori. The company then moved to 249 Bernard Ave. and then again to 243 Bernard Ave. with owners Russ Light, Max Turner and Mike Hawkins under Kelowna Travel Service. In 1962, the name changed to Light’s Travel and then to Windward Travel. Henderson worked in the business through the 1980s, bought into the business in 1997 and then purchased it outright in 2002. Call 250-769-4787; Arlene.windward@silk. net. RCMP Insp. Calvin (Cal) Demerais, who relocated from Edmonton, is the new operations officer at the Kelowna detachment. Demerais replaces Paul Driscoll, who is going to Afghanistan. Diamond Parking Ltd.


BERING MUSIC CENTRE’S Drew Graham strums a tune on a Washburn Rover, a travel guitar. is one of the oldest and largest family-owned and operated companies in North America. In business since 1922, Diamond Parking recently expanded operations to Kelowna with Peter Grewal hired as the company’s city manager for the Okanagan Valley. The company provides site-specific solutions on any project related to parking, from design and equipment to leasing and management. From hotel and airport parking to special parking programs, Diamond Parking offers much more than just parking enforcement as the company’s services include innovative techniques to creating new revenue streams for property owners, valet parking services and managing pay parking facilities. Call 250-718-1194;; www.dia- Congratulations to Walter Kristalowich on receiving the prestigious Pat Whiteway Dedicated Service Award, in recognition of his long-term, outstanding commitment and service to the Kelowna Snowmobile Club. He has been a member of the club for over 30 years and during that time has volunteered in many positions within the club. Walter has been a snowmobiler for over 40 years and our good friend for 37 years. After more than 40 years with the RCMP, Glen Penner, who was in charge of the Commercial Crime Section for South East District (since 1992), is retiring today. Scott Simpson, formerly of Interior Savings Credit Union and Info Tel, has joined Pareto Systems and Pareto Platform

as their communications and credit union relationship manager. Pareto Systems provides coaching and consulting services to investment advisors, wealth management firms and credit unions. The Pareto Platform is a turn-key web-based business development and relationship manager integrated with time-tested best practices. Call 778-4789969; Local lawyer Tom Smithwick, with the Porter Ramsay law firm, is the recipient of the Spirit of Kelowna Award for his commitment and tireless work with Freedom’s Door. Long-time travel consultant Audrey Boyle, of Tri Star Travel, is moved on to Sears Travel Kelowna. Call 250-8603676; audrey.boyle@

Nathan Flavel, owner of the Greenroom Restaurant and general manager of the Kelowna Actors Studio, has sold the restaurant. Kevin O’Brien is the new owner. With the sale, the Greenroom will no longer be catering for the Actors Studio. The Kelowna Actors Studio is undergoing a large renovation, taking place in three phases, ultimately making the Actors Studio an entire experience, a bit more Vegas style with built-in booths, table service and three-course dinners instead of the buffet that’s currently being served. Call Nathan at 250-979-8310. Kathleen Stang has joined the team at Kelowna BMW as a sales consultant. Call 250-8601269. The City of Kelowna—Community Forum: Women—Voices for

Action takes place Friday, April 15, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at The Ramada Hotel & Conference Centre. The advisory committee on community and women’s issues wants to hear from women and the broader community about the barriers to participation in the community, and to explore the topics of leadership volunteerism and diversity. Lunch and childcare will be provided to participants. I am honoured to be one of the leadership speakers and believe me, my talk won’t be boring! It’s free to attend but pre-register by April 8 at or call 250-762-2355. This is cool, but not really up my alley. Hal Puder, with The Tickle Trunk, will host a “ZomSee DeHart B3 s.%73s30/243s/0).)/.s"53).%33 s%.4%24!).-%.4s#/--5.)49s,)&%349,%3


B2 CAMPBELL RIVER Discovery Harbor Centre 250-286-1008 COURTENAY Driftwood Mall 250-703-2008 DUNCAN 2755 Beverly St. 250-748-6388 NANAIMO Woodgrove Centre 250-390-1820 Woodgrove Centre 250-390-3834 Nanaimo North Town Centre 250-729-0108 SAANICH K02-3551 Uptown Blvd. 250-385-8000 VICTORIA 1306 Douglas St. 250-389-0818 Saanich Centre 250-389-2818 Millstream Village 250-391-0885 Westshore Town Centre 250-478-3912 Tillicum Mall 250-386-2282 Hillside Centre 250-598-3344

ABBOTSFORD 303-2050 Sumas Way 604-852-5863 CLEARBROOK 320-32500 S. Fraser Way 604-854-1440 BURNABY Kensington 6512 East Hastings St. 604-291-9068 North Road 3433 North Rd., Unit 106 604-421-7500 Brentwood Mall 4567 Lougheed Hwy., Unit 23A 604-320-0789 CHILLIWACK 40-46030 Yale Rd. 604-792-7609 COQUITLAM 2773 Barnett Hwy. 604-464-4222 COMO LAKE 1938 Como Lake Ave. 604-931-8104 COURTENAY 13-1599 Cliffe Ave. 250-334-3070 CRANBROOK 300-535 Victoria Ave. N. 250-417-0329 KAMLOOPS 1200 Summit Dr. 250-374-8555 KELOWNA Burtch 1-1470 Harvey Ave. 250-868-2266 MISSION PARK 3195 Lakeshore Rd. 250-860-3944 LANGLEY 27-20821 Fraser Hwy. 604-530-3422 WILLOWBROOK 6153-200th St. 604-533-8555 MAPLE RIDGE 22430 Dewdney Trunk Rd. 604-463-2231 WESTGATE 100-20398 Dewdney Trunk Rd. 604-460 6527 MISSION Mission Hills 32670 Lougheed Hwy. 604-820-4869 NORTH VANCOUVER Capilano Mall 935 Marine Dr. 604-983-9744 NANAIMO Country Club 3280 Island Hwy. 250-729-0097 NEW WESTMINSTER Columbia Sq. 104-1065 Columbia St. 604-524-1100 PENTICTON 120-1848 Main St. 250-493-8663 PORT COQUITLAM 2929 Barnet Hwy., Unit 1316 604-552-8110 1460 Prairie Ave. 604-552-3316 5075 Domano Blvd. 250-964-8787 SHAUGNESSY 2131-2850 Shaugnessy St. 604-941-2423 PRINCE GEORGE Central 102-892 E. Central St. 250-562-1664 HART 6732 Hart Hwy. 250-962-0309 RICHMOND Blundell 192-8180 No. 2 Rd. 604-275-4848 SURREY Cloverdale 101-17700 56th Ave. 604-574-6341 SCOTT ROAD 8112 120 St. 604-599-0099 NEWTON 101-7175 138th St. 604-599-8880 EVERGREEN 8934 152nd St. 604-581-2287 PENINSULA VILLAGE 400-15355 24th Ave. 604-535-8828 SURREY PLACE 101-10166 King George Blvd. 604-584-7274 GUILDFORD TOWN CENTRE 2695 Guildford Town Centre 604-585-7390 TSAWWASSEN 1195 56th St. 604-943-9940 VANCOUVER Slocan 2696 East Hastings St. 604-254-9555 OAK ST. 1027 W. 15th Ave. 604-731-1699 ARBUTUS 2097 W. Broadway 604-733-3999 JERVIS 1295 Davie St. 604-669-7377 OAKRIDGE CENTRE 650 West 41st Ave., Unit 14A 604-263-2593 PACIFIC CENTRE 700 West Georgia St. 604-609-6622 PACIFIC CENTRE Unit 2G-701 West Georgia 604-801-5292 VERNON 200-4400 32nd St. 250-549-2999 VERNON SOUTH 110-3101 Hwy. 6 250-549-2442 VICTORIA Mayfair Shopping Centre 221-3147 Douglas St. 250-382-4196 Quadra Box 3, 2631 Quadra St. 250-361-4949 Colwood 120-800 Kelly Rd. 250-478-8556 McKenzie 1099 McKenzie Ave. 250-479-4510 Gorge 2973 Tillicum Rd. Victoria 250-360-0388 Mayfair Shopping Centre 3147 Douglas St. 250-382-4196 Victoria Bay Centre 1150 Douglas St. Bay Centre Hillside Mall 1644 Hillside Ave. 250-370-4339 WEST VANCOUVER Park Royal 580 Park Royal North 604-926-2623 Park Royal Shopping Centre 2002 Park Royal S., Unit 939 604-913-8000 WHISTLER 132-4370 Lorimer Rd. 604-938-4503

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Calling 555-12









plus Government Regulatory Recovery Fee*




*The Government Regulatory Recovery Fee ranges from $1.96-$3.45/line/month (varies by province and plan selected). It is applied to help fund fees, costs and other amounts related to federal, provincial and/or municipal mandates, programs and requirements. It is not a tax or charge the government requires Rogers to collect and is subject to change. See for details. A one-time Activation Fee of up to $35 (varies by province) also applies. Where applicable, additional airtime, data, long distance, roaming, options and taxes are extra and billed monthly. TMRogers, the Mobius Design and Essential Connect are trademarks of or used under license from Rogers Communications Inc. or an affiliate. All other brand names and logos are trademarks of their respective owners. ©2011

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 B3



Changes in the works for Kelowna Springs clubhouse

Bolstering protection in Canada

DeHart from B1 bie” make-up class ($10) on Saturday, April 9, 5:30 to 7:30 p.m., to coincide with the world-wide phenomenon Zombie Crawl on April 16 starting from City Park. Tickle Trunk has a huge selection of Zombie make-up, prosthetics and latex. Call 250-868-8254. One piece of trivia. Several years ago, Tickle Trunk did my makeup and costume for a Halloween event (yes, it was a witch) and it was absolutely unbelievable. I still have people comment on the make-up and costume from that year. Big thanks to Jason Richard of East Side Mario’s for his exceptional customer service. Lots of changes at Kelowna Spring Golf Course. Legends Classic Grill has received a complete refreshing as has the foyer and administration offices. Outside, the finishing touches are being applied to the clubhouse exterior. Five cultured stone pillars will be completed in the next month plus new paint and trim detail features. Plans to upgrade the interior next year will include the pro shop being gutted and the remaining washrooms and common areas also being updated. Along with thanking the community, Marie-Yvonne Cleaver, of La Belle Boutique, would like to let you know that the proceeds from her

Frank Lyman sale at the Ramada Hotel last fall have gone to help families in her native country of Haiti. With those funds, three children will have their schooling paid for a year, receive proper medical care and four families also received food supplies for two months. Call 250-860-6038. The Canadian Home Builders will host their annual Real Home Show this coming weekend April 8 to 10 at the Kelowna Curling Club. I will be judging along with Mayor Sharon Shepherd and MP Ron Cannan. The board of directors of the CHBA CO are Kevin Bounds, president (Edgecombe Builders); Rob Voros, 1st vice-president (AcuTruss Industries); Paul Guerette, treasurer (Grant Thornton) and directors Alf Leimert (OK College); Chuck Cullen (Team Construction); Lou Gauthier (Mara Lumber); Paul Donaldson (Kentland Homes); Mike Ohman (Beyond Audio); Brett Innis (Wilson M. Beck Insurance); Rob Siddon (Coast Wholesale Appliances); Shaun Weimer (Gienow Windows & Doors) and Terry Heinrich (Distinct Developments). Call 250861-3988. World renowned equestrian horse judge and trainer Geoff Teall will teach a clinic for local riders at Cattail Creek Farms April 11 to 13. Teall is best known as a

U.S. equestrian federal judge, lending his services to some of the largest shows in North American. Contact Katinka Marks at 250-878-6309; www. After a tremendous run of 18 years, Touchpoint at 202-1352 Ellis St., will close their office effective April 15. First with Moore & Associates Advertising & Design, later as Madhouse Creative and finally as Touchpoint Agency, current CEO Tammy Moore is pursuing other opportunities. Kudos to Perkins Restaurant and Bakery at the Ramada Hotel for raising more than $1,500 from the inaugural Free Pancake Day fundraiser on March 21. The first Kelowna Vaisakhi Parade is Saturday, 11 a.m., presented by the Okanagan Sikh Temple & Cultural Society, 1111 Rutland Rd. The Kelowna Tenpin Bowling Association has a new website— Birthdays of the week: Happy 94th Alex Hunt (April 6); Garth Johnstone (April 6); Rose Klingspon (April 8); Ed Loeppky (April 10); Lesia Achtymchuk (April 10); Rienhold Gerl, Elks president (April 8); Jeff Kumagai (April 9); Victoria Fabling (April 2). Maxine DeHart is a Kelowna hotelier. 250-979-4546


30% OFF



the excluded categories. Temporary foreign workers have access to the same remedial mechanisms as Canadians when it comes to labour and employment standards. Provinces and territories have primary responsibility for enforcement of labour standards and have offices that can assist all workers regarding fair pay, hours of work, rest periods and general working conditions. Workers should contact the appropriate authority in the province or territory they work in if they have concerns about their working conditions. Ultimately, the protection of the rights and entitlements of vulnerable foreigner workers in Canada might be better viewed as our collective responsibility so we should all be on the lookout for possible abuses. Robert Smithson is a labour and employment lawyer, and operates Smithson Employment Law in Kelowna. This subject matter is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice.



Because when you bring a new member into the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, you’ll get a $25 gift certificate towards lunch or dinner at one of our fine featured restaurants.

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emporary foreign workers in Canada have had numerous employment standards and administrative requirements in place for their protection. Effective April 1, 2011, a range of new safeguards came into effect. At a high level, the new safeguards comprise a deeper assessment of the genuineness of the job offer from the Canadian employer, a two-year period of ineligibility from hiring temporary foreign workers for employers who fail to meet their commitments, and a fouryear limit on the length of time some temporary foreign workers may work here. Job offers to temporary foreign workers will now be assessed taking into account the genuineness of the job offer, the consistency of the job offer with the terms of any federal-provincial/territorial agreement, the history of the employer in hiring temporary foreign workers over the previous two years, and the length of time that the foreign national being hired has worked in Canada. The assessment of genuineness will look specifically at whether the employer is actively

mit applications or being deemed ineligible to hire foreign workers for two years and having their name displayed on a government web site. Many temporary foreign workers will now be subject to a four-year ‘cumulative duration’ limit on the length of time they may work in Canada. This regulation is not retroactive—the clock starts ticking on April 1, 2011, for all temporary foreign workers, regardless of how long they have already been in Canada. The four-year limit may not, however, include periods during which the foreign worker was on an extended unpaid leave, on parental leave, or was unemployed. After a foreign worker has reached his or her four year cumulative duration limit, he or she will not be granted another work permit in Canada for an additional four years (after that time has elapsed, the worker will again be permitted to work here). Numerous categories of foreign workers will be exempt from the four year cumulative duration regulation, so federal web sites should be consulted for

special for the special

Tommie award-winning interior designer

has re-opened her studio in Tutt Street Square.

Robert Smithson

engaged in the business, whether the job offer is consistent with the needs of the employer, whether the employer is reasonably able to fulfill the terms of the job offer, and whether the employer has previously complied with applicable laws regulating employment in the jurisdiction where the worker will be employed. For live-in caregivers, the assessment of genuineness will also consider whether the caregiver will be residing in a private household in Canada and providing child care, senior home support care or care of a disabled person in that household, whether the employer will provide adequately furnished and private accommodations in the household, and whether the employer has sufficient financial resources to pay the caregiver the wages offered. Employers who have failed to meet commitments as promised in past job offers and who have failed to provide reasonable justification or to rectify the situation by providing appropriate compensation to the former employee may face the refusal of work per-

For details, visit:

! k c a B s ’ e h






U2 +

+ +



YOU MAKE THE REFERRAL…AND IF THEY JOIN THE CHAMBER, YOU MAY “FILL UP ON US”! I have contacted this individual and they are awaiting your follow-up:


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Address: ________________________________________________________________________

Located inside Shapers Salon & Spa (in town center mall) #27, 565 Bernard Ave., Kelowna. +



Call Catherine for an appointment:


Phone:__________________ Fax: ___________________ email: __________________________ REFERRED BY/Your Name: _______________________ email: __________________________ Company ______________________________________ Phone: __________________________ Call Membership at the Chamber: (250) 469-7354 861-1515 or FAX your referrals to (250) 861-3624 O


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sunshinemarket “ Yo u r N e i g h b o r h o o d F r e s h F o o d S t o r e ” t



We have made some great changes and we are proud of what we offer! Our Beef is the best!! We carry only premium Alberta AA/AAA beef that is top quality...we will not sacrifice quality to you to save a dollar!!

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OUR SALAD BAR IS OPENING So watch for our great selection of our "housemade" Salads, all your favourites are back including Quinoi, Red Skin Potato, Gourmet Coleslaw, Greek (we sell a ton of is so good) and a Greek Potato Salad... always different, always fresh, always good!! See our

updates on Facebook "Sunshine Market Kelowna".

PRODUCE Romaine Lettuce California ....................... $1.19/ea Strawberries California • 1 lb ....................2 for $5.00 Cherry Tomatoes BC • 340 g ...............2 for $4.00 New Crop Potatoes Florida • Red or White • Bulk ....................................



