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MEDAL RUN BOBSLEDDER Chris Le Bihan not only won a bronze medal at the Winter Olympics, but he and his wife also celebrated the birth of their first child. A17

OPINION CANADA’S gold medal win in hockey was exciting, but the 2010 Winter Olympics were about much more than celebrating our national sport, it was about our country revealing its own sense of national pride.

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WEDNESDAY March 3, 2010


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Blanleil applauds crowd control tactics by police Jennifer Smith STAFF REPORTER

If Vancouver can ditch its “no fun city” label and earn praise for its approach to crowd control, so too could Kelowna, according to comments made by one city councillor this week. Coun. André Blanleil took time at Monday’s council meeting to praise the police forces involved in Olympic crowd control saying they demonstrated the “paramilitary” approach to large-scale gatherings is not the right route to take. “I just had to mention how good a job I thought the Vancouver police did and the police down there (in dealing with) the public,” he said. “I was down on Robson and it was mayhem, but they did a good job there. “They were friendly. They were high-fiving people. The attitude that they brought was really Andre Blanleil something that hopefully we can learn (from) in the future…that (when) dealing with crowds it is really much better if you have the attitude of just being friendly and persistent.” Like Vancouver, Kelowna has struggled in its approach to crowd control over the years. In Kelowna’s case, the most recent issues surfaced with Wakefest, an event eventually cancelled due to policing problems, crowd control and the beach party atmosphere it promotes. By taking a “friendly and welcoming approach,” as Blanleil put it, the Olympic security forces were able to prevent major problems without resorting to confrontation, even earning themselves international and national praise. In last Saturday’s edition of the Globe and Mail, reporter Francis Bula analyzed the computer models used to anticipate where crowds would flow, pointing out See Olympics A11


CLOSE INSPECTION…Cpl. Cora Kuich, with RCMP Forensic Identification Services, checks fingerprints on the door of the CIBC Mission branch after it was held up Monday afternoon. See story A6.


Chamber upset with lack of HST relief Alistair Waters ASSISTANT EDITOR

B.C.’s provincial budget, revealed on Tuesday, has received mixed


ince, particularly in green industry, and for spending more on transportation. But he chided the government for a lack of help for some business facing

the impact of the coming Harmonized Sales Tax. LeBlanc was disappointed to see no help for companies in the restaurant and service sectors

to help them fend off the immediate impact of merging the GST and provin-



DL# C3289/5296

reviews from the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. Chamber CEO Weldon LeBlanc praised the budget for its incentives to attract capital to this prov-



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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


For the record

A recent story about the screening of a new documentary about dementia called Forgetful Not Forgotten left out the time of the presentation. The film will be shown March 11, 7 p.m., at Okanagan College, in Room 115 of the health building. The presentation is sponsored by the Alzheimer Society of B.C. •••

Aimee Thompson, with the Elizabeth Fry Society, confirms that her organization has received $36,000 in provincial funding for an outreach program in the provincial government’s next fiscal year. In expressing uncertainty about future funding in a recent Capital News article, she was looking ahead to the provincial 2011-12 budget year.


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Police are still looking for information after a large fight broke out at a pub off of Highway 33. RCMP Const. Steve Holmes said the brawl took place at a pub in the 150 block of Highway 33, after one man punched another man inside the bar. Holmes noted witnesses later saw the two men fighting outside.

“One of the combatants, a 30-year-old Kelowna male, was accused of hitting the other male, a 32-year-old Kelowna resident, in the head with a bottle.” Holmes said it is possibly the allegation led to a large fight outside the bar that involved a number of patrons. He added the fight was over by the time

A trial date has been set for accused sex offender Alfons Schoenherr. The tall and balding Schoenherr appeared by video in Kelowna courts on March 1. He faces charges of sexual assault, forcible confinement and robbery of a woman at his home on Alta Vista Road

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Two men duke it out at a Rutland pub

police arrived at 2:17 a.m. on March 1. Holmes said both fighters were found and the victim agreed to go to Kelowna General Hospital for treatment of cuts to his head and nose. Holmes asked anyone who witnessed the incident to call the Kelowna RCMP detachment at 250-762-3300.

Charged sex offender will face trial before Supreme Court judge





in January 2009. Schoenherr’s lawyer Oliver Butterfield said he had made an election for trial by a Supreme Court judge. The 60-year-old Schoenherr waived a preliminary hearing. His trial is expected to last five days, beginning on July 19.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


capital news A3

GEOLOGIST Murray Roed points out a seam of ancient glacial till, the remnant of a glacier which must have passed through more than 1.6 million years ago. It was discovered during construction of the Highway 97 and Westside Road interchange on Westbank First Nation land. JUDIE STEEVES/CAPITAL NEWS


Interchange construction uncovers rare find Judie Steeves STAFF REPORTER

One of the most fascinating and significant geologic features in the province has been uncovered during construction of the multi-million dollar Westside Road interchange project on Westbank First Nation land. In fact, it could be one of the oldest undisturbed soil deposits found yet in Canada, says geologist Murray Roed. It’s certainly a first for the Okanagan and Central B.C., and studies currently underway could date it at two million years of age. Certainly, it’s older than 1.6 million years of age, which is when a flow of lava from the Lambly

Creek volcano, which it’s believed came from Lambly (Bear) Lake, has been dated, because it’s below the Lambly Creek basalt, created by that flow, he explains. What’s been uncovered is glacial till, the unsorted and undisturbed remnants of silt, clay, sand, pebbles and boulders left behind when a glacier melted here, and it’s the first proof there was a glacier here more than 1.6 million years ago. We have the most information on the Fraser Glacier, which melted about 10,000 years ago, as dated by a tree trunk dug up in Penticton. The Fraser Glacier went through 20,000 to

25,000 years ago, but there was another brief period of glaciation earlier than that, and then 50,000 to 60,000 years ago, the Okanagan Centre Glacier went through here. There was also an inter-glaciation period 100,000 years ago, says Roed. Other than this discovery, the only evidence of glaciation further back than 1.6 million years is in the Wells Gray area, at Mt. Edizza in Northern B.C. and a spot in the Yukon, he says. This is a first for the Okanagan and central B.C. Without the blasting done to create the road

network around the new interchange at Highway 97 and Westside Road in West Kelowna, we would never have known about what existed here that long ago, Roed says. “This will be a famous locale,” Roed notes. Fellow scientists are taking samples to study what the ancient climate was like here; what vegetation grew here and what the environment was like. Soil scientist Scott Smith, of the Pacific Agrifood Research Centre in Summerland, has taken samples to study for information about the environ-

ment of that time, while paleoecologist Rolf Matthews, from Simon Fraser University, was here Friday to sample the organic portion of the soil that’s been uncovered to determine whether there is any pollen in it. Such knowledge could help determine more exactly how old this seam of glacial till is. It could even be the first glaciation in Canada at the start of the ice age two million years ago. Rene Barendregt, Dean of Science at the

See Find A4

CLAY BANKS injected into the layer of sand are evidence of some mysterious ancient force, which scientists are studying from samples removed from the darker layer.


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


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Excitement contagious about glacial till revelation Find from A3 University of Lethbridge, is a paleo-magnetism specialist who has taken samples of the sand below the glacial till and the soil profile and volcanic layers to determine where the north pole was at that time. Just as intriguing to scientists is the thick deposit of sand, with clay intrusions, which is underneath, so older than, the glacial till. Roed’s eyes sparkle when he dreams about the possibility of drilling even deeper, below the sand layer, to learn from cores even more about the history of the Okanagan. In spots, he points out the clay bank that has somehow been injected into the sand layer. He speculates this could have been the result of the sand being highly saturated with water, even soupy, when a major glacier moved in. It could have pressed down on the soupy sand and caused something to squirt up from below. Roed believes the area was probably forested two million years ago, and says there could even be animal fossils in the sand layer. He is hopeful this significant find can be preserved for future access; as an education tool and as the centrepiece of a museum.


Roed, who is one of the authors of Okanagan Geology, about the origin of the Okanagan Valley, was busy working on a new book on the geology of the South Okanagan in December when he was notified by Brent Beattie, senior geotechnical engineer for the transportation ministry, of the find at this construction site. Those working on

the site were surprised to run into sand and gravel below the layer of basalt, which they had expected to go much deeper. With much excitement and the cooperation of the WFN, he has since been a frequent visitor to the site to further investigate the find. And, he’s finding that excitement is contagious.




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capital news A5

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A6 capital news


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bank robber on the loose

NEWS Police are searching for a suspect who escaped with cash from the CIBC bank on Pandosy Street. RCMP Const. Steve Holmes said police were called at 12:39 p.m. on March 1 and informed the

bank had been robbed. “A male entered the bank, approached a teller and verbally demanded money,� Holmes said. “The male left the bank with an undisclosed amount of cash. The sus-

pect did not produce a weapon nor make threats of a weapon.� Holmes said the suspect is described as Caucasian, six feet tall with a medium to heavy build. The man has a short

partial beard and a light brown mustache. He has short brown hair and a visible tattoo on the left side of his neck. Holmes said the man was wearing a multishaded green square-pat-

terned toque, racer-style sunglasses with blue tinted lenses, a dark-coloured hoodie and grey pants. “Police are looking over surveillance video in the hope of identifying the suspect,� said Holmes.

“Pictures have been released and the public is asked to call in if they know the suspect’s identity or, if he is seen, please call the Kelowna Detachment at 250-762-3300 or Crime Stoppers.�


Multiple charges lead to prison term Mike Simmons STAFF REPORTER

Perogies, Cabbage Rolls, Borscht, Paska, Babka, Ham Sausage Friday, March 26 3:00 - 7:00pm Pre-orders encouraged. Contact: Ann Maximchuk 250-769-7587 Ukrainian Cultural Centre 1091 Coronation Avenue at Gordon


Close to two years in a federal prison was the result for a man facing a web of charges after taking up residence in a stranger’s apartment with a sawed-off shotgun. “Just get it over with,� Vernon Haley told the court March 1 during discussion of whether all of his charges should be dealt with on the same morning. Two Crown prosecutors were needed to deal with Haley’s charges, which spanned provincial and federal mandates. They resulted from the home invasion in mid-December, as well as a separate incident where Haley tried to collect a drug debt

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with threats and a knife. He also faced the most recent of a string of convictions for driving while prohibited. Crown prosecutor Clarke Burnett noted Haley was pulled over by police on Nov. 9, 2009 while under a previous driving prohibition. Burnett said Haley had decided to plead guilty to several of the home invasion charges—possession of a controlled substance, being unlawfully in a dwelling house and two counts of possessing a firearm while prohibited. Burnett related that just before midnight on Dec. 12, 2009, an RCMP officer driving down Rutland Road was flagged down by a man named Neil Brown. Brown told the officer that Haley and another man who he had only known for a few days were in his apartment on Highway 33, making and selling crack cocaine. “They essentially planted themselves in his apartment and would not leave.� Burnett pointed out Haley was said to have shown up with a shotgun,

and sawed off the barrel while at the apartment. He noted Brown’s reluctance to contact police quickly was due to the presence of the firearm. “He was very fearful of them because of this weapon.� At 1:30 a.m. that morning, RCMP entered the apartment after Brown gave them the key. Officers found Haley and the other man inside, along with the sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun under Brown’s bed. The officers also found drug paraphernalia, shotgun shells and a small bag containing 0.5 grams of methamphetamines. Burnett said Crown and defense had agreed Haley should receive two years for the charges resulting from the incident, commencing from the date of his guilty plea. “He does have a history,� noted Burnett. Haley was already under a threeyear driving prohibition and a 10-year weapons ban from a break and enter in June of 2007. Crown prosecutor Norman Yates noted the court proceeding marked Haley’s sixth conviction

for driving while prohibited. He recommended a 90 day sentence and a three- to five-year driving prohibition, given the nature of Haley’s record. Yates said Haley had also entered a guilty plea to charges of uttering threats and carrying a concealed weapon. He recounted how on April 15, 2009, an RCMP officer saw Haley crossing a downtown street with a young woman at his side. The woman waved to catch the officer’s attention as they did so. When the woman went into an ATM to withdraw money, Haley waited outside. As the officer walked over to talk to Haley, Haley walked away. When the officer spoke to the woman, she said Haley had shown up at her home to collect a $300 drug debt. Yates noted the woman said Haley produced a knife and forced her to go the ATM to get cash. Haley was reported to have said: “If I don’t get my money now, someone is going to get hurt to-

night.� Yates added the woman was familiar with Haley and knew he had a reputation for violence. Defense lawyer Blaine Weststrate agreed with a sentence of two years overall for the charges. He noted Haley wanted to go through the federal penal system because of better programs there to help him. Weststrate said Haley is motivated by being a first-time father. He pointed out Haley has a nine-month-old baby with his common law wife, and is looking at an opportunity to straighten his life out and become a better father. Weststrate said Haley has a Grade 11 education and has been taking Grade 12 courses while at Kamloops Regional Correctional Centre. He pointed out that when Haley was a young boy, he was abused by prison guard Karl Toft at a juvenile detention centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick. “I would suspect that’s what’s at the base of Mr. Haley’s difficulties with society.� Weststrate pointed out Haley has never received an apology or any kind of redress. He asked for three years prohibition on Haley’s charge of driving while prohibited. Weststrate pointed out Haley does have aspirations and hopes to become a normal, productive citizen. Judge Gale Sinclair sentenced Haley to two years in prison minus 22 days, telling him: “Use your time wisely, and smarten up.� He also handed down a three year prohibition from driving, set to begin after Haley is released. Sinclair also sentenced Haley to a lifetime ban on owning weapons, as well as orders to provide a DNA sample for the national database.


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


capital news A7


Motorists settling in to HOV Jason Luciw STAFF REPORTER

Six months after HOV lanes opened on Harvey Avenue to mixed reviews, the Ministry of Transportation says the new highway configuration is meeting its goals. The high occupancy vehicle curb lanes may still raise some questions around town, but district highways manager Murray Tekano said his office now fields very few inquiries about the system, unlike the influx of calls that occurred when the concept was introduced to Kelowna in September. Tekano said that the lanes are carrying the targeted 25 per cent to 30 per cent of traffic on Harvey Avenue and Highway 97, between Pandosy Street and Highway 33. “As I drive around town I’m noticing that that is relatively close to the volume of vehicles using the lanes,” said Tekano. “So HOV lanes are achieving their objectives and we are making way for the next stage, which are transit-related improvements in late summer or early fall.” By then, Bus Rapid Transit vehicles will receive signal priority at intersections along the HOV corridor, explained Tekano. Six Bus Rapid Transit stations and traffic signal priority equipment were installed as part of the project. “Those high occupancy vehicles stuck in the queue, hitting every signal will soon find the HOV lane gives them an advantage when approaching the intersection because the traffic progression will be modified and more coordinated when buses are given signal priority.” In the meantime, the biggest test for the HOV lanes is yet to come. The configuration hasn’t been tested during peak tourist season between the Victoria Day and Labour Day long weekends. However, the lanes will meet the challenge, according to Tekano. “As traffic volumes grow, I’m confident it will be absorbed by the HOV lanes.” Tekano said that motorists could also probably expect more enforcement of the HOV lanes to ensure they’re available for the increased traffic this summer. “There’s always going to be a certain amount

of violation. At the present time we’re not too concerned about that, but I think closer to the summer period, as traffic volumes grow, you’ll probably see enforcement stepped up.” The 5.7-kilometre stretch of HOV lanes are

the first in the B.C. Interior and opened September 20 as part of a $16 million federal/provincial/municipal infrastructure project aimed at improving traffic flows on Harvey Avenue/ Highway 97. Several curb lane

HOV lanes already exist in Greater Vancouver on Hastings, Granville Georgia and Clark Street and the Barnet Highway, primarily to facilitate transit, which is also a top priority for Kelowna’s HOV lanes.

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A8 capital news


MLAs call budget a ‘prudent’ fiscal step

HST from A16 cial sales tax to make one 12 per cent sales tax despite help for other sectors such as construction and housing. “But we will continue to push for that,” vowed LeBlanc. In a surprisingly short budget speech —just 17

minutes—Hansen touted the government’s plan to spend $4 billion more on transportation across B.C. this year and specifically noted Kelowna’s rapid bus transit plan. LeBlanc noted that and said his chamber has been working with its counterparts up and down

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ilies with children aged under 18. The program will let homeowners defer their property taxes until they sell if they have hold 15 per cent equity in the property. In his speech, Hansen said the provincial budget deficit for the coming year will be $2.8 million this year, as earlier announced, and will fall to $1.7 billion next year. He still expects to balance the budget by 2013. Kelowna-Lake Country MLA Norm Letnick, who sat on the provincial finance committee that toured the province prior to the budget and made several budget recommendations, called the financial blueprint “pru-


B.C. Finance Minister Colin Hansen delivered a stand-pat budget Tuesday, with no new tax cuts or increases and predictions of modest economic recovery in B.C. in the coming year. Most of the big changes for B.C. have already been announced, including the harmonized sales tax that will extend B.C.’s seven-percent tax to a variety of services starting July 1. The budget confirms cuts to various ministries that were revealed last fall, with the forests ministry taking the biggest cut at six per cent over the next three years.

The budget projects total government employment to drop by 3,500 full-time positions over three years, or about 10 per cent of the workforce. The majority of those will be unfilled positions when people quit or retire. As many as 1,000 layoffs remain to be done, and those workers will have a chance to apply for other vacancies within government, Hansen said. Hansen continued to defend the HST, pointing out that more than one million B.C. residents with low incomes will get an HST rebate cheque in the mail every three months to offset their extra costs. Counting rebates, business tax cuts and personal income tax reductions that take effect this year, the


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B.C. government expects total revenue to drop by $113 million with the HST in effect. Expenditure for health care rises to more than $16 billion for the next fiscal year, out of provincial program spending that totals $42.5 billion. To dramatize the growth of health care spending, Hansen announced that the entire $3.8 billion revenue from the harmonized sales tax will be required to go to health care, along with $3.7 billion in federal transfers, $1.7 billion paid in medical services plan premiums and the $686 million collected from B.C. smokers in tobacco taxes. Together, those revenue sources still fall more than $6 billion short of covering the health care bill.

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for schools to do annual maintenance work once again. It is also increasing the per-pupil grant of $8,200 for school-aged children in B.C. by $100. Another replacement for cut funding will be $30 million for youth and disabled sports and another $30 million for arts programs. Total government revenue for the coming year is expected to be $39.2 billion with expenses of $40.6 billion. B.C.’s debt will rise from $48 billion this year to $56 million in 20122013. Letnick said once the budget is balanced, B.C. will start paying off that debt.

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dent” and one that gives hope for the future. “We’re projected to lead the country out of the recession,” said Letnick. “But there are no guarantees when it comes to economic growth.” His colleague, Westside-Kelowna MLA Ben Stewart echoed that, saying the budget protects the government’s core services, health care and education. While increased spending for health care will be covered, in part by the all the revenue generated by the new HST, the government has also returned the annual facilities grants it cut for schools across the province late last year. A total of $110 million will be available

Government braces for HST, staff cuts

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the valley to develop a long-tern overall Okanagan transportation strategy, one he hoped could use some of the money announced by Hansen. LeBlanc said he was happy to see the return of the LiveSmartBC program to help homeowners pay for improving the energy efficiency of their homes. The program was introduced last year with $60 million available but was quickly fully subscribed and ran out of money. The government is bringing it back this year with $35 million, said Hansen. The local chamber also likes the new property tax deferral program to be introduced for fam-





Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

capital news A9

INVENTORY CLEARANCE Another development by Gyro NEWS



Kelowna city council is looking at another comprehensive development zone, though this time for the Truswell Road area in South Pandosy, and situated on a popular Gyro Beach parking lot. The new zone would be used to amalgamate lots, in part on a city parking lot now used by beach-goers, to build an eight-story, curved building along Lakeshore Road named Aquarius. Council has tentatively approved the development to proceed, though it will come to public hearing with information on traffic flows, which appeared to be among the primary concerns for councillors Monday afternoon. “The parking lot that we own on this site, it’s very popular,” said Coun. Michele Rule, who asked if the parking plan is in place to make up for the loss. City staff have said the stalls will be replaced before the development proceeds. A temporary use per-

mit for Tiny Town Mobile Home Park should see the city add to the number of stalls available in the area, over and above what’s there today, though the parking will be on the other side of Gyro Beach. Coun. Luke Stack suggested he wasn’t thrilled with the solution, although pointed out the parking is probably not the major road council will be dealing with on the building. The city has asked for a maximum road allowance on the property, curtailing what the developer is able to accomplish, without any definitive idea of whether it’s needed. Discussion on whether or not to four-lane the Pandosy waterfront road has never been resolved. “We’re now continually scrimping on these new lots until we make that decision,” he said. There has been considerable talk of sticking with the narrower street on Pandosy, he added. Gordon Drive would be used as the major thoroughfare. It was suggested the decision will have to come in the impending discussion over the new Official

Community Plan document, which is expected this spring. The development itself was generally well received. “I like the curved shape of the building,”

said Coun. Robert Hobson. “I think it’s innovative.” The next step will see Aquarius come forward for public hearing.

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A10 capital news


Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Council will make room for microbrews MAKING MOVES… Capital News columnist Lori Welbourne dances with Warren Eaton, dance instructor and owner of Latinesque Dance Studio, at the media launch for the upcoming Swing With The Stars fundraiser in support of the hospice society. Welbourne is among the local celebrities who will be competing at the event on March 26 at the Coast Capri Hotel ballroom. SEAN CONNOR/CAPITAL NEWS


Microbreweries in Kelowna will officially be able to sell to their product to interested tourists stopping by the plant, Kelowna city council has decided. Monday afternoon city staff presented councillors with the option of creating two new zoning categories to allow for onsite liquor sales. Under the current bylaws, microbreweries operating in industrial areas are not zoned to accommodate liquor

sales—a side business and promotional opportunity microbreweries throughout the province take advantage of to add pubs and tours to their facilities. Coun. Angela Reid noted she believes the move is progressive, noting she has a special affinity for the schnapps industry after visiting Austria. “Seeing how they use their orchard industry, it’s a great way to use fruit that’s not great for sale and a great way to add value to our agricultural industry,” she said.

World Day of Prayer service set for Friday The World Day of Prayer on Friday will this year commemorate and recognize the efforts of the women of the African nation of Cameroon. The prayer service in Kelowna will be held at 2 p.m. at the St. Pius X Parish, 107 Fuller Ave. The Republic of Cameroon consists of more than 240 local languages from its 240 ethnic groups. It is bordered by Nigeria in the west, by Lake Chad in the north and Chad in the northeast, by the Central African Republic in the east, and Congo Brazzaville, Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in the south. The prayer service will highlight the country’s intricate cultures and social challenges including concerns about the exploitation of children and the spread of HIV/AIDS. More than 2,000 communities in 170 countries will participate in the World Day of Prayer service.


Kelowna Library Events March Education Week – March 1-6 Students from Dr. Knox Middle School will have artwork hanging in the library. Thursday March 4 7:00 UBCO Writer-in-Residence Laisha Rosnau will be at the library for a public reading Saturday March 6 2:00-3:30 “Stop the Spread” Learn what to do about invasive plants from Jessica Hobden of the Invasive Plant Council of BC Thursday March 11 7:00-8:30 Book Club. Tonight we’re discussing Ursula K. LeGuin’s science fiction classic The Left Hand of Darkness Saturday March 13 2:00 Book Launch for Kathy LeMay’s The Generosity Plan. See for details. Thursday March 18 12:15 Brown Bag Finance with Valley First Credit Union. This month’s topic is mortgages. You know the rules have changed – come find out the details.

Events for Kids: Tuesday March 9 2:00-3:00 Outback Art & Stories for Kids. Hear stories from the Australian Outback & try your hand at T-shirt painting inspired by Aboriginal art. Registration is limited. Call 250-762-2800 ext 1409 to register. Thursday March 25 6:30-8:00 Parent-Child Book Club. Kids grades 5-7 and their parents will be talking about Airborn by Kenneth Oppel. Dive Into Spring Contest Read 5 books before March 27 and enter to win a giant chocolate bunny courtesy of Annegret’s Chocolates!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Large police presence effective Olympics from A1 there was plenty of preparatory work done to ensure police officers were ready and waiting, game plan in hand, when the action started. And television interviews conducted by CTV and CBC showed several private liquor store owners who had accepted, if not supported, forced closures of their businesses the police used to get public drunkenness under control. Local RCMP Supt. Bill McKinnon was among those manning the streets in Whistler. McKinnon said if there was one thing he saw that he really liked, it was those liquor store closures, which allowed cops to get a handle on the amount of booze revelers were able to consume. That said, McKinnon sees the Olympic crowd control and local events and crowd control issues—or those areas Kelowna might be able to learn and apply their approaches—as two different beasts. “Go back to Vancouver this Friday night and it will be the same issue that we deal with every weekend,” he said. From gangs to overtime pay for officers, the problems he faces supplying regular crowd control boils down to one issue— manpower. “It’s all about the number of police officers that are out there. There were hundreds and there needed to be,” he said. Where Olympic peace officers were dealing with a festive mood, when summer weekends get rolling in the Okanagan, or even outdoor events like Wakefest, the superintendent says he’s often dealing with individuals intent on committing crime. “You didn’t hear one iota about any gang during the Olympics,” he said. McKinnon points out that when organized crime gets involved, as they do with major Okanagan events, it changes the scene from a celebration to a problem crowd. McKinnon said it’s not often he can muster much more than 30 extra cops for an overtime shift, which amounts to an extra

Bill McKinnon $100 for his officers during the peak of their summer break. With only 140 officers on staff, and regular shift work, there simply aren’t enough hands on deck for him to pull in what’s needed to offer large-scale, low key crowd control of this nature. Blanleil is known for his pro-event approach, often pointing out the more tourists this city

draws, the better life will be for local business. But during this year’s budget deliberations, even he didn’t manage to muster council to add more than five more officers to McKinnon’s force. McKinnon, meanwhile, told the city he is burning his officers out and needed a minimum of 21 new uniformed cops and an administration CEO to improve the situation. He then agreed to settle for four officers and an admin CEO with the proviso council immediately begin a protective services review looking at where the police, downtown private security and so on are covering and where there are holes in the system. Coun. Robert Hobson suggested that the review should include a look at where additional revenue


IT’S ALL ABOUT THE NUMBER OF POLICE OFFICERS THAT ARE OUT THERE. THERE WERE HUNDREDS AND THERE NEEDED TO BE. Kelowna RCMP Supt. Bill McKinnon can be found to deal with some of the costs incurred by having seasonal tourists each summer. It’s possible some of those costs can be transferred to the tourists themselves, he said.



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FOOD HUNT… A squirrel peeks around a tree at Maude Roxby Bird Sanctuary in Kelowna.

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capital news A13

Interior Savings joins forces with United Way for day of caring The United Way and Interior Savings Credit Union are organizing a special event for Friday, March 26. Called the Day of Caring, this hands-on volunteer event will offer volunteers from local businesses and organizations the opportunity to partner with local non-profit organizations to complete projects. “Day of Caring not only gives volunteers a first hand look at the need in our community,� said Harry Grossmith, CEO for United Way, “but volunteers also have the opportunity to see how these organizations are making a difference to help those most in need locally.� The United Way is currently accepting project requests from non-profit organizations as well as encouraging employees from organizations, businesses and unions to donate their time during this rewarding day. Last year’s one–day projects included painting office space, hiking with special needs individuals, organizing office materials, general maintenance, framing and data entry. Title sponsor for Day of Caring 2010 is Interior Savings. “Our credit union is built on the foundation of community membership,� said Barry Meckler, president and CEO of Interior Savings. “And we are proud to support the United Way in its dedication to keeping our communities healthy and thriving.� The Central Okanagan Teachers Association, also a sponsor, is encouraging support for Day of Caring. “Sponsoring the United Way Day of Caring was an easy decision for the Central Okanagan Teachers’ Association as teachers care deeply for their community and regularly volunteer for activities and events in our schools and in the community,� said Alice Rees, president of COTA. “Teachers donate hundreds of hours to teams, clubs and non-profit organizations. “While we can’t leave our classrooms to help out on Friday at the Day of

SPORTS Season previews Athlete profiles Game summaries Scores

Caring, we applaud and are delighted to support

those who can volunteer their time and effort to this

initiative.� To submit your pro-

ject or volunteer for Day of Caring, please con-

tact Chantel Gogowich at United Way at 250-860-

2356 or e-mail info@

g]c`T`SS%^WSQSUWTb =\ZgObbVS0OgeWbVO\g3ab{S:OcRS` ^c`QVOaS]T! ]`[]`SÂłe]`bV]dS`' 53B 0/5A BOYSV][SOQVWQZWhO`R^ObbS`\ Q]a[SbWQPOUQ]W\^c`aS[OaQO`O



QV]]aSg]c`ZW^SgSQ]Z]c`a BVSaVORSag]cZ]dS´eO`[]`Q]]Z

QV]]aSg]c`aYW\QO`S /%ROgac^^Zg]TA]Tb1ZSO\1ZSO\aS`O\R BW[SH]\S:W\SO\RE`W\YZS@SRcQW\U1`S[S =@>S`TSQbZg1ZSO\1ZSO\aS`O\R <3E6gR`ObW]\Wab;OfW[c[;]Wabc`S1`S[S

[]`ST`SSUWTba /RR"^`]TSaaW]\OZ[OYSc^P`caVSa W\OaZSSYb`OdSZQORRg4@33eWbVO\g 3ab{S:OcRS`^c`QVOaS]T%#]`[]`S

T]`g]c`^c`QVOaSRWaQ]dS`bVSZObSab( <3E>S`TSQbW]\WabI1>KBO`USbSR2SS^E`W\YZS4WZZS` BVWa^`SQWaW]\OQQc`ObSQ]\QS\b`ObSRb`SOb[S\b¿ZZaa[]]bVSaO\RVSZ^a`SRcQSbVSZ]]Y]TSdS\g]c`RSS^Sabe`W\YZSa]\Q]\bOQb 7\TOQb]Te][S\bSabSRaV]eSRO\W\abO\b`SRcQbW]\CaSWbeWbV>S`TSQbW]\WabI1>KE`W\YZS:WTbW\UAS`c[O\RaSSOR`O[ObWQ $W[^`]dS[S\bW\bVSZ]]Y]Te`W\YZSaW\Xcab"eSSYa <3E>S`TSQbW]\WabI1>KBO`USbSR2SS^E`W\YZS4WZZS`#[:"# >S`TSQbW]\WabI1>KE`W\YZS:WTbW\UAS`c[![:% #)#[: ;]RS`ObSb]RSS^Q`]e¸aTSSbZW^ZW\SaO\RT`]e\ZW\Sa


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A14 capital news


Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Exploring Africa during African Awareness Week The public is invited to explore Africa during African Awareness Week at UBC Okanagan. Events on the university campus all this week will highlight important issues and showcase life and culture from the African continent. Student Suud Nahdi, from Tanzania, organized the week with Uba Mohammed, a student from Kenya. Nahdi says he got

the idea during a visit to a student leadership conference at UBC in Vancouver, and immediately knew it was something he wanted to do in the Okanagan. “Part of my experience is people don’t really know Africa that well,” he says. “I thought we should do an Africa Awareness week—but not make it only about current issues and politics, but make

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people aware of how people live, the social life in Africa, where the countries are, the geography. “We want to make it fun, a party with drumming, and sharing of culture and traditions,” says Nahdi. “We have faculty from the arts and science, fine arts—perspectives from lots of faculties and schools.” Mohammed says she is particularly look-


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Philosophers Café will be Monday, April 12, 7 p.m.,


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Mondays 6:30 to 8:30 pm Mar. 8 to Apr. 19 (no session April 5) • Understanding the pitfalls and potentials of stepfamily living • Strengthening the couple relationship • Understanding the stepchild’s dilemmas

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New Raleigh

afternoon (5 p.m., in the University Centre cinema, UNC106). • African Tea Time, an opportunity to enjoy African music and a cup of tea, will be held on Thursday afternoon in the International Collegium (4 p.m., Fipke Centre room FIP251). • Following the African Tea Time, focus moves across the street to the University Centre for a screening of the movie Hotel Rwanda in (5 p.m., in the University Centre cinema, UNC106). • The week closes with a potluck supper featuring

Parent Education Course for step and blended families.



