The Magic Flower

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c i g a F M l o wer e h T Kelly Zou

c i g a F M l o wer e h T Kelly Zou

One day, I got a magic flower that could help me get what I want.

I took off a red petal,

and got a lot of fish!

Then I took off a purple one,

and got the ball I wanted!

I felt a bit lonely, so I took off a green petal,

then I got a lot of friends!

Wait! What's that?

I took off a yellow petal to get bigger,

and stronger...

! ! ! w Me

When the bad guy was gone, I was alone again.

Guess what I was thinking about then?

I wanted to fly!

I saw a lot of beautiful things.

They looked pretty... delicious.

Then I was thinking about a mouthwatering meal...

But, something went wrong!





So, it was just a dream?

Or not...

Guess what I am thinking abo ut?