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April 6 - April 12

5-4600 Lakeshore Road • 250-764-7344



MON TO SAT 8 AM - 7 PM • SUN 9 AM - 6 PM

Innovative buffet-style dining “ Comfort food” is a buzz phrase that every now and then confronts us with visions of satisfaction and pleasure. In that moment, it becomes our mantra for those tasty morsels that give us joy, warmth to our souls and leave us grinning like a Cheshire cat. As entrepreneurship takes many forms in its creation and delivery, this week I present to you a roller coaster ride for a couple with a story of innovation that not only had me dizzy from the ride, but a side ache from the laughter I enjoyed through our communication this past weekend in West Kelowna. Torsten Kaminski, born in Hagen, Germany, of small business operating parents, learned from a very early age the meaning of a family business. Torsten’s father operated a leather goods venture in Germany. As a kid growing up, young Torsten enjoyed his personal development with his entrepreneurially-minded parents at his side. In 1979, the Kaminski family decided to move to the U.S. and purchased a hotel in Florida. At his father’s side, Torsten said his father amusedly asked him to learn by experience every aspect of the hotel operation, from maintenance and luggage handling, to booking guests and providing information to the


Joel Young visitors about the Florida sites. It was an education unto itself into the hospitality industry. In 1989, after graduating Grade 12, Torsten and his three siblings long with his parents were ready for another exploratory mission. So, the family moved to Nanaimo where his parents acquired the Long Lake Inn, another notable hotel establishment which continued to provide Torsten with the skills set for interpersonal relations and people management of a tourism-based enterprise on Vancouver Island. During the 1989 period in Florida, Torsten met his wife Jeanne, a Southern belle from Memphis, who had been managing a clothing store in Miami. Torsten told me over a coffee that she fell in love at first glance at a party where the couple met. Within a year, the happy couple were married and joined the family parade to Nanaimo, to begin yet another milestone in their entrepreneurial love story. In 1992, the couple returned to the U.S. as his wife’s father was very ill

and she wished to be closer to him. Torsten then took a position as a manager of a Denny’s restaurant as the first of the couple’s four children arrived in 1993. The Kaminskis soon couple found themselves operating a sign company and jewelry store. It amazed me to witness the ease within which this couple described their ventures in a casual matter of fact manner. It just came naturally to them—of course they were going to launch a venture together. It didn’t seem to be to a threat to their existence at all as both of them are highly disciplined people who value and embrace a realistic work ethic to “reap what they sow” in life. After Jeanne’s father passed away, the couple decided to return to Canada, to call B.C. their home. In 2006, both Kaminski families settled in the Central Okanagan. Torsten’s parents continued their entrepreneurial pursuit in downtown Kelowna, while Torsten and Jeanne tackled their new residency in the Okanagan region with a new venture—the “Walking Taco” concession kiosk which they operated at many regional events. They did catering work upon request and found great success with that approach in their new home environment. People raved about

the choices and quality of the food products the couple served wherever they journeyed in the valley. During this diversified experience with their Walking Taco concession, the couple spent many hours examining potential ventures that the two of them could develop for their future in the Okanagan landscape. It boldly came clear to them that with both of their solid experiences in the food and beverage industry in Canada and the U.S., they likely could be comfortably launch a restaurant venture. Next, the couple embarked on searching for a market niche. Recognizing that in difficult economic times, people look for the optimum value for dollars spent. And although Asian buffets have been quite popular in Canada over the years, there has not been much evidence of influence in comfort food concepts. The Kaminskis determined they were on the right path and embraced together the concept model of a “ home-style” buffet model in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, their vision becoming a reality as The Patio Buffet. The first Patio Buffet opened in Vernon one year ago, and a second location attached to the Comfort Inn in West Kelowna started up two months ago. I love their motto: “All You Can Eat, And We’ll Do the Dishes.” I learned quickly from my chat with Torsten and Jeanne that creating and operating a staff team, offering large diversified and incredibly delicious buffet menu was paramount for success in the minds and hearts of this couple. Dear readers, please do yourself and your friends and loved ones a big favour and gift of a visit breakfast, lunch or supper to the Patio Buffet in Vernon or West Kelowna, and make certain you ask for either Torsten or Jeanne—they would love to chat with you and walk you through the mouthwatering dishes in the buffet containers. I guarantee you won’t be sorry. This couple is what entrepreneurship in the valley is all about— innovation and creativity. Joel Young is founder of the Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society.

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 B5



Royal Wood’s has set his own career path since he was 4 Jennifer Smith STAFF REPORTER

Single-minded drive. It’s something one associates with top athletes. It’s synonymous with success in the white collar world—Wall Street, top legal minds, Donald Trump. But when one thinks about musicians, lifelong practise or not, singleminded determination just isn’t something our cultural experience wants to tie to the guy playing the piano. Unless it’s Royal Wood. “I was four when I started playing piano and this was it. This was what I wanted to do,” said Wood, in an interview to plug his upcoming Kelowna gig. Wood is billed as the

well-dressed guy on the Canadian singer-songwriter scene. Named iTunes’ Songwriter of the Year with song placements in Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, he came very close to being named songwriter of the year at the Junos last month—though he couldn’t top Arcade Fire’s blockbuster run. The French Canadian band that’s swept the North American music scene this year winning the Juno and Album of the Year at the Grammys— to the surprise of many an American counterpart— were not the first from Montreal to stomp on this Ontario native’s heart. There’s a very funny story on an online blog about a whiny French Canadian girl he once


ROYAL WOOD performs at the Minstrel on Saturday. asked on a date only to discover she could see

nothing positive about the evening they spent out.

(Google Mike’s Bloggity Blog) If the goofy story tells us anything about this man, it’s that he clearly takes getting his name out there as seriously as he takes playing music—and he’s well-known for his professionalism. He takes to the stage in a suit and tie, saying his body just knows it’s time to perform when he’s dressed to the nines. “I feel I change into a super hero on stage with that suit on,” he says. “My parents taught us that you dress for the company. You had to be home for Sunday dinner and you dressed up.” His mother reportedly has stacks of his old report cards in which he always checked off musician when asked what he


Hudson more deserving artist than Brown JENNIFER HUDSON: I REMEMBER ME (ARISTA)

This album made its debut in the Canadian album charts at a somewhat disappointing No. 34 considering Jennifer Hudson’s first album, now nearly three years old, won a Grammy for Best R&B album. I have had this new disc for over a month now so maybe her recording label pushed the release date back, or I am getting remarkably superb service for my column from the mighty Sony Corp? Anyway, this is an excellent Urban R&B al-


Bruce Mitchell bum where Hudson is not trying to re-invent the wheel, but rather expand on her amazing prowess as a singer and solidify her career as a standout performer for her time. On I Remember Me, Hudson may be celebrating her personal reinvention having survived a

horrible family tragedy while remaking her image by losing a lot of weight for her now rather buff bod (she is a spokesperson for Weight Watchers). There is a lot of affirmation on I Remember Me while superstar in her own right Alicia Keys writes and pens no less

than three songs for this album. Right now, Hudson has a hit with the R. Kelly ballad Where You At, but Hudson might enjoy some dance club exposure with the Keys up-tempo pop gems Don’t Look Down and Everybody Needs Love. Note that I Remember Me comes as a two-disc Deluxe Edition with extra songs and a DVD on the making of this new album. B+


F.A.M.E. is Chris Brown’s fourth album and it has made its debut at the lofty No. 6 spot, which the new Jennifer Hudson album is more deserving of, but it is also being hailed as Brown’s best to date. He also has (or had) a shot at career redemption after his infamous beating of Rihanna, but on the very day I listened to this new disc Brown was in the news again for trashing his dressing room at some day time TV talk show.

would like to be when he grew up. Dreaming of becoming The Beatles even as he rode his bike around the neighbourhood gave him a jump on most kids as he tried to build a path to success. The only selfdoubt he can recall is wondering whether he was going about it all the right way. “I worked some soul sucking jobs,” he said, noting he spent five years with a foreign exchange company because it offered the nine to five setting he needed to support his musical habits at night. But even then he would do interviews during his lunch in the boardroom. Finding his style was equally trying. “I played rock music in high school. I played jazz…one day I just start-

ed writing songs and I haven’t really looked back,” he said. Making it in music eventually means you get to start picking your own band, playing the concert halls where the talent hits the stage nine-feet above the audience’s head. While there’s a certain thrill to the big venue, like when he played the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto or Massey Hall for the Juno Songwriter Circle last month, he’s looking forward to the more intimate setting his stop at Kelowna’s Minstrel Café will offer. “Because of the size of a lot of the venues, it works better as sort of a storyteller night,” he said. Wood plays the Minstrel on Saturday, April 9.

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Suite 2788 - 1177 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, British Columbia


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Pearl Jam re-issues classics, bonus tracks Mitchell from B5

Top Sales and Rentals Blu-ray Rentals

1 The Tourist 2 Black Swan 3 Fair Game 4 Tangled 5 Skyline 6 The Fighter 7 The Next Three Days 8 Hereafter

Top Movie Sales

1 Tangled (DVD) 2 Tangled (Blu-Ray) 3 Black Swan (DVD) 4 Black Swan (Blu-Ray) 5 Yogi Bear (DVD) 6 Mad Men SSN 4 (DVD) 7 The Tourist (DVD) 8 Skyline (DVD)

luminaries such as Tyga, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Game and Timbaland to name but a few. And, like Hudson, Brown has co-released his new album in a Deluxe Edition with bonus songs highlighted by the dance club song Bomb with Wiz Khalifa “put your hands up.” Who knows, Chris Brown may even earn an extended career if he can overcome his anger problems, immaturity and overweening ego. But you sure can dance to a lot

Just prior to this, Brown had scored a huge hit with the dance club smash Yeah 3X “let me see your hands up.” (Brown uses this same line on at least three other tracks on F.A.M.E.) Meanwhile, Brown also attracted a lot of big stars to help out, especially with Justin Bieber on the pure bubble gum pop of Next To You that is bound to become another hit. Also on hand are

of F.A.M.E. without necessarily having to know about the man’s shortcomings. B


These two classic albums from the mid ’90s have been re-issued with three bonus tracks each while the sound has been somewhat bolstered by new remasters. I’m not sure if “remastered grunge” music is an oxymoron, but these al-

bums do sound a little better especially at the bottom end. The real treasures of these albums that straddled the ’90s are the newly released tracks. Although it is generally agreed that Vitalogy is


Kids Rentals

1 Strawberry Shortcake-Berryfest Princess 2 Bob’s Big Break 3 Scooby-Doo Where are You? 4 Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure 5 Penguins of Madagascar 6 Secrets of the Furious Five 7 My Little Pony Twinkle Wish 8 Go Diego Go!: Ultimate Rescue League

Game Rentals

Kelowna North & Glenmore #KC01004100 – 46 Papers Flintoft Ave,Guy St,Manhattan Dr. #KC04020102 – 26 Papers Dilworth Dr.980 Only (Cascade Falls)

#KC06028200 – 77 Papers Alin Crt,Klassen Rd.110 to 216,Kriese Rd,Maple Rd,Moyer Rd.100 to 308,Rains Rd,Rutland Rd.N.1345 to 1665

#KC04020306 – 45 Papers Selkirk Dr.2336 to 2425

Kelowna South & Mission #KC02007500 – 40 Papers Abbott St.2061 to 2150,Burne Ave.273 to 379, Cadder Ave.315 to 486,Long St.2031 to 2186, Pandosy St.2024 to 2124

Just In

#KC02007600 – 46 Papers Abbott St.2165 to 2251,Glenwood Ave. 300 to 499,Long St.2127 to 2160,Pandosy St.2154 to 2178,Royal Ave.300 to 499, Strathcona Ave.

Little Fockers Tron Legacy Battle of Los Angeles Fair Game Black Swan Tangled

#KC03013603 – 59 Papers Westridge Dr.4920 Only,Mid Ridge Crt,Canyon View Crt,Canyon Ridge Crt,Canyon Ridge Cres,Canyon Falls Crt.

Coming Soon

Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader Country Strong A Summer in Genoa

#KC03011702 – 24 Papers Hobson Rd.4200 to 4397

Rutland South & North

#KC04020001 – 26 Papers Omineca Pl.

#KC04000303 – 81 Papers Rio Dr.S.309 to 417,Rio Dr.S.1240 to 1248,Woodcrest Crt,Woodwind Crt.

1 Killzone 3 (PlayStation 3) 2 Homefront (Xbox 360) 3 Crysis 2 (Xbox 360) 4 Homefront (Playstation 3) 5 Crysis 2 (PlayStation 3) 6 Bulletstorm (Xbox 360) 7 Lego Star Wars III (PlayStation 3) 8 Lego Star Wars III (Nintendo Wii)

#KC03013402 – 48 Papers Crawford Rd.1415 to 1535,Mission Ridge Dr.1383 to 1549,Mission Ridge Rd,Westridge Dr.4570 to 4590

#KC03013601 – 29 Papers Crawford Rd.1605 to 1625 Odd Side Only,Crawford Crt,Parkridge Dr.4610 to 4695,Parkridge Crt.

West Kelowna #KC08002410 – 64 Papers Beverly Pl.3012 to 3090,Brookfield Crt,Graymar Rd,Ogden Rd.800 to 999,Thacker Dr.2927 to 3010,Westbrook Dr,Westview Rd. #KC10005312 – 32 Papers Boucherie Rd.2150 Only,Carrall Rd. #KC10008710 – 44 Papers Fairview Crt,Mccormick Rd,Parkhurst Rd, Parklane Rd,Parkview Crt. #KC10009012 – 35 Papers Blue Jay Dr,Canary Dr,Oriole Dr. #KC08003012 – 54 Papers McCallum Rd,Timothy Pl,Topham Rd,Menu Rd.1108 to 1435 #KC08003212 – 43 Papers Avondale Pl,Guidi Rd,Trevor Dr.1137 to 1207

For information, contact our circulation department ~ 250-763-7575 ~








Tuesday, April 26, 7:30 pm






Monday, April 18, 8 pm

2011 Grammy Recipient for Contemp. Blues Album of the Year, legendary performer, & mentor of such greats as Eric Clapton



Tuesday, April 19, 8 pm



A voice like this comes around once in a hundred years, as in a Luciano Pavoratti


Also on sale: “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only the Piano Player May 7, “Shumka Dancers” May 23, and “Burlesque to Broadway” Nov. 4 & 5. Tickets for all events available at or by phone at 250-762-5050 or in person at Select Your Tickets box office at Prospera Place or Capital News Centre.

Enter at Win tickets to ! these great events * P R I C E I N C L U D E S TA X E S A N D T I C K E T F E E S

2495 Enterprise Way

Founder of South African super groups “Jaluka” & “Savuka”, Johnny is a world-renowned rocker, humanitarian, anthropologist and French Knight.

Pearl Jam’s best album, it is the new material on Vs. that excites the most. Vs. has a grunge romp instrumental with Cready Stomp, an eerie David Lynch-style narrative song on a possible murder with Crazy Mary (with backing vocals from Victoria Williams) and a solid demo take of Hold On. The Vitalogy reissue also sounds improved but the three unreleased songs are simply a stripped down guitar and organ version of Better Man, an alternate take of Corduroy, as well as a mellow demo version of Nothingman. These two albums, along with the Nirvana catalogue, were among the most important albums of the Seattle grunge scene, and will prove to be catnip to hard core fans for the previously unreleased tunes. Vs. gets a B+ Vitalogy gets an A-


With the way that the major recording labels are taking it on the chin financially with the advent of various new technologies, I really don’t mind them releasing these kinds of cash cow remix albums to try and stay afloat. Recently Justin Bieber, Lady GaGa, and David Guetta, among others, have all released hit remix albums and Ke$ha’s is particularly generous at 10 tunes over 45 minutes. Ke$ha’s remake and remodel CD is subtitled I Am The Dance Commander + I Command You To Dance shows that she certainly knows her function in the pop and dance club scene. There is a cool extra bouncy vibe to Your Love Is My Drug while up-tempo hits like We R Who We R, Tik Tok (two versions), Animal and Blow all get new treatments from the likes of Andre 3000, Dave Aude, Fred Falke and DJ Skeet among others. But an added kicker for the supply and demand of this remix album is the totally new song F**k Him He’s A DJ (a much needed swipe at those that are prima donnas) makes this collection even more of a must own for true fans.

