The Yellow Hat

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Kelly Zou

One day, Little Yellow found something on the beach.

It was a hat!

It looked like a good fit.

Little Yellow traveled to another place,

but it was told, the hat should NOT be yellow, it should be orange.

So Little Yellow put it in the pond,

until it was orange.

Little Yellow went to somewhere new,

there it was told, the hat should NOT be orange, it should be green.

So Little Yellow immersed its hat into the river,

until it was green.

Little Yellow came across a new place,

there it was told, the hat should NOT be green, it should be purple.

So Little Yellow added some paint to its hat,

until it was purple.

Little Yellow kept walking, from one place to another.

It kept changing the colour of its hat,

until it turned black.

Have you seen that colour



What is tha

It's so strange!

But other voices spoke in wonder:

How extraordinary! It's so beautiful!

Little Yellow didn't know what to do,

It started going back,

went through places it had been before,

until it returned to where it started.

Little Yellow dived into the sea,

something started to change,

and it was finally back to yellow.