African foods in the International Collegium on Friday evening (6 p.m., Fipke Centre room FIP251), with entertainment by drummer Bobby Bovenzi and Nankama World Beats. The public is invited to visit the International Collegium throughout the week to learn more about Africa through a variety of information displays. African Awareness Week has been organized with support from the Campus Life and International Student offices at UBC Okanagan.

FOR MORE INFORMATION & TO REGISTER, CALL: The Bridge Youth & Family Services at 250-763-0456; Subsidies available; child-minding, healthy snacks provided

#123-1511 Sutherland Ave.


Visit our website for other upcoming parent education courses

at the Okanagan Jewish Community Centre, 102 Glenmore Rd. Steve King, a registered clinical counsellor, will talk about energy medicine, forgiveness, reconciliation and the art of thriving. Steve King is an accomplished national class former athlete, the voice of triathlon in B.C. and a published author. There is no charge for Philosophers’ Café. Coffee, tea and snacks will be served after the talk. Donations are accepted for the cost of the snacks.

Deadline this Friday

S n’s E Y re

d AY Chilital

C sp o

to B H


The Okanagan Jewish Community’s next

YETI for 2010

Registration on now


• A discussion panel about life in Africa, held in the International Collegium (FIP251) from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Suzanne Gott, assistant professor of art history, will speak about fashion in Africa, and will be joined on the panel by students, staff and other faculty members, aswell as a representative from KAZ—the KelownaZambia partnership. • The movie Nollywood Lady, filmmaker Dorothee Wenner’s vision for transforming preconceptions about Africa and African images, will bescreened on Wednesday

Clinical counsellor invited to give talk




Education from the inside out

! y rr

ing forward to the African Tea Time, a tea and music event planned for Thursday afternoon, and the potluck supper on Friday evening. “It’s about culture. We get to share with people how we live and what we eat,” she says. “We want everyone to come and participate. See what it’s about.” Events taking place through the remainder of this week will include:

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Prices Effective: Wed., March 3rd to Sat., March 6th, 2010


Pesticide use awareness deadline is approaching for city residents Judie Steeves STAFF REPORTER

You have a little over two weeks if you want to be notified of any commercial applications of pesticides in your neighbourhood in the coming season. To be notified you must register each spring with the City of Kelowna, even if you were registered under the city’s Commercial Pesticide Notification Registry last year. The registry was brought in seven years ago, and most years 250 to 300 people register to be notified of commercial spraying on abutting

residential properties. It does not cover pesticide application on agricultural properties. When registering, you must provide your name, street address, postal code, phone number, e-mail address, preference for same-day or previous-day notification and reasons for registering. Last year, the city also brought in a cosmetic pesticide ban, restricting the use of non-essential pesticides by homeowners on residential properties. Provincially-certified pesticide applicators can apply to be exempt from the bylaw.

“Certified applicants, who are properly trained on pesticide usage and healthier alternatives, can still apply chemical pesticides,” said marketing and communications coordinator Summer Bracey. “So we want to make sure residents have the option of knowing when spraying in their area is taking place. This is a valuable service for those who want to minimize their exposure to pesticides.” Register online at environment or call the pesticide hotline at 469-8556; or fax 8623314; or e-mail


No. 1 Bag Russet 10 lb Potatoes imit 2


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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 | 6 – 8 p.m. Osoyoos Seniors Centre, 17 Park Place


Thursday, March 25, 2010 | 6 – 8 p.m. Holiday Inn Express, 2429 Highway 97 N.

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Monday, March 22, 2010 | 6 – 8 p.m. Adam Robertson Elementary School, 421 9th Ave N.



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Feedback received from customers and stakeholders will be considered, along with technical and financial information, as FortisBC prepares to file the 2011 Demand Side Management Plan with the BC Utilities Commission, as part of the FortisBC Capital Expenditures Plan.



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Your views are important to us

Over the next few months, FortisBC will be completing a review of existing PowerSense programs and planning for new and enhanced programs for 2011. We invite you to learn more about demand side management and share your thoughts on the topic with us. Examples of program options include residential heat pumps, commercial lighting, low income programs, as well as general energy efficiency education.



PowerSense Program Plan for 2011

FortisBC is seeking public input as we update our PowerSense demand side management program which helps customers manage their electricity bills through energy efficiency improvements. Since it began in 1989, the PowerSense program, has helped customers save more than 360 million kilowatt hours — enough electricity to power about 27,700 homes each year.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


TAKING FLIGHT…A Canada goose flys over the marsh area adjacent to the Capital News Centre.



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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

capital news A17



Kelowna, B.C.


765-3013 Call Today For Your Free Estimate ▼ OLYMPIC GAMES

Ex-Rockets Weber, Keith taste gold Grant Granger BLACK PRESS


FORMER KELOWNA ROCKETS defenceman Duncan Keith celebrates Canada’s

gold-medal victory in hockey at the Olympic Games Sunday in Vancouver.

Grown in B.C. was golden for the Canadian hockey team at the 2010 Winter Olympics. A quartet of British Columbia defencemen wore gold medals around their necks after Canada captured the 2010 Winter Olympics men’s hockey crown with a 3-2 victory over the United States at Canada Hockey Place on Sunday. The tournament was a coming out party for Sicamous’s Shea Weber, the former Kelowna Rockets blue-liner who was named to the Olympic tournament all-star team even though he’s only 24 years old. Prior to the final game, Weber had a point in every


The team earned the bronze medal in Le Bihan’s first Olympics. The KLO graduate narrowly missed out on making the Olympic team in 2006. Now an Olympic medallist, Le Bihan told CP that his plans for this week included getting to know his son and discussing his future in the sport of bobsleigh. Son Beau Legend already has a knack for timing. Naomi told CP that Beau slept through most of the bobsleigh runs but awoke in time to watch his dad. “So I had to pick him up and hold him and then he went right back to sleep right after. It was like magic. He had to be awake for his dad,” she said.

game with two goals and three assists. His blistering blasts from the point had opposing defencemen, and his own teammates stationed in front of the net, diving for cover. One shot was so hard it went right through the net and wasn’t called a goal until officials checked the video replay later. Weber’s thunderous check on superstar Alexander Ovechkin set the tone for Canada’s 7-3 thrashing of Russia in the quarter-finals. In the final, Weber logged 21:34 minutes of ice time, second on the team only to Chris Pronger, although he was on the ice for both American goals. Hockey people have been high on Weber for a few years. Opposing teams fear his shot, his hits

and his defensive play. But since he’s with the Nashville Predators he plays in anonymity in a city where only country singers get publicity. Since being drafted in the second round, 49th overall in 2003, it might be considered he has overachieved. He’s played 301 NHL games and has scored 158 points, including 59 goals. Not bad for a kid who played for the Sicamous Eagles as a 16-year-old when they won the Kootenay International Junior Hockey League title and the western Canadian junior B crown in 2002. When Weber waffled about whether to be a forward or defenceman, his father James, a sawmill worker, told him to stick with the blueline because

it would give him a better shot at a pro career. And what a career it’s been already. Weber played a lot with Canadian captain Scott Niedermayer, a 36-year-old native of Cranbrook. “(Canada’s young players) stepped up in pressure situations. There’s not a lot of room for error, they were very solid,” said Niedermayer. The Cranbrook native and former Kamloops Blazer has won everything in his storied career —Memorial Cup, world junior championship, four Stanley Cups, world senior championship and Olympic gold twice. At the start of the tournament Niedermay-

See Gold A18


New son wakes to watch dad It was quite an Olympics for Kelowna’s Chris Le Bihan. The Okanagan athlete claimed a bronze medal as a member of the four man bobsleigh team. But the Olympic medal wasn’t the biggest addition to Le Bihan’s life. Le Bihan and his wife Naomi also welcomed their first child during the Olympic Games and upon returning home this week the bobsledder met his son for the first time. “Two huge prizes,” Le Bihan told the Canadian Press. “He’s the biggest one, though. He’s incredible.” With driver Lyndon Rush at the helm, Canada’s four man bobsleigh team raced down the track in Whistler and narrowly missed a silver medal.

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Wild card for Heat men


KELOWNA’S Chris Le Bihan steps out of the sled as pilot Lyndon Rush takes a moment to himself after his Canadian team placed third in the four-man bobsleigh at the Whistler Sliding Centre during the 2010 Winter Games on Saturday.

The UBC Okanagan Heat men’s volleyball season isn’t over after all. The Heat, who finished third at the BCCAA championship over the weekend in Victoria, have earned a berth into the CCAA national finals March 11 to 14 in Edmonton. Traditionally, only the top two teams from B.C. would advance to nationals, but the Heat, thanks in large part to a 17-1 overall record this season, were granted a wild card berth to the tournament. The door opened for UBCO because Fraser Valley—the second place team at provincials— failed to make a pre-tournament application for a spot at nationals. UBCO will head into the tournament as the fifth seed and will play host Humber College in the opening game.

Follow the ROCKETS with real-time scores, team schedules, league standings, interviews, player profiles, video and more. ONLINE ALL THE TIME AT Check out stories and stats from the Rockets and all the other BCHL, WHL & AHLteams.



“We’re excited to be a part of the national tournament once again,” said Heat head coach Greg Poitras. “While the committee rewarded our regular season, we’ll have time to reflect on that after CCAA nationals. Right now we are focusing on Humber College.” The Heat settled for bronze at the provincials at Camosun after being upset by the host Chargers in the semifinals in straight games, 25-22, 2521, 26-24. The Heat , which enjoyed a first round bye thanks to their 16-0 regular season record, couldn’t convert the extra day of rest into victory against Camosun, who had beaten CBC the night before in the quarterfinals. “Camosun really took us off guard in how well they executed,” said

Heat coach Greg Poitras. “They served us tough and played some of the best defense I’ve seen this year. At no point did the boys turn their backs on Camosun…we fought hard.” Despite the heartbreaking loss, the Heat displayed their resiliency on Saturday with a 3-1 win over VIU (25-22, 2325, 25-19, 25-22) to capture the bronze medal. Heat setter Preston Tucker was chosen as a tournament all-star. The Heat’s Nate Speijer was named the BCCAA’s player of the year in men’s volleyball. Speijer is joined on the first all-star team by Tucker, while middle Chris Howe made the allrookie team. Poitras was named the BCCAA’s coach of the year.

A18 capital news


Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Heat women golden again at v’ball provincials




Warren Henderson STAFF REPORTER

Spring Bumps One of the best times to go bump skiing is in the spring, spring skiing enthusiasts called the snow conditions that you sometimes get at that time of year “corn” snow because of it’s kernel like texture. This type of snow makes the bumps really soft and exciting to ski because when you hit them they often explode like popcorn popping. The line that you choose while skiing in the bumps is a really important point to consider. If you ski in the troughs, the hollows between the bumps, you are at the mercy of the slope and your turns are dictated by the shape of the bumps. If you only ski over the tops you might find yourself popping up into the air only to drop down to the next bump below which sometimes ends in an uncomfortable situation. Next time you’re out try this type of line, the sides of the bumps. This will leave you with more options. Ski into the face of the bump and try to leave a track on the side that looks like a smile if you look up at it from down the hill. A good solid pole plant over the crest of the bump will really help keep you balanced too. There’s still lots of great days of skiing left this season, make the most of your day by spending it with a pro from the Big White Ski & Board School. Josh Foster Director of Snow Sports Big White Ski Resort

Make no mistake, the UBC Okanagan Heat are ecstatic to have won their second consecutive gold medal in BCCAA women’s volleyball. Still, there’s one more order of business to take care of before the season can be considered a complete success. The Heat will be in Quebec next week to take aim at their second straight CCAA championship. UBCO will head to the nationals as the favourite and No. 1 seed after steamrolling their opposition last weekend at the provincial championship in Victoria. After taking out Fraser Valley in straight sets in Friday’s semifinal, the Heat followed up with a dominating performance in the gold medal final, downing Vancouver Island University 3-0 (2516, 25-18, 25-14) on Saturday night at Camosun College. The Heat, who went 16-0 during the regular season, have won a stunning 54 of 57 sets this season. Even as defending champs, Steve Manuel said there has been nary a

n t K g s r

w m h a c t l

j s c w n g a


THE UBC OKANAGAN Heat women celebrate their second consecutive BCCAA volleyball title with they won og Saturday in Victoria.

sign of complacency this season—a fact that was never more clear to the Heat head coach than at provincials. “I think they played their two best matches of the season,” Manuel said of his team. “They’re hungry and committed, they’re continuing to come along well as a team, and this is just one more step along the way. “Now we’ve won

provincials again, it’s time to move on focus on what they really want the most: another national championship.” Tournament MVP Alex Basso was nearly unstoppable in the final with 12 kills, while player of the match and setter Caitlin Nyhus ran a diversified offense throughout the match. Middle Kaylan Gouldsborough had six kills on six tries, with

Leigh Dreher and Kirsten Lawson chipping in with six kills each. Middle Sara Zaytsoff had four stuff blocks and four kills, and Alycia Bradstock came off the bench to provide the Heat with some strategic serving, including hitting her second ace to end the match. The Heat will be at CéGEP de l’Outaouais in Gatineau, Quebec for the national championship, March 11 to 14.

p m Meanwhile, AlexR Basso’s stellar season has earned her player of the year honours in the BCCAA. In addition, Basso is joined on the conference all-star team by Leighr Dreher, Caitlin Nyhus ande Sara Zaytsoff. Jill Festi-5 val of the Heat is the BC-C CAA’s rookie of the year,s while Festival and Le-a nai Schmidt made the all-F rookie team. S n


THE GIC Keith better player for it U

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Gold from A17

er seemed to be a bit lost, but the Anaheim Duck got better and better as the tourney wore on. “It’s an experience I’ll cherish forever, winning in Canada,” said Niedermayer. “To give them something back is rewarding for us, it feels good. It’s a great thing we were able to do.” Penticton product and

former Kelowna Rocket Duncan Keith had six assists in the tournament, including one on a secondperiod goal by Corey Perry. He was a defensive go-to guy for head coach Mike Babcock. Keith and Tsawwassen’s Brent Seabrook were picked for the team because they’ve been studs playing together for the Chicago Blackhawks. But more and more he was eventual-

ly paired with youngster Drew Doughty of the Losa Angeles Kings who had ab big breakout tourney him-h self. C “The whole Olympic experience makes youf a lot better player. I defin-w itely feel like, going intot the playoffs, all the guyst that competed it’s going top make them a better player and better suited to play-t ing in the playoffs,” saidf Keith. s 1







+ tax

BIGWHITE.COM 250-765-8888

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Rockets still search for scoring Warren Henderson STAFF REPORTER

Based on the latest numbers—six losses in the last seven games—the Kelowna Rockets don’t give a convincing impression of being a playoffready hockey team. And despite playing well in a 4-0 win in Edmonton and competing hard the following night in a 2-1 loss to Calgary, the coaching staff continues to be concerned over the lack of goal production. Kelowna has scored just 14 times in the last seven games. The main culprit is the power play which has been virtually nonexistent with just one goal for the last 28 manadvantage chances. “The last two games D of the road trip were good games, I thought we played well in both Edmonton and Calgary,” said xRockets head coach Ryan

Huska. “At the same time, our power play wasn’t very good and we’re still having a lot of trouble scoring goals. We’re getting chances but we’re not bearing down the way we need to. We need to make sure our power play isn’t cute and that we do the simple things we need to do, get pucks to the net and pay the price. You don’t win a lot of hockey games when the score is 2-1. “We need get that figured out before the playoffs get here.” The Rockets, who host the Spokane Chiefs tonight at Prospera Place, have six games remaining to iron out their difficulties before the post season arrives. Kelowna will play the Chiefs twice, the Vancouver Giants twice, and Seattle and Prince George once each to close our the regular campaign. Exact-

ly where the Rockets finish could well come down to the final night of the regular season. Kelowna (30-30-24) shares sixth spot with Kamloops (30-31-24), with the Chilliwack Bruins (29-31-1-5) a mere two points back. The Rockets could end up with any one of five teams in the opening round of the playoffs— Tri-City, Vancouver, Everett, Spokane or Portland. Regardless of the scenario that unfolds, Huska said his club’s priority over the next 10 days is to get its game in order.”We have to focus on trying to be better in all areas of the game, but especially scoring,” said Huska. “As long as the players are working hard and bearing down, the results will come.”The Rockets will host the Seattle Thunderbirds Friday and the Vancouver Giants Saturday.

Warriors host Trail for game 5



The Westside Warriors and Trail Smoke Eaters will do battle in Game -5 of their BCHL Interior Conference quarterfinal ,series Thursday night at Royal LePage Place. -Face-off is 7 p.m. The Warriors and Smokies met Tuesday night in Trail in Game 4

of the best-of-seven series. A final score wasn’t available at press time. Westside took a 2-1 series lead with a 4-0 victory on Monday night at Cominco Arena. Kevin Jebson stopped 31 shots for the shutout while Brendan Ellis paced the Warriors’ attack with a pair of

goals. Grayson Downing and Alex Grieve also tallied for Westside. A sixth game, if necessary, will be played Saturday in West Kelowna. For up-to-date results on the Warriors, visit Warriors Central at

UBCO Heat hoops all-stars

r The UBC Okanagsan men’s and women’s basketball squads each -have one player on BCCAA first all-star teams. - Second-year Heat uforward Ryan Fahandeg -was named to the men’s oteam, while Kantz made sthe grade on the women’s oprovincial team. r A graduate of KSS, -the 6-foot-4 Fahandeg was fourth in the conference in scoring this season with 16.5 points per game. Kantz, a fourth-year

guard from Penticton, led the Heat in points this season with 11.9 per game, and in assists with 3.81 per game. Kantz’s teammate, post Meghan McGill, was named to the women’s second all-star team. UBCO also had two players named to the allrookie teams. Dan Briscoe made the men’s squad, while Ashley Briker of the Heat was named to the women’s all-rookie team.

This weekend, both Heat teams are at Vancouver Island University for the provincial championships. The UBC Okanagan men, who finished third in the regular season, will play Langara Thursday in the quarterfinals. The Heat women, who finished second, will have a first round bye and will play the winner of VIU and Kwantlen on Friday afternoon in the semifinals.


Bears bow to Titans in valley final find a way to get over the hump.” The fact that the Titans are the only team heading to the provincials March 16 to 20 in Vancouver is a disappointment to not only Broderick, but for all high school basketball programs in the Okanagan. Broderick said the lone valley berth awarded each year by the governing body for high school basketball in the province simply isn’t enough. “It’s not a true representation of the quality of basketball that’s played in the Okanagan,” said Broderick. “We’ve been pushing for years to get a second team in, so I don’t see it changing any time soon. (South Kamloops coach) Del Komarniski told me after that’s it’s too bad we weren’t going, that we deserved to be there, too. It’s just not right to have one berth from here when there’s 20 teams down there playing.” The Bears advanced to the Okanagan final after taking out the Kelowna Owls in Friday’s semifinal with a 103-89 win. Gabelhei had 30 points for Boucherie, while Taylor Loffler netted 36 for the Owls. Meanwhile, the Titans path to the final certainly wasn’t a cakewalk. The Kelowna Christian Knights—the defending provincial A champs—gave South Kam all it could handle in Friday’s other semifinal before going down 67-62. It was a three-point game with 17 seconds left before Wagner was fouled twice and finished the game off going 2-for4 from the line. Tyler Linttell scored 22 for the Knights. Gabelhei, Taylor Loffler (KSS), Dan Benson (KCS), Josh Wolfram (South Kam), and Tim

Guard Kyle Gabelhei saved a monstrous effort for his final game of high school basketball. But it wasn’t quite enough to vault his Mt. Boucherie Bears into the B.C. AAA boys championship later this month at the Agrodome. The favoured South Kamloops Titans survived Gabelhei’s stellar 38-point performance for a 91-79 victory Saturday night at Rutland Secondary to win the Okanagan Valley AAA boys championship. The Bears hung tough with their much bigger opponents for most of the opening quarter, but the Titans—thanks to seven three-point shots—had opened up a 13-point lead by half-time. Boucherie pushed back in the second half, but couldn’t close the gap against the No. 8 ranked Titans who booked the lone valley berth to provincials. David Wagner— the 6-foot-9 tournament MVP—scored 29 points for the Titans. The 6-foot-7 Spencer Jaroszuk added 20, while 6-foot-7 Josh Wolfram scored 14. Gabelhei’s fellow grad, Peter Flett, chipped in with 16 points and 15 rebounds for the No. 9 ranked Bears who drew plenty of admiration from their head coach, Kelly Broderick. “It’s hard to be upset with the kind of season we’ve had,” said Broderick, whose Bears posted a 36-5 overall record. “South Kamloops is quite a team to deal with..with all of their size. Then they started hitting all of those threes, uncharacteristically, and they kind of got away from us. I thought the guys came out and played well in the second half, we made them shake a little, but just couldn’t

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MT. BOUCHERIE’S Jeremy Finn goes for the hoop

under heavy defense from the South Kamloops Titans during the Okanagan Valley AAA boys high school final Saturday night at Rutland Secondary. Brunn (South Kam) were named to the tournament all-star team. Following the tournament, the KCS Knights

were named winners of the John Ross/BCBOA trophy as the most sportsmanlike team at valleys.


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A20 capital news

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Three top 10 finishes for De Graaf Four members of the Kelowna AquaJets made some significant strides at the Western Canadian Championships held recently in Saskatoon. Jos De Graaf, who is in Kelowna as an exchange student from Holland, improved his best times from this season in 50 fly, 50 free, 200 back. He also broke his own senior boys’ club records

in the 50 back and 100 back in times of 27.19 and 56.79. De Graaf competed in the A finals in all three of his backstroke events finishing fifth in the 50, 6th in the 100 and ninth in the 200. Christian Desjarlais made several large improvements. In his 400 free race he dropped 11 seconds to better his time to 4:17.01. In the

800 free he dropped another 10 seconds to finish in 8:50.00 and in the 1500 free he finished in 16th place to bring in five points to the KAJ total standings. Chantel Bayliss broke the Senior girls’ club record in the 200 backstroke dropping the previous time of 2:27.04 set by Jennifer Goldsmith in 1988 down to 2:26.33. She fin-

ished in the top 30 in her 100 and 200 back races. Sally Wallick finished within the top 40 in her 200 backstroke race with a big drop of over five seconds finishing in a time of 2:27.42. Sally also dropped time in her 200 freestyle to 2:15.93. This weekend, the AquaJets send 13 swimmers to the B.C. AAA champs in Victoria.

Solloway, Loff lead locals at provincials

Kelowna’s Capri Valley Lanes will co-host the 4 Steps to Stardom B.C. youth 5-pin bowling championships on Saturday, March 6. Competition in the junior and senior divisions

will go at the Capri Valley Lanes, while Lincoln Lanes in Vernon will host the bantam division and combo teams. Two local bowlers, Kyle Solloway and Kori Loff, will represent Ke-

lowna in singles competition. Solloway is the regional gold medalist in bantam boys singles, while Loff won the senior girls event.

Ok Rockets limp into playoffs


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1


In the span of two months the Okanagan Rockets went from favourite to underdog in the B.C. Major Midget League. The Rockets limped into the BCMML playoffs having lost seven games in a row and falling to a sixth place finish in the 11 team league. It means the Rockets will play each of its playoff games on the road, starting with this weekend when they travel to Vancouver to play the third place Northeast Chiefs. “The season starts this weekend,” said Rockets head coach Misko Antisin. “This is the real season, this is when you want to play. We have to wash the regular season from our memory. Everybody starts at zero and all you need is six wins.” The Rockets and



1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 DAVE CONNOR/CONTRIBUTOR1 1 forward Kyle Clerke pur- 1

sues the puck in the corner in BCMML action against the Fraser Valley Bruins Saturday at the CNC. Chiefs play an opening round best-of-three series in Maple Ridge with games Friday, Saturday and Sunday, if necessary. The Rvockets earned a win and a tie against the Chiefs in games earlier in the season in Kelowna but lost two lopsided affairs in Vancouver during its losing skid to end the season. Antisin says his team has all the right pieces to be successful in the playoffs, despite the late season swoon. “I like our chances,”


R M moreM M

he said. “If we pay attention to detail in the defensive zone, we’re going to be really good. Now we’re the underdog. The pressure is on them toE perform. We have to playR simple and smart hockey.”W K The top two teamsR in the BCMML were theIA Vancouver Giants and the Cariboo Cougars. Each ofW those teams received a firstB round bye. The other firstW M round match-up pits theC Greater Vancouver Can-IM adians against the NorthW B Island Silvertips. S


Westbank Lions Club S 11th Annual Pickerel Dinner Saturday, March 13 and Sunday March 14

Serving @ 5:00 PM at the Westbank Lions Community Hall 2466 Main Street


Hosted by the Westbank Lions Club Serving the Westside since 1967 (No Refunds / No Reserve Seating)

Tickets are only $15 each Tickets available at Home Hardware, the Westbank Lions Community Hall, Shannon Lake Convenience Store and the HyMart Convenience Store, or from any Lions Club Member.

S p T l

c R T m t P k p

d g

x *Tri-City Americans x *Vancouver Giants x Everett Silvertips x Spokane Chiefs x Portland Winterhawks x Kelowna Rockets x Kamloops Blazers x Chilliwack Bruins Seattle Thunderbirds Prince George Cougars

Eastern Conference

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R10 11 12


WESTERN HOCKEY LEAGUE Western Conference 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

x *Calgary Hitmen x *Saskatoon Blades x Brandon Wheat Kings x Kootenay Ice x Red Deer Rebels Medicine Hat Tigers Moose Jaw Warriors Swift Current Broncos Prince Albert Raiders Regina Pats Lethbridge Hurricanes Edmonton Oil Kings

GP 65 66 65 65 66 66 67 66 65 65

W 44 39 41 40 40 30 30 29 17 11

L 18 22 19 21 23 30 31 31 36 51

T 1 2 3 3 2 2 2 1 7 1

OTL 2 3 2 1 1 4 4 5 5 2

PTS 91 83 87 84 83 66 66 64 46 25

GP 65 65 66 66 65 66 64 66 65 66 66 66

W 45 43 44 39 38 35 31 33 30 27 19 16

L 17 15 18 22 23 23 24 29 30 32 39 37

T 1 3 1 3 0 3 5 0 3 3 5 4

OTL 2 4 3 2 4 5 4 4 2 4 3 9

PTS 93 93 92 83 80 78 71 70 65 61 46 45

at at at

Kelowna Kelowna Kelowna

X-clinched playoff spot

Rockets schedule March 3 Spokane 5 Seattle eMarch March 6 Vancouver

7:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:00 pm

e CAPITAL NEWS CENTRE HOCKEY LEAGUES w e oElite GP W L T OTL 27 20 5 0 2 yRaiders

Winfield Storm Kelowna Ford Bronco’s sRutland Red Army Men eIce Air-Ease Destroy

27 26 27 27 27

18 14 15 9 8

8 10 11 15 17

0 0 0 1 1

1 2 1 2 1

PTS 42 \ 37 30 31 21 18

White D.A.s Mistix eCabana Cruizers Dragons -Ice Mission Blues hWildcats Black Ice Predators Solid Gold Collision Sharks

GP 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19 19

W 16 13 13 12 11 10 9 6 5 0

L 2 3 6 6 7 8 9 10 14 19

T 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

OTL 1 3 0 1 1 1 1 3 0 0

PTS 33 29 26 25 23 21 19 15 10 0

e fWomen’s tBlue Crush

Friday, Feb. 26 Trail Smoke Eaters


Westside Warriors


Saturday, Feb. 27 Westside Warriors


Trail Smoke Eaters


Monday, March 1 Westside Warriors


Trail Smoke Eaters


Tuesday, March 2 Westside Warriors


Trail Smoke Eaters

BC MAJOR MIDGET LEAGUE Vancouver NW Giants Cariboo Cougars Vancouver NE Chiefs Greater Vancouver Canadians North Island Silvertips Okanagan Rockets Fraser Valley Bruins Valley West Hawks Kootenay Ice South Island Thunderbirds Thompson Blazers

GP 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40

W 29 27 22 22 22 20 18 17 11 6 7

Feb. 27-28 Okanagan Rockets Okanagan Rockets

2 6

Fraser Valley Bruins Fraser Valley Bruins

Tyme RV team out looking for the nearest exit after a 7-2 decision. A big steal of three in the sixth end was enough to propel Andersen and Associates to a 7-3 win over T&A Drilling and Blasting. In other games Mercedes Benz won 6-4 over TRH Homes, Capri Insurance beat Formastone 9-1, and Syber Realty defeated Harmony Acura/Dog’s Ear to reclaim top spot in the standings.