Order a reprint of a Capital News photo on our website:

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 B7


Local artists pair CD releases with Partners for Others fundraiser Pyper Geddes

justice so I re-recorded it. I play acoustic bass on the majority of the album which will hopefully soon be a new addition to my live shows. PG: What made you choose to work with Partners for Others? Pike: By day I’m a carpenter. I dropped out of high school on the first day of second semester of Grade 12 because I’d made up my mind that I was going to learn carpentry and eventually start a company so I could have the freedom to make my music whenever I wanted. When the recession hit in 2008 the company I was working for ran out of work so I finally started my com-



ocal artists Windborn and Thomas Kjorven will team up for a dual CD release party at The House on Friday, April 8. Windborn will be releasing their first full-length album, entitled Spitting Bullets, while Thomas Kjorven will release his latest album, Home Made. Although both artists are proud and excited to release these new albums, the main focus of the night will not just be on their new bodies of work but also on raising funds for Partners for Others. This Canadian organization is committed to

addressing the needs of the poor and vulnerable, and providing the tools and training which will empower them to meet their future needs. Over the past 16 years, Partners for Others have shipped over 2.5 million pounds of donated goods to the South Pacific, Asia, the Caribbean, and Southern Africa. Partners for Others ships clothing, food, medical equipment and supplies, school books, tools, farming and industrial equipment, computers and building materials. I caught up with Jeff Pike, from Windborn, to

talk about his new album and about partnering with Partners for Others. PG: First of all, tell us a bit about your new album. Jeff Pike: The album is called Spitting Bullets which is the last song of 11 tracks. I’m very happy with the new album. I like to try to figure out how to do things on my own so that once I’ve got it figured out I’ve completely got my own style. Be-







cause I record everything myself the difference in quality from my last EP and this album is huge. I learned a lot after recording and listening to the EP. You always pick up new ideas and tricks as you go. There is a re-release of the song Radiate on the album because that song gained a lot more notice for music licensing and radio play when I released it on the EP in 2010. I wanted to do it






ALL VEHICLES INCLUDE: MP3/USB INPUT BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY° 5-year/100,000 km worry-free comprehensive warranty

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Making informed decisions – that’s how we can all drive change.

Soul 4u shown




Visit to learn more.

Follow us on

Forte SX shown





“ Building Investors Wealth for over a Decade”

This advertisement does not constitute a solicitation or an offer to purchase securities, which is being made under an Offering Memorandum available from our offices. There are risks associated with this investment and mortgage investments. Investment in our MIC’s is not guaranteed or secured against company assets and there is no assurance that the historical yield shown will be representative of the yields that can or will be obtained in the future.





604-638-2631 1-800-826-4536


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For more information please call

on select models™




Real Estate Secured Investments Registered Fund Eligible Monthly Income or Compounding Geographically Diverse


HWY: 5.7L/100KM (50 MPG) CITY: 8.1L/100KM (35 MPG)






See Geddes B16




it for him. This guy, Ray Brosseuk, turned out to be



bi-weekly for 60 months amortized over 84 months. $5,285 remaining balance. Includes delivery and destination.


pany. I heard about a guy in Revelstoke that needed a warehouse built so I went up there to work on







bi-weekly for 60 months amortized over 84 months. $6,042 remaining balance. Includes delivery and destination.







HWY: 5.7L/100KM (50 MPG) CITY: 8.1L/100KM (35 MPG)

Vernon Kia

6365 Highway 97 North, Vernon, BC (250) 545-7281







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WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED *5-year/100,000 km worry-free comprehensive warranty *5-year/100,000 km powertrain warranty *5-year/100,000 km extra care roadside assistance *no deductible charge

HWY: 6.3L/100KM (45 MPG) CITY: 7.7L/100KM (37 MPG)

Kelowna Kia

3777 Highway 97 North, Kelowna, BC (250) 491-5688

Penticton Kia

550 Duncan Avenue West, Penticton, BC (250) 276-1200

Offer(s) available on all new 2011 models through participating dealers to qualified customers who take delivery by May 2, 2011. Dealers may sell for less. Some conditions apply. Offers are subject to change without notice. See dealer for complete details. Vehicle images shown may include optional accessories and upgrades. **0% purchase financing is available on all 2011 Kia models on approved credit (OAC). Terms vary by model and trim, see dealer for details. Representative financing example based on 2011 Kia Soul/Forte Sedan/Forte5/Forte Koup with a selling price of $17,645/$17,450/$18,150/$20,450. Includes delivery and destination fees of $1,650/$1,455/$1,455/$1,455, other fees and certain taxes (including tire levies and air conditioning tax, where applicable). Monthly payments equal $294.08/$290.83/$302.50/$340.83, with a down payment/equivalent trade of $0. Cost of borrowing is $0, for a total obligation of $17,645/$17,450/$18,150/$20,450. Other taxes, registration, insurance, licensing, PPSA ($79) and dealer fees are excluded. Retailer may sell for less. See dealer for full details.  “Don’t Pay for 90 Days” on select models (90-day payment deferral) applies to purchase financing offers on 2011 Forte, 2011 Forte Koup, 2011 Forte5, 2011 Rio, 2011 Rio5, 2011 Rondo and 2011 Soul models on approved credit (OAC). No interest will accrue during the first 60 days of the finance contract. After this period interest starts to accrue and the purchaser will repay the principal interest monthly over the term of the contract. TBi-weekly finance payment for 2011 Soul (S0550B)/Forte5 (FO550B)/Forte Sedan (FO540B)/Forte Koup (FO521B) based on an MSRP of $17,645/$18,150/$17,450/$20,450 is $99/$104/$97/$120 with an APR of 1.49%/1.9%/1.49%/2.9% for 60 months, amortized over an 84-month period. Estimated remaining principal balance of $5,082/$5,285/$4,950/$6,042 plus applicable taxes due at end of 60-month period. Offer includes delivery and destination fees of $1,650/$1,455/$1,455/$1,455 and $500/$500/$750/$750 loan credit. Other taxes, registration, insurance, licensing, PPSA ($79) and dealer fees are excluded. All offers exclude licensing, registration, insurance, other taxes, down payment and dealer administration fees. Other dealer charges may be required at the time of purchase. Other lease and financing options also available. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Prices subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions may apply. ÇHighway/city fuel consumption for 2011 Forte Sedan (FO540B)/Forte5 (FO550B)/Forte Koup (FO521B) is 5.7L (50 MPG)/8.1L (35 MPG); 2011 Soul (SO550B) is 6.3L (45 MPG)/7.7L (37 MPG). The actual fuel consumption of these vehicles may vary. These estimates are based on the Government of Canada’s approved criteria and testing methods. Refer to the Government of Canada publication EnerGuide Fuel Consumption Guide. ^2011 Kia Forte Sedan/2011 Kia Soul awarded the Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Visit for full details. U2011 Kia Forte5 awarded 2011 Best Small Car Of The Year (over $20,000) and Best Hatchback by Motoring 2011. Visit for full details. °The Bluetooth® word mark and logo are registered trademarks and are owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Some conditions apply to the $500 Grad Rebate Program and $750 Kia Mobility Program. See dealer for details. Information in this advertisement is believed to be accurate at the time of print. For more information on our 5-year warranty coverage, visit or call us at 1-877-542-2886. Offers end May 2, 2011. KIA is a trademark of Kia Motors Corporation. §© 2011 Kia Canada Inc. Reproduction of the contents of this material without the expressed written approval of Kia Canada Inc. is prohibited. All information is believed to be accurate, based on information available at the time of printing. Information sourced from independent third-party research.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News

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In Memoriam

In Memoriam



In Loving Memory of Marjorie Lischka


We miss you so much and can’t believe it’s been a year since we spent time with you. When you left us you left a hole in our hearts and our lives. Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about the times we had with you. We know you are watching over us when the pennies fall from heaven and we pick them up ... and remember. Rest in Peace. We all love and miss you.

Passed away on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at the age of 86 years. Survived by her son John Jr. of Kelowna, daughter Linda (Ken) Heaton of Kelowna, granddaughters Anna and Sarah. Sadly predeceased by her husband John, sister Katherine and brother Nicholas. A funeral service will be held on Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 1:00 pm at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC. Interment to follow at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Kelowna SPCA, 3785 Casorso Road, Kelowna, BC V1W 4M7. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting 250-860-7077.

If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, We would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. Your Loving Family.




Passed away Thursday, March 31st, 2011 in Kelowna. Bette is survived by husband Bill; son John (Sondra); daughter Penny; grandchildren Josh, Darby (Lysette), Cathryn (Eli) and great grandchildren Zoë and Téa. No service will be held. Bette will be laid to rest at Lakeview Memorial Gardens Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the charity of your choice.

Arrangements entrusted with First Memorial Funeral Services, Kelowna. 250-762-2299


Born April 29, 1941, passed away suddenly March 26, 2011, aged 69 years. Survived by his sister Moira; nephews Michael, Stephen, and his wife Rikki; great nephew and nieces Adam, Jorja, Emmrie and his Doberman Jaxx. A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, April 8th, at 2:00 p.m. at First Memorial Funeral Services, 1211 Sutherland Avenue. In lieu of flowers, donations to the COPD, KGH Respitory Unit or a charity of your choice in memory of Grant would be appreciated. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting Arrangements in care of First Memorial Funeral Services, (250) 762-2299.

MEANEY, PATRICIA ANN Passed away on Thursday, March 31, 2011 at the age of 70 years. Survived by her loving husband Geoff; two daughters: Lisa (Ed) of Nelson, BC, Rochelle (Greg) of Westbank, BC; son Wayne of Sydney, Australia; six grandchildren and one brother Colin (Pam) of Sydney, Australia. Predeceased by her father Norman Merchant and her mother Vivienne Merchant. Patricia was born in Lane Cove, Sydney, Australia in 1940. She married Geoff in Sydney in 1963 and embarked on a honeymoon through Europe, settling briefly in England before emigrating to Canada in 1964. She loved Canada and was to spend 31 years there, punctuated by a 16-year return to Australia to realise her shared dream with Geoff of building a Georgian house in Windsor, NSW, doing much of the labour themselves. Patricia loved travel, antiques, decorating and gardening, and held several careers in banking and sales. As a young girl she studied ballet and piano, and in her later years painted oils. She was vibrant and young throughout her life. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Friday, April 8, 2011 at 11:00 am at St. Charles Garnier Parish, 3645 Benvoulin Road, Kelowna, BC with Father Wayne Pfliger as Celebrant. If so desired as an expression of sympathy, flowers may be sent to the church for the service. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, 250-860-7077.


May 7, 1930 - April 1, 2011 Otto passed away peacefully at Kelowna General Hospital on April 1, 2011 at the age of 80 years. Otto will be remembered by his loving wife Gloria of 48 years of marriage, his daughter Lana and son Charles (Vivian), also his brother Ewald and numerous nieces and nephews. Otto will be greatly missed by all his family. A Service of Remembrance will be held at 1:00 pm, Thurdsay April 7th, 2010 at the Rutland Gospel Tabernacle church on 410 Leathead Road, Kelowna. In lieu of flowers, donation may be made to the Rutland Gospel Tabernacle, in Otto’s memory. Arrangements entrusted to Valleyview Funeral Home, a Dignity Memorial Honoured Provider. Condolences may be sent to




Passed away peacefully on Friday, April 1st, 2011 at the age of 95 years. He was born January 6th, 1916 in the Wiwa Hill District near Shamrock, Saskatchewan. He enlisted with the R.C.A.F. in February 1942, and was a member of the Bateman Branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. He farmed in the Shamrock area until moving to Kelowna in 1969. Sadly predeceased by his loving wife of 41 years, Theresa, his infant daughter Nancy, his parents, 2 sisters and 3 brothers. He is lovingly remembered and greatly missed by his daughters Karen (Brian) Branton, Daisy (Sylvester) Letwinetz, Mary (Jim) Meekins, Caroline (Bill) Hachman, one son Fred (Brenda) Wisner, numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren, nephews. Many thanks for all the loving care and attention from both Mountainview Village and Cottonwoods. Special thanks to his long time friend and faithful visitor, Wally Dennison. Funeral Services will be held on Friday, April 8th, 2011 at 1:00 P.M. at Valleyview Funeral Home, 165 Valleyview Road with Rev. Gordon Fletcher Officiating. Viewing will be available 1 hour prior to service. Interment to follow at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to your charity of choice. Arrangements entrusted to Valleyview Funeral Home, Honored Provider of Dignity Memorial. Condolences may be made to the family by visiting

Mildred i dred ((M Milillilie) Mi ie) Orab O Orabelle rabelle rabell abelle M McCluskie cCluskie ccCluski Cluski Clus Cluskie s ie

((nee nnee ee R Reeiilly ill illy) ly) y) November 5, 19334 - April 2, 2011 Millie was born on N Noveember 5, 1934, one hour beeforre her twin sister Margaret,, inn Fort Qu’Appelle, Saskatchhewan, an to parents Marshall andd Lorraine Reilly. Millie married hher first husband Donald Law wson and from that union camee her four beloved children. She married the love of her life, Dennis McCluskie in Hawaii, a place that haas always had a special meaning for her. Until his passsing in 2006, Dennis and Millie travelled back and fortth from Kelowna to Arizona. On their return to Canadaa they always looked forward to catching up with familyy and made their annual rounds to see everyone and to bring them Millie’s famous beef jerky or M&M cookies, or the really lucky ones got both. Millie continued on withh this tradition right up until last year as family meant tthe world to her especially her grandchildren and she m meant the world to her family. Millie was predeceasedd by: her father, Marshall; her mother Lorraine; first husband Donald; step-son Barry; and her one true love, huusband, Dennis McCluskie. Millie is survived by: her four children, Donna, Darlene, Barb and Wally; step-sons, Tom ((Leah), Brad (Tamie), and Grant; her special twin sister, Marrgaret, and sister Joan; sister-inlaw Pat (Gil); 15 grandchilldren, 5 great-grandchildren and numerous other family mem mbers and friends. Millie left us on April 2, 22011 surrounded by family. Her soul was transported from us on the wings of an eagle and she was joined by her beeloved to soar the skies in peace and happiness. A memorial service w was held April 5, 2011 at 2 p.m. at Holiday Park Resortt, Winfield, BC. In lieu of flowers donations can be m made to the Canadian Cancer Society. Special thanks to Dr. Wall and fourth floor staff of the Kelownaa General Hospital for all their care annd compassion to Mom while she waas there.


9 April 1926 – 3 April 2011 Passed away peacefully in Kelowna General Hospital after a short illness. She is survived by her brother Gerhard and sister Kaethe. Predeceased by her husband Henry in 1989. Vera loved animals and always had a German Shepherd to keep her company. The fruit from her 10 apple trees were always given to missions. Vera was a faithful supporter of Kelowna Gospel Mission, Grace Baptist Church, Salvation Army, Easter Seals and Lions Society. Vera spent much time reading her bible and she was asking God to end her pilgrimage. Vera is now sleeping in the grave waiting to take part in the first resurrection. Thank you to all who visited Vera in the hospital. Interment was at Kelowna City Cemetery, Arrangements were handled by EVERDEN RUST FUNERAL SERVICES AND CREMATORIUM (250) 860-6440.

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 B9











Business Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Education/Trade Schools

Farm Workers

DVD Rental Kiosks. Imagine owning a chain of fully automated DVD rental machines without the overhead & hassle of big staff or a several thousand sq.ft store front. Our machines have been in place in the North Okanagan for 1 year, and they are showing excellent growth, asking $150,000 for this unique turn key operation, For more info please call 250-938-3234

MEDICAL OFFICE trainees needed! Hospitals and doctors need medical office and medical admin staff! No experience? Need training? Career training & job placement available. 1-888-748-4126.

EXCLUSIVE FINNING Caterpillar Mechanic training. GPRC Fairview Campus. $1000. entrance scholarship. Paid practicum with Finning. High school diploma, grade 12 Math, Science, English, mechanical aptitude required. Write apprenticeship exams. 1 - 8 8 8 - 9 9 9 - 7 8 8 2 ; September 2011.

SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Services will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Timeshare for CASH! Over $95 Million Dollars offered in 2010! w w w. s e l l a t i m e s h a r e . c o m (800)640-6886.

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Coming Events 3rd AUTISM Vancouver Biennial Congress, April 7-9 2011, early bird rates! Learn from 18 renowned autism experts presenting new information that can help immediately! ARTS AND Culture week is here! From April 10-16, schools & arts councils in your community are putting on gallery walks, performances and exhibitions. BUSY WOMEN’s Express Shop Sat April 9th, 10am 4pm Rutland Centennial Hall 180 Rutland Rd, Donations for the Food Bank Pls


Ukr. Orthodox Hall 1935 Barlee Rd. Sat, Apr 16. 9:30am-2pm. Easter bread, perogies, cabbage rolls, baked goods & more.

Information ASSOCIATED Property Management. Are you a property owner, strata council renter or contractor, who feels they have been treated unfairly or illegally by Associated Property Management Kelowna. Please email details to

Personals DATING SERVICE. Longterm/short-term relationships, Call now. 1-877-297-9883. Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live adult casual conversations-1on1, 1-866-311-9640, Meet on chat-lines. Local single Ladies.1-877-804-5381. (18+). GAY PHONE chat. Free trial. 1-877-501-1012 Talk to or meet desirable guys in your area 24/7. Where private, confidential fantasies come true! 1-877-501-1012 18+ THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Lost & Found FOUND pair of glasses Westside Canadian Tire parking lot about a week ago. 250-7680873. LOST: BLACK leather pouch with brown leather wallet, id, and purple iphone 3GS, March 27, afternoon. Pouch taken from black Ford truck in front of the Kiwanis Towers. Please return id and anything else found to 240 Pemberton Road, Kelowna BC V1X 3H4. Thanks for your kindness, we really need the ID back!



FAMILIES EARNING more. Work from home part or fulltime. No selling. No inventory. No parties. No large investment or risk. Visit

Childcare Available

FOR Sale. 38 seat restaurant in Westbank. Call 250-7687983 after 8 pm.

