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Living the Healthy Life Volume 1, Issue 1, 2014

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Running Shoes How a Small Town Gym is Making a

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In This Issue 6 Letter From the Editor

10 The Den: Small Town, Big Fitness

14 Healthy Cooking Substitues

16 How Asic Gel Kayanos have evolved over time

18 Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle After A Baby

Bring Lean to Your Stovetop and Your Wasteline.


rowing up in a small town of less than 1,000 people, I was involved in every sport and activity that I could be. The only life I knew was a busy one.I ate supper at the concession stands of sporting events and came home from practices and wasn’t affraid to down an entire bag of Cheetos. At the time, I could afford to do this because the amount of physical activity that I was incorporating into my day was enough to help me maintain my metabolism and skinny body. When I got to college, I came to the rude realization that I could no longer eat copious amounts of pizza and tacos and still remain thin. This was the turning point for me where health and fitness became a passion for me. I now had to keep myself accountable for working out and eating nutritiously.

The important thing to me is that health and fitness are incorporated into my life in some way. I have so enjoyed learning how to make recipes “healthier� or making already healthy recipes. I love to run and I completed my first half marathon last summer. I even learned how to kickbox and I love it! Working out has truly become a hobby for me. Whether you have to get up early to work out before starting your busy day at school or work, or giving up that Coach purse you have been dying to buy, you can always find the time and money to take care of your body. Investing in your self is something that will benefit you for your entire life. How many purses or shoes will make a difference in your life? I hope this magazine helps you to see how easy and fun it can be to eat healthy and incorporate fitness into your life. It can not only it greatly benefit your health, but it can boost your self-esteem and make you and all around more satisfied person. I hope this magazine inspires you to do just that!


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THE DEN The 5:15 a.m. Boot Camp class holds a wall sit. Both men and women benefit from the various fitness classes offered at The Den.

Dan Schrock prepares the squat rack for his leg workout.


Big Time Fitness in a Small Town

These ladies use the elipticals on a Saturday morning.

Laura Dove holds a plank steadily. Strength and endurance are incorpo Class at The Den.

orated to the 5:15 a.m. Boot Camp

Above, these people hold a squat during thier 5:15 a.m. workout. At left, squat racks and bench presses are provided for those who enjoy lifting weights.

Above, Nick Jans takes performs handstand push ups. At left, dedicated members spend their Saturday jogging on the treadmills.


Taste of baked. Convenience of microwave.


No Distance is Too Far.

10 Healthy Cooking Substitutes


Applesauce for Oil

Appleasauce is the perfect subsitute for oil as it adds sweetness with nearly half the calories of oil.


Nonfat Greek Yogurt for Mayo or Sour Cream

Soda Water for Tonic Water

Cocktails can quickly pack on calories. Ask the bartender for soda water rather than tonic water to make your drink l ower in sugar and calories for a more guilt-free drink.


Whole Wheat Flour for White Flour

With far fewer calories and fat than mayo or sour cream, greek yogurt adds the same texture and more protein making it an excellent choice!

Swapping whole wheat flour for white flour will add nutriets to your diet. If the taste doesn’t suit you, at least swap half of the white flour for whole wheat.



Mashed Avocado for Butter or Oil

The fats in avocados are considered “good” fats, unlike butter or oil. They are much easier on your heart than the saturated fats found in butter and oil.


Baked Sweet Potato Fries for French Fries

Sweet potatoes are one of the most vitamin-filled vegetables that you can eat. Sub these baked sweet potato chips for french fries and save fat and calories.


Nuts for Croutons and Granola

Nuts pack flavor, crunch and a boost of protein into salads and yogurt without the high-fat croutons or sugary granola.



Stevia or Agave for Sugar

Stevia and agave are great substitutes for sugar. Since they are a different type of sweetness than sugar, be sure to look up what the ratios are in order to get the best results.


Mashed Cauliflower for Potatoes

Mashed cauliflower has a similar taste and texture as mashed potatoes. Cauliflower is a much better option as it has much less calories and more vitamins than potatoes.


Honey for Corn Syrup

All natural or organic honey is a much cleaner option than processed corn syrup. Substitue it 1:1 and get the same great taste for much fewer calories.

Bee Happy. Bee Healthy.

Evolution of Asic Gel-Kayanos One of America’s most popular running shoes

1993 1995













Healthy Mom Makes for a Healthy Baby 18


rowing up involved in sports, Val Bovy developed a keen interest in and passion for exercise. She was always running around with her friends, participating in sports and bike riding in her spare time. After graduating from DikeNew Hartford High School in 2005 she attended Iowa State University and pursued a degree in exercise science with an emphasis on health and human performance. After college, she worked as a presonal trainer and group fitness instructor at Covenant Medical Center in the wellness department. Wanting a more structured job, Bovy decided to go back to school to obtain her LPN nursing degree at Ellsworth College. She now works as a nursing and professional development specialist at Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare. For the past 10 or so years, Val has placed her health at the top of her list of priorities. In 2009, Bovy married her now husband, Brent. Fitness and health is a large aspect of their lives. The bought bikes and spend time exploring the trails in Cedar Falls. They often participate in 5K’s in the Cedar Valley and enjoy going on walks and hiking together. They joined the Cedar Falls Rec and help keep each other accountable by working out together. Val loves to cook and the couple even started their own garden to ensure that they are getting the freshest vegetables and herbs as possible. They recognize that not only is fitness important in living a healthy lifestyle, but diet is as well. They enjoy spending time cooking together and incorporating healthy