ELITE MEN’S Pikey FC Griffco Homes \The Juice FC Timberline PMF Inc Div 1 LifeWorks Chiropractic Hooligans

Pts 61 58 50 48 46 45 38 38 23 17 16 5 9

DIV 1 WOMEN’S Hot Diggity Doggers Royal Star UBC-O Heat Okanagan Wildfire Athlectic Football Club Diablos

GP 21 21 21 21 21 21

W 16 13 13 12 6 5

L 3 4 6 8 14 12

T 2 4 2 1 1 4

OTL 0 0 0 0 0 0

PTS 50 43 41 37 19 19

GP 21 21 14 22 21 21

W 16 12 9 8 5 4

L 5 7 4 10 14 14

T 0 2 1 4 2 3

OTL 0 0 0 0 0 0

PTS 48 38 28 28 17 15

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Kelowna Regional Transit

The final standings after Week 18 are: 12-6 Syber Realty 12-6 Paramount Music 11-7 TRH Homes 11-7 Capri Insurance 10- 8 Kelowna Hyundai 10-8 Mercedes Benz 10-8 TravelTyme RV 8-10 Harmony Acura/ Dog’s Ear 7-11 Radian Mechanical 6-5 Andersen & Associates 6-12 Formastone 6-12 T & A Blasting and Drilling

Transit Open Houses We want to hear from you. Tell us how the local transit system is working for you and what we can do to improve service for the future. Drop by one of the Open Houses: 4Wednesday, March 3, 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. at Peachland Community Centre (4450 6th Street) 4Thursday, March 4, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m. at West Kelowna Holiday Inn (2569 Dobbin Rd, Hwy 97)

Are you a not-for-profit organization interested in engaging seniors in your community? New Horizons for Seniors Program Call for Proposals

4Friday, March 5, 10:00 – 3:00 p.m. at Orchard Park Mall (2271 Harvey Ave)

The Government of Canada is accepting applications for Community Participation and Leadership funding under the New Horizons for Seniors Program. The Program funds community-based projects that encourage seniors to play an important role in their community by helping those in need, providing leadership, and sharing their knowledge and skills with others.

Or visit and use the on-line survey form to send us your comments.


The deadline for applications is April 16, 2010. 1-800-277-9914 TTY 1-800-255-4786

T 3 4 6 4 2 5 2 4 1 5 2


Super B curling standings The TravelTyme RV Super B Curling League playoffs get under way Thursday night at the Kelowna Curling Club. The regular season concluded last week as Radian Mechanical skip Tyler came to play and made some clutch shots to secure the 7-2 win over Paramount Music and knock them out of first place. The Kelowna Hyundai team played a strong game and sent the Travel-


Interior Division Quarterfinals

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capital news A21

City of Kelowna Regional District of Central Okanagan District of Lake Country

Linking Communities, Businesses & Lifestyles

A22 capital news


Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Early spring landscaping cleanup initiated


WINTER PADDLE…This kayaker takes advantage of a mild close to our winter by getting out for a paddle in the sunshine

on Okanagan Lake.

City in Action PUBLIC NOTICE Land Act: Notice of Intention to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land Take notice that City of Kelowna of Kelowna BC, intends to make application to Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB), Southern Service Region – Thompson Okanagan Service Centre, Crown Land Adjudication office, for a Right-of-Way for a bridge covering portions of Section 19, and the S1/2 of S1/2, Section 19, Township 26, ODYD, situated on Provincial Crown land and located in the vicinity of Kelowna. The Lands File Number that has been established for this application is 3412151. Written comments concerning this application should be directed to the Section Head, Crown Land Adjudication at 3rd Fl. 145 3rd Ave., Kamloops BC V2C 3M1. Comments will be received by ILMB until March 25, 2010. ILMB may not be able to consider comments received after this date. Please visit our website index.jsp ­Search ­Search by File Number: insert Lands File Number for more information. Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be provided to the public upon request.

City Hall 1435 Water Street Kelowna, BC V1Y 1J8 250 469-8500

Land Act: Notice of Intention to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land Take Notice that City of Kelowna of Kelowna, BC intends to make application to Integrated Land Management Bureau (ILMB), Southern Service Region – Thompson Okanagan Service Centre, Crown Land Adjudication office, for a licence for public pier purposes covering unsurveyed Crown foreshore being part of the bed of Okanagan Lake and fronting on Lot 1, Sections 1 and 12, Township 25, Plan 2714 and Lot 2, Section 1, Township 25, Plan 2714, all of Osoyoos Division Yale District (ODYD) situated on Provincial Crown land located in the vicinity of Kelowna. The Lands File Number that has been established for this application is 3412185. Written comments concerning this application should be directed to the Section Head Crown Land Adjudication at 3rd Fl 145 3rd Ave, Kamloops BC V2C 3M1. Comments will be received by ILMB until March 28, 2010. ILMB may not be able to consider comments received after this date. Please visit our website ApplicationPosting/index.jsp ­Search ­Search by File Number: insert Lands File Number for more information. Be advised that any response to this advertisement will be provided to be public upon request.

Patients and their families using the Cancer Centre of the Southern Interior, adjacent to the Southern Interior Cancer Centre and the Kelowna General Hospital, will see the surrounding gardens spruced up by the team at Creative Roots Landscaping. Since 1994, Creative Roots Landscaping has become one of the leading landscape companies in Kelowna. “By giving our clients an exceptional service experience, we set the standard within our industry,” said Creative Roots owner Ryan Markewich. “As one of the only two commercial properties we take care of, the Southern Interior Rotary Lodge is dear to us since we have taken great pride in making their gardens beautiful since its inception”. When making the proposal to the Southern Interior Rotary Lodge to install landscaping mulch, it was brought to Markewich’s attention that the associated cost was not part of this year’s budget. It did not take much for the crew at Creative Roots to make the decision to include this as part of their annual give back to the community. “Our Open Book Management style really engages our team and brings out the best in us. By knowing where the

company and each individual stand financially, and by sharing in the outcome with a proven bonus system, we are able to focus on the things that make us better people and a stronger company,” said Markewich. The installation of the landscape mulch will take place on Friday, March 5, beginning at 9:30 a.m. With the full crew working, the job will take only a few hours to complete. Creative Roots has been giving back for the last several years with initiatives such as: • 2007: One per cent of company profit donated to charities picked by the team • 2008: Along with generous suppliers, gave back a 1/2 acre landscape complete with brick patios, irrigation, raised planters, and a playhouse to a local family during Kelowna’s first Extreme Makeover called Project Family Room ( • 2009: Customer based food bank and cash donation. For 2010, Creative Roots Landscaping is targeting $25,000 in give back—but there’s only one condition attached: Markewich doesn’t want to get involved in which charities are chosen—he leaves that up to his team to decide.

Genealogical society hosts research night The Kelowna & District Genealogical Society will host a family research night Monday, March 15, 7 to 9 p.m., at the Hawthorne Park Retirement Community, 867 KLO Rd. in Kelowna. The topic of discussion will be about the newest websites and resources in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. For more information, contact Claire Smith Burns at 250-764-5188.

A Gift in Memory Makes a Difference 250-860-2356

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


capital news A23


University program helps writers reach the next level The writer-in-residence program at UBC Okanagan can have a big impact on writers from the region. When Salmon Arm writer Karen Bissenden was accepted into the UBC Okanagan writer-in-residence program she didn’t expect the experience to leave such a lasting and meaningful impression. “I left with a new perspective on my writing style,” said Bissenden, who met last year with novelist Fred Stenson, the 2009 writer in residence at

UBC Okanagan. Stenson suggested foundation ideas for her writing, which “allowed me to understand some of my strengths, and taught me a technique of looking at my story from another point of view,” she said. “It was an excellent opportunity. I have written a number of stories since that session— feedback is always inspiring,” added Bissenden, who has published one book of poetry and a number of magazine articles.

“There are many writers like me—not in a school environment and without the financial means to pay editing fees. Free feedback from capable authors? Who wouldn’t apply?” Sponsored by the department of creative studies at UBCO, the writer-in-residence program is an annual community service available to residents in the Central Okanagan. The program allows 16 selected local writers to get free

critiques of their work. This year, novelist and poet Laisha Rosnau will spend two weeks, from March1 to 15, on the UBCO campus as the third annual writer-in-residence. Rosnau’s second collection of poetry, Lousy Explorers, was released in 2009, and her first, Notes on Leaving won the Acorn-Plantos Poetry Award in 2005. Her novel, The Sudden Weight of Snow, was an honourable mention for the Ama-

zon/Books in Canada FirstNovel Award. In addition to meeting with local writers, Rosnau will be giving a free public reading on Thursday, March 4, 7 p.m., at the downtown Kelowna branch of the Okanagan Regional Library, 1380 Ellis St. Nancy Holmes, head of the department of creative studies, says Bissenden’s response to the writer-in-residence program reflects the feedback she has received

from local writers who have taken part in the program. “A writer in residence puts a rare creative resource at the disposal of a community,” said Holmes. “Emerging writers often work in isolation, especially once they have taken a few creative writing courses and perhaps no longer have a regular writing group. “The writers in residence can offer encouragement and excellent editorial and publishing advice.”

Here to support you If you’ve recently lost your job, or are afraid you might, Canada’s Economic Action Plan can help. Ř Ř Ř Ř

Five extra weeks of Employment Insurance (EI) regular benefits Increasing the duration of EI benefits in regions of high unemployment Faster EI claims processing Extended benefits and skills training for workers who have paid into government programs for all those years and now need assistance

Call or visit to learn more. 1 800 O-Canada

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010



The Capital News is a division of Black Press, at 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C. V1X 7K2




BARRY GERDING Managing Editor


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Now, beyond the podium


rom the incredible tragedy of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili perishing in a crash, to the coastto-coast elation when Canada downed the U.S. in overtime to clinch men’s hockey gold on the final day of competition, the Vancouver Winter Olympics ran the gamut of human emotion. Sunday’s hockey game will stand as the iconic moment of the 2010 Games, at least in Canada. People will always remember where they were when Sid-

ney Crosby scored. Prior to the Games, it was widely written that if the Canadian men’s hockey team lost, the Olympics would be a writeoff for Canada. But that mentality cheapens the accomplishments of the other athletes, who contributed 13 other first-place finishes in a history-making gold rush. There was Alex Bilodeau’s thrilling victory in the freestyle moguls—Canada’s first gold medal on home soil—as his

brother Frederic, who lives with cerebral palsy, cheered him on. There was Kevin Martin’s foursome crushing the competition in curling; Maelle Ricker soaring to the podium in snowboard cross; Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir bringing golden class and grace to ice dance; and Canadian speed skater Marianne St-Gelais going bonkers in the stands as her boyfriend Charles Hamelin raced to gold in the 500-metre short track event. And who could forget the

heart-breaking determination of Joannie Rochette, the Canadian figure skater who won a bronze medal just days after her mother died. The Olympic torch has been extinguished, but the memories from the Vancouver Games will endure. Canada has gained a new confidence, forged a new unity between its people and provinces, and earned a place of honour on the global stage. Those achievements go far beyond the podium.


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As we near the end of the 2010 Winter Olympics, do you think it was a worthwhile investment of our tax dollars?

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WEDNESDAY’S QUESTION: Many are saying in the aftermath of the 2010 Winter Olympics, that Canada will never be the same, that we are a country with a rediscovered sense of confidence and unity. Do you agree the Olympics have made a lasting impression on our country?

To register your opinion on the Sound Off question, go to or call 250-979-7303. Results will be tabulated until 2 p.m. Thursday.

Member of the British Columbia Press Council

Take pride in our two-footed leap onto podium’s top tier


hen SidCITY to be our game. ney Crosby So it was as much CONFIDENTIAL scored the a national sigh of relief sudden-death overtime as it was the pure joy of goal that won Canada winning that promptthe gold medal in men’s ed the massive celebrahockey, it was not the tions that spilled onto defining moment of the Alistair streets of cities and 2010 winter Olympic Waters towns across this counGames—it was the extry following the vicclamation point. tory. It capped the most successful And it was those celebrations, gold rush for any national team at any along with the ones during the previwinter Olympic Games. ous 16 days, both for victories and to But of all the medals handed out celebrate the Games themselves that during the Games’ 17-day run, the Vancouver 2010 will be remembered. men’s hockey gold was the one CanSure, there was the thrill of vicadians wanted—even expected—the tory, the agony of defeat, the emotionmost. Hockey is, after all, supposed al moments, the inspirational efforts.

But on the streets of the city it always came back to joyous celebration— embracing of the moment—that stood out to define these Games. The event gave Canadians a reason to celebrate being Canadian. It’s something we do not do enough of in this country. While hockey may be our game, up until a few weeks ago, overt, ostentatious and even spontaneous displays of patriotism and exuberant national pride were not. And, like our athletes on the ice and snow, when it came to wrapping ourselves in the flag on the street—literally and figuratively—we owned the podium. It may have come as a shock to

visitors to see Canada’s red and white tide of public patriotism, but it should not have come as a surprise to anyone who lives here. It has been building for years. While the national chest-thumping and flag-waving of our cousins to the south may have long defined a difference between us, the sight of Canadian flags in everyday use has become far more common in Canada in last 10 years. Canadians are just as patriotic, we have just been quieter about it in the past. But, as Vancouver showed, not any longer. And that also goes for telling the world we want to be the best. It was ironic that so much derision was aimed at Canada’s Own

The Podium program by other nations. Don’t they have programs aimed at training their athletes to be the best they can be? Don’t they send their teams here to win? They may not have called their programs Own The Podium but that’s what they want to do. For all its pomp, ceremony and politics, the Olympics—summer and winter—are sports competitions. And in any competitions, you go in wanting to win. And there’s nothing wrong with saying so. Alistair Waters is the assistant editor of the Capital News.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010



Going for bronze won’t cut it with Canadians anymore To the editor: Re: Chasing The Olympic Dream, Capital News, Feb. 26 Welcome to the spirit of striving to Own the Podium as our newfound Canadian identity. Turning the “Pursuit of Excellence” into a “Quest for Adequacy,” the then federal sports minister Stephen Owen, at the opening of the Olympic Summer Games in 2004, opined: “I think we’ve got to be really careful about a fixation on medal numbers,” sagely adding so that there could be no misunderstanding: “We’re all interested in it, but it’s not really indicative of sport health in our country.” In this country of ours

where the sheer competitive spirit of winning is often frowned upon as somehow “un-democratic” and “un-Canadian— too American,” Stephen Owen’s sentiments conveniently lowered the bar for all of us, making a virtue out of losing by nobly reaffirming that: It’s not whether we win or lose, it’s how we play the game. After all, at the close of the 2004 Athens Summer Games, Mr. Owen expressed the quintessentially Canadian spirit by gushing that “…when you look at the list across all the sports—a fourth here, and a ninth there and a seventh here and a tenth there and a sixth here,

those are world-champion results.” Lack of funding may indeed have contributed to the poor showing of Canada’s athletes at the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988 and the 2004 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, but the remarkable performance of our athletes during the Turin Winter Games, together with a determination for us to excel and strive to “Own the Podium” in the Vancouver Winter Games in 2010, is a hopeful sign that, in life as in sports, Canadians may no longer be satisfied with merely going for the “bronze.”

Olympic Cold

would be required to provide a $10-million public subsidy for infrastructure. It is understandable that ex-mayors Jim Stuart and Walter Gray supported the bylaw since Phil Milroy, the man whose properties are the centre for the plan, has been a big supporter of them. Mr. Stuart signed the nomination papers when Mr. Gray ran for council. In turn, Mr. Gray supported the creation of Mr. Stuart’s legacy park. Unfortunately, in 2003, the city could only pony up $400,000 of the estimated $10 million cost to build Stuart Park. Enter Mr. Milroy, who agreed to partner with the city to offset some of the Stuart Park costs in exchange for rezoning considerations for the nearby Willow Inn and Blenk properties he had optioned. To make Stuart Park a reality, the city had to tie it to a private downtown development on the waterfront. To do so, the city created the Downtown Waterfront Plan, a multimillion dollar project to upgrade the waterfront, create Stu-

Frightened people drive by protected by steel and glass, feeling powerless to help.

Spend on daycare, not planning

To the editor: I wonder if all the money that has been spent on the downtown redevelopment plan would have been better utilized funding the so called “extras” on the city’s plan like public daycare and affordable housing. Then at least, we would have something to show for all the time and money and years of hard work people have put into the development plan. It’s interesting that these essential services are tacked on as something prop-

erty owners should be responsible for because they are being told their properties will be sold at higher valuations. When do the city councilors think this will happen if they can’t agree on a development plan? Instead, I the city should start being held accountable for their spending on redevelopment plans. I think it’s time to figure out how to properly fund these “extras” instead of spending on so called “planning.” Patricia Howorko, Kelowna

Find the Healthy New You!



His cries for help falls on deaf ears, while proud Canadians cheer on their Heroes, with calls of ‘Go for Gold’ and ‘Own the Podium’ filling the air. A homeless man staggers painfully to the bus stop with no one cheering him on.

Lori Welbourne

Out of sight, out of mind the streets are a dangerous place for honest, innocent, law abiding citizens. For beating a homeless man no guts, no glory, no cheering. No gold on the podium. Hajime Harold Naka Kelowna

husband, Brad Cronquist, is a lawyer who is part owner of an office building in the area. The 2009 Annual Report for the Urban Development Institute’s Pacific Region lists Mr. Cronquist as a director of the Kelowna Chapter. The UDI is the largest pro-development lobby in Canada. The 2009 UDI Annual Report also lists Gail Temple, of Westcorp Properties, as chair of the Kelowna chapter. Westcorp Properties is Mr. Milroy’s company planning the CD-21 zone. Ms. Temple is coordinating the planning of the CD21 zone project with city staff. It is hard to demonstrate that the four-squareblock CD-21 plan is in the public’s interest given the lack of information regarding public costs and benefits involved and the strong lobby group Mr. Milroy has. What is needed is

Shining light on the everday.

Every Sunday with

Frightened people drive by protected by steel and glass, helplessly look away.

E.W. Bopp, Tsawwassen

art Park and integrate Mr. Milroy’s plans for downtown into both City Park and Kerry Park. The local press reported that Mr. Milroy paid about $750,000 of the city’s roughly $1 million costs to redevelop downtown. The city’s cost for this partnership was about $250,000. Mr. Milroy cut an initial cheque for $200,000 to get the CD-21 plan rolling. The remaining $550,000 was probably spread out between the CD-21, Downtown Waterfront Plan and the Stuart Park plan. Stuart Park is now under construction. The majority of the $10 million Phase 1 cost will be paid for by the city and will be deficit financed by borrowing, taxation, developer cost charges and an 8 per cent public subsidy that offsets developer costs for new parklands. It is also understandable that Nicole Rustad lent her support to the CD21 zone and organized a public rally for Mr. Milroy’s project. According to the Capital News, her

Invest in yourself.

A homeless man is kicked and beaten, as he writhes on the cold pavement.

Private interests at core of CD-21 plan To the editor: I believe Kelowna council’s decision to rescind second and third reading of the CD-21 Zone bylaw plan to redevelop downtown was the correct decision because it was made to protect public interests. The CD-21 rezoning plan is a private/public partnership but the partnership has not demonstrated that it is a matter of public convenience and necessity requiring taxpayer support. City staff have not fully justified the project plan. There have been no detailed public cost estimates presented for public review that show the long-term costs of the project over the 15-year build out and beyond. There will be public subsidies for road, water, sewer and park infrastructure that are determined by the number of residential units built into the project. Developers can amend the density and number of units in the CD-21 Zone as needed. Should 5,000 units be built with a $2000 subsidy for each unit, the city

capital news A25

a better plan for downtown redevelopment. The 2007 Spaxman report to the city recommended that a new comprehensive plan be developed for the entire 30-block downtown area and surrounding neighbourhoods. The new plan should have significant public input to ensure a variety of planning options come forward for evaluation. Each of these options needs to be assessed for their long term impacts on the community and their public costs and benefits before being eliminated or chosen to move forward. Spaxman recommended that rezoning be done after the plan is brought forward to maximize public benefit from the options. The CD-21 zone was fast-tracked to promote only Mr. Milroy’s option and needs to be dropped like a hot potato. Richard Drinnan, Kelowna

Express yourself We welcome letters that comment in a timely manner about stories and editorials published in the Capital News. Letters under 200 words will be given priority in considering them for publication. We reserve the right to edit for clarity, brevity, legality and taste. Letters sent directly to reporters may be treated as letters to the editor. Letters must bear the name, address and telephone number of the writer. Names will be withheld at the editor’s discretion, only under exceptional circumstances. E-mail letters to, fax to 763-8469 or mail to The Editor, Capital News, 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C., V1X 7K2.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010




Treating an IBS disorder I

“He snores and I’m exhausted”


Do you snore? Do you have high blood pressure? Do you feel tired today?

Treating Sleep Apnea can improve these problems, as well as a person’s overall quality of life. The message is simple—if you have Sleep Apnea, you need to get treated!

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rritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is generally classified as a “functional” disorder. A functional disorder refers to a disorder or disease where the primary abnormality is an altered physiological function (the way the body works), rather than an identifiable structural or biochemical cause. It characterizes a disorder that generally cannot be diagnosed in a traditional way; that is, as an inflammatory, infectious, or structural abnormality that can be seen by commonly used examination, x-ray, or blood test. IBS occurs when muscles in your intestines contract faster or slower than normal. This causes pain, cramping, gassiness, sudden bouts of diarrhea, and constipation. It is also known as spastic colon. Though no prescription medications specifically treat IBS, antidepressant and anti-anxiety drugs are sometimes used for people with mental depression or chronic pain, or for people who have symptoms that worsen during periods of stress. The anticholinergic drug L-hyoscyamine (Levsin, Levbid) may be used to treat colon muscle spasms and abdominal soreness. This medication may cause flushing of the face, problems sleeping, head-


John Sherman ache, blurred vision and drowsiness, increased sensitivity to light, constipation, dry mouth, reduced sweating or thirst. Some people with IBS have greater trouble absorbing the sugars lactose (as found in milk), fructose (as found in high concentration in fruit juice and dried fruit), and sorbitol (as found in some dietetic candy) than do people without IBS. In a recent study, restricting intake of these sugars led to reduction in symptoms in 40 per cent of people with IBS. There are many other dietary factors to consider for a person dealing with IBS, such as avoiding dairy products and increasing fibre in the diet as well as supplementing the diet with essential fatty acids that are present in oils such as flax and primrose. By no stretch of the imagination is this list complete, it is merely a start. The treatment of IBS with homeopathy has an incredible success rate. According to the Women’s and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island one homeopathic

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abdominal distention with much flatulence, and the sensation of a lump in the throat that is relieved by swallowing and belching. Symptoms are worse after eating, from sitting, at night and on the left side, but relieved by pressure and by motion in the open air. These are just three possible remedies for IBS. It is important to keep in mind that in classical homeopathy there are many possible remedies for any one chronic disease, depending on an individual’s symptom picture. Other diseases of the bowel that can benefit from homeopathy are Crohn’s disease and colitis. Crohn’s disease usually affects the endmost portion of the small intestine, called the “ileum.” Ulcerative colitis shows up in the lower intestine and the rectum. These conditions, however, do take longer to treat and may require some time to get the desired results. John Sherman is a professional classical homeopath in Kelowna. This subject matter is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as medical advice. 250-764-2487

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remedy, Asafoetida, has been evaluated as a potential treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. In a 14week, double-blind trial, about 100 people with irritable bowel syndrome received Asafoetida in a 3X potency or placebo. The results indicated that participants taking the homeopathic remedy improved to a greater extent than those taking placebo. VW Rahlfs and P Mossinger in Germany undertook this study in 1978. Two other remedies have also been found to be quite effective with IBS, colocynthis and lycopodium. The remedy colocynthis, is indicated when abdominal pain is described as cutting or cramping, often coming in waves, and relieved by firm pressure or by doubling over. Pain is usually increased by eating or drinking, as well as by the emotions of anger or indignation. Pain often reaches its peak just prior to diarrhea. The homeopathic remedy lycopodium is indicated when symptoms include band-like pain around the waist, severe flatulence and bloating, and frequent heartburn. Asafoetida, the remedy tested in the doubleblind study described above, is indicated when there is constipation alternating with profuse, offensive, watery diarrhea,

We will not overbook your flight. U.S. destinations

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Book by March 3, 2010. For Canadian destinations travel on select days until June 30, 2010. For U.S. and international destinations travel on select days between May 3 and June 30, 2010.*

Book now at Or call your travel agent. *Book by March 3, 2010 (11:59 p.m. MST). For Canadian destinations travel on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays until June 30, 2010. For U.S. and international destinations travel between May 3 and June 30, 2010. For U.S. destinations travel on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Fares on other days may be higher. Advertised fares already reflect the discount. Discount is applied to WestJet’s lowest regular fare. Advertised Canadian fare reflects Kelowna to Calgary. Advertised U.S. fare reflects Kelowna to Phoenix. Advertised international fare reflects Kelowna to Puerto Vallarta. Taxes, fees and surcharges are extra where applicable. Advance purchase required. Seats at these fares are limited and may not be available on all flights. New bookings only. 100% non-refundable. Offer combinable with other fares. Flights may not operate on certain days. All fares shown are one way. See for details.


Wise customers read the fine print: �, Ω, *, �, †, � Spring Into Drive Event offers apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased between March 2nd, 2010 to March 31st, 2010 from participating dealers. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Offers subject to change without notice. See participating dealer for complete details and conditions. � $27,980 Purchase Price applies to 2010 Ram 1500 Quad Cab ® SXT 4x4 (24A+AGR+XFH) only and includes $5,750 Consumer Cash Discount, $500 Bonus Cash Offer and $1,000 No-Charge Options. Price includes freight ($1,400) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. LIMITED QUANTITIES. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. See dealer for details. Dealers may sell for less. ΩNo-Charge Option Discounts are available on all new and unused 2010 Jeep Wrangler/Wrangler Unlimited, Jeep Liberty and Ram 1500 models. No-Charge Option Discounts will be deducted from the price of eligible options/upgrades before taxes. Any unused portion of this discount will not be refunded and may not be banked for future use. *Bonus Cash is offered on all new and unused 2010 vehicles except Dodge Challenger, Dodge Caliber CVP and Caliber SE PLUS and Sprinter models. Bonus Cash is a manufacturer-to-dealer incentive which will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. See your dealer for complete details. �Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on most new 2009/2010 vehicles and are manufacturer-to-dealer incentives, which are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. See your dealer for complete details. †0% purchase financing for 36 months available to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank, TD Financing Services and GMAC on most 2010 Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram models, except Challenger, Caliber Canada Value Package and SE Plus, Grand Caravan Cargo Van, Sprinter, and Ram Chassis Cab. Example: Ram 1500 Quad Cab ® SXT 4x4 (24A+AGR+XFH) with a Purchase Price of $27,980 financed at 0% for 36 months equals monthly payments of $777.22; cost of borrowing of $0 and a total obligation of $27,980. Price includes freight ($1,400) and excludes licence, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealers may sell for less. � Variable Prime Rate up to 84 months is offered on most new 2010 vehicles on approved credit to qualified retail customers through TD Financing Services. Bi-weekly payments shown are based on 84 month terms. Variable rate is TD Prime Rate and fluctuates accordingly. Payments and financing term may increase or decrease with rate fluctuations. Offer not valid for residents of New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Yukon, Nunavut and NWT. Some conditions apply. See participating dealer for complete details. ¥Ram 1500 offers the most powerful V8 under 6.0 litres in its class. √√2010 Ram Crew 1500 Laramie with optional equipment shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount/Bonus Cash Offer/No-Charge Options: $43,880. Pricing includes freight ($1,400) and excludes license, insurance, registration, any dealer administration fees and other applicable fees and applicable taxes. Dealer order/trade may be necessary. Dealers may sell for less. ®SIRIUS and the dog logo are registered trademarks of SIRIUS Satellite Radio Inc. ®Jeep is a registered trademark of Chrysler Group LLC. The Best Buy Seal is a registered trademark of Consumer’s Digest Communications LLC, used under license. Wednesday, March 3, 2010




Canada’s Most Powerful Light Duty Pickup¥

• 310 hp 4.7L Flex Fuel V8 engine • 5-speed automatic transmission • Air conditioning • 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS • Electronic Stability Program (ESP TM) with Hill Start Assist, Roll Mitigation, Trailer Sway Control and Brake Assist • Electric shift, part-time 4WD • Power, heated, foldaway mirrors • Class IV hitch receiver with 4-/7-pin connector • Speed control • 17-inch chrome-clad steel wheels • SIRIUS® Satellite Radio (1 year) • Side-curtain air bags • Power windows and locks


• 6.7L Cummins® Turbo Diesel I-6 with segment exclusive standard exhaust brake, best-in-class low-end torque , no UREA required (available) • 383 hp 5.7L HEMI® V8 automatic with VVT, standard • Power-assisted four-wheel disc brakes with anti-lock (ABS) • Power front windows, locks, heated/folding mirrors available • Heavy-duty engine cooling • Trailer tow wiring harness with 4-/7-pin connector • AM/FM stereo with CD player and 6 speakers • 4x4 transfer case available • Available integrated Trailer Brake Controller • PLUS more than 25 safety and security features






166 �












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2010 Ram Crew 1500 Laramie shown.√√











A28 capital news

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

100% BC Owned and Operated Bowl for Big Brothers Fundraising Barbecue Come and join us for a barbecue, beverages and just all around good time on Saturday, March 6th and the following Saturday, March 13th from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. All funds raised will benefit the Big Brothers Association.