AT TIGGER & ME Too Daycare: Spots available for 21/2 5year olds & After school care. Rutland. 250-765-4900 HUNNY’S HOUSE Licensed Daycare, 12 full time spaces available, $650/mo 3-5yr olds. 250-807-2277

Daycare Centers BRAND NEW Licensed Group DAYCARE opening in the Rutland area May 2nd. Only 8 positions available in our spacious, exclusive center. Our agenda includes a pre-school/ early learning program encouraging individual strengths and preparing children for kindergarten. Call (250)300-7687 for details and price.

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Kayla to Zac Gauthier,

the son of Mr. & Mrs. J.P. Gauthier of Ontario.

The wedding will take place September 24, 2011 in Kelowna.

Investment Opportunity for seasoned Intl log home mfg Co. Projects ready to go. Neg terms. $600k+ . 250-863-3169. JUMPING GEORGE’S MECHANICS SHOP George’s Auto for Sale! George’s Auto retiring mechanic looking to sell. Turn key operation including: Hoist, Compressor, Air tools, many tools, trans jack, floor jack, shelving, office and some stock! Ready to start next day (great location) or move into own location Landlord has to know by the 15th of April or we have to pack it up. Great price for quick sale. $12,500 obo. 250-763-1841 or 250-860-5376.

Drivers Wanted: Terrific career opportunity outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects. No Experience Needed! Extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 weeks vacation & benefits pkg. Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3 months at a time Valid License High School Diploma or GED. Apply at under careers, keyword Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE

Education/Trade Schools AIRLINES ARE HIRINGTrain for high paying Aviation Maintenance Career. FAA approved program. Financial aid if qualified- Housing available. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance (877)818-0783

Farm Workers FARM Labourers req’s, 56days/wk, 40-50hrs/wk, $9.28/ hr. Apple thinning, picking cherrys, apple picking, starts June 15th approx. Submit application by fax, 250-861-3374 or by mail, 3630 Fitzgerald Rd, Kelowna BC V1W 4G5 FARM Workers needed $9.28/hr, 50-60hrs week, June 15-Oct 20, thinning, picking, pruning Lakhbir Sangha 1456 McKenzie Rd. 250-765-4105, 250-317-5974 ORCHARD Workers needed starting June 15, 40+hrs/wk, $9.28/hr. Mike. 250-765-7172 Kelowna, BC.

VOLCANIC Hills Estate Winery and TBA Farm ltd. are in need of Orchard & Vineyard Workers from May-Mid Dec. $9.28/hr. 250-768-5768

Forestry REQUIRED. Brush pullers, chainsaw & brush saw exp., valid Class 5 drivers license req’d. FT work. Fax resume to 250-762-3667 attn Larry

Haircare Professionals STRESS Free, Drama Free, Fun Environment, Newly Renovated Salon, Downtown, 2 Chair Rentals Available for 2 Creative Stylists. $800 + HST. Imagine working in a salon that you like waking up for every morning! Call Melissa (250)-718-3211 or email:

APPLY NOW: Pennywise Scholarship For Women to attend Journalism certificate course at Langara College in Vancouver. Deadline April 29, 2011. For more information:

Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

New! Franchise Opportunities Drive-thru locations in West Kelowna Second Cup is Canada’s largest specialty coffee café franchisor. If you are passionate about coffee, enjoy working with people and have the skills to run your own café, we’d like to talk with you. Start your application process today at or contact Gina at 1-800-569-6318 or

Do You Offer Child Care?

Vera Durda

Call the Okanagan’s best read newspaper & reach over 135,000 readers each day!

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Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Simla are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter

Assistant Manager


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HARMAN Sidhu Orchard Kelowna needs Farm Workers, thinning, picking, $9.28/hr. or piece rate, up to 40-60 hrs. per wk. June 20 to Oct. 30, Sukh Sidhu, 1655 Geen Rd. Kel. 250-491-1829

For us, there is no higher honour than to be chosen to bring loved ones, friends and a lifetime of memories together in celebration of a special life.

Independently Owned. Uniquely CanadianTM

Mfu!zpvs!ofx!cbcz!qvu! uifjs!gppu!qsjou! po!uif!djuz/

Funeral Director

165 Valleyview Rd., 765-3147

Proudly serving Westbank, Kelowna, Rutland, and Lake Country.

Save by buying factory direct


1-800-665-4143 • SUMMERLAND, B.C.

Boopvdf! uifjs!bssjwbm jo!uijt!tqpu/


to hear our specials!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News





Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Trades, Technical


AUTOMOTIVE MECHANIC Busy local towing company has an immediate opening for a licensed Mechanic. We are looking for a motivated team player with a minimum of 2 years journeyman experience. Must be able to work in a fast paced team environment, and show an ability to work on your own with limited supervision. Knowledge of hydraulics and automotive wiring would be a deďŹ nite asset but not required. We offer full time hours MonThurs or Fri competitive wage structure and beneďŹ t/RRSP plan. Please apply in person @ 3015 Sexsmith Rd, Kelowna. Or fax resume to (250)765-6054

SEASONAL Labourer positions at Coral Beach Farms (WinďŹ eld). No exp nec. Must have own transp. Applicant must be capable of physically demanding (inc heavy lifting) work in all weather cond. 6-7 days/wk, 10-12 hrs/day begin approx July 1st. Work incl tree planting, pruning & fruit harvesting. Pay $9.28/hr. Apply by fax: 250-766-0813 or email: SOUTH ROCK Ltd. is hiring Milling personnel, paving personnel (pavers, rollers, packers), general labourers (screed, raker, ďŹ&#x201A;ag), heavy duty mechanic. Experience with asphalt preferred. Valid drivers licence required; Fax 403568-1327;

Millwork shop in Oyama reqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an exp. sprayer/ďŹ nisher for ultra high end millwork. Apps must have min 5yrs exp. with polyurethaneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, lacquers and stains. Must be in good physical condition and have good color aptitude. Duties incl. booth and equipment maintenance and coordinating helpers duties. Comp. wages and beneďŹ ts pkg. Email resume to or fax to: 250-548-3235 Salmon Arm Honda Powerhouse immediately requires a Licensed Motorcycle Technician and an experienced Motorcycle Parts and Service Advisor. Renumeration will be based on qualiďŹ cations. Apply by Fax 250-832-6138 Attn. Lei-Anne Or by email to



EXPâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;D Janitors reqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d for Public washroom cleaning,& carpet in Kelowna. Transportation reqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d. Start at $12.48/hr. Send Resume to Fax:250-764-6460 P:250-764-6466

Alterations/ Dressmaking

WANTED Capri Mall Salon Opening April 2011

â&#x20AC;˘ Qualified Stylists â&#x20AC;˘ Benefit Plan, Medical, Dental, RRSP â&#x20AC;˘ Full and Part Time Positions â&#x20AC;˘ No Clientele Required

Fax or email resume: 250-868-9047 Email:



While we try to ensure all advertisements appearing in the Kelowna Capital News are placed by reputable businesses with legitimate offers, we do caution our readers to undertake due diligence when answering any advertisement, particularly when the advertiser is asking for monies up front.

AN experienced Supervisor needed to manage our outbound call center in Kelowna. Applicant must be able to work eves & weekends & must have a minimum of 1yr experience as a Supervisor in an outbound call center. Generous renumeration pkg w/ salary+ bonuses. Please email resume to BANNISTER GM in Edson, Alberta requires Journeyman Automotive Technicians. We offer Veteran Managers and Supervisors in a family owned operation. Signing bonuses, moving allowances, and top pay come with the right applicant. Apply in conďŹ dence to

CERTIFIED MACHINISTS & welders required for established fabricating shop in Vanderhoof, BC. Permanent, full time, competitive wages. Vanderhoof Machine Works Ltd., Box 1216, Vanderhoof, BC. V0J 3A0 Fax: 250-567-2382 email: HOMEWORKERS GET paid daily! Now accepting: simple full/part time data entry & online computer related work is available. No fees or charges to participate. Start today, JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! No experience necessary, we will train. Must be 18+yrs. of age. Call 250-860-3590 or Email: LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE SUPERVISOR reqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d immediately. MINIMUM 3yrs exp., very rewarding, upbeat, nonsmoking working environment. Above average pay for right individual. 250-878-7283 LEMARE LAKE Logging Ltd., is accepting resumes for OffHighway logging truck drivers. Experience is a must. Email: ofďŹ or fax 250956-4888. LOSE UP TO 30lbs in 30days ($$ for lbs.) 1-877-737-DIET or Northern Lite Mfg looking for exp. ďŹ berglass person for repairs/processing, resume to: Resident Caretaker couple wanted for: Property & Yard maintenance/Housekeeping Supervision & minor Front Desk duties. We will train. Apply with resume to: Scottâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Inn 551-11th Ave, Kamloops BC V2C 3Y1 Fax: 250-372-9444 Youth ages 11 & up. Earn while you learn. Job skills for the future. Lic. supervised youth program. Pays up to $75 p/w.1(250)260 1006

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Kelowna company is looking for hard working individuals. We provide full training, no experience required. $2,500+/mo! Must be 18+ and able to start immediately.

CALL 250-860-9480 Did you know... we can place your ad throughout BC

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

AGRICULTURAL LABOUR POOL Job opportunities for BC & Alberta or phone 604-823-6222 or fax 604-823-6292 or Email:

VVI Isle Construction Ltd. Vic Van Equipment HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT Heavy Duty (Journeyman) Mechanic Vic Van Isle Equipment requires a Full Time Heavy Duty Mechanic to perform skilled tasks in the mechanical repair and maintenance of vehicles and also equipment such Genie lifts, loaders, snow removal equipment, Gradalls, etc. The candidate must be able to analyze, troubleshoot, dismantle, align, assemble and adjust mechanical equipment and machinery to maintain it in efÂżcient operating condition. Work assignments will be received in the form of work orders, but the employee is expected to determine the nature and extent of needed repairs. Vic Van Isle Equipment, Revelstoke, B.C. offers competitive salary packages & beneÂżts. Wages are negotiable depending on experience. QualiÂżed applicants should contact Vic Van Isle Equipment, attention Human Resources, 250-837-6145 fax, or No phone calls please.




Mind Body Spirit

LOOKING FOR Journeyman Technician, must have excellent diagnostic ability and diesel experience. Please contact Luis at 250-769-0770 to arrange an interview.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Trades, Technical

 02725&2$&+'5,9(56 Â&#x201E;  6,7(6(59,&(%86'5,9(56 Â&#x201E;

ALTERATIONS- pants, suits, drapes, etc. Quality work. 250860-6851.

#1 for a reason. Paradise Massage. Where men come to relax. 778-477-5050 Kelowna AFFORDABLE Swedish Massage. Voted #1 by clients. Linda 250-862-3929. ASIAN MASSAGE! Peaceful setting, $50hr. Call 250-3173575 BLISS Massage 4 your every need. 10 yrs exp. men only . Call 4 appt. 250-215-7755 MAGIC HANDS! full body relaxation. Lessons & prostate massage avail. 20 yrs. exp. 250-801-8079

CERTIFIED Dental Assistant or Chair Side Assistant needed pref with front desk skills. Please send resume to fax: 250-769-3078

Fort McMurray

From here. To career. The Shortest Path To Your Business Career

Start your Health Care Career in less than a year!

Train today for: â&#x20AC;˘ Accounting & Payroll Administrator â&#x20AC;˘ Computer Graphic Design â&#x20AC;˘ Business Administration / E-Commerce Mgt and more....

Nursing Unit Clerk â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6 months - A people oriented job at the heart of hospital operations Health Care Assistant/RCA â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 6 months - Hands on care for the elderly Pharmacy Technician â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 8 months - Online or on campus - The first CCAPP accredited program in BC Medical Transcriptionist â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 9 months online or on campus - Work in hospitals, or online Financial Aid available for qualified students P.C.T.I.A. accredited college

Most programs are One Year or less.

Call Today For Free Info Kit

Multiple start dates mean you can start working toward your career as soon as youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re ready.


Glacier Building Supplies Ltd.

Step into the career youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve been dreaming of. Call today!

Financial Administrator - Jr. Accountant Glacier Building Supplies Ltd. RONA requires a Full Time Financial Administrator, responsible for managing the overall Âżnancial operations of Glacier Building Supplies Ltd. RONA The Financial Administrator will provide accurate information to the Controller, including analysis, budgeting, forecasting and preparation of Âżnancial reports. The Financial Administrator will also be responsible for directing and managing the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s accounting functions, including establishing and maintaining accounting principles, practices, and procedures as well as the preparation of Âżnancial statements and reporting to top management and externally. The Financial Administrator will maintain the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s accounting systems and implements changes as required. Glacier Building Supplies Ltd. RONA, Revelstoke, B.C. offers competitive salary packages, and beneÂżts. Wage is negotiable depending on experience. QualiÂżed applicants should contact Glacier Building Supplies Ltd. attention Human Resources, or fax 250 837-6147. No phone calls please.







Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 B11






Mind Body Spirit

Financial Services

Cleaning Services



THAI Massage. Totally relax & energize your body & mind. Open 7 days a week Call 250801-7188

Health Products DIABETES, CHOLESTEROL, WEIGHT Loss Natural Product for Cholesterol, Blood Sugar and Weight. Physician recommended, backed by Human Clinical Studies with amazing results. Call to find out how to get a free bottle of Bergamonte! 888-470-5390.

Holistic Health CASE Studies needed. Our students are ready for Manicure, $20, Pedicure, $20, Reflexology, $29. Massage, $29. 250868-3114

Financial Services DEBT CONSOLIDATION PROGRAM Helping Canadians repay debts, reduce or eliminate interest, regardless of your credit. Steady Income? You may qualify for instant help. Considering Bankruptcy? Call 1-877-220-3328 FREE Consultation Government Approved, BBB Member $500 LOAN, no credit refused. Fast, Easy and Secure. 1-877776-1660 ARE YOU EXPERIENCING FINANCIAL DISTRESS? Relief is only a call away! Call Anne Hamilton Estate Administrator at 250-979-7190 today, to set up your FREE consultation in Kelowna. Donna Mihalcheon CA,CIRP KPMG Inc. Trustee in Bankruptcy, #300 -1674 Bertram Street, Kelowna, BC. V1Y 9G4

GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877987-1420. IF YOU own a home or real estate, Alpine Credits will lend you money: It’s that simple. Your credit / age / income is not an issue. 1.800.587.2161. Specialty Business Finance & Business Cash Advance. Call 7 days, 250-558-9017.

Home Care ATTENTION SENIORS- Do you need assistance with daily activities? ie: laundry, appointments, shopping, errands, etc. For interview call Barb 250762-6281. Personal care-aid looking for private client 1 hour min per visit. I do transport, clean, errands, cook & personal care. 250-863-6499

Legal Services CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed record removal since 1989. Confidential, fast, affordable. Our A+ BBB rating assures employment \travel and freedom. Call for your free information booklet. 1-8-NOWPARDON (1 866 972 7366). ICBC, MVA’S, SLIP & FALL or Any Injury? MARCO D. CEDRONE Making The Difference in Personal Injury Claims! 24hrs.1-866-913-3110 Cascade Law Corporation

CLEANING Lady, 25yrs exp., quality work, one time, wkly, biwkly. Exc ref’s.250-470-9629 Experienced Housekeepers have immediate openings available. Reliable honest cleaners will take as much pride in your home as you do. The Projects( 250)-808-5389 Refresh ~ Revive ~ Renew. Spring is here...clean out the dust bunnies before Easter!

Computer Services


12/7 A MOBILE COMPUTER TECH. Certified computer technician, virus removal, repairs, upgrades. Let me come to you. 250-717-6520.

Shower Stalls Cut & Finished

12/7 In-Home Repairs. New Systems/Upgrades. 20+yrs Prof. Service. Peter 215-4137

Concrete & Placing A&T Concrete for all concrete you need done. Big or small, I do it all. For Free estimates call Tony 778-478-9444. Plus pressure washing too.

For all your concrete services Check us out on our website

Free Estimates. Government Certified. 250-451-6944 K.W. CONCRETE - Specializing in Driveways, Sidewalks, Floors,& MORE 250-575-4973

REDUCE DEBT by up to 70% Avoid bankruptcy. Free consultation. BBB accredited. 250-860-1653

ATTENTION SENIORS No nonsense cleaning, 2 ladies for the price of 1! Done in 1/2 the time. Health care background. 250-878-2851 “CLEAN BY CLEAN” Making U House Proud! Professional. Reliable. Competitive Rates 215-1073

CUSTOM ROCK COUNTERS Granite, Quartz, Marble. Contractor Pricing Fabrication & Installation Great Quality & price SHOWROOM 1115 Gordon Dr Free Est. 250-763-8303

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

CUSTOM ROCK COUNTERS Granite Shower Sale. Full Slab Shower Stalls. Cover old tile. Maintenance Free. SHOWROOM 1115 Gordon Dr Free Est. 250-870-1577 JOURNEYMAN Carpenter for framing, finishing, additions, decks. Richard. 250-717-7043

Teck Metals Ltd. is seeking an HR Information Systems Coordinator with a minimum of 2 to 5 years of progressive comprehensive payroll and benefit administration experience. The candidate must have a strong HR Information Systems background with emphasis on systems administration and development. Experience in a unionized setting and an understanding of both JDEdwards and VIP systems would be preferred. The position will also require experience in a variety of other Human Resource functions such as dispute resolution, job evaluation, employee relations and recruitment. We are interested in individuals with strong HR systems management background, an aptitude for streamlining processes and excellent negotiation and facilitation skills. Teck Metals Ltd. is committed to employment equity and all qualified individuals are encouraged to forward their resume including copies of transcripts by April 15, 2011 to

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools


$ starting at ............. GREAT QUALITY GREAT SERVICE

Kitchens $ starting at........... 2495 SHOWROOM

M-F 9-4 SAT 10-2

DANFORMS CONCRETE offers certified tradesman for all your concrete needs.Free Estimates Call Dan,250- 863-5419



Granite Slabs for shower go over old ceramic tiles.