Val bovy incorporates her son, Logan into her workouts. substitutions into their meals. In 2012, the couple was ecstatic to find out that they were expecting their first child. Even though she was pregnant, Bovy continued to exercise regularly. She consulted with her doctor to make sure that working out was OK and her doctor encouraged her to stay active. She

continued going to the Cedar Falls Rec and even completed two 5K races. Bovy explains that being pregnant was even more of a motivation to eat healthy and stay fit because she wasn’t just doing it for herself anymore, she was doing it for her unborn child as well. Although she had to eliminate heavy lifting


Above: Val and Logan play “airplane.” Below: Val performs squats with Logan on her shoulders

and large amounts of cardio from her workouts, she found new ways to stay active up until her son was born. “I wasn’t going to let being pregnant stop me from maintaining my fitness,” says Bovy. “I got a lot of weird looks at the rec center when I was working out with a big belly, but I didn’t really care.” On August 31, 2012, Val gave birth to Logan David Bovy. Her priorities quickly changed. “I wanted to spend every single moment with him,” remarks Bovy. “He became my number one priority.” A C-section prevented her from doing any physical activity for six weeks besides walking. Bovy continued to eat well after giving birth and did what it took to successfully recover from the procedure and care for her new son. Dropping pounds after a pregnancy can be quite the process. For many, the weight comes right off and for others, it can be a real struggle. For Bovy, losing weight wasn’t a big priority, it was

more so about getting back into a healthy routine. “I didn’t freak out about losing my ‘baby weight’ right away,” says Bovy. “I took Logan on a lot of walks and continued to eat healthy like I always had, but it wasn’t something I obsessed over. Logan was and still is my first priority, not losing weight.” (write transition) “I don’t even know what I weighed before I was pregnant, so getting back to pre-pregnancy weight wasn’t a thing for me.” Bovy was on maternity leave for 12 weeks. Six weeks into it, she was released to exercise again. She invested in a jogging stroller and began taking Logan on jogs in her neighborhood and on the Cedar Valley trails. She put a treadmill in her basement so she could work out without having to leave the baby. When Logan took naps, she brought the baby monitor with her to the treadmill in her basement so she could run and still hear when he woke up. She like being able to

“I didn’t freak out about losing my ‘baby weight’ right away”


workout whenever she had free time and not having to balance many other things other than her son. Once Bovy went back to work, finding time for fitness became very difficult. “Since my time with Logan was already cut so short with me being at work, I didn’t want to spend any more time away from him working out.” One solution she found was getting a workout in before Logan

most convenient or pleasant thing that comes to mind for a new mom, so Bovy looked for ways that she can exercise with the baby. She began looking online for exercises that could be performed while incorporating a baby. She found a few that seemed to fit her regimen and she decided to give them a shot. These include squats, wall sits, push ups and planks. “Logan loves the exercises...he

“Logan loves the exercises....he laughs the whole time!”

Above, Bovy attmepts to bench press Logan. Below, she performs pushups with him on her back.

laughs the whole time!” By incorporating Logan into her workouts, she is able to combine her priorities and spend quality time with her son doing the things she loves. She is also introducing him at a young age to the idea of being active. Showing kids that

wakes up. She started going to classes at 5:15 a.m. at a gym just up the street from her house. Waking up early took some getting used to, but it allowed her to be home and shower by the time that Logan woke up at 7:30 a.m. Bovy and her husband decided to stagger their schedules so that someone could always be home with the baby and that he was getting the attention he needed. They weren’t able to work out whenever they wanted to anymore, but did the best they could to find the time. Waking up before the break of done is not the


important lesson. Bovy is no longer the only member of her team. She now has Logan to join her. In keeping with her insistence on fresh and healthy food, Bovy made all of his baby food from scratch. She bought a food processor and ground up veggies, fruits and proteins and froze them in ice cube trays. When it was time to feed him, all she had to do was pop it out of the tray and microwave it for a bit. Not only did this ensure that it was healthy and free of any additives, but it also was much more cost-effective than store bought baby food. “I really enjoyed making his food. I knew exactly what he was eating, and could rest assured that there wasn’t anything in the food that I, myself, wouldn’t eat,” says Bovy. Logan is now 15 months old and is becoming more and more active all the time. He is no longer content laying on the floor and playing with a floor gym, so working out while watching him is not an option anymore. He does love to go on walks, runs and bike rides with Val and Brent. He now eats just about anything in sight, and loves healthy snacks like spinach smoothies, blueberries and yogurt. The couple continues to work out and has gotten on a more regular schedule now that they have had time to


can come along with them on bike rides. They have a lot of fun together and trying out healthy rec- gether and they love knowing that ipes. The pair has participated in these activities are also benefiting them and their son. “Having a baby might “Health and fitness will always be important to me,” says have changed the way Bovy. “Having a baby might have the way I maintain my fitI maintain my fitness, changed ness, but it hasn’t stopped me and I but it hasn’t stopped don’t think it ever will.” adjust to their new life as a family of three. They still enjoy cooking to-


three different 5K races where they alternated turns pushing Logan along in the jogging stroller. They also got a cart for their bikes so he

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Living the Healthy Life