Kicking Horse Organic Fair Trade Coffees

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Specialty Roasted Chickens assorted flavours


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Seminars & Events: Tuesday, March 9, 4:30-6:30pm Natural Health Q & A with Dr. Brent Barlow, ND. Free Drop in session. No registration necessary.

Wednesday, March 10, 7-8:30pm. Regulation Thermography: Not Just Breasts! with Dr. Ursula Harlos. Cost $5. To register call 250-862-4864.

Your Planet, Your Food... Your Choices Choices Markets Kelowna 1937 Harvey Ave. at Spall | 250-862-4864 Prices Effective Thursday, March 4 to Wednesday, March 10, 2010.

We reserve the right to limit quantities. Not all items may be available at all locations. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.



Special anniversary for Central City Hardware Maxine DeHart Todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s column is dedicated to two longtime customers of the Ramada Hotel who both suddenly passed away. Our condolences go out to the families and friends of Derek Ethier (City of Kelowna) and Don McLeod.


entral City Hardware is celebrating 30 years of business in our city. Now owned and operated by second generation Colin and Renee Cameron (son-in-law and daughter), the company was originally started by Omer and Madeleine Gauvin. Central City manufactures closet organizers and mirror doors. Their showroom is located at 595 Adams Rd. near Reidâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Corner. Call 250-765-5127. After 10 years at CedarCreek Estate Winery, winemaker Tom DiBello is leaving to pursue other oenology opportunities. DiBello made an immediate impact as CedarCreek was recognized as â&#x20AC;&#x153;Winery of the Yearâ&#x20AC;? at the 2002 Canadian Wine Awards and again in 2005. Meantime, the cellar will be managed by assistant winemaker Bill Pierson. The winery is owned and operated by the Fitzpatrick family. Cush Supper Club has opened at 538 Leon Ave. Owned and operated by the brother and sister team of Justin Marshall and Crystal Woods, the new 127-seat, upscale supper club is open for lunch and dinner Monday to Saturday and Friday and Saturday until 1:30 a.m. The supper club offers a varied creative menu from burgers and rice bowls to steak and lamb with fresh 45,

herbs grown on-site used throughout their menu. Live music from funky and fresh to smooth and soulful is provided every weekend. Tuesday is Salsa night with a beginner salsa lesson and dancing. The patio will be open on the Easter weekend and brunch will be served on Sundays starting Easter Sunday. Call 250-8622874. For eight years, Enviroslip Manufacturing on the Westside has been building and marketing a range of double walled slip tanks that have been tried and tested in some of the most rugged environments in Canada. Enviroslip will launch two new lines of oil storage tanks. Along with a complete range of slip tanks from 95 gallons to 1,000 gallons, Enviroslip now offers dual walled used oil storage tanks as well as heavy and regular duty new oil bench tanks with both single and double compartments. All tanks are ULC certified, meet all required regulations and are outfitted to accept standard accessories such as pumps and reels. These tanks are moving the company closer to their goal of becoming the biggest and best tank manufacturing facility in Canada. Greg Webb is the president of the company and Dave Strak the general manager. See With 14 years in business as â&#x20AC;&#x153;For The Kids Daycareâ&#x20AC;? and 27 years in the early childhood education field, Robert and Heather Southam have just opened a second center. Their new infant and toddler centre is located on the same property as their existing centre at 3770 Water Rd. in East Kelowna. The couple now have 24 infants and toddlers (two groups of 12) and have expanded their three to five year-old program to 25 children. They are open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to -Friday. Call 250-762-3661


honourable mention; Logan Bakke, First Place; James Ryan, honourable mention; Brayden Johnstone, third place. restaurantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s menu in April, maintaining the all you can eat soup, salad and bread with their entrĂŠe menu and kids eat free Monday to Wednesday. Right now, everyone wins a prize with their Budda Boom Budda Ching promotion winning everything from a free appie to a TV or minivan. Call 250-763-8255 for reservations. Doug Hornung, is a new licensed and insured home inspector, has started Diamond Bldg. Inspections. Formerly with PCL Construction, Hornung is a member of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors and Business Practices and Consumer Protection Authority. He is Gold Seal Certified, awarded by the Canadian Construction Association, being certified in asbestos control in buildings and trained in mold guidelines and remediation. Call 250-212-6672; Well-known chiro-

or forthekidsdaycare@ Thom and Associates Financial Planners Inc. have moved up a notch, so to speak, into new expanded premises upstairs in their existing building to #201-3001 Tutt St. Call 250-861-RRSP (7777); Grant Plunkie, formerly of Invis Mortgages, has joined the team at Paradigm Mortgage Corp. Plunkie has been a licensed mortgage broker since 1998 and is past president of the Okanagan Mortgage Lenders Association. Call 250-250979-2911 Bravissimo! Over the past few months, East Side Marioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on Banks Road has seen a few changes. The restaurant has a new owner, Nick DiMambro, and a team of managers: Emma Williams, Lindsay Ash and Lee Hollingsworth. Coming from Kamloops, this is DiMambroâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s second East Side Marioâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. He plans to revamp the

practor and long time local resident Barry Urness was the recipient of the Spirit of Kelowna Award for his work as a divisional director with the Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Okanagan Sun Ambassadors, Chair of the Central Okanagan Sports Hall of Fame Museum and many years selecting sports winners for the City of Kelowna Civic Awards. Golf Kelowna (Kelowna Spring, Shadow Ridge and Shannon Lake) will be in its 12th year as a group of three independently owned courses working together. The big change for 2010 is full online bookings at all three courses through one portal, www.golfkelowna. com. Golfers can easily click their way to book tee times as far in advance as they wish. They offer three primary packages for locals and are all back with zero price increases, other than HST. The Kelowna courses are hoping to open between March 5 and 12.

)'('=$(,'JLG<I:89+O+OCK 9I8E; E<N



FINALISTS in the Grade 8 Rotary Essay Contest were (from left) Pauline Schrott, second place; Jennica Sedmak,


Finance for 60/96 mos. @ 6.98%







Total Paid $23,820. End Purchase Value $12,885


The finalists of the 3rd annual Grade 8 Rotary Essay Contest were announced by the Okanagan Mission Rotary Club. Students were invited to write about how the Rotaryâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x153;Four Way Testâ&#x20AC;? related to themâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; Is it the truth? Is it fair to all? Will it build goodwill and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned? First place entrant Logan Bakker (KLO Middle School) wrote about how dreams and goal setting relates to the tenet of â&#x20AC;&#x153;being beneficial to all.â&#x20AC;? Pauline Schrott (KLO Middle School) placed second and third went to Brayden Johnstone, also of KLO Middle School. Two honourable mentions were received by Jennica Sedmak, of Rutland Middle School, and James Ryan, of KLO Middle School. Kudos to the Rotarians for their continued support of student writing and their generous financial awards. No more need to spend hours search-

ing for things to do with the kids during spring break. Okanagan4kids. com has launched a new, free, easy-to-use website where residents and visitors can find all the latest local family event listings in one place. Founded by Sue Bojahra, the site features searchable daily calendars of events covering the whole Okanagan. Event organizers can add their info about upcoming events directly on the site. A forum is available where families can connect and share their experiences as well as a weekly blog. Call 250870-7355; Speaking of spring break, the Kelowna Actors Studio is holding March Break Camp (1/2 day and full day). Go to or call 250-8622867. Commemorating 50 years of live entertainment, the Okanagan Symphony is displaying a collection of historical photos and archival instruments that documents the history and growth of the Orchestra at the Heritage Museum. Opening Thursday, March 4, 4 p.m., you can meet and greet with music director and conductor Rosemary Thomson and member of the Orchestra. Joel Young, founding chairperson of The Okanagan Valley Entrepreneurs Society, has been appointed as an agent in the Okanagan Region of Stoneset Equities Ltd. of Calgary. Soneset is a Western Canadian real estate investment company. Patricia Morgan, a Calgary-based counselor and author specializing in helping women develop resiliency to professional and personal challenges, will be at the Kelowna Womenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Resource Centre on March 5 (no cost) for two events based on her new book, From Woe to WOW: How Re-

See DeHart B2





B2 capital news


Wednesday, March 3, 2010



AGM banquet at Immaculata parish

B d

DeHart from B1 silient Women Succeed at Work. For info call 250762-2355 The Kelowna Family Centre is hosting a dance fundraiser on March 13 with the Zamboni Brothers. Tickets available at 250-860-318; Festivals Kelowna is looking for board members with a passion for special events to submit their names for consideration as a board member for a two-year term. Fes-

tivals Kelowna is a nonprofit society which produces community focused events including Canada Day and Parks Alive. Experience in special events would be ideal. Applications on Contact Renata Mills at 250868-3326. The Okanagan Historical Society 62nd annual meeting and dinner is Saturday, March 13, at Immaculate Conception Parish Centre on Sutherland Avenue. Guest speaker is Bill Hoshiza-

ki. Tickets $30 at Mosaic Books. Call Chris at 250862-2801. The 7th annual International Wine Exhibition hosted by the Kelowna and Sunrise Rotary Clubs is Friday evening, March 12, at the Coast Capri Hotel. Tickets for this stand-up reception are $45 available at the Capri Hotel. The Okanagan Jewish Community’s next Philosophers Café is Monday, March 8, 7 p.m., at 102 Glenmore Rd. North. Micky Goldwein is

speaking about inventions and innovations in Israeli agriculture. No charge. Birthdays of the week —Happy 60th Karen Shoranick (March 9); Walter Kristalowich (March 3); Diane Ritchie (March 2); Kent (Chaps) Chappell (March 5); Vivian Ingram (March 7); Rob Willms, Cookson Motors (March 8). Maxine DeHart is a Kelowna hotelier. Phone her at 250-979-4546, fax 250-860-3173, e-mail



THIS OLYMPIC INUKSHUK was adorned with 26 medals and other Olympic memorabilia as the 2010 Winter Olympics came to an end on Sunday. Gaylen Schott (shown above) and her husband Al Schott were responsible for setting up the Inukshuk, but they still don’t know who put the medals on it.


Police say beware of banking information request Mike Simmons STAFF REPORTER

Tax season is also the time of year for a newly circulating scam aimed at banking information. RCMP Const. Steve Holmes said a fraud scam cir-

culating by letter or e-mail claims to be from the Canada Revenue Agency. “The letter or e-mail states that there is money to be claimed by the victim from the CRA, and all that is required is for the victim to provide certain information so that their file

can be ‘updated’ and the monies released,” Holmes said. Holmes said the communication asks for information to be faxed or e-mailed to them and provides a fax number. He said the letter looks official, but fraudsters are seeking identity and banking infor-

mation from victims in order to access their bank accounts. “It is an entirely criminal operation and one that can be easily sidestepped if one is willing to equip oneself with a little bit of important information.” Holmes pointed out the

Canada Revenue Agency will not request personal information of any kind by e-mail, divulge taxpayer information to another without formal authorization, or leave personal information on an answering machine. He added that discov-

ered frauds can be reported to Phonebusters at 1-800-4958501. Examples of the fraudulent letters and emails can be found on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

:K\JRDQ\ZKHUHHOVH" World’s #1 Indoor Waterpark (where the temperature is 28˚C everyday)

World’s #1 Indoor Amusement Park World’s #1 Retail Shopping Experience

Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton – Call 1-800-RESERVE or visit

Family of FOUR travelling to: Los Angeles Maui


Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton


Transportation (return) $4500

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Hotel (per night)





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$6365 $4940

*** Price of transportation is cost to consumer, not part of a hotel package.

to book your stay now! Mention promo code 5001 and receive complimentary continental breakfast for two for each night you stay!


Includes two waterpark passes. Price is based on double occupancy. Children under 12 stay for free. Taxes not included. Blackout dates may apply. Some restrictions may apply, please call for details.

** Temperature depicts current temperature inside World Waterpark. 1-800-661-8890

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


capital news B3



Businesses court disaster when decisions are made by chance

Intensive job skills program aimed at energy efficiency


few weeks ago, a former U.S. fighter pilot named Kermit Tyler died at the age of 96. It was what he did— or didn’t do—in his workplace at age 28 that earned him a place in history. Lieutenant Tyler’s D story was told by Gordon Prange in his book, At Dawn We Slept. The date was Dec. 7, 1941, and Tyler was the pursuit officer and assistant controller on duty at the Fort Shafter Information Centre in Hawaii. His job was to assist the controller in ordering U.S. planes into the air to intercept incoming enemy oplanes. - At just after 7 a.m., Tyler was one of only two -men on duty in the Inforemation Centre (the other was the switchboard operator). Unbeknownst to Tyler, 350 Japanese fighters, bombers, and torpedo planes were descending upon Pearl Harbor in two waves at that moment. Approximately 90 minutes earlier, the Japanese air armada had begun to launch from six aircraft carriers located some 200 miles south of the Hawaiian islands. Their objective was to deliver a crippling blow to the American Pacific fleet as a prelude to a declaration of war with the United States. The switchboard operator received a call from the Opana Mobile Radar Station, located about 30 miles away. He passed the call to Tyler, who heard that Opana had detected a flight of incoming aircraft— described by the oscillo-


Robert Smithson scope operator as the biggest sighting he had ever seen. Tyler made the assumption that the blips picked up at Opana represented a flight of American B-17 bombers arriving from the mainland. His response to Opana was: “Well, don’t worry about it.” The rest, as they say, is history. The Japanese invaders caught Pearl Harbor napping, devastated the Pacific fleet and inflicted thousands of casualties and fatalities. To be fair to Tyler, his wasn’t the only glitch in the lead-up to what is now referred to simply as Pearl Harbour. Numerous other indications that an attack was imminent also went un-



delivered or unheeded. Even had he acted with dispatch, it is unclear just how much Tyler could have done to ward off the impending disaster—he was just a small cog in a very big military bureaucracy. Tyler’s conduct that day indicated a state of mind which afflicts many large organizations. It is the tendency of employees in large organizations to do nothing, even when faced with a situation calling for positive action. In his book The Ten Commandments for Business Failure, former president of the CocaCola company, Donald Keough, described a lesson he learned about how people operate in a large bureaucracy. “They never say no. They just don’t do what you want when you want.” The tendency of employees to lose their sense of urgency and their motivation to take individual action is one which managers constantly battle in large organizations. Tyler’s ill-fated assumption in 1941 may have been an example of that workplace dynamic. What must have been particularly galling to his superior officers is that detecting incoming aircraft and instigating a response was precisely the reason why he was at the Information Centre. The specific duty with which he had been entrusted was the one he failed to exercise at the most critical moment. Tyler’s conduct may also have been a gross example of what I call

“What are the chances?” decision-making. Sometimes in business—probably more often than you’d think —the worst case scenario is dismissed simply on the basis that it doesn’t seem very likely to come to pass. It’s also one of the methods of decision-making which is most fraught with the potential for disaster. As I frequently tell employers, if your decision-making is reliant on nothing more than chance, you’re courting trouble. I imagine that Lieutenant Tyler spent most of his adult life contemplating, and trying to explain, the events of Dec. 6, 1941. Surely, he would have given anything to have had a second opportunity to react to that call from Opana Mobile Radar Station. His was a lesson employers would be well-advised to learn. What’s the alternative? Well, don’t worry about it. Robert Smithson is a lawyer in Kelowna practicing exclusively in the area of labour and employment law. For more information about his practice, or to view past Legal Ease columns, log onto This subject matter is provided for general informational purposes only and is not intended to be relied upon as legal advice.

Terasen Gas today announced a new program designed to provide atrisk participants in British Columbia with training and teach them essential trade skills in the growing area of energy efficiency retrofits. The REnEW (Residential Energy and Efficiency Works) program —funded by Terasen Gas, FortisBC, and B.C. Hydro, and developed with the John Howard Society and Vancouver ACCESS BladeRunners—targets individuals who are overcoming employment barriers because of life challenges such as mental health issues, a history of substance abuse, poverty or homelessness. “The goal of the REnEW program is simple: support individuals striving to overcome extreme life challenges, while creating a much-needed pool of skilled workers in an exciting and emerging field,” said Doug Stout, vice-president of marketing and business development at Terasen Gas. “We’ve worked with industry experts to design an intensive program to help these individuals master the fundamentals of energy efficiency technologies and installation to help them unlock their career potential.” The first of two, fourweek intensive training programs began this week in Kelowna, and will be followed by a Vancouver program in March. In the future, Terasen Gas plans to expand

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REnEW in communities across the province where there are already existing energy efficiency programs. “We recognized the need for people skilled in the growing area of energy efficiency retrofits and were pleased to be able to bring our utility partners and the John Howard Society together in the Okanagan,” said Michael Mulcahy, FortisBC’s vicepresdent of customer and corporate services. Terasen Gas created the training modules with input from B.C. Hydro, the Southern Interior Construction Association and the Aboriginal Community Career Employment Services Society (ACCESS). Graduates from the program will be able to educate customers on energy conservation techniques and be qualified to work with contractors that are employed through existing utility retrofitting programs such as B.C. Hydro’s Energy Conservation Assistance Program. “Conservation will continue to play a key role in meeting our province’s future electricity needs and we are offering our customers numerous programs to advance conservation and energy efficiency,” said Lisa Coltart, executive director of Power Smart and Customer Care for B.C. Hydro. “We are pleased to support this program to invest in the training and capacity required to sup-

port the conservation efforts of our British Columbians.” Terasen Gas is working with social services providers the John Howard Society in the Okanagan and BladeRunners in the Lower Mainland to reach out to potential REnEW candidates. Both social services organizations are committed to helping youth-atrisk, aboriginal communities and those who face barriers to long-term employment. “The John Howard Society is extremely pleased to be involved in such an innovative and collaborative training program that will, quite literally, change the lives of those who participate as well as have significant economic and environmental benefits for the broader community,” said Shelley Cook, executive director of the John Howard Society of the Central and South Okanagan. “This is an emerging field that we are confident our participants will want to explore.” “We’ve had an overwhelmingly positive response to the program,” added John Webster, CEO and president of ACCESS. “These students may have different challenges, but they are all united by a determination to learn and succeed.” To learn more about the REnEW program in the Okanagan, contact the John Howard Society at 250-763-1331.

B4 capital news


Wednesday, March 3, 2010




Chasing your vision can open the door for others I


would like to share with you this week some thought concerning the entrepreneurial investor and the broad aspect of the self-employed idea person who successfully launches their perceived opportunity confident that one brilliant idea they had just might result in a windfall of financial fortune. The entrepreneur who attains the level of an owner/leader enjoys remarkable benefits by knowing how to step aside and let the entrepreneurial venture itselfâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; and those working within itâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;operate as a profit centre not reliant on the entrepreneur/ownerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hands-on participation. This kind of entrepreneur, many of whom reside in the Okanagan Valley, create an organization that is more self-sufficient and self-sustaining and by doing so has created more wealth, personal freedom and free time.


Joel Young Investing for maximum return involves smart leverage of existing assets, and the entrepreneurial investor will often leverage the success of the first business they create to create a second or third company based on the original model or system they began with. Think about this with me for a brief moment. By franchising the original model or buying into other healthy business ventures, the entrepreneurial investor can get into the career of not just selling basic products and services, as valued as they may be, but of selling entire business ventures. Now, there is a


Call us before CRA (Revenue Canada) Calls YOU!   

Small Business Specialist Personal Tax Preparation Reasonable Rates


250-707-2036 1-877-494-7639 EMAIL: 


amg tax matters Welcome to a life less taxing!

Tax preparation: â&#x20AC;˘ families â&#x20AC;˘ students â&#x20AC;˘ seniors â&#x20AC;˘ individuals â&#x20AC;˘ small business 230-1855 Kirschner Rd., Kelowna, BC V1Y 4N7


Fax: 250-717-5707

HECHT & ASSOCIATES INC. Chartered Accountants

473 West Avenue/Pandosy Kelowna, BC V1Y 4Z3 Email:

Tel: 868-3700 Affiliated with

â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘

Personal & Corporate Tax Accounting & Bookkeeping Management Consulting Controllership & Financing Estate and Financial Planning Business Setup and Support Business Acquisition & Sale Payroll, GST and PST business advisory services group of canada

thought that draws my attention, a sort of financial rewards chess game. The goal here is, of course, to still create profit. So rather than remain at the helm of this myriad of ventures, the entrepreneurial investor will buy them, ensure that they have valuable equity or some attractive allure and potential, and then sell them to other entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs-in-waiting. The focus may be seen then as comparable to a real estate investor who finds, buys homes, rehabs them and flips them for a profit. The challenge is to avoid falling back into the role of operating the venture as an administrator or manager and to meet this problem with a viable solution. The true entrepreneur will typically appoint someone else to take over the reins of the venture.

Then, the investor becomes more of a director or silent partner of sorts who shares in the profits while enjoying the relief of not having to share the routine responsibilities of operating the entrepreneurial venture from the inside. The term â&#x20AC;&#x153;entrepreneurial investorâ&#x20AC;? links investors with entrepreneurs and with good reason. They have many traits in common. Both invest time and money with a goal of realizing a profit for their equity. Theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re self-confident, independent and have the ability to remain in a positive frame of mind whether they win or lose. Unlike most of us, they envision the future clearly it seems and they do persevere, which is a common trait of all entrepreneurially-minded people. Recognizing the entrepreneur within often takes time and patience. Many different types

of people are drawn to entrepreneurship and a wide variety of talents, aptitudes and personal traits help to contribute to an â&#x20AC;&#x153;entrepreneurial spirit, personality and definitely, vision.â&#x20AC;? The attitude, mindset, passion and character that I so often write about in this column that define the successful entrepreneur are sometimes hard to pinpoint or sum up in a profile. But, it is always easy to recognize in an individual or spot in an action within a business arena. By having us examine some of the more predominant qualities of the true entrepreneur, it is possible to emulate them, nurture and develop them or simply to acknowledge whether or not we are actually suited to an entrepreneurial careerâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;particularly, an investorminded one. Learning about the symptoms and traits of

the entrepreneurial investor can give added fuel, hope and impetus with what potential entrepreneurs already know about themselves and their personal and financial aspirations. Having even an inventory of desirable characteristics can help us better clarify our sense of financial and personal reward purpose. It can help us reach objectives en route to greater attainment of higher goals and bigger benchmarks. It can help us also grasp in a practical and tangible way, the disposition of the successful entrepreneur and indeed, entrepreneurial investor in a manner of a wonderfully inspiring boost of confidence, foresight and determination when we can realize and accept, that we, too, may share that winning entrepreneurial attitude. I would like to conclude with six steps to

success that the entrepreneurial investor may undertake to embark on a journey of investment pursuitâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; begin with a vision, identify your action plan and your contingency plan, seek knowledge wherever you can, re-evaluate regularly, stay focused and resist the temptation to make decisions randomly. So, embrace with me the thought that this is precisely what successful investors and entrepreneurs have in commonâ&#x20AC;&#x201D; an uncanny ability to use their â&#x20AC;&#x153;premeditated planning processâ&#x20AC;? to analyze and confidently make complex decisions when the future consequences are uncertain. And, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll bet that there are many entrepreneurial heads shaking in approval of this theorizing upon these words tonight. My neck is sore also just thinking about your agreement.

No worriesâ&#x20AC;Ś

thanks to competent professionals Are you one of those people who are easily worried about their finances? With the present economic situation, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s becoming more and more complex and difficult to efficiently manage our finances, our estate and our investments. This can be a real headache, a task which some people can lose sleep over. There is no magic formula to transform the management of our finances into an easy and foolproof undertaking. But consulting competent professionals can certainly help to simplify things and make them less onerous. What kind of professionals are we talking about? Perhaps a good financial advisor or planner can help you sort out your financial situation and take the necessary measures either to correct a difficult situation or to help you achieve your objectives. An efficient accountant will assist you in the sensible management of your affairs while limiting the amount of income taxes to be paid. A reputable financial institution will be able to meet your credit needs, offering the right product for your particular situation. Other resources could also be of use: a good insurance broker to give you the protection you need as well as a real estate agent who can advise and help you during the purchase or the sale of your home. Together, all these people, all these resources, can provide you with a valuable support system and can greatly simplify the management of your finances. This is the road to take to avoid problems... and to get a good nightâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s sleep.


THOSE SAVINGS LAST. How much can I withdraw to do everything Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve planned? How much spending is too much spending? Will all the years of saving be enough? If these are the questions youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re asking yourself these days, letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s schedule a time when we can sit down and answer them together. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll take look at all your investments â&#x20AC;&#x201C; regardless of where you hold them â&#x20AC;&#x201C; to determine if your savings match your plans, or if we can adjust your plans to meet your savings. A lot went into getting you to this stage in your life. Let us help you make sure you get the most out of it. Call today to schedule a personal financial review.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010



The value of professional advice


very year, there are new investment products, new investment ideas and complex planning strategies available to investors. The variety and depth of investment and insurance products continue to evolve. Information from government departments, regulatory bodies, and from the financial industry arrives on my desk every day. Change is constant. Tax saving strategies, estate planning strategies and investment strategies continue to change. Unfortunately Canadian’s pay too much tax during their lifetime and at the time of their death. They pay too much tax because they are not informed; you need to ask the right questions, or find an advisor who will advice you on various options. Most individuals lack the time and expertise to follow new developments. It is important for clients to have a qualified professional to research, analyze and then present information in a clear and concise manner. If you receive your financial advice from journalists who write newspaper columns, please be aware, most journalists have no financial designations or financial training. They have a newspaper arti-

FISCAL cle to grind out on FITNESS a daily or weekly basis, and that is what they are paid to do. If you read a newspaper or magaDoreen zine article, and Smith there are no designations after the writer’s name, the journalist is not licensed or regulated in the investment and insurance industry. Consumer beware! Licensed financial professionals who write financial columns (myself included), must follow strict guidelines, and my financial columns must be approved by my compliance department. My financial designation, the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) follows my name, and I must also include my securities dealers’ information in my disclaimer at the end of each of my newspaper columns. Clients should be organized in their approach to dealing with their finances. During your meeting with your Certified Financial Planner, list your financial priorities. A critical part of your advisor’s job is to listen to you, ask questions and focus on your individual needs. It is important to review any appropriate financial planning strategies to ensure your financial security. If your advisor or financial institution is selling you financial products only, and not offering you any financial advice, you are getting

short changed by the financial institution holding your money. The financial institution makes money from holding your investments, and may prefer to keep staff to a minimum to increase their own profits. Holding GIC and investment assets is one of their profit centres, and if no advice is offered, their profits increase. You should have an annual review of your finances with a comprehensive financial plan. Ensure you deal with a qualified professional you are comfortable. If you feel intimidated or are reluctant to ask questions, find someone who you are comfortable with. One of the keys to successful investing is to define goals and implement goals. Comprehensive financial planning helps curb emotional behavior in investing. When a life change happens in your life, update your advisor of these changes. The birth of a child, an inheritance, a job loss, a death, or any change of financial circumstance should be discussed with your certified financial advisor. Choose your advisor with care. Doreen Smith is a Certified Financial Planner with Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. The opinions expressed are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect those of Manulife Securities Investment Services Inc. 250-860-7144, ext. 114.