RYDER ROOFING LTD. Free est, ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’ 250-7653191. WENINGER CONST. Family company commited to Kelowna & Big White. 250-765-6898

Help Wanted 250-870-1577 250-763-8303

#2-1115 GORDON

CALL GRANITE PRO for a free in-home estimate. Lots of ref’s. Andy, Jason & Scott, 250-212-8204. Best Prices. CUSTOM ROCK COUNTERS Granite Sale Full Slab Granite Showers, maintenance free. Starting At $2295 GREAT QUALITY & SERVICE Granite Kitchens, 3cm starting at $2495 Open 9-4 Mon-Fri, 10-2 Sat. Showroom: 1115 Gordon Dr. Free Est. 250-870-1577 REFACE Countertops. 1/2 the Cost of Replacing. Granite & Corian Designs. 470-2235.

Classifieds, Give us a call! 250.763.3212

Help Wanted


BOOKKEEPER WANTED Have you been looking for that perfect part-time job? Something that fits around your busy schedule? We can offer a very flexible work schedule for the right individual. Do you have bookkeeping skills and Microsoft Excel knowledge? Our bookkeeping is done on Simply Accounting Software and knowledge of this would be helpful but is not necessary. Above average wage will be determined based on experience. Email your resume to

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

Garden & Lawn

MIKE’S ELITE CountertopsAll Countertops - Granite, Caesar Stone, Sile Stone, Han Stone, Quartz and Laminate Surfaces. Hundreds of colours to choose from. We also supply and/or install any Tile application. We offer a special every month, call Mike to find out this month’s deal! Please call (250)575-8543, 2392 Dominion Rd., W. Kelowna. (Mon-Fri 8-4), (Sat 10-2).

Drafting & Design

or call 250-826-2349.

Cleaning Services

Teck is a diversified resource company committed to responsible mining and mineral development with major business units focused on copper, metallurgical coal, zinc and energy. The operation at Trail, British Columbia, is one of the world’s largest and most efficient integrated zinc and lead smelters. Further information about Teck can be found at

Custom Rock Counters


HOUSEPLANS. I guarantee 2 things; Lowest price & your satisfaction. 250-862-9399

Drywall PESL DRYWALL Service Inc. Renovations, new construction and repairs. Boarding, taping, textured ceilings. Call Tomas at 250-212-4483 or 860-3495.

Electrical ALAN Dignam Electric. Resid/ Comm. Service calls, Reno’s, Upgrades. lic’d, bonded & Insured. Alan 250-808-6595 A&S ELECTRIC. Resid/Comm Wiring. New constr, renov. & service changes. lic’d & bonded. Steve 864-2099 (cont #90929) MJB ELECTRIC Residential & commercial repairs and service work. Data cabling & phone 250-212-5610

Excavating & Drainage Bear Paw Earthworks Ltd. Trucking, excavating, bobcat, residential. Joe- 250-550-6208

Fencing ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, staining 250-491-4622

Floor Refinishing/ Installations ONE CALL DOES IT ALL Carpet, lino, ceramic tile & laminate. Free est. 20+ yrs experience. 250-862-9667. QUALITY Floors layed by Hooksnapped Flooring installation. 250-869-2125

Garage Door Services GARAGE Doors- install, service, repair all makes of doors & openers. 250-878-2911

Did you know... If you place an ad for 12 insertions, you get a 20% discount.

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

1AN’S Lawn Maintenance. Spring clean-ups, pwr raking, fertilizing, weekly lawn care, res & comm. 250-864-4251. $29.95 “Lawn Cutting Great rates on all yard work.Fence repair & Painting250-863-7539 300 YARDSCAPE 250-300-YARD (9273) Spring’s here, 25% off thatching/ power rack (replenish your lawn) Booking now- April 9April 30. 10% off yearly property care, gold pkg incl all your needs- Windows, lawn, gutters, weeding, landscaping. 250-300-YARD AERATING, power raking, hedge/shrub pruning, rotatilling, lawn care, mulch & rock etc. Insured. Exp.’d Ace Of Spades. 878-1315, 765-7825 ASPEN LANDSCAPING, irrigation, aerating, pwr raking. Spring clean-up. No HST. 250317-7773. CHEAP Multch, OgoGrown, Glenmore Grow & Top soil. Make your yard look new again. Great delivery rates, any amount, any time. Phone 250-801-6364 CUSTOM Rototilling. Veggie & flower gardens. 250-862-0821 Edging Cedars - buy direct from grower, 6ft.-10 for $200, We deliver, Budget Nurseries, toll free 1-866-498-2189, GORDON’S Quality Lawn Care. Spring Special.12% off aerating/dethatching. 250-863-8935 I WANT TO CUT Your Lawn! Plain & simple, your lawn needs cutting, and I cut lawns. I’m asking for your business, and in exchange, you will receive both excellent value and exceptional service, GUARANTEED! Weekly maintenance, power raking, pruning, aerating, spring clean-ups, etc. Senior’s discounts, all inquiries welcome! 250-878-7283 ...Common Sense Yard Care... LITZ LAWN CARE, weekly mowing, fertilizing, pwr. raking, hedge trimming & gen. yrd. clean-ups. Free Est. 764-6404


1-1-1- All Exterior Hedge & Tree Specialist. Downsizing, pruning, artistic shaping & removing of hedges & trees. Ins. Call Dave, 250-212-1716

Power Raking, Mowing, Pruning, Yard Clean-up, General Maintenance, Irrigation, Complete Landscaping, Retainer Walls, Water Features. Free Estimates Jim 250-861-3693

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Garden & Lawn

ASSISTANT MANAGER Capri Centre, Kelowna

Looking for an outgoing, high energy, goal oriented leader, great career opportunity with potential future advancement. Must have 2-5 years experience in fashion retail store supervisor/assistant role. Please apply by email to or in person.

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

Services Garden & Lawn TOP SOIL $20/yd. Compost Mix $30/yd., Ogogrow, Gravel, Rocks, Mulches 250-868-3380

Gutters & Downspouts KELOWNA GUTTER Cleaning and repairs, re-slope gutters,etc Richard 250-718-6718

Handypersons A-Z HANDYMAN, domestic wizard, furniture assembly, all repairs & reno’s.250-859-4486 COMPLETE Handyman service. Free est. Seniors disc., Call 250-317-8348 NEED a hand inside or out from painting to yard work. 250-215-1712, 250-768-5032

Heat, Air, Refrig. SOMMERFELD Heating A/C, Install & Repair Heat Pumps, F/P, Gas Fitting Lic. 215-6767

Home Improvements ADDITIONS, finished bsmts, kitchen & bth reno’’s, tile, hrwd & laminate flooring. Drywall, painting. Ext/int finishing. Call 250-870-3187 Engel Construction Since 1973! Custom homes, Reno’s Additions, Decks, Kitchens, & Baths. Doug (250)-215-1616 KATAMA Complete Home Renovation’s Licensed, WCB Insured. 250-864-0033 Paradise Valley Contracting. com. Call Rob 250859-2787 WELL BUILT CONSTRUCTION

Renovation experts. Int/Ext. Ins’d. Call 250-826-2284

Home Repairs LARRY’S Handyman & Reno Serv., Lg. & Sm. jobs, Graffitti Removal etc., 250-718-8879

Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems WESTWIND Irrigation is pleased to welcome Gene Hodgson to our staff! He has over 12 years of experience in servicing irrigation systems. He is professional, hard working & we are proud to have him as part of our team. Call Westwind, 250-860-0025 WEST-WIND Now booking for irrigation start up, repairs & installs. Call 250-860-0025


Did you know... If you place an ad in one classification, you get the second classification 1/2 price.

Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339 Edging Cedars - buy direct from grower, 6ft.-10 for $200, We deliver, Budget Nurseries, toll free 1-866-498-2189, GLM Landscaping & Irrigation 12% Discountl!!! Custom landscaping 250-864-5450

Education/Trade Schools

Become a Psychiatric Nurse in your own community There is an urgent need for more Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN), particularly outside the urban areas of the province. And with the workforce aging – the average age of a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in BC is 47 years – the number of retirees from the profession is exceeding the number of graduates. Entry-level earnings start at $29/hour to $38/hour. Train Locally – The only program of its kind in BC, students can learn within their local communities via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements, and some regional classroom delivery. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Government student loans, Employment & Labour Market Services (ELMS), band funding & other financing options available to qualified applicants.

Toll Free:



Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News





250-212-5610 LIC#50231

Call Doug 250.215.1616

In business since 1989



ADDITIONS, finished bsmts. kitchen & bath reno’s, tile, hrdwd. & laminate flooring.

“Renovation Experts” Interior/exterior Prompt, clean and reliable Insured 250-826-2284



•Full Landscaping •Rock Retaining Walls •Portable Soil Screener •Excavators & Bobcat Loaders CELL: (250) 979-8033 BUS: (250) 861-1500


Call Wayne (250) 215-6767

Custom homes, reno’s additions, decks, kitchens & baths



• New & Existing Heating Systems • Heat pumps, A/C • Gas fitting • Licensed & Insured. • Replacement Furnace.

ENGEL CONSTRUCTION Serving Kelowna Since 1973

Licensed & Insured




Trucking, Excavating, Bobcat, Residential Joe (250) 550-6208

Hooksnapped Flooring Installations We install quality laminate, carpet, lino & much more. Need product? Call Jeff 250-869-2125


We are now taking bookings for irrigation startups & repairs. We also offer free estimates on irrigation installations or major alterations. Call West-Wind Irrigation Ltd.

Call 250-870-3187

at 250-860-0025

Local or Long Distance Polite & Professional

Ph: 250-869-0697 Cell 250-470-9498

Senior’s Specials Experience & Quality New Homes & Repaints Ceilings Bondable. Insurance Work Call Terry 250-863-9830 or 250-768-1098

“Many Yrs. Experience”

• Local/long distance • Storage Available • No job too small • Free Estimates Call Joe Anytime 250-470-8194



Artistic Ceramics.

Custom tile setting. Travertine, marble, granite & ceramic. Decks, kitchen, baths. Guaranteed work.

Call 250-870-1009

• Kitchen Remodels • Painting • Plumbing

• Electrical • Tile Work • To-Do Lists • Much More



Kelowna • 250-717-5500





Kelowna Gutter Cleaning & Repair

We install, service, & repair all makes of doors & openers. FREE ESTIMATES • INSURANCE CLAIMS • SENIOR DISCOUNTS Call Mon.-Fri. 8-4:30 pm

• Fix leaks • 20 years. experience • Fascia soffit repairs • Downpipes • Re-Slope







• Landscaping • Irrigation • Rock Wall • Allan Block • Aeration • Spring Cleanup • Power Rake

Dethatching, Aerating, Hedge & Tree Trimming. Full maintenance services. RESIDENTIAL / COMMERCIAL


Book now for landscape projects, retaining walls, pruning, spring cleanup, irrigation repair & installation.

250-317-7773 or visit us at:


Interior - Exterior (FREE ESTIMATES) Fully insured and WCB


CALL 250-864-5450

A & S Electric

Residential & Commercial Wiring, New Construction, Renovations & Service Changes. Complete telephone & data cabling services, Prompt quality service. Licensed & Bonded Call Steve 250-864-2099 (cont#90929)

HANDYMAN COMPLETE HANDYMAN SERVICES Repairs, Renovations, Maintenance, Carpentry, Drywall,

Painting, Carpet, Tile, Plumbing, Yard Cleanup,

Rubbish Removal, Gutters & Windows Cleaning


Senior Discount •Satisfaction Guaranteed




Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Independently Owned and Locally Operated


TNTTRUCKING No load too small • BARK MULCH • SAND • GRAVEL • YARD CLEAN-UP • JUNK REMOVAL LIGHT FLAT-DECK Nick Nixon - Trish Nebot Cell 250-862-0821 Office 250-765-2778

Neighborhood Trucking & Delivery

Top Soil • Ogo Gro • Gravel • Sand • Bark Mulch We remove: yard refuse, small trees, junk CHUCK 250-870-1138

We accept “When the Big Guys are Too Big We Deliver”


Free Estimates


2 Rooms, 2 Coats


Exterior starting at





Call Troy, 250-718-0209

• Boarding • Mudding • Taping • Texture Spraying 20 Years Experience



Joe’s Moving Service

• Bath Remodels • Decks • Drywall

Richard 250-717-7043


•Aerating •dethatching •windows •gutters •pressure washing Jason 250-718-2963


PLUMBING •Renovations •New construction •Plumbing Service & Repairs •H/W tank replacement • Furnace Service & Installs • Gas f/p Service and Installs Bonded & Insured

Available for Framing, Finishing, Additions, Decks, Foundations, Flooring.


MOVING North End Moving Services

West Kelowna Journeyman Carpenter


Deck & Rail Kelowna

Serving the Okanagan 14 yrs. Vinyl Decking up to 80 mil., Modular Flooring, Aluminum, Glass, Topless, Picket Railings, Fences & Gates. Free Estimates


RYDER ROOFING LTD. Free estimates, senior discounts, member of B.B.B. Fully insured, WCB coverage. All types of shingle roofing & torch on roofing systems. ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’


WELDING METAL FABRICATION LTD. Fences • Gates • Railings • Security Bars • Cargo Racks • Rollcages • Boat Railings & more. Tube Bending Specialists




1200 PNI





RUBBISH REMOVAL Pager 250-861-0303

Larry’s Handyman & Renovation Services • Interior & Exterior Renovations • Carpentry • Painting • Small Repairs • Pressure Washing

• Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades • Yard Maintenance • Fences, Decks • Tile • Graffiti Removal


Bob 250-765-2789 Rubbish Removal, Free Scrap Car Hauling,

To book your space, call

250-763-7114 and speak with a classified rep today!





Get featured in the O NC R E T C . W SPECIALIZING E Sales & Service Directory, . KIN DRIVEWAYS, SIDEWALKS, call classifieds to book FLOORS, STAIRS, RETAINING WALLS AND REPAIRS your spot. FREE ESTIMATES 250-575-4973



Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Machining & Metal Work GET BENT Metal Fab, fences, gates, railings, security bars,

Misc Services ALL KINDS OF FENCES, 6x8 Cedar panels starting @ $65. Gates & custom orders, stainning,

Moving & Storage

AAA Best Rates Moving $59+. “Why Pay More” Short/Long Distance. Free Est. Res/Comm, 861-3400 FAMILY Movers. Moving? Anything, anywhere. Local and long distance throughout 2010 Packing service available, weekly trips to Vancouver, Alberta, full and partial loads. Cheapest rates in the valley. Free Estimates, 250-493-2687 JOE’S MOVING.reasble rates fully equip’d trucks, local-long dist, no job too small470-8194 NORTH END Moving Service Local/Long Distance. Free Estimates 250-470-9498

Painting & Decorating 100% AFFORDABLE Painting Exp, quality. Int Paint/ceilings. Winter Specials. Terry 8639830 or 768-1098 110% P&D Painting serving Western Canada for 32 years. Clean quality work at reasonable rates. Free estimatesDerek 250-769-9068 2 Rooms, 2 Coats, $169. Ext starting at $1200 entire home. PNI. 250-308-4380. CALL COR’S Painting Specializing in Interior Repaints. Reliable & On time. Quality Workmanship Guaranteed. Call Cory Doell (250)-768-8439 Christopher’s Painting. Exterior Specialists. See our ad in Service Directory. 862-6717 DALE’S PAINTING Service. Painting Kelowna a better place since 1982. 862-9333

Plumbing DREGER MECH. Plumbing, Gasfitting, comm/res & reno, ins’d, 24hr. Call 250-575-5878. KOSKI Plumbing-Heating Gas Fitting Reno’s Res. Bonded/Insured Troy @ 718-0209

Roofing & Skylights GERMAN MASTER ROOFER. Over 30yrs exp. on all kinds of roofs. New Reroof & Repair. Tradesman + Best price Warranty. Free estimate. Call Steffen, 250-863-8224 Master & Visa.Card RIGHT Way Roofing. Specializing in repairs & re-roofs. Mch More! Ask us, 250-808-1473 TERRY’S Roofing. Tar & Gravel repairs, re-roofs & new, specialize in torch on. Call 250-718-5429

Rubbish Removal 250-808-0733 SKYHIGH DISPOSAL. Full service Junk Removal & Bin Rentals. $39.99 1/2 ton truck, Load Junk, Yard waste.Haul away. 250-863-7539.


LARRY’S LITTLE DUMPER We haul little loads of anything, landscaping materials, & Junk to the dump. 250-7181114 BOB’S ONE TON TRUCKING. All your rubbish needs. FREE scrap car hauling. 25yrs of satisfied Customers. Bob 250-765-2789, 861-0303 pgr DIGGINOLES N SHIFTINSTUFF. Pickup & delivery service. Rubbish & recycling removed. Landscape, building supplies & Hay delivered, small equipment transferred. Yes we work weekends!! or Ph: Ian 250-864-2339 EDSON’S 1 Ton Dump Truck. Rubbish,reno’s, sheds, decks, landscaping (250)-718-1595

ERIK the STUDENT Rubbish, Tree & Appliance Removal. Hauls from $39.99 & up


Services B13

Pets & Livestock



NEIGHBORHOOD Trucking & Delivery. Topsoil, Gravel, Sand, OgoGrow. Visa, Debit, Mastercard. 250-870-1138

PRESA Canario Pups, excellent guard dogs, 7wks, $1000. 250-574-0058 / 250-574-6966 PUREBRED Standard size Poodle Puppies For Sale. Very Smart & Affectionate. 250768-7869, 250-470-2422 WOLF HYBRID Cubs ready now. Sun Valley Wolf Kennels

Snowclearing TREMBLAY’S EXCAVATING Comm. snow removal & comm snow blower. 250-979-8033

Stucco/Siding DESIGN Stucco & Stone. New homes, reno’s & repairs. No job too small. Clean, quality work. Zoltan 250-864-9798.

Sundecks KELOWNA DECK & RAIL. Vinyl, Mod. Flooring, Alum., GlassTopless/Picket878-2483.

Tiling TILE Setter. Artistic Ceramics. Custom tile setting. Call 250870-1009

Tree Services 1-1-1- All Exterior Hedge & Tree Specialist. Downsizing, pruning, artistic shaping & removing of hedges & trees. Ins. Call Dave, 250-212-1716 ROB’S Tree Care Ltd 1975. For all your tree care needs. Ins. & Cert. WCB. 212-8656

Trucking/ Bull Dozing TNT TRUCKING. No load too small. Junk removal, sand, gravel, etc. (250)862-0821 (250)765-2778.

Window Cleaning Hands Free Maintenance. Window, gutters, yard maint, pressure wash. 250-718-2963

Pets & Livestock

Equestrian DIAMOND H TACK : 15th Annual Consignment Garage Sale! One Day Only! Sat., April 16, at 9am Sharp. Consign Any Of Your Horse, Rider, and Stable Products from March 26 to April 13.Pick up your consignment package, 1953 Kirschner Rd. Kelowna, BC. 250-762-5631

Feed & Hay Ginseng tarps 24’ x 165’ for shade or windbreak. Inexpensive and attractive solution for hay shed, livestock shelter etc. $150 each. 250-558-8322. Quote available for installation. HAY FOR SALE; Grass or Grass Alfalfa mix, Round bales $70 each, approx. 800lbs, delivery avail. on larger orders, also Silege bales or Feeder hay. 250-838-6630 *HAY-SALES-GUARANTEED Quality Grass, Alfalfa, Mixed square bales, round bales & Silage bales. Delivery avail. (250)804-6081,(250)833-6763. HORSE & Cow Hay, Mixed hay $7/bale, Grass hay $6/bale, Cow hay $4/bale, Oat hay/straw $5/bale. Discounts for bigger orders (250)8354748 STRAW 3x3x8ft bales $150 ton. GRASS hay 5ft round bales $180 tonn Alfalfa grass mix and oat silage bales 200 plus bales .$50/bale. Discount on larger orders. Enderby 250 838 6684.

Lessons/Training ACTIVE CANINE TRAINING and dogaims. CALL NOW for spring specials with Pawsitive Choices 250-768-2011

Pets Australian Shepherd puppies, ready to go April 20, 1st shots, vet check, $450, (250)4995397, Bullmastif X puppies, $400. Without shots, family raised. Pics available. (250)308-4329 Cairn Terrier puppies, 6 months old, registered, all shots, dewormed, $800. (250)546-0277, 250-309-0555. LOVE ANIMALS? Love a career as an Animal Health Technologist. GPRC Fairview Campus. Accredited program well known to veterinarians. On-campus farm and residences. Work with large and small animals. 1-888-9997882; 250-765-4996 Kelowna, BC

Merchandise for Sale


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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114 Bicycles

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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114 Building Supplies

Steel Buildings.30x40, 50x100 - Others. Time to Buy Now at Old Price. Prices going up! w w w. s u n w a r d s t e e l . c o m Source# 1KT 800-964-8335

$100 & Under 27” RCA color TV, 6 years old. $75. Great Picture. 250-8633361 FRAMES & new canvas, $9. 1-250-868-0670 SCREEN Doors, $10. 778821-1317 SCREEN Windows, $5. 778821-1317 SHOWER Doors, $25. 778821-1317

$200 & Under GARAGE Doors 8’ x 7’ $150 each (250)765-6064, or (250)469-1331 GE 30” Stove, self-clean oven, very good cond & clean. $125. 250-862-2503.

$300 & Under 55 GAL Aquarium, fully equipped, $225. 778-478-7278 HIJACKER 5th wheel hitch, model SL16, $300. 778-7540888. PRINCE Charles & Lady Di collector plate, still in box. $225. 250-763-2004.

$400 & Under Gourlay Winter & Leeming Upright Grand Piano. Excellent Condition.$400 (778)478-1964

$500 & Under

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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

FRIGIDAIR Fridge, 22cu’, dbl dr fridge/freezer, SS, ext water/ice. $500. 250-764-7047

Food Products Naturally grown BEEF, approx 250lbs sides, no additives, $2.65/lbs cwf. 250546-6494

Free Items FREE horse manure. Dilworth area. You load or we load. Call 250-762-4600

Merchandise for Sale

Merchandise for Sale

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BIG BEAUTIFUL ARIZONA LAND $99/mo. $0 down, $0 interest, Golf Course, Nat’l Parks. 1 hour from Tucson Int’l Airport Guaranteed Financing,No Credit Checks. Pre-recorded msg. 1-800-631-8164 Code 4001 www.sunsites OWN TWENTY acres-$0 Down $99/mo. Only $12,900 Near growing El Paso, Texas Money back guarantee, no credit checks, owner financing, free color brochure 1-800-3439444

Free List & Pics. Realty Match DUPLEX FOR SALE! 4 bdrm, 3bth, downtown, big lot size, recently renovated, good mortgage helper, close to hospital & all other ammenities. $379,000. Msg 250-979-0250. House for Sale - 2172 Kaslo Court, Kelowna *Centrally located and close to all amenities! *Central Air Conditioning, *New Roof in 2010, * 2x6 Construction, *Two skylights, *Oversize garage 24 x 22 *Fridge, Stove, dishwasher (2 years old) washer and dryer *1500 square feet with 3 bedrooms 2 baths *Built in 1990 *Quick Possession SHOWING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY Please call 250-545-0349 or 250-765-2811 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

1 Hot Tub made into fish pond with 7 or 8 big gold fish & some litte ones, with lily pads. Call 250-860-1949 FREE Landscaping Rocks, Dismantling Xeriscaping. (250)762-3242 FREE orange male cat to good home. Very loving. 250801-2227 FREE Pick-up of used bicycles that you no longer want. Ok if need repair 604-800-2104 FREE P/U- Appliances, Rads, Batteries, Old machinery, vehicles. Harley 778-821-1317 HIDE-A-BED. Must be picked up. Call 250-861-6088 WE will pick up & recycle your wire pipes, & aluminum windows,from reno’s, batteries radiators etc.too.(250)717-0581

Furniture ANTIQUE To MODERN Home Furnishings for all Budgets & Tastes. Come to OK Estates Furniture and More. 3292 HWY 97N (beside Sheepskin Boutique) Tue-Sat, 11-5. 250807-7775 Patio Set 6 chairs umbrella oblong table $75 Kitchen dinette set 4 padded chrs w/leaf Gd Cond.$175 (250)707-1731

Garden Equipment Screened Top Soil/ Manure mix available for pick up or can arrange delivery $10.00 per yd. Please Call 250-2587480 Will consider discount on multiple bulk loads Toro Lawnmower-rear bagger. Runs great! Serviced, ready to go. $90.00. Call Ron 250-808-4956.

Heavy Duty Machinery 966 Loader, $22,000. Saws & arbour’s, power unit. Call for details 250-379-2732

Jewels, Furs Big beautiful flawless 1.10kt diamond ring. Very valuable Price neg. 250-306-4616

Medical Supplies CAN’T GET Up Your Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift! 1-866-981-5991. Walk In air jetted tub $1200. or best offer 250-769-4552

Misc. for Sale 100% GUARANTEED Omaha Steaks - SAVE 64% on the Family Value Collection. NOW ONLY $49.99 Plus 3 FREE GIFTS & right-to-thedoor delivery in a reusable cooler. 1-888-702-4489 mention code 45069SVD or www.Omaha A FREE telephone service Get your first month free. Bad credit, don’t sweat it. No deposits. No credit checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464. BRAND new 5 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system. Retail price: $795. Now: $250. Call 250-863-1544 CAN’T GET up your stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new stairlift. 1-866-981-6591. DO-IT-YOURSELF steel buildings priced for spring clearance - Ask about free delivery to most areas! Call for quick quote and free brochure. 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170. FAR-INFRARED SAUNAS Spring Blow out Demos starting at $549. Free del., setup try. Kelowna. 1-888-239-9999 Love your AVON? Need some? Call now 250-8782851.

FREE REMOVAL of all unwanted vehicles & metals. No vehicle or metal too big. 250-351-9666 GARAGE DOOR revolution. The amazing rolling garage door is now available in Canada. Quiet. Safe. Attractive. Space Saving. And competitively priced. Check it out at or call 1-877-7652367. Mention “Community” and receive an automatic 10% off. HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best price. Best quality. All shapes & colours available. 1-866-652-6837 PERSONALIZED ALL-INONE EASTER BASKETOVER 50% OFF! Regular Price $32.99 YOU PAY $15.99. Includes Personalization; Plush Bunny, Chocolate; Candy and Peeps® Visit www.Personal or Call 1-888-903-0973. RIGIDFOAM Insulation, 2 x 5 10/ bundle $15ea bundle. Call 250-862-8682, 1660 Cary Rd SAWMILLS BAND Chainsaw - Spring Sale – Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. make money and save money In stock ready to ship. Starting at $1,195. 1-800-566-6899 Ext.400OT STEEL BUILDING sale... Specials from $4 to $11/sq.ft. Great pricing on absolutely every model, width and length. Example: 30x40x14 now $7995. End walls included, doors optional. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers 1-800-668-5422.

Misc. Wanted IM a private buyer/collector of 1950’s, 60’s and older 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ & $1. I want to buy lots! All conditions! US & Canadian. Todd 250-864-3521 IM a private buyer/collector of 1950’s, 60’s and older 10¢, 25¢, 50¢ & $1. I want to buy lots! All conditions! US & Canadian. Todd 250-864-3521

Musical Instruments HARTKE AC75 solo amp. 2 channels, perfect for lounge and coffee house gigs. $375. Ph (250)833-1976 MOIR Pianos. New & Used Grand & Upright Pianos. Call Richard Moir 250-764-8800 PIANO SALE, grands, uprights, serviced, tuned and delivered. View at, “used inventory”. Call Kamloops: 250-319-4062 or Kelowna: 250-869-0819. Toll Free 1-800-663-5183

Garage Sales

Garage Sales CENTRAL SPCA (AUX) Sale Sat, April 9. 10-1. Lunch. White Elephant, Linen, Books, Clothes, Jewellery, Baking. First United Church 721 Bernard Ave. MOVING Sale. #440-1260 Raymer Ave - Sunrise Village (Gordon & Raymer) Sat April 9, 10-4 & Sun April 10, 12-4 MOVING SALE 9am- Fri ,Sat, & Sunday. Bassett Armoire, S/S fridge, almost new double & single beds,etc., etc., #22-1853 Parkview Cresent.

Real Estate Acreage for Sale 20 ACRES $0 DOWN, $99/mo. ONLY $12,900 Near Growing El Paso, Texas (2nd safest U.S. City) Owner Financing, NO CREDIT CHECKS! Money Back Guarantee FREE Color Brochure 800-755-8953. 3 Acres, Whitevale Area, Lumby. Flat, trees, drilled well, gas/hydro to driveway. Price $235,000.00 + HST OBO. 250-547-6932. 5 1/2 ac. $89,900. 11.80 ac, c/w cabin, two 10.94 ac build lots for Pics email Arrow Lakes area. 250269-7328. 7.98-acres, on Bodwell Rd. gently sloping, no buildings. $449,000. 250-260-3545

Apt/Condos for Sale 1 & 2 bdrms 1938 Pandosy St 6 story concrete builiding. Some utils incl’d. bus rte. NS. NP. $775+ up. 250-878-7953 BRIGHT corner, very clean, 2bd, 2bth condo, lakeview, secure/RV prkng. $239,900. Helmut Hubert, Century 21 250878-8010 MLS COLLEGE Area Hawthorn Park 2bdrm 2bath 55+. UG parking swimming exercise classes avail. NS $1200 + utils. Sandy (250)765-7269 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call

Mark Jontz Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime

THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Duplex/4 Plex $278,500. Lake & Knox Mnt close by, classy 2bd, den/fam, open plan. MLS Ken Dempsey. Remax 250-717-5000 $559,000. Rutland. Just listed. SxS Duplex w/suites. MLS Ken Dempsey, Remax, 250717-5000 DUPLEX FOR SALE! 4 bdrm, 3bth, downtown, big lot size, recently renovated, good mortgage helper, close to hospital & all other ammenities. $379,000 Msg 250-979-0250.

For Sale By Owner 1400sq.ft Home, 1 acre in Whitevale Lumby, $275,000. w w w. o k h o m e s e l l e r. c o m #26568. Call 250-547-9533


Offered at $589,900

LOCATION LOCATION........... Exceptional executive family home in Mission Springs neighborhood Walk to schools, Beach, H2O and Greenway. Completely renovated including granite in the custom designed kitchen, travertine marble in the spacious master en suite and much more. Approx. 2,600 sq.ft. Mature yard. Agents Welcomed 250-861-8856 By Appointment Only $999 MLS® Listing Program. (250)863-1850 Realty Match


Houses For Sale ******* Where smart sellers meet smart buyers! View Thompson Okanagan properties for sale.// Selling? No Commission. (250) 545-2383 or 1-877-291-7576 10 acres with 3bdrm log house w/full walk-out bsmn’t, Ideal for hobby farm, very private, 4855 Miller Rd. Armstrong, $479,900. 250-546-8630. $318,000. Rutland. Handyman Special. 4bd, 2 FP’s, garage, RVP. MLS Ken Dempsey. Remax 250-717-5000 $368,000. Rutland Bench 2900sq’, 3bth, 3FP’s, 4+bds, garage/RVP. MLS Ken Dempsey, Remax. 250-717-5000 3.69 Acres updated Home and Shop in Vernon home, Detached 1000 sqft Shop with hoist. Great holding property! $690,000 Call Wade 250-5506364. 6177 Okanagan Ave #26513l

3bdrm, 2bath “1903” Heritage house, remodeled, with 3bdrm upstairs, large lot, 2505 39 Ave. Vernon, $369,900. 250546-8630 BY Owner. Westbank. 2yr old 4bd, 3bth, full bsmt, maple cabinets, near amens. $524,900. 1-778-578-7451 MORTGAGES LOW RATES. 5YR. 3.94% VARIABLE 2.25% Trish at 250-470-8324 Owner Will Finance Small Down Payment Req Call Jana 1-877-454-0330 RNT-TO-OWN Beautiful 5bd house, 2.5bth, downtown, Alta Vista Rd. 778-477-5525 RUTLAND. 30x24 detached, heated & wired shop, updated 3lvl split, 4bd.MLS Ken Dempsey. Remax 250-717-5000 RUTLAND. 5bd+den, legal suite, mint cond, appls, air vac/ ug irrig. MLS Ken Dempsey. Remax 250-717-5000 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.