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ENTERTAINMENT Local music group looks to expand Pyper Geddes CONTRIBUTOR

This week I sat down with Darnell Toth, co-founder of Alero Music Group (along with Angelo Dodaro), and discussed their business as well as the Kelowna music scene in general. Angelo and Darnell both met a couple of years ago when they were both attending the audio engineering program at Okanagan College. There might have been a little bit of a competitive edge to their friendship, but after a while they decided that they worked better together than apart and the two formed the Alero Music Group (AMG) in May of 2009 mainly to record and produce music. After a while, artist management came into the mix which opened a whole new door for AMG. The group now represents four local artists consisting of Thomas Kjorven, Bitter Rhythm, Ange Alero (Angelo’s stage persona) and their newest addition Jay Bradley. Toth explains that AMG is more of an artist collective than an agency or production

company. The artist list isn’t just a client list; AMG is more like a family. All of the artists collaborate, give feedback, and provide as a source of inspiration for each other. I think that this is becoming more of a trend now as opposed to people flocking to record labels to get signed. All the tools needed to re-

would mean that the business would handle everything from artist management, to recording, to marketing, to merchandising. Basically a one-stop shop for artists without all the corporate fat cats and lawyer-speak, which in turn means no intimidation. The only thing with wanting to expand is that it’s next to impossible to establish something like this in Kelowna. How do you try to promote an artist in a city where they only have a handful of stages to play on? When AMG expands, they plan on moving to Vancouver. “There’s more venues, more musicians, it’s not as over-saturated as Kelowna.” says Toth. When I heard this, my heart gave a little “Ouch.” AMG is something special and unique to Kelowna and the only way for them to succeed is to move to Vancouver? We’ve heard this before from about 90 per cent of the talent that comes out of our town. So why is Kelowna such a hard place for artists to develop and succeed? Toth mentions it might be due

A real news & entertainment column cord, produce, and market an artist are readily available to anyone motivated and dedicated enough to give it a go on their own. “Bands need managers but they don’t need labels.” states Toth when asked about the fizzling state of the record business. “We provided services without charge for the first while so we could build a reputable and trustworthy name for AMG.” Have you ever heard that from a record company before? Probably not. In the future, Dodaro and Toth see AMG turning into a “record label for hire”. This

West Kelowna supports the arts The 3rd annual Okanagan Arts Awards take place at the Lions Hall in West Kelowna on Thursday, March 4, beginning at 6 p.m. It promises to be an eclectic evening of celebration. These arts awards recognize individuals and groups for outstanding achievement and contribution in their fields. This year awards will be presented in the categories of Lifetime Achievement, Literary Arts, ArtsEducator, Visual Arts, Music, Theatre, Dance and Arts Supporter. Nominees include many familiar artists and individuals

who have contributed greatly to the Arts and Culture fabric of the Central Okanagan. The evening includes a reception, silent auction and showcase performances in addition to the Awards presentations. The winners will be presented with a unique award created by Okanagan sculptor Jeanne Bates. A new addition to the awards this year is a silent auction, featuring a variety of unique items to bid on. In addition, sponsorship opportunities are available and donations in support of the arts

will begreatly appreciated. Tickets for the Okanagan Arts Awards are only $30 and available in person or by phone through Select Your Tickets at the Rotary Centre for the Arts (250-717-5304), at or in person at the Westbank & District Chamber of Commerce at 4-2375 Pamela Rd. For more information call 250-768-3378. To sponsor an award, make a donation, or for more information please contact Sharon McCoubrey, president of Arts Council of the Central Okanagan, at 250-766-4406.

to the fact that the city puts such strict limits on arts and culture and on what people can and can’t do. “Why do you have to have a permit to busk?” asks Toth, “Why hasn’t there been a show at the Bluff in years?” Toth urges artists to take things a step further, “Go beyond the Okanagan. If you don’t find support here then this isn’t the right place. I mean, a huge congratulations to We Are The City. I saw them play tons of shows at Habitat but I think their success came from finding a world outside of the Okanagan.” I think that right now it’s very important for everyone in Kelowna to be educated on what’s going on in the arts and culture scene. In the very near future, I’d like to see more non-city funded arts and culture groups, just like AMG, be able to receive support and be successful in what they do. If this doesn’t happen then eventually we might lose everyone with talent to the big city. Pyper Geddes is the assistant manager at Habitat in downtown Kelowna.


BITTER RYTHYM is one of four new musical acts represented by the Alero Music Group.

WHAT TO DO this weekend CHECK IT OUT… Friday, March 5th – Laurell @ The Streaming Café Friday, March 5th – DJ John Byrne @ Cush Restaurant & Lounge Saturday, March 6th – Adaline @ The Streaming Café Saturday, March 6th – Eric Bibb @ OK Mission Hall Snday, March 7th – Open Mic @ Lake Country Coffee House Sunday, March 7th – Hawksley Workman @ Kelowna Community Theatre

More details about these events can be found at



To wn



Book Early

as space is limited *certain conditions apply



66 • Facials • Manicures • Pedicures • Make-up • Relaxation Massage -80 2 6 7 Mall • 250Downtown Kelowna #27-565 Bernard Avenue • .com m

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capital news B7


Album of anthemic hockey chestnuts


This album is subtitled Sounds Of The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games and it was released a week after the Opening Ceremonies Commemorative Album, also subtitled Sounds Of Vancouver 2010. This hockey anthem release debuted at the top 20 spot ,which is pretty good considering there are an awful lot of hockey related collections on the market, but I guess the Olympic tie-in has caused this disc to sell very well. Canada’s Hockey Anthems is a generous if not overly original CD with 22 tracks of very familiar hockey barn burners from the likes of BTO, Stompin’ Tom Connors, KISS, Rednex, Iggy Pop, Nickelback, Quiet Riot, Elvis Costello, Europe, Ramones, Trooper (who must be enjoying some nice pay cheques of late now that Campbell’s Soup has also used their Raise A Little Hell in its TV adverts) and several more. The Barenaked Ladies offer their If I Had $1,000,000 for the 50/50 draw but there are a couple of new items here that are of added interest. Naturally 7 offer a fresh, a cappella ‘instrumental’ version of The Hockey Theme (the one that used to be on Hockey Night In Canada) using just vocal hum-n-ahaws and body parts as percussion instruments. Alan Frew, of Glass Tiger, offers his Free To Be, Canada’s Song that is indeed anthemic in its nature as well as it is anemic in its nature…way too obvious. As an Olympic memento and a hockey anthem set, this disc serves both functions fairly nicely. C+

HOT CHIP: ONE LIFE STAND (EMI) Hot Chip are an alttechno band out of London who have scored a few sizeable hits on the dance club scene especially in Europe. One Life Stand is, however, a change up


Bruce Mitchell for the group where they aren’t trying to pack dance floors so much with up-tempo music. This new release, their fifth, is more of a mid-tempo and mellow album as Hot Chip explores life, love and long term relationships as in the CD title One Life Stand and not the one night stand that club music thrives upon. The band boasts two singers in Alex Taylor, who has a high, reedy, boyish voice, and Joe Goddard, who has more of an earthy deadpan delivery and these two play off one another intriguingly on a few tracks. The lead-off song, Thieves In The Night, has a warm dance pulse to it that reminded me of Jimmy Sommerville of Bronski Beat and their infamous gay anthem Smalltown Boy.

Meanwhile, We Have Love has a few techno nods to New Order but most of the tracks here are more understated ruminations. One Life Stand really grows on you after a few listens and I wonder how the techno/club scene will react to this new laidback turn in direction. B-


HuDost is the boy girl duo of Jemal Wade Hines and Moksha Sommer. Trapeze is their fourth indie album as the duo collaborates between main

songwriter, singer and Montreal native Sommer and New York guitarist Hines. As HuDost the duo are poised to breakout with this strong adult alternative album as produced by ace session man and contributing musician Malcolm Burn of Bob Dylan, Peter Gabreil and EmmyLou Harris fame. HuDost write and perform sophisticated but roots-oriented songs

Needle Points Stunning Shape

Mcahrch s l a i c e p S l Specia s

Step into the experience Our Basic Pedicure… Hawaiian Mani/Pedi… Artificial Gel Nails…

Attractive cables accent the shape of this stunning tunic style cardigan. ‘Set in’ sleeves add a nice dressy touch. Knitting instructions are given for both long sleeve and short sleeve versions in six sizes from bust size 81 cm (32 in.) to 107 cm (42 in.). Knit in Sirdar’s “Denim Chunky” on 5.5 mm & 6.5 mm needles, it requires 5 to 6 – 100 gram balls for the short sleeve version and 5 to 7 balls for the long sleeved. “Denim Chunky” is composed of 60% acrylic, 25% Cotton 15% wool, has 18 fashion shades and is machine washable. Any chunky weight yarn can be substituted. For a free copy of this pattern, please go to http;// Once you have downloaded your free pattern, any queries can be directed to Sirdar Yarns toll free at 1-800-663-8566.

SIGN UP FOR KNITTING CLASSES The most beautiful yarn

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3003 Pandosy Street Kelowna, BC (250) 717-3247

Provincial, international news at a glance

with intriguing accents of world beat provided by sly use of exotic instruments such as bendir, dumbek, djembe, djun djun, etc. Unfortunately, Sommer was diagnosed with cancer just as they were setting out to record this new album. She has soldiered on with solid songs although you can hear her trepidations on occasion with lyrics such as “what I thought was solid ground is quicksand” on the superb opening and visceral song Trespasser. This tune made me think of Fairport Convention mixed in with Evanescence but then again, HuDost have been compared in dozens of different ways. Fine stuff and you can download some of their material, especially the enthralling Trespasser (I am playing this over and over) at www.myspace. comhudost. B

Top Sales and Rentals Blu-ray Rentals

1 Law Abiding Citizen 2 The Informant 3 The Box 4 Couples Retreat 5 The Hurt Locker 6 Zombieland 7 The Time Traveler’s Wife 8 Surrogates 9 Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant 10 The Stepfather

Top Sales

1 Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant 2 Law Abiding Citizen 3 The Box 4 Sorority Row 5 Halo Legends 6 The Informant 7 The Time Traveller’s Wife 8 Zombieland 9 Planet Hulk 10 Coco Avant Chanel

Kids Rentals

1 Bob’s Big Break 2 The Penguins Of Madagascar 3 Go Diego Go!: Lion Cub Rescue 4 Spongebob: Viking-Sized Adventures 5 Scooby’s All-Star Laff-A-Lympics: Vol. 1 6 My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure 7 Dora Saves The Crystal Kingdom 8 Secrets Of The Furious Five 9 Spongebob Squarepants: Truth Or Square 10 Backyardigans: Join The Adventure

Game Rentals

1 Bioshock 2 (Xbox 360) 2 New Super Mario Bros Wii (Nintendo Wii) 3 Heavy Rain (PlayStation 3) 4 Dante’s Inferno (Xbox 360) 5 Bioshock 2 (PlayStation 3) 6 Mass Effect 2 (Xbox 360) 7 Alien Vs Predator (Xbox 360) 8 Dante’s Inferno (PlayStation 3) 9 Army Of Two: The 40th Day (Xbox 360) 10 Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox 360)

Just In

2012 Where the Wild Things Are The Informant The Box Sorority Row Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant Law Abiding Citizen Coco Avant Chanel Halo Legends The Time Traveler’s Wife The Stepfather A Serious Man Zombieland Love Happens Amelia Ong Blak 2: The Beginning Adam Surrogates Michael Jackson’s This Is It Saw VI Whip It Gamer The Invention of Lying Whiteout

Coming Soon

Up In The Air Old Dogs Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire Planet 51

#2-110 Hollywood Rd. S, Kelowna • ph. 250-712-0233

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Master percussionist spreading the songs, stories of Senegal What happens if the â&#x2013;ź THEATRE

Master percussionist David Thiaw and his Afro jazz group Domba create a searing hot fusion of African and jazz rhythms. Using an eclectic variety of African drums and Western instruments including the sax, bass, keyboards and guitar, the group has a sound that is dynamic with jazz-sharp arrangements. Thiaw leads a workshop before his performance here Thursday. Domba, in Thiawâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Senegalese language, means the power of belief. This six-piece band includes Jeff Drummond, Pat Belliveau, Ryan Schmidt and Millie Atkinson along with Thiaw. Besides his latest passion for raising and breeding fresh water sting rays, Thiaw has a passion for life, African culture and music. The roots of his music and teaching reach back to his boyhood in Senegal, aptly called â&#x20AC;&#x153;the land of drummers.â&#x20AC;? Since his arrival in western Canada, Thiaw has focused on introducing African music and culture into the school system through performances, residencies, workshops as


DAVID THIAWleads an African drumming workshop before his performance here Thursday. well as conducting percussion, dance, choir and band workshops. Using his rich voice, Thiaw introduces his audiences to the unique instruments from Africa and re-tells the wonderful

folk stories that have been handed down for centuries. A brilliant linguist, fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and several African languages, Thiaw has created

a colourful show for audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Blending African songs, rhythms, and an eclectic variety of African drums and instruments with contemporary influences, Thiaw has created a sound that is both dynamic and melodic. If you have an interest in exploring African drumming rhythms from a master, be sure to register for the drum class with Thiaw just before his concert on March 4 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts. The workshop is from at 4:30 to 6 p.m. Workshops appeal to all levels of music proficiency and drums can be provided. The fee is $25 for adult, $20 for students. To register call 250-7175304. Tickets to see David Thiaw and Domba perform at 7:30 p.m., March 4, at the Rotary Centre, can be purchased online from SelectYourTickets. com; by visiting the RCA box office at 421 Cawston Ave.; or by calling 250717-5304. Prices are $30 for adults, $10 students. For more information on David Thiaw visit

Okanagan Choral Society presents

'>>  7 featuring Soloists . . .



Sarah Currie, Sophie Faucher-Quesnel, Dawn Mussellam, Marika Haspeck and Leslie Turner

Mon., March 15 @ 7:30 pm Since their debut in 1993, the four members of Quartette have been both publicly and critically acclaimed for their lush harmonies and delightfully diverse repertoire.

Shane Philip

Fri., Mar. 19 @ 7:30 pm Swelling in primordial pulses and wholloping whoops, the tacit tones of Shane Phllips didgeridoo hold the power to still listeners into silence or encourage audiences to rise up in a tribal swell of intoxicating spirit.

Tom Klassen & Musaic Vocal Ensemble


John Mann

March 6 - 7:30pm Christ Lutheran Church

Fri., March 26 @ 7:30 pm Beautiful melodies with emotionally honest lyrics capture the intimate moments of his hometown Vancouver; fragile details of dysfunctional love & the loss of a cityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s innocence.

on Gordon Drive, Kelowna Tickets at Mosaic Books Bernard Avenue Tickets: $14.00 single Students & Kids Free

Delhi 2 Dublin

Sat., Apr. 24 @ 7:30 pm A wildly contemporary high energy blend of Celtic and Punjabi music. Vancouver based group of 5 musicians who mash up electronics & world music.

Leroy Wiens & The Okanagan Festival Singers


for more information & tix call


Provincial, national international news

actor hates Hamlet? A young Hollywood TV actor comes to New York to play Hamlet in Shakespeare in the Park. His apartment is haunted by the ghost of John Barrymore who famously played Hamlet in the 1920s. The problem is the young actor, Andrew, hates Hamlet. Welcome to I Hate Hamlet, a comedy by Paul Rudnick being presented over the next two weeks by Theatre Kelowna. Barrymoreâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ghost, fortified by champagne and ego, convinces Andrew to accept the part and fulfill his actorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s destiny. Add in swordplay, a host of complications and some eccentric characters

and the result is fast-moving and hilarious entertainment! Come enjoy the laughs in the cabaret-style Black Box Theatre, 1375 Water St., at the back of the Kelowna Community Theatre, with drinks and refreshments. Show times are 8 p.m. March 4 to 7, March 11to 14 and March 18 to 21with matinees Sundays at 2 p.m. Tickets are available from; call 250-762-5050 or visit the Prospera Box Office in advance: Adults $22, student/senior $20. There is a 10 per cent discount for groups of 10 or more. All tickets at the door are $25. For more details visit

TOM KLASSEN conducting the Musaic Vocal Ensemble.


Choral magic on Saturday The 2010 Cascade Of Song on Saturday, March 6, in Kelowna will feature two highly rated choral groupsâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;the Okanagan Festival Singers, led by Leroy Wiens, and Tom Klassenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Musaic Vocal Ensemble. In addition, there are five featured female vocalists who are all classically and theatre trained musicians. , Joining well- known Okanagan vocalists Dawn Mussellam and Leslie Turner, will be Marika Haspeck, a well- known performer in Kelowna theatre circles. New to the Central

Okanagan is Sarah Currie, an experienced soloist from New York who is now residing in the Columbia River area of the Kootenays. From Victoria, a new Kelowna resident is soprano Sophie FaucherQuesnel. The Okanagan Choral Society is in its 15th year of presenting choirs, many from international sources. The choral concert series began in 1998 and is now in its 13th year of supporting strong regional and international professionally-trained choirs. This summer the Oka-

nagan Choral Society will again present three international choirs. Tickets for the 7:30 p.m., March 6, concert are available in advance from Mosaic Books on Bernard Avenue: $14 for adults. Tickets are also available by calling 250-860-9696 or at the door. Students and children will be admitted for free, but should book a seat by calling the number above.) The venue for the March 6 concert is the Christ Lutheran Church on Gordon Drive near Springfield Road, opposite the A.S. Matheson school.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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It is agreed by any display or Classified Advertiser requesting space that the liability of the paper in the event of failure to publish an advertisement shall be limited to the amount paid by the advertiser for that portion of the advertising space occupied by the incorrect item only, and that there shall be no liability in any event beyond the amount paid for such advertisement. The publisher shall not be liable for slight changes or typographical errors that do not lessen the value of an advertisement. cannot be responsible for errors after the first day of publication of any advertisement. Notice of errors on the first day should immediately be called to the attention of the Classified Department to be corrected for the following edition. reserves the right to revise, edit, classify or reject any advertisement and to retain any answers directed to the Box Reply Service and to repay the customer the sum paid for the advertisement and box rental.


Advertisers are reminded that Provincial legislation forbids the publication of any advertisement which discriminates against any person because of race, religion, sex, color, nationality, ancestry or place of origin, or age, unless the condition is justified by a bona fide requirement for the work involved.


Copyright and/or properties subsist in all advertisements and in all other material appearing in this edition of Permission to reproduce wholly or in part and in any form whatsoever, particularly by a photographic or offset process in a publication must be obtained in writing from the publisher. Any unauthorized reproduction will be subject to recourse in law.







BUBAR, PATRICIA MARY April 5, 1925 - Feb 22, 2010


MacKinnon, Donald Alexander

In memory of our Dad & Papa – Our Strength

WAYNE LORNSON Jan. 2, 1955 – March 3, 2009 If we could have a lifetime wish And one dream that could come true We would pray to God with all our hearts Just to see and speak to you. A thousand words won’t bring you back We know because we’ve tried And neither will a million tears, we know because we’ve cried. You’ve left behind our broken hearts and precious memories too But we’ve never wanted memories , we only wanted you. FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS… TREVOR DEVAN, DARREN & DILON

Alexander Malcolm Campbell December 10, 1916 – February 25, 2010 Our loving father Alex passed away peacefully at the age of 93 years, predeceased by his beloved friend and wife of 64 years, Margaret, his parents Joseph and Agnes Campbell and his eldest sister Nessie. He is survived by his two brothers Joseph Campbell of Vancouver and Jim Campbell (Phyllis) of Winfield and his sister Beverly Aveling of Vancouver. Forever loved and remembered by his four daughters Jean Tinling, Beverly Duregon (Silvano), Nancy McEwen (John), Betty Kramer and his son Alexander Malcolm Campbell Jr. (Patti) and his proud legacy of 16 grandchildren including Chris (Colleen), Susan, Mark (Marie), Kerry, Audra, Kelly, Shaun, Ryan (Krista), Scott, Bobby (Laura), Lindsay (Brad), Chris, Curtis, Kathleen, Tara, Tyler and 10 beautiful great grandchildren. Alex was born and raised in Vancouver. In 1944 he joined the army then transferred to the RCAF. After his discharge, he worked as a salesman with Ferguson and Hart Tobacco Wholesaler and Planters Nut and Chocolate Company. In his travels he was captivated by the beauty of the Okanagan Valley and returned with his family to establish his own tobacco and wholesale business. He opened Bert Henry (Kelowna) Ltd. in 1952 and continued to work until its close in 2003. Alex enjoyed his many business acquaintances and friends. In 2004 Alex received recognition for attaining his 50 year membership in the Masonic Lodge. He was a quiet gentleman who was known for his hard work, unique sense of humor and one who cared deeply for his family. Our family would like to thank the staff at Hawthorne Park Orchard Manor for their loving care of Alex. A celebration of Alex Campbell’s life will be held at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, B.C. on Friday, March 5, 2010 at 1:00 pm. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Children’s Wish Foundation, B.C. Heart and Stroke Foundation or a charity of your choice. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting www. 250-860-7077.

S lives here. It’s here in our community. Please make a difference by volunteering.


Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada


Pat is survived by her son Cyril (Alexandra) of Joe Rich, sister Margaret Hine of Kelowna, and brother David Weddell (Donna) of Joe Rich. Pat is predeceased by brothers Stuart and James Weddell. Pat was born in Kelowna General Hospital in 1925 to Mary and Cyril Weddell, who were one of Joe Rich’s pioneering families. Pat’s happiest memories were of life on the farm riding her horse Charlie, driving a tractor, or even handling bales at haying time. Pat became a registered nurse in the late 1950s and after working in Kamloops for a short time returned to Kelowna to work at KGH. She was a nursing supervisor for many years before retiring in the early 1980s. Special thanks go to all the staff at Three Links Manor in Kelowna for their kindness and caring attention given to Pat during her final years. A get- together of family and friends will take place at the Army and Navy Club on Dougall Kelowna, Sat. March 6th at 1pm.

SCHELLENBERG, Carol Passed away on Thursday, February 25, 2010 at the age of 63. She is survived by her loving life partner, Gary Smith; two sons: Paul Schellenberg of Prince George, BC, Russell, Amy Schellenberg of Vancouver, BC and sister Rosie, Bjorn Hanson of England. A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, March 6th at 1:00 pm at the Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society, 1633 Pandosy Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1P6. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting www., 250-860-7077.

Help for today. Hope for Tomorrow. Call 1-800-667-3742

Passed away peacefully on Friday, February 26, 2010. Dae will be dearly missed by her daughter Sharon (Harvey) Bourdon and grandchildren, Dustin and Tanya. Also surviving is her sister Sylvia Morrison and many nieces and nephews. Predeceased by her husband Steve of 50 years, in 2009. Dae was born in Springside, Saskatchewan in 1922 to Arthur Ernest Chadney, who emigrated from London, England and Anna Knudson who emigrated from Copenhagen, Denmark. She had four brothers and three sisters. While managing a Hotel and Restaurant in North Bend, she married the love of her life, Steve. Dae and Steve lived and worked in Vancouver, Lethbridge and Calgary before moving to Nelson where Steve retired in 1982. Dae had many enjoyments in life: she was well known for her cooking abilities, loved entertaining and spending time with family and good friends. She also enjoyed golfing, gardening, bowling and curling. It was her home in Nelson that was her greatest pride. Dae and Steve spent countless hours in their yard landscaping and looking after the many flowers that made their home look like a park. It was the pride of the neighbourhood; she used to call it her green, green grass of home. In 2003, they moved to Kelowna, residing in Joseph Benjamin Retirement home. The family greatly appreciates the kind and professional care of the staff at Spring Valley Care Centre and Joseph Benjamin. A celebration of Dae’s life will be held on Thursday, March 4th at 10:00 am at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Road, Kelowna, BC. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, 250-860-7077.

Give life .... register to be an organ donor today!

for more information 1-800-663-6189

In Loving Memory of my best friend, my husband WAYNE LORNSON January 2, 1955 – March 3, 2009

The family would like to announce the passing of their father, Don on Feb. 26, 2010 at the age of 93. Don was predeceased by his wife Gertie in 2003, after 62 years of marriage, brother Russell in 2004, sister May in 1999, as well as his grandson Darren in 1995 and daughter-in-law Glenda in 2007. Don is survived by his sisters Muriel Collier of Penticton and Blanche McKay of Osoyoos, sons Rick (Leslie) of Kimberley, Fred (Debbie) of Kelowna and Brian (Nancy) of Kamloops , grandchildren Misha (Paula), Tessa, Myles (Melinda), Scott (Jacquie), Leanne (Len), great-grandchildren Jeremiah, Desiree and Kendon. Don retired from B.C. Telephone after forty-one years of service. Don loved fishing at his cabin at Beaver Lake, hunting, golfing, snowmobiling, curling, playing cards but most of all, loved to dance. Don was also very proud of his thirty five years of service to the Kiwanis club. A Celebration of Don’s life will b held on March 6, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. at First Memorial Funeral Services, 1211 Sutherland Ave., Kelowna, B.C. Anyone wishing to remember Don can make donations to a charity of your choice. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting Arrangements in care of First Memorial Funeral Services, (250) 762-2299 TILLAPAUGH, Hannah (Betty) - Peacefully on Saturday, February 13th at Kelowna General Hospital at the age of 85. Predeceased by her husband Walter (Pat). Survived by her loving family: daughters, Eileen (Peter) Smith and Charlotte (Allan) Day; son, Patrick; sister, Pauline(Ted) Davis, brother, Gordon (Verla) Thompson and their families; grandchildren, Dana and Darcy Smith; great grandchildren, Zachery, Angus and Liam; Nephew, Dennis (Maxine)Thompson; niece, Val Shannon and family. There will be no formal services by request. In lieu of flowers, donations to the charity of your choice, would be appreciated. Cremation arrangements in care of Everden Rust Funeral Services, 250-860-6440. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting

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Got a picture of you I carry in my heart Close my eyes to see it when the world gets dark. Got a memory of you I carry in my soul, I wrap it close around me when the nights get cold. If you ask me how I am doing I’d say just fine. But the truth is, if you could read my mind Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. After all this time, you’re still with me, it’s true. You will always remain, locked so deep inside.

Not a day goes by y Love you forever… Pam



Anne Braun FOREVER YOUNG IN HEART AND SOUL Ann Braun died peacefully in hospital, surrounded by family, on February 27, 2010 at the age of 92 years. Born in Chaplin, Saskatchewan January 7, 1918 Anne lived a full and active life. She was raised in the teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg who believed the sincerest form of worship to God is to lead a useful life. That God is infinitely loving and at the very center of our beings, that our life on earth is temporary and meant to prepare us for a life in heaven. Anne’s early years were spent in Makaroff, Manitoba where she lived with her parents Margaret and Jacob Friesen and 15 brothers and sisters (some who died at a very young age). Anne was second oldest in her family. She was born into a generation that believed education was only for men; however her father believed otherwise and paid for Anne to get an education. Anne was a feminist before the term became popular. She lived through times of war. She lived through the lean times of the “dirty thirties”. Always politically minded and well informed she believed women “should have the right to vote”. Anne believed whatever men do women have to do fuller because so much in life depends on them. Anne married David Braun in Togo Saskatchewan on January 28, 1936 and was married for 48 years before becoming a widow in 1984. Anne spent most of her married life in Yorkton Saskatchewan where she and her husband raised 12 children. Anne and David left Yorkton and spent a brief time in Saskatoon before retiring to Kelowna in 1978. Life was not always easy but it was full and useful. Anne is survived by her children: Ken (Ollie) Braun of Kelowna BC; Wayne (Linda) Braun of Ferndale Wa; Neil Braun of Sarnia On; Albert (Joyce) Braun of Saskatoon Sk; Terry Braun of Regina, Sk; Marlene Braun (Blake Roberts) of Kelowna; Darlene (George) Sawatzky of Saskatoon Sk; Sharlene Braun of Kelowna BC; Sharon (Shane) Reece of Yorkton Sk; Daughter in laws: Patricia Braun of Kelowna BC; and Sandra Zimmermann of Kelowna BC. Numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren. Anne is also survived by her sister Edna Charzewski of Winnipeg MB and her brothers: Henry (Clementine) Friesen; Ernie (Florence) Friesen of Cranbrook BC; Raymond (Pat) Friesen of Beaverlodge AB; Pete (Mary) Friesen of Surrey BC. Anne was predeceased by her husband David Braun (1984); her daughter Marjorie Anne Porsch (2000); her sons: Clarence Peter (Pete) Braun (1983) and Theodore Allan (Teddy) Braun (1977); her Sisters: Agnes Kuttnick and Tina Alguire; her brother Dave Friesen; and her granddaughter Patricia (Patti) Wilkins. Anne loved life and lived it to the fullest. She loved to spend time with her family. She loved to travel. Anne loved music and she loved to dance. Anne was a member of the OK Corral line dancing team for many years and she continued to attend “senior” dances until very recently. Anne was also a regular in the yearly Polar Bear Dip in Okanagan Lake and “dipped” for the last time at 81 years of age. In summer months she could be seen riding her 10 speed across the bridge from Kelowna to the Westside to get to the water slides. She gave up her bike at 75! One of Anne’s disappointments in life is that she never got to bungee jump....they refused her because of her age! We will miss Anne. We will grieve for ourselves because this remarkable woman, Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Friend, and Mentor, who enriched our lives, has left us. But do not grieve for Anne because she is dancing with the angels. Please join Anne’s family in a celebration of her life at Springfield Funeral Home Thursday, March 4, 2010. 1:00 pm. Anne, Forever young in heart and soul, and forever in our hearts.

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010






THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

PARTS & COUNTER Person, Shipping/Receiving. Mearl’s Machine Works a well Established Machine Shop/Power Transmission Co. located in Kelowna, BC. is looking for a responsible, well organized person, with good interpersonal skill to join our team. Basic Duties incl.: Bearings, Pwr. Transmission parts & equip. sales. Retail Counter, phone, Ind. & Comm. Ordering & Inventory Control. Some shipping & receiving duties. Sales & support of other company prod. & services. Please submit resume, selected candidates will be contacted with further details of position. Salaried position w/benefit pkg. Salary will be based on experience. Fax: 250-7635466, E-mail:


Passed away peacefully with his family at his side on Saturday, February 20, 2010 at the age of 74. He is survived by his loving wife of 50 years, Jan; two sons: Manley (Joanne), Darcy all of Kelowna; five grandchildren: Clayton, Tanner, Amanda, Jessy and Dawson; two sisters: Ollie, Lucy and one brother Bill all of the Edmonton area. He taught industrial arts most of his life and collected classic cars as a hobby. His real passion, however, was dancing with his loving wife, playing accordion and he very much enjoyed performing with the BC Fiddlers. He always loved helping others and he was the most giving, generous and loving father ever. We will always remember him as the best dad and most wonderful husband in the whole world. Love Always. God saw the road was getting rough, the hills were hard to climb; And so He came and gently closed these loving eyes of thine. A Memorial Service will be held on Friday, March 5, 2010 at 1:00 pm at the Kelowna Seventh-day Adventist Church, 1130 Springfield Road, with Pastor Terry Dyck officiating. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting, 250-860-7077.