Do you want your ad to stand out from the rest? Pick from our great selection of April Toppers for your ad Only $1/issue! Call a Classified Representative TODAY at 250-763-7114 or email


Real Estate Mobile Homes & Parks DBL wide 2bd, 2bth, family park, cov’d deck, carport, well maint., great kit. $149,900. Helmut Hubert, Century 21. 250-878-8010 MLS Enjoy Sierras Lifestyle, New Homes, Neighborhood in Central location. From $698/biweekly or $169.900 O.A.C. (250)-769-6614 SENIORS Special. $85,000. Central Park MHP, 2bd, updated. 250-878-3858 Linda Kerry, McDonald Realty. MLS. SPACIOUS 3bd, 2bth home, family park, lrg ensuite/sep baby rm in Master. $159,900. Helmut Hubert, Century 21. 250-878-8010 MLS WHOLESALE FACTORY DIRECT. Manufactured, Modular & Park models. Tremendous savings. Luxurious 1512 sq. ft home including delivery and installation only $ 109,950. Many other plans available. 877-976-3737 or 250-814-3788

Mortgages Mortgage Help! Beat bank rates for purchases and refinances, immediate debt consolidation, foreclosure relief, and equity loans. Free, fast, friendly, private consultations. Call 1888-711-8818

Rentals Acreage 30 Acres of Prime Farmland for Lease in Upper Mission. Call Rick 250-215-2449, or John 250-212-2386

Apt/Condo for Rent 1Bd&2bd, reno’d, sgl person pref’d., W/D, NS, NP, ref’s. 1st month 1/2 price. 250-717-5802 1BDRM Condo in Parkway Place on Upton Crt. Next to Parkinson Rec centre. fr, st, ac, ug pking, secured entry. NS. NP 1yr lease. $800 Avail. immediately (250)762-0881 2BDRM 2bath on Creek, 6 appls. Mission Park Mall. NS. No Pets $1050 250-868-0316 BELGO AREA, Rutland Rd. South. 2bd, $900 hydro, f/s, NO PETS, bus route, Avail. now. 250-491-3345, 869-9788


Affordable 1, 2 & 3 Bdrms AC, near schools, shopping & bus route. Insuite laundry H.Up’s. Across from Park. Clean Quiet & Spacious. Sorry NO Pets. Well Managed Building 250-861-5605


2bd, starting @ $749 incl. parking & utilities. 1Bdrm, starting @ $620


CAPRI MALL area. Senior Orientated building. NP, laundry, 1bd, $800 & 1bd w/den. $770 250-979-2771 COSTCO AREA. 3BD, 2bth, $1450/mo + hydro, ug prking avail, $30/stall. NP. Avail May 1 250-869-9788


Close to shopping, bus rt, 2BD APARTMENT Heat & hot water incl. New adjustable rates.

Call (250)-860-4836 MILL CREEK ESTATES 1590/1588 Spall Rd.

Premiere Rental Complex in Kelowna. Different Floor Plans Available Close to Shopping / Restaurants. Call for Availability. Affordable rental amounts. (250)-860-4836 or email:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011 Capital News





Modular Homes

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Winfield 3bd 2 ba No bsmt. on Orchard, 6appls a/c deck, drapes. Avail now. NS. NP. Working persons. ref’s req’d $1250 + DD & utils. 250-7663395 Cell (250)-861-0656

3BD 5Appl Patio Gar Pet OK $1350.5Bd 3Ba 7Appl FamRm Patio Gar $1600 250-8601961

Homes for Rent

830sq’ street lvl Office/Retail space w/washroom. Excl DT loc., 500 blk Lawrence Ave. 250-769-7281 eves Sustainability consulting business looking to share our downtown office space with a like-minded company. Shared board room, reception, phone/ fax, printer and small kitchen area included. Can be configured to fit one to four people within the space, depending on your needs. Price negotiable based on space required from $600 to $1000. Please call 250-862-8941 to inquire and see the space. WESTBANK. Lakeview. 2nd flr. 760sq.ft. $790 incl T.N. 250-768-9083, 250-718-9083

1BD., Off McCurdy, f/s, w/d, priv. ent., nr. bus, ns, np, pref 1 person, $750. util/cbl. incl. Avail now (250)491-9006 1BDRM, avail May 1. Rutland. Clse to schools. $700 incl utils. NP. 250-863-1302. 1Bdrm Suite Available on Rutland Bench. Private entry. NS. NP. NParty $700/mo (250)491-1355 2bd 1ba fr/st shr’d w/d between Costco & Plaza 33 unfurn/furn.$849 (250)-491-3215 2BD Cottage & 3bd grnd flr in Lakeview Heights newly reno’d Bright, spacious, with pool, Large lot with view. All appl’s incl., call 250-769-9038 email: 2BD legal suite Rutland. Nr. bus & shopping. 4appl, ns, np. $950 + utils. Avail May 1st. Call 250-863-1155 2 Bdrm Armstrong Sep/ ldry&prkg N/S Pets neg. $850 Incl:util,sat,net. 250-540-3415 2Bdrm Bright Clean quiet Level entry legal suite laundry patio parking NS NP NP May 1st $850/mo + utils. Call David (250) 491-9605 Rutland 2 bdrm N. Glenmore, above ground, locked storage, 5 appl, ns, np. Ref checks. $775 plus utils. 250-717-8807. 2BD, some utils incl, NParties, NS, NP, near shopping & bus, quiet area, Area of Rutland. Lndry HU’s. Extreme WL int. $895, dd req’d. 250-765-2931 2BD W/O Lake Country Backyard/deck, cable, sep.entry laundry, storage, NS. NP. $900 utils. incl’d. (250)7664020, or 778 821-0115 2 lrg BD Upper Mission SS appls WD fenc’d yard alarm sys.$1200 all inclusi.w/sat.TV Avail May1 (250)764-7228 3542 Old Ok Hwy Central, 2bd, walk-out, 1200sf, lg kit, lg master bd, $1050/mo. 250808-8007 or 778-755-0034 3Bdrms a/c, priv laundry,driveway bus school cble wireless utils incl’d NS NP $1100 Avail now. 826-2233 AVAIL immed. Mature older couple, 2bd bsmt suite, incl int, cbl, FS, WD, DW, utils incl. Will accept small pet. Newly reno’d. $900. View only Sat 11-3. 778-753-4242 Avail. Now. 2bd/1ba across fr. OC & KSS. $990 utils incl. pet ok. shared w/d. big yard. Call Zelia @ (250) 498-1493 BELGO- 2bd, 1ba, lg. liv rm, lg kit, $750/mo. Laundry incl., 250-765-3884 & 250-878-9303 BRIGHT 1 BEDROOM basement suite on Glenmore, close to shopping and down town. Separate entrance, washer, dryer, fridge and stove. $750/ month plus damage deposit. Avail April 1st. Call Adam at 250-545-4577 or email me at GARDEN suite wkly/mo, Hospital area, jet tub, lndry, Priv sep ent. Veg/ garden, Gar/pkg. Furn/ unfurn, all neg NP, NS. $975 Cbl/ utils incl 870-7007 LAKE VIEW Heights 1bd suite, lrg master bdrm, walk in closet NS, NP. $700 all utils incl. 250-769-9285 LRG 1bd view ste. Toovey Rd area. 5appl, NP, NS, $750 utils incl. Call 250-765-5503 May 1. 2bd, priv ent, no stairs, NS, NP. $750 incl utils. Call 250-765-2857 MISSION- Beach Location! Large 2 Bed + LR. New paint & more. $890. 250-470-8262 N. Rutland 1 Lrg Bdrm $750 includes utils, basic cable NS NP. Ref’s req’d. Avail May 1st (250)491-9739, 863-0116 ONE BED lg modern suite. Sep entrance w/laundry lots of storage. $800. 250-300-7377 RUTLAND- 2bdrm gr level, priv entry, 5appls, heat, nr bus route. NS. NP, ND, ideal for wrkng cple or student, Avail immed. $1000 250-762-6519 RUTLAND N. brand new 2 bdrm, sep ent, porch, lndry, big kitchen, NP, NS, wrking cpl. Avail now. $1000+ utils. 250-864-6722. WINFIELD bright 2bdrm main level ste on parklike setting, priv patio. Avail May 1. Incl everything. Walking dist to beach & marina. On bus route. Furn or unfurn. Suits working person or students. N/s, n/p. $1000/mo. 250-766-1776 WSTSIDE, 1bd, priv. ent, cln & qt, 6 appl, ac & sat, in qt adlt hm, ns, np, 1 qt wrk prs. $675 1/4 util. 250-769-7703.

1BD. Hosp. area, 2nd. Heritage hm. , suit 1, ns, np, nd. Avail. $600.250-764-9112 1BD self contained suite/cabin in Winfield, suitable for single person/stdnt. Close to UBCO. $600. Info at 250-766-0956 3BD. Rutland/McCurdy area, bright upper flr. 2ba. gas fp, cvrd. deck, fncd. bckyrd, f/s, cent. air, b/i vac, u/g irrg., 2car grge., nr. amens., share w/d, $1250 + util. NS, NP. Avail May 1, 250-491-4506. 3bd top flr, deck, fnc’d yard, cov’d prking, new 5 appls, walk to school 1 pet ok, NS. Very clean. Freshly painted. April 15. $1350 incl utils. 250860-0403 or AVAIL immed, quiet 2 bdrm 4 plex suite behind Plaza 33. 5 appl, carport & storage, older working preferred. NP. NS. $830 plus DD. 250-451-9923 LG bright 2bd. W/0.,nr colg, lake shops, Resp. ns. np.$895 Apr15/May1 762-0317 6rings LRG 2BD, near Costco/ Plaza 33, fs, wd, yard. $1050 +utils. NS, NP, ND. 250-491-3215 Rutland 2bdrm 5appls NP. Smoke ok. No Party! $1000+ 1/2 utils April15(778)753-1111 RUTLAND: 3bd 2ba., main flr house, lg. sundeck, fruit trees, cls. to bus, school. Avail now. ns, np, $1000. 250-575-0940



Apt/Condo for Rent RUTLAND. 55+ 2bd, 1.5bth condo, 4th flr, elevators, ug prking. Avail May 1. $995 + DD. Jim at 1-780-297-2561 RUTLAND: THUNDERBIRD EVERGREEN APTS. 435/395 Franklyn Road 1 & 2 bdrm suites, 3/appls, AC, drapes, walk-in storage, u/g secure parking, hot water included. Laundry facilities on site. Close to excellent shopping, major bus routes (excellent bus service to all campuses, Orchard Park Mall & downtown), theaters, medical facilities & restaurants. 250-762-5932 for appointment to view THE Lagoons. 2bd, 2bth, lakeview, avail immed, non-smoking, small pet ok. $1500+utils. Call 250-862-3220 WILLOW PARK MANOR. 270 Aurora Cres 239 Hollywood Rd. S 1 & 2bd units S Next door to the full service Willow Park Shopping Center S Free parking S Resident manager 250-763-3654 APARTMENTS FOR RENT in Granada Gardens for Mar.1 & beyond, ranging from $800-$850/mo 250-766-4528, 250-718-0881 3bdrm apt. suite Spacious, close to all amenities, NS, NP, 1yr lease, Avail Mar. 15th incl heat.$925 250-763-6600

Commercial/ Industrial 1/2 - 4 acre serviced, fenced industrial lots for lease. Light, heavy or industrial use including auto wrecker & storage. 7000sq’ serviced coverall shelter for storage or workspace or build to suit. Westbank Industrial Park. 250-769-7424 HWY Front avail at 1694 Ross Rd Ship/rec doors, prking C1 2000sqft. $2500 TN. 769-6614

Duplex / 4 Plex 2BD. 501 Hein Rd.Clean unit. s/f, w/d, 1.5ba. nice deck,new tiles. $950. +util, 317-8844 2Bdrm Upstairs Quiet For rent $900 Available Now 250-7631558,or 250-763-1860 2BD Rutland 4plex on Hwy 97. $700+utils. Pet ok. Ref’s req’d. 250-765-5578 445 McCurdy Rd.2 bdrm 1 bath st fr w/d No stairs,carport, fncd yard.$ 317-8844 475 Hein Rd., 2bdrm, very clean, w/d/f/s, carport $950+util., 501 Hein Rd 2 bd also $900/mo 250-317-8844 4BD & 2bd, 3 full bth, 6appl, garage, all windows blinds. March 1. NP. (250)860-8583 BLK MTN. 4 bed + den 2 bath $1250 + Util. 5 appl. 2 decks. Lrg yard.NS/NP.250-869-8504 OLD Glenmore. 3bd, 2ba, FP, ensuite lndry, nr amens now/ May.1, $1180 250-763-7869 RUTLAND- 4bd, 2.5 baths, across from Shopping, close to schools, $1350/mo. Avail May 1. 250-317-0475 WESTBANK- 2bd, 1.5bth sxs 4plex, Smid Rd. $850 + hydro. April 15. 250-212-1282

Mobile Homes & Pads WINFIELD, 2bd Mobile, NP/ NS/Nprties, wrkng adults, refs $850+utils. NP. Avail now 250-766-3395, 250-861-0656

Modular Homes 2BDRM, 2 bath, avail April 15 in Kelowna West Estates. 4 appl, $1200 plus utils. 250769-0109, 250-878-9970. 3BDRM, 1 bath, avail immed in Kelowna West Estates. $950 plus utils. 250-769-0109, 250-878-9970.

1 Bdrm house in Orchard. Avail. now. $800/m Serge 250863-6801 or 250-765-0722. 2BD 1 bath, Ellison Area. No dogs. $850 + utils. (250)-8692186 2BD House, L. Mission. Shr’d WD, wood stove. $1175+ utils. Avail immed. 250-215-1562 2 BDRM, 2 Bths, Furn. or not. Garden & pets ok. 6km into Christian Valley. $800+ Utils. Avail May 1. 250-446-2076 2Bdrm house upper level in Capri area shar’d laundry mature working couple, $900 +utils (250)448-8507 2 storey 6bd house for rent on acreage April 1.Boucherie Rd, West Kelowna. $1600. Day: 604-534-9936 eves: 604-5325605 3/4 BD., Winfield area, $1575 +utils. NO PETS. Avail Now. Overlooks Wood Lake on East side. Close to schools. Call 250-869-9788, 250-491-3345 3BD, 1 full bth, WD, CA, May 1st. Near KLO/Hospital. NP. 250-492-8681, 250-809-1693 3bdrm Bungalo in Lombardy Area 1 bath Lrg kitchen + Yard $1300 May 1 (778)477-0476 3BDRM, Central Locationclose to everything, NS, NP, $1200/mo. 250-470-7291 3BD upper level house. Fireplace, creek, central loc., buses. $1200. 250-868-9059 4 bdrm, 2 bath home with sep 2 bdrm suite to share with inlaws. $1695. 250-860-6995. CLEAN, BRIGHT RANCHER. AVAIL NOW!!! 40 Steps to Lake. 2 bed, sunroom/den, all newer flooring, propane fireplace, large lot, det. garage, laundry room, all appls. Pet neg. Non smoker, Long term preferred. Located in “FINTRY” a quiet lakeside community off Westside Rd. 35 min to the city. $1200, Kristi @ 604862-8039 or DOWNTOWN. 1bd loftstyle carriage house, garage, 5appl, newer, small pets ok, $1000. Close to bus & shops. AC. Avail March 15 or April 1. Please call 250-899-0911

FREE RENT- 2 bdrm, 900sq’ twnhse, great Kelowna view, stove, fridge, washer, dryer. Covered parking. Ready to move in, no rent to May 1. Small & kid friendly. 250-870-7172. LAKEVIEW, 3bd, 2 full bths, lrg livingrm, sundeck, newly painted. $1000. Call 250-7661314, 250-718-1975 MAY 1. Rutland. 3bd. Gar., newly decorated. 6appls, garden, 1yr lease, $1500. NS, small pet neg. 250-861-5757 Rent To Own Small Down Payment Req Call Alice 1-877-454-0330 SMITH CREEK, 4 bdrm, 3 full baths, approx 3000sq’, all appl, $2200. Prefer lease. NP. NS. Ref’s. Noel 250-452-6635. WANTED- April 1st. Clean house or townhouse, 2-3 bdrm, lease only, long term, min 1yr, excellent credentials, will treat your property like our own. 250-768-9592. WESTSIDE New 4bd full bsmt. Dbl garage 3 full washrooms. Close to all amenities. Avail June 1. $1750/m all new appls. 250-801-7424, 1-778578-7451 Westside Rd. 1 min to Bridge 5 min To DT. Modular Home 1 Bdrm + den 1 bath, all appls. A/C, & Lrg Deck. $1000 + utils. Available April 1 250-768-2978 Winfield 3bd 2 ba No bsmt. on Orchard, 6appls a/c deck, drapes. Avail now. NS. NP. Working persons. ref’s req’d $1250 + DD & utils. 250-7663395 Cell (250)-861-0656 Wood Lake View 3bdrm 2bath 3levels $1200/mo+utils. Pets negot. (250)766-4322 WOODLKE VIEW, dividable 2-kit, 5bd, 5ba, carprt, grg/wrk shp, in-grd pool, acre, pet neg. $1800+ utils, 250-766-4322


Room & Board ROOM & Board. $850. Rutland area, NS, pets ok, suits disabled, elderly or student. No addicts. Christian male pref. Emmie, 250-861-5659

Rooms for Rent 1BD Downtown, utils incl, bus route, $460. Newly reno’d, int incl. NP. 778-478-6492 1 Bdm Bchlr ste, fully furn’d, semi-priv, util incl $625 +$300 DD. 250-765-0746 A-1 clean furn’d cbl. & w/d, wl int, quiet, monthly avail. immed. 250-862-9223 All Comforts of Home, furn. rooms/suites DT. wireless int. cbl. WD. fr $450. 861-5757 DOWNTOWN- 1 bdrm, $400 incl utils, wireless, laundry. Mature, working person. NS. 250-863-7863, 250-762-7253. MATURE Female. Large Bed /sitting room w/priv. bath.w/d cable Lovely House, Beautiful Lakeviews.$475.250-769-0661 MODERN Furn’d. bdrm. all cbl/utils. incl’d., $450mo. $475. Call 250-317-2546


Best view. Best price.