WENDLAND, Mary Clara Passed away on February 25, 2010 at the age of 75 years. She is survived by her three children, Rick (Heather), Dan (Janet), Chris (Bruce), her sisters Rosemarie Diederichs, Bernadette (John) Tempel, five grandchildren, Mike, James, Dianna, Tracy and Lisa, three great grandchildren, Andre, Ethan and Chiara, many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her husband, Bill in 1986 and parents, Nick and Hilda Diederichs, her brothers James in infancy, Arthur and Ralph. She will be remembered for her complete devotion to her family. Prayers will be recited at Springfield Funeral Home, 2020 Springfield Rd., Kelowna on Friday, March 5, 2010 at 7:00 pm. A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Saturday, March 6, 2010 at 1:00 pm at Immaculate Conception Church, 839 Sutherland Ave., Kelowna, BC with interment to follow at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery. Donations may be made to either the Canadian Diabetes Association, 1589 Sutherland Ave., Kelowna, BC V1Y 5Y7 or Canadian Cancer Society, 1633 Pandosy Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 1P6. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting www., 250-860-7077.

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AUNTIE NANNY’S DAYCARE has 1 opening for ages 1-5yrs. Fun, caring, safe environment, healthy snacks incl. Park next door. References. 250-8618484. EXP. Childcare provider in Black Mountain area (5 mins from Rutland). Safe & fun environment. Lots of toys, crafts & games. Fully fnc’d. Strict N/S environment. Up to date First Aid/CPR and crim. records check. Providing care for infants to 8 yrs. Receipts. Call Alison @ 250-491-8254 for more info and availability.

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We’re on the net at


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SUCCESSFUL Owner/Operator Irrigation business for sale. 500+ customer list. Incl. equipment. Great starter or expansion business opportunity. Call 250-718-4744

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Career Service / Job Search

Career Service / Job Search

Education/Trade Schools Become a Psychiatric Nurse –train locally via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements, and some regional classroom delivery. Wages start at $29/hour.

Farm Workers

ANJIE Orchard in Kelowna req. workers, thinning, picking, pruning, $9.14/hr or piece rate. Upto 60hrs/wk, 6days/wk. Mar. 1st - Oct 31st. Call 765-3002

ORCHARD worker for picking, thinning, pruning. Starts May 1st - Dec 15. $9.14/hr or peice rate. 250-766-1619


Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities


INTERESTED IN PSYCHOLOGY? Earn your Diploma in 1 year.

Work with adults/youth in community agencies and private practice. Congratulations Chelsea Stowers Graduated 2008


Accelerated skill training - the practical alternative to a 4 year degree.


On-Campus or Online • Call (250)717-0412 Accredited by PCTIA


Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Accounting and Payroll Administrator Business Administration /E-Commerce Management

PUZZLE PIECE FOR JIGSAW CLOTHING Could you be the missing piece to complete the staff at Jigsaw Clothing? We are looking for a Sat.-Sun. person with flexibility for more days when needed. Great customer service a must, P.O.S experience preferred. Please bring resumes to Jigsaw Clothing at 2950 Pandosy St. No phone calls please.

Ad Control

Kelowna Capital News The Capital News has an immediate opening for a full time Ad Controller position. The ideal candidate will:

Computer Graphic Design

- work well under pressure of deadlines, be able to adapt to our order entry system and thrive in a fast paced team environment.

Practical Nursing

- work well with clients and have excellent communication skills.


1st Class Mystique Escorts Gorgeous ladies of all ages to suit every need 24/7 outcall service. (250)860-6778. NOW HIRING. MAGIC HANDS! full body relaxation. Lessons & prostate massage avail. 20 yrs. exp. 250-979-8248

Childcare Available AT TIGGER & ME Too Daycare: Spots available for 21/2 5year olds & Kindercare. 250765-4900 (Rutland).


Apply online at by March 9, 2010

Childcare FULL Time Live in Caregiver req’d. for local family with 2 boys. Prev. experience & good references a must. Pls. call Tracey @ 250-575-6448.

TRAIN TO BE AN APARTMENT/Condominium Manager from home. Jobs registered across Canada! Thousands of grads working. Government registered. 29 years of success. Information: HYPERLINK “” or 1-800-665-8339/604-681-5456



Getaways SKI & STAY at Sun Peaks Resort! Spring Special: Stay 6 nights, pay for 4, Vacation rentals, Condos/Chalets, 1-4 bdrms. Full kitch, f/p, hot tubs, 1-800-811-4588

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Business Opportunities ATTENTION: Trainers wanted. 50 yr old Distribution Company is looking for ONLINE Trainers. You work flexible hours from HOME on your computer.



ANNOUNCEMENT Dr. Terry Grover would like to welcome Dr. Genevieve Levesque to his Kelowna Dental Practice We are now open Fridays, from 9-5 French and Spanish spoken call 250-862-3070 We Welcome all new patients! GREEN DRINKS. Network, socialize, learn. Doc Willoughby’s 353 Bernard Ave, Kelowna. 1st Thursday of each month. 5-8pm. Please join us for our monthly sustainability networking event! If you are or want to be more sustainable and get to know like-minded individuals and businesses, we meet upstairs & the next event is March 4th. Hope to see you there! (Please note this is a non-partisan function, not affiliated with a political party) Our mailing list is managed by the Okanagan Greens Society, a non-profit organization working towards sustainability in the Okanagan Valley. To join the list and receive updates about upcoming events and news, visit http://www.okanagangreens. ca/newsletter.php

HAS anyone picked up by mistake, a black leather zippered jacket, size small by Danier Leather. Have wrong black jacket, similar, medium, by Marvin Richard. Picked up at Christophers or Shapers, Thurs Feb 18. If this is yours Please call 250-863-8077

for At-home Jobs. Achieve your goal. Work from home! Start your Medical Transcription training today. Contact CanScribe at:

Pipelayer Competition #6000018


Career Opportunities



Lost & Found

Career Opportunities

TURF LOGIC FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY. Zero Pesticide Lawn Care. Okanagan Territories Available, Outdoor Lifestyle, Full Local Support. 1-866-2394056


MCNAUGHTON, Esther Ayers Born in Butte, Montana on June 26, 1919 and passed away in Kelowna, BC on February 25, 2010. She was predeceased by her husband, Hugh, in 2003. Esther is survived by her son Bruce McNaughton, daughter Virginia Johnson (Vern), two grandchildren, Alyssa Merchan (Steve), Greg Prommaz (Andrea), her niece Janice, nephew David and extended family. Hugh and Esther married on October 13, 1951 in Butte, Montana. They farmed at Regina Beach, Saskatchewan and then moved to Bozeman, Montana where they ranched for 13 years. They returned to Canada in 1972 and moved to Kelowna in 1974, where they loved the mountains and lake. In retirement (1980) she enjoyed having her family around her, playing cards and traveling. A Funeral Service will be held at St. David’s Presbyterian Church, 271 Glenmore Road, Kelowna, BC on Saturday, March 6th at 11:00 am with entombment to follow at Kelowna Memorial Park Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Central Okanagan Hospice Association – Hospice House, #202-1456 St. Paul Street, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 2E6. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting www., 250-860-7077.

“SURVIVORSHIP” THE South Okanagans breast cancer survivor Dragonboat team will be at the South Okanagan Health Fair, Penticton Trade and Convention Centre, Saturday March 6th from 9 to 5. Come and meet the team! Traffic Controller (flagger) 2 Day Training Classes Road safety T.C.S. Kelowna- Mar 16,17,19,20th Princeton - Mar 19 &20 New $262.50 renew $157.50 Call 1-866-737-2389

Long-term/short-term relationships. FREE CALLS 1-877-297-9883 Exchange voice messages, voice mailboxes. 1-888-534-6984. Live Adult Casual Conversations - 1on1 1866-311-9640 Meet on chat-lines. Local single ladies. 1-877-804-5381(18+)

Business Opportunities

Resident Care Attendant

- possess a high degree of comfort with internet, MS Office and changing technology.

WHY CHOOSE US Hands-on Skill Training Student-focused Learning Environment Highly Qualified, IndustryExperienced Instructors Practicum Placements for All Programs Financial Aid Available to Qualified Applicants Job-Ready Grads Get Hired Right Away!


To Pursue a New Career Within Months Afternoon & Evening Classes Available

1-866-306-3768 KEL.VCCOLLEGE.CA

Responsibilities include booking and trafficking ads and flyer distribution to over 100 publications in BC, as well as support for sales reps & clients. You will be at the centre of the action contributing to a team of dynamic sales, marketing and creative professionals. It is best suited to a highly organized individual with the ability to multi-task. The position also includes office administration duties, a background in accounts receivable would be an asset. Those interested should submit a resume to: Rachel Dekker Kelowna Capital News 2495 Enterprise Way, Kelowna, B.C. V1X 7K2 fax: 250-979-7321 Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. NO phone calls please. Deadline for applications is: March 3, 2010


Haircare Professionals NATURAL Beauty is moving to a new location beside Shoppers on the Westside. We are looking for FT & PT stylists w/ clientel to work in a relaxing chic environment. Come enjoy our great staff. To apply plse call Brandy at 250-863-3626.

Education/Trade Schools

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Help Wanted ADVENTURE! Teach English Overseas. No degree req. TESOL Cert. in-class (May 5-9 Kelowna) or online. Job Guar. Call NOW 1-888270-2941 APPLY NOW! Expanding Kelowna Co. Now accepting applications for FT work in various positions. No exp nec. Call 250-860-3590

Education/Trade Schools



CAREER? 18 campuses in BC and 50 campuses worldwide








uPractical Nurse uResident Care Attendant uCommunity Support Worker uMedical Office Assistant uAdministrative Assistant uBBA Degree (Marketing or Human Resources) uInternational Hospitality Management uAdvanced Business Management uTourism & Hospitality Management uEarly Childhood Education uPharmacy Technician uLegal Secretary uSpa Therapy

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(Courses may not be available at all Campuses)

Help Wanted HEY YOU... YEAH YOU! WANT A JOB? Kelowna company is looking for hard working individuals. We provide full training, no experience required. $2,500+/mo! Must be 18+ and able to start immediately.

CALL 250-860-9480 ATTENTION: LOCAL people needed to Work From Home online $500-$4500 PT/FT. Complete Training provided. Call Candace 1-877-822-8170 GENERAL Laborer req. to work with Brush Clearing Crews. Working in the Southern Int. Seasonal & Full Time. Drivers licence and clean abstract req’d. First Aid Cert., Herbicide Cert. are assets. Fax resume: 250-861-8737 Hallmark cards requires a mature, energetic, reliable person to assist in servicing the Walmart in Kelowna. Hours are varied, but will include 2 hours on Saturdays as well as shifts during the week when the regular rep is unavailable. Would suit person who has taken early retirement who would like a few hours here and there. You might also be asked to help in other locations in the area. Also looking for help in Westbank for upcoming stores. Please email resume or letter outlining your experience to Mgr at : Only those chosen for interview will be contacted. Hard working reliable people for insulation trade. Must have own vehicle & cell phone. $15$20/hr DOE. Fax resume to: 250-491-7867 LANDSCAPING FOREMAN successful hands-on applicant will be experienced in all aspects of landscaping, minimum 5 years experience, as well as be capable of supervising a small crew. Reliable, upbeat, quality oriented traits a must. Above average pay and exceptional working environment. 250-878-7283 MATURE female residential cleaners. Vehicles needed. 250-215-1073, 491-8177 NEWS DIRECTOR. Kelowna’s home page. is looking for someone to organize, lead & inspire our four persons news team. Get more details at QUALIFIED Stucco Plasterer, must have vehicle. Competitve wages. Call 250-863-6734 or 250-215-2317

Help Wanted


NOW interviewing for 2010 season. Busy retail irrigation supplier req’s employees with experience & or design in irrigation, pond & landscape lighting. Please fax resume to 250-862-9427 PUT POWER in your career as a Power engineer! On campus Boiler Lab. Affordable residences. Write 4th Class and Part A 3rd Class. 1-888999-7882. SERVICE Adviser needed for busy Toyota Dealership. Reynolds & Reynolds computer experience needed. Send resume to fax: 250-491-1960 Attn: Service Manager SERVICE ADVISOR experience required for Chrysler dealership in Salmon Arm. Strong customer service satisfaction and paperwork skills are a must & also able to work in a fast paced environment. Excellent wage/benefit package available for the right applicant. Fax resume 1-250832-4545, email: STUDENTS Spring Break Cash. Ages 11 & up earn up to $40/day. 1-866-856-5655 WANTED: Experienced Construction surveyor proficient in AutoCAD to work fulltime at Regal Ridge, a 15 year land development project in the South Okanagan. Please submit resume: Win $$ with weightloss!! Join our weightloss challenge. 6wks to a new you. Cash prizes. Call 1-877-264-4713 YUKON HOSPITAL CORPORATION is seeking resumes from Registered Nurses in anticipation of short/long term and permanent assignments for our Watson Lake Hospital YUKON TERRITORY. Visit for more info.

ALL Kinds of Fences is looking for P/T Labour, start @ $12/hr. F/T pot. Send resume to: 491-4622

Hotel, Restaurant, Food Services EXPERIENCED Bartenders & Servers, energetic, motivated, year round positions. Please contact Aspen Grove Golf/ Restaurant/ Banquet Hall, Fax: 250-766-3795 or email:

NINETEEN @ Two Eagles Golf Course is looking for cooks and kitchen assistants. Apply w/ resume between 2-5pm to 3509 Carrington Rd

Income Opportunity Put your money to work where you will be well paid HIGH YIELD GUARANTEE OF 12% FOR A PERIOD OF 150 DAYS = 29.16% ANNUAL R.O.I For more information, 1-778-574-2141 x102 or email

Help Wanted


Salmon Arm Honda Power House is hiring for the following positions. Come be a part of our exciting and growing team. Sales Person- Must have knowledge of Motor sports and Power Equipment and a Valid VSA licence. Experience is an asset. Parts Person- To handle front counter enquiries, previous parts sales /Retail clothing experience an asset. Only those with a passion for Motor sports need apply. Journeyman small engine/ Motorcycle Technician. - Must have a valid journeyman’s certification. Experience, the ability to work independantly and multi-task are neccessary. Send resume attention Christopher Middleton to: Fax: 250-832-6138 or email:

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

Medical/Dental FT Exp., CDA req’d for Maternity Leave. Mon-Fri, no eves or wkends. Accepting resumes immediately to Dr. Peter Mitchell #1-1482 Springfield Rd, Kelowna, BC, V1Y 5V3. or fax 250-860-4200 FT Exp., Dental Receptionist req’d Mon-Thurs w/occasional Fri’s. Reply to Box #288 c/o Capital News.

Office Support Clerk OFFICE Clerk Needed,familiar with Word & Excel,Experience /background in International Trade is an asset. Interested pls contact via email: SUCCESSFUL Real Estate agent in Kelowna/West Kelowna is looking for an assistant who is organized and detail oriented. Must be able to multi task, meet deadlines and work well under pressure. PT with the possibility of leading to FT. Please mail your cover letter, resume and references to 222475 Dobbin Rd Suite 572 Westbank, BC V4T 2E9. Deadline is March 19, 2010

Professional/ Management CONCRETE ESTIMATOR /Salesman needed to quote on residential and commercial projects. Applicant MUST have a complete understanding of estimating and job costing. Must be able to read blueprints, and have great PR skills. Drivers abstract MUST be submitted along with resume. S&K Forming Ltd. has been serving Kelowna since 1992. Come and work for us! FAX 250-765-8198 or email WHEN YOU THINK CONCRETE THINK S&K EXPERIENCED MANAGER/ BOOKKEEPER REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY IN KELOWNA BC. KNOWLEDGE OF TAXI INDUSTRY AS AN ASSET. APPLICANT MUST BE ORGANIZED SELF STARTER WITH TIME MGMT. SKILLS & ABILITY TO MULTITASK & GIVE DIRECTION & OPERATE OFFICE EQUIP. & KNOWLEDGE OF QUICK BOOKS AS AN ASSET. WAGES NEGOTIABLE. PLEASE EMAIL RESUME TO: PA R G AT _ R E L I A N C E @ YAHOO.CA

Retail SHOE Warehouse Westbank hiring mature, enthusiastic individuals for F/T & P/T positions. Apply w/resume to Teresa #102-2310 Louie Dr. nr. Walmart.

Trades, Technical

Mind Body Spirit

capital news B11

Legal Services

A-1 MASSAGE. More treatments avail. for an extra price 7/day/wk. 250-870-2820 ASIAN MASSAGE! Very private setting. Professional Asian lady, $50/hr. Everyday. 250-317-3575 BLISS. French Massage. Days. Discreetly yours. 250215-7755 ESCAPE From Stress relaxation massage. Warm oil, soft music, convenient location. 9am-8pm Lori 250-868-0067. ESSENTIAL relaxation massage, warm, clean, convenient location./ Please call 250-8615433 FRENCH Body Massage, male/female or cpl, Relaxation 2pm-10pm Pierre @ 215-8049 MAGGIES Call 250-862-8882 for your appointment. RELAXATION MASSAGE. 250-469-1099 THAI Yoga Massage. Totally relax & energize your body & mind. 1hr, $50. Call for appt. 250- 801-7188 TRAINED In Europe Swedish Massage, Whole body, Calming, Relaxing, Revitalizing, IN/OUT CALLS, NON Sexual. Martika 250-707-6805

CRIMINAL RECORD? Only Pardon Services Canada has 20 years experience Guaranteeing Record Removal. Call 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)


Lose up to 24lbs by May 24. Results Guaranteed. Look great. Feel Great. Lose weight. Call Herbal Magic for a free no obligation consultation.1-800-926-4363.

Photography / Video INTERESTED In Developing your Photography Skills? Book your seat NOW for our 1/2 day workshop on March 27th. Call 250-470-2857 to register.

Accounting/Tax/ Bookkeeping

BOOKKEEPER Now accepting new clients. 20yrs. experience. Simply Acctng. & Quick Books. Give me your shoebox! 250-762-0229 & 250-487-9377

IONIC Cleansing detoxifying homespas, new, factory direct, $475. Sale price. 878-8500

Carpentry/ Woodwork C. E. Larsen Carpentry. For all your carpentry needs - from decks to custom finishing. No job is to small. Reliable & Quality Work. (250) 575-8113 Urban Classic Cabinetry. Kit/ bth renos, wallbeds, home office, closet org. 250-860-2801

Financial Services

Carpet Cleaning

$10 MILLION AVAILABLE for Land Purchase/Development and Joint Ventures. Management Consulting and Business Plan services. Call 1-866-402-6464. $500$ LOAN SERVICE, by phone, no credit refused, quick and easy, payable over 6 or 12 installments. Toll Free: 1877-776-1660 DEBT STRESS? Debts got you worried? end those phone calls. Avoid bankruptcy. Contact us for a no-cost consultation. or toll-free 1-877-556-3500 IF YOU OWN A HOME or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1-800-5872161 REDUCE DEBT by up to 70% Avoid bankruptcy. Free consultation. BBB accredited. 250-860-1653

BONDED & Insured. Top of the line equipment & supplies. $60./4rms & hall extra $10./rm. Call Jeff @ 250-681-4245 CARPET Care. Res & Comm. All types of Vehicles. Truck mounted unit. 250-212-0340

Health Products

Home Care PRIVATE HOME CARE. I’m a Practical Nurse helping with appoints, bathing, cleaning, meals, shopping etc. Very caring & reliable. 808-0830

Legal Services

ASSISTANT MECHANIC. Shadow Ridge Golf Course is currently looking for an assistant mechanic/groundskeeper. 1-2 yrs experience with golf course mechanics, small engines, automotive or general mechanics preferred. Willing to train the right applicant please apply to srmaintenance or fax (250) 7657922. CARPENTERS/REMODELERS $25+/hour. Canada’s leading home repair & remodeling company is seeking carpenters, remodellers, skilled tradespeople (m/f) in Vancouver, Victoria, Okanagan Valley. Apply tollfree 1-800-8842639 or

#1 IN PARDONS. Remove your criminal record. Express Pardons offers the FASTEST pardons, LOWEST prices, and it’s GUARANTEED. BBB Accredited. FREE Consultation Toll-free 1-866-416-6772, #1 PARDON SERVICE - We can remove your criminal record in 6 months! Receive FREE pardon or waiver evaluation. We guarantee it Ask for details! Call Toll-Free 1-888-646-0747 CRIMINAL RECORD? Only Pardon Services Canada has 20 years experience Guaranteeing Record Removal. Call 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)

Education/Trade Schools

Education/Trade Schools

Cleaning Services

360 DEGREES OF CLEAN! EXPERIENCED & reliable. Glenmore & Central Kelowna only, 1 spot avail. Nonsmoker, ref’s, CRC. No obligation consult. 250-878-4794 BEST Premium quality clean. Making U house proud. NuMaid,250-215-1073, 491-8177 CLEANING Serv. Avail. Residential by the wk. or mo. Senr’s welcome 250-448-1786 EUROPEAN House Cleaning, New Const., Res. & Comm. Resonable rate 250-718-4515 FRIENDSHIP Cleaners. Will help people that are seeking friendship cleaners that will help to be fair with your budget. Please call Patty at 250717-5910 HUNGARIAN Cleaning Team Res/Strata/Offices $15/hr. Call Aron at 250-317-6418 KELOWNA METICULOUS EUROPEAN Housekeeper avail. 778-478-2667 SHOWHOME Cleaning. Let us shine for you. Res/comm/office. Call 250-212-6101 TIRED OF PAYING TOO MUCH FOR MEDIOCRE SERVICE? We are the solution for your janitorial needs. Prof cleaning providers, over 25yrs exp, comm. & res. The Projects, 808-5389 Will clean your home. Reg. or p/t, move outs, offices. 20yrs. exp. 778-755-5004, 250-8637190

Computer Services

12/7 A MOBILE COMPUTER TECH. Certified computer technician, virus removal, repairs, upgrades. Let me come to you. 250-717-6520. 12/7 In-Home Repairs. New Systems/Upgrades. 20+yrs Prof. Service. Peter 215-4137

Education/Trade Schools

Become a Psychiatric Nurse in your own community There is an urgent need for more Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN), particularly outside the urban areas of the province. And with the workforce aging – the average age of a Registered Psychiatric Nurse in BC is 47 years – the number of retirees from the profession is exceeding the number of graduates. Entry-level earnings start at $29/hour. Train Locally – The only program of its kind in BC, students can learn within their local communities via distance education, local and/or regional clinical placements, and some regional classroom delivery. This 23 month program is recognized by the CRPNBC. Government funding may be available.

Toll Free:


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Computer Services $20 SPECIAL - Repairs and Virus removal, On Site or in Shop - Free pickup - Senior/ Student discounts - 7 days/ week/10pm - 20 years Locally Owned and Operated VisaMasterCard- Debit- CALL 250868-0885

Concrete & Placing DANFORMS Concrete offers Certified Tradesman for driveways, sidewalks, floors, foundations, retaining walls, stairs, wheelchair ramps. Stamped, Exposed & Broom. Free Estimates. Call Dan 250863-5419 FOR All your Concrete you need done, big or small, Please call Orlando for Free Estimate 250-862-5255 OKANAGAN’S Concrete Specialist. FOR all your concrete needs, prep, place & finish, any style, also concrete repairs of any kind. 451-6944 POOLS/ Landscapes/ Decks/ Fences/ Concrete/ Design. Call Unique 250-801-9273


KELOWNA GUTTER Cleaning and repair, fix leaks re slope gutters etc, also fascia and metal capping call Richard 250-718-6718

Custom Rock Counters

SPRING for Apartments & Condos One Kitchen 24 sq. ft. and one Bathroom Vanity 8 sq. ft. both with undermount sink 11/4” thick, includes edging of your choice.

Countertops CUSTOMROCKCOUNTERS. COM. 100 colors of granite to choose from. Best price. Great Quality. Free installation and more 250-870-1577, 763-8303 Showroom: 1115 Gordon Dr.

Community Newspapers We’re at the heart of things™

Electrical A&S ELECTRIC. Resid/Comm Wiring. New constr, renov. & service changes. lic’d & bonded. Steve 864-2099 (cont #90929) BEST Choice Electrical Contracting, sm. jobs, service changes/upgrades, 215-1646 CHIPSTERS Electrical, Res. & Comm. Lic’d. & Bonded. Service calls welcome. 826-0091

Floor Refinishing/ Installations LEW Cat Ent. Carpet, Lino, Tiles, Hrdwd, Lam. Free est. Great rates. Lewis @ 3176889 Work Guaranteed. SPECIAL 15% OFF Carpet, Lino, Tile Installation, Restretching, Squeaky floors. We repair. Quality Work! Free Est. Jack 250-769-5716

Lawn & Garden

IMPERIAL DRYWALL, Complete Drywall Services Res. & Comm Free Est 250-801-5335

Floor Refinishing/ Installations

WAL TEK Drywall & Renos, board, tape, texture & paint. From new homes to small renos, for a free estimate call Guenther, 250-878-0528

1ST CLASS Floors. Professional installation of hardwood, laminate & tile. Insured, competitive rates. Dave 250826-6732

1-1 All About Hedge & Tree Service. Downsizing, trimming, bracing, pruning, sculptured shaping & removal. Insured. Free quotes. For quality service Call Dave 250-212-1716. 25% Discount for Seniors. An Experienced Pruner/Gardener, pruning fruit trees now till spring clean-up. Taking bookings for spring clean-up, excel. ref’s. 250-864-0768 ACE OF SPADES. Aeration, thatching, hedge & shrub pruning, lawn service, multch, rock, rototilling. Exp’d, ins’d. Michael, 250-878-1315 GET a head start on having the nicest yard on the street. Yard/Garden clean-up and pruning. 250-801-7040 Hedge Hog L3 - lawns, landscapes, lighting. Discounts for early bookings. Professional/ Reliable/Insured. Combining organic and traditional services reducing chemical dependence. References. KelownaVernon. Vincent 250-826-8814 RANDY’S Yard Care. Beat the rush, book now. Powerraking, clean-ups, fertilizing, pruning, landscapes, retaining walls, paver patios & more. 250-8687107, 250-768-1517 START Early CALL Ryan now @ 250-469-1288 & ask about our yard cleanups/pruning. WAYKAT Landscape & Maintenance Co. Early startup savings. Pre book now and save on all your landscaping & maintenance. Yard clean ups, aerating, power rake, irrigation and pond start ups, complete landscape installation and renovations, reg mowing & full yard service. Over 18yrs of friendly professional service. 250-762-5005




North End Moving Services



D. FRANCIS Electrical Ltd. Quality/Dependable Service. Fully ins’d. Lic#91625. 317-6843 JRS ELECTRIC: Licns’d, bnded & insr’d. From new builds & renos to service calls. John, 250-448-6510 (cont:98365) SIMAIR Electric Ltd. Commercial, Residential, Controls & Data reno’s etc. 250-718-5067

Excavating & Drainage

Contractors DCR Contracting. New construction & reno’s. Free estimates. 250-862-1746 KSK Woodworking, Framing, finishing, foundations & more. Quality workmanship at reasonable prices. 250-979-8948 WENINGER CONST. Family company commited to Kelowna & Big White. 250-765-6898



M-F 9-4 SAT 10-2 250-763-8303 ~ 250-870-1577

KRENNY’S EXCAVATING. Exc/bobcat serv., Sewer HU’s, UG Utils, Bsmts, Footings, Backfilling, Drvwys, Lndscp, Retaining Walls. Rubber track exc w/blade. Est’s, Fully Ins. Kory 451-9095, 869-9125 Serving Kelowna, Westside, Lake Country

#2-1115 GORDON

LOADER/Min-Exc. Grndwrks, final grading. Owner/Op. Al’s Bobcat Serv. 250-470-2598



CYCLE Drywall & Framing. Complete wall and ceiling installs. Residential & reno’s. Guaranteed. 250-863-6017.

ALL KINDS OF FENCES. Spring Special, 6’x8’ cedar fence panels at $65. Pre staining avail. Starting installs now. Call 250-491-4622

DRYWALL SERVICES & Repairs New work & reno work. 30? exp. Framing, Bording, Taping, Texture. Ken212-9588

CEDAR FENCE PANELS, 1-800-838-6036 Armstrong

Handypersons TERRY’S RENOVATIONS & Handyman Service. For all your reno’s, repairs & odd jobs. Charge by hour/job. Exterior/interior painting, baseboards, flooring, carpentry & loads to dump. No job too small. Free estimates. 250450-6939, 250-575-4258

Heat, Air, Refrig. SOMMERFELD Heating A/C, Install & Repair Heat Pumps, F/P, Gas Fitting Lic. 215-6767 SOUTHERN BC Heating & Air Conditioning. Over 30yrs exp. Call 250-681-3869

Home Improvements ADDITIONS, finished bsmts, kitchen & bth reno’’s, tile, hrwd & laminate flooring. Drywall, painting. Ext/int finishing. Call 250-870-3187 ER Renovations- Reliable & Exc. service. No job too small. Ernie 765-0879 Rick 765-3553 INTERIOR Finishing & Reno’’s. No Job too small, Install & Repairs. Drywall, Plumbing, Doors/Win, Baseboards, Cab., Kitchens, Bthrms. 859-2787 NATURAL WOOD FLOORING FIR, HEMLOCK & PINE Rouck Bros. Lumby, BC 1-800-960-3388 NEED Help? Paint, Tile, Carpentry, Drywall, light Electrical & Plumbing, call 250-869-6577 ROSTKA ENT. Ltd. Complete int/ext. reno’s. Carpentry, drywall, painting, bsmt, decks & more. Lic’d & Insured. BBB Accred. Call: Rob 878-8049. office 764-5449. STUDZ Renovations Carpentry, Plumbing, Elect., Drywall, Decks, Tile, 250-317-8275 THE Old Pro’’s, Licence & Insured, Reno’’s, Remodeling etc. Barry @ 250-826-2599 WELLERMADE. Additions, Reno’s, Sun-decks, Bsmt. stes., etc.768-2202 878-6967 WOODLAKE COUNTERTOPS. Counter-tops In-stock. Kitchen Cabinets. Cutting & Finishing Services. Flat lay & Cabinetry. 250-300-6980

Home Repairs

Moving & Storage

LARRY’S Handyman & Reno Serv., Lg. & Sm. jobs, Graffitti Removal etc., 250-718-8879 SMALL household & yard repairs. Seniors friend! Free estimates. Call 250-826-5627

FAMILY Movers. Moving? Anything, anywhere. Local and long distance throughout 2009. Packing service available, weekly trips to Vancouver, Alberta, full and partial loads. Cheapest rates in the valley. Free Estimates, 250493-2687 JOE’S MOVING.reasble rates, fully equip’d trucks, local-long dist, no job too small.470-8194 NORTH END Moving Services Local/Long Distance welcome, Vancouver Special? Free Estimates 250-470-9498

Kitchen Cabinets BATHROOM RENO’S. Plum bing Repairs. Bathrooms By Gemini 862-6991, 764-0189

Landscaping #1 STOP FOR ROCKS. Please call 250-862-0862 AQUA GARDENS & Landscapes. Spring clean ups, irrig. start ups, pruning. Call 250979-2782 ASPEN LANDSCAPING. Spring clean up, aerating, pruning, etc. 250-317-7773. Back Country Lawn & Landscape. Book your spring clean-up and irrigation start ups. Please call 250-864-9936 Retaining Walls, interlock pavers, irrigation, full landscaping. Stonevalley Landscaping. 250-317-5644 10yrs Kelowna. WAYKAT Landscape & Maintenance Co. Early startup savings. Pre book now and save on all your landscaping & maintenance. Yard clean ups, aerating, power rake, irrigation and pond start ups, complete landscape installation and renovations, reg mowing & full yard service. Over 18yrs of friendly professional service. 250-762-5005

Machining & Metal Work GET BENT Metal Fab, fences, gates, railings, security bars, boat railings. 863-4418

Painting & Decorating

100% A-1 Satisfaction! RICKS PAINTING. $399. 3 room Special. Call Rick 250-863-2302 100% AFFORDABLE Painting Exp, quality. Int Paint/ceilings. Winter Specials. Terry 8639830 or 768-1098 1ST. In customer service, Cando Painting, prof. reliable crew, 15yrs. in business, Int/Ext. Eddie 250-863-3449


PAINTING Interior/Exterior Painting. Seniors Discount. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Serving Western Canada for 35yrs. Call P&D Painting for Spring Special Price Call Derek 769-0228, 803-7382

BRIT-CAN Painting Services. 20yrs exp. Senior discount. Free estimates. 250-863-1389 COLOR Brite Pro Painting. Int/ Ext, Com/Res, 30yrs exp. Qual. Aff. price. 778-478-3660 DALE’S PAINTING Service. Painting Kelowna a better place since 1982, 862-9333 ULTIMATE Painters & Renos. Work guaranteed. 250-8785540 for free estimates.

Plumbing Masonry & Brickwork WILDSTONE MASONRY Stone Fireplaces and Exteriors -Call Greg for estimate. (250)826-6989. or email

� � � �

XCEL PLUMBING, Irrigation, Gas Fitting and drain cleaning. Comm/res and reno’’s. Service & hot water tanks. 575-3839 KOSKI Plumbing-Heating Gas Fitting Reno’s Res. Bonded/Insured Troy @ 718-0209


Kelowna Junk Removal Ltd. (1998)

House/Yard/Building Sites/Rental Properties/ Renovations/Etc. “We Service just about any kind of clean-up”

Scrapmetal/wood/appliances/etc. *W.C.B. Coverage Large 3/2/1 & 1/2 Ton Trucks Excellent Reputation & Excellent Service. Cell 250-718-0992 / 250-861-7066 / Member of Kelowna Chamber of Commerce


Irrigation, Gas Fitting and Drain Cleaning. Commercial, residential and renovations. Service and hot water tanks.





Call Clint, 250-575-3839

In business since 1989 Licensed & insured





ADDITIONS, finished bsmts., kitchen & bath reno’s, tile, hrdwd. & laminate flooring. Drywall, painting. Ext/int finishing. Call 250-870-3187




•FREE On-Site Consultation •Trex Composite/Wood Decking •Low Maintenance Products •Wooden/Vinyl Fencing

Call 250-801-YARD (9273) Design Studio • 2810 Benvoulin Rd

CABINETRY/RENO ROOFING & HOME REPAIRS CARPET CLEANING URBAN CLASSIC CABINETRY & DESIGN INC. Kitchen, Bath, Entertainment/ Wall Units, Wallbeds, Home Office, Pantry, Closet Organizers. From Design, Build, Install to Full Reno’s. Call 250-860-2801

COCOMO ENTERPRISES “Your Roofing Specialist” Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

Darcy (250)864-5765





Big or small we do them all. Free Estimates 30+ yrs exp.

Ph: 250-869-0697 Cell 250-470-9498



Local or Long Distance Polite & Professional

Residential & Commercial. All types of vehicles. Competitive Pricing. Prof. truck mounted unit. 250-212--0340



Pgr: 250-861-0303 25 Years of Satisfied Customers




Book now for landscape projects, retaining walls, aerating, power raking, pruning, etc. Spring cleanup,

250-317-7773 or visit us at:

REPAIR & RENOVATIONS The Friendly Handyman specializing in... stucco - drywall - paint repairs and renovations. 25 yrs. exp. Seniors Discount

Call 250-317-9876


& Renovation Services

• Kitchen & Bathroom Upgrades • Yard Maintenance • Fences, Decks • Tile • Graffiti Removal

Gerard Simair

LICENCE #19989

Ph: (250) 718-5067






Artistic Ceramics.

Custom tile setting. Travertine, marble, granite & ceramic. Decks, kitchen, baths. Guaranteed work.

Call 250-870-1009




• Plowing & sanding • Comm snowblower • Trucks w/plows & bobcats • Landscaping CELL: (250) 979-8033 BUS: (250) 861-1500



Painters & Renos. Drywall, textured ceilings, carpentry, int/ext. painting. Work guaranteed. 250-878-5540 for free esimates.

Senior’s Specials Experience & Quality New Homes & Repaints Ceilings Bondable. Insurance Work Call Terry 250-863-9830 or 250-768-1098



Larry’s Handyman • Interior & Exterior Renovations • Carpentry • Painting • Small Repairs • Pressure Washing


Residential and Commercial New Construction & Renovations Small Jobs GARTH GRANDO Lic. No. 97059 cell: 215-1646 phone/fax 769-9049

Commercial/Residential. Hot Tub/Heat Pump Connections, Service Upgrades/Service Calls, Additions/Renos. Lic. #40170 Call Ken 250-317-3479



Lew Cat Ent. Carpet, Lino, Tiles, Hardwood, Laminate. Free estimates. Great rates. Lewis @ 317-6889 Work Guaranteed.



Early Spring Special! Call 250-763-7114 to book your spot

Plumbing PERFECTION PLUMBING & Gas Fitting 250-762-4458, Reno’s & New Const., Service/Repairs,HWT,BBQs, Lic’d & Bonded, Free Est. Reas. rates, Seniors Dis. Visa, M/C & Debit, Great Customer Serv.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rubbish Removal

Window Cleaning


��� THAT GUY & His Work Truck LTD. Junk Removal & Bin Rentals 10,15 & 20 yard Bins. We haul EVERYTHING

WINDOW, Awning, Sign & Vinyl cleaning. $2/window, $50$70/awning, $25-$50/sign & $100/1000sq’ house. Joe at Crystal Clear Window Cleaning, 250-864-8156

250-575-5383 ERIK & His Truck Junk Removal, loads from $39.99 250-859-9053, 250-868-8454. SMALL Hauls. Truck for hire. Rubbish, Small Moves, Boat Hauling 250-864-0696 Reza

FACTORY Direct Window Replacements, Free Estimates. Starline Windows 765-6334

PURE English Springer Spaniel puppies. Mom & Dad registered & chipped. Liver & white, black & white. Ready to GO! $800. 250-764-1480 Pure Shar-pei puppies, 8wks old, ready to go, $500. (250)547-8876 Springer X pups, ready Mar 17. 1ST Shots, 3-males, 2-females. $450. 250-542-3407 ST. BERNARD Puppies, ready to go. Purebred, papered, excellent disposition, home raised. $1000. 250-832-7625

Home or Jobsite, Renovations Cheapest rates in the Valley

Roofing & Skylights A-1 TEAM MASTER ROOFER Experienced in all kinds of roofing. New, Reroof & Repair. European Quality 2 yrs. Warranty. Call Steffen C#: 8638224 W#:778-754-1015 Master & Visa cards welcome COCOMO Enterprises, Your roofing Specialist & Home Repairs, call Darcy 250-864-5765 EAGLE ROOFING. CEDAR CONVERSIONS, NEW CONSRUCTION, REROOF. FREE EST. CALL 250-826-3311 RYDER ROOFING LTD. Free est, senior discounts, member of BBB, fully ins’d, WCB coverage. All types of shingle roofing & torch on roofing systems. ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’ Call 250765-3191

Snowclearing TREMBLAY’S EXCAVATING Snow plowing, sanding, comm snow blower. Ins’d. 979-8033

Stucco/Siding DESIGN Stucco & Stone. New homes, reno’s & repairs. No job too small. Clean, quality work. Zoltan 250-864-9798.

Rubbish Removal

Rubbish Removal

Windows Feed & Hay Feeder hay. Round bales $160 ton. Delivery available. 250-838-6630. Good hay for sale. (250)546-9351 *HAY SALES GUARANTEED Quality Grass, Alfalfa, Mixed square bales, round bales & Silage bales. Delivery avail. (250)804-6081,(250)833-6763.

Livestock HORSE Disposal, Call Dave @ 250-309-0629

Pet Services ARE You going away? House sitting & pet sitting, references available, Call 778-478-7726

• RUBBISH • JUNK • GARBAGE We’ll remove anything! Ltd.

Insured • W.C.B. •Bin Rentals •Tree Chipping


#1 Affordable! Full service & clean-up, or rent easy to load bins-all sizes + Demolition avail. WCB & Insured. 250860-4041 / ‘#1 - BBB Kelowna Junk Removal Ltd. (1998) Scrap metal, wood, appls, etc. House, yard, building site, rental properties, renovations, etc. WCB Coverage. Lrg 3/2/1 & 1/2ton trucks 718-0992 or 861-7066 250-808-0733 SKYHIGH DISPOSAL Full Service Junk Removal & Bin Rentals. BOB’S ONE TON. Clean-up, 25yrs satisfied customers. 765-2789, 861-0303 pgr

Tiling TILE Setter. Artistic Ceramics. Custom tile setting. Call 250870-1009 TILING: Ceramic, porcelain, slate, travertine, etc. European quality, affordable. Free est. Call Jeremy, 250-801-7303

Tree Services 1-1 All About Hedge & Tree Service. Downsizing, trimming, bracing, pruning, sculptured shaping & removal. Insured. Free quotes. For quality service Call Dave 250-212-1716. ROB’S Tree Care Ltd. For all your tree care needs...Insured & Cert. WCB. 250-212-8656

Pets 3.5YR old red/tan Female Doberman w/large kennel, can be bred, $850 obo to good home, to much dog for seniors. 250838-0153. American Blue Nose registered pups, 4 female, 3 male, $1000 each, ready to go March 16, email:, 250-8635665 Kelowna Beautiful Great Pyrenees Border Collie puppies, 6wks old guardian/ great family pet, $350. 250-260-2627 Dachshunds, Miniature Longhair & Miniature Smooth. CKC non-breeding agmt registered, vet checked, vaccinated, tattooed. $600. 250-379-2635. ENGLISH toy Terrier & Chihuahua, female, 8 wks old. 1st shots. 250-491-9664. Havanese, Bichon, Shih-Tzu puppies; Litter trained, 1st shots, great disposition. One year guarantee on any genetic defect. Best price guaranteed. Call 250-804-9924

Antiques / Vintage HAND Carved, beautiful Grandfather Clock, Lions & Foliage, 250-768-0856 VINYL SALE Sat March 6th 10am....selling off many rare and collectible records from over 30 years collecting. All genres of music. Call 250-2157182 for address.

Appliances Re-Conditioned Coin Operated Washer/Dryer Sets. Call 250-260-0394. * WINTER CLEARANCE SALE ON NOW Save an extra 30-50% off our low priced items! Selling scratch & dent Brand names you can trust. Prices that can’t be beat. Come in & check us out. SMART CHOICE LIQUIDATORS. 3124 30th Ave, Downtown Vernon 250-549-5010. Unit #4-2720 Hwy 97N, Kelowna, 250-712-9855.

Building Supplies 60-70 year old barn for sale for salvage of wood & good metal roof in Enderby.(250)546-3206 EXTERIOR sidings: board & batten, channel, bevel, log cabin. Dry. T&G; fir, cedar & pine (1x4 1x6). Fencing; fir & cedar. Latice panels. Timbers & beams. Lumber for garden boxes, retaining walls, hobby wood. 1-800-838-6036 Armstrong.

Food Products Naturally grown, governt inspected, grain fed Beef. $2.65/lb. CWF 250-546-6494.

capital news B13

Food Products

Jewels, Furs

Misc. for Sale

QUALITY GRAIN fed black ANGUS beef, government inspected $2.50 lb. Cut to your instructions, wrapped & frozen 250-547-6584

Kelowna Gold turns your unwanted gold and platinum jewelry, silver coins and silverware into cash. With 25 years buying experience in Kelowna we look forward to your call for a no obligation quote. Call Jeremy @ 250575-4363. SANDBERG Jewellers is now buying used gold and diamonds, top dollar paid. 250762-4472, 250-575-8393

JANITORIAL Equip. for sale. Automatic, numatic floor scrubber. NOBLES Electric ultrashine dust control burnisher, 20”. $1800 for both obo. Call 250-765-5117 NEW Norwood SAWMILLS LumberMate-Pro handles logs 34” in Diameter, mills boards 28” wide. Automated quick-cycle-sawing increases efficiency up to 40% - FREE information: 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT PRIVATE Sale: HD Rockwell 10” table saw 27”x20” bed c/w Hmade stand & roller ext. $400 obo. Myford 7” metal lathe c/w acc. $2500. (250)260-8069 VIEWSONIC 20” widescreen multimedia LCD. Practically new. $150. 778-436-9268 WALK-IN TUB. Massage jets, brand new display model, right hand door, as seen on TV. Installation available. For info call 250-862-0813

Free Items 384 PVC small barrels 3” high, new, still in pkg., 250-8619292 ENTERTAINMENT Centre Walnut color, for TV, Cd’s, DVD’s, and storage.762-7190 FREE vehicle removal for recycling only, cars, trucks, vans. No registration, no problem. Call Larry 250-540-0303.




Furniture 6PC Cherry sleigh bdrm set. Queen bed, dresser, mirror, chest, 2 night stands. New!! Still boxed. Worth $5000, Sell $1295 Can deliver. call 1- 250550-6648, 250-550-6647 COUCH & Loveseat (Ashley), Antique design burgundy/gold brocade, carved wood trim, & cushions, $1600. 766-9360 HARD wood oak tbl & 4 tables, w/2ext. $155. 860-8127 NEW 3-pc Sectional Sofa w/ottoman, In orig. pkg. Worth $1499, Must Sell $899 250550-6647 can deliver

Heavy Duty Machinery 1998 Bobcat 773, heated cab, 4500hrs, rebuilt engine, new tires, fully serviced, excellent condition, $14,500obo. 1998 Bobcat 763, open cab, 2100hrs, new tires, fully serviced, excellent condition, $14,500 obo. 250-212-1550 2003 EX 200 LC c/w Q/A & new cleanout bucket, 3200hrs, very clean machine $69,500 obo. Len 250-550-4100.

Medical Supplies MOBILITY Scooters & power chairs, new & used. Shoprider Dealer now located in Natural Rezources, 525 Bernard. 250764-7757

Misc. for Sale A Free Telephone Service. Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It.No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464 A Safe, Proven “Restless Leg Syndrome” and “Leg Cramps” Cure That Always Gives You Instant Relief.

Misc. Wanted

WANTED: 5 12’ aluminum orchard ladders in good shape. 250-866-5103 1-800-765-8660

AT LAST! An iron filter that works. IronEater! Fully patented Canada/USA. Removes iron, hardness, sulfur, smell, manganese from well water. Since 1957. Phone 1-800-BIG IRON; DECORATIVE STONE PANELS “EasyROCK” The Beauty of stone without the mason: Easy Installation: Light Weight: R-4.5 Value: Built Green: A-1 Fire rating: 604-248-2062. DOLLAR Store in N. Glenmore, closing out sale. 50-70% off EVERYTHING. Starting March 1st. Kane Rd off Glenmore Rd. DO YOU NEED LARGE AMOUNTS OF FREE FILL? no trucking charge 250-3073839 Dacron Enterprises LTD. FUTURE STEEL BUILDINGS Durable, Dependable, Pre-engineered, All-Steel Structures. Custom-made to suit your needs and requirements. Factory-Direct affordable prices. Call 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170 for free brochure.

Sporting Goods

1 Treadmill, Free Spirit, Soft track, computerized, 0-15% incline, $Open to offer 862-5112 RUSSIAN SKS’’s - top choice, cleaned, oiled & inspected, from $299. Ammo - 1120 RDS-Case $195. 12 ga shotgun ammo & clay targets $99. Quality Firearms bought & sold. GLOCKs + accessories stocking dealer. Weber & Markin Gunsmiths. 4-1691 Powick Rd, Kelowna, (250)762-7575

$100 & Under

2 Champiro P185/75/R14 tires on Mercedes 5bolt rims. $60 250-707-2123 4 P175/70R13 Kumho all season tires on 4bolt rims, $80. 85% tread. 250-707-2123 BLEACHED oak headboard, queen/ dbl. Good cond. $45. 250-765-7932. GRILLE for 1986-1988 Ford Ranger P/U. Very good condition. $40. 250-707-2123



Enterprises Ltd.

The Okanagan’s Renovation Specialists Residential and Commercial, Additions, Garages, Basements, Windows, Doors, Decks, Fencing, Carpentry, Drywalling, Painting Top Quality Worksmanship & Service

Rob 250-878-8049 Off. 250-764-5449 Lic. & Insured - Ref’s available (WCB Coverage)



DRYWALL SERVICES & REPAIRS New work & renovation work. Over 30 yrs. experience. Framing, boarding, taping, texture t-bar ceilings & insulation. Call Ken 250-212-9588

• Acrylic tub liners installed right over your old tub & tiles • Tub to shower conversions • Complete renovations



MARAINE CONSTRUCTION Over 30 yrs. experience. Quality workmanship •Carpentry, Drywall, Framing, Tiling, Cabinet, Deck, Plumbing, Flooring, etc. •Mobile workshop

Call Martin @ 250-300-4657


Well Built Construction

#1-1255 Bernard Ave., Kelowna, BC V1Y 6R3







RYDER ROOFING LTD. Free estimates, senior discounts, member of B.B.B. Fully insured, WCB coverage. All types of shingle roofing & torch on roofing systems. ‘From a hole in your roof to a whole new roof.’



• Bath Remodels • Decks • Drywall

• Kitchen Remodels • Painting • Plumbing

•Electrical • Tile Work • To-Do Lists • Much More


A Division of Bayside Developments Ltd.


Qualified, Reliable. • Bonded •Installations • Repairs • Renovations • H. Water Tank • Washer, Dryer • Dishwasher Over 30 yrs. Experience


Kelowna • 250-717-5500



Licensed, Bonded & Insured

Independently Owned and Locally Operated

Call Walter 250-766-5580 Cell 250-317-2279




A & S Electric



Residential & Commercial Wiring, New Construction, Renovations & Service Changes. Complete telephone & data cabling services, Prompt quality service. Licensed & Bonded Call Steve 250-864-2099 (cont#90929)



All types of demolition. Locally owned & operated. FREE ESTIMATES

call 250-808-0895

LAWN & GARDEN We Guarantee to keep Scheduled Appointments.

Don’t call anyone about yard care until you speak to Ryan @ VANTAGE POINT. Book your clean-up & receive a FREE Aeration


•Renovations •New construction •Plumbing Service & Repairs •H/W tank replacement • Furnace Service & Installs • Gas f/p Service and Installs Bonded & Insured

Call Troy, 250-718-0209

• New & Existing Heating Systems • Heat pumps, A/C • Gas fitting • Licensed & Insured. • Replacement Furnace.

Call Wayne (250) 215-6767



Excavator & Bobcat Service, Sewer Hookups, Underground Utilities, Footing, Backfilling, Basements, Driveways, Landscaping, Retaining Walls, Rubber Track Excavator w/ blade. Estimates, Fully Insured. Kory 250-451-9095 Cell: 250-869-9125 Serving Kelowna, Westside, Lk Country


D. FRANCIS ELECTRIC LTD Residential/Commercial/Industrial. Small jobs, new construction & renovations, panel changes, quality workmanship. Contractor #91625.

250-768-9967 250-317-6843



METAL FABRICATION LTD. Fences • Gates • Railings • Security Bars • Cargo Racks • Rollcages • Boat Railings & more. Tube Bending Specialists






Southern BC Heating & Air Conditioning


Small Household & Yard Repairs. A man that helps seniors get little jobs done. From lighting fixture upgrades, cleaning eaves troughs to re-keying locks and desktop computer upgrades & virus scans.

Joe’s Moving Service

• Heat Pumps Over 30 Years • Fireplaces Experience • Furnaces Serving the • Repair Okanagan Valley • Install • Sales 250-681-3869


ellermade W Additions, Renovations Sun-decks, Bsmt. suites, etc. Call Dave @ 250-768-2202 or 250-878-6967

Licensed & Insured

Call Barry



826-5627 (jobs)



Electrical & Renovations Allan Hoce, General Contractor


Alan 250-808-6595 (lic. #102788)


Drywall, Taping, Painting, Texture Ceiling. We Do Houses, Basement & Commercial CALL NOW FOR FREE ESTIMATE 250.801.5335

• • • •

“The Professionals” Local/long distance Storage Available No job too small Free Estimates Call Joe Anytime 250-470-8194


to these great businesses for all your service needs!

B14 capital news


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

$100 & Under

Apt/Condos for Sale


ONE P225/60R16 Goodyear Eagle tire, 5bolt rim, 100% tread. $35. 250-707-2123 ONE Wrangler P215/75/R15 M&S tires on rims, $30. 250707-2123 TAILLIGHTS for 1999-2003 Ford Windstar, $40. 250-7072123 TV 27” DVD Player 5-disc also VCR, $100.all obo. Call all 250-766-3741

THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime. WILLOW Terrace, 1215sf.,remodeled, 2bd., 2ba., encl. bal., spa, games rm., guest rms., workshop, u/g prkng., smoke free, 50+, $184,900. 765-4423

1/2 acre lot with a view of Shuswap Lake. This is one of the last undeveloped lots in Shuswap Lake Estates, 16 km from Salmon Arm. Asking $99,000 or will make trade as downpayment on property in Kelowna. Contact Ron or Annette at 250-563-2356 or for more information. LUMBY: 3 view lots on new subdivision (Schunter Drive) Lot 2: $115,000 + GST. Lot 3: $120,000 + GST. Lot 4: $125,000 + GST. Call Mike 250-547-9402, 250-309-1042 MOVE to the Upper East Side, lot for sale by owner, city & lake views, large building platform, asking $285,000. Call 250-859-3510, 250-451-9162

$200 & Under COMPLETE Wine making equipment, Primary’s, carboys, etc. $200. 250-765-2332. COMPUTER System, WIN XP, Internet ready, excellent condition, $200. 869-2363 Kel VIEWSONIC 20” widescreen multimedia LCD. Practically new. $150. 778-436-9268

$300 & Under COMPUTER LAPTOP, WIN XP, internet, excellent condition, $300. 250-869-2363 (Kel) KIMBALL Z-50 Pro-Entertainer organ w/bench & training tapes. $250. 250-765-2332. POWERFUL Central Vaccuum with new attachments. $299 no tax. 762-3468, 869-2947

Garage Sales BIG Moving Sale. Everything must go. Rain/shine. Sat & Sun, 9am-1pm. 3312 Old Okanagan Hwy. HUGE Garage Sale. Sat & Sun, Mar 6th & 7th. Everything must go. 3929 Kekuli Crt. SHABBY CHIC Furniture sale, some antiques, Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, 11am-4pm. Market on Casorso Rd across from SPCA. 250-764-7022

Acreage for Sale READY to build on this 3 acres in Whitevale area, Lumby. Flat, few trees, drilled well. Gas/hydro to driveway. Price $245,000 GST.obo. 250-5476932. SHUSWAP RIVER FRONT 11.3 acres w/shop $400,000. 1985 house on 22.5 acres $799,000. 15.9 acres $400,000. Water and services. 250-838-7660.

Apt/Condos for Sale 50+ Clean, high security condo, Enderby. 2-bdrm, en-suite, balcony, elevator, newly renovated. $225,000 (250)838-0121

Duplex/4 Plex FULL Duplex w/4 suites, great investment, good income potential, $599,900. 860-6995

For Sale By Owner Reno’d in Springvalley, 3bd, finis’d bsmt, carport, sundeck, RV prking. Near bus & shopping., $385,000. 250-868-6007 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Houses For Sale ******* Where smart sellers meet smart buyers! View Thompson Okanagan properties for sale.// Selling? No Commission. (250) 545-2383 or 1-877-291-7576 2-bdrm house under construction, by Bedrock Projects LCD, 976 Mount Ida Drive, Vernon. $439,000 Avail June 15. Darcy Goossen, 250-550-4582, ENJOY valleyviews from this custom 4bdrm 3000sq’ rancher, sep. 2bdrm in-law ste, dbl car garage, hrdwd floors. MLS. $525,000. Betsy Price REMAX Kelowna 250-212-5520. *FIND OUT WHAT HOMES IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD ARE SELLING FOR: visit: *********************************** FIND OUT HOW TO BUY YOUR FIRST HOME: visit: http// *********************************** is a free information service provided by Jennifer Wiancko, Remax Kelowna and Westside MORTGAGES LOW RATES. 5YR. 3.89% VARIABLE 2.05% Trish at 250-470-8324 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Do you have

Mobile Homes & Parks 20 Minutes from Orchard Park Drive by 64A

McCulloch Heights


1BD, backs onto Mill Creek, hwd floors, $825 incl utils. Call 250-878-9585 1BD or 2bd, avail immed. Quiet, secured, updated building located in DT area. Walking dist to shopping. Cultural District, Waterfront Park, bus route. Incl FS, DW. Building amenities include beautiful landscaped courtyard, laundry room & covered secure prking. Price starts at $800. Ask about signing bonus avail for Feb/Mar. Contact Jagoda for more info at 250-762-0571 1 BDRM: Top floor. Spectacular lakeviews. Award winning gardens. 1/2 blk to Gyro beach, bus & Mission Park shops. Indoor pool, hot tub & fitness center. $875-$960. No pets. 3195 Walnut. 250-7623455 2bd apartment, Spacious, close to Capri Mall, NS, NP, 1yr lease, avail March 1. $895 incl heat. 250-763-6600

2BD, Nice loc., mins. fr. CNC Ctr., shops/lake f/s, dw, w/d, ac, crnr. unit, $ Avail. Mar/Apr. 1, 250-491-1853 Brand new. 3 bed. 2 bath. Over 1300sq.ft. Great room design. Concrete foundation. Sundeck. Quiet cul-de-sac space. $189,900 plus GST. Low down payment. Modern & Urban “Sierras” neighborhood. Close to downtown West Kelowna

2 BDRM, $975 hydro, f/s, NO PETS, on Rutland Rd. South, Belgo Area, on bus route, Avail. now. 491-3345 or 869-9788 (Cell) 2 BDRM: Top floor, DW, W/D hook-ups. Spectacular lakeviews. Award winning gardens. 1/2 blk to Gyro beach, bus & Mission Park shops. Indoor pool, hot tub & fitness center. $980-$1145. No pets. 3195 Walnut. 250-762-3455 2BD. WESTBANK top flr, lakeview, vaulted ceilings, spacious, bright, upgraded, utils. incl’d., $1390. 250-859-1300 2BD Winfield, deck w/lakeview, 1.5ba., laundry rm., 6appl., ac, ns, np, no kids, $ incl. utils, 766-1834

Brand new 3 bed, 2 bath, FUNctional floor plan. Sundeck. Concrete foundation. $189,900 plus GST. Phase 3 - over 50% sold out. So act fast.