Daily, Weekly & Monthy Rates. Kelowna. Call 250-862-7448

Shared Accommodation 847 Mayfair Rd. 3bd house, 2.5 bth, livingrm, kitchen, dining area, garage, lots of parking, lndry rm, huge yard, near amens. $1500. Rutland. Pref wrking family. April 1. 250765-6031, 250-864-6031 April 15th. Female roomate to share clean quiet Rutland home, must be working, NS, NP, cbl & int $400+DD. Call 250-491-9605 AVAILABLE ASAP. 1 bdrm close to all amenities NP. NP. NS. $400 utils., wireless net, & laundry incl’d 250-763-7553 MATURE wrking person to share townhouse. Call for details. 778-478-7278 N.RUTLAND: Student or working, 3 bdrms, share LR, kit, bath, lndry, sat, int & hottub. On Bus route, CRC req. $450 utils incl. 250-765-7239 RUTLAND. PRIVATE ROOM in 2bdrm basement suite. $450/mo, utils incl. NP, NS. 250-861-5621, 250-681-8699

Storage BOAT, RV & Dry Storage Hwy 33 & 97, Prime space, cheapest in town!! 250-862-8682

Suites, Lower 155 Robson Rd E. Avail immed. 2bd, $600 +40%utils. NS, NP. Janice 250-762-8901 1BD 4Appl Patio $700 Incl Util 2Bd 4Appl Patio Pet OK $800 Incl Cable & Util-250-860-1961 1BD, lrg & bright, sep lndry, entry & prking. Pool, new bth. NS, NP. Avail immed. $825 incl utils. Call 250-491-0952 1Bdrm April 15th or May 1st Lndry HU.Cat ok. NS. $670 incl utils.Costco 250-300-5466

Townhouses LOWER unit Townhouse, Hwy 97 nr Duck Lake. 2bd +den, 2bth, 5appl, mainflr, 1256sq’. $1100+utils. 250-712-0095 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime. Tired of Renting? Credit Less Than Perfect? Danica Has Solution! Call 1-877-454-0330 WANTED- April 1st. Clean house or townhouse, 2-3 bdrm, lease only, long term, min 1yr, excellent credentials, will treat your property like our own. 250-768-9592.

Want to Rent WANTED- April 1st. Clean house or townhouse, 2-3 bdrm, lease only, long term, min 1yr, excellent credentials, will treat your property like our own. 250-768-9592.


Antiques / Classics 1955 Red Metropolitan hard top restored, put the key in and drive Vintage plates stay with car ($127/yr) Parts easy to get Great cond. inside/outside and mechanicly $7900 obo (250)768-3128 1960 LAND ROVER. Complete vehicle ready for restoration. Good frame, complete extra engine (running). Many extra parts with winch(included) with cable. Warn front hubs. 45,000 miles. Pre registered. Email pictures available. $3900 obo. Call 250-7657811. SPECIAL Anniversary Edition 1987 Cougar LS. Great shape. only 106km. $3600. (1-250)517-8087

Auto Accessories/Parts

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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

LYLE’S TOWING Free removal of unwanted vehicles. Pay up to $1000 for good vehicles. Lots of used parts for sale. 765-8537 TIRES- ASSORTED. 205-7514. 215-70-15 4 Ford alum tire w/rim. 205-75-15. 205-70-15. 185-70-14 snow tire w/rims, like new. 185-70-13 w/rim, new. 4- 265-70-14 Bridgestone, exc tires, 80%. 4- 26570-17 Bridgestone, 75%. 250860-8127

Cars - Domestic 1998 Audi A4 quattro, V6, 5spd, $3300 obo. 250-3071215. 2003 Mazda Protoge, grey, only 59,000km, asking $9000. 12’ fishing boat, boat only, $250. Utility trailer, $500. Call 250-765-3802 2005 Hyundai Tuscon. 2 ltr, front wheel drive, AM/FM stereo w/MP3 CD, alloy wheels, anti-lock brakes, power brakes/steering/mirrors/windows/locks. Roof rack, five doors, tilt steering, 4 wheel disc brakes, electronic stability control, block heater, heated front windshield & heated mirrors. New winter tires, timing belt, windshield & front brakes. Good on gas +/- hwy 30, town 28 m/g. 100,000 kms. EXCELLENT CONDITION. New Price: $8900 obo. Call: Cell 250-617-9944

Cars - Sports & Imports 1993 Nissan Maxima. 4-dr sedan. Loaded. 191kms. Excellent condition. New battery. Pearl ext/tan interior. $2150 obo. Kelowna (250) 860-6210 2003 Mercedes 320SLK. 2 door hardtop convertable. 44, 000kms. Automatic. Full Load. Absolutely mint. Pewter with black interior. $24,900 obo. 250-470-8251 2004 Toyota Matrix XR, 4wd, many extras. Valued at $8500, asking $6000. 250-542-7381 2006 Honda Pilot EX-L One owner, black with grey interior, 130,000kms, eight passenger, trailer package installed, winter and all-season tires included. Meticulously maintained. Located in Nelson B.C. Call 250-825-3458 for more information

2007 Honda Accord EXL Red 49,498 kms Loaded. Moving overseas must sell now! Best offer. Mike 250-575-1567

Capital News Wednesday, April 6, 2011 B15








Cars - Sports & Imports

Trucks & Vans


Adult Entertainment




2004 Ford F150 XLT 4X4

Sailboat for sale or trade for travel trailer, 1999 Catalina 22, wing keel, 3 sails, furler, pop top, 6 hp Yamaha, electric start, depth sounder, VHF radio, mass raising system, factory trailer, sleeps 4. Many extras. $14,000. 250-260-6642.

MATURE Lady, Relaxing Massage. 9am-9pm Daily. Kelowna. 778-214-0552 SENSITIVE & intimate. Serious pleasure with a personal touch. 250-762-2010. TWO GORGEOUS INDEPENDENTS STARR & IVANNA gfe/massage/dom/duos upscale incall or outcall 250-864-8264

BEACH BUNNIES New First Class Spa Now Open! #32-2789 Hwy 97 Blue Heights 250-448-8854 We only hire the very best EXTREMELY Beautiful, discreet, with long, wavy brunette hair, curvy, petite, 125 lbs, 24yrs. 250-681-8369 Hot Exotic Mature Lady. Legs, T/A. Full pkg. Call Christy In/Out 250-215-3286

1 and only Garden of Eden. Voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction. Only agency in Kelowna open 24/7 and acepting MC/ Visa/ Amex. GFE avail. 250-868-9439 Now Hiring. #1 PAMELA. Blonde bombshell, 36D, all natural, GFE. Call 250-215-4513 *36DD Busty Sexy Beautiful* Massage, Erotic Fun & More. Lingerie & Toys 250-450-6550 BEAUTIFUL black girl, 23, In/Out. 250-826-0375

1st Choice Charley’s Escorts In or Out Calls. VERNON & KAMLOOPS LOCATIONS Lexus 19, Cindy 19, Ginger 30. Vernon Location 250-540-7069 or 250-540-7769 Kamloops - 778-257-0431 Always Hiring. 1ST Class Mystique Escorts. Gorgeous Ladies & Men of all ages to suit every need. 24/7 out calls. Quick arrival time reasonable rates. 860-6778 NOW HIRING. A 29 yr old, Busty, Blonde 36D-28-36. Daytime Specials. Call MJ, 250-864-3598. AN Open Minded Mature Sexy Busty Blonde, Ready To PLEASE YOU! GFE. Independant. 250-808-9673 CHAT live with Charley’s girls and guys. 1-900-528-1051, 1-900-548-1051, 1-900-7831051.

Cars - Sports & Imports

Cars - Sports & Imports

2009 Acura CSX with Technol ogy Package. 4 Door Sedan Manual Trans. 17400 Km. XM Satellite Radio, I Pod, USB, MP3, Navigation with Voice Recognition and Bluetooth Phone. Power Windows/Mirrors/Steering/Locks. ABS Brakes, Keyless Entry, Immobilizer, etc etc. Retirement forces sale. $21,950.00. Phone 778-755-1922.

Motorcycles 2008 HD Street Glide, 10,000kms, lady driven, fully loaded, $10,000 in extras incl lwr fairing & removable pizza box, $19,500 obo. 862-6053.


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Call the Capital News 250-763-7114

19’ 1977 Holiday travel trailer, sleeps 4 adults, full kit & bth all working, $3000. 250-769-3068 eves. 1981 Chev Centurion Motor home, $3,400 obo. 250-5479504 1994 29’ Corsair 5th wheel, 1-slide, F/S microwave, A/C, shower, 2 propane tanks, $10,000 obo. 250-306-1434 2005 KEYSTONE Cougar 285EFS Immaculate, nonsmokers, children, pets. Standard features plus solar panel adjustable system, 130w, battery controller plus 4 batteries. TV/DVD/Radio. New mattress/tires. Propane fed BBQ system. Transferable RV warranty. All manuals, certificates. $18,700. Phone Vernon 250503-3032. 2006 Monterey 26’ trailer, loaded, bunk,, 4300lbs., mint, ext. warr., $13,250. 764-4256 5TH Wheel/truck combo. 2000 23’ Citation & 4wd truck (seats 5). 1997 Chev Sierra truck, has only 127,000kms. Both in like new cond., $19,750. Call 250-764-7628 BOATS, RV DETAILING Truck & Cars. INSTALL HITCHES All vehicles Truck & Trailer Accessories & Parts. Call (250)-769-1945 DODGE Pleasureway 318 Motor. CLEAN. Good Condition. (250)767-6533

Scrap Car Removal $100 cash Paid for unwanted vehicles. Call Paul Haul (250)808-9593 1AA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Min $60 cash for full size vehicles, any cond. 250-899-0460 SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $4.00 each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288


Auto 183,000 KMS 4dr, A/C, leather & power seats, PL PW cruise, tilt, CD playertow package, Box liner, accident free, bc truck, $6990, call: 250-862-2555 2005 Montana extended, 110KM, very clean cond. $5000 obo. (250)260-5232 2007 Ford F150 Supercrew Lariat XTR, full load incl leather & sunroof. 68,000kms. Lady driven, white, $24,000 obo. 250-862-6053.


Legal Notices BAILIFF SALE 2005 JLG G1055A, zoom boom, approx 2600 hrs. 2003 Ford F150 Supercrew. Kyocera KMC3232 colour copier. Body shop equipment, including United Spray Booth, Chicago 15hp compressor, 10 Gal Clarke Sand Blaster. AC Hydraulic Jack 1.3T capacity. Lincoln 180C Power Mig Welder. Associated 6018 Battery Charger. Contact Shuswap Bailiffs, (250)503-6897



BOATS, RV DETAILING Truck & Cars. INSTALL HITCHES All vehicles Truck & Trailer Accessories & Parts. Call (250)-769-1945 REDLINE Marine Mobile Services. 250-869-7091

Adult Entertainment IF You have the desire, I have the fire. Sensuality at its best. Curious seniors of all ages (50-100) welcome. 10-10. Call Mamma Mia 250-317-8043

Cars - Domestic

Cars - Domestic

12-727 Stremel Rd, Kelowna Mon.-Sat. 8:30-5:30

250-765-9457 Parts and Service for all makes of snowmobiles, motorcycles, & ATV’s. 1000’s of parts in stock.

Sport Utility Vehicle 1989 black Jeep 4x4 removable hard top, no soft top, 4.2L 6cyl, $4000 obo. 250540-2328 1996 Chevy Tahoe Red with 85,000k new tires denali wheels 17” 100000k on HD brakes & roters $1900 on battery new radiator new compresser new hoses last 9 yrs put 25,000km. Can be seen at 2160 Chilcotin Cres. Kelowna BC. $12,500 obo (250)7129949 2003 Honda CRV, great buy, $6,100 obo. (250)546-9929 Ask for Eldon.

STK. #7356

2 ltr, front wheel drive, AM/FM stereo w/MP3 CD, alloy wheels, anti-lock brakes, power brakes/steering/mirrors/windows/locks. Roof rack, five doors, tilt steering, 4 wheel disc brakes, electronic stability control, block heater, heated front windshield & heated mirrors. New winter tires, timing belt, windshield & front brakes. Good on gas +/- hwy 30, town 28 m/g. 100,000 kms. EXCELLENT CONDITION. NEW PRICE $8,900 OBO CALL CELL 250-617-9944


irect Buy D $$$ e v & Sa

Buy D & Sav irect e $$$




4 cyl., auto, loaded, mags, pwr. sunroof, rear spoiler (72 month term, 6.99% APR, OAC)


B/W - 0 DOWN 124Taxes & fees included






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Over 60 Units at

1639 CARY RD.


Legal Notices


Legal Notices

SEXY, 40 DD, 28/32 brown eyed brunette. Sexy & Sweet, Discreet. Enjoys couples & dom, GFE. Kelly 765-1098. The Ultimate GFE Service for the Discerning Gentleman call Lydia 250-448-2894

Legal Notices

Legal Notices

Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District

NOTICE OF AGM Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 @ 8:00 p.m. The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Landowners in the Glenmore-Ellison Improvement District will be held on WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13, 2011 @ 8:00 p.m. at the District office at 445 Glenmore Road. Copies of the 2010 Financial Statements will be available after April 6, 2011 at the office as well as at the General Meeting. Two Trustee terms expire this year. Nomination forms for these positions are available at the office or at the Annual General Meeting. Nominations will be accepted at the AGM or at the District office no later than April 14, 2011 at 3:30 p.m. The Election, if necessary, will be held on May 5, 2011 and the Advance Poll on April 28, 2011


Tolko Industries Ltd. is developing a Pest Management Plan under the Integrated Pest Management Act. The plan will describe a pest management program using Integrated Pest Management techniques. The purpose of the Pest Management Plan is to ensure effective and safe vegetation control within an integrated pest management program on crown land within a portion of the Southern Interior Forest Region. The pest management activities are to be carried out on reforested cutblocks in the: • Kamloops/Headwaters Forest Districts (which includes the communities of Blue River, Vavenby, Clearwater, Barriere, Heffley Creek, Kamloops, Chase, Pritchard, Lac Le Jeune, Logan Lake, Savona, Ashcroft and Cache Creek) • Cascades Forest District (which includes the communities of Merritt, Princeton, Tulameen, Coalmont, and Brookmere) • Okanagan Shuswap Forest District (which includes the communities of Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Enderby, Armstrong, Vernon, Lumby, Cherryville, Lake Country, Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland and Falkland) • Columbia Forest District (which includes the community of Revelstoke) • Arrow Boundary Forest District (which includes the community of Edgewood) The use of pesticides is intended within the area to which the Pest Management Plan applies. Herbicide application on forestry blocks may use the following methods - ground foliar spraying, selective or spot treatment, hack and squirt, cut stump, and. basal bark.

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The herbicides proposed for use include:

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The proposed effective date of this Pest Management Plan is June 30, 2011 to June 29, 2016.

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The proposed Pest Management Plan, diagrams and map(s) may be viewed at the folllowing Tolko Industries Ltd.offices: • Thompson Nicola Regional Woodlands Office, 6275 Yellowhead Hwy, Heffley Creek, B.C.,V2H 1T8 Contact - Michael Bragg, RPF (250.578.2181) • Thompson Nicola Regional Woodlands Office, 1750 Lindley Cr. Road, Merritt, BC V1K 0A2 Contact - Robert Dunsmore, RPF (250.378.1207) • Okanagan Regional Woodlands Office, 4280 Hwy 6 RR7, Lumby, B.C. V0E 2G7 Contact - Robert Kennett, RPF (250.547.1219) If you wish to review the document at one of these offices, please phone the contact listed above for an appointment. Information regarding or a copy of this Pest Management Plan may be requested from: Robert Johnson, RPF 1079 Mt Fosthall Dr., Vernon, B.C. V1B 2W2 Phone: 250.260.3888 / Email: A person wishing to contribute information about a proposed treatment site, relevant to the development of the Pest Management Plan, may send copies of the information to the applicant at the address above within 30 days of the publication of this notice.


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the founder of the charity Partners for Others and the warehouse I was building was to store all of the aid items that he collects from around B.C. before it finds its way to the landfill. After getting to know Ray and learning what he does I knew I wanted to help him out in any way that I could. PG: What do you think is the importance of those of us who are more fortunate helping those in need? Pike: I don’t like to tell people what to do with their money. But I don’t mind giving people the opportunity to do something good with their money if they want to. We live in one of the wealthiest places on earth. I think we spend too much money on stuff that we’re not going to be taking with us when we die. While we’re doing that there are people who are dying because we are throwing away things that they need to survive. Right now the Partners for Others warehouse is packed to the ceiling with aid items so we might as well ship some over there if we can. PG: If people can’t make it to the show how else can they help out Partners for Others? Pike: If people can’t make it to the fundraiser they can still contact Partners for Others at to see what they do. If we don’t reach our goal I’ll be putting the Spitting Bullets album for download through windborn. ca where people can pay whatever they want. The dual CD release and fundraiser featuring Windborn and Thomas Kjorven will be held at The House (Unit 1, 240 Lougheed Rd.) on Saturday, April 18, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door and after venue costs are covered, all money made will go to charity. CD sales will be by donation with proceeds going to charity as well. If you are interested in making a larger donation or are interested in sponsorship, everything is in place for tax receipts. For details email Jeff Pike at Pyper Geddes is the general manager at Habitat in downtown Kelowna.

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