3BD, 1bth, Rutland, recent reno, NS, NP, not suitable fir younger children. $1025. Lndry hook-ups. 250-763-9693


BACH: Spectacular lakeviews. Award winning gardens. 1/2 blk to Gyro beach, bus & Mission Park shops. Indoor pool, hot tub & fitness center. $650$765. No pets. 3195 Walnut. 250-762-3455

Turn those unwanted items into cash. Sell them in the Classifieds! They may be just the thing someone else is looking for.

1BD. April 1 & May 1. Ask about our sign in bonus, incl heat, NP, clean, safe, quiet environment, close to bus, lake & shops. Please call Heather at 250-763-7955

2BD. MARTIN Lofts - D/T, Amazing 1360sf, 2.5ba., Exec. condo, HW, SSappl., ns, np, $1495. Mar. 1, 250-862-6770

Presentation Centre 1680 Ross Rd. West Kelowna.

in your closet?

Apt/Condo for Rent

FOR SALE. Owner financing w/low down or valued trade for down payment. 2bd mobile, fully reno’d, new water tank, furnace, bth, interior walls & floors, new siding & fenced yard. Asking, $65,500. Call 250-769-0007

Mortgages FREE information. How to consolidate debt.

Townhouses 2BDRM updated 1/2 duplex, gorgeous fenced yard, workshop, no strata fees. MLS. $249,900. Betsy Price REMAX Kelowna 250-212-5520. Luxury 3bdrm townhouse, open modern architecture, S/S appl. laminated wood flooring, quiet location, borders creek. Selling $30,000 below assessed value at $429,000. qualified buyers 250-545-2219 RANCHER TOWNHOME 1250sq’. No steps. Attached carport. Age 50+. $199,900. Fred Maier 717-7316 Remax TUSCANY TOWNHOME IN QUAIL RIDGE, 2745sq’, dbl garage, lavish oversize master suite, views over fairways, 2 fp, $519,000. Open house Wed & Sun 1-4. Team Maier Remax Fred 717-7316 Paul 215-1297.

Apt/Condo for Rent 1BD, 2nd. flr., bright & spacious, 1200sf., $ incl util., Westbank, 250-768-9083

3 BR main flr, centr locat, shrd lndry, carport, shed, sm pet OK, Ref req’d. $1400 incl util & yard care. PH: 250-862-6660.

InVue 11th floor, 2 bdrms, 2 baths, 1031sqft, 2 balconies, 2 pkg stalls, geothermal heating cooling, 7 appliances, gym, pool, $1500/month everything included (you pay phone and electricity) for questions email or call 469-2274 or 764-0894 LOW income rental. Large 1bd, DT Kelowna, looking for mature tenant, must make less then $32,000/yr to qualify, NO PETS. Ref’s. $695 incl heat, 250-870-8746 RENT or RENT TO OWN: Asher Pl. 1100sf. 2bd, 2ba, f/p, 6appls., u/g prkg., gym, theatre, storage locker, quest suite, ns, np, $1100/mo. +utils Avail. Mar. 1, 250-712-0095 THE WESTWYND POINT APARTMENTS Behind Orchard Park Mall, adult oriented, NS, NP. 1bd, 1bth from $770. Please call for appointment 868-3432 or 470-8026

Bed & Breakfast BED AND Breakfasts, Attractions, tourism operators get incredible exposure for your business…Advertise in the 2010-2011 BC Alberta Bed & Breakfast directory. Call Annemarie at 1-800-661-6335 ext. 744

Commercial/ Industrial 1570 Steven’s Rd., Westside Industrial Pk., 21,000sf., parking/storage, 750sf office space, paved & chainlink fence, good corner exposure, $2200/mo. 250-769-4293

Commercial/ Industrial COMMERCIAL Lease Space– Beach Avenue, Peachland Approx 450 square feet – excellent retail or office location. Secure building - gated lease space opening to small plaza which houses a hair salon, real estate office and insurance agency. Call for details Lorraine, Laura or Carolyn 250-767-2500, 877-767-2510 OFFICE SPACE available near Orchard Plaza Available March 1st Two separate offices totaling 288 square feet available for sublease$575/month including utilities. Lease term prefer minimum of 12 months, with future consideration up to two years in sublease agreement. For more information contact Denise at 250-979-2911 or e-mail

Duplex / 4 Plex 1/2 Duplex, McCurdy area, 2bd up, 1bd down, 2.5bth, lndry, 1car garage, nice clean backyard, $1400+utils. Avail April 1. Call 250-878-9585 1BD near KLO college, suitable for working couple. NP, ref’s, 4appl, $900 utils incl. Immed. DD. 250-861-9013 2BD. 2 lvg.rms., 1ba, WBank, $ & hydro, ns, np, Avail. immed, 250-864-4255 3251 E. Kelowna Rd. 4plex. 2bd, 1bth, AC, $950 incl all. 3 units avail now. 250-808-7447 3/4BD, 2 full bths, near Mission Creek park in Rutland. Ideal for family, rec room, blinds, carport, shed, NS, NP. April 1. $1195. 250-769-5871 4-PLEX in Orchard, 1 unit 2bd avail immed. $800mo. incl. utils & dd. 250-863-9737 BRIGHT, clean, quiet, 2bdrm, FS, WD, AC, Adults only, $1050 utils incl NP. 763-6769 RECENT reno, 3lrg bdrms, 2bths, quiet street close to Capri Mall & bus, NS, NP, incl hydro. WD hookups. $1275. 250763-9693

Housesitting RESPONSIBLE Housesitter avail., 5mo min. Exp’d, clean, ref’s. Kelowna 250-808-0830

Homes for Rent 1BD house on 4.5acres. Approx 750-800sq’. Good view, 10mon from airport & UBC. Single person pref. NS, ND. Outside pets only. Unfurn’d, FS incl, DD, ref’s. $750 incl water & cbl, utils extra. You can even bring a horse or 2, self-board, $125/month ea, shelters, room to store 500 bales of hay. Reply to box 289 c/o Capital News. 1BD large house, peaceful, on the lake, gorgeous view, appl, wood stove & elec heat, 15kms on Westside Rd. N. $1150. Ref’s, Ndogs, NS, avail April 1. 250-769-3672 1BD. lower ste. ns, np, wd, $750. & 3Bd. upper ste. np, ns, garage, wd, $1400. Corinne @ 250-861-6708 1-BEDROOM, 4-Appliances, Deck, Carport, $750 Including Utilities OR 2-Bedroom, 2-Appliances, Air Conditioning, Balcony $850 Including Utilities. 250-860-1961 - Register Online 2.5BD, Mission. np/ns/nd. Mature couple/retired. $1200/mo +util. ref’’s. LM (250)764-1237 2BD, 1bth, April 1. Springfield area. $1200 incl utils. Small pets welcome. 250-868-0667 2BD. Mobile Home in S.E. Kel. Orchard, 1ba, f/s, ac, lg. deck, $, Pearl @ 250861-5449, Leave message 2BDRM house, new maple kit, SS appl, AC, 1500sq’, heat pump. $1000. 250-491-0444 2BRM, lrg priv fenc’d yard, priv patio, across from beach, 4appl, cov’d prking, pets neg. $1200+utils. 250-878-5867 3/4BDRM, Winfield area, $1550+utils. NO PETS. Avail now. Overlooks Wood Lake on East side. Close to schools. Call 250-869-9788 or 250-491-3345 3BD. 1 Blk. to Hosp. Fenc’d. yrd., shed, f/s, April. 1, $1150. 250-878-3619 & 250-860-6325 3BDRM GLENROSA Area. $1575mo+utils. Available now. NO PETS. 250-8699788 or 250-491-3345 4150 Black Rd. Ellison area, 2Bd., 4appl, $900. +utils. no dogs, Avail. Mar. 1, 869-2186

Homes for Rent

Suites, Lower

4BD. $1800. w/2BD bsmt. ste. $1000., np, ns, E. Kel. Brand New, nr. bus, 878-5761, 8645761, 250-317-5047 4BD, 2ba, Duplex w/2bd. suite, share/inlaws/friends, $1695. 250-860-6995 4BD. Cent. W/B, lg. deck, f/p, fam. rm., grge, nice kit, w/d, ns/np, Apr.1, $1490. 808-8007 5BD, 2.5bth home for rent. 990 Devon Rd. $1500+utils. Call 250-769-2449 A Clean lrg 4bd+den house, 1.5bth, incl 6appl, CA, ug sprinklers, lrg yard, lawn maint & utils incl. NS. Small pet neg. On quiet street. $1895. 1-250371-3382 SPECTACULAR Lakeview. Casa Loma, 4bd exec rancher. Hrwd/granite. 5mins to DT. $2100. 250-769-9091

1BD, Mission area, ns, nprtys, np, $ immed, ref’s. req’d. 764-4928 for interview. 1BD. Rutland area, $ +1/2 utils., priv. entrance, 250768-2278 1BD w/o bsmt suite, shr’d WD & utils, N.E. Kel. $650. NS, NP. 250-493-6000, 490-6086 2BD. 1ba. lg. liv.rm., 1 lg. kit., $ laundry incl., 250765-3884 & 250-878-9303 2BD, bright w/o suite, nice setting on Blk Mnt. Shr’d lndry, pet neg., $900 incl utils + DD. March 1. Call 250-765-8410 2bd legal suite, Rutland, $850+dd, cls to UBCO, NP, Feb 1st. 765-0695 & 215-9763 2BD. Lg. bsmt. ste, bright, clean, ac, gas fp, lots of prkng, w/d, sep. ent., Springvalley area, Mar. 1, ns, np, $900. incl. utils., 250-859-6791 2BD. Mar. 1. Glenrosa family home. Quiet working person/cpl only. Bus rte. no prtys. NP. $850. incl utils. 768-3574 2BDRM bsmt on 729 Renshaw Rd. April 1. Call anytime, 250-765-9294 & 250-307-4486 but can only view bsmt every Sunday after lunch 2 BDRM bsmt suite, NS, NP, No Partying, close to UBCO & bus stops. $950/mth incl utils, DD req’d. 778-753-1356 2BD. Rutland, np, ns, $800. sep. ent., nr. bus/shops, Avail. now, 250-491-0163 2BD. Suite, walk-out, Cent. W/B, 1200sf., lg. kit., lg. master, Mar.1, $990. 808-8007 2-BEDROOM, 4-Appliances, Woodstove, Deck, $1200 OR 3-Bedroom, 2-Baths, 5-Appliances, Family Room, Deck, Garage, Pet OK $1500. Free Sample Search 250-8601961 2 HUGE bedrooms 1 bath. New Home. 1300sqft suite. Private entrance, patio & laundry. Full 4 kitchen. 2 car parking. $1000 + half utilities. Winfield. Call Sean (250)808-0508 3BD. W-Bank, newly reno’d, sep. ent., wd, f/s, gas fp, ns, cat?, quiet, mature persons, Mar1, $1000.incl.util 212-5209 BACHELOR. 6appl, bright, lak eview. Prtly furn’d. Priv ent. $650+shr’d utils 250-769-7109 BACHOLOR 1/2 blk. behind Catholic Ch. Sutherland, Apr 1, ref’s, ns/np, $550. 868-2395 BRIGHT 1 Bdrm with view in Rural Rutland Bench. NS NP, No Lndry, car req’d. $700 incl util 250-491-4799 EXQUISITE 2bd suite, 5 appl, utils, basic cbl, int incl. NS, NP. No parties. Avail March 1. $1000/mo. 250-878-2954. GLENMORE. 2bd bsmt suite, all appl, shr’d WD, utils, cbl incl. $1100. 250-762-0400 LRG 3BD bsmt suite, avail now, DT. Lndry, AC, NS, NP, close to school & hospital, $1200 utils incl. 250-878-7199 RUTLAND N. 2bd, sep ent, own lndry, NP, NS. Couples pref. Ref’s req’d. Inclds all. $840+DD. 250-801-2785 WESTSIDE lrg 1bd + fireplace, $800+utils. Also Westside 2bd+den w/o, $900+utils. Close to all amenities Mar. 1st. 250-869-5500, 250-469-1566

Office/Retail AVAIL NOW! 2nd flr office use at 1511 Sutherland Ave. Open concept w/private window offices. Sized at 707sf. & 926sf. Base rent $8.50/per sf + common expenses. To view call Keith @ 250-448-6797

Room & Board CHRISTIAN Home has furn’d room to rent. NS, NDr, everything provided. 250-491-7605

Rooms for Rent 2RMS. Furn’d, $600 & $500, Sep. bthrms., utils incl., pool, tennis, np, npty, 250-258-3438 CLEAN Furn rooms/suites DT Kel., WD, utils incl. $475.+/mo. Quiet male 250-861-5757 CLEAN roommate, NS, ND. Great loc. Nice & clean. $490. 250-860-8106, 250-718-1621

RV Pads ACRES R.V FULL SERVICE SITES $525. MO. (incl. power) **MARCH SPECIAL** Winter Rate All Summer” “Out of Town, But “IN TOWN” “Only One Site Left” On-site for rent 40’ Exec. w/full equip. phone (250) 765-2580

Shared Accommodation 2BD Townhouse $450. +1/2 util. & cble. minutes walk to Park. Rec, buses & Spall Mall. on quiet Cul-de-Sac, 2nd flr., lg. balcony, overlooks courtyard, smoker considered n/p, n/c, 778-478-1082 AVAIL. Apr. 1, Lakeview Hgts., semi-priv. suite, own bdrm. bath & liv.rm., share kit., priv. yrd/patio, incl. w/d & all utils., no kids, must have own trans. $600. 250-808-9696 AVAIL. Immed. bdrm. in 2bd. bsmt ste. Hosp. area. ns, np, $525. incl. all. 250-862-8059 BDRM+TV room, utils incl, cbl, $550. Rutland. Call 778-7534465 ROOM for rent, FS, WD, TV, $550/mo. Call 250-212-8909 ROOMMATE for nicely reno’d home, nice lrg yard, Rutland. Must be rspctful/reliable. NP. $500+1/2utils. 250-765-4432

Storage GARAGE FOR RENT! Clean like new single semi-detach. 734 Patterson Av Kelowna. Rent $150/mo. 1 year lease. email or call 250-763-8439

Suites, Lower 1000 SQ.FT. 1BD bsmt suite with separate entry or 4BD main floor + 2 BA near Costco, completely renovated, 5 brand new appl. each, extra storage, large yard, NS, NP. $1000/mo for bsmt or $1300/mo for main floor call 250-718-0630 or 250-765-5474 1BD. bsmt. Avail. Mar. 1, Old Glenmore, sep. ent., dd & ref’s. req’d., np, ns, $750. incl. util/cbl., 250-979-1245 1BD furn’d bsmt suite, single occ. only, NP, NS, cat ok. $875 incl utils, int, Sat. Avail April 1. 250-862-5073 1BD, incl utils & lndry, near Capri Mall, 800sq’. March 1st. $800. 250-826-2195 1BD. Lev. Entry, W/D, Clean & bright, ns, nprtys, sing. person pref., $725. 250-212-1560 1BD. McClure & Gordon, non smoker, quiet working single, $720. incl. utils. 250-764-2831

Suites, Upper

2BD suite, avail soon, in orchard, shr’d lndry, NS, NP. 2775 Dunster Rd. 1 in Ellison area. 250-765-9471, 718-6505 2BD. w/carport & storage, in Rutland, ns, nprty’s, no dogs, seniors or working only. 5appls. $900. 250-451-9923 & 250-765-5410 3BD. 2 full ba., gas fp, lg. sundeck, $1300. 1353 Friesen Rd. Kelowna, 778-753-3556 AVAIL April 1. 3bd, 2bth, 1300sq’ suite, 2 decks, carport, close to DT, $1300. Call 250-868-0915

CENTRAL Old Glenmore 3bd, 1bth Main, 1650sq’, detached dble garage, newly restored character home, RV prking, 5appl, $1400+50%utils, NP, NS, Call Neil, 250-868-1786


1BD Townhouse DT, brand new reno’s, fenced backyard, NS, NP. #8-353 Boyce Cres. $800 incl utils & cbl. Call Scott, 250-718-4658 2BD Townhouses. Conveniently located in Central Westbank. 1 unit, $825+utils, 1 unit, completely reno’d, $975+utils. Min 6mo lease. NP. Call 250763-2300

Townhouses AFFORDABLE 2Bd. End Units x3. Newly reno’d, fnc’d yrd., prkg., min 4-appl. Rutland nr. sch/shops/prks. Avail now, Feb 15 & Mar 1. $950.-$990. Mark @ 1-250-938-8040 THINKING OF SELLING? For a confidential, no obligation, free market evaluation of your property call Mark Jontz, Royal Lepage 250-762-9446 or 250-860-1100 anytime.

Want to Rent Responsible female would like to rent a small motorhome to attend family reunion in Kelowna on the August 1st long weekend. Please email

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Antiques / Classics COLLECTOR 1977 Mercedes 280E, all options, mint cond, must sell. 250-766-4229.

Auto Accessories/Parts 1970-1972 Chevy truck parts. Doors, fenders, hoods & a fleetside box. Phone Wayne at 250-215-6767 (4) 235/70R16 All Season Tires. 75-80% tread, EXCELLENT condition. MUST sell. 778-478-7769, 250-869-7362 ALUMINUM Sled/Quad deck, for long/shortbox truck, slid-in sides, like new, $1950.obo. 250-801-8311 or 869-6433

Cars - Domestic

Cars - Domestic

irect Buy D $$$ e v & Sa

Buy D & Sav irect e $$$

GIANT AUTO AUCTION Buy Direct and Save Thousands on your next vehicle purchase.

Over 175

Cars, Trucks, 4x4’s & SUV’s

Bailiff Repo’s, Police Recoveries, Lease Backs, Fleet Returns, Bankruptcies Come see for yourself, you’ll be amazed at the HUGE SAVINGS

$AVE Saturday $AVE Mar. 6 @ 11 am 3953 Hwy 97 North • 250-765-5282 Gates open @ 9am

most units sold unreserved

Cars - Domestic 1998 Audi A4 quattro, V6, 5spd, 260kms. $5000 obo. 250-307-1215. 1999 Crysler Seabring convertible, 84,000kms, V6, PW, PL, AC, great condition, $4100 obo. Call 250-868-3346 or 250-212-3848 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis. Very nice cond. 158,000km. Asking $3500. (250)762-4350 2000 BMW Z3, good cond., 89k’s, new tires $15,875. 250870-2474 2001 Olds Alero, new brakes & tires, well maintained, $3700 OBO 250-307-4379 2002 Buick Century, 130K, PW, PL, PS, AC, only $4495. Call 250-862-3100 2003 Tracker, 4x4, 4dr, 4cyl, auto, PW/PL, remote entry, ac, cruise, tow pkg, 116k. Excl Cond. $6900. 250-717-3373 NEED A VEHICLE? Need cash? Up to $10,000 cash back! Guaranteed approvals! Over 400 vehicles to choose from. Call Will or Ashley today! 1-888-289-8935

Legal Notices

Cars - Sports & Imports 1981 280ZX Loaded!!! T-Tops $2000. obo. 250-762-6262 or 250-317-6262 2006 Toyota Yaris 2dr HB, exc/cond! 90,000K auto, a/c, p/s, cd player, exc winter/summer tires, PRICE REDUCED $8500 250-545-0997 2008 Toyota Yaris 2dr HB 5spd, a/c, p/w $9975. Government Inspected rebuilt vehicle. Lego Auto Sales, Vernon. (250)260-4415 DL#9462

Vehicle Lease / Rent TAKE Over Lease, 2007 Chevy Aveo, 5spd. $278.18/mo. Lease due Apr2011, 765-9865

Motorcycles 2004 HD Roadglide, stage 1 kit, tour pack + extras, MUST SELL! $9500. 250-878-5645 2008 Harley Davidson ‘Street Bob” Vance & Hines pipes, 3800 miles. 250-862-6160. $17,500

Legal Notices

WAREHOUSEMAN’S LIEN SALE Individuals or Companies listed below, take notice that Mario’s Towing, 3770 Hwy 97 North, Kelowna, BC, claims a lien pursuant to the WAREHOUSEMAN’S LIEN ACT R.S.B.C. 1979 CA427 and amendments thereto, on your vehicles listed below. If the amount owed is not sooner paid, the below described vehicles will be sold on/after March 10th, 2010 at 8:30 am to recover the amount owed, plus the cost of sale.

Richard Kyle Clark 2000 Ford F-150 7700 2FTPF17Z6YCA92999 $5887.18

John Gowland

1994 Saturn Station Wagon 1G8ZH8593RZ341692 $2576.60

Todd Owen Anthony 1994 GMC Sierra K1500 2GTEK19K4R1580364 $2246.50

Stephen David Pickup-Henriksen 1992 Honda Civic JHMEG8641NS801248 $3518.30

Shane Collin Scott And Ram Investments Ltd. 1995 Ford Explorer 1FMDU34X3SZB40021 $2341.50

Wells Fargo Financial Retail Services And Micheal Stevens 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt 1G1AJ12F157614782 $1683.32

Travelers Financial Group And Naomi Dawn Macrae 2003 Dodge SX 1B3ES46CX3D210189 $3044.90

Do You Offer Child Care?

capital news B15

Off Road Vehicles

Trucks & Vans

Adult Entertainment

Recreational Park for off road vehicles & dirt race track for quads/buggies. 250-306-6692

2007 GMC 2500 HD 4X4, SLE, short box $17,850., 250545-5394, D10160. 2008 F350 4x4, diesel, C/C, s/b, all power options, cloth int, 41,000kms, exc cond. $29,000. 250-545-8502.

IF You have the Desire I have the fire. The difference is only a touch away. Senior’s Special. Call Mia @ 250-317-8043 RU HOT n’ready? Then come play with me & have a taste of this sweetest treat. 250-3174315 West Kelowna SENSITIVE & intimate. Serious pleasure. 250-762-2010.

Recreational/Sale 1988 34’ Fleetwood Pace Arrow motor home, excellent condition inside and out $15,500. (250)804-8275 2006 Jayco 19ft feather lite sport travel trailer. To arrange for viewing please call Associated Bailiffs at 250-860-3132 2006 Pleasure-way Class B Motorhome E350 V10 Ford, fully loaded c/w gen., 28,000K, $62,000. 250-803-0026 2008 34’’ Bighorn 5th wh. trailer, w/3 slides, king bed, f/p w/elect. heater, laundry rm. w/wd, country shower, Corian counters, tbl. & chairs, heated bsmnt. immaculate used once. $44,900.obo. 250-491-3113

Utility Trailers 16’ Enclosed Trailer, side drs., electric brakes, lights, 14” tires, 3500lb. axle, 768-0856

Boats ESTATE Sale. Classic 1959 Shepherd mahogany 17’ inboard runabout. Completely restored mid nineties. c/w custom trailer and full canvas cover. Currently winterized and stored inside. Appraised at $19K. Offered for $12K. 250763-4446

Scrap Car Removal

Legal Notices

SCRAP BATTERIES WANTED We buy scrap batteries from cars & trucks & heavy equipment. $2 and up/each. Free pick-up anywhere in BC, Minimum 10. Call Toll Free 1.877.334.2288

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS In the Matter of the Estate of NORMAN WILLIAM STEVEN BEDFORD, DECEASED. NOTICE is hereby given that the Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of NORMAN WILLIAM STEVEN BEDFORD, deceased, late of Kelowna, British Columbia, are hereby required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned solicitor for the Executor on or before March 19, 2010, after which date the assets of the said Estate will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received. Joel A. Wiseman Mission Law Group Barristers and Solicitors, 304 - 3320 Richter Street, Kelowna, BC, V1W 4V5, Solicitor for the Executor, CIBC Trust Corporation NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS. Re: Estate of RANDOLPH SCOTT JOHNSON, also known as RANDY SCOTT JOHNSON, Deceased, formerly of 5909 Ehlers Road, Peachland, British Columbia. Creditors and Others having claims against the Estate of RANDOLPH SCOTT JOHNSON, also known as RANDY SCOTT JOHNSON, Deceased, are hereby notified under Section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to the Executrix, in care ofBassett Quiring & Co., 260, 2300 Carrington Road, West Kelowna, BC, V4T 2N6, on or before March 31, 2010, after which date the Executrix will distribute the estate among the parties entitled to it, having regard to the claims of which the Executrix then has notice. AUDREY PETRYNA, Executrix. Christopher D. Quiring Bassett Quiring & Co. Estate Lawyers, 260-2300 Carrington Road, West Kelowna, BC, V4T 2N6 250-768-5152

Sport Utility Vehicle 2004 Avalanche, 5.3L, 121,000kms, after market sound/dvd system, custom wheels, very sharp $19,500 (250)558-9760 2008 Pontiac Torrent. Full load, automatic, Podium Edition, 31,631kms. To arrange for viewing please call Associated Bailiffs at 250-860-3132

Trucks & Vans 1994 Chev 1/2ton 4x4, 161k, box liner, canopy, remote start, $3000obo 250-832-7052 1997 CHEVY Blazer 4x4 Auto Comes with extra hood, wheels & rims 250-762-4002 $5000. OBO 2003 Pontiac Montana, white & gold, 7pass., am/fm/cd, air/tilt/cruise, pwr. windows/locks & drivers seat & sliding door, rear heat/ac, V6, 97,000kms. 4 winter tires incl. $7400.obo. 250-762-2075 2004 Dodge Ram 1500. 4WD, 5.7 Hemi, auto, crewcab, $12,900. 250-763-8750 2004 Olds Sihlouette AWD van. 7-pass, leather, power, heated seats, DVD/CD, every avail option. Power slide doors. 106,000kms. New price: $48,900 sale at $11,500. Call 250-878-2526 2005 Dodge Gr. Caravan, Stow & Go, 7pass, 26,000k’s., 3.3L V6auto, ABS, pwr. wndws/lck, $12,500. 862-4976 2005 Ford 150 Supercrew, 134kms, looks & runs exc, loaded $11,500. 250-503-1124 2006 Chev Avalanche LT 4x4, loaded, exc. cond. $14,900. (250)306-3787


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B16 capital news

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Replacing wood stoves

Over the next two months many Central Okanagan residents will

help to reduce air pollution and save some money! That’s because dur-

ing March and April anyone replacing an old wood burning appliance with




5.1 Home Theatre System • 1000 Watts Total Power Output • 4 Slim Tower Speakers • 1 Center Channel Speaker • Passive Subwoofer • HDMI Interface HTSF360


D3000 DSLR Camera


SAVE $50

• HD Video Mode with Mono Sound • Dust Reduction • Built-in Flash • 3.0" LCD Monitor • CMOS Image Sensor • Compressed JPEG (EXIF 2.2) Format




after savings


SAVE $30

54888 after savings


60” LCD

22” LCD




SAVE $50

22” LCD 720p HDTV • HDMI Digital Inputs 22LH20

38888 after savings



60” LCD 1080p 120Hz HDTV


• HDMI x 4 Digital Inputs KDL60EX500











98888 119988

LCD 1080p HDTVs • HDMI x 4 Digital Inputs KDL40EX400 - KDL46X400

® Aeroplan is a trademark of Aeroplan Canada Inc. Certain conditions apply. Details in store. Despite the care given producing and pricing this flyer, some errors may have occurred. Should this be the case, corrections will be posted in our stores. Certain products may not be available at all locations. Illustrations may differ. Prices and offers good until February 28th, 2010 or until merchandise is depleted. Offer subject to change without prior notice. Special offers and promotions cannot be combined. Details in store.

Visit us online ! 1-866-588-7777







2153 Springfield Road (250) 860-2600

745 Notre Dame Drive (250) 851-8700

1001-2601 Skaha Lake Road (250) 493-3800

200-3107 - 48 Avenue (250) 542-3000

Chapters Entrance (250) 860-8100 Springfield rd Entrance (250) 717-1511


a new, cleaner burning and higher efficiency one from a participating retailer can take advantage of the savings offered during the 10th annual Great Okanagan-Similkameen Wood Stove Change Out Program. The Regional Air Quality program gives consumers a $250 rebate (funding is limited) when they purchase a new EPA/ CSA emission-approved wood, gas, pellet or electric appliance and replace their old smoke-belching wood stove. Participating manufacturers, distributors and retailers also offer a minimum rebate of $150 off the suggested retail price of new EPA/CSA approved replacement appliances. Consumers receive the rebate when they surrender their old wood burning appliance for recycling. This program has made a significant difference when it comes to air quality in the Central Okanagan. Valley-wide over the past nine years, 1,256 old wood burning appliances have been traded in for new, certified cleaner burning ones. As a result, about 450 tonnes of smoke particulates have been kept out of our airshed. That equates to approximately 15,000 fewer cords of wood burned, a woodpile lined up end to end running the length of 363 football fields. Now that’s a reason we can all breathe easier! So who could benefit from the change out program? The owners of approximately 19,000 Okanagan homes with inefficient, conventional wood stoves or masonry fireplaces. Each year, it’s estimated that their chimneys pump out a combined 478 tonnes of smoke pollutants. Regional air quality program coordinator Nicole Marzinzik says, “It’s clear that wood stove smoke contributes to poor air quality. Replacing old wood burners with new certified appliances will help to make a difference since they burn onethird less wood and reduce smoke by up to 90 per cent.” The Wood Stove Change Out Program is a limited time offer ending April 30. For more information, a list of participating retailers or other program details visit or kelowna. ca. You may also contact Nicole Marzinzik at 250469-8408.

Kelowna Capital News 03 March 2010  

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